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We are a passionate team of

digital fanatics, with diverse
interests in brand planning &
strategy, digital art, multi-media
content, community
management, UX design and
web & mobile services
frameworks. Together we
produce some of India's best
digital campaigns.

Experience Commerce is a full A few things we've done over the

service digital marketing and years: engaged community of 1
media agency. Our innovative million+ sports lovers, launched a
digital solutions help connect premium smartphone and a killer
Brands with the Digital budget one, created an online
Consumer. health movement, and Unboxed
twitter celebs in an interactive
EC offers end-to-end process of video.
strategy, design, engineering and
Experience Commerce was
delivery of digital marketing
founded in 2006 and is based in
solutions on the web and mobile
Mumbai and Bangalore.

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Hello Readers! time and more, campaigns enabled

It is indeed a pleasure to bring to online brand building like never
you the first ever Lighthouse before, one story at a time. And, of
Insights ebook on the best case course, delivered the stated 'ROI'!
studies of 2014 on social media This case studies eBook is our
marketing in India, an endeavour sincere effort to showcase the best
that was long in the making. in digital and social media
Digital is a small space in marketing in India in 2014.
comparison to TV and Print in the I take this opportunity to thank the
country, but, nonetheless, it is the many agencies and brands that
fastest growing. GroupM’s 'This have contributed to this effort, and
Year, Next Year' report says digital hope this ebook helps convert
ad spending in India will grow social media sceptics too!
12.6% to touch Rs.49,000 crore in
2015. Video, mobile and social will I thank my Editor, Vinaya Naidu for
also be the biggest growth drivers, the painstaking work behind the
a phenomenon which is already making of this eBook.
driving brand campaigns of late.
Lastly, we are eternally grateful to
2014 saw a rise in integrated social our eBook sponsor, Experience
media campaigns in the country. Commerce for strengthening our
Brands chose to experiment and belief in bringing insights from this
innovate their social engagement ever evolving space.
levels. Using Twitter as the primary
We hope you’ll enjoy reading this
tool for a global recruitment
eBook as much as the LI team has
program or simply using Facebook
enjoyed compiling it. Should you
as an add on community building
have any feedback, do write in with
tool, 2014 has seen giant leaps of
your brickbats and flower bouquets
faith in social media.
Armed with co-creation, storytelling,
branded content, interactive Founder
storytelling, definitive hashtags, Prasant Naidu
personalised gratifications in real

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Lenovo India Philips India

#VibeUpMyLife......................... 5 #BladeyConfessions................ 66

Philips Male Grooming Dombivli Return Movie

#LikeABrat............................... 8 promotions............................... 70

Philips India Airfryer................. 11 Opera India

#OperaCoastSurprise.............. 76
HUL #BeBeautiful.................... 17
Westside Stores Clubwest
loyalty program........................ 81
Revlon India Choices............... 21
Fox Life #WalkingDead............ 84
Garnier Men Missed call Ad
Facebook................................. 26
British Airways Go further to
Philips Lighting get Closer................................. 87
#MumbaiInANewLight.............. 29
Cadbury Celebrations
Coca Cola India FIFA World 33 #MeethiMemories.................... 91
Tata Nano #NanoBiddingWar.. 94
eBay India Way Too Fab......... 40 Dell India #ConnectedDellSe... 98

Lenovo India #Yoga2bFree...... 44 Wella India

#ColorUpYourLife.................... 101
Tourism Victoria Come Alive in
Melbourne................................ 48 NASSCOM Social connect...... 105

Durex India #DoTheRex.......... 52 Nikon India Nikon Cheatsheet. 111

HCL Technologies
MTS India MTS Drone............. 114
#CoolestInterviewEver............. 56

TrulyMadly Breaking
AskMe Getit Ask Me Anything. 60 Stereotypes.............................. 116

Castrol Activ
#ClingOnToFootball................. 63

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Lenovo India
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Problem Statement
With over a dozen phones
launching every other day, it’s
hard to differentiate and make
your phone stand out among a
bevy of smartphones. The
challenge was to find a clutter
breaking path to build the right
AGENCY Experience connect with the fast moving and
Commerce dynamic millennial for them to

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discover a phone that fits their like romance, thrill, bling,

way of life. mischief, masala or just about
Identified Objectives
The #VibeUpMyLife, a 72-hour
The objective of the real time social media marketing
#VibeupMyLife campaign was to campaign engaged the audience
connect with Indian millennial around a Photo Challenge which
today to show them that the is all about having fun by doing
World’s first layered phone, is cool and interesting things to the
just like them and can adapt to pictures by adding layers to it.
their layered lifestyle, having
multiple sides, dimensions to it The 72-hour challenge involving
art, tech and social media began
Strategy with a bang, with requests
pouring on Facebook and
Everyone enjoys a bit of spice in Twitter. Consumers sent in
his or her usual drab lives. A snapshots of their life, and took
combination of a lot of things we on the 10 cool #VibeUpMyLife
do daily, give life an interesting artists to vibe up their photo with
spin. Taking inspiration from this, a layer of their choice.
the #VibeUpMyLife campaign- a
first of its kind real-time The challenge was hosted on the
engagement around a Art-A- campaign’s dedicated microsite,
Thon on Twitter and Facebook in Artists
India was all responded with
about adding layered art in
that spirit of Real Time and
vibing up life the best entries
with layers. with layered
responses were
Audience was featured on the
urged to send microsite.
in snapshots
of their life and And to add to all
challenge the the excitement,
artist to spin it along with
with their running a super
choice of layer cool challenge

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where one experienced the received more than 1500

layers Lenovo gave away 10 entries.
Vibe X2 layered phones to the
• 3.5M people reached on
most popular entries.
Facebook of which 80K
Building intrigue around the people engaged around
launch of the layered phone, the #VibeUpMyLife content on
website kept in focus the core Facebook.
idea of being ‘built in layers’ and
• Twitter earned 585K
showed the progress of the
layered phone being built during
the 3 days of the campaign. • More than 10000 people
engaged on Twitter and
First brand in India to do a Live
drove layered
coverage of #vibeupmylife on
Snapchat. As the campaign
made progress, there was real- • A whopping 2351 people
time showcasing of updates began their layered journey
through SnapChat Stories. for the 72 hour Art-a-thon
after visiting the microsite.
• #vibeupmylife received
• Campaign sparked 3000 mentions on Twitter.
conversations around the
layered phone on social and Lessons
campaign website.
People love being hooked on to
• #vibeupmylife conversations exciting quality content on social
received around 500 entries media like interesting appealing
on Day 1 visual imagery, challenging
content, and incentives.
• Both Lenovo_in and
#vibeupmylife Trended
In the age of “constant clicking”,
organically in Mumbai on
Twitter on Day 1.
photographs are no big a deal! But inviting
users to share their life moments, and get
• The top 116 layered photo some drama going on with it, makes it a
entries got featured on
perfect platform to layer people stories in
campaign website.
real-time with your brand.
• #vibeupmylife conversations

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Philips Male Grooming
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Converse #LICaseStudies

Problem Statement
Philips Personal Care was
seeking to strengthen its portfolio
by showcasing the new “Pro Skin
CLIENT Philips Male
Advance Trimmer Range” of
Grooming products which is built
specifically for Indian male
AGENCY Isobar consumers.

8 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

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Identified Objectives Grooming range, Arjun Kapoor,

and empower young men to
The objective was to recruit 14- attain the perfect trimmed look,
20 year old students as first time with one-of-a-kind campaign –
users in the electrical male #likeabrat.
grooming franchise and position
Philips Pro Skin Advance Thus, an interactive platform
Trimmer Range, as the first was created,
choice “to get the cool macho with an aim to form an atrium of
look that you want”. They wanted casual styling for the young men
to drive penetration in the target of today.
markets from 2.2% to 5% by This platform also equipped
2014. aspiring Brats to experiment with
their facial hair and flaunt the
perfect trimmed look. Here, they
We sought out to create a could also learn about the Brat
platform, where the audience grooming tools and buy the
could engage with the brand and product of their choice online.
understand the need of casual
styling, which would in turn drive Execution
purchase of the products. The campaign kicked off with a
It started with the ultimate BRAT teaser on
of the country, Arjun Kapoor. His which showcased intriguing shots
rugged appearance, combined of Arjun Kapoor, asking visitors
with his to guess what he was up to. This
contrasting was supported
charming smile, with content on
had made him Social Media
the perfect role around hashtag
model for #likeabrat to
today’s generate
generation. curiosity and
So we decided conversations.
to leverage the
new face of Aspiring Brats
Philips India were invited

9 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

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from all over the country to come Results

and be a part of the esteemed
Brathood on • The Philips #LikeAbrat
Those who thought, they had the campaign succeeded in
attitude to lead and reform, had achieving brand exposure of
to register on the website and over 45 M while the brand
pledge their allegiance. interactions crossed 4 lakhs in
Conversations were also initiated
on Philips India social media • Over 10 lakh worth of earned
channels around Brat, with media was obtained. The
#likeabrat being the pivotal visitor count on the website
handle for communication. crossed over 1.1 lakhs.

To further add to the • #LikeAbrat and

conversations and establish the #LiveLikeAbrat got trending on
Brat philosophy, interesting Twitter and generated over 28
articles were rolled out on M impressions.
popular websites like • The campaign received, MenXP and mentions on websites like
Indiatimes. Lighthouse Insights, Marketing
When a user connected with Belly, Yahoo and The Trade
Facebook to log in on the Boss.
website, his Facebook profiling • Most importantly, the
was done to identify the true campaign resulted into huge
BRAT genome that defined his demand of the trimmer,
character. leading to stock shortage
To prove his competence, every temporarily.
Brat had to fulfil a series of dares
that would judge his attitude,
personality and style. On A campaign should not be for longer
successfully completing the than 1 month. Apart from roping brand
assigned challenges, he would ambassadors for TVCs, print, videos etc,
stand a chance to feature on a
brands should try to get their
primetime TV show on MTV.
involvement on social channels to give a
boost to the campaign.

10 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Philips India
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Brand building Airfryer

Converse #LICaseStudies

Problem Statement
With Philips Airfryer we thought
we had found a perfect fit

When the Philips AirFryer was

launched in 2012 it seemed like
CLIENT Philips India an innovation that was made for
Indians of today. It was an
AGENCY OgilvyOne innovative product that could
Worldwide cook food with 80% less oil
[Gurgaon] without compromising on the
taste. Finally, here was a product

11 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

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that resonated with the Indian Coupled with the belief that it
palette of eating oily food and was meant to make just a few
fitting in with the current ‘health’ dishes such as fries and
wave of eating ‘sinful food samosas. It just did not fit in with
without guilt’. We were certain the Indians value for money
that a product that promises equation. After all “Who wants to
‘taste of oily food without oil’ pay Rs 14,000 for just making
would be a great hit and fly off fries and samosas.”
the shelf!
b) Incredibility of the claim: The
An year down we realised just consumer could not get to
creating awareness would not be believe that what the Airfryer was
enough claiming was actually true – ‘80%
less oil’ seemed like a lofty
An year of trying to build
promise not really meant to be
awareness we observed that the
challenge was way greater. Even
those that were aware of the c) Less oil, less taste: How can
product were reluctant to buy it. food cooked in 80% less oil be as
The product was not getting tasty? Oily foods are primarily for
traction as we had expected and taste. For Indians breaking the
the sales were way below norm. myth that less oily food could be
as tasty was proving to be an
What had gone wrong? More
uphill task
importantly how do we correct it?

Immersions with Aware Non Identified Objectives

Triers of the product also a) Boost interest level &
revealed a few barriers in the engagement: For any digital
consumers mind that were campaign to be successful the
proving to be big hurdles towards first benchmark is the levels of
consideration. engagement and participation of
There was a strong need to the audience. We set an
address the following barriers: audacious target of boosting the
interest level of people which can
a) Too expensive for too little: be gauged from the volume of
The upfront price of Rs 14,000 searches on Google towards
was turning out to be a big Philips AirFryer and thus
deterrent in the consumers mind. increase engagement.

