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Journals and Transactions

Indian Bibliography, Philology
& History of Literature
Ancient India
. 1415
Indian Biography . . .

The Hindus: Manners and Customs

The Parsis : their Religion and Literature, including
Texts and Translations
Indian Tribes and Castes: Ethnography
Folklore oo 96
Indian Philosophy and Religion
Yoga and Vedanta
Hinduism ...

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Indian Music
Indian Numismatics
Indian Art and Archaeology
Grammars and Dictionaries: Comparative
Sanskrit Grammars and
Sanskrit Texts and Translations
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Pali Texts and Translations ...

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Indian Dialects Grammars... :

Indian Dialects : Texts and Translations

Oriental Booksellers and Publishers,

Twenty-eighth Catalogue of Valuable Books


dental Booksellers anfc ipnbliebers,


i Asiatic Quarterly Review, First Series, complete in 10 vols, roy. 8vo,
half calf. 1886-90 ;5 5S
2 The same, 1891, i, iv; 1892, i, ii, iii; 1893, iii; 1894, iv; 1895, ii,

iii; 1897, iii each part, 45

3 The same, 1908 to 1912, complete in Numbers as issued ^4 43
4 Asiatic Researches, or Transactions of the Society for inquiring into the
History, the Antiquities, the Arts and Sciences, and Literature of Asia, Vols.
I. to VII., printed verbatim from the Calcutta Edition, 410, with plates,

bds. London, 1799-1803 ^3

5 The same, Vols. VIII., IX., XV., XVI., 410, with plates, bds.
Calcutta and Serampore, 1805-28 each vol, 2 is
6 The
same, Index to Vols. I.-XVIIL, 410. Calcutta, 1835 a is

7 Transactions of the Physical Class of the Asiatic Society of Bengal,

Parts I. and II., 410. Calcutta, 1829-33 325
The two vols contain mainly articles on Geology of India, and include many plates.
8 Bombay Geographical Society Proceedings and Transactions, 1838, :

May, August, November ; 1839, February, May; 1840, May, August ; Vol.
VI. (Sept., 1841, to May, 1844) 1844, May to December, 1846; Vol. X. ;

(Sept., 1850, to June, 1852); Vol. XII. (Dec., 1854, to March, 1856); Vol.
XIII. (May, 1856, to March, 1857); Vol. XVIII. (Jan., 1865, to Dec., 1867),
8vo, with many plates, plans and maps. Bombay ^3 1 53
9 Calcutta Medical Journal : Vols. I., 3, 4, 7 to 12 ; II., III., IV., Nos.
i to 6; in parts as issued, 8vo. Calcutta, 1906-09 i8s
10 Calcutta Review: Vols. I. to XVII., 17 vols, 8vo, half calf. Calcutta,
1844-52 6 los
ii The same, Nos.
38, 41, 43, 44, 53, 54, 56, 57, 59, 60, 65, 66, 72,
114, 116, 117, 145, 146, 148, 159, 161, 162, 232, 233, 236, 243. Calcutta
each number, 33
12 Geological Survey Of India. General Report for 1899 to 1903, Five
Parts, roy. 8vo. Calcutta 125 6d
IV. ;
Vol. V., Part i ; Vols. VII. to X. ; Vol. XIX., Part i ; XXIV., 2, 3 ;
XXVIII., i, 2 ; XXXII., 4 ; XXXIII., i, 2 ; XXXIV., i to 4 ; XXXV.,
i, 2, 3 ; XXXVI., i ; XXXVIL, i to 4 ; XXXVIIL, i ; large 8vo.
Calcutta, 1859-1910
Most parts are out of print. These parts and volumes can be sold separately.

Probsthain & Co., 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum

-P M744978
Journals and Transactions.


INDIA, Vol. II., Part 4 ; IV., 3 ; V., 3, 4 ; VI., i, 2 ; VII., i ; VIIL, 2 ;

X., 3, 4; roy. 8vo, with plates. Calcutta, 1869-77 363

15 PALAEONTOLOGIA INDICA, published by the Geological Survey of

India :

Vol. I., The Fossil Cephalopoda of the Cretaceous Rocks of S, India, by H.

Blandford, Part I., pp. 40, with 25 plates. Calcutta, 1861 155
Series II., Parts 2-6, The Fossil Flora of Rajmahal, by Oldham and Morris,
Parts 2-6, with plates. 1863-79 128 6d
Series IV., Parts 1-3, Fossil Reptilia and Batrachia, by Lydekker, with 6
plates. 1879 6s
Series V., Parts 1-4, Gastropoda of the Cretaceous Rocks of S. India, by
Stoliczka, with 16 plates i6s
Series IX., Vol. III., Jurassic Fauna of Cutch, Part 2, No. i ; Genus Trigonia,
with 10 plates. 1903 153
Series X., Vol. I., Part 3, Crania of Ruminants, by Lydekker, with 28 plates.
1878 i6s
Series XIII., Vol. I., Part i, Pisces- Cephalopoda, by Waagen, with 6 plates.
1879 8s
Series XIV., Vol. I., Part r, Sind Fossil Corals, by M. Duncan, with 28
plates. 1880 153
Series I., Vol. III., Part 3, Fossil Echinoidea, by Duncan, with 18 plates.
1884 i2S 6d

16 Indian Antiquary. A Journal of Oriental Research in Archaeology,

Epigraphy, Ethnology, Geography, History, Folklore, Literature, Philo-
sophy, &c., Vol. XIV., 410, pp. 371, with plates; cloth. Bombay 1885 255 ',

17 Indian Education, Vol. IV., Nos. i to 10 and 12, large 8vo. Bombay,
1905-06 IDS
18 Indian Journal of Art, Science, and Manufacture, Second Series, Vol. I,
Nos. i to 7, large 8vo, with many illustrations; cloth. Madras, 1856-58
Nos. 6 and 7 are water- stained.

19 Indian Magazine (The), Nos. 224, 235, 236, 239, 240, 247, 249, 250,
251, 252, 254, 257, 259, 260, 262, 267, 270, 274, 275, 276, 277, 291,
296, 298, 299, 300, 302, 303, 8vo. London, 1887-96 xos
20 Indian Museum Notes, edited by the Superintendent, Complete Series,
Vols. I.-VI., No. i, large 8vo, with many plates. Calcutta, 1889-1901
3 IS*
The work
devoted entirely to Economic Entomology.

Index and title-page to Vol. II. are missing. The first volumes are entirely out of
21 IndOgermanische Forschungen. Zeitschrift fur Indogerman. Sprach-
und Altertumskunde, hrsg. v. Brugmann & Streitberg, Vols. I. to XIV.,

8vo, half calf. 1891-1903 ;

12 J 6s
22 Journal of the American Oriental Society, Vol. I., No. i (1843);
Vols. II., III., IV., V. ; Vol. VII., No. 2 ; VIII., No. 2 ;
Vol. IX., 8vo.
Boston and New Haven, 1843-1871 j^7 75

Probsthain & Co., 41 Great Russell Street, British Museum.

Journals and Transactions.

23 -- The same,
Vol. IV., No. i, containing a Translation of the Tattuva
from the Tamil ; of the Siva Gnana Potham, from the Tamil ; and

24 -of the Mulamuli, or Buddhist Genesis of Eastern India, from the Shan.

York, 1853
The same, Vol
24, Part II. ;

Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland,

XXV., XXVL, cloth.
IDS 6d
125 6d
Old Series, Vols. I. to XX. ; New Series, Vols. I. to 41, 8vo. London,
1834-1909 ^52 IDS
The Old Series and New Series up to 1882 are bound in half calf, the rest) in Numbers
as issued.

26 Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, A Complete Set, Vols. I. to

LXXIII., with all maps andplates ; Vols i to 52 are bound in full morocco,
the rest in parts as issued. Calcutta, 1832-1904 25 j*
A complete set, with the Proceedings, of this valuable journal. Never before has
such a magnificent set been offered for sale. The Journals include articles by the
best European and Oriental scholars on Languages, Archaeology, Antiquities,
Numismatics, Natural History, Ethnology of India, Central Asia, and Tibet,
Probsthain <fe Co. have the largest stock of volumes, and numbers of the Journal, as well as
the Proceedings, and can in most cases supply from stock. Many
volumes are otherwise unobtainable.

27 Journal of the Bombay Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, A

Complete Set, Vols. XXII. ; Vols. I. to XV., bound in fine half calf ;
I. to
Vols. XVI. to XXII., in Numbers as issued, 8vo, with many plates.
Bombay, 1841-1905 $2
Complete sets are very rare. in a most beautiful state.
This copy is
Various other parts are also in stock.
28 Journal of the Ceylon Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, A Set
from the beginning, No. i to 62, with plates and illustrations, 8vo.
Colombo, 1846 to 1910 21
Nos. 16, 21, 31 aremissing in the set, but endeavours are made to procure them.

-- Many numbers are out of print, and sets such as this are very uncommon.
Nos. i, 2, 3, 5 to 15, 17 to 20, 22, 24, 25, 27, 28, 29, 33, 34, 35,
36, 38 to 45, 47, 48, 49, 58 to 62, in parts as issued. Colombo, 1846 to

No. 13 contains Demonology and Witchcraft in Ceylon.

No. 22 contains Translation of Two Jatakas.
No. 24 contains Sinhalese Omens.
No. 38 contains The Dutch in Ceylon.
No. 49 contains Dutch Monumental Remains in Ceylon.
No. 60 contains Couto's History of Ceylon.
Messrs. Probsthain keep the largest stock oj this Journal in Europe, and supply most of the
Numbers including those out of print separately.
30 Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society, Vols. I. to IX
complete in Numbers as issued, with all Title pages and Indices, 8vo,

with many plates, including those in colour. Bombay, 1886-95

X., Nos. 3,
The early volumes are entirely out of print.
Vol. V., Nos. i, 3; VI., Nos.
4; XL, No. 2; XV., Nos.
IQ 155

to4; VII., No. 2; IX., No. 3;
3; with many plates. Bombay,
4 4s
Farts are sold separately.

Probsthain & Co., 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum.

Journals and Transactions.

32 Journal Of the Straits' Branch

of the Royal Asiatic Society, a complete
set, from the beginning 1878 to No. 63, in parts, 8vo, with numerous

plates. Singapore 1878-1912 , 24

33 Journal Asiatique, ou Recueil de Memoires relatifs a 1'histoire, a la

philosophic, aux langues et a la litterature des peuples orientaux, 1897 to
1908, in parts as issued, 8vo. Paris ^8
34 The same, 1854, March to July; 1858, Dec.; 1859, July; 1860,
April to June; 1861, Feb., March; 1863, Aug. to Dec.; 1864, July to
Dec.; 1865 complete; 1866, Jan. to Nov.; 1868 complete; 1869
complete; 1870 complete; 1871 complete; 1872, Jan. to May; 1874,
July; 1875, O ct to D ec > J 876 complete; 1892, March to April, July to
- -

Aug. ; 1894, Sept. to Dec. ; 1895, March to April, Sept. to Dec. 1899, ;

Nov. to Dec.; 1900 complete; 1901, Jan. to March; 1902 complete;

1903, May to Dec. ; 1904 complete ; 1905 complete 1908, Jan. to Aug. ; ;

1909, Jan. to June. Paris

Volumes and parts are sold separately.
35 1847 to I 849, 3 vols, 8vo, half calf. Paris 2 IDS

36 Journal of the Burma Society, Vol. I., Nos. i and 2 (all issued), 8vo.
London, 1910 55

37 Journal of the East India Association, Vols. I. to III., bound in one

vol, roy. 8vo, half calf. 1867-69 2 is
There are no title-pages.

38 The same, Vols 17, 18, No. 1-4, 7; Vols 20, 21, 22; Vol 23,
Nos. i, 2, 4 ; Vols 24, 25, 26. 1885-94 2 2S

39 The same, New Series, Nos. 2 to 20, 22 to 40. 1895-1905 303

40 Journal of the Indian Archipelago and Eastern Asia, edited by J.
R. Logan, Vols. I. to VII., 8vo, half calf. Singapore, 1847-53 ^10 IDS
41 The
same, Vols. II., IV., V., VI., IX., cloth. Singapore $ 153
Title-pages and Indices in Vols. V., VI. and IX. are missing.
Messrs. Probsthain have various odd numbers of this Journal which can be used for
making up sets.

42 Journal of the Moslem Institute, Vol. II., No. 3, 4 ; Vol. III., Nos. i-
4 ; Vol. IV., Nos. 1-4; Vol. VI., No. i, 8vo. Calcutta, 1907-1910 243
Articles by English and Moslem Scholars.

43 Light Of Truth, or Siddhanta Deepika, a Monthly Journal devoted to

Religion, Philosophy, Literature, and Sciences, Vols. I. to III. and IV.,
Nos. i to 9, 410. Madras, 1897-1900 2 8s
No. 11 of Vol. II. is missing.
There are Indices to Vols. I. to III.
The Review contains a long Sketch of Tamil Literature, Texts and Translations,
and other interesting articles.
44 Madras Journal of Literature and Science, published by the Madras
Literary Society, edited by R. Cole and C. P. Brown, a complete set of the
first two series, in 22 vols (or Nos. i to 51), bound in half calf. 1834-61

This Journal has been rare for

many years. It contains articles by the most eminent
scholars, illustrated by plates on Mythology, Antiquities, Geography, Natural
History, &c.

Probsthain & Co., 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum.

Journals and Transactions.

45 Madras Journal of Literature and Science, Nos. 3, u, 13, 16, 21,

41, Vol for 1878, 1880, 1881. Madras 2 IDS
No. 16 contains Notes on the Code of the Siamese and the Progress of Buddhism

On the Language, Manners, and Rites of the Khoonds.

45* Vol for 1880 contains: Hindu Law in Madras in 1714, Descript.
Remarks on the Seven Pagodas IDS
46 Vol 88 1 contains: Niliprakasika, Sanskrit Text, two Inscrip-
for 1

tions deciphered, by Oppert xos

46* Notes and Queries (Panjab) a Monthly Periodical
: devoted to the
Collection of Notes and Scraps of Information regarding the Country and
the People, edited by Capt. R. C. Temple, Vols. I. to III. in Numbers as
issued, 410. Allahabad^ 1883-86 ji i8s
There is no title and index to Vol. III.
This valuable series deals with Religion, Folklore, Castes and Tribes, Language,
History, Miscellaneous.

47 Oriental Congress Transactions of the Second Session, held in London,


September, 1874, edited by R. K. Douglas, roy. 8vo, pp. viii, 456, cloth.
1876 IDS 6d
48 Oriental Congress :

CONGRES internal, des Orientalistes I. Session, Paris, 1873 Vol. II., Etudes :

egyptiennes d'Assyriologie semitiques iraniennes dravidiennes

sanskrites bouddhiques, 8vo, pp. 532. Pan's, 1876 IDS
TRAVAUX de la Hie Session, St. Petersbourg, 1876, Vol. I. (in Russian), 8vo,
pp. 163, 606, with map and plates. St. P., 1879-80 2 los
This was privately printed, and is extremely rare.
ACTES DU VIE CONGRES, Leiden, 1883: Vol. I., IV. (African, Far East,
Polynesian), 2 vols, 8vo. Leiden, 1884-85 i6s
ACTES DU VIllE CONGRES, Stockholm, 1889: Vol.
(Arabic I., Part I

Section), Part II. (Semitic Section); Vol. II., I. Part

(Aryan); Vol. IV.
(Egyptian, China, Polynesia), 4 parts, 8vo. Leiden, 1891-92 245
ACTES DU XIV. CONGRES, Alger, 1905 Vol. II. (Semitic,
: African
Languages, and Archaeology) ; Vol. III. (Langues Musulmanes), 2 vols.
Paris, 1907-08 i6s

49 OrientallSChes ArchlV. Illustrierte Zeitschrift fur Kunst, Kultur-

geschichte und Volkerkunde der Lander des Ostens, hrsg. v. H. Grothe,
Vol. I., 4to, richly illustrated. 1910-11 305
50 Orientalist (The), a Journal of Oriental Literature, Arts and Sciences,
Folklore, edited by Wm. Goonetilleke, Vol. I., complete ; II., Nos. i, 2,
5, 6, 9-12; III., complete (pages 79-82 missing), 4to. Colombo, 1884-88
2 i os
Includes various translations from the Tamil, Sinhalese, Pali.

51 Revue du Monde Musulman, 1907, Nos. 2, 5, 10, n, 12; 1908, Nos. 1-4;
1910, Nos. 5-12, 17 parts, 8vo. Paris, 1907-10 283

52 Transactions of the Bat a via Society of Arts and Sciences, or

Verhandelingen Bataav. Genootschap, Vols. I. to XV., XVII. to
v. h.

XXL, roy. 8vo. Batavia, 1781 to 1848 6 53

53 The same, Vols 22 to 28, 30, 410. Batavia, 1849-63 i i8s

This series contains long Articles on Historical, Ethnographical, Philological

Subjects, Oriental Texts and Translations, and is illustrated by many plates.

Probsthain & Co., 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum.

Journals and Transactions,

54 Zeitsehrift der deutschen Morgenland. Gesellsehaft, Vols 17 to 29,

13 vols in 8vo. Leipzig^ 1863 to 1875 6 123

55 The same, Vols 51 to 59, in parts as issued. 1897 to 1905 ^5

56 The same, Vols 39 (1885), 55 (1901), 56 (1902), 3 vols, in parts
as issued each vol los

57 Abreu (G. de V.) Summario das 68 Baly (J.) Eur- Aryan Roots, with their
investigates em Samscritologia desde English Derivatives and the Correspond-
1886-1891, 8vo, pp. 57. Lisbon, 1891 ing Words in the Cognate Languages,
2s 6d compared and systematically arranged,
58 Adam
(W.) Third Report on the State Vol I. (all issued), large Svo, pp. xxvii,
of Education in Bengal, 8vo, pp. 239,
781, cloth. 1897 (pub. 50s) 36s
half calf. Calcutta, 1838 5s 69 Beitrage zur Knnde der indogerman.
59 Adam's Reports on Vernacular Educa- Sprachen, hrsg. v. Bezzenberger, Vol.
tion in Bengal and Behar, with Brief XL, Svo, pp. 348, cloth. 1886 8s
Includes Casuslehre der indischen Grammatiken,

View of its Fast and Present Condition Part II., v. Liebicb Sanskrit visamsthula, v.
by J. Long, 8vo, pp. 342. Calcutta, Zachariae Conjectanea vedica, v. Geldner.
1868 4s 70 Benfey (Th.) Uber die indogerman.
60 Adelll rig. Historical Sketch of San- Endungen des Genitiv Singularis ians,
scrit Literature, with Copious Biblio- ias, ia, 4to, pp. 61 Gottingen, 1874 2s
graphical Notices of Sanskrit Works 71 Die Quantitats - Verschieden-
and Translations, 8vo, pp. zvii, 234, heiten in den Samhita und Pada Texten
cloth. Oxford, 1832 4s der Veden, 3 parts, 4to. Oottingen,
61 All Khan (Hamid) The Vernacular Con- 1874-76 6s
72 Vedica und Verwandtes, Svo, pp.
troversy Account and Criticism of the

177. Strassburg, 1877 3s

Equalisation of Nagri and Urdu, 8vo,
2s 6d Chapters on the Vedas, in German.
pp. 123, cloth. Lucknow, 1900
62 Alviella (G. d') Ce que 1'Inde doit A la
73 Benloe W
(L. ) Apergu de la science com-
Grece. Des influences classiques dans parative des Langues, p. a. a un traite
la civilisation de 1'lnde, 8vo, pp. vi,
compare des langues indo europeennes,
Svo, pp. xv, 96, with Tables. Paris,
200. Paris, 1897 4s 1858 3s
63 Alwis (Jus.) Descriptive Catalogue of
74 Bhandarkar (R. G.) Report on the
Sanskrit, Pali and Singhalese Literary Search for Sanskrit Manuscripts in the
Works of Ceylon Vol. I. (and all), 8vo,

Bombay Presidency, during the year
pp. xxx, 243, bds. Colombo, 1870 1833-84, Svo, pp. 479, viii, bds. Bom-
Described are Mabavansa
Bauddha Sataka Rupasiddhi, and 19 other bay, 1887 4s
works. Rare. 75 Black F.)(G. A
Gipsy Bibliography,
64 Amalnerkar (T. R.) A Note on the Provisional Issue, Svo, pp. 139. Liver-
Yadnyopavit, or the Sacred Thread of pool, 1909 6s
the Brahmans, 8vo, pp. 46. Lucknow, 76 Bloom field (M.) The Atharva Veda,
1910 2s Svo, pp. 128. 1899 6s
65 Asoka. Three New Edicts of Asoka, Encyclopaedia of Indo-Ar. Research.
First and Second Notice, by G. Buhler, 77 Contributions to the Interpreta-
2 parts, 16mo. Bombay, 1877-8 6s tion of the Veda, Second Series, Svo,
Include texts and translations of the Edicts. pp. 38. Baltimore, 1890 3s
66 Aufrecht (Th.) Catalogue of Sanskrit 78 Blumhardt Catalogue of Mara-
(J. F.)
Manuscripts in the Library of Trinity thi and Gnjarati Printed Books in the
College, Cambridge, Svo, pp. viii, 111, Library of the British Museum. 4to,
cloth. Cambridge, 1869 5s pp. 195, cloth. 1892 (pub. 21s) 16s
67 Die Sanskrit Handschriften der 79 Bosanquet (S. R.) Hindu Chronology
Hof und Staats Bibliothek, Miinchen, and Ante-Diluvian History, Svo, pp.
roy. Svo, pp. viii, 228. 1909 7s 6d 59, cloth. 1880 2s 6d

Probsthain & Co., 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum.

Indian Bibliography^ Philology, etc.

80 Bose (P. N.) History of Hindu Civilisa- 93 BUhler (G.) Eleven Land-Grants of the
tion during British Bale, 3 vols, 8vo, Chaulukyas of Anhilvad a Contribu-:

cloth. 1894-98 18s tion to the History of Gujaratas, San-

Vol. I. contains Religious Condition skrit Texts, with Translations, 16mo,
Vol. II. contains Socio-Religious and Industrial
Condition pp. 125, with plate. Bombay, 1877 5s
Vol. III. contains Intellectual Condition 94 Biographic, von J. Jolly, 8vo,
81 Boyer (A. M.) Yaksa (Vedic Studies, in pp. 23, with portrait. 1899 2s 6d
French), 8vo, pp. 85. Paris, 1906 3s Encyclopaedia of Indo-A. Research.
82 L'Epoque de Kaniska, 8vo, pp. 95 Bukhsh (S. Ehuda) Essays: Indian
56, reprint. Paris, 1900 3s and Islamic, cr. 8vo, pp. 295. 1911
83 Sur Quelques Inscriptions de 7s 6d
I'lnde, 8vo, pp. 43. Paris, 1899 3s 96 Burgess (J.) Chronology of Modern
84 Etude s. 1'origine de la doctrine India for 400 years, from the close of
du Samsara, 8vo, pp. 51. Paris, 1902 the 15th century, A.D. 1494 1894, roy.
3s 8vo, vi, 483 pp., cloth. 1913 12s 6d
85 Brown (C. P.) Carnatic Chronology: 97 Cappeller (C.) Die Ganachandas. Ein
Hindu and Mohamedan Methods of
the Beitrag znr indischen Metrik, 8vo, pp.
Beckoning Time explained, 4to, pp. vi, 122. Leipzig, 1872 2s 6d
90, cloth. 1863 10s 6d 97* Catalogue of the Library of the Boyal
86 Brown (R.) Language, and Theories of Asiatic Society of Great Britain, Svo,
its Origin, 8vo, pp. 48. 1880 2s 6d pp. viii, 537, cloth. 1893
87 Burnell (A. C.) A Classified Index to (pub. 10s (3d) 5s
the Sanskrit MSS. in the Palace at 98 Charlar (V. Krishnama) Select Papers,
Tanjpre, 3 parts, 4tp, bds. 1879 21s Speeches and Poems, connected with
I., Vedic and Technical Literature Pachaiyappa Mndaliarand his Religious
II., Philosophy and Law and Educational Charities, Svo, pp. 28,
III., Drama: Epics-Puranas-Tantras, Indices
88 Elements of South-Indian Palaeo- 163. Madras, 1892 4s
The work contains a number of prize essays in
graphy, from the IVth to the XVIIth Sanskrit, Telugu, and Tamil.
Century A.D. being an Introduction
99 Chuekerbutty (S. G.) Popular Lec-
to the Study of South -Indian Inscrip- tures on Subjects of Indian Interest
tions and MSS., Second Edition, en-
[mainly Education of the Natives], Svo,
larged and improved, 4to, pp. xii, 147 pp. 203, cloth. Calcutta, 1870 3s 6d
with map and 33 plates, cloth. 1878
100 Classified Catalogue of English
2 12s 6d) 24s
(pub. Books in the Shri Sayaji Library of
89 Catalogue of a Collection of Shrimant S. K. Gaikwad,
Sanskrit Manuscripts Part 1, Vedic pp. Svo,

MSS., 12mo, pp. 65. 1870 2s 371, cloth. Bombay, 1891 5s

101 Colebrooke (H. T.) Miscellaneous
90 Specimens of S. Indian Dialects :

being Translations of the Parable of the Essays, 2 vols, Svo, bds. London, 1837
Sower (Sb. Matth. xm, 1-35), Nos. 1, 32s
On the Religious Ceremonies of the Hindus On
2, 4, 5,6,8; together 6 parts. Manga- the Philosophy of the Hindus Various Philo-
lore and Tranquebar, 1873-77 38s logical Essays.
No. i, In Konkani, spoken by Roman Catholics in 102 Abhandlung iiber die heiligen
S. Canara
No. In Dialects of Malayalam, spoken by the
Schriften der Indier, translated into
Mappilas, and of Amindivi (Laccadive Isl.) German, Svo, pp. 176. Leipzig, 1847 3s
No. 4, Dialect of Tamil, spoken at Tanjore 103 Cust Las Religiones y los Idiomas
No. 5, In Language spoken by the Todas of the (B.)
Nilagiri Hills
de la India ; version Espanola, 12mo,
No. 6, In Dialect of Canarese, spoken by the pp. viii, 225. Madrid, 1883 2s
No. 8, In Dialect of Tamil, spoken at Tanjore by
104 Dass (B. B.) The Sun a Habitable
Brahmans Body like the Earth a Book on Solar

Only 30 to 45 copies of each were ever printed. Physics, illustrated, Svo, pp. xiv, 130,
91 The same : No. 1, In Konkani, cloth. Naldha,lWd 2s 6d
First Edition. Mangalore, 1872 (only 30 Chapter X. deals with Zodiacal Light.
copies were printed) Is 6d 105
Deny son (J.) On the Geographical
91* The same, No. 4, In Tamil. Limits, History and Chronology of the
Tranquebar, 1876 6s Chera Kingdom of Ancient India, Svo,
92 The same, No. 6, In Canarese. pp. 29, with map. Reprint 2s
Mangalore, 1873 (35 copies were printed) 108 Translation of Three Copper-
6s plate Inscriptions and Notices of the
92* The same, No. 8, In Tamil. Cbalukya and Gurjjara Dynasties, Svo,
Tranquebar, 1877 6s pp. 40, with 5 folding plates 2s 6d

Probsthain & Co,, 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum.

Indian Bibliography, Philology, etc.

107 Douse (T. Le Ch.) Grimm's Law, a 119 Forbes (D.) Oriental Penmanship an :

Study, or Explanation of the so-called Essay for facilitating the Reading and
Lantverschiebung, with Remarks on Writing of the Ta'lik Character, con-
the Primitive Indo-European K., 8vo, sisting of Specimens of Fine Writing,
pp. xvi, 231, cloth. 1876 8s with letterpress descriptions, 4to, cloth.
108 Dufrene (H.) La Flore Sanskrite, 1849 7s 6d
Explication des noms sanscrits des 120 Frank (0.) tiber des Bild des Welt-
plantes de 1'Inde, 8vo, pp., 65. Paris, baumeisters Visva-Karman, in e. Fel-
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Indian Bibliography, Philology, etc.

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Mahabharata War The Four Yugas.
Travels of Hwen-Thsang, 8vo, pp. xx,
253 AlbePUni'S India an Account of the
589, with 13 maps, half calf. 1871 2 5s
Religion, Philosophy, Literature, Geo- Very scarce.
graphy, Chronology, Astronomy, Cus- 258 CUPtius (E.) Histoire grecque. Tra-
toms, Laws and Astrology of India, duit de 1'allemand par A. Bouche-
about 1030 A.D., translated from the Leclercq, 5 vols, roy. 8vo, half calf.
Arabic, with Notes and Indices, 2 vols, Paris, 1883 21s
8vo, cloth. 1910 25s A cheap copy in fine state of this learned work.
An accurate description of all Categories of Hindu 259 Dey (N. L.) Geographical Dictionary
thought. of Ancient and Mediaeval India, with
254 Ancient (The) of India,
History Appendix on Modern Names of Ancient
Moral, and Religions,
Political, Social, Indian Geography, roy. 8vo, pp. 110,
from the Earliest Period, by a Cupia, 85, with a large map, cloth. Calcutta,
Vol. I. issued), 8vo, pp. vii, 456,
(all 1899 12s 6d
cloth. Madras, 1883 15s 260 Dutt (R. C.) A Brief History of
Aria Original Home Bugola Geography Civiliza- Ancient and Modern India, 8vo, pp.
tion and Manners The Sacrificial System
vii, 251, 6, with 3 maps, cloth. Calcutta,
Cosmos, &c.
1895 3s 6d
255 Bretsehneidep (E.) Mediaeval Re-
searches from Eastern Asiatic Sources :
261 A History of Civilisation in
Ancient India, based on Sanskrit
Fragments towards the Knowledge of Literature, Revised Edition, 2 vols,
the Geography and History of Central
8vo, with 2 maps, cloth. 1893 (T.O.S.)
and Western Asia, from the 13th to the 21s
17th Centuries, 2 vols, 8vo, with a Vedic Period Epic Period Rationalistic Period
reproduction of a Chinese mediceval, Buddhist Period Puranic Period With
map, cloth. 1910 21s chapters on Religion, Hindu Architecture,
Astronomy, Medicine, Fiction, &c.
256 Carre (L.) L'ancien Orient. Etudes
262 Hewitt (J. F.) Notes on Early His-
historiques, religienses philo-
sur la Chine, tory of Northern India, Part IV. and
sophiques 1'Egypte,
I'lnde, la Perse et la V., 8vo. Reprints 1887
Part IV., On the Pre- Vedic History of
depuis les temps les plus reculus, 2 vols,
India, founded on a Study of the
8vo, half morocco. Paris, 1874 10s 6d
The chapter on India comprises p. 1-297 of Vol. Brahmanas 4s
II. On China, p. 277-516 of Vol. . Part V., Succession of Hindu Priesthood 3s

Probsthain & Co., 41, Great Russell Street^ British Museum.

Ancient India.

263 Kunte (M. M.) The Vicissitudes of 271 Robertson (W.) An Historical Dis-
Aryan Civilization in India an Essay:
quisition concerning the Knowledge
which treats of the History of the which the Ancients had of India, and
Vedic and Buddhistic Polities, explain- the Progress of Trade with that
ing Origin, Prosperity and
their Country, with an Appendix, Svo, pp.
Decline, 8vo, pp. xxv, 600, cloth. iii, 294, cloth. Calcutta, 1904 4s
Bombay, 1880 28s 272 Smith (V. A.) The Early History of
Antecedents of the Ancient Indian Aryas
Invasion of India and the Period of Occupa-
India, from 600 B.C. to the Moham-
tion medan Conquest, including the Inva-
III., Brahmavadins sion of Alexander the Great, Svo, icith
IV., The Acharya Period maps, plans and other illustrations,
V., Buddhism. 14s
cloth. Oxford
264 Manning (Mrs. ) Ancient and Mediaeval
273 Spier (Mrs.) Life in Ancient India,
India, 2 vols, roy. 8vo, illustrated, cloth. and
1869 25s Svo, pp. xvii, 464, with map illus-

A standard trations, Svo, cloth. 1856 9s

work, dealing with the Religion, Philo-
sophy, Law, Literature, Medicine and Arts of 274 Wheeler (J. T.) The Geography of
the Hindus, based on Sanskrit works.
Herodotus developed, explained and
265 McCrindle (J. W.) Ancient India as illustrated from Modern Researches
described by Megasthenes and Arrian, and Discoveries, Svo, pp. Ixxi, 607,
with Introduction and Notes, 8vo, pp. with maps and plans, cloth. 1854 18s
xi, 223, with map of Ancient India, Part I. deals with
Europe, including Scythia
cloth. Bombay, 1877 2 2s Part II. deals with Asia, including Bactria, Can-
dara, Northern India, S. India
266 Mitra(Raj.) Indo Aryans: Contribu- Part III. deals with Africa, including Epypt
tions towards the Elucidation of their
275 The History of India, from the
Ancient and Mediaeval History, 2 vols,
1881 30s
Earliest Ages: Vol. I., The Vedic
roy. 8vo, cloth. Period and the Maha Bharata, large
Chapters: Origin of Indian Architecture Princi-
ples of Indian Temple Architecture Indian Svo, pp. 125, 576, with map and
a good
Sculpture Dress and Ornament in Ancient Index, cloth. 1867 21s
India Furniture, Arms, Musical Instruments in
Ancient India Origin of the Hindi Language 276 The History of India, from the
Early Life of Asoka, and other valuable chapters. Earliest Ages: Vol. II., The Ramayana
267 Morris (H.) The History of India, and the Brahmanic Period, Svo, pp.
Fifth Edition, Svo, pp. xix, 312, cloth. 87, 680, with map and Index to the vol,
Madras, 1864 3s 6d cloth. 1869 21s
From the earliest times 1844, A.n. 277 Wilson (H. H.) Notes on the Indica
268 Nobin Chandra Das. A Note on the of Ctesias, Svo, pp. 80. Oxford, 1836
Ancient Geography of Asia, compiled 3s 6d
from the Valmiki Ramayana, Svo, pp. 278 Wilson India Three Thousand
viii, 77, with large map. Calcutta, 1896 Years Ago, or the Social State of the
3s 6d Aryas on the Banks of the Indus, in
269 Pomponius Mela. De Situ Orbis, the Times of the Vedas, Svo, pp. 87,
11. III., cum notis criticis
et esegeticis, cloth. Bombay, 1858 4s
edited C. H. Tzschucke, 7 vols, Svo, (C.) and Brainerd (J. A.)
279 Wright
half calf. Leipzig, 1806 24s Historic Incidents and Life in India,
270 Rawlinson (Prof. H. G.) Bactria : Revised Edition, roy. Svo, pp. 272,
the History of a Forgotten Empire, cr. with numerous illustrations, cloth.
Svo, pp. xxiii, 168, with 2 maps and 5 Chicago, 1862 7s 6d
plates, cloth. 1912 7s 6d The work deals with Life and Religion, Festivals,
This is the only work dealing with the interesting Customs of the Hindus, with a chapter on the
period of Greek Rule in India. Thugs, and the final chapter with the Mutiny.

280 Aswini Kumar Dutt a Vindication
: 282 Bradley -Birt (F. B.) Twelve Men of
of his Life and Conduct, by Indicns, Bengal in the Nineteenth Century,
Svo, pp. xv, 68. Calcutta, 1909
Svo, pp. vi, 249, with 12 portraits, cloth.
281 Mookerjee. Memoir of the
Calcutta, 1910 3s 6d
Justice 0. Ch. Nookerjee, Svo, pp. 77.
2s Lives of twelve prominent Hindus.
Serampore, 1873

Probsthain & Co., 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum.

Indian Biography.

283 Filial (G. P.) Representative Indians : 287 Ramabai. The Widow's Friend, her
Sketches of Eminent Men of India, Life and Work, edited by her Daughter,
8vo, pp. xxi, 319, with portraits, cloth. 8vo, pp. 194, illustrated, cloth. Mel-
1897 4s bourne, 1903 4a
284 Premehund Royehund (the Great 288 Sastrl (Sir A. Sashiah, an Indian
Indian Banker and Philanthropist) :
Statesman) a Biographical Sketch, by

his Early Life and Career, by D. E. B. V. K. Aiyar, 8vo, pp. xix, 408,
Wacha, 12mo, pp. 234, with portraits, cloth. Madras, 1902 5s
cloth. Bombay, 1913 3s
289 Tagore. Maharshi Dev. (the Great
285 Raja Radhakanta Deva (Editor of
the Sabda Kalpadruma) his Life,:
Religious Teacher) his Autobiography,

with some Notices of his Ancestors translated from the Original Bengali
and Testimonials of his Character and by Sat. Tagore and T. Devi, roy. 8vo,
cloth. pp. xxiv, 195, with portraits, cloth.
Learning, 8vo, pp. 33, Ivi,
Calcutta, 1859 4s Calcutta, 1909 5s
286 Rama Varma (Sir, late Maharaja of 290 Tagore Family (The), a Memoir, by
Travancore) his Life, by P. S. Pillai,
: J. W. Furrell, 12mo, pp. 187, cloth.
with Reprints on Travancore Inscrip- Calcutta, 1892 4s
tions, 8 vo, cloth. Madras, 1896-97 2s 6d Privately printed.


291 Baroda (The Maharain) The Position 297 DubotS (A.) Description of the Charac-
of Women in Indian Life, 8vo, pp. 40, ter, Manners and Customs of the People
358, cloth. 1911 5s of India, and of their Institutions, Re-
292 Bhattaeharya N.) Hindu Castes
(J. ligious and Civil, translated from the
and Sects, 8vo, pp. xvii, 623, cloth. French MS., 4to, pp. xxvii, 565, full
Calcutta, 1896 21s calf. 1817 18s
An exposition of the origin of the Hindu Caste 298 Essays relative to the Habits, Cha-
System and the Bearing of the Sects towards racter, and Moral Improvement of the
each other, and other religious systems.
Chapters on the Brahmans, the Military, writer,
Hindoos, 8vo, pp. 351, cloth. 1823 5s
mercantile, and other Castes, &c. 299 Fuller (Sir B.) Studies of Indian Life
and Sentiment, 8vo, pp. xiii, 360, ivith
293 Bose (S. Ch.) The Hindoos as they
are a Description of the Manners,
map, cloth. 1910 6s
Chapters on the Land and the People History up
Customs, and Inner Life of Hindu to iooo_ A.D. Religions Hindu Institutions-
Society in Bengal, roy. 8vo, pp. vii, Domestic Life.
305, cloth. Calcutta, 1881 7s 6d 300 Ghose (J. Ch.) Principles of Hindu
294 Dass (J.) Domestic Manners and Cus- Law, 8vo, pp. 63, 794, cloth. Calcutta,
toms of the Hindoos of Northern India, 1903 15s
Second Edition, 8vo, pp. xi, 280, cloth. The work contains all the Sanskrit Texts of the
Rishis on the subject, with English Translations
Benares, 1866 4s
and Commentaries, it is also valuable for the
295 Disputation respecting Caste, by a light it throws on old Hindu Institutions and
Buddhist, communicated by B. H.
Hodgson, 4to, pp. 11. 1831 Is 6d 301 Havell (E. B.) Benares, the Sacred
296 Dubois (A.) Description des Castes City Sketches of Hindu Life and Re-

Indiennes en general, et en particnlier ligion, 8vo, pp. xiii, 226, illustrated,

de cello des Brahmes du Sud, de la cloth. 1905 7s 6d
presqu'ile de 1'Inde en de<;a du Krishna,
302 Kothare (B. S.) Hindu Holidays, 8vo,
de lours manieres et de leurs usages pp. 100.Bombay, 1904 3s
tant civils que religienx, de leur educa- On Hindu Festivals.
tion, de leurs sciences, &c., a manu- 303 Mackenzie (Col. C.) Account of the
script of 1019 pages, bound in calf Marriage Ceremonies of the Hindus and
10 10s Mahommedans, 4to, pp. 16. Reprint,
This is probably the original copy of the Abbe 1831 Is 6d
Dubois, from which the English translation was 304 [Murdoch Kasi, or Benares, the
made. The copy is in good state of preservation,
only a few pages at the beginning are worm- Holy City of the Hindus, large 8vo,
eaten. pp. 39, illustrated. Madras, 1894 Is

Probsthain & Co., 41, Great Russell Street, British* Museum.

i6 The Hindus: Manners and Customs.

