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Holiday Survival Guide!
Gift Ideas, Sales, Decorating How To’s & More!
see details, page 3

the bride guide
referred vendors for the big day


The Southern Fashionista’s Source on How to Look, Behave and Entertain with Style, Charm and Grace
The Southern Protocol for the Holidays:
Toss the knit reindeer sweater with the light up nose and pom pom snowballs - holiday parties are meant for sparkle and

glamour! Update your "little black dress" collection with a dress with sequin details or metallic hardware. Pair with opaque tights, ankle boot heels and a simple clutch to look chic and holiday appropriate.


Networking is an absolute must in the business world...enter the infamous office holiday party.

While we all want to relax and have fun, watch your alcohol intake; you never want to wake up remembering yourself gossiping about a coworker. Drink water in between every cocktail - you'll stay hydrated AND in control!

worry about the day-of.

The holidays are crazy enough without hosting a party, but where's the fun in that? Save yourself last

minute stress when playing hostess by setting your table (or buffet area, if you're not doing a seated dinner) at the beginning of the week; it's one less thing to


contact@southernprotocol.com www.southernprotocol.com

how word of mouth works




SPECIAL: Holiday Survival Guide ................... 3 - 19

arts & leisure
Arts & Leisure................................................... 20 - 22
Art Centers ........................................................................20 Bookstores ........................................................................20 Invitations & Stationery ..................................................20 Museums ...........................................................................21 Photographers ..................................................................21 Special Events ..................................................................22 Theatres.............................................................................22 Websites............................................................................22

Fashion & Accessories...........................................32
Consignment & Vintage .................................................32 Image Consultants ..........................................................32

fashion & accessories

hair & skin care
Hair & Skin Care .............................................. 33 - 35
Bath & Body Products.....................................................33 Day Spas.................................................................... 33 - 34 Hair Removal.....................................................................34 Hair Salons ................................................................ 34 - 35

Business & Finance ........................................ 23 - 27
Advertising, Marketing & PR..........................................23 Career Counseling ...........................................................23 Computer Repair ..............................................................24 Financial Advisors............................................................24 Non-Profit Organizations ................................................24 Professional Services ............................................. 25 - 27

business & finance

Health & Wellness .......................................... 36 - 43
Chiropractors ...................................................................36 Coaching, Counseling & Psychotherapy ....................36 Dentists ..................................................................... 37 - 38 Gastroenterology/Hepatology ............................... 37 - 38 Health Organizations ................................................38, 41 Obstetrics & Gynecology .........................................39, 41 Oculoplastic Surgery ......................................................39 Pilates ...............................................................................40 Plastic Surgeons .............................................................40 Senior Services ..........................................................40, 43 Surgeons ................................................................... 42 - 43 Well Being ........................................................................42

health & wellness

dining & entertaining
Dining & Entertaining ..................................... 28 - 29
Bakeries.............................................................................28 Catering ..................................................................... 28 - 29 Restaurants .......................................................................29

Family................................................................. 30 - 31
Childcare Services ..........................................................30 Clothing & Accessories ......................................... 30 - 31 Pet Services ......................................................................30


the little black book for every busy woman

table of contents

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SIgn Up fOr EvErY bUSY WOMAn bUzz

the little black book for every busy woman

Home & Garden ................................................ 44 - 47
Concierge Services ................................................. 44 - 45 Consignment & Vintage .................................................44 Framing .............................................................................44 Furnishings & Accessories ...........................................46 Gardening & Lanscaping ...............................................46 Gift Shops .................................................................. 46 - 47 Interior Designers ...........................................................47 Pest Control ......................................................................47

home & garden

h o l i d ay s u rv i va l g u i d e special section
page 3 - 19

green Business

Look for the green Leaf next to businesses that practice sustainabLe principLes.

