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volume 44 / issue 7
Wednesday, October 20, 2010
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2 The Eyeopener Wednesday, October 20, 2010

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010 NEWS The Eyeopener 3

Are you worried
about asbestos?

“I don’t want to have
to worry... about my
health in a hazardous
— Aron Wayne,
third-year business man-

Discovery of asbestos slowed down the renovation of the Image Arts Building, postponing its completion until next fall. PHOTO: LAUREN STRAPAGIEL

Ryerson aims to battle asbestos
Company needed to deal with asbestos that could show up during renovation and construction “It’s scary when you
think of it and how you
BY SAMANTHA LUI Hall, the O’ Keefe Residence, and ning and Facilities. quired to remove the asbestos,” can be affected by it.”
the School of Image Arts, have had “It’s not that that we have an said Levy. — Syeda Mariam,
Ryerson is looking for a company traces of asbestos. asbestos problem at the moment,” “So we don’t have any problem second-year biology
to evaluate the amount of asbestos Asbestos is naturally occurring said Ryerson president Sheldon but any time you touch an old
on campus, according to a request long, thin fibres that are mined for Levy. building you’re going to find it.”
filed by the university earlier this their strength and chemical and He said that this way, the univer- Emma McIlveen-Brown, a first-
month. thermal stability. sity can build a reliable list of com- year contemporary science stu-
The university has filed an inqui- Jackson Tang, supervisor at the dent, is not surprised asbestos is
ry seeking a engineering and envi- Purchasing Office, is in charge of found on campus since it is also
ronmental consulting firms in a bid the contract proposal that seeks to Any time you touch an old present in many buildings around
to find one that can assess the level fix this problem. building, you’re going to the city.
of asbestos on campus. Tang said the inquiry is in the find [asbestos]. A former student at the Universi-
Since much of the campus was preliminary stages and he cannot — Sheldon Levy, ty of Toronto, McIlveen-Brown said
built in the 1960s, a number of provide much detail until a com- Ryerson president traces of asbestos were also found
buildings are deteriorating and at pany is found. in many of the buildings there.
risk for asbestos. “We encourage everyone who panies it can consult if a problem But despite being a common
When asbestos enters the envi- thinks they are qualified to come arises. problem, she thinks that asbestos “I’m only in Kerr Hall
ronment, fibers get into the air and out and evaluate this situation at But Levy noted that it is possible should be evaluated. for about 10 minutes,
if inhaled, they can cause health Ryerson,” he said. that asbestos is present in some “I think it is reflective to the fact so I’m not very
problems such as lung disease. The inquiry is standard and re- buildings and has not been found that our government and institu- worried.”
According to a 2008 Status Re- flects Ryerson’s annual use of en- yet. tions have poor standards, which — Anna Fatmi,
port on Asbestos Containing Mate- vironmental consultants to assess “The moment that you disturb are endangering people’s health. second-year business
rials at Ryerson, several buildings, asbestos on campus, added Ian an old facility, it doesn’t matter “For Ryerson it would be good to
such as the Victoria Building, Kerr Hamilton, Director of Campus Plan- which one it is, you are by law re- review their policy.”

New recreation software costs Rye $80,000
BY MARIANA IONOVA long run because it would benefit number of staff, Joseph assures that
NEWS EDITOR students and save money. it will not lead to loss of jobs. Instead,
“I think we’ll make that back up full-time positions that are vacant
Ryerson purchased new recreation in operations,” he said. “It’ll probably will not be filled but will be replaced
software for $80,000 that will allow pay for itself in less than two years. with more student jobs.
students to register for services on- “A couple of our full-time staff have
line. moved on to higher-paying gigs or
The university purchased Class Ac- We have been able fancier jobs and, in anticipation of
tive, recreation software developed to now hire more Class, we have not replaced them,”
by Active Network, Inc. last week to students. he said.
help its recreation and athletics de- — Ivan Joseph, “We have been able to now hire
partment manage its operations vir- director of athletics more students to fill the front desk
tually. Students will now be able to and all that sort of stuff because of
sign up for classes, book equipment The purchase of the new software Class [Active].”
and pay feels online. will also help smooth our operation Ryerson expects to implement the
“Instead of having the long line of the Maple Leaf Gardens, according recreation system on Jan. 1, 2011. But
where you’re waiting, you’ll be able to Ryerson president Sheldon Levy. the university is lagging behind 10
to register online and be able to fa- “It’s going to provide a lot of sup- other Ontario universities, which al-
cilitate the quality of service to our port when the programming increas- ready use the software.
students,” Joseph said. “And I think es because of Maple Leaf Gardens,” “It should have been done a long
that’s really important.” said Levy, adding that it’s a “fantastic time ago,” said Joseph, noting that
Although the $80,000 price tag improvement” to the way the depart- schools like The University of Ottawa,
of the software is relatively steep, ment operates. The University of Guelph and York
Joseph said it will be worth it in the While the system will reduce the University already use the software. Ivan Joseph is happy about the new software. PHOTO: LAUREN STRAPAGIEL
4 The Eyeopener EDITORIAL Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Letter to the editor Have no clue how to vote?
Flip to page 7 for our EYEVOTE
RE: The $70,000 Secret package and go to
I read your September 22 editorial for our video coverage of the Ward 27
“The $70,000 secret” with surprise and debate.
dismay. You suggest there is a “@#$%*&
shady set up” in which Ryerson, Ryerson’s

Student Financial Aid (SFA) office and
Manager, Carole Scrase are attempting
to hide a $70,000 emergency bursary
fund. This fund deals with exceptional

circumstances encountered by Ryerson’s
close to 40,000 undergraduate, graduate
and Chang school students. Recipients
from previous years have often no money
to eat or are being faced with eviction or Preparation Seminars
homelessness. You go on to advise stu-
dents to “butter up” the SFA Manager to
get funding. In your October 6 article “Ry- • Complete 30-Hour Seminars
erson stole my money”, you outline how
an OSAP recipient has OSAP funds with- • Convenient Weekend Schedule
held by Ryerson. The privacy of student
information prevents me from going in to
• Proven Test-Taking Strategies
details in this case. What I can confirm is • Experienced Course Instructors
that when a student picks up their loan
documents in the fall, SFA staff review • Comprehensive Study Materials
the students RAMSS fee account while
the student is there. If there are no fees • Simulated Practice Exams
outstanding, no fees are deducted from
the student’s OSAP loan and all funds • Limited Class Size
when they are negotiated by the National
Student Loan Centre are direct deposited
• Free Repeat Policy
to the student’s personal bank account. • Personal Tutoring Available
Toronto mayoral candidate Rob Ford’s empty seat at the 519 Church Street Community Centre debate on If the RAMSS fee account shows that
Oct. 18. Ford’s camp ignored interview requests from the Eyeopener for two weeks. PHOTO: MARTA IWANEK fees have not been paid at the time of • Thousands of Satisfied Students
OSAP pickup, the outstanding fall fees are