305 Morris (J. B.) Essay towards the 312 Sellon (E.) Annotations on the Sacred
Conversion of Learned and Philosophi- Writings of the Hindus being an :

cal Hindus, 8vo, pp. 402, cloth. 1843 Epitome on the Remarkable Tenets in
6s the Faith of that People, illustrating
306 Mullik (B.) Home Life in Bengal Ac- :
Phallic Principles, 8vo, pp. 59. 1902
count of the Every-day Life of a 10s 6d
Hindu Home at the Present Day, 8vo, Privately printed.

Calcutta, 1885 3s 313 Sketches chiefly relating to the His-

pp. 186.
307 Padfleld (J. E.) The Hindu at Home :
tory, Religion, Learning, and Manners
of the Hindoos, with an Account of
being Sketches of Hindu Daily Life, the Present State of the Native Powers
8vo, pp. z, 330, cloth. Madras, 1896
of Hindostan, 8vo, pp. vii 422, with
plate, cloth, 1790 5s
Corrected throughout in red ink. It includes
Includes Chapters on the Religion Mythology
Chapters on Hindu Sacred Marks Hindu
Worship Philosophy of the Brahmans, &c.
Marriages Hindu Festivals Funerals Omens
Ornaments. 314 Steele (A.) Law and Custom of Hindu
308 Patterson (A. J.) Caste considered Castes within the Dekhun (Deccan)
under its Moral, Social, and Religious Provinces subject to the Presidency
Aspects, 8vo, pp. zii, 122, cloth. 1861 of Bombay chiefly affecting Civil
3s 6d Suits, New Edition, roy. 8vo, pp. xix,
309 Peter the Pearker. Caste in India, 460, cloth. 1868 16s
How to keep an Empire, 8vo, pp. 24. 315 Toru Dutt (celebre Hindoue, morte en
1858 Is 6d 1877) Le Journal de Mile. d'Arvers,
310 Reports on the Swinging Festival nouvelle ecrite en frangais, precede d'un
and the Ceremony of walking through etude sur la vie et les ceuvres de Toru
Fire, 8vo, pp. 38. Madras, 1854 Dntt, 8vo, pp. 32, 259. Paris, 1879 6s
(Madras Govt. Records) 3s 316 Ward (W.) A
View of the History,
311 The Sacred City of Literature, and Mythology of the
Sherring (M. A.)
the Hindus an Account of Benares
: in Hindoos, including a Minute Descrip-
Ancient and Modern Times, roy. 8vo, tion of their Manners, Customs, and
1868 Translations from their Principal
pp. xxxvi, 388, illustrated, cloth.
28s Works, New Edition, 3 vols, bds.
Deals with the connection of Benares with Ancient 1822 25s
Buddhist Architectural Remains Her Famous 317 Wise (T. A.) Commentary on the
Temples The Legends concerning them
Customs at the Temples Modes of Worship-
Hindu System of Medicine, 8vo, pp.
Religious Festivals, &c. Scarce. xx, 431, cloth. Calcutta, 1845 10s Ud

318 Barodiar (U. D.) History and Litera- 322 Gandhi (V. R.) The Jain Philosophy,
ture of Jainism, 12mo, pp. 138, bds. collected and edited by B.
F. Karbhari,
Bombay, 1909 2s 6d 8vo, pp. xiv, 247, 26, cloth. Bombay,
1911 3s 6d
319 Buhler (G.) Ueber das Leben des
Jaina Munches Hemachandra, des 323 Jain I tih as Series. No. I., a Lecture
Schtilers des Devachandra aus der on Jainism, delivered before the
Dharma Maha-Mohatsava at Muttra,
Vajrasakha, 4to, pp. 90. Vienna, 1889
3s 6d by Lala B. Dass, 8vo, pp. 87, cloth.
Agra, 1902 2s 6d
320 Guerinot (A.) Repertoire d'Epigraphie 324 Kalpa Sutra (The), and Nava Tatya
Jaina, precede d'nne esquisse de Two Works illustrative of the Jain
I'histoire dn Jainisme d'apres les In-
Religion and Philosophy, translated
scriptions, large 8vo, pp. vii, 313. from the Magadhi, with appendix con-
Paris, 1908 16s
taining Remarks on the Language of
321 Essai de Bibliographic Jaina, the Original by J. Stophenson, 8vo, pp.
Repertoire Analytique et methodique 27, 144, cloth. 1848 10s 6d
des Travaux relatifs au Jainisme, imp. 325 Miles (Col. W.) The Jainas of Gujerat
8vo, pp. xxxvii, 568, with plates. Paris, and Marwar, 4to, pp. 37. Reprint, 1833
1906 20s 3s 6d

Probsthain & Co., 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum.

The Jains.

326 Manak Chand Jaini. Life of 328 Thomas (E.) Jainism, or the Early
Mahavira (according to Jain Tradition Faith of Asoka, with Illustrations of
the last of the 24 Tirthankaras), 8vo, the Ancient Religions of the East, from
pp. xix, 91.Allahabad, 1903 2s
the Santheon of the Indo-Scythians,
327 Stevenson (Mrs. S.) Notes on Modern
Jainism, with Special Reference to the prefixed by a Notice on Bactrian Coins
S'vetambara, Digambara and Sthana- and Indian Dates, 8vo, pp. viii, 82,
kavasi Sects, 12mo, pp. 125. Surat, with 2 vlaies, cloth. 1877 10s 6d
1910 2s



329 Aogemadseea. EinParsi Tractat im 340 Burnouf (E.) Commentaire sur le
Pa/end, altbaktrisch and Sanskrit, Ya<;iia, contenanb le texte Zend ex-
Text, German Translation, Notes and pliqu pour la premiere fois, les
Glossary by W. Geiger, 8vo, pp. vi, variantes et la version sanscrite in<'.-dite
160. 1878 5s de Neriosengh, &c. , Vol. I. (all issued),
330 A vesta: the Religious Books of the 4to, pp. 153, 592, 196, bound in 2 vols,
Parsees, from Prof. Spiegel's German half morocco. 1833 2 2s
Translation of the Original MS., from 341 Cama (The K. R.) Memorial Volume :
the original Zend by A. H. Bleeck, 3 Essays on Iranian Subjects, written by
vols in one, half calf. Hertford, 1864 Various Scholars in honour of Mr. Kb.
15s Rust. Cama, edited by J. J. Modi, roy.
331 The Religious Books of the 8vo, pp. 76, 323, with 3 plates, cloth.
Parsees, translated by Prof. Spiegel Bombay, 1900 14s
and A. H. Bleeck, Vol. III., Khordah- 342 Casartelli (-L. C.) The Philosophy of
Avesta, cloth. Hertford, 1864 7s 6d the Mazdayasnian Religion under the
332 die heiligen Schriften der Sassanids, translated from the French,
Parsen, translated from the Original with Prefatory Remarks, Notes, &c.,
into German by F. Spiegel, Vol. I.,
by F. J. D. Jamasp Asa, 8vo, pp. xvi,
Der Vendidad, 8vo, pp. 295, with 1 vii, 341, cloth. Bombay, 1889 15s
plate, cloth. 1852 5s
343 La Philosophie religieuse du
333 Livre sacr6 des Sectateurs de Mazd eisme sous les Sassanides, 8vo, pp.
Zoroasbre. Traduit du texte, avec notes
viii, 192. Paris, 1884 4s
par C. de Harlez, 3 vols, large 8vo.
Liege, 1875-77 15s 344 DastOOr (Rast. E.) Zarathushtra and
334 Bartholomae (C.) Der Gada Dialekt, Zarathustrianism in the Avesta, 8vo,
4to, pp. 24. 1879 2s 6d pp. 277, cloth. Bombay, 1906 8s

335 Bengalee (S. Sh.) Parsee Marriage 345 Deeem Sendayestse exeerpta,
and Divorce Act, 1865; Parsee Chattels Texts, with Latin Translation and
Real Act, Parsee Succession Act and Notes by C. Kossowicz, 8vo, pp. xiii,
the Indian Succession Act, 1865, with 280. Paris, 1865 8s
Appendix and Guzerrattee Translation, 346 Dhunjeebhoy Medhora) The Zo-
roy. 8vo, cloth. Bombay, 1868 6s roastrian and some other Ancient Sys-
336 Bharueha. Brief Sketch of the Zo- tems, 8vo, pp. 48, 308, cloth. Bombay,
roastrian Religion and Customs, roy. 1886 8s 6d
8vo, pp. 98, xv. Bombay, 1903 3s
347 Dinkard (The), Original P6hlwi Texb,
337 Blau (0.) De numis Achaemenidarum the same Transliteration in Zend Cha-
Aramaeo-Persicis, 4to, pp. 18, with 2 racter, Translation in Gujratiand Eng-
plates. 1855 2s 6d lish Languages, Commentary and Glos-
338 BriggS (H. G.) The Parsis, or Modern sary, by Pesb. Dust. Behr. SUNJANA,
Zerdusthians, a Sketch, 8vo, pp. vii, Vols I. to IV., roy. 8vo, cloth. Bom-
146, cloth. Bombay, 1852 5s bay, 1874-84 2
339 Brown (R.) The Religion of Zoroaster 348 Ervad (R. J., Dustoor-Neherjirana)
considered in connection with Archaic The Genealogy of the Navsari Parsi
Monotheism, 8vo, pp. 68. 1879 2s 6d Priests, 4to, pp. 212, cloth. 1907 25s

Probsthain & Co, 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum.

i8 The Parsis : their Religion and Literature.

349 Framjee (Dosabhoy) The Parsees : 363 Mills (L. H.) Dictionary of the Gathic
their History, Manners, Customs and Language of the Zend Avesta, First
Religion, 8vo, pp. xv, 286, full morocco, Issue, 8vo, pp. xvi, 199, cloth. 1902
gilt edges. 1858 12s 1286d
364 Modi (J. Asiatic Papers: Papers
350 Gathas of Zaratushtra (Zoroaster) read before the Bombay Branch of the
(The), in Metre and Rhyme, translated R. Asiatic Society, 8vo, pp. ix, 290,
front the Zend L. H. Mills, 8vo, pp.
by 12s 6d
cloth. Bombay, 1905
xx, 196, cloth.1900 10s 6d Includes The Game of Ball-Bat among the Ancient

351 Gathas (Fiinf), oder Sammlung von Persians The Bas Relief of Beharam Gour
Firdusi on the Indian Origin of the Game of
Liedern und Spriichcn Zarathustra's,
Text in Roman Characters, with Ger-
man Translation and Notes by M. 365 -Chess The Antiquity of the Avesta References
to China in the Ancient Books of the Parsees, &c.

Marriage Customs among the

Haug, Part I. (containing the First
Collection), 8vo, pp. xvi, 246. 1858 4s
352 Geiger ( W. ) Civilization of the Eastern
Iranians in Ancient Times, with an In-
troduction on the Avesta Religion,
365* -
Parsees, 8vo, pp.

Parsees, 8vo, pp.

47, bds.


The Naojote Ceremony

3s 6d

of the
translated from the German, with
Notes, by Darab D. P. San j ana, 2 vols,
366 The Religions System of tho
8vo, cloth. 1885
Vol. I. , Ethnography and Social Life

Vol. II., The Old Iranian Polity and the Age of 366* -
Parsees, 8vo, pp. 56,
iv, bds.

in the Marriage

the Avesta
Ceremonies of different Nations, 8vo,
353 Uber
eine Parsenschrift (Aoge-
pp. 32, bds. Bombay, 1909 3s
madaeca), with Romanized Text, 8vo, 367 The Religious System
the of
pp. 37. Erlangen, 1878 2s 6d
Parsis, 8vo, pp. 31. Bombay, 1885 2s
354 Die Pehlevi-Version des I. Capi-
367* Naoroji (D.) The Parsee Religion,
tels der Vendidad, Part I., Text, Ger-
8vo, pp. 32. 1864 2s 6d
man Translation and Notes, 8vo, pp.
32. 1877 2s 6d 368 Pahlavi Texts, translated by E. W.
355 Harlez (C. de) Fragment du commen- West, Vol. I., 8vo, cloth. Oxford,
1880 10s 6d
taire de Darmesteter sur le Vendidad,
Sacred Books of the East, Vol 5.
8vo, pp. 16. Louvain, 1881 2s
Contains Bundahis Selections of Zad-Sparam
358 Etudes avestiques, Note sur le Bahman Yast Shayast La Shayast.
sens des mots Avesta-Zend, 8vo, pp. 72. 369 Rahbaredini Zartashti a Guide to :

Reprint, 1877 2s 6d Zoroastrian Religion in Gnjarati, 8vo,

357 Les observations de J. Darmes- pp. 232, cloth. Bombay 4s
teter surle Vendiad, 8vo, pp. 21. Lou- 370 Relehelt (H.) Der Frahang i Oim,
vain, 1883 Is 6d Part 1, German Introduction and
358 Haug (M.) Essays on the Sacred Pahlavi Text, 8vo, pp. 37. Vienna,
Language, Writings, and Religion of 1900 3s
the Parsees, 8vo, pp. 268, cloth. Bom- 371 Rindtorff (E.) Die Religion des
bay, 1862 7s 6d
Zarathustra, 4to, pp. 24. 1897 2s
Includes a grammar of the Zend Language, a
chapter on the Zend Avesta, &c. 372 Roth (R.) Meber Yana 31, 4to, pp.
359 The same, Second Edition, 31. 1876 3s
edited by E. W. West, 8vo, pp. xvi, Includes 22 songs of the Avesta, with German
427, cloth. 1878 (T.O.S.) 12s
Title-page repaired. 373 Shikand-Gumanik Vijar, the Pazand-
360 Hovelacque (A.) L' Avesta, Zoroastre Sanskrit Text, with a Fragment of the
et le Mazdc'ismo : Part I., Introduc- Pahlavi, edited, with a Vocabulary of
tion, Decouvcrto et interpretation de the three Versions, and Introduction, by
Avesta, 8vo, pp. 114. Paris, 1878 Hoshang Dastur Jamaspjii and E. W.
3s 6d West, roy. 8vo, pp. 38, 276. Bombay,
381 Jackson (A. V. W.) Avesta Reader, 1887 12s 6d
First Series, Easier Texts, Notes and 374 Spiegel Memorial Volume. Papers
Vocabulary, 8vo, pp. vii, 112, cloth. on Iranian Subjects, written by various
1893 8s Scholars in honour of the late Dr.
362 Mistri (R. H.) Zoroaster and Zoroas- Fred. Spiegel, edited by J. J. Modi,
trianism, 8vo, pp. 218, cloth. Bombay, 4to, pp. 65, 307, with portrait, cloth.
1906 5s Bombay, 1908 18s

Probsthain & Co., 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum.

The Parsis : their Religion and Literature,

375 Spiegel and Geiger. The Age of 378 Wadia (A. S. N.) The Message of
the Avesta and Zoroaster, 8vo, pp. Zoroaster, 12mo, pp. 226, calf. 1912
149. 1886 3s 6d 53
376 Stein (M. A.) Zoroasfcrian Deities on
On the philosophy and ethics of Zoroaster.

Indo-Scythian Coins, 4to, pp. 12, illus- 379 Wilson (J.) The Parsi Religion as con-
trated. 1887, reprint 2s 6d tained in the Land Avesta, Svo, pp.
377 Tiele (C. P.) The Religion of the 610, half calf. Bombay, 1843 16s
Iranian Peoples, Part I., 8vo, pp. 218, to 6 of the preface are missing.
Pages i
bds. Bombay, 1912 7s 6d
Part II. is in preparation.


380 Baden Powell (B. H.) The Indian 389 Clarke (G. C.) The Outcasts : being
Village Community, examined with a Brief Account of the Waghaya Doms
reference to the Physical, Ethnographic (Criminal Tribe of India), Svo, pp. 47.
and Historical Conditions of the Calcutta, 1903 2s
Provinces, Svo, pp. 16, 456, cloth. 1896 390 Clayton (A. C.) TheParaiyan, and the
10s Legend of Nandan, Svo, pp. 53, with 4
381 BarthOlomeilSZ (O.) Minicoy (one of plates. Madras, 1906 Is
the Laccadive Islands) and its Bulletin Madras Museum.
Svo, pp. 32. 1885 3s 391 Coorg. Richter(G.) Manual of Coorg,
382 Belle W
(H. W.) The Races of Af-
a Gazetteer of the Natural Features of
the Country and the Social and Politi-
ghanistan being a Brief Account

of the Principal Nations inhabiting cal Condition of its Inhabitants, with

that Country. Roy. Svo, pp. 124, map and plates, Svo, pp. xi, 474, bds.
Mangalore, 1870 7s 6d
cloth. Calcutta, 1880 6s
Includes a description of the different tribes
383 Benett (W. C.) Report on the Family Social Life Popular Festivals Religious Ob-
History of the Chief Clans of the Roy servances Archasological Remains The Coorg
Bareilly District, Svo, pp. 69, vi. Language and Literature History of Coorg, &c.
Lucknow, 1870 3s 6d 392 DobSOn (G. E.) On the Andamans and
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384 Bhandarker (R. G.) Early History of
2s 6d
the Dekkan down to the Mohamedan Reprint
Conquest, Svo, pp. 117, iv. Bombay, 393 Duff(J. G.) History of the Mahrattas,
1884 5s Vol. in., Svo, pp. xvi, 388, cloth.

385 Birje (W. L.) Who are the Marathas? Bombay, 1863 15s
This volume deals with the History from 1784 to 1819.
with Introductory Preface, by Prof.
M. H. Dvivedi, Svo, pp. zviii, 111, cloth.
394 Dutt (R. C.) The Peasantry of Bengal :

a View of their Condition under the

Bombay, 1896 4s
the Mohomedan and the
386 Bombay Gazetteer, Vols. L, III., English Rule, Svo, pp. xi, 237, cloth.
X.-XIL, XV. to XXV., XXVL, Part Calcutta, 1874 5s
1, half calf. Bombay 395 Elliot (Sir H. M.) Memoirs on the
Some vols. of the above are out of print.
History, Folk-lore and Distribution of
387 [Campbell (G.)] Report of the Ethno- the Races of the North Western
logical Committee on Aboriginal Tribes Provinces of India being an amplified

brought to the Jubbulpore Exhibition, Edition of the Supplemental Glossary

Svo, cloth. Nagpore, 1868 10s 6d of Indian Terms, edited by J. Beames,
Comparative table of indigenous tribes, and Abo- 2 vols, roy. Svo, nearly 800 pp., second
riginal languages. vol contains 3 coloured maps and 1
388 Carnegy (P.) Kachahri Technicalities, plate, cloth. 1869 36s
or a Glossary of Terms in use in the 398 EllWOOd (J. P.) A Few Notes on the
Courts of Law of Hindustan, and in Central Provinces of India (2 parts),
Illustration of Customs, Arts and Svo, pp., 37, 24. Lucknow, 1888 2s 6d
Manufactures, Svo, pp. 361, cloth. Kabir Panthis Ancient Tribes
Non-Aryan Tribes
Allahabad, 1877 7s 6d of India.

Probsthain & Co., 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum.

2O Indian Tribes and Castes.

397 Elwin (E. F.) India and the Indians, 408 Khond Agency (The) and the Calcutta
roy. 8vo, pp. x, 352, illustrated, cloth. Review being a Reply to the Distor-

1913 10s 6d tions of Facts contained in the Calcutta

Indian Life and Character described, with chapter Review, Svo, pp. 157, ix, with map.
on Indian Philosophy Music Religion, &c. Madras, 1849 4s
393 Endle (S.) The Kacharis, 8vo, pp. xix, 409 KittS (E.) A
Compendium of the
128, with mip and plates, cloth. 1911 Castes and Tribes found in India, folio,
8s 6d pp. xi, 90, bds. Bombay, 1885 5s
Origin Social Life Laws and Customs Religion 410 Latham (R. G.) Ethnology of India,
Folklore, Traditions Outline Grammar
Specimens of the Bodo Language, &c.
pp. viii, 375, cloth. 1859 8s
The work deals with the Tribes of the Tibetan
399 Ethnographic Survey of the Central Group -The Hill Tribes of Assam The
India Agency, published by Capt. C. Burmese The Siamese The Afghans The
Hindi Tamil and Singhalese Natives The
E. Luard, 4to. Lucknow, 1909 21s
Mahrattes, &c.
I., The Modhs of Malwa, pp. n.
II.. The Jungle Tribes of Malwa, with specimens 411 Le Farm (H.) Manual of the Salem
of Songs and English translation, and 25 plates. District in the Presidency of Madras,
Bundelkhand Castes, pp. 18.
III., Vol. II., The Taluks, roy. Svo, pp. xi,
IV,, Miscellaneous Castes, pp. 24.
435, with map, cloth, Madras, 1883 6s
400 Faweett (F.) On the Saoras an :
The appendix (pages 347-end)containsMonography,
Aboriginal Hill People of the Eastern by T. Ffoulkes, regarding certain Shasanams
Ghats of the Madras Presidency, 8 vo, (Tamil romanized texts and English transla-
pp. 70. No date 2s
412 Leitner (G. W.) The Hunza and
401 Forbes (A. K.) Ras Mala, or Hindoo
Annals of the Province of Goozerat, Nagyr Handbook being an Introduc-

tion to a Knowledge of the Language,

New Edition, 8vo, pp., xxi, 715, with Race and Countries of Hunza, Nagyr,
map, cloth. 1878 18s
and a Part of Yasin, Part I. (all
An important work, dealing with the history of the 1889
issued), 4to, pp. xiv, 247, cloth.
Mahrattas, the rulers and the people, their
customs and manners, and containing a great 14s
collection of legends. Contains Vocabulary, Dialogues, Songs, Proverbs,
Fables, Legends (Texts and Translations) and
402 Gunthorpe (Major E. J.) Notes on Grammars.
Criminal Tribes, residing in or 413 The Languages and Races of
frequenting the Bombay Presidency Dardistan, 3 parts, 4to. Lahore, 1873
Berar and the Central Provinces, 8vo, 20s
pp. ii-111, cloth. Bombay, 1882 5s
414 The same, Part
Vocabulary II.,
403 Gulpte (B. A.) A Prabhu Marriage, (Linguistic, Geographical and Ethno-
Customary and Religions Ceremonies at graphical), and Dialogues in the Astori,
the Marriage of the Kayasth Prabhus,
Ghilghiti, and Chirlasi Dialects, 4to,
8vo, pp. 76. Calcutta, 1911 Is 6d
pp. vii, 51. Lahore 3s 6d
404 Ear Bilas Sarda, Hindu Superiority :
415 The same, Part III., Legends,
an Attempt to determine the Position Riddles, Proverbs, Fables, Customs,
of the Hindu Race in the Scale of
Songs, Religion of the Shina Race, and
Nations, roy. 8vo, pp. xxxii, 454, illus- History of the Encroachments of
trated, cloth. Ajmer, 1906 10s 6d Kashmir on Dardistan, 4to, pp. iii,
405 Hodgson (B. H.) On the Aborigines 109. Lahore, 1873 9s
of India : First Essay on the Kocch, 416 Mackenzie (G.) Manual of the Kistna
Bodo and Dhimal Tribes, 8vo, pp. 201, District (Madras Presidency), roy. Svo,
with 2 plates, cloth. Calcutta, 1847 pp. vi 445, xxi, with plan, half calf.

10s 6d Madras, 1883 10s 6d

Vocabulary Grammar Creed Customs Condi- Periods, Hindu Muhammedan, &c. Annals of
tion, &c. ,
of the people. of Masulip_atam Religious Genealogies of the
406 Chief Families Description of the District.
Hodgson (J.) Description of the
Agricultural and Revenue Economy of 417 Maepherson (Capt. S. C.) Account of
the Village of Pudu Vayal, 4to, pp. 13. the Religion of the Khonds in Orissa,
Reprint, 1828 Is 6d Svo, pp. 68, with map. 1852 3s
407 Hodson (T. C.) The Meitheis, with 418 Menon (C. A.) The Cochin State
Introduction by Sir Ch. Lyall, 8vo, Manual, roy. Svo, pp. 419, with map
pp. xvii, 227, with coloured and other and illustrations, half calf. Ernakulam,
plates, cloth. 1908 10s 6d 1911 7s 6d
Origin Social Life Laws and Customs Religion Contains chapters on History The People-
Superstitions and Folk-tales Language and Occupation and Trade Education A Gazet-
Meithei Grammar. teer, &c.

Probst'hain & Co., 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum,

Indian Tribes and Castes. 21

419 Maharajahs. History of the Sect of 430 Ramakrishna (T.) Podmini: an

Maharajas, or Vallabhan Chary as in Indian Romance, 12mo, pp. viii, 214,
Western India, roy. 8vo, pp. xvi, 182, cloth. 1903 4s
183, with plate, cloth. 1865 36s A Romance of bygone Indian Days.
Religious Sects of the Hindus 431 Life in an Indian Village, 8vo,
Origin of the Sect of Maharajas Religious pp. 188. 1911 2s 6d
Doctrines of the Sect Worship Profligacy of on Hindu Caste Festivals Trades, &c.
the Sect, &c. Scarce.
432 Rivers (W. H. R.) The Todas, 8vo,
420 The same, Appendix
only, con-
pp. xviii, 755, with illustrations, map,
taining Specimens of the Evidence in and tables, cloth. 1906 (pub. 20s) 12s
the Maharaj Libel Case, with Com- A Record of the customs and beliefs of the Todas.
ments, 8vo, cloth. 1863 12s
433 G. and B. Z.) The
Seligmann (C.
421 Malabar! (B. M.) Gujarat and the Veddas, with an Appendix by A.
Gujaratis : Pictures of Men and Mendis Gnnasekara, 8vo, pp. xix-463,
Manners taken in India, 8vo, pp. xii, illustrated, cloth. Cambridge, 1911 15s
296, cloth. 1882 5s Deals with the Life, Religion, Magic, Ceremonial
Dances, Invocation, Arts and Crafts, Music,
422 Minehin (Capb. C.) Memorandum on Songs, Language, &c. of the Veddhas.
the Bcloch Tribes in the Dera Ghazi
Khan 434 Shakespear (Lt.-Col. J.) The Lushei
District, 8vo, pp. 79. Lahore, Kuki Clans, 8vo, pp. xxi, 250, with
1869 2s 6d
423 NasPUlla Khan. The Ruling Chiefs
map and illustrations, and coloured
plates, cloth. 1912 10s
of Western India and the Raj-Kumar Chapters on Domestic Life Laws and Customs
College, 8vo, pp. vii, 200, illustrated, Religion Folklore Language.
cloth. Bombay, 1898 4s 435 Siddiqui (Muh. P.) The Carnatic and
Includes sketches on the social aspects of life at Kurnool their Last
: Muhn or Rulers,
native courts.
8vo, pp. ii, Madras, 1905 3s
93, bds.
424 Oppert (G.) On the Original Inhabi-
436 Sleeman (W. H.) Ramaseeana, or a
tants of Bharatavarsa or India, 8vo,
Vocabulary of the peculiar Language
pp. xv, 711, cloth. Madras, 1893 20s used by the Thugs, with an Introduc-
The object of the work is to prove that the origi-
nal inhabitants of India belong to one and the tion and Appendix descriptive of the
same race The Dravidians, the Gaudians, System pursued by that Fraternity,
Indian Theogony, the Bharatas. and of the Measures adopted for its
424* Orissa. History of the Rise and suppression, 8vo, pp. v, 270, 515, cloth.
Progress of the Operations for the Calcutta, 1836 2 2s
Suppression of Human Sacrifice in the 437 Smeaton (D. M.) The Loyal Karens of
Hill Tracts of Orissa, 8vo, pp. 146. Burma, 8vo, pp. 264, cloth, 1887 4s
Calcutta (Govt. Records), 1854 4s Origin Language of the Karens Folklore Some
of their Stories Historical Tradition Their
425 Page (J. C.) The People of Sikkim as Religion.
we saw them, 8vo, pp. 48, with 16 438 StOkes (S. E.) Arjun, the Life-Story
pages of Native Text. 1874 3s of an Indian Boy, 12mo, pp. 115, illus-
426 Pesehel (O.) Volkerkunde, Sixth Edi- trated, cloth. 1910 Is 6d
tion. 8vo, pp. viii, 596, half calf. 439 Thurston (E.) Anthropology: Vision
Leipzig, 1885 7s 6d of the Uralis and Shalagas; more
CONTENTS Korper-merkmale der Menschen-
Marriage Customs in Southern India,

rassen Sprachmerkmale Entwickelungs-stufen

(Civil and Regious) Menschenrassen Index. 8vo, pp. 51, with 9 plates. Madras,
427 Ram (G.) A Great Indian Problem and 1903
Bulletin Madras Museum.
a suggested Solution, 8vo, pp. 73.
1911 2s
440 Anthropology of the Todas and
Kotas of the Nilgiri Hills, 8vo, pp. 96,
428 Ranade (M. G.) Rise of the Maratha with plates. Madras, 1896 3s 6d
Power, 8vo, pp. iv, 324, cloth. Bombay, Bulletin Madras Museum.
1900 5s 441 Anthropology of the Kadirs of
Being Vol. I. of Maratha History. the Anaimalais, 8vo, pp. 68, with 1
429 Rice (Lewis) Mysore and Coorg a :
plates. Madras, 1899 2s
Gazetteer compiled for the Government 442 Anthropology of the Eurasians
of India, 3 vols, roy. 8vo, with maps, of Madras and Malabar, Note on Tattoo-
bds. Bangalore, 1877/78 25s ing, 8vo, pp. 62, illustrated, Madras,
Vol. I., Mysore in General 1898 2s
Vol. II., Coorg Bulletin Madras Museum.
Vol. III., Mysore by Districts.
443 Anthropology the Dravidian
The work deals with the Physical Geography-
Flora Fauna History Inhabitants Religion, Headyanadis of Nellore, 8vo, pp. 50,
Language, and Literature Art and Industry, with 7 plates. Madras, 1901 2s
&c. Bulletin Madras Museum.

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22 Indian Tribes and Castes.

444 Tod (Lieut. -Col. James) Annals and 447 Watson (J. F.) and Kay e (J. W.) The
Antiquities of Rajasthan of India, Vol. People of India a Series of Photo-

I., Second Edition, 4to, pp. xxiii-689, graphic Illustrations of the Races and
with plates, half calf. Calcutta, 1877 Tribes of Hindustan, containing many
25s portraits or groups, with letterpress de-
This volume contains History of the Rajput Tribes
scriptions, Vols. III. to VIII., imp.
Sketch of a Feudal System in Rajasthan
Annals of Mewar Religious Festivals and Cus- 4to, cloth, 1868-75 10
toms of Mewar Journey to Marwar. The work contains portraits including natives of
all the districts of India, Assam, Bhotan, Sikk-
445 _____ Annals of Rajasthan : the him, Nepal, Tibet, Afghanistan, Burma, and is of
Annals of Mewar, 8vo, pp. xv, 216, great ethnographical value.
illustrated. 1912 3s 6d
448 Wright (D.) History of Nepal, with
446 Tribes inhabiting Neilgherrythe an Introductory Sketch of the Country
Hills their Social Customs and Re-
and People, 8vo, pp. xv, vrith
ligious Rites, from the Notes of a Ger- plates, cloth. Cambridge, 1877 12a
man Missionary, IGnio, pp. 124, cloth. Translated from the Parbatuja by Munshi S. Singh
Madras, 1856 4s and Pandit Gunanand.

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of Hindoo Stories, collected by an or Folk Tales from the Himalayas,
Aryan, 8vo, pp. 158, cloth. 1881 5s 12mo, pp. xiv, 237, illustrated, cloth.
Translations from the Sanskrit, with an introduction. 1906 5s
450 Banerji (K.) Popular Tales of Bengal, 458 Frere (M.) Old Deccan Days, or
8vo, pp. ii, 224, cloth. Calcutta, 1905 Hindoo Fairy Legends current in
4s Southern India, collected from oral
A collection of humorous tales.
tradition, 12 mo, pp. xxxv, 331, illus-
451 Banerjea (S. B.) Tales of Bengal, 8vo,
trated, cloth. 1868 10s
pp. xxxi, 187, cloth. 1910 3s
Best edition.
The 17 tales were originally written for Hindus,
but have now been revised by F. H. Skrine. 459 Gould (F. J.) The Divine Archer,
452 Bay ley (H.) The Lost Language of founded on the Ramayana, with two
Symbolism an Inquiry into the Origin
: Stories from the Mahabharata, 12mo,
of certain Words, Names,
Letters, pp. 104, cloth. 1911 Is 6d
Fairy Tales, Folklore and Mythology, 460 Gover (Ch. E.) The Folk-Songs of
2 vpls, 8vo, cloth. 1912 25s Southern India, 8vo, pp. xxviii, 299,
With over 1400 reproductions of symbols.
cloth. Madras, 1871 10s 6d
453 CharlU (P. A.) Virtue's Triumph, or Translations from the Canarese Badaga Coorg
the Maha Bharata, 8vo, pp. vii, 347, Tamil Malayalam Telugu, with Introduc-
bds. Madras, 1894 4s tions.

A narrative of the main story of the Mahabharata. 461 Jacob (Joseph) Indian Fairy Tales,
453* Crooke (W.) The Popular Religion 8vo, pp. xiii, 255, illustrated, cloth.
and Folklore of Northern India, roy. 1892 5s
8vo, New Edition, revised, 2 vols, with 462 Kingseote (Mrs. H.) and Sastri (N.)
plates, Bibliography and full Index, Tales of the Sun, or Folklore of
cloth. 1896 21s Southern India, 8vo, pp. xii, 308,
Vol. II. includes chapters on the Evil Eye, Tree
cloth. 1890 6s
and Serpent Worship, Totemism, Animal Wor-
Collected from Native Sources.

454 Day (Lai Behari) Folk Tales of Bengal, 463 Long (Rev. J.) Eastern Proverbs and
8vo, pp. x, 284, cloth. 1911 4s 6d Emblems, illustrating Old Truths, 8vo,
A collection of stories by old Bengali women. pp. xv, 280, bds. 1881 7a 6d
455 The same, with 32 illustrations Interesting to Orientalists and Lovers of Folklore.
in colour by W. Ooble, roy. 4to, pp. xiv,
464 Mandoo. The Legend of Maandoo,
274, cloth. 1912 13s 6d
8vo, pp. 187, with 15 plates, cloth. 1893
456 Dutt (M. N.) Tales of Ind Gleanings :
7s 6d
from Indian Classics, 8vo, pp. v, 176, Founded on a local tradition of Mandoo, the ruined
cloth. Calcutta, 1895 3s 6d Moslem capital of Malwa, with notes.

Probsthain & Co., 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum.


465 Neogi (D. N.) Tales, Sacred and 470 Ran (K.) Chandrahasa, or the Lord of
Secular, 8vo, pp. iv, 361, cloth. Cal- the Fair Forger a Hindu Drama, 8vo,

cutta, 1912 5s pp. 88, cloth. Mangalore, 1897 2s 6d

Based on the Kanarese version of the Jaimini
Folklore, dealing with the Ceremonial performed
by Women of Bengal.
471 ShedlOGk (M. L.) A Collection of
466 Oman (J. C.) The Great Indian Epics: Eastern Stories and Legends, selected
the Stories of the Ramayana and the from the Jatakas, 12mo, pp. 141, cloth.
Mahabharata, 12mo, pp. 231, illus- 1910 2s
trated, cloth. 1894 5s 472 Tagore. Taravati, a Tale, translated
into English by the Author's Son, 8vo,
467 Pai (N. W.) The Angel of Misfortune,
a Fairy Tale Poem of Ten Books in
pp. 74, cloth. Calcutta, 1881 4s
Blank Verse, 8vo, pp. 159, cloth. 472* Swynnerton (Rev. C.) The Adven-
3s 6d tures of the Punjab Hero, Raja Rasalu,
Bombay, 1903
Based on two popular Indian legends.
and other Folk Tales of the Fanjab,
8vo, pp. xix, 250, illustrated, cloth.
468 Pandian (T. B.) Indian Village Folk :
Calcutta, 1884 7s 6d
Works and Ways,
their 8vx>, pp. viii, Collected and compiled from original sources.
212, with portrait and illustrations, 473 Torn Dutt. Ancient Ballads and
clobh. 1897 3s Legends of Hindustan, 16mo, pp.
Chapters on the Trades, Public Life and Games of xxvii, 139, clobb. 1888 5s
the Hindus.
474 UpPOti (G. T.) Proverbs and Folklore
469 Parker of Kumaun and Garhwal, 8vo, pp. viii,
(H.) Village Folk Tales of
Ceylon, collected and translated from 413, cloth. Lodiana, 1894 10s
The work contains the text of the dialects, in
the Singhalese, Vol. I. (all issued), 8vo, Sanskrit and Roman characters, with English
pp. vii, 396, cloth. 1910 12s translation and copious notes.

