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Lessons & Activities LA Standards

August ● Welcome to the library LA 0.4.1.a

● Library Behaviors/Manners LA 0.1.6.p

September ● Book Care LA 0.1.1.c LA 0.1.1.e

● Parts of a Book - title, pages, spine, author/illustrator LA 0.1.6.o LA 0.4.1.b
● BOOK FAIR!!! (one week) LA 0.4.1.c LA 0.1.6.p

October ● Author/Illustrator (song) LA 0.1.6.d LA 0.1.6.o

● Favorite Parts of the book - retell events in a story LA 0.3.2.c LA 0.4.1.c
● Halloween Activity (Hand Ghosts) LA 0.4.1.a LA 0.4.2.b
LA 0.1.6.p

November ● Fiction/Nonfiction Sequence LA 0.1.5.b LA 0.1.6.h

● Text-to-Self, Text-to-World connections LA 0.1.6.j LA 0.1.6.l
● Bear Says Thanks + Activity (text to self activity) LA 0.1.6.o LA 0.3.2.c
LA 0.4.1.a LA 0.4.1.b
LA 0.4.2.b LA 0.1.6.p

December ● Christmas Stories - compare/retell/sequence stories LA 0.1.6.o LA 0.3.2.a

● Describe and compare 2 stories LA 0.4.1.a
LA 0.1.6.p

January ● Story Elements review - characters, settings, main LA 0.1.6.b LA 0.1.6.g

events LA 0.4.1.a LA 0.4.2.b
● Review behavior in the library LA 0.1.6.p

February ● ABC/Counting Books LA 0.1.3.a LA 0.1.6.c

● Identifying Patterns LA 0.1.6.k LA 0.1.6.o
● Dr. Seuss LA 0.4.1.a LA 0.4.2.b

March ● MARCH MADNESS (compare/contrast books) LA 0.1.6.a LA 0.1.6.k

● Book Awards LA 0.1.6.o LA 0.4.1.a
● Guest readers? LA 0.4.2.a LA 0.4.2.b
LA 0.1.6.p

April ● Rhyming words & Books LA 0.1.6.k LA 0.1.6.o

● Sight Words & Letters LA 0.4.1.a LA 0.4.2.b
● BOOK FAIR -- BOGO!!! (one week) LA 0.1.6.p

May ● Predictable/Concept Books LA 0.1.6.n LA 0.1.6.o

● Wordless Books LA 0.1.6.p LA 0.4.1.a
● Summer Activities LA 0.4.2.b

Technology Needs -- Students will be working with a Smartboard or tablets to complete certain units. These
technology tools will be used to teach students reading skills and library appreciation.

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