12 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

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We aimed to exponentially directions, to random questions

increase the average search and even how to cook, what to
volume of the keyword ‘Philips cook, where to source your
Airfryer’ (on Google) from 1300 ingredients from, etc. People are
by at least 3 folds. Improve relying more and more on the
search visibility of AirFryer internet (mainly Google &
content from 5th page to 1st YouTube) for finding ‘recipes’ for
page on YouTube (Search their favourite dishes.
Results Page).
b) Associate the product with the
width of regular food A creative strategy mirrored on
online consumer behaviour
c) Business objectives: The test
of a good digital campaign is also Users reliance on online
to shift the needle from (especially Google or YouTube)
awareness to consideration, and and their followership towards
subsequently from consideration renowned chefs, gave us the
to sales. idea of doing an online cookery
show/program using these
Strategy Celebrity Chefs as brand
Consumer Insight: Recipe
cookbooks But instead of
are building our
‘passe’. own property
Online and driving
searches people there,
for recipes we decided to
is ‘in’. utilize the
Chefs’ digital
has slowly
and tap into
an answer
he was
under the
having with
sun. From
food lovers,

13 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

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who wanted to learn how to cook. While Sanjay shared all his
content through his YouTube
Convince and convert through
channel, Facebook page and
brand advocacy program
blog called “”,
Thus was born “Philips Philips Home Living picked up
SuperChef”, a brand advocacy this content and shared it on its
program which was an online own social media properties
branded cookery show on (Facebook and Twitter) thereby
YouTube. A show that would be amplifying reach, attracting the
owned by these advocates. And right audience to our pages and
the first one to kick start it was building
Sanjay credibility.
Thumma -
We built
one of the
finer cuts of
this by
the videos
chef on
with Meta
YouTube in
tags and
India (3.5
for YouTube
search. All
on his
channel -
under a
Playlist named ‘Healthy Recipes’.
The mechanics This was done to tap those
people who were not just looking
Sanjay was to drive this over 60 for recipes but for healthy
episodes –featuring healthy
recipes cooked in AirFryer -- that
would stretch over 6 months on
his own YouTube channel. Post
that we would identify another Philips used this content created
popular online chef to carry the by Sanjay Thumma quite
baton forward. intelligently by building lots of

14 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Tweet @lhinsights Converse #LICaseStudies

interactive activities like Q&A The average monthly search

posts, contests and chat volume (on Google) for keyword
sessions on its own Facebook – Philips Airfryer - grew from
page. 1300 (during December 2013 -
May,2014) to 18,100 (during
A microsite called
June - November, 2014).
“” was built to
aggregate and showcase the Philips Airfryer content
Philips Superchef recipes all in dominated the 1st page of
one place and parallelly build YouTube (Search Results page).
awareness around the product
• 45% of results on YouTube
and how it works.
1st page – when user
Sanjay completed the 60-episode searched for ‘Airfryer Recipes’
program in November 2014. were linked to Philips AirFryer
SuperChef Program content.
• 25% of results on YouTube
On Google, the average monthly 1st page – when user
search volume for keyword searched for ‘Airfryer’ were
‘Philips Airfryer’ jumped by linked to Philips AirFryer
1292% - a clear indication of rise SuperChef Program content.
& improvement in interest level.

15 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

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Philips Super Chef program’s 60 regular Philips Home Living Fan-base

recipes garnered more than 7.72 Lakh grew by around 10% in a span of
6 months due to Super Chef
views. Huge viewership received for
Program. Fan base increased
regular recipes. For example:
from 185448 in May 2014 to
• Chicken 65 (66,100 views) 204461 by November 30, 2014. It
was exciting because before the
• Chicken Tandoori (47,350) SuperChef program the fan-base
was growing negatively at 0.3%.
• Paneer Stuffed Eggplant/ Brinjals
(23,800 views) The organic reach of Philips
HomeLiving Facebook page
• Mushroom Manchurian (22000 views) posts went up from 1000 users to
as high as 78,000 users, due to
• Stuffed Eggplant Recipe (18,647
the engagement generated by
views) the SuperChef content shared
• Murg Malai Kabab (24797 views) with the fans.

More than 266 % jump in sales

recorded in 2014 (YTD)
compared to 2013.

16 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Hindustan Unilever
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Converse #LICaseStudies

Problem Statement
HUL, in 2009, saw the signs of
growth in content marketing and
judiciously invested in
BeBEAUTIFUL – their very own
content platform started by seven
of HUL’s biggest brands –
CLIENT Hindustan Lakme, Dove, Pond’s, Vaseline,
Unilever Sunsilk, TRESemme, Toni &
AGENCY Jack in the Box
Worldwide wanted to use content marketing
to pull those people in who aren't

17 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Tweet @lhinsights Converse #LICaseStudies

necessarily interested in a Strategy

specific product but instead
meeting a need-state behind the With our objective to make
product purchase. BeBEAUTIFUL a successful
content platform, our strategy
BeBEAUTIFUL, in its old avatar, was governed by the following:
was a very brave and forward
thinking initiative but it still did not 1. The first and foremost task
play to the strengths of content was to come up with an insight-
marketing. led content strategy. What should
be the underlying theme behind
The main problems with the our content? What is the
platform were: message we want to deliver
1.No underlying content strategy. through our content?

We wanted to define a clear

2. Fragmented approach in their
purpose for the platform, a
communication strategy – the platform purpose that will fulfil a very
for different channels of communication, simple, human need of our many
resulting in no clear differentiation for the readers. “Making beauty
platform in the minds of the consumers. attainable for the everyday
woman” was precisely that.
3. Too much reliance on paid media –
the platform didn’t have any organic We knew that this purpose
solved a deep human need and
readership and almost 95% of their
desire, and we were confident
audience was paid – a fact that defeats that a content strategy based on
the entire purpose of a content platform this strong, humanistic insight will
go a long way in establishing
trust and comfort among our
Identified Objectives readership.
When we were approached to 2. The second task was to have
take over control of multiple (yet consistent) touch-
BeBEAUTIFUL, our objective points. We knew that we would
was clear – to make have to be present on multiple
BeBEAUTIFUL play to the platforms because our readers
strengths of content marketing. were present on various
platforms but we were clear that

18 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

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we didn’t want multiple strategies employed were:

for multiple platforms.
a. Website: A complete revamp
We had already defined a clear and re-launch of the website to
purpose for the platform – to successfully implement hyper-
make beauty attainable for the personalization, content
everyday woman – and the task discovery and a much improved
was now to come up with one UI/UX experience.
cohesive content strategy, born
b. Facebook: Using Facebook
from the brand purpose and then
not as a stand-alone content
distributed across multiple
creator but as a platform to
channels of communication.
distribute our website content to
With this, our task was to counter our audience and to expose our
the threat of fragmentation and to thriving Facebook community to
define a clear purpose, strategy our rich website content and
and most importantly, identity for thereby, driving a set of highly
the brand. The challenge was to engaged and organic readers to
engage with consumers at our website.
multiple touch points. Play to the
c.YouTube: Leveraging a strong
strengths of each platform but be
blogger engagement – VLOGON
- plan to make BeBEAUTIFUL’s
The various platforms we YouTube channel one of the

19 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

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most watched channels in India personal DIY videos using HUL

in the beauty category. When products.
you are in the beauty, fashion
3. The third task was to bring in a
and lifestyle space, you can’t
level of hyper-personalization to
ignore the bloggers as they are
our content. We understood that
one of the most influential people
today, readers are not looking at
in this space.
generic content.
But we simply didn’t want to
They want to be served content
activate them with a short
that is best suited for them. The
blogger activity, we wanted to
task was to develop relevant and
engage with them on a long term
engaging content that serves the
basis and become our key
distinct needs of a varied set of
influencers, primarily because
bloggers – as opposed to models
and celebrities inspires the 4. And the last, but clearly the
notions of attainability, which is most important task, was to
what BeBEAUTIFUL stands for. create original content.
We wanted to do something new
and exciting with these bloggers We set up a team of in-house
editors to create content that is
and we found out that the space
published daily - led by our brand
of video blogging was extremely
under-utilized. insight, based on the
understanding of our TG, and
We partnered with YouTube to constantly updated by the
give the leading bloggers of the learnings from interactions on our
country their own YouTube various platforms. On an
channels and shoot their own average, we publish 4-5 articles

20 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

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a day. ii. Reach of brands on

• Lakme – 4.3 million organic
We received a phenomenal impressions.
response as soon as we
launched the revamped platform • Dove – 830,000 organic
but we knew that we would only impressions
be truly successful if we: • Pond’s – 275 organic
i. Make BeBEAUTIFUL a self- impressions
sustaining model, with almost • Toni & Guy – 323,000
zero reliance on paid readership. organic impressions
If we take into consideration our • Vaseline – 890,000 organic
first quarter with BeBEAUTIFUL, impressions
we garnered a total of 2.3 million
total visitors, with 1.4 million We also have the most
organic visitors (almost 60% of successful blogger engagement
total traffic). 45% of all visitors plan in India. BeBEAUTIFUL’s
were returning visitors and 64% YouTube channel, with 50,000
of all visits were from a mobile subscribers and more than 30
device. million views, is one of the most
watched beauty channels in
Almost 600,000 visitors came to India, solely due to the strength
the platform solely from our of original content created by
social media handles, participating bloggers.
highlighting how we successfully
managed to use our social media
platforms as distributers of our
original content.

As comparison, the number of

organic visitors in Jan was
15,000, which in June increased
to 2.5 lacs. The total number of
visitors in Jan was 1.3 lacs. In
June, we had twice that many
organic visitors.

21 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Revlon India
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Converse #LICaseStudies

Problem Statement
The younger consumers in India
do not immediately identify with
Revlon as a brand. Revlon wants
to become more relevant to the
18-35 year old Indian woman, as
this is the current and future TA
for the brand

Identified Objectives
CLIENT Revlon India The Choices Campaign is
expected to fulfill the following

22 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Tweet @lhinsights Converse #LICaseStudies

• Bring out the Brands “Point of Choices by Revlon was born.

View” – That they are the Choices by Revlon encourages
Provocateur of Women women to think about aspects of
her life that she may not routinely
• Be relevant and relatable to
think about, while at the same
the new Indian consumer
time reinforcing her right to make
• Establish the brand’s image her own life choices.
as being bold and glamorous
The Revlon TG is currently at the
• Be seen as the brand that cusp of a cultural transformation
inspires and provokes women in India. Though a large part of
to step out of their
comfort zone

As always, we began
with a consumer

From the moment the

Revlon woman wakes
up in the morning,
everything she does is
a choice.

From the mundane

and inconsequential
choices around diet Indian women are still traditional
and her route to work to the life in their outlook, the specific
changing ones around life women that Revlon is targeting
partners and careers – her life is are the ones that are at the
shaped by HER choices. forefront of a cultural shift.
Revlon as a brand understands, She is asking questions that
acknowledges and supports that. Indian women never asked
By combining this insight with the before, taking decisions that
objective of creating a platform of Indian women never made
engagement and debate,

23 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

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before and demanding a place different cultures and learn more.

for herself in Indian society. Travel is becoming more than
just a vacation but actually a life-
The central Component of the
changing experience and the
campaign is the Facebook
Indian woman is ready to make
the Choices that allow her to do
Each month will run a particular so! This month, our
topic/theme and the fans will be conversations will encourage and
asked to choose how they feel allow women to make these
about the theme. Once they have Choices about being
empowered. The ability to make
that Choice itself is

The campaign is
further supported by
the following key


For every theme, a

key opinion leader
who is an expert in
that field is
approached to
partner with Revlon
as the official
made their Choice, they will be blogger for Choices.
asked certain questions based In December, when we talked
on the theme. Based on their about relationships, we partnered
answers, they will be given a with Madhuri Banerjee –
‘Personality Type’ (output). celebrated author and
relationship expert, in January
For the current month, the
when the theme was Fashion, we
theme/topic is Empowerment –
partnered with Nonita Kalra -
The Indian woman is stepping
Former Editor - in - Chief Elle
out of her comfort zone to
Magazine and for Travel we are
explore the world and experience

24 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

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partnering with Lakshmi Sharath They are all seamlessly

- a long standing travel blogger. integrated into the theme to
ensure that for the fans, every
These bloggers not only write
touch point projects the same
about the topic of expertise, but
seamless message.
also create custom “Choices”
content that we then use on our In-Store
social properties. We also hold
The choices theme is also taken
Twitter chats where our fans can
in-store through collaterals and
engage in a conversation and
activities that sync with the
ask questions to these ladies.
theme of the month.
For example, when we ran the
Leveraging the nature of the theme of “self-indulgence” the
medium, we use Twitter to ask visual cue of balloons of the
thought provoking questions to theme was taken in-store where
our fans on the theme of the consumers would get a balloon
month. Based on what they say, to pop to reveal a discount to
we collate the responses and allow them to indulge in more
feed it back to the community. Revlon products.
This is a great way to gather
insight into the mindset of Indian Results
women. Twitter is also used to The campaign has added over
generate engagement through 300,000 fans to the community
quick contests. and created engagement rates
Content as high as 60% for the brand.

Throughout the Choices Lessons

campaign, we have continued to
Cross platform usage is the key to
create custom Revlon content
building an effective social campaign
not only on the themes but also
on the products that Revlon is A brand with a POV gets noticed and
launching. shared consistently
KOLs are best fit when they drive
conversations and debates about topics
of their specialty.

