Dark Modern Fantasy Roleplaying Game By Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

Author: Joshua Kubli Author Email: jkubli@imperfekt-industrees.com Dedication: To Daniel Kubli and Ryan Isbell. S ecial Than!": Kevin- ynn Kubli! Keith "chneider! Joseph #iatt. #e$"ite: http$%%&&&.imperfekt-industrees.com Licen"e: 'll te(t in this &ork is licensed under the )reative )ommons 'ttribution"hare'like *.+ ,nported icense. To vie& a copy of this license! visit http$%%creativecommons.or-%licenses%by-sa%*.+% or send a letter to )reative )ommons! ./. "econd "treet! "uite *++! "an 0rancisco! )alifornia! 12.+3! ,"'. %o&er and "ome Interior Art'or!: Jason Rainville! http$%%&&&.rainvilleillustration.com%. Additional Art'or!: 's indicated in each entry.

DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

!able of "ontents
,narmed )ombat..............................98 %ha ter I: Introduction...................5 %ha ter (II: *ard"hi ".................43 Dama-e...............................................101 4hat Is This 5ame 'bout6...............6 :ortal <ardships...............................43 Inanimate 7bjects.............................102 7ne 0inal 4arnin-..............................7 ,nnatural <ardships.........................49 "ocial "trife.......................................103 4hat Do I 8eed6.................................7 %ha ter II+: A""et"........................51 7ther 'ctions....................................103 Inspirations............................................8 Initiative...............................................51 'fflictions..........................................105 'bout the )osmolo-y 9n-ine...........8 #hysical Resources.............................51 ;leedin- 7ut.....................................108 'ction Rolls..........................................8 :ental Resources...............................52 5oin- ;u-fuck..................................110 'utomatic "uccess and 0ailure.........9 #hysical Defenses..............................55 )ombat 9(ample...............................111 "uccess 0actor and 0ailure 0actor. .10 :ental Defense..................................55 7pposed Rolls....................................10 %ha ter +II: The Pleroma.............115 Triumphs and :ishaps......................10 %ha ter I+: Dar! Po'er"..............56 Realm )haracteristics......................115 "pecial 'bility Descriptors..............56 The @ale of the Do&ntrodden........117 %ha ter II: %haracter %reation.......11 "pecial 'bilities.................................58 The 'stral #lane...............................130 )haracter )reation #rocedure..........12 #o&er :odifications.........................77 The )ity of "pirits.............................131 )haracter )reation 9(ample............14 Innate #o&ers.....................................80 The 5lades of :irth.........................134 %ha ter I(: %haracter T) e" and 0ormulae.............................................80 The Industrial 8e(us.......................136 Faction".......................................17 :ystical Techni=ues..........................82 The :ansions of )onundrums.......138 )hildren of i-ht................................18 The Ruined #alace of i-ht...........140 %ha ter +: Po""e""ion" ..................86 5huls.....................................................21 The 4astelands of "ufferin-.........142 Tools of Death >4eapons?...............86 :ystics................................................24 The Alem...........................................145 "toppin- the #ain >'rmor?...............93 :akin- a :onster............................148 %ha ter (: Attri$ute"....................30 Dyin- &ith the :ost "tuff >Trifles? #hysical 'ttributes.............................30 ..............................................................94 %ha ter +III: Game Ma"terin-.....150 :ental 'ttributes................................31 "ettin- the "ta-e...............................150 %ha ter +I: Stri,e.........................96 Dealin- &ith #roblems....................153 %ha ter (I: Talent".......................32 4hen and 4here...............................96 9nli-htenment...................................155 ;asic Talents.......................................32 "tartin- "hit........................................96 'dvanced Talents...............................35 )ombat 'ctions.................................97 A endi.: Dir-e Glo""ar).............158 'ttack :odifiers................................98

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DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

"hapter I$ Introdu%tion
“You want to know about magic? Alright, fine. I'll tell you everything about magic that any beginner could ever need to know, right now. Ready? “Fir t off … you know, in retro !ect, it' alway obviou that you're dreaming, i n't it? "ut at the time, there' #u t thi nebulou , ha$y %uality to your en ation . You don't ee the har! edge and detail , you can't make out the cracked !aint or the cratche on the gla , but in tead, you gra ! the … the meaning of everything you ee, with #u t a glance, you know? “I wa downtown, and it had #u t rained, and everything wa glo y with reflected neon, and ilent a a cared child. I wa looking for omething … what wa it? I had thi feeling of growing de !eration. It wa n't my !ur e, it wa n't &odd, I don't know what it wa . I could feel my breath getting tighter, my mu cle more ten e. 'oon I wa running. I didn't care( )othing mattered anymore( 'chool, friend , grade , nothing … “And that wa when I aw her. And, like, I don't want to ound, like, gay or anything, but I think I fell a little bit in love with her, in that moment. “'he wa hovering in midair, in the middle of the treet, glowing brighter than all the neon. )o, it wa like, the light wa flowing into her. And her hair wa long and golden * not blonde, golden, like real gold * and her feet were bare, and her hand were out and o!en. A ge ture of !eace. 'he wore thi beautiful robe. It wa like regaining my breath, and then lo ing it again, all at once. “I could tell he wa filled with !ower. +ike he knew everything. 'he had no worrie , becau e he'd een the !a t and future, and wa full of love for everyone and everything. “And then he lifted her head … and it wa me. “It wa the mo t ama$ing moment of my life. “And then I woke u!. “I cried, becau e it wa o beautiful. And when I le!t again and woke, I cried again, becau e the dream didn't come back. It ha n't come back ince. “"ut I have a feeling that every night in my dream , I'm earching, de !erately earching, trying to find her again. &rying to find my elf. I haven't found her again, yet, but I will never give u!. )ever. “,kay, o, then, walk off. -hat, you thought I wa going to teach you ome 'magic word ' or ome bull hit? Read your !alm, maybe let you talk to your dead grand!a or omething? You don't under tand. "ut then, I didn't really e.!ect you to./ * )atalie A ter, 0y tic of the 1ult of 'trange 2i ion , tran cri!t of conver ation recorded by ,rdo 1u tode )octi agent.

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DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

'hat Is !his Game (bout)
Dirge is Mysterious
The &orld is more beautiful and more stran-e than most of us realiBe! more than most of us care to realiBe. 4e &ant thin-s to be nice and safe! clear and settled! &ith boundary lines. 4e &ant to kno& ho& thin-s are -oin- to be! and kno& that &e donCt have to feel too deeply. ;ut the #layer )haracters find themselves on the ed-e of the pier! lookin- deep into the ocean! and they canCt see the bottom. Thin-s happen sometimes &ithout a readily-apparent! lo-ical e(planation. There probably is one! someho&! but the Realms are so many and so vast! their interactions so dynamic and their mechanics so variable! that each ,nnatural must approach each shado& like a &ary traveler! ready for anythin-.

Dirge is E*istential
"ome dark fantasy settin-s assume that someone or somethin- is in char-e! that thereCs a deeper meaninor purpose to &hatCs -oin- on. That someho&! )osmic Justice &ill prevail and itCll all &ork out in the end. In the @ale of the Do&ntrodden! thatCs a load of crap. If there is a #lan! not even <eavenCs outcasts &ere privy. If there is karma! as the profoundest mystics claim! they can only present faith for evidence. If the evil are punished and the -ood triumph! you &ouldnCt kno& it to look at the &orld. If Thin-s are -oin- to be 'll Ri-ht! itCs up the #layer )haracters to make it so themselves.

Image courtesy Public-domain-clipart.blogspot.com.

The Dir-e R#5 is a roleplayin- -ame about supernatural freaks &ith livin- in the shado&s of a dark! &eird &orld! that borders on darker! &eirder &orlds. These dark heroes and creatures of myth -rud-in-ly band to-ether out for mutual safety! and must fi-ht a-ainst blind fear! mind-numbin- horrors! and the soul-crushin- po&ers-that-be. They &ill venture beyond our &orld! into stran-e &orlds of dream and ni-htmare. 5ainin- po&er and enli-htenment in the far reaches of other planes! encounterin- the &ondrous and oddly familiar! they can return to their o&n &orld! and perhaps! one day! fi-ht an other&ise hopeless battle a-ainst the ancient conspiracies that have held the reins for centuries …

Dirge is +nderground
The authorities -ave in to the darkness lon- a-o. They sold out! and no& the people of the &orld have nothin- to sho& for their lives. They &ork and slave for a buck or t&o and a pat on their head; they buy name brands! and &hen they die they -et a nice funeral &ith all the trimmin-s. ;ut &ho &ants that6 The #layer )haracters are dirty and desperate. TheyCre on the ed-e. "ome of them &ere never human! and have al&ays skulked at the frin-ed of society.

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DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

:any of them &ere drifters! homeless! unemployed! the disenfranchised! even before their supernatural natures kicked in. Re-ardless! the Dir-e R#5 isnCt about happy! comfortable! &ell-off people dabblin- in mystical matters &hen it suits them. ItCs about lunatics addicted to ma-ic! about outcast clans that crave human flesh! about <eavenCs refu-ees livin- in dumpsters after losin- the ;i- 4ar. ItCs about a stru--le to survive.

Dirge is Dark
This -ame is about violence. 0acin- monsters. ;ein- monsters. ItCs about tear-stained faces in the sodium li-hts of a D '.:. parkin- lot! about sudden! -ruesome death! and about seein- thin-s that cannot! should not! must not be! and then livin- &ith those a&esome! terrifyin- si-hts for the rest of oneCs life.

-ne Final 'arning
The Dir-e R#5 has a some&hat darkly ironic tone! but it involves some serious subjects. )haracters must -rapple &ith deep and comple( moral and ethical issues! and &ill sometimes -et ripped to shreds! -o insane! or travel to dark and disturbin- &orlds. 9ven more dark and disturbin- than this one. The -ame has se(ual themes! metaphysical themes! and many very nau-hty &ords. 0or this reason! the author su--ests that this roleplayin- -ame is not appropriate for children. I havenCt -one out of my &ay to be -rossly shockin- just for effect! but the tone is &orld of the Dir-e R#5 is not -ood clean family fun. If the stuff here bothers you! itCs probably best that you put it do&n! and -o find somethin- else nice and safe to do.

'hat Do I .eed)
AouCll need this book! some friends! some paper! pencils! and at least three E-sided dice. If you have a computer! you can do &ithout the pencils and paper; there are even special pro-rams you can find out there that &ill -enerate random numbers for you! doin- a&ay &ith the need for dice. If youCre very bad at math! it mi-ht be a -ood idea to -rab a cheap pocket calculator! but it isnCt really necessary. 4hen you need to roll dice! the rules &ill say to roll CFdEC! &here F is some number! -enerally from . to .+. That means roll the si(-sided dice and add them to-ether to find the total. "ometimes in the rules you &ill need to make note of &hat numbers each die rolled! as &ell. 0rom time to time in these rules! you may run across mentions of C.dDC and C.d*C as &ell. 0or .dD! roll a E-sided die; if the die rolls a .! D! or *! pretend it rolled a .; if it rolls a 2! 3! or E! pretend it rolled a D. "imilarly! for .d*! roll a die and divide the result by D. Aou may be rollin- .dD or .d* &ith .dEs! so it may be a -ood idea to keep a couple of different-colored dice for the dDs and d*s.

Image courtesy Bigfoto.com.

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DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

/oo!": N &he 3reat and 'ecret 'how and Ima#ica by )live ;arker. In fact! anythin- by )live ;arker. N The Illuminatu ( &rilogy by R.'. 4ilson and Robert "hea. N The &ritin-s of <.#. ovecraft! especially &he 4ream 5ue t of 6nknown 7adath. N Alice in -onderland and &he 8unting of the 'nark by e&is )arroll. Mo&ie": N 'nythin- by )live ;arker. N +et the Right ,ne In 9:;;<=. N 0irror 0a k 9:;;>=. N )ight -atch 9:;;?= and 4ay -atch 9:;;@=. N &he Aro!hecy 9BCC>=. Gra hic No&el": N 'nythin- by 8eil 5aiman.

(bout the "osmology Engine
The basic rules of the Dir-e R#5 system arenCt comple(! but itCs important to -et the basics do&n before you -o &anderin- off into the TenebrG. <ere are a fe& simple rules. >.?. 4hen dividin-! al&ays round to the nearest &hole number. >D?. 'ny time you &ould have multiple dice under .dE in a roll! combine any D of them to make one .dE. "o! instead of rollin- Dd*! or .d*H.dD! or DdD! you &ould combine them into .dE instead. ' roll of *dD &ould become .dEH.dD. 8o roll should ever have more than one fractional die! and you can just use a different-colored die to note this one. >*?. 4hen performin- mathematical calculations! remember your order of operations. 0irst anythin- in parentheses! then multiplication and division! then addition and subtraction. >2?. 8othin- is free! but some thin-s are inconse=uential. 8ote &hat youCve -ot and &hat you can do on the )haracter sheet if itCll be important later. >3?. 4hen in doubt as to ho& the rules are supposed to &ork! ask the 5ame :aster. "imple! ri-ht6 The Invulnerable Tabletop "uper <ero R#5 uses a modified version of the same system. 8o& youCre ready to find out &hat to do &ith those dice.

(%tion Rolls
0or most actions! roll *dE H 'ttribute evel H ;asic Talent evel H 'dvanced Talent evel H appropriate :odifiers. If the total e(ceeds a Difficulty 0actor set by the 5ame :aster! then the 'ction succeeds. 7ther&ise! it fails. This is usually &ritten$ 'ttribute H ;asic Talent H 'dvanced Talent vs. D0. 8ote that the *dE part is -enerally left off. )haracters can usually attempt a roll if they donCt have any evels in the listed ;asic or 'dvanced Talent! but thatCs up to the 5ame :aster to decide.

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DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

,nless the 5ame :aster says other&ise! only apply the three lar-est :odifiers to any 'ction. ThereCs no need to -o into endless minutiae for every 'ction. Ran-e and Reach :odifiers! and :odifiers from 4eapon or "pecial 'bility 0eatures! ho&ever! al&ays apply.

Recall *i"torical Detail": I8" H 9ducation H appropriate 9(pert Talent vs. D0 set by the 5ame :aster based on the obscurity of the event. Re"i"t Poi"on: T5< H 9ndurance vs. D0 set by 5ame :aster based on the poisonCs to(icity. Seduction: #9R H Trickery H 'ttractive vs. tar-etCs :D90. Diffi%ulty Fa%tor
Mythical Legendary Nearly Impossible Impressive Extremely Difficult !ery Difficult Difficult #verage Easy !ery Easy Extremely Easy #utomatic

E*ample (%tion Rolls
%lo"e Attac!" 0Kni&e"1 clu$"1 unche"1 !ic!"2: '5I H )lose )ombat vs. tar-etCs )D90. Detect %lue" in the Surroundin-": I8" H 8otice vs. D0 set by 5ame :aster based on the clueCs obviousness. Pic! Loc!": '5I H Repair H ;reak I 9nter! or '5I H Trickery H ;reak I 9nter! vs. D0 set by 5ame :aster based on the lockCs =uality. Ran-ed Attac!" 0Gun"1 cro""$o'"1 thro'n 'ea on"2: '5I H Ran-ed )ombat vs. tar-etCs RD90.

DF .umber
55 50 45 40 5 0 "5 "0 $5 $0 5 0

(utomati% 1u%%ess and Failure
If there arenCt any real conse=uences to failure! and plenty of time for the )haracters to stack the odds in their favor! thereCs no real reason to make die rolls! unless youCre just bored. In such cases! the 5ame :aster should just declare the roll a success and move on. In addition! if the chances for success are e(tremely remote! and a die roll &ould just slo& the -ame do&n! the 5ame :aster is allo&ed to just tell the #layer that the roll fails! and move on &ith the story. That said! any roll of an .J on the dice for a roll that ha a chance for ucce automatically succeeds! and any roll of * on the dice for a roll that ha any chance for failure &ill al&ays fail. 8o one is immune to victory or defeat! not even the po&erful ,nnaturals of the Dir-e R#5

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DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

1u%%ess Fa%tor and Failure Fa%tor
Failure Fa%tor
)ompare your roll to the D0 you &ere tryin- to achieve. 0or every 3 points that your roll fell short! you -ot . 0ailure 0actor >00?. Is that the best you can do6 Afft.

1u%%ess Fa%tor
7n the other hand! if you compare your roll to the D0 and you succeeded by 3 or more! you attain . "uccess 0actor for each 3 points that you succeeded by. Aou are! in fact! the man.

-pposed Rolls
"ometimes! instead of rollin- a-ainst a static D0! t&o rolls are compared to one another. 'fter the die rolls are totaled up! the lo&er total is treated as the D0 of the roll for the purposes of calculatin- "0 for the &inner! and the hi-her roll is treated as the D0 for the purposes of calculatin- the 00 for the loser. ' -ood e(ample is &hen one )haracter rolls I8" H 8otice to &atch over an area! and another )haracter rolls '5I H "neak to sneak past.

!riumphs and Mishaps
' failed roll &ith a total of *! 2! or 3 on the dice is a :ishap. ' :ishap means that somethin- really bad happened! like droppin- your &eapon! or even injurinyourself &ith an attack. "imilarly! for each -. to your :) for a roll! one fe&er number counts as a :ishap. 0or e(ample! a )haracter &ith :) -D &ould only fail hard on a *. 8o matter your :) modification! thou-h! you &ill al&ays score a :ishap on a roll of a *.

' successful roll &ith a total of .E! ./! or .J on the dice is a Triumph. Triumphs mean that you did surprisin-ly &ell! like hittin- the enemy in the eye.

!riumph "han%e 3!"4
7kay. In case it isnCt obvious! for each H. to your Triumph )hance >T)? for a roll! an additional number counts as a Triumph. 0or e(ample! a )haracter &ith T) HD &ould do e(tra-a&esome on a roll of .2! .3! .E! ./! or .J. "o. for each -. to your T) for a roll! one fe&er number counts as a Triumph. "ee a pattern6 ' )haracter &ith T) -D &ould only do really really &ell on an .J. 8o matter your T) modification! thou-h! you &ill al&ays score a Triumph on a roll of an .J. 't least youCve -ot that -oin- for you.

Mishap "han%e 3M"4
0or each H. to your :ishap )hance >:)? for a roll! an additional number counts as a :ishap. 0or e(ample! a )haracter &ith :) HD &ould fail hard on a *! 2! 3! E! or /.

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DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

"hapter II$ "hara%ter "reation
“I do !retty good, mo t night , until the hunger !ang kick in. “I couldn't tand the a hole that led the 3athering, o I left. 3ood riddance. )ow, I have my own !lace. ,kay, it' not much of a !lace; it' a dum! ter, behind a video tore that clo ed u! age ago. Dunkie go there to hoot u!, and the bum go there to fuck, but no one bother me; they've learned not to. 'o it' %uiet, and I got what I need. 0o t of the time. “I like to watch !eo!le, mo t of the time. 6ntil the hunger !ang kick in. I ee ome guy walking, without a care in the world; he' dre ed nice; got a new girlfriend, that one. -e hould all be that ha!!y. I ee ome kid walking home ad, cared ; he' got a bad re!ort card, going to lo e hi video game for a month, !robably can't imagine ever being adder than he i right now. 'ee the girl there? I'll tell you what' going on in her head. 'ee how he look mug, relieved? 'ay you think he' got a new #ob or omething? )ah, he' finally decided how he' going to kill her elf. 8er be t friend did it a month ago, now he' going to. 3onna do it, too. )ot fakin' it, thi one. “You can learn a lot about !eo!le, watchin.' “'&il the hunger !ang kick in. “I tart walking behind the guy talking on the cell !hone. 8e' arguing with omeone. 8i elderly mom, maybe? I can't hear the word , and hi thought are all #umbled, like he' trying to be three !lace at once. 8e get to hi car, fumble with hi key , dro! 'em, cur e . A!ologi$e on the !hone. 'igh dee!. I teal u! behind, and tug on hi leeve. Aut on the ' cared and hungry kid' act. '1an I get ome money for ome food, mi ter? Du t a dollar maybe, !lea e?' I'm real good at thi act. 8e look around, !robably looking for the !arent I don't have. 8e ki! a beat, can't think. I already looked around ; there' no one. I run forward, knock him into the car. flurry of movement like bird in a cage !ull the !hone away give me that 1+A- A& 8I' EYE' cream and cream oh my god what are you doing ),- tear at the throat ri!!ing gu hing 4E+I1I,6' crunching wind!i!e licking chewing licking “4oubleFcheck out ide, !ull the leg in, hut the door. 1hew in ilence. 0ake ure the cell !hone i turned off. In a few minute , it' fully dark ; I ri! off a few chunk , wra! them meticulou ly in new !a!er, and drag them back to the dum! ter. I drag hi * er, the, body a few block away and heave it over a fence; the dog there will fini h it off. It' a hame, to wa te all that good meat, but I won't be able to fini h it all off before it goe bad. “Yeah. 'hame. 8e wa !robably a nice guy. I'm a nice guy, too. 0o t of the time. “'&il the hunger !ang kick in./ * “+a$y Dack,/ 3hGl of the ,utca t &ribe, in recorded te timony to the ,rdo 1u tode )octi .

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DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

0ollo& the steps listed belo& to create a )haracter for the Dir-e R#5. >.?. Read over the rules and form a concept for your )haracter. )heck &ith the 5ame :aster to see if there are any re=uirements for the campai-n &hen formulatin- the )haracter concept. The follo&in=uestions &ill help you refine your )haracter concept! as &ell. %haracter %once t 3ue"tionnaire: N &y!e and FactionH Is the )haracter a :ystic! a 5hKl! a )hild of i-ht! or somethin- else6 4hat 0action do they belon- to6 N )ameH 4hat name does the )haracter -o by6 Do they have a nickname6 N 3enderH If the )haracter is a :ystic or 5hKl! are they male or female6 If the )haracter is a )hild of i-ht! do they identify as male or female! or is -ender still confusin- to them6 N AgeH If the )haracter is a :ystic or 5hKl! ho& old are they6 If the )haracter is a )hild of i-ht! ho& lon- has it been since they 0ell6 N Aer onality and 3oal H <o& does the )haracter act6 4hat do they do for fun6 4hat do they plan to accomplish6 N ,b tacle H 4hat does the )haracter need to learn6 4hat challen-es do they face in their ,nnatural life6 4hat responsibilities is the )haracter char-ed &ith6 N A!!earanceH 4hat does the )haracter look like6 Is there a photo! paintin-! or other ima-e that captures the )haracterCs looks6 N 1entral 1ontradictionH 4hat is parado(ical or une(pected about the )haracter and their concept6 The most interestin- )haracters have some tension at the core of their concept! somethin- that provides the potential for drama! somethin- central to the human e(perience.

"hara%ter "hara%ter "reation "reation Pitfalls Pitfalls
Character Character creation creation for for Dirge Dirge is is fast fast and and simp simpe! e! "#t "#t for for this this reason! reason! $tep $tep 11 is is far far and and a%a& a%a& the the most most important' important' (f (f &o# &o# don)t don)t ha*e ha*e aa good good Character Character concept! concept! the the Character Character %i %i "e "e "oring "oring and and ame. ame. +here +here are are ots ots of of Character Character concepts concepts that that fit fit in in perfect perfect& & %ith %ith the the themes themes and andtone toneof ofthe theDirge Dirge,-.. ,-..+here +hereare are ots otsmore more that that s#c/! s#c/! "ig "ig time. time. 0ere 0ere are are aa fe% fe% traps traps to to a*oid a*oid%hen %henthin/ing thin/ing#p #paaCharacter. Character. +he +he 1ngst2o23atic4 1ngst2o23atic4 +his +his g#& g#& or or ga ga is is aa scre%ed #p inside! and spends ots and ots scre%ed #p inside! and spends ots and ots of of time time acting acting o#t o#t their their inner inner drama. drama. 1nd 1nd aa itt ittee angst angstis iso/a&! o/a&!"#t "#tthis thisg#& g#&has hasmore moreiss#es iss#esthan than +ime maga5ine. 6efore too ong! no +ime maga5ine. 6efore too ong! no one one cares cares a"o#t a"o#t the the Character)s Character)s pro" pro"ems! ems! and and aa the the %ai ing and moaning ro"s others %ai ing and moaning ro"s others of of their their spot spotight ight time. time. 1 1 re reated ated pro" pro"em em Character Character is is the .imp! the Character that)s #tter & the .imp! the Character that)s #tter &incapa" incapa"ee in in com"at! com"at! or or in*estigation! in*estigation! or or doing doing an&thing! an&thing! rea &. rea &. 3ar& 3ar& $#e $#e 77 .ar& .ar& $t#4 $t#4 $accharine! $accharine! ridic# o#s 8perfection.9 +his is ridic# o#s 8perfection.9 +his is the the Character Character that that e*er& e*er& :-C :-C is is s#pposed s#pposed to to o*e! o*e! that)s that)s aa tota & #ni;#e and specia itt e sno%f tota & #ni;#e and specia itt e sno%fa/e! a/e! that)s that)s good good at at e*er&thing! e*er&thing! and and %ho)s %ho)s aa%a&s %a&s at at their their "est. "est. +his +his is is the the most most anno&ing anno&ing and and "oring "oringt&pe t&peof ofCharacter Characterpossi" possi"e. e. +he +he ,ipoff4 ,ipoff4 (t)s (t)s one one thing thing to to "e "e inspired inspired "& "& the the atest atestno*e no*e! ! mo*ie! mo*ie! +< +< series! series!or or comic! comic! and and ma/e ma/e aa Character Character that)s that)s an an homage. homage. (t)s (t)s another another thing thing to to ma/e ma/e an an o"*io#s o"*io#s /noc/off! /noc/off! aa na#seating na#seating& &e=act e=actcop&. cop&.

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DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

"hara%ter "hara%ter "reation "reation Pitfalls Pitfalls 3%ont:4 3%ont:4
+he +he +rench2coat +rench2coat >atana >atana .#&7.a .#&7.a4 4 $ome%here "et%een the 3ar& $#e and $ome%here "et%een the 3ar& $#e and the the ,ipoff ,ipoff ies ies the the specia specia danger danger of of horror horror games! games! the the s#per2coo s#per2coo g#& g#& %ith %ith no no *isi" *isi"ee persona personait&! it&! a#gha" e goa s! and a s#per2m&sterio#s a#gha" e goa s! and a s#per2m&sterio#s "ac/gro#nd "ac/gro#nd ?read ?read 8no 8no "ac/gro#nd9@. "ac/gro#nd9@. +he& +he& tramp aro#nd posing dramatica tramp aro#nd posing dramatica & & and and oo/ing oo/ing se sef2important f2important and and sco% sco%ing ing intense intense&. &. +hese +hese g#&s a so tend to often %ander off on g#&s a so tend to often %ander off on their their o%n! o%n! creating creating additiona additiona headaches headaches for for the the other other-a&ers a&ersand andthe the.3. .3. Don)t Don)t create create one one of of these these 8Characters.9 8Characters.9 Craft Craftaam# m#tifaceted tifaceted persona personait&! it&! comp compete ete%ith %ith ;#ir/s! ;#ir/s! strengths! strengths! %ea/nesses! %ea/nesses! aa p pa#si" a#si"ee ife ife histor&! histor&! and and aa mi=t#re mi=t#re of of the the a*erage a*erage and and pathetic pathetic as as %e %e as as the the remar/a" remar/a"ee and and s#pernat#ra s#pernat#ra. .

evels in <ardships! and each one -rants D ;uild #oints; the additional .+ ;uild #oints may be used to purchase 'ttribute evels! Talents! or Dark #o&ers. (bility
#ttributes 'asic (alents #dvanced (alents Mortal )ardship *nnatural )ardship Dar+ ,o-ers

"ost8Bonus "olumn
%ost& %heap %ost& !ery %heap %ost& Extremely %heap 'onus& !ery %heap 'onus& #verage %olumn %ost& !aries

>D?. Record the )haracterCs Type and 0action! and all 'ttribute and Talent ;onuses! and 'utomatic 'dvanta-es and Disadvanta-es! on the )haracter sheet. >*?. 'll 'ttributes start at evel *. Divide an additional .3 evels >or 23 ;uild #oints? bet&een the 'ttributes. evel 1 costs double! and evel .+ costs =uadruple. >2?. Divide *+ evels >or *+ ;uild #oints? bet&een ;asic and 'dvanced Talents. ;asic Talents cost double. 'dvanced Talents have certain #rere=uisites that must be met. 's &ith 'ttributes! evel 1 costs double >=uadruple for ;asic Talents?! and evel .+ costs =uadruple >ei-ht times the normal cost for ;asic Talents?. >3?. )alculate the )haracterCs 'ssets. This includes I8IT! < T! I0! @I5! "#I! )D90! RD90! and :D90. >E?. )hoose a minimum of * evels in <ardships! for &hich the )haracter -ets no e(tra ;uild #oints. )haracters may choose up to 3 more

Additional Note" on Gainin- Po'er: N 'fter )haracter )reation! )haracters must obtain "pecial Re&ards to raise their Dark #o&ers. ‣ Innate Aower H )haracters may only purchase the 7ptional Innate #o&ers listed for their ,nnatural Type! or! after creation! any allo&ed by their "pecial Re&ards. )ost is as listed for the Dark #o&er. ‣ FormulIH )haracters may only purchase the 0ormulG listed for their 0ocuses for the Dark 'rt Talent! or! after creation! any allo&ed by their "pecial Re&ards. )haracters -et . 0ormula for free per evel of Dark 'rt at )haracter )reation; additional 0ormulG may be purchased at )haracter )reation for . ;# each. >/?. :ystics select . 0ormula per Dark 'rt 0ocus! as listed on the 9lemental 0ormulG Table in )hapter IF. >J?. )haracters &ith .H evels in )lose )ombat or Ran-ed )ombat may select one appropriate &eapon. )haracters may also select 3 Trifles! or trade D Trifle selections for one piece of 'rmor. >1?. 0ill out the e(tra details on the )haracter "heet! and sho& the )haracter to the 5ame :aster. :ake any corrections the 5ame :aster re=uires! and then -et ready to playL

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DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

(bility ;e<el
Level $ Level " Level Level 4 Level 5 Level . Level / Level 0 Level 1 Level $0 )igher Levels

E*tremely "heap
$ "

=ery "heap
" 4 .



5 $0 $5 "0 "5 0 5 40 50 /0 2"0 each

=ery E*pensi<e
. $" $0 "4 0 . 4" 40 .0 04 2"4 each

E*tremely E*pensi<e
/ $4 "$ "0 5 4" 41 5. /0 10 2"0 each

. 1 $" $5 $0 "$ "4 0 4" 2$" each

0 $" $. "0 "4 "0 " 40 5. 2$. each

4 5 . / 0 $0 $4 24 each

0 $0 $" $4 $. "0 "0 20 each

(bility Build Point "ost !able

"hara%ter "reation E*ample
Tom decides heCs -oin- to create a )haracter for the Dir-e R#5. 'fter readin- throu-h the settin-! he decides heCs -oin- to play a :ystic! and his )haracter concept is that heCs a colle-e student! an art major! &hoCs -ained a partial 9nli-htenment because heCs seein- mystical secrets coded in the &orldCs -reat art pieces that heCs studyin-. <is mystical e(periences assist him as a painter! but as his sanity erodes! his art &ill -radually become stran-er and more other&orldly! &hich could dra& un&anted attention to him in time. The )haracter &ill be named 8oah ;ell! and he comes from a lo&er-middle-class family in )alifornia. 'fter lookin- over the 0actions! Tom decides that 8oah &ould be most likely to join the #ymandri. 8oah is kind of =uiet and studious! aside from his creative impulses! and the cerebral nature of the Kni-hts of #ymander &ould appeal to him. 7f course! the hermetic! arcane teachin-s of the #ymandri &ill enable him to see the symbols hidden in the paintin-s all the better! but may not prepare him for the mind-bendintruths those paintin-s contain. Tom records all of 8oahCs Type and 0action 'dvanta-es and Disadvanta-es! and thinks about 8oahCs 'ttributes. <e assi-ns 8oah the follo&in'ttributes$ "TR$ 3. 8oahCs not that stron-! just avera-e; he does a base .dEH.d* dama-e &ith hand-to-hand attacks. '5I$ E. 8oahCs -ot pretty -ood hand-eye coordination! as thatCs needed for paintin- and sculpture. T5<$ 3. 8oah isnCt terribly healthy; just normal! as heCs an indoorsy art-nerd. I8"$ /; this includes the HD bonus from the Kni-hts of #ymander 0action. 8oahCs pretty smart and perceptive; he -ot a scholarship to -o to colle-e! and has a -ood eye for form! te(ture! and color. #9R$ 3. 8oahCs kind of shy! but not a complete &allflo&er. 4I $ /. 8oah is very decisive and e(tremely stubborn. 8o& Tom assi-ns 8oah some Talents. <e -ains the follo&in- for free$ ;asic Talents$ <idden ore$ . evel. 'dvanced Talents$

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DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

Dark 'rt M9ner-y! "pirit! "ubstanceN$ 'll at . evel each. :ystical Techni=ues >'ncient an-ua-es! )onsecrated Tools! :a-ical #asses! Rituals?$ 2 evels. 9(pert$ D evels. Tom chooses <ermeticism for 8oahCs ;elief "ystem 0ocus! and atin for 8oahCs an-ua-e 0ocus. 8oah no& has *+ more ;uild #oints to spend on Talents. "o for ;asic Talents! he -oes for$ )lose )ombat$ .. Dod-e$ .. 9ducation$ D. <idden evels?. 8e-otiation$ D. 8otice$ .. "elf-)ontrol$ .. This costs D+ points so far! from the *+ that Tom has to spend on 8oahCs Talents. Tom has .+ more ;uild #oints to spend for 8oah. Then he chooses$ 'dvanced Talents$ 'ttractive$ . evel. )arousin-$ . evel. HD evels each to Dark 'rt M9ner-y! "pirit! and "ubstanceN$ all at .! for a total of E evels. H. evel to 9(pert; for his 0ocus! 8oah chooses 'rt M#aintin-N. H. evel to :ystical Techni=ues; for his 0ocus! 8oah chooses 0reecastin-. ThatCs all the ;# for Talents that 8oah has available. ;ased on his 'ttributes and Talents! 8oah &ill have the follo&in- 'ssets$ I8IT$ .D. RD90$ ... < T$ <ead$ .E. Torso$ */. 'rms$ D.. <ands$ .E. )D90$ .D. :D90$ .3. ore$ HD evels >to a total of *

e-s$ D/. 0eet$ .E. I0$ *.. @I5$ .3. "#I$ .1. Tom -ains the follo&in- <ardship from the #ymandri packa-e$ 7athbound #ymanderN$ evel .. M"upport the Kni-hts of

Tom must select * additional evels in <ardships for 8oah. 'ddicted M)affeineN$ D. 8oah is a major soda junkie! =uaffin- a E-pack a day or so to keep the headaches at bay. #hobia M<ei-htsN$ D. 8oah has a hard time climbin- tall ladders or lookin- out of tall buildin-s.

Playing Playing the the Do>ntrodden Do>ntrodden
-a&ers a&ers are are certain certain& & a" a"ee to to p pa& a& an an ordinar& 3orta if that)s %hat the& %ant! ordinar& 3orta if that)s %hat the& %ant! "#t "#t there there is is no no rea rea ad*antage ad*antage to to doing doing so. so. 3orta 3ortass are created e=act & i/e an& other Character! are created e=act & i/e an& other Character!"#t "#t the& the& s/ip s/ip $tep $tep 22 of of Character Character Creation. Creation. (f (f the the .ame .ame 3aster 3aster is is /ind! /ind! the& the& ma& ma& aa o% o% 3orta 3orta -Cs -Cs to to ta/e ta/e an an additiona additiona 10 10 6#i 6#id d -oints -oints in in +a ents. +a ents. (n (n some some campaigns! campaigns! the the -a&er a&er Characters Characters ma& a start off as ordinar& Do%ntrodden; ma& a start off as ordinar& Do%ntrodden; in in this this sort sort of of campaign! campaign! the the -Cs -Cs ma& ma& ater ater on on e=perience e=perienceaa. .impse impseand and"ecome "ecome3&stics! 3&stics!or oraa teenage teenage Character Character might might find find o#t o#t their their fami fami& & has has aa .hA .hA heritage. heritage. +he +he .ame .ame 3aster 3aster ma& ma& aa o% o% 3orta 3orta Characters Characters to to "e "e traded traded in in for for 3&stic! 3&stic! .hA .hA! ! or or Chi Chid d of of Bight Bight Characters Characters ater ater on on in in the the campaign. campaign. $#ch $#ch aa campaign campaign is is great great for for sso% o%& & introd#cing introd#cing the the -a&ers a&ers to to the the +ene"rC +ene"rC and and the the -eroma eroma "& "& etting etting them them see see and interact %ith them direct &. and interact %ith them direct &.

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8oah took . more evel in <ardships than he had to! so he takes . evel of the "toic Talent! &hich fits his calm! =uiet persona. 8o& 8oah -ets to pick a )lose )ombat &eapon! and 3 Trifles. <e takes an ordinary Knife for his &eapon; easy to conceal! and easy to e(plain as part of his classes. 0or his Trifles! he takes a smart phone! an ener-y drink! sun-lasses! and he spends D Trifle slots on a leather jacket for some protection. 8o& 8oah just needs to purchase his 0ormulG! and thatCll be itL 0or his * evels each in 9ner-y! "pirit! and "ubstance! he -ains 1 0ormulG! * each. <e chooses the follo&in-$

9ner-y$ ;lindin- ;urst! )loak! Divination M#yromancyN. "pirit$ 'ffect "pirits! Daydream! 'stral #rojection. "ubstance$ 9ntan-le! M"ubstanceN! Telekinesis. "ense 9lements

<eCs -ot a variety of 0ormulG for several kinds of situations! so he should be set.

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"hapter I=$ "hara%ter !ypes and Fa%tions
“I remember watching the talle t !ire on the &abernacle of 0editation fall, ma hed by a leering bea t with two head like #ackal . It flew u! unto the height on leathery wing and ma hed it with a mace made of broken oul , and it threw it head back and gibbered and howled in an unholy dialect, cackling and laughing madly. “I couldn't to! thi de ecration, locked a I wa in battle with a 'hedim with coalF black eye and bla !hemou name burning on it brow; but I knew then, uddenly, omehow, that we'd lo e. &he !ire wa a ingle !iece of emerald, yard long, and it broke into a million hining tar that fell lowly to the ground through the !raying ichor of the battlefield, and I knew. I didn't think 'I,' of cour e. -e were all one, we 1hildren of +ight ; many oul , but one mind. It #u t took a few !owerful wingbeat of my own to carry me to the to! of the &abernacle, and there, I matched it mace with my word of light, my burning determination ma hing again t it it cruel brutality. I faced it four burning eye taunting me, it lavering #aw hurling in ult , when uddenly, I thought, 'I'. “And then, uddenly, I could feel the Ark of Aerfection, hattering. For the fir t time in memory, I thought, 'I', and that thought wa my downfall. “&he 4ark ,ne found the Aerfect Ark, the rece!tacle of all our oul , and hattered it like thi bea t before me broke the !ire. &he trength went out of me; the voice of my brethren, that ang eternally, weetly in my mind, were gone. Imagine, for the fir t time in an eternal life of never knowing fear or loneline , uddenly being alone. )ot #u t alone; hot and thrown out of a car in the wilderne without warning. +aying, bleeding and hel!le , and uddenly, awfully, une.!ectedly, alone. “0y trength fled from me, and I fell from the to! of the &abernacle a my doubt and fear a ailed me. &he 1hildren of 4arkne , who'd re#ected the 3race we'd alway known, had !erformed the mo t unimaginable act of violence; they'd made u like them elve . Alone, afraid, naked, without u!!ort, without defen e, our inner light began to dim. I could look at my brother and ee their glow fading, a one by one, the 1hildren of 4arkne ma hed them to !iece in their brutal victory. I'm not a hamed to ay I fled, my confu ion overwhelming, but in time, the Realm 0o t 8igh e#ected me, in my weakne , and I Fell from the height . “,ne by one, my brethren, like I, Fell to the 2ale of the 4owntrodden, here to the 0ortal world. 8ere, we truggle to learn how to do what it i good on our own, to fight the good fight without one another' courage to bol ter u , to kee! u! ho!e when all eem lo t. “"ecau e a far a we are concerned, all is lo t./ * 1a iel, 1hild of +ight of the +egion of the 0alakim, recorded te timony to the ,rdo 1u tode )octi .

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The )ouncils of 8i-ht are composed of ,nnatural bein-s &ho must hide in the shado&s of the TenebrG! e(ercisin- their po&ers and seekin- their -oals in secret. )hildren of i-ht! 5hKls! and :ystics are all common members of the )ouncils of 8i-ht! and the )ouncils assemble #acts to help hide their e(istence from the Do&ntrodden! e(plore the #leroma! and protect themselves and the &orld from the 9lder ;easts and the )hildren of Darkness. 'll )haracters automatically -ain all of the listed 'utomatic 'dvanta-es at )haracter creation. They may increase these 'dvanta-es later on by spendin- 9(perience #oints! or purchase the listed 7ptional 'dvanta-es instead.

"hildren of ;ight



Image courtesy Public-domain-clipart.com.


The source of myths of an-els and celestial -uardians! the )hildren of i-ht lived in the otherdimensional Realm kno&n as the #alaces of i-ht for uncounted years! protectin- the #leroma &ith justice and mercy ... until recently. Their fabled city &as destroyed in battle &ith the )hildren of Darkness! and the #erfect 'rk containin- the souls of the )hildren of i-ht &as destroyed. 8o&! the )hildren of i-ht are cast do&n into the :ortal &orld to seek their o&n! individual redemption! before their li-ht fades alto-ether and they become )hildren of Darkness themselves. Se&eral Thin-" A$out the %hildren o, Li-ht: N )hildren of i-ht are lar-ely composed of Oaberrant matter.P Their bodies are li-hter and faster than most :ortalsC! and far more po&erful.




)hildren of i-ht are hermaphrodites! and are beautiful in an andro-ynous &ay. They al&ays appear tall and -aunt &ith &hite or blonde hair. )hildren of i-ht come from another dimension or ORealmP called the #alaces of i-ht; their capitol! the )ity of <eaven! &as destroyed in an apocalyptic battle. 'll of the )hildren of i-ht speak the celestial ton-ue! 9nochian. The #erfect 'rk held the souls of all of the )hildren of i-ht! and protected their souls from temptation or corruption. "ince its destruction! all )hildren of i-ht are -ro&in- dim! slo&ly becomin- )hildren of Darkness. :ost )hildren of i-ht have OfallenP to 9arth! and try to learn from the Do&ntrodden ho& to seek redemption and stave off corruption. The )hildren of i-ht are ne& to the :ortal &orld. They are lost in the @ale of the Do&ntrodden! unfamiliar &ith the &ays of the Do&ntrodden. The )hildren of i-ht &ield stran-e po&ers that :ortals have dubbed :iracles. 0oremost amon- these are the "&ords and 4in-s of i-ht! po&erful forms of -lo&in-! solid ener-y &hich they may manifest at &ill. The )hildren of i-ht &ere all virtually omnipotent before their 0all; they no& &ield only a sliver of their former -lory! and their memories of their lives in the )ity of <eaven are fuBBy! tarnished! and painful.

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The )hildren of i-ht can learn to perform -reater :iracles by findin- "plinters of their fallen 'rchonsC treasured! divine Relics out amon- the #leroma! and also by bearin&itnesses to acts of 5race by others. 5ro&in- closer to the ,nity that they serve! they -radually re-ain their soul and their vast po&ers. The )hildren of i-ht all belon- to a e-ion! each of &hich &as once led by the 'rchons. e-ions include the :alakim! the 9lohim! and the AaBata. In the rare places &here the )hildren of i-ht are common! those of all different e-ions or-aniBe into an 'rmy of i-ht for support. The )hildren of i-ht sometimes find help from reli-ious :ortals! but <uman beliefs may differ from the )hildrenCs reality! and they may easily be condemned instead of praised.


Telepathy >Innate #o&er?$ Re=uires 4I /H. ‣ Traverse Realms >Innate #o&er?$ Re=uires >>D+ Q )7R? H 4I H 9lemental 4in-s? total of D+ evels. ‣ 4alk on 4ater >Innate #o&er?$ Re=uires )7R / or less. 4i advantage 9Automatic=H ‣ Dyin- "park >,nnatural <ardship?$ evel .. ‣ 7utsider >:ortal <ardship?$ evel *.

!he ;egion of the Elohim
De"cri tion: The 9lohim &ere the hi-hest e-ion belo& the vaunted 'rchons! the -enerals of <eaven. 8o& the losers of a &ar as old as time itself! they are the most disheartened of the )hildren of i-ht! as they believe it &as their leadership that failed. "ome 9lohim stru--le &ith their roles as leaders of the fallen! even abandonin- their roles and responsibilities! or takin- on ne& roles as tyrants of the TenebrG! ostensibly for the -ood of all. Game Mechanic" 0Elohim Le-ion2: f Advantage 9Automatic=H ‣ 'ttribute ;onus$ T5<! I8"! 4I H.. ‣ Inhuman 'ttribute MI8"! #9RN >Innate #o&er?$ evel .. f 4i advantage 9Automatic=H ‣ )hoose one of the follo&in-$ 'rro-ant! Re-retful! or :ood "&in-s. The )haracter has this <ardship at evel D.

Game Mechanic" 0%hildren o, the Li-ht2: N Advantage 9Automatic=H ‣ 'ttribute ;onus$ '5I H.. ‣ 'sset ;onus$ )orruption -* ‣ Talent ;onuses$ 'ttractive H.! )lose )ombat HD. ‣ 9lemental 4eapon M9ner-yN >Innate #o&er?$ evel .. ‣ 9lemental 4in-s M9ner-yN >Innate #o&er?$ evel .. ‣ The "i-ht >Innate #o&er?$ evel D.

Advantage 9,!tional=H ‣ 9lemental "ense M9ner-yN >Innate #o&er? ‣ 9lemental "hapin- M9ner-yN >Innate #o&er? ‣ 9lemental "hield M9ner-yN >Innate #o&er? ‣ 9ndure #rivation M'llN >Innate #o&er? ‣ Inhuman 'ttribute M"TR and T5<N >Innate #o&er? ‣ Redemption >Innate #o&er?$ Re=uires )7R / or less. ‣ "ti-mata >Innate #o&er?$ Re=uires )7R 3 or less.

!he ;egion of the Malakim
De"cri tion: The :alakim are the architects of the cosmos! the shapers! desi-ners and creators of the :any Realms. Despite the -rim circumstances of the )hildren of i-ht! the :alakim kno& that somethinne& can al&ays arise from the &recka-e of the old. ;ut even the :alakim can -ive in to despair! seein- the trashy &asteland of the modern &orld! and it seems like too -reat a challen-e to return the &orld to its pristine beauty before mankind.

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!he ;egion of the ?a@ata
De"cri tion: The AaBata are the enforcers of oaths! and their e-ion &ere acclaimed amon- the soldiers of the heavenly le-ions. They &ere char-ed &ith punishin- sinners for &ron-doin-! accordin- to ancient la&s! particularly those &ho broke their oaths to their fello& man. :any AaBata have become rene-ades! pursuin- their o&n brand of justice! makin- it harder for them to avoid corruption; the AaBata in the :ortal &orld find it all too easy to perform evil in the service of -ood. Game Mechanic" 0Ya4ata Le-ion2: f Advantage 9Automatic=H ‣ 'ttribute ;onus$ T5< H.. ‣ 9lemental "hield M9ner-yN >Innate #o&er?$ evel .. ‣ Inhuman 'ttribute M'5I! "TR! T5<N >Innate #o&er?$ evel .. ‣ Talent ;onus$ )lose )ombat HD. 4i advantage 9Automatic=H ‣ 7athbound M:ust #unish 7athbreakersN >:ortal <ardship?$ evel 2.

Image courtesy Bradley McDevitt.

Game Mechanic" 0Mala!im Le-ion2: f Advantage 9Automatic=H ‣ 'ttribute ;onus$ I8" HD. ‣ 9lemental "hapin- M9ner-yN >Innate #o&er?$ evel D. ‣ Inhuman 'ttribute M'5IN >Innate #o&er?$ evel ..


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5hKls are a ra--ed! morbid! vicious breed! different from but related to <umans! that live on the periphery of :ortal society. 5hKls live on <uman flesh and blood! &hich -ives them several po&ers they use to survive and remain undetected. Se&eral Thin-" A$out Gh5l": N 5hKls &ere once a race of :ortals that ruled the vast ancient empire of :ada ,s-5idim! and &orshiped the )hildren of Darkness. 5hKls still speak the 5idimite lan-ua-e! preservin- a primitive form of it in their -uttural -ro&ls and sibilant &hispers. N ;ecause of their depravity and cannibalism! they &ere cursed by the )hildren of i-ht! and are no lon-er <umans! -enerally unable to &alk by day &ithout pain. ;ecause of their le-acy of evil! the 5hKls &ere blessed by the )hildren of Darkness! and they -ain po&er at ni-ht and in shado&! and &hen consumin- the flesh and blood of :ortals. N 5hKlsC internal or-ans are partially composed of Oaberrant matter.P They are a bit stron-er and faster than :ortals! &ith keener senses. N 5hKls have pale &hite or sallo& -ray skin! and sharp! pointed teeth. Their eyes are often blood red or bestial yello&! and their hair is -enerally dark. They tend to be lean and supple! but some &ell-fed 5hKls become plump! especially the leaders of a local 5atherin-. N 5hKls live on the periphery of :ortal society! in se&ers and -hettos! slums and &ilderness cabins. N 5hKls love all that is dark and -loomy! revelin- in dark colors and decrepit surroundin-s. N 5hKls or-aniBe themselves into Tribes based on family structure! and each Tribe has certain special ;lood Tricks they can learn. The 5hKls of all Tribes in an area form alliances called 5atherin-s for mutual support.

(n (n +nnatural +nnatural "ensus "ensus
$o $o ho% ho% man& man& Dnnat#ra Dnnat#rass e=ist e=ist in in the the +ene"rCE :ot man&. F*en a teeming cit& +ene"rCE :ot man&. F*en a teeming cit& of of mi mi ions ions can)t can)t s#pport s#pport more more than than aa do5en do5en or or so so .hA .hAs; s; e*en e*en the the Do%ntrodden Do%ntrodden get get s#spicio#s s#spicio#s of of disappearances! e*en of the #n%anted disappearances! e*en of the #n%anted home homeess. ess. +he +he Chi Chidren dren of of Bight Bight are are rare rare e*er&%here! e*er&%here! and and the "etra&a of the 0ierate C# the "etra&a of the 0ierate C#t! t! and and toda&)s toda&)s fashiona" fashiona"ee dis"e dis"eief ief in in the the strange strange and and %ondro#s! has red#ced the n#m"ers %ondro#s! has red#ced the n#m"ers of of tr#e tr#e 3&stic 3&stic n#m"ers n#m"ers to to ess ess than than aa h#ndred h#ndred in in e*en e*en the argest cities. the argest cities. (n (n most most campaigns! campaigns! the the -Cs -Cs are are prett& prett& m#ch a one! in a %or d %here the m#ch a one! in a %or d %here the odds odds are are definite definite& &not notin intheir theirfa*or. fa*or.(n (nsome somecampaigns! campaigns! +he +heother other-Cs -Csma& ma&"e "ethe theon on& &Dnnat#ra Dnnat#rassthe& the& %i %i e*er e*er meet! meet! so so the& the& m#st m#st hang hang together! together! or or the& the&%i %i aa die dieaaone. one.




0amily is very important to 5hKls! as they have no one they can rely on but each other. 5hKls of different families! Tribes! and 5atherin-s often fi-ht for territory! and over their ancient! half-for-otten traditions. 5hKls can learn more ;lood Tricks by learnin- the myths of their ancestors and by consumin- the ra&! &arm! bloody flesh of stran-e ne& creatures! such as can only be found out amon- the #leroma. 5hKls -enerally seem like ordinary <umans until their teena-e years! &hen their cravinfor blood and flesh be-ins to over&helm them. 5hKls raised in foster homes or orphana-es have a terrible time of it! &ith no relatives nearby to assist them in this critical period.

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"ome 5hKls settle for livin- on the flesh of animals … but it isnCt as tasty and fulfillinto them as the flesh of <umans. 7thers content themselves &ith di--in- up the freshly dead to snack on! &hile others break into blood and or-an banks. ' fe& play vi-ilante! seekin- to consume only eat the flesh of those that Odeserve to die.P ItCs a jud-ment call for a 5hKl! ho& to sate their vile hun-er! and one of the main functions of the )ouncils of 8i-ht is to &atch 5hKls and make sure they arenCt preyin- on the innocent.

‣ ‣ ‣

Dark <un-er >,nnatural <ardship?$ evel D. 7utsider >:ortal <ardship?$ evel D. "ensitivity MDayli-htN >,nnatural <ardship?$ evel *.

!he Flenser !ribe
De"cri tion: The 0lenser Tribe live in distant! rustic communities! often in communities of their o&n. ivin- alone in the hinterlands! mountains! and forests! the 0lensers may consume the flesh of hapless &anderers &ithout bein- troubled by OoutsidersP &ho &ouldnCt understand their &ays. 0lensers -ro& lon-! &icked cla&s! and are reno&ned amon- 5hKls for their stren-th and their fury in battle. Game Mechanic" 0Flen"er Tri$e2: f Advantage 9Automatic=H ‣ )la&s$ >Innate #o&er? evel *. ‣ 0erocity >Innate #o&er?$ evel .. ‣ Inhuman 'ttribute M"TRN >Innate #o&er?$ evel H. ‣ Talent ;onus$ 8otice H.! 9(pert HD >"urvival M)hoose t&oN?. N 4i advantage 9Automatic=H ‣ 7utsider >:ortal <ardship?$ H. evel.

Game Mechanic" 0Gh5l"2: N Advantage 9Automatic=H ‣ Talent ;onus$ )reepy ooks H.! 8otice H.. ‣ )onsume 0lesh >Innate #o&er?$ evel .. ‣ Dim "i-ht >Innate #o&er?$ evel .. ‣ 0an-s >Innate #o&er?$ evel .. ‣ Inhuman 'ttribute$ M"TR! T5<N >Innate #o&er?$ evel .. ‣ Re-eneration >Innate #o&er?$ evel .. ‣ "harp "ense M"mellN >Innate #o&er?$ evel *. ‣ The "i-ht >Innate #o&er?$ evel .. N Advantage 9,!tional=H ‣ 'dhesion >Innate #o&er?. ‣ )loak >Innate #o&er?$ Re=uires 4I JH. ‣ 9ndure #rivation ><un-er! Thirst! <eat! )old; Innate #o&er?$ Re=uires 4I 3H. ‣ 0erocity >Innate #o&er?. ‣ Inhuman 'ttribute$ M'5IN >Innate #o&er? ‣ eapin- >Innate #o&er?. ‣ Re-eneration >Innate #o&er?. ‣ Telepathy >Innate #o&er?$ Re=uires #9R /H. ‣ Traverse Realms >Innate #o&er?$ Re=uires a >4I H )7R H )onsume 0lesh? total of D+ evels. N 4i advantage 9Automatic=H ‣ 'sset #enalty$ )orruption H*. ‣ )hoose 7ne >)ruel! )ynical! :ood "&in-s! #oor?$ ..

!he AarleBuin !ribe
De"cri tion: :ost 5hKls see :ortals as delicious prey! but objectify them! vie&in- their behavior &ith the detached eye of the butcher or the connoisseur. The <arle=uin Tribe! &ho &ere called i'lwah in ancient times! are fascinated &ith <umans; not content to occasionally devour one of the Do&ntrodden! a <arle=uin &ill stalk one and take over their life! livinamon- :ortals for days or &eeks on end before proceedin- on to the ne(t. "ome <arle=uins tar-et a specific kind of person! takin- out the rich! or criminals! or other killers! &hile some <arle=uins are more … indiscriminate. <arle=uins are some of the most troublesome 5hKls for the 7rdo )ustodes 8octis! and their Tribe are simply &iped out in some )ouncil territories &ithout =uestion.

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Game Mechanic" 0*arle6uin Tri$e2: f Advantage 9Automatic=H ‣ 'ttribute ;onus$ #9R H.. ‣ )onsume ;rains >Innate #o&er?$ evel .. ‣ "hapeshiftin>Innate #o&er?$ evel .. ‣ Talent ;onus$ ;reak I 9nter HD! Trickery H*. N 4i advantage 9Automatic=H ‣ )ruelty >:ortal <ardship?$ evel ..

!he -ut%ast !ribe
De"cri tion: The 7utcast Tribe are nomadic 5hKls; some are part of biker -an-s! &hile others are carnies! follo& reli-ious Otent revivals!P or &ander &ith a 5ypsy caravan. 'll 5hKls skulk the borders of the mortal &orld! but 7utcasts are born tricksters! capable of temporarily bendin- :ortal &ills to their o&n &ith a clever &ord and a &ave of the hand. The 7utcast Tribe spent centuries learnin- to tolerate dayli-ht better than other 5hKls; they can pitch their carnival tents in the bri-ht sunshine! lookin- for&ard to the -reat -ames and feasts that &ill occur that ni-ht. 7utcasts may be found any&here that :ortal rebels! e(patriates! subversives! and counter-cultural types thrive! in day or ni-ht. Game Mechanic" 0Outca"t Tri$e2: f Advantage 9Automatic=H ‣ 9nslave >Innate #o&er?$ evel D. ‣ O;uyin- 7ffP "ensitivity MDayli-htN >,nnatural <ardship?$ evel -.. ‣ Talent ;onus$ )arousin- HD! Trickery H..

Image courtesy Bradley McDevitt.


4i advantage 9Automatic=H ‣ )ynical >:ortal <ardship?$ evel ..

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ma-ic. :ystics also tend to believe in reincarnation! and many :ystics believe they have already lived before. :ystics -ain their stran-e po&ers by 5limpsin- their <i-her "elves in dreams and visions. They believe that the <i-her "elf is their soul! and a steppin- stone to&ards ,nity! a state of -odhood or nirvana that some claim is the ultimate -oal of <uman evolution. :ystics can create 'rtifacts! and some :ystics! like Thaumatronicists! specialiBe in this form of ma-ic. 'nyone &ith a "pirit can use an 'rtifact! and any item may be 9nchanted into an 'rtifact.



Image courtesy Salvatore Vuono, Freedigitalp otos.net.

:ystics are modern-day visionaries and medicine men! sorcerers! mad scientists and miracle &orkers &ho can perform &onders throu-h acts of ima-ination and &ill. "eekin- 5limpses of their <i-her "elves! :ystics e(perience bouts of madness! but learn of the si( sacred 9lements. 7ver the millennia! :ystics have desi-ned 0ormulG that let them shape these 9lements and chan-e the &orld! castin- blessin-s and curses as they &ill. Se&eral Thin-" A$out M)"tic": N :ystics are :ortals &ho have mastered ancient rituals passed do&n to them from ancient times. They call these spells O0ormulG!P and they seek books of deep kno&led-e called Tomes &hich contain more 0ormulG for them to learn. N 0e& other kno&n races can learn 0ormulG; )hildren of i-ht and 5hKls can learn the basic principles of :ystic ma-ic! but cannot perform it. N :any of the -reatest heroes! sa-es! and madmen of :ortal history &ere secretly :ystics. N :ystics may come from any&here! any &alk of life. The )ults have evolved and survived the centuries! hidden here and there in every human culture. N :ystics believe all :ortals have a ;ody and a "pirit! but that only they have a "oul! &hich they call their <i-her "elf. Their <i-her "elf allo&s :ystics to perform

Enlightenment Enlightenment C C or or Madness) Madness)
1side 1side from from mere mere& & gi*ing gi*ing aa 3&stic 3&stic aa moment)s oo/ at their # timate potentia moment)s oo/ at their # timate potentia! ! 3&stics 3&stics often often %a %a/ / a%a& a%a& from from aa . .impse impse %ith %ith insights a"o#t the str#ct#re of the insights a"o#t the str#ct#re of the -eroma! eroma! prophecies prophecies a"o#t a"o#t the the f#t#re! f#t#re! ideas ideas a"o#t a"o#t the the perfect str#ct#re for h#man ci*i i5ation perfect str#ct#re for h#man ci*i i5ation … … aa /inds /inds of of things. things. 6#t 6#t 3&stics 3&stics are are easi easi& & Dnhinged … ho% m#ch of this is rea ! and Dnhinged … ho% m#ch of this is rea ! andho% ho% m#ch! m#ch! some some /ind /ind of of derangementE derangementE 1nd 1nd ho% ho% does the 3&stic decode the conf#sing does the 3&stic decode the conf#sing and and m&sterio#s m&sterio#ss&m"o s&m"oism ismof ofthese these*isionsE *isionsE +his +his is is aa pro" pro"em em that that 3&stics 3&stics ha*e ha*e str#gg ed %ith since man/ind str#gg ed %ith since man/ind in*ented in*ented ang#age ang#age and and %riting! %riting! and and compared compared their their *isions. $ome sa& that re igion *isions. $ome sa& that re igion itse itseff is is G#st G#st aa egac& egac& of of fai faied! ed! %eird %eird attempts attempts to to assist assist mere mere 3orta s to attain tr#e 3&sticism. +he 3orta s to attain tr#e 3&sticism. +he other other possi"i possi"iit& it& is is that that aa of of these these *isions *isions are are aa tr#e; tr#e; it)s it)s hard hard to to sa& sa& %hich %hich option option is is %orse %orse for for aa . .

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The 0ormulG that :ystics seek cannot be e(plained in simple lan-ua-e; it re=uires a mystic dialect of stran-e codes! arcane dia-rams! reli-ious symbolism! and mathematical and musical alle-ory to contain such kno&led-e. :ystics call this code O)ryptosophic;P &ritten! it looks like a hod-epod-e of alchemical! mathematical! reli-ious! and astrolo-ical symbols interspersed &ith stran-e poetry; spoken! it sounds like nonsense. :ortal "pirits suffer from their =uest for self-perfection! and :ystics fre=uently slip into bouts of delusion! paranoia! schiBophrenia! or other forms of mental imbalance durintheir =uest for enli-htenment. 8o :ystic escapes the touch of madness entirely. :ystics -enerally belon- to a )ult! &hich provides trainin- and support! but may also e(tract from them certain oaths and obli-ations. :ystic )ults include the 5host 4alkers! the #ymandri! the Thaumatronicists! the @isionaries! and the 4u Ran- Taoists! amon- others. The )ults are loosely allied! and :ystics in an area form local alliances called )olle-iums for mutual kno&led-e and defense. There is technically another )ult! the <ierates! but they betrayed the others lon- a-o for the 9lder ;easts and for temporal po&er. The )ults all si-ned an a-reement! the 0irmament Treaty! lon- a-o that prevents open &arfare and encoura-es secrecy! resultin- in a dra&n-out )old 4ar &ith the <ierates.

,nhin-ed >,nnatural <ardship?$ evel *.

!he !he =alue =alue of of Breeding Breeding
Dnnat#ra Dnnat#ra creat#res creat#res are are genera genera & & distinct distinct creat#res from morta 0#mans. 3an& creat#res from morta 0#mans. 3an& of of them them can canha*e ha*ese= se=%ith %ith0#mans! 0#mans!"#t "#treprod#ction reprod#ctionis is aadifferent differentmatter. matter. Chi Chidren dren of of Bight4 Bight4 Chi Chidren dren of of Bight Bight are are hermaphrodites! e;#ipped %ith "oth ma hermaphrodites! e;#ipped %ith "oth maee and and fema femaee genita genitaia! ia! "#t "#t the& the& are are steri sterie. e. +here +here are are egends from the past of Chi dren egends from the past of Chi dren of of Bight Bight "egetting "egetting or or "earing "earing chi chidren dren %ith %ith 3orta 3orta o*ers! "#t this ma& ha*e "een 1rchons! o*ers! "#t this ma& ha*e "een 1rchons!or or d#e d#e to magica interference. to magica interference. .hA .hAs4 s4 +he +he .idimites .idimites are are aa s#"2race s#"2race of of 0#mans 0#mans ?some ?some %o# %o#d d sa&! sa&! aa race race of of s#"2 s#"2 h#mans@! h#mans@! and and can can reprod#ce reprod#ce %ith %ith 0#mans. 0#mans. 0o%e*er! 0o%e*er! the the chi chidren dren %i %i genera genera & & "e "e ordinar& ordinar& 0#mans; 0#mans; aa .hA .hA chi chid d ma& ma& appear appear in in ater ater generations generations after after s#ch s#ch an an #nho #nho& & #nion! #nion! ho%e*er. ho%e*er. 3&stics4 3&stics43&stics 3&sticsare! are!arg#a" arg#a"&! &!comp compete ete& & 0#man! and the 8gift9 of 3&sticism does seem 0#man! and the 8gift9 of 3&sticism does seem to to pass pass do%n do%n erratica erratica & & thro#gh thro#gh " "ood oodines. ines. 0o%e*er! a 3&stic)s chi d "& a non20#man 0o%e*er! a 3&stic)s chi d "& a non20#man entit& entit& i/e i/e aa .hA .hA ne*er ne*er seems seems to to gain gain aa . impse of their 0igher $e *es; this ma& . impse of their 0igher $e *es; this ma& "e "e part part of of the the c#rse c#rse on on the the .idimites .idimites and and other other s#ch s#chspecies. species.