Please, prove us wrong
deducted from the student’s OSAP loan
and deposited to the student’s RAMSS fee
account. Ryerson can be grateful for the OXFORD SEMINARS
professionalism and integrity of it’s SFA
team and the tremendous job they do in
helping Ryerson students. 1-800-269-6719
— Keith Alnwick, Registrar
consistent with his message track: he super accessible to suburbanites.
will, “stop the gravy train” and “return And some Rye students will vote for
SHANNON HIGGINS your phone calls.” him.
EDITOR-IN-CHIEF He also mentioned speaking Check out associate news edi-
with President Sheldon Levy about
the possibility of a Ryerson foot-
tor Brad Whitehouse’s story on
page 7 about student Ford sup-
SMOKIN’ Homemade food
ball team. “I’ll have to look to find porters. That’s also where you’ll find BONES has arrived in your
Rob Fob doesn’t want your measly
little vote.
property for that.” our EYEVOTE package with all the Southern Comfort Food neighbourhood!
And as sincere as he sounded details on the major ward 27 and
Nope, not yours. Certainly not
mine. And not anyone under 25
on the phone, there was nothing mayoral candidates. Ryerson students receive
with a mildly left-of-centre politi-
new I hadn’t heard on televised
debates or in the papers. Nothing
Most Ryerson students like
yourself are struggling to survive 15% off purchases totaling
cal persuasion, a normal to above
average level of literacy and a love
specific about young people. People
who don’t pay property taxes and
under piles of midterms and essays.
You probably don’t know who the
$6* or more every day!
for the gays. Visit us at
who don’t care about city hall. candidates are or what their plat- Hours: 11am - 9pm Mon-Wed, 11am -11pm Thur- Sat
When the Eyeopener masthead
sat down to talk about our elec-
Now, I’m not going to get on forms stand for. You don’t know 117 Dundas St E at Dalhousie (Across from ESSO station)
a soapbox and tell you who to if you can vote if you live in resi- *Excludes daily specials, meal combos & taxes.
tion coverage, we decided it was
vote for. dence or if you just moved and have Cannot be combined with any other offer.
important not to jump on the ‘any-
But I will help you vote based no proper I.D. And you probably
one but Ford’ bandwagon. Sure,
on the candidate’s platforms and don’t give two shits. Odds are, you
he’s not the most eloquent guy and
track records. The Eyeopener is a stu- won’t be voting, anyway.
his ideas are simplistic at best, but
we wanted to give the man a chance
dent paper. So, what is Ford’s stance Or, you could prove us wrong. The Ryerson Students' Union Presents the 7th Annual
on student issues? You could come out in droves and
to prove us wrong.

He doesn’t really have any- vote like there’s no tomorrow.
He didn’t. Instead, Team Ford
thing to say about student issues. And why not? Voting is a fun
ducked interview requests for two
The polarizing city councillor is way to say fuck you without hav-
weeks while every other major can-
an opponent of overspending at ing to open your mouth. Just drag
didate was happy to chat without
city hall, bike lanes and street cars. your butt to the polling station on

arm twisting.
He wants to outsource garbage Oct. 25, put an X next to the people
Finally, two hours from deadline,
disposal and slash council from you deem least slimy and read Sam
I received a call from Ford.
44 to 22 seats. He is car-friendly Edwards’ story on page 8 for a quick Celebrating Ryerson’s Diversity
To his credit, the man is sharply
and his campaign is based on being and dirty lesson on your options.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010 NEWS The Eyeopener 5




Tim Hortons


Ryerson considers underground PATH
City proposal to double the size of the underground walkway system could include an access point at Ryerson campus
BY CHRISTINA DUN ects as it relates to buildings that application by the end of this year tioned in a city proposal is College pleted in December.
we may be developing near Yonge for the Student Learning Centre at Park, further up Yonge Street at Carl- “That’s what this is about, to find
Ryerson students could have a way Street,” said Ian Hamilton, Vice Presi- the northeast corner of Gould Street ton Street. what would be involved and how it
to avoid harsh weather because the dent of Campus Planning and Facili- and Yonge Street,” said city of Toronto “Sure, we’d love to connect to the could be located,” said Ryerson Presi-
PATH system may one day end up ties in an email. planner Al Rezoski. PATH system, but the PATH system dent Sheldon Levy. “There’s been
linked to campus. The underground system is ex- “It’ll help out a lot during the win- doesn’t really come over to this side enough discussions with the city to
The university is in early talks with pected to double in size in the next ter time,” said early childhood educa- of Yonge Street yet,” said Hamilton.“It know that it’s just more than just a
the city to link the campus to the ex- ten years, from its current length of tion student Haleh Kay. “It’s great for may come through other develop- dream.”
isting system. 27 km to around 60 km. Although the students.” ments, in which case we’d consider
“We’ve had some discussions with there are no concrete proposals for Along with the Harbourfront area, the opportunity to attach to that.”
the city planning department and new entry points, talks with the city research centres and hospitals sur- A study carried out by the city into Read more stories at
they are encouraging us to include have raised some possibilities. rounding the University of Toronto, how the next steps of the proposal
PATH connections in any future proj- “The city is expecting a rezoning another potential location men- will develop is expected to be com-

Briefs & Groaners
A fire alarm in Kerr Hall was outside of the Student Centre
set off by a toasted bagel that blowing a whistle in women’s
started to burn. We say to faces. He left before security
always eat chocolate croissants managed to reach him. He is
instead. described as having a slim build
with shoulder length brown hair
A brave student deserves a and a brown goatee. Sounds like
medal for giving up their cup a winner.
of coffee to extinguish a burn-
ing garbage bin on the Podium Another locker was broken
upper balcony. into on the third floor of Kerr
Hall South. An Apple laptop, a
More locker thefts have been textbook, and a lululemon back-
reported in the Podium build- pack were taken at a value of
ing and Kerr Hall South, but in $1390.
some cases nothing was actually
taken. However a student lost And if you’re in the RAC,
his MacBook Pro, a couple of make sure that you’ve got a lock
calculators, a Lacoste bag and a before you leave your belongings.
textbook after his Kerr Hall South A student lost a laptop, backpack
locker was broken into. and a textbook, valued at $1,540,
after leaving them in a men’s
A student is missing his bike changing room locker without a
after locking it to a city bike lock. Luckily, he found his jeans
post outside the entrance to the in another vacant locker.
Victoria building.
Another RAC member had
Reports of gunshots being their mp3 player stolen after
fired in the quad led to Toronto leaving a treadmill unattended
police searching the area. With for five minutes. We say don’t go
the help of Ryerson security, to gyms in general.
some discarded firecrackers were
found instead. Also, a student fainted while
writing an exam. We say eat.
A man possibly leaving or Either that or don’t write exams.
going to a rave was caught
6 The Eyeopener NEWS Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nande Wright, who has been vegan her entire life, doesn’t think Ryerson is worthy of an award for veganism. She can barely eat on campus. PHOTO: MARTA IWANEK

