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Submitted by:-
Avneet Kaur(64)
Harmeen Kaur(62)
Komal Sachdeva()
Richa Sagar(35)

College Management System script is the New and revolutionary web based
College management system. Online College management system. It has four
modules each for Administration, Students, Teachers, & Parents. A Complete
College Solution... When you buy this you get all the modules like Front-end
portal, attendance, time-tables, schedules, complain box, forum etc. Parents
can login into their accounts and vie the progress of their child. Attendance and
grades with remarks and feedback makes the parent's module and takes it to
the very best that is needed in today's world of instant communication.


We are enclosing our following objectives in mind:

• A corporate, useful and profitable college management system.
• A truly global reach to complement your college management
Portal business
• An increase in efficient electronic communication
• A navigation style that facilitates maximum information transfer to
the Internet visitors
• A easy way to notify faculty and staff about the latest updates
• This website will help in maintaining and storing all the relevant
information about the faculty, students, books available in library, fees


Main aim in developing CMS is to provide an easy way not only to automate all
functionalities of a college, but also to provide full functional reports to top
management of college with the finest of details about any aspect of college.

We are committed to bring the best way of management in the various forms of
CMS. We understand that CMS in not a product to be sold, it is a bridge
between the College and Students.
So we can say the Core purpose of designing “College Management System” is
to manage the task related to the college students/parents/library/administration
and to reduce time to searching of appropriate candidates in college view.


• By using this s/w, you can learn how you prepare your records in standard
• Also you can find the previous session papers and current news related to
any student or employees.
• By using this s/w, administrator can manage all records in standard manner.
• Also it can help to get all or a particular student attendance information by
attendance master
• Also it can help to maintain the fees and accounting reports of college in
proper way.
• It helps to generate mark sheets of current year or previous year's students.

ADMIN (Backend)

1. Management Module
a. Students

i. Search Student

1. Search for Student Page

2. Student Display Page

ii. Admission

1. Add Admission Page

2. Display the Details for Admission Page

3. Edit for Admission Page

4. Confirm the Details in Admission Page

iii. Prepare Time Table

1. Add Time Table Page

2. View Time Table Page

3. Search Time Table by Department/Semester Page

iv. Attendance Report

1. Add Attendance Report Page

2. List the Attendance Report Page

3. Search Attendance Report by

Department/Semester/Register no

4. Today Attendance Status Page

5. Print the Attendance Report

v. Leave Report

1. Request for Leave Page

2. List the Report Page

vi. Fees Structure

1. Search Fees by Department, Semester

2. List the Result Page

vii. Fees Payment Detail

1. Fees Payment Details Page

2. List the Details

3. Search Payment Collection

a. Display the Search Result

4. Overall Fees Details

viii. Progress Report

1. Search Progress Report

a. List the Search Result Page

b. Print the mark statement

ix. Write to

1. Comments Posted by Students

b. Staff

i. Profile

1. Add Staff Profile Page

2. Display the List

ii. Time Table

1. Search Staff Time Table by Department/Register


iii. Attendance

1. Add Attendance Report Page

2. List the Attendance Report Page

3. Search Attendance Report by

Department/Semester/Register no

4. Today Attendance Status Page

iv. Exam Schedule

1. Search Exam Schedule by Department/Semester

2. List the Search Result

3. Add the Schedule

4. Edit the Schedule

v. Salary Details

1. Search for Salary Details

2. List the details

3. Edit the details

vi. Leave Details

1. Search for Leave Details

2. List the details

vii. Write to staff

1. Comments Posted by Staff

c. Parents

i. Profile

1. Search Profile by Department, Semester, Register

no, Name

2. List the Details

3. Add the Profile Details

4. List the Details

5. Edit the Details

ii. Meeting

1. Search meeting by Department, Semester, Date

2. List the Details

3. Edit the Details

4. Add the Meeting

iii. Write to Parent

2. Parents Module
a. Profile

i. Profile Page

b. Feedback

i. List all the Feedback

ii. Add Feedback Page

c. Leave Apply

i. Leave Apply Page

ii. Status

d. Fees Payment

i. Fees Detail Page for Individual

ii. Total Fee Structure

e. Hostel

i. Hostel Detail Page

f. Extracurricular Activities --1hrs

i. Extra-Curricular Activities Page

g. Health

i. Health Details Page

h. Circular

i. Circular Details Page.

