Kazmi 1 Syed Kazmi (s.kazmi@csuohio.

edu) Instructor Brentar ENG 102 18 Sep 2010 16 Year Old driver; A License to Kill: Driving is one of the biggest charms of United States teenagers. One can move around and achieve many goals faster by having a fast ride. Off-course this brought a new wave of life, and made life easier and faster, which soon brought a notion of independency. To promote the importance of one’s driving; recently we have seen a reduction in the minimum age to drive in many states of our country. It might be dream come true for many minors, but I advocate that the law, permitting sixteen years old to drive should be revisited. In United States, allowing 16 year old to drive, invokes many concerns including social, economical, environmental and safety. At sixteen, teens are still immature. Indeed they may well still not be responsible enough at 18. This immaturity means that they often cause accidents killing either themselves, their passengers or unlucky bystanders. On the other hand, the common teenager habits including texting and the involvement in music could be a cause of distraction behind the wheel.

Second. it will reduce overcrowding on the roads. first. even though it is a dangerous weapon in the wrong hands. They are also more influenced by peer pressure and more competitive. . They see good driving as the ability to control their car at high speed. However. American society usually sees 18 as the age at which young people become adults. For example. easing congestion and allowing the remaining traffic to flow more freely. so delaying when they get a license will make the roads much safer for everyone. they can be fearless and thrill-seeking. Young people have a different attitude to driving compared to older ones. drink and smoke.Kazmi 2 Few countries think 16 and 17 years old teens are mature enough to vote. taking risks that older drivers would not ordinarily take. both of which make risky behavior more likely. and most allow them to get behind the wheel of a car. Why shouldn’t driving be one of the privileges and responsibilities of adulthood? Teenage drivers are particularly dangerous. Raising the driving age will mean that fewer cars will be driven. Having fewer vehicles on the road will benefit society as a whole. cars are a major source of pollution and especially pump out a lot of carbon dioxide which contributes to climate change. Any measure which reduces car use should therefore be supported.

many. who go to college will hardly have any time to learn how to drive. young drivers aren't necessarily dangerous. it would be the same as a 35 year old with one year experience. injuries or fatalities. in that case it would be a better idea. how old one is? That is. it is a common observation that we notice betterment in all these factors by age. The reason why drivers crash is due to a lack of experience? For example. which means. by raising the age limit would not dramatically reduce accidents. I believe that. . Therefore. argue that. it involves many questions to be answered including: the maturity factor of the driver? How responsible one is? And what is the level of his decision making? Among people. For that matter. their role in their everyday life and in their practice in common sense. these measurements vary upon their society they live in. But the most general and easy way to determine these factors would be the age factor. Other proponents of allowing sixteen year old driver believe that. As an opponent of the current law permitting sixteen year old to drive. by raising the age does not guarantee a reduction in accidents. an eighteen year old with one year worth of experience is just as likely to crash as a sixteen year old with one year experience.Kazmi 3 The proponents of the law that permits sixteen year old to drive. therefore.

limit passengers to one. so a person who is in college would have more developed maturity and decision making as compared to a student in high school. for a permit at sixteen. People go to college in various ages. As an opponent of the current law of teen to learn how to drive. Such tough phase-in laws could definitely keep our children safe and will decrease death rate among sixteen years old. I believe that it should be delayed until an adequate time and attention that is necessary required to learn the skill to drive.m. These limitations could restrict teens before they earn a full license. ban cell phones. . will reduce the number of serious/fatal road accidents. and not allow a full license until age 18. In conclusion. we can impose certain limitations. Increase in maximum age to get driving license. Ideal laws would set the minimum age. In an effort to find a solution other that restricting sixteen year old.m.. allowing 16 year old driver is not in a favor of any society of United State. prohibit driving between 9 p. that will give them more time to practice.Kazmi 4 to learn driving at younger age. and 5 a.

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