Ryerson menu grabs PETA’s attention
Campus in the running for title of most vegan-friendly university, but vegan students not impressed with lack of options
BY BRAD WHITEHOUSE were nominated to take part eat on campus. “The focus is on the larger veg- taurant. We’ll do the best we
ASSOCIATE NEWS EDITOR in the competition. Students Nande Wright, a second-year etarian group rather than the can and hopefully people will be
can vote for their school online, chemistry student, has been veg- smaller vegan group,” he said. understanding.”
Ryerson could be the most veg- but the final decision, to be an- an her entire life. She said she The Ram in the Rye and Heather Sadkowski, a social
an-friendly university in Canada, nounced November 19, is up to rarely eats at Ryerson because Oakham Cafe also offer vegan work student who lived in resi-
according PETA. PETA. of a lack of vegan options. She alternatives. But Rick Knapp, dence last year, said she found it
PETA holds an annual competi- said a lot of the so-called vegan food and beverage manager for challenging to be vegan on a res-
tion to find schools that have the choices have labels that say they the Student Campus Centre, says idence meal plan. Vegan options
best vegan food options. This is Either I don’t eat or I grab a may contain traces of dairy prod- they are limited on the variety of were few and far between, and
the first year that Ryerson has snack from Metro. ucts or egg whites. dishes they can serve. she often supplemented cafete-
made it to the final group. It will — Nande Wright “If I go to the cafe I could pret- ria food with her own cooking.
be in competition with 16 other Second year chemistry ty much just have pasta,” she “You do have the meals out
Canadian universities vying for said. “Either I don’t eat or I grab there, but like anyone else, you
the title of Canada’s most vegan- He said the competition is a snack from Metro.” The focus is on the larger don’t always want to eat the
friendly campus. based on the availability and Wright said that if Ryerson re- vegetarian group rather same thing,” she said. “Luckily
But some students say Ryerson quality of vegan grub. Ryerson ally wanted to be accommodat- than the smaller vegan Pitman and ILLC have kitchens.”
still has a long way to go before was selected because of dishes ing, it could open an exclusively group.
it can pat itself on the back, let like sweet-and-sour tofu and vegan eatery. — Michael Tafeit
alone win an award. vegetarian stuffed peppers, Michael Tafeit, director of Director of food services Do you want to write for news?
According to Ryan Huling of which appeal to meat-eaters as food services at Ryerson, said Email
or come into the office and talk to
college campaigning at PETA, Ry- well. that one out of three hot food “We’re here to serve students
us the old-fashioned way.
erson was chosen from a group Yet some vegan students dis- choices served at Ryerson cafete- and some students are vegans,”
of about 60 universities that agree. They say they can barely rias is vegan or vegetarian. he said. “We’re not a vegan res-

Alumni association receives platinum rewards from Ryerson credit cards
BY MIRANDA SCOTLAND vast majority of alumni services and about MBNA Canada having access
to provide the RSU with funding for to impressionable students.
The Ryerson Mastercard may bursaries. “I think they are trying to take
have cardholders frowning at inter- Toby Whitfield, President of Ryer- advantage of first-year students
est payments, but it has Ryerson’s son Students’ Union, said the alum- who don’t know any better. Who are
alumni association smiling. like ‘Oh I’m going to university that
The group has an agreement with means I need to get a credit card
Mastercard issuer MBNA Canada It’s not great because we too,’ when you don’t really need a
that gives the alumni association a know interest rates are credit card ever,” she said.
percentage of the company’s prof- high. Whitfield said he agrees that hav-
its. — Toby Whitfield, ing MBNA Canada on campus isn’t
For a few weeks each year, they RSU president ideal.
provide the credit card company “It’s not great because we know
with a location on campus where ni association gives them $10,000 interest rates are high,” he said.
they can sign passersbys up for a for bursaries, which they hand out “We would love a scenario where
credit card in return. in January. The application for the students don’t have to take on stu-
Tyler Forkes, executive director bursaries can be found online and dent debt to be able to go to uni-
the deadline is Nov. 5th. versity but at the same time, we
“Any student can apply that is know that’s not a reality for many
in financial need and has made a students.”
We would love a scenario contribution to their community, Forkes, on the other hand, said he
where students don’t have whether it’s the community on cam- is not concerned.
to take on student debt. pus or community at large,” he said. “I have pretty good faith that Ry-
— Toby Whitfield But despite the deal’s financial erson students are wise characters,”
RSU President gains, there are some who aren’t he said, adding that keeping credit
sure the partnership is a good thing. cards out of the school won’t stop
for alumni relations, said the asso- Otiena Ellwand, a third-year jour- students from seeing and using
ciation uses the money to fund a nalism student, said she worries them. Tyler Forkes, executive director of alumni relations. PHOTO: TIM ALAMENCIAK
Wednesday, October 20, 2010 EYEVOTE The Eyeopener 7

City council candidates fight for votes
As Election Day nears, front-running Ward 27 candidates are eager to show students why they deserve
their vote. Mohamed Omar looked into who they are and what they can offer Ryerson students
Voting 101
Kristyn Wong-Tam moved to Regent Park over two decades ago as an im- The election will
migrant who spoke no English. Today, she believes that Ward 27 derives its be held on Oct. 25
strength from its diversity. between 10 a.m. and
8 p.m.
Wong-Tam is the manager of Coldwell Banker, a real estate office and an WHERE TO GO?
owner-operator of a Timothy’s café. She has been involved in the art scene
since 2004 when she helped launch the XEXE Gallery on Richmond Street
Residents of Ward
West. 27 can vote in Pit-
man Hall or in the
IF ELECTED: Toronto Reference
Wong-Tam plans to provide safer and cleaner sidewalks for pedestrians, bet- Library at 789 Yonge
ter roads for cyclists and motorists, accessible and affordable housing, and a St.
ward that is inclusive to all its residents. For a list of voting
stations in other
wards, check out
Chris Tindal has lived in Ward 27 for the last decade, earning a bachelor’s ID showing your
degree in radio and television arts from Ryerson.
name, address and
WHAT HE DOES: signature such as an
Tindal works in interactive media, managing and developing major media Ontario driver’s li-
websites like and He was also part of the cense or health card.
United Church of Canada’s national governing body, where he fought for For a full list of
same-sex marriage in 2000 and 2003. acceptable identi-
fication, visit www.
Tindal aims to bring city finances under control, maintain heritage buildings voters/identification.
and strengthen transit. He believes the TTC should remain public to prevent
fares from rising and to avoid decreases in service.

We asked a random
KEN CHAN sample of 100 Ry-
WHO HE IS: erson students if
Ken Chan moved to Ward 27 in 1998, after earning a bachelor’s degree in they are planning on
political science and criminology from Simon Fraser University, an MBA from casting a ballot next
the City University of Seattle and a diploma in forensic accounting from the Monday.
University of Toronto.

In the late nineties, Chan served as the Canadian Firearms Registry’s first YES: 28 %
regional coordinator for the city. He also worked as a police officer from 1999
to 2003 and has served with the Toronto Police Drug Enforcement Unit and
Homicide Bureau.
NO: 55 %
Chan wants to better synchronize traffic signals to improve traffic flow,
remove the Jarvis bike lanes, improve those on Sherbourne Street, and im-
prove park and street safety by increasing police presence.

In defence of Rob Ford: Ryerson supporters speak out
BY BRAD WHITEHOUSE Carol-Anne Fraser, another sec- psychology student. As a commuter, But while some voters see Ford as
ASSOCIATE NEWS EDITOR He admitted that a vote for Ford is ond-year nursing student, said she she says she can’t support a can- a political bully, his supporters say
a dicey decision, but said he would agrees with Ford’s ideas, but couldn’t didate who wants to cut back the that he is the one getting picked on
Loud, red-faced and brash, Rob put his check next to the conserva- think of any of his policies as an ex- public transit that gets her to class by media.
Ford is the mayoral candidate many tive’s name on his ballot next week. ample. everyday. “It’s an easy target for them. It’s
Torontonians love to hate. He’s been “I haven’t really taken responsibil- easy to make fun of someone be-
criticized for opposing bike lanes ity to look into stuff myself,” she said. cause they’re fat,” said Stefano Agos-
and streetcars and some just find He’ speaks his mind. I think What she does know is that he’s I don’t care about his tini, a third-year business student.
him downright crass. Yet, he lead the it’s about time the city had bold, and regardless of her knowl- personality as long as he “At the same time, Smitherman
polls in recent weeks, and for some someone like that. edge on his political platform, she saves money for the city. has his own problems. He had a
Ryerson students he’s the candidate — Solomon Gill, said that’s something she can get — Stefano Agostini, five-year drug addiction. I don’t hear
that they plan to vote for not in spite second-year nursing student behind. third-year business people talking about that.”
of, but because of his roughneck per- “He’s willing to not care what peo- student And Agostini said he doesn’t care
sona. ple say,” she said. if Ford is likable or not. He likes the
“He’s a pretty edgy guy. He speaks But for some students, Ford’s bra- The Ryerson Students’ Union used that Ford is blunt and doesn’t mince
his mind. I think it’s about time the “I think I’d go with the risk of vot- zen comments are just a lot of hot air. Ford’s controversial quote, “Multicul- words
city had something like that,” said ing for him,” he said. “It would be a “I personally don’t understand turalism is not my priority”, on post- “I don’t care about his personality
Solomon Gill, a second-year nursing cool change. He seems like a cool why he’s receiving all the support,” ers for a panel discussion hosted by as long as he’s saving money for the
student. guy.” said Rabeea Siddique, a second-year Students Against Racism. city.”
8 The Eyeopener EYEVOTE Wednesday, October 20, 2010

