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Tutorial: Run old games and programs on Windows 8 with this how-to

In this tutorial we are showing you how to properly run old games and programs on Windows

Up gradation from Windows 7 to Windows 8 is far more pain-free, than up gradation from
Windows XP to Vista, or Vista to Windows 7. There were some compatibility headaches while
running some old programs or games in Windows Vista or even in Windows 7. Despite of
having attractive metro interface and metro apps Windows 8 has more or less same salient
features like Windows 7. So it is expected that there will be no compatibility issue in running
those programs which are compatible with Windows 7.

Kevin Turner, Microsoft’s COO said at the Worldwide Partner Conference 2011,
“The gateway to get to Windows 8 is Windows 7, and we will have backward
compatibility with Windows 7 embedded into Windows 8. That’s something that we’re
very committed to. But that’s a really important first pillar.”

But you may face compatibility issue while running some old programs or games, which were
meant to be run only on Windows Vista or XP. In that case follow these steps to solve the

Steps to run Old programs and games

Compatibility issue can be appeared during the installation of any old program, during the
execution (run) of a old program, or in both of the situations. Here, old version of
“Connectify” (compatible with XP service pack 2 or 3) application has been chosen to
describe the steps.

1. First of all click on the setup file of the program that you want to install. If the version of
the program is not compatible with Windows 8 “Program Compatibility Assistant” dialog
box will appear. Click on “Run the program using compatibility setting” . Now, the
installation process will start.
2. After the installation process is finished, try to run the program. You will see the same
compatibility problem what you have experienced during the installation process.

3. Now, right click on the game or program icon (here, connectify icon) in your desktop and
click on Properties option. New Properties window will pop up. Navigate to Compatibility

4. Now, if you know the exact compatibility mode for running the game or program, first
check “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” box and then select desired
Compatibility mode from the dropdown list. Then press “Apply” and then “OK”.
5. If you are confused in choosing a compatibility mode for an old program or a game, click
on the Recommended Option“Run the compatibility troubleshooter to choose the settings”.

6. Program compatibility Troubleshooter window will pop up. Now click on Try
recommended settings option.
7. Window will automatically choose a compatibility mode for the game or the program. Here
you can see program name (here connectify) and the compatibility mode (here XP service
Pack 3) applied by windows troubleshooter.

8. Now, click on “Start the Program” option.

Now, the program or game should run properly in compatibility mode.

8. Finally, click on Yes, save the settings for the program option to save the compatibility
mode settings for that particular program or game.
Follow these steps to run any other old programs or games to install and run on Windows 8.