475 Aetes du I Congres international 481 [Berg (E. P.)] Transformed Hinduism :

d'Histoire des Religious Second Part, : the Monotheistic Religion of Beauty, 2

Stances des Sections, in 3 vols, roy. vols, 12mo, cloth. 1908 5s
8vo. Paris, 1902 7s 6d 482 Bourquin (A.) Le Panth&sme dans
The first, less important part, contains Seances
generates, 55.
lea Vedas, exposition et critique du
Pantheisme vedique et du panthcisine
476 Aiyangar (P.) The Rationale of Holy en general, large 8vo, pp. 258. Paris,
Image Worship, 8vo, pp. 42. Mysore, 1886 7s 6d
1903 Is 6d
483 Bradke (P.) Ahura Mazda und die
477 Avepy (Prof. J.) The Religion of the
Azuras. Beitrag zur alt-indogerman.
Aboriginal Tribes of India, 8vo, pp. 28 45.
Religions-geschichte, 8vo, pp.
(Author's copy), ca. 1879 2s 6d
Oiessen, 1884 2s 6d
478 Bastian (A.) Kosmogonien und Theo-
484 Bpahmo Somaj. Bose (Ananda M.) :
gonien Indischer Religions Philoso- his Life, by H. C. Sarkar, with a por-
phien, vornehmlich der Jainistischen,
trait, cloth, 8vo, pp. xii, 208, Ixxiz.
4to, pp. 232, with 4 plates. Berlin, 1892 4s
10s Calcutta, 1910
Bose was a member of the Brahmo Somaj and one ,

479 Bhisma : hisand Teachings,

Life of the leading men of Bengal.
based on the Original Mahabharata, 485 Keshub Chunder Sen in Eng-
edited by J. N. Bose, Vol. L, roy. 8vo, land, 2 vols in one, 8vo, doth. Cal-
pp. viii, 398, cloth. Calcutta, 1909 cutta, 1886 5s
10s 6d Being lectures by this religious reformer of India.
Vol. I. (all issued) deals with the Life from the Birth 486 Collet (S. D.) The Life and
of the Patriarch of Ancient India to the Rajshurja
Letters of Raja Rammohun, roy. 8vo,
pp. viii, 162, bds. 1900 3s 6d
480 Bishop (A. S.) The World's Altar
Privately printed.
Stairs Introductory Studies in the
487 (D.) History of a
Religions of the World, 8vo, pp. 287,
cloth. 1910 3s 6d
Humble Soul (being Life and Letters

With on Vedic of Hiranand Shaukiram), 8vo, pp. 366,

chapters Religion Hinduism,
Buddhism, &c. Cloth. Karachi, 1903 3s 6d

Probsthain & Co., 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum.

Indian Philosophy and Religion.

483 Brahmo Somaj. Mpzoomdar (P. C.) 504 Garbe (R.) Samkhya nnd Yoga, roy.
The Life and Teachings of Keshub Svo, pp. 54. 1896 3s
Chunder Sen, Svo, pp. xv, 532, cloth. Encycl. of Indo-Aryan Research.
Calcutta, 1887 9s 505 Ghose (Sh. K.) Lord Gauranga, or
489 The Faith and Progress Salvation for All, Vol. I., Svo, pp. 55,
of the Brahmo Somaj, 16mo, pp. xvi, 276, cloth. Calcutta, 1897 8s
With autograph of Wm. Digby.
313, cloth. Calcutta, 1882 6s
506 GhOSh (M. N.) Sketch of the Re-
490 Sastri (Siv.) History of the
Brahmo Somaj, Vol. ligious Beliefs of the Assamese People,
I., 8vo, pp. xix,
Svo, pp. ii, 62, cloth. Calcutta, 1896 2s
306, and Appendix, pp. 76, 16, cloth.
Calcutta, 1911 7s 6d 507 Gillot (A.) Etudes histor. et critiques
sur les Religions et Institutions corn-
491 Sen (Keshub Chunder) his :

Life and parces, 2 vols, 12mo. Nancy, 1881 5a

Teachings, by P. C.
Mozoomdar, Second Edition, 8vo, pp. 508 Gopalaeharu (S. E.) Sandhyavan-
xvi, 314, cloth. Calcutta, 1891 6s dana, or the Daily Prayers of Brahmins,
Svo, pp. 95. Bombay, 1902 Is 6d
492 (The Thoistic Church of India).
Sen (K. C. ) The Brahmo Somaj :
509 Gorham (Ch. T.) Ethics of the Great
Lectures and Tracts, 8vo, pp. vii, 288, Religions, Svo, pp. 100 1898 Is
cloth. 1870 43 510 GriSWOld (H. D.) Brahman a Study :

493 Carpenter (M.) The Last Days in in the History of Indian Philosophy,

England of the Rajah Rammohun Roy, roy. Svo, pp. 89. New York, 1900 4s
Includes chapters on the Doctrine of the Upani-
8vo, pp. xiv, 178, with portrait, cloth. shads, of Sankaracharya,
1875 3s
Roy is considered the first Hindu Reformer.
511 Hardy (E.) Die vedisch-brahmanische
Periode der Religion des Alten Indiens,
494 Carwithen (I. B. S.) A
View of the nach den Quellen dargestellt, Svo, pp.
Brahminical Religion in its Confirma- viii, 250. Miinster, 1893 4s
tion of the Truth of the Sacred 512 Hate (G. S.) Regeneration of India,
History, Svo, pp. iii, 325, calf. 1810 4s with Appendix on the Theist's Articles
495 Chatterji (M. M.) Indian Spirituality, of Faith, Svo, pp. 79, cloth. Bombay,
or the Travels and Teachings of 1883 2s
Sivanarayan, roy. Svo, pp. 146, with 513 Joshi (J.) Oriental Astrology, De-
Glossary of Terms, cloth. 1907 3s
generation, and Darwinism, Svo, pp.
49S Colebrooke (H. T.) Essais sur la iii, 294; iv, cloth. Allahabad, 1906 5s
Philosophic des Hindous, traduits de With a chapter on Indian Superstitions.
1'Anglais et augmentea de textes 514 Kabad (R. R. P.) The Aryan Dis-
Sanskrits et de notes nombreuses, par cipline and Conduct, comprising Rules
G. Pauthier, Svo, pp. vii, 322, cloth. and Precepts, Svo, pp. xviii, 92.
Paris, 1834 7s 6d Mangalore, 1899 2s 6d
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Svo, pp. 40. London, N.D. 3s Lingakultus in Indien, Svo, pp. 48.
498 Cust (R. N.) Clouds on the Horizon, an Mangalore, 1876 3s
Essay on the Various Forms of Belief 516 Krishna (Sri): a Lecture by Rama-
by the Educated Natives of Asia, &c., krishnananda, Svo. Madras, 1900 Is
Svo, pp. x, 98, cloth. 1904 2s 6d
517 Leonard (W.) Hindu Thought, and
499 Demon Worship and other Supersti- other Essays, Svo, pp. viii, 109, cloth.
tions in Ceylon, Svo, pp. 28. 1891 2s Glasgow, 1875 2s 6d
500 Deussen (P.) Outlines of Indian Philo- Account of the religious books of India.
sophy, with an Appendix on the 518 Levi (S.) La Science des religions eb
Vedanta, Svo, pp. vii, 70, cloth. 1907 les religions de 1'Inde, Svo, pp. 28.
2s 6d Paris, 1892 2s
501 Dutt (M. N.) Gleanings from Indian 519 Majumdar (J.) The Eagle and the
Classics :
Prophets of Ind. ,
Svo, pp. Captive Sun, a Study in Comparative
xxv, 192, clobh. Calcutta, 1899 3s 6d Mythology, Svo, pp. xii, 231. Calcutta,
Sri Krishna and Buddha. 1909 6s
502 Fausboll (V.) Indian Mythology ac- Chapter IV. contains Evidence of Greek Mytho-
cording to the Mahabharata, roy. Svo, Chapter V., that of Iranian Mythology.
pp. xxxii, 206, cloth. 1903 8s Chapter VI., the Evidence of the Brahmanas.
503 Fayrer (Sir J.) On Serpent Worship, 520 Mullens (J.)Vedantism, Brahmismand
and on the Venomous Snakes of India, Christianity examined and compared,
Svo, pp. 122. 1892 3s 12mo, pp. 253, cloth. Calcutta, 1852 4s

Probst/tain & Co., 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum.

Indian Philosophy and Religion.

521 Masnavi (The), by Jalalu-d-Din Rutni, 532 Plato. The Parmenides a Dialogue :

Book I., translated from the Persian on the Gods, translated from the Greek,
into English Verse by J. W. Redhouse, with Notes and an Explanatory Intro-
8vo, pp. 135, 290, cloth, 1881. Tr. Or. duction by T. Taylor, 8vo, pp. xii, 127,
Series 24s cloth. Bombay, 1885 2s
This volume is entirely out of print. 533 Qanoon e-Islam, or the Customs of
522 Masnavi (The), by Jalalu 'd-Din the Mussulmans of India comprising a :

Rutni, Book II. translated for the first Full and Exact Account of their various
time into English Prose by Prof. U. B. Rites and Ceremonies, from the moment
Wilson, 2 vols Vol. I., Translation
of Birth to the hour of Death, trans-
from the Persian ; Vol. II., Com- lated from the Duk'hunee Language
mentary ; 8vo, clobh. 1910 24s
by G. A. Herklots, 8vo, pp. xxiii, 436,
The work consisting of a number of tales is the
chief exposition of Sufi Thought and Religion.
123, with plates, half calf. 1832 28s
Prof. Wilson has rendered the understanding 534 Ramakrishna (Sri) : his Sayings,
easy by a comprehensive commentary. It is Second Edition, enlarged, 8vo, pp. 144.
one of the most scholarly Oriental works ever
issued. Madras, 1905 2s

523 Milloue (L. de) Aperu sommaire de

535 Prophet of Dakshineswar (The)
1'histoire des religions des anciens
Two Papers, revised (from the Brahma-
vadin), 8vo, pp. 30, with portrait.
peoples civilises, 8vo, pp. 160. Paris,
Is 6d
1891 2s 6d Madras, 1906
536 Ramanujacharya (Sri) : his Life and
524 Hunshi (M. M.) Useful Instruction in
Matters Religious, Moral and other :
Teachings, by Sr. Aiyengar, 8vo, pp.
vii, 318, cloth. Madras, 1903 5s
being Selections made and sysbemati-
8vo, cloth. 537 Review of Religions, edited by Muh.
cally arranged, Bombay,
1904 16s Ali, Vols. III., IV., V., in numbers as
A collection of Sayings from European and Indian issued, roy. 8vo. Lahore, 1904-06 36s
Sources. No. ii of Vol. V. is missing.
525 Notes on the Spirit Basis of Belief and 538 Robinson (W. H.) Primitive Indian
Custom, Rough Draft, folio, pp. xi, 510, Philosophy, 8vo, pp. 21. Reprint 2s
with folding diagram, half calf. Bombay 539 and Oleott (H.) The
2 2s
R9W (P. S.)
Hindu Dwaita Philosophy of Sri Madh-
The work contains Spirit Worship Classes of wachariar, 12mo, pp. 36. Madras, 1888
Spirit Possession Stone Worshjp
Tree and Plant Worship Animal Worship
Classes of Gods, and Chapters on Customs. 540 Row (T. S.) A
Collection of Esoteric
Writings, 8vo, pp. iv, 356, bds.
526 Nyayaratna (M. C.) Brief Notes on
the Modern of Philo- Bombay, 1895 5s
Nyaya System The Twelve S gns of the Zodiac Adwaita Philo-

sophy and its Technical Terms, 4to, sophy Age of Buddha's Death Notes on Hata
pp. 23. Calcutta, 1891 2s Yoga Occultism of S. India, &c.
527 Oman The Brahmans, Theists 541 Roy (R. ) Second Defence of the Mono-
(J. C.)
and Muslims of India, roy. 8vo, pp. theistical System of the Veds, 8vo,
xv, 342, illustrated, cloth. 1907 14s pp. 58. Calcutta, 1817 2s 6d
Studies of Goddess-worship, Caste, Brahmaism, 542 Riiekert (Fr.) The Brahman's Wisdom,
with Sketches of Festivals, Ceremonies and
translated from the German by E.
Martin, 12mo, pp. 45, cloth. 1911 Is (id
523 Parkinson (J. Y.) Essays on Islamic Poems on the Philosophy of Life.
Philosophy, 8vo, pp. 54, cloth. Rangoon, 543 Sabhapati. A Catechism of the
1909 . 2s 6d
Shaiva (Shiva) Religion, translated
529 Pillay (C. T~ T.) The Solution of from the Tamil, 8vo, pp. 82. Madras,
Religions, the Logical and Scientific 1863 2s 6d
Analysis of the Chief Sacred Doctrines 544 Sarkar (K. L.) The Hindu System of
ofBuddhism, Hinduism, Mahommedan-
ism and Christianity, roy. 8vo, with Religions Science and Art, 8vo, pp. iv,
159, cloth. Calcutta, 1898 3s 6d
portrait, cloth. Ceylon, ea. 1905 10s
545 Saussaye (Ch. de) Manual of the
530 PincOtt (Fr.) Sikhism in relation to
Science of Religion, 8vo, pp. vii, 672,
Muhammadanism, 16mo, pp. 56. 1885 cloth. 1891 12s
2s 6d Includes chapters on the Hindus, Vedic Times,
531 Flange Christus ein Inder?
(Th. J.) Jainism, Buddhism.
Versuch e. Entstehung$geschichte des 546 Sehoebel (C.) Recherches sur la Re-
Christentums unter Benntzung der ligion premiere de la Race Indo-
Indischen Studien L. Jacolliots, roy. Iranienne, Second Edition, 8vo, pp.
8vo, pp. xvi, 251. Stuttgart 4s 172. Paris, 1872 5s

Probsthain & Co., 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum.

26 Indian Philosophy and Religion.

547 Sehomerus (H. W.) Der Caiva- 555 Transactions of the First Congress
Siddhanba, eine Mystik Indiens, nach of the Federation of European Sections
den tamul, Qucllen bearbeitet, 8vo, of the Theosophical Society held in
pp. xi, 444, cloth. 1912 13s 6d Amsterdam, edited by J. Van Manen,
548 Sehultzky (0.) Tb.3 Soul of India an : large 8vo, pp. xvi, 422, cloth. Amster-
Eastern Romance, 8vo, pp. xii, 128. dam, 1906 10s 6d
1812 2s 6d 558 Urquhart (D.) The Sraddha the :

549 Sehure (E.) Rama and Moses : the Keystone of the Brahminical, Budd-
histic, and Arian Religions, 8vo, pp.
Aryan Cycle and the Mission of Israel,
1910 3s 6d
44. 1857
8vo, pp. 147, cloth.
550 Sinnet (Mrs. A.) The Purpose of Theo- 557 Vaughan (Rev. I.) The Trident, the
Crescent, and the Cross a View of

sophy, 8vo, pp. 55, bds. Bombay, 1887

Is6d the Religious History -of India during
the Hindu, Buddhist, Mohammedan,
551 Smart (Lt.-Col.) The System of Kant, and Christian Periods, roy. 8vo, pp.
translation from the French of M.
xix, 344, cloth. 1876 12s
Desdonits, with an Explanatory Dia- Hinduism The Mohammedan Era The Christian
gram by Prof. E. Drew, reprinted from Era. A scholarly work.
the Brahmavadin, 8vo, pp. 200.
2s 6d
558 Vidyabhusana (S. Ch.) History of
Madras, 1901 the Mediaeval School of Indian Logic,
552 Sugiura (S.) Hindu Logic as preserved 8vo, pp. xxi, 188, cloth. Calcutta, 1909
in China and Japan, roy. 8vo, pp. 114. 12s 6i
Philadelphia, 1900 5s The Jaina Logic Era of Tradition, Historical
Period The Buddhist Logic Old Buddhist
553 Transactions of the Second Congress references to Logic, and Systematic Writers on
of the Theosophical Society, London, Logic.
roy. 8vo, pp. xvi, 461, cloth. 1907 559 Wilson (J.) Second Exposure of the
10s 6d
Hindu Religion, in reply to Narayana
554 Transactions of the Third Congress of Rao of Satara, including Strictures on
the Theosophical Society, Paris, roy. the Vedanta, roy. 8vo, pp. 179, bds.
8vo, pp. xi, 378, cloth. 1907 10s 6d Bombay, 1834 3s 6d

560 Abhedananda (S.) El Espiritualismo 566 Flagg (W. J.) Yoga or Trans-
y la Vedanta trad, des Ingles, 16mo, formation a Comparative Statement

pp. 40. Cuba, 1908 2s of the various Religions Dogmas con-

561 Vedanta Philosophy : How to cerning the Soul and its Destiny, and
of Akkadian, Hindu, Taoist, Egyptian,
be a Yogi, 8vo, pp. 188, cloth. New
Hebrew, Greek, Christian, Mahom-
York, 1902 5s
medan, Japanese, and other Magic,
562 Bharati (Pr.) Sri Krishna, the Lord roy. 8vo, pp. 376, cloth. New York,
of Love, 8vo, pp. 309, 226, cloth. New 1898 (pub. 15s) 12s
York, 1904 6s 567 Kennedy (Col. V.) The Vedanta
26. 1833
Carpenter (E.) A Visit to Gnani, or System, 4to, pp.
563 Reprint,
2s 6d
Wise Man of the East, 8vo, pp. viii,
67, with 2 portraits. 191 1 Is 6d 568 Khedkar (R. V.) Handbook of the
Vodant Philosophy and Religion, 8vo,
564 Chatterji (J. C.) The Hindu Realism: pp. xiv, 90, 193. Kolhapur, 1911 4s
being an Introduction to Metaphysics, 569 Murdoch (J.) Swami Vivekanand on
Nyiiya-Vaisheshika System of Philo- Hinduism, an Examination of his
sophy, 8vo, pp. 19, 181, cloth. Alla- Address, 8vo, pp. 82. Madras, 1895
habad, 1912 4s Is6d
565 Dharm Anant Plato and the True 570 Pal (D. N.) Srikcishna: his Life and
Enlightener of Saul, 12mo, pp. vii, 303, Teachings, 8vo, pp. viii, xliii, 190, 239,
cloth. 1912 6s cloth. Calcutta, 1904 7s 6d

Probsthain & Co., 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum.

Yoga and Vedanta. 27

571 Paramahamsa (the Mahatma) Sri 580 Vedanta. The Philosophy of Science,
Brahma Dhara, Shower from the by an Advaitananda, 12mo, pp. 164,
Highest, 8vo, pp. vii, 87, cloth. 1905 xviii. Madras, 1903 2s
3s 6d 581 Vivekananda. -Addresses on Vedanta
572 Paul (N. C.) Treatise on the Yoga Philosophy, Vol. III. The Ideal of

Universal Religion The Cosmos, 8vo,

Philosophy, 8vo, pp. ii, 56, bds.
2s 6d pp. 33, 40, cloth. 1896 2s
Bombay, 1899
532 Addresses delivered in London,
573 Puradanasa. Los poderes ocultos
Nos. 1-10 and 12, 8vo. 1896-97 5s
y metcdos de desarrollo, First Series,
8vo, pp. 44. Cuba, 1908 2s 583 Addresses on Raja Yoga (psy-
chological yoga) being a running

574 Rama Krishna. The Gospel

of Sri
Commentary on the Yoga Patacjali,
Rama Krishna, or the Ideal Man for 8vo, pp. 121. London 3a
India and for the World, Vol. I., roy. 584 Eight Lectures on Karma Yoga
8vo, pp. viii, 384, with portraits, cloth.
(the Secret of Work), roy. 8vo, pp. 54,
Madras, 1912 6s
with portrait, cloth. New York, 1896
A series of Conversations of the Master on
Universal Religion and Philosophy of Vedanta, (pub. 5s) 3s 6d
translated into English. 585 From Colombo to Alraora being :

a Record of his return to India, after

575 RivJngton (C. S.) Studies in Hindu- his Mission to the West, 8vo, pp. 333,
ism, 8vo, pp. 50. Bombay, 1899 Is 6d and a Glossary. Madras, 1904 3s 6d
576 Sabhapaty (Swami) The Philosophy Includes Reports of his Lectures.
and Science of Vedanta and Raja Yoga, 586 On Hinduism, 8vo, pp. 62.
pp. x, 61, with plate. Lahore, 1883 2s Madras, 1897 2s
577 S'ankaraeharya, his Life and Teach-
587 Bhakti-Yoga, Second Edition
ings, with a translation of Atma-Bodha,
(Brahmavadin Series, No. 3), 8vo, pp.
75. Madras, 1899 2s 6d
by S. Datta, 12mo, pp. 82. Calcutta, 588
1905 Is 6d Karma-Yoga, 8vo, pp. 107, with
portrait, cloth. Madras, 1904 2s 6d
578 Smart (A. W.) Account of the Vedanta 589 Raja Yoga, 8vo, pp. xi, 234,
Philosophy, translated from Deussen, cloth. 1912 3s 6d
8vo, pp. 26. Madras, 1897 6d 590 The Real and the Apparent
579 Theosophy (The) of the Upanisbads, Man, 8vo, pp. 28. Madras, 1900 Is 6d
Part L, Self and Xot Self, 8vo, pp. 201, 591 The Vedanta Philosophy, 8vo,
cloth. 1896 3s 6d pp. 44. Madras, 1906 Is 6d

593 Esoteric Hinduism, 2 vols, roy. 8vo, 597* Maedonell (A. A.) Vedic My thology,
cloth. Madras, 1901, 1904 12s 6d 8vo, pp. 189. 1897 10s 6d
CONTENTS : Vol. I., Popular Hinduism Vol. II.,
Includes chapters on the Vedic Gods Mythical
Philosophic Hinduism.
Priests and Heroes Animals and inanimate
594 GhOSha (Pratap) Durga Puja, with objects Demons and Fiends Eschatology.
Notes and illustrations, 8vo, pp. 22, 83,
70, bds. Calcutta, 1871 5s 598 Mansbaeh (F.) Description of the
An account of the rites and ceremonies connected Temple Jaggannatha, and of the
with the Durga Puja, the chief festival of the Rath-Jatra, or Car Festival, 4to, pp.
Hindus of Bengal. Is 6d
10. Eeprint, 1832
595 Hindoo Mythology popularly treated,
599 Mitchell (J. M.) Hinduism, Past and
by H. H. the Gaekwar of Baroda, 4to,
pp. 42, cloth. Madras, 1875 4s Present, with an Account of recent
596 Ho wells (G.) The Soul of India,
Hindu Reformers, 8vo, pp. 299, cloth.
1885 4s
Introduction to the Study of Hinduism
in its Historical Setting and Develop- 600 Moor (E.) The Hindu Pantheon, New
ment, and in its relation to Christianity, Edition, with additional con- plates,
8vo, pp. 622, with map, cloth. 1913 5s densed and annotated by O. Simp- W.
597 Ketkar (S. V.) An Essay on Hindu- son, large 8vo, pp. xv, 401, with 60
ism, its Formation and Future, 8vo, plates, cloth. Madras, 1864 2 10s
pp. 39, 177, cloth. 1911 5s Scarce.

Probsthain & Co., 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum.

28 Hinduism.

601 Nath (L. B.) Hinduism, Ancient and 60S Vedantasara. A Manual of Hindu
Modern, roy. 8vo, pp. viii, 130. Meerut, Pantheism, translated from the San-
1899 3s skrit, with Copious Notes, by Col.
602 Hinduism, Ancient and Modern, G. A. Jacob, 8vo, cloth. 1881 7s 6d
as taught in Original Sources and Trubner's O. S.
illustrated in Practical Life, New 609 Wilkins (W. J.) Hindu Mythology,
Edition, enlarged, roy. 8vo, pp. zz, Vedic and Puranic, 8vo, pp. xvi, 411,
310, iv, cloth. Meerut, 1905 6s illustrated, cloth. Calcutta, 1882 16s
603 Prasad (R.) True Hinduism : Parti., 610 Modern Hinduism
First Steps in the Yoga of Action, 8vo, being an :

Account of the Religion and Life of

pp. 259. Madras, 1909 3s
the Hindus in Northern India, 8vo,
604 Rivett-Carnae (J. H.) A Lesser pp. zi, 494, cloth. 1887
Hindu Pantheon, folio, pp. 21, with 12 (pub. 16s) 12s 6d
plates (Journal of Indian Art, No. 72). Hindu Sects Caste Worship, &c.
1900 3s
605 Rodriguez (E. A.) The Religion of
611 William S(M.) Non-Christian Religious
Vishnoo, the History of the Avatars, Systems, Hinduism, 8vo, pp. 238, with
or Incarnations of Vishnoo, the Pre-
a map, cloth. 1877 and 1882 2s 6d

serving Power of India, with Com- 612 Wilson (H. H.) Hindu Religions, or
mentaries, Reflections, &c., 3 parts in an Account of the various Religious
1, with 12 coloured plates, half calf. Sects of India, 8vo, pp. ii, 234, cloth.
Madras, 1849 28s Calcutta, 1899 4s
606 Sen (Guru Pr.) Introduction to the 613 Ziegenbalg (B.) Genealogy of the
Study of Hinduism, 8vo, pp. 236. South Indian Gods, a Manual of the
Calcutta, 1893 4s Mythology and Religion of the People
607 TaylOP (W. M.) Handbook of Hindu of Southern India, freely translated
Mythology and Philosophy, with some into English by Rev. G. J. Metzger,
Biographical Notices, 8vo, pp. xiv, with a complete Indez, 8vo, pp. xiz,
162, bds. 1870 4s 208, zziii, cloth. Madras, 1869 12s

See also PALI.

614 Buddhism. AnIllustrated Review, 620 The same, Vol. VIII. Colombo,
Vol. I. (4 Parts), Vol. II., Parts 1 and 1896 7s 6d
2 (all published). Rangoon, 1904/5 24s Nos. 9, 40, 44, 49, 50, 51, and title and index are
Articles by C. Duroiselle, S. Chandra Das, Rhys missing.
Davids, and others. New
621 Series, edited by D. B.
615 Buddhist (The), the English Organ of Jayatilaka, Vol. X. Colombo, 1898
the Southern Buddhist Church, edited 10s
by A. E. Buultjens, Vol. II., with Without title and index, probably never published.
Title and Indez, large 8vo. Colombo, 622 (Supplement to the Sandaresa),
1889-90 7s 6d Vol. L, Nos. 2 to 8, 10 to 25, 28
Nos. 22, 23, and 50 are missing.
to 30, 32 to 35, 40 to 43, 45, 48 to 52.
616 The same, VoL IV., edited by Colombo, 1897/93 12s 6d
Wijesinha and Bnulbjens, with Title
and Indez. Colombo, 1892 10s 623 Buddhist Text Society (Journal of
the) of India, edited by Sarat Chandra
617 The same, Vol. V., with Title Das, Vol. L, 2, 4 ; II., 1, 2, 3 ; III., 1,
and Indez. Colombo, 1893 10s 2; IV., 1; V., 1, 2, 4; VII., 2, 4;
No. ii is missing. 8vo, with plates. Calcutta, 1893-1906
618 edited by A. E. Buultjens, Vol. 30s
VI., with Title and Indez, large 8vo. 624 Light Of Dharma. A Magazine
Colombo, 1894 10s devoted to the Teachings of Buddha,
No. i is missing. Vol. II., 5, 6 ; III., 2, 3, 4 ; IV., 2, 3 ;
619 The same, Vol. VII., complete, V., 1, 4, 5, 6; VI., 1, 2, 3. San
with Title and Index. Colombo, 1895 10s Francisco, 1902/7 5s

Probsthain & Co., 41, Great Russell Street ',

British Museum.
Buddhism. 29

625 Journal of the Mahabhodhi 638 Buddha's Tooth, worshipped by the

Society, edited by H. Dharmapala, Buddhists of Ceylon in the Pagoda
Vols. I. to XIV., 4to and 8vo. Colombo, called Dalada Maligawa at Kandy,
1892-1908 3 12s 12mo, pp. 82. Mangalore, 1898 3s 6d
In this set are missing Vol. III., No. 3 ; Vol. VIII., 639 Carus (P.) The Gospel of Buddha,
Nos. i, 2, 3 ; Vol. IX., No. 7 ; Vol. XL, No. 7.
according to old Records, 8vo, pp. xiv,
There are no title-pages nor indices, which probably 1890 4s
were never issued. 275, cloth.

626 The same, Vol. XVIL, Nos. 1,

640 Chan Toon. The Principles of
Buddhist Law, also containing a Trans-
11, 12 ; XVIII., Nos. 1 to 6, 8 to 12 ;
lation of Portions of the Manu Thara
XIX., 1 to 5; 8vo. Colombo, 1909/11 Shive myin, with Notes, 8vo, pp. xi,
166, cloth. 1894 6s
641 Clair-Tisdall (W. St.) The Noble
627 Ananda Metteyya. The Empire of Eightfold Path being the : James Long
Righteousness to Western Lands, 8vo, Lectures on Buddhism for 1900-1902
pp. 16. Mandalay, 1909 6d A.D., 8vo, pp. xxiv, 215, with map, cloth.
628 The Maha Mangala and Vasala London, 1903 6s
CONTENTS : Life and Work of the Buddha The
Suttas, 8vo, pp. 20. Colombo, 1909 6d Chief Doctrines of Buddhism Buddha's Moral
629 Arnold (E.) The Light of Asia, or the Teaching Buddhism and Christianity.
Great Renunciation being the Life
642 On Buddhism,
and Teaching of Gautama as told in Claughton (Bishop)
8vo, pp. 36. 1874 2s
verse by an Indian Buddhist, 16mo,
643 Collins (Rev. R.) Buddhism and the
pp. 252, cloth. 1900 (Chiswick Press) 5s
630 The Light of Asia, translated Light of Asia, 8vo, pp. 37. London,
N.D., 1884. Author's copy 3s 6d
into Russian by A. Armenskoi, with
an Introduction, 8vo, pp. 239.
644 Buddhism in relation to Chris-
St. P., 1890 4s tianity, 8 vo, pp. 36. London, N.D. 2s 6d
Notes on the 645 Cowell (Prof. E. B.) and Eggeling
631 Atkinson (E. T.)
(J.) Catalogue of Buddhist Sanskrit
History of Religion in the Himalaya,
MSS. in the Royal Asiatic Society, 8vo,
large 8vo, pp. 236. Calcutta, 1883 10s 6d
An analysis of the forms worshipped in one pp. 56, with 2 plate*. 1877 4s
thousand temples, and an account of the historic 646 Dahlke (P.) Buddhism and Science,
process from their earliest types. translated from the German by Bhikkhu
632 Beal (S.) The Romantic Legend of Silacara, 8vo, pp. xii, 256, cloth. 1913
Sakya Buddha, translated from the 7s 6d
Chinese- Sanscrit, 8vo, pp. xii, 395, 647 Buddhist Stories, translated
cloth. 1875 25s from the German by Bhikkhu Silacara,
This is a translation of the Chinese version of the 16mo, pp. 330, cloth. 1913 3s 6d
Abhinish Kramana Sutra.
648 Dods (M.) Mohammed, Buddha, and
633 Beames (J.) A Plain Account of
Christ : Four Lectures on Natural and
Buddhism, 8vo, pp. 17, 15. Woking, Revealed Religion, 8vo, pp. vii, 240,
1897 (reprint) 2s 6d
cloth. 1896 5s
634 Bigandet The Life or Legend of
(P.) 649 De
Desehamps (A.) la Discipline
Gaudama, the Buddha of the Burmese, Bouddhique, ses DeVeloppements et ses
Fourth Edition, 2 vols, 8vo, pp. 288,
1912 2ls
Lgendes, 8vo, pp. 39. Paris, 1862 3s
331, cloth.
650 Le Bouddhisme et 1'Apologe'-
635 Boake (B.) Account
the Origin of
tique Chretienne, 8vo, pp. 39. Paris,
and Nature of the connection between 1860 3s
the British Government and the Idola-
651 Los Origines du Bouddhisme,
trous Systems of Religion prevalent in
8vo, pp. 32. Paris, 1861 2s
Ceylon, 16mo, pp. 144. Colombo, 1854
7s 6d Dialogues of the Buddha see under

636 Buckle (H. ) The Beggar or the Soldier :

Gautama or Mahomet, 8vo, pp. viii, 84. NlKAYA SUTTA NlPATA.
Clifton Is 652 Edmunds (A. J.) Buddhist and
A Catalogue of the Christian Gospels, now first compared
637 Bunyiu Nanjio.
Chinese Translation of the Bnddhisb from the Originals, edited, with Parallels
Tripibaka, the Sacred Canon of the
and Notes from the Chinese Buddhist
Buddhists in China and Japan, 4to, pp. Tripitaka, by M. Anesaki, Third
xxxvi, 479. Oxford, 1883 2 10s Edition, large 8vo, pp. xix, 230.
Out of print and rare. Tokyo, 1905 9s

Probsthain & Co., 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum.


653 Egoroff (S.) Buddha Cakya Mouni, 664 Grunwedel (A.) Mythologie des
sa vie eb ses predications, 12mo, pp. Buddhismusin Tibet und der Mongolei,
x, 177. Paris, 1907 3s large 8vo, pp. xxxv, 244, with 188 illus-
654 Extracts from the Woris of Eminent trations. Leipzig, 1900 8s~

Orientalists, compiled by Bunyo Nanjo 665 Buddhistische Kunst in Indien,

and G. Kato, 2 parts, 8vo. Tokyo, 8vo, pp. 177, illustrated. 1893 2s
1903 4s
666 Haekmann Buddhism as a
655 FergUSSOn (Jas.) Tree and Serpent Religion : its Historical Development
Worship, or Illustrations of Mythology and its Present Conditions, 8vo, pp.
and Art in India in the First and 315, cloth.
xiii, 1910 6s
Fourth Centuries after Christ, from the The only work dealing with Buddhism in all its
Sculptures of the Buddhist Topes at countries.
Sanchi and Amravati, Second Edition, 667 Hall (H. Fielding) The Inward Light,
revised, corrected, and in great part 1908 10s
roy. 8vo, pp. 262, cloth.
re- written, 4to, pp. xvi, 274, with plates
The Author of the Soul of a People and A People
and engravings, half morocco, gilt top. at School tties here to expound the conception of
1873 12 12s the world and of man which finds its expression
in Buddhism.
656 Franeklin (Lieut. -Col. W.) Researches
on the Tenets and Doctrines of the 668 Harisehandra (B. W.) The Sacred
and Buddhists conjectured to City of Anuradhapura, 8vo, pp. 132,
Jeynes with 46 archaeological plates, cloth.
be the Brahmans of Ancient India,
with a Colombo, 1908 7s 6d
Chapter on Serpent Worship,
4to, pp. xviii, 213, with plates, bds. 669 Harlez (C. de) Vocabulaire Boudd-
1827 32s hique Sanskrit-Chinois. Han-Fan Tsih
657 Full Account of the Buddhist Con- yao, Precis de Doctrine Bouddhique,
troversy held at Pantura in August, Reprint, 8vo, pp. 66. Leiden, 1897 4s
1873, 8vo, pp. 73, cloth. Colombo, 1873 670 Hiouen Thsang Si- Yu-KL Buddhist
15s Records Western World, Si Yu
of the
Very scarce. One copy has at the end a detailed
Ki, translated from the Chinese by S.
Index of M. Foucaux of n pages.
BEAL, 2 vols, New Edition, 8vo, with a
658 Franz (A.) Libri qui poenitentiae map, cloth. 1906 24s
adhortationes, &c., 8vo, pp. 74. 671 Hiuen Tsiang: his Life, by the Shaman
Vienna, 1895 3s 6d Hwui Li, with an Introduction con-
Being a Review of B. Nanjio's Catalogue of the
taining an Account of the Works of
Buddhist Tripitaka.
Hiuen Tsiang, translated from the
659 Foucaux (E.) Parobole de 1'Enfant Chinese by S. Beal, 8vo, pp. 47, 218,
egare (formant chapitre IV. du Lotus cloth. 1911 10s 6d
de la Bonne Loi), Sanskrit and Tibetan 672 Hodgson (B. H.) Illustrations of the
Text, with French translation, 8vo, Literature and Religion of the Budd-
pp. 55, iv. Paris, 1854 7s 6d Seram-
hists, 8vo, pp. iv, 220, cloth.
660 Fa Hian. Travels of Fa Hian and pore, 1841 15s
Sung Yun, Buddhist Pilgrims from 673 Holmb06(C. A.) Traces deBuddhisme
China to India (400 A.D. and 518 A.D.), en Norvege avant 1'introduction du
translated from the Chinese by S. Christianisme, 8vo, pp. 74, with 15
Beal, 12mo, pp. 75, 203, cloth. 1869 on two plates, half morocco.
25s Paris, 1857 7s 6d
Very scarce.
674 I Tsing. M6moire compost a P6ppque
661 Gogerly (D. J.) The Kristiyani de la Dynastic Tang sur les Religieuse
Praguapti: Part I., Buddhism, origin- eminents (Bouddhistes) qui allaient
ally written in Sinhalese, afterwards chercher la loi dans les pays d'Occident
translated by the Author, 8vo, pp. 105. Traduit du chinois par E. Chavannes,
Colombo, 1885 3s
roy. 8vo, pp. xxi, 218. Paris, 1894 10s
662 Ceylon Buddhism, edited by 675 Jardine (J.) Notes on Buddhist Law,
A. S. Bishop, Vol. L, 4to, pp. xii, 210, Parts 1, 3 to 8, roy. 8vo. Rangoon,
with portrait, bds. Colombo, 1903 12s 1886-83 12s
Contains Outline of Buddhism The Books of
Mostly Translations from the Burmese.
Discipline The Laws of the Priesthood The
Patimokkha. Translations from the Sinhalese. Jatakas see under Section : PALI.
663 Grimm (E.) Lehre iiber Buddha und 675* Karma Cataka. Traduit du
Dogma von Christus, 8vo, pp. 32. Tib6tain par L. Feer, 8vo, pp. 191,
Berlin, 1877 2s with Index. Paris, 1901 5s

Probsthain & Co., 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum.