There are three mayoral candidates
left standing in Toronto’s municipal
elections. Samantha Edwards
breaks down their plans for our city

F or months, Toronto’s been engrossed in
the excitement of the looming mayoral
election. Well, kind of. While the media has
been oversaturated with coverage, the truth is,
less than 50 percent of Torontonians will vote
on Oct. 25. Students represent an even smaller
number. In the 2006 municipal election, only
43.8 percent of Canadians aged 18 to 24 voted,
19 percent below the national average. Rob Ford “ The Sultan of the Suburbs”
At the start of the race, there were five Rough around the edges, Rob Ford has become a surprising
frontrunner with a simple message: stop wasteful spending at city
frontrunners. Sarah Thompson, the founder of hall. For the Etobicoke councilor, hijacking the gravy train means
the Women’s Post, was the first to drop out and a slash and burn approach that attacks from all sides. He is the
anti-David Miller, the anti-status quo and to some, the antichrist.
cross into former enemy lines by endorsing For all those populating Ford City though, he is the antidote for
George Smitherman. Next, it was Rocco everything currently wrong with Toronto.

Rossi, who famously suggested building an The issues:
underground highway right through the city. Public transit: First and foremost, as the rogue suburban war-
Now, only three remain. Here’s a beginner’s rior, Ford believes it’s time to end the war on cars. He wants to scrap
Transit City, the current proposed transit plan that focuses on build-
guide to each candidate’s platform and what ing light rail transit lines. In the mayoral chair, Ford wants to extend
they would do if elected. the Sheppard and Danforth subway lines to the Scarborough Town
Centre, replace streetcars with buses on arterial roads and build 100
kilometres of off-road bike paths. Ford plans to fund his expansion, an
estimated $4 billion, largely in part with provincial money already ap-
proved for Transit City. But, there’s the rub: the province has no plans
to reallocate the promised funding to other projects. Ford’s idea as-

sumes buses are more agile and svelte than streetcars, but in reality
they carry fewer people and only add to the congestion of the roads.

Culture: Ford’s has no arts platform and the only one not pledg-
ing to increase arts funding. He believes the arts should be financed
through the private sector until the city manages its $2.4 billion debt.

Ford told the Eyeopener he won’t be cutting the arts budget — just
not increasing.

Budget : Ford touts he will cut wasteful spending by saving $1.2
billion. He wants to chop the number of city councillors in half, lower

expense accounts (bye bye office espresso machines and cab rides),
privatize garbage collection and reduce the city workforce. Though
his cost-saving techniques may be admirable, many of his ideas

would never fly. City council holds the power to decide how big
council is, Ford would in essence have to get half his councillors to
voluntarily quit their jobs. However, his track record shows that Ford’s

a frugal guy. He only spends around $100,000 a year on staff salaries
out of a $210,000 budget and in 2005, he famously only spent $2 of
his allotted $53,500 expense budget.

Other: Ford does not have an environmental platform and no for-

mal plan for lowering youth unemployment. To his harshest critics, he’s
foul-mouthed, hotheaded and known for his outbursts in council (one

time he called an Italian councillor “Gino Boy”). But to his supporters
in Ford City, he’s an ordinary guy (think Toronto’s own Sarah Palin) who
wants to hold the city financially accountable. “Who do you trust with

the money? You can trust me... there won’t be any financial scandals.”
Wednesday, October 20, 2010 EYEVOTE The Eyeopener 9

Joe Pantalone “ The Little Mayor who Could” George Smitherman “Not-so Furious George”
He may be small in stature, but Joe Pantalone punches above his weight. A city While he never went to school here, George Smitherman likes to think of himself
councillor for 29 years and currently serving as deputy mayor, he knows city hall as a Ryerson guy. He lives up the road on Carlton Street and says he’s looking
inside and out. The only lefty candidate, Pantalone promises to follow through forward to skating at Maple Leaf Gardens. Politically, he’s close to Ryerson too – he
with Transit City and balance the budget without cutting community services. was our MPP for 10 years. For a while, people believed it was his race to win but
Even though he trails in the polls and has been pressured to drop out and leave now he’s neck and neck with Ford. He was Dalton McGuinty’s right-hand attack
the race to the big boys, Pantalone says he isn’t going anywhere. dog, but he’s been more like a lapdog in this election. Nevertheless, for those fear-
ing the Ford-apocalypse, Smitherman may be the only hope.