Travel & Transportation ..........................................48
Automotive Parts & Service ...........................................48 Limousine & Car Services ..............................................48

travel & transportation

Look for vaLuabLe savings for every busy woman. page 4

s av i n g s

Bride guide
page 49 - 65

The Bride Guide ............................................... 49 - 65
Accommodations .............................................................50 Bakeries.............................................................................50 Bartending Services ........................................................50 Beauty ........................................................................ 50 - 52 Bridal Registry ..................................................................53 Bridal Showers & Parties ...............................................53 Catering ..................................................................... 53 - 55 Children’s Wear ................................................................55 Floral Design ............................................................. 56 - 57 Invitations & Stationery ..................................................56 Jewelry ..............................................................................56 Lighting & Sound ..............................................................56 Photographers .......................................................... 57 - 58 Wedding Apparel ..................................................... 58 - 59 Wedding Event Venues ........................................... 60 - 63 Wedding Planners ...........................................................62 Wedding Rentals ...................................................... 62 - 64 Wedding Transportation .................................................64

the bride guide

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holiday survival

Tis the season to be thankful, merry and busy! Make it a little easier with The Holiday Survival Guide’s recommended resources and advice from busy women like you. - Holiday Gift Guide…pages 10-19 - Steals & Deals…page 4 - Holiday Recipes…pages 6-8 Betty

the little black book for every busy woman : name of section : 4 holiday survival guide

Holiday Savings & Coupons
amy Kay photography
page 21 $20 off photography session fee; 11/1 - 12/18/2010

clip & save!

edward Jones: aimee Kitto
page 24 free financial assessment report and portfolio review.

page 13 & 51 new clients: xtreme Lash extensions - 50% off full set; $25 off fill-ins; add colored Lash highlights to a full set for $15. through 12/31/2010

page 5 oil change up to 5qts for $14.95; expires 12/31/10.

pure gifts
page 19 15% off $20 purchase (through 12/31/2010)

charleston eyeworx
page 39 : 2 kits of Latisse for only $200; botox at $10.50/unit (min 40 units); expires 1/31/11
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southern protocol
page 31 receive $25 off a package

cluu cards
page 20 & 56 10% off your order

speedee oil change & tune-up
page 48 wednesdays receive $4 off your oil change!

betty buzz: Holiday SavingS and dealS
thursday, october 21 Fall design Walk on upper King street hit the hip shops of upper king street who are offering big savings, specials and treats. stop by sweet 185’s sweet trunk show with on the inside intimates from 4 – 8 pm for custom fittings, demos of their services, music, wine & refreshments. www.upperkingdesigndistrict.com november 26 Free parking downtown the city of charleston, county of charleston and republic parking are offering holiday magic free parking vouchers. with over 12 participating garages, you can park for up to 2 hours with ease and spend your time power shopping. the vouchers are valid november 26 to December 31, 2010. Download and print your pass: www.charleston-sc.gov or www.charlestonarts.sc. everyBusyWoman.com find exclusive savings for every busy woman and be sure to sign up for the black book buzz enewsletter to be alerted to new offers from Little Black Book member businesses.

carolina eye candy

Kevin’s north area transmission

the little black book for every busy woman : name of section : 5 holiday survival guide

the little black book for every busy woman : name of section : 6 holiday survival guide

betty buzz: Holiday recipeS

Cornbread, Chestnut & Country Ham Dressing from Chef John Zucker; Cru Café and Cru Catering
(serves 10 people)
For the Cornbread: ingredients: 1 1/2 cups buttermilk 3 eggs (lightly beaten) 1 t baking soda 1/2 cup fresh corn kernels 1 1/2 cups fine yellow corn meal 4 oz unsalted butter (melted) 1 t unsalted butter (to grease your pan with) 4 t sugar 1 cup flour 1 t salt

Method: - preheat oven to 350 degrees. - combine buttermilk, eggs, sugar and baking soda in bowl and mix together well. add the corn kernel. - combine flour and cornmeal, then slowly dry mix to the liquid mixture, whisking together well. whisk in the melted butter. - grease 8” x 8” pan and pour the cornbread mixture into the pan. - bake for 35 minutes or until a toothpick comes out of the cornbread clean. remove and let cool. For the Dressing: ingredients: 2 stalks celery (chopped) 6 slices bacon (chopped) 4 oz unsalted butter (melted) 1 t thyme(chopped)

