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Ashier Dave M.Calulot

Performance Curve
Master Cendrie B. Calma
Gaylord Marc D. Galzote Pump Performance
Royal Frank L. Burgos Fan Performance

Nowadays the demand of using pumps in our society is increasing specially due to high
consumption of water, in the production of our products, power plants, and some factories that
produces goods and services. Some of the people in our community has a limited knowledge on
how to select an appropriate type of pump are they going to use, for an specific purpose, because
of this many available resources wasted and specially the time also in finishing a certain task. Like
for example, in the field of production of rice in our country if you use a pump that is not applicable
wherein you did not consider the capacity of your pump the production of your product will be
Centrifugal pumps is also known as rotary pump, centrifugal pumps have a rotating
impeller, Fluid is directed to the impeller eye and is forced into a circular movement by the rotation
of the impeller vanes. As a result of this rotation, the impeller vanes transfer mechanical work to
the fluid in the impeller channel, which is formed by the impeller vanes. The fluid is then pressed
out of the impeller by means of centrifugal force and finally leaves the impeller channel with
increased pressure and velocity. The velocity of the fluid is also partly converted into pressure by
the pump casing before it leaves the pump through the outlet

This study aims to determine the performance of a selected fan and pump.Specifically:
1. Determine the performance of a pump as to:
1.1. Total Dynamic Head, H
1.2. Capacity, Q
1.3. Power, P
1.4.Pump Efficiency
2. Determine the performance curve of a pump as to:
2.1.Speed vs Capacity
2.2.Capacity vs Power
2.3.Head vs Power
3. Determine the performance of fan as to:
3.2.Static Head
3.3.Air Power



1. Pump Specs Test Rig Performance evaluation
2. Fan Specs Flow Characteristics as to:
3. Pump Test Rig - Capacity - Efficiency
Specs/Layout - Static Head - Performance Curve
4. Fan Test Rig Layout Performance
- Speed `
- Head
- Power

Pump efficiency will be the ratio of the water horsepower output from the pump to the
shaft horsepower input from the pump.the water horsepower will be determined by the flow rate
and pressure delivered from the pump.the shaft horsepower is delivered to the pump from the
power unit.
In determining the perfomance of fans there are things to be done.first is to consider the
specification of the this measuring the power ouput will important. Static head will be
measured using piezometer.the fan efficiency is the ratio between power transferred to airflow and
the power used by the fan.the fan efficiency is in general independent of air density.