The issues: The issues:
Public transit: Transit City may be David Miller’s brainchild, but it’s now Pan- Public transit: Smitherman wants to “get Toronto moving again” by introducing
talone’s baby. Transit City, which has already been approved by council, proposes a new network of subway and light-rail lines that would be completed in two phases
introducing Euro-inspired light rail transit lines that will connect the suburbs to over the next 10 years. The first phase includes expediting the Spadina line to York
downtown. While they’re often confused for streetcars, LRTs are much faster be- University, extending the Sheppard LRT and building a waterfront light-rail line, all
cause they travel in their own right-of-way lanes (think the Spadina streetcar) or plans that are already underway. To finance his transit plan, Smitherman relies on
underground like subways. There’s no doubt that subways are the most convenient funding commitments from the province and Ottawa. He says Toronto’s tab would
commuter option, but they also cost three to five times more than LRTs. As Panta- only be $5 billion and private-public partnerships would help cover the costs.“I want
lone puts it, choosing between a subway and LRT is like being asked,“Do you prefer the TTC in the driver’s seat, but I want private contractors to be responsible and ac-
a seven-course meal in the best restaurant in town or a burger at Wendy’s?” He says countable for actually constructing the transit line,” he says.
of course people will want the gourmet meal, but not if you can’t afford to eat for On biking issues, Smitherman wants to keep cyclists on main roads, but has no
the next three-days. intentions of building new lanes on arterial streets just yet. While Ford wants cyclists
off the streets and into the parks, Pantalone argues more lanes are needed, starting
Culture: Pantalone plans to increase arts funding by investing an additional with Richmond and Adelaide streets.
$17.5 million over five years and developing a program that would give new Cana-
dian residents in Toronto free access to major performing art companies for a year. Culture: Smitherman’s platform involves increasing arts funding per capita, creat-
Pantalone’s artistic vision for the city also involves beautifying our neighbourhoods. ing affordable studio spaces and sending local artists abroad to act as ambassadors
As the city’s Tree Advocate (yes, it’s a real position that would make Ford cringe), for the city instead of politicians. He’s a firm believer that the arts are a viable in-
Pantalone has overseen tens of thousands of new trees planted yearly. vestment and wants to encourage its growth. Plus, Smitherman said he’s agreed to
dance on So You Think You Can Dance Canada to show his commitment to arts and
Budget: Pantalone promises a balanced budget that doesn’t involve cutting any culture. Pretty appropriate for someone who has made his mark dancing around
community services, but it does include a 2.5 per cent property tax increase and hot topics.
help from a $180 million surplus from the 2010 budget. While it looks good on pa-
per, it’s tricky banking on unofficial surpluses when the year isn’t even over yet. And Budget: Freezing property tax, cutting $2 million from the office budgets of the
no one likes higher taxes. mayor and councilors and possibly contracting out city services are the key ways
Smitherman plans to maintain a balanced budget. Citing his experience working
Other: Out of all the candidates, Pantalone’s platform is the most environmen- as an MPP, Smitherman says he’s qualified for the mayoral chair. Unfortunately for
tally friendly. He pioneered the Green Roof bylaw, which requires green roofs on all Furious George, critics are quick to point out his involvement in the eHealth scandal,
new development projects and if elected, he plans to double the number of com- which auditors say wasted $1 billion in taxpayer money.
munity gardens and farmers’ markets. When asked if he would support the perma-
nent closure of Gould Street, he said, “Yes, 100 per cent. I think it’s perfect. People Other: Of all the candidates, Smitherman is the most connected to Ryerson. As
are social; we need squares, piazzas and gathering places where we can socialize.” MPP, he helped secure the money needed to build the new Student Life Centre on
Yonge Street and also the Image Arts building. He takes strolls along the new Gould
Those in the “anyone-but-Rob-Ford” campaign will push for strategic voting at Street and would work to make it permanently pedestrian-only. His platform also
the expense of Pantalone. However, the little mayor that could isn’t running out of calls for lowering youth unemployment in Toronto and says he will create 7,500 new
steam yet, he says a vote for George Smitherman is like a vote for Ford.“Do you want jobs for youth each year. Smitherman says, “I’m the local guy, I’ve delivered for Ryer-
to have the devil or the deep blue sea? Maybe the deep blue sea looks better and son like no other.”
more attractive, but it’s just as deadly as the devil.”

*Toronto Star-Citytv poll of 1,001 Torontonians on Oct. 15
10 The Eyeopener ARTS & LIFE Wednesday, October 20, 2010

In it for
the fame
Christian Allaire talks to Ryerson students
vying for your attention

First-year student Adam Leroux gets paid to share his videos on Youtube

Since getting the nod of approval Yee who began as a child model from it though, I learned that you topics are making me the most peted in the Miss Teen Canada World
at Muchmusic’s Disband competition when she was ten, finished her first have to be prepared, you can’t just money. Then I can look at that and pageant and learnt that ultimately
last year, music group DUBBS has film last year, a piece she wrote, wing it and do it the night before.” figure out what I should be doing it was a competition for attention.
received national attention. The produced and starred in. Radio and television arts professor more of [in my videos].” “Many girls did it for the fame,
group features former Ryerson busi- Marion Coomey believes students And from there the video gener- always making themselves available
ness management student Alex Van longing for attention may be a result ates views, a poll of likes and dislikes for the camera,” she said.
Den Hoef who left school last year of modern pop culture. and a list of comments. Van Den Hoef is already familiar
to tour with the likes of Steve Aoki, Even if they don’t like me “Your generation has grown up “Nothing really offends me any- with questions about chasing fame.
LMFAO and Girlicious. they are watching my on reality TV and seen many shows more. At first [reading bad com- “People ask us ‘So are you in this
“I was trying to juggle [music] and videos and making me about regular folks becoming well ments] I thought, ‘these people are to be famous, to get all the girls?’
the business program at the same money. known, that I think it’s just part of being really mean.’ But the way I But we wouldn’t sign a contract
time. I guess I was more interested — Adam Leroux, first year student’s psyche to want to be that would sell our souls just to get
in the music.” business management noticed. I look at the way young our faces out there.
Ryerson has long been a plat- people use Facebook and see that He admits though that it’s the
form for Canadian celebrities. From same interest in being observed and I think it’s part of earning potential of DUBBS that
seasoned stars like Eric McCormick, Becoming a household name is known by others,“ she said. student’s psyche to keeps him motivated.
who just received his star on Can- easier said than done. Natalie Ast, Another site used to generate want to be noticed. “We love all our fans and love
ada’s Walk of Fame this past week- a second-year journalism student attention is YouTube. Adam Leroux, — Marion Coomey, radio signing autographs. But if we were
end, to new up-and-comers like Nina who acts and models on the side, a first-year business management and television arts getting no rewards out of it, it would
Dobrev who stars in television’s cult- has been to several auditions with student knows first-hand the follow- professor be kind of depressing.”
hit Vampire Diaries. Fame is some- varying results. ing you can build on this site. His Do said work can be more influen-
thing that some Ryerson students When she was 16 she tried out for ‘vlogging’ (video blogging) began as think of it now is, even if they don’t tial if you are well known.
hunger for. the CBC program Triple Sensation, a hobby, but his popularity got him like me they are watching my videos “You can be average Joe and be
“I’m not going to lie, I love the where she struggled with the music a position as a paid YouTube partner and making me money,” Leroux said. an advocate for children’s rights or
fame. I’m like Lady Gaga about it, you portion. with over 3,000 subscribers. Second-year journalism student you can be Angelina Jolie and advo-
know,” said second-year radio and “I don’t have a great voice and I for- “With YouTube, they give me my Theresa Do has been critiqued in a cate for children’s rights. Who are you
television arts student Nikki Yee. got the words to my song. I learned demographics and what kind of different way. She previously com- going to listen to more? “ said Do.

MO /2 P
Think you’re runway ready? STUDENT NIGHT! ND RIC
So far the 500 person army has car- Monday is 1/2 price Appetizer & Wings Night
ried out their objective: to look pret- at The Grand Hive
ty, and make the night immaculate
GIANLUCA INGLESI for all it’s guests.
We are commissioned by lieuten-
ants, the women and men of the
Get More Bang for Your Buck!!!
Fashion Design Council of Canada
Fashion can be a tough, competi-
tive and even catty world. If you’ve
(FDCC) who work tirelessly to put the
week together. Sitting with the head
• $5 Fried Calamari
seen MTV’s The City or the film The of communications at the end of the • $3.50 Gourmet Poutine
Devil Wears Prada you already know
this. But in reality, the pressures are
first night I heard her turn down in-
vites to after parties because they
• $6.50 Nachos
even more complex. Designing, mar- didn’t include her bed. • $5 Quesadillas
keting, styling and reporting are just
some areas that are based on aching
Opening night saw representation
from all sides of Canadian fashion
• $3.50 Mac ‘n Cheese
deadlines, burdensome tasks, and with designers, models, reporters, • $5 1lb Wings and Fries
hectic schedules. photographers, socialites, stylists,
And with a handful of Ryerson pro- sponsors and uniformed volunteers
grams breeding young fashion hope- roaming the lushly decorated space. *For every group of 5 people purchasing
fuls, volunteering at Toronto’s own LG Answers to any questions I had
Fashion Week beauty by L’Oréal Paris is about the industry were answered. beverages, receive one complimentary Nacho
a must. It provides the opportunity Running an event like this means plate for the table.
to immerse yourself in the world of making quick judgement calls and
couture and decide if you’re ready hustling in form fitting designer
for it. clothing trying not to break a sweat. 504 Jarvis St. Toronto, Ontario
Two weeks ago I found myself The FDCC gang dawned leathers, (one block north of Wellesley)
sloshing through puddles to get to furs, feathers and the right boot as
our first meeting, hoping that the ambassadors of Canadian fashion. Tel: (647) 348-6520
downpour wouldn’t foil my efforts Only a council of powerhouses
of making a good impression. I en- can handle something as incredible
tered the blank building and joined as fashion week. And if you hope to
a crowd of fashionistas and stylistos ever be a bona fide fashion bitch (as
who stood at the ready, awaiting or- referred to by PR giant Kelly Cutrone)
ders from fashion’s boot camp. you have to put in your time.
Wednesday, October 20, 2010 The Eyeopener 11

World university service of canada (Wusc)
student refugee Program
referendum 2010

On May 31, 2010 the Board of Governors of Ryerson University approved a referendum
from among all Ryerson students in full-time undergraduate programs on a question of support
for a fee to support the WUSC Student Refugee Program at Ryerson.