25 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Garnier Men
Tweet @lhinsights

Missed call ad Facebook

Converse #LICaseStudies

Problem Statement
With the rise of e-commerce in
India Garnier Men wanted to
grab the opportunity. Keeping
this in mind it aimed to bring to its
consumers a never before seen
experience via digital.
CLIENT Garnier Men
Consumers have always been
India flooded with thousands of mobile
oriented offers which pose to be
AGENCY FoxyMoron
tedious and complicated. It does
Media Solutions not end there, brands that create
IVR lead campaigns face a high

26 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Tweet @lhinsights Converse #LICaseStudies

level of drop outs due to the fact With over 180 million mobile
that users have to manually input phone users in India, the brand
the number into their dialling saw great opportunity in mobile
screens. Garnier Men wanted to marketing.
change this by creating a
Garnier Men was the first brand
campaign that allowed a unique,
globally to partner with Facebook
seamless and direct user
to launch the ‘Missed Call Ad’.
experience which was
Through this ad format a
guaranteed to increase
seamless & effortless experience
was created for consumers who
Identified Objectives participated in a simple trivia
session via SMS from their
Leverage the association as mobile phones.
grooming sponsors for Rajasthan
Royals & SunRisers Hyderabad Every participant who purchased
for IPL 7 while at the same time Garnier Men products via the
aiming to increase online sales. brand’s e-commerce partner
Flipkart stood a chance to win
Strategy merchandise, match tickets and
a chance to meet & greet their
The Mobile Power Play was an favourite stars from Rajasthan
insights backed innovation led Royals and SunRisers
campaign by Garnier Men, the Hyderabad.
official grooming sponsors of
Rajasthan Royals and SunRisers The campaign also had a
Hyderabad. desktop version, hosted on the
brand’s blog –
‘’, where
fans could be a part of the Power
Play campaign and also surf
through a rich bank of IPL related
content. With a holistic media
plan the brand covered platforms
such as sports websites, Google
Search/Display and of course

27 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Tweet @lhinsights Converse #LICaseStudies

To top it all off, the Mobile Power Lessons

Play campaign received an over
whelming 500+media exposures It has been observed that in today’s
from global as well as local day and age integration of e-
publications. commerce should play a role in all
Results sales driven creative campaigns
across digital either directly or
 Total Campaign Reach - 15 indirectly.
 Increase In Online Sale The brand was successful in giving
(YOY) - 250% users a simple and direct interface that
 Total Calls - 12,686 seamlessly connected the creative
 Total Engagement - idea to e-commerce sales.
 Total Impressions - #
 Total Clicks - 85,203
 Blog Participants - 2,815

28 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Philips Lighting
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Converse #LICaseStudies

Problem Statement
Continuing its tradition of lighting
up heritage monuments across
the globe, Philips Lighting India
CLIENT Philips Lighting partnered with the Maharashtra
Tourism Development
AGENCY Avian Media Corporation in January 2014 to

29 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Tweet @lhinsights Converse #LICaseStudies

give the famous Gateway of India The social media strategy was
in Mumbai a lighting makeover. divided into three phases:

For Philips Lighting, this was an • Pre-event: Highlight Gateway’s

opportunity to showcase its significance with the city and call
advanced LED lighting systems on Mumbaikars to share ideas for
and reinforce its leadership better and brighter Mumbai
position in the LED lighting
• Event: Showcase the splendour
systems in the country. At the
of the lighting ceremony and the
same time, with the new lighting,
new lights across India and
Maharashtra Tourism
extend it beyond the venue
Development Corporation hoped
to boost footfalls at the historic • Post event: Showcase new
monument. lights and better environment by
asking visitors to share evening
Strategy plans and pictures of their
The Gateway of India symbolises outings
the spirit of Mumbai, the people, Two weeks before the lighting
and their resilience. From the ceremony, we asked
evening of Jan 24, 2014, the Mumbaikars and Mumbai lovers
view of the Gateway was going across the country to share ideas
to change forever. for making the city brighter and
The new look would turn the better online using the hashtag
place into an inviting space #MumbaiInANewLight.
encouraging night-time A microsite,
socialising and bring the place to
life. The new lighting would aggregated and showcased all
symbolise the lights of Mumbai the ideas and conversations that
that will make the city better and people were sharing. To
brighter. encourage the conversations,
Therefore, the lighting makeover Philips Lighting and Maharashtra
of the Gateway was positioned Tourism’s social media channels
as an opportunity for Mumbaikars posted the press
to take a few minutes off from announcements, and updates on
their busy schedules and talk activities like a painting
about the city they love. competition that was organized
among children. Various

30 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Tweet @lhinsights Converse #LICaseStudies

influencers were reached out to Post the event, visitors at the

join in the conversations. Gateway were asked to share
their evening plans at the
To demonstrate the various
Gateway and pictures of their
possibilities of LED lighting, a
outings. Participants with best
Facebook app was created
pictures and plans selected by a
where users could light up the
jury could win gifts. Through the
Gateway of India choosing a
contest, the idea was to
variety of light colours. They
showcase that people could then

were asked to share their plan to do exciting activities at

creation with friends online and the Gateway that they could
the creation with maximum never do earlier.
number of likes could win a gift.
To capture the lighting effects
To showcase the splendour of and generate high quality images
the lighting ceremony on January online, a contest was organized
24, 2014 to the larger audience among a 3000-member strong
across the country, the microsite amateur photography group
streamed the event live online. called ‘Mumbai Weekend Shoot’.

31 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Tweet @lhinsights Converse #LICaseStudies

Group members could shoot at online influencers joined in the

the Gateway and post their conversation on Twitter making
pictures online and the best three the hashtag a trending topic even
pictures could win cash prizes. before the event.
Two photowalks were organised The campaign microsite received more
for the members of the group at
than 46,000 page views. The Facebook
the Gateway.
application received close to 1,000 visits
Results in just two weeks. Visitors at the
Gateway shared hundreds of pictures
This was one of the few times, if
not the first, when a lighting and Gateway evening plans online.
makeover ceremony of a Members of the Mumbai Weekend Shoot
monument was being highlighted group posted more than 250 pictures of
on social media and people were lighting effects online.
engaged and encouraged to talk
about the development. Footfalls to Gateway of India
have increased at the Gateway
For what would have been just a
since the lighting makeover,
lighting ceremony, the campaign
according to Maharashtra
created a social interest among
Tourism Development
the residents of the city and
brought out the love of the city
among its residents.
Conversations around Mumbai
and the Gateway started much
before the lighting ceremony and
continued for weeks after the

Through the campaign that

started two weeks before the
lighting ceremony and stretched
till four weeks beyond, online
conversations around
#MumbaiInANewLight received
more than 10 million reach and
17 million impressions online.
Top TV channels, journalists, and

32 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Coca Cola India
Tweet @lhinsights

FIFA World Cup ‘14

Converse #LICaseStudies

Problem Statement
Create unrivalled access,
participation, empowerment and
conversation around FIFA World
Cup with the goal of delivering
the most accessible and inclusive
event ever.

Identified Objectives
CLIENT Coca-Cola India With the FIFA World Cup 2014
being held in Brazil, the amount
AGENCY Interactive of social & digital inclusion to be
Avenues garnered from other countries,
especially a cricket loving country

33 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Tweet @lhinsights Converse #LICaseStudies

such as India demanded a lot of Basis the phase of the campaign,

creative engagement hooks. following is a list of creative
activities that were used to push
Since the Coca-Cola “World’s
the campaign –
Cup” campaign included a series
of activities stretched across a 6 1. Coca-Cola Trophy Tour in
month long integrated program, India
the objective behind each sub set
Objective & Challenge - As part
campaign/activity was to get
of the global Coca-Cola
maximum participation &
partnership, the worldwide FIFA
conversations from new set of
Trophy Tour aimed to bring
audience each time.
Indian Football fans to the center
Strategy of the action and live the brands
‘Open Happiness’ promise
The concept of #Worldscup or through their passion.
“The World’s Cup” was based on
the idea that wherever you live, Hence, the challenge was to
whoever you support; you’re come up with a fresh &
invited to celebrate & “Open innovative campaign strategy for
Happiness” at the 2014 FIFA promoting this tour that would
World Cup with Coca-Cola. generate positive buzz across all
social media channels for the
The vision and expectations from brand with just a little over Rs.
this 8 month long campaign was 4,00,000! The solution lay in the
to reach as many people in as power of social advocacy.
many regions possible.
Execution Strategy &
Apart from the scalability of the Achievements - We set out to
content/creative reach, brand select a teen advocate with a
Coca-Cola wanted to measure social network of over 100,000
the success of this campaign based on his existing
through the impact it created and conversation and activity on
lives it touched. Twitter, Facebook and
Thus, a seamlessly connected Instagram.
journey was weaved to keep the The Coca-Cola Social-Media-
digital masses involved in some Centre (Samvaad) identified the
part or the other. biggest Indian Football fan;
shortlisting him on the basis of

34 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Tweet @lhinsights Converse #LICaseStudies

his love for Coca-Cola and his story & social thought behind
passion for the sport using multi- “World’s Cup” and connect it with
level scrutiny of conversations the brand by making it the most
(and relevance) on social talked about topic across the
networking platforms for 1,000’s media platforms and the
of users. The activity was a huge digital/social audience at large.
hit generating 15 million
To set a high, hard to attain
impressions and nationwide
benchmark of interactions,
trending on Twitter.
Samvaad put together a 12 hour
2.Coca-Cola Launches World’s conversation timeline coupled
Cup in April with a smart influencer strategy
that created a multi-layered
To launch one of the biggest
impact & became a trending topic
campaigns on Coca-Cola across
within first 3 hours of its launch.
the globe, a massive 1 day
integrated activation was The extended share of
executed in the country. conversations across Facebook
& Twitter helped us achieve
The challenge was to elevate the
around 250 million impressions

35 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Tweet @lhinsights Converse #LICaseStudies

and 200,000 fan interactions submissions on the flag from

within 1 single day. India.

3.Coca-Cola Happiness Flag Strategy – We devised a social

brand to fan (consumer)
The Brand’s mission behind
conversation plan under which
creating world’s largest digital
football lovers across the country
Photo Mosaic was to create a
were searched and their generic
crowd-sourced symbol blending
interactions were observed.
creativity and technology to unite
Based on their behaviours &
the world. And to complete this
interests in the sport, we seeded
successfully, a number channels
stories around Happiness Flag,
were created to collect images
its significance & ways to submit
including an automatic “two-way
photos in order to be a part of
conversation” integration for
FIFA World Cup.
digital & social platforms.
The results surprised everybody
Our challenge in this brand
when India became the second
initiative was to encourage and
highest nation in the world to
successfully deliver 10,000
submit 13,000 pictures & be a

36 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Tweet @lhinsights Converse #LICaseStudies

part of the Opening Ceremony of significant buzz was created on

FIFA World Cup even though most social platforms.
their team was not a part of the
Special attention was paid to
selecting these 250 ‘heads-of-
An instant buzz of 181,000 tribes’ to ensure minimal overlap
impressions was generated as between their networks.
soon as the Happiness Flag was
To ensure a consistent flow of
unveiled at the stadium.
content for 33 days and nights,
4. 33-day Coca-Cola our strategy was heavily
#Worldscup, #OpenHappiness dependent on a content,
Campaign conversation and response plan
based on the understanding of
The success of Trophy Tour,
the consumer demographics,
Digital day activation &
interests, ‘frequently-used-
Happiness Flag strengthened the
keywords’, profile of the users’
brand’s belief to make “World’s
followers (or friends) and the time
Cup” one of the most recognized
when most fans are online.
campaign during the FIFA World
Cup 2014. From a country that Use of selected keywords like
worships Cricket like religion, we #FootballWithCoke,
delivered a buzz of over 6 billion #SemiswithCoke,
impressions. #FinalsWithCoke were also part
of these conversations after
With the opening ceremony of
careful consideration and
the FIFA World Cup, began a 33-
research on Twitter trending
day marathon – starting with the
launch of a ‘Live-wire’ room to
seed positive conversations, Results
tweet and post football-related
content to directly engage Brand Conversation Reach on
football-fanatics in India. Twitter:

Next, we roped in a 3-tiered  Coca-Cola: 283 M

advocate program devised to impressions, 13 K unique
ensure a 3-layer virality for the users, 65K stories created
content / message we created.  OpenHappiness: Trended for
To do so, 250 social users were 3 hours, 2 Bn impressions,
aligned in a way to ensure

37 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Tweet @lhinsights Converse #LICaseStudies

33K mentions, 8k unique 3. Achieved an incremental buzz

users worth Rs. 90,000,000 with a
 SemisWithCoke: Trended for media investment of Rs. 40 lacs
5 hours, 70 Mn Impressions,
4. Coca-Cola’s positive sentiment
31K mentions, 19K unique
phenomenally increased from 6%
in March to over 18% by June,
 FinalsWithCoke: Trended for 8
hours, 225 Mn Impressions,
39K mentions, 18K unique 5. During the FIFA World Cup,
users Coca-Cola became the ‘Most
 Worldscup: Trended for 2 Recognized Brand’ globally
hours, 3.1 Bn Impressions, during the World Cup season
54K mentions, 28K unique
6. While generating over 6 billion
impressions across social
 FootballWithCoke: Trended
platforms, Coca-Cola was
for 30 hours, 530 Mn
discussed in over 263,000
Impressions, 42K mentions,
conversations and nearly 93,000
7K unique users
people directly engaged with the
Improved Brand Performance in brand content
Comparison with Other Summer
Campaigns -
Outlining the achievements in The success of Coca-Cola’s
terms of brand’s marketing FIFA #WorldsCup Campaign
objectives, the World’s Cup helped us learn the following –
Campaign: 1. The Power of Advocacy: 250
1. Increased social purchase social conversationalists
intent for the brand – Coca-Cola activated over 93,000 unique
– by 600% in 1 month users. Many adapted the brand
hashtags for conversations. The
2. Increased social brand love for virality of brand-related keywords
Coca-Cola by over 600% is quite significant when the topic
is as vast/ generic as football.