1/2 yellow onion (chopped) 1/2 cup country ham (chopped) 1/3 cup chestnuts (or walnuts or pecans) 1 t sage (chopped)

1 carrot 2 t olive oil 3/4 cup chicken stock or broth salt and pepper (to taste)

Method: - heat sauté pan and add olive oil, then country ham and bacon. sauté for a few minutes. - add vegetables, salt and pepper to taste (be careful with the salt as the country ham can be salty), and sauté until vegetables and meats are cooked through. put aside and let it cool down. - take your cornbread and crumble with your hands into a mixing bowl. - add the sautéed mixture and chestnuts; mix all together very well. - heat chicken stock or broth and add ½ cup to the mixture. reserve ¼ cup. - add melted butter, sage, thyme and salt and pepper to taste. - cook in oven at 350 degrees for 30 – 40 minutes. pour the ¼ cup of reserved chicken stock over the top in the last couple of minutes of cooking. - stuff your turkey with it or serve as a side.

betty buzz: talking turkey

Nothing signif ies the Thanksgiving feast more than a turkey. Getting excited about “gobbling” some up? Let’s talk turkey to get you on your way:
turkey tips ✔ purchase one pound of turkey per person allowing for leftovers for yummy turkey sandwiches. ✔ if stuffing, do not do it the day or night before; stuff lightly just before it goes in the oven and make sure the stuffing reaches a safe minimum internal temperature of 165° f. ✔ an oven temperature of a minimum 325° f (max 350° f) is best for roasting a turkey. the turkey’s temperature on the meat thermometer should read 170° f in the breast and 180° f in the thigh when fully cooked. ✔ to keep the turkey from sticking to the pan, place a few slices of lightly buttered bread under the turkey. ✔ if drumsticks are browning faster than the breast, simply wrap drumsticks with aluinum foil to slow the browning process. ✔ roasting the turkey breast-side down gives you very moist meat. ✔ Let the cooked turkey stand for 15 - 20 minutes before carving to allow juices to set. the turkey will carve more easily. ✔ need help? call the usDa meat and poultry hotline at 888.mphotline (888-674-6854) or tty: 800-256-7072

the little black book for every busy woman : name of section : 7 holiday survival guide

the little black book for every busy woman : name of section : 8 holiday survival guide

betty buzz: Holiday recipeS continued...

Cranberry Sauce from Carol Kass, Pure Gifts
(makes about 2 ¼ cups)
ingredients: 1 lb fresh or frozen whole cranberries 1/2 t cinnamon 3 t water 1 – 1 1/2 cups frozen apple juice concentrate 1/8 t cloves

Method: bring cranberries and concentrate to a boil. add seasoning, simmer and stir until berries split. add water as needed. refrigerate. make ahead up to 2 days in advance.

Fabulous Fall Cocktail from Ice Box Innovative Beverage Services
Method: mix pimm’s #1 and blenhiems spicy ginger ale. garnish with 2 Lime wedges, fresh mint and sliced cucumber

Pumpkin Cheesecake with Ginger Snap Crust
ingredients: crust 3 ½ cups ground ginger snap cookies 2 t sugar ¼ cup of the original pdf too (which i do) unsalted butter (melted)

from Pastry Chef Richard Farr, Good Food Catering (makes 1, 10” cake)
filling 2 lb + 10 oz cream cheese (softened) 1 ¼ cup sugar 1 vanilla bean (scrape interior out and discard pod) 4 t flour 1 t ground ginger ½ t ground cinnamon ½ t ground nutmeg ¼ t ground allspice 1 ½ t vanilla extract ½ cup sour cream 1 ¼ cup pumpkin puree 5 eggs (room temp)