The World University Service of Canada (WUSC) runs a Student Refugee Program supported by universities
across Canada. The program brings refugees who have little hope of continuing their education to Canada
to study and become permanent residents of Canada. The students are fully sponsored in their first year
and supported throughout their education by the students at the institutions where they study. Through
fundraising efforts the Ryerson WUSC local committee is sponsoring Ryerson’s second refugee student
through the WUSC program. The creation of this fee would allow for the permanent continuation
of the WUSC Student Refugee Program at Ryerson.

A fee of $2 per semester ($4 annually) would be charged to all Ryerson students in full-time undergraduate
programs to support the WUSC Student Refugee Program at Ryerson. The students and staff managing
the program at Ryerson are volunteers ensuring that 100% of the funds will go directly to the refugee
students and to help the local WUSC committee attend the annual WUSC conference.

do you agree to the creation of an annual fee of $4 to support the Wusc student refugee Program at ryerson
starting in september 2011 and indexed thereafter for inflation annually to the cPi for toronto?

How to rEgiStEr for camPaign
A YeS or nO side needs the signatures of three students. The three signatories are the primary contact for the group.
A registration form can be downloaded from the following website and should
be returned to Josie Lee or Catherine Redmond at JOR 1313 completed and signed by Wednesday, October 20, 2010.

How to VotE
vote online at:
Voting starts monday, november 1, 2010 at 8 a.m. and is open until thursday, november 4, 2010, 4:30 p.m.
it will be available 24 hours a day with the exception of 2:50 a.m. – 3:40 a.m. (eastern Time)

Students with disabilities who require accommodation should contact the Access Centre (jor 300)
front desk support – 416-979-5290

ReTURninG OffiCeR – Catherine Redmond
12 The Eyeopener BIZ & TECH Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sometimes, a few seconds is all it takes for your the outer case of your laptop with recognize the culprit too. Whether you can actually find the
your name, address and phone culprit, however, may be another
expensive new phone to find its way into a number. Phone home story.
stranger’s pocket — and by then, there’s little you Even if an unwitting buyer Finally, for Android phones, there’s
can do to get it back. Emma Prestwich shows purchases your computer, “it may GPS technology is great for Lookout (
you how to keep yourself out of the briefs and improve the odds of your laptop tracking your own location, but just This free application can locate
groaners and turn the tables on would-be thieves being returned to you,” he says. as helpful for finding your missing missing phones via GPS, and sound
Another option, albeit more smartphone too. an alarm alerting those nearby. But
drastic, is the STOP Security Plate If you’ve lost your BlackBerry if your phone is truly gone for good ,
Password pro-tips and open-source application, is ( It’s a metal around the house, Berry Locator it might still be possible to keep your
capable of encrypting the contents decal that adheres to the back of ($6.95 at http://www.mobireport. contacts, texts and embarrassing
Most phones and MP3 players of a flash or hard disk drive, shielding your device, and makes your device com/apps/bl/) promises to make drunk photos out of the wrong
can prompt users for a password on data from private eyes. worthless to anyone planning to it found. Just send an email to the hands. A remote wipe feature can be
start-up, while some laptops have You’ll need a password or key re-sell it. If the thief manages to pry device and it’ll make an insane triggered from Lookout’s website to
options like fingerprint scanning or to gain access, so try to choose the decal off, it reveals a permanent racket, even if it’s in silent mode. But erase the phone’s internal memory,
voice recognition. something you won’t soon forget. tattoo that reads “Stolen Property” in the case of a real theft, the app will hiding your data from prying eyes.
BlackBerry users even have an Alternatively, some business and STOP’s company hotline. Not activate your GPS, and email you a Of course, technology can only
added layer of protection — most laptops like Lenovo Thinkpads bad for $25. map with its location. do so much. Lesser said the most
models will wipe the internal include a protection mechanism Not to be left out, Apple’s iPhone important way to protect your
memory clean if an incorrect called FED, or Full-Disk Encryption. Catch them in the act has a similar app. If you have a gear is to keep it close, and never
password is entered 10 times, perfect In this case, your computer’s entire MobileMe subscription ($99 per unattended. “To a thief, it’s like
for thwarting potential thieves. hard drive is encrypted — and your If your laptop has already been year at, leaving a thousand dollar bill out in
Touch-screen users beware, computer is the key. stolen, there’s likely little you can ‘Find My iPhone’ uses GPS to track the open. It only takes a few seconds
however — studies have shown that do. But if you want to stop future your mobile’s approximate location. to grab.”
it’s fairly trivial to deduce pattern- thieves in their tracks, Lesser has
based passwords via the smudges some suggestions.
your fingers leave behind on-screen. To a thief, it’s like LoJack ( is a
That may be too much work for leaving a $1000 out in theft recovery application that can
your average gadget thief, but more the open. It only takes track your computer’s location via
determined users might not be a few seconds to grab the Internet. The online service
fooled so easily. it. maintains regular contact with your
However, for laptops or larger — Brian Lesser, acting computer, and you can flag your
devices, there’s no better lock director Computing and device if it happens to get stolen.
than a physical one. Ken Woo, Communication Services A standard license will cost you
associate director of Computing $40 per year, but in return, you’ll
and Communications Services (CCS), get the IP address and approximate
recommends getting a cable-style If would-be thieves ever try to location of your missing Mac or PC.
lock that bolts your computer to a remove the drive, they’ll have little If you have a webcam, you can
desk or work area. luck accessing your precious files on spy on thieves using Prey (http://
A Kensington model will cost another PC. Using your
you around $40 at Staples, while laptop’s built-in camera, this free app
combination variants are slightly Personalized protection will snap photos at pre-set intervals,
more expensive — a small price to and discretely email you the results.
pay for peace of mind. More often than not, thieves are In the event your computer is
looking to sell your freshly swiped stolen, Prey will continue to run
Encrypt everything gear. But there are ways you can invisibly in the background, tracking
make potential sales much harder the thief’s activities, and send you a
Just as with the real world, the to seal. report as well.
best way to secure your data is to For example, Brian Lesser, CCS For students living in residence,
keep it hidden. Truecrypt (http:// acting director, recommends there’s no better way to catch a, a free, cross-platform permanently marking or engraving thief in the act — chances are, you’ll