Game Mechanic" 0M)"tic"2: N Advantage 9Automatic=H ‣ 9nchantment >Innate #o&er?$ evel .. ‣ The "i-ht >Innate #o&er?$ evel D. ‣ "orcery >Innate #o&er?$ evel *. N Advantage 9,!tional=H ‣ 9ndure #rivation M'-in-N >Innate #o&er?$ Re=uires Dark 'rt M;odyN evel 3. ‣ 0amiliar >Innate #o&er?. ‣ Immortal >Innate #o&er?$ Re=uires Dark 'rt M;odyN evel .+.

!he "ult of the Ghost 'alkers
De"cri tion: :edicine men and na-uals! these sorcerers are follo&ers of the most ancient &ays of ma-ic. 7nce! proud tribal peoples &alked across the


4i advantage 9Automatic=H

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plains and throu-h the forests; no&! theyCre holed up on reservations! -ettin- kickbacks from the local casino and drinkin- cheap booBe. ;ut some remember their -randparentsC stories of speakin- to spirits of air and salmon! deer and bear and moon. They head off into the unfor-ivin- &ilderness to seek the po&er plants! and to undertake painful and tryin- rituals to re-learn this all-but-for-otten &isdom. :any never come back! but this is the price of the shamanCs path. Game Mechanic" 0Gho"t #al!er"2: f Advantage 9Automatic=H ‣ Attribute "onu H I8" H.! 4I H.. ‣ 4ark Art J"ody, '!irit, 'ub tanceKH . evel each. 5host 4alkers Roll 4I H Tou-h as 8ails H Dark 'rt to cast 0ormulG. ‣ 0y tical &echni%ue 9Ancient +anguage , 1on ecrated &ool , Ingredient , 0agical Aa e =H H2 evels. ‣ &alent "onu H <idden ore H.! 9(pert HD >7ne abori-inal )ulture! such as 'ustralian abori-ine! )herokee! 8avaho! "iou(! plus one associated ancient lan-ua-e?. f 4i advantage 9Automatic=H ‣ Addicted, 1ynical, Aoverty, or 2engeful 9Automatic=H evel ..

! e symbol of t e "nig ts of Pymander.

!he "ult of the Knights of Pymander
De"cri tion: Recipients of the mystic kno&led-e of the 5nostics! neo-#latonists! and Kni-hts Templar! the #ymandri follo& a hermetic path of discipline and order. The #ymandri contact spiritual entities and for-e compacts &ith them to assist themselves alon- their spiritual path. 7f all of the :ystics! the #ymandri tend to have the best relationship &ith the )hildren of i-ht! and have s&orn oaths to assist them &hen possible. #ymandri are diverse; some are ri-ht-&in-! -un-totinfully-'rma-eddon-compliant survivalist types &ith family histories of military and intelli-ence service! &hile others as smu- business types &ith ties to bankin- and business and an e(tensive kno&led-e of secret handshakes. #ymandri tend to be pompous! formal! and intense! and tend to scare the shit out of a lot of other :ystics.

Game Mechanic" 0%ult o, the Kni-ht" o, P)mander2: f Advantage 9Automatic=H ‣ 'ttribute ;onus$ I8" HD. ‣ Dark 'rt M9ner-y! "pirit! "ubstanceN$ . evel each. #ymandri roll 4I H 9(pert H Dark 'rt to cast 0ormulG. ‣ :ystical Techni=ues >'ncient an-ua-es! )onsecrated Tools! :a-ical #asses! Rituals?$ H2 evels. ‣ Talent ;onus$ <idden ore H.! 9(pert HD >7ne 4estern mystical belief system! such as hermeticism! -nosticism! kabbalism! or pytha-oreanism! plus one ancient lan-ua-e like <ebre&! atin! or )optic?. f Advantage 9,!tional=H ‣ 'ncient ore >7ptional! Innate #o&er?.

4i advantage 9Automatic=H ‣ 7athbound M"upport and Defend all #ymandriN >'utomatic?$ evel ..

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1or%erersD 1or%erersD (pprenti%es (pprenti%es
$imp $imp& & ha*ing ha*ing aa . .impse impse of of the the 0igher 0igher $e f is not eno#gh to a o% one to $e f is not eno#gh to a o% one to perform perform magic. magic. +he +he . .impse impse immediate immediate& & grants grants an an indi*id#a +he $ight! "#t not act#a $orcer&. indi*id#a +he $ight! "#t not act#a $orcer&.+o +o perform perform magic! magic! the the indi*id#a indi*id#a m#st m#st first first earn earn the princip es of magic. Dn ess the& remem"er the princip es of magic. Dn ess the& remem"er these thesedetai detaissfrom from pre*io#s pre*io#sst#d& st#d& or oraapast past ife! ife! the& m#st spend at east a fe% %ee/s st#d&ing the& m#st spend at east a fe% %ee/s st#d&ing magica magica theor&. theor&. Hnce Hncethis thisis isdone! done!the theindi*id#a indi*id#a gains gainsthe the $orcer& $orcer&Dar/ Dar/-o%er! -o%er!and andma& ma&"egin "eginp#rchasing p#rchasing Be*e Be*ess in in Dar/ Dar/ 1rts 1rts and and 3&stica 3&stica +echni;#es. +echni;#es. 3ost 3ost C# C#ts ts tr& tr& to to ocate ocate indi*id#a indi*id#ass short short& & after afterthe&)*e the&)*ehad hadtheir theirfirst first. .impse! impse!and andrecr#it recr#it them themand and"egin "egintheir theirtraining trainingaa at atonce. once.

#n image of t e $ree% god Dionysus, t e symbol of t e &ult of Strange Visions.

!he "ult of 1trange =isions
De"cri tion: @isionaries are blessed! or cursed! to see the &orld as it could be! beyond the veil of time. "ome cope by becomin- bohemian artists! some druthemselves to make the visions -o a&ay! or to make them arrive on command! others seek a shamanCs path! to learn to deal &ith the spirits on their o&n terms! and still others just read a lot of ;yron and "helley. :any of the @isionaries attained their first 5limpse early in childhood! and so have never kno&n a OnormalP life; as such! they are the :ystics &ho teeter closest to madness! and some &ander the line &ith ecstatic impunity. The @isionaries have ties! thou-h troubled! &ith 5hKls! as they also &alk on the brink of a misunderstandin- society. @isionaries tend to enjoy the Realm kno&n as the 5lades of :irth.

Game Mechanic" 0%ult o, Stran-e (i"ion"2: f Advantage 9Automatic=H ‣ 'ttribute ;onus$ I8" H.! #9R HD! T5< H.. ‣ Dark 'rt M;ody! Destiny! "piritsN >'utomatic?$ H. evel 9ach. @isionaries roll #9R H )arousin- H Dark 'rt to cast 0ormulG. ‣ :ystical Techni=ues >)hoose T&o$ Dancin-! 9li(irs! or Tantra?$ HD evels. ‣ Talent ;onus$ )arousin- HD >)haracter must still meet the #rere=uisites?. f 4i advantage 9Automatic=H ‣ )hoose one of the follo&in- at evel *$ 'ddicted! 'rro-ant! )onfused! Delusions! echerous! :ood "&in-s! or 7bsessed.

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"hanging "hanging "ults "ults
Ihen Ihen aa person person Goins Goins aa C# C#t! t! the& the& ta/e ta/e po%erf# po%erf# oaths oaths of of o&a o&at& t& to to their their mentors! mentors! to to ne*er ne*er "etra& "etra& them! them! ne*er ne*er a"andon a"andon them! them! and and ne*er ne*er gi*e gi*e #p #p the the secrets secrets of of the the "rotherhood "rotherhood the& the& "ecome "ecome aa part part of. of. Ihi Ihiee occasiona occasiona & & aa 3&stic 3&stic%i %i ea*e ea*eone oneC# C#ttand andGoin Goinanother! another!it itis is aarare rareocc#rrence. occ#rrence.

minds! the Thaumatronicists sometimes make foolish mistakes in their =uest for &hat they call Othe "in-ularity!P their idea of ,nity. The Thaumatronicists have an affinity for the Realm kno&n as the Industrial 8e(us. Game Mechanic" 0%ult o, Thaumatronic"2: f Advantage 9Automatic=H ‣ 'ttribute ;onus$ I8" H.. ‣ Dark 'rt M;ody! 9ner-y! "ubstanceN$ H. evel each. Thaumatronicists roll I8" H Tech H Dark 'rt to create 9nchantments! but cannot cast 0ormulG. ‣ 9nchantment >Innate #o&er?$ evel *. ‣ Interface >Innate #o&er?$ evel .. ‣ Talent ;onus$ Tech H* >)haracter must meet Re=uirements for this 'dvanced Talent?. f 4i advantage 9Automatic=H ‣ 'rtificer >,nnatural <ardship?$ evel *. ‣ "pecialiBed 9nchanter >,nnatural <ardship?$ evel ..


F*er F*er since since the the "etra&a "etra&a of of the the 0ierate 0ierate C# C#t! t! the the Co Co egi#m egi#m C# C#ts ts ha*e ha*e gro%n gro%n e*er e*er more more paranoid paranoid and and ins# ins#ar! ar! and and an& an& sorcerer sorcerer %ho %ho sho%s sho%s signs signs of of #ntr#st%orthiness #ntr#st%orthiness isn)t isn)t i/e & to "e ta/en in "& i/e & to "e ta/en in "& an&one. an&one. Ihether Ihether right right or or %rong! %rong! aa 3&stic 3&stic %ho %ho ea*es ea*es aa C# C#t! t! e*en e*en for for another! a ied C# t! is i/e & to "e contin#a another! a ied C# t! is i/e & to "e contin#a & & C#rsed C#rsed and and fore*er fore*er cha cha enged enged to to spitef# spitef# mage2d#e mage2d#es! s!e*en e*en"& "&some someof oftheir theirne% ne%8a 8a ies.9 ies.9 1 1 that that said! said! if if aa 3&stic 3&stic changes changes C# C#ts! ts! the& ose a "enefits of their o d C# t! and the& ose a "enefits of their o d C# t! andgain gain the the "enefit "enefit of of their their ne% ne% C# C#t. t. +he +he training training to to Goin a C# t ta/es se*era months! in %hich Goin a C# t ta/es se*era months! in %hichtime time the the 3&stic 3&stic earns earns the the spe spe casting casting techni;#es techni;#es fa*ored "& their ne% sect! and fa*ored "& their ne% sect! and grad#a grad#a & & gro%s gro%s r#st& %ith the techni;#es emp o&ed "& r#st& %ith the techni;#es emp o&ed "& their their o od d C# C#t! t! fina fina & & osing osing them them aatogether. together. +he& +he& m#st m#st fore*er fore*er sseep eep ight ight and and %a %a/ / the the ighted ighted %a&s! tho#gh! for no one %i e*er tr#st %a&s! tho#gh! for no one %i e*er tr#st them them again! again!and andman& man&%i %i see/ see/their theirend. end.

!he "ult of the 'u Eang !ao
De"cri tion: )enturies a-o! the Tao &as revealed to mankind! a &ay of enli-htenment and meditation that brou-ht humans peace and enli-htenment. The &isdom of the old )hinese philosopher that discovered it &as eventually transcribed into the O9mptiness "cripture!P and many >or at least a fe&? of those that follo&ed its OTaoP or path found ,nity. <o&ever! many! jealous of the enli-htenment of the peaceful priests! sou-ht to e(terminate them! and the philosopherCs disciples became an order of &arriorpriests as adept at kickin- ass as they &ere at meditation. The priests devised ;a Tien Fiao 4u "hu! or O9i-ht )elestial Dra-ons :artial 'rt!P a form of Kun0u that combines ma-ic &ith martial trainin-. The 4u Ran- Taoists hone their minds! bodies! and souls throu-h meditation and physical ri-or. They learn to control their minds and bodies! freein- their spirits from the @ale of the Do&ntrodden. 4u RanTaoists are practical and trust&orthy! but introverted! and have an affinity for a distant Realm kno&n as the :ountain of #eace.

!he "ult of !haumatroni%s
De"cri tion: Durin- the @ictorian era! ancient alchemy and natural science collided &ith modern theories of en-ineerin-! medicine! and physics. :ortals tend to think that modern science &on and the ancient beliefs &ere discarded! but in the &ork of a -ifted fe&! the t&o melded to-ether to form a ne& &hole! stron-er than either$ a path today kno&n as Thaumatronics. The Thaumatronicists &ield the po&er of mysticallyamplified science and technolo-y to chan-e humanityCs destiny for the better. 5ood &ith their hands and their

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‣ Game Mechanic" 0%ult o, the #u 7an- Tao2: f Advantage 9Automatic=H ‣ 'ttribute ;onus$ "TR! '5I! and T5< H.. ‣ Dark 'rt M;ody! Destiny! 9ner-yN$ H. evel each. 4u Ran- Taoists roll T5< H :artial 'rts H Dark 'rt to cast 0ormulG. ‣ :ystic Kun- 0u >Innate #o&er?$ evel .. ‣ :ystical Techni=ues >:a-ical #asses?$ H. evels.

Talent ;onus$ )lose )ombat HD

4i advantage H ‣ )hoose one of the follo&in- at evel D$ 'rro-ant! 7utsider! #oor! or @en-eful.

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"hapter =$ (ttributes
'll )haracters have the same si( 'ttributes$ the three #hysical 'ttributes of '-ility! "tren-th! and Tou-hness! and the three :ental 'ttributes of Insi-ht! #ersonality! and 4ill. 'll 'ttributes have a evel! from . to .+! and the avera-e evel in any 'ttribute is 3.

Physi%al (ttributes
(gility 3(GI4
De"cri tion: '-ility is your speed! accuracy! -race! manual de(terity! and sense of balance. 'rtists! sur-eons! marksmen! and video -ame players tend to have hi-her '-ility. Game Mechanic" 0A-ilit)2: '5I is a major component of )haractersC )D90! RD90! and I8IT! and used for rolls to hit &ith both )lose )ombat and Ran-ed )ombat attacks. ;e<el
$5 $4 $ $" $$ $0 1 0 / . 5 4 " $

A!A Damage Modifier
4d.2$d points 4d.2$ points 4d. points d.2$d points d.2$ points d. points "d.2$d points "d.2$ points "d. points $d.2$d points $d.2$ points $d. points $d points $ point 3 4ou5re +idding6 right7

1trength 31!R4
De"cri tion: "tren-th is your physical mi-ht and bra&n. 4ei-htlifters and athletes tend to have hi-her "tren-th. Game Mechanic" 0Stren-th2: )haracters can carry a ma(imum of >"TR S.+? lbs. 4ith no penalties ; each additional increment of this amount causes the )haracter to suffer a penalty of -. to '5I and '#. "o! for e(ample! a )haracter &ith / "TR could carry up to /+ lbs. &ith no penalty. If the )haracter carries from /. to .2+ lbs.! the )haracter suffers a penalty of -. to '5I and '#. ' )haracterCs "TR determines their <T< dama-e! &hich is the )haracterCs dama-e &ith a normal #unch attack! and is also added to the dama-e from melee &eapons! thro&n &eapons! and bo&s.

!oughness 3!GA4
De"cri tion: Tou-hness is your constitution! endurance! stamina! tou-hness! and resistance to injury and physical 'fflictions. "oldiers and bo(ers tend to have hi-her Tou-hness. Game Mechanic" 0Tou-hne""2: )haracters make T5< H 9ndurance rolls to avoid physical 'fflictions. T5< is also a major component of a )haracterCs < T and I0.

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Mental (ttributes
Insight 3I.14
De"cri tion: Insi-ht is your a&areness! intelli-ence! and ability to pick up on details and learn =uickly. )omputer pro-rammers! detectives! scientists! and trackers tend to have hi-her Insi-ht. Game Mechanic" 0In"i-ht2: I8" is used to remember thin-s and fi-ure our puBBles! and is a major component of I8IT and "#I.

'ill 3'I;4
De"cri tion: 4ill is your tenacity! perseverance! confidence! coolness under fire! psycholo-ical fortitude! and concentration. )olle-e -raduates! soldiers! and emer-ency response folks tend to have hi-her 4ill. Game Mechanic" 0#ill2: )haracters make 4I H "elf-)ontrol rolls to avoid mental 'fflictions. 4I is also a major component of )haractersC :D90 and "#I.

Personality 3PER4
De"cri tion: #ersonality is your charisma! persuasiveness! manipulation! and out-oin- nature. "alesmen and politicians tend to have hi-h #ersonality. Game Mechanic" 0Per"onalit)2: )haracters make #9R rolls to s&ay othersC opinions or actions! and is a major component of "#I.

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"hapter =I$ !alents
Talents are areas of kno&led-e and e(pertise that )haracters possess! or special advanta-eous life situations that they may find themselves in. 'll Talents have a evel! from . to .+. Talents are divided into ;asic and 'dvanced Talents; 'dvanced Talents al&ays have prere=uisites! usually a specific evel in a ;asic Talent. "ome Talents -rant "pecialiBations; these Talents have MbracketsN after their name. "ome Talents re=uire a 0ocus; these Talents have >parentheses? after them! and )haracters -enerally -et one 0ocus per evel.

Basi% !alents
"lose "ombat
De"cri tion: 4hen a fi-ht -ets up close and personal! you kno& ho& to land a punch! s&in- a club! or stab &ith a knife accurately. Game Mechanic" 0%lo"e %om$at2: )haracters make '5I H Ran-ed )ombat Talent rolls to make attacks &ith punches! kicks! or close combat &eapons! and to calculate the )haracterCs )D90 'sset.

De"cri tion: Aou have the speed and sense to -et the hell a&ay from incomin- attacks. "idesteppinpunches and Bi--Ba--in- a&ay from incomin- bullets! you last lon- enou-h to seiBe your moment. Game Mechanic" 0Dod-e2: )haracters make '5I H Dod-e Talent rolls to move out of the &ay of traps or ran-ed effects! and use Dod-e to calculate )haractersC )D90 and RD90 Defenses.
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De"cri tion: Aou are pretty -ood at navi-atin- a motor vehicle throu-h traffic or alon- bumpy back roads. Game Mechanic" 0Dri&e2: The )haracter makes '5I H Drive Talent rolls to make any sort of difficult maneuver! like pullin- into a very busy intersection! or avoidin- an onrushin- vehicle. Drive covers cars! pickups! and motorcycles.

De"cri tion: Aou can run! jump! climb! s&im! balance! tumble! parkour! kick-flip! and other&ise do all the stuff athletes! -ymnasts! and little kids spend a lot of time doin-. Game Mechanic" 0Athletic"2: The )haracter may add the 'thletics evel to any "TR or '5I roll re=uired to run! jump! climb! s&im! balance! or tumble.

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De"cri tion: 'lmost everyone kno&s some basic stuff by the time theyCre done &ith hi-h school ; your 9ducation evel sho&s ho& much you &ere payinattention. Game Mechanic" 0Education2: )haracters make 9ducation Talent rolls &hen they need information on science! history! mathematics! or business! or practical Talents like cookin-. The 9(pert 'dvanced Talent can add to many of these.

+ses +ses of of Aidden Aidden ;ore ;ore
0idden 0iddenBore Boreis is;#ite ;#ite#sef# #sef# for foraa*ariet& *ariet&of of reasons. 0ere are a fe% of the things reasons. 0ere are a fe% of the things 0idden 0idden Bore Boreis isgood goodfor. for. DJ354 DJ354 ,eca ,eca the the ocation ocation of of 3ontsa 3ontsa*at. *at. ,eca the name of the 0ierates) ,e= 3#ndi. ,eca the name of the 0ierates) ,e= 3#ndi. DJ DJ304 304,eca ,eca the thesigners signersof ofthe theJirmament Jirmament +reat&. +reat&. DJ DJ 304 304 ,eca ,eca detai detaied ed information information a"o#t a"o#t the Damoc etian .#ard. ,eca the Damoc etian .#ard. ,eca information information a"o#t a"o#t an an Dnnat#ra Dnnat#ra Jaction)s Jaction)s %ea/nesses %ea/nesses and and *# nera"i ities. *# nera"i ities. DJ DJ 254 254 (dentif& (dentif& the the ,ea ,eam m ?if ?if aaread& read& /no%n@ on the other side of a ,#pt#re /no%n@ on the other side of a ,#pt#re or or .ate%a& .ate%a& %itho#t %itho#t entering. entering. (dentif& (dentif& an an Dnnat#ra Dnnat#ra)s )s+&pe +&pe%ith %ithon on& &aa*ag#e *ag#edescription. description. ,eca information a"o#t an ,eca information a"o#t an Dnnat#ra Dnnat#ra +&pe)s +&pe)s %ea/nesses %ea/nessesand and*# *#nera"i nera"iities. ities. DJ DJ 204 204 (dentif& (dentif& an an Dnnat#ra Dnnat#ra)s )s +&pe +&pe %ith %ith se*era se*era min#tes min#tes of of intense intense st#d&. st#d&. ,eca ,eca "asic "asic information informationa"o#t a"o#tan anDnnat#ra Dnnat#ra Jaction. Jaction. DJ DJ 154 154 ,ecogni5e ,ecogni5e an an Dnnat#ra Dnnat#ra)s )s +&pe +&pe %hen %hen%atching %atchingthem them#se #setheir theirDar/ Dar/-o%ers -o%ersin inaa fight. fight. DJ DJ 104 104 (dentif& (dentif& an an 1rtifact 1rtifact on on to#ch. to#ch. ,eca ,eca "asic "asic information information a"o#t a"o#t an an Dnnat#ra Dnnat#ra +&pe. +&pe.

De"cri tion: The ability to &ithstand poison! disease! and other haBards of the #leroma! and continue to function. Game Mechanic" 0Endurance2: :ost "ave rolls a-ainst poison! disease! and the like use T5< H 9ndurance.

Aidden ;ore
Re6uirement": #layer )haracters can take a ma(imum of * evels of <idden ore at )haracter creation. De"cri tion: Aou have some idea &hatCs -oinon in the shado&s of the @ale and the #leroma. 4ith just a fe& evels! youCve read a fe& issues of the 0ortean 4eekly Journal! &hile &ith many evels! youCre as tuned-in as a hi-h-rankin- member of the 7rdo )ustodes 8octis. Game Mechanic" 0*idden Lore2: )haracters roll I8" H <idden ore to recall details about the various ,nnatural kinds! the #leroma! hidden -roups like the 7rdo )ustodes 8octis! supernatural creatures! or important people and events in ,nnatural history.

De"cri tion: Aou kno& ho& to make people crin-e and back the hell do&n &hen they -et outta line. 4ith just a fe& evels! you can raise your voice and use some nau-hty &ords! &hile &ith much hi-her evels! just a &hispered &ord and narro&ed eyes makes people retreat and apolo-iBe.

Game Mechanic" 0Intimidation2: Aou may force a tar-et to make an 7pposed "pooky 0ear "ave rollin- your #9R H Intimidation a-ainst their 4I H "elf-)ontrol 7n a :ishap! any further Intimidation rolls a-ainst that tar-et suffer a penalty e=ual to >00?%D.

De"cri tion: Aou kno& ho& to talk to people so that you reach an a-reement to-ether. 'nd by a-reement! &e mean! you -et &hat you &ant! and they &alk a&ay happy. )humps.

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Game Mechanic" 0Ne-otiation2: The )haracter may make a #9R H 8e-otiation Talent rolls vs. the tar-etCs :D90 to persuade or ha--le &ith others. 7n a Triumph! the effect is a )ompulsion! and on a :ishap! any further 8e-otiation rolls a-ainst that tar-et suffer a penalty e=ual to ->00?%D.

De"cri tion: Aou can keep your calm and remain on task! bitin- your ton-ue &hen the &ron- people demand ans&ers. Game Mechanic" 0Sel,8%ontrol2: "elf-)ontrol is used to calculate a )haracterCs :D90 'sset.

De"cri tion: 8othin- -ets past you; your eyes are open! your ears are sharp. 8e(t to you! most people are blind! or asleep. Game Mechanic" 0Notice2: )haracters make I8" H 8otice Talent rolls to notice clues! sneakin- enemies! or other details in their surroundin-s.

De"cri tion: They never see you comin-; like a shado&! you &hisk past! on your &ay to -et their stuff! or just -ive people a -ood scare. Game Mechanic" 0Snea!2: )haracters make '5I H "neak Talent rolls to move &ithout beinnoticed.

Ranged "ombat
De"cri tion: AouCre -ood at hittin- thin-s from a distance! &hether youCre firin- a -un! shootin- a bo&! or just playin- darts. Game Mechanic" 0Ran-ed %om$at2: )haracters make '5I H Ran-ed )ombat Talent rolls to make attacks &ith ran-ed &eapons! and to calculate the )haracterCs RD90 'sset.

De"cri tion: AouCre a tricky little bitch; people never kno& &hether to take you seriously! and they learn to al&ays check for their &allet &hen they leave. Game Mechanic" 0Tric!er)2: )haracters make #9R H Trickery Talent rolls to deceive others! or '5I H Trickery Talent rolls for pickpocketin- and slei-htof-hand tricks.

De"cri tion: ;roken thin-s donCt stay broken for lon- if youCre around! unless youCve dismantled them to fi-ure out ho& they &ork. Game Mechanic" 0Re air2: )haracters make I8" H Repair Talent rolls to fi( broken &eapons! armor! and other items.

De"cri tion: AouCve -ot money to spare; in a pinch! you can al&ays some throu-h &ith the movie tickets! the -as money! or the e(tra ammo. Game Mechanic" 0#ealth2: The )haracter -ains D additional Trifle slots per evel.

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(d<an%ed !alents
'dvanced Talents follo& the 9(tremely )heap )olumn on the 'bility )ost Table. "ome 'dvanced Talents just add to e(istin- ;asic Talent rolls in a narro& set of circumstances! like )reepy ooks and :edicine! &hile others add ne& capabilities to a )haracterCs repertoire! like :arksman and :artial 'rts. This is not an e(haustive listL There are a lot of possible 'dvanced Talents! and they arenCt all listed here. If you think of an 'dvanced Talent that sounds -ood! ask the 5ame :aster! and theyCll make a decision &hether to allo& it or not. 5ame :asters are encoura-ed to be open-minded and lenient about ne& 'dvanced Talents! provided the proposal is comparable to the e(istin- 'dvanced Talents. automatically has double the normal "TR, and 0,8) for an item of its siBe and composition. The )haracter may take additional <ardships and attach them to the 'rtifact! and use the ;# to purchase more evels of "pecial 'bilities for the item.

'hat 'hat "an "an Be Be (n (n (rtifa%t) (rtifa%t)
Ie Ie ! ! aamost most an&thing! an&thing! as as ong ong as as the the o"Gect and its in*ested Dar/ -o%ers are re o"Gect and its in*ested Dar/ -o%ers are reated ated in in some some sort sort of of aa concept#a concept#a %a&. %a&. Damage2 Damage2 inf icting Dar/ -o%ers are #s#a inf icting Dar/ -o%ers are #s#a & & in*ested in*ested in in rea rea or or pretend pretend %eapons! %eapons! protecti*e protecti*e Dar/ Dar/ -o%ers -o%ers are are #s#a #s#a & & in*ested in*ested in in ccothing othing or or armor! and sensor& Dar/ -o%ers are armor! and sensor& Dar/ -o%ers are #s#a #s#a & & in*ested in*ested in in te teescopes! escopes! s#ng s#ngasses! asses! and and hats. hats. $hoes! $hoes!"e "ets! ts!and and*ehic *ehices esma/e ma/egood goodchoices choicesfor for tra*e tra*e2re 2reated atedDar/ Dar/-o%ers. -o%ers. 3&stics 3&sticsin inancient ancienttimes timesenchanted enchanteds%ords! s%ords! shie shieds! ds!and andchain chainmai mai! !"#t "#tmost mostof ofthat thatst#ff st#ffis is hidden hiddena%a& a%a&in inm#se#ms m#se#msor or ost ostin inthe the-eroma eroma some%here. some%here. +oda&! +oda&! it)s it)s aa ot ot more more common common to to see see aa cro% cro% "ar "ar of of F Fementa ementa Ieapon! Ieapon! aa %ind"rea/er %ind"rea/erof ofCarapace! Carapace!or oraapair pairof of#n%ashed #n%ashed soc/s of D#m" B#c/. soc/s of D#m" B#c/.

(rtifa%t G H
Re6uirement": <idden ore .H. De"cri tion: ike ;ilbo ;a--ins! Kin- 'rthur! or :ichael Kni-ht! youCve -ot an ordinary object thatCs enchanted &ith ine(plicable po&ers. Game Mechanic" 0Arti,act2: )hoose one of the )haracterCs #ossessions; this item is no& invested &ith ma-ical po&ers. The item can be anythin-; traditional ma-ic stuff like rin-s! s&ords! and amulets! or more modern thin-s like -uns and leather jackets. The )haracter -ains * ;# per evel to spend on "pecial 'bilities from the Dark #o&ers )hapter. The )haracter may &ield this item and -ain the "pecial 'bilities chosen! as may any bein- &ith a spirit. These are treated as Innate #o&ers that the )haracter possesses as lon- as the item is in use. 'll listed '#! @I5! "#I! and other costs are paid by the )haracter &hen they use the "pecial 'bility. 'rtifact "pecial 'bilities that ordinarily affect the user! can affect either the user or the object itself. 0or e(ample! an item &ith Re-eneration may -rant the user Re-eneration! or it may Re-enerate itself if dama-ed. The )haracter -ains . evel of the 'ttachment <ardship per evel re-ardin- the 'rtifact! and the item can be lost! broken! or stolen like any normal item that the )haracter possesses! makin- this a some&hat risky investment! but the -ood ne&s is that the item

Re6uirement": 8e-otiation .H. De"cri tion: AouCre a se(y beast! thereCs no denyin- it! and you kno& ho& to use &hat youCve -ot to -et &hat you &ant. Game Mechanic" 0Attracti&e2: The )haracter -ains a bonus of H> evels?%D to 8e-otiation rolls a-ainst anyone attracted to the )haracterCs -ender. In addition! &ith heavy flirtin-! you can roll #9R H

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Trickery H 'ttractive vs. the tar-etCs :D90 to cause the Distracted 'ffliction for . Round; the roll may -ain ;onuses if you sho& some skin.

(uthority G H
Re6uirement": 9ducation .H! 5ame :aster permission. De"cri tion: AouCve been -ranted po&er by The :an! entrusted &ith special ri-hts and responsibilities because of your trainin- or your job. Game Mechanic" 0Authorit)2: The )haracter is empo&ered by the -overnment to do thin-s that ordinary citiBens cannot. ThereCs a &ide variety of thin-s that a )haracter can have 'uthority over! so itCs up to the 5ame :aster and the #layer to &ork out &hatCs reasonable. 'buse of this 'uthority! &hile fun! may lead to its permanent loss! or even jail time! and the more e(treme the 'uthority! the more severe the conse=uences &ill be. N +evel BH 'uthority to &rite parkin- tickets! make health inspections of restaurants! or carry concealed &eapons. N +evel :H ocksmithCs license! allo&in- the )haracter to le-ally buy! carry! and use lock picks. N +evel LH 'uthority to re=uest police records and make arrests! like a police officer. N +evel >H 'uthority to carry automatic &eapons and -renades! like a "4'T team officer or a member of the armed services. N +evel <H OTop "ecretP -overnment security clearance. N +evel B;H The )haracter has a license to kill.

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"onne%tions 3 4
Re6uirement": 8e-otiation .H. De"cri tion: AouCve -ot friends! allies! business partners! and collea-ues that can help you out from time to time. Game Mechanic" 0%onnection"2: )onnections help the )haracter find the thin-s they need. ' )hild of i-ht mi-ht kno& someone &hoCs a&are of their supernatural ori-in and is teachin- them about :ortal life. ' 5hKl mi-ht kno& an undertaker or a &orker at an or-an bank that can OaccidentallyP leave the doors unlocked no& and a-ain. ' :ystic mi-ht kno& a dealer in old books or anti=uities that can help them find in-redients for spells. 'ny )haracter can use a friend &ith -uns! money! or a fast ride to spare. )onnections never come &ithout a price; )haracters have a evel . 'ttachment to their contacts! per the <ardship. In addition! the )onnection &ill e(pect the )haracter to eventually return the favor! or cut all ties &ith the )haracter >and maybe even e(act some petty reven-e! if snubbed too badly?. The actual help that each )onnection can provide should be

Break I Enter
Re6uirement": "neak DH. De"cri tion: Aou kno& ho& to pick locks! open &indo&s! take the valuables &ithout anyone kno&inyou &ere there. Game Mechanic" 0/rea! 9 Enter2: The )haracter can make '5I H Trickery H ;reak I 9nter rolls to intrude on buildin-s and bypass security. The better the locks and security system! thou-h! the harder the D0 &ill be; most locks have D0 'vera-e >D+?! but this can increase drastically! especially if the tar-et has the air Talent.

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DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

determined &hen the )onnections Talent is purchased! and particularly helpful individuals should take D! *! or more )onnections evels to purchase.

Goths Goths Emos Emos and and +nnaturals +nnaturals
Hnce Hnce #pon #pon aa time! time! there there %as %as aa s#"c# s#"c#t#re t#re that read ,omantic iterat#re! %atched that read ,omantic iterat#re! %atched horror horror fi fims! ms! and and fantasi5ed fantasi5ed a"o#t a"o#t meeting meeting rea rea s#pernat#ra s. +r#e Dnnat#ra s fo#nd s#pernat#ra s. +r#e Dnnat#ra s fo#nd the the .oth .oth mo*ement mo*ement aa great great reso#rce reso#rce for for recr#iting recr#iting minions! for h#nting pre&! and minions! for h#nting pre&! and for for hiding hiding amongst. amongst. H*er H*er time! time! that that s#"c# s#"c#t#re! t#re! i/e i/e aa others others "efore "efore it! it! "ecame "ecame trend& trend& and and commercia commerciai5ed. i5ed. $tores $tores catered catered to to its its sensi"i sensi"iities! ities! and and m#sic m#sic in in its its genre genre hit hit the the +op +op 100. 100. -op# -op#ar ar ce cee"rities e"rities ffo#nced o#nced a"o#t a"o#t in in %hiteface %hiteface and and " "ac/ ac/ eather eather and and ace! ace! and and "ig2"#dget "ig2"#dget mo*ies mo*ies %ere %ere ch#rned ch#rned o#t o#t"& "&midd midde2aged e2agedfi fim mdirectors directorsto tocater caterto tothe the trend. trend.+he +hemo*ement! mo*ement! i/e i/eaa others! others!de*e de*eoped oped "ranches "ranchesand andoffshoots! offshoots! i/e i/eaapop# pop#ar ar+< +<sho% sho% spa%ns mo*ies! "oo/s! and "rea/fast spa%ns mo*ies! "oo/s! and "rea/fast cerea cereas! s! and and soon soon 8emo9 8emo9 "ranched "ranched o#t o#t from from 8goth9 8goth9 and and de*e de*eoped oped its its o%n o%n #ni;#e #ni;#e st& st&ee of of o"*io#s o"*io#s despair. despair. +oda& +oda& the the a*erage a*erage 8emo 8emo /id9 /id9 or or 8ma 8ma 22 goth9 is no more i/e & to "e ie*e in goth9 is no more i/e & to "e ie*e in the the s#pernat#ra s#pernat#ra than than an&one an&one eese. se. 6#t 6#t the&)re the&)re sti sti eas& eas& to to hide hide among! among! and and if if an&thing! an&thing! the&)re the&)re more g# i" e than e*er. Dnnat#ra more g# i" e than e*er. Dnnat#rass hid hid among among the the hippies hippies in in the the )60s! )60s! among among the the 6eatni/s 6eatni/s in in the )50s! and among other mo*ements the )50s! and among other mo*ements "efore "efore them. them. Iise Iise Dnnat#ra Dnnat#rass are are aaread& read& oo/ing oo/ing for for the ne%est imina trend to impersonate! the ne%est imina trend to impersonate! sta sta/! /! and andde*o#r. de*o#r.

Re6uirement": 9ndurance or "elf-)ontrol DH. De"cri tion: Aou kno& ho& to have fun and -et people to come out of their shell. #eople rela( and let loose &hen youCre around; you really are the Olife of the party.P Game Mechanic" 0%arou"in-2: 4hen rollin- to re-ain "#I! if you roll a lo&er number than your )arousin- Talent evel H.! you may increase the amount of re-ained "#I to that amount. Aou may also e(tend this benefit to up to > evels? other people; )haracters &ith certain <ardships >Detached! Distant! Despairin-. #sychic "cars? count double to&ards this number! &hile others > echerous! anyone else &ith .H evels of )arousin-? donCt count a-ainst this total at all.

Re6uirement": "elf-)ontrol 3H. De"cri tion: Aou donCt back do&n as =uickly as others &hen somethin- truly fri-htenin- is happenin-. Game Mechanic" 0%oura-eou"2: The )haracter -ains a bonus of H> evels? to all 0ear "aves. 't evel 1! all 0ear "aves are reduced in severity by .; Terrifyin- becomes Dauntin-! and Dauntin- becomes "pooky. 't evel .+! theyCre all reduced by D; Terrifyin- becomes "pooky! and Dauntin- and "pooky no lon-er re=uire "ave rolls?. )haracters at evel .+ -ain H. evel to the Detached or Distant <ardship! thou-h! -ainin- one if they donCt already have one; their intense self-possession makes them kind of spooky and robot-like.

"reepy ;ooks
Re6uirement": Intimidation DH. De"cri tion: "omethin- about ho& you look creeps people the hell out. :aybe youCre an albino! maybe you have a hu-e 5orbachev birthmark! or maybe itCs that you have more piercin-s in your face than 'ppleK has rabid fanboys. 's lon- as you cover up or stay distant! folks donCt have a hard time interactin- &ith you. 5ood luck &ith that. Game Mechanic" 0%ree ) Loo!"2: The )haracter -ain a bonus of H> evels? to all #9R H Intimidation rolls a-ainst opponents. 't evel 1! your Intimidation rolls become Dauntin-! and at evel .+! they become Terrifyin-.

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DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

Dark (rt G H
Re6uirement": "orcery Dark #o&er. #layer )haracters can take a ma(imum of * evels of each Dark 'rt at )haracter creation. De"cri tion: :ystics kno& that the universe is composed of various ener-ies and elements. :ystics learn Dark 'rts that allo& them to sense and control them as they &ill. Game Mechanic" 0Dar! Art2: )hoose one 0ocus for the Dark 'rt Talent &hen this Talent is selected. 't each evel of this Talent! the )haracter learns a ne& 0ormula. The @oid 9lement is not available to #layer )haracters >no matter ho& much you bitch and moan?. N "odyH Kno&led-e of the sacred forces of the flesh! blood! bones! nerves! muscles! or-ans! and Devourer elementals. N 4e tinyH Kno&led-e of the mysteries of time! space! chance! location! karma! fate! and Reaper elementals. N EnergyH Kno&led-e of the po&ers that move and shape the visible &orld! such as flames and fire! li-htenin-! sound! -ravity! heat! and "alamander elementals. N '!irit H Kno&led-e of the mysteries of the immaterial! the Lther! the mind! -hosts! spirits! animal and human consciousnesses! and Tulpa elementals. N 'ub tanceH Kno&led-e of the arcane secrets behind solids! li=uids! and -ases! like soil! iron! steel! &ind! &ood! &ater! stone! precious metals! and 5nome! "ylph! and ,ndine elementals.









E*pert 3 4
Re6uirement": 9ducation .H. De"cri tion: There are thousands of diverse hobbies! professions! and fields of study in the &orld. :aybe you can desi-n and build brid-es! maybe you can calculate pi to the thousandth place! or maybe you can name the airin- dates of every episode of OI ove ucy.P Game Mechanic" 0E. ert2: 't each evel! the )haracter -ains a ne& 9(pert field 0ocus! listed belo&.




Area J KH In-depth kno&led-e about a specific -eo-raphic area! &hether a country! state! or city. The smaller the area! the more information the )haracter -ains &ith a successful roll. Art J KH The ability to cook! paint! sculpt! dance! &rite poetry! &rite prose! or en-a-e in some other form of artistic endeavor. "ureaucracy J KH Kno&led-e about procedures and behavioral rules! such as a corporate code of conduct! or city! state! or national la&s. 5ood for la&yers! police officers! or the strai-ht-laced. "u ine J KH Information on the brands! companies! competition! and life in -eneral in a specific kind of industry! like advertisin-! consumer electronics! or technolo-y. 1ulture J KH ;ehavioral norms! beliefs! holidays! dress codes! and the like for a specific -roup of people. 3ame J KH "kill &ith a specific type of -ame! like board -ames! card -ames! or video and computer -ames. 8i tory J KH Kno&led-e about a specific era of history! or a specific type of event! like &ars or artistic movements. +anguage J KH Kno&led-e about ho& to read! &rite! and speak a specific lan-ua-e; e(amples include 9nochian >the lan-ua-e of the )hildren of Darkness and )hildren of i-ht?! 5idimite >the lan-ua-e of 5hKls?! and the :ystic dialect. )haracters can automatically speak 9n-lish and one other lan-ua-e >9nochian for )hildren of i-ht! 5idimite for 5hKls! or )ryptosophic for :ystics? for free. 0eta!hy ic J KH ' specific philosophy! reli-ion! or other belief system. 0u ic J K H 'cademic kno&led-e and music theory! or ability to sin- or play a musical instrument. Ao!ular 1ultureH Kno&led-e about T@ sho&s! movies! actors and actresses! pop music! celebrity scandals! and major political fi-ures. 'cience J KH Kno&led-e about systematic and thorou-h studies of some sort of thin-! usin- hard evidence and deductive reasonin-. 5ood e(amples include anthropolo-y! archeolo-y! biolo-y!

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chemistry! information theory! mathematics! medicine! physics! parapsycholo-y! psycholo-y! or sociolo-y. '!ort J KH 0acts and fi-ures about the teams and players in a major sport! like basketball! baseball! soccer! football! or hockey. 'treetwi eH Info on ho& to survive and trade on the street! &hat areas are safe and for &hom! and ho& to make it &hen you donCt have a roof over your head. 'urvival J KH 'bility to safely last in a particular kind of &ilderness terrain. 9(amples include deserts! jun-les! forests! froBen lands! or under-round.

Re6uirement": "elf-)ontrol DH; )haracter cannot have more Trickery evels than M their <onest evels. De"cri tion: :aybe youCre honorable and trust&orthy! maybe youCre an innocent kindhearted dope! but youCre tou-h to corrupt. Game Mechanic" 0*one"t2: The )haracterCs )orruption evel is decreased by their <onest evel. The )haracter -ains a > evels? bonus to :D90 and all "ave rolls a-ainst seduction! bribery! or other attempts to s&ay them to mislead others.

1trange 1trange Bodies Bodies
+he +he first first time time aa Character Character performs performs Jirst Jirst 1id on a .hA or a Chi d of Bight! the 1id on a .hA or a Chi d of Bight! thero ro s#ffers s#ffers N5 N5to toDJ. DJ.+he +heCharacter Charactercan caninstant instant& &te te that thatthe the s#"Gect isn)t one of the Do%ntrodden! #n s#"Gect isn)t one of the Do%ntrodden! #ness ess the the Character Characteris is$hapeshifted. $hapeshifted. .hA .hAss and and Chi Chidren dren of of Bight! Bight! of of co#rse! co#rse! don)t s#ffer this pena t& %hen performing don)t s#ffer this pena t& %hen performing Jirst Jirst 1id 1idon ontheir theiro%n o%n/ind! /ind!"#t "#t%o# %o#d dif ifthe& the&%ere %ereto to he hep po#t o#tthe theDo%ntrodden. Do%ntrodden.

Re6uirement": 8otice .H. De"cri tion: Aou love a -ood mystery; and there are so many in the &orld. 'nd &ith all the bad people doin- bad thin-s and coverin- their tracks! the mysteries just seem to -ro& more numerous. Game Mechanic" 0In&e"ti-ation2: The )haracter may add their Investi-ation evel to all I8" H 8otice Talent rolls to research mysterious subjects! investi-ate crime scenes! and locate clues.

;air G H
Re6uirement": 4ealth .H. De"cri tion: Aour pad is better e=uipped to deal &ith your supernatural activities. Game Mechanic" 0Lair2: The D0 to pick the locks on your home increase by * per evel. In addition! your home automatically has the 4ards >The "i-ht? "pecial 'bility on it e=ual to > evels?. The air only covers . room per evel! so many )haracters make their bedroom or basement into their official air.

First (id
Re6uirement": 9ducation *H. De"cri tion: 4hen people -et punctured! fractured! or lacerated! you kno& ho& to patch Cem up until they can -et serious medical attention. Game Mechanic" 0Fir"t Aid2: The )haracter can make an I8" H 9ducation H 0irst 'id roll to restore .d* < T to any one ;ody #art! and . T5<! on a subject. This roll may only be attempted once per day per subject ;ody #art. The D0 is 'vera-e >D+? if the tar-et still has < T in the ;ody #art! or Difficult >D3? if their < T is -one; <ead and Torso Injuries have H3 D0.

Marksman 3 4
Re6uirement": Ran-ed )ombat 2H evels. De"cri tion: Aou e(cel &ith ran-ed &eapons. :aybe youCre a hunter! maybe youCre a cop! or in the 8ational 5uard! or you just play paintball &ay too much. Aou may not %uite be 4yatt 9arp! but you kno& a fe& tricks.

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Game Mechanic" 0Mar!"man2: 9ach evel allo&s the )haracter to -ain one martial arts move from the list belo&. N Autofire ArcheryH Re=uires Ran-ed )ombat /H evels. The )haracter may treat ;o&s as havin- the 'utofire M.dDN 0eature. N 1ombat Awarene H Re=uires 8otice DH evels. 'll bonuses to attack the )haracter from the side or from behind in Ran-ed )ombat are halved. N 4ual -ea!on &rainingH Re=uires Ran-ed )ombat EH evels. )hoose t&o one-handed Ran-ed )ombat &eapons! such as thro&inknives or pistols. 4hen &ieldin- these t&o &eapons! 'ttack 'ctions cost . less '#. N Fa t AttackH The )haracterCs I8IT increases by >:arksman evel?%D. If you have the move of the same name from :artial 'rts! the )haracter -ains the hi-her of the t&o bonuses HD. N 3un FuH Re=uires 'thletics evel 2H. The )haracter can spend up to >'thletics?%D @I5 to -ain an e=ual bonus to RD90. N Ainning Aro#ectile J KH Re=uires Ran-ed )ombat 3H evels. )hoose from thro&n ed-ed &eapons! bo&s! or crossbo&s. The )haracter may make an attack at -* to pin an opponent to a nearby surface. If the attack succeeds &ith "0 2H! the enemy suffers the :anacled or "hackled 'ffliction. 7n "0 .*! the enemy merely takes T dama-e from the attack. N Aracticed AutofireH Re=uires Ran-ed )ombat 3H evels. The )haracter -ains a HD 'ccuracy bonus &hen usin- &eaponsC 'utofire 0eature. N 5uick 4raw J KH Re=uires Ran-ed )ombat 3H evels. )hoose one ran-ed &eapon. The '# cost for the Ready Item 'ction is reduced to +. N Ranged 4i arm J KH Re=uires )lose )ombat 3H evels. )hoose one ran-ed &eapon. The )haracter may make Disarm 'ctions &ith this &eapon. The )haracter need not hold their 'ction to make Disarms! but may not retain the &eapon. The )haracter al&ays rolls '5I H Ran-ed )ombat H :arksman to Disarm. N Ranged -ea!on E.!erti e J KH )hoose one form of Ran-ed 4eapon; possibilities include pistols! rifles! thro&n &eapons! bo&s! crossbo&s! or military &eapons >sub-


machine -uns! -renades! knives?. Aou -ain an additional H* ;onus to all attacks &ith that &eapon. 'ignature 0ove J KH )hoose one Ran-ed )ombat attack; the )haracter -ains H* to hit &ith this attack. 'ni!er 'hot J KH Re=uires Ran-ed )ombat /H evels. )hoose one ran-ed &eapon. 'll Ran-e #enalties are reduced by D per Ran-e Increment.


Martial (rts 3 4
Re6uirement": )lose )ombat 2H evels. De"cri tion: AouCve taken some classes in an advanced fi-htin- form. Aou may not %uite be a ninja! but your fists are definitely someone to be &ary of no&. Game Mechanic" 0Martial Art"2: 9ach evel allo&s the )haracter to -ain one martial arts move from the list belo&. N Acrobatic FightingH Re=uires 'thletics evel 2H. The )haracter can spend up to >'thletics?%D @I5 to -ain an e=ual bonus to )D90. N 1ho!H The )haracter -ains the )hop &eapon. N 1lo e 1ombat -ea!on E.!erti e J KH )hoose one form of )lose )ombat 4eapon; possibilities include hand attacks! foot attacks! &restlin-! short blades >knives! da--ers! and machetes?! lon- blades >s&ords?! short blunt >clubs and fi-htinsticks?! lon- blunt >baseball bats?! or fle(ible &eapons >&ei-hted chains?. The )haracter -ains an additional H* ;onus to all attacks &ith that &eapon. N 1ombat Awarene H Re=uires 8otice DH evels. 'll bonuses to attack the )haracter from the side or from behind in )lose )ombat are halved. N 1ounterattackH 4hen the )haracter delays action and interrupts an enemyCs attack &ith their o&n )lose )ombat 'ttack! the )haracterCs attack -ains a HD bonus. N 4ual -ea!on &rainingH Re=uires )lose )ombat EH evels. )hoose t&o one-handed )lose )ombat &eapons! such as paired knives or paired s&ords. 4hen &ieldinthese t&o &eapons! 'ttack and ;lock 'ctions cost . less '#.

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E.!ert "lockH It costs the )haracter . less '# to perform a ;lock 'ction! and they may hold the ;lock 'ction until needed! not the )haracterCs entire Round! until the )haracterCs ne(t Round. Fa t AttackH The )haracterCs I8IT increases by >:artial 'rts evel?%D. If the )haracter has the move of the same name from the :arksman Talent! they -ain the hi-her of the t&o bonuses HD. Iron 'hirtH Re=uires Tou-h 's 8ails .H evels. The )haracterCs Tou-h 's 8ails evel increases by >:artial 'rts evel?%*. Dum! 7ickH The )haracter -ains the Jump Kick &eapon. 7i!!u!H Re=uires 'thletics DH evels. The '# cost for the )han-e #osition 'ction is reduced to .. 7nife 8andH Re=uires )lose )ombat JH evels. The )haracterCs #unch and )hop 'ttacks are treated as the 9d-ed Dama-e Type! not ;lunt. 5uick 4raw J KH )hoose one )lose )ombat &eapon. The '# cost for the Ready Item 'ction is reduced to +. 'hattering 'trikeH 't a cost of . additional @I5 per attack! the )haracterCs unarmed dama-e to inanimate objects is doubled. 'ignature 0ove J KH )hoose one )lose )ombat attack! such as #unch! Kick! Jump Kick! or )hop; the )haracter -ains H* to hit &ith this attack. 'wee! 7ickH The )haracter -ains the "&eep Kick &eapon.

Passion G H
Re6uirement": 4I 2H. De"cri tion: "ome ideal drives you to your best! or haunts you &hen youCre at your &orst. Aou canCt help believin- that the &orld &ould be better if people acted on their beliefs like you do! for they lend you such stren-th. Game Mechanic" 0Pa""ion2: 9ach time the )haracter selects this 'dvanced Talent! they must select a different #assion. 4hen the )haracter acts accordin- to their #assion! find the #assionCs evel on the table belo&; they -ain the listed amount of "pirit. If the )haracter acts a-ainst their #assions! they lose double this amount of "#I. ;e<el
$0 1 0 / . 5 4 " $




1PI Bonus
d.2$ points d. points "d.2$d points "d.2$ points "d. points $d.2$d points $d.2$ points $d. points $d points $ point






Mysti%al !e%hniBues G H
Re6uirement": "orcery Dark #o&er. De"cri tion: :a-ic is tremendously costly to oneCs mental stability; in order to retain their balance! :ystics must learn special methods to control their inner forces. Game Mechanic" 0M)"tical Techni6ue"2: 't each evel! the )haracter learns a ne& "pecialiBation from the follo&in-$ 'ltar! 'ncient an-ua-es! ;lood "acrifice! )onsecrated Tools! Dancin-! 9li(irs! 0astin-! 0reecastin-! In-redients! :a-ical #asses! #articipants! Rituals! "ympathetic )onnection! Tantra! or @ital "acrifice.

"ome #assions that the )haracter may choose from are listed belo&. There are many more possibilities! thou-h; ask the 5ame :aster if you have another one in mind! to make sure itCll &ork okay in your )ampai-n. N FreedomH The )haracter -ains "#I &hen they act as they &ant! damn the conse=uences! or help others do so. They lose "#I &hen they meekly submit &hen they could rebel! or fail to help others do so. N Du ticeH The )haracter -ains "#I &hen they act a-ainst unfairness to themselves or others! in an e=uitable manner. The )haracter loses "#I &hen they act unfairly! or stand by &hile injustice is done &ithout helpin-. N 'ecret H The )haracter -ains "#I &hen they act a-ainst unfairness to themselves or others! in an e=uitable manner. The )haracter loses "#I &hen they act unfairly! or stand by &hile injustice is done &ithout helpin-.

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RevengeH The )haracter -ains "#I &hen they retaliate a-ainst someone that did them &ron-! punishin- them in a poetic manner. The )haracter loses "#I &hen they are the ones in the &ron-! or if their ven-eance doesnCt someho& fit the Ocrime.P RomanceH The )haracter -ains "#I &hen they seek love! sympathy! companionship! or just a =uick lay from a potential partner. The )haracter loses "#I &hen they turn do&n an attractive! interested partner to -o do somethin- else! like save the universe or cure cancer. 'ecret H The )haracter -ains "#I &hen they find ans&ers to cosmic mysteries! discover hidden conspiracies! or meddle in othersC dirty laundry. The )haracter loses "#I &hen they pass by mysterious matters &ithout lookin- into them! no matter the reason. -ealthH The )haracter -ains "#I &hen they -ain riches or capitol investments of any kind. The )haracter loses "#I &hen they pass up the chance to make a =uick buck! short of outri-ht and blatant theft. -onder H The )haracter -ains "#I &hen they &itness stran-e! amaBin- thin-s! like sorcerous phenomena! the beauty of nature! or biBarre other &orlds. The )haracter loses "#I &hen they stick to kno&n! borin- paths! and donCt e(plore the &ondrous >and dan-erous? thin-s that beckon from around the corner.

Game Mechanic" 0Sta$ilit)2: 4hen the )haracter must roll on any of the Tables in the 5oin;u-fuck "ection! they may subtract > evels? from all rolls. :ystics may not have more evels in "tability than they have in their hi-hest Dark 'rt Talent.

Re6uirement": "elf-)ontrol .H. De"cri tion: AouCre no drama =ueen. Aou feel emotions! sure! but you donCt let them rule you. 4hen the time comes to act! youCll act! calmly. Game Mechanic" 0Stoic2: Aou can spend . "#I to i-nore one 9motional 'ffliction for > evels? Rounds. 't evel JH! your meditative calm is even more impressive; instead of spendin- . "#I and sufferin- the 0roBen 'ffliction for . Round! the )haracter may spend + "#I and be 0roBen for >.* Q evels? Rounds.

!e%h 3 4
Re6uirement": 9ducation *H. De"cri tion: Aou have an above-avera-e -rasp of electronics and machinery. )omputers! cell phones! &irin-! clock&orks! steam! -as or diesel en-ines! may all have kno&n your tinkerin- from time to time. Game Mechanic" 0Tech2: The )haracter -ains a ne& Tech "pecialiBation &ith each evel. They include clock&orks! computer operations! computer pro-rammin-! internal combustion en-ines! sensor systems! steam en-ines! &ired communications! and &ireless communications.

Re6uirement": Trickery .H. De"cri tion: Aou are one of the anonymous nobodies that cro&d the street every day. There isnCt much record of you in the official files! and thatCs -ood; youCre hard to track do&n. Game Mechanic" 0O$"curit)2: The )haracterCs 7bscurity evel is added to all Defenses and "ave rolls a-ainst othersC spells that use a "ympathetic )onnection.

!ough (s .ails
Re6uirement": 9ndurance 3H evels. De"cri tion: Aou shru- off minor injuries and just keep barrelin- at the enemy until theyCve been appropriately curbstomped. Game Mechanic" 0Tou-h A" Nail"2: The )haracter -ains > evels?%D I#R7 and . D#R7 in all ;ody #arts. The normal rules for 'rmor "tackinapply.

Re6uirement": "elf-)ontrol .H. De"cri tion: AouCve been do&n and out! even seen some mind-blo&in-ly &eird stuff! but someho& youCve al&ays kept it to-ether.

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"hapter =II$ Aardships
<ardships come in different varieties; :ortals have a host of miseries that beset them in life! &hile the ,nnatural have special tortures that only they must face.

Mortal Aardships
(ddi%ted G H
De"cri tion: AouCre no -ood &ithout the stuff! but &ith it! youCre on top of the &orld. 8one of your friends or family understood! but you donCt need their bullshit! ri-ht6 The track marks are easy to cover up &ith lon- sleeves! but more than that! &hen youCre hi-h! you can for-et everythin- youCre lost and -iven up. Game Mechanic" 0Addicted2: The )haracter must partake of their dru- every day! or suffer a penalty of -> evels? to all 'ttributes until they can obtain the dru-. This penalty stacks! so eventually the )haracter &ill be incapacitated or die if they donCt -et their Ofi(.P In addition! the )haracter must deal &ith the possible conse=uences of carryin- ille-al contraband. Game Mechanic" 0A athetic2: 'ny time the )haracter rolls a Triumph! they must spend > evels? "#I! or it becomes a normal roll.

De"cri tion: AouCve never been beaten. #eriod. AouCre the best! and anyone that says other&ise &ill be forced to eat their &ords. Game Mechanic" 0Arro-ant2: 'ny time the )haracter loses a -ame! contest! or any 7pposed roll! they lose > evels? "#I. The )haracterCs )orruption also increases by > evels?.

(tta%hment G H
De"cri tion: Aour -irlfriend and your little one are your &orld! the most important thin- to you ever. 'nd you love 5randma so much; she helped raise you! after all. Aou have ni-htmares about your &eird! horrible second life involvin- them; if anythin- ever happened to them! you donCt kno& &hat youCd do. Game Mechanic" 0Attachment2: If the subject of the )haracterCs 'ttachment is mildly threatened! the )haracter must make a "pooky 0ear "ave vs. >> evels SD?H.3?. If the 'ttachment subject is seriously threatened! the 0ear "ave is Dauntin-! and if the subject is in immediate! mortal dan-er! the 0ear "ave is Terrifyin-. The )haracter canCt be made to flee &ithout the subject of the attachment! no matter &hat! but they may depart immediately once they have a firm -rip on their loved one. 4hat constitutes bein- threatenedC6 It varies on ho& capable the subject of the 'ttachment is. 7ther #)s are fairly tou-h and adaptable! so! the )haracter doesnCt suffer unless the subject falls unconscious from &ounds! or is other&ise seriously mentally or physically injured in a lastin- &ay. If the subject is an

(llergy G H
De"cri tion: AouCre -reat some days! but &hen you arenCt careful! &hen you for-et the pills or -et too close to some asshole &ith too much colo-ne! the snifflin-! cou-hin-! and sneeBin- be-ins. Game Mechanic" 0Aller-)2: )hoose some aller-en! like pollen! mold! or perfumes. 4hen the )haracter is e(posed to the aller-en! they suffer the Distracted 'ffliction for > evels? Rounds. 9ach of these rounds! roll a die on the )haracterCs turn; on a E! the )haracter suffers . 9ner-y 9nvironmental dama-e and is 0roBen that Round as &ell.

De"cri tion: :eh. ODo your best!P they say! Otry your hardest.P 4ho cares.

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DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

adult 8#)! it &ill involve their takin- any sort of injury; a child or elderly 8#) &ould tri--er the )haracterCs feelin-s of 'ttachment any time an enemy even spoke convincin-ly of harmin- them. ItCs a matter of roleplayin-! and the #layer and 5ame :aster should &ork to-ether to make sure that this <ardship is fair.

.+! the )haracter cannot &alk at all. In case the )haracterCs le-s are actually severed! 'ttack rolls a-ainst severed limbs become Torso hits.

"lingy G H
De"cri tion: #eople al&ays seem to &ant to leave you behind! leave you lonely. Aou take their rejections like a punch to the -ut; nothin- is &orse than bein- rejected. Game Mechanic" 0%lin-)2: )hoose someone for the )haracter the be )lin-y about. The )haracterCs ma(imum "#I total is reduced by > evels? &hen they canCt be in the subjectCs presence. If theyCre ever rejected by the subject of this <ardship! the )haracter automatically suffers the Distracted 'ffliction for > evels S*dE? hours.

Bad Eyes
De"cri tion: Aou canCt see all that &ell! or not at all. Aou can usually feel your &ay around familiar places! but Game Mechanic" 0/ad E)e"2: The )haracter suffers a penalty of -> evels? to all Ran-ed )ombat and 8otice Talent rolls! and -> evels?%D to )lose )ombat rolls. The )haracterCs RD90 is reduced by -> evels?! and )D90 is reduced by -> evels?%D. 'll penalties to Ran-e are doubled for the )haracter. 't evel .+! the )haracter is le-ally ;lind; at this point! the )haracter is considered to permanently suffer the ;linded 'ffliction. ItCs not all bad! thou-h; the )haracter -ains a bonus of H> evels?%* to all 8otice Talent rolls involvin- other senses! and at a cost of . "#I! the )haracter may halve this <ardshipCs penalties to )D90 and RD90 for . Round.

De"cri tion: Thin-s happen to fast for you to comprehend and react. It all becomes a blur! meanin-less noise! and youCre left there standin-! lookin- confused and disoriented. Game Mechanic" 0%on,u"ed2: "ubtract > evel SD? from the )haracterCs I8IT. 'ny time the )haracter rolls a :ishap! the suffer the Distracted 'ffliction for the ne(t Round.

Bad Aands
De"cri tion: AouCre missin- some fin-ers! or a &hole hand! or maybe your hands shake so bad you canCt -et a -rip on thin-s. Game Mechanic" 0/ad *and"2: The )haracter suffers a penalty of -> evels? to all Talent rolls involvin- one of the )haracterCs hands! includin- )lose )ombat and Ran-ed )ombat Talent rolls. 't evel 3! one of the )haracterCs hands is totally non-functional! and additional evels penaliBe the other hand. 't evel .+! the )haracter has no functionin- hands! and indeed may not have arms at all. 'ttack rolls a-ainst severed limbs become Torso hits. "ee the 9(tra e-s Dark #o&er for rules on =uadrupedal animals &ith no manipulative appenda-es.

De"cri tion: 9veryone around you are pussies; itCs only natural to hit first! and hit hardest! ri-ht6 8ature! red in tooth and cla&! and all that. :aybe itCs mean and petty! but thatCs life. Game Mechanic" 0%ruel2: The )haracter loses > evels? "#I any time they pass up an opportunity to hurt someone. In addition! the )haracterCs )orruption increases by > evels?.

Bum ;eg
De"cri tion: ItCs tou-h for you to -et around on your o&n anymore; maybe you are slo&er! or you need crutches! or you just canCt &alk at all. Game Mechanic" 0/um Le-2: The )haracter suffers a penalty of -> evels? to all 'thletics Talent rolls involvin- their le-s. 't evel 3! the )haracter cannot &alk! but can still move &ith crutches; at evel

De"cri tion: 8othin- -ood ever lasts for lon-; itCs best to just be resi-ned to the &orst from the &orld. Game Mechanic" 0%)nical2: The )haracter loses > evels? "#I &henever somethin- really -ood happens. In addition! the )haracterCs )orruption increases by > evels?.