38 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Tweet @lhinsights Converse #LICaseStudies

2. Value of continuous flow of gain a higher share of voice in

content: The FIFA World cup India, in addition a remarkable
matches and related content (like increase in positive brand
player/country statistics, sentiment from 8% to 18% within
Fashion/Hair-do’s and vine 1 month.
videos of special moments) acted
5. Integration of social with
as a compelling content. Over
mediums: like television, radio,
265,000 conversations around
print and on-ground activation,
the seeded stories were
acts as a catalyst for buzz online.
6. Surprise always opens
3. Building a strategy: That
happiness: Surprising young
combines platforms like twitter,
adults on Football-fields and their
Facebook, Vine, Instagram and
homes, encourages consumer to
Whatsapp are critical to the
express their love for Coca-Cola
success of longer campaigns like
by sharing pictures on Twitter
33-day FIFA World Cup Activity.
and Facebook, in turn, uplifting
4. Leveraging an interest-based positive sentiments.
event (like the world cup
tournament) helped Coca-Cola

39 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

eBay India
Tweet @lhinsights

Way Too Fab

Converse #LICaseStudies

Problem Statement was celebrating its 9th
Birthday and wanted to take this
as an opportunity to create
maximum buzz and break the
clutter. Take the opportunity to
give back to its fans and
shoppers and thank them. Sales
CLIENT eBay India and discounts were in store for
this occasion.
AGENCY Tonic Media
However, with the rapid pace of
ecommerce growth in India, the

40 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Tweet @lhinsights Converse #LICaseStudies

ecommerce category is crowded Strategy

with multiple shopping sites. All
shopping sites are vying for The strategy came from the
consumer attention and are insight that users today are
shouting deals and discounts in juggling between multiple things
an attempt to get them to buy. and are overtly stressed. They
With deep pockets and media welcome a short break that lets
spends, large players dominated them have a good time. They
the visibility online. love to party and let their hair
The 3 key challenges were as
follows: Especially the younger
audiences. Coupled with the fact
 How do we create buzz, share that these users also miss the
of voice and excitement shopping days with their friends
amongst users about the when going shopping was having
Birthday celebration with a good time with friends.
limited spends?
 How do we differentiate and Hence the strategy was to infuse
go beyond the regular deals the fun back in shopping and
and discounts which is offered host the biggest digital party
by everyone else? ever!
 How do we relate to Our The 1st virtual birthday bash that
target group in the age of 18 our audience had ever seen – a
to 34 years who have an Way Too Fab birthday with non-
abundance of choice in stop celebrations for 9 days.
shopping offlne as well as
online? This was complete with invites,
party games, gifts and more. The
Identified Objectives party was hosted on a dedicated
 Create buzz around eBay with social media plugins.
India’s 9th celebration
Like every happening party, this
 Increase engagement party too had a bouncer (India’s
across social platforms leading comedian Mr. Suresh
Menon) and to get an entry,
 Drive traffic to and users had to impress the bouncer
increase sales live.

41 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Tweet @lhinsights Converse #LICaseStudies

musical chairs game with

#WTFMusical. A unique never
A live streaming activity where
seen before experience for many
users could comment with jokes.
led to participation in galore
The Bouncer would respond live
on video with witty comebacks. Day 5 had ‘Spin the bottle’ - an
Users who succeeded in making activity where users had to sign
our bouncer laugh received a 9th in via Facebook and spin for a
birthday cupcake. chance to win a prize. This
activity was also integrated on
These clips were also uploaded
the shopping portal
to the eBaydotIN Youtube
channel. Then came the Tweet powered
‘Bottoms up’. Users had to Tweet
Attendees were invited to share
using #WTFBottomsUp to finish
their selfies on Instagram using
the maximum number of glasses
#WTFSelfie during day 2 & day
of punch on the microsite.
During the party, online deals
On day 4, ‘Musical Tweets’ went
and coupons were shared –
live; A virtual Twitter integrated

42 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Tweet @lhinsights Converse #LICaseStudies

making every fan a customer and Lessons

a brand loyalist.
Making users a part of the 9th birthday
Results celebration helped us establish a long
 9.1 Million + people reached lasting connect with our audience.
 Over 1.04 Lakh Clicks
In a space where deals and promotions
 Over 93 Thousand
have now become run-of-the mill, doing
 About 27400 visitors
something different and making the
audience a part of every bit of it surely
Facebook: grabs attention and stands out in the
 Within 9 days, engagement clutter.
rate increased from 0.5% to
4.4% (The highest in the
category with closest
competition at less than 2%)
 15+ Thousand post likes
 16+ Thousand New Fans
 48+ Thousand in engagement


 3 Trending Topics (Trended in

the country and all major
 13 Thousand + Mentions
 17 Thousand +Participants
 More than a thousand people
started following on


 The instagram activity had

365 participants
 eBay India’s follower count on
Instagram increased by 50%

43 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Lenovo India
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Converse #LICaseStudies

Problem Statement
Gadgets such as tablets are
designed to help us lead a more
connected, mobile, productive
and fun life. But as soon as you
take them out of the box and you
often see yourself enslaved and
CLIENT Lenovo tethered to these devices.
Tablets that exist in the market
AGENCY Experience are not designed to seamlessly fit
into your lives. The question is do
they make us free or do they in
reality, actually box us up?

44 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Tweet @lhinsights Converse #LICaseStudies

Identified Objectives mainly to unveil new products –

we twisted it around with
The objective of the ‘unboxing’ the user itself –
#Yoga2bFree campaign was to freeing them from the boxes that
create buzz and conversation gadgets put them into with a
among Indian millennials ahead tablet that sets them free –
of the Yoga Tablet 2 launch in Unboxes them.
We used first of its kind large-
Strategy scale interactive video-based
storytelling format and used well-
Putting the spotlight back on known Twitter influencers to tell
humans with tablets that are the story of how the Yoga Tablet
designed to adapt to the user – 2 adapts to you.
instead the humans changing for
technology. The idea hinged on How we did it:
the concept of ‘Unboxing’, used YOGA2BFREE.COM (read as

45 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Tweet @lhinsights Converse #LICaseStudies

Yo-Ga-to-be-Free) has 4 Twitter

personalities all boxed up and  Tweets earned 380K+
pained by ordinary tablets in not impressions during the 4-day
being able to do what they want campaign period driving
to do. Working through some of people to participate in
their riddles will help you find the #Yoga2bFree conversations.
key to ‘unbox’ them and set them Around 1000 Tweets driving
free. quality conversations with
#YoGa2bFree mentions. No
Results ‘negative’ mention of Yoga &
 Precision timing & targeting of Lenovo. 3.7 Mn people
the social media marketing reached on Facebook of
campaign (#YoGa2bFree) which 86.8K people engaged
results in impressive social around Yoga2bFree Content
buzz for Yoga Tablet 2. on Facebook.
Innovative idea of boxing up 4  had more
leading Twitter influencers and than 50,000 visitors engaging
using audience engagement with the boxed up Twitterati
around interactive videos to during the 4-day campaign.
secure their release from the Repeat users helped log a
box is hailed as “a clutter whopping total of 68,500+
breaking Twitter stunt” by the user sessions on-site.
Only a novel idea combined with an
out-of-the-box experiential engagement
can hook the digital-first consumer and
goad him in to engaging with the brand.

46 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Tweet @lhinsights Converse #LICaseStudies

47 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Tourism Victoria
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Come Alive in Melbourne

Converse #LICaseStudies

Problem Statement
With so many travel related
websites, blogs, vlogs and travel
portals at people’s disposal;
Travel category is cluttered with
a lot of communication.
CLIENT Tourism Victoria
Consumer’s attention span is
AGENCY Social short and the content & imagery
Wavelength at disposal is more or less similar
in nature.

48 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Tweet @lhinsights Converse #LICaseStudies

Identified Objectives motional level.

To break free from the clutter of So we came up with ‘Come Alive

similar communication so as to in Melbourne’ campaign, the core
capture audience’s attention. communication for which was
largely based on consumer
To offer consumers what they insights.
want, that is experiential and
interesting to them instead of We roped in two well-known
what the brand wants to Indian stand-up comedians who
communicate. would travel to Melbourne and to
places hand-picked by our core
Showcase one-of-a-kind target audience.
'Experience' that Melbourne has
to offer in a way never done The idea was to have Tanmay
before. Bhat & Rohan Joshi interact with
people and make them
Strategy 'Experience' the 'Most Livable
City in the World' - Melbourne.
Indians have a penchant for
humour. Keeping this in mind, we We decided to create a video
wanted to connect with our travelogue (series of short
audience through that very humorous and experiential
medium. We decided to package videos) anchored by these
Melbourne comedians,
as an shot at
'Experience various
' rather destination
than a s at
holiday Melbourne.
The idea
was to
with our
using this
on a
and create

49 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Tweet @lhinsights Converse #LICaseStudies

Tanmay &
Rohan walk
around the
streets of
elements that
come together
social, shareable, long-shelf life to make
content. Melbourne the beautiful haven
that it is.
We created 27 unique travel
experiences and a brief 10 day
shooting schedule was put in WATCH VIDEO
place. We leveraged Tanmay &
With the crew following Tanmay Rohan's followers to increase our
& Rohan's Melbourne escapade, reach.
subsequently videos were edited A dedicated team made sure that
and interspersed with destination there was uninterrupted
trivia. These videos were interaction with the fans and
uploaded on YouTube and on the followers throughout the
website campaign.
Videos were shot at diverse
locations and attractions. From The duo's comic-timing and
visits to the legendary Melbourne antics, put together with their
Cricket Ground to mastering the experience of visiting different
art of taking the perfect selfie. destinations, hand-picked by our
We did it all. fans and followers, sharing their
Melbourne 'Experience' worked
We gave these videos a
personal, local touch. We had

50 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Tweet @lhinsights Converse #LICaseStudies

We garnered:

 Video views: Over 3 lakh

 People engaged: Over 4
 Engagement ratio: 15.44%
 Impressions garnered: 5
million +
 Share of voice of
Melbourne: Increased by

Take the outside in approach instead of
inside out approach. Communicate what
audience’s want.
Create experiential content with longer
shelf life. Campaigns usually have a
short life, but with this campaign our
objective was to create interesting
content with a larger shelf life. Content
which is perpetually available.
Emotions/humor always work the best
with the Indian audience.

51 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Durex India
Tweet @lhinsights

Converse #LICaseStudies

Problem Statement
When it comes to sexual well
being, India boasts of a rather
conflicted record. On one hand,
its history promotes sex and
happiness in ancient scriptures,
on the other; modern Indian
politicians are quick to impose
disturbingly archaic views.
CLIENT Durex India This issue was brought to global
AGENCY DigitasLBi India attention after a series of rapes
and women being hung resulting

52 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Tweet @lhinsights Converse #LICaseStudies

in a state minister saying that to the limited broadband

rape was a social crime and that penetration, it still provides
“sometimes it’s right, sometimes access to over 200 million people
it’s wrong”. Durex saw the across broadband and mobile.
importance of elevating the issue Digital also skews towards a
to drive responsible conversation younger demographic in India,
and bring about a cultural allowing Durex to better target
change, targeted at the youth of their primary audience.
the nation who were slowly but
Furthermore, the medium allows
restlessly revolting against the
for longer formats than the basic
unsuitable conditions in the
thirty second TVC, enabling us to
deliver the brand message while
Identified Objectives giving it a strong chance of viral
distribution in social media
Being a Condom Brand in a country with channels.
an unfavorable market, Durex faced So, Durex launched a 2-minute
three primary challenges. digital film that asked people to
celebrate sex by doing a new
1.To overcome an officially imposed
dance move we called the Rex.
social taboo on sex and conversations #DoTheRex delivered a message
around it. about safe and consensual sex
packed into a Bollywood song
2.To elevate the issue and drive
and dance. Ranveer Singh used
responsible conversation around sex. his rapping skills to deliver
3.To bring about a cultural change maximum impact with our
through communication and inspire a
generation to indulge in the practice of
safe sex.
The campaign was delivered via
Strategy YouTube and activated through a
series of tactics that included:
In considering how Durex could
reach the youth with a unique • Activations on Facebook,
message, they immediately Twitter and YouTube

focused on digital. While it may
not seem the obvious choice due

53 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Tweet @lhinsights Converse #LICaseStudies

• A microsite which allowed Generated content from tweets to

viewers to record themselves as pictures and videos all tagged
they #DoTheRex with Ranveer #DoTheRex. This showed that
the audiences supported the
• Blogger and influencer

Beyond the three-blogger
• Digital PR and digital media partners, the campaign was
activations. talked about by many of India's
biggest and most influential
bloggers. Their conversations
As soon as we uploaded the took all forms, including very
#DoTheRex video, the complimentary parody videos
conversations started. from industry stars like Honey
Singh and Poonam Pandey who
The YouTube video was seen
created their own #DoTheRex
over three million times, and the
YouTube comments were filled
with debate and conversations And without paying for ATL
from both sides. media, we reached a huge
audience thanks to coverage by
In social media, the campaign
6/9 mainstream Indian press,
achieved approximately thirty
where over 120 positive
million impressions. This got the
sentiment articles were written.
conversation trending on Twitter
both nationally in India as well as
globally. The social media
activations inspired User

54 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

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Digital PR buzz with bloggers,
media publishers, celebrities &
Influencers created tremendous

A responsive microsite helped us

in gaining reach with 20% of the
audience coming from mobile

Social platforms Facebook,

Twitter & YouTube created the
right kind of buzz

Directing the users to one

platform (the microsite) worked
as a single hub
for all info

55 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

HCL Technologies
Tweet @lhinsights

Converse #LICaseStudies

Problem Statement
1) Changing economic conditions
have adversely influenced the
employer brand. Due to lesser
vacancies, it becomes very
important to explore new age
channels for talent acquisition.
CLIENT HCL 2) The targeted economies have
Technologies well established local job
platforms, while there was no
channel that could go across the