@rian12hamilton @scaachi
C’mon prof....I love you, but you gotta “Midterm” is tending right now but
increase the interest...these theatre I’m a journalism major so I don’t
seats be maaaad comfy... #Ryerson even know what that word means.
#Ryerson #Eyeforatweet
Ryerson, your business building is @VeeDeLu
wack crazy. Dear Self-Serve Tim’s outside the
See something strange on campus? library, I hate you and your lazy ways.
Administration got you down? If you’re @smallmangos #eyeforatweet
on Twitter, use the #eyeforatweet Oh Ryerson Internet. You’re so
hashtag to share your frustration, or moody. Go screw yourself. @Shawnte
just make us laugh. If we like what we Sitting on a windowsill for a 3 hour
see, we may just print it! And follow @EdeNede_ class because there are not enough
@theeyeopener for all your Ryerson Sweat pants and Timberland boots seats. University money going to
news. is the official high fashion look of good use, obviously. #Ryerson
Wednesday, October 20, 2010 SPORTS The Eyeopener 13

Pre-season jitters

The women’s basketball team display their youth and inexperience in a pre-season
tournament Kai Benson and Sean Tepper report
Day 1: Rams 71 Paladins 52
The Rams kicked off the Darcel frame on a 7-0 run. With their offense RMC and did not look back, as they
Wright Memorial Classic Tournament firing on all cylinders and their ag- expanded their lead to 20 points
with a convincing 71-52 victory over gressive defense causing turnovers, during the third quarter.
the Royal Military College (RMC) the Rams were able to outscore the The Rams maintained their lead
Paladins. Paladins 18-5 and entered halftime for the rest of the game and defeat-
The Rams started off the game up by 11 points. ed the Paladins by 19 points, 71-52.
poorly, finding it difficult to stop Long-time head coach Sandy “For [the] first [game], I feel okay,”
RMC’s offense. They struggled at Pothier was presented with an award said interim head coach Charles Kissi.
Interim head coach Charles Kissi talks to his team during a much-need- both ends of the court, taking and a $5,000 bursary in her name “It was a good confidence builder.”
ed time-out during the game against Laval. PHOTO: LAUREN STRAPAGIEL several minutes to score their first during halftime. Aggressive defense was pivotal to
basket. “I’m very honoured and com- the Rams’ success, as their defense
Despite the initial setbacks, Ryer- pletely touched. It was just a total created 27 turnovers in the game

son only trailed the Paladins by two surprise,” Pothier said. “I really haven’t and allowed them to score easy fast
points at the end of the first quarter. had time to process, but obviously break points.
Down 18-16, the Rams entered this will be going into women’s bas- Ashley Macdonald was the game’s
the second quarter with newfound ketball.” top scorer with 21 points.
confidence as they opened up the The Rams took the lead from

Day 2: Laval 90 Rams 66

RAPTORS TICKETS The Rams got a taste of la belle
province last Saturday as they got
blown out by the Laval Rouge et
that could have cut into the lead.
Laval was able to convert defen-
sive rebounds into fast-break oppor-
Or 90-66 in their second game of tunities and expanded their lead by
the Darcel Wright Memorial Classic 12 by halftime.
The Toronto Raptors are pleased to offer Tournament. “We missed a lot of layups,” Kissi
Ryerson Students’ Union members a special The Rams were plagued by said. “We have to make layups, period.
discount promotion for the 2010-2011 season sloppy passing, dismal shooting and If we make half of those layups it’s a
avoidable turnovers early on, which different game.”
allowed the Rouge et Or to open the The third quarter saw the Rams

Attend the RSU NIGHT OUT
game on a 15-2 run. make a comeback largely on the
The size difference between the back of second-year forward Kelsey
players played a huge role as Laval Wright, who scored a game-high 22
for the following games: grabbed many offensive rebounds,
which led to a bunch of second-
points, including five three-pointers.
The wheels completely fell off in
chance points. the final frame as the Rams came
New York Knicks “[We] were a little intimidated by unglued defensively. Five of Laval’s
(home opener) the size of the other team,” coach
Kissi said. “We have to be aggressive
12 players reached double-digits in
the quarter as they went on to win
Wed, October 27 @ 7pm and attack.” the game.
• Discount tickets starting at $35! Hoping to put the pressure on La- “As a young team we are lacking
val, the Rams switched to a full court communication,” Wright said.
Miami Heat press at the start of the second quar-
ter. While it put Laval on their heels,
“We have a lot of growing to do,”
added Kissi. “I don’t care about wins
Wed, February 16 @ 7pm PHOTO: LAUREN STRAPAGIEL the Rams missed many easy layups or losses, just about getting better.”
• Receive tickets before the
general public Day 3: Calgary 84 Rams 54
Ryerson was blown out for the the Rams mounting a comeback.
second game in a row as the Calgary As the intensity picked up,
Watch your Dinos crushed the Rams in an 84-54 tensions flared between Ryerson’s
favorite Raptors: as six Calgary players hit double-
digits in scoring.
Kelsey Wright and Calgary’s Ashley
Derozen, Bargnani, The Rams fell behind early as After fighting for the ball, the pair
Barbosa, Jack and Kleiza Calgary’s superior ball movement were both assessed technical fouls
take on the NBA’s finest left them spinning in their own end. for shoving each other after the play.
The Dinos’ ability to attack the lane, The Dinos pulled away in the third
including Amare
combined with their deadly three- quarter and ended the game with a
Stoudemire, Lebron point shooting, made them a very 30 point lead.
James, Dwayne Wade & hard team to defend. At the end of the game, Rams’
Chris Bosh! While everything was working for guard Ashley MacDonald and the
the Dinos, the Rams were plagued by Dinos’ forward Ashley Hill won tour-
a lack of movement in the offensive nament all-star awards.
zone, which led to costly turnovers. “I don’t think it’s about any one
To book your tickets visit the In what was a low-scoring second person. We all have to work togeth-
Member Services Offices in the quarter, missed layups were promi- er,” MacDonald said.
Students Centre Lobby now! nent on both sides as neither team Interim head coach Charles Kissi
could find a way to score down low. said despite the loss, the team is
While the Dinos struggled more than moving in the right direction.
the Rams, Ryerson failed to cut Cal- “We don’t communicate well as a
gary’s lead and capitalize on several team yet. It’s about learning to trust,”
fast-break opportunities. The Rams he said.
*Premium Games (A) No discount. **Dynamic Price Zone – Ticket prices subject to change. Buy now to lock in price and seat trailed by 10 at halftime. “There’s only so much you can
location. Classifications subject to change at the discretion of Toronto Raptors. “Toronto Raptors” and associated word marks Calgary came out swinging in the simulate in practice.”
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14 The Eyeopener SPORTS Wednesday, October 20, 2010

