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Country : United Arab Emirates

Delegate : Salma Nathifa Aji

Committee : United Nations Economic and Social Council

Topic : Decent Work and Economic Growth

Economic is the key of the country’s development. As a matter of fact, any economic
activities in a country eventually affect the nation incomes. At this point in time, the world is
struggling with the unemployment issue. In 2017, the number of global unemployment is
estimated at 5.485%. The unemployment numbers have been through a fluctuating trends. On
the other hand, several countries in the Gulf region are facing the issue of the dependence on
expat workforces. Based on various surveys, United Arab Emirates has the largest number of
the expat workforces. In 2018, 91% of United Arab Emirates workforces are the expats, above
the 75% average of the Gulf Countries Council. The phenomena related to nations economic
growth which presents various challenges.
Along with the world economic issues, United Arab Emirates has GDP growth
estimated to decrease from 3% in 2016 to 0.8% in 2017. The decrease was caused by the growth
number of several sectors, specifically petroleum and real estate, which have dramatically
dropped. About 25% of the United Arab Emirates GDP is contributed by the crude oil and
natural gas sector. As the prices of the oil and gas fall down and become unstable, the United
Arab Emirates might be lost one of the leading sector.
However, the United Arab Emirates committed to fix the issues through several policies
that in line with the economic vision in 2021, “Internationally competitive and diversified
economy under the leadership of efficient and knowledgeable nationals”. To resolve the large
number of expat workforces, United Arab Emirates has been known to determine the
Emiratisation policy which mandates the inclusion of Emiratis in the job sector, particularly in
the private sector. More than that, the government attempted to protect the labor rights by
standardizing the labor contracts between the employer and the employee. Additionally, United
Arab Emirates endeavors to diversify the economic activities away from oil and gas production
and start focusing to becomes the economic, touristic, and commercial capital.
As a part of the developed countries, in November 2013, United Arab Emirates has
selected to be the host of World Expo 2020 in Dubai. The Expo is estimated to create 275,000
jobs within several sectors such as tourism, aviation, and infrastructure. United Arab Emirates
believes that the expo will resolve the global unemployment issue considerably. Previously,
the UN General Assembly had deliberate to declare programme of action on the establishment
of a new international economic order. According to the Resolution A/RES/S-6/3202, the
developed countries are mandated to promote any economic expansion of the developing
countries, specifically industrialization and trading. Moreover, the developed countries should
adjust their economies so as to facilitate any expansion and diversification of imports by the
developing countries.
We are conscious that the global economic issues are elaborative and things that need
to be viewed in a multidimensional manner. We perceive several countries in the world such
as the countries in Latin America, Asia, and Africa are struggling with downturn economic
conditions. Therefore, the United Arab Emirates would like to offer the solutions as written
1. Diversify the national incomes through private sector assistance. Focus on
investment in predictable business to reduce cost and ensure the effectiveness. Start
reinforce the industries based on innovation of technology and knowledge then take
measures to trade abroad
2. Develop communities to be financially independent through entrepreneurship
training. The productive communities will eventually enhance their economic
condition. Create trademark to promote their business in global scale
3. Manage the expats and reduce the dependency on expats by standardizing the
requirements of the expat workforces. Focus on the knowledge and their leadership
development. Create framework and contracts with maximum working period.
By implementing the suggested actions above, we hope that the synergy of the global economic
run as we desired to.


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