56 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Tweet @lhinsights Converse #LICaseStudies

boundaries and is economical at Identified Objectives

the same time.
1. To quickly create a preferred
3) IT sector has been losing its employer brand amongst the 32
sheen because of factors like low countries where HCL operates.
promotions, low salary
increments and uncertainty. 2. Achieve engagement of more
Thus, an intervention was than 200K through this campaign
needed to build the recruitment across digital channels.
brand for the company. 3. Establish Leadership position
4) A big portion of the allocated in terms of reach & engagement
budget for recruitment have on Twitter vis-à-vis competition.
always been leveraged for 4. Introducing HCL as a “Digital
sourcing requirements, leaving Disrupter” by creating a “First-In-
substantially lower budget for Class” initiative which establishes
recruitment marketing initiatives. HCLT as progressive Gen Y
The challenge was to create a organization utilizing new age
world class recruitment campaign media in recruitment process.
which should not exceed the
average salary of an employee. 5. To further HCL’s perception as
preferred global employer for

57 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Tweet @lhinsights Converse #LICaseStudies

Gen Y with spend not exceeding provided a unique opportunity for

the average cost of hiring an on- candidates to interact with the
site employee and become senior leaders on Twitter.
number 1 brand on Twitter in
Strategy Results
The recruitment exercise was  With participants from more
conducted on Twitter. In the first than 60 countries across the
round 100 aptitude based globe & media coverage from
questions were asked to more than 60 international and
candidates throughout the date. national media worth USD 1
In the second round, candidates Mn, HCL has furthered its
chose two out of five profiles and position as an employer of
were asked 20 questions on choice.
each selected profile.  The total engagement
exceeded more than 250K,
Tweetchats were organized with there was an
senior leadership team which overachievement by 25% in

58 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Tweet @lhinsights Converse #LICaseStudies

terms of engagement. follower rate in the last two

months as compared to the
 By the end of this campaign, last 10 months
HCL is leading the IT industry
 Technology Business
in reach on Twitter with more
Research, Inc. (A leading
than 201K followers ahead of
independent technology
global companies like IBM,
market research and
Accenture and Indian Players
consulting firm) covered the
like TCS, Infosys, and Wipro
etc. The campaign has
enabled HCL to organically
It mentioned “HCLT’s
gain the highest number of
#Coolestinterviewever Twitter
followers during the campaign
campaign exemplifies the
firm’s strategy to move
beyond traditional campus
 With trending across 19 cities
recruiting methods to attract
& across the nation for 4
creative problem solvers that
different days, the
can drive faster business
value, either for clients or for
campaign is an extension of
HCL’s employee-centric
culture, designed to uncover
The unconventional contest
new talent in the IT field while
also demonstrates the firm’s
strengthening its position as a
ability to leverage social
progressive organization
media to reduce recruiting
utilizing new age media to
costs while maximizing brand
refresh the recruitment
exposure in the competitive IT
hiring market.

 HCL became number 1 brand

on Twitter in India during
February. Key highlights:

Max followers - 201,570 v/s

Vodafone India's 178288.
There was 25k+ increase in
the number of followers in 2
months & 83% increase in

59 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

AskMe Getit
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Ask Me Anything
Converse #LICaseStudies

Problem Statement
AskMe, the flagship product from
Getit Infomedia, is a one stop
destination to find information
related to anything and
everything; be it restaurants,
travel, matrimony, jobs,
education, mobile, gadgets.

Launched in June 2011, AskMe

CLIENT AskMe App is available 24X7 for consumers
(Getit Infomedia) across all major cities in India.

AGENCY Ignitee Digital Repositioning ASKME as a new

age consumer brand with its
“One Stop Destination”

60 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Tweet @lhinsights Converse #LICaseStudies

Identified Objectives YouTube to reveal the launch a

new branding campaign featuring
 Drive awareness Ranbir Kapoor.

An ad campaign for ASKME for

 Build brand salience with
TV as well as digital.
strategic & innovative
solutions The communication was a mix of
the hard-working and quirky. The
 To increase campaign reach main film took on the competition
and generate maximum and stated the brand’s
number of views for campaign advantages while keeping the fun
TVCs. and attitude alive. For the shorter
films, reimagining the classics
Strategy was a fun way to spread the
A teaser campaign for ASKME brand’s message and play to the
Ranbir campaign exclusively strengths of the brand’s
launched through digital. ambassador.

A four webisode series was

conceptualised and launched on

61 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Tweet @lhinsights Converse #LICaseStudies

Social Media Activity:  Crossed 500K+ views in

one day.
Call to action post watching the
video via WhatsApp. Users were
 2082 subscribers added to
asked to SMS a code to receive
YouTube during the
video directly on WhatsApp.
activity. Over 14,400+
Newsfeed Reach block to subscribers till date.
promote videos on facebook.
 Approx. 1.7 million views
Results on all films. Over 2.6 Million
Videos run: views in all till date/

Kitne apps the: Female targeting  Ranked number 2 as most

Tareek pe Tareek: Male targeting popular video viewed in
Close to 200K views

10,000 Likes on posts

Twitter Activity:

Alok Nath joined Twitter

(@AlokNath) for the campaign
and reached 10K followers in 2

Alok Nath constantly tweeted on

the movies

Influencer Activity:

A reach of 65K+

525 tweets from influencers

650 retweet on influencer


YouTube Activity

Main TVC:

62 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Castrol Activ
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Converse #LICaseStudies

Problem Statement
As the world prepared for what
was one of the biggest
celebrations of football, Castrol
India looked towards bringing a
unique experiences to all the
young football fans in India.

With its sponsorship during the

CLIENT Castrol Activ 2014 FIFA World Cup, the brand
aimed to adopt a groundbreaking
AGENCY FoxyMoron approach towards sports with
Media Solutions novel digital marketing strategies
throughout the tournament

63 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Tweet @lhinsights Converse #LICaseStudies

Identified Objectives taken to the consumers in the

most unique fashion for the first
Castrol Activ aimed to engage time via the Lightbox Technique.
with the youth by pioneering new
& innovative technology. Apart The Lightbox technology by
from this the brand intended to Google changed the rules of
give fans a unique platform to broadcasting by allowing the
observe the enthralling game LIVE digital talk show streamed
during the FIFA World Cup 2014. on a Google+ Hangout to be
showcased across Google
Strategy Display Networks.

One of the brand propositions Users browsing numerous

Castrol Activ has is the websites could view these
‘Actibonds’ which are Oil sporting experts in real-time in a
molecules that ‘Cling-on’ to ‘king-size canvas’ by simply
protect the engine even when it rolling their mouse over a
is turned off. ‘Castrol Activ Cling on to
Football’ banner.
The ‘Cling on to Football’
campaign encouraged fans and It did not end there; a unique
consumers to identify and relate initiative to ensure that no Indian
to the ‘Cling-on’ proposition of fan missed a chance to cheer
the ‘Actibonds’ through creative their favourite team was an IVR
communication. based activity. With the time
difference between India and
The ‘Cling on to Football’ Brazil, reminder SMSes and
campaign revealed Castrol’s ‘Wake Up’ calls prior to matches
sponsorship proposition of ensured that every fan stood a
delivering unique insights and chance to view the telecast
consumer experience of the matches.
These ‘Wake UP’ calls were
Keeping the fans at the center of delivered by none other than the
the action, a live digital talk show Castrol India brand ambassador,
hosted by football enthusiast celebrity football fan John
Gaurav Kapoor was held and Abraham!
included a panel of Abhishek
Bachchan, Bhaichung Bhutia and In the final leg of the campaign,
Paul Masefield. This show was the brand built up the excitement,

64 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Tweet @lhinsights Converse #LICaseStudies

with a semi-finals party hosted by • 2,91,77,782 Hangout

John himself. Impressions

Results • 6,71,001 Banner Clicks

• 4,95,00,000 Campaign Lessons

Unique Reach Technology needs to be simplified to
• 17,23,15,511 Campaign revolutionize the user’s experience, this
Impressions the Lightbox Technology did effectively.
Also, a brand must always plan a
• 50,51,066 Hangout Video
Views campaign that revolves around its fans in
every way and truly keeps them at the
centre of the action at all times.
With no brand assets on digital platforms
created specifically for the campaign,
Castrol used the country’s biggest
Footballing influencers on digital as the
voice for the campaign.

65 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Philips India
Tweet @lhinsights

Converse #LICaseStudies

Problem Statement
To build a campaign to launch
the new shaving range from
Philips and recruit new users in
male grooming franchise.

With Gillette leading shaving

CLIENT Philips India market category with enormous
media budget, the campaign had

66 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Tweet @lhinsights Converse #LICaseStudies

to be tactical with a lasting Aquatouch) could solve all those

impact and high WoM. problems!

Identified Objectives Phase 1 - Teaser

The campaign had three A fictitious online character of a

objectives, Think, Feel and Do. shaving blade was created and
i.e. named “Bladey”. It was promoted
through various digital properties
 To make audience THINK that like -- Microsite, Facebook,
Philips Aquatouch range gives Twitter and YouTube. A series of
them better skin protection videos were created on how
 To make audience FEEL the Bladey ruined people’s careers
assurance that Philips and personal lives by giving them
Aquatouch range gives them a nicks and cuts.
comfortable shave with no
These videos were published on
nicks, cuts and irritation.
the microsite and promoted on
 To make audience DO take
Facebook and Twitter. Teaser
action of going to stores to
video of the personified blade
check the Philips Aquatouch
was released with editorial
articles. Video was promoted
Strategy across YouTube with annotations
driving the traffic to the microsite
Showcase which had a
the counter
faced by Phase 2 -
someone Launch
who’s using First aspect
a regular of the
blade for campaign,
shaving in confessions
an exciting of the blade
manner and was
how using a introduced
skin-friendly where the
solution blade

67 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Tweet @lhinsights Converse #LICaseStudies

confessed Offline
to his integration
crimes. was done
Bladey by
confessed creating a
all its RIP Booth
crimes (coffin) at
(#BladeyC some
onfession popular
s) in these malls
videos across
and asked Mumbai,
forgivenes Delhi and
s from Bangalore
fans where
before fans were
leaving encourag
their lives for good, paving the ed to bury their old razors.
way for Philips Aquatouch.
Other confessions from users,
their family and friends were also The campaign created lot of buzz
showcased once instituted, and got featured in various social
second phase of the campaign "I media industry updates.
Forgive" was established, where • There were 19,777 website
the users became the bigger views during the campaign
man by forgiving the blade. period ( 1 May – 15 June’14)
Phase 3 - Activation • Over 600 videos were
Continuing on the forgiveness, recorded over two weekends
users were further given an across three cities with more
activation platform where they than 200 product enquiries.
could chuck their razors in the • Its YouTube channel got
coffin and record their 794,717 views.
forgiveness. Users shared their
forgiveness through tweets using • A new Twitter profile was
#IForgiveTheBlade. created specifically for this
campaign and it garnered

68 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Tweet @lhinsights Converse #LICaseStudies

around 360 followers Lessons

organically within 15 days of
launch of the campaign.
1. Use of unconventional media like
native content marketing helps building
• One of the campaign buzz around the social campaigns.
hashtags #IForgiveTheBlade
trended in India. 2. Social Media campaigns can use
• There was around 6 times social channels as vehicle rather
increase in engagement on destination.
Facebook within 1 month of
3. Avoid the excessive content creation
and focus on creating and promoting
• There was a significant
increase in Facebook
community size from 40
thousand to 140 thousand.

