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Only remaining issue is the municipality’s failure to construct a gate.

1. Required to close 7:00 pm to 7:00 am temporarily, and then to substitute
with a permanent.
The municipality objects to installing the gate. Plaintiff provided alternatives,
which were rejected. Municipality agreed to the installation of the gate.

Judge: Isn’t this breach or contempt?
Culebra: The basis of the agreement was that the place belonged to plaintiff. Non-
party owns the property. Non-party is a US real estate company
Judge: Pleading impossibility?
Culebra: Yes and the deeds are not ready. The premise was that plaintiff owned all
the property. This is not true. The real estate company owners physically own a
prior point in the road.
PR Fruit: The agreement included the signatures of the deeds. The notary went to
the Registry, where she learned that there was a missing permit. Now they received
notice from the government agency that there is no permit needed. We are
complying with the filing of the deed.
Judge: What effect would that have on the area where the municipality is to put the
PR Fruit. Gate will allow the public in at 7:00 am and be closed at 7:00 pm. We
offered the right of passage to the Municipality/people of Culebra to use the road.
The beach should be subject to the same regulation to the same regulation as
Flamenco. It’s the same beach. It should have the same conditions as Flamenco.
We want the beach for everyone. People could enter with animals, shit there, put
bonfires there. The purpose was to allow the people of Culebra access to the beach.
Judge: What can we do to resolve this?
PR Fruit: We need an evidentiary hearing as to the breach/contempt of court.
Culebra: We have not breached.
Judge: You may be right, but there needs to be hearing, unless the facts can be
Culebra: We also feel PR Fruit has breached by not registering deed. We will be
filing a motion as to that breach.
Judge: There are two agreements. One under seal, the second on the record. Time
to file cross motions for breach/contempt.
PR Fruit: The third week of November
Culebra: Let’s do it after Thanksgiving.
Judge: November 21. Cross motions. December 7 to oppose. Expects to see
documents as to ownership. Inform was to whether a hearing. Encourages
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