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Gloria from Missa Legionis Mariae Voice Roman Missa 3rd Edition Christopher. Fiedalan and Christopher George L. Cadhit e ort en en ° Few Aw? ae Gio-ry tm God In the high est and on earth, peace to peo -ple of good - wil. 10 @ ort Em fn An F O GLO-RY TO GOD IN THE HIGH EST__ AND ON EARTH, —PEACETO PEO- PLE OF GOOD- 14 pee pb ‘Eo ca fo. ose oe oF eee WILL, We praise you, we bless you, we a- doe you, we glo-ri-fy you. We 2 ie F fe FO DE Dae Foe * Ss ‘lve you thanks for your great. glo - ry. Lord God heavenly king, © Ged al__migh ty 27 ossa paseo. En bet s cpa oo Fa ther, wit. Lord Jesus Christ, only Be-got ten Son, 33 = cE ase De oF Oe lord God Lamb of God Son of the Fa ther You take a - way the sing of the 39 Ge e ee DAD eae cf wort, have mer-cy on us. You take a - way the sing of the world, ra- caive-ourpray'r. You are [Wersa 3! 45, “he Dahm oe ae ae seated at the right hand of the Fe - ther,have mer = cy on us wa. For 2 ony © 011 Voice Ce OF € ce OFF BG Am AnG OR DIC GBC lone are the Ho-ly one, you a-lone are the Lor You a-lone are the most High, F Dae ch EP, oy Das DF pas oD D.C. Al Coda Je = sus Christ, with the Ho -ly Spl-rit In the glo-ry of Goo. the Fa ther. wit. 8 Dre Em END An F En’ any omen Glo- ry to God In the high est__ and on earth, peace to peo-ple of good~ will. ce oof ne ae e ant pase ot