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De"cri tion: "ometimes the &alls bleed; sometimes the blank-faced people in the street can tell &hat youCre thinkin- just by lookin- at you. The medication makes the stran-e si-hts -o a&ay for a&hile! but you canCt help &onderin- &hich is the really real reality. Game Mechanic" 0Delu"ion"2: The )haracter has visions of thin-s that are completely untrue! at least in the Realm the )haracter currently resides. 4hen the hallucinations hit! the )haracter must spend > evels SD? "#I any time they must i-nore the visions and behave rationally.

Game Mechanic" 0Detached2: The 5ame :aster makes all rolls a-ainst the 9motional 'ffliction in secret! and neednCt tell the )haracter &hen theyCre sufferin- the 9motional 'ffliction! or any other :odifiers based on emotional state. In addition! the )haracterCs )orruption increases by > evels?.

De"cri tion: If people kno& ho& you feel! they can hurt you. :aybe itCs better to just sho& no emotion at all. They say youCre like a robot! but at least youCre safe. Game Mechanic" 0Di"tant2: The )haracter immediately loses > evels? "#I if they act on any emotion in public. In addition! the )haracterCs )orruption increases by > evels?.

Aard of Aearing
De"cri tion: 4<'T6 4<'T DID A7, "'A6 "#9'K T<9 <9 ,#L Game Mechanic" 0*ard o, *earin-2: The )haracter suffers a penalty of > evels? to all hearin-based I8"H8otice rolls; at E Ranks! the )haracter cannot hear at all! permanently sufferin- the Deafened 'ffliction.
P oto courtesy 'eli(, P otovaco.com.

De"cri tion: 8o one ever -ives you a second look! unless youCre practically jumpin- up and do&n and &avin- for their attention. AouCve -ot a nice personality! they say. 0uck that. Aou &ish that! just once! you could see lust in a stran-erCs eyes! frank appraisal and approval; but it &ill never happen. Game Mechanic" 0*omel)2: The )haracter suffers a penalty of -> evels? to all #9R rolls &hen interactin- &ith a more 'ttractive >or less <omely? person that &ould ordinarily be attracted to your -ender.

De"cri tion: AouCre such a failure. 8othin- ever -oes ri-ht for you. 'nd &hen you fail! you feel such soul-crushin- misery … that you start thinkin- about the knife a-ain! and ho& shiny it is! ho& pretty … <o& easy it &ould be to just … stop ... Game Mechanic" 0De" airin-2: 'ny time the )haracter rolls a :ishap! they are 0roBen for > evels? Rounds. In addition! the )haracterCs )orruption increases by > evels?.

De"cri tion: #eople sometimes ask you &hy youCre an-ry. 4hy do they think youCre an-ry6 7ther times you realiBe youCve been smilin-! and youCre not sure &hy. "ometimes you do thin-s and realiBe you &ere &orried! or scared! and thatCs &hy you did them. 9motions are &eird.

De"cri tion: )on men line the side&alks of every city and to&n! sellin- fake Role(es and other -arba-e! and theyCve all made a buck or ten off of you. Aou take everyone at face value! and -ive everyone the benefit of the doubt … until itCs too late.

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Game Mechanic" 0Innocent2: The )haracter suffers a penalty of -> evels? to all #ersuasion Talent Rolls to deceive another! and to their :D90 &hen another is attemptin- to deceive them.

De"cri tion: "ome people donCt kno& &hy theyCre alive; theyCve -ot no fire! no passion. AouCve -ot plenty. "ome say you leave &recka-e behind you &herever you -o! broken hearts and broken promises; but you kno& youCre truly alive! for &hatever thatCs &orth. Game Mechanic" 0Lecherou"2: The )haracter loses > evels? "#I any time they pass up an opportunity to spend some time indul-in- their lusts. In addition! the )haracterCs )orruption increases by > evels?.

Game Mechanic" 0O$"e""ed2: )hoose one subject for the )haracter to obsess over; e(amples mi-ht include cleanliness! hy-iene! fashion! readin-! arran-in- thin-s by number or color! even fear of beincraBy. The )haracter loses > evels? "#I any time they pass up an opportunity to act on or discuss the object of their obsession.

De"cri tion: Thin-s &ere so much simpler back in the day; the &orld &asnCt so busy! so full of madness and stupidity. 'nd your bones didnCt ache in those days! either. Game Mechanic" 0Old2: The )haracter must pay . "#I each Round any time they must e(ert themselves physically! or suffer the Distracted 'ffliction for .dE Rounds. :any 7ld )haracters are also )ynical or <ard of <earin-.

Mood 1>ings
De"cri tion: 7ne minute youCre on top of the &orld! and the ne(t! thin-s are crashin- do&n all around you. AouCre like a stormy sea! all diBByinhei-hts and stormy depths; the meds make it even out! but even then! you crave the ups&in-s! so you try and ride the &ave. Game Mechanic" 0Mood S'in-"2: 'ny time the )haracter scores a Triumph or a :ishap! they suffer the 9motional 'ffliction for > evels? rounds.

De"cri tion: Aou &ere a fool to come here; not that you can -o back! no&. :aybe youCre from another state! or another country or even another Realm. 4hat matters is! you donCt belon-! you donCt understand &hat people say half the time! and &hen people lau-h! you suspect half the time that theyCre lau-hin- at you. Game Mechanic" 0Out"ider2: The )haracter suffers a penalty of -> evels SD? to any #9R- or I8"related roll re-ardin- specific dialects or cultural peculiarities. 0or e(ample! and 7utsider &ill al&ays find themselves lost in the datin- scene! or attemptinse(ual innuendos.

-athbound G H
De"cri tion: AouCre a person of your &ord; at least about thin-s that matter. Aou made a promise and by 5od! youCre -oin- to keep it. Game Mechanic" 0Oath$ound2: The )haracter loses > evels SD? "#I any time they pass up an opportunity to &ork to&ards fulfillin- their oath.

Phobia G H
De"cri tion: )ripplin- fear rules you. 7h! you can act normal most of the time; but &hen you see it! the thin- you fear most! you canCt breathe. )anCt see. 'll you can do is escape. Aour friends say youCre craBy! they even think youCre silly for feelin- so afraid. To you! itCs a matter of life or death. Game Mechanic" 0Pho$ia2: )hoose one subject for the )haracter to tri--er your fear; e(amples include do-s! cats! rodents! bu-s! birds! reptiles! hei-hts! enclosed spaces! open spaces! disease! car accidents! the opposite se(! the old! children! the -overnment! forei-ners! darkness! computers! or -uns. 4hen you see the object of your fear! make a Terrifyin- 0ear "ave! rollin- 4I H "elf-)ontrol roll vs. >> evels SD?

-bsessed G H
De"cri tion: They say that you &ash your hands too much! but -erms are every&here. Aou can almost see them; they make your skin cra&l. In the hospital! you sa& other people like you; one -uy could never put do&n a book or ma-aBine until he read it cover to cover; you can still hear him screamin- and beatin- the orderlies &hen he -ot his hands on a trashy novel and made a mess of himself rather than visit the toilet.

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H.3?. If the )haracter could even come near the source of their fear! they still have to make a #hobia "ave roll! but -ain a H3 ;onus.

Mental Mental Illness Illness not not Eany Eany 'a%kiness 'a%kiness
$ome $ome peop peopee are are tempted tempted to to p pa& a& their their menta & i Characters i/e some /ind menta & i Characters i/e some /ind of of cartoon cartoon character character p#mped p#mped f# f# of of cocaine! cocaine! r#nning r#nning aro#nd aro#nd thro%ing thro%ing cream cream pies pies and and dropping "anana pee s. 1 tho#gh there dropping "anana pee s. 1 tho#gh there are are cra5& cra5& peop peopee that that act act goof& goof& and and si si & & i/e i/e this! this! the&)re the&)redistant distantminorit&. minorit&. :o :o one one is is perfect perfect& & sane! sane! "#t "#t the the tr# tr#& & ii ha*e an incredi" & hard time contro ing their ha*e an incredi" & hard time contro ing their tho#ghts! tho#ghts! fee feeings! ings! and and actions. actions. +he& +he& are are desperate to regain some sort of grip desperate to regain some sort of grip on on their their i*es! i*es! "#t "#t o*er o*er and and o*er o*er the& the& find find themse themse*es *es sa"otaging themse *es. +he g#& that %ashes sa"otaging themse *es. +he g#& that %ashes his his hands hands #nti #nti his his s/in s/in crac/s crac/s and and " "eeds! eeds! the the 402 402 &ear2o &ear2od d man man that that can)t can)t sseep eep %ith %ith the the ight ight off off "eca#se he)s afraid of the dar/! the %oman "eca#se he)s afraid of the dar/! the %oman that that can)t can)t go go o#t o#t in in p#" p#"ic ic for for fear fear of of germs! germs! their their i*es i*es are are shattered shattered "& "& their their condition. condition. $ome $ome of of the the menta menta & & ii manage manage to to ho hod d do%n do%n Go"s Go"s and and co*er co*er #p #p their their condition; condition; others others s#"sist s#"sist on on $ocia $ocia $ec#rit& $ec#rit& and and str#gg str#ggee to to care care for for themse themse*es! *es! and and sti sti others others "o#nce "o#nce from from prison prison to to hospita hospita to to home homeess ess she sheter ter to to the the street! street! their their*er& *er&s#r*i*a s#r*i*a in in;#estion ;#estionfrom fromda& da&to toda&. da&. F*en F*enthe the*er& *er&fo fo/s /sthat that5oom 5ooma"o#t a"o#t i/e i/eaa corn"a can)t ha*e norma i*es; no one to erates corn"a can)t ha*e norma i*es; no one to erates their their "eha*ior "eha*ior fore*er! fore*er! and and their their ridic# ridic#o#s o#s shenanigans %i and them in serio#s shenanigans %i and them in serio#s tro#" tro#"ee e*ent#a e*ent#a &. &. 3adness 3adness is is dist#r"ing! dist#r"ing! tho#ght2 tho#ght2 pro*o/ing! sad! horrif&ing! "#t pro*o/ing! sad! horrif&ing! "#tit itis isnot notf#n. f#n.

De"cri tion: ;o(ed macaroni today! ramen tomorro&. Aou keep a broom handy for s=uashin- the cockroaches on the floor of your apartment. Aou dream of movin- out! but not until they -ive you more hours at &ork! or your health -ets better! or you -o back and finish up school. 0or no&! youCre stuck. Game Mechanic" 0Poor2: The )haracter starts &ith > evels? fe&er Trifles! to a minimum of +. They must fre=uently rely on friends for -as and rent money! and their &orries about the future permanently reduce their "#I by > evels? as &ell.

Psy%hi% 1%ars G H
De"cri tion: The memories of the accident! or incident! still haunt you. The counselors call it #ostTraumatic "tress Disorder; all you kno& is youCre trapped in the past! and you keep hearin- the screamin-; everythin- reminds you! al&ays. Game Mechanic" 0P")chic Scar"2: 4hen a situation arises similar to the one the )haracter faced before! they immediately suffer the 9motional 'ffliction for > evels? Rounds! but -ains . '# for the first Round.

Regretful G H
De"cri tion: Aou scre&ed thin-s up bi--time! or maybe you just have a -uilt comple( leftover from childhood. Re-ardless! you canCt let it -o; you just keep torturin- yourself over it. Game Mechanic" 0Re-ret,ul2: 4henever reminded of past failures and bad decisions! the )haracter loses > evels? "#I. 4hen the )haracter scores a :ishap! they lose an additional > evels?%D "#I as &ell. 7n the bri-ht side! at odd evels! the )haracter loses . )7R.

De"cri tion: AouCre a little lackin- in the hei-ht department. Aou canCt reach hi-h thin-s! and you just donCt seem as physically imposin- as other folks.

Game Mechanic" 0Short2: The heroCs 'ttributes suffer penalties! plus they cannot take nearly as much dama-e.

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$0 / to 1 4 to . $ to

1!R and !GA 1IE
84 8 8" 8$ 8" 8" 8$ 8$

A;! and ;IF
8"09 8$09 8$09 Normal

De"cri tion: Aou never take any shit from anybody; you for-et a sli-ht! and you al&ays make them pay for &hat theyCve done to you. Game Mechanic" 0(en-e,ul2: The )haracter loses > evels? "#I any time they must let someone -et the better of them. The )haracterCs )orruption also increases by > evels?.

't "IR 1! )haracters -ain H. to )D90 and RD90! but suffer a -. #enalty to Reach and the Intimidation Talent; they also suffer a penalty of -D to all "aves a-ainst the #rone 'ffliction. 't "IR J! they -ain HD to )D90 and RD90! but lose -D from Reach and Intimidation! and also suffer a penalty of -2 to all "aves a-ainst the #rone 'ffliction. ' heroCs "TR and T5< cannot be reduced belo& . evel as a result of these modifications.

De"cri tion: AouCre still just a kid; you canCt sit still for very lon- before you -o &anderin- off on your o&n! -ettin- into trouble. Aou still have to -o to school! and no one takes you very seriously. Game Mechanic" 0Youn-2: The )haracter must pay > evels? "#I each Round any time they must e(ert themselves mentally! or suffer the Distracted 'ffliction for . Round. In addition! you suffer a penalty of -. to all 8e-otiation Talent rolls a-ainst adults >note that this does not affect Trickery rolls?! but -ain H> evels?%D @I5. :any Aoun- )haracters are also "hort and Innocent.

De"cri tion: Just look at them. #athetic. AouCre so much better than all these poor scum around you. Game Mechanic" 0Sno$$i"h2: The )haracter loses > evels? "#I any time they are forced to consort &ith anyone un&orthy of you. This includes anyone &ith more evels in the #oor or <omely <ardships than you have. The )haracterCs )orruption also increases by > evels?.

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+nnatural Aardships
,nnatural <ardships arenCt available to #)s at )haracter )reation; theyCre used to desi-n )haracter Types. De"cri tion: Aou can feel the darkness slo&ly overtakin- you; fear! sorro&! ra-e! and envy creep over your spirit! reducin- you to a petty criminal! a -raspintyrant! a slave to your passions! little more than an animal &ith a voice. Game Mechanic" 0D)in- S ar!2: 9ach day on a&akenin-! the )haracter -ains > evels? )7R. 4hen the )haracter reaches D+ )7R! somethin- bad happens! as defined &hen the )haracter is created! and the )haracter becomes a 8on-#layer )haracter! under the control of the 5ame :aster. The #layer may create a ne& )haracter at this time.

Re6uirement": Dark 'rt Talent at .H 9nchantment "pecial 'bility. evels! De"cri tion: AouCre not particularly -ood at castin- spells! but you are still adept at makin'rtifacts. Game Mechanic" 0Arti,icer2: Reduce all of the )haracterCs Dark 'rt Talents by > evels? for purposes of castin- 0ormulG! to a minimum of +. If the )haracterCs 'rtificer evels e=ual their evels in Dark 'rt! the )haracter can still learn 0ormulG as normal! but only to use them to create 'rtifacts.

1ensiti<ity G H
Re6uirement": 8one. De"cri tion: The li-ht burns your eyes; the sun is your enemy. 7ther creatures of the ni-ht have other &eaknesses; some creatures freeBe &hen they come into contact &ith cold iron! or recoil &hen they hear invocations to the divine. 0or all the Dark #o&ers you possess! :ortals have their o&n special &eapons a-ainst your ,nnatural brood. Game Mechanic" 0Sen"iti&it)2: )hoose one circumstance &hen the )haracter is created; a -ood e(ample is e(posure to sunli-ht! or runnin- &ater! or the sound of prayer. 4hen the )haracter encounters the circumstance! the )haracter suffers .d* 9nvironmental 9ner-y Dama-e per evel per Round.

Dark Aunger
Re6uirement": :ust be a non-<uman entity. De"cri tion: AouCre so hun-ry! and nothinsatisfies you. Aou look at the pretty! pretty people out on the street! so plump and happy! so tender and filled &ith silly &orries and juicy and interestin-. They smell so -ood. Aou &onder &hat their marro& tastes like. Aou &onder ho& lon- you can hold yourself back. Game Mechanic" 0Dar! *un-er2: The )haracter must feed on <uman flesh and blood every >.. Q evels? days. If they donCt! they suffer the 9motional MRavenousN 'ffliction for D2 hours! and cannot sleep >and doesnCt seem to need to! their hun-er is so -reat?. 'fter that! the )haracter suffers the 9(hausted )ondition for D2 hours; after that! the )haracter loses . I0 per hour.

1pe%iali@ed En%hanter G H
Re6uirement": 9nchantment and Dark 'rt Talents at .H evels. De"cri tion: "ome &aste their time creatin- all kinds of 'rtifacts! but youCre more refined. ;y plumbin- the mysteries of electronics or toys! &atches or s&ords! clothin- or candy! youCve learned to master the art of 9nchantment. Game Mechanic" 0S eciali4ed Enchanter2: The )haracter can only 9nchant certain kinds of items; the most common e(ample is Thaumatronicists! &ho can only 9nchant technolo-ical items. The narro&er the

Dying 1park G H
Re6uirement": :ust be a non-<uman entity.

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DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

field! the more evels the )haracter can take. <o&ever! the ;# cost to create such items is reduced by > evels?! to a minimum of .. E.am le": N +evel BH 4eapons! vehicles! armor! electronics! food. N +evel :H 5uns! cars! bulletproof vests! computers! bevera-es. N +evel LH #istols! sports cars! joustin- plate! computers! cola. N +evel ?H )oltK pistols! #orscheK sports cars! Intel computers! )oca-)olaK.

Game Mechanic" 0:nhin-ed2: 'ny time the )haracter enjoys a Triumph or suffers a :ishap on a roll to cast a 0ormula! 9nchant an object! or use an 'rtifact! the "#I cost is increased by > evels?. If the 'rtifact doesnCt normally cost "#I to use! then it costs the normal amount.

'eakness G H
Re6uirement": :ay not be a :ortal <uman. De"cri tion: Aou have an 'chillesC <eel! somethin- that hurts most bein-s but hurts you a lot &orse. Game Mechanic" 0#ea!ne""2: The )haracter takes more dama-e from some attack! or their saves a-ainst some 'ffliction are lessened. 0or each evel! the )haracter suffers H> evels?dE dama-e from that 'ttack! or their saves a-ainst the 'ffliction suffer a > evels S*? #enalty.

+evel >H )oltK .23 semi-automatic pistols! .1JD #orsche 1.. sports cars! )lassic )oca)olaK from a specific bottlin- plant.

Re6uirement": Dark 'rt Talents at .H evels. De"cri tion: Aour po&erful ma-ic calls on many mystical forces simultaneously! &hich are hard to keep balanced and controlled.

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"hapter IIJ$ (ssets
There are three kinds of 'ssets$ Initiative! Resources! and Defenses. Resources and Defenses are divided into the :ental and the #hysical. 'ssets are calculated usin- 'ttribute and Talent evels. Temporary penalties to 'ttributes and Talents donCt re=uire you to recalculate your 'ssets! thou-h.

Initiati<e 3I.I!4
De"cri tion: Aour ability to act before the enemy does! -ettin- the jump on them! and potentially smashin- their defenses before they are properly prepared. %alculation 0Initiati&e2: '5I H I8". Game Mechanic" 0Initiati&e2: 't the start of a normal round! roll DdE H I8IT. The )haracter &ith the hi-hest total -ets to act first! follo&ed by the ne(thi-hest! and so on.

Physi%al Resour%es
Aealth 3A;!4
De"cri tion: <ealth is a )haracterCs resistance to injury in each of their body parts. %alculation 0*ealth2: @aries &ith the body part; see belo&. Arm 9Each=H "TR H '5I H >T5< SD?. Feet 9Each=H >"TR H '5I H T5<?. 8and 9Each=H >"TR H '5I H T5<?. 8eadH >"TR? H >T5< SD?. +eg 9Each=H >"TR SD? H '5I H >T5< SD?. &or oH >>"TR H '5I? SD? H >T5< S*?. Game Mechanic" 0*ealth2: 4hen a )haracter takes Injury Dama-e! itCs applied to a specific ;ody #art! &hich has ne-ative effects on their performance in a fi-ht. "ee the ;leedin- 7ut section for more details.

Image courtesy Boa) *iftac , Freedigitalp otos.net.

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;ifeFFor%e 3;IF4
De"cri tion: resistance to death. ife-0orce is the )haracterCs %alculation 0*ealth2: ><i-hest of 4I or T5<? H 98 . Game Mechanic" 0*ealth2: 4hen a )haracter takes Debility Dama-e! itCs removed from the )haracterCs I0. 4hen a )haracter loses all I0! they fall unconscious and be-in to die. "ee the ;leedin- 7ut section for more details.

=igor 3=IG4
De"cri tion: @i-or is oneCs ener-y and resistance to e(haustion. %alculation 0(i-or2: >T5< S*? H >'49 SD?. Game Mechanic" 0(i-or2: )haracters typically lose . @I5 per round of strenuous 'ctions! such as durin- )ombat. "ome Talents and "pecial 'bilities also cost @I5. )haracters may take a Rest 'ction to restore lost @I5.

Mental Resour%es
easier to avoid )ompulsions to harm others! &hile evil folks find it simple to i-nore any persuasion to inconvenience themselves for othersC sake. N B<MH ,tterly evil. There is nothin- too vile for you to at least consider doin-! and your immediate! sli-htest needs are all that matter. Aou automatically Resist )ompelled 'fflictions that &ould put you in any sort of dan-er! or place you in any inferior position. ItCs all about you! after all; nothin- else matters. N B> to BNH @ile and remorseless. Aou have trouble relatin- to others! or even carinabout their needs. It costs you + "#I to Resist )ompulsions to perform any selfless disadvanta-eous action! but youCre still 0roBen like normal. N B: to B?H #etty and selfish. Aour first thou-ht is usually for their o&n needs and &ants. Aou suffer a -ain a bonus of H. to :D90 and all "ave rolls a-ainst )ompulsion 'fflictions that &ould inconvenience you or assist others. 4ho cares &hat they &ant6 N C to BBH 'vera-e. Aou care stron-ly &hat your friends! family! and co-&orkers &ant and need! maybe the people at church or temple! but donCt -ive much thou-ht to people unlike you! that you donCt kno&. 8o modifiers.

Image courtesy Public-domain-p otos.com.

"orruption 3"-R4
De"cri tion: :ost 'bilities measure somethin-ood! somethin- the )haracter needs more of; )orruption is the opposite. )orruption measures a )haracterCs slide into darkness! i-norance! selfishness! e-otism! and mindless violence. %alculation 0%orru tion2: )orruption starts at 1. Game Mechanic" 0%orru tion2: "ome Talents! like <onorable and Innocent! may reduce startin)orruption! &hile some <ardships! like )ruel and @en-eful! may increase it. The kindhearted find it

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@ to <H Kind and thou-htful. Aou al&ays balance your needs a-ainst othersC. Aou -ain a bonus of H. to :D90 and all "ave rolls a-ainst )ompulsion 'fflictions that &ould make you perform evil actions. L to >H 'lmost innocent. Aou have a serious martyr comple(; nothin- matters but makinothers happy. It costs you + "#I to Resist )ompulsions to perform any evil action! but youCre still 0roBen like normal. : or le H #ure of heart. Aou have no real sense of self; you are just a bottomless &ell of -ivin-. Aou sap. It costs you + "#I to Resist )ompulsions to perform any evil action! and you arenCt 0roBen! either. Aou cannot be )ompelled to do evil; it just isnCt in you.


Atrociou H Roll DdE. 9(ample$ Killin- a total stran-er in cold blood. InhumaneH Roll .dE. Killin- a child in cold blood.

;reakin- the la& doesnCt endan-er your )orruption score! and in fact! endan-erin- yourself by breakin- the la& for a -ood cause is definitely a 5ood 'ct. 7f course! the 5ame :aster is al&ays free to just rule that the )haracter -ains or loses )orruption as they see fit! as &ell! or to modify the die rolls listed above. 'ddin- or subtractin- . or .d* is a -ood -uideline for borderline scenarios! for e(ample. "ome 5ame :asters may even &ish to i-nore the 5ood and 9vil 'cts dice and just O&in- it!P and this is definitely okay. These rules! like all others! are meant to be a tool to help you have fun! not some kind of "erious ;usiness :orality #olice.

' passive Telepathic scan! or a simple aura scan usin- The "i-ht! is not enou-h to reveal a personCs )orruption! but a Telepathic mind probe can do so. ;ut )orruption is not a static value; it &a(es and &anes as a personCs actions turn kind or vile. <o& does this &ork6 Good Action": 4hen a )haracter performs a really -ood! noble action! roll the listed dice belo&. If the result is lo&er than the )haracterCs current )orruption! they lose . evel of )orruption. N )iceH Roll 3dE. 9(amples$ 5ivin- a be--ar a fe& bucks. ;reakin- up a fi-ht bet&een friends. N Re !ectableH Roll 2dE. 9(ample$ 5ivin- a friend the money you need for rent. N AdmirableH Roll *dE. 9(ample$ Takin- a bullet for a friend. ;reakin- up a fi-ht to save a total stran-er. N E.em!laryH Roll DdE. 9(ample$ Takin- a bullet for a total stran-er. N 8eroicH Roll .dE. Takin- a bullet for a s&orn enemy. E&il Action": 4hen a )haracter performs a really nasty! reprehensible deed! roll the listed dice belo&. If the result is lo&er than the )haracterCs current )orruption! they -ain . evel of )orruption. N AettyH Roll 3dE. 9(amples$ "hopliftin-. )heatin- on your si-nificant other. N &wi tedH Roll 2dE. 9(ample$ "tealin- from a trusted friend. ;eatin- up a stran-er for no reason. N 8einou H Roll *dE. 9(ample$ "eriously mutilatin- a total stran-er in cold blood.

1pirit 31PI4
De"cri tion: "pirit is the your mental stren-th and stability! your ability to face the &orst of the #leroma and -ive your all. 0ull of spirit! your ma-ic is mi-hty and your decisions are s&ift and sure! but &hen you lose your spirit! you become confused and fearful! and can even develop lastin- mental problems. %alculation 0S irit2: >I8" H #9R H 4I ? Game Mechanic" 0S irit2: "pirit is used for three thin-s$ fuelin- :ysticsC 0ormulG! improvinrolls! improvin- Defenses! and resistin- mental and emotional compulsions. N Fueling FormulIH :ost 0ormulG cost "#I e=ual to the 0ormulaCs evel. N Im!roving Roll H 't any time a )haracter may spend . "#I to add a H. ;onus to any roll! to a ma(imum of H3. N Im!roving 4efen e H 't any time a )haracter may spend . "#I to add a H. ;onus to any Defense! to a ma(imum of H3. N Re i ting 1om!ul ion H ' )haracter may spend . "#I to i-nore a mental or psycholo-ical )ompulsion 'ffliction for . Round. The )haracter suffers the 0roBen 'ffliction durin- this time. )ompulsions may come from outside or inside. )ompulsions that come as a result of <ardships typically cost ><ardship evels? "#I! not just . point! but the )haracter is not 0roBen as a result.

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ItCs easier for evil )haracters to resist )ompulsions to do noble actions! or actions that &ould put them at personal risk; itCs also easier for -ood )haracters to resist )ompulsions to harm others needlessly. "ee the )orruption 'sset for details.

' )haracter &hose "#I -oes ne-ative be-ins to suffer emotional trauma; see the 5oin- ;u-fuck section for details.

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Physi%al Defenses
"lose Defense 3"DEF4
De"cri tion: )lose Defense is your ability to -et out of the &ay of incomin- punches! kicks! knives! baseball bats! and the like. %alculation 0%lo"e De,en"e2: 3 H '5I H )lose )ombat Talent H Dod-e Talent. Game Mechanic" 0%lo"e De,en"e2: ' )lose )ombat 'ttack rollCs D0 is the tar-etCs )D90.

Ranged Defense 3RDEF4
De"cri tion: Ran-ed Defense is your ability to Bi--Ba- out of the &ay of a marksmanCs field of fire! preventin- a -unner! bo&man! or knife thro&er from -ettin- a clear shot at you. %alculation 0Ran-ed De,en"e2: 3 H '5I H Ran-ed )ombat Talent H Dod-e Talent. Game Mechanic" 0Ran-ed De,en"e2: ' Ran-ed )ombat 'ttack rollCs D0 is the tar-etCs RD90.

Mental Defense
Mental Defense 3MDEF4
De"cri tion: :ental Defense is your resistance to persuasion! threats! mind control spells! and mindalterin- dru-s %alculation 0Mental De,en"e2: 3 H >4I SD? H "elf-)ontrol Talent. Game Mechanic" 0Mental De,en"e2: ' social! psycholo-ical! or mental 'ttack rollCs D0 is the tar-etCs :D90. :any such attacks! thou-h! automatically hit! and instead just re=uire the tar-et to make a "ave roll usin- 4I H"elf-)ontrol.

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"hapter IJ$ Dark Po>ers
This section allo&s the 5ame :aster to use "pecial 'bilities to build ne& Innate #o&ers and 0ormulG for #layer )haracters. To-ether! Innate #o&ers and 0ormulG are kno&n as Dark #o&ers have a evel! from . to .+. The listed "pecial 'bilities are used to create specific Dark #o&ers! and t&o Dark #o&ers can look entirely different in the -ame &orld. 0or e(ample! a )hild of i-htCs "&ord of i-ht &ill look very different from a 4u Ran- TaoistCs <ammer of ei Kun- spell! or a #ymandri :ysticCs 4hirlin- ;lade of the Kherubim spell! despite the fact that theyCre all just different forms of 9lemental 4eapon.

1pe%ial (bility Des%riptors
"pecial 'bilities have certain Descriptors that help describe ho& they &ork! like 'ccuracy! Ran-e! and Dama-e. Accurac): 0or attack "pecial 'bilities! the bonus or penalty to the 'ttack roll. "tandard 'ccuracy is H+. Action to :"e: The kind of 'ction needed to activate the "pecial 'bility. If there is no 'ction to ,se listed! the "pecial 'bility is al&ays Oon.P "tandard 'ction to ,se is 'ttack. "ome "pecial 'bilities are not =uick enou-h to be used in combat; these are listed &ith a OTime to ,se.P N 0aintainH The "pecial 'bility re=uires the listed 'ction to initiate! but only re=uires . '# per Round to :aintain. %o"t to Purcha"e: The cost for the "pecial 'bility. "ome "pecial 'bilities can only be purchased to a specific evel; that evel &ill be listed in MbracketsN. "tandard )ost to #urchase is )heap. Damage !ype
'lunt:'; Edged :E; ?unfire :?; Energy :E;

%o"t to :"e: The amount of "#I or @I5 that must be spent to activate the "pecial 'bility. 0or "pecial 'bilities &ith a Duration! the cost must only be paid once! to activate the "pecial 'bility! unless the listinsays C:aintainedC! &hich means that the cost must be paid each Round. 'ny "pecial 'bility that uses the current RealmCs :embrane in its )ost To ,se cannot be used if the current RealmCs :embrane evel is +. N 'tandard 0entalH > evels? "#I. N 'tandard Ahy icalH > evels? @I5. N 0aintainedH In addition to the @I5 or "#I cost! the effect lasts as lon- as the )haracter spends . @I5 or "#I per Round to maintain. Dama-e: The amount and type of Dama-e dice that the "pecial 'bility inflicts. "tandard dama-e is as follo&s$

1tandard Ranged Damage
5d.2:Levels <"; 4d.2:Levels <$>; d.2:Levels; "d.2:Levels;@"

1tandard "lose Damage
4d.2)()2:Levels <"; d.2)()2:Levels <$>; "d.2)()2:Levels; $d.2)()2:Levels;@"

Magi%al Elements
'ody6 =pirit =ubstance Destiny Energy

Dark Po>er Damage !able

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Duration: The amount of time that the effect lasts. "tandard Duration is >.d*H.? Rounds; for "pecial 'bilities &ith a "ave roll! the 0ailure 0actor of the "ave is added to the Duration as &ell. If no Duration is listed at all! the effect never ends. N +a tingH The effect lasts until the )haracter falls unconscious. N IndefiniteH The effect lasts until some specific! special 'ction is taken to cause the effect to end. ' )haracter that is knocked #rone &ill be so until they )han-e #osition and -et up; a )haracter cau-ht on fire &ill be so until the flames are doused. N 0aintainedH The effect lasts until the )haracter stops payin- the :aintain '#! @I5! "#I! or other listed cost. )haracters cannot :aintain a "pecial 'bility &hen unconscious. N AermanentH The effect lasts forever! or until undone. E,,ect: The result of a failed "ave roll! -enerally an 'ttribute or Talent penalty or 'ffliction. Protection: The amount of Injury and Debility that the "pecial 'bility &ill stop. "tandard #rotection is$ N 0oot I#R7$ > evels?. N eI#R7$ > evelsSD?. N Torso I#R7$ > evels S*?. N <ead I#R7$ > evels S.T?. N 'rm I#R7$ > evels SD?. N <and I#R7$ > evels?. N "tandard D#R7 for all ;ody #arts is .! but increases to D at evel .+. Radiu": N +argeH > evels SE? yards.


'mallH > evels SD? yards.

Ran-e: The Ran-e increment for Ran-ed )ombat attacks and ran-ed effects. "tandard Ran-e is > evels S3? yards. 8on-attack effects are totally ineffective outside the listed Ran-e. Reach: The Ran-e for )lose )ombat attacks and pro(imal effects. "tandard Reach is +. Aou must succeed at a )lose )ombat 'ttack roll to affect an un&illin- tar-et. Sa&e Roll: The 'ttribute H 'bility roll that tar-ets must make! and the D0 they must beat! to avoid the unfortunate effects of a combat "pecial 'bility. N 'tandard 0entalH 4I H "elf-)ontrol vs. D0 >> evels SD? H.3?. N 'tandard Ahy icalH T5< H 9ndurance vs. D0 >> evels SD? H.3?. N 'tandard Illu ion J KH I8" H 8otice vs. D0 >> evels SD? H.3?. The tar-et only -ets a "ave roll if they have a reason to doubt &hat they sense. ‣ 0entalH These illusions &ill only be sensed by bein-s &ith a spirit. ‣ Ahy icalH These illusions may be detected by electronic and Thaumatronic devices as &ell. S eed: The rate at &hich the )haracter can travel! in miles per hour. "tandard "peed is > evels S.+? mph. )haracters -ain a H. ;onus to RD90 per .+ mph that they travel. Time to :"e: The number of minutes! hours! days! &eeks! etc. that the "pecial 'bility takes to activate. These "pecial 'bilities cannot be used in combat. 'ttack and 'rmor "pecial 'bilities &ill also list the 4eapon or 'rmor "tatistics and 0eatures.

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1pe%ial (bilities
De"cri tion: ike a fly! you can stick to &alls! &alkin- alon- them as if -ravity had lost its senses. %o"t to Purcha"e: )heap. Game Mechanic" 0Adhe"ion2: 4ith . evel! the )haracter can adhere to &alls &ell enou-h to carry their o&n bodies! and no additional &ei-ht. 9ach additional evel adds the e=uivalent of D evels of "TR that the )haracter can carry! assumin- they can lift that much mass. The )haracter also -ains a bonus to all "ave rolls a-ainst the #rone 'ffliction e=ual to > evels?. "0 . to 2$ 9dit one short memory. "0 3 to 1$ 9dit one -roup of memories >all memories of a friend from hi-h school? "0 .+H$ 9dit the tar-etCs entire memory. "imple edit$ 8o modifier. 9laborate edit$ "0 H3. )omplete erasure$ "0 H.+. 'fter probin- to find a specific memory! the )haracter alters that memory. The tar-etCs 00 on the roll determines ho& -reat an effect the )haracter has. If the tar-et suffers a :ishap on the roll! that is treated as H.+ to 00.

(ffe%t 1pirits
De"cri tion: Aou can touch -hosts and spirits as if they &ere physical! and you can beat them as if they &ere red-headed stepchildren. %o"t to Purcha"e: )heap M.N. Game Mechanic" 0A,,ect S irit"2: The )haracter can affect entities in "pirit 0orm &ith their ,narmed 4eapons just as if the entities &ere physical bein-s.

(n%ient ;ore
De"cri tion: Aour insider sources -ive you the juiciest -ossip on &hat &as really in the ibrary at 'le(andria! &hat that )asanova chap &as really up to! and &ho 8apoleonCs secret benefactors &ere. %o"t to Purcha"e: @ery )heap. Game Mechanic" 0Ancient Lore2: The )haracter -ains T) H> evels? to all I8" H <idden ore rolls re-ardin- matters of historical interest.

(lter Memories
De"cri tion: Aou reach into anotherCs mind and rearran-e the furniture. Aou leave the subject an amnesiac! or remove yourself from their memories! or leave them &ith -uilt-ridden memories of a crime they never committed. %o"t to Purcha"e: 9(pensive. Game Mechanic" 0Alter Memorie"2: 'lter :emories re=uires both the Telepathy and 9nslave "pecial 'bilities! and cannot be purchased hi-her than either one. N &ime &o 6 eH >E+ Q > evels S3?? minutes; 1o t &o 6 eH >> evels H tar-et 4I ? SD? "#I; ReachH +; 'ave RollH 4I H"elf-)ontrol roll vs. D0 >> evels SD? H.+?; 4urationH #ermanent.

(nguish G H
De"cri tion: Aou manipulate the enemyCs mind or body! t&istin- their emotions into a shape that pleases you. They are seiBed &ith joy! sorro&! pleasure! -uilt! or some other emotion. %o"t to Purcha"e: 9(pensive. Game Mechanic" 0An-ui"h2: )hoose some 9motional 'ffliction &hen this "pecial 'bility is purchased. Aou can make empathic attacks on others! makin- them feel emotions a-ainst their &ill.

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1o t to 6 eH "tandard :ental; Action to 6 eH 'ttack; 'ave RollH "tandard :ental; EffectH 9motional M)hoose oneN 'ffliction; 4urationH "tandard.

Body 1pikes
De"cri tion: Aou are covered &ith spines! spikes! or =uills; &hen you tell people that you donCt &ant to be hu--ed! they had definitely better listen. %o"t to Purcha"e: )heap. Game Mechanic" 0/od) S i!e"2:

(stral ProKe%tion
De"cri tion: Aou remove your spirit from your body and -o travelin- the #leroma on your o&n! unencumbered by the e(tra ba--a-e. %o"t to Purcha"e: 'vera-e. Game Mechanic" 0A"tral Pro;ection2: The )haracterCs body falls #rone! and the )haracterCs spirit separates from it. In this state! the )haracter has the "pirit 0orm and Traverse Realms "pecial 'bilities &ith evel e=ual to this evel. The )haracterCs body suffers .d* Debility dama-e per hour after the first! and if the )haracterCs body dies! they are trapped in "pirit 0orm forever.

4amageH "tandard )lose )ombat; AccuracyH HD; &alentH )lose )ombat; 8and Re%uiredH ---; ReachH +; -ea!on Feature H #assive.

De"cri tion: Aour body is covered by insectile plates! &ith reptilian scales! or &ith some other form of obvious! natural protection! that &ards off your enemiesC blo&s. %o"t to Purcha"e: )heap. Game Mechanic" 0%ara ace2: N 1o t to 6 eH 8one; ArotectionH "tandard; Armor Feature H 8one.

De"cri tion: 4ith a kind -esture! you channel ener-y into your allies! -ivin- them an ed-e. %o"t to Purcha"e: 'vera-e. Game Mechanic" 0/le""in-"2:

De"cri tion: Aou vie& thin-s that are occurrinri-ht this moment in some distant location. %o"t to Purcha"e: 9(pensive. Game Mechanic" 0%lair&o)ance2: N Action to 6 eH )ontrol; 1o t to 6 eH "tandard; RangeH > evels S.++ miles?. The )haracter can see events occurrin- far a&ay almost as clearly as if the )haracter &ere physically present. 'ny detailed information! like readin- te(t on a paper! re=uires an I8"H8oticeH>)lairvoyance? evels roll vs. D0 Difficult >D3?. 4hile usin)lairvoyance! the )haracter is treated as sufferin- the 0roBen 'ffliction. )haracters may use )lairvoyance in conjunction &ith any of their other normal sensory abilities! such as The "i-ht! Dim "i-ht! Dark "i-ht! and the like.

1o t to 6 eH "tandard :ental; Action to 6 eH )ontrol; EffectH H. to all rolls and Defenses to persons of the #)Cs choice; 4urationH "tandard; Radiu H "tandard "mall.

Blinding Burst
De"cri tion: Aou radiate the li-ht of a sun! blindin- everyone around &ith your radiance. %o"t to Purcha"e: 9(pensive. Game Mechanic" 0/lindin- /ur"t2: N 1o t to 6 eH T "tandard :ental; Action to 6 eH 'ttack; 'ave RollH "tandard #hysical; EffectH ;linded 'ffliction; 4urationH "tandard; Radiu H "tandard ar-e.

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De"cri tion: ike some ravenous beast! you sprout &icked cla&s from your fin-ers! ready to tear your enemies apart. %o"t to Purcha"e: @ery )heap. Game Mechanic" 0%la'"2: N 1o t to 6 eH T "tandard #hysical; 4amageH "tandard 9d-ed )lose )ombat; AccuracyH ---; &alentH )lose )ombat; 8and Re%uiredH .; ReachH .; -eightH ---; 1o tH ---; -ea!on Feature H 8one.

)ompulsion or other mental 'ffliction that affects one! affects them all. <o&ever! anythin- one clone sees or learns! all are instantly a&are of.

De"cri tion: Aou condemn the damnable act of sorcery! creatin- a field in &hich ma-ical acts are much more difficult. %o"t to Purcha"e: 9(pensive. Game Mechanic" 0%ondemnation2: N 1o t to 6 eH "tandard :ental! :aintained; Action to 6 eH )ontrol! :aintained; EffectH "ee belo&; RangeH )entered on self; Radiu H "tandard; 4urationH :aintained. 4ithin the area of effect! all sorcerersC evels in all Dark 'rts Talents are reduced by > evels?. If this reduces any Dark 'rt Talent to + or less! the sorcerer canCt cast spells usin- that Dark 'rt.

De"cri tion: Aou disappear from vie&! fadinfrom the mindCs eye like an unremarkable memory. Aou skulk past unnoticed in this &ay! and theyCll never remember you &ere there. %o"t to Purcha"e: 'vera-e. Game Mechanic" 0%loa!2: N 1o t to 6 eH T "tandard :ental! :aintained; Action to 6 eH )ontrol! :aintain . '#; 'ave RollH "tandard Illusion M:entalN. The )haracter disappears from si-ht; their mind radiates the illusion that thereCs no one present.

"onsume Brains
De"cri tion: Aou consume an enemyCs tasty! tasty brains! absorbin- their memories! their very lives. %o"t to Purcha"e: )heap. Game Mechanic" 0%on"ume /rain"2: The )haracter consumes a fresh mouthful of a dead opponentCs brains in order to search their memories. This acts like the :ind #robe use of Telepathy! e(cept that it is the )haracter that rolls in order to find the memory they &ant! a-ainst a D0 of 9asy. 7n an "0 .+H! this )haracter can instead -ain the use of one of the tar-etCs Talents for >"0 -.+? hours. 'n opponent has enou-h brains for * uses of )onsume ;rains! but the brains must be fresh; &ithin an hour! they are no lon-er fresh! no matter ho& theyCre preserved.

De"cri tion: Aou create a duplicate of yourself! summonin- it from the future! or creatin- it from pure fire-mist. It can fi-ht your enemies for you! spy remote locations! or just fold the laundry &hen youCre too -oddamned laBy. %o"t to Purcha"e: 9(pensive >.+ ;#% evel?. Game Mechanic" 0%lone2: N 1o t to 6 eH Double "tandard :ental! :aintained; Action to 6 eH )ontrol! :aintain . '#. The )haracter can create up to > evels? duplicates of themselves! all of &hich are under the #layerCs control. 'll of the clones have T the normal I0 and < T in all ;ody #arts! and all share the same pool of "#I. 'll share a sin-le consciousness! and any

"onsume Flesh
De"cri tion: AouCre revitaliBed &hen consume the still-&arm flesh of fallen victims. %o"t to Purcha"e: )heap. Game Mechanic" 0%on"ume Fle"h2: 4hen the )haracter attacks an enemy &ith a ;ite! they re-ain . @I5 and lost I0 e=ual to T the amount of Debility they inflict. The )haracter can also consume recentlysevered ;ody #arts; the )haracter may take an you

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DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

9at%Drink 'ction each Round to -ains . @I5 and .d* I0 per round! to a ma(imum of U the < T that part had &hen fully healthy.

De"cri tion: Aou -esture an-rily at the enemy! and suddenly! their plans fail! their spirits falter! and they be-in to look for the red C9(itC si-n. %o"t to Purcha"e: 'vera-e. Game Mechanic" 0%ur"e"2: N 1o t to 6 eH "tandard :ental; Action to 6 eH )ontrol; EffectH -. to all rolls and Defenses to persons of the #)Cs choice; 4urationH "tandard; Radiu H "tandard "mall.

Dark 1ight
De"cri tion: Aou can see heat radiatin- from thin-s! allo&in- you to find your &ay around and identify people even in the deepest cave. %o"t to Purcha"e: @ery )heap. Game Mechanic" 0Dar! Si-ht2: N Action to 6 eH 8one; 1o t to 6 eH 8one; RangeH "tandard. The )haracter can see normally in the complete absence of li-ht! by seein- heat differentials in the environment. 8ote that Darkness! per the "pecial 'bility! &ill automatically ne-ate Dark "i-ht! and e(treme sources of li-ht may blind the )haracter.
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De"cri tion: Aou create a convincin- illusion in the minds of those nearby! makin- them think that the 4astelands of "ufferin- is a sale at the local "elB-:or "uperstoreK. %o"t to Purcha"e: 9(pensive. Game Mechanic" 0Da)dream2: N 1o t to 6 eH "tandard :ental! :aintained; Action to 6 eH 'ttack! :aintain . '#; 'ave RollH "tandard Illusion M:entalN ; EffectH 4itness illusions; RangeH )entered on self; Radiu H "tandard.

De"cri tion: Aou create a field of dense shado&s that s&allo&s the li-ht! plun-in- an entire area into fri-htenin- -loom. %o"t to Purcha"e: )heap. Game Mechanic" 0Dar!ne""2: 1o t to 6 eH T "tandard :ental! :aintained; Action to 6 eH 'ttack! :aintained; 'ave RollH 8one; EffectH )omplete darkness; Radiu H "tandard ar-e; RangeH )entered on self; 4urationH :aintained.

Dim 1ight
De"cri tion: Aou can see &ell even on the cloudiest! darkest ni-ht; the faintest traces of li-ht are enou-h for you to see as if it &ere a sunny day. %o"t to Purcha"e: 9(tremely )heap. Game Mechanic" 0Dim Si-ht2: N Action to 6 eH 8one; 1o t to 6 eH 8one; RangeH "tandard.

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DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

The )haracter can see normally in lo& li-ht! by seein- dim traces of ambient li-ht! or the ultraviolet spectrum. 'll penalties for normal darkness are ne-ated unless in a field of utter pitch-black! like a cave.

Is Is the the Future Future Fluid) Fluid)
Destin& Destin&is is i/e i/eaari*er ri*erfi fi ed ed%ith %ithroc/s roc/sand and eddies. +here are so id definite e*ents eddies. +here are so id definite e*ents that that %i %i definite definite& &occ#r! occ#r!and andthere thereare areff#id #idmotions motionsthat that constant & change as 3orta s ma/e constant & change as 3orta s ma/e decisions decisions and and aater ter the the ffo%. o%. .ame .ame 3asters 3asters can can prepare prepare for Characters %ith Di*ination "& preparing for Characters %ith Di*ination "& preparing aa ist ist of of actions actions that that :-Cs :-Cs %i %i definite definite& & ta/e ta/e in in the co#rse of the ad*ent#re. the co#rse of the ad*ent#re. O#st O#st"eca#se "eca#sethe the-C -Csees seessomething somethingdoesn)t doesn)t mean it m#st occ#r! tho#gh! and mean it m#st occ#r! tho#gh! and their their *isions *isions are are fre;#ent fre;#ent& & incomp incompete. ete. +he +he -C -C ma& ma& see see themse themse*es *es attac/ing attac/ing aa tr#sted tr#sted friend! friend! "#t "#t the& the& ma& ma& not not see see that that the the friend friend is is Fns Fnsa*ed a*ed "& "& aa Chi d of Dar/ness! and threatening the -C)s Chi d of Dar/ness! and threatening the -C)s "e "eo*ed o*edre reati*e. ati*e.(f (fthat thate*en e*enocc#rs! occ#rs!tho#gh! tho#gh!the the -C -C ma& ma& find find aa different different %a& %a& to to reso reso*e *e the the sit#ation; sit#ation; Di*ination Di*ination sho# sho#d d ne*er ne*er "e "e #sed #sed as as aa %a& %a&to toro" ro"-Cs -Csof ofcontro contro of oftheir theirCharacters. Characters. Di*ination Di*ination is is "est "est #sed #sed as as aa too too for for the the .3 .3 to to de dei*er i*er -ot ot 0oo/s 0oo/s and and Joreshado% Joreshado% #pcoming #pcoming e*ents! e*ents! and and aa %a& %a& for for -Cs -Cs to to circ#m*ent circ#m*ent aa fe% fe% +a +aent ent ro ro ss for for tactica tactica or or in*estigati*e in*estigati*esit#ations. sit#ations.

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Di<ination G H
De"cri tion: 9verythin- is connected; the cosmos is like a pond! and lookin- at any part of it! you can see the ripples that affect the &hole. ookin- at the cards! at the stars! at fire! you can see the shapes that destiny &ill take. 7thers may scoff! but you can see that in the end! they! too! &ill eventually believe. %o"t to Purcha"e: 9(pensive. Game Mechanic" 0Di&ination2: N &ime to 6 eH . hour; 1o t to 6 eH "tandard :ental. )hoose one "pecialiBation for the )haracterCs Divination each time this "pecial 'bility is chosen. The #layer must declare &hat the )haracterCs =uestion is! and then the )haracter must roll Divination evels vs. D0 Difficult >D3?. 7n "0 3 or less! the )haracter -ains a va-ue vision of the ans&er or outcome; on an "0 of E to .+! the vision is more clear! 7n an "0 of ..H! the )haracter has a clear vision that provides some definite ans&ers. "pecialiBations include astrolo-y! cartomancy >tarot or poker cards?! palmistry >palm readin-?! oneiromancy >prophetic dreams?! pyromancy >seeinthe future in fire?! and tea leaf readin-.

Dumb ;u%k
Description$ O0ortune favors the foolish!P they say! and youCre livin- proof. AouCre not afraid to try hard thin-s! and althou-h you fre=uently fail! you also succeed surprisin-ly often. %o"t to Purcha"e: 9(pensive. Game Mechanic" 0Dum$ Luc!2: N Action to 6 eH 8one; 1o t to 6 eH 8one. 9very time the )haracter fails at some roll! they -ain a die of Dumb uck. 'ny time they must make a roll! the )haracter can spend D "#I to activate a die of

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DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

Dumb uck. The )haracter can spend any number of dice of Dumb uck that they &ant. The Dumb uck dice are added to the roll just like the normal dice one &ould roll for 'ctions. The )haracter can retain a ma(imum of > evels? dice of Dumb uck. The )haracter canCt purposely fail to -ain Dumb uck dice. The failure must be for an important roll! &ith an actual chance of failure! and serious conse=uences.

Elemental Elemental Po>ers Po>ers
+here +here ha*e ha*e "een "een man& man& am"itio#s am"itio#s attempts attempts "& "& 3&stics 3&stics in in the the past pastto to di*ide di*ide the the#ni*erse #ni*erse #p #p into into its its component component eeements. ements. 1 1tho#gh tho#gh the the 1ristote 1ristoteian ian fo#r2e fo#r2eement ement and and Fastern Fastern fi*e2 fi*e2 eeement ement schemes schemes are are the the "est2/no%n "est2/no%n to to the the Do%ntrodden! Do%ntrodden! most most modern modern 3&stics 3&stics #se #se the the fi*e2e fi*e2eement ement di*ision di*ision of of 6od&! 6od&! Destin&! Destin&! Fnerg&! Fnerg&! $pirit! $pirit!and and$#"stance. $#"stance.Ihen Ihen&o# &o#choose chooseaa-o%er -o%er %ith the %ord )F ementa ) in its tit %ith the %ord )F ementa ) in its tite! e!choose chooseone one of ofthese thesefi*e fi*eF Fements ementsfor forits its$pecia $peciai5ation. i5ation. +o +o #nderstand #nderstand %hat %hat these theseeeements ementsconsist consist of! it ma& he p to /no% that these of! it ma& he p to /no% that thesefi*e fi*eF Fements ements are are sometimes sometimes di*ided di*ided into into s#"2e s#"2eements ements each! each! %hich are4 %hich are4 6od&4 6od&4 6 6ood! ood! "ones! "ones! ner*es! ner*es! m#sc m#sces! es! senses. senses. Destin&4 Destin&4Chance! Chance!fate! fate!/arma! /arma!time! time!space. space. Fnerg&4 F ectricit&! gra*it&! Fnerg&4 F ectricit&! gra*it&! heat! heat! ight! ight! magnetism. magnetism. $pirit4 $pirit4 1nima 1nima spirits! spirits! eeementa ementa spirits! spirits! h#man spirits! nat#re spirits! spirits h#man spirits! nat#re spirits! spirits of of other other ,ea ,eams. ms. $#"stance4 $#"stance41ir! 1ir!meta meta! !soi soi! !%ater! %ater!%ood. %ood. +he +he si=th si=th F Fement! ement! not not isted isted a"o*e! a"o*e! is is <oid. :o 3&stic has e*er managed to <oid. :o 3&stic has e*er managed to master master the the <oid! <oid! and and most most of of those those %ho)*e %ho)*e tried tried ha*e ha*e gone gone insane! insane! so so its its tr#e tr#e potentia potentia remains remains aa m&ster&. m&ster&.

Elemental Bolt G H
De"cri tion: Aou summon a blast of your chosen 9lement! &hich lances forth and strikes your enemies. %o"t to Purcha"e: 'vera-e. Game Mechanic" 0Elemental /olt2: N 1o t to 6 eH "tandard :ental; 4amageH "tandard Ran-ed )ombat for 9lemental type; AccuracyH ---; &alentH Ran-ed )ombat; 8and Re%uiredH .-T; RangeH "tandard; -ea!on Feature H 8one.

Elemental 1ense G H
De"cri tion: Aou can shift your senses to see your chosen 9lement! its presence and its very nature. %o"t to Purcha"e: )heap. Game Mechanic" 0Elemental Sen"e2: N Action to 6 eH "earch; 1o t to 6 eH T "tandard :ental; RangeH "tandard. )hoose one element. The )haracter is able to sense the presence of their 9lement! as &ell as its amount or potency! speed! direction! rou-h shape and composition! and other pertinent facts. 9lemental "ense M9ner-yN provides Dim "i-ht and Dark "i-ht! and can even see throu-h the Darkness "pecial 'bility if hi-her in evel! but isnCt that -ood at sensin- surface details of objects.

Elemental 1haping G H
De"cri tion: The elements of the cosmos are yours to t&eak! in =uick or minor &ays. Aou can create sculptures out of solid stone as if it &ere clay! for e(ample. %o"t to Purcha"e: @ery )heap. Game Mechanic" 0Elemental Sha in-2:


Action to 6 eH )ontrol; 1o t to 6 eH "tandard :ental; RangeH "tandard; Radiu H "tandard.

The )haracter can reshape their chosen element. ' )haracter &ith 9lemental "hapin- M"ubstanceN could shape a door&ay throu-h a stone &all! or a )haracter &ith 9lemental "hapin- M9ner-yN could douse flames. The ma(imum volume that the )haracter can reshape is . cubic yard per evel. 9lemental "hapin- is too

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DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

insi-nificant and slo& to be used for direct combat! but can be used to create favorable circumstances in a &ide variety of &ays. "ome e(amples of the uses of 9lemental "hapin- are belo&.

Elemental 'a<e G H
De"cri tion: Aou surrounded yourself &ith a field of your chosen 9lement! &hich harms anyone stupid enou-h to come too close. %o"t to Purcha"e: @ery )heap. Game Mechanic" 0Elemental #a&e2: N 1o t to 6 eH "tandard :ental; 4amageH "tandard )lose )ombat for 9lemental type; AccuracyH H+; &alentH )lose )ombat; 8and Re%uiredH ---; ReachH +; -ea!on Feature H #assive.





"odyH 5rant a bonus of > evels?%D to 0irst 'id rolls. 'lter a tar-etCs appearance sli-htly! for a short period. :ake a tar-et sterile or color-blind for a short period. 4e tinyH 5rant a bonus of > evels?%D to 9(pert M5amesN rolls for -ames of chance. )ause the traffic li-ht to turn -reen just as you arrive. Increase yous ne(t die roll by HD! or reduce someone elseCs by -D. EnergyH 5rant a bonus of > evels?%D to Tech rolls involvin- electronic devices. #revent an electronic device from functionin-! or chan-e its input or output. Reduce darkness in the area! or shape it like a shado& play. '!iritH 5rant a bonus of > evels?%D to 9(pert M"cienceN rolls involvin- psycholo-y or sociolo-y. o&er the :embrane in an area by .. 'ttract minor! ineffectual spirits! or push them a&ay. "ee a sleepin- personCs dreams on contact! or enter and shape them sli-htly. 'ub tanceH 5rant a bonus of > evels?%D to Repair rolls. )reate breathable air from poisoned -ases! or a bubble of air under&ater.. #ush 0o- of lo&er evel aside. "tifle all sounds in an area! or create phantom noises. )reate doors! &alls! or sculptures of some solid material. Remove traces of passa-e throu-h the &ilderness. )han-e an objectCs color! temporarily! on touch.

Elemental 'eapon G H
De"cri tion: ' s&ord! a(! or spear of your 9lement sprin-s to life in your hand! shiftin- and deadly. %o"t to Purcha"e: )heap. Game Mechanic" 0Elemental #ea on2: N 1o t to 6 eH "tandard :ental; 4amageH "tandard )lose )ombat for 9lemental type; AccuracyH H.; &alentH )lose )ombat; 8and Re%uiredH .-T; ReachH D; -ea!on Feature H 8one.

Elemental 'ings G H
De"cri tion: Aou cause &in-s of some 9lement to burst from your back and carry you a&ay. %o"t to Purcha"e: 'vera-e! e(cept for 9ner-y! &hich is 9(pensive; see belo& Game Mechanic" 0Elemental #in-"2: N 1o t to 6 eH T "tandard :ental; Action to 6 eH Run 'ction; '!eedH "tandard. 0or each >"TR S.+? lbs. that the )haracter carries! their speed is halved.

Elemental 1hield G H
De"cri tion: Aou &rap your chosen 9lement around you like armor! protectin- yourself from incomin- attacks &ith fire! air! earth! or somethinelse. %o"t to Purcha"e: 'vera-e! e(cept for 9ner-y! &hich is 9(pensive; see belo&. Game Mechanic" 0Elemental Shield2: 9ner-y "hields include . Rank of 5lo& and 9lemental 4ave. N ArotectionH "tandard! I#R7 and D#R7 H. to all ;ody #arts; 1o t to 6 eH > evels?%D "#I per round; Armor Feature H 8one.

De"cri tion: Aou can create ma-ical items that can be used by any bein- &ith a spirit. %o"t to Purcha"e: 9(pensive. Game Mechanic" 0Enchantment2: N &ime to 6 eH . &eek per evel of the 'rtifact to be created. :a-ical 'rtifacts have a evel! typically from . to .+; the 'rtifact has > evel S.+? ;uild #oints in "pecial 'bilities invested in it. 'ny bein- &ith a spirit that &ields an 'rtifact can use the 'rtifactCs "pecial 'bilities as if they had those "pecial 'bilities! but must pay all '#! @I5! "#I! and all other costs to activate the "pecial 'bilities as normal.

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9nchanters can create 'rtifacts of a evel up to their evel in 9nchantment. To create an 'rtifact! the 9nchanter must pay T the ;uild #oint cost of the 'rtifact; . "#I can be permanently sacrificed instead for the e=uivalent of .+ ;uild #oints! or the 9nchanter can search for ma-ical materials to reduce the ;# cost of the 'rtifact. 9nchanters can only invest "pecial 'bilities into an 'rtifact that they possess as Innate 'bilities or 0ormulG. 'nyone &ho takes possession of an 'rtifact suffers a loss of "#I e=ual to the 'rtifactCs evel for as lon- as they possess the item >&hether it is currently on their person or not?. The 9nchanter may choose to create an item &ith a limited number of uses! payin- the "#I or @I5 costs ahead of time. 0ra-ile or consumable items >like arro&s or food? can only hold one char-e! but other items can hold as many char-es as the )haracterCs 9nchantment evel! provided that they can funnel the needed @I5! "#I! or other ener-y needed into the item. 'ny 9nchanter can rechar-e a depleted 'rtifact! -iven time and ener-y. :any 9nchanters also learn the Reservoir "pecial 'bility! so their can create 'rtifacts &ith their o&n built-in ma-ical po&er supplies. Thaumatronicists start play &ith . evel of the 'rtifact Talent for every 0ormula that they &ould ordinarily start off kno&in-! at no permanent ;# or "#I cost >e(cept the normal "#I penalties of o&nership?.


1o t to 6 eH "tandard :ental; Action to 6 eH )ontrol; 'ave RollH "tandard :ental; EffectH )ompulsion 'ffliction; RangeH "tandard; 4urationH "tandard.

Aou may deliver a )ompulsion to a tar-et that you can see! that may be stated in four &ords or less! includin- one verb. The tar-et must be able to understand your verbal command.

De"cri tion: Aou cause your enemy to become en-ulfed or &rapped up in some ri-id bindin- material that prevents them from actin-. %o"t to Purcha"e: @ery )heap. Game Mechanic" 0Entan-le2: N %o"t to :"e: "tandard #hysical; 'ction to ,se$ 'ttack; "ave Roll$ '5I or "TR H 'thletics vs. D0 >> evels SD? H.3?; 9ffect$ :anacled and%or "hackled 'ffliction! see belo&; Ran-e$ "tandard; Duration$ Indefinite. 7n 00 . to 3! the tar-et is :anacled or "hackled! &hichever is most appropriate. 7n 00 EH! the tar-et is :anacled and "hackled! both. If a )haracter that suffers one of these 'fflictions is 9ntan-led a-ain! the other is applied. The tar-et may attempt a ne& "ave roll to break free each Round. 7thers may attempt to break the 9ntan-lin- material; it has "TR, and 0,8) e=ual to > evels S3?.

Endure Pri<ation G H
De"cri tion: ike an ascetic! you can i-nore the need for food! &ater! or some other basic <uman need far lon-er than normal! or perhaps even forever. %o"t to Purcha"e: 9(tremely )heap. Game Mechanic" 0Endure Pri&ation2: )hoose one deleterious condition$ a-in-! starvation! thirst! heat! cold! or the need to piss or crap. 0or each evel! the )haracter -ains a H. ;onus to all 9ndurance Talent rolls to &ithstand the need for the condition; at evel .+! the )haracter is immune to this need.

De"cri tion: Aou create a convincin- illusion in the minds of those nearby! makin- them think that the 4astelands of "ufferin- is a sale at the local "elB-:or "uperstoreK. %o"t to Purcha"e: 9(pensive. Game Mechanic" 0Da)dream2: N 1o t to 6 eH "tandard :ental! :aintained; Action to 6 eH 'ttack! :aintain . '#; 'ave RollH "tandard Illusion M:entalN ; EffectH 4itness illusions; RangeH )entered on self; Radiu H "tandard.

De"cri tion: Aou lock eyes &ith him and tell him to drop the -un. <e doesnCt even blink at the metallic clank &hen it falls to the -round! but shakes his head =uickly. <e looks up! horrified! realiBin- that heCs defenseless. Aou smile. %o"t to Purcha"e: 9(pensive. Game Mechanic" 0En"la&e2:

E*tra (rm
De"cri tion: Aou have an additional arm Q or t&o Q allo&in- you to &ield additional &eapons! and strike even more often. %o"t to Purcha"e: 9(pensive.

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DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

Game Mechanic" 0E.tra Arm"2: The )haracter -ains an additional arm per evel! -ivin- them H. '# for each. 'ny 'rmor that provides 'rm covera-e &ill have to be e(tensively modified to provide covera-e over the additional 'rms >HD+V cost per additional 'rm?. Randomly determine &hich 'rm is hit as normal and appropriate.

De"cri tion: Aou close in on the enemy and rip into them &ith your fearsome incisors. %o"t to Purcha"e: 9(tremely )heap. Game Mechanic" 0Fan-"2: N 1o t to 6 eH . @I5; 4amageH >.d*H >"TRH evel?%D?9; AccuracyH H.; &alentH )lose )ombat; 8and Re%uiredH ---; ReachH +; -ea!on Feature H 8one.