When tragedy strikes a team
After 18 years behind the bench, Sandy Pothier has been sidelined by cancer. With a new coach and an inexperienced roster,
how will the women’s basketball team rebound without her? Stefanie Wright reports
Just outside the Kerr Hall Gym, tributes a lot of her success to her been teamed up with two or three
you can hear the familiar sounds of former coach. rookies so that they can work out to-
the women’s basketball team: the “Sandy put in a lot of hours with gether.
dribbling of balls, the squeaking me, which really helped, working on “I’ve been bringing them onto the
of shoes, and the echoes of the play- three-point shooting and decision court extra to strengthen them and
ers yelling ball, side and back. making,” she said. to make sure they understand the
But there’s one familiar sound that All that hard work paid off: Wright plays,” said Wright. “They ask a lot
is noticeably absent: the voice of is a newly appointed captain and is of questions.”
Sandy Pothier, their coach of the past coming off a great rookie season that
18 years. saw her average 20.9 minutes per
Midway through last season, Poth- game and was fifth on the team in It is important for us [this
ier left the team unexpectedly and scoring. She was also named to the year] to be aggressive in our
didn’t return to the bench. At the OUA East all-rookie team. passing and be in the right
time it was a mystery, but now the As for her impression of the new spot. Defense for us is key, we
details have come out: she has can- coach, Wright had glowing things to aren’t very big.
cer. say. Aside from his attention to physi- — Charles Kissi, interim
When she will return — if she ever cal fitness, she said his greatest skill head coach
does — is unclear. Now a team of is in refining the specific strengths of
mostly rookies must pull together each player. Annie Sokoloff is one of the rookie
under interim head coach Charles “Ashley Clarke [for example] is a forwards this year and is coming
Kissi in his first stint as a head coach. good point guard, and Charles will to realize that the players at this
Kissi worked under Pothier last turn her into the best point guard,” level are a lot stronger and intense.
season, so the returning players know she said. She is finding the veterans help-
his style. He’ll also have veteran assis- Still, it will be tough for the team ful, but also looks towards the oth-
tant coaches Georgia Risnita and Rob to improve upon last season, which er rookies in day-to-day life while
Wright to lean on. He doesn’t think was one of their best ever. The team adjusting to living on residence.
the transition should be too hard. finished second in the OUA Eastern “They are like family, all very
Conference with a 14–8 record. One supportive and we all help each
of the keys to their success was their other out,” she said.
Ashley Clarke is a good improved man-to-man defence.
point guard, and Charles will “I thought we took a big step in the By the numbers
turn her into the best point right direction [because] the girls all
— Kelsey Wright, second-
bought into the program,” said Kissi.
“It is important for us [this year] to be
Years Sandy Pothier
year forward and captain aggressive in our passing and be in coached the women’s
the right spot. Defense for us is key, basketball team
we aren’t very big.”
“Everyone who played under
Sandy misses her, but now we have
Because there are so many new
faces, Kissi is looking to his captains
Playoff appearances
seven rookies who know only me,” — Wright, third-year forward Angela
he said. Tilk and fourth-year point-guard 2 Sandy Pothier was honoured with a $5,000 bursary in her name during
Still, Pothier leaves her mark. Sec- Ashley MacDonald — to step up and Playoff games won
ond-year forward Kelsey Wright at- show leadership. Each of them has halftime of Friday night’s tilt against RMC. PHOTO: CHELSEA POTTAGE

Handing out money for all the wrong reasons
made racist comments to her play- allegations publicly with students,
ers on several different occasions. giving the whole situation an un-

BY ROB MOYSEY And while none of the allegations deniable odour. They’ve also gone
SPORTS EDITOR were ever proven, the fact that so out of their way to make Pothier all
many players had the same problem but unreachable.
with her makes for too much of a That’s a grossly unfair way to han-
coincidence. dle such a sensitive issue.
Editor’s note: In the 2006 frosh is- The supposed goal of Ryerson But putting the allegations aside,
sue of the Eyeopener, we reported that Sports and Rec is to raise the reputa- what about Sandy Pothier’s record
five women’s basketball players quit tion of its sports teams and enhance as a coach makes her a worthy can-
the team throughout August. All-star the ethnic diversity of its athletes. didate for a bursary? You’d think
forward and reigning Female Athlete But naming a $5,000 bursary after that a coach of 18 years would be
of the Year Amanda Redhead claimed an alleged racist certainly doesn’t able to muster more than two playoff
that during a player-coach meeting welcome ethnic diversity, nor does it wins during her tenure.
on July 26, 2006, head coach Sandy better the school’s reputation. “You can’t judge her based on her
Pothier said that because of Redhead’s It’s one thing to stand behind an playoff wins,” Joseph said. “Maybe
black heritage, she respects the sugges- employee, but it is quite another to she didn’t have the resources, I don’t
tions of male authority figures more sing her praises. know. I’m only looking at her years
than their female counterparts. Similar “I think that way of looking at it is since I’ve been here.”
allegations were made against Poth- very polarizing,” said athletics direc- That sounds like a lot of excuses for
ier in 2001 and 2003. In 2001, Ryerson tor Ivan Joseph.“Remember that they a supposedly spectacular coach. No
Athletics created a formal plan to settle were allegations. If you were in the matter the rationalization, the num-

Wednesdays the complaints.

This is incredibly difficult to say,
audience on Friday, you’d see many
different types of people — brown,
black, old, young, short, tall — that
bers don’t lie. That is not the kind of
mediocrity that should be honoured.
So why was Ryerson so eager to
Wednesdays, 5:30 - 6:30 p.m., MaRS Auditorium, 101 College St.
but somebody’s gotta say it: Sandy came to support Sandy. I think that bestow her with this bursary? Per-
A 30-week course about the nuts and bolts of Pothier didn’t deserve to have a speaks strongly as well.” haps they did it just to save face for
starting a business. Open to everyone. $5,000 bursary named after her. The mere fact she is associated keeping such a controversial figure
While it is downright terrible that with such a scandal creates a shroud employed for so long. Or perhaps
To register for this FREE course, visit she has been diagnosed with cancer, of negativity around her that Ryerson they feel sorry for someone who has
she should not be subject to special would do well to distance itself from. been struck by unavoidable tragedy.
treatment. Her record should speak Instead, the university blew the But no matter the reason, they are
for itself — and it isn’t saying many perfect opportunity to cut the cord simply handing out money for all the
positive things. once and for all. wrong reasons — and students have
Over the years, she has allegedly Ryerson hasn’t addressed the every right to be angry about that.
Wednesday, October 20, 2010 FUN(ERALS, NOT SO FUN) The Eyeopener 15


a. cavernous abyss
b. castration complex The Count is dead,
c. leech vagina bitches.This is
Elmo’s turf now.
FREAKIN ALLYSSIA’S Poems from my Bleeding <3
PUN OF THE WEEK: "I was with God and I was with the Devil.
They fought
A: PUMPKIN TT Camera light reflecting off his sunglasses.
The reporters - at the same time both wide-eyed IF YOU ENTER THIS
at the human interest WEEK’S
value and scowling at the lack of death -
commented: “CAPTION IT!”
The miner seemed surprisingly mentally healthy. INTO OUR RAFFLE
That might not have been
The most accurate reporting. ~L. Richardson DRAW

GRAFFITTI by Michael Winkler
LE TAG by Peter Wong

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16 The Eyeopener Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Ryerson RyePRIDE and the
Students' Union Women’s Centre
Presents the Present:

Pumpkin Carving
Dirty Bingo
& Pub Night
Thursday, October. 28 • 7pm
Student Centre - Ram In The Rye
Thursday, Oct 28 Come to the Ram in the Rye for an evening of

1-4pM • Student Centre spooktacular fun, games and sexxxy prizes.
Event will be hosted by the fabulous Olivya Chin.

Make sure you are dressed to impress in your
most ghoulish get-up as we will have prizes for
the best costume.

Don’t miss out on this night of
tricks and treats!

Prizes: To enter email:
1st place: $100 Gift Certificate Sean Carson, VP Student Life & Events at
to a restaurant of choice
Up to 4 members per team
2nd place: $75 Gift Certificate Pumpkins will be provided For more info email RyePRIDE at
to a restaurant of choice or the Women’s Centre at
3rd place: $50 Gift Certificate The Women’s Centre and RyePRIDE are two of five Equity Service Groups of the Ryerson Students' Union
to a restaurant of choice which include, RyeACCESS, Students Against Racism and the Community Food Room

Get the whol
enchilada e
without spen
all your cabb ding
Add social ne
tworking for $

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