676 Kern (H.) Der Buddhismus und s. 682* Lutter (H. M.) Manual of Buddhist
Geschichte in Indien. Eine Darstollung Law being Sparks' Code of Burmese

der Lehren and Geschichte der budd- Law, with Notes of all the Rulings on
histischen Kircho, 3 parts in 2 vol.?. Points of Buddhist Law, Second Edi-
Berlin, 1882/4 15s tion, 8vo, pp. xvi, 76, xvi. Mandalay,
676* Kern (H.) Manual of Indian 1894 6s
Buddhism, roy. 8vo, pp. 149. 1896 683 Mahakat jajana und KonigTshanda
8s 6d Pradjota ; ein Cyklus Buddhist.
Life of Buddha The Law of Buddha The Erzahlungen, translated from the
Ecclesiastical History Index.
Congregation Tibetan into German by A. Schiefner,
677 Kobayashi. The Doctrines of 4to, pp. 67. St. P., 1875 3s
Nichiren (Founder of the Sect of 683* Minayeff (I. P.) Recherches sur le
Japanese Buddhism), with Sketch of
Bouddhisme, 8vo, pp. xiv, 314. Paris,
his Life, 8vo, pp. iii, 29, with portrait 1894 9s
and a facsimile. Tokyo, 1893 10s
684 Monler- Williams (Sir) Buddhism in
677* Koeppen Fr.) Die Religion des
(C. its connexion with Brahmanism and
Budda und ihre Entstehung, 2 vols, Hinduism, and in its contrast with
8vo, fine red half morocco. Berlin,
Christianity, 8vo, pp. xxx, 563, illus-
1857-59 2 10s trated. 1889 21s
Fine copy of the Rare Original.
678 Laessoe (Capt. de and
684* Mystical Buddhism, and the
Talbot) Contrast between Buddhism and
Discovery of (Buddhist) Caves on the 1888 2s 6d
with 2 Christianity, 8vo, pp. 27.
Murghal, 8vo, pp. 11, plates.
London, 1887 2s 685 Mystical Buddhism in connec-
tion with the Yoga Philosophy of the
678* Lafont (G. de) Le Buddhisme, pr6c6d6
d'un sur le Vedismo et le Hindus, 8vo, pp. 18. Reprint, 1888 2s
685* Muller (Max) Buddhism and
Brahmanisme, 8vo, pp. 36, 273. Paris,
1895 3s 6d Buddhist Pilgrims, a Review of
Julien's Voyages des Pelerins Boudd-
679 Lalita Vistara. Bgya Tch'er Rol
histes, 8vo, pp. 54. 1857 7s 6d
Pa, ou dveloppement des Jeux, con-
tenant 1'histoire du Bouddha Cakya- 686 Neve (F.) Le Bouddhisme, son fonda-
Mouni ed. par Ph. Ed. Foucaux, teur et ses dcritures, 8vo, pp. 55.
Tibetan text and French translation, Paris, 1854 3s
2 vols, 4to. Paris, 1847-48 2 5s 687 Oldenberg (H.) Buddha, his Life, his
679* Lamairesse. L'Empire chinois. Doctrine, his Order, translated from
Lo Bouddhisme en Chine et au Thibet, the German by W. Hoey, roy. 8vo, pp.
viii, 45 1, cloth. 1882 2 2s
8vo, pp. 440. Paris, 1883 4s
Very rare.
680 L'Inde apr^s le Bouddha, 8vo,
pp. 464. Paris, 1892 4s 688 Oldham (C. The Sun and the
Depuis le Bouddha jusqu a Asoka Apoka Serpent, a Contribution to the History
Kanishka Developpement du Bouddhisme of Serpent Worship, 8vo, pp. 207, cloth.
Pelerinage de Fa Hian Hiouen Thsang, &c. 1905 10s
680* Latter (Th.) A Note on Boodhism 689 Oltramare (P.) La formule boudd-
and the Cave Temples of India, 8vo, hique des douze causes ; son sens originel
pp. 21. Calcutta, 1844 3s et son interpretation, 8vo, pp. 53.
681 Legends and Miracles of Buddha Geneve, 1909 3s
Sakhya Sinha, Part I., all translated 690 Oung (B. H.) Buddhist Sermons, and
from the Avadan Kalpalata of Bodhi other Lectures on Buddhist Subjects,
Sattvas of the Sanskrit Poet Kshe- 8vo, pp. 35. Rangoon, 1897 Is
mendra, by N. Ch. Das, 8vo, pp. xvi, 691 Ozeray (M. J. F.) Recherches sur
59. Calcutta, 1895 3s 6d Buddou ou Bouddou, instituteur
681* Lillie (A.) Buddhism in Christendom, religieux de 1'Asie orientale, 8vo, pp.
or Jesus the Essene, 8vo, pp. xii, 410, 35, 137, calf. Paris, 1817 5s
with numerous illustrations, cloth. 1887 692 Peebles Buddhism and
(J. M.)
Christianity in Discussion Face to
682 India in Primitive Christianity, Face, or an Oval Debate between Rev.
8vo, pp. xii, 299, illustrated, cloth. Migetu watte and Rev. D. Silva, 8vo,
1909 (pub. 15s) 10s 6d pp. 107. Battle Creek 3s 6d
Contents Siva' Buddha King Asoka The 693 Pope (G. U.) The History of Manikka-

Mahayana Avalokitesvara The Cave Temple

and its Mysteries Architecture Rites, Vayagar, the Foe of the Buddhists,
Buddhist and Chiistian Ceylon. 8vo, pp. 63. Reprint 3s

Probsthain & Co., 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum.


694 PoCQCke (E.) India in Greece, or Truth 705 Sehultze (Th.) A German Buddhist:
in Mythology, containing the Sources a Biographical Sketch by A. Pfungst,
of the Hellenic Race, the Wars of the 8vo, pp. 79, cloth. 1902 2s 6d
Grand Llama, and the Bud'histic Pro-
706 Senart (E.) Essai snr la Ldgende du
paganda in Greece, 8vo, pp. xii, 403, Buddha, son Charactere efo son Origine,
with 2 maps, half morocco. 1852 7s 6d Second Edition, revised, with an Index,
695 PoilSSin (L. de la Valloe) Dogmatique Paris, 1882
roy. 8vo, pp. xxxiv, 496.
Bouddhique, La Negation de 1'Atne et (pub. 15 fr.) 7s 6d
la Doctrine de 1'Acbe, 8vo, pp. 74.
707 Seydel (R.) Das Evangelium von Jesu
Paris, 1902 3s
in s. Verhiilbnissen zu Buddha-Sage nnd
696 Rhys Davids (T. W.) Buddhism :

Buddha-Lehre, roy. 8vo, pp. viii, 361,

Sketch of the Life and Teachings of half morocco. Leipzig, 1882 8s
Gautama, the Buddha, 12mo, pp. viii,
252, with map. London, 1892 2s 6d 708 Die Buddha Legende und das
697 Lectures on the Origin and
Leben Jesu, nach den Evangelien, 8vo,
Growth of Religion, as Illustrated in the pp. 83. Leipzig, 1884 3s 6d

History of Indian Buddhism, 8vo, pp. 709 Silaeara. The First Fifty Discourses,
xi, 262, cloth. 1891
(pub. 10s 6d) 6s from the Collection of the Medium
Dialogues of Buddha, &c. see under Length Discourses of Gotamo the
PALI : DIGHA NIKAYO, AND OTHER Buddha, translated from the Pali, 2
WOBKS. vols, 8vo, cloth. 1912-13 15s
698 Roekhill (W. W.) The Life of the 710 Sinha (J. Wettha) The Singularity of
Buddha, and the early History of the Buddhism, 8vo, pp. x, 154. Colombo,
Order, translated from Tibetan Works 1910 5s
in the Bkah Hgyur and Bsban-Hgyur,
8vo, pp. xii, 273, cloth. 1907 (T. 0. S.)
711 Subhadra (Bhikshu) Buddhist Cate-
10s 6d chism, an Introduction to the Teach-
ings of Buddha, 8vo, pp. 75. 1908 la
Sacred Books of the Buddhists see
Section PALI. 712 Summer (M.) Histoire du Bonddha
Sakya Mouni
depnis sa naissance
699 Sarat Chandra Das. Brief Summary
of Do Ka Zang, the Sutra of the jusqu'a sa mort, 12mo, pp. xiv, 208.
Paris, 1874 4s
glorious Age, roy. 8vo, pp. 28, 18.
With an Introduction and Index by Foucaux.
Darjeeling, 1895 3s 6d .

The second part contains a list of the names of a

thousand and five in Tibetan (native
713 Suzuki (D. T.) Outlines of Mahayana
and Roman characters). Buddhism, 8vo, pp. xii, 420, cloth.
700 Indian Pandits in the Land of 1908 8s 6d
Snow, 8vo, pp. Characteristics of Buddhism Mahayanism
viii, 92, 28. Calcutta,
Dharmakaya Doctrine of Trikaya The Bod-
1893 3s doisatbia Nirvana.
Student's Life in Tibet Monastic
University of
Tashi Lhunpo Introduction of Buddhism into 714 Temple (Sir R.) The Thirty-seven
China Translation of Buddhist Works into
Chinese Buddhism and the written language of Nats, a Phase of Spirit- Worship pre-
Tibet, &c. vailing in Burma, folio, pp. vii, 71, v,
with plates in colour and black and white,
701 Sastri (Haraprasad) Discovery of
and other illustrations, cloth. 1908 3 3a
Living Buddhism in Bengal, 4to, pp.
31. 2s 6d CONTENTS Animism in Burma Brahmanic and
Calcutta, 1897 Buddhist Influence Animism in Ceremonies, &c.
702 Sehiefner (A. ) tiber das Bonpo Sutra :
das weisse Naga-Hunderttausend, 4to, 715 Thomas (L'abbe) Le Bouddhisme dans
ses rapports avec le Christianisme, 2
pp. 86. St. P., 1880 3s 6d
703 Sehlagintweit (E.) Le Bouddhisme parts, 8vo. Paris, 1893 5s
au Tibet, avec r6sum6 des syst&mes 716 Tumour (Hon. G.) Buddhistical Mis-
bouddhique dans 1'Inde. Traduit de cellanies, Reprints collected by P. E.
1'anglais, 4to, pp. 38, 289, with plates. FOUCAUX, with title-page in his own neat
Paris, 1881 16s handwriting Buddhist Chronology
704 Scott (A.) Buddhism and Christianity, Pali Buddhistical Annals, 5 parts
a Parallel and a Contrast, 8vo, pp. xiv, Account of the Tooth Relic in Ceylon
391, cloth. Edinburgh, 1890 6s Further Notes on the Inscriptions at
Comparison of Buddhism and Christianity His- Delhi, &c., Svo, pp. 186, cloth 25s
torical Antecedents of Buddhism and
The Buddha of the Pitakas The Oharma of 717 An Examination of the Pali
Buddha The Gospel of Christ Buddhist Buddhistical Annals, No. 2, 8vo, pp.
Sangha, &c. 25. Colombo, 1837 2s 6d

Probsthain & Co., 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum.

Buddhism. 33

718 Udanavarga. A Collection of Verses 722 Watters (T.)The Eighteen Lohan of

from the Buddhist Canon, compiled by Chinese Buddhist Temples, 8vo, pp. 19.
Dharmalrata being the Northern
Reprint, 189S 2s
Buddhist Version of Dhammapada, 723 Kapilavastu in the Buddhist
translated from the Tibetan of the Books, 8vo, pp. 39. London, 1898 2s 6d
Bhak-hgyur, by W. W. Rockhill, 8vo, Kapilavastu : the birthplace of Buddha.

pp. xvi, 224, cloth. 1883 15s 724 Wimpffen (Max von) Kritische Worte
iiber den Buddhismns, 8vo, pp. 64.
719 Upham (Edw.) History and Doctrine 6d
of Bodhism, with Notices of Kap-
Wien, 1891 Is
725 Wright (D.) Manual of Buddhism,
pooism, or Demon Worship, and of the 1912 2s 6d
8vo, pp. 87, cloth.
Bali, or Planetary Incantations of
Ceylon, folio,pp. 136, with 43 lithograph 726 Wuttke (A.) De Bnddhaistarum Die-
prints Jrom original Singalese designs, ciplina, 8vo, pp. 42. Vratislaviae, 1848
cloth. 1829 4 10s 4s
727 Wilson H.) On Buddha and
720 Vasu (Nagendra N.) The Modern Buddhism, Reprint, Svo, pp. 37. 1354
Buddhism and its Followers in Orissa, 2s 6d
12mo, pp. viii, 23, 181, xii, cloth.
728 Zoysa (L. de) Notes on certain Jatakas
Calcutta, 1911 6a relative to the Sculptures recently
721 ViSSUddha (Bbikkhu) Way to Piety, discovered in Northern India, Svo, pp.
8vo, pp. 7. Colombo, 1909 6d 44. Colombo (Reprint), 1887 2s

729 BahOOlina Tatwa, or a Treatise on 737 Tagore (S. M.) The Ten Principal
by K. Mukhopadhya, Bengali
Violin, Avantaras of the Hindus, with a short
Text, with Music, Svo, pp. 190. Cal- History of each Incarnation and Direc-
cutta (1875) 4s tions for the Representation of the
730 Clements (E.) Introduction to the Murttis as Tableaux Vivants, 4to, pp.
Study of Indian Music, Svo, pp. xv, iv, 157, with 11 lithographic plates. Cal-
104, cloth. 1913 6s cutta, 1880 21s
731 Danes (F.) Six Essays on the Ancients, With samples of music throughout.
their Music and Instruments : I., 738 Hindu Music from Various
Chinese, Japanese, Hindoos, 4to, pp. Authors, Second Edition, Svo, pp. ix,
20. Oxford, 1893 2s 6d 423, icith various samples of music and
732 Gharpure (P. G.) Studies in Indian plates. Calcutta, 1882 12s
Music, No. 1, Svo, pp. iv, 14, and Sans- Includes a catalogue of Indian Musical Instru-
krit Text, pp. 16. Poona, 1888 2s 6d ments Music of Ceylon Music and Dancing,
733 Hindustani Choral Book, or SWAB &c.
SANGRAH containing the Tunes to
: 739 Victoria Samrajyan, or San-
those Hymns in the G'IT SANGRAH, in skrit Stanzas, with a translation of the
Native Metres, compiled by J. PARSONS, various Dependencies of the British
4 to, pp. v, 103, with Music, cloth. Crown, each composed and set to the
Benares, 1875 5s respective National Music, Svo, pp.
734 Hindustani Tune Book a Collection :
vi, 155. Calcutta, 1876 5s
of Bhajans and Ghazals ; containing Victoria or Sanskrit
740 Gitika,
the Principal Native Airs, sung in the Verses Queen Victoria and her
Missions of N. India, harmonized by
Predecessors, composed and set to
Mrs. E. M. Scott, roy. Svo, pp. x, 176,
music, text in Sanskrit, with English
cloth. Lucknow, 1889 7s 6d
translation, Svo, pp. vi, 319. Calcutta,
735 Manharkun verba, Princess of Bhav- 1875 6s
nagar Half-Hours at my Sitar, 2 vols,

741 The Musical Scales of the

oblong 4to, with plates of musical instru- with Remarks on the
8s Hindus,
ments, cloth. Bhavnagar
The text is in Sanskrit characters, bat the words to Applicability of Harmony to Hindu
the melodies are romanized. Music, Svo, pp. 118. Calcutta, 1884
736 Tagore (S. M.) Six Principal Rag&s, 7s 6d
with a Brief View of Hindu Music, 742 Wilson (A. C.) A Short Account of
Second Edition, 4 to, with 6 plates and the Hindu System of Music, with a
samples of Hindu music, bds. Calcutta, glossary, 4to, pp. 48. Lahore, 1904
1877 24s 33 6d

Probsthain & Co., 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum.

34 Indian Numismatics ', Art, and Archeology.

743 Marsden's Numismata Orientalia, 746 Rodgers (Cb. J.) Catalogue of the
New Edition, Part I., Ancient Indian Coins of the Indian Museum, 4 partis,
Weights, by E. Thomas, 4to, with roy. 8vo. Calcutta, 1894/6 30s
map and plate. 1874 6s PartI. The Sultans of Delhi and their Contem-
II. Coins of the Urtaki Turkumans, by poraries, pp. iv, 172, with 3 plates.
8. Lane Poole, with plates. 1876 6s II. The Mogul Emperors of India, the East
India Company, the Native States, the Indian
III.Coinage of Lydia and Persia, by Empire, pp. 251, with 8 plates
V. B. Head, with plates. 1877 7s 6d III. Ancient coins of India Mediaeval coins
IV. Coins of the Tuluni Dynasty, by Miscellaneous coins, pp. 152, with 4 plates.
E. T. Rogers, with plate. 1877 4s IV. Graeco Bactrian and Indo-Scythian, Greek,
V. The Parthian Coinage, by P. Gardner, Parthian, Sassanian, and other coins, pp. 288
with 6 plates.
with 8 plates.
1877 10s 6d
VI. Ancient Coins and Measures of 747 Thomas (Edw.) The
Epoch of the
Ceylon, by Rhys Davids, with plate. Sab Kings of Surashtra, illustrated by
1877 7s 6d their Coins, 8vo, pp. 77, with 7 plates,
Coins of Arakan, of Pegu and of Burma, cloth. 1848 5s
by Sir A. P. Phayre, with 5 plates. 748 The Earliest Indian Coinage,
1882 10s 6d
Coins of Southern India, by Sir W. 8vo, pp. 26, with plate. 1864 2s 6d
Elliot, with map and Opiates. 1886 749 The Initial
Coinage of Bengal,
(pub. 25s) 12s 6d under the
Early Muhammadan
744 Rapson (E. J.) Indian Coins, roy. Conquerors, Part II., 8vo, pp. 40,
8vo, pp. 56, with 5 plates. 1898 Os illustrated. London, 1873 2s 6d
Encylop. of Indo-Ar. Research.
745 Rodgers (Cb. J.) Coin Collecting in 750 Tuffnell (R. H. 0.) Hints for Coin
Northern India, roy. 8vo, pp. vi, 135, Collectors, Coins of Southern India,
iii, iv, with 6 plates, cloth. Allahabad, 4 to, pp. 52, illustrated. New York,
1894 12s 6d 1890 4s

751 Anderson (J.) Catalogue and Hand- 755 COLE (H. H.) Illustrations of
book of the Archaeological Collections Buildings near Muttra and Agra,
in the Indian Museum, 2 vols, roy. showing the mixed Hindu-Mahome-
8vo, cloth. Calcutta, 1883 12s dan Style of Upper India, 4to, with
Vol. I.. Asoka and Indo-Scythian Galleries 42 photographs and a plan, half mo-
Vol. II., Gupta and Inscription Galleries
rocco. 1873 3 10s
752 Andrews Indian Carpets and
(F. H.) Scarce.
Rugs, folio, with 85 plates,
pp. 10, 756 BURGESS Report on the Antiqui-
mostly coloured, extracted from the ties of Kathiawai and Kachh, 4to,
Journal of Indian Art, in portfolio. with 74 plates and photographs oj
1905/6 21s and inscriptions, half
temples, caves,
753 Archaeological Survey of India. morocco. 1876 4 4s
Reports, by Major-General A. Cunning- All the inscriptions are accompanied by English
ham, J. D. Beglar and A. C. L. translations. Scarce.
Carlleyle, Complete Series in 24 vols, 757 Report on the Antiquities in
including a General Index, 8vo, with the Bidar and Anrangabad Districts
several hundred maps, plans, and plates in Hyderabad, 4to, ivith 66 photo-
oj ancient Indian architectural remains, graphic and lithographic plates oj caws
sculpture, inscriptions and coins, cloth. and temples, inscriptions, &c., half
Simla and Calcutta, 1871-87 20 morocco. 1878 2 10s
Complete sets are very rare. Scarce.
Archaeological Survey of India :
753 Report on the Buddhist Cave
754 COLE (H. H.) Illustrations of Ancient Temples and their Inscriptions, 4to,
Buildings in Kashmir, 4to, with 58 with 60 lithographic plates, half mo-
photo, and other plates, half morocco. rocco. 1833 5 5s
1869 3 10s All inscriptions have been transliterated and trans-
Scarce. lated. Very rare.

Probsthain & Co., 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum.

Indian Art and Archeology. 35

761 BURGESS (J.) Notes on the Bauddha 772 Barnett (L. D.) Antiquities of India :

Rock Temples of A janta, their Paint- an Account of the History and Culture
ings and Sculptures, and on the of Ancient India, 8vo, illustrated with
Paintings of the Bagh Caves, Modern map, coloured front., and numerous
Bauddha Mythology, &c., 4 to, with plates, cloth. 1913 12s 6d
21 lithographic plates. Bombay, 1879 773 Baden- Powell (B. H.) Indian Arms
25s and Armour, folio, with 21 plates. 1896
Scarce. 4s
762 Report on the Elura Cave Jnl. of Indian Art, No. 53.
Temples and the Brahmanical and 774 Beylie (le General de) Prome et
Jaina Caves in Western India, 4to, Samara.
with 51 lithographical plates, half mo-
Voyage arch6ologique en
Birmanie et en M&opotamie, large
1883 5 5s
All inscriptions are transliterated and translated.
8vo, pp. 146, with many illustrations.

rare. Paris, 1907 10s

Part I., Contains the Journal of the Voyage; II.,
763 Notes on the Amaravati
Exploration in Burma; III., Architecture of the
Stupa, 4to, with 17 lithographic plates. Abbassides.
Madras, 1882 20s
775 Bidie (G.) The Art Industries of
764 On the Muhammadan Archi- Madras (Fine Arts, Musical Instru-
tecture of Bharoch, Cambay, Dholka,
ments, Jewellery, Art Manufacture in
Champanir and Mahmudabad in
Metal), folio, with 12 plates. 1890 7s 6d
Gujarat, 4to, with 77 plates, cloth.
Jnl. ofIndian Art, No. 29. There are 4 plates of
189tJ 18s Indian Musical Instruments.
Some pages are slightly stained.
The Muhammadan Architec- 776 BirdWQOd (G. C. M.) The Industrial
765 Arts of India, New Edition, Part I.,
ture of Ahmadabad, Parb I., A.D.
1412 to 1520, 4to, with 112 photo-
with maps and woodcuts, 12mo, cloth.
1884 10s
graphic and lithographic plates, cloth. The first Hindu Pantheon.
part deals with the
1900 30s
766 FUHRER (A.) The Monumental Anti- 777 BiPdWOOd (H. M.) Indian Timbers:
the Hill Forests of Western India,
quitiesand Inscriptions in the N.W.
Provinces and Oudh, described and folio, with 59 coloured plates, extracted
from Journal of Indian Art, portfolio.
arranged, 4to, pp. iv, 425, half 1910 18s
morocco. Allahabad, 1891 14s
767 SEWELL (Rob.) Lists of the Anti- 778 Burgess (J.) The Rock Temples of
Elura or Verul, 8vo, pp. 77. Bombay,
quarian Remains in the Madras
1877 3s
Presidency, Vol. I., 4 to, pp. 325, 62,
cloth. Madras, 1882 7s 6d 779 The Ancient Monuments,
768 The same, 2 vole, 4to, cloth. Temples, and Sculptures of India, with
Madras, 1882-84 15s Descriptive Notes and References :

Vol. L, The Earliest Monuments, 4 to,

768* REA (Al.) Monumental Remains of
pp. 20, with 170 plates. 1897 14
the Dutch East India Company in
This volume is entirely out of print.
Madras Presidency, 4to, with 63
plates. Madras, 1897 17s 780 The same, Vol. II., with 170

769 HULTZSCH (E.) South Indian In- fine plates of famous Hindu monuments.
1911 10
scriptions, III., 2 Inscriptions of
This work deals with the Earliest Indian Monu-
Virarajendra, and others, 4to, ivith ments, the second vol contains 170 high-class photo
plate, bds. Madras, 1903 2s collotype plates of Famous Hindu Monuments,
Temples and Sculptures, illustrating Indian Art,
769* Archaeological Survey of India. History and Mythology ; beginning with Bodh-
Annual Report for 1901-05, 4 to, pp. v, Gaya and Amaravati, it completes the series of
169, with 40 plates, cloth. Calcutta, Cave Tempos at Bhaja, Udayagiti, Kanbari,
1908 30s Elura, Elephanta, Badami, Dharnnar, and
Ajanta, Gupta and other Monolithic Pillars,
770 The same, Annual Report for the Kashmir Temples, the peculiar early Temples
in Manbbum, Singhbum, &c.
1906-07, 4to, pp. x, 267, with 74 plates,
cloth. Calcutta, 1909 35s They form together a record of the development of
the various styles of Indian Architecture, and are
770* Annual Report for 1907-08, 4bo, indispensable to Artists, Architects, Orientalists,
pp. x, 304, with 86 plates, cloth. Universities, Schools and Museums.
Calcutta, 1911 35s 781 The Gandhara Sculptures, folio,
771 BeglaPOff (J.) Archaeological Survey with 25 plates and 38 illustrations.
of Bengal, Report, 1887, 8vo, pp. 85, 15, 1898-1900 7s 6d
with plate. Calcutta, 1888 3s From the Journal of Indian Art.

Probsthain & Co. t 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum.

Indian Art and Archceology.

782 Brown (P.) Picturesque Nepal, 8vo, 793 Eleven Plates of Indian Sculpture,
pp. xvi, 205, illustrations, cloth. 1912 chiefly in English Collections, -repro-
7s 6d duced by collotype,
4 to, with descripcive
The Author, who is the Principal of the Calcutta letterpress, bds. 1912 5s
School of Art, is one of the best authorities on India Society Publication.
Indian Art. He deals in this book mostly with
the Art and Architecture of Nepal, and gives a 794 Epigraphia Indiea, and Records of
good selection of photographs taken on the spot. the Archaeological Survey of India,
783 Burrows (S. M.) The Buried Cities of edited by Jas. Burgess : Vol. L, Nos.
Ceylon a Guide Book to Anuradbapura
1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8 (Nos. 4 and 7 missing) ;
and Polonaruwa, 8vo, pp. 115, illus- Vol. II., Nos. 2 to 8 (No. 1 missing),
trated. Colombo, 1899 4s folio, with many plates. Calcutta, 1888-
784 Cole (H. H.) Catalogue of the Objects 1894 2 2s
of Indian Arb exhibited in the South FergUSSOn (Jas.) Tree and Serpent
Kensington Museum, 8vo, pp. x, 352, Worship see Section BUDDHISM, No.
with map and illustrations, cloth. 1874 655.
795 FergUSSOn (J.) Illustrations of the
785 Coomaraswamy (A. K.) The Indian Rock-cut Temples of India, text to
Craftsman, 8vo, pp. xv, 130, cloth. accompany the folio volume of plates,
1909 3s 6d 8vo, pp. xv, 63, with 10 tdates, cloth.
CONTENTS The Village Craftsman The
: Craft 1845 7s 6d
Guilds Feudal Craftsman, &c.
796 History of Indian and Eastern
785 Coorg Inscriptions. The Canarese Architecture, revised and edited with
Text, and Roman Cha-
in Canarese
additions, 2 vols, 8vo, pp. 474 and
racters, with English Translation by L. 540, illustrated, cloth. 1910 42s
Rice, 4 to, pp. 15, 28, v, and the plates,
bds. Bangalore, 1888 5s 797 Foueher (A.) L'ArtGr^co-Bouddhique
du Gandhara. Etude sur les Origines
787 Corpus Inseriptionum Incliearum :
de I'lnfluence classique dans 1'Art
Vol. I., Inscriptions of Asoka, prepared Bouddhique, Vol. I., roy. 8vo, pp. 638,
by A. Cunningham, 4to, with 31 plates, illustrated. Paris, 1905 15s
cloth. Calcutta, 1879 36s
Vol. II. is expected shortly ; orders for this new
The letterpress contains an account of the inscrip- volume are requested.
tions, the Romanized texts, and English trans-
lations. 798 The Beginnings of Buddhist
788 Vol. III., Fleet (J. F.) Inscrip- Art, and other Essays on Indian and
Central Asian Archaeology, translated
tions of the Early Gupta Kings and
their Successors, 4to, pp. 194, cloth. by F. W. Thomas, imp. 8vo, with 50
Calcutta, 1888 18s plates and coloured front, representing
the Buddhist Madonna from Chinese
Account of the inscriptions, texts, and translations.
This is the edition without plates ; Vol. II. is not Turkestan, nmu in the Museum of
published. Volkerkunde, Berlin, cloth. 1913 21s
This important volume is to be issued shortly.
789 Cunha G. da) Notes on the History
( J.
Any orders which will be forwarded to us, will
and Antiquities of Chanl and Bassein, receive attention the day of publication.
illustrated with 17 photographs, 9 litho-
799 Les Bas-Reliefs du Stupa de
graphic plates and a map, 8vo, pp. xvi, Sikri (Gandhara), 8vo, pp. 146, with
262, cloth. Bombay, 1876 2 10s
plates. Paris, 1903 (Reprint) 5s
790 Cunningham (A.) Archaeological
800 Gill (Major) and One
Survey of India: Vol. L, Four Reports FergUSSOn (J.)
made during the years 1862-63-64-65, Hundred Illustrations of Architecture
8vo, pp. xliii, 359, xlix, with 23 and Natural History in Western
maps and plates, cloth. Simla, 1871 20s India, photographed and described,
8vo, pp. xii, 100, photographic repro-
791 Dutt (G. C.) Monograph on Ivory- ductions with letterpress, cloth. 1864
Carving in Bengal, folio, pp. 11, with 4
fine plates. Calcutta, 1901 3s
801 Growse (F. S.) Mathura, a District
792 Egerton (W.) Illustrated Handbook Memoir, Second Edition, revised and
of Indian Arms being a Classified and
enlarged, 4to, pp. v, 520, iv,
Descriptive Catalogue of the Arms numerous plates and maps, bds.
exhibiting at the India Museum, large Mathura, 1880 2 2s
8vo, pp. vii, 162, with map, illustrations
A most valuable work, containing an Account of
and plates, black and in colour, cloth. the Jains and their Temples, other Sects and
1880 80s their Temples, Inscriptions, &c.

Probsthain & Co., 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum.

Indian Art and Archeology. 37

&02 G run wed el (A B udd hi stische Stadien,

) 812 Journal of Indian Art, No. in,
folio, pp. 136, illustrated. Berlin, 1897 Progress in Architecture, by T. H.
25s Hendley, &c., folio, with 16 plates. 1912
CONTENTS : Glasuren von Pagan Das Supparad- 2s
scbataka in Padmasaum-Chava's Legendenbuch No. 119, Industrial Art in the
Fasten and Skulpturen aus Pagan.
Punjab and Art Industries in Burma,
803 Hamilton (F. B.) Description of the 1912
&c., folio, with 14 plates. 2s
Ruins of Buddha Gaya, 4to, pp. 13.
814 Kiash (K. D.) Ancient Persian Sculp-
Reprint, 1823 Is 6d
tures, or the Monuments, Buildings,
8C4 Havell (E. B.) Indian Sculpture and Bas-Reliefs, Rock Inscriptions, &c.,
illustrated by Typical
Painting, belonging to the Kings of the Achse-
Masterpieces, with an explanation of menian and Sassanian Dynasties of
their Motives and Ideas, large 8vo, pp.
Persia, with Descriptive and Historical
xx, 278, with numerous fine coloured and Matter, and Notes, Texb in English,
other plates. London, 1908 3 3s
Gujerati and Persian, large 8vo, pp.
CONTAINS Divine Ideal in Indian Art (mostly
23 1, with IQOplates, cloth. Bombay, 1889
Buddhist) The Sculptures of Bharhut, Sancbi 2 2s
and Amaravati Borobudur Part II., Painting,
Religious Schools Mogul Secular Art Indian 815 Lev! (S.) Anciennes Inscriptions du
Miniature Painting, Sc. Second Series, 8vo, pp. 70, with
805 The Ideals of Indian Art, roy. 6 plates. Paris, 1907 3s
8 vo, pp. 208, with 33 illustrations, cloth. The inscriptions are also rornani/ed and translated.
1911 15s 816 LudOVici (L.) Lapidarium Zeylani-
806 Indian Architecture its Psy- :
cnm being a Collection of Monu-

chology, Structure and History, from

mental Inscriptions of the Dutch
the First Mnhammadan Invasion to the Churches and Churchyards of Ceylon,
Present Day, 4to, pp. xx, 260, with 129 4to, pp. 19, with 97 plates. Colombo,
and 49 text- illustrations, cloth. 1877 3 3s
1913 30s 817 Maindron (M.) L'Artlndien, 8vo, pp.
807 Essays on Indian Art, Industry ix, 311, with illustrations in the text,
and Education, 8vo, pp. 196. Madras cloth. Paris, 1898 5s
feed 818 Mukharji (T. N., oj the Indian
803 Hendley (T. H.) Indian Jewellery, Museum) Art Manufactures of India,
folio, pp. 189, 167 plates (many coloured), 8vo, pp. 451, with map, one fine plate,
extracted from Journal of Indian Art, and a large Index of 50 pp., cloth.
in portfolio. 1909 2 5s Calcutta, 1888 8s
Fine Arts Decorative Art Jewellery Metal, &c.
809 Indraji (Pandit Bh.) Antiquarian 819 Miiller (Ed.) Ancient Inscriptions in
Remains at Sopara and Padana being :

an Account of the Buddhist Stupa and Ceylon, collected and published, 2

vols, cloth. 1883 2 2s
Asoka Edict, and of other Antiquities Romanized
Vol. I., Description of the Inscriptions
in theNeighbourhood, 8vo, pp. 56, with Texts and English Translations Alphabetical
front, and 21 plates. Bombay, 1882 5s List of Words, 8vo, pp. 219.
Vol. II., The Plates, oblong 410.
810 Jeypore Portfolio of Architectural 820 Preservation of National Monu-
Details, prepared by Col. Sir S. Jacob :
ments. First Report of the Curator
Part VII., String and Band Patterns, of Ancient Monuments in India, roy.
folio, 64 plates, with Descriptive Notes, 4s
8vo. Simla, 1882
in portfolio. 1894 3
820* The same, First and Second
810* The same, Part VIII., Wall and
Surface Reports, with vlttes. Simla, 1882/83
Decoration, folio, 61 plates, 7s 6d
with Descriptive Notes, in portfolio.
1896 821 Rice (Lewis) Mysore Inscriptions,
translated, with one plate and a map,
811 The same, Part XL, Chatris and
Domed large 8vo, pp. vii, 91, 336, xxx, bds.
Roofs, folio, 56 plates, with 25s
Bangalore, 1879
Descriptive Notes, in portfolio. 1912 3 I., Sila Sasanas, or Inscriptions on Stone Slabs.
All the above volumes are out of print and difficult II., Tamra Sasanas, or Inscriptions on Copper-
to obtain. They should be of great value to the
Architects of the New Imperial City of Delhi. ., Various Inscriptions
?lates. from Original Sources.
811* Journal of Indian Art. Nos. 25, 822 Mysore and Coorg from the
27, 28, 30 and 34, folio, with plates Inscriptions, large 8vo, pp. xx, 238,
each No. 2s 6d with map and 15 plates, cloth. 1909
No. 27 contains an article on the Industries of 10s 6d
Madras by E. B. Havell, with 14 plates. A record of the past annals of these countries.

Probsthain & Co., 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum.

Indian Art and Archeology.

823 Ram Raz. Essay on the Architecture 830 Thomas (E.) The Chronicles of the
of the Hindus, 4to, pp. 61, with 48 Pathdn Kings of Delhi, illustrated by
plates, cloth. 1834 24s Inscription-i, and other Anti-
824 Roberts (Emma) Hindostan its Land- : quarian Remains, roy. Svo, pp. xxiv,
467, with map, illustrations and 6 plates,
scapes, Palaces, Temples, Tombs the ;
Shores of the Red Sea, and the Sublime cloth. 1871
and Romantic Scenery of the Himalaya 831 Records of the Gupta Dynasty,
Mountains, illustrated in a series of illustrated by Inscriptions, Written
engravings by Turner, Stanfield, Prout, History, Local Tradition and Coins,
Gattermole, dsc., 4to, 2 vols, half calf,
with a Chapter on the Arabs in Sind,
gilt edges. [1838] 15s 4to, pp. 64, ivilk a plate, cloth. 1879
825 Sastri (S. M. N.) Topographical and
832 Vogel P.) Tile Mosaics of the
Archaeological Notes on Kanchi, 8vo,
Lahore Fort, with 76 plates, plain and
pp. 22. Madras, 1886 2s
coloured, extracted from Journal oj
826 Sewell (R ) Some Points in the Indian Art, in portfolio. 1911 2ls
Archaeology of Southern India, 8vo, 833 Watt (Sir George) Indian Art at Delhi,
pp. 18. 1897 Is 6d
1903, large Svo, pp. xi, 546, with 111
827 Simpson (W.) Oriental Art and plates, cloth. 1903 10s 6d
Archaeology, Svo, pp. 22. Woking, The illustrative part is by P. Brown. The work
1894 2s 6d gives a full account of the art industries of
India Metal Work
: Woodwork Ivory
828 Smith (Vincent A.) A History of Fine Lacquer Embroidery Carpets Fine Arts.
Art in India and Ceylon, from Earliest 834 Wilson (J.) Lecture on the Religious
Times to the Present Day, illustrations, Excavations of Western India Budd- :

4to, pp. 336, cloth. 1911 3 3s

hist, Brahmanical, and Jaina, with
829 Spiegel (F.) Iranian Art, Svo, pp. 59. Descriptive and Historical Remarks,
1886 2s 6d Svo, pp. v, 74. Bombay, 1875 5s

(a) COMPARATIVE WORKS. 839 Cast (R. N.) Sketch of the Modern
Languages of the East Indies, Svo, pp.
835 Beames (John) A Comparative Gram- 1878 ( Triibner's Oriental
xii, 192, cloth.
mar of the Modern Aryan Languages 12s 6d
of India, vols, roy. Svo, clobh. 1872-79
2 8s
840 Faulkner (A.) The Orientalist's Gram-
matical Vade-mecum (Grammar, Hindu-
Vol. I., On Sounds.
Vol. II., Noun and Pronoun (The) stani, Persia, and Gujarati), Svo, cloth.
Vol. III., The Verb. 1853 3s 6d
A most useful book, includes the Hindi, Punjabi, 841 Hunter (W. W.) A Comparative
Sindhi, Gujarat!, Marathi, Oriya, and Bengali Dictionary of the Languages of India
Languages. and High Asia, with a Dissertation,
836 Caldweil (R.) Comparative Grammar based on Hodgson's Lists, Official Re-
of the Dravidian, or South Indian cords, and MSS., pp. vi, 218, and
Family of Languages, Second Edition, Appendix, cloth. 1868 (pub. 2 2s) 25s
revised and enlarged, Svo, pp. 42, 154, 842 Sehleieher (A.) Compendium der
608, half calf. 1875 24s vergleich. Grammatik der indpgerman.
837 Campbell (G.) Specimens of Languages Sprachen, Second Edition, revised, roy.
of India, including those of the Abori- Svo, pp. 46, 856, half calf. 1866 5s

ginal Tribes of Bengal, the Central (b) SANSKRIT GRAMMARS AND

Provinces and the Eastern Frontier, DICTIONARIES.
folio, pp. 303, bds. Calcutta, 1874 843 Practical Sanskrit-
Apte (V. S.)
(pub. 36s) 14s
English Dictionary, 4to, pp. viii, 1196,
838 Clark (Th.) Students' Handbook of cloth. 1890 30s
Comparative Grammar, applied to 844 Students' English-Sanskrit Dic-
Sanskrit, Zend, Greek, Latin and tionary, roy. .Svo, cloth. 1893 12s
English Languages, 12mo, pp. 335, 845 The Crown Sanskrit-English
cloth. 1862 4s Dictionary, Svo, cloth. 1912 3s Gd

Probsthain & Co., 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum.