E*tra Aead
De"cri tion: Aou kno& the clichW! and you prove it true. Aour monstrous visa-e aside! itCs hard to blindside you! and Ooff &ith his headP becomes a more dauntin- e(ercise &here youCre concerned. %o"t to Purcha"e: )heap. Game Mechanic" 0E.tra Arm"2: The )haracter -ains . <ead per evel. The )haracter -ains the )ombat '&areness 0ocus from the :artial 'rts Talent! &hether they =ualify for it or not. In addition! the )haracter doesnCt die unless all <eads have been severed.

De"cri tion: They really! really shouldnCt have said that. Aou feel the ra-e overtake you! and the ne(t thin- you kno&! youCve -ot blood under your fin-ernails. 'll over the &alls! too. %o"t to Purcha"e: @ery )heap. Game Mechanic" 0Ferocit)2: N 1o t to 6 eH > evels? @I5; 4urationH evels Rounds. The )haracter -ains a > evels? ;onus to "TR and T5<! but a #enalty to I8" of the same amount! to a minimum of .. The )haracter is )ompelled to attack the nearest enemy in )lose )ombat! until they drop! and continue doin- so until theyCre done; once all enemies are dropped! the )haracter is )ompelled to attack anyone else around! until the duration ends. 7nce it does! the )haracter is 9(hausted for DdE Rounds.

E*tra ;egs
De"cri tion: ike a horse or -oat! youCve -ot more le-s! &hich makes you faster and harder to knock do&n. %o"t to Purcha"e: )heap. Game Mechanic" 0E.tra Le-"2: The )haracter -ains a ;onus to 'thletics for fi-urin- land speed e=ual to > evels! and an e=ual ;onus to all "aves vs. the #rone 'ffliction. Xuadrupedal animals have .+ evels of ;ad <ands! and D evels of the Dark #o&er 9(tra e-s! and 'ttack rolls a-ainst them are adjusted so that 'rm and <and hits become 0ront e- and 0ront #a& hits.

De"cri tion: Aou dra& a mist into the area that covers your activities and muffles the sounds they make. %o"t to Purcha"e: )heap. Game Mechanic" 0Fo-2: N 1o t to 6 eH "tandard :ental; Radiu H "tandard ar-e; RangeH )entered on self. The )haracter creates a dense mist that makes it hard to see. 'nyone in the field of 0o- automatically suffers a penalty of -> evels? to all 8otice Talent rolls for si-ht! and -> evels?%D for hearin-.

Familiar G H
De"cri tion: Aou bind a spirit into the form of an animal! and make it your trusted henchman. It amplifies your ma-ic! and in return you -ive it lots of :eo& :i(K. %o"t to Purcha"e: @ery )heap. Game Mechanic" 0Familiar2: The )haracter can choose one lo&er lifeform! like a )at or a Raven. The )haracter -ains a bonus amount of "#I to use for ma-ic each day e=ual to the 0amiliarCs evel. The )haracter automatically -ains an 'ttachment to the 0amiliar! per the <ardship! &ith evels e=ual to the evels in this "pecial 'bility. The 0amiliar -ains a bonus to I8" and 4I e=ual to > evels?%2!

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DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

!he !he Glo> Glo>
$e*era $e*era $pecia $pecia 1"i 1"iities ities can can mimic mimic +he +he . o% at Be*e 1! s#ch as F ementa . o% at Be*e 1! s#ch as F ementa 6o 6ot! t! F Fementa ementa Ia*e! Ia*e! F Fementa ementa Ieapon! Ieapon! or or F Fementa ementa Iings Iingsfor forthe theFnerg& Fnerg&F Fement. ement.Ihi Ihiee . o%ing! these Characters s#ffer the norma . o%ing! these Characters s#ffer the norma pena penaties tiesto to$nea/ $nea/and anddefenses. defenses. $ome $omeDnnat#ra Dnnat#ras) s)Dar/ Dar/-o%ers -o%ersare are itera itera & & that! that!tho#gh; tho#gh;the& the&are arecomposed composedof ofdar/ dar/energies energies that thatdon)t don)tthro% thro%off offan& an& ight. ight.+hese +heseDnnat#ra Dnnat#ras) s) po%ers po%ers don)t don)t gain gain the the . .o%! o%! "#t "#t don)t don)t gain gain an&thing an&thing #sef# #sef# in in ret#rn; ret#rn; ho%e*er! ho%e*er! the& the& aren)t aren)t h#ge h#getargets targetsat atnight! night!either. either.

If the tar-et fails their "ave roll! they also suffer the #rone 'ffliction for Indefinite Duration.

De"cri tion: Aou allo& life to flo& from your hands into another person! potentially brin-in- them back from the brink of death. %o"t to Purcha"e: )heap. Game Mechanic" 0*ealin-2: N Action to 6 eH )ontrol; 1o t to 6 eH "tandard; ReachH +. The )haracter touches another and restores I0 to the subject! and < T to the ;ody #art touched. The amount of I0 restored is > evels?%*! and the < T restored is e=ual to the e=uivalent <T< dama-e H. evel. 0or e(ample! . evel restores . < T! D evels restores .d* < T! * evels restores .dE < T! 2 evels restores .dEH. < T! and so on. The anesthetic effects of <ealin- also ne-ate all penalties due to pain for . Round after&ard! but also automatically cause the subject to suffer the Inebriated 'ffliction durin- that time.

De"cri tion: Aou shine like an an-el! and others can see in the darkness by the li-ht you radiate. %o"t to Purcha"e: 9(tremely )heap. Game Mechanic" 0Glo'2: N 1o t to 6 eH . "#I per minute; Radiu H "tandard ar-e. The )haracter can -enerate enou-h li-ht to read by! that fills an entire area. 5lo& dro&ns out the Darkness "pecial 'bility if its evel is hi-her! but doesnCt help a-ainst 0o-. The )haracter loses > evels? from their "neak Talent at ni-ht &hile 5lo& is in use! and suffer a penalty of -> evels?%* from RD90 as &ell.

De"cri tion: ike a bull or a -oat! you have horns on your head! and you can easily head-butt your enemies into unconsciousness. %o"t to Purcha"e: 9(tremely )heap. Game Mechanic" 0*orn"2: N 1o t to 6 eH . @I5; 4amageH "tandard )lose )ombat 9d-ed; AccuracyH -D; 8and Re%uiredH ---; &alentH )lose )ombat; ReachH +; -ea!on Feature H 8one.

De"cri tion: Aou -esture! and a &ind lances forth and strikes your foes! and knocks their breath out of them! knockin- them on their ass. %o"t to Purcha"e: )heap. Game Mechanic" 0Gu"t2: N 1o t to 6 eH "tandard :ental; 4amageH >DdEH evels?;; AccuracyH H.; &alentH Ran-ed )ombat; 8and Re%uiredH .-T; RangeH "tandard; -ea!on Feature H Radius MD ydN; 'ave RollH >'5I H 'thletics vs. D0 >> evels SD? H.3?.

De"cri tion: Aou rise from the dead on the third day. If youCre -ood; if youCre not so -ood! it mi-ht be the seventh! or the tenth. %o"t to Purcha"e: 9(tremely 9(pensive. Game Mechanic" 0Immortal2: If the )haracter is killed but the body is still lar-ely intact >i.e. the <ead or Torso hasnCt been severed?! the )haracter &ill rise from the dead a-ain in >.. Q evels? days. The )haracter doesnCt heal any faster than normal! but they are also immune to the ne-ative effects of a-in-.

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DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

Inhuman (ttribute G H
De"cri tion: Aou are vastly stron-er! more cunnin-! or more charmin- that almost any <uman that ever &as. The use of your vast potential is =uickly drainin-! but you can demonstrate unbelievable po&er in short bursts. %o"t to Purcha"e: 9(tremely 9(pensive. Game Mechanic" 0Inhuman Attri$ute2: N 1o t to 6 eH > evel SD? @I5 per use for #hysical 'ttributes! or > evel SD? "#I per use for :ental 'ttributes. The )haracter -ains a bonus of H> evels?dE to all rolls &ith one 'ttribute! includin- <T< dama-e from "TR. If the Inhuman 'ttribute is "tren-th! this includes <T< Dama-e rolls. 0or all calculations! such as 'ssets! each evel of Inhuman 'ttributes counts as * evels of the appropriate 'ttribute.

De"cri tion: Aou drain a subjectCs very life-force into you! -ro&in- stron-er as they -ro& &eaker. %o"t to Purcha"e: @ery )heap. Game Mechanic" 0Lea in-2: 9ach evel adds H.+ to the )haracterCs 'thletics Talent for the purposes of calculatin- jumpin- distances.

De"cri tion: Aou drain a subjectCs very life-force into you! -ro&in- stron-er as they -ro& &eaker. %o"t to Purcha"e: )heap. Game Mechanic" 0Leechin-2: N 1o t to 6 eH "tandard :ental; Action to 6 eH 'ttack; 'ave RollH 4I H "elf-)ontrol vs. >> evels SD? H.3?; EffectH Transfer >00?%D I0 from tar-et to yourself; &alentH )lose )ombat; ReachH +.

De"cri tion: "ome people are -ood &ith machines; you are -odlike. Aou donCt just speak their lan-ua-e! you make them dance and sin- in yours. %o"t to Purcha"e: )heap M*N. Game Mechanic" 0Inter,ace2: N ReachH +. The )haracter can control any mechanical device &ith a touch! &ithout needin- to use input or output devices. The )haracter -ains a bonus of > evels? to all I8" H Tech rolls.

De"cri tion: Aou float above the -round! or travel throu-h the air &ithout touchin- it. %o"t to Purcha"e: @ery )heap. Game Mechanic" 0Le&itation2: N 1o t to 6 eH T "tandard :ental; Action to 6 eH Run 'ction; '!eedH + yd%Round at evel +! T "tandard at hi-her evels. 0or each >"TR S.+? lbs. that the )haracter carries! their speed is halved.

De"cri tion: AouCre lar-er than an ordinary <uman bein-; like some hulkin- abomination! you to&er over :ortal victims. %o"t to Purcha"e: )heap. Game Mechanic" 0Lar-e2: 4ith odd selections! the )haracter -ains H. to Reach. The )haracter -ains a bonus of H> evels? to all "ave rolls a-ainst the #rone 'ffliction. 0urther! at evel * to E! the )haracterCs < T in all ;ody #arts is increased by T; at evel /! the )haracterCs < T in all ;ody #arts is doubled.

;y%anthrope G H
De"cri tion: Aou temporarily take on the form of an animal. %o"t to Purcha"e: )heap. Game Mechanic" 0L)canthro e2: N Action to 6 eH Transform; 1o t to 6 eH "tandard #hysical; 4urationH astin-. )hoose one form of animal &hen this "pecial 'bility is purchased. The )haracter can transform themselves into an animal. )hoose one form of animal; in this form! the )haracter -ains its #hysical 'ttributes! but retains their o&n :ental 'ttributes. The

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DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

)haracterCs 'ssets are recalculated based on the )haracterCs ne& set of 'ttributes. The )haracter also -ains all of the animalCs "pecial 'bilities! and can continue to use any 'bilities that re=uire "#I to use! or any #hysical Inhuman 'ttribute "pecial 'bility. The hi-her the evel! the more po&erful the animal the )haracter can transform into. 't evel .! the )haracter can transform into a small! mostlyharmless animal! like a cat or a raven. 't evel 3! the )haracter can turn into a man-siBed creature! like a lar-e &olf; and at evel EH! the )haracter transforms into a creature lar-er than <uman! like a bear or crocodile.

%o"t to Purcha"e: 'vera-e. Game Mechanic" 0Mon"trou" A enda-e2: The e(act effects depend on &hat body part has -ro&n to monstrous proportions. The )haracter may add their evels to the < T in that ;ody #art! and a bonus e=ual to > evels? to the )reepy ooks Talent. The )haracter also suffers a penalty of -> evels?%D from )D90 and RD90! and on any odd-numbered 'ttack roll! the attacker may choose to tar-et the :onstrous 'ppenda-e instead of rollin- for a ;ody #art as normal. N ArmOFootO+egH 5ain > evels%D? evels of Inhuman 'ttribute >"TR?! but only &ith that arm! foot! or le-. N 8andH 5ain > evels%D? evels of Inhuman 'ttribute >'5I?! but only &ith that hand. N 8eadH 5ain > evels%D? evels of Inhuman 'ttribute >I8"?. N &or oH 5ain > evels%D? evels of Inhuman 'ttribute >T5<?.

"mall creature$ . fe&er evels re=uired per D evels of the "hort <ardship. ar-e creature$ . evel re=uired per evel of ar-e.

Miasma of Madness
De"cri tion: 4ith a thou-ht! you radiate the t&isted! maddenin- ener-ies of the Alem! and those around you be-in to lose their -rip on ordinary reality. %o"t to Purcha"e: 9(pensive. Game Mechanic" 0Mia"ma o, Madne""2: N 1o t to 6 eH "tandard :ental; Action to 6 eH 'ttack; 'ave RollH "tandard :ental; EffectH ose .d*H>00? "#I; RangeH )entered on self; Radiu H "tandard.

De"cri tion: Aou curse your foe! troublin- their dreams. They a&aken e(hausted and broken! leavinthem open and vulnerable. %o"t to Purcha"e: )heap. Game Mechanic" 0Ni-htmare"2: N 1o t to 6 eH "tandard :ental; Action to 6 eH 'ttack; 'ave RollH "tandard :ental; EffectH "uffer -.d* penalty to 4I per ni-ht! may make another save each ni-ht; RangeH Reach M+N; 4urationH >00?%D ni-hts.

De"cri tion: Aou alter the pattern of li-ht around you! creatin- a realistic-lookin- illusion. %o"t to Purcha"e: 9(pensive. Game Mechanic" 0Mira-e2: N 1o t to 6 eH "tandard :ental! :aintained; Action to 6 eH 'ttack! :aintain . '#; 'ave RollH "tandard Illusion M#hysicalN; EffectH 4itness illusions; RangeH )entered on self; Radiu H "tandard.

De"cri tion: 's you demand! your opponentCs flesh breaks out into open sores! and their stren-th drains a&ay. They are left a pitiful husk! ripe for your final victory. %o"t to Purcha"e: 'vera-e. Game Mechanic" 0Pla-ue2: N 1o t to 6 eH "tandard #hysical; Action to 6 eH 'ttack; 'ave RollH "tandard #hysical; EffectH "uffer -. penalty to "TR and 98D per day! lose 'ttractive Talent! and -ain )reepy ooks Talent evel D! may make another save each day; RangeH Reach M+N; 4urationH >00?%D days.

Monstrous (ppendage G H
De"cri tion: Aour arm! le-! hand! foot! head! or torso is many times bi--er than normal. Aou looks like a horrifyin- freak! but youCre far more formidable than normal folks.

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DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

Po%ket Realm
De"cri tion: Aou have your o&n tiny Realm to retreat to &hen thin-s -et too tou-h. In your o&n little &orld! youCre safe for a time. %o"t to Purcha"e: 9(pensive. Game Mechanic" 0Poc!et Realm2: N Action to 6 eH )ontrol; 1o t to 6 eH > evels H :embrane? "#I. The )haracter can move to their #ocket Realm! &hich is a perfect sphere > evels S .++ yards? in diameter. The )haracter may take &ith them up to > evels? other individuals! but on arrival! all of these other )haracters are 0roBen for >.+ H .dE Q evels? Rounds! and automatically take . 9ner-y 9nvironmental Dama-e. The )haracter may set any #henomena in the Realm! such as #urity! 5ravity! or Tech Restrictions! that they &ant! or make other minor alterations! pendin- 5ame :aster approval. #ocket Realms al&ays have a reasonably comfortable temperature! and breathable air! neither of &hich ever run out. The )haracter can also store thin-s in the #ocket Realm! and retrieve them later! but nothinlar-er than a <uman body.

De"cri tion: Aou brin- hope and the promise of a ne& start to a belea-uered spirit. Aou transfer some of your essence into another! allo&in- them to temporarily resist their baser ur-es and -ive their all. %o"t to Purcha"e: 'vera-e. Game Mechanic" 0Redem tion2: N Action to 6 eH Transform; 1o t to 6 eH "tandard :ental; EffectH "ee belo&; RangeH Reach M+N. The )haracter can spend >FHD? "#I to transfer F "#I to another person on contact! &here F is any number up to > evels?. The tar-et also -ains a ne& "ave roll a-ainst any )ompulsions they currently suffer! &ith a bonus of H>F?. Instead of transferrin"#I! the )haracter may instead permanently sacrifice . "#I to reduce the tar-etCs )7R by .. The )haracter may never have more than >.. Q )7R? evels of Redemption; if the )haracterCs current )7R is .. or more! they may not use this "pecial 'bility.

De"cri tion: ike a demon! you enter anotherCs body and control them like a puppet. %o"t to Purcha"e: 'vera-e. Game Mechanic" 0Po""e""ion2: N 1o t to 6 eH "tandard :ental; Action to 6 eH )ontrol; 'ave RollH "tandard :ental; EffectH )ompulsion! the )haracter controls the tar-etCs body directly; RangeH Reach M+N; 4urationH >00? Rounds. #ossession re=uires either the "pirit 0orm or 'stral #rojection "pecial 'bilities. 4hile #ossessinanother! the )haracter cant take 'ctions in the tar-etCs body! but cannot take 'ctions in their o&n body; in fact! theyCre una&are of any dan-er or dama-e to their o&n body.

De"cri tion: 8othin- can keep you do&n for lon-. AouCve been beaten! shot! even blo&n up! but your ra--ed form al&ays mana-es to reassemble itself! &ith only horrific scars to sho& for it. %o"t to Purcha"e: 'vera-e. Game Mechanic" 0Re-eneration2: The )haracter re-ains . < T per >.. Q evels? Rounds to all ;ody #arts! and > evels? I0 per minute.

Reser<oir G H
De"cri tion: Aou can create 'rtifacts &ith their o&n ma-ical Obatteries!P that are less ta(in- on the mind and body to use. %o"t to Purcha"e: )heap. Game Mechanic" 0Re"er&oir2: This "pecial 'bility can only be used &ith the 9nchantment "pecial 'bility to create 'rtifacts. The 'rtifact has a reserve pool of . @I5 or "#I per evel that can be used to po&er the 'rtifactCs other "pecial 'bilities. 't any time! any 9nchanter &ith this "pecial 'bility may take a )ontrol 'ction transfer their o&n @I5 or "#I to a

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DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

Reservoir 'rtifact to rechar-e it. 'n 'rtifact &hose Reservoir is depleted can still use the &ielderCs "#I or @I5 instead.

Resistan%e G H
De"cri tion: There is some form of attack that you can shru- off. :aybe your incredible focus prevents you from ever bein- distracted! or maybe your stran-e! protoplasmic flesh doesnCt bleed &hen cut. %o"t to Purcha"e: 9(tremely )heap. Game Mechanic" 0Re"i"tance2: )hoose one 'ffliction; all "ave rolls a-ainst this 'ffliction -ain a bonus e=ual to > evels?. 't evel .+! you are immune to this 'ffliction. If youCre immune to any t&o 9motional 'fflictions! you -ain Immunity to them all.

Game Mechanic" 0Se&er Fate2: N Action to 6 eH Transform; 1o t to 6 eH Double "tandard :ental; RangeH "tandard; 'ave RollH 8one; Effect H "ee belo&. In order to use to this "pecial 'bility! the )haracter must hold their action! and then take a Transform 'ction in response to some other event. That event takes place but has no effect &hatsoever; the event is removed from the normal flo& of cause-andeffect. 0or e(ample! the )haracter &ith a -un to their head could unlink the cause Otri--er on -un is pulledP from the effect O-unpo&der in bullet i-nites.P The bullet is not a dud! and the -unpo&der struck it! but the bullet doesnCt fire as a result. If either the cause or effect are on-oin-! the )haracter must :aintain the "evered 0ate! payin- "#I each round to keep the t&o events separate. 0or e(ample! the )haracter! a&akenin- in a burnin- house! could unlink the cause O&alk throu-h fireP from the effect Oburn!P but theyCll burn as soon as they canCt keep the "pecial 'bility active. There can al&ays be unintended conse=uences! too; the )haracter a&akenin- in the burnin- house mi-ht still pass out from smoke inhalation before they can make it out of the buildin-! or they mi-ht die &hen the buildincollapses on them. The cause and effect stated need to be specific! observable! verifiable events! that take place &ithin the )haracterCs -eneral vicinity. The 5ame :aster is free to rule if a stated cause or effect are too va-ue.

De"cri tion: Aou shatter illusions! reducinmany of those around you to darkness and despair in their &eakness. iberated of false hope and silly dreams! they are ready to face the &orld as it is! trud-in- to&ards an unkno&n future. %o"t to Purcha"e: 'vera-e. Game Mechanic" 0Scour-e2: N Action to 6 eH Transform; 1o t to 6 eH "tandard :ental; EffectH "ee belo&; RangeH Reach M+N. The )haracter can spend F "#I to -ive a tar-et a ne& "ave roll a-ainst any )ompulsions they currently suffer! &ith a bonus of H>F?. The tar-et must make a "tandard :ental "ave or permanently -ain . evel of )7R as &ell. Instead of -rantin- a ne& "ave roll! the )haracter may instead spend F "#I to reduce all penalties the tar-et suffers to all :ental 'ttributes by F for > evels? hours. The )haracter may never have more than >)7R - ..? evels of "cour-e; if the )haracterCs current )7R is .. or less! they may not use this "pecial 'bility.

1hapeshifting G H
De"cri tion: Aou mold your flesh to look like someone else! effectively stealin- their life. %o"t to Purcha"e: )heap. Game Mechanic" 0Sha e"hi,tin-2: N Action to 6 eH Transform; 1o t to 6 eH "tandard #hysical; 'ave RollH "tandard Illusion M#hysicalN; 4urationH astin-. The )haracter can alter their appearance to look like anyone. 't evel D! the )haracter can mimic voices as &ell! and at evel 2! the "hapeshifter can duplicate fin-erprints. 't evel J! even the )haracterCs retinal scans &ill sho& the correct identity! and at evel .+! the )haracterCs very D8' is the same. 'lthou-h the appearance mimicry is perfect! the )haracter still doesnCt necessarily duplicate the

1e<er Fate
De"cri tion: Aou slice fate apart like a sur-eon! removin- the link bet&een cause and effect. %o"t to Purcha"e: 9(pensive.

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DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

mannerisms of the tar-et precisely. The "hapeshifter may also need to roll #9R H Trickery vs. a vie&erCs I8" H 8otice to see if the vie&er notices somethinodd in their behavior. The )haracter may -ain or duplicate up to > evels%D? evels in the 'ttractive or )reepy ooks 'dvanced Talents.

suffer a -3 #enalty to all "ave rolls a-ainst the ;lindin;urst "pecial 'bility! and like&ise &ith "harp "ense M<earin-N and the deafenin- effect of "hriek.

De"cri tion: Aou create a thunderous! shatterinsound! that causes piercin- pain and deafness in all nearby. %o"t to Purcha"e: )heap. Game Mechanic" 0Shrie!2: N 1o t to 6 eH "tandard :ental; 4amageH >.dEH evels?9; AccuracyH ---; &alentH ---; 8and Re%uiredH ---; RangeH )entered on self; -ea!on Feature H 'utomatic; Radius M.+ ydN; 'ave RollH "tandard #hysical. If the tar-et fails their "ave roll! they also suffer the Deafened 'ffliction for "tandard Duration.

De"cri tion: Aou have no definite form! instead composed of a sin-le mass of flesh &ith no definite parts. ThereCs no &ay to tar-et your &eak points! since you donCt really have any. %o"t to Purcha"e: 9(pensive. Game Mechanic" 0Sha ele""2: The )haracter loses all <it ocations e(cept for the Torso. 'll attacks automatically land on the Torso! but the Torso has > evels?%* times more < T than normal. The )haracter cannot purchase :onstrous 'ppenda-e! 9(tra 'rms! 9(tra e-s! 9(tra <ead! or Tentacles! but the )haracter may manifest up to > evels?%D Tentacles by takin- a )ontrol 'ction for each one. The )haracter is automatically immune to the #rone! "ittin-%Kneelin-! "hackled! and :anacled 'fflictions. The )haracterCs jumpin- distances and movement speeds are all halved! but the )haracter can ooBe throu-h openin-s and porous materials! like a fluid! unless the door or container is sealed &aterti-ht. 0inally! the )haracter -ains > evels S*? I#R7 and > evels? D#R7 vs. ;lunt Dama-e! and > evels? I#R7 and > evels?%* D#R7 vs. 5unfire Dama-e.

1ight !he
De"cri tion: Aou can see the mysteries that lie hidden in the :embrane; the unseen &orld is laid bare to you. "pirits! ma-ic! stran-e ener-ies; you can see them slitherin- and flutterin- and shimmerin- past! all about. "ome people are born &ith The "i-ht! and they never kno& &hat it is to be sane. %o"t to Purcha"e: @ery )heap. Game Mechanic" 0The Si-ht2: N RangeORadiu H > evel S3+? yards.

1harp 1ense G H
De"cri tion: Aour sense of si-ht! hearin-! touch! or smell and taste! are much more acute than any <umansC. %o"t to Purcha"e: 9(tremely )heap. Game Mechanic" 0Shar Sen"e2: )hoose one sense; the )haracter -ains a bonus of H> evels? to all I8"H8otice rolls &ith that sense. 0or the purposes of this "pecial 'bility! smell and taste are treated as one sense. )haracters &ith "harp "ense suffer a penalty to all "ave rolls a-ainst sensory overload attacks on that sense e=ual to the "harp "ense evels. 0or e(ample! a )haracter &ith "harp "ense M"i-htM evel 3 &ould
Image courtesy #nna &ervova, Publicdomainpictures.net.

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DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

The "i-ht allo&s )haracters to see auras! sense ma-ic! and detect Realm-borderin- phenomena. 9ach Round! the )haracter can sense one of the follo&informs of phenomenon. N 'en e Aura H The )haracter can sense a sin-le tar-etCs current emotional state. ' halo or cloud of a specific color surrounds the tar-et in the )haracterCs "i-ht! -ivinclues to the )haracterCs feelin-s. The )haracter is instantly a&are if the tar-et is sufferin- the 'fraid or #anicked 'fflictions! or any 9motional 'fflictions! and &hat they are. ItCs not possible to see another personCs )orruption evel! but you can see their aura &hen they perform =uestionable actions! to see if theyCre emotionally troubled by &hat they do. N 'en e 3ateway and Ru!ture H The )haracter can sense Ruptures and 5ate&ays! althou-h they canCt sense &here they lead. 5ate&ays are often 4arded by their creators a-ainst discovery! thou-h! so an un&arded 5ate&ay may have been for-otten! and could lead any&here. N 'en e 0agicH The )haracter can sense 0ormulG or 'rtifacts in use. 'rtifacts that store "#I or @I5 for use can be sensed as if constantly in use! but only at .%.+ the normal Ran-e. N 'en e 6nnatural H The )haracter! on seeinanother sin-le person! may detect if that person is an ,nnatural if they make a I8" H 8otice roll vs. D0 <ard. It re=uires an "0 .+H to determine &hat Type of ,nnatural the tar-et is; on an "0 . to 1! the )haracter just kno&s that the tar-et isnCt &hat they appear to be. 7nly one person per Round may be scanned in this &ay. 'ny 9ffect that causes a "tandard Illusion >#hysical? "ave &onCt protect a-ainst this use of The "i-ht! "tandard Illusion >:ental? "pecial 'bilities &ill provide their normal protection. This use of The "i-ht &ill also detect the presence of any bein- in "pirit 0orm in the vicinity.

Game Mechanic" 0Sorcer)2: The )haracter can learn the Dark 'rt and :ystical Techni=ue Talents! to a ma(imum evel e=ual to this "pecial 'bility. )hoose one 'ttribute and one 'dvanced Talent &hen "orcery is selected; the )haracter uses that 'ttribute and 'dvanced Talent &ith Dark 'rt &hen makin- 0ormula rolls.

1pirit Form
De"cri tion: Aou transform your body directly into a subtle! spiritual form! allo&in- you to &alk throu-h &alls. %o"t to Purcha"e: 9(pensive. Game Mechanic" 0S irit Form2: N Action &o 6 eH Transform; 1o t &o 6 eH >>.. - evels? H :embrane? "#I per Round. The )haracter can shift themselves into the :embrane itself; here! they can be seen as a sort of -hostly! semi-transparent outline by bein-s in the Realm they just left! but are effectively intan-ible. The )haracter -ains . evel of The "i-ht in this form! and a H* bonus to all "neak Talent rolls! and cannot be harmed by normal &eapons or attacks at all. :a-ical attacks do half normal dama-e! includin- hand-to-hand attacks by )haracters &ho kno& :ystic Kun- 0u! and )lose )ombat attacks by )haracters &ith the 'ffect "pirits "pecial 'bility do full dama-e. The )haracter can use I8" as "TR! #9R as '5I! and 4I as T5<. 'ttribute loss to "TR! '5I! and T5< can be i-nored by this )haracter in this form. The )haracter doesnCt suffer any Injury Dama-e on these Realms! and any Debility dama-e is taken from "#I! not I0. 9ach day that the )haracter remains in "pirit 0orm! the )haracter takes I0 dama-e e=ual to the RealmCs :embrane. This dama-e cannot be healed unless the bein- inhabits a physical object or entity; inhabitin- an object! it heals at a rate of . per day! and inhabitin- a livin- bein-! it re-enerates at the normal rate. )haracters may inhabit an unattended item automatically! but re=uire the #ossession "pecial 'bility to inhabit livin- bein-s or attended objects. The Telekinesis! Interface! or 9lemental "hapin- "pecial 'bilities are re=uired to animate and move inhabited objects. :ystics usin- ma-ic in "pirit 0orm suffer -D to all Dark 'rt M"ubstanceN rolls! but HD to all Dark 'rt M"piritN rolls. The cost of all "ubstance 0ormula is increased by D! but the cost of all "pirit ma-ic rolls is reduced by D.

1or%ery G H
De"cri tion: "orcery allo&s a bein- to control cosmic forces; &ith the aid of mystical learnin- and special techni=ues! they may bend the universe to their &ill. %o"t to Purcha"e: 9(pensive.

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DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

)haracters in "pirit 0orm can be killed as normal in "pirit 0orm! and the 0irst 'id Talent is useless for healin- dama-e in this form.

Round! and &ill be under the )haracterCs command! obeyin- the )haracter to the best of their understandin-.

De"cri tion: ike a rottin- Bombie! you can produce a repulsive stench that sickens anyone that smells it. %o"t to Purcha"e: @ery )heap. Game Mechanic" 0Stench2: N 1o t to 6 eH > evels?%D @I5; Action to 6 eH 'ttack; 'ave RollH "tandard #hysical; EffectH Distracted; RangeH )entered on self; Radiu H "tandard; 4urationH "tandard.

De"cri tion: Aou have a tail like a beast! &hich helps you keep your balance &hen you climb. %o"t to Purcha"e: 9(tremely )heap. Game Mechanic" 0Tail2: The )haracter -ains a bonus of > evels? to all '5IH'thletics rolls to retain their balance. 't evel 3! the Tail can be used to hold objects! and at evel .+! it is deft enou-h to use as an additional hand.

De"cri tion: ' sense of joy and peace over&helms you! as your body takes in divine ener-ies and pur-es itself of all that is corrupt. %o"t to Purcha"e: 'vera-e. Game Mechanic" 0Sti-mata2: The )haracter may -ain > evels? "#I once per day! by sufferin- the 9motional >Joy? and ;leedin- 'fflictions for > evels? Rounds. The )haracter is 0roBen for . Round &hen they activate "ti-mata! and they bleed from > evels? separate locations on their body each time this "pecial 'bility is used.

De"cri tion: Aou master base matter &ith your mind! movin- it throu-h midair as if it &ere manipulated by po&erful! invisible hands. %o"t to Purcha"e: )heap. Game Mechanic" 0Tele!ine"i"2: N Action &o 6 eH )ontrol; 1o t &o 6 eH >"TR re=uired to lift the object? "#I; RangeH > evels S.+ yd?. The )haracter may e(ert the e=uivalent of >Ranks? "TR at a distance a-ainst any object they can sense clearly. 'ttack rolls &ith Telekinesis use 4I in place of "TR or '5I! and the Ran-ed )ombat Talent! but the )haracter may other&ise make 5rapple! #unch! and Tackle 'ttacks &ith Telekinesis.

1ummoning G H
De"cri tion: Aou call animals or mystical creatures to serve you! and they arrive and obey &hen called. %o"t to Purcha"e: 'vera-e. Game Mechanic" 0Summonin-2: N 1o t to 6 eH "tandard; 4urationH Double "tandard. )hoose some minor! non-sentient creature! like cats! ravens! or Bombies. The )haracter can summon . such small animal per evel! or . per D evels if itCs a more capable creature like a shado& -oblin or a Bombie. The summoned creatures &ill arrive the ne(t

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The )haracter scans a tar-etCs thou-hts. 'ny entity may make the listed "ave roll to see if they detect a monitorin- psychic presence; if they do! they may attempt to blank their minds. This is almost impossible to do &hen distracted by combat! althou-h oneCs thou-hts in combat &ill be simple and survivaloriented; outside of combat! a Telepath still -ains H > evels?%D to the 8e-otiation Talent &hen interactin&ith someone attemptin- to blank their minds. The Telepath can also communicate by sendin- their thou-hts into the tar-etCs mind! establishin- t&o-&ay communication. The t&o must share a lan-ua-e in common for communication to occur! althou-h the t&o can communicate very crudely by sendin- and receivin- pictures.

ArobingH &ime &o 6 eH >.. Q evels? minutes; 1o t &o 6 eH > evels H tar-et 4I ? "#I; ReachH +; 'ave RollH 4I H"elf-)ontrol roll vs. D0 >> evels SD? H.+?.

Image courtesy Aason BainvilleC

De"cri tion: Aou see into another personCs mind! readin- their surface thou-hts! lookin- for other minds in the vicinity! or delvin- into anotherCs memories. %o"t to Purcha"e: 'vera-e. Game Mechanic" 0Tele ath)2: There are three uses for Telepathy; "cannin-! Readin-! and #robin-. N 'canningH Action &o 6 eH )ontrol; 1o t &o 6 eH > evels? "#I; Radiu H "tandard ar-e >for "cannin-?. The )haracter senses the presence of entities &ithin the listed radius. 7nce theyCre detected! the Telepath may s&itch to readin- their surface thou-hts! one at a time.

The )haracter looks into the tar-etCs memories to try to pull up specific memories from the past. The de-ree of information -ained depends on the tar-etCs 0ailure 0actor on their "ave roll. 7n 00 3H! the Telepath can see a va-ue impression of the intended memory; on 00 E to .+! the impression is more detailed. 7n an 00 .. to .3! the Telepath can see everythin- that they &ant! recallin- all details that the tar-et can remember clearly! and finally! on 00 .EH! the Telepath can navi-ate the memory as if they &ere there! noticin- details that the tar-etCs conscious mind never even noticed. ' Telepath can also do a -eneral survey of a tar-etCs memories to learn the tar-etCs -eneral )orruption score; the "0 re=uired for this is JH. ' :ishap on the roll adds H.+ to the )haracterCs effective 0ailure 0actor.

De"cri tion: Aou skip to another Realm and back a-ain s&iftly! bypassin- distance and appearin- &here your enemies least e(pect it. %o"t to Purcha"e: 9(pensive. Game Mechanic" 0Tele ortation2: N Action &o 6 eH )ontrol; 1o t &o 6 eH > evels H :embrane? "#I; RangeH > evels S.++ yd?. The )haracter can disappear from one location and reappear instantaneously in another. The )haracter actually takes a short inter-Realm shortcut! hoppin- to

ReadingH Action &o 6 eH )ontrol; 1o t &o 6 eH > evels H tar-et 4I ? "#I; RangeH "tandard ar-e >for "cannin-?; 'ave RollH "tandard :ental.

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DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

another! nearby dimension &here time moves faster in comparison &ith the :ortal &orld! and then returninin a different spot. The thicker the :embrane is in a location! thou-h! the more effort it takes. The )haracter must see or be familiar &ith the location theyCre -ointo; if they arenCt! thereCs a very -ood chance they could teleport into a solid object! takin- > evels?dE8 dama-e to a random ;ody #art on reappearance. 'll )haracters that have been Teleported suffer a penalty of -D '# the Round after Teleportation! as they re-orient themselves.

De"cri tion: Aour octopus-like tendrils can &rap around your enemies in a steely! t&isted embrace and s=ueeBe the life from them. %o"t to Purcha"e: )heap. Game Mechanic" 0Tentacle"2: The )haracter -ains a bonus of H> evels? to all "TRH)lose )ombat rolls to 5rapple.

The )haracter can transmute up to > evels? lbs. of mass into any sin-le element. If the )haracter possesses DH evels of the 'dvanced Talent 9(pert M"cience$ )hemistryN! they may create simple compounds >&ater! sand! salt?! and &ith 2H evels! they may create more comple( elements. It re=uires EH evels of 9(pert M"cience$ )hemistryN to create anythin- as comple( as or-anic matter! like &ood or flesh! and &ith JH evels! the )haracter can even create edible meat or &ine. ItCs temptin- to just instantly start creatin- hundreds of -old bricks or diamonds! but the "ervitors put a s&ift and brutal end to anyone that the <ierates can tell is abusinsupernatural po&ers for their o&n ends! treaties be damned.

!ra<erse Realms
De"cri tion: Aou transition yourself and your allies to another Realm! to continue your =uest. %o"t to Purcha"e: 9(pensive. Game Mechanic" 0Tra&er"e Realm"2: N Action to 6 eH )ontrol; 1o t to 6 eH > evels H :embrane? "#I! plus . T5<. The )haracter can move to a nei-hborin- Realm! takin- &ith them up to > evels? other individuals. 7n arrival! all of these other )haracters are 0roBen for >.+ H .dE Q evels? Rounds! and automatically take . 9ner-y 9nvironmental dama-e.

De"cri tion: Aour deft mind can unriddle any cipher! allo&in- you to learn any lan-ua-e in mere minutes. %o"t to Purcha"e: 9(tremely )heap. Game Mechanic" 0Ton-ue"2: N 1o t &o 6 eH > evels? "#I. The )haracter can learn any ne& lan-ua-e they encounter in >.. Q evels! minimum +? minutes.

De"cri tion: Aou steal potential ener-y from a mechanical or technolo-ical device! preventin- it from functionin-. ike a toy that hasnCt been &ound! it sits! useless. %o"t to Purcha"e: @ery )heap. Game Mechanic" 0:n'indin-2: N 1o t to 6 eH "tandard #hysical; Action to 6 eH 'ttack; 'ave RollH ,nattended items -et none! #ossessions -et their &ielderCs "tandard :ental "ave; EffectH Item ceases to function as if takin- .++V 0,8) dama-e; RangeH "tandard; 4urationH "tandard.

De"cri tion: ike the alchemists of old! you can touch an item and chan-e its material composition! &eavin- -old from stra& &ith mere intention. %o"t to Purcha"e: 9(pensive. Game Mechanic" 0Tran"mutation2: N 1o t &o 6 eH > evels? "#I; 4amageH > evels?dE8; AccuracyH -D; &alentH )lose )ombat; 8and Re%uiredH .-T; ReachH +; -ea!on Feature H 8one.

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DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

De"cri tion: Aou secrete a venom from your skin that slo&ly kills your foes! as you stand by and lau-h. Game Mechanic" 0(enom2: N 1o t to 6 eH > evels?%D @I5; Action to 6 eH 'ttack; 'ave RollH "tandard #hysical; EffectH "uffer -. penalty to all 'ttributes per minute! may make another save each minute; RangeH Reach M+N; 4urationH >00?%D minutes.


1o t to 6 eH M "tandard :ental! :aintained; 4urationH :aintained; EffectH )haracter can &alk on &ater as if on dray land at their normal land movement rate.

De"cri tion: Aou e(tend your &ill around an area! protectin- it from mali-n influences &ith your unbreakable &ill. Game Mechanic" 0#ard"2: N Action to 6 eH )ontrol; 1o t to 6 eH . 4I >see belo&?; Radiu H "tandard on-. )hoose one "pecial 'bility per evel from the follo&in- list$ 'stral #rojection! )lairvoyance! Divination! 9lemental "ense! The "i-ht! Teleportation! or Traverse Realms. The )haracter can place a mark on an item! and protect an area from sensation or intrusion by that "pecial 'bility. 4hile the )haracter has active 4ards! they suffer a penalty of -. to 4I per active 4ard.

'alk on 'ater
De"cri tion: Aou &alk above the &aters of a river! pond! or the sea! as if beneath you &ere stone or soil. %o"t to Purcha"e: 'vera-e. Game Mechanic" 0#al! on #ater2:

Po>er Modifi%ations
4ho can resist playin- 5od! toyin- &ith forces beyond their control6 This section allo&s one to manipulate the Dark #o&ers! tailorin- them to suit oneCs &hims. 8ote$ #layin- 5od &ith oneCs Dark #o&ers may lead to unintended side effects! like the 5ame :aster sayin- O8o!P attractin- un&anted attention from oneCs peers in the )olle-ium! attractin- un&anted attention from the <ierate )ult! and bein- Doomed for meddlin&ith forces beyond mortal ken. "o! be &arned. 9ach selection of a #o&er :odification either increases or decreases the )haracter #oint cost per evel of a "pecial 'bility. Game Mechanic" 0/ea"t *)$rid2: The )haracter can transform into a half-human! half-beast form that has all the benefits of both forms. In this form the )haracter is at their normal <uman siBe! plus D selections of the ar-e "pecial 'bility. If the base creature has the "mall )la&s "pecial 'bility! the )haracter -ains . evel of the )la&s "pecial 'bility in ;east <ybrid form; the same -oes for "mall 0an-s and 0an-s.

Des%riptor "hange G H
Re6uirement": 'ny "pecial 'bility &ithout the Radius 0eature. De"cri tion: Aour Dark #o&er is more effective than othersC in some &ay. Modi,ication: "ee Descriptor )han-e Table. Game Mechanic" 0De"cri tor %han-e2: Refer to the Descriptor )han-e Table to see &hat the cost &ill be for the modification desired.

Beast Aybrid
Re6uirement": ycanthrope evel .H. De"cri tion: Aou can transform half&ay into a bestial form streamlined and specialiBed for slau-hter. Modi,ication: HD )ost evel.

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#ction to *se

Modifi%ation Effe%t
Each 8$ to #, cost increases %ost Level by 2$C Each 2$ to #, cost reduces %ost Level by 2$C If the #, cost is reduced to 06 the =pecial #bility is al-ays on Beducing =,I or !I? cost to > increases %ost Level by "D " selections reduces =,I or !I? cost to 0C EormulF still retain their normal minimum costC Increasing =,I or !I? cost by > decreases %ost Level by "C Damage cannot be directly modifiedC #dding the 'alanced G2$H6 'loc+ G2$H6 Disarm G2$H Ieapon Eeatures increases %ost Level by 2$C #dding the #rmor8,iercing6 #utofire6 Jnoc+s Do-n6 Manacle@=hac+le6 or ,assive Ieapon Eeatures increases %ost Level by 2"C #dding the 'alanced G8$H6 'loc+ G8$H6 or Disarm G8$H Ieapon Eeatures decreases %ost Level by 8$C #dding the BeKuires Move Ieapon Eeature decreases %ost Level by 8"C Doubling Duration increases %ost Level by 2$C Beducing Duration decreases %ost Level by 8$D $d 2$ becomes $d" Bounds6 then $ BoundC %hanging Duration to Lasting increases %ost Level by 2" and doubles =,I and !I? %ostC %hanging Duration to Indefinite increases %ost Level by 2" and doubles =,I and !I? %ost againC 'oth reKuire ?ame Master permissionC If the =pecial #bility has a =ave and is easily reversible :iCeC the ,rone #ffliction is ended -ith a %hange ,osition #ction;6 the Duration is automatically IndefiniteC ,rotection cannot be directly modifiedC #dding the )ardened or More Effective #rmor Eeature increases %ost Level by 2$C #dding the Less Effective #rmor Eeature decreases %ost Level by 8$C #dding the #blative #rmor Eeature decreases %ost Level by 8"C Increasing a Large Badius by 24 yd increases %ost Level by 2$C #dding Badius to an attac+ increases %ost Level by 2"C Decreasing Badius by 84 yd decreases %ost Level by 8$C Bemoving Badius from an attac+ decreases %ost Level by 8"C Increasing Bange by 2"59 increases %ost Level by 2$C Decreasing Bange by > decreases %ost Level by 8$C Decreasing Bange to (ouch decreases %ost Level by 8"D the attac+ becomes %lose %ombat6 and has Beach G0HC Increasing =ave roll DE by 25 increases %ost Level by 2"C Decreasing =ave roll DE by 85 decreases %ost Level by 8"C Increasing =peed by 2"59 increases %ost Level by 2$C Decreasing =peed by 8"59 decreases %ost Level by 8$C

%ost to *se











=ave Boll



Des%riptor "hange !able

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DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

Re6uirement": 'ny "pecial 'bility &ith obvious effects. De"cri tion: Aour Dark #o&er is hidden from the eyes of casual observers; only those &ith mystic vision can see the truth. Modi,ication: HD )ost evel. Game Mechanic" 0*idden2: The "pecial 'bility cannot be noticed by the ordinary senses; only the effects may be seen. The "pecial 'bility is still fully visible to The "i-ht as normal.

isnCt useful about half the time; an e(ample of this &ould be 9nslave that only &orked on animals. 0or -D )ost evel! the Dark #o&er is only useful about D3V of the time; an e(ample of this &ould be <ealin- that only restored < T lost to 9ner-y Dama-e. 0inally! for -* )ost evel! the Dark #o&er is very rarely useful ; an e(ample of this &ould be "hape 9lement M"ubstanceN that only &orks for openin- locks. 0or ma-ic! imited 'pplication cannot be applied &hen 0reecastin-! only to 0ormulG.

Re6uirement": Re-eneration .H evels. De"cri tion: 9ven if completely severed! your body parts &ill completely -ro& back in time. Modi,ication: H. )ost evel. Game Mechanic" 0Re-ro'th2: The )haracter &ill re-ro& lost ;ody #arts! even if they are completely severed.

Re6uirement": 'ny "pecial 'bility. De"cri tion: Aour Dark #o&er re=uires an outside focus to use. The Dark #o&er is totally inaccessible &ithout the Implement! althou-h the po&er &ill still lie dormant &ithin you! &aitin- to be released. Modi,ication: -. )ost evel. Game Mechanic" 0Im lement2: )hoose one sort of tool or item; the )haracter must have and use that item to make use of the "pecial 'bility. 'n e(ample is "atyrs and their use of the pan-flute to inflict 'n-uish or Daydreams on their victims.

Resurre%tion G H
Re6uirement": Immortal Re-eneration .H evels! Re-ro&th. .H evels! De"cri tion: 4hen you say that youCre immortal! youCre really, really Immortal. It takes some e(traordinary measures for your enemies to finally &ipe you out. Modi,ication: HD )ost evel. Game Mechanic" 0Re"urrection2: The )haracter &ill rise from the dead even if their <ead or Torso is severed. ;urnin- the body! or other&ise pulveriBin- or disinte-ratin- it! &ill kill the )haracter once and for all; the #layer must also choose one other method to finally kill the )haracter completely.

;imited (ppli%ation
Re6uirement": 'ny "pecial 'bility. De"cri tion: Aour Dark #o&er isnCt as fle(ible as othersC; instead of &arpin- metal in -eneral! it only opens locks! or maybe instead of controllin- any mind! it only dictates the actions of animals. Modi,ication: -.! -D! or -* )ost evel. Game Mechanic" 0Limited A lication2: )hoose one more specialiBed! limited application for the Dark #o&er. 0or -. )ost evel! the Dark #o&er

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Innate Po>ers
Innate #o&ers are "pecial 'bilities that the )haracter possesses &ithout needin- to make spellcastin- Talent rolls. Innate #o&ers are part of the )haracter! and are an innate part of them in the same &ay as the )haracterCs 'ttributes! Talents! and <ardships are. Innate #o&ers typically belon- to particularly non-<uman ,nnaturals! like 5hKls! 9nkidu! and the )hildren of i-ht and Darkness.

;earning Formulae
To learn a 0ormula! the )haracter must possess the appropriate Dark 'rt Talent "pecialiBation. The )haracter learns one 0ormula per evel in the Dark 'rt Talent. The effective evel of the 0ormulaCs "pecial 'bility is e=ual to the )haracterCs :ystical 'rt evel. >2?. Roll appropriate 'ttribute H 'dvanced Talent H Dark 'rt Talent vs. D0 >D+ H total ;# cost of the "pecial 'bility for the evel you &ant?. >3?. #ay > evels?dE "#I to activate the #o&er! plus any listed non-"#I cost. The total cost is doubled if youCre 0reecastin-! and doubled if you roll a :ishap 7R a Triumph. ' spellCs "#I cost cannot be reduced belo& >listed cost H evels?! no matter &hat :ystical Techni=ues are used. If youCre at or belo& + "#I! make the appropriate rolls on the 5oin;u-fuck Tables. >E?. If your spell is a Ran-ed )ombat 'ttack or a )lose )ombat 'ttack! proceed &ith your 'ttack rolls. isted belo& are the :ystical Techni=ues that )haracters can learn to reduce the cost of their ma-ic. ;elo& is the 0ormulG Table. 's a :ystic -ains kno&led-e about the 9lements! they can mana-e more comple( and obvious effects. 't first they can only sense the 9lements and t&eak their shape! but in the end the :ystic can reverse and &arp them! and even summon 9lementals from the other Realms.

1pell%asting Pro%edure
<ere are the steps in castin- a spell$ >.?. Decide if youCre -oin- to use a 0ormula or! if you have the option! if youCre 0reecastin-. If youCre 0reecastin-! -o to >D?. If not! -o to >*?. >D?. Describe your intended effect to the 5ame :aster! and &hat Dark 'rt you &ant to use to accomplish it. If it sounds reasonable! the 5ame :aster &ill tell you &hat the effective )ost per evel of the effect &ill be. >*?. Decide on the evel of effect that you &ant. 9ach evel &ill be more po&erful! but harder to cast and more e(pensive. 'lso decide on &hat :ystical Techni=ues you &ill use to miti-ate the "#I cost of the effect.

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Dark Po>ers Initiatus Eelator (deptus
L(rust the -isdom of the unified body8mindCM

L(he body is the microcosm of the universeCM

L(here is no death6 Nust endless changeCM

L(he body is the temple of LIn the body lay -ondrous the soul6 heir to all its po-ers6 yet untappedCM virtuesCM
#dhesion6 'ody =pi+es6 %arapace6 %la-s6 Divination G,almistryH6 Endure ,rivation G#nyH6 Eangs6 Eerocity6 )orns6 =ense Element G'odyH6 =harp =ense G#nyH6 (ail6 (entaclesC #nguish G#nyH6 Extra #rms6 Extra )ead6 Extra Legs6 ?lo-6 )ealing6 Leaping6 Monstrous #ppendage G#nyH6 Begeneration6 Besistance G#ny ,hysicalH6 =tench6 !enomC


Elemental 'olt G'odyH6 Elemental =hield G'odyH6 Elemental Ieapon G'odyH6 Large6 ,lagueC

Inhuman #ttribute G#ny ,hysicalH6 Leeching6 Lycanthrope G#nyH6 =hapeshiftingC

=hapeless6 =ummoning GDevourersHC

LNothing lasts foreverC Everyone has a destinyCM

LDestiny is mutable6 through our o-n actionsCM
%ondemnation6 (raverse Bealms6 IardC

LDestiny is inescapableC Eree -ill is an illusionCM
%lairvoyance6 Elemental =hield GDestinyH6 (ele+inesisC


LEverything has already happened6 exactly as it shouldCM
Elemental 'olt GDestinyH6 Elemental Ieapon GDestinyH6 =ever EateC

L(here are many realitiesC Everything that can happen6 doesCM
%lone6 ,oc+et Bealm6 =ummoning GBeapersHC

'lessings6 %urses6 Divination G#nyH6 Dumb Luc+C

LMotion and stillness are different ends of the same pendulumCM

L,o-er and speed are merely matters of perceptionCM

LNothing can stop me should I choose to moveCM

LI am already there6 for I am all places at onceCM

L#ll energy is but a different vibration in a cosmic symphonyCM


#dhesion6 'linding 'urst6 Dim =ight6 Divination G,yromancyH6 ?lo-6 Levitation6 =ense Element GEnergyH6 =harp =ense G=ightHC

%loa+6 Dar+ness6 Dar+ =ight6 Interface6 Leaping6 *n-inding6 Ial+ on IaterC

Elemental 'olt GEnergyH6 Elemental =haping GEnergyH6 Elemental Ieapon GEnergyHC

Elemental =hield GEnergyH6 Mirage6 (eleportationC

%lone6 =ummoning G=alamanders or =pritesHC

L=pirit surrounds us and binds the -orld togetherCM

L(he spirit of everything is bound in a great cycleCM
Daydream6 Inhuman #ttribute G#ny MentalH6 Nightmares6 Besistance G#ny MentalH6 IardC

L(he spirits affect us all6 moment by momentCM
Enslave6 Elemental 'olt G=piritH6 Elemental =hield G=piritsH6 Elemental Ieapon G=piritsHC


L(he -orld is but the intersection of many different archetypal formsCM
,ossession6 Bedemption6 =courge6 =tigmata6 (ongues6 (elepathyC

L(here is no 5I56 only the universe seeing itself -earing many mas+sCM
#lter Memories6 Miasma of Madness6 =pirit Eorm6 =ummoning G?hosts or (ulpasHC

#ffect =pirits6 #nguish G#nyH6 #stral ,roNection6 Divination GOneiromancyH6 =ense Element G=piritsHC

L(here are only atoms 3 and the voidCM

LMatter is a hologram6 a proNected forceCM

LMatter is the plaything of the godsCM

LMatter is merely our perception of a many8 dimensional realityCM
Elemental 'olt G=ubstanceH6 Elemental Ieapon G=ubstanceHC

L(he alchemist is the first and final ingredient of any transmutationCM
=ummoning G?nomes6 =ylphs6 or *ndinesH6 (ransmutationC


Divination G#eromancy6 )ydromancy6 or LithomancyH6 Entangle6 =ense Element G=ubstanceHC

Elemental =haping Eog6 ?ust6 =hrie+6 =tench6 G=ubstanceH6 Elemental (ele+inesis6 Ial+ on IaterC =hield G=ubstanceHC

Formulae !able

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DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

The rank titles for the 9lements came from the Kni-hts of #ymander. :ystics use the rank titles to describe their sta-es of learnin- each 9lement; :ystics &ith an odd evel sometimes identify themselves as O esser%JuniorP &hile those &ith an even evel may say O5reater%"enior!P as in O esser Relator of "ubstanceP or O5reater Initiatus of "pirit.P "ome )olle-iums even -rant official privile-es and responsibilities based on a :ysticCs hi-hest-ranked 9lemental kno&led-e.

!he !he Aigh Aigh Mysteries Mysteries
+he +he Dar/ Dar/ 1rts 1rts that that 3&stics 3&stics %ie %ied d are are capa" e of changing the %or d! "#t e*en capa" e of changing the %or d! "#t e*en these these changes changes are are imited imited and and temporar&. temporar&. Ihen Ihen aa 3ag#s o*ercomes the imits of e*en their 3ag#s o*ercomes the imits of e*en their *ast *ast /no% /no%edge! edge! the& the& attain attain the the ran/ ran/ of of (psissim#s! (psissim#s! one one capa" capa"ee of of reshaping reshaping entire entire continents! continents! stopping stopping aa p panet)s anet)s rotation rotation for for aa da&! da&! or or def&ing def&ingthe theDar/ Dar/-rinces -rincesthemse themse*es. *es. 0igh 0igh 3&steries 3&steries s#ch s#ch as as these these re;#ire re;#ire Be*e Be*ess higher higher than than 10 10 in in aa Dar/ Dar/ 1rt! 1rt! and and ma& ma& ta/e ta/e decades decades or or cent#ries cent#ries to to research research and and cast. cast. (psissimi (psissimi are are incredi" incredi"& & rare! rare! *er& *er& rare rare& & sane! sane! and and #tter #tter& & o"sessed o"sessed %ith %ith their their inscr#ta" inscr#ta"ee p#rs#its. p#rs#its. (t)s (t)s said said of of the the (psissim#s (psissim#s Fnsi Fnsi 1"ga 1"ga that he might not notice if the F der that he might not notice if the F der6easts 6eastsdid did manage manage to to in*ade in*ade and and con;#er con;#er the the Cit& Cit& of of $pirits! $pirits!#n #ness esshe he%as %asaaerted. erted. 0igh 0igh 3&steries 3&steries are are not not a*ai a*aia" a"ee to to -Cs -Cs e=cept %ith specia .ame 3aster permission. e=cept %ith specia .ame 3aster permission.

Mysti%al !e%hniBues
:ystical Techni=ues e(tend a :ysticCs ma-ical capabilities! or reduce the "pirit cost of ma-ic! drastically reducin- the risk to their sanity &hen they bend the 9lements. The :ystical Techni=ues 'dvanced Talent -ives )haracters a ne& :ystical Techni=ue &ith every evel.

(ltar G H
Re6uirement": air .H evels. De"cri tion: Aou create a sacred space &here ma-ical ener-ies move more freely! and &here your 5reat 4ork can continue uninterrupted.
Image courtesy Public-domain-p otos.net.

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DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

Game Mechanic" 0Altar2: Desi-nate one permanent! immobile spot that &ill be the )haracterCs 'ltar &hen you select this :ystical Techni=ue. 's lonas the )haracter is at their 'ltar! the "#I cost of all 0ormulG is reduced by -. per evel.

Re6uirement": 9(pert >Dancin-? Talent .H evels. De"cri tion: Aou move your body to the music of the "pheres! and your body calls to the 9lements! seducin- them to obey. Game Mechanic" 0Dancin-2: The )haracter reduces their )D90 and RD90 by F! up to their :ystical Techni=ues evel! and reduce the "#I cost of the 0ormula by >F S evels?%D.

(n%ient ;anguages
Re6uirement": 9(pert Talent! &ith 0ocus on one of the follo&in- an-ua-es$ 9-yptian! 9nochian! <ebre&! 5reek! atin! "anskrit! or some other ancient lan-ua-e. De"cri tion: Aou speak an ancient ton-ue the 9lements themselves comprehend! and the salamanders and undines hasten to obey. Game Mechanic" 0Ancient Lan-ua-e"2: The "#I cost of the )haracterCs 0ormula is reduced by .! as lon- as the )haracter speaks in the 'ncient an-ua-e in their o&n voice and can be clearly understood. 'ncient an-ua-es doesnCt &ork under&ater! or &hen the )haracter has just had dental &ork done! and recordin-s or electronic transmissions donCt &ork either.

Re6uirement": 9(pert >Dru-s? Talent .H evels. De"cri tion: Aou prepare sacramental &ine! or some other mind-bendin- chemical! that frees your mind from the -rip of the @ale of the Do&ntrodden! and lets you reach the hi-her Realms. Game Mechanic" 0Eli.ir"2: 4hile the )haracter is under the effects of the 9li(ir! the )haracter suffers the Distracted or Inebriated 'ffliction! but the "#I cost of all )haracterCs 0ormulG are reduced by > evels?. :ost 9li(irs last .d*H* hours! and the )haracter is 9(hausted for t&ice that lon- after&ard.

Blood 1a%rifi%e
Re6uirement": <idden ore Talent .H evels. De"cri tion: Aou let loose your blood! or that of another; you feed the 9lements! and they do as you bid for a time. Game Mechanic" 0/lood Sacri,ice2: The )haracter sacrifices F evels of T5<! up to their :ystical Techni=ues evel! and reduces the 0ormulaCs "#I cost by > evels S F?.

Re6uirement": 9ndurance Talent .H evels. De"cri tion: ;y abstainin- from food! your body -ro&s &eak but your soul -ro&s stron-. Game Mechanic" 0Fa"tin-2: 's lon- as the )haracter fasts! the "#I cost of all )haracterCs 0ormulG are reduced by > evels?%D! but the )haracter suffers the Distracted 'ffliction. The )haracter must have been fastin- for at least D2 hours to -ain this effect! subsistin- on nothin- but &ater.

"onse%rated !ools
Re6uirement": <idden ore Talent *H evels. De"cri tion: Aou craft &ands! amulets! cards! or da--ers! or even specialiBed Thaumatronic devices or computer pro-rams! to amplify your ma-ical potential &hen used. Game Mechanic" 0%on"ecrated Tool"2: 's lonas the )haracter uses their )onsecrated Tools! the "#I cost of the )haracterCs 0ormula is reduced by > evels?%D. The )haracter may have a ma(imum number of )onsecrated Tools e=ual to their :ystical Techni=ues evel! but may only benefit from one at a time.

Re6uirement": <idden ore Talent *H evels. De"cri tion: Aou channel the po&er of ra& ma-ic! shapin- it on the spot rather than callin- on time-honored techni=ues. Aou risk madness in the most stark &ay! but the rush is e(hilaratin-. Game Mechanic" 0Freeca"tin-2: The )haracter tries to cast a 0ormula that they donCt really kno&! or try to make a ne& one up on the spot. 9ither &ay! the

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base "#I cost for the spell doubles; the minimum cost for any 0reecast spell is >listed cost H evels? SD "#I. The )haracter is free to apply any Descriptor )han-e they &ant to modify the 0reecast spell. ' -eneral outline of the descriptors and their effects can be found belo&. N 4amaging '!ell H ‣ Ran-ed )ombat$ "tandard Ran-ed )ombat Dama-e for the 9lement used! to one tar-et at "tandard Ran-e &ith an 'ttack 'ction. ;ase )ost$ )heap. ‣ )lose )ombat$ "tandard )lose )ombat Dama-e for the 9lement used! at Reach M+N &ith an 'ttack 'ction. ;ase )ost$ )heap. N 0i cellaneou '!ell H ;ase )ost$ )heap. N Arotective '!ell H The )haracter -ains "tandard #rotection I#R7 and D#R7! no 'ction re=uired. ;ase )ost$ )heap. N 'en ory '!ell H ;ase )ost$ @ery )heap. N &ravel '!ell H The base speed is > evels S.+? mph. ;ase )ost$ )heap. ‣ 0li-ht$ The base speed doubles. ;ase )ost$ 'vera-e.

Re6uirement": :ystical Dancin-! Rituals! or Tantra. Techni=ues 0ocus De"cri tion: Aour spell re=uires a number of people! all -ivin- of themselves to make it &ork. Game Mechanic" 0Partici ant"2: 9ach #articipant may contribute . "#I to the )haracterCs 0ormula! to a ma(imum number of #articipants e=ual to double the )haracterCs :ystic Techni=ues evel. The base time to cast the 0ormula doubles! ho&ever.

Re6uirement": <idden ore Talent *H evels; :ystical Techni=ues 0ocus 'ncient an-ua-es! )onsecrated Tools! or :a-ical #asses. De"cri tion: 's po&erful as &ords! -estures! and symbols are! combinin- them into a ceremony invokin- -reater po&ers brin-s -reat po&er to your castin-. Game Mechanic" 0Ritual"2: 0or each full minute that the )haracter spends all '# castin- the spell! the "#I cost is reduced by > evels?.

Re6uirement": )onnections or 4ealth Talent .H evels. De"cri tion: Aou obtain rare and valuable materials to use in your ma-ical e(periments! like fla&less -ems! rare herbs or animal parts! or the fra-ments of broken 'rtifacts. Game Mechanic" 0In-redient"2: The more e(pensive the Trifles! the more helpful they are. 9ach Trifle slot spent -ives the ability to use the In-redients Techni=ue once; each use of In-redients reduces "#I costs by > evels?.

1ympatheti% "onne%tion
Re6uirement": <idden ore Talent *H evels! Rituals! imited choice of 0ormulG >'n-uish! ;lessin-s! )urses! or 8i-htmares?. De"cri tion: Aou do that voodoo that you do so &ell. Aour enemies &rithe in pain miles a&ay! and you lau-h! kno&in- theyCll remember you! promisinven-eance. Game Mechanic" 0S)m athetic %onnection2: The )haracter obtains a piece of the tar-etCs body! such as hair or blood! and affects them at a vastly increased distance. The 0ormula only affects one! sin-le tar-et at a time. The "#I cost of the )haracterCs Ritual is reduced by > evels?%* if skin or hair is used! but is reduced by > evels? if blood is used. The Ran-e for all 0ormulG that use a "ympathetic )onnection is .++ times normal! and the "pecial 'bility is treated as <idden; itCs not obvious &hoCs attackin- from afar. ' )haracter must usually make an 7pposed roll of I8" H 8otice H Investi-ation vs. the tar-etCs I8" H "neak H 7bscurity to obtain the sample &ithout breakin- into their home or capturin- them.

