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Last Meeting September 30, 2017


1. Registration:

Committee Heads: Trisha Marie Papilota & Allen Fuentespina

Scope: registration tables/area, ushers, name tags, groupings, set

up for tables, t-shirts per family and chairs per family

2. Games

Committee Heads: Genevieve Penetrante & Nick Andrew Papilota

Scope: raffle, prizes for raffle, prizes for games, props for games, &
game master/host

3. Food, Logistics and Venue

Committee Heads: Dhabes Doloso, Joben Pan & Anlijen Pan

Scope: back drop/decorations, arrangement or set up of food,

tarpaulins, sounds/music and stage decors

4. Accommodation and Transportation

Committee Heads: Mekho Sulita & Peter Aguda

Scope: arrangement of accommodation of all families and

transportation of each families to the venue

5. Program

Committee Heads: Mitzi Fuentespina & Nina Aguda Delina

Scope: sequence/flow of the program, participants/speakers in the

program, emcee/s, intermission numbers, multi-media presentations
6. Budget/Finance

Committee Heads: Jenery Penetrante & Dhabes Doloso

Scope: budget per committee, liquidation & summary of expenses,

and over all budget for the reunion