69 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Dombivli Return
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Movie promotions
Converse #LICaseStudies

Problem statement
Differentiate the movie from the
award winning 2005 Marathi
movie, ‘Dombivli Fast’, starring
the same protagonist, Sandeep
Kulkarni. Besides that there were
multiple challenges, the move
had no major starcast to be
banked upon, Low promotion
budgets & No movie assets

CLIENT Dombivli Return Identified objectives

AGENCY Heads or Tails The movie revolved around a
common man with the name of

70 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Tweet @lhinsights Converse #LICaseStudies

Anant Velankar. Since there the system, will try to do it. In the
were no movie assets available, case of Anant Velankar, the
the objective was to create buzz character had the intonation of a
around Anant Velankar. Launch helpless common man who was
him as a common man mascot frustrated by circumstances.
on social media and have
Anant Velankar Facebook page
conversations going around him.
started with a series of corruption
Strategy scandals being highlighted on a
timeline basis. Major scandals
For the first time, the protagonist right from the day of
of the movie was launched on independence were highlighted.
social media with no linkage to They went on to showcase how
the movie. The character named things in India have been got
Anant Velankar was first worsened over the years. It also
introduced as a common man on featured posts on news articles
Facebook as well as Twitter. The that highlighted the plight of the
personality of the character was common man.
that of a common man who had
to face the daily ordeals which A set of 3 short videos were
commoners usually face. launched on the page where he
Someone who wants to change engaged fans with thought-
provoking situations where a
common man’s good
deeds are met with
fierce opposition
from various
elements in the
society. The videos
were released one
by one and each
video seemed to
have a separate
purpose and

In one of the video, a

eunuch saves a girl
from being gang-

71 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Tweet @lhinsights Converse #LICaseStudies

raped and gets beaten up while stating that it’s illegal to teach
at it. The girl escapes while the kids in a prostitute locality. On
eunuch leaves the viewer with Facebook the video got a
questions – should I have response of 254 shares, Likes –
allowed the rape to happen? 518, Comments – 54, Reach –
Was my deed wrong to be 61,280
punished? Would you stand up if
The third video talked about how
you were in my place? Viewers
a young chap tried to help a blind
were encouraged to share their
man to reach his destination and
how he gets caught & beaten by
Railway police for ticketless
WATCH VIDEO travelling
The video got 483 shares, 685 On Facebook, the video got a
likes, 56 Comments & a Reach - 153 shares, Likes - 319
70,688 fans. Comments – 27 Reach – 33,440
The second video talked about fans
few young college students were All the videos highlighted how a
trying to educate prostitute common man has to struggle in
children’s and how a cop beats doing the good for the society
them up for doing this noble task and the challenges he faces. The

72 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Tweet @lhinsights Converse #LICaseStudies

video ended stating ‘I am anant Transition from Anant

Velankar, A common man’ and Velankar to Dombivli Return
highlighted facts about society
Anant Velankar’s identity was
and ended with a
only revealed after his character
#commonmancan asking fans to
was firmly established on social
contribute their views.
media and had built a
In an attempt to popularize the relationship with the fans. The
character further, a tie up with transition process from Anant
WeAreMumbai – a rotational Velankar to Dombivli Return had
curation Twitter account by to be a very thought out process
Mumbaikars for Mumbaikars – which needed to look very
took place where Anant Velankar natural to the audience. On both
was made the curator. the Anant Velankar and Dombivli

With more than

23.7K followers on
WeAreMumbai, the
emphasized on
common man
related problems
and roped the
audience into
various debates.
The 3 videos were Return Facebook page, a
launched during this curation countdown was announced with
period and debates were held on the use of posts. The countdown
the topics enacted in them. was to create an element of
Anant Velankar’s Twitter page mystery and curiosity among the
also went about making audience.
conversations in the same hard Post the teaser launch, the
hitting manner. Primarily he was Facebook and Twitter pages of
tweeting about the common man Dombivli Return & Anant
ordeal and his struggle against Velankar have then been sharing
society evils. about the movie shoot. There is
the behind-the-scenes with the

73 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Tweet @lhinsights Converse #LICaseStudies

main protagonists, sneak peaks

at the shooting location and the
regular sharing of events as they
happened during the shoot.

 Anant Velankar become a hit
among the audience and was
looked upon as a common
man messiah.

 The entire built up helped the

movie teaser video garner a
total 41K views with very low
ad spend

The promotion could have
reached a much larger audience
if the promotion budget was
comparatively high and created
even more impact

74 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

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75 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Opera India
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Converse #LICaseStudies

Problem Statement
With web browsers being around
for the last 20 years, their
conventional ways of working
can get in the way of your
browsing on touch-driven
devices. Keeping the need in
CLIENT Opera Software mind, Opera Software launched
Opera Coast for iOS devices.

76 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Tweet @lhinsights Converse #LICaseStudies

Opera Coast was applauded The creative class, whether we

world-over for its fresh look, talk about advertisers,
design, intuitiveness, originality, communications professionals,
unconventionality and entrepreneurs, mind-readers et
functionality. In short, it was a al, have an eye for detail and
browser unlike anyone had seen design.
before. However, Opera Coast
Also, since the creative people
was not positioned as a product
crack a ‘big’ idea by not just
for power-users.
thinking about it but wasting time
It was meant for relaxed and constructively, Opera felt that the
easy browsing. Hence, the Opera Coast app would be the
company wanted to create more best suited app with which they
conversations about the product could waste time well with akin
beyond the technology media. the product’s positioning. The
creative class outreach campaign
So the company decided to do a
for done in a very unique way
cool stunt/social media campaign
which left them spell bound.
to reach out to a new set of
influencers and users. Strategy
Identified Objectives We reached out to creative
professionals in India who use
Opera Coast is positioned as an
iPhones or iPads, with a unique
app to waste time well with. It is
#OperaCoastSurprise to
not meant for power users. As
introduce them to Opera Coast.
the company decided to take the
conversation on to the social We sent across a surprise
media but the larger question still package of kinetic sand along
remained what community with the personal note to each
should the company target. professional. Kinetic sand has
special properties that make the
Keeping in mind the design
sand soft, stretchy and non-
element and rich visual language
sticky, so you can make shapes
of the app, Opera felt that the
with it on your desk without
best suited target community for
getting messy.
a non-tech conversation could be
the creative class. A painstaking effort to identify
some of the most creative

77 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Tweet @lhinsights Converse #LICaseStudies

individuals in India was initiated. reducing stress and building any

The 3 parameters, that each of wacky shape that you can think
those individuals had to meet of.
were: (1) they had to be creative,
Each of these gifts were sent
with sufficient proof of creativity
along with a customized note that
(2) they should have
recognized each person, in the
considerable influence on social
creative light that we saw him/
media and (3) they should be
her in. The hashtag
using iOS devices.
#OperaCoastSurprise was
While offline connections worked
towards finding creative
individuals, finding social media
influencers and those using iOS,
was an online game. Hootsuite
and Followerwonk helped
measure the influence. iOS users
were discovered using an app
Tweetcaster, that shows the
platform from which tweets get

This was followed by an equally

rigorous task of selecting a gift
that would equally match the
creative geniuses, of these
selected individuals. The gift
chosen was kinetic sand. Unlike
beach sand, Kinetic sand has
special properties that make the
sand soft, stretchy and non-
sticky, so you can make shapes included in the note, which was a
with it on your desk without small but sure step to spur online
getting messy. conversations.

It's great for goofing off in the For e.g. the note to the Angel
office, distracting co-workers, Bedi, from 'The Filmy Owl' fame,
building castles, making shapes said "Dear Angel, Your designs
and faces, writing messages, and statements inspire us! That's

78 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Tweet @lhinsights Converse #LICaseStudies

why we feel compelled to

introduce you to our Opera Coast
web browser for iPhone and
iPad. We think it matches the
spunk your doodles have.

Opera Coast's design will wow

you and leave you wondering
why you haven't had a browser
like this before. Give it a spin.
Meanwhile, as you discover a
new way to waste away some
idle moments and have fun with
Opera Coast - here's a sack of
kinetic sand which is equally
good to waste time well.

Hope you like both. Do let us

know what you think about this
#OperaCoastSurprise :-) Best,

All these details were acquired

via listening across social

Owned media played a crucial

role in helping the recipients
decipher the campaign. Since
details of most individuals were
anonymously noted, we didn't
want them to be scandalized on
receiving the gifts.

Hence a post on Demystifying

#OperaCoastSurprise was done
on the Opera India blog, tagging
them within a couple of days
from when they received it.

79 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Tweet @lhinsights Converse #LICaseStudies

On receiving these gifts, Lessons

everyone was pleasantly
surprised and shared their Social media can be a great platform for
reactions in person. a company to reach out to its target
audience in a creative way (without
WATCH VIDEO being in-your face or a me-too brand)
Results If executed the right way, a campaign
can connect with those people whom
The campaign secured over
300,000 impressions. But the otherwise it couldn’t have touched.
major success was to reach out A great campaign can create a great
to a targeted audience, in a way
Brand Salience which is the memory of a
that created a ripple effect of
sorts, at centers of influence! brand and its linkage to other important
memory structures in a buying situation.
These professionals enjoyed the
combination of kinetic sand and The hashtag - #OperaCoastSurprise was
Opera Coast, and they showed mentioned in the personalized note
their love on Twitter, Facebook which gave people a ‘call to action’ to
and Instagram. share their experience on social media
You can check out the properties without necessarily telling
#OperaCoastSurprise tag board them to do so
to see some of their reactions
from artists, illustrators, a
psychological illusionist, a
filmmaker, a blogger who writes
on parenting and relationships,
media & advertising
professionals, undaunted
entrepreneurs, musicians and
many other inspired individuals
who acknowledge our efforts.

80 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Westside Stores
Tweet @lhinsights

Clubwest loyalty program

Converse #LICaseStudies

Problem Statement
With a large segment of the
Clubwest base lapsing out of the
program we were tasked to find
ways to engage with members
who had just lapsed out or were
on the verge of lapsing.

Analysis of this base showed us

that 73% of recent lapsers were
on DND and approximately 63%
CLIENT Westside Stores of them had not opened any of
the one-to-one email campaigns
AGENCY Hansa Customer
we had targeted at them.

81 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Tweet @lhinsights Converse #LICaseStudies

Our insights into lapsed, or near Power Editor tool. Using Power
lapse Clubwest members told us Editor, we subjected the targeted
that a large majority of these communication directly to people
members could be lapsing due to who we connected on Facebook.
Westside being unable to
They were the only ones who
effectively communicate to
saw this communication.
members and engage with them.
Total members mapped on
Identified Objectives Facebook – 3, 32,020
The objective was to engage with
members who had opted out of
Westside’s loyalty program- During the 1 month campaign we
Clubwest and with those reached 1, 10,431 via social
members who were just about to reach and 2,70,293 via organic
opt out of the program. reach; thus reaching a total of
81.4% of the total targetable
Strategy base.
Find new engagement channels To map the success of the
that could be used to reach out campaign, we matched the data
and connect with recent lapsers, of the people to whom the ads
or the ones about to lapse. were subjected with those who
Use the Westside, End of shopped at the store during the
Season Sale Winter 2012-13 to sale duration, from the date the
as a reason to woo lapsed Facebook campaign went live.
Clubwest members back into  A total of 7,849 lapsed
stores. The big idea thus was to Clubwest members engaged
reach out to Clubwest members with the ads
on Facebook using social CRM
and invite them to the stores.  737 members were tracked
Facebook Strategy: back in stores using POS
data. They had raised 1159
From the total loyalty base, the invoices.
contact details (namely email id  For every Rupee we spent on
and mobile numbers) of lapsed Facebook, we were able to
members were extracted and get a return of Rs 45
mapped on Facebook using the

82 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Tweet @lhinsights Converse #LICaseStudies

Note - 50% of the total members

who shopped also renewed their
Clubwest Memberships.


With the advantage of data at hand, we

were able to design personalized
messages for segmented audiences and
were able to convert leads into sales.
Re-targeting via Facebook Custom
Audience tool has proven to be an
effective method for email/SMS
campaign drop-outs. It’s the best way to
reach out to DND customers when other
mediums fail.

83 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Fox Life
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Converse #LICaseStudies

Problem Statement
Fox Traveller was bringing the
cult show ‘The Walking Dead’ to
India. The challenge was that - in
CLIENT Fox Life a television landscape populated
with rom-coms and investigative
AGENCY Flying Cursor thrillers, how would we create a
Interactive fan base for a relatively unknown

84 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

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Identified Objectives That triggered the idea of using

prank videos, where Zombies
The objective was to create an would be unleashed on
audience for the launch episode. unsuspecting people.
We decided to build a sub culture And their hilarious reactions
that was socially sharable. Not would be put out on digital for
one based on sheer terror, but people to laugh, share, and
one that mixed the lure for gore, secretly be happy that it wasn’t
with a tongue-in-cheek, irreverent them making a fool of
voice with a distinctive cheeky themselves!
tone, having co-creation at the
heart of that subculture. Once that became viral, we
would take shareability further by
Strategy putting a new, irreverent take on
zombies with the idea of
To meet our strategy of building #IndianZombie, that would hit
a zombie sub-culture that was twitter a day before the first
sharable, we started with a episode.
human insight.
We created two prank videos. In
Everyone enjoys seeing the first, unsuspecting
someone else get scared. youngsters who came to take
You don’t just enjoy it, you revel free photos in a photobooth were
in it. You love their expression, confronted by zombies.
their shock, you love laughing at The second captured Zombies
their expense. being unleashed on the public in

85 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Tweet @lhinsights Converse #LICaseStudies

Mumbai’s coffee shops and the Results

iconic Juhu beach.
 Video 1: Views registered:
These videos were promoted 92,026. Number of minutes
across digital media through content was viewed: 97,999
banners, ads, articles and the
Fox Traveller social media
 Video 2: Views registered:
pages. We ran contests that led
1,05,780. Number of minutes
to the films.
content was viewed: 95,818
These were even held across
digital magazines like  Tweets total reach
MumbaiMag, influencer twitter #WalkingDeadonFT: 9.1
sites like WeAreMumbai, and million
through independent Twitter
influencers.  Facebook fans acquired:
WATCH VIDEO Rich Media Campaign reach
Once seeded, we refreshed the  Clicks: 39859
shareability with a new spin:
#IndianZombies, where we used  Impressions: 2187381
typical Indian stereotypes to
Data source: Google analytics, In
create hilarious memes. build Facebook, Twitter,
We also ran a Twitter contest YouTube analytics & hash tag
where people were asked to tracking.
submit their versions of a typical
Indian Zombie.

This was further reinforced by

roping in the Indian viral site to carry the
same memes.

86 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Tweet @lhinsights Converse #LICaseStudies


The Walking Dead campaign taught us

the impact of giving something regular a
unique twist. People are used to seeing
promos for TV shows, but wouldn’t
expect a show about zombies to seem
relatable. #IndianZombie changed that,
and got people actively interested in the
show and the characters in it.
Along with this, we saw the benefit of
exploring a relatively unexplored area in
India’s promotion activities, i.e. the prank
Creating original content about the show
instead of coming soon trailers and posts
played a huge part in encouraging us to
pursue more video content creation as
an effective method of getting and
sustaining people’s interest.