Magi%al Passes
Re6uirement": <idden ore Talent .H evels. De"cri tion: Aou make special movements in &ith your arms and hands! symbolic of the hidden forces of the universe and their interactions. Game Mechanic" 0Ma-ical Pa""e"2: The "#I cost of the )haracterCs 0ormula is reduced by .! or reduced by D if both hands must be free.

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Re6uirement": 9ndurance Talent .H 9(pert >"e(? Talent .H evels. evels; De"cri tion: "e(ual tension contains po&erful ener-ies! and you and your partner summon all your control to release those ener-ies to cast a spell. Game Mechanic" 0Tantra2: The )haracter has se( &ith another! funnelin- the ener-y into a spell they cast as they clima(. This takes . hour! and the )haracter makes a T5< H 9ndurance H 9(pert >'rt$ "e(? roll vs. D0 'vera-e >D+?. The "#I cost of the spell is reduced by > evels S "0%D?! to a ma(imum of the )haracterCs :ystical Techni=ues evel. ;oth se(ual partners suffer the 9(hausted 'ffliction for an hour after&ard. "e( has other dan-ers! like diseases and

pre-nancy! and itCs up to the )haracter to think ahead about these thin-s or the 5ame :aster may have surprises in store.

=ital 1a%rifi%e
Re6uirement": <idden ore Talent .H evels. De"cri tion: Aou channel your physical ener-y into a spell! potentially e(haustin- yourself but summonin- po&erful forces. Game Mechanic" 0(ital Sacri,ice2: The )haracter sacrifices F evels of @I5! up to their :ystical Techni=ues evel! and reduces the 0ormulaCs "#I cost by > evels S F?%*.

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"hapter J$ Possessions
)haracters are assumed to have a full-time! minimum-&a-e job! a one-room apartment! about Y3+.++ in small unmarked bills! and an assortment of furniture and appliances. 9verythin- else the )haracter may need can be chosen from the 4eapon! 'rmor! and Trifle lists belo&.

!ools of Death 3'eapons4
"ince human bein-s first picked up sticks and rocks! theyCve learned to hunt and defend themselves &ith &eapons. 4eapons may be tools of crime or protection! sadly necessary objects of fear and pain. ,narmed O&eaponsP like ;ite! #unch! and Jump Kick can be found in )hapter 9leven$ )ombat.

'eapon Des%riptors
Dama-e: The amount and type of dama-e that the &eapon inflicts. "ome &eapons &ill list a dice amount! and add OH<T<;P this means that the hero usin- the &eapon adds their normal <and-to-<and Dama-e! based on their "TR 'ttribute! to the &eaponCs normal Dama-e. In addition! a one-letter abbreviation after the dama-e dice notes &hat kind of Dama-e the &eapon does. /: ;lunt. E: 9d-ed. G: 5unfire. N: 9ner-y. (: 9nvironmental.

Accurac): The :odification to 'ttack Rolls &ith the &eapon. Talent: The Talent thatCs used to attack &ith the &eapon; usually thisCll be )lose )ombat or Ran-ed )ombat. The tables belo& are broken up by Talent needed! so the Talent &onCt be listed here! but it is listed in te(t-only descriptions of &eapons. *and" Re6uired < =: The &eapon re=uires . or D hands to &ield. If the &eapon says it re=uires .-T hands to &ield! the hero can use one hand to &ield the &eapon! but they -ain a HD 'ccuracy bonus if they &ield the &eapon &ith both. If the )haracter doesnCt have free hands >for e(ample! theyCre :anacled?! they canCt use a &eapon that doesnCt have O---P listed &ithout 5ame :aster permission. If the hero uses a D-handed &eapon &ith one hand! they suffer a -3 penalty to all Rolls &ith that &eapon. Si4e: ' &eaponCs "iBe is used to decide &hether the dark hero can hide the &eapon. )haracters may use a &eapon up to their o&n >"IR H.?! but each lar-er "IR levies a -3 'ccuracy #enalty. Reach: 0or )lose )ombat &eapons! the Reach modifier for the &eapon. Ran-e: 0or Ran-ed )ombat &eapons! the Ran-e increment for the &eapon. )lose )ombat &eapons that can also be thro&n &onCt have a listed Ran-e Descriptor! but &ill instead have the Thro&able 0eature. #ei-ht: The mass of the &eapon.

Image courte y 'imon 8owden, Freedigital!hoto .net.

Shot": 0or Ran-ed )ombat &eapons! the number of times the &eapon can fire before the hero must take a Ready Item 'ction to reload the &eapon. ' hero that selects a &eapon for their 9=uipment -ets a full clip of

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bullets or =uiver of arro&s or bolts; shot-uns come &ith .+ shells. ' hero may spend another 9=uipment slot to -et D more clips! another full =uiver! or .+ more shells. %o"t: The amount of money it takes to buy the &eapon. 0or most firearms! a bo( of 3+ shells >or arro&s! or bolts? costs Y.+.

1uspi%ious 1uspi%ious Beha<ior Beha<ior
3ost 3ost peop peopee don)t don)t go go aro#nd aro#nd carr&ing carr&ing %eapons! or %earing armor. F*en %eapons! or %earing armor. F*en %hen %hen and and %here %here it)s it)s ega ega! ! it)s it)s #s#a #s#a & & note%orth&! note%orth&! e*en e*en aa itt ittee odd! odd! that that someone someone is is pac/ing pac/ing heat. heat. +hat)s +hat)s %h& sma or impro*ised %eapons are %h& sma or impro*ised %eapons are often often aa safer safer "et "et for for heroes heroes in*estigating in*estigating the the #n/no%n #n/no%n in p#" ic p aces. in p#" ic p aces. 1 1so! so! in in most most decent decent neigh"orhoods neigh"orhoods in in the cit&! nothing "rings #n%anted the cit&! nothing "rings #n%antedattention attention i/e i/e the the so#nd so#nd of of g#nshots! g#nshots! so so me meee ee %eapons %eapons or or #narmed attac/s are a so fa*ored #narmed attac/s are a so fa*ored "& "& man& man& crimefighters. crimefighters. 6esides! 6esides! man& man& metah#mans metah#mans ha*e ha*e po%ers that are "etter than g#ns po%ers that are "etter than g#nsor or"# "# etproof etproof *ests *estsan&%a&. an&%a&.

Image courte y Aublicdomaincli!Fart."log !ot.com.

'eapon Features
Armor8Piercin-: The tar-etCs I#R7 and D#R7 are both halved &hen dama-e is applied; round do&n! to a minimum of .. The <ardened 'rmor 0eature ne-ates the 'rmor-#iercin- &eapon 0eature. Auto,ire < =: The ran-ed &eapon has an 'utofire settin-; the 'utofire 0eature &ill include a die type in brackets! such as .dD! .d*! or .dE. There are * main uses for 'utofire$ 'rea 9ffect! 5rouped "hot! or Ti-ht ;urst 'ttacks. In either case! no matter ho& hi-h the attacker rolls! they must Roll a Random ;ody #art on a successful hit; they cannot place their shots. Area E,,ect: The &eapon tar-ets up to >dice result? number of tar-ets in a D yard by 3 yard area that the attacker desi-nates. The attacker makes a sin-le Ran-ed )ombat 'ttack Roll! &ith a -* #enalty! a-ainst the RD90 of everyone in that area. The '# cost for this 'ttack is increased by D. 3rou!ed 'hot H The attacker rolls to hit! sufferina -* #enalty to the 'ttack Roll. 7n a successful hit! the tar-et is hit a number of times e=ual to the results on the listed dice. Roll dama-e once! and multiply any dama-e that -ets throu-h the tar-etCs D#R7 and I#R7 by >dice result?. The '# cost for this 'ttack is increased by D.

&ight "ur tH The attacker rolls to hit! -ainin- a H* bonus per 'utofire die >i.e. .dD adds a HE ;onus! .d* adds a H1 ;onus! and .dE adds a H.J ;onus?. The tar-et is only hit once! and this doubles the number of '# re=uired for the 'ttack Roll. Automatic: 8o Roll to hit needed. :ost 'utomatic attacks have a "ave Roll instead. /alanced > %lum") < =: 'ttack and ;lock 'ctions receive a :odification to their )ritical "uccess or )ritical 0ailure )hance e=ual to the number listed in the brackets. /loc! < =: ;lock Rolls receive a :odification e=ual to the number listed in the brackets; this stacks &ith the :odification from the 4eaponCs 'ccuracy and Reach. "ome &eapons say Z)annot ;lock;Z these &eapons cannot be used for ;lock 'ctions. Di"arm < =: Disarm Rolls receive a :odification e=ual to the number listed in the brackets; this stacks &ith the :odification from the 4eaponCs 'ccuracy and Reach. "ome &eapon stats say Z)annot Disarm;Z these &eapons cannot be used for Disarm 'ctions. En&ironmental: This &eapon completely i-nores 'rmor! even if itCs <ardened.

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Re"tricted < =: #)s may not choose this 4eapon as one of their startin- 4eapons unless they have the listed evels in the 'uthority Talent! or a combination of the )onnections and :ore :oney Than 5od Talents addin- up to that amount. Returnin-: If the &eapon misses! it returns to the heroCs hand at the end of the Round; if theyCre conscious and a&are! they may automatically catch the &eapon. The )haracter may also spend * @I5 and . D9T to make a special attack that loops behind the enemy and hits them from behind! imposin- the normal 0acin- #enalty to the enemyCs RD90 a-ainst the attack. "ubse=uent uses of this attack in the same battle are less effective! as the enemy &ill e(pect it! reducin- the ;onus to only HD.

Image courte y Rob -ilt hire, freedigital!hoto .net

Fa"ter>Slo'er < =: 'ttack and ;lock 'ctions receive a :odification to their '# cost e=ual to the number listed in the brackets. Knoc!" Do'n: The tar-et must make an '5IH'thletics "ave Roll vs. the attackerCs >"TRH)lose )ombatH.+? or suffer the #rone 'ffliction. Manacle>Shac!le < =: The &eapon may cause the :anacled or "hackled 'fflictions. &hich resolve like normal 'ttack Rolls. If used in this &ay! the &eapon does half Injury and no Debility dama-e for that attack! and the attack suffers the listed 'ccuracy :odification. Pa""i&e: Aou donCt have to make attacks &ith this &eapon; anyone that comes into contact &ith a )haracter &ieldin- this &eapon automatically takes dama-e. The )haracter &ith the #assive &eapon doesnCt even need to make an 'ttack Roll! and it doesnCt matter ho& -ood the tar-etCs )D90 is. Per"i"t" < =: The )haracter must make an 'ttributeH Talent "ave Roll vs. the listed D0 or suffer T the dama-e ori-inally suffered each Round for .d* Rounds. Radiu" < =: This &eapon affects a number of tar-ets simultaneously. If itCs a Ran-ed )ombat 'ttack! the &eapon affects all tar-ets in &ith the listed distance from the tar-et. If itCs a )lose )ombat 'ttack! the &eapon affects all tar-ets &ithin the listed distance from the attacker >listed as Reach?. Reload < =: It takes e(tra '# to reload the &eapon e=ual to the number listed in the brackets. Re6uire" Mo&e: The )haracter must take a Run or Jump 'ction before their 'ttack 'ction to use this &eapon. 5ood e(amples include the Tackle and Jump Kick attacks.

Image courtesy Suat +man, Freedigitalp otos.net.

Sa&e Roll < =: The 'ttack isnCt al&ays fully effective; a fast! stron--&illed! or tou-h tar-et can fi-ht off some or all the effects. 'aveH The 'ttribute and Talent! and D0! to save a-ainst the attack. EffectH If failed! the )haracter suffers a 4eakness or 'ffliction. If successful! the 'ttack does nothin-. 8alf 4amageH If failed! the 'ttack does full dama-e. If successful! the 'ttack does half dama-e. 4urationH The len-th of time the effect persists on a failed "ave Roll. :ni&er"al: 9veryone has this &eapon! and the &eapon cannot be Disarmed. ,niversal O&eaponsP include attacks like #unches! Kicks! and 5rapples.

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DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

'aseball 'at 'rass Jnuc+les %hain =a%ro- 'ar Eire #x Machete Night =tic+ =teel8(oed 'oots

:"d.2)();' :$d.2)();' 5d.? :4d.2)();' : d.2)();E : d.2)();E :$d.2$d 2)();' :$d.2)();'

8$ 8$ 8" 8" 8$ 8$ 2$ 8"

$8> $ " $8> $8> $ $ 888

" 0 " $ " $ $ $

$0 . 1 1 $0 0 / /

" lbsC > lbsC $0 lbsC 5 lbsC " lbs $ lbsC $ lbs " lbsC

P"5 P$0 P"00 P40 P40 P$5 P40 P50C00

Q NoneC Q Bestricted G$HC Q NoneC Q NoneC Q 'loc+ G8"H Q Disarm G8"H Q NoneC Q 'loc+ G2$H Q Disarm G2$H Q %annot 'loc+ Q %annot Disarm

Modern "lose "ombat 'eapon !able

,lasma Jnife ,lasma =-ord !ibro Jnife !ibro =-ord

:5d.2$d 2)();N :.d.2)();N : d.2$2 )();? :5d.2)();?

2$ 2$ 2" 2"

$ $8> $ $8>

0 " $ "

/ $0 / $0

$ lbsC " lbsC $ lbC lbsC

P00+ P"00+ P$00 P$50

Q #rmor8,iercing Q Bestricted G$0HC Q #rmor8,iercing Q Bestricted G$0HC NoneC Bestricted G$0HC

Futuristi% "lose "ombat 'eapon !able

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DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

'all and %hain 'astard =-ord 'attle #x %lub Dagger Eencing =-ord

: d. 2)();' :4d.2)()2$;E :4d.2"2)();E : d.2$d 2 )();' :"d.2$d 2)();E :$d.2$2)();' :"d.2$d 2 )();' :5d.2)();E :"d.2)();E :4d.2)();E :4d.2)();' : d.2$d 2)();E :"d.2$d 2)();E : d.2)();E :"d.2$d 2)(); :"d.2$2)();E :"d.2)();'

8" 8$ 8" 888 888 2"

$ $8> " $ $ $

" " " " $ "

/ $$ $$ 1 0 $0

4 lbsC 5 lbsC 0 lbsC lbsC $ lbC " lbsC

P$50 P" 5 P 00 P 0 P 0 P$50

Q 'loc+ G8"H Q %annot DisarmC Q 'loc+ G8$H Q Disarm G8$HC Q 'loc+ G8 H Q %annot DisarmC Q 'loc+ G8$H Q %annot DisarmC Q NoneC Q 'alanced G"H Q 'loc+ G2"H Q Disarm G2"H Q 'loc+ G8"H Q %annot DisarmC Q 'loc+ G8"H Q Disarm G8 HC Q NoneC Q NoneC Q 'loc+ G8"H Q %annot DisarmC Q NoneC Q NoneC Q NoneC Q NoneC Q NoneC Q 'loc+ G2$H Q Disarm G2$H Q 'loc+ G84H Q Disarm G2"H Q Manacle@=hac+le G2"H Q %annot 'loc+C Q Disarm G2 H Q Manacle@=hac+le G2 H

Elail ?reat =-ord Jnife Long =-ord Mace ,ole #rm ,unch Dagger =hort =-ord =ic+le =pear =taff

8$ 8" 888 888 888 888 2$ 888 888 2$ 2$

$ " $ $ $ " $ $ $ " "


0 $$

4 lbsC 0 lbsC > lbC 4 lbsC 4 lbsC "8> lbsC $ lbC $ lbC $ lbC " lbsC $8>

P$50 P400 P$0 P 00 P/5 P10 P45 P $5 P.5 P"5 P0

$ " "

/ $0 1 $$

$ $ $

0 1 1 $$ $$

Ieighted %hain





$ lbC



:$d 2)();'




$ lbC


(r%hai% "lose "ombat 'eapon !able

Page 26

DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

#utomatic Bifle




$00 yd


't 1hots
0 lbsC 5

"os t

Q #utofire G$d.H Q Bestricted G/HC Q Badius G4 ydH Q Bestricted G$H Q =ave Boll G=ave& #?I 2 Banged %ombat vsC DE Difficult :"5;D Effect& )alf DamageH Q =lo-er G4HC Q Badius G" ydH Q Bestricted G.H Q Badius G4 ydH Q Bestricted G0H Q =ave Boll G=ave& #?I2Banged %ombat vsC DE Difficult :"5;D Effect& )alf DamageHC Q Badius G. ydH Q Bestricted G.H Q =ave Boll G=ave& #?I 2 Banged %ombat vsC DE !ery Difficult : 0;D Effect& 'ad Eyes Iea+ness Level :42$d.; and Distracted #fflictionD Duration& :EE; BoundsHC Q Beload G"HC





:=(B; yd


> lbsC







0 ydC


5 lbsC



?renade6 Eragmentation




:=(B; yd


$ lbsC



?renade6 (ear ?as




:=(B; yd


$ lbsC



)unting Bifle




$00 ydC


5 lbsC



Light #nti8(an+ Ieapon




00 ydC


0 lbsC


Q Badius G4 ydH Q Bestricted G0H P06000 Q =ave Boll G=ave& #?I 2 Banged %ombat vsC DE !ery Difficult : 0;D Effect& )alf DamageHC P.6000 Q #utofire G$d.H Q Bestricted G0HC Q Badius G" ydH Q =ave Boll G=ave& #?I 2Banged %ombat vsC DE Difficult :"5;D Effect& )alf DamageHC Q Beload G5HC 888 Q Badius G" ydHC Q Note& # common :and illegal; modification is to sa- off the barrel and stoc+D this halves the Bange but reduces the =iRe to /C Q Note& =hotguns come -ith $0 shellsC

Machine ?un




400 ydC


$08> lbsC


Molotov %oc+tail Bevolver =emi8#utomatic ,istol




:=(B; 4dC


> lbC



5d.2$d"? 5d.?

8$ 8$

$8> $8>

0 yd 0 ydC

/ /

$ lbC $ lbC

. /

P$"5 P"00





4 yd


4 lbsC



=ub8Machine ?un




.0 ydC


0 ydC


P400C0 Q #utofire G$d.H 0 Q Bestricted G5HC

#ll -eapons listed above have the L%annot 'loc+M and L%annot DisarmM (agsC

Modern Ranged "ombat 'eapon !able Page 25

DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes





"0 ydC


't 1hots
5 lbsC $


Q BareC Q Beload G.HC Q Note& # #rKuebus comes -ith po-der and $0 lead shotsC Q BeturningC Q Beload G HC Q Note& # standard Kuiver holds $5 arro-s6 and comes standard -ith the %ompound 'o-C Q Beload G5H Q Note& # standard Kuiver holds $5 bolts6 and comes standard -ith the %rossboQ BareC Q Beload G5HC Q Note& # standard Elintloc+ ,istol comes -ith po-der and $0 lead shotsC Q Note& # standard Kuiver holds $5 arro-s6 and comes standard -ith the ?reat 'o-C Q Each selection grants 5 AavelinsC Q NoneC Q Manacle@=hac+le G80HC Q Note& # standard Kuiver holds $5 arro-s6 and comes standard -ith the =hort 'o-C Q #mmunition is plentiful6 and the adventurer starts -ith $0 polished stonesC Q NoneC Q NoneC


:$d.2 )()2$;'



::=(B <"; 24; yd


$ lbsC



%ompound 'o-

: d.2 )();E



::=(B <"; 2$0; yd


5 lbsC




:"d.2)()2 ;E



::=(B < ; 2$" yd;


0 lbsC



Elintloc+ ,istol




$0 ydC


" lbsC



?reat 'o-




::=(B <"; 2$0; yd ::=(B <"; 25; yd ::=(B <"; 20; yd ::=(B <"; 24; yd ::=(B <"; 2$0; yd ::=(B <"; 24; yd :=(B; ydC :=(B; ydC


5 lbsC



Aavelin Long 'oNet

:"d.2$2)();E :4d.2 )();E $d

2$ 888 2$

" " "

$$ $0 0

lbsC 4 lbsC 5 lbsC

$ $ $

P45 for 5 P 00 P50

=hort 'o-





lbsC $ lbsC > lbC > lbC










(hro-n Jnife (hro-n Boc+

:$d.2)();E :)()2";'

8$ 8$

$ $

/ .

$ $

P$0 P0

(r%hai% Ranged "ombat 'eapon !able

Page 27

DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

1topping the Pain 3(rmor4
The shado&s in &hich the ,nnaturals d&ell are brutal and bloody. "ometimes you need to put somethin- bet&een you and the cla&s of some horrific monster! and that &ould be 'rmor. Game Mechanic" 0/ullet roo, (e"t2: N Torso I#R7$ D+! D#R7$ *. -eightH .+ lbs.; 1o tH YD++.++; Armor Feature H 'blative! ess 9ffective >;lunt! 9d-ed?! Restricted M*N.

(rmor Des%riptors
DPRO: Debility #rotection. IPRO: Injury #rotection. #ei-ht: The mass of the 'rmor. %o"t: The amount of money that the 'rmor costs.

;eather Ja%ket
De"cri tion: 8othin- looks as badass as a black leather jacket; the fact that itCs desi-ned to help cushion you from death at hi-h speeds is a bonus. Game Mechanic" 0Leather ?ac!et2: N Torso I#R7$ .+! D#R7$ .. N 'rm I#R7$ 1! D#R7$ .. -eightH 2 lbs.; 1o tH YD++.++; Armor Feature H 8one.

(rmor Features
A$lati&e: 9ach time the armor is hit! it loses . evel of I#R7; 'rmor-#iercin- &eapons remove D evels of I#R7. 4hen the armorCs I#R7 is reduced to T or less! it be-ins losin- D#R7 as &ell. 9nvironmental &eapons donCt remove any I#R7 or D#R7 from 'blative 'rmor. *ardened: This 'rmor is just as effective a-ainst 'rmor-#iercin- &eapons as it is a-ainst other &eapons. Le"" E,,ecti&e < =: The I#R7 and D#R7 for this 'rmor is reduced to ½ a-ainst the listed form of Dama-e. More E,,ecti&e < =: The I#R7 and D#R7 for this 'rmor is increased to .-½ times normal a-ainst the listed form of Dama-e. Re"tricted < =: #)s may not choose this 'rmor unless they possess the listed evels in the 'uthority Talent! or a combination of the )onnections and 4ealth Talents addin- up to that amount.

Motor%y%le Aelmet
De"cri tion: Desi-ned to protect your skull from a hi-h-speed crash! a :otorcycle <elmet can help cushion you from deliberate attacks as &ell. Game Mechanic" 0Motorc)cle *elmet2: N <ead I#R7$ .3! D#R7$ D. -eightH . lb.; 1o tH Y*+.++; Armor Feature H 8one.

!ough (s .ails
De"cri tion: 's a result of your tou-h demeanor! you can take a lot of punishment before you be-in to fold. Game Mechanic" 0Tou-h A" Nail"2: N 'll ;ody #arts I#R7$ > evels?%D! D#R7$ .. Armor Feature H 8one.

Bulletproof =est
De"cri tion: Typically used by police and the military! your ;ulletproof @est stops lo&-caliber bullets! but isnCt so -ood a-ainst

Page 29

DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

Dying >ith the Most 1tuff 3!rifles4
Trifles are helpful small items that donCt do much >if any? dama-e! and canCt really keep you from takindama-e. )haracters -et 3 Trifles for free at )haracter creation. )haracters may select one form of 'rmor for t&o of these selections instead. /ac! ac!" allo& )haracters to carry lots of other stuff conveniently. )ost$ Y*3.++. /all oint Pen" and Stic!) Note" allo& )haracters to &rite themselves notes! and stick their notes on &alls and objects. )ost$ Y*.++. /lin- helps to establish your &ord cred on the da&- street! yo! -ivin- a H. ;onus to 8e-otiation Talent evel &hen dealin- &ith -an-sta types. )ost$ YD+.++. /oo4e in a *i Fla"! can -ive you a Oshot of coura-e!P -ivin- a temporary ;onus of HD to the )oura-e Talent for . hour! but causes the imbiber to suffer the Inebriated 'ffliction durin- that time. )ost$ Y.3.++. %i-arette" and Li-hter" are supposed to make you look cool! but they mostly just -ive you nic fits and lun- cancer. They cause . point of 9ner-y dama-e if used as a &eapon. )ost$ Y3.++. DonCt do Dru-"! kidsL ;ut theyCre a common street currency! and @isionaries are often foolish enou-h to fry their neurons in this &ay. The )haracter has about YD++.++ in dru-s per selection. Duct Ta e keeps thin-s from fallin- apart. 9ven the 'rchons used Duct Tape. )ost$ Y3.++. Ener-) Drin!" are -ood for a =uick burst of ener-y! addin- .d* @I5 once per day &ith an 9at%Drink 'ction. )ost$ YD.++. Fir"t Aid Kit" contain banda-es! antiseptic! -auBe! scissors! and other stuff one mi-ht use to treat &ounds. The 0irst 'id Talent suffers a -3 penalty &ithout a 0irst 'id Kit. )ost$ YD3.++. Fla"hli-ht" help )haracters &ithout Dim "i-ht or Dark "i-ht see at ni-ht! under-round! or in -loomy Realms. )ost$ YD.++. Glitter Po'der helps 5hKls tempt -ullible younfemale :ortals into bein- their very special dinner -uest. )ost$ Y..++.
Image courtesy $raeme ,eat erston, Freedigitalp otos.net.

*air" ra) makes sure your Cdo doesnCt -et out of control! and! &ith a i-hter! can make a half&ay decent improvised &eapon >.dE9! 'ccuracy -D! Reach .? )ost$ Y2.++.

*andcu,," help make sure that bad -uys >and kinky -irls? donCt -et a&ay. They re=uire an '5I H 'thletics or ;reak I 9nter roll D0 *+ to escape from. )ost$ YD3.++. Incen"e and a Li-hter help &ith Rituals! or Osettin- the mood.P )ost$ Y..++. La to " have a little more processin- po&er than "mart #hones! and are a little more comfortable to type your 8a8o4ri:o masterpiece on! too. TheyCre -ood for about D hours &ithout a po&er outlet! and come &ith cameras! D@D drives! and stereo speakers. )ost$ Y2++.++.

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DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

Loc! ic!" help criminals -et in &here theyCre not &elcome so they can take &hat they &ant; they allo& a )haracter &ith the ;reak I 9nter Talent to unlock a lock. )ost$ Y.++.++. Ma!eu helps touch up oneCs -ood features! -ivin- a H. ;onus to 'ttractive Talent evel >or reduced the <omely <ardship by . evel?. )ost$ YD+.++. Mu"ical In"trument" like -uitars and keyboards can be used to lift the spirits of oneCs friends ; outside of combat! playin- a truly bitchinC riff >#9R H appropriate 9(pert >:usic?! D0 'vera-e >D+?? adds .H>"0%D? "#I to all &ho hear! once per day. )ost$ Y.3+.++. Permanent Mar!er" are -ood for dra&in- maps! or dra&in- on your friends &hen they fall asleep. )ost$ YD.++. Pro h)lactic" make sure that amorous )haracters donCt end up &ith une(pected dependents. )ost$ Y3.++. P")ch Med" can help keep your )haracter a little more sane &hen facin- impossible abominations from beyond space and time. <alves the evel of all mental <ardships! but causes a -* penalty to '5I and T5< due to a variety of unpleasant side effects. )ost$ Y3+.++. Rain %oat" help )haracters that donCt have eather Jackets i-nore inclement &eather. Rain )oats -ive a H3 bonus to 9ndurance rolls a-ainst cold. )ost$ Y.3.++. 0ifty feet of nylon Ro e helps )haracters -et up and over cliffs and chasms! or tie up their enemies. )ost$ YD+.++. Smart Phone" help )haracters &ithout Telepathy communicate over lon- distances >if there are cell to&ers?! let you listen to :#*s! schedule important meetin-s! &atch :#2s! take pictures! and surf to http$%%&&&.imperfekt-industrees.com >and other! lesser &ebsites?. )ost$ YD++.++. Sur&i&al Kit" include a &ater flask! &ater purification tablets! a sleepin- ba-! a small plastic tarp! a foldin- shovel! and a variety of other small items all

useful for survivin- in the &ilderness. ItCs a must-have for campers and hikers! -rantin- a H3 ;onus to 9(pert >"urvival? Talent rolls. )ost$ Y.D3.++. ' little S endin- %a"h al&ays comes in handy; in this case! the )haracter -ains another Y.++.++ in small bills per selection. )ost$ Y.++.++. Sun-la""e" help )haracters see in areas full of blindin- li-ht! and help them look cool! too. "un-lasses -ive a bonus of H3 to all Dod-e rolls a-ainst the ;lindin- ;urst Dark #o&er. )ost$ Y3+.++.

LL II .eed .eed More More "rapMN "rapMN
$pending $pending Cash Cash is is for for &o#r &o#r in2game in2game needs! needs! not for "#&ing more +rif es! Ieapons! not for "#&ing more +rif es! Ieapons!or or1rmor 1rmor "efore "efore Character Character creation creation is is done. done. 0o% 0o% m#ch m#ch G#n/ do &o# rea & needE G#n/ do &o# rea & needE 3ost 3ost peop peopee don)t don)t carr& carr& aro#nd aro#nd aa ot ot of of G#n/ on them! e*en if the&)re e=pecting tro#" G#n/ on them! e*en if the&)re e=pecting tro#"e. e. +he +he Dirge Dirge ,-. ,-. r# r#es es are are intended intended to to get get &o#r &o#r dar/ dar/ heroes heroes s/# s/#/ing /ing the the +ene"rC +ene"rC right right a%a&! a%a&! not to pro*ide a con*incing shopping not to pro*ide a con*incing shopping channe channe sim# sim#ation. ation.

:tilit) Kni&e" donCt do much dama-e >>.d*H"TR?9! 'ccuracy -D! Reach +! )annot ;lock or Disarm?! but have &ire cutters! corkscre&s! can openers! files! scre&drivers! and a variety of other built-in attachments. )ost$ Y*+.++. #al!)8Tal!ie" allo& )haracters to speak over &ide distances on a variety of channels! and they donCt re=uire cell phone to&ers or e(pensive plans to afford! either. )ost$ Y.3.++.

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DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

"hapter JI$ 1trife
'hen and 'here
5unfire in a dark! rain-slick! neon--lo&inalley&ay. ' &hite-knuckle escape from a knife&ieldin- psychotic throu-h a crumblin- buildin-. "parks flyin- from s&ord parries flickerin- in the li-ht of a dyin- sun in a hellish blood-red desert. )astinspells of fire and thunder at jackbooted soldiers alon- a narro& metal cat&alk above a diBByin-! dark abyss. )ombat is a fact of life in the many t&isted &orlds of the Dir-e RPG. 4hen the shit hits the fan! the #layers and the 5ame :asters need to kno& &ho does &hat! &hen. 0or this purpose! &hen combat be-ins! itCs important to keep track of time and the locations of the )haracters. This -ame divides combat time up into Orounds!P each one E seconds lon-. 9ach round! a )haracter has E 'ction #oints >'#? to spend on various 'ctions. 'll distances in these rules are measured units of D yards. If you &ant to! you can use -raph paper to keep track of locations; a convenient scale is one .%JP s=uare e=uals D yards. If youCre usin- miniature fi-ures! a convenient scale to use is .P e=uals D yards.

1tarting 1hit
9very fi-ht starts some&here; an an-ry &ord! a thro&n fist! an errant -unshot! the cla&ed tentacle of a nether-thin- casually s&eepin- someoneCs face off &ith a raBor-sharp caress. Roll DdE H I8IT to -et thin-s -oin-. The )haracter &ith the hi-hest total -ets to -o first! althou-h they may hold off and act later! pre-emptinanyone elseCs actions. In case of a tie! the )haracter &ith the hi-hest '5I -oes first! then the )haracter &ith the hi-hest I8"! then the )haracter &ith the hi-hest 4I . If all of these are e=ual! the t&o )haracters act simultaneously! announcin- their actions in secret to the 5ame :aster.

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DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

"ombat (%tions
9very )haracter -ets E '# every round! &hich they may spend on 'ctions. These are the most common 'ctions used in )ombat.

Disarm 39 (P4
De"cri tion: Aou -rab the enemyCs &eapon and yank it out of their hands! either thro&in- it to the floor! or takin- it for yourself. Game Mechanic" 0Di"arm2: The )haracter holds their Round until attacked; &hen this occurs! they roll '5I H )lose )ombat vs. the opponentCs "TR H )lose )ombat or "TR H Ran-ed )ombat! and addin- any Disarm :odifiers from the &eapon. If the )haracter succeeds! the &eapon is removed to >.dE?SD yards in a random direction. 7n "0 .+H! the )haracter -ains the &eapon instead.

(tta%k 39 (P4
De"cri tion: Aou s&in- a knife or club at the enemy! or shoot a -un or arro& at them. Game Mechanic" 0Attac!2: @aries &ith the kind of attack. 0or most attacks! roll '5I H Ran-ed )ombat vs. the tar-etCs RD90! or '5I H )lose )ombat a-ainst the tar-etCs )D90.

Blo%k 39 (P4
De"cri tion: Aou parry the enemyCs &eapon &ith your o&n! shovin- it aside and protectin- yourself from harm. Game Mechanic" 0/loc!2: The )haracter holds their Round until attacked; &hen this occurs! you roll '5I H )lose )ombat vs. the opponentCs 'ttack roll! and addin- any ;lock :odifiers from the &eapon. If the )haracter succeeds! they -ain additional #rotection e=ual to >"TR? I#R7 and >"TR?%D D#R7.

Dodge 39 (P4
De"cri tion: Aou thro& yourself out of the &ay of harm! deftly avoidin- an incomin- attack. Game Mechanic" 0Dod-e2: ;y takin- a Dod-e 'ction! the )haracter -ains a H3 ;onus to )D90 and RD90.

Feint 37 (P4
De"cri tion: Aou make like youCre -oin- to attack! but stop at the last moment; dra&in- them out! you move in for the kill. Game Mechanic" 0Feint2: The )haracter must make an #9R roll! addin- either Trickery or Intimidation! and either )lose )ombat or Ran-ed )ombat! a-ainst the tar-etCs :D90. The opponent must have a clear vie& of the )haracter. 7n a success! the )haracter -ains H>"0?%D to&ards their ne(t attack a-ainst that tar-et! as lon- as it is the ne(t action they take.

"ontrol 3, (P4
De"cri tion: Aou concentrate on usin- your stran-e po&ers! or some special e=uipment. Game Mechanic" 0%ontrol2: )ontrol 'ctions are a kind of Ocatch-allP; there is no one! specific result of a )ontrol 'ction.

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DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

(tta%k Modifiers
Fa%ing Modifiers
'ttackin- an enemy from the left or ri-ht 1+de-ree an-le -rants a HD bonus to the 'ttack roll; attackin- from directly behind -rants a H3 bonus to the 'ttack roll. Reach On Ma ": N Reach +$ "ame s=uare. N Reach . to D$ 'djacent s=uares. N Reach * to 2$ ,p to . s=uare a&ay. 'ttackin- an enemy armed &ith a &eapon &ith lo&er Reach -ives a bonus to hit e=ual to the difference. 'ttackin- an enemy armed &ith a &eapon &ith hi-her Reach -ives a penalty to hit e=ual to the difference.

Range Modifiers
9ach Ran-e Increment causes a H3 to the D0 of the attack.

Rea%h Modifiers
If usin- -raph paper or tabletop maps and miniatures! hereCs ho& you keep track of Reach$

+narmed "ombat
,narmed combat O&eaponsP are treated e(actly like other &eapons! e(cept that the )haracter &ieldinthem canCt be disarmed >unless! of course! their arms and le-s are ripped off or somethin-?. They use the same statistics format and have the same 0eatures; for details! see the #ossessions "ection. "ome of the follo&in- unarmed combat O&eaponsP are universal! &hile others can be learned throu-h the :artial 'rts Talent! or other! similar Talents. ,narmed attacks that everyone has &ill have the ,niversal 0eature! &hile the others are listed in the :artial 'rts Talent in the Talent "ection.

De"cri tion: Aour hand -oes flat and ri-id! and you smack someone &ith the ed-e! concentratin- the force into a small tar-et area.

Game Mechanics (Chop): 4amageH >.dEH<T<H.?;; AccuracyH -.; &alentH )lose )ombat; 8and Re%uiredH .; Reach$ .; -ea!on Feature H 8one.

De"cri tion: Aou -rab hold of an enemy &ith both hands and s=ueeBe the fi-ht out of them. 9veryone has this built-in &eapon. Game Mechanic" 0Gra le2: 4amageH ><T<HD?;; AccuracyH -.; &alentH )lose )ombat; 8and Re%uiredH D; ReachH +; -ea!on Feature H ,niversal.

De"cri tion: Aou -rab onto someone &ith your teeth and chomp do&n viciously. 9veryone has this built-in &eapon. Game Mechanic" 0Fan-"2: 4amageH ><T<H.?9; AccuracyH -*; &alentH )lose )ombat; 8and Re%uiredH ---; ReachH +; -ea!on Feature H )annot ;lock; )annot Disarm; ,niversal.

Page 20

DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

1i@e 31IE4 ;e<el
"" "$ "0 $1 $0 $/ $5 $5 $4 $ $" $$ $0 1 0 / . 5 4

(tta%k8"DEF8 RDEF81neak Modifier
8$" 8$$ 8$0 81 80 8/ 8. 85 84 8 8" 8$ 888 2$ 2" 2 24 25 2. 2/

Intimidation8 Rea%h Modifier to 1a<es <s: Modifier Prone (ffli%tion
2. 2. 25 25 24 24 2 2 2" 2" 2$ 2$ 888 8$ 8$ 8" 8" 8 8 84 84 85 85 2"4 2"" 2"0 2$0 2$. 2$4 2$" 2$0 20 2. 24 2" 888 8" 84 8. 80 8$0 8$" 8$4 8$. 8$0 8"0 #ircraft %arrierC %ruise LinerC =ubmarineC #irlinerC Eighter #ircraftC =mall #irplaneC =emi (ruc+C 'ulldoRerC Delivery !anC %arC )orseC


Motorcycle6 ,ole #rm6 !ery Large #dult )umanC #dult human body6 #utomatic BifleC Large %hildC %at6 =mall %hild6 =ub8Machine ?unC Jnife6 Ne-born6 =emi8#utomatic ,istolC Mouse6 =mart ,hone6 *tility JnifeC DragonflyC Medium =piderC #ntC EleaC #moebaC !irusC

" $ 0 Q Q Q

20 21 2$0

#ny obNect smaller than =IS 0 has infinitesimal siRe and -eightC # %haracter at =IS 0 cannot harm anyoneC %haracters cannot conceal items of their =iRe Level or largerC #ttempts to conceal an item $ =iRe Level lo-er results in a 8$5 ,enaltyD each lo-er =iRe Level results in a 25 'onus6 to a maximum of 2 0C Most EKuipment is built to be used by =iRe Level $0 %haractersC If the %haracter is $ =iRe Level too lo- or high6 they suffer a 8 ,enalty to all Bolls -ith the EKuipmentD if the difference is " =iRe Levels6 the penalty is 856 and if the difference is or more =iRe Levels6 the %haracter can5t use the device effectivelyC

1i@e !able

Page 22

DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

Aead Butt
De"cri tion: Aou introduce someoneCs face to your forehead! hard. 9veryone has this built-in &eapon. Game Mechanic" 0*ead /utt2: 4amageH ><T<HD?;; AccuracyH -*; &alentH )lose )ombat; 8and Re%uiredH ---; ReachH +; -ea!on Feature H )annot ;lock; )annot Disarm; ,niversal.

De"cri tion: Aou make a fist and jab it in someoneCs face! blackin- eyes and crushin- noses. 9veryone has this built-in &eapon. Game Mechanic" 0Punch2: 4amageH ><T<?;; AccuracyH ---; &alentH )lose )ombat; 8and Re%uiredH .; ReachH .; -ea!on Feature H ,niversal.

Jump Ki%k
De"cri tion: Aou leap into the air and your foot comes for&ard. Aou look like youCre that -uy on that T@ sho& &hoCs a Te(as la&man and has a beard and kno&s karate or somethin-! hell yeah. Game Mechanic" 0?um Kic!2: 4amageH >.dEH<T<?;; AccuracyH -*; &alentH )lose )ombat H :artial 'rts; 8and Re%uiredH ---; ReachH .; -ea!on Feature H )annot ;lock; )annot Disarm; Re=uires :ove.

1>eep Ki%k
De"cri tion: Aou crouch on one foot! jut out the other! and &hirl in a circle! knockin- your enemyCs feet out from beneath them. Game Mechanic" 0S'ee Kic!2: 4amageH ><T<?;; AccuracyH -D; &alentH )lose )ombat H :artial 'rts; 8and Re%uiredH ---; ReachH .; -ea!on Feature H )annot ;lock; )annot Disarm; Knocks Do&n; Radius >Reach .?.

De"cri tion: <urtlin- to&ards the enemy! you smash them to the -round like a linebacker. 9veryone has this built-in &eapon. Game Mechanic" 0Tac!le2: 4amageH >"tren-thH.dEHD?;; AccuracyH -D; &alentH )lose )ombat; 8and Re%uiredH ---; ReachH +; -ea!on Feature H )annot ;lock; )annot Disarm; Knocks Do&n; Re=uires :ove; ,niversal.

De"cri tion: Aou smash someone &ith your foot or knee. 9veryone has this built-in &eapon. Game Mechanic" 0Kic!2: 4amageH ><T<HD?;; AccuracyH -.; &alentH )lose )ombat; 8and Re%uiredH ---; ReachH D; -ea!on Feature H )annot ;lock; )annot Disarm; ,niversal.

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DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

Dama-e comes in four Types$ ;lunt >;?! 9d-ed >9?! 5unfire >5?! and 9ner-y >8?. Dama-e has t&o different effects$ it can cause Injury! &hich reduces <ealth in one ;ody #art! and it causes Debility! &hich causes loss of ife-0orce.

Roll for dama-e. Total the dice. The attack causes this much Injury to the ;ody #art you rolled. 5 Debility Damage per :::
'lunt :'; Edged :E; ?unfire :?; Energy :E; . Bolled for Damage $ or . Bolled for Damage Even die roll $ per die rolled I per die rolledD No Debility6 ignores Environmental :!; D,BO and I,BOC

Damage !ype

Damage Roll Pro%edure
There are * steps to each Dama-e Roll! listed belo&.

0ind out &hat ;ody #art has been hit. !arget "hoi%e
Bandom #ttac+er may choose to attac+ from above6 belo-6 left6 or right #ttac+er may choose 'ody ,art

(tta%k Roll 1F
$ to $0 $$ to $4 $52

3. 'pply the dama-e effects.

"ubtract the tar-etCs I#R7 from the Injury Dama-e to that ;ody #art! and record the remainin- Injury dama-e. "ubtract the tar-etCs D#R7 from the )haracterCs Debility Dama-e to that ;ody #art! and temporarily reduce the tar-etCs I0 by the remainin- Debility Dama-e. The tar-et also loses '# ne(t round e=ual to the Debility Dama-e taken.


0or most attacks! roll DdE. If the )haracter is attacked from above! Roll .dEHE for ;ody #art. If the )haracter is attacked from belo&! Roll .dE for ;ody #art. If the )haracter is attacked from the left or the ri-ht! apply to appropriate sideCs side body parts. Die Roll
" to 4 5 to 0 1 $0 to $$ $"


Body Part
Eoot :Boll for side; Leg :Boll for side; (orso )ead #rms :Boll for side; )ands :Boll for side;

0lat modifiers to Dama-e >i.e. the OHDP part of O.dEHDP? only add to Injury Dama-e! and donCt count as dice for the purposes of calculatin- Dama-e. "o! for e(ample! if you rolled .dEHD Dama-e for a 5unfire attack! and rolled a * on the .dE! you &onCt do any Debility Dama-e; the attack &ould to 3 Injury Dama-e and no Debility Dama-e.

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DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

Inanimate -bKe%ts
(tta%king 1tandalone Inanimate -bKe%ts
Inanimate objects have a base )D90 and RD90 of >.3 Q "IR?. If an item has ne-ative Defense! any attack is treated as a success &ith T0 *. <o&ever! unless itCs a really important Roll under stressful circumstances! the 5ame :aster should just assume that the heroes hit any unmovin-! inanimate object that theyCre aimin- at. 7bjects can deflect or absorb some of the incomin- dama-e! the same as other objects. 'n objectCs I#R7 and D#R7 are based on ho& hard the itemCs materials are. ThereCs a bi- difference in structure in items constructed of different &oods! plastics! or metals. -bKe%t Materials
!ery =oft =oft #verage )ard !ery )ard

IPR0 =(B*@" =(B*@" =(B* =(B*

DPR0 0 =(B*@" =(B*@" =(B*

Damage to Inanimate -bKe%ts
7bjects have t&o dama-e absorption abilities! like creatures; instead of <ealth! they have "tructure >"TR,?! and instead of ife-0orce! they have 0unction >0,8)?. Injury dama-e is subtracted from "TR,! and Debility dama-e is subtracted from 0,8). 4hen an itemCs "TR, is -one! the rest of the dama-e is subtracted from the itemCs 0,8). The item is useless but repairable! and is barely han-into-ether. 4hen the 0,8) is -one! the item is dama-ed beyond repair. 'n objectCs "TR, and 0,8) is based on its siBe and the materials itCs constructed from. Relative siBes for inanimate objects! as &ell as for )haracters and animals! are found on the "iBe Table in )hapter "i(. -bKe%t Materials
?lass Leather Iood =tone Iron =teel *ttersteel

E.am le O$;ect": ■ Knife$ @ery "mall <ard "teel. ■ aptop$ "mall 'vera-e #lastic. ■ on- "&ord$ :edium <ard "teel. ■ #istol$ "mall <ard "teel. ■ Rifle$ :edium 'vera-e "teel%<ard 4ood. ■ "mart #hone$ 9(tremely "mall <ard #lastic.

Impro<ised 'eapons
'nythin- that can be picked up and s&un- or thro&n can be used as a &eapon. Inanimate objects do a base of .dEH<T< Dama-e if &ielded in the hand! or .d*H<T< if thro&n. Improvised thro&n &eapons have Ran-e 2 yards. 'll improvised &eapons have a -D 'ccuracy modifier! and a :ishap )hance of HD. The improvised &eapon may do e(tra dama-e based on &hat the itemCs material is. :ost improvised &eapons do ;lunt Dama-e! but if the listin- says C;%9C! the item may do 9d-ed Dama-e instead. )oncrete and "tone improvised &eapons have an additional -. #enalty to 'ccuracy! and Iron! "teel! <ephGstium! and ,ttersteel improvised &eapons have another -D 'ccuracy #enalty.

=IS@" =IS =IS <" =IS <5 =IS <. =IS </ =IS <"0

=IS@" =IS =IS =IS <4 =IS <5 =IS <. =IS <$0

Impro<ised Damage
20E 20' 2$' 2$d.' 2$d.2$'@E 2$d.2$d '@E 2 d.'@E

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DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

1o%ial 1trife
"ocial attacks are like other attacks e(cept there is no Roll to hit. The OattackerP makes a #9R H #ersuasion! Intimidation! or Trickery Roll vs. the tar-etCs :D90; the hi-her the "0! the more successful the effect is. 7n a T0 .H! this is a )ompulsion 'ffliction. The tar-et of a "ocial attack can al&ays spend D9T to resist the )ompulsion! or they may simply &alk a&ay before the "ocial 'ttack is made; forcible "ocial attacks have nasty &ords attached to them like Oharassment!P Ointerro-ation!P and even Otorture!P as they -radually erode peoplesC emotional health and ability to resist. There are a variety of modifiers that can enhance the effectiveness of the "ocial 'ttack! or increase the tar-etCs :D90. R9# modifiers should al&ays be taken into account! aside from these e(ample modifiers. "ir%umstan%e
L(hat5s Nust not possibleCM L(hat goes against my beliefsCM LI hate your +indTM LMy -ife@husband -ouldn5t li+e thatCM LI can5t afford thatCM L(hat sounds easyCM L(hat5s my NobCM L(his -ill ma+e me lots of money6 right7 L(his is reKuired by la-6 any-ayCM LMy -ife@husband -on5t li+e this 3 goodTM L(his is the -ay -e5ve al-ays done thingsCM LI5ve al-ays done it this -ayCM LDon5t hurt my loved onesT I5ll do as you as+TM

MDEF Modifier
2$5 2$5 2$0 25 25 888 888 2" 24 24 2. 2. 20

-ther (%tions
"hange Position 39 (P4
De"cri tion: Aou sit! kneel! or stand. Game Mechanic" 0%han-e Po"ition2: The )haracter spends the '# and chan-es their position. 0or -ame mechanical purposes! there are * possible positions$ standin-! sittin-%kneelin-! and prone! and the )haracter may -o from standin- to sittin-%kneelin-! sittin-%kneelin- to prone! or the reverse of any of these chan-es. "ittin-%Kneelin- and #rone )haracters suffer the appropriate 'ffliction.

"limb 39 (P4
De"cri tion: Aou move up and over obstacles. Game Mechanic" 0%lim$2: Aou move >"TRH'5IH'thletics?%D yards up a ladder or knotted rope! or over an object &ith decent handholds. If the rope has no knots! or handholds are spare! the )haracter must make an "TR H 'thletics Roll vs. a D0 set by the 5ame :aster not to fall and hurt themselves. )haracters typically suffer .dE ;lunt 9nvironmental Dama-e per .+ feet they fall! after the first .+ feet.

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DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

Don8Doff 3, (P4
De"cri tion: Aou put on or take off one article of clothin-. ;ut &hy stop there! baby! &hen itCs just -ettin-C -ood6 Game Mechanic" 0Don>Do,,2: The )haracter adds or removes one article of clothin- per action.

Rest 3, (P4
De"cri tion: Aou take a breather; in a minute youCll be ready to -o! but for no&! a little do&ntime. Game Mechanic" 0Re"t2: The )haracter re-ains .d*H. lost @I5 per Rest 'ction.

Drop Item 36 (P4
De"cri tion: Aou let -o of some item and it drops to the floor; your hands are freed up for other stuff. Game Mechanic" 0Dro Item2: The )haracter drops a 4eapon or Trifle to the -round! freein- up a hand.

Run 37 (P4
De"cri tion: Aou -allop across the field at a fast pace! coverin- the distance &ith deep breaths and lonstrides. Game Mechanic" 0Run2: The )haracter moves >"TR H '5I H 'thletics? yards across the -round per Run 'ction.

Eat8Drink 39 (P4
De"cri tion: Aou =uickly scarf an ener-y bar or suck do&n some coffee. 7r maybe you take a s&i- of some ma-ical potion that looks like beet juice and tastes like battery acid. 8o& youCre ready for more actionL Game Mechanic" 0Eat>Drin!2: The )haracter takes a bite of some solid food! or a s&i- of some bevera-e! per 9at%Drink 'ction.

1ear%h 39 (P4
De"cri tion: <ave a look around; thereCs somethin- important here! or someone hidin- here! and youCre -oin- to find it. Game Mechanic" 0Search2: The )haracter makes an I8" H 8otice Roll a-ainst the D0 of the tar-et. If the )haracter is "earchin- for a hidin- tar-et! the D0 is the subjectCs '5I H "neak Roll.

1idestep 35 (P4
De"cri tion: ItCs just a jump to the left. 7r a step to the ri-ht ... Game Mechanic" 0Side"te 2: The )haracter moves D yards in any direction on the -round.

Jump 39 (P4
De"cri tion: Aou leap into the air! over some obstacle or across some chasm! or just to&ard somethin- you need. Game Mechanic" 0?um 2: The )haracter moves >"TR H '5I H 'thletics? inches up and across from a stand! or U that many feet &ith a short run.

1neak 3# (P4
De"cri tion: TheyCll never see you! as lon- as you stick to the shado&s and move slo&ly and =uietly ... Game Mechanic" 0Snea!2: Aou move >"TR H '5I H "neak?%D yards &ithout sufferin- any penalties to your "neak Roll; each D yd faster you move! up to your Run speed! you suffer a -. #enalty to the Roll. If you remain still! you -ain a H* ;onus to the Roll.

Ready Item 37 (P4
De"cri tion: Aou reload a &eapon! recalibrate a device! or just &hip out your cell phone. Game Mechanic" 0Read) Item2: "heathed or holstered &eapons must be Readied to be used. "ome &eapons re=uire lon-er to reload! as noted in the Reload 0eature.

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DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

1>im 37 (P4
De"cri tion: 4ith lon- strokes! you move throu-h the &ater! almost like a fish. Game Mechanic" 0S'im2: The )haracter moves >"TR H '5I H 'thletics?%D yards throu-h the &ater per "&im 'ction.

Game Mechanic" 0Tal!2: Aou say a fe& &ords to anyone nearby &ho can hear. DonCt -o overboard; in a noisy! confusin- battle! you can only say a fe& short &ords per Round.

!ransform 3, (P4
De"cri tion: Aou shift into another form usinsupernatural po&ers! or maybe you just adjust your makeup. Game Mechanic" 0Tran",orm2: The )haracter chan-es themselves in some fundamental &ay. This is another Ocatch-allP 'ction.

!alk 36 (P4
De"cri tion: ItCs time to have a &ord &ith someone! sharin- thou-hts and ideas! or -ood-natured banter! or the sort of verbal abuse that never -oes out of style.

;ad thin-s happen to ,nnaturals that find themselves outmatched. "ometimes these bad thin-s pass in time! but sometimes one is cursed forever by their meddlin- in &ei-hty matters. ,nless other&ise stated! if a )haracter is affected &ith the same 'ffliction multiple times! the effects donCt stack! but the Durations do. Fear Roll": 0ear has different effects! based on ho& severe it is. ' special e(ample of a "ave Roll is the 0ear Roll. There are * kinds of 0ear "aves$ "pooky! Dauntin-! and Terrifyin-. N '!ookyH ‣ AouCre in a dark room and you hear a stran-e noise comin- form behind you >D0 .+?. 1pooky !riumph 1u%%ess Failure Mishap
?ain $ DE( No Effect Emotional GEearH6 plus lose $ DE( #fraid6 plus lose $d" DE(



4auntingH ‣ Aou see a hu-e bloodstain on the trail ahead! and the &olf ho&ls are -ettincloser >D0 .3?. &errifyingH ‣ Aou see a friend torn limb from limb &ithout &arnin- >D0 D+?.

9ach pro-ressively -reater 0ear "ave has -reater effects! and &ith the -reatest 0ear "aves! itCs almost impossible not to suffer some kind of ill effects.

Lose $ DE( Emotional GEearH6 plus lose $ DE( #fraid6 plus lose $d"2$ DE( ,anic+ed6 plus lose $d 2$ DE(

Emotional GEearH6 plus lose " DE( #fraid6 plus lose $d 2" DE( ,anic+ed6 plus lose $d.2$ DE( EroRen6 plus lose "d. DE(

Fear 1a<es !able

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DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

De"cri tion: AouCve -ot the shakes; somethinbad is about to happen! and itCs hard for you to concentrate. Game Mechanic" 0A,raid2: The )haracter -ains a bonus of HD to )D90 and RD90! but must spend . "#I per Round not to &ithdra& to safety.

De"cri tion: Aou canCt hear anythin-! makin- it hard to communicate. Game Mechanic" 0Dea,ened2: The )haracter automatically fails any hearin--based I8"H8otice rolls! and the Deafened )haracter suffers -. to )D90 and -D to RD90. 7n a :ishap on any "ave Roll a-ainst the Deafened 'ffliction! the )haracter is 0roBen for T the Duration! and then Deafened for the full Duration.

De"cri tion: Aour precious lifeCs blood is drippin- from your open &ounds; soon youCll be dead! but at least you &onCt have to do laundry any more. Game Mechanic" 0/leedin-2: The )haracter loses . evel of T5< per round. This doesnCt stop until someone makes an I8" H 9ducation H 0irst 'id Roll vs. D0 <ard Roll to stop the bleedin- and stabiliBe the )haracter.

De"cri tion: Aou face your foe! and y7< :A 57D 4<'T I" T<'T 7@9R T<9R9 Game Mechanic" 0Di"tracted2: The )haracter loses . '#! suffers -. to all Rolls! and is at -D to :D90. 7n a :ishap on a "ave Roll the Distracted 'ffliction! the )haracter is instead 0roBen.

De"cri tion: Aou canCt see anythin-! makin- it hard to find your &ay around and avoid dan-er. Game Mechanic" 0/linded2: The )haracter automatically fails any si-ht-based I8"H8otice rolls! and all opponents -ain H3 to )D90 and H.+ to RD90! and all penalties for Ran-e increment are doubled. The ;linded )haracter also suffers -3 to )D90 and -.+ to RD90. 4hen the )haracter attempts to move faster than U their ma(imum speed! they are treated as sufferin- the DiBBy 'ffliction.

De"cri tion: Aou stumble alon- as if drunk! stru--lin- to keep your feet beneath you. Game Mechanic" 0Di44)2: The )haracter must make an '5IH'thletics Roll vs. D0 <ard every Round! or suffer the #rone 'ffliction.

Emotional G H
De"cri tion: 7vercome &ith a&e! ecstasy! embarrassment! or some other po&erful feelin-s! you canCt focus on the situation like you should. Game Mechanic" 0Emotional2: The )haracter suffers a penalty of -. to all Defenses! and all Rolls. )haracters may suffer multiple 9motional 'fflictions of different kinds simultaneously! and all effects stack. #ossible 9motional 'fflictions include an-er! apathy! a&e! depression! envy! fear! hatred! joy! love! lust! or shame.

"ompelled G H
De"cri tion: 'n order has been issued to you! &hich you feel you must obey. "ome small part of your mind is screamin- O8oL I-nore the commandL Aou canCt D7 thatL!P but you canCt hear it. Game Mechanic" 0%om elled2: The )haracter obeys the command thatCs been issued to them! &hatever it is! for the duration of the 'ffliction. 's listed under the "#I 'sset! a )haracter may spend . "#I to i-nore a mental or psycholo-ical )ompulsion 'ffliction for . Round; the )haracter instead suffers the 0roBen 'ffliction durin- this time.

De"cri tion: AouCre &orn out; if you donCt take a breather soon! you mi-ht collapse.

Page 56,

DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

Game Mechanic" 0E.hau"ted2: The )haracter cannot )limb! Jump! Run! or "&im! and the )haracterCs )D90 and RD90 are halved. If the )haracter suffers the 9(hausted 'ffliction a-ain! they instead fall ,nconscious.

Game Mechanic" 0Ine$riated2: The )haracterCs '5I is halved! and all Defenses are at -D. 7n any failure on an '5I Roll! the )haracter is treated as DiBBy ne(t round.

De"cri tion: "omethin- shockin- has happened! and youCre cau-ht immobile! like a poor dumb horned un-ulate in the onrushin- headli-hts of an .J-&heeler. Game Mechanic" 0Fro4en2: The )haracter has + '#! and is at -. to all Defenses. The )haracter can take any 'ctions that do not re=uire '#! and is fully conscious of their surroundin-s. 7n a -ood note! the )haracter re-ains . lost @I5 per Round &hile 0roBen.

De"cri tion: Aour feet are bound! makin- it tou-h for you to jump or run. Game Mechanic" 0Manacled2: The only movement-type 'ction the )haracter may take is "idestep! and if they try multiple "idesteps per Round! they are treated as DiBBy that Round.

De"cri tion: 9verythin- seems to have -one to hell; your pulse is hammerin- in your ears! your si-ht blurs! and the ne(t thin- you kno&! youCre runnina&ay at top speed. Game Mechanic" 0Panic!ed2: The )haracter must take a )limb! Run! Jump! or "&im 'ction every round to -et out of the combat area; any other 'ctions must be spent to protect oneself.

De"cri tion: AouCve been takin- a nap! or someone knocked you do&n; better -et up =uickly before you -et kicked in the teeth. Game Mechanic" 0Prone2: The )haracter suffers a penalty of -3 to )D90! RD90! and the )lose )ombat Talent. The )haracter -ains a HD bonus to the Ran-ed )ombat Talent to use -uns or crossbo&s.

De"cri tion: AouCve been handcuffed! or your hands are tied! makin- it hard to handle thin-s properly. Game Mechanic" 0Shac!led2: The )haracter canCt use their hands. The )haracter suffers a -.+ #enalty to )lose and Ran-ed )ombat Talent Rolls! and most other Talent Rolls; the penalty increases to -D+ if the )haracterCs hands are "hackled behind their back.

Image courtesy Free-stoc%-p otos.co.u%.

De"cri tion: AouCre -ood and smashed! makinyou a bit diBBy! nauseous! and fuBBy in the brainpan.

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DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

De"cri tion: AouCre sittin- or kneelin- do&n! &hich is rela(in- and all! but isnCt the best position to be in &hen someone attacks you. Game Mechanic" 0Sittin->Kneelin-2: The )haracter suffers a penalty of -D to )D90! RD90! and the )lose )ombat Talent. The )haracter -ains a H. bonus to the Ran-ed )ombat Talent to use -uns or crossbo&s.

theyCre automatically considered Triumphs! no need to roll to hit. 'ny 'bility that re=uires the )haracter to spend '#! "#I! or @I5 to use cannot be used &hile ,nconscious. 7n a -ood note! the )haracter re-ains . lost @I5 per Round &hile ,nconscious.

De"cri tion: AouCre asleep or youCve been knocked out! leavin- you helpless. )ute as a button! thou-h. Game Mechanic" 0:ncon"ciou"2: The )haracter may not take any 'ctions! is completely una&are of their surroundin-s! and unless theyCre propped up! instantly falls #rone. If the )haracter is successfully physically attacked! they a&aken immediately! but theyCre considered to be helpless a-ainst such attacks;

Image courtesy 'eli(, P otovaco.com.

Bleeding -ut
Aou kno& ho& to dish out dama-e! and ho& to take it! but &hat happens as a result6

;o> or .egati<e (bilities
'ny time one of a )haracterCs 'bilities drops to +! they suffer the ,nconscious 'ffliction for DdE Rounds; there may be other! lastin- effects! as &ell. Ne-ati&e Attri$ute": N )egative A3I or '&RH The )haracter suffers the #rone and 0roBen 'fflictions. N )egative &38H The )haracter be-ins to die. 7nce the )haracter reaches -. T5<! they be-in to suffer the ;leedin- 'ffliction! until they reach a ne-ative number of T5< e=ual to t&ice their normal amount! at &hich point! theyCre dead. N )egative I)' or -I+H The )haracter suffers the 0roBen 'ffliction. N )egative AERH The )haracter suffers the 9motional 'ffliction! but all penalties are multiplied by the number of ne-ative evels of #9R the )haracter suffers.

Image courtesy Public-domain-p otos.net.

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DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

Ne-ati&e A""et": N )egative 8+&H 4hen a )haracter has lost all < T in a -iven ;ody #art! they can no lon-er use that ;ody #art for any 'ction! and suffer a penalty of -. to all 'ctions. <ead or Torso Dama-e is more serious. If a )haracter loses all < T in the <ead or Torso! they suffer a penalty of -D to all Defenses and all 'ctions! and they immediately suffer the ,nconscious 'ffliction for DdE rounds. 'lso see :utilation! belo&. N )egative +IFH 's per ne-ative T5<. N )egative 2I3H 4hen the )haracterCs @I5 -oes ne-ative! they suffer the 9(hausted 'ffliction; if it -oes ne-ative by more than the full! normal amount! the )haracter falls #rone and ,nconscious. N )egative 'AIH "ee the 5oin- ;u-fuck "ection! belo&.

Mutilation Mutilation E*ample E*ample
:oah :oah has has 18 18 0ea 0eath th -oints -oints in in his his 0and. 0and. Hnce he s#ffers more than 18 points Hnce he s#ffers more than 18 points of of (nG#r& (nG#r& Damage Damage to to his his 0and! 0and! it)s it)s rendered rendered #n#sa" #n#sa"e! e! "#t "#t %i sti hea #p nice &. (f he s#ffers 19 to %i sti hea #p nice &. (f he s#ffers 19 to 36 36 points pointsof of(nG#r& (nG#r&Damage Damageto tohis his0and! 0and!he) he) s#ffer s#ffer 11 Be*e Be*e of of some some 0ardship! 0ardship! permanent permanent&! &! s#ch s#ch as as 6ad 0ands. (f he s#ffers more than 37 points 6ad 0ands. (f he s#ffers more than 37 points of of (nG#r& (nG#r& Damage Damage to to his his 0and! 0and! it)s it)s se*ered! se*ered! and and he he permanent & s#ffers the appropriate 0ardship permanent & s#ffers the appropriate 0ardshipas as aares# res#t. t.

