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Arts/Science Focus/Objectives/Vocabulary

Kindergarten - 1st Quarter 2018-2019

Visual Art Dance Drama
Focus/Objectives: Focus/Objectives: Focus/Objectives:
Identify materials and tools. K.CP.2.1: Body and voice control
K.DM.1.1: Whole body movement
Create original art that expresses & isolation of body parts K.C.1
ideas about oneself K.DM.1.2: Discriminate between Use movement and voice to
moving and stillness communicate ideas and
K.DM.1.3: Basic locomotor and feelings.
Vocabulary: non-locomotor movements
Line, shape, color, texture K.C. 2
*BrainDance nursery rhymes Use performance to
communicate ideas and
Vocabulary: freeze, control, body feelings.
part names, locomotor moves
(walk, gallop, skip, hop, jump, leap,
run, slide), non-locomotor moves Vocabulary: Imagination; pretend;
(swing, bend, wiggle, shake, personal space; character; acting
stretch, etc.)

Music Science P.E

Focus/Objectives: Imitate two Focus/Objectives: Properties
pitch patterns, Recognize how (color, size, shape, texture), Focus/Objectives: Locomotor
music changes (high/low, fast describing using the 5 senses, skills: hop, jump, run, walk, gallop,
/slow, soft/loud) Create patterns sorting objects learn how to skip, slide. Learn how
that illustrate a steady beat, moving to work in pairs and in self-space
to respond to a variety of music. using equipment
Vocabulary: properties, size, color, appropriately.PE:K.MS.1.1,1.3,1.2,
shape, texture, rough, smooth, Drop,catch ball skills..self and
Vocabulary: steady beat, high/low, smell, see, hear, feel, taste, sorting partner.P.E.K.MS.2.1,using
fast tempo, slow tempo, same and equipment ..
different sections of music Vocabulary: personal space,
“freeze”, sorting, patterns, A,B,C,
combination of two patterns using
objects and games, balloons, bean
bags, poly spots .dribble,exercise
for 30 minutes,heart
rate,fitness,fitness goal.

Technology Media
Focus/Objectives: Identify Focus/Objectives:
Examples of responsible use and
care of technology hardware and Using the library
software Care of books
How to select “good fit” books
Vocabulary: Monitor, CPU,
Mouse, Keyboard, Headphones,
Responsibility, ipad, apps, power Vocabulary: