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TAHUN 2018
Narrator : M. Zainal Ilmi
Suster 1 : Lutfi Anggraini F
Suster 2 : Siti Lestari Nurhamidah
IGD Suster : Cindy Silvia Maya
Mother : Ni Ketut Irayani
Patient : Tita Miranda


Nindia is an 18 year old teenager. the patient comes to the hospital with complaints
of shortness of breath and pain in his chest accompanied by a dry cough and his body looks
limp and suste check on the condition of the nindia :

Suster : What are you feeling right now?

Nindia : Tightness (grimacing face in pain),cought, Fast and deep breath
Sometimes accompanied by chest pain
Suster : How can it happen like that?
Mother : Nadia and I were cleaning the house, because there was a lot of dust
and often lifted some heavy loads, maybe the asthma would recur
Suster : Good mom, now I will install oxygenation for the mother's child so that
the mother's airway becomes smooth and the mother's child is not
congested anymore
Mother : Oh yeah please

Nurses give action by giving oxygenation to the lungs less than 1 hour later the nurse
observes by seeing the water bubbling, the nurse also regulates the state of sitting in the
semifowler. the nurse attaches an oxygen mask over the patient's mouth and nose and
arranges the binder for nindia comfort.

Suster : Mother after 6-8 hours I will come back here to check on the condition
of Poland
Mother : Yes sister
after 6 hours the nurse came back to the room to check on her condition

Suster : Assalamualaikum
and child : Waalikumsalam

Suster : Introduce me to Sister ... who is in charge of this office from 7:00 a.m.
to 2:00 p.m. Is this true with the mother who is a parent from India
who is having his address on the street.Kartini No.38, is it true, Mother?
mother : Yes right. Now what do I want my child to do, Sister?
Suster : I now want to check on the condition of my mother's child, Nindia.
how is mom?
mother : oh yes, please nurse
Sister : Good morning, Ms.
Nindia : Morning nurse
Suster : Introduce Ms. Mbak, I am a Sister ... who will take care of Ms.bak today.
Is this really with Ms. Nindi?
Nindia : Yes sister

(validation evaluation)

Suster : How do you feel about it now?

Nindia : last night it couldn't be covered, sleep and wake up and the nurse
didn't feel well
Suster : Why does sleep continue to rise?
Nindia : In the sisni section (while showing the chest part) it hurts and her
breathing is also tight. I was sick too, so I kept coughing up the nurse
Suster : Good mbak, I check first
Nindia : Yes sister
Suster : Now Ms. Lie first

Working phase
(lay the patient to sleep on his back and set a comfortable position for the patient
and start performing physical examination procedures which include inspection, palpation,
percussion and auscultation)
Suster : Excuse me, Ms. now open her clothes, I want to start the examination
Nindia : yes sister
Suster : Do you want to open a high school, do you want to open it to my
Nindia : I'm alone, sister
Suster : Yes, I have now opened his clothes and mbaknindia is lying down
(preparing tools and starting to do checks)
Inspection : (see thoracic shape and movement)
Suster : Nindia now try to catch your breath
Nindia : (inhale)
Suster : India now try to say aim (7)
Nindia : Go to destination
: (do the percussion stage)
: (do the auscultation stage)
(subjective data)
Suster termination phase
: Now I have finished checking Ms. Nindia. How did you feel after being
Nindia : No longer hurts the part of the nurse (while showing the chest area).
his breathing didn't sound too tight anymore. but I am still coughing
Suster : Thank God Sister is happy to hear it. yes, for example, the cough will
later be cured by the nurse so that the cough will heal later

(objective data)
After communication and asking directly to the client, Sister observes the client's
situation. the client is calm, comfortable, not anxious, his breathing returns to normal does
not ring again and the client appears to be able to rest calmly and comfortably.

(advanced plan)
Suster : Ms. Nindi after this examination, later in the afternoon at 1:00 p.m.
Sister is here again for medicine
Nindia : yes sister

(contra to come)
Suster : Sister, Sister, come here again to check the situation of Ms. Nindia.
Snow I live first because the inspection is complete
Nindia : Yes sister
Suster : Mother, I have finished the examination today. I live first. India can now
rest again. for example there is something you can call me in the
nurse's office, mother
mother : yes sister
Suster : Ms. Nindi later suppose that the drug has to be prepared to be taken,
the medicine. For example, if you are told to eat, you should also want
it. then Ms. Nindia has to rest a lot so that she gets well soon
Nindia : Yes sister, yaya nurse
Suster : Yes, both Ms. Get well soon. then don't forget to pray, ask for high
school so I can get well soon. Previously you need to know there are
some prevention that you can do for the main prevention when
Nindia : oh ya sus,how ?
Suster : oke first
1. Look for a place that is comfortable and cool then bring the patient
to the place
2. Position the patient in a half-seated state and while leaning against
the wall. At the neck, give a pillow to feel more comfortable. Never
position the patient in a lying / sleeping state. Loosen clothes
3. You do not feel panic so that it does not worsen the situation that is
needed is just relaxed and relaxed
4. Don't ask questions
5. Give warm water drink seven if only a little, this will help.
6. Gently massage the big toe part, exactly 3-5 cm above the thumb
section is the lung nerve
7. If the condition of the asthma sufferer does not go away,
approximately within 15 minutes. Immediately take it to the nearest
doctor to under go suitable treatment.
Nindi : yes suster, then how do you prevent asthma from coming again?
Suster : Avoid trigger factors then develop harmonious atmosphere in the
family and recognize the in itial symptoms of asthma attacks and
always avail able drugs. Asthma recurrence occurs due to exposure
totriggerf actors, namely:
1. Emotions (sadness, manythoughts, shock)
2. Weather (rain, cold air, too hot air)
3. Infection (flu, sore throat)
4. Dirty air (kitchensmoke, cigarettesmoke, insectrepellentsmoke,
housedust, kapok, cat hair, etc.)
5. Food (chocolate, peanuts, ice, cookingspices, tomatoes, cookingoil,
mother : How to do therapy at home,sus ?

suster : There are 2 ways you can do it :

a. Diaphragmatic breathing
1. Place one hand on the abdomen just below the ribs and the
other hand in the middle of the ribs
2. Breathe slowly and in through the noselet the stomach expand
as big as possible
3. Blow the breath through the lips that are tightened while
tightening the abdominal muscle
4. Press firmly on the inside and above the stomach while exhaling
5. Repeatfor 1 minute, followed by a rest periodof 2 minutes
6. Do it for 5 minutes, several times a day before eating and when
you want to sleep.
b. Lip breathing issealed
1. Inhale through then ose while counting to
2. Exhale slowly and evenly through the tightened lips while
tightening your abdominal muscles, and counting to 7
3. Performed while sitting in a chair.

Patien’s : yes nurse, I will try at home,thank you


Suster : sure, then I will leave mother and nindi. Assalamualaikum.

Mother and
Patient : Waalaikumsalam. thanks you so much sus
Suster : you are welcome mom.