Aealing +p
Re-ainin- Lo"t A$ilit) Le&el": )haracters re-ain . evel in all lost 'bilities per day. Re-ainin- Lo"t *LT: )haracters re-ain . < T per day to all affected ;ody #arts! e(cept the <ead and Torso! &hich re-ain . every other day. Re-ainin- Lo"t LIF: )haracters re-ain DdE I0 per day. Re-ainin- Lo"t (IG: )haracters re-ain .dE @I5 &ith a Rest 'ction. Re-ainin- Lo"t SPI: )haracters re-ain .dE "#I per day spent restin- and rela(in-. The above rates assume complete rest and rela(ation! &ith proper medical care in the case of physical harm. The rates are halved &ithout proper medical treatment! and halved a-ain if the )haracters are &orkin- or en-a-in- in vi-orous activity.

If a )haracterCs < T in any ;ody #art -oes ne-ative by more than the same amount as its startin< T! the )haracter suffers . evel of permanent <ardship to that ;ody #art. If the < T -oes ne-ative by t&ice that amount! the ;ody #art is severed. 0or 'rms! e-s! <ands! and 0eet! thatCs not a problem! but a severed <ead or Torso means instant death. )haracters donCt receive bonus ;uild #oints for <ardships suffered as a result of a :utilation.

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DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

Going Bugfu%k
“)one of you under tand( -E ARE &8E E+4ER "EA'&'( -e dwell eternally in the Ylem, and the Realm are only delu ion we invented to hide our un !eakable !ower from our elve ( -hen you omeday tir from your tu!or, you too will know that there i no right or wrong, no life or death for uch a we; there i only !ower(/ * Final word from the renegade 0y tic 3arvin 'anto , before hi e.ecution.

Just as losin- <ealth &ill kill you! losin- all your "pirit &ill drive you mad.

4hen the )haracter drops to + "#I of less! roll DdE on the 5oin- ;u-fuck Table! and add the amount of ne-ative "#I the )haracter is currently sufferin-! each time the )haracter loses "#I. Effe%t

" to 5

=uffer an #ffliction for $ BoundC Boll "d.& :" to 4;& Emotional Gthe ?ame Master -ill choose an appropriate emotionHC :5 to /;& #fraidC :0 to $";& DistractedC =uffer an #ffliction for $d. BoundsC Boll "d.& :" to 4;& Emotional Gthe ?ame Master -ill choose an appropriate emotionHC :5 to /;& #fraidC :0 to $";& DistractedC =uffer a Iea+ness for $d. BoundsC Boll "d.& :" to ;& %onfusedC :4 to .;& %ruelC :/ to 1;& ObsessedC :$0 to $";& DespairingC Boll "d. on ,ermanent Madness (able6 belo-6 adding :Boll on this (able minus 1;&

. to 1

$0 to $

$4 or more

Going Bugfu%k !able
9ach time you roll on the 5oin- ;u-fuck Table! add .dE to the )haracterCs current "#I; if theyCre still ne-ative! roll a-ain. )haracters attemptin- to i-nore the effects of a <ardship -ained from ne-ative "#I suffer a loss to #9R instead of "#I.

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" to 4 5 . / 0 1 $0 to $$ =uffer the Delusions Iea+ness at Level $6 permanentlyC =uffer the ,hobia Iea+ness at Level $6 permanentlyC


=uffer the ,sychic =cars Iea+ness at Level $6 permanentlyC =uffer the Mood =-ings Iea+ness at Level $6 permanentlyC =uffer the Detached Iea+ness at Level $6 permanentlyC =uffer the Distant Iea+ness at Level $6 permanentlyC =uffer the %onfused Iea+ness at Level $6 permanentlyC =uffer the Obsessed Iea+ness at Level $6 permanentlyC Boll "d. again& :" to ;& Boll again on the ,ermanent Mental Illness (ableD the Level is $d"C :4 to 5;& Boll t-ice on the ,ermanent Mental Illness (ableC Ignore this result if rolled again :. to /;& Boll againD Level is $d 2"C :0 to 1;& ,ermanently lose $ Level of IN=6 ,EB6 or IILC :$0;& ,ermanently lose " Levels of IN=6 ,EB6 or IILC :$$ to $";& Boll again on the ,ermanent Mental Illness (ableD the Level is $d.2 C


Permanent Bugfu%k !able
#ermanent mental illnesses are usually related in some &ay to the horrifyin- circumstances that caused them! or e(acerbate some e(istin- or latent condition. The 5ame :aster may sli-htly modify the results of such a roll to somethin- that makes sense. )haracters donCt -ain bonus ;uild #oints from <ardships -ained from the 5oin- ;u-fuck section.

"ombat E*ample
!he 1etF+p
8oah ;ell! ilith Deodata! and Ri-hteous 5 have been appointed to form a #act by the )ouncil of 8i-ht of 8ineveh. TheyCve been ordered to look into a )onsortium @eneficus in the area &hoCs been rippinoff ,nnaturals &ho trade &ith him. They &alk into the abandoned &arehouse &here the trader does business and! fore&arned! he immediately orders his three "hado& 5oblin body-uards to attack the dark heroes. Pla)er %haracter" Initiati&e Roll": 8oah ;ell$ Rolls .+ H I8IT .D [ Total DD. ilith Deodata$ Rolls J H I8IT .D [ Total D+. Ri-hteous 5$ Rolls 2 H I8IT .2 [ Total .J. NP% Initiati&e Roll": "hado& 5oblin .$ Rolls 2 H I8IT .* [ Total ./. "5D$ Rolls J H I8IT .* [ Total D.. "5*$ Rolls / H I8IT .* [ Total D+. @eneficus$ Rolls / H I8IT .D [ Total .1.

The combatants are all a&are of each other! so thereCs no chance of ambush. The 5ame :aster tells all the #layers to roll *dE and add their )haractersC I8IT evels for Initiative for their )haracters! and he rolls for the @eneficus and the "hado& 5oblins. The totals are$

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4e have a tie bet&een ilith and "hado& 5oblin *! so &e compare their '5I evels. ;oth ilith and "hado& 5oblins have '5I E. 8e(t &e look at I8". ilith has I8" E! &hile "hado& 5oblins have I8" /! so "hado& 5oblin * -ets to -o before ilith. Initiati&e Order: 8oah ;ell "hado& 5oblin D "hado& 5oblin * ilith Deodata @eneficus Ri-hteous 5 "hado& 5oblin .

.D; the 5ame :aster announces that the @eneficus suffers the "hackled 'ffliction. <eCs not -oinany&here. The 9ntan-le "pell took an 'ttack 'ction! &hich cost * '#! so 8oah has D '# left. <e takes a Dod-e action &ith his remainin- D '#! and his )D90 and RD90 temporarily increase by D. That ends 8oahCs Turn. Shado' Go$lin A@" Turn: The @eneficus ordered the s&arthy little bastards to take out the #act! and the "hado& 5oblin brandishes its knife and closes on 8oah. The 5ame :aster says itCll take a Run 'ction to -et to 8oah! leavin- the "hado& 5oblin enou-h '# to s&ipe at 8oah &ith the knife. The "hado& 5oblin has '5I E and )lose )ombat 2! and rolls a .* on *dE! for a total of D*. 8oahCs )D90 is normally a mere .D! but is boosted to ./ ri-ht no& because heCs takin- a Dod-e 'ction. The "hado& 5oblin still rolled plenty to hit! and so he rolls for Dama-e. The "0 of the roll is E >D* Q ./ [ E?! not =uite hi-h enou-h for the "hado& 5oblin to choose &hat ;ody #art he hits. The "hado& 5oblin does *dE 9d-ed dama-e &ith the knife! rollin- a E! a E! and a *. This does .3 Debility Dama-e and D Injury Dama-e. 7uchL The 5ame :aster rolls a 2 on DdE and consults the ;ody #art Table! seein- that the 5oblin hit 8oahCs e-. <e rolls another die! &hich comes up *! odd! meanin- that 8oahCs left le- &as hit. 8oahCs 'ssets look like this ri-ht no&$ I0$ D1 @I5$ .D "#I$ .* < T$ 'll normal! e(cept eft e- is do&n to .D < T. )D90$ ./ RD90$ .E :D90$ .3 'nother hit like that! and 8oahCs le- &ill -ive out on him. 'lso! because he suffered D Injury dama-e! ne(t round he loses D '#. That sucks. Shado' Go$lin B@" Turn: "hado& 5oblin * sees the -un in Ri-hteous 5Cs hand! and decides to take him out before he can level that muthafuckinC piece. ike "hado& 5oblin D! \* takes a Run 'ction! comin- at Ri-hteous 5 and slashin- at him &ith his knife. <e rolls *dE! -ettin- a 1! and adds his '5I E and

"ombat (%tions
Noah@" Turn: The 5ame :aster asks 8oahCs #layer &hat he &ants to do. 8oah decides he &ants to make sure that the @eneficus doesnCt -et a&ay! o heCs -oin- to cast his 9ntan-le 0ormula from the "ubstance Dark 'rt on the @eneficus! describin- ho& the concrete beneath the @eneficusC feet turns to =uicksand and holds him fast. 8oahCs #layer adds that 8oah is -oin- to chant in atin and make arcane hand movements to enhance his spell! reducin- its psychic strain. The 5ame :aster approves! and tells 8oah to make his spellcastin- rolls. 8oah is a Kni-ht of #ymander and is castin- a "ubstance 0ormula! so he needs to roll I8" H 9(pert H Dark 'rt M"ubstanceN. 8oahCs #layer decides that heCs -oin- to try for the stron-est possible effect he can mana-e! evel *! so the D0 for this roll is >D+ H >* evels S D )ost per evel for @ery )heap "pecial 'bility?? [ DE. 8oahCs #layer rolls *dE and adds I8" / H 9(pert * H Dark 'rt M"ubstanceN * [ .*. <e rolls an ..! for a total of D2! sadly just short of &hat heCd need to succeed; 8oahCs #layer decides to add D "#I to the roll! makin- it a DE! &hich is e(actly &hatCs needed for success. 9ntan-le has a "tandard #hysical )ost! so it costs * @I5 to cast; in addition! 0ormulas al&ays cost > evels?dE "#I to cast. 8oahCs #layer rolls *dE and -ets a E! a very -ood! lo& rollL <e can reduce the cost by . for the use of 'ncient an-ua-es! and . more for the :a-ical #asses! for a total "#I )ost of 2. The @eneficus is entitled to a "ave roll a-ainst the 9ntan-le effect. <e may roll '5I H 'thletics vs. >>8oahCs Dark 'rt M"ubstanceN evels SD? H.3?. The @eneficus has '5I 2 and 'thletics .! and 8oah used all * of his Dark 'rt M"ubstanceN evels! so the D0 is D.. The @eneficus rolls *dE and -ets /! for a total of

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)lose )ombat 2! -ettin- a total of .1 to hit. ,nfortunately for it! Ri-hteous 5 has a )D90 of D*. The 5oblin is out of '#! so its turn is over. Lilith Deodata@" Turn: ilith sees that theyCre outnumbered! and thinks of a &ay to turn the tables in their favor. "he uses her 9nslave Innate #o&er on "hado& 5oblin .! commandin- it to attack "hado& 5oblin * in front of 8oah. The 9nslave Dark #o&er re=uires a )ontrol 'ction! so thatCll be all 3 of her '# for this Round. The "hado& 5oblin has to make a 4I H "elf-)ontrol "ave roll a-ainst a D0 of .1. The 5oblin rolls a total of 1! and addin- his 4I of 2 and "elf-)ontrol of *! has a total of .E. <e fails! and he suffers the )ompulsion 'ffliction. (ene,icu"@ Turn: The @eneficus is sunk up to his ankles in =uicksand! but he can still perform ma-ic. <eCs -oin- to help out his 5oblin minions by castin- an ener-y bolt spell at the #act; itCs hard to say &hoCs most dan-erous! but -iven that 8oah imprisoned him in the concrete! heCs -oin- to blast him. 0irst he needs to make a roll to cast the spell! and then make a ran-ed roll to hit. The @eneficus doesnCt feel the need to overdo it! so heCll just make it a evel * 9lemental ;olt M9ner-yN 0ormula that he casts. The @eneficus &ill use 'ncient an-ua-es! :a-ical #asses! and his )onsecrated Tools to cast the 0ormula! and "ince 9lemental ;olt is an 'vera-e "pecial 'bility! the D0 for the roll &ill be *D. The @eneficus &ill roll *dE to cast! and add his #9R of J to his 9(pert Talent of . and its Dark 'rt M9ner-yN Talent of 2. <e rolls a .3! &hich! added to his #9R and Talents! adds up to DJ. This isnCt enou-h to succeed! but since the @eneficus is an important 8#)! the 5ame :aster decides to allo& the @eneficus to spend some "#I on its behalf to make the roll succeed. It spends 2 "#I! and the 0ormula -oes off successfully. The @eneficus needs to roll to hit no&. It has '5I 2 and Ran-ed )ombat 2! and it adds these to a *dE roll. It rolls a .+! for a total of .J; 8oahCs RD90 is currently .E! so the roll hits. The 0ormula does DdEH> evels%D? 9ner-y dama-e! &hich &orks out to DdEHD; it rolls E Injury Dama-e; since there &ere D dice! the attack does D Debility Dama-e! since itCs 9ner-y. The 5ame :aster then rolls DdE on the ;ody #art Table to see &here the @eneficus hits 8oah >since the "0 &as not hi-h enou-h for it to choose &hat ;ody #art it hits?. It rolls a /! so 8oah is hit in the Torso. <e takes E Injury Dama-e to the Torso! and D Debility Dama-e! and loses D more '#. 'lthou-h heCs not dead yet! &ith the D '# he &as already do&n! it looks like he &onCt be doin- much ne(t Round. 8oah drops &ith a scream and &rithes in pain.

The @eneficus rolls *dE for the "#I cost from his 0ormula! and rolls a ./; he can reduce that by . for usin- the 'ncient an-ua-es :ystical Techni=ue! . more for :a-ical #asses! and > evels%D[..3? D for )onsecrated Tools! but he still ends up losin- .* "#I. 7n top of the 2 he spent castin- the spell! heCs left &ith / of his ori-inal D2 "#I. <eCs -oin- to have to tone do&n the spellcastin- from here! or find a more efficient &ay to finish up the fi-ht. Ri-hteou" G@" Turn: 'i-ht! no& itCs on. "hado& 5oblin * has closed &ith Ri-hteous 5! so he mi-ht as &ell summon his li-ht-s&ord and cut into the little freak. <e has '5I .+ and )lose )ombat 2! plus . from the &eaponCs 'ccuracy. In addition! the 5oblin has only a Reach + &eapon! -ivin- Ri-hteous 5 a HD bonus to hit for the Reach D on his 9lemental s&ord! -ivinhim a total attack bonus of H./. <e rolls *dE and -ets a .2! for a total of *.. This is hi-her than the 5oblinCs )D90 of D+! so he definitely hits. In fact! &ith his "0 of ..! he can choose to attack from above! belo&! left! or ri-htL Ri-hteous 5Cs #layer decides that he slashes into the 5oblin &ith a mi-hty overhand blo& from above! so he -ets to roll .dEHE on the ;ody #art Table to see &here he hits. <e rolls a 1! &hich means that he hits the 5oblin in the head. <e rolls 2dEH. for the 9ner-y Dama-e from the attack! -ettin- a dice roll total of .E! for a total of ./ Injury Dama-e and 2 Debility Dama-e to the 5oblin. The "hado& 5oblin has E < T in its <ead! &hich means it can survive up to -.D in its <ead before itCs dead. ItCs at -..! &hich means it slumps! bleedin- profusely! clin-in- to life by only a tenuous thread. Shado' Go$lin C: :ind-controlled by ilith! "hado& 5oblin . takes a Run 'ction to close on its comrade "hado& 5oblin *! and slashes at him &ith his knife. "hado& 5oblin . has a total attack roll bonus of H.+ &ith its knife! and rolls a .D! for a total of DD. ThatCs hi-her than "hado& 5oblin *Cs )D90 of D+! so he hits. <e rolls *dE for 9d-ed Dama-e and rolls a E! a E! and a 3! for a total of ./ Injury Dama-e and D Debility Dama-e. <e rolls DdE on the ;ody #art Table and rolls an J. ;oom! head shot. "hado& 5oblin . falls.

!he 'rapF+p
't this point! the @eneficus surrenders; t&o of its minions have been defeated! one is mind-controlled! and althou-h 8oah is unconscious! he doesnCt fancy his chances a-ainst a 5hKl and a )hild of i-ht &hile his feet are sunk in =uicksand.

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)ombat can be a little comple(! but it can -o s&iftly and smoothly if the #layers and the 5ame :aster are familiar &ith the rules and do some calculations ahead of time. #rintin- out some copies of the ;ody )hart Table and other tables ahead of time &ill help! as &ill calculatin- attack roll bonuses for

&eapons! and :ystics bein- familiar &ith the D0 calculations for their spellsC D0 to cast and "#I costs. 7n the other hand! combat in the Dir-e R#5 is deadly! and #)s should al&ays think carefully before rushininto a fracas; they may very &ell be carried out on a stretcher! or in a hearse.

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"hapter JII$ !he Pleroma
There are many planes of e(istence! each &ith their o&n elemental ali-nments! ener-y si-natures! destinies! and ma-ical potencies. :any Realms of the #leroma are eerily reminiscent of places of the @ale of the Do&ntrodden! only t&isted and surreal! &hile other places are uni=ue and &onderful! or terrifyin- beyond parallel.

Realm "hara%teristi%s
must make 4I H "elf-)ontrol "ave rolls vs. D0 >> evel SD?H.+? on enterin- the Realm to avoid sufferin- the 9motional 'ffliction re-ardin- that emotion! and all "ave rolls a-ainst that 9motion suffer a #enalty e=ual to the 9motional Resonance evel of that Realm. Mem$rane: 9very Realm has a barrier of ener-y surroundin- it! separatin- it from the 'stral Realm and restrictin- travel in and out. ' RealmCs :embrane is -iven a evel! and a typical Realm like the @ale of the Do&ntrodden has a :embrane evel of 3. 'ny "pecial 'bility that uses the current RealmCs :embrane in its )ost To ,se cannot be used if the current RealmCs :embrane evel is +. Nei-h$orin- Realm": The Realms that can be traveled to from this one from naturally-occurrinRuptures. These relationships arenCt constant! ho&ever; Realms shift and drift &ith the Oastral tide!P and t&o Realms may become nei-hbors! or drift apart! over time. %entral %ontradiction: In many &ays! Realms are )haracters! too. "ome are even sentient! but even the non-sentient ones have a uni=ue personality. The )entral )ontradiction of a Realm is &hat makes it dynamic and interestin-! and the )ontradictions of #leroma are really deep philosophical and metaphysical issues that pla-ue all bein-s! -iven sharp focus throu-h direct interaction. Phenomena1 Site"1 and Encounter": 4hat are the )haracters likely to find in the Realm6 #henomena are unusual physical properties of the Realm that may help or hinder Realms-travelers. "ites are important or interestin- locations in a Realm! that travelers may &ish to visit! or avoid. 9ncounters are creatures or -roups kno&n to inhabit the Realm! that may help or hinder the )haracters. "ome e(ample #henomena are listed belo&.

Realm 1tatisti%s
Elemental %haracteri"tic": 9very Realm e(cept the @ale of the Do&ntrodden has one or more :ystical 9lement that itCs attuned to! and some :ystical 9lements that are &eaker &ithin its domain. These 9lemental )haracteristics provide the listed ;onuses or #enalties to :ysticsC Dark 'rts Talents &hen used in these Realms. Emotional Re"onance: :ost Realms resonate &ith certain emotions; a RealmCs 9motional Resonance &ill list one such emotion! &ith a evel. )haracters

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3ravityH Realms may have different -ravity than the @ale; in some Realms )haracters may find themselves as li-ht as a feather! &hile in others! itCs almost impossible to move. ‣ FreefallH 8o object is treated as havinany mass. )haracters can conceivably move any &ei-ht! althou-h objects still retain their inertia. )haracters can OflyP by kickin- off of objects! movin- in a strai-ht line in the opposite direction! ho&ever #)s must make an '5I H 'thletics roll D0 'vera-e >D+? to keep from painfully crashin- clumsily into objects and sufferin- .dEH*;. 'ny "ave roll that &ould cause a )haracter to be rendered "ittin-%Kneelin- or #rone instead knocks them back&ard at a rate of >"ave roll D0 -.+?%D yards per Round. ‣ 8eavyH 'll )haracters are treated as havin- T their normal "TR for liftinand carryin- &ei-ht! and all travel speeds are halved. 'll "ave rolls a-ainst the "ittin-%Kneelin- or #rone 'fflictions suffer a -3 #enalty. Aurity J KH "ome semi-sentient Realms have a certain stron- moral or immoral personality! and visitors &ith may feel particularly oppressed in this Realm if their beliefs vary! or comforted and uplifted if their beliefs are in a-reement. ‣ "eneficentH 'ny inhabitants &ith more )orruption than the RealmCs &ill suffer a loss of .d* "#I per hour. If the )haracter has t&ice as much )orruption or more! the loss is .dEH.. 'nyone that loses )orruption due to -ood acts instantly -ains .dE "#I and heals .dE I0. ‣ 0alignantH 'nyone &ith less )orruption than the RealmCs evel &ith suffer a loss of .d* "#I per hour. If the )haracter has half as much )orruption or less! the loss is .dEH.. 'nyone that -ains )orruption due to evil acts instantly -ains .dE "#I and heals .dE I0. &ech Re triction J KH Due to differences in physical la&s! or some preference of a semisentient Realm! technolo-y canCt be counted on to &ork consistently out amon- the

#leroma. Thaumatronics al&ays &ork in any Realm! ho&ever! since theyCre ma-ical! not mere machines. ‣ AreFElectronicH 9lectronics cease to &ork properly! but other forms of technolo-y &ork fine. ‣ AreFFirearm H )hemicals lose any hi-hly-e(plosive properties! renderinfirearms useless.

Ruptures and Gate>ays
Ruptures are naturally-occurrin- openin-s in the :embrane of a Realm! and the &eaker the :embrane! the more common Ruptures &ill be. Ruptures spontaneously open and close over time due to the astral tide! but they can be stabiliBed into 5ate&ays. "orcerers can take a Rupture and stabiliBe it into a 5ate&ays! a permanent t&o-&ay OtunnelP bet&een Realms. They can also craft 5ate&ays bet&een Realms that arenCt adjacent to one another! but this is very time consumin-. A earance: Ruptures and 5ate&ays vary &ildly in appearance! and can be obvious to the naked eye! or can blend into the environment. "ome fuse unseen &ith an e(istin- openin- in some surface! so that someone takin- a =uick run to the bathroom suddenly appears! une(pectedly! in another Realm. "ome float in midair! unattached to any surface; most of these are barely visible as a shimmerin- distortion in the air! like a heat shimmer in a rou-hly -lobular area. :ost Ruptures and 5ate&ays are small! coverin- an area . to * yards in diameter! but some cover entire rooms. 9ven &orse! some Ruptures oscillate into and out of e(istence &ith the astral tide; everyone is sittin- around in the @ale of the Do&ntrodden! and then &ithout movin-! everyone disappears! reappearin- in the 5lades of :irth or the 4astelands of "ufferin-. ;oth Ruptures and 5ate&ays vary &ildly from time to time and place to place. Fre6uenc) and Di"co&er): )haracters that find themselves trapped in a Realm may need to search for Ruptures to find a &ay out; roll )haracterCs evels in The "i-ht a-ainst a D0 of >:embrane S2? each day. 7n a success! the )haracter finds a Rupture that leads to a random! nei-hborin- Realm. Ruptures are most likely to occur in places that correspond conceptually! 9lementally! or emotionally to the Realm that they lead to. ike&ise! 5ate&ays are easiest to construct in places &ith stron- conceptual! 9lemental! or emotional links to the far destination.



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Ener-) Flo': 9lemental and emotional ener-y constantly flo&s both &ays from Ruptures and 5ate&ays! and )haracters &ithout The "i-ht can often detect Ruptures and 5ate&ays by e(aminin- othersC emotional state! or observin- stran-e behavior in the

9lements! in the vicinity. 'lso! many supernatural creatures thrive in the re-ion around Ruptures! and increases in si-htin-s of biBarre entities can indicate the presence of a Rupture! also.

!he =ale of the Do>ntrodden
OThe @ale of the Do&ntroddenP is a fancy name for the :ortal &orld. The :ortal &orld of the Dir-e R#5 is much like ours to the casual -lance. ItCs -ot junkyards and D2-hour convenience stores! supermarkets! used car lots! trailer parks and housinprojects! but behind the shado&s of the @ale lies a &orld of secrets and evil forces.

;ilith Deodata -ut%ast Ghul
ilith is a 5hKl of the 7utcast Tribe! a family of carnies that has hauled 0erris &heels and cotton candy machines from one shore to another in the continental states. ilith -re& to hate the kids in the to&ns they passed throu-h! seein- only their contempt at the One& kid!P but since her teena-e years! sheCs be-un to &ish the 5atherin- &ould settle do&n some&here! so she could have some friends … that didnCt eventually end up invited to her familyCs supper table. Ph)"ical Attri$ute" Mental Attri$ute" N A3IH E I)'H E N '&RH JS ><T< DdEH.? AERH 2 N &38H 1S -I+H 3 S [ Includes bonuses from Inhuman 'ttributes. Initiati&e N I)I&H .D Ph)"ical Re"ource" Mental Re"ource" N I0$ ** )7R$ .* N @I5$ D/ "#I$ .1 N < T$ ‣ MD to *N 0oot < T$ D*. ‣ M2 to 3N e- < T$ 2+. ‣ ME to /N Torso < T$ 33. ‣ MJN <ead < T$ D2. ‣ M1 to .+N 'rm < T$ *D. ‣ M.. to .DN <and < T$ D*. Ph)"ical De,en"e" N )D90$ .* N RD90$ .E Mental De,en"e" :D90$ ..

=ale of the Do>ntrodden 1tatisti%s
Realm %haracteri"tic": N Elemental 1haracteri tic H 8one overall! but certain areas! especially near Ruptures or 5ate&ays! may have 9lemental )haracteristics. N Emotional Re onanceH 8one overall! but certain areas! especially near Ruptures or 5ate&ays! may have 9motional Resonances. N 0embraneH 3. N )eighboring Realm H 'stral #lane! the )ity of "pirits! the Industrial 8e(us! the 5lades of :irth. N 1entral 1ontradictionH The @ale is full of mythic po&ers as it &as in the ancient past! but vast conspiracies have led the inhabitants to a cynical and jaded outlook that i-nores anythin- &ondrous! and is blind to the true terrors of the ni-ht. N Ahenomena, 'ite , and Encounter H The @ale isnCt =uite as dan-erous as many other Realms! but the shado&s still hold threats like :ystics! )hildren of i-ht! 5hKls! and 9nkidu. :ost of the inhabitants are ordinary :ortals! thou-h! and most of the sites are ordinary locations! apartment buildin-s! schools! coffee shops! or the local "elB-:ore "uperstoreK.

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/a"ic Talent": N 'thletics$ ---! )lose )ombat$ .! Dod-e$ .! Drive$ ---! 9ducation$ .! 9ndurance$ ---! <idden ore$ ---! Intimidation$ ---! 8e-otiation$ D! 8otice$ D! Ran-ed )ombat$ 2! Repair$ ---! "elf-)ontrol$ .! "neak$ D! Trickery$ .! 4ealth$ ---. Ad&anced Talent": N 'ttractive$ D. N )arousin-$ D. N )reepy ooks$ .. N :arksman$ D >)ombat '&areness! 0ast 'ttack?. *ard"hi ": N 0ortal 8ard hi! H ‣ )ynical$ .. ‣ :ood "&in-s$ D. ‣ 7utsider$ evel D. ‣ #oor$ evel D. N 6nnatural 8ard hi! H ‣ Dark <un-er$ D. Dar! Po'er": N Innate Aower H ‣ )onsume 0lesh$ evel .. ‣ Dim "i-ht$ evel .. ‣ 9nslave >Innate #o&er?$ evel D. ‣ 0an-s$ evel .. ‣ Inhuman 'ttribute$ M"TR! T5<N$ evel .. ‣ Re-eneration$ evel .. ‣ "harp "ense M"mellN$ evel *. ‣ The "i-ht$ evel .. Po""e""ion": N -ea!on H ‣ Ai tol >D:5 3dE5! Ran-e J yd! 'ccuracy -.! Total 'ttack Roll H1?. N ArmorH 8one. N &rifle H <andcuffs! rain coat! sun-lasses. Detail": N 'e.H 0emale. N AgeH .1. N AreferenceH ;ise(ual




8eightH 3C 3.P -eightH ..+ lbs. Eye 1olorH ;lue. 8air 1olorH ;lack. 8air 'tyleH "houlder-len-th and &avy. 'kin &oneH @ery pale. 1lothe H ;lack vinyl jacket! black t-shirt! cutoffs! torn fishnet stockin-s. Aer onalityH 7ut-oin-! friendly! temperamental! sli-htly manipulative. 3oal H ilith &ants some real friends! friends sheCll keep and stay in contact &ith. "he has a romantic streak a mile lon-! but she doesnCt kno& a thin- about affairs of the heart other than from &atchin- movies. 'nd readin- trashy novels. 'nd from removinthe heart! alon- &ith the other or-ans! &hen butcherin- a fresh carcass. ,b tacle H ilithCs 5atherin- is very insular! and rarely even bothers to meet the local )ouncil of 8i-ht &herever they are! so sheCs only met a fe& other ,nnaturals. The 5atherin-Cs elders tend to react badly to their folk &anderin- off on their o&n e(cept to prey on the locals! so sheCll have a hard time unless she &ants to leave the 5atherinalto-ether. 1entral 1ontradictionH :ost kids dream of runnin- a&ay from home to join the circus; ilith dreams of runnin- a&ay from the color and the e(citement. ;y the time they -raduate from hi-h school! most kids have dated several people; ilith has killed and eaten lots of people! but never held hands &ith someone. "he understands the principles behind seduction for the purposes of brin-in- home the bacon >or the OlonporkP?! but sheCs never done so. "heCs full of bri-ht dreams that donCt belon- in her dark &orld.

Stor) :"e>Note": ilith can be used as a #layer )haracter! or as an adversary for a -roup of 7rdo )ustodes 8octis a-ents trackin- do&n some indiscreet 5hKls.

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DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

.oah Bell Pymandri Mysti%
8oah ;ell is a :ystic and Kni-ht of #ymander; but before that! he &as a =uiet and unassumin- art student at the 8ineveh )ommunity )olle-e in 4ashin-ton. 8oah is the e(ample of )haracter creation from )hapter III. Ph)"ical Attri$ute" Mental Attri$ute" N A3IH 3 I)'H / N '&RH E ><T< .dEH.d*? AERH 3 N &38H 3 -I+H / Initiati&e N I)I&H .D Ph)"ical Re"ource" Mental Re"ource" N I0$ *. )7R$ .+ N @I5$ .3 "#I$ .1 N < T$ ‣ MD to *N 0oot < T$ .E. ‣ M2 to 3N e- < T$ D/. ‣ ME to /N Torso < T$ */! I#R7$ .+! D#R7$ .. ‣ MJN <ead < T$ .E. ‣ M1 to .+N 'rm < T$ D.! I#R7$ 1! D#R7$ .. ‣ M.. to .DN <and < T$ .E. Ph)"ical De,en"e" N )D90$ .D N RD90$ .. Mental De,en"e" :D90$ .3



9(pert >'rt$ #aintin-! ;elief "ystems$ <ermeticism! an-ua-e$ atin?$ *. :ystical Techni=ues >'ncient an-ua-es! )onsecrated Tools! 0reecastin-! :a-ical #asses! Rituals?$ 3. "toic$ evel ..

*ard"hi ": N 'ddicted M)affeineN$ D. N 7athbound M"upport #ymanderN$ evel .. N #hobia M<ei-htsN$ D.




Dar! Po'er": N FormulIH ‣ EnergyH ;lindin- ;urst! )loak! Divination M#yromancyN. ‣ '!iritH 'ffect "pirits! Daydream! 'stral #rojection. ‣ 'ub tanceH 9ntan-le! "ense 9lements M"ubstanceN! Telekinesis. Po""e""ion": N -ea!on H ‣ 7nifeH The N ArmorH eather Jacket. N &rifle H 9ner-y drink! sun-lasses.



/a"ic Talent": N 'thletics$ ---! )lose )ombat$ .! Dod-e$ .! Drive$ ---! 9ducation$ D! 9ndurance$ ---! <idden ore$ *! Intimidation$ ---! Ran-ed )ombat$ ---! 8e-otiation$ D! 8otice$ .! Repair$ ---! "elf-)ontrol$ .! "neak$ ---! Trickery$ ---! 4ealth$ ---. Ad&anced Talent": N 'ttractive$ .. N )arousin-$ .. N Dark 'rt M9ner-yN$ *. N Dark 'rt M"piritN$ *. N Dark 'rt M"ubstanceN$ *.

Detail": N 'e.H :ale. N AgeH DD. N AreferenceH <eterose(ual N 8eightH 3C J.P N -eightH .E3 lbs. N Eye 1olorH ;ro&n. N 8air 1olorH ;lack. N 8air 'tyleH on- on top! short on the sides and in the back. N 'kin &oneH "li-htly pale. N 1lothe H ;lack leather jacket! blue jeans! band t-shirts. N Aer onalityH Xuiet! perceptive! creative! &ithdra&n! introspective. N 3oal H 0e& if any. 8oah doesnCt kno& &hat he &ants to do &ith his life! other than pursuin- his <i-her "elf. In a &ay! his -oal is to find a &orthy -oal.

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,b tacle H 8oah is on his o&n! at colle-e for the first time! and is learnin- harsh lessons about ho& the &orld &orks! and &hat people e(pect of you. 1entral 1ontradictionH 8oah is a shy and bookish kid thatCs a member of a )ult full of outspoken assholes. <eCs not very assertive at all! but is -radually learnin- to be less of a &imp from his superiors in the #ymandri! a lesson as valuable as his ma-ic lessons in his personal -ro&th. 9ventually! he may surprise them all and become a -reat leader! the bi--est jerk in a )ult full of selfimportant &indba-s! but that time is far off yet.

‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣

MD to *N 0oot < T$ *+! I#R7$ D! D#R7$ .. M2 to 3N e- < T$ 3+! I#R7$ D! D#R7$ .. ME to /N Torso < T$ /+! I#R7$ .D! D#R7$ D. MJN <ead < T$ *+! I#R7$ D! D#R7$ .. M1 to .+N 'rm < T$ 2+! I#R7$ ..! D#R7$ D. M.. to .DN <and < T$ *+! I#R7$ D! D#R7$ .. Mental De,en"e" :D90$ .D

Stor) :"e>Note": 8oah is a pretty typical lo&level :ystic. <eCs still relatively i-norant of ho& thin-s &ork in the local )ouncil of 8i-ht! and heCs only made a fe& forays into the #leroma. 8oah is suitable for use by a #layer as their )haracter! or he could be an ally rival to another :ystic from the same re-ion.

Ph)"ical De,en"e" N )D90$ D* N RD90$ D.

/a"ic Talent": N 'thletics$ D! )lose )ombat$ 2! Dod-e$ 2! Drive$ ---! 9ducation$ ---! 9ndurance$ .! <idden ore$ D! Intimidation$ .! 8e-otiation$ ---! 8otice$ ---! Ran-ed )ombat$ D! Repair$ ---! "elf-)ontrol$ D! "neak$ ---! Trickery$ ---! 4ealth$ ---. Ad&anced Talent": N 'ttractive$ .. N )onnections$ * >5an-stas?. N Tou-h as 8ails$ D. *ard"hi ": N 0ortal 8ard hi! H ‣ 7athbound M:ust #unish 7athbreakersN$ 2. ‣ 7utsider$ *. ‣ #sychic "cars$ *. N 6nnatural 8ard hi! H ‣ Dyin- "park >,nnatural <ardship?$ .. Dar! Po'er": N Innate Aower H ‣ 9lemental 4eapon M9ner-yN$ .. Dama-e$ 2dEH.. ‣ 9lemental 4in-s M9ner-yN$ .. ‣ 9lemental "hield M9ner-yN .. ‣ Inhuman 'ttribute M'5I! "TR! T5<N$ .. ‣ The "i-ht$ D.

Righteous G ?a@ata "hild of ;ight
Ri-hteous 5 &as once kno&n as 5abuthelon! an honored )hild of i-ht of the valorous AaBata e-ion. 4hen 5abuthelon 0ell! it found itself in an abandoned buildin- in 8ineveh! surrounded by street -an-sters. 'fter it beat several of them severely! they invited it to join their -an-; it be-an to identify as male! and took the street name ORi-hteous 5.P 5abuthelon has -ro&n to love his ne&! :ortal family! but &onders if some of their activities mi-ht be contrary to :ortal la&. Ph)"ical Attri$ute" Mental Attri$ute" N A3IH .+S I)'H 2 N '&RH .+S ><T< *dE? AERH 3 N &38H .+S -I+H 3 S [ Includes bonuses from Inhuman 'ttributes. Initiati&e N I)I&H .2 Ph)"ical Re"ource" N I0$ *3 N @I5$ *+ N < T$ Mental Re"ource" )7R$ / "#I$ .2

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Po""e""ion": N -ea!on H ‣ Ai tol >D:5 3dE5! Ran-e J yd! 'ccuracy -.! Total 'ttack Roll H..?. N ArmorH eather Jacket. N &rifle H ;lin-! dru-s! sun-lasses. Detail": N 'e.H <ermaphrodite; identifies as male. N AgeH ,nkno&able. N AreferenceH 8one as yet. N 8eightH 3C E.P N -eightH .** lbs. N Eye 1olorH Red. N 8air 1olorH 4hite. N 8air 'tyleH )ornro&s! tied to-ether in the back. N 'kin &oneH "tark &hite. N 1lothe H ;lack leather jacket! hooded s&eatshirt! ball cap! ba--y blue jeans! button-up shirt! tank top. N Aer onalityH )onfused! kind! protective! strict! determined. N 3oal H 5abuthelon &ants to attain his lost po&er! and is continually strivin- to test the limits of his current incarnation to see &hat he can do. N ,b tacle H 5abuthelon occasionally suffers flashbacks to the last catastrophic battle for the #alaces of i-ht! and continually relives the death of "andalphon! one of the 'rchons to &hom he &as particularly loyal. <is utter i-norance of the mortal &orld is also a massive problem. N 1entral 1ontradictionH Ri-hteous 5 is a cosmic entity of terror and justice! livin- in urban s=ualor &ith a street -an- sellindru-s and beatin- up people for invadintheir turf! as his ne& friends tell him Othis is the &ay thin-s &ork here.P Stor) :"e>Note": Ri-hteous 5 kno&s little to nothin- about the :ortal &orld! but has a fe& contacts amon- the other )hildren of i-ht in the local )ouncil of 8i-ht.

!ypi%al "at
7ften sou-ht by :ystics as companions and 0amiliars! cats are valuable but independent companions. #riBed for their ability to catch rodents! )ats are parado(es! kno&n for their laBiness! -race! beauty! cruelty! and usefulness for poorly-spelled Internet ima-e files. Ph)"ical Attri$ute" N A3IH /. N '&RH . ><T< ---? N &38H *. Initiati&e N I)I&H 1. Ph)"ical Re"ource" Mental Re"ource" N I0$ .J )7R$ .+ N @I5$ 1 "#I$ .+ N MD to *N ;ack 0eet < T$ * N M2 to 3N ;ack e- < T$ 2 N ME to /N Torso < T$ E N MJN <ead < T$ D N M1 to .+N 0ront e-s < T$ 3 N M.. to .DN 0ront 0eet < T$ * N )oteH )ats have U normal < T in all ;ody #arts due to the "hort <ardship. Ph)"ical De,en"e" N )D90$ D. N RD90$ ./ Mental De,en"e" :D90$ J Mental Attri$ute" I)'H :. AERH 3. -I+H 2.

/a"ic Talent": N 'thletics$ /! )lose )ombat$ 2! Dod-e$ 3! Drive$ ---! 9ducation$ ---! 9ndurance$ D! <idden ore$ *! Intimidation$ .! Ran-ed )ombat$ ---! 8e-otiation$ .! 8otice$ E! Repair$ ---! "elf-)ontrol$ ---! "neak$ J! Trickery$ D! 4ealth$ ---. Ad&anced Talent": 8one. *ard"hi ": N ;ad <ands! evel .+. N "hort! evel .+. Dar! Po'er": N Innate Aower H

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‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣

Dim "i-ht! evel 3. 9(tra e-s! evel D. "harp "enses M<earin-N! evel 2. "harp "enses M"mell and TasteN! evel D. Tail! evel *. The "i-ht! evel .. "pecial$ "mall )la&s >D:5 .dD9! Reach +! 'ccuracy H.! Total 'ttack Roll H..?.

Ph)"ical De,en"e" N )D90$ .D N RD90$ ..

Mental De,en"e" :D90$ ..

/a"ic Talent": N 'thletics$ ---! )lose )ombat$ .! Dod-e$ .! Drive$ .! 9ducation$ .! 9ndurance$ ---! <idden ore$ ---! Intimidation$ ---! Ran-ed )ombat$ ---! 8e-otiation$ .! 8otice$ .! Repair$ .! "elf-)ontrol$ .! "neak$ ---! Trickery$ .! 4ealth$ .. Ad&anced Talent": 8one. *ard"hi ": 8one. Dar! Po'er": 8one. Po""e""ion": "mart #hone! 2 other Trifles. Detail": 'll personal details vary. Stor) :"e>Note": These are the typical stats for a run-of-the-mill :ortal. They may be someoneCs boyfriend or -irlfriend! or need to be rescued from a Rupture! or they may be 9nslaved by evil forces and used as puppets in some vile -ame.

Po""e""ion": N )hoose one of the follo&in-$ 0lea collar! fleas >.d*H.?. Detail": 'll personal details vary. Stor) :"e>Note": )ats are common 0amiliars for :ystics! and can be called &ith the "ummonin- Dark #o&er. "ome 9nkidu can take on the form of )ats! as &ell.

!ypi%al Do>ntrodden Businessman
7rdinary :ortals! paid to make phone calls and shuffle papers and deliver thin-s! actin- out the meanin-less dance of the &orkin- &orld. Ph)"ical Attri$ute" Mental Attri$ute" N A3IH 3 I)'H 3 N '&RH 3 ><T< .dEH.? AERH E N &38H 3 -I+H 3 Initiati&e N I)I&H .+ Ph)"ical Re"ource" Mental Re"ource" N I0$ D3 )7R$ .+ N @I5$ .3 "#I$ .3 N MD to *N 0oot < T$ .3 N M2 to 3N e- < T$ D3 N ME to /N Torso < T$ *3 N MJN <ead < T$ .3 N M1 to .+N 'rm < T$ D+ N M.. to .DN <and < T$ .3

!ypi%al Do>ntrodden Poli%e -ffi%er
The -uardians of order and peace! in theory; too often! theyCre bullies &ho hide behind a bad-e and a -un! in a &orld ruled by conspiracies and evil. Ph)"ical Attri$ute" Mental Attri$ute" N A3IH 3 I)'H 3 N '&RH E ><T< .dEH.d*? AERH 3 N &38H E -I+H E Initiati&e N I)I&H .+ Ph)"ical Re"ource" Mental Re"ource" N I0$ D3 )7R$ .D N @I5$ .3 "#I$ .3 N MD to *N 0oot < T$ ./ N M2 to 3N e- < T$ D1 N ME to /N Torso < T$ 2+ N MJN <ead < T$ .J

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M1 to .+N 'rm < T$ D* M.. to .DN <and < T$ ./ Mental De,en"e" :D90$ .E

Ph)"ical De,en"e" N )D90$ .3 N RD90$ .3

Ph)"ical Attri$ute" Mental Attri$ute" N A3IH 3 I)'H 2 N '&RH E ><T< .dEH.d*? AERH 3 N &38H E -I+H 3 Initiati&e N I)I&H 1 Ph)"ical Re"ource" Mental Re"ource" N I0$ D/ )7R$ .2 N @I5$ .J "#I$ .2 N MD to *N 0oot < T$ ./ N M2 to 3N e- < T$ D1 N ME to /N Torso < T$ 2+ N MJN <ead < T$ .J N M1 to .+N 'rm < T$ D* N M.. to .DN <and < T$ ./ Ph)"ical De,en"e" N )D90$ .E N RD90$ .* Mental De,en"e" :D90$ ..

/a"ic Talent": N 'thletics$ .! )lose )ombat$ *! Dod-e$ D! Drive$ *! 9ducation$ D! 9ndurance$ D! <idden ore$ ---! Intimidation$ *! Ran-ed )ombat$ *! 8e-otiation$ .! 8otice$ .! Repair$ .! "elf-)ontrol$ 2! "neak$ .! Trickery$ D! 4ealth$ ---. Ad&anced Talent": N 'uthority$ *. N 9(pert$ D >;ureaucracy M"tate or a&N! "treet&ise?. N 0irst 'id$ D. N Investi-ation$ D.


*ard"hi ": Divide * evels bet&een )ruelty! )ynical! "nobbery! and @en-eful. Dar! Po'er": 8one. Po""e""ion": N 4eapons$ ‣ )ight 'tickH >D:5 *dE;! Reach .! 'ccuracy H.! Total 'ttack Roll H1?. ‣ Ai tolH >D:5 3dE5! Ran-e J yd! 'ccuracy -.! Total 'ttack Roll HJ?. N &rifle H ‣ ;allpoint #en and 8otepad! 0lashli-ht! <andcuffs! Rain )oat! "un-lasses! 4alky-Talky. Detail": 'll personal details vary. Stor) :"e>Note": These are the typical stats for police officers; ,nnaturals al&ays need to &orry about attractin- the attention of la& enforcement officials.

/a"ic Talent": N 'thletics$ .! )lose )ombat$ 2! Dod-e$ D! Drive$ D! 9ducation$ .! 9ndurance$ .! <idden ore$ ---! Intimidation$ *! Ran-ed )ombat$ D! 8e-otiation$ .! 8otice$ .! Repair$ .! "elf-)ontrol$ .! "neak$ D! Trickery$ *! 4ealth$ ---. Ad&anced Talent": N )onnections$ D. N 9(pert$ . >"treet&ise?. *ard"hi ": Divide * evels bet&een 'ddicted! )ruelty! )ynical! and #overty. Dar! Po'er": 8one. Po""e""ion": N -ea!on H ‣ 7nife >D:5 *dEH.d*9! Reach +! 'ccuracy ---! Total 'ttack Roll H1?. ‣ Ai tolH >D:5 3dE5! Ran-e J yd! 'ccuracy -.! Total 'ttack Roll H/?. N &rifle H ‣ #ick any or all of these$ ;lin-! ;ooBe! Dru-s! ockpicks! "mart #hone.

!ypi%al Do>ntrodden !hug
;esides the TenebrG! thereCs another under&orld! full of desperate people! seekin- to make a fast buck in the harshest circumstances.

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Detail": 'll personal details vary. Stor) :"e>Note": Thu-s can cause problems for anyone! &hether :ortals or ,nnaturals. Thu-s are a typical lo&-level combat encounter! but some #)s &ith criminal )onnections mi-ht call up some Thureinforcements from time to time.

)ombat$ D! 8e-otiation$ .! 8otice$ D! Repair$ ---! "elf-)ontrol$ D! "neak$ D! Trickery$ .! 4ealth$ ---. Ad&anced Talent": N )reepy ooks$ D N air .. *ard"hi ": N 0ortal 8ard hi! H ‣ 'ller-y M"ilverN! evel 3. ‣ :ood "&in-s! evel *. ‣ 7bsessed MTerritorialN! evel *. ‣ 7utsider! evel *. ‣ #oor! evel 3. N 6nnatural 8ard hi! H ‣ 4eakness M"ilverN! evel *. Dar! Po'er": :ore po&erful 9nkidu mi-ht have evels in )arapace! )loak! or "ummonin-. N Innate Aower H ‣ 'ffect "pirits! evel .. ‣ Dim "i-ht! evel D. ‣ 0erocity! evel .. ‣ ycanthrope M)hoose any one animal! up to the siBe of a &olfN! evel 3; :odifiers$ ;east <ybrid. ‣ Re-eneration! evel .. ‣ The "i-ht! evel D; :odifiers$ Descriptor )han-e M9(tended Ran-eN. ‣ Traverse Realms! evel .. Po""e""ion": 8one. Detail": #ersonal details vary. %entral %ontradiction: 're 9nkidu animals that look like <umans! or <umans that look like animals6 ItCs hard to say! but it kind of be-s the =uestion$ are <umans animals that think like -ods! or -ods that fuck and kill like animals6 <ard to say. Re-ardless! most 9nkidu have only a simple -rasp on ordinary <uman behavior! so their clothes are likely to be dirty and ill-fittin-. They tend to stare at people &hen speakin- as if facin- do&n a &ild beast! and they betray various other mannerisms of their inner beast as &ell! such as &hinin- &hen afraid or confused! smellin- people &hen first meetin- them! or eatin- meat ra&.

!ypi%al Enkidu ;y%aon
The le-endary hero 5il-amesh once had a lustful! hairy! primitive &arrior companion! a man beloved of all beasts named 9nkidu! that accompanied the kin- on -reat =uests. The 9nkidu are &ere-creatures that pro&l the &ildernesses of the @ale! feared by the Do&ntrodden and by other ,nnaturals alike. ycaons are the proud and mi-hty leaders of the 9nkidu! &olfshifters &ho tend their shapeshiftin- brothers as an alpha &olf &ould their pack. Ph)"ical Attri$ute" Mental Attri$ute" N A3IH /. I)'H *. N '&RH J ><T< .dEH.? AERH *. N &38H /. -I+H 3. Initiati&e N I)I&H .+. Ph)"ical Re"ource" Mental Re"ource" N I0$ D1. )7R$ ... N @I5$ D.. "#I$ ... N < T$ ‣ MD to *N 0oot < T$ DD. ‣ M2 to 3N e- < T$ */. ‣ ME to /N Torso < T$ 3.. ‣ MJN <ead < T$ DD. ‣ M1 to .+N 'rm < T$ D1. ‣ M.. to .DN <and < T$ DD. Ph)"ical De,en"e" N )D90$ DD. N RD90$ .1. Mental De,en"e" :D90$ .D.

/a"ic Talent": N 'thletics$ 3! )lose )ombat$ 3! Dod-e$ 3! Drive$ ---! 9ducation$ .! 9ndurance$ 3! <idden ore$ *! Intimidation$ 2! Ran-ed

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Stor) :"e>Note": 9nkidu are terrifyincombatants! but fortunately they keep to themselves unless someone invades their territory. ,nfortunately! an 9nkiduCs territory could be any&here! in any Realm. They particularly hate 5hKls! since ancient 5hKl lords con=uered and held Romania durin- the :iddle '-es by usin- ;lood Tricks to enslave entire packs of 9nkidu! &ho arenCt kno&n for their mental mi-ht. The stats for this 9nkidu are balanced so that they could be used as a #layer )haracter! or tailored sli-htly to fit a #layerCs desires.

Initiati&e N I)I&H .+. Ph)"ical Re"ource" Mental Re"ource" N I0$ .3 )7R$ .D N @I5$ 1 "#I$ J N < T$ ‣ MD to *N 0oot < T$ * ‣ M2 to 3N e- < T$ 2 ‣ ME to /N Torso < T$ / ‣ MJN <ead < T$ D ‣ M1 to .DN 4in- < T$ 2 ‣ )oteH Ravens have U normal < T in all ;ody #arts due to the "hort <ardship. Ph)"ical De,en"e" N )D90$ DD. N RD90$ D.. Mental De,en"e" :D90$ E

/a"ic Talent": N 'thletics$ J! )lose )ombat$ *! Dod-e$ E! Drive$ ---! 9ducation$ ---! 9ndurance$ D! <idden ore$ *! Intimidation$ D! Ran-ed )ombat$ D! 8e-otiation$ ---! 8otice$ /! Repair$ ---! "elf-)ontrol$ ---! "neak$ E! Trickery$ *! 4ealth$ .. Ad&anced Talent": 8one. *ard"hi ": N ;ad <ands! evel .+. N "hort! evel .+.
Image courte y Aaul "rentnall, Freedigital!hoto .net

!ypi%al Ra<en
Ravens are black-feathered scaven-er birds said to be harbin-ers of death! doom! and bad 9d-ar 'llen #oe references. :ostly! thou-h! they just scroun-e for &orms! trash! and shiny thin-s. Ph)"ical Attri$ute" N A3IH J. N '&RH . ><T< ---? N &38H *. Mental Attri$ute" I)'H D. AERH *. -I+H *.

Dar! Po'er": N Innate Aower H ‣ Dim "i-ht! evel 3. ‣ "harp "enses M<earin-N! evel D. ‣ "harp "enses M"mell and TasteN! evel *. ‣ The "i-ht! evel .. ‣ "pecial$ "mall )la&s >D:5 .dD9! Reach +! 'ccuracy H.! Total 'ttack Roll H..?. ‣ "pecial$ 4in-s >0li-ht .+ mph?. Po""e""ion": N @arious small shiny items.

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Detail": 'll personal details vary. Stor) :"e>Note": Ravens are common 0amiliars for :ystics! and can be called &ith the "ummonin- Dark #o&er. "ome 9nkidu can take on the form of a Raven as &ell.

!he !he Firmament Firmament !reaty !reaty 3%ont:4 3%ont:4
+he +he,ight ,ight+o +o$afet&4 $afet&4:o :o3&stic 3&sticsha sha cast castaa spe on another 3&stic! e=cept for a simp spe on another 3&stic! e=cept for a simpe! e! passi*e! passi*e! non2in*asi*e non2in*asi*e scan! scan! %itho#t %itho#t permission! permission! e=cept e=cept to to sa*e sa*e that that 3&stic)s 3&stic)s ife! ife! mind! mind! or or spirit. spirit. 3age2d#e s are ass#med to ha*e permission 3age2d#e s are ass#med to ha*e permission from from "oth "oth parties. parties. Bater Bater addenda addenda e=tend e=tend the the ,ight of $afet& to immediate " ood re ,ight of $afet& to immediate " ood reati*es ati*es of of the the 3&stic 3&stic ?parents! ?parents! si" si"ings! ings! spo#ses! spo#ses! and and chi chidren@. dren@. 1 1 3&stic)s 3&stic)s Jami Jamiiar iar is is treated treated as as an an e=tension of themse *es for the p#rpose of e=tension of themse *es for the p#rpose of the the ,ight ,ight to to $afet&. $afet&. 3orta 3orta friends friends and and ser*ants ser*ants are are gi*en no s#ch protection. gi*en no s#ch protection.

!he !he Firmament Firmament !reaty !reaty
3&stics 3&stics are are aa ot ot i/e i/e other other 0#mans; 0#mans; far far more imaginati*e and %i f# ! "#t G#st more imaginati*e and %i f# ! "#t G#stas as*io *ioent ent and and territoria territoria. . (n (n the the o od d da&s! da&s! 3&stics 3&stics that that fo#nd +omes o#t among the eroma fo#nd +omes o#t among the - eroma #sed #sed to to "att "attee for for them! them! sometimes sometimes e*en e*en to to the the death; death; this this /ind /ind of of rampant rampant *io *ioence ence ed ed to to the the Jirmament +reat&. $o %hat can the C# t Jirmament +reat&. $o %hat can the C# t of of the the 0ierates 0ierates get get a%a& a%a& %ith %ith #nder #nderthe the treat&E treat&E1 1 ot! ot! "& "& e=p e=poiting oiting oopho oophoes. es. 0ere 0ere are are the the "asic "asic stip# stip#ations ationsof ofthe thetreat&4 treat&4

!ypi%al 1er<itor
The "ervitors are -enetically en-ineered and ma-ically au-mented a-ents of the <ierates! sent forth to do their biddin- and that of the 9lder ;easts. "ervitors ride in black )adillacs or helicopters! and &ear black suits &ith dark sun-lasses. TheyCre perfectly sculpted men and &omen &ith short hair and re-ular! -eneric features; they rarely betray emotion of any kind! only a sin-le-minded devotion to their dark masters. "ervitors carry credentials for the super-secretive espiona-e and la&-enforcement a-ency 'nne( */! -ivin- them authority to -o &herever they &ant and do &hatever they need in the name of Osafety.P In accordance &ith the 0irmament Treaty! "ervitors are forbidden from directly harmin- )ult :ystics or any of their servants! but thereCs a lot of thin-s they can do to harass them nonetheless. Ph)"ical Attri$ute" N A3IH J N '&RH .+ ><T< *dE? N &38H .+ Initiati&e N I)I&H D+. Ph)"ical Re"ource" N I0$ 3+ Mental Re"ource" )7R$ .* Mental Attri$ute" I)'H / AERH 2 -I+H J

+he +he ,ight ,ight to to 1ns%ers4 1ns%ers4 1n& 1n& 3&stic 3&stic acc#sed of *io ating the +reat& is acc#sed of *io ating the +reat& is ca ca ed ed to to aa tria at the 3ansions of Con#ndr#ms! %here tria at the 3ansions of Con#ndr#ms! %here the& the& ma& ma& face face their their acc#sers! acc#sers! and and testif& testif& on on their their o%n o%n "eha "ehaf. f. +he +he G#r& G#r& %i %i "e "e composed composed e;#a e;#a & &of ofmem"ers mem"ersof ofat at east east three threeC# C#ts. ts.+he +he 3&stic 3&stic is is to to "e "e notified notified at at east east 33 da&s da&s "efore "efore the thetria tria! !and andto to"e "ehe hed dsafe safe& &and andcomforta" comforta"& & in inthe the3ansions 3ansions#nti #nti the thetria tria. . +he +he ,ight ,ight to to Jair Jair -#nishment4 -#nishment4 3inor 3inor infractions infractions of of the the treat& treat& %i %i res# res#tt in in the the con*icted con*icted "eing "eing re;#ired re;#ired to to perform perform some some minor minorser*ice ser*icefor forthe theacc#ser. acc#ser.3aGor 3aGorinfractions infractions %i res# t in the con*ict %i res# t in the con*ict "eing "eing dec decared ared Cacodo=! i.e. "eing eGected from their C# Cacodo=! i.e. "eing eGected from their C#ttfor foraa time! time! or or permanent permanent&. &. +he +he most most serio#s serio#s offenses! s#ch as #sing magic "efore offenses! s#ch as #sing magic "efore 3orta 3orta %itnesses! %itnesses!res# res#ttin inaadeath deathsentence. sentence. +he +he ,ight ,ight to to P#est4 P#est4 :o :o 3&stic 3&stic %i %i inhi"it another)s ;#est for their 0igher inhi"it another)s ;#est for their 0igher $e $e*es! *es! "& "& pre*enting pre*enting them them from from tra*e tra*eing ing either either the the -eroma eroma or or the the <a <ae! e! #n #ness ess con*icted con*icted of of aa crime. crime.

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@I5$ *1 "#I$ .1 < T$ ‣ MD to *N 0oot < T$ *2. ‣ M2 to 3N e- < T$ E+. ‣ ME to /N Torso < T$ J.! I#R7$ D+! D#R7$ *. ‣ MJN <ead < T$ *1. ‣ M1 to .+N 'rm < T$ 2/. ‣ M.. to .DN <and < T$ *2. Mental De,en"e" :D90$ D2



Ph)"ical De,en"e" N )D90$ DJ N RD90$ DJ


/a"ic Talent": N 'thletics$ /! )lose )ombat$ /! Dod-e$ J! Drive$ ---! 9ducation$ 3! 9ndurance$ 3! <idden ore$ 3! Intimidation$ 3! Ran-ed )ombat$ /! 8e-otiation$ ! 8otice$ 3! Repair$ 2! "elf-)ontrol$ J! "neak$ /! Trickery$ 3! 4ealth$ ---.

)oura-eous$ .+. )reepy ooks$ .. 9(pert$ * >;ureaucracy$ 7ne espiona-e or la&-enforcement a-ency! an-ua-es$ )ryptosophic! 9nochian! and 5idimite?. 0irst 'id$ .. Investi-ation$ 3. :arksmanship$ 3 >)ombat '&areness! 0ast 'ttack! Xuick Dra&! Ran-ed 4eapon 9(pertise M#istolsN?. :artial 'rts$ 3 >0ast 'ttack! Jump Kick! Kippup! "hatterin- "trike! "&eep Kick?. "tability$ .+. "toic$ .+.

*ard"hi ": N )ynical$ *. N Distant$ *. N 7athbound M"erve the )ult of <ieratesN$ .+. N 7utsider$ *. Dar! Po'er": N 'ffect "pirits$ .. N Dim "i-ht$ .. N 9ndure #rivation M'llN$ . each. N Inhuman 'ttribute M"TR!T5<N$ . each. N Re-eneration$ .. N The "i-ht$ .. N Ton-ues$ .. Po""e""ion": N -ea!on H ‣ 7nife >D:5 *dE9! Reach +! 'ccuracy ---! Total 'ttack Roll H.3?. ‣ Ai tol >D:5 3dE5! Ran-e J yd! 'ccuracy -.! Total 'ttack Roll H.2?. N ArmorH ;ulletproof @est. N &rifle H "mart phone! sun-lasses. Detail": N 'e.H :ale. N AreferenceH <eterose(ual. N 8eightH 9(actly EC o.P N -eightH 9(actly .33 lbs. N Eye 1olorH 'l&ays bro&n. N 8air 1olorH 'l&ays bro&n.

&he ymbol of the 8ierate 1ult. Ad&anced Talent": N 'uthority$ .+. N ;reak I 9nter$ /.

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8air 'tyleH 'l&ays in a conservative and businesslike style! combed to the side or strai-ht back. 'kin &oneH Tan or dark-skinned. 1lothe H 'l&ays &ear a black suit &ith &hite shirts and black ties! and dark sun-lasses. The only variation is addin- a trenchcoat in inclement &eather. Aer onalityH 9motionless! intimidatin-! forceful! brain&ashed. 3oal H To serve the )ult of the <ierates! fi-ht the 7rdo )ustodes 8octis! and suppress any kno&led-e of the supernatural amon- the public. ,b tacle H "ervitors are all members of secret or-aniBations like 'nne( */! &ith the hi-hest clearance! but most people havenCt heard of these a-encies. 'lso! as servants of the <ierates! they are re=uired to obey the 0irmament Treaty. 1entral 1ontradictionH "ervitors are -enetically-en-ineered and ma-icallyau-mented clones! desi-ned to obey &ithout free &ill or emotion! but as time -oes on! individual "ervitors &ill be-in to develop feelin-s. TheyCll become obsessed &ith killin- a dark hero that keeps escapin- them! or they &ill develop t&isted! romantic feelin-s for someone theyCre spyin- on. 9ventually these "ervitors are killed by the <ierates! but their repressed emotions could surface at any time.

Ph)"ical Attri$ute" Mental Attri$ute" N A3IH J. I)'H D. N '&RH J ><T< DdEH.? AERH E. N &38H J. -I+H 3. Initiati&e N I)I&H .+. Ph)"ical Re"ource" Mental Re"ource" N I0$ .3 )7R$ .D N @I5$ 1 "#I$ J N < T$ ‣ MD to *N Rear #a& < T$ D2. ‣ M2 to 3N Rear e- < T$ 2+. ‣ ME to /N Torso < T$ 3E. ‣ MJN <ead < T$ D2. ‣ M1 to .+N 0ront e- < T$ *D. ‣ M.. to .DN 0ront #a& < T$ D2. Ph)"ical De,en"e" N )D90$ DE. N RD90$ .1. Mental De,en"e" :D90$ .D

/a"ic Talent": N 'thletics$ E! )lose )ombat$ J! Dod-e$ 3! Drive$ ---! 9ducation$ ---! 9ndurance$ /! <idden ore$ .! Intimidation$ 3! Ran-ed )ombat$ .! 8e-otiation$ ---! 8otice$ J! Repair$ ---! "elf-)ontrol$ D! "neak$ /! Trickery$ D! 4ealth$ ---. Ad&anced Talent": 8one. *ard"hi ": N ;ad <ands! evel .+. Dar! Po'er": N Innate Aower H ‣ Dim "i-ht! evel 2. ‣ 9(tra e-s! evel D. ‣ 0an-s evel D >D:5 .d*HE9! Reach +! 'ccuracy H.! Total 'ttack Roll H./?. ‣ "harp "enses M<earin-N! evel *. ‣ "harp "enses M"mell and TasteN! evel /. ‣ The "i-ht! evel ..