Method: crust - preheat oven to 300 degrees. coat 10” spring form pan with non-stick spray. cover exterior of the pan with tinfoil. - combine all crust ingredients with a fork until well combined. firmly press the mixture into the bottom of pan and 1 inch up the sides. - bake for 10 minutes; remove and let cool. filling - in a large bowl, mix cream cheese, sugar and vanilla bean until smooth on medium low speed (using paddle attachment if available). - sift all dried ingredients and slowly add to mix, on low speed. then slowly add vanilla extract, sour cream and pumpkin puree. - add the eggs one at a time and continue to mix on low just until incorporated. scrape bowl, and mix on medium for 30 seconds. - pour filling into cooled piecrust. place the cake in a roasting pan and pour water into pan until it reaches halfway up the cake pan. - bake 50 - 60 minutes at 300 degrees. the center of the cake should be almost set when jiggled. cool completely and chill for 6 hours.

the little black book for every busy woman : name of section : 9 holiday survival guide

the little black book for every busy woman : name of section : 10 holiday survival guide

betty buzz: Holiday giFt guide

Gifts for Anyone

Fast and French coffee Beans nothing brings pleasure quite like the coffee served up daily on broad street at gaulart & maliclet’s fast and french. gift the flavor to a friend, loved one or teacher. no coffee grinder at home? fast and french will grind them for you! $10.75/lb ::: www.fastandfrench.org Mixture soy candles perfect for a friend, teacher or neighbor, these 100% soy wax candles are available in beautiful scents, fragranced with essential oils. available at sweet olive in mt pleasant. cordial glass votives - $6 ::: 7oz candle - $24 www.sweetolivegarden.com 2011 letterpress postcard calendar by linda & harriet these fun calendars are 3 gifts for the price of one. the 2011 calendar makes perfect art for a blank wall, and when the month (or year) is through, the bottom of each month detaches to become a postcard to send to a friend. available at mac & murphy on cannon street. $35 ::: www.macandmurphy.com herb Mixes from oil & vinegar perfect for the cook in your life who likes to make food an adventure, these herb mixes will take you around the world without leaving your kitchen. available at oil & vinegar towne centre in mt. pleasant. $9.95 each ::: mountpleasant.oilandvinegarusa.com solar lantern save electricity and light up your night with these solar powered lanterns. Just place them in the sunlight all day and they’ll glow all night. $20 ::: www.charlestonnaturally.com

a life\Work design program give yourself and a friend a present that will last the rest of your lives: getting your work and life in tune with your expectations. enroll in a full program with a friend before 2011 and you will receive 50% off your personal fee. www.careerlife.com redux annual art auction contemporary art created by local artists is a timeless gift, and all proceeds are used to introduce and educate the public about contemporary visual arts. over 50 original works and dozens of art-related goods and services will be available for bidding during the live and silent auction. tickets: $15 members; $25 non-members ::: nov. 13, 6:30-10pm the charleston center for photography, 654 king street www.reduxstudios.org

the little black book for every busy woman : name of section : 11 holiday survival guide

the little black book for every busy woman : name of section : 12 holiday survival guide

betty buzz: Holiday giFt guide

Gifts for Her

the center for Women Membership give your mom, sister, friend or daughter access to hundreds of enriching programs year-round. $35 for 2 memberships during the month of december www.c4women.org

pick up sticks art necklaces Do you know a song bird? a fun Queen? these wearable art necklaces from pick up sticks feature double-sided photo charms and are available at the gibbes museum of modern art’s museum store on meeting street. necklaces $64.95 - $69.95 ::: bracelets $49.95 www.gibbesmuseum.org Moo roo hand Bag Luxury items don’t have to come at luxury prices when you shop consignment. wow her with this brand new, exquisite clutch handbag from moo roo with mink exterior and silk interior. available at consigning women in west ashley. $250 ::: www.consignwomen.com eco-Friendly cosmetic Bags by apple & Bee these adorable bags are made with the finest, earth-friendly materials like certified organic cotton and hemp; the perfect combination of sophisticated style, design and function. available at sweet 185 on king street. $18.95 and up ::: www.mysweet185.com undie libs personalize your panties for each day - or have your honey do it - with write-in-undies that come complete with a washable marker. messages include: “how about____”; “i’m in the mood for___”; “i think you are____” and come in boy short, brief or thong. $35 for a set of all 3 ::: www.privateeyeundies.com prim cosmetics couture Bath and Body line customize your own personal fragrance in this line of fun and flirty, yet high-quality bed and bath products. from whipped body frosting to lotion and perfume to baby wash, any product in the line can be custom-blended with a signature scent. available at powder puffs to brushes in mt pleasant. 4oz - $13.95; 8oz - $17.95 ::: www.powderpuffstobrushes.com claus porto soaps these luxurious portuguese-made soaps contain all-natural ingredients and are exquisitely packaged. available for purchase at the spa at charleston place in the charleston place hotel on meeting street. small: $7; large: $18 ::: www.charlestonplacespa.com

