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The Author:

Historian, Author and Psychoanalyst, Dieter Duhm (PhD

Sociology) was born in 1942 in Berlin, Germany and is
the initiator of the “Plan of the Healing Biotypes”, a glo-
bal peace plan. From 1967 he engaged in the Marxist left,
including being one of the leading characters in the stu-
dents’ movement. In 1972 his well-known book “Angst
im Kapitalismus” (Fear in Capitalism) was published,
which made the link between the thoughts behind politi-
cal revolution and thoughts behind the liberation of the individual.
1975 saw a distancing from leftist dogmatism and a shift towards a more thorough
human alternative, leading to the establishment of the ‘Bauhutte’ project: a three
year social experiment with 40 participants in the Black-Forest in Germany. With
the theme of ‘founding a community in our times’ the experiment embraced the
questions of the origin, meaning and aim of human existence on planet Earth.
Arising from the experiment come outlines of a new possibility of existence with
the concepts of ‘free love’, ‘spiritual ecology’ and ‘resonance technology’.
In 1995, together with Theologian Sabine Lichtenfels and others, he founded
Tamera Peace Research Centre in Portugal, which today has more than 160 co-
Dieter Duhm has dedicated his life to creating an effective forum for a global
peace-initiative which is a match for the destructive forces of capitalistic globali-

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”We have done to Peace between the Sexes and Peace with nearly inexhaustible power. Otherwise
with Nature there would no longer be any sprouting,
sensual love what The ecological disaster and the sexual di- blossoming, singing or laughing, after all
we did to the saster are interconnected. The destruction that we have inflicted upon it for millenia.
of the life energies in the human organism On the one hand we are facing outer de-
rivers. In both and the destruction of the life energies in our struction, consisting of the extermination of
biosphere are two aspects of the same basic large populations and species, the pollution
cases we have problem. of the air and the contamination of the wa-
achieved the same The earth is not a motor which runs smooth- ter, the breeding of fur-bearing animals and
Dieter Duhm
ly if only the right kind of oil and gas are pro- livestock, the hunting of whales and the kill-
result: we have vided. Neither does it get sick only because ing of seals, etc. On the other hand we are
Eros Unredeemed
The World Power of Sexuality
taken away the it is being polluted by industrial waste water, facing destruction from within, consisting of
acid rain, carbon dioxide and other kinds of a lack of meaning and purpose in life, a fear
natural beauty toxins. Its illness encompasses much more of life itself, the loss of the ability to love, and 184 pages, Pb
ISBN 978-3-927266-13-1
and healing power than just its mechanical malfunctioning, psychosomatic illnesses of various kinds.
15,30 €, US $ 18,90, £ 12,50,-
because its inner core, its soul, has been af- Together they exert a great amount of strain
that was originally fected. Our biosphere is a most diverse and on the global organism. The crises in our in-
yet homogeneous organism, where body and ner and outer environments are two sides of
present.” the same problem and can be understood
soul interact very much in the same way as
Dieter Duhm they do in the organism of the individual. and solved only by adopting an overall view.
The discovery of a unified connectedness of It is obvious that a new concept of human
all life is part of the fundamental develop- civilization is necessary. The innermost core
ment currently taking place in enlightened of this concept touches elemental human
religion and science. questions concerning sexuality, love and
The entire biosphere possesses a unified partnership, community and belonging, the
energy and information system, and a uni- meaning of life and home. Whether a future
fied system of matter consisting of chemical society remains inhumane or whether it can
elements and their properties. In addition become humane, whether children growing
it can apparently withstand an enormous up will be happy or unhappy in that society,
amount of strain and – due to its inherent will to a great extent depend on how we ap-
power of self-healing – can regenerate itself proach and solve our inner questions.