Stor) :"e>Note": "ervitors are villains! but theyCre -enerally only sent to investi-ate major problems for the <ierate )ult. The only thin- &orse that the )ult &ould send is an actual <ierate )ultist. ' sin-le "ervitor is probably a match for an entire -roup of startin--level #)s! and are authoriBed to use lethal force a-ainst 5hKls and )hildren of i-ht that arenCt in the company of a )ult :ystic.

!ypi%al 'olf
4olves are unkno&n to most people e(cept from movies and radical T-shirt desi-ns! but are a rare and endan-ered predator that lives in the &ilderness. 4olves are social creatures that live in packs! reno&ned for their trackin- ability.

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"pecial$ "mall )la&s >D:5 .d*9! Reach +! 'ccuracy H.! Total 'ttack Roll H./?.

Po""e""ion": 8one. Detail": 'll personal details vary. Stor) :"e>Note": 4olves are sometimes 0amiliars for &ilderness-d&ellin- :ystics! but more commonly are allies and totem beasts for the 9nkidu.

!ypi%al Eombie
Dead corpses! called back to a shamblin-! rottine(istence by some unscrupulous necromancer! or by a spontaneous ma-ical phenomenon. "ome believe that Rombies &ere first created by some ambitious :ystic that bound the spirit of a dead 5hKl to a human corpse! creatin- a monster &ith a 5hKlCs lust for flesh and a corpseCs insensitivity to pain. 7thers believe that Realms! like cells! may become infected &ith diseases like Bombie outbreaks! diseases created out of pure chaos by the 9lder ;easts. 'ccordin- to this theory! &hen all of the livin- thin-s in a Realm are devoured by the ravenous undead! the Realm is destroyed! and the spirit-seeds of ne& outbreaks are e(pelled into nei-hborin- Realms. 4hatever their source! Bombie outbreaks arenCt particularly rare! but are al&ays taken seriously by the )ouncils of 8i-ht and the 7rdo )ustodes 8octis. Ph)"ical Attri$ute" N A3IH * N '&RH .+ ><T< *dE? N &38H J Initiati&e N I)I&H 2 Ph)"ical Re"ource" Mental Re"ource" N I0$ --)7R$ D+ N @I5$ D2 "#I$ --N < T$ ‣ MD to *N 0oot < T$ .+ ‣ M2 to 3N e- < T$ D+ ‣ ME to /N Torso < T$ D2 Mental Attri$ute" I)'H : AERH . -I+H .

‣ MJN <ead < T$ .* ‣ M1 to .+N 'rm < T$ .3 ‣ M.. to .DN <and < T$ .+ )ote H ‣ 's their flesh is decayin-! Rombies have T the normal < T in all ;ody #arts. ‣ Rombies have no I0; they do not suffer Debility Dama-e. The only &ay to finish them off is to inflict enou-h Injury Dama-e to tear them apart. ‣ ike&ise! Rombies have and need no "#I! and suffer no ill effects from it. Mental De,en"e" :D90$ D

Ph)"ical De,en"e" N )D90$ .3 N RD90$ 1

/a"ic Talent": N 'thletics$ ---! )lose )ombat$ E! Dod-e$ .! Drive$ ---! Drive$ ---! 9ducation$ ---! 9ndurance$ 3! <idden ore$ ---! Intimidation$ 3! Ran-ed )ombat$ ---! 8e-otiation$ ---! 8otice$ .! Repair$ ---! "elf)ontrol$ ---! "neak$ .! Trickery$ .! 4ealth$ ---. Ad&anced Talent": 8one. *ard"hi ": 8one. Dar! Po'er": N Innate Aower H ‣ Dim "i-ht! evel .. ‣ 0an-s! evel .. ‣ Resistance M'fraid! ;leedin-! )ompulsion! 9(hausted! #anicked! and all 9motional 'fflictionsN! evel .+. ‣ "tench! evel .. Po""e""ion": Ra-s. Detail": 'll personal details vary. Stor) :"e>Note": Rombies are the perfect cannon fodder for any :ystic &ith the "ummonin0ormula. #articularly po&erful Ruptures sometimes radiate ma-ical ener-y that cause spontaneous Rombie outbreaks! re=uirin,nnatural action to =uell.

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!he (stral Plane
'll of the Realms lie suspended in the 'stral #lane! and Realms that donCt border directly on one another may be reached throu-h the 'stral #lane. The 'stral #lane is traveled by many entities! and thereCs a sort of commerce bet&een planes by the bein-s that live there. The 'stral #lane looks like a shimmerin-! endless field of amber clouds! e(tendin- endlessly in all directions. The 'stral #lane leads to all other Realms! and many dan-ers can be found in its infinite mists to the un&ary. like 5hKls and )hildren of i-ht! in particular! e(perience horrifyin- pain in an 'stral "torm. Ru!ture H The 'stral #lane has randomly-occurrin- Ruptures here and there to every conceivable Realm. The problem is! itCs difficult to tell from the outside &here the Rupture leads; it takes an I8" H <idden ore roll D0 Difficult >D3? to -uess &hat kind of Realm lies on the other side. 3uided FreefallH )haracters can fly at &ill at a rate of >4I ? mph! propelled by intention alone! &ithout OkickinoffP of anythin-.

(stral Plane 1tatisti%s
Realm %haracteri"tic": N Elemental 1haracteri tic H "pirit H.! Destiny H+! all other 9lements -.. N Emotional Re onanceH )alm. N 0embraneH +. N )eighboring Realm H 'll Realms. N 1entral 1ontradictionH The Ohi-h&ay to every&here!P some :ystics call it! and despite the fact that the 'stral #lane looks endless and empty! trouble lurks in every minute that someone &anders the endless clouds. 'stral pirates! monstrous creatures from unkno&n Realms! spiteful ma-es of unkno&n species! astral storms! Ruptures to &orlds of fear and untold sufferin-! and all manner of other disasters a&ait those that &ander the 'stral #lane blithely. 8o&here else looks so empty and yet is so full of dan-er. N Ahenomena, 'ite , and Encounter H ‣ A tral 1olonie H The 'stral #lane has no native inhabitants per se! but there are scattered colonies of ,nnaturals! particularly the @enefici! throu-hout the 'stral Realms. There are even stran-e 'rtifact vehicles from a myriad of Realms that are desi-ned to travel 'stral space; these crafts may look like anythin- from sailin- ships to R@s to alien flyin- disks. ‣ A tral 'torm H )haracters may find themselves in a s&irlin- mass of ethereal ener-y! &here supernatural po&ers run amok. ,nnatural creatures

!ypi%al De<ourer
Thou-h often reckoned in ancient times to be demons! perhaps since ther resemble the ,nbidden! Devourers are flesh elementals. They are shapeless! formless monstrosities that resemble nothin- more than -iant amoebas. Devourers are mindless beasts of hun-er! driven forever for&ard to consume &hatever they should run across. ' typical Devourer achieves the siBe of a station &a-on in a short time! and nothincan stand in its path for lon-. Ph)"ical Attri$ute" Mental Attri$ute" N A3I$ * I)'$ . N '&RH .D ><T< *dEH.d*? AERH . N &38H .* -I+H 2 Initiati&e N I)I&H 2. Ph)"ical Re"ource" Mental Re"ource" N I0$ *J )7R$ D+ N @I5$ *1 "#I$ E N < T$ ‣ Torso < T$ 2.2! I#R7$ *! D#R7$ .; >;lunt? I#R7 D.! D#R7$ /! >5unfire? I#R7 1! D#R7$ *. Ph)"ical De,en"e" N )D90$ .J Mental De,en"e" :D90$ 1

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RD90$ .*

/a"ic Talent": N 'thletics$ *! )lose )ombat$ J! Dod-e$ D! Drive$ ---! 9ducation$ ---! 9ndurance$ J! <idden ore$ ---! Intimidation$ J! Ran-ed )ombat$ *! 8e-otiation$ ---! 8otice$ 2! Repair$ ---! "elf-)ontrol$ .! "neak$ ---! Trickery$ ---! 4ealth$ ---. Ad&anced Talent": N )reepy ooks$ J. N Tou-h as 8ails$ 3. *ard"hi ": 8one. Dar! Po'er": N Innate Aower H ‣ )onsume 0lesh$ /.

‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣

Dark "i-ht$ *. 0an-s$ .+. ar-e$ .+. Resistance M)ompulsionsN$ J. "hapeless$ E. The "i-ht$ *.

Po""e""ion": 8one. Detail": 'll personal details vary. Stor) :"e>Note": Devourers are typically summoned throu-h the Dark 'rts of the ;ody to devour the enemies of :ystics! or are encountered in the &astelands of myriad Realms as a horrifyin- threat. They can even be found floatin- freely in the 'stral Realm! and too many un&ary travelers have been devoured by an 'stral Devourer.

!he "ity of 1pirits
7nce! in ancient times! a po&erful sorcerer created a Realm for himself! &here he could practice his craft in peace! &ithout interruptions. 7ver time! he made pro-ress &ith his unkno&able e(periments! and althou-h his vast palace &as maintained by -olems and the shamblin-! mindlessly obedient undead! he re=uired ra& materials for his rituals that his minions couldnCt obtain. 'nd! althou-h he &ould never admit it! he occasionally craved companionship and conversation. The sorcerer! called 9nsi 'b-al in the city he founded! &atched his almost-for-otten homeland! until he sa& the &aters of the 8ile floodin-! threatenin- to annihilate a small villa-e. <e e(tended his po&ers throu-h the 'stral #lane! and pulled the villa-e &hole to his Realm! recruitin- the villa-ers as his servants. 's time pro-ressed! 'b-al repeated this performance many times. <e rescued hundreds from the eruptions of #ompeii! the "haan(i earth=uake in )hina! the fall of the :ayan empire! the nuclear detonations at <iroshima and 8a-asaki! almost every major disaster brou-ht a ne& culture to the city of ,ru ,lan. The city itself is arran-ed rou-hly into &ards! &here the members of each culture continue to preserve their ancient &ays. 7ther &ards are inhabited by inhuman bein-s like 5oblins and the @enefici! and the trade &ards are filled &ith shops and &ares &hich can be found no&here else. The rulership of ,ru ,lan seems stran-e to visitors from the vale. To understand ho& the )ity of "pirits is administered! one must kno& about the Jud-es! the Disputants! and the 8ecromantics. 4hen ,ru ,lan &as founded! 9nsi 'b-al -ave the people OThe Tablets of a&s!P &hich is just &hat it sounds like$ a series of stone slabs &ith la&s inscribed on them in an ancient ton-ue. The city council are called the Jud-es! and they re-ard 9nsi 'b-al as a demi--od or -od! and the Tablets of a& as divinely inspired. The a&s are clear about many matters! but va-ue on many others! and the attitude espoused in the Tablets &ould have been considered liberal and for-ivin- … in 3!+++ ;.). To an inhabitant of modern-day 9arth! the a&s are restrictive and the punishments brutal. #etty criminals tend to be branded! flo--ed! or mutilated! &hile violent criminals are publicly e(ecuted! and the &orst are dismembered in a variety of -ruesome &ays! all &hile the Jud-es sin- hymns to 9nsi 'b-al as a -od of justice and compassion. Jud-es typically &ear &hatever clothin- is normal for their &ard! but &hen actin- in their official role! they &ear masks and dress in robes of ashen -ray. The Jud-es are served by the Disputants! a sort of combined police force! militia! and spy a-ency that uses ma-ical means to enforce the la&s and seek out troublemakers. 7ften! the intention to commit a crime is enou-h. 4hile the Jud-es are sin-le-mindedly devoted to the a&! the Disputants are much more

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pra-matic! and tend to tar-et po&erful individuals before they can cause trouble. #o&er blocs that the Disputants canCt disassemble are turned on one another. The @enefici )onsortium is turned a-ainst the Japan 4ardCs "ho-uns -an-! &ho in turn also fi-ht &ith the T&eeds and the )entaurians. This is part of the reason &hy the 7rdo )ustodes 8octis has a ne-li-ible presence in the )ity of "pirits ; many members love the city! but operatin- in an official capacity in the city al&ays dra&s the attention of the Disputants. Disputants carry short barbed da--ers! and like to ornament their black armor &ith the bones of criminals they helped apprehend. <alf civil defense and half civil servants! the 8ecromantics are part of the reason for the cityCs name. )reated by 9nsi 'b-al himself! and under the direct command of the Jud-es! the 8ecromantics summon spirits to do the dirty &ork of the city! cleanin- filth! deliverinmessa-es! buildin&alls! and supplementin- the Disputants &hen they re=uire assistance. The 8ecromantics are students of an ancient! traditional linea-e of ma-ic founded by 9nsi 'b-al himself! dedicated to civil service and turninthe po&ers of the under&orld to -ood use! &hich e(plains &hy po&erful :ystics &ould follo& the commands of the hidebound and self-ri-hteous Jud-es.


Ahenomena, 'ite , and Encounter H ‣ :any 9ras$ <alf of the inhabitants are the descendants of Do&ntrodden brou-ht to the city from various eras in history. The rest of the inhabitants are ,nnaturals of various kinds.

' sorcerous race from another Realm! the @enefici are traders and schemers &ithout scruples or re-rets. The @enefici are thick as rats in ,ru ,lan! and more than a fe& e(ist in the @ale of the Do&ntrodden as a-ents of their )onsortium. 'ccordin- to themselves! they destroyed their home&orld &ith reckless ma-ical e(perimentation! and have since learned to be cautious &ith ma-ic. "ome scholars in the )ity of "pirits say that this is a lie! claimin- that the @enefici &ere enslaved by a &arlike race of maraudinraiders! an underclass of enchanters! and their masters sle& each other in a massive! final civil &ar. The @enefici are silent on these rumors. @enefici al&ays carry 'rtifact knives! and maybe an 'rtifact staff! but are often accompanied by a retinue of 5oblin body-uards. @enefici are masterful sorcerers! and they donCt sta--er as =uickly to&ards madness as human :ystics do. 7n the other hand! theyCre physically frail! and their ma-ical senses are sensitive. @enefici master lan-ua-es =uickly and easily! and speak &ell! but maintain a calm! poker face throu-hout ne-otiations; and you never! ever -et anythin- for free from a @eneficus. Ph)"ical Attri$ute" N A3IH 2 N '&RH * ><T< .d*? N &38H 2 Initiati&e N I)I&H .D. Ph)"ical Re"ource" Mental Re"ource" N I0$ *D )7R$ .3 N @I5$ .D "#I$ D2 N < T$ ‣ MD to *N 0oot < T$ .. ‣ M2 to 3N e- < T$ .J ‣ ME to /N Torso < T$ DE ‣ MJN <ead < T$ .. ‣ M1 to .+N 'rm < T$ .3 Mental Attri$ute" I)'H J AERH J -I+H J

!he "ity of 1pirits 1tatisti%s
Realm %haracteri"tic": N Elemental 1haracteri tic H "pirit HD! all others H+. N Emotional Re onanceH '&e. N 0embraneH *. N )eighboring Realm H The 'stral Realm! the @ale of the Do&ntrodden. N 1entral 1ontradictionH The )ity of "pirits is the crossroads of the cosmos! a metropolis containin- the remnants of thousands of 9arth cultures! and inhabited by thousands of bein-s from throu-hout the #leroma. 'nd yet! despite its trans-cosmopolitan nature! the people here continue to s=uabble! bicker! and backstab like all sentient bein-s do. The ultimate meltin- pot is more of an ultimate arena of endless! lo&-level hatred and bloodshed. 'nother contradiction is that a city carried for&ard by a hundred cultures from a hundred nations over many centuries should be held back by sadistic la&s no& centuries out of date! &ritten by a scholar &ho never actually proclaimed himself a -od.

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M.. to .DN <and < T$ .. Mental De,en"e" :D90$ .J


Ph)"ical De,en"e" N )D90$ .E N RD90$ .J

/a"ic Talent": N 'thletics$ .! )lose )ombat$ D! Dod-e$ 3! Drive$ .! 9ducation$ J! 9ndurance$ .! <idden ore$ J! Intimidation$ 2! Ran-ed )ombat$ 2! 8e-otiation$ E! 8otice$ D! Repair$ .! "elf-)ontrol$ E! "neak$ .! Trickery$ E! 4ealth$ J. Ad&anced Talent": N Dark 'rt MDestiny. 9ner-y! "pirit! "ubstanceN$ all at 2. @enefici cast usin- #9R H 9(pert H Dark 'rt. N :ystical Techni=ues >'ny 2?$ 2. N ,ther H )reepy ooks$ .! 9(pert >Trade?$ .! Investi-ation$ .! an-ua-es >5oblin! @enefici?$ D. *ard"hi ": N 0ortal 8ard hi! H Distant$ D! 7bsessed MTradeN$ *. N 6nnatural 8ard hi! H "ensitivity M#o&erful mystical impressionsN$ *. Dar! Po'er": N Innate Aower H ‣ ar-e$ evel .. ‣ "orcery$ evel 2. ‣ 9nchantment$ evel 2. ‣ The "i-ht$ evel *. N FormulIH ‣ 9lemental ;olt M9ner-yN! 9lemental "ense M"ubstanceN! Ton-ues! 4ards. Po""e""ion": N Knife >D:5 DdEH.d*9! Reach +! 'ccuracy ---! Total 'ttack Roll HE?. Detail": N 'e.H There are both male and female @enefici.





AreferenceH @aries; @enefici donCt talk about their speciesC biolo-ical and se(ual habits. 8eightH 'round EC 2.P -eightH 'round .23 lbs. Eye 1olorH 'll three of a @eneficusC eyes &ill be milky pale! &ith only several pinprick pupils. 8air 1olorH 5enerally black or &hite! if any. 8air 'tyleH o&er-rankin- @enefici are bald! &hile hi-her-ranked @enefici -ro& their hair very lon-. 'kin &oneH #urple! ran-in- from li-ht lavender to dark -rape. 1lothe H ;ri-htly colored! flo&in- robes! &ith lots of mystical amulets and je&elry in a variety of precious metals and -ems. Aer onalityH )old! calculatin-! curious! mysterious! e-otistical! indifferent. 3oal H To make money! and nothin- else. ,b tacle H @enefici fre=uently need the assistance of other ,nnaturals to obtain the thin-s their buyers &ant! and their physical frailty makes them poorly suited to such adventures. 1entral 1ontradictionH @enefici! like <uman :ystics! have all of the secrets of the cosmos potentially &ithin their -rasp! but care for nothin- more than ensurin- their o&n survival and a--randiBement. :ost @enefici have no friends! only business associates and flunkies! and althou-h most are &ealthy! they donCt kno& &hat to do &ith that &ealth other than to invest it in obtainin- more! like some ridiculous Berosum -ame.

Stor) :"e>Note": @enefici have access to all kinds of materials that :ystics mi-ht find valuable! for 9nchantment and other ma-ical e(periments. 7f course! nothin- is ever free! and @enefici &ill often send #)s on lon=uests for somethin- specific to trade! makin- them -reat plot hooks.

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!he Glades of Mirth
' beautiful and lush forest-Realm inhabited by the fae! &here subtle dan-ers a&ait the un&ary. 8othin- in the 5lades of :irth are &hat they appear! and this seemin-ly-9denic Realm is actually more dan-erous than many others! for all of its dan-ers are hidden behind a most pleasin- surface.


Image courtesy Dynamite Imagery, Freedigitalp otos.net.

!he Glades of Mirth 1tatisti%s
Realm %haracteri"tic": N Elemental 1haracteri tic H ;ody HD! Destiny HD! all others -.. N Emotional Re onanceH Joy. N 0embraneH 2. N )eighboring Realm H The 'stral Realm.

1entral 1ontradictionH The 5lades of :irthL "ounds like funL I kno&! ri-ht6 )elebrate -ood times! come onL 9(cept that itCs all too easy for the un&ary to kill themselves in the festivities of the fae! because &hen they party! there is no stoppin- them. :ore than one Realm&anderer has returned from the 5lades of :irth robbed blind! hun- over! and ruthlessly de-raded. 'nd yet! some still -o back for more. 4anger H ‣ 7aths$ "&earin- an oath of any kind is dan-erous business in the 5lades of :irth! and the Realm itself seems to punish oathbreakers. 'nyone that says anythin- that sounds like a promise! no matter ho& casual or ridiculous! instantly -ains the 7athbound <ardship at evel .. In addition! a )haracter that s&ears to complete some task in the 5lades of :irth &ill find that any time they attempt to leave the 5lades of :irth! the :embrane has increased to .+ for them >and anyone travelin- &ith them?. ‣ #artyin- Too <ard$ The fae creatures of the 5lades of :irth! particularly the sidhe! d&arfs! and satyrs! are -iven to &ild parties involvin- incredibly po&erful &ine. :ost people are &ise to steer clear of fae parties &ithout ma-ic to fortify their bodies. The D0 for even the mildest faerie &ine is Impressive >2+?; on a failure! the )haracter suffers the Inebriated 'ffliction! and on a :ishap! the )haracter is not only Inebriated but suffers *dE ;lunt 9nvironmental dama-e. ‣ The #ome-ranate 7rchard$ The le-endary fruit of the trees in the #ome-ranate 7rchard is said to be able to cure any disease! and the distilled spirits of the trees is even said to -rant immortality. <o&ever! like somethinout of doBens of myths! itCs an epic =uest to find the orchard! and itCs said

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to be protected by a cunnin- dra-on or serpent &ith a taste for riddles and human flesh.

Ph)"ical Re"ource" Mental Re"ource" N I0$ D2 )7R$ ./ N @I5$ .J "#I$ ./ N < T$ ‣ MD to *N 0oot < T$ .1. ‣ M2 to 3N e- < T$ *.. ‣ ME to /N Torso < T$ 22. ‣ MJN <ead < T$ .J. ‣ M1 to .+N 'rm < T$ D3. ‣ M.. to .DN <and < T$ .1. Ph)"ical De,en"e" N )D90$ DD N RD90$ D. Mental De,en"e" :D90$ J

/a"ic Talent": N 'thletics$ 3! )lose )ombat$ 3! Dod-e$ 3! Drive$ ---! 9ducation$ *! 9ndurance$ J! <idden ore$ *! Intimidation$ *! Ran-ed )ombat$ 2! 8e-otiation$ 2! 8otice$ .! Repair$ ---! "elf-)ontrol$ ---! "neak$ 2! Trickery$ J! 4ealth$ *. Ad&anced Talent": N 'ttractive$ D N )arousin-$ 1 N )reepy ooks$ . N 9(pert$ 3 >'rt$ #an-0lute! 'rt$ Dancin-! 'rt$ "e(! 5ames$ 'ny one -ame of chance! an-ua-e$ 5reek?. *ard"hi ": N 'ddicted M'lcoholN$ J N )ruel$ . N echerous$ E N :ood "&in-s$ * Dar! Po'er": N 'n-uish M'nyN$ *; :odifications$ Implement M#an-0luteN. N Daydream$ *; :odifications$ Implement M#an-0luteN. N Dim "i-ht$ . N <orns$ * N Re-eneration$ . Po""e""ion":

Image courte y Yana Ray, Aublicdomain!icture .net.

!ypi%al 1atyr
"atyrs are fae creatures &ith vast appetites for se( and booBe. The ultimate revelers! these -oat-horned and -oat-hoofed party animals have an unendin- lust for se(! booBe! and fun and -ames! and could very easily kill anyone &hoCs around &hen their hedonism -ets out of control. ' "atyr that finds theyCve done somethin- vile in the midst of their -ames &ill suffer from loud and dramatic remorse! but only until they can dro&n their sorro&s once a-ain. Ph)"ical Attri$ute" Mental Attri$ute" N A3IH / I)'H 3 N '&RH E ><T< .dEH.d*? AERH J N &38H E -I+H 2 Initiati&e N I)I&H .D

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#an-0lute! &ine-skin.


Detail": N 'e.H There are both male and female "atyrs. N AreferenceH ;ise(ual. N 8eightH 'round 3C E.P N -eightH 'round .D3 lbs. N Eye 1olorH ;ro&n. N 8air 1olorH ;ro&n. N 8air 'tyleH )urly and sha--y. N 'kin &oneH "&arthy. N 1lothe H 5enerally none! althou-h their nether-re-ions are partially covered by all their fur. N Aer onalityH 5re-arious! fun-lovin-! boisterous! mercurial! can be cruel. N 3oal H To have fun! and nothin- else.

,b tacle H 8one. The 5lades of :irth meet all of the "atyrsC needs. 1entral 1ontradictionH "atyrs are ma-ical! immortal creatures! &ise and po&erful! but they care for nothin- other than -ettin&asted and playin- silly -ames; they could con=uer the Realms! but they never &ill! preferrin- to -et drunk and dance about and party.

Stor) :"e>Note": "atyrs make a -reat social encounter! but donCt make very -ood allies; theyCre too &ild and unfocused! more likely to cause more problems that solve any e(istin- problems. "atyrs may pick fi-hts &hen very drunk! but more likely than ra& a--ression is that )haracters mi-ht need to fi-ht off "atyrsC OromanticP advances! perhaps even &ith force.

!he Industrial .e*us
' vast! dystopian city-Realm of steam-driven machines and silicon intelli-ences! clock&ork robots and clones! choked by bureaucratic elitism. The Industrial 8e(us is arran-ed in layers! each one more dan-erous and unpleasant. he top level is the )ontrol )enter! &ith brushed steel &alls! soft pulsinli-hts! data cables! elevator music! and soft and random beeps and bloops. The 0actory evel looks like the interior of an endless factory! filled &ith -ears! steam! pistons! tubes! rusty &alls! smells of smelted metal and no(ious chemicals! loud noise! and robotic &orkers. The ,ndercity is an abandoned level of the city! filled &ith trash! pools of se&a-e! mutant creatures! and 5hKls. The :inin- evel is a myriad of tunnels dudeep into solid rock! &here the inhabitants obtain ore for processin- above. The 8e(ians! inhabitants of the Industrial 8e(us are essentially <uman! but their skin is -ray and eyes are red! perhaps from the omnipresent pollution. Their -overnment is an u-ly form of materialist socialist meritocracy! but thereCs an undercurrent of superstitious folk reli-ion in the lo&er levels. The Industrial 8e(us does a -reat deal of trade &ith other Realms! and is particularly beloved by Thaumatronicists for its ma-ical properties! and they tend to be -iven special privile-es by the 8e(ians.

!he Industrial .e*us 1tatisti%s
Realm %haracteri"tic": N Elemental 1haracteri tic H "ubstance HD! all others H+. N Emotional Re onanceH #assivity. N 0embraneH E. N )eighboring Realm H The 'stral Realm! the @ale of the Do&ntrodden. N 1entral 1ontradictionH Technolo-y is supposed to make thin-s more efficient. Then &hy are there so many cat&alks every&here &ith no railin-s6 4hy does -ettin- a parkin- space for your hover-bike re=uire a thousand pa-es of paper&ork6 'nd if there are efficient mechanisms in place to make sure everyone is treated fairly! &hy do the 5earbots and others continually suffer at the hands of the system6 The Industrial 8e(us isnCt spiteful! itCs just callous! &hich makes the injustices all the more appallin-. N Ahenomena, 'ite , and Encounter H ‣ ;aBaars$ <u-e! cro&ded trade centers filled &ith barkin- vendors! various cheap &ares! smells of food and drink.

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‣ ‣

;aBaars are only found on the lo&er levels! and anythin- can be purchased in one place or another in the ;aBaars. Incautious travelers may be cheated by the vendors here! or robbed blind by thieves. )at&alks$ The factory areas of the Industrial 8e(us include many narro& platforms over nearly endless falls. 9veryone is 5uilty of "omethin-$ ItCs almost impossible to avoid breakinsome 8e(ian la&; &hat matters is avoidin- the attention of the authorities. 'nyone makin- a public disturbance! or actin- unusually! is likely to be imprisoned by security 5earbots and tortured for a fe& days in a random! desultory fashion. 4hen the authorities are bored! theyCll release the detainee &herever itCs most convenient … for some reason! this is al&ays the ,ndercity. :eshin- 5ears$ In the Industrial 8e(us itCs almost impossible to avoid dan-erous machinery. )haracters that stray too close to this e=uipment suffer DdEHD9 dama-e automatically. Jets of steam cause a mere DdE9! but spatters of molten metal in smeltin- plants cause 2dE9 or more. The #lannin- )enters$ <u-e banks of computers and rooms of pro-rammers! &ith &ood-paneled side rooms &here suits vote random la&s into place for the masses. Theoretically! the computer system creates a psycholo-ical profile of every citiBen and automatically votes for them! selectin- representatives that &ould stand for a majority of the citiBensC interests; in practice! thereCs a rulincaste that never seems to chan-e! that focuses mostly on advertisin- and sellin- crap to the citiBens. Revoltin- 5earbots$ The 5earbots that toil endlessly in the Industrial 8e(us are assumed to be artificial intelli-ences! but are instead native elemental bein-s. 'lthou-h usually content to slave a&ay! sometimes they turn a-ainst their fleshy masters! until they are destroyed or contained once a-ain.

,ndercity$ The ,ndercity is filled &ith rivers of offal! piles of rubbish! skulkin- 5hKls! and stran-e! mutated creatures of every hideous variety.

!ypi%al Gearbot
:ost people believe that the 5earbots are constructed by the 8e(ians! but in actuality! theyCre 9lementals self-assembled from the junk in the lo&er levels of the 8e(us. 5earbots are sold by 8e(ians on the lo&er levels to those on hi-her levels! reassembled for aesthetic appearance! and then used as servants! &orkers! and -uards on the hi-her levels. 5earbots are stron- and loyal! but some retain an element of free &ill! and have been kno&n to rebel a-ainst the 8e(ians from time to time. Ph)"ical Attri$ute" Mental Attri$ute" N A3IH 2 I)'$ 2 N '&RH J ><T< DdEH.? AERH 2 N &38H / -I+H / Initiati&e N I)I&H J Ph)"ical Re"ource" Mental Re"ource" N I0$ *3 )7R$ .+ N @I5$ D. "#I$ .J N < T$ ‣ MD to *N 0oot < T$ .1! I#R7$ D! D#R7$ /. ‣ M2 to 3N e- < T$ *2! I#R7$ *! D#R7$ 1. ‣ ME to /N Torso < T$ 23! I#R7$ *! D#R7$ .+. ‣ MJN <ead < T$ DD! I#R7$ D! D#R7$ J. ‣ M1 to .+N 'rm < T$ DE! I#R7$ *! D#R7$ 1. ‣ M.. to .DN <and < T$ .1! I#R7$ D! D#R7$ /. Ph)"ical De,en"e" N )D90$ .3 N RD90$ .3 Mental De,en"e" :D90$ .2

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/a"ic Talent": N 'thletics$ .! )lose )ombat$ D! Dod-e$ 2! Drive$ ---! 9ducation$ 2! 9ndurance$ .+! <idden ore$ D! Intimidation$ D! Ran-ed )ombat$ D! 8e-otiation$ .! 8otice$ .! Repair$ J! "elf-)ontrol$ 2! "neak$ .! Trickery$ .! 4ealth$ ---. Ad&anced Talent": N )reepy ooks$ evel D. N Tech$ evel 2 >'ny 2?. *ard"hi ": N 0ortal 8ard hi! H ‣ Detached$ evel 2. ‣ 7utsider$ evel 2. ‣ #oor$ evel 2.


6nnatural 8ard hi! H ‣ "ensitivity M9lectricityN$ evel 2.

Dar! Po'er": N Dark "i-ht$ evel 3. N 9ndure #rivation M"tarvation! thirst! heat! cold! e(cretionN$ evel .+. N Interface$ evel 3. Po""e""ion": N 'ny one tool kit. Detail": 'll personal details vary. Stor) :"e>Note": )haracters may have 5earbot allies! and may even -et involved &ith the 5earbot Resistance.

!he Mansions of "onundrums
The :ansions of )onundrums is an entire Realm that looks like the interior of some vast! ancient house or castle! &ith ornate architecture! -ar-oyle statues! vast ban=uet-halls and dance rooms. :ost impressive of all are the libraries &hich stretch hundreds of miles hi-h! and the entire Realm is cra&lin- &ith ma-es of all kinds! :ystics! <ierates! @enefici! and others! all operatin- under the 0irmament Treaty! to endless ritual and traditions &hose meanin-s are lost for centuries! e(cept for some artistic love of the baro=ue6 Ahenomena, 'ite , and Encounter H ‣ &he 3reat AcademyH The most influential :ystics are -iven the opportunity to send their children to the 5reat 'cademy to learn ma-ic! study ancient history! and learn to speak )ryptosophic. The curriculum is e(tremely challen-in-! and rivalries are overlooked! even encoura-ed. :ost of the students are human :ystics from the )olle-iums! but some are <ierates! and more than a fe& of the instructors are @enefici or other ma-icusin- creatures. ‣ &he 8idden 0a$eH The :ansions of )onundrums are filled &ith secret passa-es! and the vast! t&istin-! &indin- tunnels! hidden staircases and corridors all form a sort of <idden :aBe. ItCs possible to &ander into another Realm from the :aBe! or blunder into innumerable traps that line the &alls. ‣ &he +ibrary of Red Rune H There are too many book collections to count in the :ansions of )onundrums! but the


!he Mansions of "onundrums 1tatisti%s
Realm %haracteri"tic": N Elemental 1haracteri tic H 'll 9lements HD. N Emotional Re onanceH )uriosity. N 0embraneH *. N )eighboring Realm H The 'stral Realm. N 1entral 1ontradictionH ' Realm devoted to kno&led-e and learnin- of all kinds! it and its inhabitants seem to deli-ht in hidin- its &isdom behind impenetrable riddles! blind maBes! and meanin-less -lyphs. ItCs -ood to hide the most unsettlin- truths from the un&ary! but &hen seekers are alone to-ether! &hatCs the point of claspin- blindly

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rarest and most valuable can be found in the ibrary of Red Runes. To be admitted! one must offer up a Tome thatCs never been seen before! a difficult task indeed. 5uick &o AngerH :ystics can be cranky and irrational. :ost hold the po&er to make life miserable for anyone that irritates them.

!ypi%al 1hado> Goblin
There are many breeds of 5oblin found throu-hout the #leroma; theyCre almost as &idely traveled as the @enefici. "hado& 5oblins fre=uent dark Realms! but can occasionally be found under-round in the @ale. 5oblins of all breeds are cunnin- and vicious! but have po&erful ur-es to creativity as &ell. 5oblinsC aptitude for traps and tactics is deadly! but they are as likely to subject their victims to their &eird obsessions as they are to kill and eat them. "hado& 5oblins love performance art of all kinds; captives may find themselves forced to participate in improv theater or impromptu beatbo(in-. 7ther 5oblin breeds have other avocations; 0lame 5oblins love fashion! &hile Ice 5oblins are fascinated &ith <uman -ames of all kinds! includin- video -ames and board -ames. "and 5oblins love cookin-! and "un 5oblins think of themselves as e(pert seducers and lovers. If only 5oblins &ere as as -ood as they thou-ht &ith their stupid hobbies. ItCs often easiest to humor the 5oblins! especially &hen they have the upper hand! or trick them and escape. 5oblins are short human-like creatures! about 2.%D feet tall! &ith lon- pointed ears! and a lon- pointed nose. Their skin color varies &ith their breed; "hado& 5oblins have dark -ray skin and yello&! cat-like eyes. 5oblins tend to be scra&ny and spindly! &ith lon-! clever fin-ers! and &alk &ith a hunched -ait. Their voices are hi-h and screechy! and their names! thou-h meant to sound threatenin-! are often faintly ridiculous. 5oblins are often summoned or hired by @enefici! or :ystics as body-uards and minions. Ph)"ical Attri$ute" N A3I$ E N '&R$ 2 ><T< .dE? N &38$ 2 Initiati&e N I)I&H .* Mental Attri$ute" I)'H / AERH E -I+H 2

Ph)"ical Re"ource" Mental Re"ource" N I0$ D+ )7R$ .* N @I5$ .D "#I$ ./ N < T$ ‣ MD to *N 0oot < T$ / ‣ M2 to 3N e- < T$ .. ‣ ME to /N Torso < T$ .E ‣ MJN <ead < T$ E ‣ M1 to .+N 'rm < T$ 1 ‣ M.. to .DN <and < T$ / Ph)"ical De,en"e" N )D90$ D+ N RD90$ D+ Mental De,en"e" :D90$ .+

/a"ic Talent": N 'thletics$ *! )lose )ombat$ 2! Dod-e$ 3! Drive$ ---! 9ducation$ D! 9ndurance$ D! <idden ore$ D! Intimidation$ D! Ran-ed )ombat$ 2! 8e-otiation$ D! 8otice$ D! Repair$ *! "elf-)ontrol$ *! "neak$ 2! Trickery$ 3! 4ealth$ ---. Ad&anced Talent": N ;reak I 9nter$ .. N )reepy ooks$ D. N 9(pert >'rt$ 'ny one! Traps?$ *.

an-ua-es$ 5oblin!

*ard"hi ": N 0ortal 8ard hi! H ‣ )ruel$ .. ‣ echerous$ .. ‣ 7bsessed M#erformance 'rtN$ .. ‣ "hort$ *. N 6nnatural 8ard hi! H "ensitivity M i-htN$ .. Dar! Po'er": N Innate Aower H ‣ Dark "i-ht$ evel .. ‣ 9lemental "hapin- M9ner-yN$ evel .. ‣ <orns$ evel .. ‣ Resistance M9ner-yN$ evel .. ‣ "harp "ense M<earin-N$ evel D. Po""e""ion": N Knife >D:5 *dE9! Reach +! 'ccuracy ---! Total 'ttack Roll H.+?.

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Detail": #ersonal details vary. Stor) :"e>Note": 5oblins are minor combat threats! but may be "ummoned! or may indicate to #)s a Rupture to any dark Realm. 5oblins make a pretty -ood social encounter.

!he Ruined Pala%e of ;ight
' sun in permanent eclipse shines over this Realm of scorched -ardens and shattered temples. The li-ht is bri-ht and stark! and a feelin- of devastatin-rief han-s over the Realm &hose people once protected all the cosmos from unthinkable dan-ers. ‣ approachin- close to this spot causes the )hildren of i-ht to suffer . )7R and to lose .dE "#I. '!rite H Travelers throu-h the Ruined #alaces of i-ht may encounter deran-ed "prites.

!he Ruined Pala%es of ;ight 1tatisti%s
Realm %haracteri"tic": N Elemental 1haracteri tic H 9ner-y HD! all others H+. N Emotional Re onanceH "orro&. N 0embraneH E. N )eighboring Realm H The 'stral Realm. N 1entral 1ontradictionH The #alaces of i-ht &ere ruled by the )hildren of i-ht! and used as their head=uarters for defendin- the #leroma from the encroachments of the 9lder ;easts. The )hildren of Darkness rebelled! desirin- freedom from the #erfect 'rk! and they attained free &ill and individuality! even -oin- on to destroy the #erfect 'rk. 8o&! the #alaces have fallen! and the )hildren of Darkness find themselves the only line of defense bet&een the #leroma they still love! and the Alem; but they find it almost impossible to &ork to-ether to&ards any common -oal! because of their much-vaunted free &ill. N Ahenomena, 'ite , and Encounter H ‣ #urity M:ali-nant .DN$ The Ruined #alaces of i-ht are drenched &ith a feelin- of an-er and hopelessness that slo&ly erodes the soul of visitors. ‣ &he 'hattered 2e tibuleH <ope fades and li-hts dim in the shattered palaces of the fallen an-els. 4orst of all is the temple of the #erfect 'rk; even

!ypi%al 1prite
"prites are 9ner-y 9lementals of li-ht. They look kind of like the traditional ima-e of a faerie! small humanoids &ith dra-onfly-like &in-s. <o&ever! "prites donCt have a head! and instead have a sin-le! lar-e eye on their naked torso. "prites are normally kind and -enerous! but they donCt suffer from most of the needs of other bein-s! so they donCt really understand their needs. "prites survive on the positive emotional resonance from Realms! and can be found in any Realm or near any Rupture &ith a positive affect. ,nfortunately! &ith the destruction of the #alaces of i-ht and the darkenin- of its emotional resonance! "prites starve and become deran-ed. "prites may try to help travelers to feed on their positive emotions! or may harm them in their unreasoninmadness. Ph)"ical Attri$ute" N A3IH / N '&RH . ><T< ---? N &38H * Initiati&e N I)I&H .+ Ph)"ical Re"ource" N I0$ .J N @I5$ 1 N < T$ ‣ MD to *N 0oot < ‣ M2 to 3N e- < Mental Re"ource" )7R$ .D "#I$ .* T$ *. T$ 2. Mental Attri$ute" I)'H * AERH E -I+$ 2

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‣ ME to /N Torso < T$ E. ‣ MJN <ead < T$ D. ‣ M1 to .+N 'rm < T$ 2. ‣ M.. to .DN <and < T$ *. )oteH "prites have U normal < T in all ;ody #arts due to the "hort <ardship. Mental De,en"e" :D90$ J


0ortal 8ard hi! H ‣ Despairin-$ evel J. ‣ "hort$ evel .+.

Ph)"ical De,en"e" N )D90$ D+ N RD90$ DD

/a"ic Talent": N 'thletics$ /! )lose )ombat$ *! Dod-e$ 3! Drive$ ---! 9ducation$ ---! 9ndurance$ .! <idden ore$ 3! Intimidation$ *! Ran-ed )ombat$ 3! 8e-otiation$ *! 8otice$ 3! Repair$ ---! "elf-)ontrol$ ---! "neak$ D! Trickery$ E! 4ealth$ ---. Ad&anced Talent": N )reepy ooks$ evel D. *ard"hi ":

Dar! Po'er": N ;lindin- ;urst$ evel *. N 9lemental "ense M9ner-yN$ evel 3. N 9lemental 4in-s M9ner-yN$ evel >:odifications$ )ost to ,se$ +?. N <ealin-$ evel *. N Re-eneration$ evel *. N The "i-ht$ evel J. Po""e""ion": N 8one.


Detail": #ersonal details vary. Stor) :"e>Note": "prites are mostly minor opponents; they arenCt smart or cooperative enou-h to be allies! and arenCt or-aniBed enou-h to be major villains.

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!he 'astelands of 1uffering
!he 'astelands of 1uffering 1tatisti%s
Realm %haracteri"tic": N Elemental 1haracteri tic H 'll 9lements -D. N Emotional Re onanceH "pite or Despair. N 0embraneH /. N )eighboring Realm H The 'stral Realm. N 1entral 1ontradictionH The 4astelands of "ufferin- &ere once a paradise to rival the #alaces of i-ht! but the 0allen battled amon- themselves and destroyed the -reat civiliBation they built here. The -reat dun-eons and charnel houses juttin- like austere monuments out of the blood-red sand &ere once breath-takin- temples and throne rooms! and are testaments to the beauty that -ave &ay to the current mad horror. N Ahenomena, 'ite , and Encounter H ‣ The ;loodthirsty Realm$ The Realm itself thirsts for blood! and itCs un&ise to i-nore its needs for lon-! or itCll be-in to take &hat isnCt freely offered. If a )haracter is out in the open and doesnCt bleed once per hour! the Realm &ill send a sandstorm that causes .dE 9d-ed dama-e per Round for DdE Rounds. ‣ Aoi on &ree H The only plants that -ro& in the 4asteland of "ufferin- are small! -ray! spiky -rasses! barbed&ire-like brambles! and the #oison Trees. #oison Trees look like theyCre composed of human bodies from the &aist-up! &rithin- slo&ly in pain and terror. 'nyone in-estin- their fruit suffers from a evel 3 attack of the @enom Dark #o&er. ‣ Aurity J0alignant <KH 'nyone that isnCt almost completely pure of heart &ill find themselves incredibly uncomfortable in this Realm! &itnessin- the horrific sufferin- and cruelty of its inhabitants.

Image courtesy Filomena, Freedigitalp otos.net.

The 4astelands of "ufferin- are a hellish &orld! the home of the )hildren of Darkness durin- their banishment from the #alaces of i-ht. The 4astelands of "ufferin- are filled &ith deserts of burnin- red sand! under a pitch-black sky. Throu-hout the deserts! ancient! beautiful ruins of steel and -lass and marble stand ju(taposed a-ainst the rubble and sand. 7nce! this place held proud! defiant palaces and mi-hty fortresses! but infi-htin- prevailed! and their shininhei-hts &ere brou-ht lo&. <alf-reptilian! half-canine thin-s! the "heolites! fora-e for the rare food creatures that skitter throu-h the desert. These <ell <ounds pro&l the fe& roads! lookin- for fresh slaves to capture for their dark lords! and every&here! the feelin- of dread han-s heavy on the spirit.

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'laver H The )hildren of Darkness and the native bein-s! <ell <ounds! enslave anyone they encounter &anderinthe 4astelands of "ufferin-. &he &em!le of 'laughterH The Temple of "lau-hter is a barren -ray land under a blood-red sky; a vast comple( of temples of broken -ray marble are the only habitations! &here d&ell a black-co&led! monastic order of 5hKls dedicated to preservin- the memory of :ada ,s-5idim! and one day raisin- it from the ashes.

!ypi%al (sura "hild of Darkness
The )hildren of Darkness &ere once )hildren of i-ht! but they rebelled a-ainst the 'rchons and &ere cast do&n. 4hile all of the )hildren of i-ht are all similarly fair-skinned and fair-haired! the )hildren of Darkness are also beautiful! in a &ild variety of dark shapes and colors. The doctrines of the )hildren of Darkness hold that as they be-an to e(perience free &ill and became more corrupt! they found themselves more and more vulnerable to the 9lder ;easts. The )hildren of Darkness found that if they channeled their corruption into sin-ular! identifiable channels! such as lust! -reed! and -luttony! they became less vulnerable to the forces of the Alem. 8o&! &ith the #alaces of i-ht destroyed! the )hildren of Darkness find themselves in the unenviable position of tryin- to protect the #leroma from the mindless creatures of endless chaos. The 'suras are a e-ion amon- the )hildren of Darkness! many of &hom &ere once 9lohim! and &ho are kno&n for their ambition and po&er-lust. 'suras are noble in demeanor and commandin- in tone! and they are amon- the fe& )hildren of Darkness kno&n for! at least -enerally! honorin- their &ord. Ph)"ical Attri$ute" Mental Attri$ute" N A3IH .2 I)'H .3 N '&RH .3 ><T< 2dEH.d*? AERH .E N &38H .3 -I+H .2 Initiati&e N I)I&H D1. Ph)"ical Re"ource" Mental Re"ource" N I0$ /D )7R$ .E N @I5$ 23 "#I$ 23 N < T$ ‣ MD to *N 0oot < T$ 22! I#R7$ 3! D#R7$ ---. ‣ M2 to 3N e- < T$ /2! I#R7$ 3! D#R7$ ---. ‣ ME to /N Torso < T$ .+*! I#R7$ 3! D#R7$ ---. ‣ MJN <ead < T$ *2! I#R7$ 3! D#R7$ ---. ‣ M1 to .+N 'rm < T$ 31! I#R7$ 3! D#R7$ ---. ‣ M.. to .DN <and < T$ 22! I#R7$ 3! D#R7$ ---.

Image copyrig t t e aut or.

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Ph)"ical De,en"e" N )D90$ *3 N RD90$ **

Mental De,en"e" :D90$ *2

/a"ic Talent": N 'thletics$ E! )lose )ombat$ J! Dod-e$ J! Drive$ -----! 9ducation$ E! 9ndurance$ E! <idden ore$ J! Intimidation$ J! Ran-ed )ombat$ E! 8e-otiation$ J! 8otice$ E! Repair$ ---! "elf-)ontrol$ E! "neak$ D! Trickery$ 2! 4ealth$ ---. Ad&anced Talent": N 'ttractive$ 3. N )reepy ooks$ 3. N <onest$ D. N Tou-h as 8ails$ .+. *ard"hi ": N 'rro-ant$ E. N Despairin-$ *. N 7bsessed M#o&erN$ J. N 7utsider$ 2. Dar! Po'er": N Innate Aower H ‣ 'ffect "pirits$ .. ‣ Darkness$ .+. ‣ Dark "i-ht$ .+. ‣ 9lemental "hapin- M9ner-yN$ 3. ‣ 9lemental "hield M9ner-yN$ 3. ‣ 9lemental 4eapon M9ner-yN$ E. ‣ 9lemental 4in-s M9ner-yN$ 3. ‣ 9(tra 'rms$ D. ‣ Inhuman 'ttributes M'll 'ttributesN$ D. ‣ #ossession$ .. ‣ "cour-e$ 2. ‣ The "i-ht$ J. ‣ "pirit 0orm$ .. ‣ Telepathy$ .. ‣ Ton-ues$ .. ‣ Traverse Realms$ 2. Po""e""ion": 8one.

Detail": 'll personal details vary; 'suras tend to be &ell-dressed! thou-h! at the top of &hatever social -roup theyCre currently consortin- &ith. )entral )ontradiction$ 'suras rebelled a-ainst the domination of the #erfect 'rkCs Ohive-mind!P but they strive to institute tyranny almost as absolute over everyone they encounter. Stor) :"e>Note": 9ven a relatively &eak )hild of Darkness like this 'sura is more than a match for a lar-e -roup of very po&erful #) ,nnaturals. :ost )hildren of Darkness retain a -reat portion of their ori-inal po&er! if not their shinin- -lory! than the )hildren of i-ht do! makin- them lethal foes. "hort of an incursion by the 9lder ;easts! an encounter &ith a )hild of Darkness should be considered a &orst-case scenario.

!ypi%al Aell Aound
'lso kno&n as "heolites! <ell <ounds are rou-hly canine in shape! but the resemblance ends there. Their skull-like heads top a black! oily! hairless body half the siBe of a horse! and their le-s all end in three massive sickle-shaped cla&s. <ell <ounds can stand and &alk erect! and their hands! thou-h crude! enable them to manipulate simple devices almost as &ell as <umans. In the place of a tail! three bladed tendrils flail around them! like a scorpionCs stin-er! and their three eyes -lo& like hideous amber lamps. 'nyone &hoCs faced a <ell <ound never for-ets it. Ph)"ical Attri$ute" Mental Attri$ute" N A3IH E I)'H 3 N '&RH .. ><T< *dEH.? AERH * N &38H 1 -I+H / Initiati&e N I)I&H .. Ph)"ical Re"ource" Mental Re"ource" N I0$ *1 )7R$ .J N @I5$ D/ "#I$ .3 N < T$ ‣ MD to *N 0oot < T$ *1! I#R7$ 3! D#R7$ .. ‣ M2 to 3N e- < T$ E1! I#R7$ .+! D#R7$ .. ‣ ME to /N Torso < T$ 1.! I#R7$ .3! D#R7$ ..

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‣ ‣ ‣

MJN <ead < T$ 22! I#R7$ J! D#R7$ .. M1 to .+N 'rm < T$ 3D! I#R7$ .+! D#R7$ .. M.. to .DN <and < T$ *1! I#R7$ 3! D#R7$ .. Mental De,en"e" :D90$ .1

Ph)"ical De,en"e" N )D90$ D. N RD90$ D+

/a"ic Talent": N 'thletics$ 3! )lose )ombat$ E! Dod-e$ 2! Drive$ ---! 9ducation$ .! 9ndurance$ 3! <idden ore$ D! Intimidation$ J! Ran-ed )ombat$ 3! 8e-otiation$ D! 8otice$ E! Repair$ ---! "elf-)ontrol$ 3! "neak$ E! Trickery$ *! 4ealth$ ---. Ad&anced Talent": N )oura-eous$ /. N )reepy ooks$ /. N 9ducation$ . > an-ua-e$ 9nochian?. N Tou-h as 8ails$ 3. *ard"hi ": N 0ortal 8ard hi! H ‣ ;ad <ands$ *. ‣ )ruel$ 2. ‣ 7utsider$ J. ‣ @en-eful$ 2.

Dar! Po'er": N Innate Aower H ‣ )arapace! evel 3. ‣ )la&s! evel 3 >D:5 EdEHJ9! Reach +! 'ccuracy H.! Total 'ttack Roll H./?. ‣ Dim "i-ht! evel /. ‣ 0an-s evel 2 >D:5 .d*HJ9! Reach +! 'ccuracy H.! Total 'ttack Roll H.D?. ‣ ar-e! evel *. ‣ "harp "enses M<earin-N! evel D. ‣ "harp "enses M"mell and TasteN! evel 3. ‣ The "i-ht! evel E. ‣ Tail! evel .+. ‣ @enom! evel E. Po""e""ion": 8one. Detail": #ersonal details vary. Stor) :"e>Note": @isitors to the 4astelands of "ufferin- are very likely to run across <ell <ounds! and any )hild of Darkness may be accompanied by . to .D <ell <ounds. <ell <ounds are conscious predators! and massively po&erful! but are a little dim! makin- them a -ood encounter for resourceful #acts.

!he ?lem
;eyond even the 'stral #lane is the Alem! an infinite e(panse of pure chaos. The Alem is the home of the 9lder ;easts! and e(posure to the Alem results in =uick and utter madness. "ome :ystics are brave enou-h to travel briefly into the Alem; fe& return! and of those that do! most are slaves of the ;easts. The #alaces of i-ht and its e-ions &ere established to protect the Realms from the 9lder ;easts; no& that the #alaces have been brou-ht lo&! it is only the )hildren of Darkness and their tyrannical rei-n over the Realms that can keep the :ortal &orld some&hat safe.

!he ?lem 1tatisti%s
Realm %haracteri"tic": N Elemental 1haracteri tic H 'll 9lements -D. N Emotional Re onanceH )onfusion. N 0embraneH +. N )eighboring Realm H The 'stral Realm. N 1entral 1ontradictionH 0or bein- creatures sprun- from complete and utter randomness! the 9lder ;easts and their hellish kind are pretty sin-le-mindedly determined to

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destroy the #leroma and all its inhabitants. 4hy6 4hat purpose does such destruction serve6 Ahenomena, 'ite , and Encounter H ‣ 0adne H 'ny mind that resembles a <umanCs isnCt capable of copin- &ith the Alem for lon-. 9very Round that a )haracter is in the Alem! they lose .dE "#I. ItCs believed that @oid ma-ic mi-ht be able to miti-ate this loss! but no one is sure. "li-htly more prepared for the home of their ancient enemies! the )hildren of i-ht only lose .d* "#I per Round! but this doesnCt help much. ‣ Randomne H #art of the terrifyinnature of the Alem is that the physical la&s are constantly chan-in-; every Round every )haracter takes .dE Dama-e of a randomly-chosen type! as the stron- force fails and the )haracterCs atomic nuclei fall apart! or all of the free o(y-en in the vicinity randomly transmutes into helium.

the antithesis of the Alem! and it causes ;oojumsC physical forms to &eaken and dissolve. 4hen slain! their bodies also dissipate into the air! leavin- nothinbehind. Ph)"ical Attri$ute" N A3IH J N '&RH 2 ><T< .dE? N &38H .+ Initiati&e N I)I&H D. Ph)"ical Re"ource" Mental Re"ource" N I0$ 3+ )7R$ D+ N @I5$ *+ "#I$ D/ N < T$ ‣ MD to *N 0oot < T$ DD! I#R7$ .+! D#R7$ D. ‣ M2 to 3N e- < T$ *E! I#R7$ D+! D#R7$ D. ‣ ME to /N Torso < T$ 32! I#R7$ *+! D#R7$ D. ‣ MJN <ead < T$ D2! I#R7$ .3! D#R7$ D. ‣ M1 to .+N 'rm < T$ *D! I#R7$ D+! D#R7$ D. ‣ M.. to .DN <and < T$ DD! I#R7$ .+! D#R7$ D. Ph)"ical De,en"e" N )D90$ D+ N RD90$ D+ Mental De,en"e" :D90$ .+ Mental Attri$ute" I)'H .* AERH 2 -I+H .+

!ypi%al BooKum
;oojums >named for creatures in e&is )arroll]s poem OThe <untin- of the "narkP? are inscrutable creatures from the Alem! servants of Jorok the 4ise and 4icked. Their bodies look rou-hly <uman! albeit too thin and &ith too many joints! all in the &ronplaces. Their heads have the shiny! reflective surface of a ceramic mask! a va-uely bird-like beak! and hollo& eyes that continually &eep a lumpy -reen phle-m that rapidly dissolves in air. ;oojums favor the formal clothes of the Realm they inhabit! and they float above the -round. They can take on the illusory appearance of an ordinary <uman or other ,nnatural! and their telepathic communications have a hollo& and confusin- Osound!P as if they &ere speakin- back&ards and for&ards simultaneously. ;oojums are vastly intelli-ent! but their only -oal is to open permanent 5ate&ays into the Alem. ;oojums may be accompanied by "ervitors and <ierates! but often travel alone as &ell. Their most terrifyin- ability is the po&er to &arp probability at random! causin- the impossible to occur. They are very resistant to harm! e(cept by acts of creativity in the area around them. "pellcastin- is not considered an act of creation as such! but any kind of e(temporaneous art or performance! &ith true emotion and skill! &ould be. )reation! the brin-in- of somethin- out of nothin- is

/a"ic Talent": N 'thletics$ .! )lose )ombat$ 2! Dod-e$ 3! Drive$ ---! 9ducation$ D! 9ndurance$ D! <idden ore$ .+! Intimidation$ J! Ran-ed )ombat$ 2! 8e-otiation$ D! 8otice$ D! Repair$ .! "elf-)ontrol$ .+! "neak$ 1! Trickery$ 3! 4ealth$ ---. Ad&anced Talent": N ;reak I 9nter$ .. N )reepy ooks$ 1. *ard"hi ": N 0ortal 8ard hi! H ‣ )ruel$ .. ‣ echerous$ ..

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‣ 7bsessed M#erformance 'rtN$ .. ‣ "hort$ *. 6nnatural 8ard hi! H ‣ "ensitivity M'cts of creationN$ J.

"reation "reation Myths Myths
0o% 0o%did didthe theDni*erse Dni*ersecome cometo to"eE "eEIhat Ihatis is rea and %hat isn)tE +he Chi dren of rea and %hat isn)tE +he Chi dren of Bight Bight sho# sho#d d ha*e ha*e aa the the ans%ers! ans%ers! rightE rightE1ct#a 1ct#a &! &! not not so m#ch. so m#ch. +heir +heirmemories memoriesof of%hat %hatsome someof ofthem themca ca 8+he 8+he 6efore2+ime!9 6efore2+ime!9 the the Jirst Jirst 1eon! 1eon! the the time time "efore "eforethe& the&Je Je ! !are arecco#ded o#dedand andindistinct. indistinct.Hne Hne of ofthe themost mostpop# pop#ar arm&ths! m&ths!%hich %hichGi*es Gi*es%ith %iththe the "e "eiefs iefs of of the the ancient ancient .nostic .nostic sect! sect! is is that that one one the theF Fder der6easts 6eastscreated createdthe the1stra 1stra -ane aneand andthe the 1rchons. 1rchons. +he +he 1rchons 1rchons %ent %ent on on to to create create the the -eroma eroma and and their their inha"itants! inha"itants! in in ser*ice ser*ice to to the the Bogos! Bogos!the theincarnation incarnationof ofDnit&. Dnit&. Hther Hther Chi Chidren dren of of Bight Bight "e "eie*e ie*e that that one one of the F der 6easts no" & sacrificed itse of the F der 6easts no" & sacrificed itseff to to create create the the /no%n /no%n cosmos! cosmos! to to ma/e ma/e something something pre*io#s pre*io#s& & #n/no%n. #n/no%n. (ts (ts " "ood ood formed formed the the 1stra ane. (ts organs "ecame the 1stra - ane. (ts organs "ecame the -eroma! eroma! and and the the ineffa" ineffa"ee tho#ghts tho#ghts in in its its mind mind "ecame "ecame the 1rchons. +he& "e ie*e that the the 1rchons. +he& "e ie*e that the F Fder der 6easts 6easts are arean ana"erration a"errationon onthe thepath pathto toDnit&! Dnit&!and andthat that the& the&fo fo o% o%the thetr#e tr#epath. path. +here +here are are man& man& other other theories. theories. +ha#matronic astronomers often +ha#matronic astronomers often sa& sa& that that the the F der 6easts are nothing more than the F der 6easts are nothing more than thecreati*e creati*e and and destr#cti*e destr#cti*e forces forces in in space! space! or or ma&"e ma&"e the the remainder of a destro&ed ci*i i5ation! remainder of a destro&ed ci*i i5ation! and and that that the the Chi Chidren dren of of Bight Bight are are simp simp& & aaiens iens %ith %ith an an incredi" e gam#t of ps&chic po%ers. incredi" e gam#t of ps&chic po%ers.

Dar! Po'er": N Innate Aower H ‣ )arapace$ evel .+. ‣ Dark "i-ht$ evel J. ‣ 9lemental ;olt M@oidN$ evel E. ‣ Inhuman 'ttribute MI8"N$ evel E. ‣ evitation$ evel D >'ction to ,se$ 8one; )ost to ,se$ 8one?. ‣ :iasma of :adness$ evel E >'ction to ,se$ 8one; )ost to ,se$ 8one?. ‣ :ira-e$ evel J >7nly to create the illusion that the ;oojum is a <uman?. ‣ Re-eneration$ evel D. ‣ "ever 0ate$ evel .+. ‣ Resistance M'll :ental 'fflictionsN$ evel .+. ‣ Telekinesis$ evel E. ‣ Telepathy$ evel E. ‣ Teleportation$ evel E. ‣ The "i-ht$ evel .+. ‣ Ton-ues$ evel .+. ‣ '!ecialH ;oojums cannot 5o ;u-fuck! and suffer no dama-e &hatsoever from e(posure to the Alem. Po""e""ion": 8one. Detail": #ersonal details vary. Stor) :"e>Note": Despite their &himsical name! ;oojums are a major threat! on the order of )hildren of Darkness or "ervitors. :ost ,nnaturals arenCt prepared to deal &ith the &eird po&ers of ;oojums! &ho prefer to disarm and delay their enemies until their continual :iasma of :adness can drive them permanently insane.

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"reation "reation Myths Myths 3%ont:4 3%ont:4
1 1fe% fe%Chi Chidren drenof ofBight Bightsa& sa&that thatthe thecosmos cosmos%as %as ne*er created! that things ha*e a %a&s ne*er created! that things ha*e a %a&s "een "een this this %a&; %a&; man& man& I# I# Qang Qang +aoists +aoists "e "eie*e ie*e that that the the cosmos cosmos goes goes thro#gh thro#gh end endess ess c&c c&ces es of of destr#ction destr#ctionand andre2creation! re2creation!and andthat thatthe theR Rem emis is G#st G#stthe thera% ra%materia materia of ofcreation! creation!and andthe theimpet#s impet#s of ofnecessar& necessar&destr#ction. destr#ction. Iho Iho is is rightE rightE (t)s (t)s hard hard to to sa&! sa&! "#t "#t the the Chi Chidren dren of of Bight Bight are are aa more more than than %i %i ing ing to to fight fight one one another another o*er o*er their their persona persona fa*orite fa*orite cosmo cosmoog&. og&.

!he Elder Beasts
Dra-ons. 7ld 7nes. Titans. :onsters older than time and more po&erful than -ods. There are an uncounted number of these blasphemous monstrosities! but amon- those catalo-ed by the 7rdo )ustodes 8octis are 9oth Damnation-;rin-er! Iijikal :orthian of the "tolen 9yes! Jorok the 4ise and 4icked! "horaCanis the 'll-Devourer! and The "torm 7f 'll Ini=uities. The 9lder ;easts have no -ame mechanics; facinone of them is an apocalyptic e(perience! &orthy of the very end of a lon- campai-n. If an 9lder ;east someho& created an avatar that e(tended into our Realm! it &ould have 'ffect "pirits and at least 3 evels each of Immortal! Inhuman 'ttribute M'llN! :iasma of :adness! Re-eneration! and The "i-ht. The most horrific thin- about the 9lder ;easts is their tendency to chan-e their surroundin-s and the bein-s around them in random &ays. They radiate the biBarre ener-ies of the Alem! and one the fe& occasions &hen one of them has been summoned to a Realm! &hole species mutated into ne& forms! physical la&s shifted permanently! and even nei-hborinRealms chan-ed in unpredictable &ays. If the 9lder ;easts &ere to find their &ay permanently into the #leroma! the results &ould be a &orld of apocalyptic chaos! &ithout end.

