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Date: January 11, 2019

To: Captian xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Subject: Warrant O11Jce

Co ics:


I wish to relay to you an incident occurring today at the Circuit Attorney's Warrant Office. I am
relaying this information to you as I fear more Officers will face the s,m1e treatment as I experienced
I responded to the Warrant Office to apply on a "Delivery or a Controlled Substance" case, wherein
over 1000 opiate pills and $30k in cash was seized. The suspect in this case resides within your District
and admitted to selling pills therein.
After waiting for approximately 30 minutes, I observed an armed investigator for the Circuit Attorney's
Office enter the office. 5 minutes later a 2nd armed investigator entered the office.

Shortly aHer the an-ival of the armed investigators an attorney approached me, flanked by the anncd

The attorney infonned me the Wan-ant Office would not entertain my application.

While speaking with the attorney, both armed investigators remained next to my person. Both were
clearly displaying their fireanm while staring at me. One of the investigators appeared to place his
hand near his firearm mutliple times throughout my conversation with the attorney.

I made it clear lo the attorney that I was required by Department Policy lo apply on the cases m
question, and the presence of armed individuals was completely unneccesary.

The attorney continued to refuse to review the cases and stated the Office would not review the cases
for viability ( as was previously stated by Kim Gardner).

I feel someone in the Warrant Office specifically requested ARl'vtED individuals for the purpose of
intimidation, and I fear this has happened or will happen to other Police Officers.

MP □ Form GEN-72