the little black book for every busy woman : name of section : 13 holiday survival guide

the little black book for every busy woman : name of section : 14 holiday survival guide

betty buzz: Holiday giFt guide

Gifts for Him

impressions custom sliver cuff links handmade keepsakes of fine silver made with your child’s fingerprint or thumb print are a timeless gift that can be handed down on your child’s wedding day. make your appointment for november 6 at southern belles, a children’s clothier, in mt pleasant by calling 843.364.8441. $155/pair ::: www.impressionssc.com the art of shaving Kits this tsa-approved travel kit includes the four elements of the perfect shave: pre-shave oil, shaving cream, after-shave balm and pure badger shaving brush. available in unscented, sandalwood, lemon and lavender. available at stella nova esthetique on king street. $60.50 ::: www.stella-nova.com calling cards in their never-ending quest to help men be better men by looking at the past to find examples of manliness in action, the art of manliness, has launched a line of vintage-design calling cards, perfect for the distinguished gentleman in your life. $25 per pack of 100 ::: www.artofmanliness.com

Gifts for Kids

stitch-it dolly Kit this precious sew-it-yourself doll kit from the Little experience comes with the pattern, scissors, needles and stuffing to make your own doll. you can even recycle the box into a chair for her when you’re finished. there are also teddy bear, donkey and elephant stitch-it kits. available at poe studio in the shoppes at avondale point in west ashley. $14 ::: www.poestudio.com Finkelstein’s center art hand stitched toys you are the only person who will ever have one like this hand stitched and hand dyed toy crafted by a local artisan. available at pure gifts in mt pleasant. $32 ::: www.puregiftsmtp.com porcelain nativity set the stunning set by gund consists of nine sculptured porcelain figures including baby Jesus, mary, Joseph, the three wise men, a cow, a donkey and a lamb, and is presented in a red flocked keepsake box. Limited sets available at southern belles, a children’s clothier, in mt pleasant. $95 ::: 843.881.1741

betty buzz: diy Holiday giFtS

Holiday gifts made by hand truly show you care all while saving you money and creating an opportunity for the kids to lend a hand. Each gift idea has a tag on the back for you to cut out and use for gifting.
holiday Bath Fizzy materials: 1 cup baking soda 1 cup citric acid 1/2 cup cornstarch 1/2 cup baby oil (almond oil & other nut oils work great as well) 1 t of essential oil (peppermint is great for the holidays!) food coloring mixing bowl, holiday cookie cutters, wax paper method: - sift together the baking soda, citric acid and cornstarch. - mix baby oil, essential oil and food coloring. - add the liquid mixture slowly to the powder mixture and mix well until crumbly. - Line up holiday cookie cutters on wax paper and “mash” the mixture into the molds making sure to fill the entire space. you can also roll the mixture into balls or use a lid of a jar to make discs. - Let dry 4 hours at least, preferably overnight. - package in plastic bags with ribbon closure; attach tag (on reverse) and gift. - have extra mixture? mix in epsom salts for a fabulously fizzy bath scrub!

let Me entertain you materials: 1 popcorn bucket or bag tickets to a play, performance or movie theatre or a favorite DvD baggie of pre-made gourmet popcorn or 2 packages of microwave popcorn candies or sweets tissue paper or shredded paper method: - Line bucket or bag with tissue paper or shredded paper. - insert popcorn, candies and tickets. - insert tag (on reverse) into bag or attach to bucket and gift.

the little black book for every busy woman : name of section : 15 holiday survival guide

the little black book for every busy woman : name of section : 16 holiday survival guide

betty buzz: diy Holiday giFt tagS

Cut out each tag, and glue to a piece of construction paper. Use your imagination and glitter, sequins, markers, etc. to customize the look of the tag. When f inished, hole punch where indicated and secure to your homemade masterpiece with ribbon, twine or string.