Grammars and Dictionaries. 39

846 Ben fey (Th.) Practical Grammar of 856 Leupol (L.) Mebhode pour etudier la
the Sanskrit Language, 8vo, pp. 17, langue Sanskrite, 8vo, pp. 233. Paris,
223, cloth. Berlin, 1883 3s 6d 1859 3s 6d
847 The same, Second Edition, 857 Maedonell (A. A.) Vedic Grammar,
large 8vo, pp. iv, 458, cloth. 1910 303
carefully revised, 8vo, pp. 295, cloth.
1868 858 Monier Williams. Sanskrit Manual
(Grammar, Exercises, Vocabulary),
843 Bohtlingk (0.) Sanskrit Chre,to- 12mo, pp. 297, calf. 1868 5s
mathie (Readings in Sanskrit, with 859 MtilleP (Max) Sanskrit Grammar for
Notes in German), 8vo, pp. 451. St. P., Beginner?, in Devanagari and Roman
1845 6s characters throughout, roy. 8vo, pp.
849 and Roth 24, 307, cloth. 1866 6s
Bohtlingk (Otto) (R.)
Sanskrit Worterbuch, hrsg. von der 860 Handbook for the Study of San-
Kais. Akademie der Wiasenschaften, skrit First Book of the Hitopadesa,

Large Edition, 7 vols, roy. 4bo, cloth. containing Sanskrit Text, with Trans-
St. Petersburg, 1855-75 10 10s literation, Analysis, and English Trans-
This Dictionary, now out of print and scarce, will lation, roy. 8vo, pp. xi, 95, cloth. 1864
never be replaced. It is the most complete 6s
Dictionary on which all others are based. 860* The same, Books I. to IV.,
850 Burritt (E.) Sanskrit Handbook for Text only. 1865-68 5s
the Fireside, Grammar, Reading, Exer- 861 Nyayalankara. Laghumanj tri, or
cises, Vocabulary, roy. 8vo, pp. 96, Elements of Sanskrit Grammar, in
cloth. 1875 5a English, 8vo, pp. 200. Calcutta, 1887 2n
The Sanskrit in Devanagari and Roman characters. 862 Ppinsep (E. A.) Vocabulary, English-
851 Cappeller (C.) Sanskrit-English Dic- Sanskrit, roy. 8vo, pp. 104, interleaved,
tionary, rjy. 8vo, pp. viii, 672, cloth. half calf. 1847 4s
1891 (pub. 21s) 15s 863 Pulle (F. L.) Crestomazia sanscrita
As new. e vedica, 8vo, pp. 160. Padua, 1878
3s 6d
852 Hall's Compendious Vocabulary of
864 Stenzler (A. F.) Elementarbuch der
Sanskrit, in Divanagari and Roman
Sanskrit Sprache Grammatik, Text,
characters, compiled from the best Au-
thorities, preceded by a full translitera-
Worterbuch, 8vo, bds. 1875 4s
tion of the entire Alphabet, 4to, pp. 865 Uhlenbeek (C.) Manual of Sanskrit
407, cloth. London, 1885 10s 6d Phonetics, 8vo, pp. xii, 115, cloth.
" This 1898 6s
Bishop Caldwell wrote, very valuable Vo-
cabulary." 866 Whitney (W. D.) A
Sanskrit Gram-
853 mar, including both the Classic il
Haughton (G. C.) Dictionary, Bengali
and Sanskrit, explained in English, for Language and the other Dialects of
Students of either Language, with an Veda and Brahmana, 8vo. Reprint,
Index serving as a reversed Dictionary, 1913 12s
1833 18s 867 The Roots, Verb Forms, and
4to, pp. 2851, cloth.
Primary Derivatives of the Sanskrit
854 Henry (V.) Elements de Sanskrit
Language, 8vo, pp. viii, 250. 1885 7s
Classiqae, roy. 8vo, pp. xv, 234. Paris, 863 Yates (Wm.) A Grammar of the Sans-
1902 83
crit Language on a new plan, large
855 Lanman (Ch.) Sinskrit Reader, with 8vo, pp. 427, bds. Calcutta, 1820 3s
Vocabulary and Notes, large 8vo, pp. 869 Dictionary Sanskrit-English,
xr, 405, cloth. Boston, 190(5 10s 8vo, pp. 928, calf. Calcutta, 1846 10s

870 Aehyutarabhyudayam of Sri Ra- 872 Adhvara Mimamsa. Kubuhala
janatha, Sanskrit Text, with Commen- Vritti of Vasudeva Dikshita, edited by
tary by Krishnamachariar, Part I. (all Sastrigal, in 3 parts, Sanskrit Text, 4to,
issued), 12mo, pp. iv, 157. Srirangam, pp. 146, iv. Srirangam, 1907 7s 6d
1907 2s or Portion of
873 Adhyatma Ramayana,
871 Adyaitadipika, by K. Amma, San- the Bhagavat Purana, in 7 Kandas,
skrit Text, with English Translation, with Ramavarman's Commentary, in
8vo. Kumbakonam, 1910 Is 6d Sanskrit, oblong 4to. Bombay 10s

Prcbsthain & Co., 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum.

Sanskrit Texts and Translations.

874 Advaita Siddhi Siddhanta Sara : 885 Atha Shrimad Brahma Sutra
an Abstract of Advaita Sid hi, by (Vedanta Philosophy), with a Large
Pandit 8. Vyasa, in Sanskrit, 3 parts. Commentary in Sanskrit, oblong 4bo.
Benares, 1903 7s 6d Bombay 12s 6d
Chowkhamba S.S. 836 Banabhatta. Kadambari Sangraha,
875 Aitariya Aranyaka of the Rig Veda, Sanskrit Text, edited by Krishna-
with the Commentary of Sayana machariar, 8vo, pp. iv, 203, bds.
Srirangam, 1907 3s 6d
Acharya, Sanskrit Text, roy. 8vo, pp.
296, bds. Poona, 1898 6s 886* The same, translated by C. M.
AnandasaramaS.S., No. 38. Ridding, 8vo, cloth. 1896 (O. T. F.) 10s
876 Aitareya-BrahmansB Specimen, 887 Bhagavata Churnika. An Abstract
Sanskrit Text), in Roman characters, of the Bhagavata Purana, Sanskrit
with Latin Translation, and Latin In- Text, oblong folio. Bombay, 1861 10s
troduction,by E. Schoenborn, 8vo, pp. 888 Bhagavat-Gita, or the Sacred Lay
47. Berlin 2s
a Colloquy between Krishna and
877 Aitareya Brahmanam (The), con- Arjnna on Divine Matters, Sanskrit
taining the Earliest Speculations of Text, edited by J. C. Thomson, 8vo,
the Brahmans on Sacrificial Prayers, pp. xii, 92, cloth. Hertford, 1855 4s
and on the Origin, Performance and 889 The Sacred Lay, in Sanskrit,
Sense of the Rites of the Vodic with a Commentary in Marathi, oblong
Religion, Sanskrit Text, with English folio. Bombay, 1860 12s
Translation and Notes by M. Hang, 2
890 Translated into English blank
vols, 12 mo, with a map of the Sacrificial
verse, with Notes and an Introductory
Compound at the Soma Sacrifice, cloth.
21s Essay by K. T. Tclang, 8vo, pp. 12,
Bombay, 1863 119, 143, cloth. Bombay, 1875 5s
878 Aitareya (The) and Taittiriya 891 Or a Discourse between Krishna
BLE>. Upanishads and Sakara's Commentary, and Arjuna on Divine Matters, a Sans-
translated by S. Sastri, 12mo, pp. 229.
krit Philosophical Poem, translated
Madras 2s 6d
with copious Notes and an Introduction
879 AmarakOSha, Dictionary of the
or on Sanskrit Philosophy, 8vo, pp. 138,
Sanskrit Language, in Sanskrit, oblong 158, cloth. Hertford, 1855 12s 6d
folio. Lucknow, 1863 3s 6d 892 The Song Celestial, translated
880 Amritabindu and Kaivalya Upani- from the Sanskrit by Edw. Arnold, 8vo,
shads, translated into English by A. pp. xiv, 173, cloth. 1885 4s
M. Sastri, 12mo, pp. xxiv, 94, bds. With the Author's autograph.
Madras, 1898 2s 6d 893 An Episode of the Mahabharat,
881 Annambhatta. The Tarka-San- a new Translation by W. Osley, with
graha, with the Dipika, Sanskrit Text, Comments, 8vo, pp. vi, 289, cloth.
with a Critical Introduction, copious 1903 5s

Explanatory Notes in English, by 894 The Song Divine, a Metrical

Mehendale, 8vo. Bombay, 1893 3s English Rendering, with Annotations
882 Arnold (E.) Indian Poetry, containing
by C. C. Caleb, 12mo, pp. xi, 168, cloth.
1911 2s 6d
a New Edition of the Indian Song of
Songs (Gita Govinda), Two Books
895 CHINTAMON (H.) A Commentary
from the Mahabharata, and other on the Texts of the Bhagavad-Gita,
Oriental Poems (Translations from 8vo, pp. xxxiv, 83, cloth. 1874 4s
Sanskrit), 8vo, pp. 270, cloth. 1881 6s 898 Thoughts on Bagavad Gita, a
Series of Twelve Lectures, 8vo, pp. 162.
883 Ashtavakra Gita :
being a Dialogue
between King Janaka and Risha Kumbhahonam, 1893 3s
Ashtavakra on Vedanta, Sanskrit Text, 897 Bhagavat Puranam, with Com-
with English Translation, by L. B. mentary, in Thirteen Skandas, Sanskrit
Nath, 8vo, pp. xvi, 76. Allahabad, Text, with Index, oblong folio, 766
1907 2s 6d leaves, with front, to each Skanda.
Bombay, 1881 36s
884 Astangahridayam, a Compendium Nirnaya Sagara Press.
of Hindu System of Medicine, by
Vagbhata, with the Commentary of 898 Bhagavata Purana. Twelth
Arunadatta, revised by A. M. Kunto, Skanda, entitled Sukar Sagar, in Hindi,
Sanskrit Text, 2 vols, 8vo, cloth. 4to, pp. 909, half calf. Calcutta, 1823
Bombay, 1880 2 2s 15s

Probsthain & Co. t 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum.

Sanskrit Texts and Translations.

899 Bhamati. A Gloss on Sankara 911 Brahma Sutras (The), construed

Acharya's Commentary on the Brahma literally according to the Commentary
Sutras, by Vachaspati Misra, edited of Madhvacharya, by R. Row, Sanskrit
by Pandit Bala Sastri, Sanskrit Text, Text, 8vo, pp. 104. Kumbakonam, 1902
8 parts complete, 8vo. Benares, 1876- 3s
80 25s 912 Brahma Sutra, with its Commentary,
Bibliotheca Indica. Out of print.
Viggyanamitra, edited by Pandit M.
900 Bhartrihari. Sententiae, Sanskrit Shastri, Sanskrit Text, 6 parts.
Text, with Latin Translation and Benares, 1900-01 15s
Notes, by P. Bohlen, 4to, pp. 29, 250, Chowkhamba S.S.
cloth. 1833 5s
913 Brahmasutra vritti, by Krishna-
901 The Satakas, or Wise Sayings,
chandra, in Sanskrit, Part I., 8vo, pp.
translated from the Sanskrit, with 160. Benares, 1907 3a
Notes, by J. M. Kennedy, 8vo, pp. 166,
3s 6d
914 Braja Mohan Deb On the Supreme
cloth. 1913
God, or Inquiry into Spiritual and Idol
902 Nitisataka and Vaitragyasatakai
with Extracts from Two Sanskrit Com- Worship ; also Vagra Suchi, or Divine
Institution of Cas-ta by ASVAGOSA,
mentaries, edited in Sanskrit, with translated from Bengali and Sanskrit
Notes by Telang, 8vo, pp. 131.
by W. Morton, 12mo, pp. 176, and
Bombay, 1885 6s
Bengali Text. Calcutta, 1843 4s
Bombay Sanskrit S., No. n, out of print.
915 Brihad Aranyaka Upanishad, with
903 Bhaskararaya's Sivanamakal-
the Bhashya of Sankaracharya and its
palatalavala, Part I. (all), Sanskrit
Text, with German Translation and
Commentary by Anandajnana, edited
Notes by E. Strohal, 8vo, pp. 32. 1900 by Agase, in Sanskrit, roy. 8vo, pp. 822,
2a6d xi, bds. Poona, 1891 20s
Anandasrama S.S., No. 15.
904 Bbatti Kavya. A Poem on the
Actions of Rama, 2 vols in one, with the 916 Bhashyavarlika, by Sures-
Commentaries of Yayamangala and waracharya, with its Commentary by
Bharatamallika, edited in Sanskrit by Anandajoana, edited by Agase, in
Y. N. Tarkratna, 8vo, cloth. Calcutta, Sanskrit, 3 vols, roy. 8vo, bds. Poona,
1892-94 2 3s
1871-73 Anandasrama No.
S.S,, 16.
905 Bhatti Kavyam. Cantos 1 to 5,
917 And the Commentary of
literally translated into English, with
Critical Notes by Kunja Lai Nag, roy.
S'ankara Acharya on its First Chapter,
translated from the Sanskrit by E.
8vo, pp. 96. Calcutta, 1893 2s
Roer, 8vo, pp. vii, 279. Calcutta, 1856
906 BhavabhutL Malat and Madhava :
a Sanskrit Drama, edited with a Com- Bibliotheca Indica. Scarce.
mentary by Vidyaeagara, 8vo, pp. 185.
918 Brhat Katha Clokasamgraha.
Calcutta, 1876 3s
Sargas I. a IX., Sanscrit Text, with Notes
907 Uttara Rama Charita a :
in French by F. Lacote, roy. 8vo, pp.
Sanskrit Drama, translated into Eng- xiii, 109. Paris, 1908 8s
lish Prose by C. H. Tawney, roy. 8vo,
919 The same, Essai sur Gunadhya
pp. 98, bds. Calcutta, 1874 5s
et la Brhatkatha, suivi du texte des
903 Bhavatachampu, or Champnbharata, Chapitres 27 a 30 du Nepala Mahatmya,
a Poem in 12 Cantos, in Verse and 8vo, pp. xv, 336. Paris, 1908 8s
Prose, by Ananda Bhatta, the Poet, Contribution a 1'Histoire des Contes Indiens.
with Commentary, Sanskrit Text, 920 The same, Une version nouvello
oblong folio, 255 leaves. Bombay, 1864 de la Brhatkatha, with plates, 8 vo, pp.
10s 6d 40. Pans, 1906 2s 6d
908* Another edition. Bombay, 921 Brihat Samhita, of Varaha Mihira,
1880 12s translated into English by N. C. Iyer,
909 Bibekaehuramani, by Sankara 2 vols, 8vo. Madura, 1884-85 20s
Acharya, edited by Gopala Pandit, 922 Bruee (C.) The Story
Nala and of
Sanskrit Text, folio oblong. Calcutta, from
translated the
1870 3s Sanscrit, 8vo, pp. 28. N.D. 2s 6d
910 Brahma Purana, by Srimat Vyasa, 923 JGeschichte von Nala, Versuch e.
edited by the Pandits of the Anandas- Herstellung des Textes, 8vo, pp. 47.
rama, in Sanskrit, roy. 8vo, pp. xvii, St. P., 1862 2s 6d
595, bds. Foona, 1895 15s Sanskrit text of the story of Nala, with German
Anandasrama S.S., No. 28. introduction.

Probsthain & Co., 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum.

Sanskrit Texts and Translations.

924 Broughton (T. D.) Selections from 937 Fleurs de 1 Inde, comprenant la Morb
the Popular Poetry of the Hindoos, de Yaznadate, episode tire, du Rama-
translated from the Sanskrit, 8vo, pp. yana. Traduit en vers latins et f ranais,
156, bds. 1814 3s avec texto Sanskrit, et autres poesies
925 with the hindones, par Guerrier et Dumast, roy.
Bhashya of Saokacharya and its Com-
8vo, pp. xii, 268. Nancy, 1857 12s 6d
A few pages are slightly water-stained.
mentary by Anandajnana, in Sanskrit,
roy. 8vo, pp. 482, xii, bds. Poona, 938 Ganadarpana, Sanskrit Text, edited
1890 12s by R. Shiromony, 8vo, pp. 237. Cal-
Anandasrama S.S. , No. 14, Part I. cutta 4s

926 A Compendium 939 Ganapati. Atharvasirsam, with a

Bhasya, edited in Sanskrit by Islam
of Buddhistic Teaching, by Cantideva,
chiefly from Earlier Mahayana Sutras, purkar, Second Edition, roy. 8vo, pp.
in San krit by C. Bendall, 4 partF, 22, ii, bde. Poona, 1890 Is 6d
8vo. S\ Petersburg, 1897-1902 10s 940 Ganaratnavali. A Collection of
Gana's Panini's Grammar, with Com-
927 Danaehandrika. Rules on Expia-
tory Donations, extracted from the mentary, edited by Yejnesvara Bhatta,
Sanskrit Text, oblong folio, pp. 134.
Sastras, oblong folio. Benares, 1860 4s
Baroda, 1874 6s
928 Dasa Kumara Charita, or Adven-
941 Gangalahari. A Hymn in Praise o
tures of Ten Princes a Series of Tales
the Goddess Ganga, by Jagannatba,
in the original Sanskrit, by Dandin,
with Commentary in Sanskrit, oblong
edited by H. H. Wilson, 8vo, pp. 31,
folio, 32 leaves. Bombay, 1865 2s 6d
202. 1846 7s 6d
942 Ganitadhyaya a Treatise on Astro-

929 Dasakumaraeharita, with Com-

mentaries edited in nomy, by Bhaskaracharya, Sanskrit
by Text, edited by J. Vidyasagara, 8vo,
Sanskrit, with various Readings, by 4s 6d
pp. 200. Calcutta, 1881
Godapole and Paraba, large 8vo, pp.
245, cloth. Bombay, 1883 (Nirnaya 943 Garga Samhita, or Stories about
Sagara 5s Krishna, his Frolics and his Adventures,
Sanskrit Text, lithographed, folio,
930 Dasakumaracharitam. Hindoo
7s 6d
oblong. Lahore, 1877
Tales, or the Adventures of Ten
Princes, freely translated from the 943* The same, in Sanskrit, folio,
Sanskrit by P. W. Jacob, 8vo, pp. z, oblong, 230 leaves. Bombay, 1881
10s 6d
376, cloth. 1873 7s 6d
944 Gheranda Sanhita a Treatise on

931 Devimahatmyam, with Nagoji- Batha Yoga, Sanskrit Text, with

bhatti's Commentary, oblong folio, pp.
2s 6d English Translation by S. C. Vasu,
81. Benares, 1861
12mo, pp. xxix, 53, 47, bds. Bombay,
Part of Markandeya Purana. 2s 6d
932 with Nagojibhatti's Commen- 945 GitagOVinda, a Lyric Drama, by
tary, or Saptasati, 12mo, 144 leaves. Jayadeva, in Sanskrit, with Marathi
Bombay, 1864 3s
Commentary, roy. 8vo, pp. 77, with 24
a Section of the illustrations. Bombay, 18CO 3s 6d
933 Devimahatmya :

Markandeya Purana, with Nagoji- 946 Sanskrit Text, with Latin Notes
bhatti's Commentary, in Sanskrit, and Translation by C. Lassen, 4to, pp.
12mo, 110 leaves. Benares 3s 6d xxxviii, 142, bds. Bonn, 1836 7s 6d
934 Dhanapata Sutra, Sanskrit Text, 947 Gobhilagrhyasutra, Sanskrit Text,
with exhaustive Commentary, oblong in Roman edited by Fr.
folio, pp. 1109, cloth. Calcutta, Samb, Knauer, 8vo, pp. 188532. 2s 6d
1936 2 10s 948 Godavari Mahatmya. Simbasta-
935 Divy ay adana. A Collection of Early mahatmya, Sanskrit Text, oblong folio,
Buddhist Legends, now first edited 104 leaves. Bombay 10s 6d
from the Nepalese Sanskrit, with Notes 949 Goladhyaga: aTreatise on Astronomy,
by E. B. Cowell and R. A. Neil, roy. by Bhaskara Acharya, 8vo, pp. xii, 169,
8vo, pp. xii, 712, clotb. 1886 clotb. Calcutta, 1856 3s
(pub. 18s) 10s 950 a Treatise on Astro-
936 Ekadasi Mahatmya(Selections from nomy, with Commentary, by Ganesa,
different Pnranas),SanskritText, oblong in Sanskrit, oblong folio. Bombay,
4 to, 38 leaves. Bombay, 1858 2s 6d 1882 5s

Probst'hain & Co., 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum.

Sanskrit Texts and Translations. 43

951 Grhyasamgraha parieishta, von 965 Jagadisi (The), a Commentary on

Gobhilaputra, Sanskrit Romanized Text, Anumana Chintamani Didhiti, by
with German Translation, Notes and Siromani, 8 Parts, in Sanskrit, 8vo.
Introduction by M. Bloomfield, 8vo, pp.
Benares, 1908-07 20s
55. Leipzig 2s 6d Cbccokbamba S.S.
952 Griffith (R. T. H.) Scenes from the 966 Jaimini. Aphorisms of the Mirjodng
Ramayan, 8vo, pp. xv, 186, cloth.
Philosophy, in Sanskrit and English,
1868 4s 8vo, pp. 36. Allahabad, 1851 2s 6d
Poetical translations from the Sanskrit.
967 Jainastotra-sangraha. A Collec-
953 Gudharthadipika, a Commentary on tion of Jain Hymns in Sanskrit, 12mo,
Bhramaragita of the Tenth Chapter of pp. 118. Binares, 1904 2s 6d
Srimad Bhagavata, by Dh. Suri, Sans-
968 Jayanagarapanea rangam, Poem,
krit Text, 8vo. Benares, 1908 2s 6d
with Gauryalankarab, &c., Sanskrit
954 Halayudha'S Abhidhanaratnamala, a Text, 8vo, pp. 114. Bombay, 1894 4s
Sanskrit Vocabulary, Sanskrit Text,
edited with a Sanskrit-English Glossary, 969 Jivanmukti Viveka, by Vidyaranya
by Th. Aufrecht, 8vo, pp. viii, 398, Swami, edited by Pana&ikara, roy. 8vo,
pp. 112, bds. Poona, 1890 3s
(pub. 18s) 10s 6d
cloth. 1861 iii,

955 Harshadeva. Priyadarsika, with

970 Jnata dharma Kathangasutra,
with a large Commentary, in Sanskrit,
Commentary, by Krishnamachariar,
and an English Introduction, 8vo, pp. oblong 4to, pp. 1531, cloth. Calcutta,
1933 2 18s
48, 97. Srirangam, 1S06 2s
958 Hatha Yoga Pradipika of Swat- 971 Kalidasa. Jyotirvidabharana, an
maram Swami, Sanskrit Text, with Astrological Work ascribed to K., with
Commentary by T. Tatya, and English Commentary by Bhavaratna, Sanskrit
Translation by .S. lyangar, 12mo, pp. Text, oblong folio, 250 leavee. Benares,
1869 15s
204, 106, bds. Bombay, 1893 5s
Scarce there is no recent edition.

957 Hitopadesa. by Narayana, Sanskrit Kumara Sambhava, the Birth

Text, with English Introduction and
Notes by P. Peterson, 8vo, pp. x, 63, of the War
God, translated from the
4s Sanskrit into English verse by R. T. H.
161, 96. Bombay, 1887 1853
Griffith, 8vo, pp. x, 89, cloth.
958 The Sanskrit Text, with a 6d
(O.T.F.) 7s
Grammatical Analysis, a large Voca-
bulary of 212 pages, and a complete
973 Meghaduta, with Commentary
Translation by F. Johnson, 4to, half of Mallinatha, edited by Prana Natha,
calf.1847-48 15s Sanskrit Text, 8vo, pp. 125. Calcutta,
1871 4s
959 A
Series of Fables, translated
from the Sanskrit by C. Wilkins, 8vo, 974 Meghaduta, or Cloud Messenger,
translated into English Verse by H. H.
pp. xx, 334, bds. Bath, 1787 6s
960 Indian Fables, translated from Wilson, 8vo, pp. 70. Calcutta, 1872
2s 6d
the Sanskrit, illustrated in colours from
original designs by F. Lacombe, 4to,
975 Megha Duta, or Cloud Messen-
& 10s 6d ger, translated into English Prose by
pp. 30, cloth. (Day Sons)
Col. H. A. Ouvry, 12mo, pp. viii, 67,
961 Indian Historical Series. Vol. L,
cloth. 1868 5s
Early History of the Solankis, edited
976 Meghaduta o la Nube Messag-
by G. Hirachand Ojha, in Sanskrit,
f?era, translated from Sanskrit into
roy. 8vo, pp. vii, 209. Calcutta, 1908
Italian by G. Flechia, 8vo, pp. 152,
962 Isavasyopanishad, with the Bhashya with portrait and illustrations. Florence,
of Sankaracharya, and other Sanskrit 1897 7s 6d
Texts, roy. 8vo, bds. Poona, 1888 977 Mrichchhakati, i.e., Curriculum
2s 6d figlinum, Sudrakae fabula, Sanskrit
Anandasrama S.S., No. 5. Text, edited by A. F. Stenzler, 4to,
963 Translated into English, with pp. viii, 332. Bonn, 1847 (pub. 24s) 15s
Commentaries and Notes, by S. Chandra Scarce.

Vasu, 8vo, pp. vi, 68, bde. Bombay, 978 Mrcchakatika, the Little Clay
1896 2s 6d Cart, a Hindu Drama, translated from
964 With Commentary of Sankara- the Original Sanskrit and Prakrits into
charya, translated into English by English Prose and Verse by A. W.
Hiriyanna, 12mo, pp. v, 33. Srirangam, Ryder, large 8vo, pp. xxix, 176, cloth.
1911 23 1905 6s 6d

Probsthain & Co., 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum,

44 Sanskrit Texts and Translations.

979 Kalidasa. Nalodaya, a Sanskrit His- 994 Kapila. Aphorisms, with

toricalPoem, edited in Sanskrit by illustrativeExtracts from the Com-
Jaganatha Sukla, 870, pp. 166. Cal- mentaries, Sanskrit Text and English
cutta, 1870 4s 6d Translation, Sanskrit by J. R. Ballan-
980 Nalodaya, Sanskrit Text, with tyne, Svo, pp. vii, 464, cloth. 1885
Commentary and Latin Translation and (T.O.S.) (pub. 16s) 12s
Notes by F. Be nary, 4bo, pp. 131 ; 995 Karmavipaka, a Work on Sins and
together with Kalidasa? s Urvasia, their Expiations, by Satatapa, in San-
Sanskrit Text, with Latin Notes and skrit, oblong folio, 86 leaves. Benares,
Translation by R. Lenz, 4 to, pp. 240, 1876 6s
half calf. Berlin, 1830/33 9s
996 Kashmir Series of Texts and
980* The same, without
Studies, edited by J. C. Chatfcerji :

1830 4s Vol. I., The Shiva Sutra Vimarshini :

981 Pushpabana Bilashakavyam, a being the Sutras of Vasu Gupta,

Poem, with an old Commentary by with the Commentary by Kshemarja,
Vidyasagara, Sanskrit Text, 8vo, pp. with an English Introduction, Svo,
58. Calcutta, 1874 2s 1911
pp. 210, cloth. 4s
982 Raghuvansa, Sanskrit Text,
with LatinTranslation by A. F.
996* The same, The
Vol. III.,

Stenzler. 4to, pp. x, 179, 173. 1832 Pratyabhijna Hridaya: being a Sum-
(O.T.F.) 14s mary of the Doctrines of the Advaita
Shaiva Philosophy of Kashmir, by
Kshemarja, with an English Preface,
983 Raghuvansa, with Mallinal ha's
called Samjivani, Sans- Svo, pp. 73, cloth. Srinagar, 1911 2s
krit Texb, oblong folio, 192 leaves. 997 Kathakoca, or Treasury of Stories,
Benares, 1862 9s translated from Sanskrit MSS. by
984 Raghuvamsa, with Mallinatha's C. H. Tawney, Svo, pp. 23, 260, cloth.
Commentary, Sanskrit Text, oblong 1895 10s
folio. Bombay, 1876 9s A Nosegay
998 Kathakusumamanj ari.
985 Raghuvamsa, with Mallinatha's of Moral Stories, by S. V. Sastri, Part
Commentary, Sanskrit Text, edited, I. (all issued), in Sanskrit, Svo, pp.
with Notes, by Shankar P. Pandit, 2s 6d
190. Srirangam, 1906
3vols. Bombay, 1872-97 9s
Bombay S.S., Nos. 5, 13, 18.
999 Katha Sarit Sagara, or Ocean of
986 ^ Raghuvamsa, with Mallinatha's
the Streams. Stories, translated from
the Sanskrit by C. H. Tawney, with
Commentary, Sargas 2 to 6, 9, 11,
oblong folio. Poona, 1845-49 5s Index, in 14 parts, roy. Svo. Calcutta,
All the Sargas were published separately. 1880-87 2 10s
987 Ritu Sanhara, or Assemblage Bibliotheca Indica. Scarce.
of Seasons, translated into English by 1000 Katyayana Srauta Sutra, with
S. Jayati, 8vo, pp. vii, 56, cloth. 1867 in Sans-
Commentary by Karkacharya,
3s 6d Parts to 10, Svo.
krit, Benirea,
988 Ritusanhara, with Commentary, 1903 04 2 2s
by Vidyasagara, Sanskrit Text, 8vo, Chowkhamba S.S.
pp. 80. Calcutta, 1872 2s 6d
1001 Kaushitaki Brahmana, Sanskrit
9S9 Sakuntala, Sanskrit Text, with
German Notes and Translation by O. Text, edited by B. Lindner, Svo, pp.
xii, 163. Jena, 1887 (pub. 10s) 6s
Boehtlingk, large Svo, pp. xiv, 292,
The German translation has not been issued.
117. Bonn, 1842 (pub. 24s) 10s
990 Sacconbala, or the Fatal Ring, 1002 Kaushitaki Brahmana Upani-
an Indian Drama, translated by W. shad, with the Commentary of Sinka-
Jones, Svo, pp. 156, cloth. 1870 4s rananda, Sanskrit Text, with English
La Reconnaissance de Sakoun- Translation by E. B. Cowell, in 2 parts.
Calcutta (Bibl. Ind.), 1861 10s
tala, Traduit du Sanskrit, Svo, pp.
3s Scarce.
xxiv, 188, cloth. Paris, 1867
992 Vikramorvaei, a Drama, edited 1003 Kavyadipika. A
Manual of Sans-
in Sanskrit by M. Williams, Svo, pp. krib Rhetoric, in Sanskrit, with a short
76, bds. Hertford, 1849 3s Account, in English, of the Rise, Pro-
993 Vikramorvashi, a Drama in gress, and Decline of Sanskrit Poetry,
Five Acts, edited in Sanskrit, with by K. Ch. Vidyaratna, edited, with
Commentary, by Vidyasagara, Svo, pp. Commentary, by J. Vidyasagara, Svo,
194. Calcutta, 1873 4s pp. 124, 13. Calcutta, 1886 3s

Probsthain & Co., 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum.

Sanskrit Texts and Translations. 45

1004 Kavya Prakashika, 35 parts, con- 1017 Lakshmi Kavya (The), by the
taining Sakuntala, Kumara Sambhava, famous Sanskrit Poet, Goswami Lak-
Uttara Ramacharita, Raghuvamsa, shmi Nath, in Sanskrit, 8vo, pp. 293.
Bhatbi Kavya, Sanskrit Text, with Rawalpindi, 1897 8s
Notes and Bengali Translations, 8vo. 1018 Lakshmisahaspa Stotra, by Ven-
Calcutta, 1868-73 36s takadhvarya, in Sanskrit, oblong 4to.
1005 Kenopanishad, with the Pada and Bombay, 1864 3s 6d
Vakya Bhashyas of Saokaracharya, 1019 Lalita Sahasranama, Sanskrit
roy. 8vo, bds. Poona, 1888 2s 6d Text, 12mo, pp. 90. Srirangam, 1906
Anandasrama S.S., No. 6.
1006 with Sankaracharya's Com- 1020 Lalita Vistara, Sanskrit Text, mib
mentary, translated by Hiriyarma, Varianten, Wurter-u. Metrenverzeich-
12mo, pp. viii, 65. Srirangam, 1912 2s nis, edited by S. Lefmann, 2 vols.
1007 Kishkinclha Kanda (Part of the Halle, 1902-1908 2
Bamayana). A Sanskrit Manuscript, 1021 Erzahlung vom Leben des
XVIIIth Century, 100 leaves, 16mo,full Cakya Simha, translated from Sanskrit
leather binding 21s into German, and with Notes by S.
1008 Koutsa et Lefmann, Part I. (all issued), large
CEuvres (Prieres antehistoriques) Tra- 8vo, pp. viii, 220. Berlin, 1874
dnitesdu Sanskrit vudiquo et accom- (pub. 9s) 5s
1022 ContenantPhistoiredu Buddha
pagn^es de notes sur la religion vedique,
par B. Gachet, 8vo, pp. 315, cloth. depuis sa naissance jusqu'a sa predi-
7s 6d cation, Vol. I., French Translation by
Pans, 1870
P. E. Foucaux, 4to, pp. xxiii, 406, with
1009 Krishna MiSFa. Prabodha-Chan- 5 plates, cloth. Paris, 1884 (Musee
drodaya, oder die Geburt des Begriffs, Guimet) 14s
a Philosophical Drama, translated from
1023 Legends of the Shrine of Harihara,
the Sanskrit into German by K.
in the Province of Mysore, translated
Rosenkranz, 8vo, pp. xxv, 184, half from Sanskrit by Th. Foulkes, 8vo,
calf. 1842 6s
pp. 99, cloth. Madras, 1876 5s
1010 Krisna Yaj upvediya Swetas watar.
1024 Linga Puranam, Sanskrit Text,
Upanishad, with the Bhasya of
oblong folio, 337 and 113 leaves. Bom-
Sankaracharya and the Dipikas, roy. bay 21s
8vo, bds. Poona, 1890 7s 6d
1025 Linganusasana, by Hemacandra,
Anandasrama S.S., No. 17.
with Commentary, in Sanskrit, 12mo,
1011 Kpityasapa Samuehehaya, Sans- 2s 6d
pp. 160. Benares, 1904
krit Text, oblong folio, 45 leaves and
1026 Magha Mahatmya (a Section of the
Index. Benares, 1877 4s
Padma Purana), Sanskrit Text, oblong
1012 Ksemendra's Samayamatrika (Das folio, 49 leaves. Bombay, 1879 3s
Zaubarbnch der Hetareu), ins Deutsche
1027 Mahabharata, translated into Eng-
iibertragen, von J. J. Meyer, 8vo, pp. with Commentary, by S. C.
lish Prose,
Iviii, 108, cloth. 1903 6s
Translated from the Sanskrit.
Mnkhopadhyaya, Parts 49 to 54, roy.
8vo. Calcutta, 1903 4s
1013 KumaPadasa. Janakiharanam, the 1023 Translated from Sanskrit into
Great Sanskrit Poem, in Sanskrit, 8vo,
English Prose by M. V. Dutt, Vol. VI.,
pp. vii, 214. Calcutta, 1893 7s 6d
containing Bhisma Parva, 8vo, pp. 215.
1014 The Janakiharanam, edited, Calcutta, 1896 4s
Sanskrit, with copious Notes in
in 1029 Johnson (F.) Selections from
English, by G. R. Nandargikar, 8vo, the Mahabharata, roy. 8vo, pp. xvi, 91,
pp. 155, 347, and Index. Bombay, 265, bds. London, 1842 4s
1907 7s 6d 1030
There is also a Singhalese edition, see No. 1572,
Mahabhasyapradipoddyota, by
Nagega Bhatta, edited in Sanskrit by
1015 Laghueanakyam. Sentenze di Pandit Bah. Sastri, Vols. I., II., and
Visnugutto, Sanskrit (romanized) Text, III., Parts 1 to 9, 8vo. Calcutta, 1899-
with Italian Translation, with Notes 1909(iW. Ind.) 2 6s
by E. Teza, 4to, pp. 50. Pisa, 1878 4s 1031 Mahavastu, Sanskrit Text, edited,
1016 Laghu Kaumudi, a Sanskrit with Introduction and a Commentary
Grammar, by Varadaraja, together in French, by E. Senart, Vol. I., roy.
with Sarasvata, Sanskrit Text, oblong 8vo, pp.
" 52, 633. Paris, 1882 16s
folio. Bombay, 1861 7s 6d 1031* The same, Vols. II. and III.
A. C. Darnell's copy, with his signature. 2

Probsthain & Co., 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum.

46 Sanskrit Texts and Translations.

1032 Mahisa Satakam, Padara Vinda 101:5 Muhurtaehintamani, on Constella-

Satakam Mandasmita
Stuti Satakam, tions favourable for the performance of
Sabakam, Sanskrit Text, edited by Religious Ceremonies, by Rama, in
Vidyasagara, 8vo, pp. 96. Calcutta, Sanskrit, oblong folio, 167 leaves.
1874 2s 6d Benares, 1867 5s
1033 Manava Oharma Sastra of
(Laws 1044 Muhurta Chintamani, a Work on
Manu) The Commentary of Govin- Constellations favourable for the Per-
danaja, edited, with Notes in Sanskrit, formance of Religions Ceremonies,
by V. N. Mandlik, 4to, pp. 174, bds. Sanskrit Text, oblong folio, 159 leaves.
Bombay, 1886 5s Bombay, 1880 8s
1045 Muir (J.) Original Sanskrit Texts on
1034 Manduky-Upanishad, with Gauda-
the Origin and Progress of the Religions
pada's Karikas and the Bhashya of
Sankara, translated into English by and Institutions of India, Part I., 8vo,
Dvivedi, roy. 8vo, pp. 46, 137, v, bds. pp. ix, 204, cloth. 1858 10s
3s 6d The Mythical and Legendary Accounts of Caste.
Bombay, 1894 Sanskrit Texts and English Translations.
1035 Mantrabrahmana, das. I. :
Prapa- 1046 The same, Part IV., 8vo, pp.
thaka,Sanskrit Text (Roman cha- 1863 10s
xi, 437, cloth.
racters), with a German Translation This volume contains Comparison of the Vedic
and Notes and Introduction by H. with the later representations of the Indian
Stunner, 8vo, pp. xxxv, 53. Halle,
1901 2s 6d 1047 Religious and Moral Senti-
1036 MantParapatha, or the Prayer Book ments metrically rendered from Sans-
of the Apastambins, edited by Winter- krit Writers, with exact Translation in
nitz, Vol. I., Sanskrit Text, 4to, pp. Prose, 8vo, pp. 128, cloth. 1875 3s
50, 109. Oxford, 1897 (pub. 10s 6d) 8s 1048 Metrical Translations from
Vol. II. i the Translation is not yet published. Sanskrit Writers, with Introduction,
ANECDOTA OXON. many Prose Versions, &c., 8vo, pp. 44,
1037 Manu. Laws of Mann, with the 376, cloth. 1879 (T.O.S.) (pub. 14s)
Commentary of Knlluka Bhatta, edited 10s 6d
by P. Hayagriva, Sanskrit Text in 1049 Nagojibhatta. The Paribhashen-
Telugu characters, 2 vols in one, 4to, dusekhara, Sanskrit Text, with various
bds. Madras, 1864 10s Readings, English Translation and
1038 The Ordinances of Manu, Notes, by F. Kielhorn, 2 parts in 4
translated from the Sanskrit by A. C. vols, 8vo. Bombay, 1868-74 10s
Burnell, completed by E. W. Hopkins, 1050 Nalopakhyanam, or the Tale of
8vo, pp. 62, 400, cloth. 1884 10s Nala :
containing the Sanskrit Text in
Triibner's O.S. Roman characters, with Vocabulary,
1039 The Laws of Manu, translated and a Sketch of Sanskrit Grammar, by
with Extracts from seven Commentaries Th. Garrett, 8vo, pp. 154, cloth. Cam-
by G. Biihler, 8vo, pp. 138, 620, half bridge, 1882 7s 6d
calf. Oxford, 1886 2 2s 1051 Nalopakhyanam. Das Lied vom
Sacred Books of the East, Vol 25. Very rare. Konig Nala. Erstes Lesebuch f.
1039* Markandeya Purana, translated Anfangerim Sanskrit, Romanized Text,
into English, with copious Notes, by
with full notes in German and Sanskrit-
F. E. Pargiter, in 9 Parts, as issued, German Vocabulary by H. C. Kellner,
8vo. Calcutta, 1888-1905 (Bibl Ind.) 8vo, pp. 252. Leipzig, 1885 5s
12s 1052 N a pa da Pancharatra (The),
1010 Himansabalaprakasha, by Bhatta Sanskrit Text, edited by K. M.
Shankar, in Sanskrit, 8vo, pp. 183. Banerjea, 4 parts (complete), roy. 8vo.
Calcutta, 1861-65 20s
Benares, 1902 5s
Bibliotheca Indica Out of print.
Chowkhamba S.S.
1053 Narayana Samgraha, or Rules on
1041 Mimansa Nyayaprakasa, Sanskrit
Ritualistic extracted from
Text, oblong folio, 33 leaves. Benares Subjects,
the Sastras, oblong folio, 33 leaves.
3s 6d
Bombay, 1865 3s
1042 Mimansa-Sloka-Vartika, by Ku- 1054 Nitiprakasika, ascribed to Vaisam-
marila Bhatta, with the Commentary
payana, Sanskrit Text, with partial
by P. C. Misra, edited by R. S. translation into English by G. Oppert,
Tailanga, 10 parts, in Sanskrit. Benares, Svo, pp. 83. Madras, 1882 4s
1898-99 25s Includes an interesting description of the constitu-
Chowkhamba Sanskrit S. tion of the Indian Army.