87 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

British Airways
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Go further to get closer

Converse #LICaseStudies

CLIENT British Airways Problem Statement

AGENCY OgilvyOne India is a key emerging market
Worldwide and a must win territory for
British Airways (BA). But despite
[Gurgaon] the fact that British Airways has
more seats flying into London,

88 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

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Emirates used to fly more people their personal relationships as

from India to London. they are unable to spend enough
quality time with their loved ones.
BA was perceived as a leading
This is especially true for young
global airline of expertise and
couples in India, many of whom
people still aspire to fly it. It was
had ‘arranged marriages’ where
well respected amongst the older
you get to know your partner only
travellers in India; however the
post the wedding. Even in ‘love
younger audience was less
marriages’ too they are often
inclined towards the brand. The
chaperoned and spend little time
connect & bonding was missing.
together alone.
Having tailored its flying
For these couples, international
experience to suit Indian tastes
travel provides a great
(food, entertainment), British
opportunity to spend quality time
Airways wanted to re-engage
with their partner. Not only are
with the younger audience and
they away from work, but also
thus demonstrate its passion for
from the daily intrusions of family
and friends. They tend to
Identified Objectives discover a new facet of their
companion, as they discover a
Build preference for British new destination, leading to better
Airways with the younger bonding.
Idea: The idea was based on
Strategy simple and strong insight,
"Sometimes you have to go far to
Insight: Today's young, affluent come close". To replicate the
adults & couples are well- insight into idea, an interactive
educated and have an campaign titled, 'Go Further to
international outlook in life. They Get Closer' was conceptualised
are ambitious, hardworking mid- under which a heart-warming
level corporate managers. digital film (of about 5 minutes)
In the race to become was created.
successful, they make work their The 5-minute film portrayed the
top priority in life – working long true story of Sumeet Gupta and
hours & often over weekends as Chetna, a married Indian couple
well. This mindset takes a toll on of 3 years who despite loving

89 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

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each other, never really have Twitter.

found the time to know each
other. Work pressures coupled WATCH VIDEO
with the responsibilities of living
with parents and taking care of Execution: Once the film was
them, had left them with little time released on YouTube, we
for each other. focused all our efforts to reach
out to the young audience
The film showed how British through medium, which is most
Airways helped them get away relevant to them - the social
from it all and closer to each media (especially Facebook and
other, with a surprise all-expense Twitter).
paid trip to London. The couple
was shown spending close A Facebook app titled ‘How
moments at strategic places in Close Are You’? - was created to
London, while the message was help young couples discover
to spread around how we need to each other better and allowed
go far to get closer. them to test their closeness to
their partners through a quiz. The
The film was created only for couples were encouraged to
digital media consumption and answer light hearted questions
was released on on about their partners in the quiz
Valentine’s Day in 2014. It was and then asked to tag him/her on
also embedded on British their social circles. Three winning
Airways India website and couples won a special return trip
seeded via other social media to London and a grand
channels like Facebook and opportunity to rekindle their love

90 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Tweet @lhinsights Converse #LICaseStudies

and passion!  The "How close are you" app

got 8145 visits, even when top
A blogger engagement activity
5% of all Facebook apps get
was done to spread the word
an average of 3000 visits. Out
about the campaign over the
the total no. of visits nearly
online medium.
38% of the people completed
The campaign also leveraged the quiz and found out how
Facebook and Twitter to spread close they were to their
the word using special hashtag partners.
#MrAndMrs. The hashtag was
displayed inside the film. Along  The blogger engagement
with updates on British Airways campaign saw 174 blog
Facebook page, the BA Twitter entries from bloggers across
handle was used to seed India.
conversations around the
hashtag #MrAndMrs, while  A total of 1,424 social
sharing the film. mentions generated a
staggering 8,473,507 social
The campaign was also
impressions exclusive of
supported by an online
YouTube views.
companion offer (70% off on
flights to London) from British
 The campaign landing
page itself received 19,585
Results visits out of which 82% were
new visits. The companion
 The 'Go Further to Get Closer' offer generated ticket sales
film received 2,164,588 views worth INR 7,200,000 on
on YouTube during the
campaign duration with an
average viewing time of
3:17 min (62% of the film

 The film was shared by

44,141 users on Facebook
and by 884 users on Twitter.

91 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Cadbury Celebrations
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#MeethiMemories 22
Converse #LICaseStudies

Problem Statement
The brand objective was to make
Cadbury Celebrations a relevant
and preferred gifting choice
during Raksha Bandhan and
replace thoughtless cash gifting

Celebrations wanted to grow the

category by establishing itself as
a gift that’s beyond just a box
chocolate - an expression of
CLIENT Mondelez India emotions.

While a campaign can last for 4-8

AGENCY Madison Media
weeks for promoting awareness
Pinnacle (TVC) it is only for these crucial
3-4 days that a strategic activity

92 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

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planned on a much more

engaging and TG relevant
medium can help peak the
brand connect and thus the

Identified Objectives
Build Rakhi salience through
consumer engagement on
Digital, while the product-
centric TVC highlights
Product Specialness.

It’s not common for boys to
themselves express their
emotions - they mostly seek
out for a secondary medium So, we asked brothers to share
that mnemonic their emotions. their #MeethiMemories with their
Celebrations wanted to become sisters and we transformed them
that medium. into illustrations to cherish the
The strategy was to leverage bandhan.
upon the personalization options
available on social media and
bring in an emotional connect  37 Mn+ Impressions delivered
while interacting with our young
target audience.  Campaign Reach – 16 Mn+
Most sisters complain about the
gifts from their brothers. This  400+ personalized illustrations
Rakhi, we wanted to encourage from 20k + entries over 10
the brothers to give thoughtful days
gifts. Any gift around memories is
considered thoughtful and  All-day Nationwide Trend on
special. Day 1

93 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Tata Nano
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Converse #LICaseStudies

Problem Statement
The brand’s digital properties
often engaged users with a
series of activities and events
through strategic tie ups with the
music and entertainment
industry. However the campaigns
lacked broader appeal due to the
varying tastes and preferences of
CLIENT Tata Nano the target audience. The brand’s
digital engagement had reached
AGENCY Digitas LBi
a point of ‘stagnation’.

94 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Tweet @lhinsights Converse #LICaseStudies

The brand needed a Tata Nano associates itself with

breakthrough campaign that fun, style and affordability,
would unify its target audience attributes that relate well with a
and engage them in a youthful target audience. Using
memorable way. digital platforms is vital for the
brand because it is able to
The campaign needed to break
engage with its core fan base
during the month of April 2014,
which leads to immense recall
which collided with two big
value and purchase
national events – the National
consideration. Hence it has been
elections of India and the Indian
the brand’s endeavour to
Premier League (IPL), a cricket
continuously engage with the
sporting event whose popularity
target audience in a fun, unique
is only next to that of the FIFA
and exciting way that is social by
World cup.
The Tata Nano Twist needed to
Communication objective
break away from these
conversations since every brand Increase Engagement with 18-
had ongoing campaigns centered 24yr olds: Measured as
on the National Elections or the conversations and interactions
Indian Premier League. on social media

Identified Objectives Break away from the National

Elections and the IPL to become
On 13th January, 2014, Tata the No. 1 topic of conversation
Motors Ltd. launched a variant of online to increase the brand’s
its iconic car, this time appeal.
strategically called the Tata Nano
Twist. The variant featured a Business Objective
critical upgrade, an electric Increase brand preference for the
powered steering system, new Tata Nano Twist while
addressing the feedback given educating users about its
by consumers. In a bid to further features.
appeal to the youth, the brand
also introduced a new Damson Increase the salience of the
Purple shade with an array of upgraded steering system so as
new digital displays and controls to remove apprehensions about
to jazz up the interiors. safety and ease of driving

95 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Tweet @lhinsights Converse #LICaseStudies

Convey the availability of a wide and National Elections 2014) that

range of colors, including the was sweeping the country at that
newly introduced purple time.

Strategy Strategic Execution

Strategic Idea Tata Nano picked 6 of twitter’s

top influencers that reflected the
Tata Nano’s target audience has brand’s personality and had a
a set of favorite influencers on significant influence amongst its
Twitter who they fiercely support. target group.
The brand decided to take these
influencers and pit them against The influencers were pitted
each other and ask everybody on against each other in an attempt
Twitter to bid for them via tweets. to win the Nano Twist car,
however the only way they could
The ‘Nano Bidding War’ was win it was to garner support from
born. The terms 'war’ and their followers. Their followers
‘bidding’ were strategically had to bid for them through
chosen due to the political and tweets and spread the word to
sports environment (IPL 2014

96 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

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support them. Lessons

To put it simply, their influence
While interactive websites and social
was “On Auction”.
media campaigns are abundant, very
In the process, the top few brands have truly leveraged
supporters would win miniature
influencers to drive conversations.
versions of the car that were
signed by Bollywood movie stars. Twitter as a medium is evolving very
This provided a great boost and quickly and daily brand contests need to
an incentive to all the users on go beyond in order to truly be enjoyable
for fans.
Results The Nano Bidding War was a great
The campaign’s reach was example of how influencers on a
entirely organic with 143 million platform can be effective in driving a
impressions, 240,000 mentions brand’s message in a subtle yet creative
and over 13,000 retweets.
manner. Due to this, the campaign was
#NanoBiddingWar was trending able to create the desire to own a Tata
in India for the entire duration of Nano Twist which resulted in many test
the campaign and it also trended drives that month.
worldwide for 2 days.

The #NanoBiddingWar as a
trend beat all political and
sports related trends including
the Indian Prime Ministerial
candidates standing for

On a budget of just INR 0.4

million the campaign generated
earned media worth INR 9.5
million, the equivalent of 14.2%
of Tata Nano’s annual digital
marketing budget.

97 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Dell India
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Converse #LICaseStudies

Problem Statement
During festive seasons, there is a
market clutter, where each brand
tries to dominate all social and
digital platforms. The challenge
was for Dell to stand out and
have a distinct, yet powerful
communication during the festive
season, providing a unique
experience at the same time.

Another challenge was creating

CLIENT Dell India meaningful conversations and
adding value to each user,
AGENCY GoZoop without pushing any product

98 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Tweet @lhinsights Converse #LICaseStudies

Identified Objectives matter where they are, we

created a Facebook APP-
To promote Dell as an entity Connected Dell Se for users to
which provides Easy & send customized greetings to
Connected solutions which helps their loved ones.
you to stay connected with your
loved ones. This was integrated with My Dell
Rewards – Facebook loyalty
Use the festive context to program through which users
strengthen emotional connect. could earn reward points that
Showcase new form factors. could be redeemed for Dell
products at a discount.
The entire campaign spread over
a period of more than three
months across different online
properties of Dell India.

Online Display campaign

Specific campaigns were

developed to capture the relevant
audience with the right
messaging. For Onam, we
associated with Manorama-
online and created e-pookalam
platform to connect with keralites.

Similarly, for Durga Puja,

campaign was developed to
target the east part of the country
with relevant messaging on the
local festival.

Facebook - My Dell Rewards

Video Promotion
With the idea of connecting
people with their loved ones no The #ConnectedDellSe TVC was
launched in August offline as well

99 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Tweet @lhinsights Converse #LICaseStudies

as on YouTube & Facebook. Facebook- My Dell Rewards |

Through effective promotion it Connected Dell Se Application
reached 8.2 million users on
 Total greetings sent via the
Facebook alone.
app: 5783
Twitter- Listen & Respond  Unique Users on the app: 632
Listen and Respond Twitter Dell India Facebook engaged
activity helped us create users improved by 8% with
mindshare and positive increase in people talking about
conversations during the festive by 29%
period. It also helped Dell
connect one on one with the TVC
users and showcase/recommend  Reach: 8.2 million users
Dell products.  Total Views of videos:
Conversations were formed in 3,10,788
order to engage with the user on Twitter
a real-time basis. Each
conversation was customized  The activity reached 2.9
based on the sentiments of the million users and garnered
audience. 96% positive sentiment
 Total Conversations tapped
The users were mostly surprised
into - 1616
by the response they received
 Total Impressions: - 2.3
from Dell Brand. There was no
paid promotion for the Listen &
Respond campaign. Lessons
Results Using a strategy like the listen and
Respond, the brand appeared more
The results of the campaign
achieved on different platforms
are as follows- The users were pleasantly surprised
Online Campaign results most of the times, by the response they
received from a brand such as Dell.
 site visits increased Many sales queries were driven from
by 11%
online to offline, which is a rare
 Direct + Organic visits
increased by 10%

100 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Wella India
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Converse #LICaseStudies

Problem Statement
While Indian consumers are
becoming more adventurous
when it comes to hair color, they
are often worried about the
damage it causes. Wella’s new
CLIENT Wella India
product- the Oil Infuso Color
AGENCY Ripple Links Service harnesses the power of

101 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Tweet @lhinsights Converse #LICaseStudies

oil, a substance traditionally Beauty, Skincare, Haircare,

associated with hair care in India. Fashion & Lifestyle in the Ripple
Links panel were invited.
The challenge was to create
awareness of the product while The panel consisted of Bloggers,
addressing the concerns of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
damage with the TG.

Identified Objectives
To engage social influencers in
precisely targeted segments in
Delhi to spread awareness
about Wella’s new product, the
Oil Infuso Hair Color Service.