• Fill bath with warm water • Dim lights; light candles • Insert self & enjoy!

Relax & Renew Holiday Bath Fizzy ✃ ✃
• Drop Holiday Bath Fizzy into tub

you’re always so entertaining; i wanted to return the favor. enjoy!

Let Me Entertain You

betty buzz: diy Holiday giFtS
cuddle up cocoa materials: 2 cup dry milk powder 3/4 cup sugar 1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder 1/2 cup nondairy creamer powder 1 t cinnamon 1/8 t salt mini marshmallows crushed peppermint candies white chocolate chips airtight jar or canister method: - mix together all dry ingredients until well blended. - fill jar with mixture. - seal container and decorate with holiday ribbon, fabric, etc. - in a baggie, mix marshmallows, white chocolate chips and peppermint. - attach baggie with tag (on reverse) onto the jar and gift.

Blooming Beauty materials: bulbs (paper white, colchicum or soleil d’or) 2-inch deep dish or bowl crushed rocks or pebbles water method: - fill dish halfway with rocks or pebbles. - position bulbs, base-side down, in pebbles but not touching one another. - secure bulbs by adding more pebbles to cover the bottom third of the bulb. - fill dish with water just to the base of the bulbs. - place container in a sunny spot, keep filled with water and expect blooms in 3 - 5 weeks.

the little black book for every busy woman : name of section : 17 holiday survival guide

the little black book for every busy woman : name of section : 18 holiday survival guide

betty buzz: diy Holiday giFt tagS

Cut out each tag, and glue to a piece of construction paper. Use your imagination and glitter, sequins, markers, etc. to customize the look of the tag. When f inished, hole punch where indicated and secure to your homemade masterpiece with ribbon, twine or string.


• Place 2 - 3 tablespoons of cocoa mix into cup and add hot water • Cuddle up, sip away and enjoy! • Add desired “fixings”

Cuddle Up Cocoa


Blooming Beauty
bulbs and watch me grow!


place in a sunny spot in your home, keep water filled to the base of the

betty buzz: giFt cHeckliSt
Mom : item __________________________ budget ____________ spent ____________ dad : item ___________________________ budget ____________ spent ____________ siblings : item _________________________ budget ____________ spent ____________ siblings : item _________________________ budget ____________ spent ____________ children : item ________________________ budget ____________ spent ____________ children : item ________________________ budget ____________ spent ____________ spouse : item _________________________ budget ____________ spent ____________ grandparents : item ____________________ budget ____________ spent ____________ grandparents : item ____________________ budget ____________ spent ____________ Mother-in-law : item ___________________ budget ____________ spent ____________ Father-in-law : item ____________________ budget ____________ spent ____________ Friends : item _________________________ budget ____________ spent ____________ Friends : item _________________________ budget ____________ spent ____________ colleagues : item ______________________ budget ____________ spent ____________ neighbors : item _______________________ budget ____________ spent ____________

the little black book for every busy woman : name of section : 19 holiday survival guide


arts & leisure

Lowcountry women recommenDeD

see more @ everybusy woman.com

art centers

redux contemporary art center
Redux is a nonprofit gallery, studio and education center. Through diverse programming and a full studio facility, Redux promotes and encourages all forms of artistic creation, while introducing and educating the public to the contemporary visual arts. Check our website for a current schedule of classes, workshops, exhibitions, and special events.