Probsthain & Co., 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum.

Sanskrit Texts and Translations.

1055 Nilakantha. Tajika: a work on 1067 Panchasiddhantika. The

Astrology, consisting of Three Sec- Astronomical Work of Varaha Mihira,
tions the Samjtia, Varsha and Prasna
: Sanskrit Text, with an original Com-
Tantras, with Commentary, oblong mentary in Sanskrit, and an English
folio, 69, 59, 21 leaves. Benares, 1865 Translation, and Introduction by G.
12a 6d Thibaut and M. Sudbakara, 4to, pp.
1055* The same, Samjna Tantra, 61, 171, 105, cloth. Benares, 1889 15s
with Commentary. Bombay, 1861 6s Valuable work.
1056 Nrisinha Tapani (The) of the 1068 Pancha Tantra, ou les cinq ruses,
Atharva Veda, with the Commentary of Fables du Brahme Vichnou Sarma,
Sankara Acharya, edited by B. Aventnres de Paramarta et autres
Tarkaratna, Sanskrit Text, 3 parts, contes, Traduits du Sanskrit par J. A.
8vo. Calcutta, 1870-71 15s Dnbois, 8vo, pp. xvi, 415. Paris, 1826
Bibliotheca Indica. Out of print. Ida ad
1057 Nyaya Makaranda a Treatise on
: Dubois is the well-known writer of the manners and
customs of the Hindus.
Vedanta Philosophy, by A. B.
Bhattara Kacharya, in Sanskrit, Parts 1069 Pandit (The), a Monthly Publication
1 to 4. Benares, 1901-7 10s of the Benares College, devoted to
Chowkhamba S.S. Sanskrit Literature, N.S., Vol. II. and
1058 Nyaya Prakasa, Sanskrit Text, III. in parts, 8vo. Benares, June, 1877,
oblong folio, 33 leaves. Benares 3s to May, 1878 24s
1C59 Nyayaratnamala, by Pandit P. S. 1070 Parvati Parinaya, a Sanskrit
Misra, Sanskrit Text, 2 parts, 8vo. Drama, edited in Sanskrit, with an
Benares, 1900 5s Introduction and Notes by Krishna-
Chowkhamba S.S. machariar, 8vo, pp. ii, 18, 71.
1050 Nyayasudha. A Commentary on Srirangam, 1906 2s
Tautravartika, by Someshwara Bhatta, 1071 Patanjala Darsana, or the
in Sanskrit, Parts 1 to 16, 8vo.
Aphorisms of Theistic Philosophy,
Benares, 1901-9 1 18s with Nagesa's Vyakhya Sanskrit Text,
Chowkhamba S.S.
8vo, pp. 230, vii, bds. Benares, 1908 6a
1061 Nyayavatara: the Earliest Jaina
work on Pure
1072 Parasara Dharma Samhita, or
Logic, by S. S.
Parasara Smriti, with the Commentary
Divakara, Sanskrit Text and Commen- of Sayana Madhavacharya, Sanskrit
tary, edited, with notes and English
Text, with various Readings, Critical
translation, by S. C. Vidyabhusana,
Notes in English, Index, Appendices,
roy. 8vo, pp. 36. Calcutta, 1909 2s 6d
&c., by Islamapurkar, Vol. I., in 2
1062 Padavakya Ratnakara, Sanskrit
parts, 8vo. Bombay, 1893 16s
Text, oblong folio, 115 leaves. Benares
Bombay S.S., Nos. 47, 48.
(Samb., 1933) 6s
1073 Patanjali. The Vyakarana-Mahab-
1063 Panehadapikavivarana of Pra-
hashya, Sanskrit Text, with various
kasatman, with extracts from the
and Bhavaprakasika, Readings, edited by F. Kielhorn, 3
vols, in 9 parts, 8vo. Bombay, 1880-92
edited by R. Bhagavatacharya, 115s
Sanskrit Text, roy. 8vo, pp. xiv, 287. Vol. I. is the only one of which the second edition
Benares, 1892 6s was published.
Vizianagram S.S., No. 5.
1074 The Yoga-Sutra. Translation,
1064 Panehadasi the well-known work
from the Sanskrit, with Introduction,
on Vedanta Philosophy, by Madhavi-
Appendix, and Notes, 8vo, pp. viii, 99,
charya, with a Commentary by 3s 6d
vii, bds. Bombay, 1890
Ramakrishna, in Sanskrit, oblong folio, 1075 Pradipodyoti Part I., Sanskrit
133 leaves. Bombay, 1881 8s
1084* The same, another edition. Text, oblong 4to, 202 leaves. Benares,
1874 8s 6d
Bombay, 1863 7s 6d
1065 of Vidyaranya, Sanskrit Text, 1076 Prajaneasarasamgraha, by Garva-
with English Translation, explanatory nendra, in Sanskrit, oblong folio 15s
notes and summary of each chapter, 1077 Pramanayatattva-lokalamkara,
by M. S. Rau and R. Aiyar, 8vo, pp. Jain-philosoph. Treatises, in Sanskrit,
xv, 692, cloth. Srirangam, 1912 6s by Vadideva Suri, 8vo, pp. 136.
1066 Parij ataman jari, or Vijayasri, com- Benares, 1904 3s 6d
posed about A.D. 1213, by Madana, 1078 Prem Sagar (Oc^an d' Amour)
Sanskrit Text, with Introduction by Traduit dn Sanskrit par E. Lamairesse,
E. Hultzsch, 8vo, pp. vi, 29. 1906 2s 8vo, pp. 49, 346. Paris, 1893 7s 6d

Probsthain & Co., 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum.

Sanskrit Texts and Translations.

1079 Prayogaratna an Exposition of

: 1091 Rig Veda. The Hymns of the Rig
the Sanskaras, and other Domestic Re- Veda, in the Samhita and Pada Texts,
ligious Ceremonies, by Narayana reprinted from the Editio princeps by
Bhatta, in Sanskrit, oblong folio, 98 F. Max Miiller, Second Edition,
leaves. Bombay, 1861 6s Sanskrit Text, 2 vols. London, 1877
1080 Purusha Suktam, with the Bhashya (pub. 32s) 18s
of Madhavacharya, Second Edition, 1092 The Hymns of the Rig Veda,
corrected, 8vo, pp. ii, 14, bds. Poona, in the Pada Text, edited by Max
1890 Is reprinted from
Miiller, the editio
1081 Purushottamamahatmya (Bri- 8vo,
princeps, pp. viii, 430, 414.
London, 1873 8s
hannaradiya Purana), in Sanskrit,
oblong folio, 71 leaves. Bombay, 1866 1093 Hymns from the Rig Veda,
3s 6d edited,with Sayana's Commentary,
On the Encomium of Vishnu. Sanskrit Text, with Notes and a Trans-
1082 Raja Radhakanta Deva. The lation, by P. Peterson, 8vo, pp. 293.
Sabdakalpadruma, republished by R. Bombay, 1888 6s
Upendr. Deva, Complete Edition, 4to. Bombay S.S., No. 36.
Calcutta, 1874 2 10s 1094 The Hymns of the Rig Veda :

In Sanskrit, but in Bengali characters. Sanhita and Pada Texts, the first
1083 The Sabdakalpadruma, New Mandala, edited in Sanskrit by Max
Edition, in the Sanskrit or Devanagari Miiller, 4to, pp. 301. Leipzig, 1869
character, roy. 4to Vol. I., in 10
: 7s 6d
parts; Vol. II., in 17 parts; Vol. III., 1095 Rig-Veda Sanhita. and
The First
in 23 parts (all issued). Calcutta, 1888 Second Adhyayas of the First Ashtaka,
5 5s with Notes and Explanations and
1084 Rajatarangini, Kahlana, or
by an Introductory Essay on the Study
Kings of Kashmir, translated from the of the Vedas, by K. M. Banerjea, 8vo,
Sanskrit, by J. Chunder Dntt, Vols. pp. xxix, 134. Calcutta, 1875 2s 6d
I. and III., 16mo. Calcutta, 1879-98 8s 1096 A Collection of the Ancient
1085 Kalhana's Rajatarangini, or Hindu Hymns, translated from the
Chronicle of the Kings of Kashmir, trans- Sanskrit by H. H. Wilson, Vol. III.
lated from the Sanskrit, with Commen- (containing the third and fourth
tary and Introduction, by M. A. Stein, Ashtakas or Books), 8vo, pp. xxiii,
Vol. I. (all issued of this edition), 4to, 524. London, 1857 10s
pp. 304, with maps, bds. 1898, Privately 1097 The Sacred Hymns of the
printed Brahmans, translated and explained,
1086 Ramasvamedha, or Horse Sacrifice Vol. I. (all issued) ; Hymns to the
of Rama an Episode from the Fourth
: Maruts or the Storm Gods, 8vo, pp.
Book of the Padmapurana, oblong 152, 263, cloth. 1869 10s 6d
folio, 138 leaves. Bombay, 1857 6s 1098 First Book, Sanskrit Text,
1087 Ramayana Balakanda, Cantos L- with Latin Translation, by F. Rosen,
XIII., with the Commentary of Ra- 4to, pp. viii, 263, 67, cloth. 1838
man uj a, edited by Vidyasagara, 8vo, pp. (O.T.F.) 10s
113. Calcutta, 1874 2s 6d
1099 Rig- Veda, ou Livre des Hymnes.
1088 Rasaratnasamuchchay a. A Com- Tradnction de A. Langlois. Avec
pendium of the Treasures of Medical introduction sur la poesie lyrique de
Preparations containing Mercury, by 1'Inde, 8vo, pp. 611, cloth. Paris,
Vagbhattacharya, edited by Pandit 1870 98
Bapata, in Sanskrit, roy. 8vo, pp. xi, 1100 Siebenzig Lieder des Rigveda,
302, 29, with plates. Poona, 1890 10s
iibersetztvon K. Geldner and A.
Anandasrama S.S., No. 19.
Kaegi, 8vo, pp. xiv, 176, cloth. 1875 5s
1089 Regnaud (P. ) La MStrique de Bharata. With Karl Blind's autograph.
Toxte Sanscrit de 2 chapitres dn Nufcya- 1101 The Threefold Science, the
Castra, with a French Translation, 4to, first 7 Annnwakas of the Rig Veda,
pp. 70. Paris, 1880 4s Sanskrit Text and English Translation,
1090 Rig Veda Sanhita. The Sacred 4to, bds. Bombay, 1833 9s
Hymns of the Brahmans together ;
1102 Roy (R.) Translation of several Prin-
with the Commentary of Sayanacharya,
cipal Books, Passages, and Texts of
edited in Sanskrit by Max tiller, with M the Veds, Second Edition, 8vo, pp. viii,
a long Introduction, Vol. IV., 4to, pp. 1832 6s
282, cloth.
88, 52, 926, cloth. 1862 18s Translations from the Sanskrit

Probsthain & Co., 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum.

Sanskrit Texts and Translations. 49

1103 Roy Raja Rammohun, his English 1114 Sama Veda. Sanhita, translated
Works, edited by Ghose, Vol. I.,
J. C. from the Sanskrit by J.
8vo, pp. xx, 498, cloth. Calcutta, 1882 8vo, pp. xv, 283, cloth. 1842 (O.T.F.)
7s 6d 10s
Translations from the Sanskrit, and Essays on Hindus. 1115 Die Hymnen des Sama Veda,
1104 Rudradhyayah, with the Bhashyas Sanskrit Text, with Notes in German,
by Madhavacharya and B. Bhaskara, by Th. Benfey, roy. 8vo, pp. 280.
Second Edition, revised, roy. 8vo, pp. Leipzig, 1848 6s
258, bds. Poona, 1890 3s 6d 1116 Sankhya Karika, or Memorial
Anandasrama S.S., No. 2. Verses on the Sankhya Philosophy, by
Iswara Krishna, translated from the
1105 Sabdasandar Bhasindhu, by M.
Sanskrit by H. T. Colebrooke ; also
Tarkaratna, a Sanskrit-Bengali Dic-
the Bhashya, or Commentary of Gaura-
tionary, in Bengali characters, Part I.,
pada, translated by H. H. Wilson, 4to,
comprising the words beginning with
vowels, 4to. Calcutta, 1863 8s pp. xiv, 194, 53. 1837 (O.T.F.) 18s

1105 Sabdendusekhara, with the Com- 1117 Samkhya-pravaeana-Chashya.

mentary of Bhairaminisra, Sanskrit Vijnana Bhikshn's Commentar zu den
Text, oblong folio, 459 leaves. Benaras, Samkhya-sutras, translated from the
1865 20s Sanskrit into German, and with notes
by R. Garbe, 8vo, pp. viii, 378. Leipzig,
1107 Sacred Laws of the Aryas, as 1889 8s
taught in the Schools of Apastamba, 1118 Samskarakaustubha : a
on Work
Gautama, Vasishta and Bandhayana,
translated by G. Biihler, 2 vols, 8vo, Religious Ceremonies, by Ananta Deva,
Sanskrit Text, oblong folio, 237 leaves.
cloth. Oxford, 1879-82 18s
Sacred Books of the East, Vols 2 and 14.
Bombay, 1860 7s
1119 Sangeetaditya, by Shastri Aditya-
1108 Saddarshana Chintanika, or
ramji, Prof, of Music, Sanskrit Text,
Studies Indian
in Philosophy, a
edited with Notes by his Sons, 8vo, pp,
Monthly Publication stating and ex- 185, viii, with some illustrations, cloth.
plaining the Aphorisms of the Six Bombay, 1889 5s
Schools of Indian Philosophy, Sanskrit
Text, with translations into Marathi and
1120 Sankhyayanagrihya Sangraha,
by Vasudeva, in Sanskrit, 8vo.
English, 6 vols, 8vo, cloth. Poona, 1877 Benares 1908 2s 6d
2 2s (8. Series),

1109 Sahitya-Darpana (The), or Mirror

1121 Sanskar Ratna Mala, by Gopinath
of Composition, a treatise on Literary Dikshit, Sanskrit Text, 2 vols, roy.
8vo, bds. Poona, 1899 24s
Criticism, by V. Kaviraja, Sanskrit Text,
revised by E. Boer, with an English Anandasrama Sanskrit S.
Translation by J. R. Ballantine, 8vo, 1122 by Gopinath Bhatt Oak, in
cloth. Calcutta, 1851 21s Sanskrit, Parts 1 and 2 (all), edited by
Bibliotheca Indica, Vol. X. Out of print and R. E. Shastri, 8vo, pp. 200. Benares,
very scarce. 1898 5s
Sahityasara a Work on Sanskrit
1110 :

Rhetoric,by Achynta Sarman, with 1123 Santisara. A Work on Propitia-

Commentary, Sanskrit Text, 2 parts.
his tory Sacrifices and Ceremonies by
Bombay, 1860 8s DinakaraBhatta, Sanskrit Text, oblong
1111 Sahridayananda, by Krishnananda, folio, 152 leaves. Bombay, 1861 5s
Cantos 1 to 6, with Commentary by 1124 Sapta-Shati (The), or Chandi-Pat :

Satakopachariar, Sanskrit Text, 12mo, being a Portion of the Markandeya

pp. 158. Srirangam, 1907 2s Puran, translated from the Sanskrit
1112 Sahyadri Khan da, or the Skanda into English, with Explanatory Notes
Purana, a Mythological, Historical and by Ramasswami, 8vo, pp. xii, 44, vii,
with 13
Geographical Account of Western India, photographic illustrations.
First Edition of the Sanskrit Text, with Bombay, 1868 8s
various readings, by J. Gersonda Cunha, 1125 Sarangadhara Sanhita, a Treatise
8vo, pp. iii, 976. Bombay, 1877 on Medicine, in Sanskrit, edited by
(pub. 21s) 10s 6d Vidyasagara, 8vo, pp. 206. Calcutta,
1113 Saivasudhakana a Collection of
: 1874 3s 6d
Passages on Saiva Worship, compiled 1126 Shatpanchasika. A Treatise on
from thePuranas, Sanskrit/Text, oblong Divination, in Sanskrit, oblong folio, 26
folio, 51 leaves. Bombay, 1866 3s 6d leaves. Bombay, 1864 2s 6d

Probsthain & Co,, 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum

Sanskrit Texts and Translations.

1127 Sarvasatkarmapaddhati. A 1142 Sudrakamalakara a Work on the :

Manual of Religious Rites, by Brahina- Duties of the Sudra Caste, by Kama-

nanda Kaviratna, in Sanskrit (Sams- lakara Bhatta, Sanskrit Text, oblong
karan-Sraddha Various Ceremonies), folio, 79 leaves. Bombay, 1876 5s
oblong folio, pp. 634. Calcutta 10s 6d 1143 Suri (Pandit M. L.) Delhi Sam-
The Sanskrit is in Bengali characters.
the Delhi
raj yam, Imperial a :

1123 Saura Parana, by Srimat Vyasa, Sanskrit Drama, with an English

edited in Sanskrit by Pandit Lele, roy. Introduction, 8vo, pp. xx, 79, and a
8vo, pp. viii, 282, bds. Poona, 1889 Vocabulary, cloth. Madras, 1912 4s
7s 6d 1144 in San-
Anandasrama S.S., No. 18. Suryagandanga Sutra,
skrit, with an extensive Commentary
1129 Sehroeter (J. E.) Pagakakevali, ein in 1020.
Marathi, 4to, pp. Bombay
indisches Wiirfelorakol, Sanskrit Text, 3 15s
(Samb., 1936)
in Romancharacters, with Notes and
a German Introduction, 8vo, pp. xxiv, 1145 Syadwada-manjari, byMalliahiena,
38. Borna, 1900 2s 6d with Commentary of Hemachandra,
edited by D. Lai Goswami, Sanskrit
1130 Shabdakoustubha, by Pandit Bh. Text, 8vo, pp. 220. Benares, 1900 5s
Dikshit, edited and revised by R. K.
Chowkhamba S.S.
Shasbri, 10 parts, 8vo, pp. 1001.
Benares, 1898-99 25s 1146 Taittiriya of the Black
Chowkhamba S.S. Yajurveda, with the Commentary of
1131 Shraddha Viveka, in Sanskrit, Sayanacbarya, edited by H. N. Apte,
in Sanskrit, 2 vols, roy. 8vo, bds.
folio, Bombay, 1881
75 leaves. 6s
Poona, 1898 16s
1132 Siddhahemaeandra being Hema- :
Anandasrama No.
S.S., 36.
candra's Sanskrit Grammar, in Sanskrit,
Ifimo, pp. 143. Benares, 1905 2s 6d 1147 Taittiriya Brahmana of the
Black Yajur Veda, with a Commentary
1133 Siddhanta Kaumudi, by Bhatto- of Sayanacharya, edited by H. N.
jidikshita, a Commentary to Panini's Apte, Sanskrit Text, 3 vols, roy. 8vo,
Grammar, Sanskrit Text, 4to, 254 bds. Poona, 1898 28s
leaves, First Edition. Calcutta, 1811 Anandasrama Sanskrit S., No. 37.
1148 Taittiriya-Samhita, withPadapatha
1134 Sinhanta Mahatmya, Sanskrit
and Sayanacharya's Bhashya, Sanskrit
Text, oblong folio, 3i leaves. Bombay,
3s Text, edited by K. Sastri Agase, Vol.
VI., roy. 8vo, bds. Poona, 1903 18s
1135 Siva Gita, with Commentary of The other vols can be supplied. Anandasrama
Sarasvati, Part I. (all), Sanskrit Text, Sanskrit S., No. 42.
8vo, pp. 61. Srirangam, 1906 Is 6d
1149 Taittariya and Aittareya Upani-
1136 Soma Deva. The Golden Town, and Shads, with the Commentary of
other Tales, translated from his Katha Sankara Acharya and the Gloss of
Sarat Sagara, by L. D. Barnett, 8vo, Ananda Giri, and the Swetaswatara
pp. xi, 108, cloth. 1909 2s 6d Upanishad, Sanskrit Text, edited by
E. Roer, 8vo, pp. xi, 378, half calf.
1138 Specimen der Nayadhammakaha. Calcutta (Bibl. Inct.), 1850 25s
(Romanized) Text, with
Notes and Sanskrit-German Glossary, 1150 Taittiriyopanishad, with the Bha-
by P. Stein thai, 8vo, pp. 84. Berlin, ehya of Sankaracharya and its Com-
1881 2s 6d mentary, by Anandajnyana, edited by
1139 Sravana Masamahatmya, in Sans- Islampurkar, roy. 8vo, bds. Poona,
krit, oblong folio, 47 leaves. Bombay, 1889 6s
1860 3s Anandasrama S.S., No. 12.

1140 Subhashitavali, of Vallabhadeva, 1151 Taittiriya Upanishad, with the

Sanskrit Text, with English Introduc- Commentaries of Sankacharya, and
tion and Notes, by P. Peterson, 8vo, others, translated from the Sanskrit by
pp. ix, 141, 623, 104. Bombay, 1886 10s A. M. Sastri, 8vo, pp. xxiv, 791, cloth.
Bombay S.S., No. 31. Mysore, 1903 8s 6d

1141 Suddhadvaitamartanda, by Gos- 1152 With Commentaries, trans-

wami Sri Giridharaji, with Commentary, lated from Sanskrit by A. M. Sastri,
edited by Ratna Gopal Bhatta, Sanskrit Part 1, Introduction to the Study of
Text, 8vo, pp. 44. Benares, 1908 2s 6d Upanishads, 8vo, pp. 72. Mysore,
Cbowkhamba S.S. 1899 Is 6d

Probsthain & Co., 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum.

Sanskrit Texts and Translations.

1153 Tattvabodhini, a Commentary to 1168 Upanishads, translated into English

the First and Second Part of Bhatto- by G. R. S. Mead, Vol. I. 1906 Is
jidikshita's Siddbanta Kaumudi, by 1169 Usha. --The Dawn: a Vedic Periodical,
Jnanendra followed
Sarasvati, by in Sanskrit; devoted to the publication
Jayakrishna's Subodbini, Sanskrit of Rare and Valuable Vedic Works, and
Text, oblong folio. Benares, 1863 2 to Dissertations on such subjects, edited
1154 Tattva Cintamani, in
Sanskrit, by S. Samasrami, 3 vols, in Numbers
edited by Pandit Kamak Tarka- Vagisa, as issued, 8vo. Calcutta, 1891-97 3 3s
5 vols, in 39 parts, as issued, 8vo.
2 5s 1170 Uttara Naishadha Charita, by
Calcutta, 1888-1901
Sri Harsha, with the Commentary of
1155 Thirty -two Upanishads, with Narayana, edited by E. Roer, in
Dipikas by Narayana and Sbankara- Sanskrit, 8vo, pp. viii, 1109, cloth.
nanda, edited by Pandits of the Anan- Calcutta, 1855 1 16s
daerama, roy. 8vo, pp. xi, 608, bds.
1171 Vaehaspati Misra. The Tattva
Poona, 1895 15s
Anandasrama S.S., No. Kaumudi, Sanskrit Text, with English
Translation by Gang Jha, 8vo, pp.
1156 Tirtha Chintamani, Sanskrit Text, xxxii, 114, 82, bds. Bombay, 1896 4s (id
oblong folio, 114 leaves. Ilenarea 6s
A Treatise on
1172 Vaidyajivana.
1157 Tookaram (R.) A Compendium of
Medicine, by Lolimbaraja, with Com-
the Raja Yoga Philosophy, comprising in folio.
mentary, Sanskrit, oblong
the Principal Treatises of Shrimat Benares, 1860 2s 6d
Shankaracharya, and other renowned Vaisakha
Authors, 8vo, pp. 161, bds. Bombay,
1173 Mahatmya
(a portion
of the Skanda Purana), Sanskrit Text,
1901 3s
26 leaves. Bombay, 1864 3s
Translations from the Sanskrit.
1173* The same, pp. 128. Delhi
Tri van drum Sanskrit Series, edited, 2s 6d
with Notes in Sanskrit, by T. Ganapati
Sastri, and with Introductions in 1174 Vaiya Karanabhushanasara, a
Grammatical Work, by Kaundabhatta,
English :
with Harivattabha's
1158 No. 1, The Daiva of Deva, with the
Sanskrit Text, oblong folio, 212 leaves.
Commentary Purushakara, roy. 8vo, Bombay, 1866 15s
pp. vii, x, 127, 17. Trivandrum, 1905 1175 Valmiki's Ramayana, in 7 Kandas,
2s 6d
with Commentary, in Sanskrit, Kandas
1159 No. 2, Abhinavakanstubhamala, pp. III. to 711. only,
oblong folio. Bombay
8. 1907 2
1160 No. 3, Nalabhyaedaya of Vamana Leaves 3 and 4 of Eanda III. are missing.
Bhatta Bana, pp. ii, 2, 40. 1907 Is
1176 Ramayana, the Sundara Kanda,
1161 No. 4, Sivalilarnava of Nilakantha or Fifth Book, Sanskrit Text, oblong
Dikfehita, pp. 165. 1909 5s
folio, 133 leaves. Bombay 8s
1162 No. 5, The Vyaktiviveka of Raja- Beautiful edition, in large, clear type.
naka Mahimabhatta, and its Com-
1177 Ramayana, translated into
mentary of Raj. Ruyyaka, pp. xii, English Prose by M. N. Dutt, 7 vols,
11, 138, 54, 25, 7. 1909 7s 6d in parts, as issued.
uncut, Calcutta,
1163 No. 6, The Durghatavritti of Sara- 2 12s 6d
nadeva, pp. ii, 29, 132. 1909 5s
1164 No. 7, The Brahmatatvaprakasika,
1178 Vasavadatta, of Subandhu, with full
Commentary, edited Sanskrit by
by Sadasivendrasarasvati, Aphorisms Krishnamachariar, 8vo, 152.
of the Vedanta, pp. ii, 6, 164. 1909 pp.
Srirangam, 1906 3s

1165 De Kramapatha, Part 1179 Vasishthadharmasastram.

Upalekha. Aphorisms on the Sacred Law of the
I., Sanskrit, edited by G. 1'erbsch, 8vo.
Is 6d
Aryas as taught in the School of
Berlin, 1854
Vasishta, Sanskrit Text, edited by A.
1166 The same, Sanskrit, with Latin Fiihrer, 8vo, pp. vi, 90. Bombay, 1883
Translation and Notes, edited by G. 2s
Pertech, 8vo. Berlin, 1854 3s
1180 Vatsyayana. Kama
Sutra (Regies
1167 Upasaka dasa Sutra, Sanskrit Text, de 1' Amour), Traduit du Sanskrit par
with extensive Commentary, oblong E. Lamairesse, roy. 8vo, pp. xxxi, 296.
folio, pp. 233, cloth. Calcutta (Sanib., Paris, 1891 10s
1933) 10s 6d Out of print.

Probsthain & Co., 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum.

Sanskrit Texts and Translations.

1181 Vasishtl Havan Paddhata, Sans- 1195 Vishnusahasranama (from the Bha-
krit Text, oblong 4to, 37 leaves. gavat Gita) Invocations of Vishnu
Bombay, 1881 2s 6d under 1,000 different forms of his name,
1182 Vedant a. Selections from several oblong folio, 56 leaves. Poona, 1862 5s
Books of the Yaidanta, translated 1198 Vishnu-smpiti. The Institutes of
from the original Sanskrit by Rajah Vishnu, translated by J. Jolly, 8vo,
R. Roy, 12mo, cloth. Calcutta, 1844 pp. 37, 316, cloth. Oxford, 1880 10s
3s 6d Sacred Books of the East, Vol 7.
1183 Vedanta Kalpataruparimala, of 1197 Visvanatha Daivajnasarman.
Appayadikshita, edited by Tailanga, The Vrataraja, or Vrataprakasa a :

Sanskrit Text, roy. 8vo, pp. vi, 222. work on Religious Vows and Duties,
Benares, 1895 5s compiled chiefly from the Puranas,
Vi/ianagram S.S., No. 14. oblong 4 to, 417 leaves. Bombay, 1863
1184 Vedastuli, with Sridharasvamin's 20s
Commentary and the Subhodini, in 1198 Vopadeva. Mugdhabodha, Sanskrit
Sanskrit, 4to, 37 leaves. Bombay, 1862 Text, edited with German Notes by O.
6s Bohtlingk, 8vo, pp. xiii, 465. St. P.,
1185 Venisanhara, a Drama, in Sanskrit, 1847 6s
by Bhattanarayana, with Commentary, 1199 Vratadhyapana Kaumudi, Sans-
edited by Vidyasagara, 8vo, pp. 206. krit Text, oblong folio, 88 leaves, liat-
Calcutta, 1875 4s nagiri 5s
1186 by Bhatta Nilrfiy ana, Die Ehren- 1200 Vyutpattlvada, by Gadadhara Bhatta.
Rettung der Kunigin, a Drama in Six in Sanskrit, oblong folio, 72 leaves.
Acts, SanskritText, with Germanlntro- Benares 5s
duction, and Notes by J. Grill, 4to, pp. 1201 Wilkins The Story of Doosh-
xxxvi, 332. Leipzig, 1871 (pub. 14s) 9s wanta and Sakuntala, translated from
1187 Veni Sanhara Nataka, or the the Mahabharata, 8vo, pp. 115. 1795
Binding of the Braid, a Sanskrit Drama, 2s
by Bhatta Narayana, translated into 1202 Wilson (H. H.) Select Specimens of
English by S. M. Tagore, 8vo, pp. iii, the Theatre of the Hindus, translated
72, bound in silk cloth. Calcutta, 1880 from the Sanskrit, Vol. II., roy. 8vo,
4s 1835 10s 6d
pp. 315, cloth.
1188 Girid-
Vibhaktyapthanjpnaya, by This volume contains Malati and Madhava

hava Bhattacharya, in Sanskrit, 5 parts, Mudra Rakshasa Retnavali, &c.

8vo. Benares, 1901-02 12s 6d WoPtham
1203 (Rev. B. H.) Three Trans-
Chowkhamba S.S. lations from Sanskrit Works, 8vo, pp.
1189 Vidhiveveka of Mandana Mitra, 54, 25, 12, cloth. London, N.D. 7s
Sanskrit Text, 8vo, pp. 472, bds. In Three Parts :
i, Mahatmya Devi a, History o
Benares, 1906 7s 6d Hariscbandra 3, Story of Devasmita.
1190 Vidyabhusan (V.) Anuvada-Ratna- 1204 Yadayabhyudaya, by Vedanta De-
kara, or Exercises in Translation from sika,with the Commentary of Appayya
English into Sanskrit, 8vo, pp. vii, 84. Dikshita, in Sanskrit, Vol. I. (all pub-
Calcutta, 1893 Is 6d lished), 8vo, pp. 35, 240, cloth. Sriran-
1191 Vidya-valjayanti, a Series of Gems gam, 1907 3s 6d
of Books, in Sanskrit, Nos. 1 to 4, 8vo. 1205 Yajusha Jyautisha, with Bhashyas,
Benares, 1906 10s and Archa-Jyautisha, with Bhashyas,
Containing Tattva-dipa with Commentaries. edited by Dvivedin, Sanskrit Text, with
1192 Vijnana Bhikshu. The Yogasara Appendix in English, 8vo, pp. 105.
Benares, 1908 2s 6d
Sangraha, Sanskrit Text, with English Work on Astronomy.
Translation by Gang. Jha, 8vo, pp.
102, 73, bde. Bombay, 1894 2s 6d 1206 Yogaratnakara a Treatise on:

1193 Vishnu Purana. A System of Hindu Medicine, edited by the Pandits of the
Mythology and Tradition, translated Anandasrama, Second Edition, revised,
from the Original Sanskrit, and illus- in Sanskrit, roy. 8vo, pp. 468, bds.
trated by Notes, derived chiefly from Poona, 1889 14s
other Puranas, by H. H. Wilson, 4to, 1207 Yogasara-Sangraha (The) of Vij-
pp. 91, 704, half cloth. 1840 (O.T.F.) nana Bhikshu : an English Translation,
36s with Sanskrit Text, edited by G. Jha,
1194 Vishnu Sahasranama, Sanskrit 8vo, pp. 102, 81, 5, bds. Bombay, 1894
Text, 12mo, pp. 92. Srirangam, 1906 Is 3s

Probsthain & Co., 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum.

Pali Grammars and Dictionaries. 53

1208 Alwis (Jae.) Descriptive Catalogue of 1217 Fryer (G. E.) Note on the Pali
Sanskrit, Pali, and Singhalese Literary Grammarian Kacbchayana, 8vo, pp. 14.
Works of Ceylon, Vol. I. (and all), 8vo, Calcutta, 1882 2s
pp. xxz, 243, bds. Colombo, 1870 9s 1218 Gray (J.)Elements of Pali Grammar,
Described are Mabayansa, Dipavamsa, Bauddha
adapted for Schools and Private Study,
Sauka, Rupasiddhi, and nineteen other works.
Rare. 8vo, pp. 126. Rangoon, 1883 6s
Pali is in Burmese characters.
1209 An Introduction to Kach-
1219 Kaccayana. Grammaire
chayano'a Grammar of the Pali Lan- Palie,
Sutras et commentairee, Pali Text, with
guage, with an Introduction, Appendix,
French Translation and Notes by E.
Notes, &c., by J. d' Alwis, 8vo, pp.
clxxix, 132, xvi, cloth. Colombo, 1863 Senarb, 8vo, pp. 339, half calf. Paris,
1 16s 1871 12s
Out of print and very scarce, with Exercises in 1220 Lanman (C. R.) Pah* Book Titles
Pali and English translations. and
their brief Designations, 8vo, pp.
1210 Childers (R. C.) A Pali-English Dic- 45.Boston, 1909 2s
tionary, with Sanskrit Equivalents and 1221 Miiller (E.) Simplified Grammar of
numerous Quotations, Extracts and the Pali Language, 8vo, pp. xvi, 143,
References, roy. 8vo, pp. xxii, 622, cloth. cloth. 1884 6s
1909 3 3s 1222 Mueller (Fr.) Beibraege znr Kenntnis
1211 On Sandhi in Pali, 8vo, pp. 23. der Pali Sprache, three parts, 8vo,
Reprint, 1879 2s pp. 76. Vienna, 1868/9 3s 6d
1212 Co well (E. B.) Introduction to the 1223 Pali Unseens. Readings in Pali
Ordinary Prakrit of the Sanskrit (Romancharacters), by C. Duroiselle,
Dramas, 8vo, pp. 39, cloth. 1875 3s 6d 8vo, pp. 148. Rangoon, 1907 4s
1213 Diekson (J. F.) The Pali Manuscript 1224 Storek (F.) Casunm in lingua Palica
written on Papyrus, preserved in the formatio, 8vo, pp. 40. 1862 2s
Library of the Armenian Monastery, 1225 Sumangala (The Rev. 8.) A Gra-
St. Lazaro, 12mo, pp. 36. Venice, 1881 duated Pali Course, with a Pali-English
4s Vocabulary, 8vo, pp. xvi, 244, iv, cloth.
1214 Dowson (J.) On a Newly-Discovered 1913 7s 6d
Bactrian Pali Inscription, and on other The Pali is in Roman characters. At the end is
a Pali alphabet in Sinhalese and Roman, and
Inscriptions in the Bactrian Pali
Nagari and Roman characters. This new Pali
characters, 8vo, pp. 50, with plates 3s 6d Grammar, by the best Pali scholar in Ceylon,
1215 DUTOiselle (C.) A Practical Grammar should be very welcome to students.
of the Pali Language, 8vo, pp. ix, 346, 1226 Tilbe (H. H.) Pali Grammar, 8vo,
cloth. 1906 9s pp. vi, 115, cloth. Rangoon, 1899 6s
1216 Frankfurter (0.) Handbook of Pali : 1227 Torp (A.) Die Flexion des Pali in
being an Elementary Grammar, a ihrem Verhaltniss zum Sanskrit, roy.
Chrestpmathy and a Glossary, 8vo, 8vo, pp. 93. Christiania, 1881 3s
xxi, 179, with Alphabets in Sinha- 1228 Vessantra Jataka Vatthu. Notes
sse, Burmese and Cambodian, cloth. on the Vessantra Jataka Vatthu, 8vo,
1883 20s pp. ii, 85. Rangoon, 1902 3s
Out of print. The Pal words are in Burmese characters.

1229 Anguttara Nikaya of the Sutta- 1230 Attha-Sallni, Buddhaghosa's Com-
pitaka, Pali Text in Sinhalese charac- menbary on the Dhammasangani, Pali
ters, revised by H. Devamitta, Vol. L Text in Roman characters, edited by
(pp. 1-550), interleaved, cloth. Colombo, E. Miiller, 8vo, pp. viii, 435, bds. 1897
1906 21s (Pali Text 8oc.) 10s 6d

Probsthain & Co., 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum.

