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May 17, 1978 Mr. Randy Haldeman Senior Class President Sterling High School Warwick Road Somerdale, NJ 08083 Dear Randy: At long last, the report and photographs have arrived from the Kenya field office. The fqct that so many of CARS's projects are located in bsolated parts of the country make: it difficult for the field representatives to operate under time constraints and deadlines. Included in the packet along with the report are three glossy photographs which shoud reproduce very nicely for your graduation program. I would like to have one of the programs, if possible, for my file. Also, I have made photocopies of the originals in case you wanted some extras for distribution. You can make additional photocopies on your own. Randy, the Certificate of Appreciation 1a also included. If for some reason you need an additional one or want it to read differently, just let me know and I'll see that you receive @ second one. Please convey my congratulations and best wishes to all the members of Sterling's Class of '78. It is a remarkable accomplishment for all of you. You have made this time even more significant and meaningful by providing the gifts of a education end a better future for many children in Kenya. Once again, congratulations and thank-you. Sincerely, Joha Paul Field Representative