136 St. Philip Street, Charleston, SC 29403 tel 843.722.0697 email: info@reduxstudios.org www.reduxstudios.org

sullivan’s trade-a-book
Recycle your old reads and pick up something new. Friendly Staff • Great Selection • Locally-Owned and Operated

1303 Ben Sawyer Blvd, Ste 3, Mount Pleasant, SC 29464 tel 843.884.8611
invitations & stationery

cluucards, custom magnetic cards
Birth Announcements • Save the Dates • Invitations • Birthdays Custom design services available.

tel 703.655.8883 email: cindyluu@cluudesign.com www.cluucards.com
Mention The Little Black Book to receive a 10% discount.

mac & murphy a charleston paper company
Add to listing: Now offering wedding invitations.

open M – F, 10:30 am – 6 pm; Sat 10:30 am – 5 pm 74.5 Cannon Street, Charleston, SC 29403 tel 843.576.4394 email: write@macandmurphy.com www.macandmurphy.com
1,000s of paperbacks Books on tape and CD 1303-3 BEN SAWYER BLVD. MT. PLEASANT, SC 29464

(843) 884-8611

Gibbes Museum of art
• Face Lift September 3 – December 5 Fresh, thought-provoking juxtapositions of outstanding American portraits from the 18th century to today. • Stacy Lynn Waddell: The Evidence of Things Unseen September 3 – December 5 The artist’s innovative technique involves burning, singeing, and branding paper and fabric to create works that explore perceptions of American history and culture. • Art of Our Time: Selections from the Ulrich Museum of Art December 17, 2010 – March 27, 2011 Featuring significant 20th and 21st century artists such as Andy Warhol and Alexander Calder, this exhibition offers an overview of modern and contemporary art created in a variety of media. • J. Henry Fair: Industrial Scars December 17, 2010 – March 27, 2011 Beautiful large-scale aerial photographs by J. Henry Fair are, in actuality, the documentation of environmental degradation caused by industrial processes.

135 Meeting Street, Charleston, SC 29401 tel 843.722.2706 www.gibbesmuseum.org

amy-Marie kay portrait photography
Working with children and families to capture magical moments is my specialty. From sessions in your home to your favorite spot in the Lowcountry, the scene is set for a comfortable and fun session to preserve special moments for a lifetime. Portraiture for families, babies, children, maternity, events and all of life’s special occasions. Now booking for the holidays; space is limited, so be sure to get it on your family calendar.

tel 843.270.2147 email: amymarie.kay@gmail.com www.amymariekay.com See our ad page 5
$20 off photography session fee; 11/1 - 12/18/2010

taylor stewart photography
Taylor Stewart offers candid, documentary-style photography and innovative portraiture.

3226 E-5 Maybank Highway, Johns Island, SC 29455 tel 843.557.1468 www.taylorstewartphotography.com

the little black book for every busy woman : arts & leisure : 21


the little black book for every busy woman : arts & leisure : 22

busy woman tips

special events

8th annual charleston comedy Festival January 19 – 22, 2011
Presented by Theatre 99 & The Charleston City Paper, some of the country’s hottest improv, sketch and stand-up artists come to Charleston for a great weekend of comedy.

Capital BookFest
This free, one-day literary festival aims to “Strengthen Families Through Reading”. Meet your favorite authors and enjoy readings, discussions, storytelling and more. Saturday, November 6 10 am - 6 pm www.capitalbookfest.org


theatre 99
Charleston’s Home for Improv Comedy This local favorite makes the perfect night out with comedy improv, stand up and performances throughout the year at unbeatable ticket prices. An in-house bar and fun atmosphere top off the experience. Visit the website for a full schedule including Wednesday night’s Laugh for a Lincoln, and Friday and Saturday night performances including The Have Nots! and Improv Bingo. Available for Corporate & Private Events • Improv Classes

4th Annual Lowcountry Women Authors Holiday Book Signing
Over 50 women authors will be on hand to sign your copy and the ones your gifting to your loved ones. Saturday, December 4 2 – 5 pm www.c4women.org

280 Meeting Street, Above the Bicycle Shoppe, Charleston, SC 29401 tel 843.853.6687 www.theatre99.com

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My favorite cookie recipe is peanut butter blossoms with Hershey’s kisses in the middle. They’re so easy to make and everyone loves them! Ingredients: Peanut butter, Bisquick, condensed milk and vanilla. Method: Mix all ingredients together then roll into one inch balls. Next, roll in granulated suger and pop in a 350-degree oven for 10 - 15 minutes. When you remove from the oven, place a kiss in the middle and you’re done. Super easy! – HeaTHer BuNTINg YavalIollaH