54 Pali Texts and Translations.

1231 Abhidhanappa Dipika, or Dic- 1243 Dhamma Padattha Katha, by

tionary of the Pali Language, by Mog- Buddhaghosa, Pali Text in Sinhalese
gallana Thero, with English and Sing- characters, edited by Siri Siddhattha
halese Interpretations, Notes and Dhammananda and S. Nanissara, large
Appendices, 8vo, pp. xv, 204, xi. Svo, pp. 659, interleaved, cloth.
Colombo, 1865 10s 6d Colombo, 1908 25s
The Pali is in Singhalese characters. 1244 Dhammaniti a Book of Pro-
(The) :

1231* The same, Third Edition, 8vo, verbs and Maxims, edited in Pali,
pp. xvi, 272, cloth. Colombo, 1900 15s Burmese characters, by J. Gray, Svo,
pp. 46. Rangoon, 1883 2s 6d
1232 Anguttara Nikaya, Parti., Ekani-
pata and Dukanipata, Pali Text, edited 1245 Dhatu Katha Pakarana, and its
by R. Morris, 8s o, pp. xii, 128, bds. Commentary,Pali Text in Roman
1883 (Pali Text Soc.) (pub. 16s) 10s 6d characters, edited by E. R. Gooneratne,
1233 Ayaramga Sutta of the Cvetambara Svo, pp. 138, bds. 1892 (Pali Text Soc.)
Jains, edited by H. Jacobi, Part I., 10s 6d
Pali Text, Svo, pp. xvi, 139, bds. 1882 1246 Digha Nikaya, Pali Text in Roman
(Pali Text Soc.) (pub. 15s) 10s 6d characters, edited by Rhys Davids and
1234 Balavatara, Pali Grammar in Pali J. E. Carpenter, 3 vols, Svo, bds.
1889-1911 1 11s 6d
(Sinhalese by the Yen.
Dhammakitti Sangharaja, with Com- 1247 Pali Text in Sinhalese charac-
mentary by H. Sumangala, Svo, pp. ters, with a Sinhalese Translation, by
xvii, 327. Colombo, 1892 10s 8d W. A. Samarasekera, 2 vols bound in
1235 Buddhavamsa and the Cariya 4, Svo, cloth, interleaved throughout.
Pitaka, edited by R. Morris, Part I., Colombo, 2447/48 A.B. 36s
Pali Text, roy. Svo, pp. xx, 103, bds. Being Vols I. and II. of the Buddhist Pali Texts.
1882 (Pali Text Soc.) (pub. 14s) 10s 6d 1248 or Dialogues of the Buddha,
1236 Cariya Pitakaya, Pali Text in Sin- from the Collection of Long Dialogues,
halese characters, with a Sinhalese translated from the Pali by T. W. Rhye
Translation by W. Sudassana Thera, Davids, 2 vols, with Indices, cloth.
Svo, pp. xxiv, 135, interleaved, cloth. 1899-1910 21s
Colombo, 1904 4s 6d Being Sacred Books of the Buddhists, Vols II. and III.

1237 Chatubhanavara Atthakatha. 1249 Dukapatthana, Vol I., being part

A Pali Commentary (in Sinhalese of the Abidhamma Pitaka, Pali Text in
characters) the Paritta, by V.
on Roman characters, edited by Mrs. Rhys
Dhammapala, Svo, pp. 202, interleaved, Davids, roy. Svo, pp. xv, 366, bds. 1906
cloth. Colombo, 1903 5s 10ft tt
1238 Dasaratha-Jataka: being the Budd- 1250 Fausboll. Five Jatakas, containing
hist Story ofKing Rama, Pali Text, a Fairy Tale, a Comical Story, ana
with a Translation and Notes by V. Three Fables, in the original Pali
Fausboll, Svo, pp. 48. 1871 3s 6d Text, with a Translation and Notes,
1239 Delius (N.) Radices Pracritical, Svo, Svo, pp. 71. Copenhagen, 1861 6s
pp. xiii, 93. 1839 2s 6d 1251 Peer Etude sur les Jatakas, with
1240 Dhammapada Commentary, edited Pali Texts and French Translations,
in Pali by H. C. Norman, Vol. I. in two Svo, pp. 144. Reprint, 1875 5s
parts, and Vol. II., Svo, bds. 1906/1911 1252 Goldsehmidt (S.) Prakrtica, Svo, pp.
(Pali Text Society) 29s
32. Strassburg, 1879 Is
1241 Commentary on the Dhamma- A German Treatise.
pada, translated from Pali by C.
Duroiselle, Part II. (Story of Matta- 1253 Jataka (The), or Stories of the
Buddha's Former Births, translated
kundali of Tissa of the Ogress Kali),
from Pali under the editorship of E. B.
4to, pp. 21. Rangoon, 1903 (reprint)
2s 6d COWELL, by R. CHALMEBS, Roux and
others, 7 vols, roy. Svo, cloth. Cam-
1242 Dhamma Sangani a Buddhist
bridge, 1895-1907 4
Manual of Psychological Ethics of the
Fourth Century, translated from the 1254 Jatakas. Buddhist Birth Stories,
the oldest collection of Folklore extant,
Pali, with Introduction by C. A. F.
translated from the Pali by T. W.
Rhys Davids, Svo, pp. 95, 393, cloth.
1900 10s Rhys Davids, Vol. I. (all published),
The Dhamma Sangani is the first book of the Abid- Svo, pp. 103, 347, cloth 30s
hamma Pitaka. Very scarce.

Probsthain & Co., 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum.

Pali Texts and Translations. 55

1255 Jatakas. The Jataka, together with 1266 Kammavaeha.--A Buddhist Liturgy
its Commentary being Tales of the
: in Pali, 8vo, pp. 36, interleaved, cloth.
Anterior Births of Gotamo Buddha, for Colombo, 1906 3s
the first time edited in the original Pali, 1267 Mahavamsa, edited in Pali (Roman
7 vols (complete with the Index), cloth. characters), with Notes, with an Intro-
1877-97 5 5s duction in English by Wm.
This Buddhist collection of stories is of 1908 (Pali
great 8vo, pp. 58, 367, cloth.
interest for students of folklore.
Text Soc.) 12s
1256 Jinaearita, or the Career of the 1268 Mahawanso, Vol. I. (all issued), Pali
Conqueror, a Pali Poem, edited in Text in Roman characters, with the
Roman characters, with English Trans- English Translation subjoined and an
lation and Notes, by C. Duroiselle, 8vo,
Introductory Essay on Pali Buddhist
pp. xxvi, 197, cloth. Rangoon, 1906 Literature, by G. Tumour, 4to, pp.
12s 6d
93, 30, 262, xxxv. Ceylon, 1837 2 5s
1257 Jinalankara, a Work on the Life This volume is extremely scarce.
and Teachings of Sakyamuni by the 1269 Mahawamsa, or the Great Chronicle
Yen. Baddharak-Khita, Pali Text in of Ceylon, translated from the Pali, by
Sinhalese characters, with Sinhalese W. Geiger, 8vo, pp. 64, 300, cloth.
Translation, by Dipankara and B. 1912 (Pali Text Soc.) 10s
Dhammapala, 8vo, pp. vii, 93, ii, inter- 1270 Majjhima Nikaya, Pali Text in
leaved, and an English Introduction, Sinhalese characters, large 8vo, pp.
cloth. Oalle, 1900 5s 480, interleaved. Colombo, 1904 36s
1258 Jivaviyara de Santisuri; un traite 1271 The First Fifty Discourses,
Jaina sur les etres
vivants, Pracrit, from the Collection of the Medium
with French Translation, Notes and Length Discourses of Gotama the
Glossary, par A. Gumnot, 8vo, pp. 58. Buddha, translated from the Pali, by
Paris, 1902 3s Silacara, 2 vols, 8vo, cloth. 1912-13
each volume at 7s 6d, 15s
1259 Journal of the Pali Text Society
for the year 1882, 8vo, pp. viii, 128,
1272 Manoratha Parana, a Commentary
bds. 1882 8s to the Anguttara Nikaya, Pali Text in
Contains mostly Lists of Pali MSS. in various
Sinhalese characters, 2 vols, roy. 8vo,
Libraries. interleaved throughout, cloth. Colombo,
1260 for the year 1890, 8vo, pp. Ill, 1893-1903 30s
bds. 1890 10s 6d 1273 Milinda PanhO, Pali Text in Sinha-
Contains Rouse's Index to the Jataka-Saddhamma lese characters, 8vo, pp. iv, 799, 27,
Samgaho, Pali Text, &c. cloth. Colombo, 1900 25s
1261 for the year 1906-07, 8vo, pp. 1273* The same, Questions of King
186, bds. 1907 10s 6d Milinda, translated from the Pali by
Contains the valuable article in English on the Zen T. W. Rhys Davids, 2 vols, 8vo, cloth.
Sect of Buddhism, by Suzuki Similes in the
Oxford, 1890-94 (Sacred Books of the
Nikayas, by Mrs. Rhys Davids Lexicographical 25s
Notes, &c.
1274 Moggallayana Vyakarana, a Pali
1262 for the year 1908, 8vo, pp. ix,
1908 Grammar, in Pali (Sinhalese characters),
198, bds. 10s
Contains Buddhist Counsels at Rajagaha, by Prof.
8vo, pp. 90. Colombo, 2434 A.B. 3s 6d
Franke Early Pali Grammarians, by M. Bode, 1275 Morris (Rev. R.) Jataka Tales, from
&c. the Pali, or Folk Tales of India, 8vo,
1263 Kammavakya. Liber de Officiis pp. 142. London, N.D. 12s
Sacerdotum Buddhicorum, Pali Text, Being Translations from Fausboll's edition of the
Jatakas. Reprinted from the Folklore Journal.
with Latin Translation and Notes by
F. Spiegel, 8vo, pp. 39. 1841 2s
1276 Patimokkha, the Buddhist Office of
the Confession of Priests, Pali Text in
1264 Kankhawitarani (The), or the Pali Sinhalese characters, 8vo, pp. 80, inter-
Commentary Patimokkha, by Budd-
of leaved, cloth. Colombo, 2439 A.B. 4s
haghosa Maha Thera, Pali Text in 1277 Being the Buddhist Office of
Sinhalese characters, 8vo, pp. viii, 239, the Confession of Priests, Pali Text,
interleaved, cloth. Colombo, 1905 with a Translation and Notes by J. F.
12s 6d
Dickson, 8vo, pp. 69. London, 1875 4s
1265 Kathavatthll. Pali Text in Roman 1278 Patisam Bhidamagga. Pali Text
characters, edited by A. C. Taylor, in Roman characters, edited by A. C.
2 vols, roy. 8vo, bds. 1894-97 (Pali Taylor, 2 vols, roy. 8vo, bds. 1905-
Text Soc.) 21s 1907 (Pali Text Soc.) 21s

Probstkain & Co., 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum.

Pah Texts and Translations.

1279 Piruvana-pota, or Mahapirit- 1290 Satika Khuddasikkha, or the

pota. A Collection of Suttas for Kudusika, with its Commentary being :

averting Diseases and Evil Spirits, an Epitome of the Vinaya Pitaka, com-
Pali Text, with a Sinhalese Translation, piled by the Maha Therawara Dham-
8vo, pp. 158, bds. Colombo, 1903 5s masiri, Pali Text in Sinhalese cha-
1280 Pujavaliya. A Collection of Mythi- racters, with English Introduction,
8vo, pp. 181, interleaved. Colombo,
cal and Traditionary Tales respecting
Buddha, compiled by Mayurapada 2441, A.B. 7s 6d
Thera, in Sinhalese, Vol. I., 8vo, pp. 1291 Stevenson (J.) The Kalpa Sutra and
479, cloth. Colombo, 1904 12s 6d Nava Tatva, two works illustrative of
the Jain Religion and Philosophy,
1281 Preta-vastu prakarana. The Pali translated from the Magadhi, Svo, pp.
Text of the Petavatthu, a portion of
xxviii, 144, with a plate, cloth. 1848
the Khuddaka-nikaya of the Sutta
7s 6d
pitaka, with an extensive Commentary
in Sinhalese, by Jniavamsa Pannasara, 1292 Subhuti (W.) Abhidhanappa dipika
Suchi a Complete Index to the main
8vo, pp. 214, ii, interleaved, cloth.
Colombo (no date) 7s 6d work, in Pali, with Explanatory Notes,
and an English Index, Svo, pp. xxxiv,
1282 Puggala-pannatti pakaranam. 520, viii. Colombo, 1893 15s
A Buddhist Work on Walking in the 1293 Sutta Nipata. A Collection of Dis-
Four Paths, by Gi vidara R. courses on Buddhism, in Pali, forms a
PaliText in Sinhalese characters, 8vo, Section of the Khuddakanikaya of the
pp. 112, interleaved, cloth. Dorana-
Suttapitaka, edited by Paunatissa, Svo,
goda, 1900 4s
pp. 136, interleaved, cloth. Welitara,
There is no title-page. 2434 [1891] 6s
Rasayahini. Buddhist Legends, in 1294 or Dialogues and Discourses
Pali (Sinhalese characters), revised by of Gotama Buddha, translated from the
Vedeha Maha Thera, edited by Pali, with Notes by Sir M. Coomara
Saranatissa, 2 vols in one, 8vo, cloth, Swamy, Svo, pp. xxxvi, 160, cloth.
interleaved. Colombo, 1901 12s 6d 1874 7s 6d
1284 Ravanavaha or Setubandha. 1295 Sutta Sangaha. A Collection of
Prakrit Text, with a German Transla- Suttas from the Suttapitaka, edited by
tion and an Index of Words, by S. B. Dhirananda, Pali Texb (Sinhalese
Goldschmidt, 2 vols, 4tD. Strassbury, characters), Svo, pp. 155, vi, interleaved,
1880-84 (pub. 43s) 30s cloth. Wellanpitiya, 2446 [1903] 6s
1285 Samanta Kuta Warnana, by V. 1296 Thera and Theri Gatha (Stanzas
Maha Sthavira, Pali Text, with a ascribed to Elders of the Buddhist
Singhalese Translation, 8vo, pp. xvi, Order of Recluses), Pali Text, edited by
228. Colombo, 1890 6s H. Jacobi and R. Pischel, Svo, pp. xv,
221, bds. 1833 10s 6d
1286 Samanta Pasadika. A Pali Com-
(in Sinhalese characters) upon
1297 Thiessen H.) Die Legende von
mentary Part I., Pali Text, with
Part I. of the Sattavibhanga, a Section Kisagotami :

of the Vinayapitaka, Vol. I. (413 pages) German Translation and Notes, Svo,
and Vol. II., pages 1 to 72, interleaved, pp. 34. Kid 2s 6d
cloth. Colombo, 1897-1900 17s 6d 1298 Thupavamsa. Pali Text in
The end can also be supplied. characters, edited by W.
Dharmaratna, Svo, pp. 82, cloth.
1237 Samyutta Nikaya of the Sutta.
Colombo, 1896 (interleaved copy) 3s 8d
pitaka, Pali Text Sinhalese cha-
8 1299 Trenekner (V.) Pali Miscellany
racters, pp. 1-400, large vo, interleaved,
cloth. Colombo, 1898 15s (being a Specimen of Milinda Panho),
Pali Text, with English Translation,
The continuation can be supplied.
Part I., all published, Svo, pp. 84, half
1288 Sarasangaha, by Rev. Siddhattha, calf. 1879 4s
revised by Somananda, Pali Text in
1300 TPipitaka. Buddhist Holy Scrip-
Sinhalese characters, roy. 8vo, pp. viii,
tnres, in Pali (Burmese characters), 20
256, interleaved, cloth. Colombo, 1898 Ran-
vols, roy. Svo, Persian morocco.
10s 6d
goon 18 15s
1289 Senart (E.) Inscriptions de
Les 1301 Suttam Sutra d'Upali)
Upali (lo
Piyadasi, Tome I., cont. les 14 Edits, traduit du Pali par L. Feer, Svo, pp.
8vo, pp. 326, with 2 plates. Paris, 1881 132. Reprint, 1891 5s
10s 6d Etudes bouddhiques.

Probsthain & Co, t 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum.

Pali Texts and Translations. 57

1302 Ummagga Jataka (The) being a : 1307 Vimana-vastu prakarana. The

Story of a Birth of Bodhisatwa, edited Pali Text (Sinhalese characters) of the
by Abayarabna. Bombay, 1879 5s Vimana-vatthu, a Section of the
There' is a translation from the Singhalese by T. B. Khuddkanikaya of the Suttapitaka,
Yataware, roy. 8vo pp. via, 242, cloth. 1898. with a Commentary in Sinhalese Prose,
IQS 6d.
by G. Ratanapala, edited by T. Sila-
1303 Upasampada-Kammavaea :
being nanda, Svo, pp. 207, interleaved, cloth.
the Buddhist of the Form
Manual and Colombo, 2445 (1902) 8s
Manner of Ordering of Priests and 1308 Vinaya Pitakam (The), one of the
Deacons, Pali Text, with English Principal Buddhist Holy Scriptures in
Translation by J. F. Dickson, 16mo, the Pali Language, Pali Text in Roman
pp. 36. Venice, 1875 3s 6d characters, edited, with a long Intro-
1304 in duction, by H. Oldenberg, 5 vols, roy.
Uvasagadasao (The), Prakrit,
with Sanskrit Commentary and Eng- Svo, cloth. 1879 83 (pub. 5 5s) 3 15s
Vol. I., The Mahavagga VoL II., The Culla-
lish Translation, edited by A. F. R. Vols. III. and IV., Suttavi bhanga
vagga V.,
Hoernle, Svo. Calcutta, 1885-90 15s The Parivara.
Bibliotheca Indica. 1309 Vuttodaya (Exposition of Metre),
1305 Vedabbha Jataka, translated from by Sangharakkhita Thera, Pali Text,
with English Translation and Notes
the Pali and compared with "The
Pardoner's Tale," by H. T. Francis, by Major G. E. Fryer, Svo, pp. 44.
1884 2s 6d Calcutta, 1877 2s 6d
Svo, pp. 12. The Vuttodaya is the only work on Pali prosody.
1306 Vibhanga :
being the Second Book 1310 Weber (A.) Ueber das Sapta^atakam
of the Abidhatnma Pitaka, Pali Text in des Hala, Ein Beitrag zur Kenntnis des
Roman characters, edited by Mrs. Prakrit, Svo, pp. 262, half calf. 1870
Rhys Davids, Svo, pp. xxi, 464, bds. 5s
1904 10s 6d The Texts are in Roman characters.

1311 Campbell (G.) Specimens of Lan- 1317 Carey (W.) Grammar of the Bengali
guages of India, including those of the Language, Svo, pp. 116, calf. Calcutta,
Aboriginal Tribes of Bengal, the 1843 3s
Central Provinces, and the Eastern A
1318 Dictionary of the Bengalee
Frontier, folio, pp. iv, 303, bds. Cal-
14s Language, Vol. I. only, 4to, full bound.
cutta, 1874 10s 6d
Serampore, 1815
BIHAR I. 1319 Dictionary of the Bengali Lan-
1312 Hoernle (A. F. R.)andGrierson (G. guage, Bengali-English, and English-
A.) Comparative Dictionary of the Bengali, 2 vols, Svo. 1839-40 10s 6d
Bihari Language, Parts I. and II. (all Abridged from the 410 edition.
issued), 4 to, with map. Calcutta, 1885- 1320 Forbes (D.) Grammar of the Bengali
89 7s 6d
Language, with Easy Phrases, Svo,
BILUCHI. cloth. 1862 7s Gd
1313 Biluehi-nameh. A Text-book o* 1321 Forster (H. P.) A Vocabulary, Eng-
the Biluchi Language, compiled by
lish and Bengalee and vice versa, 2 vols,
Hittn Ram, Svo, entirely in Biluchi.
folio, half bound. Calcutta, 1799 18s
Lahore, 1898 6s
This copy belonged to the East India Company.
1314 Moekler (Major) Grammar of the
Baloochi Language, 12mo, cloth. 1877 1322 Ganguli (B.)Student's Dictionary
4s Bengali-English, Svo, pp. 886, xiv,
BENGALI. cloth. Calcutta, 1912 5s

1315 Basa N.) Etymological Dic-

(U. 1323 Haughton (G. C.) Rudiments of
Bengali Grammar, 4to, cloth. 1821 4s
tionary of the English Language, Eng-
lish-Bengali, 24mo, cloth. 1886 2s 6d 1324 Mendies ( J. ) Abridgment of Johnson's
1316 Beames (J.) Grammar of the Bengali Dictionary, English-Bengali and Ben-
Language, Literary and Colloquial, gali-English, Third Edition, Svo, 2
Svo, cloth. 1894 7s 6d vols, cloth. 1856 8s

Probsthain & Co., 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum.

Indian Dialects Grammars.

1325 Nieholl (G. F.) Manual of the Bengali 1340 Wade(J.) Karen VernacularGrammar,
Language, comprising Bengali Gram- with English interspersed for Foreign
mar, Reading Lessons, with various Students, in four parts, embracing
Appendices, 12mo, pp. xxiv, 321, calf. Termonology, Etymology, Syntax, and
1891 5s Style, Svo, calf. Rangoon, 1897 7s 6d
1326 Pearson (J. D.) Bakyabali, or Idio-
matical Exercises, English and Bengali, CANARESE.
with Dialogues, 8vo, pp. 294, cloth. 1341 Garrett (J.) English Canareee and
Calcutta, 1850 3s 6d
Canarese-English Dictionary, 2 vols,
1327 Robinson (J.) Dictionary of Law and Svo, cloth. Bangalore, 1844-45 12s
otherTerms used in the Courts of
1342 Hodson (Th.) Elementary Grammar
Bengal, English-Bengali, Svo. Calcutta, of the Kannada or Canarese Language ;
1860 5s
1328 Yates and Wenger. Introduction together with REEVE'S Dictionary,
to the Bengali Language, Third Edi-
Canarese-English, Svo, pp. 106, 276.
Bangalore, 1858-59 12s 6d
tion, Svo, cloth. 1891 6s AH Canarese words are in Native and Roman
Grammar, Bengali Reader, Vocabulary. characters.
1329 Bengali Grammar, Revised
1343 Kittel (F.) Kannada-English Dic-
Edition, Svo, pp. vii, 138, cloth. 1885
3s 6d tionary, large Svo, pp. 50, 1752, half
calf. Mangalore, 1894 1 12a
BURMESE. The Canarese is in Native and Roman characters.
1330 Alphabetum Barmanum. sou Roma- 1344 Ziegler (F.) Practical Key to the
num Avse, 12mo, pp. 44, 52, bda.
Canarese Language (Vocabulary and
Rome, 1776 3s
Phrases), Svo, pp. 91. Mangalore,
1331 Chase (D. A.) Anglo-Burmese Hand- 1882 3s
book, or Guide to a Practical Know- The Canarese is in Native and Roman characters.
ledge of the Burmese Language, Svo,
pp. 209, cloth. Rangoon, 1890 6s GUJARATI.
The Burmese is in Native and Roman characters.
1345 Clarkson (W.) Grammar of the
1332 Davidson (Lieut. F.) Anglicised Gujarat! Language, 4to, pp. 175, cloth.
Colloquial Burmese, or How to Speak Bombay, 1847 5s
the Language in 3 Months, 12mo,
1904 3s 1346 Edalji (Sb.) Grammar of the Gujarati
pp. 102, cloth.
Language, Svo, pp. 127, cloth. Bom-
1333 Hough Anglo-Burmese Dic-
(G. H.)
bay, 1867 3s
tionary, Fart I., consisting of Mono-
syllables, Svo, pp. 147. Maulmain, 1347 Green (H.) A
Collection of English
1845 4s Phrases, with their Idiomatic Gnjarati
1334 JudSOn (A.) Grammar of the Burmese Equivalents, Svo, pp. 233, cloth.
Bombay, 1887 3s 6d
Language, Svo, pp. 61, cloth. Rangoon, The Gujarati in Native characters only.
1888 3s
1335 Grammatical Notices of the 1348 Patel (N. H.) and Karbhari (Bhagu
Burmese Languages, Svo, pp. 76, inter- F.) English-Gujarati and Gujarati-
leaved, calf. Maulmain, 1842 3s English Dictionary, 2 vols, Svo, pp.
1336 Phinney (P. D.) and Eveleth. 373, 644. Ahmedabad, 1895-98 12s 6d
Each vol is sold separately.
Pocket Dictionary, Burmese-English
The Gujarati is in Native characters only.
and English- Burmese, Svo, pp. 386,
cloth. Rangoon, 1904 7s 6d 1349 Taylor (G. P.) The Student's Gujarati
Compiled from Judson's Dictionary. Grammar, with Exercises and Vocabu-
1337 Pocket Companion of the Student lary, roy. Svo, pp. xvi, 228, cloth.
of Burmese, or English-Burmese Voca- Surat, 1893 12s

bulary, Svo, pp. 309, cloth. Rangoon, 1350 Tisdall (W. S. Clair) Simplified
1858 7s 6d Grammar of the Gujarati Language,
1338 Slack (Ch.) Manual of Burmese, for with a Short Reading Book and Voca-
the use of Travellers, Svo, pp. 39, with bulary, Svo, pp. 189, cloth. 1892 10s 6d
map, cloth. 1S8S 3s The Reading Lessons are in Gujarati, the main
rest in Roman characters.
1339 Sloan (W. H.) Practical Method with
the Burmese Language (English-Bur- 1351 Umiashankar (J. and O.) English-
mese Vocabulary), Svo, pp. 168, cloth. Gujarati Dictionary, with Appendices,
Svo, pp. 450, 72, cloth. Bombay,
Rangoon, 1887 4s
The Burmese in Native and Roman characters. 1862 5s

Probsthain & Co., 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum.

Indian Dialects. Grammars. 59

1352 Young (R.) Gujarati Exercises, or a 1367 Das (Narayan) Help to Candidates in
New Method of learning to read, write, Hindustani, Svo, pp. 148, 32, cloth.
and speak Gujarati, l'2mo, pp. 500, 48, Shahjahanpur, 1897 4s
bds. 1865 (pub. 12s) 7s 6d 1368 English and Hindustani.
Some of the Exercises are in Gujarati and Roman Student's Assistant, or Idiomatic Exer-
characters, the rest in Native characters only.
cises in those Languages, Svo, pp. 151.
Calcutta, 1837 2s 6d
The Hindustani in Roman characters.
1353 Bate (J.D.) Dictionary of the Hindi 1369 Fallen (S. W.) Hindustani-English
Language, Hindi- English, roy. 8vo, Law and Commercial Dictionary, roy.
pp. 805, cloth. Benares, 1875 32s
8vo, pp. 283, cloth. Benares, 1879
1354 Beames (J.) Notes on the Bhojpuri (Rs. 10) 8s
Dialect of Hindi spoken in Western
1370 Forbes (D.) Grammar Hindu- of the
Behar, 8vo, pp. 26. 1868 2s
staniLanguage, with illustrations of the
1355 Browne (J. F.) A Hindi Primer, in Persian and Divanagari, plates, and
Roman characters, pp. 36, cloth. Extracts for Reading, and a Vocabu-
1882 2s lary, Svo, cloth. 1862 6s
1356 Hindi Dictionary,for the use of Hindustani Manual, Grammar,
Schools, entirely in Hindi, 8vo, cloth. and English- Hindustani Vocabulary
Benares, 1871 4a Roman
(in characters), 12mo, pp. 188.
1357 Kellogg (Rev. S. H.) Grammar of 1891 2s 6d
the Hindi Language, with Copious 1372 Dictionary, Hindustani-Eng-
Philological Notes, 8vo, cloth, pp. 415. lish and English-Hindustani, roy. Svo,
Allahabad, 1876 10s 6d
pp. 585, 318, half bound. London, 1848
HINDUSTANI. The Hindustani in Persian and English characters.
1358 Ballantyne (J. R.) Hindustani Selec- 1373 Dictionary, Hindustani-Eng-
tions, with a Vocabulary, Second Edi- lish and English-Hindustani, New Edi-
tion, 8vo, cloth. 1845 3s
tion, printed in the Roman character,
1359 Brice (N.) Romanized Hindustani- roy. Svo, pp. 597, 318, cloth. 1859
English Dictionary, for the use of (pub. 36s) 25s
Schools, 8vo, pp. 357. 1864 4s As new.

1360 Brown (0. P.) and Gholam (Mir) 1374 Dictionary, English-Hindu-
stani Roman
characters), Second
English and Hindustani Phraseology, (in
or Exercises in Idioms, 8vo, pp. 235, Edition, Svo, cloth, pp. 318. 1866 8s
cloth. Madras, 1855 4s 1375 Hadley (G.) Grammatical Remarks
How to Learn on the Dialect of the Indostan Lan-
1361 Chapman (Major F.)
Hindustani (Grammar, Exercises, Con- guage, called Moors, with Vocabulary,
versations, Manuscript Reading), 8vo, English and Moors, Svo, pp. 155, calf.
7s 6d 1774 3s 6d
pp. 356, cloth. 1907
1362 Urdu Reader for Beginners, 1376 Jawahir Singh. The Urdu Teacher
with a Vocabulary, 8vo, pp. 127, 82, (Grammar, Conversations, Exercises),
cloth 6s large Svo, cloth. Umballa, 1898 7s 6d
1363 The same, for
Military 1378 Keegan (W.) Vocabulary in Urdu,
Latin and English, with Pronunciation
Students, 8vo, pp. 102, 76, cloth. 1910
7s 6d in Roman characters, roy. Svo, pp.
320, cloth. Sardhana, 1882 7s 6d
1364 CradOCk'S English Grammar in
Hindoostani, for the use of Moham- 1379 Kemp son (M.) The Syntax and
medans, 8vo, cloth. Madras, 1857 3s 6d Idioms of Hindustani a Manual of the

Language, Svo, pp. 309, cloth. 1906 5s

1365 Bobbie (R. S.) Pocket Dictionary,
Grammar, Reading, and Translation.
English-Hindustani, 8vo, pp.221, cloth.
1847 3s 6d 1380 Lyall (C. J.) Sketch of the Hindu-
The Hindustani in Arabic and Roman characters. stani Language (Roman characters),
Svo, pp. 55. 1880 2s
1366 DoWSOn (J.) Grammar of the Urdu
or Hindustani Language, 8vo, pp. xv, 1381 Mather (C.) Glossary, Hindustani
264, cloth. 1872 (pub. 10s 6d) 6s
and English, to the New Testament,
In the grammar Hindustani words are given in the in Roman characters, Svo, cloth, pp.
Persian and Roman characters. 226. 1861 3s bd

Probsthain & Co., 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum.

6o Indian Dialects. Grammars.

1382 Monier Williams. Easy Introduc- KASHMIRI.

tion to the Study of Hindustani 1395 Wade (T. R.) Grammar of the
(Roman characters), with a full Syntax Kashmiri Language, as spoken in the
and Selections in Hindustani, 8vo, pp.
233. 1853 3s 6d
Valley of Kashmir, 8vo, pp. xii, 159,
cloth. 1888 4s
1383 Hindustani Primer, in Roman The Kashmiri is in Roman characters only.
characters, 8vo. 1865 2s 6d
1383* Gram-
Practical Hindustani
mar, in Roman character, with Hindu- 1396 Smith (Major J. M.) Practical Hand-
stani Selections, in the Persian cha- book of the Khond Language (Roman
racter, cloth. 1862 6s characters), 8vo, pp. 130, cloth.
Cuttack, 1876 8s
Payie (Th.) Chrestomathie Hindou- Contains a Grammar Khond Depositions, in
stani (Urdu et Dakhou), avec Voca- Khond and English, and a Vocabulary.
bulaire Hindoustani-JTrangais, 8vo.
Paris, 1847 6s KOMKANI.
1385 Phillips (A. N.) Hindustani Idioms, 1397 R.) Diccionario Kotn-
DalgadO (S.
with Vocabulary, 12mo, pp. 283, cloth. philologico etymo-
1892 4s 6d
logico, 8vo, pp. 37, 561, half calf.
In English characters throughout. Bombay, 1893 12s 6d
1386 Plunkett Conversation The Komkani is in the Devanagari and Roman
(G. T.) characters.
Manual Collection of 670 Phrases, in
English, Hindustani, Persian, and
Pashtoo, 8vo, pp. 130, cloth. 1893 4s 1398 Friend-PePeira. Grammar of the
Kui Language (Dravidian), 8vo, pp.
1387 Prasad (Durga) Guide to Legal ix, 80, vi, cloth. Calcutta,, 1909 4s
Translations a Collection of Words
In Roman characters.
and Phrases used in the Translation of
Legal Papers from Urdu into English, MALAYALIM.
8vo, cloth. Benares, 1869 5s
1399 Bailey (B.) Dictionary, English-
1338 Ranking (G. S. A.) Pocket-book of Malayalim, Second Edition, 8vo, pp.
Colloquial Hindustani, 8vo, cloth, pp. 545. Cottayam, 1868 18s
65. Calcutta, 1905 3s The Malayalim in Native characters only.
1389 Rayerty (Capt. H. G.) Thesaurus of 1400 Gundert (H.) Malayalim and Eng-
English and Hindustani Technical lish Dictionary, in 5 parts, roy. 8vo, pp.
Terms, 8vo, pp. 106, cloth. 1859 3s 6d 1116. Mangalore, 1872 21s
Hindustani in Persian and Roman characters. The Malayalim is in Native and Roman characters.

1390 Roebuck (Lt. T.) English and Hin- 1401 Peet (J.) Grammar of the Malayalim
doostanee Naval Dictionary, with a Languages, as spoken in Travancore
Grammar, 12mo, pp. Ixvii, 180, half and Cochin, and N. and S. Malabar,
calf. 1813 3s 8vo, pp. xv, 218. Cottayam, 1841 8s
1391 Seal(M. S.) Manual of English and 1402 The same, Second Edition,
Hindustani Terms, Phrases, &c., in the 8vo, pp. ix, 187, cloth. 1860 9s
Roman character, 8vo, pp. 241. Cal- 1403 Spring (F.) Grammar of the Malay-
cutta, 1871 3s alim Language in Malabar, folio, pp.
1392 Small (G.) Laskari Dictionary, or x, 94, half calf. Madras, 1839 8s

Anglo-Indian Vocabulary of Nautical

Terms and Phrases in English and MARATHI.
Hindustani, 8vo, pp. 85. 1882 3s 1404 Bellairs (H. S. K.) Grammar of the
In Roman characters. Marathi Language, 8vo, pp. 90.
Bombay, 1868 3s
1393 Thompson (J. T.) English-Urdu and
Urdu-English Dictionary, in Roman 1405 Bhide (G. H.) Marathi English
characters, 8vo, pp. 332, 256, cloth. Primer, 8vo, pp. 108, cloth. Bombay,
Calcutta, 1852 5s 1889 3s
All exercises are in Marathi and English.
1394 Yates (W.) Introduction to the Hin-
dustani Language Grammar, Vocabu-: 1406 Molesworth (J. T.) and Candy (T.) I

lary and Reading Lessons, Sixth Edi- Dictionary, English and Marathi, 4 to, |
tion, 8vo, pp. xiv, 326, cloth. Calcutta, pp. 833, half bound. Bombay, 1847
1855 4s 10s 6d

Probsthain & Co., 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum.

Indian Dialects. Grammars. 61

1407 MoleSWOPth (J. T.) Dictionary, SINDHI.

Marathi- English, 1162.
(L. W.) Grammar of the
4to, pp.
1418 Seymour
Bombay, 1831 7s Sindhi Language, 8vo, pp. xii, 203,
1408 Navalkar (G. R.) The Student's cloth. Karachi, 1884 10s
Marathi Grammar, New
Edition, 8vo, The Sindhi in Arabic and Roman characters.
pp. xv, 340, cloth. Bombay, 1880 12s 1419 Stack (Capfe. G.) Dictionary, Sindhi
Out of print. and English, large 8vo, pp. 437, half
1409 Student's Manual of Mahrathi calf. Bombay, 1855 15s
The Sindhi is in the Devanagari character.
Grammar, designed for High Schools,
8vo, pp. 140. Bombay, 1868 5s
NEPALI. 1420 Anawaratna (S.) Easy Steps to
Sinhalese, 8vo, pp. 51. Colombo, 1908
1410 Turnbull (A.) A Nepali Grammar, 2s 6d
and English-Nepali and Nepali- English The Sinhalese is in Native and Roman characters.
Vocabulary, 8vo, pp. 303, cloth.
Darjeeling, 1887 8s 1421 Bridgnell (W.) School Dictionary,
Sinhalese-English, 16mo, pp. 371, cloth.
Colombo, 1847 5s
1411 Roepstorff (F. A.) Dictionary of the
1422 Callaway (J.) Vocabulary, with
Phrases in English, Portuguese, and
Nancowry Dialect of the Nicobarese
Nicobarese - English and Singhalese, 8vo, calf. Colombo, 1818 6s
Language :

1423 School Dictionary, Singhalese-

English-Nicobarese, 8vo, pp. xxv, 279,
with a curious plate. Calcutta, 1884 14a English, with an Introduction on the
The Appendix contains Tales, in Nicobarese and Language, 8vo, pp. 22, 156. Colombo,
1821 5s
English translation.
1424 Carter (Ch.) English and Singhalese
PANJABI. Lesson Book on Ollendorffs System,
1412 A Grammar of the Punjabi Lan- together with another Grammar and
guage, Panjabi Readings, 8vo, pp. viii, Vocabulary, 8vo, pp. 167, 81, cloth.
Colombo 5s
112. Lodiana, 1851 6s
1425 English-Sinhalese Dictionary,
1413 Dictionary of the Panjabi Language,
edited by L. Janvier, 4to, pp. vi, 438, roy. 8vo, pp. xx, 1030, calf. Colombo,
1891 25s
half calf. Lodiana, 1854 24s
Scarce. The Panjabi in Sanskrit and Roman 1426 Chater (J.) Grammar of the Cinga-
characters. lese Language, 4to, pp. 141, bds.
1414 Colombo, 1815 12s
Starkey (Capt.) Dictionary, English scarce.
and Punjabee, Outlines of Very
also Dialogues, 8vo, pp. 286, xxxvi, 1427 Childers (R. C.) Notes on the
116, cloth. Calcutta, 1849 16s Sinhalese Language, Part I. Forma- :

The Panjabi is in Roman characters only.

tion of Plural of Neuter Nouns, 8vo,
pp. 14. Reprint, 1873 2s 6d
1415 Wilson (J.) Grammar and Dictionary 1428 Geiger (W.) Litteratur u. Sprache
of Western Panjabi, as spoken in the der Singhalesen, 8vo, pp. 97. 1901 5s
Shapnr District, with Probers, Sayings, Encycl. of Indo-Aryan Research.
Verses, in Panjabi and English, 8vo,
cloth. Lahore, 1899 5s 1429 LambriCh (S.) Grammar of the
The Panjabi is in Roman characters. Singhalese Language, 8vo, pp. 155.
Ceylon, 1834 6s
PATHAN. 1430 Mehe Varen, or Pocket Sinhalese
1416 Guide, Sinhalese (Roman characters)
[Murray Wolfe)] Dictionary of
and English, 8vo, pp. 44.
the Pathan Tribes on the N.-W. Colombo,
Frontier of 1897 2s 6d
India, 16mo, pp. 239, ii,
with map, bds. Calcutta, 1899 4s 6d 1431 Mendis Gunasekara. A Compre
hensiveGrammar of the Singhalese
SANTHAL. Language, 8vo, pp. 516, cloth. Colombo,
1891 15s
1417 Skrefsrud (L. O.) Grammar of the
San thai Language, 12mo, pp. xvii, 370,
1432 Ranesinghe (W. P.) The Sinhalese
cloth. Benares, 1873 (pub. 21s) 16s Language : its Origin and Structure,
The Santhal is in Roman characters. Part 1, 8vo. Colombo, 1900 2s 6d

Probsthain & Co., 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum.

