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1.1 Identify important details text listened to

1.2 Appreciate Philippine Symbols and show the love of country

1.3 Draw different national symbols and give some details about each.


Topic: Philippine symbols by Elisa O. Cervesa

Materials: Picture of Philippine symbols concrete objects

References: Teacher’s Guide and Lets Begin Reading in English

Value focus: Love of country


3.1 Activities

a. Prayer

b. Checking of attendance

c. Pre- Assessment

She will let them give the beginning letter of each Philippine Symbol.

1. Narra 2.Sampaguita 3.Bangus 4.Philiipine 5.Carabao


Let the students complete the names of the picture of the correct consonant

1 Clock 2. Crab 3. Glue 4.Glass 5.Plate

The pupils will lister to the words that the teacher will say. Let them write the
beginning letter of each word.

1. Frog
2. Team
3. Cat
4. Bingo
5. Rat
d. Motivation

Teacher: Children, I want you to close your eyes. As I go around I will let
you smell something. (Let children smell the sampaguita.)

Question: Did you like the smell?

Can you tell me what it is! (Mango and sampaguita)

e. Presentation:

The teacher will read aloud the story “Philippine symbols” by Eliza O.

(The teacher will use teaching guide)

3.2 Analysis

Comprehension Questions

1. Who was excited to come to school?

2. What did he bring to school?
3. What are the different colors in our Philippine Flag?
4. What does color blue mean?
5. In school, how do you show your respect to our flag?

3.3 Abstraction

What should we do to understand a story?

3.4 Application

The teacher will group the class into three and assign this varied activities
for each group:

G1: Draw the Sampaguita and present it on the class

G2: Draw the mango and say something about it.

G3: Draw the Philippine Flag and present it.

They only have 10 minutes to finish their works.


Criteria 5 3
Cooperation All members Some of members
cooperated aren’t cooperated
Presentation Very well presented Slightly presented
Cleanliness clean Not clean
4. Evaluation

Direction: Encircle the correct answer

1. What is the most important symbol of the Philippines

a. Mango c. Carabao
b. Philippine flag
2. What are the different colors of the Philippine flag?, blue, yellow
b. black, brown, grey
c. orange, green, pink

3. what is our national flower?

a. jasmine

b. rose

c. sampaguita

4. What is the Philippine flag?

a. Rectangle c. Circle

b. triangle

5. which color of the flag stands for bravery and patriotism?

a. white c. blue

b. red

5. Agreement:

Bring pictures of Philippine Symbols.