i. Bus Details

i. Bus Details Page

j. Scholarship

i. Scholarship Details Page

k. Attendance

i. Attendance Details Page (for last 5 months)

ii. Print the Attendance page

l. Performance

i. Performance Details Page

ii. Print the Performance Page

m. Time Table
i. Time Table Details Page

n. Assignment

i. Assignment Details Page

o. Exam Schedule

i. Exam Schedule Details Page

ii. Popup the subject detail

p. Subject Syllabus

i. Subject Syllabus Details Page

q. Reports

i. Search Report Page

ii. List the Report Page

3. Staff Module
a. Profile

i. Profile List Page

b. Attendance

i. Attendance List Page

c. Time Table

i. Time Table List Page

d. Library

i. Book Details Page

ii. Search Book Page

1. Books List Page

iii. Book Reserve Page

e. Leave

i. Leave Status Details Page

f. Salary

i. Salary Details Page

g. Mail

i. Mail List Page

ii. Inbox Page

iii. Compose Page

iv. Sent Page

v. Trash Page

vi. Delete Mail Page

h. Student

i. Student Attendance View Page

ii. Student Attendance Updated Page

i. Assignment

i. Add Assignment Page

ii. Assignment View Page

j. Exam Schedule

i. Exam Schedule Page

ii. Syllabus List Page

iii. Add Exam Schedule Page

iv. View Exam Schedule Page

k. Progress Report

i. Progress Report View Page

ii. Add/Edit Progress Report Page

l. Search Student

i. Student Search Page

ii. List the Student & Popup the Details

m. Feedback

i. Feedback Add Page

n. Leave Application

i. Request for Leave Application Page

ii. Leave Status Page

o. Message

i. Message List Page

p. Report

i. Report Page

ii. View Report Page

4. Student Module
a. Profile

i. Student Profile Page

b. Time Table

i. Time Table List Page

c. Attendance

i. Attendance List Page

d. Exam Schedule

i. Exam Schedule List Page

1. Popup to know the syllabus

e. Subject Syllabus

i. Subject Syllabus List Page

f. Apply Leave

i. Apply for Leave Page

ii. Leave Status Page

g. Feedback

i. Feedback Page

h. Progress Report

i. Progress Report List Page

ii. Print the Report

i. Fees

i. Fees Page for Individual

ii. Total Fees Structure Page

j. Library

i. List Library Page (who are all lending books)

ii. Search Book Page

iii. List the Search Book Page

iv. Reserve Book Page

v. Popup for reserved books

k. Hostel

i. Hostel Page

l. Extra Curricular Activities

i. Extra Curricular Activities Page

m. Message

i. Mail List Page

ii. Inbox

iii. Compose

iv. Sent

v. Trash
vi. Delete

n. Health

i. Health Page

o. Staff Feedback

i. List Feedback Page

p. Circular

i. Circular Page

q. Bus Details

i. Bus Details Page

r. Scholarship

i. Scholarship Details Page

s. Notice Board

i. Notice Board Page

ii. Popup for Exam Schedule Page

t. Reports

i. Search Report Page

ii. List the Search

5. Library Module
a. Books

i. Search Book

1. Booklist

a. Book Detail

i. Student Details
ii. Vendor Details

ii. Issue Book

1. Search Issue Books

a. Popup book available detail

b. Popup book status

2. Confirm/Reject Status

3. Receiver History

iii. Renew Book

1. Renew/Reject Status

iv. Return Book

v. Reserved Book

1. Return

vi. Fine Rules

1. Edit/Update Details

b. Book Bank

i. Search for Book

ii. Add Book Bank

1. Add Receiver

2. Confirm/Reject Application

iii. Add Receiver

1. Add Receiver

2. Confirm/Reject Application

c. CD Library

i. Search CD

ii. Issue CD
iii. Renew CD

iv. Return CD

1. Edit/Update Return

v. Fine Rules

1. Edit/Update Rules

d. Management Library

i. Add Books

1. Add More Books Page

2. Add new category

3. Display the added books in new category

ii. Book Details

1. List the Details & Search for Books

2. Edit Book Details

3. Edit Publication Details

iii. Message Admin Page

iv. Message Chairman Page

v. Report Page

v It is a comprehensive student information management system developed
from the ground up to fulfill the needs of independent Colleges as they guide
their students to success. The Education Edge integrated information
management system connects daily operations in the College environment
ranging from Admissions and Registration to Finance, Faculty, Medical and
Business Development. This reduces data error and ensures that information
is always up-to-date throughout the College.
v It provides a single source of data repository for streamlining your business
processes and reporting purposes.
v It has a simple user interface and is intuitive. This insures that the users
spend less time in learning the system and hence, increase their productivity.
v Efficient security features provide data privacy and maintains data integrity.
v You can send email messages and notices to an individual or department.
v Enables easy modifications , easy collaboration over the internet and offers
complete life-cycle management for your business processes.
v Supports your institution’s daily operations by eliminating duplicate data
entry , sharing the most up-to-date information, maintaining a detailed history
of essential records

Each module has been categorized by user type. Nobody can access every
module. There are six types of users like System Administrator, Student, Staff,
Inventory, Accountant and Librarian. System Administrator can access all module
and he has authority to editing of all module. Rest users can access only their
own module and are not authorized to edit data.