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el 38. THE FIRST NOWELL English traditional carol arranged by DAVID: WILLCOCKS 1.The. first No- say Wasto cer-tain poor shep-herds in ai|4 4 mma fields as they lay; In fields wherethey lay, keep-ing their sheep, Ota a iad ia No - well, Born is the King. of Is ~ o © Wonton Univesiey Press The first Nowell say PRP er in— the east,— be - yond them far; And to the earth. it Beth - le - hem— it took—its rest. And there. it did both Zz j4y 4 a é = gave great light, And so it con - tin-ued both day and night: stop.and stay Right ov-er the. place. where Je - sus lay: dy d Note: vv. 244 may be sung by unaccompanied voices 128° The First Nowell sormx0 ro Re tot (ORGAN) 3)And by. the light of __ that same star._ Three femsmithen cn - terd in those wise men threes Full Teva, faevooveng) - ing ed ne a a 5 gS wise men came ftom coun- try far; To seek. fora king. was re - V'tent-ly— up - on__ their knee, And off - etd thee. ine Pat their in - tent,-Andto fol-low the star. wher- ever it went: — pre - sence. Their. gold— and myrth and frank - in - conse ed = L REFRAIN - No - well, No well, £ Dat for y 4 Nate: 245 may be sung unaccompanied, or with orga, or by unison voices (tor past) with descant ‘oprano part) and organ