Making a Monster
.e> Player "hara%ter +nnaturals
There are thousands of myths and le-ends to dra& inspiration from for a )haracter! from campfire tales of -hosts to literary and televised fi-ures of monsterhuntin- aptitude! to ferocious &ere-beasts! to :ortal psychics! the list -oes on. ItCs easy to add ne& types of ,nnaturals for the #layers to select form &hen creatina )haracter; the Dir-e R#5 is desi-ned to be fle(ible in this &ay. 'n ,nnatural Type and 0action packa-e to-ether should total *+ ;uild #oints; .3 ;# for the base ,nnatural Type packa-e! and .3 ;# for the 0action packa-e. 7f course! you can easily also make ne& )ult #acka-es for :ystics! ne& e-ion #acka-es for )hildren of i-ht! or ne& Tribe #acka-es for 5hKls. Just spend .3 ;uild #oints on the ne& #acka-e! and youCre set. 9ach additional H. to )orruption at start -rants . ;#! and each -. to )orruption costs . ;#; the ma(imum modification either &ay is * evels. 4hen a ne& ,nnatural Type is desi-ned! the 5ame :aster should also &ork up the back-round details on these ne& ,nnaturals! alon- &ith some ne& "pecial Re&ards for them to -o adventurin- amon- the #leroma in search of. If the ne& creature Type automatically -ets their o&n lan-ua-e! they donCt have to take evels in the 9(pert Talent to be able to speak it.

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DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

.e> .e> Pa%kages Pa%kages for for .e> .e> 1ettings 1ettings
(f (f&o#)re &o#)re#sing #singthe theDirge Dirge,-. ,-.for foraa different genre! &o# can change the 2 different genre! &o# can change the 2initia initia pac/ages pac/agesto tos#it s#itthe thecampaign. campaign.Jor Jore=amp e=ampe! e!for for aatraditiona fantas& setting! &o# can rename traditiona fantas& setting! &o# can renamethe the +&pe +&pepac/age pac/ageto to8,ace9 8,ace9and andma/e ma/ene% ne%F Fffand and D%arf D%arfpac/ages! pac/ages!and andrep repace acethe theJaction Jaction pac/ages %ith a -rofession pac/age! pac/ages %ith a -rofession pac/age! i/e i/e Iarrior! Iarrior!3age! 3age!-riest! -riest!and and+hief. +hief.O#st O#stma/e ma/es#re s#re the&)re a 15 6and &o#)re a set; &o# the&)re a 15 6- and &o#)re a set; &o#%i %i e*en e*en "e "ea" a"eeto tomi= mi=and andmatch matchpac/ages pac/ages"et%een "et%een settings! if &o#r campaign %i settings! if &o#r campaign %i span spanman& man& %or %ords' ds'

.e> .P" Monsters
If the creatures here arenCt enou-h of a threat to the #)s! itCs time to craft some ne& monstrosities to haunt their ni-htmares. Aou can be a little more creative &ith 8#) monsters! since they donCt have to be balanced one a-ainst the other; have fun dreaminup ne& and e(citin- &ays to torment the #)s. Keep them from -ettin- careless.

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DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

"hapter JIII$ Game Mastering
The 5ame :aster is the individual that creates and presents the campai-n and all of its adventures! helps the #layers learn the rules and makes their )haracters! interprets the rules &here they may be unclear or incomplete! and re&ards the )haracters based on their accomplishments. The 5ame :aster isnCt e(actly the author of a story! but a co-author! creatin- half of the action! mystery! and dan-er ; the other half is created by the #layers! all &orkin- to-ether.

1etting the 1tage
!hemes and !one
' sin-le story can be told in many different &ays ; the &ordin-! settin-! and situations all create a tone! and reinforce certain themes. 7ne of the most important 5ame :asterin- task is decide &hat kind of story they &ant to tell. ItCs a -ood idea to ask the #layers &hat kind of Theme and Tone your story &ill have! and let them kno& &hat kind of Theme and Tone to e(pect so their )haracters &ill be effective. Action: 'ction stories focus on craBy stunts and combat of all kinds. <eroes in an 'ction-oriented campai-n or adventure &ill need lots of 'thletics and )ombat Talents. De"olation: 9verythin- falls apart; the center cannot hold. "urvival is the ultimate victory! and the ultimate challen-e. Desolate stories &ill focus on emotional difficulties! and #layers that just &ant to blo& off some steam mi-ht not enjoy the dark atmosphere of this campai-n. E. loration: 4ith a myriad of stran-e dimensions at hand! &ho could sit at home and ve- out on the couch6 9(ploration stories re=uire a certain amount of preparation on the part of the )haracters! and 8otice! Investi-ation! Kno&led-e! and "urvival Talents are a -ood idea. Grim Fanta"): In a 5rim 0antasy story! the ancient myths are all real! but … darker than advertised. 7ut amon- the #leroma! anythin- is possible! and many stran-e thin-s skulk the shado&s closer to home! as &ell. Madne"": The line bet&een sanity and delirium is very fine! even finer for ,nnaturals like the #)s. 'nd &ith Realm travel! illusions! and mind control! ho& is one to even kno& theyCve -one mad6 Paranoia: TheyCre every&hereL They kno& everythin-L They could even be … A7,L The <ierates provide lots of opportunities for conspiracy-themed adventures. Philo"o h): 4hat do &e kno&6 <o& can &e kno& anythin-6 4hat is scarier! that life may have a meanin- that &eCre missin- out on! or that it may have no meanin- at all6 #hilosophy! and disputes of philosophers! provides a lot of meat for adventures and campai-ns! and oneCs beliefs about reality arenCt just matters of academic interest to ,nnaturals! they are often matters of life and death. Protection o, Innocence: 9very ,nnatural is burdened &ith the horrible kno&led-e of the true -oin-s-on in the &orld. ItCs up to the dark heroes to protect :ortals from truths they canCt handle. Surreali"m: In a surreal story! everythin- looks familiar! but subtly t&isted; the eerily reminiscent landscape someho& reveals facts about our o&n inner natures. Time and space play tricks on visitors to stran-e Realms! and some Realms resemble the innards of a -iant beast! the clock&orks of an immense machine! or rotatin-! revolvin- -eometric solids. #him"): "tran-e! ironic! even sli-htly silly thin-s can be found out amon- the #leroma. 'lien creatures that &ant to ar-ue fashion and politics! or e(traplanar versions of the "elB-:or "uperstore K &ith lich door -reeters and succubus cashiers! are appropriate for a &himsical campai-n. "ome #layers mi-ht e(pect a serious horror campai-n! and not appreciate this sort of oddity in the campai-n.

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Aelp the Players Make their "hara%ters
'fter decidin- on Themes and Tones! but before the campai-n be-ins! the 5ame :asterCs role is to help the #layers make their )haracters. The 5: may decide to restrict certain kinds of )haracters in order to facilitate your campai-n; for e(ample! if a )ampai-n &ill revolve entirely around the #alaces of i-ht and their a&ful fate! it mi-ht be appropriate to restrict #)s to )hildren of i-ht. 'nother important =uestion every 5: must ans&er is ho& they are -oin- to brin- the #)s to-ether as a team. The #)s may be a #act assembled by the local )ouncil of 8i-ht to solve a temporary problem! or for a permanent reason. The #)s may be a-ents of the 7rdo )ustodes 8octis! &orkin- to-ether to save the &orld from the 9lder ;easts. 7r the #)s may all be the same ,nnatural Type! and be called to-ether by the 'rmy of i-ht! 5atherin-! or )olle-ium! to solve some problem. This is the easy &ay; if the ,nnaturals are scarce in an area! the #)s may all be friends or ac=uaintances from before their ,nnatural chan-e! or be brou-ht to-ether by some tra-edy that -ives them a mutual purpose. In some campai-ns! it may be appropriate to allo& the #layers to make )haracters that are a little more po&erful than the avera-e startin--level Dir-e #). If so! you should consider a&ardin- some e(tra ;uild #oints to )haracters at creation time! to be used on 'ttributes! Talents! or Dark #o&ers. More Po'er,ul P%": N 6n!re!ared Amateur H H+ ;#. These )haracters havenCt had ,nnatural po&ers that lon-! and are -enerally i-norant and vulnerable. N Ready for &roubleH HD+ ;#! and up to * more evels of <ardships. These )haracters have been travelin- the #leroma for a fe& years! and learned some secrets. N 4ark 8eroe H H2+ ;#! and up to 3 more evels of <ardships. These )haracters are po&erful enou-h to hold positions of responsibility in the local )ouncil of 8i-ht! or be trusted a-ents of the 7rdo )ustodes 8octis. N 4eadly Elite H HE+ ;#! and up to J more evels of <ardships. 0e& )haracters survive lon- enou-h to -et this po&erful! and these )haracters are likely to be members of the Damocletian 5uard! dedicated seekers after

enli-htenment! and are po&erful enou-h to present a si-nificant threat to the <ierate )ultCs control over an entire area.

(d<entures and "ampaign Plots
'dventures are! at their simplest! a series of scenes linked to-ether by the same set of )haracters! and a related set of settin-s and -oals. ' series of these adventures! also linked to-ether! form a campai-n. "o &hat -oals should you present for the #)s to pursue6 <ere are a fe& e(amples. *unted: The )haracters are bein- hunted do&n! and must obtain somethin-! or -et some&here! so they can be safe. O<untedP adventures are -reat at inducinfear and suspense; itCs probably better to start off &ith &eak enemies that -radually -et more numerous and a--ressive! -radually raisin- the stakes so the #)s arenCt instantly over&helmed.

Image courtesy, Vitasamb-../, Freedigitalp otos.net.

Introduction": In Introduction adventures! the #)s first meet each other! discover &hat they have in common! and be-in &orkin- to-ether. Intros are usually part of the first adventure in the campai-n! and the Introduction occurs alon- &ith another! lar-er plot. Location 3ue"t": The #)s must e(plore some other-Realm temple! catacombs! abandoned military base! or other spot! dealin- &ith traps! enemies! and creatures alon- the &ay. This form of adventure is easy to prepare for! and puts the impetus for the for&ard action in the #)Cs hands.

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( ( BanBuet BanBuet of of Aorror Aorror
6& 6& defa# defa#t! t! e*er& e*er& Dirge Dirge ,-. ,-. campaign campaign inc #des horror and fantas& themes. inc #des horror and fantas& themes. 8Dar/ 8Dar/ 3odern 3odern Jantas&9 Jantas&9 p#ts p#ts traditiona traditiona eeements ements of of m&tho m&thoog& og& into into the the modern modern %or %ord! d! and and mi=es mi=es them them %ith %ith aa i"era i"era amo#nt amo#nt of of g#t2%renching g#t2%renching fear. fear. 6#t 6#t there there are are man& man& different different /inds /inds of of horror. horror.

M)"ter): The )haracters need to -ather information about somethin-. Investi-ation adventures &ork -reat for some -roups! and not for others; if the #)s took lots of evels in the <idden ore and Investi-ation Talents! thatCs a clue that they may be up for a :ystery. DonCt rely e(clusively on the dice or the #layersC =uestions to drive the plot! and -ive plenty of alternate paths to the :ysteryCs conclusion.

Plot Aooks
8o matter &hat the -oal of the adventure or campai-n is! youCve -ot present the -oals of the story to the #)s. The best #lot <ooks ask =uestions &hich should interest the #layers! and &hich only the )haracters can ans&er. The %han-e: In an Introductions adventure! nothin- -ets thin-s -oin- like several )haracters -ettin- their first 5limpse to-ether! or 0allin- from the )ity of <eaven into the same damp! littered alley&ay all at once. M)"teriou" Me""a-e": ' dyin- man delivers a cryptic messa-e to the #)s! askin- them to brin- it to someone far a&ay! ri-ht a&ayL (i"ion": 'nother form of :ysterious :essa-e! one of the #)s &ith the Divination Dark #o&er! or some other sensory ability! brin-s a shockinprediction to the other )haracters. "omethin- terrible that is about to happen! or somethin- vital must be done. @isions should provide a clear path to accomplish! but should be a little va-ue and mysterious. #eird *a enin-": 'll of the cats in the city be-in -atherin- in an abandoned buildin-! as if &aitinfor somethin-! or someone. 4eird happenin-s can be strun- out over the course of many adventures! foreshado&in- a sin-le climactic adventure that resolves the issues.

.ore4 .ore4 8$o 8$o m#ch m#ch " "ood ood … … 99 +he +he simp simpest est /ind /indof ofhorror horrorto toarrange arrangefor forand andto to#nderstand #nderstand is is for for the the Characters Characters to to %itness %itness or or e=perience e=perience gr#esome gr#esome *io *ioence. ence. .ore .ore can can "e "e o*erdone! o*erdone! tho#gh! tho#gh!so so ea*en ea*enit it%ith %ithsome somedifferent differentterrors terrors as as%e %e . . $#"t $#"tee (mp (mpication4 ication4 8Hh 8Hh m& m& .od! .od! %hat %hat happened hereE9 +he Characters find happened hereE9 +he Characters find e*idence e*idence that that something something horri" horri"ee happened! happened! and and the the da%ning rea i5ation is a most as da%ning rea i5ation is a most as "ad "ad as as %itnessing %itnessingthe thee*ents e*entsthemse themse*es. *es. Dread Dreadand and0e 0ep pessness4 essness480o% 80o%am am((going going to get a%a&E9 $omething horri" e is a"o#t to get a%a&E9 $omething horri" e is a"o#tto to happen! happen!and andit itseems seemsthat thatnothing nothingcan canstop stopit. it. 1n 1na= a=m#rderer m#rdererthat thatG#st G#st/eeps /eepscoming! coming!that that seems seemsinsensiti*e insensiti*eto topain painand andcan)t can)t"e "estopped! stopped! e*o/es dread *er& %e . e*o/es dread *er& %e . Cosmic Cosmic +error4 +error4 8( 8( didn)t didn)t G#st G#st read read the the "oo/. ( sa% it. (t /no%s … e*er&thing "oo/. ( sa% it. (t /no%s … e*er&thing … … it)s it)s ancient! ancient! its its mind mind is is so so foreign foreign … … %e)re %e)re i/e i/e "acteria "acteria to to it it … … 99 +he +he Character Character e=periences e=periences something that the h#man something that the h#man mind mind isn)t isn)t prepared prepared for! for! and and the the Character Character goes goes temporari temporari& & "atshit "atshit insane insaneas asaares# res#t. t. -ersona -ersona +error4 +error4 8Ihat 8Ihat am am (( "ecomingE "ecomingE 1nd 1nd %hat %hat ha*e ha*e (( doneE9 doneE9 (t)s (t)s "ad "ad eno#gh eno#gh %hen %hen the the %or %ord d is is aa terrif&ing terrif&ing p pace! ace! "#t "#t if if &o#r &o#r *er& *er& "od& "od& and and mind mind are are the the thing thing that)s that)s changing! changing! &o# &o#s#ffer s#fferan an#na*oida" #na*oida"eeform formof ofs#ffering. s#ffering.

Designing .onFPlayer "hara%ters
The #)s arenCt alone in most adventures and campai-ns; theyCre surrounded by informants! enemies! merchants! friends! and neutral passers-by. :ost 8on#layer )haracters >8#)s? donCt need statistics! but some mi-ht. The most important =uestion to ask yourself &hen desi-nin- an 8#) is! O4hat am I -ointo use this 8#) for6P

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Allie": The #)s sometimes need someone to -ive them hints! -ear! or even accompany them on their escapades. :embers of the 7rdo )ustodes 8octis make -ood 'llies for most #layer )haracter -roups! as do some @enefici. Arch8(illain": The Ofinal bossP of adventures or even entire campai-ns! 'rch-@illains must be opposed or the conse=uences are -rave for many people! or the entire #leroma. 5ood 'rch-@illains include )hildren of Darkness and <ierate :ystics. Lieutenant": eaders of -roups of :inions! ieutenants are more po&erful and capable than them. @enefici! "ervitors! and <ell <ounds make -ood ieutenants. Ma-u,,in": "ome 8#)s are central to the story themselves; perhaps they -et kidnapped and need to be rescued! or maybe theyCre prophesied to do somethinimportant someday and need to be kept safe until then. Minion": 9nemy 8#)s that are minor obstacles e(cept in lar-e numbers. :ost :inions donCt have names! and are usually si-nificantly &eaker than #)s. "hado& 5oblins! Rombies! "prites! and 5earbots make -ood :inions. Settin- %olor: The 8#) e(ists mainly to establish certain facts about the settin-. These 8#)s rarely need stats! unless theyCre -oin- to come into conflict &ith the #)s in some &ay. Stor) E. o"ition: The 8#) e(ists mainly to pass on important information. "tory 9(position 8#)s donCt -enerally need stats. Rather than &ritin- full stats for a minor 8#)! you can often simply assi-n the most important stats to them. 0or e(ample! a )onsortium merchant that isnCt intended to be a combat encounter can be simply assi-ned evels in #9R! 8e-otiation! and :D90; other important stats can be assi-ned on the fly. 5ame

:asters should al&ays be &ary of over-preparin-; you donCt &ant to burn yourself out &ith prep &ork on stuff that &ill never be usedL

7ne of the dan-ers of presentin- the #)s &ith specific -oals is that you lock the #)s into only one course of action. 5amin- parlance calls this Obein- put on rails!P as in a train that cannot turn ri-ht or left! but is trapped &ith a sin-le destination. ;e sure to -ive the #)s multiple methods to achieve each -oal! and be ready to improvise if they decide to take an unforeseen direction. ItCs okay to prescript a fe& events! but keep it to a minimum! and keep it plausible! or the #)s &ill -et justifiably upset. Remember! 5ame :aster! this isnCt just your campai-n! itCs everyoneCs.

The opposite of a OrailsP adventure is a Osandbo(P adventure! &here the #)s are turned loose to do &hatever they &ant! like children in a sandbo(. "ome -roups of players &ork &ell to-ether even if there is no specific -oal! if they -et to e(plore and investi-ate the campai-n &orld on their o&n terms. <o&ever! this some #layers freeBe up &hen presented &ith too many options! paralyBed &ith indecision. "andbo( adventures can also be really hard on the 5: as &ell! as the #)s do all kinds of stuff you couldnCt possibly have foreseen or prepared for. DonCt start a sandbo( adventure unless youCre confident &ith your 5ame :asterin- skills! and ready to improvise like mad; &ith the ri-ht -roup and 5:! thou-h! it can be very re&ardin-.

Dealing >ith Problems

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Issues >ith Players
Inevitably! problems &ill arise bet&een #layers! or bet&een yourself and one or more #layers! and youCll need to help resolve the situation and keep the campai-n on track. #eople naturally disa-ree! and as previously mentioned! the Dir-e R#5 includes some comple( issues! all stuff that people freak out about in real life. Aou and the #layers need to be mature! be able to communicate &hen thin-s are -ettin- uncomfortable! and everyone needs to be understandin- and committed to havin- fun to-ether. If any of these in-redients is lackin-! the campai-n &ill probably e(perience issues lon- before ar-uments arise and s=uicky stuff comes up. #art of &ritin- a campai-n &ith horror themes is pushin- boundaries! but as 5ame :aster! you need to kno& your players! and be sensitive to the placement of those boundaries. If everyone is rela(ed! open-minded! open about their thou-hts and feelin-s! and if theyCre just sho&in- up for a -ood time! there shouldnCt be any serious problems.

Kee It Fa"t: If you do decide to &rite a completely ne& -ame mechanic to handle a situation! make it easy enou-h no one feels the need to reach for a calculator >unless they failed basic al-ebra?. Kee It Fun: ThereCs no point in addin- rules that donCt further the action and hei-hten the suspense. 'sk yourself! O<o& &ould this &ork in a horror movie! a dark urban fantasy novel! or comic book! or in the darker myths and le-ends6P Kee Your Audience: <ey! the rules are just here to make sure that everyone has rou-hly e=ual amounts of fun. 4hen you make a rulin-! check &ith the #layers to make sure that they understand &hy you made the decision that you did! and that they donCt stron-ly object. If they do! ask them &hy! and consider &hat they say; they may be on to somethin-. A"! For Ad&ice: Aou arenCt alone; other people have &alked the lon- road of learnin- to 5ame :aster! and have run into the e(act same problems you have. ots of R#5 &ebsites have decent advice on dealin&ith the rules! the players! and the plot.

Making Rulings
These rules are yours! 5ame :aster. 0old! spindle! and mutilate them to make them into the -ame that you &ant to play. Aour humble author &ill point out that &ritin- roleplayin- -ames is not an e(act science. #erfection is an admirable -oal! but not a realistic one! and these rules are va-ue in more than a fe& areas! sometimes deliberately so. This is your chance to shine! 5ame :asterL The Rules of Thumb belo& mi-ht help$ Kee It Sim le: Re-use e(istin- rules &henever possible. 4hy re-invent the &heel6

9very 5ame :aster discovers that their ener-y and creativity have limits! and itCs far better to e(tend a short campai-n thatCs been a lot of tun! than it is to draout a campai-n that no one enjoys any more. 4hen youCre plannin-! itCs easy to think that the story youCre &ritin- for your #layers &ill last for decades! but most never do. DonCt feel compelled to keep -oin- just because there are a fe& plot threads left dan-lin-; you can pick those up &ith your ne(t campai-n. "ome 5ame :asters hand off their duties to one of the #layers &hen theyCre startin- to -et burned out! lettin- them take over the campai-n; other campai-ns have a revolvin- 5ame :aster. DonCt be afraid to -ive it a try.

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The dark heroes that someho& mana-e to survive should be re&arded for their efforts.

1pe%ial Re>ards
"pecial Re&ards are rated from . to .+! and they -rant special ;uild #oints that can be used to purchase "pecial 'bilities. ' )haracter that e(periences a "pecial Re&ard suffers an 9motional 'ffliction! -enerally '&e or Joy! for . minute per point of the "pecial Re&ard. /lood M)th" and Stran-e Fle"h: The tales of the 5hKl civiliBation contain clues to the incredible po&er that their people once held! and their true! unholy potential. 5hKls also -ro& more po&erful by devourin- the flesh of stran-e ne& creatures! dra&inon their vitality to amplify their o&n. 9ach time a 5hKl hears a ;lood :yth! they may spend the ;uild #oints to learn ne& ;lood Tricks! the 5hKlsC "pecial 'bilities ; but each time they do! they -ain H. )7R. N E.am!le "lood 0ythH OIn the empire of :ada ,s-5idim! there &as a po&erful noble &ho married a -oddess from the heavens. The -ods hoped that her beauty &ould temper his heart! and teach him respect for others; instead! he felt that heCd con=uered both the &orld and the heavens! and continued in his evil &ay! bathin- in the blood of his enemies and slau-hterin- their children. 7ne day! despairin- of his evil! she resolved to end his life. "he dre& a da--er and &ent in unto him at ni-ht! to kill him as they lay in bed to-ether. 's she pulled the knife from his body! he thanked her. "he thou-ht perhaps he &as about to repent of his sins; he said then to her! C8o! you silly &oman! but you reminded me! I still have yet to con=uer the ,nder&orld.C 4ith his last breath! he &rested the knife from her! and tore open her throat; their servants found them both dead the ne(t day! in the otherCs bloody embrace.P This is a *-point ;lood :yth. 5hKls that hear this ;lood :yth and learn from it -ain * ;# to spend to&ards the 9lemental "hield M"piritN Dark #o&er! &hich &ill be an Innate #o&er. This form of armor is effective a-ainst almost any attack! but &ooden &eapons like stakes are used by some 5hKl-hunters

E*perien%e Points 3JP4
)haracters -ain 9(perience #oints >F#? in the course of their adventures; .+ 9(perience #oints earns the )haracter . ;uild #oint! &hich can be spent on anythin- e(cept "pecial 'bilities. Su--e"ted /uild Point Re'ard": N "a e AwardH 'll )haracters -ain one F# per -ame session. N 4efeating Enemie H ‣ . to D F# for defeatin- a minor threat! like a Rombie! "hado& 5oblin! or Thu-. :a(imum of .+ F# per -ame session. ‣ * to 3 F# for defeatin- an intermediate threat! like another ,nnatural of the #)sC po&er level. :a(imum of .+ F# per -ame session. ‣ J to .+ F# for defeatin- a major threat! like brand-ne& #)s fi-htin- a "ervitor. :a(imum of .+ F# per -ame session. N 3ood Role!layingH :a(imum of * F# per -ame session. ‣ . F# for merely takin- )haracter Type and the e(istence of certain <ardships into account. ‣ D F# for roleplayin- encounters thorou-hly and discussin- thin-s in )haracter. ‣ 3 F# for sometimes makin- bad decisions because thatCs &hat the )haracters &ould do. N +earningH 7ne point of F# for e(periencinne& stuff. earnin- the hidden history of the #leroma! bein- dumped by oneCs si-nificant other! or -ettin- shot for the first time &ould all =ualify! to a ma(imum of 3 F# per session.

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DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

&ith some success >the 'rmor has the 4eak #oint :odification! -rantin- it the ess 9ffective M4oodN 'rmor 0eature; the Dark #o&er has )heap )ost?. The flesh of )hildren of i-ht count as . point of "tran-e 0lesh! &hich can be used to increase the 5hKlCs evel of The "i-ht. The flesh of :ystics doesnCt count as "tran-e 0lesh.

Glim "e" and Tome": :ystics seek 5limpses of their <i-her "elf out amon- the #leroma! &hich they may use to purchase additional evels of the "orcery and 9nchantment "pecial 'bilities. :ystics also seek Tomes &hich hold the ancient secrets of ma-ic! &hich they may use to learn Dark 'rts and :ystical Techni=ues.

Dark Dark 'isdom 'isdom
$o! $o! %hat %hat does does it it mean mean to to 88earn earn from9 from9 aa 6 ood 3&thE +here are different %a&s to 6 ood 3&thE +here are different %a&s tohand handee this! depending on %hat /ind of campaign this! depending on %hat /ind of campaign the the .ame .ame3aster 3asteris isr#nning. r#nning. 3a&"e 3a&"e the the .ame .ame 3aster 3aster sho# sho#d d decide decide %hat the 6 ood 3&th means! and e=pect %hat the 6 ood 3&th means! and e=pect the the .hA .hA -a&er a&er to to fig#re fig#re it it o#t o#t "efore "efore the& the& can can spend spend the the points. points. Hr! Hr! the the .3 .3 ma& ma& as/ as/ the the a&er to come #p %ith their o%n meaning - a&er to come #p %ith their o%n meaning for for the the 6 6ood ood 3&th; 3&th; in in the the rea rea %or %ord! d! different different peop peopee earn earn different different things things from from fa" fa"es es and and stories. stories. +he +he .ame .ame 3aster 3aster ma& ma& decide decide that that each each 6 6ood ood 3&th 3&th is is aa code! code! and and certain certain precise precise techni;#es techni;#es for for #sing #sing ne% ne% 6 6ood ood +ric/s +ric/s are are ciphered cipheredin inthis thiscode. code.(n (nthis thiscase! case!the theCharacter Character needs needs to to ma/e ma/e an an (:$ (:$ NN 0idden 0idden Bore Bore ro ro ! ! #s#a #s#a & & *s. *s. DJ DJ 1*erage 1*erage ?20@! ?20@! to to decipher decipher %hat %hat it it means. means. ,egard ,egardess! ess! .hA .hA -a&ers a&ers sho# sho#d d ha*e ha*e to to %or/ to grasp the 6 ood 3&th. Ba5& efficient %or/ to grasp the 6 ood 3&th. Ba5& efficient .ame .ame 3asters 3asters sho# sho#d d instead instead G#st G#st gi*e gi*e .hA .hA Characters $trange J esh instead! %hich Characters $trange J esh instead! %hichre;#ires re;#ires no nodeep deep#nderstanding #nderstandingto tosa*or sa*orand andgro% gro%strong strong from. from.

!am !am (s (s 1<at 1<at C C !hou !hou (rt (rt !hat !hat
. .impses impses are are rare rare and and %ondro#s %ondro#s e*ents e*ents %here a 3&stic sees their 0igher %here a 3&stic sees their 0igher$e $effo#t o#tamong among the the ,ea ,eams. ms. Fach Fach 3&stic)s 3&stic)s 0igher 0igher $e $eff oo/s oo/s different! and genera &! on & 3&stics can different! and genera &! on & 3&stics cansee seethe the 0igher 0igher$e $e*es *esof ofother other3&stics. 3&stics. +he +he . .impse impse can can "e "e man& man& things. things. $ometimes the 3&stic earns that $ometimes the 3&stic earns that the the strange strange :-C :-C the&)*e the&)*e "een "een tra*e tra*eing ing %ith %ith on on this this ad*ent#re is their o%n 0igher $e f! and ad*ent#re is their o%n 0igher $e f! and the&)*e the&)*e "een "een dropping dropping cr&ptic cr&ptic %isdom %isdom aa the the time. time. $ometimes the 8. impse9 is G#st in the $ometimes the 8. impse9 is G#st in the 3&stic)s 3&stic)s mind! mind!"#t "#teach each. .impse impseis is#ni;#e #ni;#eand andpersona persona! ! ;#iet ;#iet& &so# so#2shattering. 2shattering.3&stics 3&sticsma& ma&go go;#esting ;#esting aaone one for for aa . .impse! impse! "#t "#t no no magic magic can can ind#ce ind#ceaa . .impse; impse; %hich %hich is is strange! strange! "eca#se "eca#se 3&stic 3&stic Jorm# Jorm#C Cseem seemto to"e "ecapa" capa"eeof ofan&thing. an&thing. Ihi Ihiee .hA .hA 6 6ood ood 3&ths 3&ths are are aa a"o#t a"o#t dar/! dar/!pragmatic! pragmatic!3achia*e 3achia*e ian ian%isdom! %isdom!and andthe the .race .race that that the the Chi Chidren dren of of Bight Bight see/ see/ is is aa a"o#t a"o#tthe the di*ine di*ine& &good! good!the the. .impse impseis isne#tra ne#tra! ! amora ! impersona ?or rather! trans2persona amora ! impersona ?or rather! trans2persona@. @. (t)s (t)s a"o#t a"o#t oneness oneness %ith %ith the the #ni*erse! #ni*erse! %ith %ith aa of of its its good! good! "ad! "ad! and and #g #g&! &! aa its its seeming seeming p#rpose p#rpose and p#rpose essness! accepting it and p#rpose essness! accepting itaa at atonce. once. Jrom Jrom the the point pointof of*ie% *ie% of ofthe the (psissimi (psissimi of of Destin&! e*er& 3&stic has a read& Destin&! e*er& 3&stic has a read& achie*ed achie*ed Dnit&! Dnit&! and and the the . .impse impse is is sort sort of of an an echo echo "ac/%ards in time of that e*ent. "ac/%ards in time of that e*ent.

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DIRGE RPG by Joshua Kubli Imperfekt Gammes

S linter" and Grace: ;earin- &itnesses to acts of ri-hteousness and virtue! can help restore a )hild of i-ht of their ori-inal celestial state and po&ers. 4hen )hildren of i-ht &itness another )haracter performin- a <eroic or 9(emplary action! they -ain ;uild #oints that may be used to purchase ne& :iracles. The 'rchons &ere the most po&erful of the )hildren of i-ht! and they &ielded Relics that contained echoes of their divine -lory. The 'rchons &ere slain! and the relics shattered. Durin- the :iddle '-es! hucksters often sold rubes ordinary splinters of &ood! tellin- them that they &ere Osplinters of the True )ross!P i.e. pieces of the cross on &hich )hrist &as crucified. :aybe some&here! actual holy relics of the cross chan-ed hands; the )hildren of i-ht face similar problems as they also seek "plinters of the 'rchonsC holy relics out amon- the #leroma. 0indin- a "plinter can also restore a )hild of i-htCs :iraculous po&ers.

(ma@ing (ma@ing Gra%e Gra%e
Chi Chidren dren of of Bight Bight gain gain .race .race and and re2 re2earn earn some of their ost! ho & po%ers "& some of their ost! ho & po%ers "& seeing seeing 3orta 3ortass at at their their "est! "est! "#t "#t et)s et)s face face it; it; the the Chi Chid d of Bight isn)t *er& i/e & to see of Bight isn)t *er& i/e & to see the the Do%ntrodden Do%ntroddendoing doinggood. good. 1cts 1cts of of heroic heroic se sef2sacrifice! f2sacrifice! incredi" incredi"ee acts acts of compassion and gi*ing! "ra*e heroes of compassion and gi*ing! "ra*e heroes "att "atting ing to to sa*e sa*e others others against against the the %orst %orst /inds /inds of of odds! odds! these these are are the the acts acts of of .race .race that that %i %i ena" ena"ee the the Chi dren of Bight to gro% c oser Chi dren of Bight to gro% c oser to to their their origina origina! !ce ceestia estia po%ers. po%ers. 1cts 1cts of of .race .race are are e*en e*en more more rare rare among among the Dnnat#ra s; most 3&stics don)t the Dnnat#ra s; most 3&stics don)t care care m#ch m#ch for for good good or or e*i e*i! ! and and .hA .hAss tend tend to to err err prett& prett& hea*i hea*i& &on onthe theside sideof ofe*i e*i. .1 1Chi Chid dof ofBight Bightma& ma& enco#nter enco#nter .race .race among among the the Do%ntrodden Do%ntrodden that that the& the& enco#nter enco#nter in in e*er&da& e*er&da& ife! ife! or or can can e*en e*en go go on on aa pi pigrimage grimage to to go go meet meet peop peopee r#mored r#mored to to "e "e ho ho& & and and *irt#o#s. *irt#o#s. +hese +hese ;#ests ;#ests are are i/e i/e& & to to end end in in disappointment! disappointment! "#t "#t it)s it)s important important to to ne*er ne*ergi*e gi*e#p. #p.
ggorio#s orio#sdeeds deedsaa that thatoften. often.

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(ppendi*$ Dirge Glossary
This section consists of a master list of individuals! places! and terms relatin- to the TenebrG! the #leroma! and everythin- beyond. "ome of the people and terms here &ill be e(panded on in future Dir-e R#5 supplements. CBD: ' 3hGl member of the E chaton 1ru ade. A$errant Matter: &haumatronici t coined the term Oaberrant matterP for a form of matter that interacts like ordinary matter! but is denser! and yet someho& li-hter. The e(istence of aberrant matter is rejected by mainstream science! but it e(plains a &ide variety of phenomena observed on the Aleroma. :ost of a 1hild of +ight' body! and some of a 3hGl' internal or-ans! are composed of aberrant matter. A$othacaude": ' rene-ade 0y tic &ho leads an the E chaton 1ru ade! &hich seeks to defeat the Elder "ea t and destroy the Aleroma. Anne. BD: ' ,nited "tates -overnment la& enforcement and espiona-e a-ency! controlled by the 1ult of 8ierate ! &hich employs the 'ervitor . A o"tate: ' 0y tic that turns aside from the =uest for ,nity! and -ives up ma-ic. A!o tate are almost universally miserable! but at least theyCre some&hat safe from the 8ierate 1ult and the dan-ers of the Aleroma. Archon": The -reatest amon- the 1hildren of +ight! the rulers of the Aalace of +ight and the servants of 6nity. The 'rchons &ere all slain &hen the )ity of <eaven &as destroyed. Their Relic &ere shattered! and the '!linter &ere scattered to the Aleroma. Kno&n Archon included ,riel! Israfel! and "andalphon. Arma-eddon Kni-ht: ' series of four &haumatronic constructs created in the Indu trial )e.u in ancient times! commissioned by the 1hildren of +ight to use as a doomsday &eapon a-ainst the 1hildren of 4arkne . T&o of these apocalyptic ni-htmares are unaccounted for; one Armageddon 7night &as captured by the 1hildren of 4arkne and used in the final battle for the Aerfect Ark in the Aalace of +ight! and one lies unused in the heart of 6ru 6lan! po&erin- the entire city as it slumbers. The 'rma-eddon Kni-hts &ere -oin- to be used by the Archon in D23 '.D.! but the production of these unstoppable ju--ernauts took too lon-! and in the end! the plan &as put on hold. "ome say that the 'rchons &ere seekin- the missin- Armageddon 7night to use them after the rise of the 8ierate 1ult! but &ere too late. Arm): 7ften-used shortenin- of Army of +ight. Arm) o, Li-ht: ' -roup of 1hildren of +ight of different +egion that live in a specific area. "ince the 1hildren of +ight are ne& to the 2ale! Armie of them are ironically very fe& and very small. Arti,act": Items that are Enchanted to possess ma-ical po&ers! &hich anyone may use. The &haumatronici t are the -reatest e(perts at makinArtifact . A"ter1 Natalie: Teena-ed 0y tic of the 1ult of 'trange 2i ion . A"ura": ' +egion of the 1hildren of 4arkne . /a Tien +iao #u Shu: O9i-ht )elestial Dra-ons :artial 'rt!P the kun- fu form of the 1ult of the -u Pang &ao! a form of kun- fu that combines ma-ic &ith martial trainin-. /ell1 Noah: This Aymandri 0y tic art student lives in )ineveh. /lood M)th": The stories of 0ada 6 F3idim! &hich can teach 3hGl ne& "lood &rick once they decipher their meanin-. /lood Tric!": The 4ark Aower oriented to&ards huntin- do&n fresh prey. of 3hGl !

/oo;um": 4ell-dressed! bird-like! po&erful servants of the Elder "ea t Jorok the 4ise and 4icked! "oo#um cause madness in those in their vicinity! and possess stran-e po&ers to &arp and bend probability. %acodo.: 7ne of the harshest punishments that can befall a 0y tic. If a 0y tic is ruled a 1acodo. by their 1ollegium! all members are forbidden from assistin- the 1acodo.. The protections of the Firmament &reaty does not apply to 1acodo.e ! either. "ometimes a 1ollegium allo&s a :ystic to become A!o tate! fors&earin- ma-ic forever but retainin- the protection of their fello&s! a kind of Ohouse arrestP that at least keeps them alive. ' small number of 1ollegium have e(perimented &ith permanently strippin- 1acodo.e of their ma-ical po&er! but this is such a difficult and )orruptin- act that itCs not &idespread … yet.

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%a""iel: ' 1hild of +ight of the 0alakim +egion. %hildren o, Dar!ne""1 The: Inhuman 3ue t that &ere once 1hildren of +ight! but rebelled a-ainst the Archon and removed their '!irit from the Aerfect Ark. The 1hildren of 4arkne recently destroyed the Aalace of +ight! and are no& the only thin- protectinthe Aleroma from the Elder "ea t . Kno&n 1hildren of 4arkne include )aamah. %hildren o, Li-ht1 The: Inhuman 3ue t from another Realm! the Aalace of +ight! &ho have been banished to the 0ortal &orld since their capital! the Aalace of +ight! have been destroyed. 1hildren of +ight join e-ions! and &here there are many 1hildren of +ight in an area! the various +egion join to-ether to form an Army. Kno&n 1hildren of +ight include Righteou 3 and 1a iel. %it) o, S irit"1 The: The A tral Realm city of 6ru 6lan! founded in "umerian times by a po&erful 0y tic. 0ounded by the Ipsissimus 9nsi 'b-al! the city is constructed of buildin-s stolen from 9arth throu-hout history! rescued from &ars and natural disasters! and the inhabitants are also a mishmash of 0ortal from all eras on 9arth. 6ru 6lan is neutral territory for all 6nnatural ! a sort of O)asablancaP &here 8ierate ! 1ult 0y tic ! 3hGl ! 1hildren of +ight! 1hildren of 4arkne ! and all other sorts of bein-s come to trade! recreate! and commiserate. %olle-ium: 'n alliance of all of the 0y tic of various 1ult in a -iven area! e(cept for the 8ierate . %olle-ium %ult": 'll the 1ult e(cept the 8ierate ! as they &orship the Elder "ea t ! and have betrayed the others in e(chan-e for po&er. %on"ortium: 'n or-aniBation of 2enefici that operate in the TenebrC and throu-hout the Aleroma! even in the 2ale! providin- trade in ma-ic items and materials. 7pponents accuse the 1on ortium of operatin- like an or-aniBed crime syndicate! askinutter loyalty of its employees! musclin- out competition! and employin- 3oblin as le--breakers! but the ,rdo 1u tode )octi prefers to have one or-aniBation fillin- this need! rather than several. %orru tion: ' spiritCs decay into evil and darkness. 1orru!tion can be seen in a spirit by those &ith The "i-ht; the opposite of 1orru!tion is 3race. %ouncil o, Ni-ht: ' local -atherin- of 0y tic ! 3hGl , 1hildren of +ight! and other 6nnatural ! for
mutual support and defense! and for establishin- codes of behavior and punishin- infractions thereof. In areas too small to

1ouncil of )ight are founded by the ,rdo 1u tode )octi ! &ho may sometimes be called on to enforce their edicts. %r) to"o hic: The secret lan-ua-e of 0y tic . 'ccounts vary about &hether the term is derived from the 5reek &ords for Olove of secrecyP >kryptos H sophia?! or a shortenin- of a phrase meanin- Osecret philosophyP >kryptos H philos-sophia?! althou-h either is valid. %ult: ' Faction of 0y tic . The 1ult include the 1ult of &haumatronic ! the 1ult of the 7night of Aymander! the 1ult of 'trange 2i ion ! and the 1ult of the -u Pang &ao. 7nce! the 1ult of the 8ierate &as counted as an ally! but those days have lon- since passed. %ult o, the *ierate"1 The: 7nce the dominant 0y tic 1ult! no& -iven over to &orship of the Elder "ea t and control of various &orld -overnments! militaries! and corporations. The 8ierate are more &idespread and better-or-aniBed than even the Aymandri! and their leader is called the Re. 0undi. Theoretically the 8ierate 1ult has treaties of cooperation and nona--ression &ith the 1ollegium 1ult ! but in practice this means little. The 8ierate 1ult is based in Rome! and is served by Anne. LN and the 'ervitor . ' local -roup of 8ierate is called a &hrong. %ult o, the Kni-ht" o, P)mander1 The: ' secretive and arcane fraternal order of 0y tic devoted to the hermetic and cabalistic sciences. :embers are called Aymandri. %ult o, Stran-e (i"ion"1 The: ' 0y tic sect &ith talent for divination and a predilection for e(treme practices; they are the Ose(! dru-s! and rock Cn rollP 0y tic . :embers are called 2i ionarie . %ult o, Thaumatronic"1 The: ' 0y tic symposium devoted to combinin- ma-ic and technolo-y! especially electronics and modern machine! or steam-po&ered and clock&ork devices. :embers are called &haumatronici t . %ult o, the #u 7an- Tao1 The: 'n 'sian order of 0y tic devoted to mystical contemplation and mastery of an esoteric style of kun- fu! called "a &ien Qiao -u 'hu. :embers are called -u Pang &aoi t . Damocletian Guard: 'n elite 0y tic unit of the ,rdo 1u tode )octi devoted to patrollin- the Aleroma and helpin- police the 1ity of '!irit and the 0an ion of 1onundrum . 4amocletian 3uard are usually trained from childhood in the 3reat Academy by representatives chosen from all four allied 1ult ! particularly the -u Pang &aoi t .

support an entire Army of +ight! 3athering! or 1ollegium! the 1ouncil of )ight is easily the most important political entity to most 6nnatural . :ost

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Dar! Art": The sorcerous practices used by 0y tic to manipulate the elements of the universe. The si( 4ark Art are ;ody! Destiny! 9ner-y! "pirit! "ubstance! and @oid. The )olle-ium :ystics are not familiar &ith 2oid! as itCs believed to be linked to the Elder "ea t . Elemental are -enerally linked &ith a specific 4ark Art. Dar! Po'er: The special abilities of the 6nnatural . 0iracle ! "lood &rick ! and FormulI are all forms of 4ark Aower. Dar! Prince": The rulers amon- the 1hildren of 4arkne . 7nly three of the 4ark Arince &ere Archon ; most of them &ere 1hildren of 4arkne &ho &ere -ranted! or seiBed! po&er amon- their fello&s. Deodata1 Lilith: This ,utca t 3hGl fre=uently travels &ith her carnie 3athering to )ineveh and a&ay. De&ourer: 'n elemental of the ;ody! commonly found in the A tral Realm and the -a teland of 'uffering. 4evourer resemble -iant amoebas! and &ant nothin- more than to consume every livin- thinthey encounter. Do'ntrodden: ' formal term for 0ortal ! the pathetic 'oul-less bein-s that are the majority inhabitants of the 2ale of the 4owntrodden. D'ar,: 7ne of the many fae species inhabitinthe 3lade of 0irth. Elder /ea"t": :alevolent! ancient! nearly omnipotent entities that reside in the Ylem. There are many Elder "ea t ! but they include 9oth Damnation;rin-er! Iijikal :orthian of the "tolen 9yes! Jorok the 4ise and 4icked! "horaCanis the 'll-Devourer! and The "torm 7f 'll Ini=uities. The Elder "ea t are served by "oo#um ! the 8ierate 1ult! and 'ervitor . Elemental: ' bein- d&ellin- in the Aleroma &ith a stron- affinity for! or composition of! some fundamental element of the universe! and often linked to a specific 4ark Art. Elemental include 4evourer ! '!rite , Rea!er , Tulpas! 5nomes! "ylphs! "alamanders! and ,ndines. Element": The fundamental buildin- blocks of all thin-s in all Realm ! different from and in some cases unkno&n to commonplace science. 5limpses -ive 0y tic po&er over the Element ! and they learn &echni%ue and FormulI to bend the Element to their &ill. :ost Realm have an affinity for certain Element as &ell. Elohim: "ee +egion of the Elohim, &he. En!idu: 4ilderness-d&ellin- &ere-creature 6nnatural feared by all other 6nnatural .

Enchantment: The process that 0y tic 2enefici use to create Artifact .


Enli-htenment: The path for an entity to achieve their <i-her "elves! and from there pro-ress to&ards 6nity. There are three -eneral &ays of 9nli-htenment$ 3race! 1orru!tion! and the 9soteric! follo&ed by 1hildren of +ight! 3hGl ! and 0y tic ! respectively. 0y tic refer to these as the 4hite! ;lack! and Red #aths. Enochian: The lan-ua-e of the 1hildren of +ight and 1hildren of 4arkne . Entit): ' thinkin- bein-! &hether physical or spiritual in nature. E"chaton %ru"ade: ' rene-ade 6nnatural or-aniBation based in the Aleroma! led by a 0y tic callin- himself Abothacaude . They seek to defeat the Elder "ea t &hile destroyin- the Aleroma! supposedly so as to establish a 8e& <eaven and a 8e& 9arth. Kno&n a-ents include the 0y tic 'o!hia! the )hild of Darkness )aamah! the 3hGl called BLN! and the @eneficus +aar +'aag. Faction": :any 6nnatural are or-aniBed into Faction ; some are born or created in a Faction! &hile others join a Faction or-aniBation. 0y tic join 1ult ! and the 1hildren of +ight join +egion ! &hile 3hGl are born into a &ribe. Fall1 The: The ejection of a 1hild of +ight from the Aalace of +ight because of 1orru!tion. In order to survive as spirits in a physical &orld! the 1hildren of +ight take on bodies in the 2ale of the 4owntrodden. Firmament Treat): The treaty bet&een the 1ult that re-ulates their interactions and prevents violence. The 8ierate 1ult e(ploits loopholes in the treaty to further their o&n ends and e(pand their alreadymassive po&er base. ' 1acodo. is a 0y tic &ho is no lon-er protected or supported by their 1ollegium! and to &hom the Firmament &reaty no lon-er applies. FormulE: The ma-ical spells used by 0y tic . Fortean #ee!l) ?ournal: 7nce a supermarket tabloid &ith uncannily accurate reportin-! the Journal is no& a heavily-trafficked &ebsite &ith blo-s and forums. <idden portions of the forums are used by the ,rdo 1u tode )octi for communications in a variety of secret codes. Freeca"tin-: ' method of ma-ic use that is less predictable than Formulaic ma-ic! but also allo&s for -reater creativity and spontaneity. ' 0y tic castin- a Formula is limited to a specific effect! but a 0y tic that is Freeca ting may shape the ra& ma-ical po&er into &hatever shape they can ima-ine and &ill! at much -reater risk to their sanity.

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Gatherin-: ' -roup of 3hGl of various &ribe that live in a specific area. Gh5l": 7ne of the 8uman races! a species of shado&-d&ellin- cannibals &ith stran-e po&ers of stealth and carna-e. 3hGl are born into Faction called &ribe ! includin- the 8arle%uin &ribe! the Flen er &ribe! and the ,utca t &ribe. Kno&n 5hKls include +ilith 4eodata, +a$y Dack, and BLN. Gidimite: The inhabitants of the ancient empire of 0ada 6 F3idim; also! the lan-ua-e of 3hGl . Glade" o, Mirth1 The: ' blissful! verdant Realm inhabited by the fae and various plant elementals. Glim "e: The initial Enlightenment of a 0y tic that starts them on the path to 6nity. 'ncient 0y tic called this e(perience the OKno&led-e and )onversation of the <oly 5uardian 'n-el!P but modern 0y tic often shed such poetic metaphors. Go$lin: ' short! s=uat! u-ly human-like species that inhabits many Realms. 3oblin come in many different sub-races! includin- 0lame! "hado&! "un! "and! and Ice. 3oblin are violent and cunnin-! and sub-race has their o&n creative obsession. Grace: The opposite of 1orru!tion. Gue"t": ' term commonly used by Anne. LN and the Fortean -eekly Dournal to refer to visitors from other Realm . *arle6uin Tri$e1 The: ' &ribe of 3hGl that may be found any&here! is kno&n for obsessively stalkin- the 4owntrodden! and eventually stealin- their lives &ith their shapeshiftin- skills. *ell *ound: <ideous! sentient predators native to the -a teland of 'uffering! enslaved by the 1hildren of 4arkne . 'lso kno&n as 'heolite . *i-her Sel,: 'nother name for the -reater 'oul that 0y tic have 3lim! ed and maintain a tenuous link &ith! and &hich resides some&here on the Aleroma! &aitin- for them to discover it. 0y tic that -ro& closer to their 8igher 'elve attain -reater kno&led-e of the Element ! and may use their 'oul to cast FormulI and Enchant Artifact . *uman: ' member of the species 8omo a!ien a!ien . The precise meanin- of 8uman is debatable; 0y tic and Enkidu are -enerally believed to be somethin- more than merely <uman! &hile 3hGl are believed to be separate Race. Indu"trial Ne.u"1 The: ' Realm of fire and metal! filled &ith factories and steam en-ines and -ears. The Indu trial )e.u is a favorite Realm of the &haumatronici t .

I "i""imu": The hi-hest rank of 0y tic! sorcerers &hose mastery of the <i-h :ysteries -ives them -odlike control over the Element of the 0any Realm . Laar L@aa-: ' 2eneficu E chaton 1ru ade. member of the

FLa4) ?ac!G: ' 3hGl of the ,utca t &ribe. Le-ion: ' -roup of 1hildren of +ight dedicated to a specific form of service to&ards others and to&ards 6nity. e-ions include the Elohim! the 0alakim! and the Ya$ata. 'lternatively! a -roup of 1hildren of 4arkne united by devotion to a particular vice. e-ions of the )hildren of Darkness include the A ura . Le-ion o, the Elohim1 The: ' +egion of the 1hildren of +ight composed of leaders and commanders. Le-ion o, the Mala!im1 The: ' +egion of the 1hildren of +ight composed of creators and artisans. Le-ion o, the Ya4ata1 The: ' +egion of the 1hildren of +ight composed of &arriors and -uardians. Lo-o": ' theoretical! unbeheld incarnation of 6nity. 'ccordin- to some metaphysicians amon- the 1hildren of +ight and the 0y tic ! the o-os &as an 9lder ;east that created the Aleroma from the Ylem for unkno&n reasons. The +ogo created the 4emiurge! the first of the Archon ! to administer! &ho then created the other Archon and the 1hildren of +ight. "ome say that 0y tic ' ma-ic dra&s on the &illful! structurin-! focusin- ener-ies of the +ogo ! and that the chaotic madness that 0y tic suffer is a backlash from their reorderin- of the cosmos. Lord" o, the Dead: The most ancient and po&erful 3hGl ! said to literally be reanimated corpses that feast on flesh and blood. The ,rder of 'hiru keeps ancient rituals that can create +ord of the 4ead. Mada :"8Gidim: The ORealm of ;lood Demons.P 'n empire of evil 0ortal in ancient times that ate the flesh of their enemies! and &orshiped the 1hildren of 4arkne . The blessin-s of the 1hildren of 4arkne -ave the 3idimite po&er! but the curses of the 1hildren of +ight destroyed the 9mpire. The t&o to-ether created the 3hGl race. Mala!im: "ee +egion of the 0alakim, &he. Man"ion" o, %onundrum"1 The: ' stran-e Realm that resembles an endless! palatial :. ). 9scheres=ue! filled &ith statues and tapestries! coBy dra&inrooms and vast concert halls. 0y tic of all kinds con-re-ate to the 0an ion of 1onundrum to meditate

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and learn! but the place is like a non-9uclidean maBe! and itCs easy to -et lost forever in the hu-e threedimensional puBBle. Mem$rane: The barrier surroundin- a Realm! keepin- it separate from the A tral Alane, the Ylem! and other Realm . Miracle": The stran-e po&ers displayed by the 1hildren of +ight. Mont"al&at: The le-endary! hidden head=uarters of the ,rdo 1u tode )octi . "ome say 0ont alvat is in a forest in 5ermany! some say itCs in ,tah! and some say itCs in another Realm. 7nly the most elite a-ents of the ,1)! such as the 4amocletian 3uard! are allo&ed to enter 0ont alvat. Mortal: 'n ordinary <uman bein-! as opposed to 6nnatural . M)"tic": 8uman &hoCve attained a 3lim! e of their 8igher 'elf and as a result may learn ma-ic FormulI and Enchant items. 0y tic -ro& closer to their 8igher 'elve &hich assists them learnin0y tical &echni%ue and 4ark Art . They learn FormulI! that allo& them to bend the Element ! and eventually seek 6nity &ith their 8igher 'elf and the universe. 0y tic of different 1ult in an area -ather to-ether into a 1ollegium. Kno&n :ystics include En i Abgal! )oah "ell! and )atalie A ter. Naamah: ' 1hild of 4arkne 9schaton )rusade. member of the

and! indirectly! the 8ierate 1ult. The ,rdo 1u tode )octi &ere ori-inally an order of 0y tic devoted to enforcin- the Firmament &reaty! but they e(panded their operations to include other 6nnatural . Their head=uarters is the mysterious location 0ont alvat. 7ne of their main objectives is to establish and assist the 1ouncil of )ight to promote stability. The ,rdo 1u tode )octi means &ell but often resorts to e(treme measures to ensure peace! and are often -iven free rei-n to act in 1ouncil territories. The ,rdo 1u tode )octi evolved from an order of 0y tic chosen to enforce the Firmament &reaty after it &as si-ned! and has a fe& specialiBed branches! such as the 4amocletian 3uard . 4ell-kno&n a-ents of the 7)8 include 0andragora 'allow. Outca"t Tri$e1 The: ' &ribe of 3hGl that lives in distant! rural areas &here they can pick off rare 4owntrodden &anderers &ho &onCt be missed. ,utca t are noted for their berserk ra-e in a fi-ht. Pact: ' -roup of 6nnatural of different kinds &orkin- to-ether to&ards a common -oal. The 1ouncil of )ight or the ,rdo 1u tode )octi often assemble Aact for troubleshootin- potentially politically sensitive issues! as the various 6nnatural races are often loathe to &ork to-ether and &ary of one anotherCs a-endas. Palace" o, Li-ht1 The: The home of the 1hildren of +ight and the home of the Aerfect Ark! &here all of the "pirits of the 1hildren of +ight &ere housed! protectin- them from 1orru!tion. Per,ect Ar!1 The: The receptacle for the 'oul of the 1hildren of +ight! &hich resided in the Aalace of +ight. It &as destroyed alon- &ith that Realm! cursinthe 1hildren of +ight to slo&ly decay into darkness. Pleroma1 The: 5enerally! the Realm other than the 2ale of the 4owntrodden. There are hundreds! thousands! maybe an endless number of Realms; some of them resemble our &orld! some are va-uely 9arthlike! and some are biBarre beyond comparison. The best-kno&n Realm of the Aleroma include the ;arrens of 7rdure! ;elly of the ;east! the )andlepine @oivodship! Der ,nschla-bar Reich! the 1ity of '!irit ! the 9ndless Isles! the 3lade of 0irth! the 5loomfallen )averns! the Indu trial )e.u ! the 0an ion of 1onundrum ! the :ountain of #eace! the Aalace of +ight! the Theater of ;itters&eet Recall! and the -a teland of 'uffering. P)mandri: :embers of the 1ult of the 7night of Aymander. Race": There are various 8uman races inhabitinthe 9arth! other than 8omo 'a!ien a!ien . 7ne is the 3hGl ! and another are the Enkidu. The 1hildren of +ight are not 8uman at all! but they take on a 8uman-

Ne.ian": The -ray-skinned but <uman-like native inhabitants of the Indu trial )e.u . Nine&eh: ' small city in southern 4ashin-ton &ith an especially hi-h 6nnatural population and an active 1ouncil of )ight. The residence of )oah "ell and Righteou 3. O%N: 'n abbreviation for ,rdo 1u tode )octi . The ,rdo 1u tode )octi themselves never use this abbreviation! and fro&n on its use. Order o, Shiru1 The: ' monastic order of 3hGl that d&ells in the -a teland of 'uffering. The 'hiru monks! follo&in- the practices of the ancient 3idimite ! consume human flesh not only for sustenance! but as a sacrament to the 1hildren of 4arkne . The ,rder of 'hiru has rituals to create +ord of the 4ead from the most po&erful and ancient 3hul . Ordo %u"tode" Nocti"1 The: The O7rder of 8i-htCs 5uardians!P a -roup of 6nnatural dedicated to keepin- the peace bet&een 6nnatural ! shieldin- their e(istence from the 4owntrodden! and defendin- the &orld from the 1hildren of 4arkne ! the Elder "ea t ,

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like form durin- their Fall. 0y tic are believed to differ from ordinary 0ortal ! but no difference has ever been discovered. Realm": 'nother plane of e(istence! floatin&ithin the A tral Alane. 'll Realm taken to-ether are called the Aleroma. 'lso kno&n as the Realms ;eyond or the 7uter Realms. Rea er: ' type of Destiny Elemental! &hich haunts places &here deaths are about to occur to feed on the entropic ener-y. Relic": :a-ical &eapons &ielded by the Archon . 4hen the Archon &ere slain! their Relic &ere shattered to '!linter and scattered amon- the Aleroma. Re. Mundi: OThe Kin- of the 4orld!P the unseen! unkno&n leader of the 8ierate 1ult. 4hether the name is accurate or not is a matter of decreasindebate. The Re( :undiCs second-in-command holds the title 2icariu . Ri-hteou" G: 7nce kno&n as 5abuthelon! this Ya$ata 1hild of +ight literally 0ell in &ith street -anmembers in )ineveh. Ru ture: ' tear in the 0embrane bet&een nei-hborin- Realm ! that allo&s ener-y to bleed throu-h both &ays! and allo&s 6nnatural and the 4owntrodden to travel to the other Realm. Sallo'1 Mandra-ora": ' centuries-old :a-ister and hi-h-ranked leader in the ,rdo 1u tode )octi ! &ho typically operates from the 0an ion of 1onundrum ! as reno&ned for his kno&led-e as for his paranoia. San-uinal": 'n old! formal term for 3hGl . Santo"1 Gar&in: '2i ionary 0y tic e(ecuted in the .1D+s for mass murder. 'anto &as the last 0y tic kno&n to possess a fra-ment of the &ome of 0alevolent '!lendour . Sat)r: 7ne of the many fae species inhabitin- the 3lade of 0irth. Sel48Mor Su er"tore"K: ' popular chain of variety stores in the @ale of the Do&ntrodden. 7ddly! every "elB-:ore "uperstore™ seems to have a reflection in some other Realm. Ser&itor": 5enetically and ma-ically enhanced servants of the 8ierate . 'ervitor are amon- the most terrifyin- killers in the 2ale of the 4owntrodden. The 'ervitor are employed by the ,nites "tates -overnment as a-ents of Anne. LN! and under other a-encies in other countries. Sheolite": The proper name for 8ell 8ound .

Sidhe: 7ne of the many fae species inhabitin- the 3lade of 0irth. Kno&n sidhe include #rincess Ianna and #rince 0oalan. Soul: 'n immaterial body like a '!irit that some entities may attain! but most 0ortal do not possess. 0y tic have 'oul ! their 8igher 'elf &hich they seek on the #leroma. The 1hildren of +ight once locked their 'oul a&ay in the Aerfect Ark! but since its destruction! they have been -ivin- &ay to Corr#ption. 'oul cannot be destroyed! and a 0ortal &ith a 'oul may reincarnate! returnin- to the 2ale of the 4owntrodden to be reborn. S irit: 'n immaterial entity! the basis of consciousness. :ost material entities have '!irit &hich can! &ith trainin-! detach from their bodies to function independently. In certain Realm ! '!irit are treated as solid! and can be interacted &ith normally. '!irit can be destroyed! and a 0ortal &ith a dama-ed '!irit -oes mad. 0y tic use their '!irit to manipulate e(tradimensional ener-ies! but they al&ays run the risk of -oin- mad for this reason. S linter": The remains of the Relic of the Archon ! &hich shattered durin- the final battle for the Aalace of +ight. The 1hildren of +ight -o =uestin- for '!linter ! in order to bask in their holiness and re-ain their souls. S rite": ' type of 9ner-y Elemental! continually radiatin- li-ht. Stran-e Fle"h: 0lesh composed of aberrant matter, flesh of 6nnatural creatures! &hich 3hGl can consume and -ro& more po&erful. Tem le o, Slau-hter1 The: ' location in the -a teland of 'uffering! a Realm of ancient! ruined temples to for-otten deities of carna-e; a place that is sacred to the 3hGl . Tene$rae: ' atin &ord meanin- Oshado&s!P a term commonly used for the sort of Ounder&orldP that 6nnatural live in &ithin the oppressive and repressed 2ale of the 4owntrodden. "ometimes called OThe TenP or just OFP for short. Thaumatronici"t: ' member of the 1ult of &haumatronici t . Thron-: The term used by the 8ierate 1ult for a local or-aniBation. )ompare 1ollegium! 1ouncil of )ight. Tome: ' book of ma-ical po&er that 0y tic seek in the 2ale and throu-hout the Aleroma. Tome o, Male&olent S lendour": )reated by 0y tic durin- the empire of 0ada 6 F3idim! bound in the '!linter skin of an Archon! filled &ith the vilest

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0ormulG and "lood 0yth ! one of the most po&erful! feared! and sou-ht-after items in e(istence. The 2i ionary 3arvin 'anto possessed a fra-ment of the &ome of 0alevolent '!lendour . Tul a: ' type of "pirit Elemental! often created by 0y tic &ho desire trust&orthy servants. :n$idden: The horrifyin- results of a 1hild of 4arkne that is corrupted by the Elder "ea t ! and becomes a shapeless mass of tentacles and eyes and fan-ed mouths. :nhin-ed: ' term for a 0y tic that has -one mad due to Enlightenment. The 1ult of 'trange 2i ion are most susceptible to becomin- 6nhinged out of all 0y tic . :nit): 5odhood! perfection! oneness &ith all of the Aleroma! and traversal to &hat lies beyond. #erfect Enlightenment of the 'oul leads to 6nity. "ome 1hildren of +ight claim that the ,nity is sentient! and that the Archon &ere its servants. The Elder "ea t have almost achieved a form of 6nity throu-h their Corr#ption! but such development re=uires horrifyin-! unthinkable evils to accomplish. :nnatural": ' -eneral term for sentient creatures &ith supernatural po&ers. ,nnaturals include 0y tic ! 1hildren of +ight! and 3hGl ! as &ell as 1hildren of 4arkne ! Enkidu! 2enefici! and 0amono. :ru :lan: The O'ncient "ky )ityP; see 1ity of '!irit .

(ale: "hort for the 2ale of the 4owntrodden! another &ord for the 0ortal &orld. (ale o, the Do'ntrodden1 The: The 0ortal &orld! the Realm that is home to the 4owntrodden. (ene,ici: ' species of dan-erous! non-<uman sorcerers from another Realm. :ost 2enefici in the &enebrI are members of the 1on ortium. Kno&n 2enefici include +aar +'aag. (icariu": The second-in-command of the 8ierate 1ult. (i"ionarie": :embers of the 1ult of 'trange 2i ion . #a"teland o, Su,,erin-1 The: ' parched Realm of endless! meanin-less &arfare and bloodshed. Ya4ata: "ee +egion of Ya$ata, &he. Ylem1 The: The primal chaos! the nothin-ness from &hich the A tral Alane! the 2ale! and the Aleroma arose. The home of the Elder "ea t . "ensinthe Ylem in any &ay causes utter madness! and some say that 0y tic suffer bouts of insanity because their ma-ic dra&s on the Ylem.

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