62 Indian Dialects. Grammars.

1433 Silva (3.) Handbook of Sinhalese 1450 Pope (G. U.) Tamil Prose Reading
Grammar, with Exercises, Svo, pp. 113. Book, Svo, cloth. 1859 5s
Colombo, 1903 3s 6d
U51 A Tamil Prose Reader, Svo,
1434 English-Sinhalese Dictionary, pp. 124. 1906 6s
16mo, pp. 511, calf. Colombo, 1897
1452 First Lessons in Tamil, 12mo,
cloth. 1856 4s
TAMIL. 1453 Rhenius (C. T. E.) A Grammar of the
1435 Anderson (R.) Rudiments of Tamul Tamil Language, with an Appendix,
Grammar, 4to, pp. xx, 184, half calf. Second Edition, Svo, pp. xvi, 293, half
1821 8s bound. Madras, 1846 8s

1436 Besehi (C. J.) Grammatica Latino- 1454 Tamil Grammar, abridged,
Tamulica, 4to, pp. 151, and Index, calf. 16mo, pp. 206, cloth. Madras, 1845
Madras, 1813 48 3s

1437 Grammar the Tamil Lan-

of 1455 Rottler (J. P.) Dictionary of the
guage, translated from the Latin, 4to, Tamil and English Languages, Part I.,
pp. 117, v. Madras, 1822 5s 4to, pp. 298, half bound. Madras,
1834 10s 6d
1438 The same, translated from the
Latin, Svo, pp. 147, cloth. Madras,
1848 6s
1439 The same, Grammatica Tamu- 1456 Arden (A. H.) Progressive Grammar
lica, Svo, pp. 215, 28, calf. Pondichery,
of theTelugu Language, with Copious
1843 6s Examples and Exercises, Second Edi-
tion, roy. Svo, pp. xi, 351, cloth. 1905
1440 Clavis humanior. litterar. sub- 10s 6d
limioris Tamulici Idiomatis, Svo, pp.
viii, 171, cloth. Tranquebar, 1876 5s
1457 Brown (C. P.) Dictionary, English-
Telugn and Telugu-English, explaining
1441 Ferguson (A. M.) Inge va, or Pocket the Colloquial Style and Poetical
Tamil Guide, Svo, pp. 156, cloth. Dialect, 2 vols, roy. Svo. Madras, 1852
Colombo, 1902 3s 2 2s
The Tamil in Roman characters.
1458 Grammar of the
Campbell (A. D.)
1442 Hoole (E.) Lady's Tamil Book Book : Telugu Language, 4to, pp. xxv, 205, 18,
of Common Prayer, in Tamil and Eng- half calf. Madras, 1816 5s
lish, with a Grammar of Tamil (Roman J. C. Morris calls this a book of great merit.
characters), Svo, cloth. 1860 3s 6d
1459 Morris (J. C.) Dictionary, English
1443 Jensen (H.) Practical Tamil Reading and Telugu, 2 vols, 4to, calf. Madras,
Book for Beginners, Svo, pp. 162, cloth. 1835 8s
Madras, 1882 3s 6d
1460 Pereival (P.) Anglo-Telugu Dic-
1444 Lazarus (J.) Tamil Grammar, Svo, tionary (Telugu words in Roman and
pp. 230, cloth. Madras, 1878 7s 6d Telugu characters), Svo, pp. 3, 245,
1445 Pilloy (C. A.) A Manual of Indian
cloth. Madras, 1861 4s

Terms, Tamil-English a Commercial ; 1461 Riccaz (A.) Abridgment of Telugu

Vocabulary, English and Tamil, and Grammar, Svo, pp. 124, ix. Vizaga-
an Appendix, Svo, pp. 143, cloth. patam, 1869 2s 6d
Madras, 1861 3s 6d
1462 Rogers (H. T.) First Lessons in
Referring to the Revenue and J udicial Departments.
Telugu, Svo, pp. xvi, 83. Madras, 1880
1447 Pope (G. U.) A Handbook of the 3s
Tamil Language, Seventh Edition, Svo,
pp. 204, cloth. 1912 7s 6d URIYA.
1448 A Key to the Exercises in the 1463 Browne (J. F.) An Uriya Primer, in
Tamil Handbook, with Notes on Roman characters, pp. 32. 1882 2s
Analysis, Svo, pp. 100. 1904 5s
1464 Rout. English-Oriya Dictionary,
1449 A Compendious Tamil-English with an Appendix, Oriya Grammar,
and English-Tamil Dictionary, Svo, 2 Svo, pp. 440, cloth. Guttack, 1874
vols, pp. 98, 108. 1905-06 each 5s 12s

Probsthain & Co., 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum.

Indian Dialects. Texts and Translations.

1465 Adharlal Sen. Kusum-Kanan, or 1477 Grierson Some
the Flowery Grove, Sixteen Poems on (G. A.) Bhoj'puri
Folk Songs, edited in Bihari and trans-
miscellaneous subjects, in Bengali, 2
lated into English, 8vo, pp. 61. Re-
vols in one, 12mo, fall green morocco.
print 2s 6d
Calcutta, 1877-78 4s
1468 Bankim Ch. Chatterji. Durgesa OANARESE.
Nandini, or the Chieftain's Daughter, a
Bengali Romance, translated into Eng-
1478 Channa Basava Purana an Ac- ;

lish by C. Mookerjee, 8vo, pp. ii, 201,

count of Channa Basava, an Incarna-
tion of the Parnava, in Kannada
cloth. Calcutta, 1880 6s
(Canareae), folio, pp. 539, half calf.
One of the chief Hindu Novels.
Mangalore, 1851 21s
1467 Krishna Kanta's Will, a Ben- A short synopsis in English MS. has been added.
gali Novel, translated by M.S. Knight,
with Introduction and Notes, 8vo, pp. 1478* Manuscript of a Christian Treatise
264, cloth. 1895 6s in Canarese 10s 6d

1468 Sitaram, a
Bengali Novel, Canarese
1479 Nagavarma's Prosody,
translated by S. C. Mukerji, 8vo, pp. edited with an Introduction to the
259, cloth. 1903 7s 6d Work and an Essay on Canarese Litera-
1469 Charitabali (The), or Instructive ture, by F. Kittel, 8vo, pp. Ixxxii, 160,
Biography, by I. Vidyasagara, with a cloth. Mangalore, 1875 7s 6d
Vocabulary, Bengali-English, by J. H. The work is in Canarese, but the introduction, the

essay and the notes are in English.

Blumhardt, 12mo, cloth. 1883-84 3s 6d
1470 Gitanj all (Song Offerings), by Rabin-
1480 Naga Varmma'S Karnataka Bhasha-
dra Nath Tagore, a Collection of Prose Bushana the Oldest Grammar extant

of the Kannada Language, edited, with

Translations made by the Author from
the Bengali, 8vo, pp. xvi, 64, with a
an English Introduction on the
Kannada Language and Literature, by
fine portrait by W. fiothenstein, cloth.
1912 L. Rice, roy. 8vo, pp. 44, 96, 22, bds.
Bangalore, 1884 7s 6d
India Society Publication. The edition is entirely
out of print. The text of the grammar is in Canarese and Roman
1471 Kali Krishna Lahiri. Roshinara,
a Historical Romance, translated from
1481 New Testament, translated from
the Original Greek into Canarese by a
the Bengali by N. Ch. Sen, 12mo, pp.
Committee of Missionaries, 8vo, calf.
275. Trichinopoly, 1912 3s
Bangalore, 1858
1472 Mukharji (R. S.) Indian Folklore,
8vo, pp. 127, cloth. Calcutta, 1904 2s GUJARATI.
A translation of 31 Tales from the Bengali.
1482 Stree Bodhe and [Woman's] Social
1473 Nabonari, in Bengali, 8vo, pp. 269,
Progress in India, a Jubilee Memorial,
cloth. Calcutta, 1899 3s
by Various Contributors, with an Ac-
1474 Purushapariksa of Vidyapati, count of the Jubilee Celebrations and
translated into Bengali by Haraprasad, Lectures, in English and Gujarati, roy.
roy. 8vo, pp. 242, half calf. 1826 4s 8vo, pp. 226, illustrated, cloth. Bom-
1476 Sarnalata (the Well-known Bengali bay, 1908 6s
Novel), or a Picture of Hindu Domestic
Life, translated from the Bengali by GURMUKKI.
D. Ch. Roy, 8vo, pp. ii, 280, cloth.
1483 Sakhee Book, or the Description of
Calcutta, 1903 3s 6d
Gooroo Gobind Singh's Religion and
1476 Second Conference between an Ad- Doctrines, translated from Gooroo
vocate and an Opponent of Burning Mukhi, by Sirdar Attar Singh, 8vp, pp.
Widows Alive, translated from the xviii,205, with portrait of the Sirdar.
Bengali, 8vo, pp. 50. Calcutta, 1820 3s Benares, 1873 12s 6d

Probsthain & Co., 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum.

Indian Dialects. Texts and Translations.

1484 Singh (Sirdar Atbar) The Travels of 1498 Prithiraja Rasau (The) of Chand
Guru Tegh Bahadar and Guru Gobind Bardai, edited in the Original Hindi
Singh, translated from the Gurmukhi, by J. Beames and A. F. R. Hoernle,
8 vo, pp. ix, 137, cloth, with a quaint map. Vol. L, fac. 1 Vol. II., fact. 1 to 5

Lahore, 1876 5s (all published), 8vo. Calcutta, 1873-88

HINDI. 1499 Rajniti, or Tales exhibiting the
1485 Baital Paehisi (The), or Twenty-five Moral Doctrines of the Hindoos, trans-
Tales of a Demon, a New Edition of lated from the Hindi of Lalln Lai into
the Hindi Text, with each Word ex- English by J. R. Lowe, 8vo, pp. 112,
pressed in the Hindustani Character, cloth. Calcutta, 1853 5s
and a literal English Interlinear Trans-
lation, and Notes by W. B. Barker and
1500 Ramayana of Tulsi Das, in Hindi,
large 8vo, cloth. Benares, 1882 14s
E. B. Eaatwick, roy. 8vo, pp. x, 369,
cloth. Hertford, 1855 12s 6d 1501 Translated from the Original
Hindi byF. S. Growse, Book L, Child-
1486 Translated from the Hindi into
hood, 4to, pp. xxi, 177, cloth. Alia-
English by Capt. W. Boilings, 8vo, pp.
habad, 1885 7s 6d
vii, 117. Calcutta, 1859 3s 6d
1487 Bala Dipaka. A New Series of 1502 Translation of the Second
Hindi Readers, in Hindi, 12mo. Banki- Book from the Hindi into Literal Eng-
3s 6d with Copious Notes and Allusions
pur, 1888-89 lish,

1488 Beames (J.) Notes on the Bhojpuri by Adalut Khan, 8vo, pp. vi, 244.
Calcutta, 1871 4s
Dialect of Hindi, spoken in Western
The second book contains the Ajodhyakand.
Behar, 8vo, pp. 26. 1868 2s 6d
1489 Hindi Petitions, in Hindi, roy. 8vo, 1503 Ratnasagar (The Ocean of Jewels) :

a Collection of Stories in Hindi, by

pp. 124, cloth. 1884 5s
Snktakamala, roy. Svo, pp. xvi, 608,
1490 Hitopadesa, in Hindi, Book I., 8vo. 21s
cloth. Calcutta, 1880
Mirzzpore, 1851 2s
1491 Jethabhai (G.) Indian Folklore: HINDUSTANI.
being a Collection of Tales illustrating 1504 AziZ-Uddin Ahmad. SamraiDyanat
the Customs and Manners of the Indian
(The Fruits of Honesty), translated
People, 8vo, pp. 236, cloth. Limbdi, from the Urdu, Svo, pp. 177, iii, calf.
1903 4s
Translations from the Hindi. Lucknow, 1891 3s

1492 New Testament, translated from the 1505 Bagh Bahar. The Hindustan Text
ofMir Amman, edited, in Roman type,
Original Greek into the Hindi Lan-
with Notes by Monier Williams, 12mo,
guage, 8vo, calf. 1860 3s
pp. 40, 240, cloth. 1859 4s
1493 Prem Sagur, or the History of
Krishnu according to the 10th Chapter 1506 Bagh O Bahar, consisting of Enter-
of the Bhagavat, translated into Hindi taining Tales in Hindustani (Arabic cha-
by L. Lai, 4to, pp. 248, half calf. racters), edited, with a Vocabulary, by
Calcutta, 1842 8s D. Forbes, Svo, cloth. 1851 5s
1494 translated from the Hindi into 1507 The same, lithograpJied, Svo.
English by Capt. W. Rollings, 8vo, pp. Cawnpore, 1832 4s 6d
iv, 440. Calcutta, 1848 4s 1508 The same, or the Garden and the
The copy is worm-eaten.
Spring : being the Adventures of King
1495 The same, 8vo, pp. 272. Azad Bakht and the Four Darweshes,
Calcutta, 1866 5s literally translated into English, with
1496 Prem Sagar, or the Ocean of Love, Notes, by E. B. Eastwick, Svo, pp. 251,
literally translated from the Hindi of bds. Hertford, 1852 12s 6d
Shri Lalln Lai Kab into English by E.
1509 Selections, constituting the
B. Eastwick, 4 bo, pp. 271, half calf. Text-Book for examination of Officers
Hertford, 1851 25s in Hindustani, by J. F. Baness, Svo,
Scarce edition.
pp. 249, cloth. Calcutta, 1887 7s 6d
1497 Prema Sagara, or Ocean of Love, Hindustani in Persian and English character,
translated from the Hindi and English translation.
Text of Lallu Lai Kavi into English, 1510 The Tale of the Four Durwesh,
annotated and explained by F. Pincott, translated from the Oordoo Tongue,
8vo, pp. xx, 327, cloth. 1897 with Notes by L. F. Smith, 12mo, pp.
(pub. 12s) 6s x, 256. Lucknow, 1834 3s 6d

Probsthain & Co. t 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum.

Indian Dialects. Texts and Translations.

1511 Bagh Bahar, or Adventures of the 1524 Nasp iBe-Nazip, or Story of Prince
Four Darwesh, in Hindustani, edited in Be-Nazir an Eastern Fairy Tale,

the Roman character by D. Forbes, 8vo, translated from the Urdu by C. B.

cloth. 1859 4s Bell, 8vo, pp. 129.HuU, 1871 4s
1512 The
same, translated into 1525 New Testament in Hindustani.
English by D. Forbes, 8vo, pp. 315, Injil-i-Imuqaddas (Roman characters),
cloth. 1862 5s 8vo, pp. 338, cloth. 1860 2s 6d

1513 and PremSagar. Selections 1526 Rubbee (Kb. Fuzli) Haqiqate Mu sal-
for the Higher Standard in Hindustani, man i Bengalah, i.e., The Origin of
8vo. Calcutta, 1883 5s the Mu salmans of Bengal, translated
from the Hindustani into English,
1514 The same, translated into 12mo, pp. iii, 132, cloth. Calcutta,
English by A. Khan, 8vo, pp. 398. 1895 5s
Calcutta, 1884 5s
1527 ShakespeaP (J.) Muntakhabat - 1 -

1515 Parry (E. F.) The Stories of Hindi, or Selections in Hindustani,

the Bdgh o Bahar, 8vo, pp. xii, 74, with verbal translations or particular
cloth. 1890 2s 6d vocabularies, and a Grammatical
An abstract made from the original text. Analysis, Vol 1, 4to. 1852 4s
1516 Beg (Moh., Sirdar 1st Madras 1527* The same, two parts. 1846
Lancers) My Jubilee Visit to London, 7s 6d
translated from the Hindustani, 8vo,
1528 Tahcin Uddin. Les aventures de
pp. xii, 101, cloth. Bombay, 1899 3s 6d Kamrup. Traduites de 1'hindonstani,
Mob. Beg is a descendant from Tippu Sultan.
par Garcin de Tassy, 8vo, pp. xi, 251.
1517 Garein de Tassy. La langue eb la Paris, 1834 7s 6d
literature hindoustanies en 1872 efa
1529 Tota-Kahani, or Tales of a Parrot,
1875, 2 parts. Paris, 1873-76 3s in Hindustani, edited by D. Forbes,
1518 Gool i-Buka Wulee, translated from with Vowel Prints and Hindustani-
the Original Oordoo into English and English Vocabulary, 8vo, cloth. 1852
with Vocabulary by Th. Ph. Manuel, 7s
12mo, pp. 216, xlviii. Lucknow, 1882 1530 Wasokht Of Amanat (The), Hindu-
3s 6d Text in Roman characters to-
stani ;

1519 History of Hindustan being an : ether with Bemerkungen znr Yors-

English Version of Raja Sivaprasad's, f nnst im Urdu, von H. Jansen, 8vo,
Part III., by Pandit Bhavanidat, 8vo, pp. 64, 96. 1893 5s
cloth, pp. 84 3s

1520 Ikhwan-US-Suffa. The Brothers of

Purity, or Disputation between Man
1531 Chandu Menon (O.) Induleka, a
and Animal, translation from the Urdu Malayalam Novel, translated into
by J. Wall, 12mo, pp. 227. Lucknow, English by W. Dnmergue, 8vo, pp.
1880 3s xix, 304, cloth. Madras, 1890 7s 6d

1521 The same, translated by A.

C. Cavendish, 8vo, pp. vi, 193, bds.
1885 3s 1532 Ae worth (H. A.) Ballads of the
Containing a translation of twenty-five tales. Marathas, rendered into English Verse
from the Marathi Originals, 8vo, pp.
1522 Khirad Afroz (the Illumination of xxxviii, 129, cloth. 1894 7s 6d
the Understanding), by Maulavi
Out of print.
Hafiznddin, a New Edition of the
Hindustani Text, carefully revised, 1533 Marathi Proverbs, collected
with Notes, Critical and Explanatory, (Marathi Text) and translated into
by JE. B. Eastwick, large 8vo, pp. xiv,
by English by A. Manwaring, 8vo, pp. x,
J21, cloth.
321, Hertford, 1857 271, cloth. Oxford, 1899 (pub. 8s)
(pub. 18s) 10s 6d 6s
1523 Lutaifee Hindee, or Hindostanee 1534 Pandurang Hari, or Memoirs of a
Jest-book, containing a Collection of Hindoo, with a Preface by Sir H.
Humorous Stories, in Arabic and Bartle Frere, translated from the
Roman characters, edited by W. C. Marathi, New Edition, 8vo, pp. 413,
Smyth, 8vo, pp. xvi, 159. London, cloth. 1877 8s
1840 3s An accurate and vivid picture of Mahratta life.

Probsthain & Co., 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum.

66 Indian Dialects. Texts and Translations.

1535 Tukarama (The Poet of the 1516 Murdoch (J.) Classified Catalogue of
Maharashtra) Complete Collection of
: Tamil Printed Books, with Introduc-
his Poems, in Marathi, edited by tory Notices, 12mo, pp. 101, 287,
Vishnu P. Shastri and Sankar Panda- bound together with MOEGLING, Coorg

rang, with the Life of the Poeb, in Memoirs, or Account of Coorg and ;

English by J. S. Gadgil, 2 vols, 8vo, KITTEL Vedic Pantheism. Madras


cloth. Bombay, 1869-73 21s and Mangalore, 1865 and 1855 7s 6d

1547 Muthalya (C.) Rajarajisvari, or the
Eighty-one of the Poems are translated into
English in the Preface. Triumph of Love, a New
Tamil Drama
(in Tamil), 8vo, pp. 12, 146, cloth.
PANJABI. Madras, 1906 4s

1536 Court (Major H.) History of the 1518 Naladiyar (The), or Four Hundred
Sikhs, or Translation of the Sikkban Quatrains in Tamil, with Introduction
de Raj di Vikhia, from the Panjabi, and Notes, Critical, Philological, and
with a Short Gurmukhi Grammar, roy. Explanatory, by G. IT. Pope, roy. 8vo,
8vo, pp. Ixxxiv, 239, cloth. Lahore, pp. 50, 440, half calf. Oxford, 1893
1888 16s (pub. 18s) 12s
1537 Swynnerton (Ch.) Romantic Tales 1549 PadittuppattU, with Commentary, a
from the Panjab, with Indian Nights' Poem, 8vo, pp. 176, cloth. Madras,
Entertainment, translated from the 1904 6s
Panjabi, New Edition, roy. 8vo, pp. In Tamil.

v, 484, cloth. 1903 7s 6d

1550 Sivagnana Botham of Meikanda
1538 Usborne Panjabi Lyrics and
(C. F.) Deva, translated from the Tamil, with
Proverbs Translations in Prose and
: Notes and Introduction by J. M. N.
Verse, 4to, pp. vi, 65. Lahore, 1905 2s Pillai, large 8vo, pp. xxxi, 136, cloth.
Madras, 1895 9s
SANTALI. On Siva Religion and Slddhanta Philosophy.
1539 Santali Folk Tales, translated from 1551 Re-
the Santali by A. Campbell, 8vo, pp. Poem by Minakohi-sundaram
iii, 127, cloth. Pokhuria, 1891 10s
Pillai, large 8vo, pp. 198. Madras,
1891 7s 6d
SINDHi. In Tamil.

1540 Sindhi Literature. The Divan of 1552 Tiru-takka-devars-Jivaka- chin-

Abd ul Latif Shah, known as Shaba Jo tamani, poetromana, with Nachchinar
Risalo, edited in Sindhi, with an Eng- Kkimyar's Commentary, 8vo, pp. 1048,
lish Introduction, by E. Trumpp, roy. cloth. Madras, 1907 15s
8vo, pp. xii, 739, cloth. 1866 21s In Tamil.

1541 Saswi and Punhu, a Poem, in the 1553 Tiruvalluyar, The Cural selections :

Original Sindi, with Metrical Transla- from the First Thirteen Chapters in
tion in English, 8vo, pp. vi, 44, 29, Tamil, with English Translation and
cloth. 1863 3s
Explanatory Notes, pp. 40, 304, calf.
Madras, 1878 9s
Title-page, any, is missing.
1542 Ainguru-nuru, with Commentary,
a Poem, 8vo, pp. 190, cloth. Madras, 1554 Spencer (Herbert) Education, Part
1903 7s 6d I., translated into Tamil, 8vo, cloth.
In Tamil. Madras, 1899 2s 6d

1543 Ariehandra the Martyr of Truth,

1555 Vedala Cadai (The) :
being the
a Tamil Drama, translated into Eng- Tamul Version of a Collection of
lish by M. Coomara Swamy, 8vo, pp. Ancient Tales in Sanskrit, known as
xxiii, 262, cloth. 1863 7s 6d the Vetala Panchavinsati, translated
1544 Besehl. The Adventures of the by B. G. Babington, 8vo, pp. 90.
(London, N.D.) 5s
Gooroo Paramartan, a Tale in the
Tamil Language, with an English
Translation and a Vocabulary, 8vo, pp. TELUGU
xii, 243, half calf. 1822 7s 6d 1556 Brown English Translations
(C. P.)
1545 Milton's Paradise Lost, Book I., of theExercises and Documents
translated into Tamil, 8vo, cloth. printed in the Telugu Reader, 8vo, pp.
Madras, 1895 3s 177, cloth. Madras, 1865 6s

Probsthain & Co., 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum.

Indian Dialects, Texts and Translations, 67

1557 Panehatantra : the well-known 1572 Four Gospels and the Acts of the
work on Vedanta Philosophy a :
Apostles, translated into Sinhalese,
Telugu Manuscript, 4to. about 1800 12mo, cloth. Colombo, 1884 2s 6d
12s 6d
1573 Kavyasekhara, or the Poem on the
1558 Morris (J. C.) Telagu Selections Life of Senaka, by Vachissara Rahula
(Tales, Papers, Dialogues), in Telugu, Sami, with a Paraphrase by H. Suman-
with English Translations and Gram- gala, 8vo, pp. 183, xvi. Colombo, 1872
matical Analyses, and a Glossary of 7s 6d
Revenue Terms, folio, pp. 182, 26, 1574 Kudusika: a Summary of Precepts
half calf. Madras, 1823 12s of the Vinaya Pitaka, by Dharmasiri,
1559 Disputations on Village Business, revised Singhalese Text, 8vo, pp. iv,
in Telugu, written by a Brahman, with 172. Colombo, 1894 4s
an English Translation by L. P. 1575 Kusa Jataka. A Story of a previous
Brown, 8vo, pp. 91,63, cloth. Madras, Birth of Gautama Buddha, 8vo, pp. 35.
1855 5s Colombo, 1896 2s

1560 Wars of the Rajas : being the 1576 A Buddhist Legend, rendered
History of Anantapuram, translated into English Verse from the Sinhalese,
from the Telugu by C. P. Brown, 8vo, with Notes by Th. Steele, 8vo, pp. xii,
pp. 91, calf. Madras, 1853 4s 260, cloth. 1871 8s
1577 Kusaiataka Kayyaya a Poem by :

SINHALESE. Alag. Mohottala, in Singhalese, with

1561 Abhinava Jatakaratna a work : Notes and a Singhalese-English Vo-
on Astrology in Singhalese verse, 8vo, cabulary, by A. Mendis, 8vo, pp. xvii,
pp. 97. Colombo, 1868 6s 263. Colombo, 1897 5s

1562 Anuruddha Jatakaya, in Sinhalese, 1578 Life of King Wessantara, in

8vo, pp. 41. Colombo, 1879 3s Singhalese, with coloured illustrations,
8vo. Colombo, 1891 3s
1563 Asadrisa- Jataka : a Poem, in
1579 Mad hava. Treatise on Diseases,
Sinhalese, by Rajadhirajasinha, with Sanskrit Text, in Singhalese Cha-
notes, 8vo, pp. 43, vii. Galle, 1889
racters, with Singhalese Translation by
3s 6d
Paudit Silva Batuvantudase, 2 vols.
1564 Bhishajya Darpanaya, or the Colombo, 1875 12s 6d
Mirror of Medicine, by J. Perera, 8vo,
3s 6d
1580 Mendis (A.) Athetha Wakya Dee-
pp. 92. Colombo, 1873
panaya, or a Collection of Sinhalese
1565 Bible. The Holy Bible, translated Proverbs, Maxims, &c., Singhalese
into Sinhalese, large 8vo, pp. 887, 313, Text, with English Translation.
fall calf. Colombo, 1890 4s Colombo 3s
1566 Bunyan'S Pilgrim's Progress, trans- 1581 Muvadevdavata, a Poem, in
lated into Sinhalese, Two Parts, 12mo, Sinhalese, 8vo, pp. 32. Colombo,
cloth. Colombo, 1895 2s 6d 1880 2s 6d

1567 Dathavanso, or History of the Tooth

1582 New Testament, translated into
Relic, in Singhalese, with a Paraphrase
Sinhalese, 12mo, calf. Colombo, 1889 3s
by Terunnanse, 8vo, pp. iii. Kelainya, 1583 Pathya Vakya, or Niti Sastra:
1883 4s Moral Maxims, extracted from Oriental
1568 The same, without the Para- Philosophers, in Singhalese, with Eng-
lish Translation, 8vo, pp. viii, 54.
phrase, pp. 48. 1890 2s 6d
Colombo, 1881 3s
1569 Dravyanamawali Akaradiya
(The) A Materia Medica, in Sinhalese,
1584 Pratya Sataka, by V. Mendis: a
Singhalese Paraphrase, with English
8vo, pp. 212. Colombo, 1893 5s
Translation, 8vo, pp. 38. Colombo,
1570 Eln Akaraduja: a Vocabulary of 1886 2s 6d
Pure Sinhalese Words, in Sinhalese, 1585 Rajaratnakaraya, or a History of
8vo, pp. 48. Colombo, 1893 3s Ceylon, by Terunnanse, in Singhalese,
1571 Janakiharana. An Epic Poem, in 8vo, pp. 89, v. Colombo, 1887 2s 6d
Sanskrit (Sinhalese characters), by 1586 Sarakamshepa a:
Kumaradasa, King of Ceylon, with a from Older Medical Authorities, in
Sinhalese Paraphrase by Dh. Sthavira, Sinhalese, Part II., 8vo, pp. 100.
8vo, pp. 309. Ceylon, 1891 103 Colombo, 1869 6s

Probsthain & Co,, 41, Great Russell Street, British Museum,

68 Indian Dialects. Texts and Translations.

1587 Upham. Sacred and Historical 1596 Paramatta Medhani, in Burmese,

Books of
Ceylon Vol. II., The Raja
8vo, pp. 160. Rangoon, 1881 4s
Ratnacari and the Raja Vali, trans-
1597 Parameegan, in
Burmese, 8vo, pp.
lated from the Sinhalese by E. Upham,
129. Rangoon, 1884 3s 6d
8vo, pp. 325, bds. 1833 10s
1598 Rupakalya Jataka, in Burmese, 8vo,
1588 Vyavastha Sangraha :
Exposition pp. 119. Rangoon 3s 6d
of theLaw for Guidance of Native
Headmen, in Singhalese, by F. Lee,
1599 Latter (T.) Selections from the Ver-
8vo, pp. 96. Colombo, 1874 4s nacular Boodhisb Literature of Bnrmah,
in Burmese, with notes in the margin,
1589 WetZ6liUS(J. Ph.) KortOntwerp v.
de Leere der Waarheid, translated into 4to, pp. 166. Maulmain, 1850 9s

A few pages are water-stained.
Singhalese. 8vo, pp. 202,
Colombo, 1790 15s 1600 Sadudamathaya and Thanwayo
Rare work, printed in Ceylon, before the occupa- Pyo, in Burmese, 8vo, pp. 182. Ran-
tion of the Island by the British. 0oo?i, 1831 4s
1590 Yakkun Nattannawa a Cingalese :
1601 Sangermano (Father) Description of
Poem, descriptive of Singhalese Do- the Burmese Empire, compiled chiefly
monology, and KOLAN NATTANNAWA, a from Native Documents, and trans-
Cingalese Poem, translated into Eng- lated from his MS. by W. Tandy, 40
lish by J. Callaway, 8vo, pp. xi, 64,
pp., vii; 224, cloth. 1833(0. T. F.)
with 9 plates, bds. 1829 (0. T. F.) 8s 15s
1591 Yoga-Sataka, or Treatise on Reme- 1602 Shwe dagon thamaing, in Bar-
dies of Diseases, in Sinhalese, 8vo, pp. mese, folio. Rangoon, 1875 4s
52. Colombo, 1877 2s 6d
1603 Shwe hmaw-daw thamaing a :

BURMESE. Pagoda History, Burmese, 8vo, pp.
2s 6d
72. Rangoon, 1876
1592 Burmese Petitions (1-16), folio, 16
1601 Taw Sein Ko. Selections from the
lithographic plates, cloth. Rangoon,
Records of the Hlutdaw, Burmese text,
1896 7s 6d
with List of Contents in English, roy.
1593 Damathat (The), or the Laws of 8vo, pp. 145, bds. Rangoon, 1889 6s
Menoo, Burmese Text, with an English
Translation by D. Richardson, Second 1605 Temi Jataka Vatthu, in Burmese,
Edition, roy. 8vo, pp. 388. Rangoon, 8vo, pp. 222. Rangoon, 1881 5s
1876 12s 6d 1606 Tsan mya
thinge meng thami
1594 Duroiselie (C. ) The Story of Dighavu, pyadzat, a Drama, in Burmese, 8vo,
translated from Burmese, 4to pp. 6. pp. 194. Rangoon, 1880 5s

Rangoon, 1908 2s 1607 Vessantara Jataka Vatthu, in

1595 History of Prince Burmese, 8vo, pp. 242. Rangoon, 1875
Waythandaya :

4s 6d
his Birth, Offerings, Banishment, As-
cetic Life, &c., the last but one of the 1608 Wathandra Jataka Vatthu, in
Previous States of Gaudama, in Bur- Burmese, 8vo, pp. 184. Rangoon, 1882
mese, 8vo, pp. 262. Ramjoon, 1856 10s 4s

1609 Raja Radhakanta Deva. The Sabdakalpadruura, New Edition, in the

Sanskrit Character, roy. 4to, Vol. I. (10 parts); Vol. II. (17 parts); Vol.
III. (23 parts); all issued of this edition. Calcutta, 1888 ^"3 33
1610 Vedas. Vedarthayatna, or an Attempt to Interpret the Vedas, Marathi
and English Translations, with a Sanskrit Paraphrase of the Rig Veda
Samhita, with the Original Samhita and Pada Texts and Notes in Marathi,
Vols i to 4 (complete in 62 parts, containing the Hymns i to 296), and
Vol 5, Parts i to 9, in parts as issued, 8vo. Bombay^ 1876-82
(pub. 12 IQS) ;s 53

1611 Bhandarkar (Sir R. G.) Vaisnavism, S'aivism and Minor Religious

Systems, 8vo, pp. 169, cloth. 1913 128 6d

Probsthain & Co., 41, Great Russell Street ',

British Museum.
plates. Large 8vo. 1912 303

BAINES (Sir A.) Indian Ethnography (Castes and Tribes). 8vo, pp. 211,
cloth. 1912 155

BRUNNERT AND HAGELSTROM. Present-day Political Organisation of

China. Roy. 8vo, pp. 572, Ixxx. 1912 net 355

COOMARASWAMY (Dr. A. K.) The Indian Craftsman, with Preface by

G. C. R. Ashbee. 8vo, pp. 130, cloth. London, 1909 net 35 6cl

Indian Drawings. First Series, with illustrations in the text and'plates;

4to net 303

Indian Drawings. Second Series, with illustrations in the text and 25

plates, 410 nett 255

LANNING (G.) Wild Life in China, or Chats on Chinese Birds and Beast*.
8vo, pp. xvi, 255. 1911 net 75 Cd

Old Forces in New China

an Effort to exhibit the Fundamental

Relationships of China and the West in their True Light. 8vo, pp. x, 408, wi'h
map. 1912 net zos 6d

MACDONELL (A. A.) Vedic Mythology. 8 vo, pp. 176. 1897 net los 6d

Vedic Grammar. Large 8vo, pp. iv, 456, cloth. 1910 net 305

MORGAN (Evan) A Guide to Wenli Styles and Chinese Ideals

Essays, Edicts, :

Proclamations, Memorials, Letters, Documents, Inscriptions, Commercial

Papers. Chinese Text, with English Translation and Notes. 8vo, pp. 414, a
Vocabulary of 46 pp. and Index, cloth. 1912 net 2is

MULLER (F. M.) History of Ancient Sanskrit Literature, so far as it illustrates

the Primitive Religion of the Brahmans. Reprint, roy. 8vo, pp. 336, cloth
net 155
Small Collection of Japanese Lacquer. 410, pp. 58, with
front, and 50
plates in collotype, cloth. 1910 255
The work contains a brief account of the history and manufacture of Lacquer, followed by
a detailed description of the articles. The plates are well executed.

SAUSSURE (L. de) Les Origines de TAstronomie Chinoise. Roy. 8vo, about
900 pages, with illustrations. Forthcoming
SEN (D. C.) History of Bengali Language and Literature a Series of Lectures :

delivered as Reader to the Calcutta University. Roy. 8vo, pp. 1030, 15, 1911
net 243
SILACARA. Discourses of Gotamo the Buddha, translated from the Pali of
the Majjhima Nikayo. 2 vols, roy. 8vo, cloth. 1912-13 net 155

SUMANGALA (S.) A Graduated Pali Course, with a Pali-English Vocabulary.

8vo, cloth. 1913 net 75 6d

TIELE (C. P.) The Religion of the Iranian Peoples, Part I. 8vo, pp. 218.
1912 net 73 6d

VITALE (Baron G.) Chinese Folklore Pekingese Rhymes, first collected and

edited, with Notes and English Translation. 8vo, pp. xvii, 220. 1896 net 153

Chinese Merry Tales, collected and edited in Chinese : a First Reading

Book for Students of Colloquial Chinese, Second Edition. 8vo, pp. viii, 118.
1908 net 7s 6d

PROBSTHAIN & CO., Oriental Booksellers and Publishers,


Probstbaiifs Oriental Series

Vol. L, THE INDIAN CRAFTSMAN, by A. K. Coomara

wamy, D.Sc. Cr. 8vo. 1909 net 35
" The Author has
brought to bear on his subject great knowledge and sympathy and w
learning . ." Indian Mag.

. . which we can recommend as a. most interesting account of the Craft Guilds

India and their value aesthetically, socially, and spiritually." T.P.S.

Vol. II., BUDDHISM AS A RELIGION: its Historic

Development and its Present-day Condition, by H. Hackmann, Lie. The*
Cr. 8vo, pp. 320. 1910 net
CONTENTS : Preface :
I.,The Buddha and his Doctrine II., Sketch of the History
Buddhism III., Southern Buddhism (Ceylon, Burma, Siam) IV., Lamaism \
Eastern Buddhism (China, Korea, Japan) Conclusion Bibliography Index. T
only complete work on Buddhism.

Vols. III. and IV., THE MASNAVI, by Jalalu 'd Din Rum
Book II., translated time into English Prose by Prof. C.
for the first '.

Wilson, 2 vols Vol. L, iTranslation from the Persian ; Vol. II., Comme

tary. 8vo, cloth. 1910 net 2

Vol. V., ESSAYS: Indian and Islamic, by S. Khud

Bukhsh, M.A., Oxon. Cr. 8vo, pp. 295. 1911 net 73 fl

"... The Author has carried on his studies with scrupulous fidelity to science and trut
He is a faithful historian, and a historian of Islam unparalleled in this country, f

having adopted the true critical method. Much has been brought to light to add to tl

sum total of historical experience . . ."Modern Review, Calcutta.

Vol. VI., BACTRIA, the History of a Forgotten Empire, b

H. G. Rawlinson, M.A., I.E.S. Cr. 8vo, pp. xxiii, 168, with 2 maps and
plates. 1912 net 75 6
India under Greek Rule.


by D. T. Suzuki. Ready in Autumn^ 1913.

Vols. VIII. and IX., THE I-LI : the Chinese Classic c

Ceremonial. Translated from the Chinese, with a Commentary by tr.

Rev. J. Steele, M.A., 2 vols. Ready early in 1914.


Ch. Duroiselle.

VolS. XI. and XII., HAFT PAIKAR, The Seven Portrait

or the Adventures of King Bahram and his Seven Queens, by Nizam
From the Persian, by Prof. C. E. Wilson.

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