To connect with the followers

and readers of their social
channels, answer their queries
and address fears of hair
damage with respect to hair

Ripple Links proposed a social
influencer meet with theme
“Color Up Your Life” - an Invite-
Only Meet in Delhi for
prominent social influencers in
the targeted categories of
Beauty, Skincare, Hair care,
Fashion & Lifestyle.

Influencer Panel: Beauty,

Skincare, Hair care, Fashion &
Lifestyle Influencers in Delhi

Top Influencers from Delhi in

the targeted categories of

102 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

Tweet @lhinsights Converse #LICaseStudies

influencers. Amplification:

Celebrity Hair Stylist Sapna Ripple Links worked very closely

Bhavnani was invited to educate with the social influencers to
and interact with the social ensure that the brand’s message
influencers as the Wella Brand to their TG was prominent.
Ambassador. The agenda of the
The influencers were encouraged
meet aligned with the brand’s
to share their views and updates
image and the target segment.
around the product and event
Customized activities were with the designated hashtag
undertaken to boost brand recall across the platforms to boost the
and create an impact that social reach of the campaign.
encouraged influencers to share
live updates with their social Results
followings. #ColorUpYourLife – Twitter
An integrated campaign hashtag Summary
was in place and the bloggers
 Impact - 346,174
were encouraged to tweet, post
 Reach - 100,784
on their social profiles.
 No of Contributors - 84
An exclusive landing page with  Average Followers per
the event agenda and details Contributor – 1200
was created for registration  Tweets per Contributor – 3.31
 Links & Pictures – 104
Bloggers wrote pre-event posts
and tweeples/instagram #ColorUpYourLife – Instagram
influencers used their influence Summary
on the integrated campaign
hashtag to generate buzz and  No. of Pictures – 29
create consumer interest around  No. of Influencers Engaged –
the Wella product and the event 16
 User Engagement – 949
A Whatsapp campaign was in  Average Followers per
place to entice influencers to Influencer – 1060
attend the event.
 Total Instagram Reach –
53 top social influencers 29995+
attended the event

103 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

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Color Up Your Life – Campaign


 No.of Blog Pickups - 50

 Total Web Reach- 13,80,000+
 Total FB Reach – 6,68,232+
 Total Twitter Reach – 12,466+
 Total Instagram Reach –
 Total Social Reach –
 Total Campaign Reach –

Activities that were interactive and strong
in terms of the Brand Message
translated to a more impactful social
As influencers across different social
channels were chosen, the event and
the products saw a greater visibility and
engagement across multiple social
Strong & well informed brand
ambassadors paired with a strong
campaign theme maximized the reach of
the campaign

104 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

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Social connect
Converse #LICaseStudies

Problem Statement
The National Association of
Software and Services
Companies (NASSCOM) is a
trade association of Indian
Information Technology (IT) and
Business Process Outsourcing
(BPO) industry.
Earlier considered as an
AGENCY Frog walks out association for large
corporations, young
entrepreneurs often found

105 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

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NASSCOM intimidating and interesting way.

hence unapproachable. It was
thus felt that NASSCOM must Strategy
start an initiative to connect with From day one, we wanted to
young entrepreneurs, especially create a buzz among
those involved in start-up entrepreneurs. We thought of a
ventures. unique campaign to fulfil this
Identified Objectives mandate. Two months before the
official launch of 10,000 Start-
We were selected to handle the ups, we created the official
mandate of creating and Facebook page.
designing a unique social media
To resonate with entrepreneurs,
campaign. This campaign is
we used ‘The Dissuaders’- a
designed to help NASSCOM
quirky comic series that presents
connect with the startup
real life situations faced by start-
entrepreneurs in an engaging,
up entrepreneurs on a daily
relevant and often in an
basis. We inspired them by

106 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

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sharing quotes from industry Here are the top 5 content

experts in unique graphical categories and tools that have
format. Such was the scale of generated heavy traction among
success that before the official the audience.
launch of ‘NASSCOM 10,000
At each stage we wanted to
startups’ we had a fan following
ensure that when each piece of
of over 20 thousand people on
information was received by the
audience, they were virtually
To keep this traction alive, we ‘Waiting- for- it’! The social media
created a cool social media channels that we use included
campaign. Below is a brief case not just 10k Startups website but
study that has created quite a also Facebook, Pinterest,
buzz in social media tech circles. Google+, Twitter and SlideShare.

Our Tactics 1.Useful Quotes of the Day

In order to fulfil the above Quotes inspire and are create

strategic objective, we developed positive thoughts in our minds. At
several content categories that Frog Walks Out we wanted to
would be valuable to the startup ensure engagement by sharing
entrepreneurs in their daily lives an inspiring thought on a daily
and as well as running their basis. Just before a young
businesses. We believe that in entrepreneur begins his day,
order to communicate this these quotes served on their
information, the tool should have mails are like a fresh cup of
high level of resonance with the coffee!
target group.
The creative route of Start Cups
Thus was born a unique was the result! We share one
experiment in social media Start Cup every Monday
campaigning that has helped morning. Every Start Cup has a
NASSCOM achieve the strategic reach of over 10 thousand
objective of connecting with large entrepreneurs and we have
number of startup entrepreneurs. received over 200 requests to
And the exercise is still going on! make them available offline in the
form of merchandise.
The Building blocks
2. Skill Building for startup

107 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

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Skills they say are best learnt on an array of topics that range from
ground! However, there is tips for running a small business
immense importance of learning and raising funds, to the
from the wisdom and mistakes of importance of body language, to
others. All this diverse wisdom topics like the importance of
has been incorporated in nugget Gandhian thinking in running a
sized presentations for business. Here are a few
Slideshare. Many of these slides, examples of Slideshare

based on articles published presentations that generated

online, have received larger over 23,000 views.
traction than the article itself.
3. Lessons in a picture
We use both serious and quirky
Time is money; but for an
topics in order to ensure that
entrepreneur, it can change their
there is no monotony in the
lives! We wanted to give quick
information dissemination
tips to an entrepreneur on skills
process. The presentations cover

108 A Lighthouse Insights Publication

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they utilize daily. Just like a inspirations from everything that

coffee shot, it is an information we generally tend to ignore
boost in a capsule. We compiled
Every Life Lessons post has
information in form of a comic
reached over 500 entrepreneurs
strip and Data Art was made.
and shared over 20 times.
Data Art covers topics ranging
from tips on public speaking to 5.Busting some startup Myths
common mistakes by an
entrepreneur as well as There are many myths about
startups that we hear regularly.
improving productivity of a team.
We thought of starting a series
Every Data Art has reached over called Jobs Vs Startups to help
500 entrepreneurs and is shared bust these myths via a trendy
over 40 times. and quirky comic series!
4. Drawing Inspiration from the Every post of Jobs Vs Startups
ecosystem gets more than 100 likes and 50
shares. Every post crosses reach
They say, just look around and
of more than 5 thousand
you will be inspired! Even the
best management school stake
inspirations from the In all, there are almost 37
neighbouring chaiwallah or the different highly creative tools all
street vendors! designed to
At Frog Walks
Out we looked
around to bring
making it
possibly one of
the most
inspiring stories
intensive Social
to the computer
media connect
screens of
these budding
driven by
builders. The
series called
Life Lessons

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Results 18,000 young entrepreneurs

in over 15 cities. We also got
 NASSCOM ten thousand fan following of over 80
startups has successfully thousand.
completed three phases of
mentoring. Social media has Lessons
been the center of
communication for this entire Indeed, Content is the king. But content
campaign. is just one side of the coin. To reach a
set of generic audience, the social media
 With help of this campaign, has to be consistent and strategized to
NASSCOM succeeded in be around the subject, every time and
doing over 250 offline every step of the way.
engagements, with over

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Nikon India
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Nikon Cheatsheet
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Problem Statement
Camera brands on Social media
are usually seen talking about
their products or photography.
Generic, UGC, photography tips
& photography competitions have
been the fodder for engagement
with the audiences and have
been overdone by all the brands
(including us).
CLIENT Nikon India
We wanted to bring in new
AGENCY WATConsult content that is meaningful &
shareable as well.

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Identified Objectives The idea was built up on the

following insight:
 To create a unique &
meaningful content that is A lot of D-SLR users are
shareable. beginners and amateurs who
capture images mostly using the
auto mode to avoid complexities.
 To create content that can go
The rest are bogged down by the
uncertainty in their minds over
the settings, to capture a frame
 Targeting the
of any genre.
amateur/beginners and
informing them about the
basic photography settings
that they can do on a
manual mode to achieve a
perfect shot of a given

 Breaking the clutter of

informative photography
content strategies.

We thought of introducing
Nikon Cheatsheets – a
shortcut to capture a perfect
picture of any given genre.

The idea behind it was simple

– to share an infographic that
can be handy enough to be
printed and consulted. A
content piece that would
suggest D-SLR camera
settings which, under natural
conditions, will help you
capture the perfect shot.

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To facilitate the easy use of the  Cheatsheets went offline! They

D-SLR camera and give them a are currently being used during
head start for sure shot results to Nikon School workshops.
achieving professional level
photographs, by removing the  Cheatsheets went
hindrance to testing and trying international! They got
more settings in their cameras. appreciated by the Nikon
Singapore team and our
In other words, we decided to be
cheatsheets will now be
the beginner’s guide and give
adapted globally, i.e. our
them a perfect start.
designs, same content, but in
Results their language. Hence,
globally would be seen on 10
 Total 8 Lacs Unique Reach pages & would be viewed by
achieved organically more than 8 million fans.
(Including both Facebook
Pages & one Twitter Profile). Lessons
A lot of D-SLR users are beginners and
amateurs who capture images mostly
using the auto mode to avoid
complexities. The rest are bogged down
by the uncertainty in their minds over the
settings, to capture a frame of any
genre. Hence this did turn out to be their
guide and a perfect headstart.
When sharing a cheatsheet, it is very
important to share the reference image
for the users to understand and compare
their performance.

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MTS India
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MTS Drone
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Problem Statement
The NH7 Weekender, famously
known as the ‘happiest music
festival’ of India is thronged by
thousands of people every year.
Lasting for about a month, the
festival is held across four cities
CLIENT MTS India at present and celebrates
independent music around and
AGENCY Brandmovers beyond the country.

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Much sought after by musicians activity and all the pictures and
and music lovers alike, the idea videos were uploaded on the
was to add more happiness in different social media platforms
the festival this year. of the brand.

Identified Objectives This footage and photos were not

only send to their creators on
MTS India, the telco that has social media (through Instagram
always been an enabler of the & Twitter), but MTS also put
NH7 Weekender, decided to together a music video using all
increase the happiness quotient the footage shot by the users in a
this year for all festival goers. first of its kind user powered
drone music video.
At the 2014 NH7 Weekender WATCH VIDEO
MTS introduced the MTS Drone
with Thinkscream as its Results
technology partner. The MTS
The drone activation was a hit
Drone, the first of its kind at the
with the crowd. More than 10,000
festival, which, like an eye in the
people engaged with the drone
sky, went around spotting the
over three cities; it clocked in
best of the crowd and leading
1000+ pictures, 300+ videos
them to their very own minutes of
along with 15 million people
reached on social.
It flew over the festival grounds
spotting interesting people and Lessons
directing them to the MTS Drone The MTS Drone gave the most
stage that had been set up for enthusiastic festival goers the
the most entertaining lot of opportunity to show the world
people, and indeed, there were what they’ve got. In return MTS
one too many. scored, yet again, in connecting
A shot selector let these folks with the right audience – the
select the angle they wished to young, social savvy group who’re
be captured in while they were always connected to the internet.
delivering the best of
performances. Artists also
registered themselves for the

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Breaking Stereotypes
Converse #LICaseStudies

Problem Statement
TrulyMadly is India’s
matchmaking website and app
that believes in breaking the

CLIENT TrulyMadly In the times when couples are

matched as per their religion,
AGENCY Drizzlin caste, horoscopes, incomes,
family expectations and whatnot,

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TrulyMadly uses science and getting real people to share

technology to find suitable pictures of peculiar stereotypes
matches. that get attached to them and
how they actually do not fall in
Identified Objectives the stereotype was chosen to
Growing Registrations: take ahead.
TrulyMadly wanted to use the We called it “Breaking
digital channel to grow Stereotypes”. Hence, reinforcing
registrations of people seeking to the core brand essence.
be matched.
Some of the images that were
Strategy seeded (given below)

A major challenge that was These images were used to

recognised in the initial stages share through the Facebook
was that people who will use the page, Twitter handle and the
service may not be very keen to blog.
share the same with their friends
Products Used
and family online.
Facebook Page New Feed
Making it harder to generate
advocacy online. Additionally and Facebook Ads
more importantly, the USP of the
Twitter Handle Feed
website was to match people on
psychographics rather than
traditional demographics such as
age, income, caste, etc.

With this challenge and unique

positioning in mind, the idea of

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Results  17X increase in website

Over a period of two months from
April to May 2014, the breaking  21X increase in number of
stereotypes campaign users on website
significantly grew Truly Madly’s
registrations and drove people to
its website.

Not just this it became a talk of

the town and inspired hundreds if
not thousands of people to share
their own stereotypes. It
dominated FB timelines for
weeks during the campaign.


Compared to the two month

period from February to March
2014, the campaign delivered:

 20X increase in registrations

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