Lowcountry women recommenDeD

business & finance


advertisinG, MarketinG & pr

the charleston cotton exchange
Specializing in screen-printed and embroidered corporate apparel and quality customer service. We offer the most extensive lines of promotional items and premium gifts with competitive pricing and on time delivery. Let our experienced team help you achieve your marketing goal!

1758 Ashley River Rd, Charleston, SC 29407 tel 843.763.0740 or 800.749.2041 email: stephanie@charlestoncottonexchange.com www.charlestoncottonexchange.com limelight custom sign company
A one stop shop for signs, banners, retail and fleet lettering. Call Gregg Pavone to talk about putting your company in the Limelight.

tel 843.697.7873 email: gp@limelightsc.com
career counselinG

crystal-barkley corporation
Originators of Life\Work Design. For more than 20 years, we have helped thousands of women and men learn how to create their own successes – their own jobs. Crystal-Barkley’s disciplined approach helps you find and grow your innate strengths. You will discover – or rediscover – what you care about the most. We will help you craft that into real work. The result: success. On your terms.

tel 843.727.7990 email: crystalbarkley@careerlife.com www.careerlife.com

We draw names in my family to do stocking stuffers every year right after Christmas so we have the whole year to collect goodies! - aMaNda BuNTINg CoMeN, The Center for Women

the little black book for every busy woman : business & finance : 24

coMputer repair

Geeks in transit
Portable Computer Geeks with People Skills On-site repair, maintenance plans, upgrades, retail computer systems, components and software

tel 843.814.0858
Financial advisors

aimee M. kitto edward Jones
Striking a balance between saving for such goals as education and retirement and allocating money for daily expenses can be challenging, but you can do it. That’s why you should schedule your free portfolio review today.

2875 Ashley River Road, Suite 2, Charleston, SC 29414 tel 843.769.0368 www.edwardjones.com
call today to receive your Free comprehensive Financial assessment report and portfolio review.
non-proFit orGanizations

the center for women
The Center for Women is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing resources to help all women find what they need to be successful every day. The Center offers support groups, individual counseling, referral and information and educational outreach programs. For a current schedule of events contact the Center at:

129 Cannon Street, Charleston, SC 29403 tel 843.763.7333 email: info@c4women.org www.c4women.org lowcountry local First
The vision of Lowcountry Local First is to see every resident of the Lowcountry shift an additional 10% of their purchasing to local independent businesses and farms, and in doing so transform our local economy!

1345 Avenue G #AA, North Charleston, SC 29405 tel 843.740.5444 www.lowcountrylocalfirst.org

the little black book for every busy woman : business & finance : 25

the little black book for every busy woman : business & finance : 26

proFessional resources

advice at the drop of a hat archie burkel – event speaker
Ever feel like hanging up your hat? Don’t! Inspiration can be pulled out of that hat. With Archie Burkel, Top Hat of The Hat Ladies of Charleston, as speaker at your next event, everyone will leave with something to hang her hat on.

email: hatladies@aol.com www.hatladies.org charleston Metro chamber of commerce
. . .where business and community meet Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an organization that was there for your business – you know, really there when you needed it? Well, you’re in luck. The Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce is a membership organization that has what it takes to build a strong business community. Your Chamber membership delivers business resources, community leadership, professional development, networking opportunities, and so much more! Find out what we can do for you.

4500 Leeds Avenue, Suite 200, North Charleston, SC 29405 tel 843.577.2510 www.charlestonchamber.net production design associates
PDA is one company with many solutions. Whether you need a video profile for your company’s website, an A/V upgrade in your corporate conference room or technical equipment for your next board meeting, we specialize in state of the art productions and installations and providing lighting, audio, and sound equipment for any business need. Charitable Events • Conferences & Conventions Grand Openings • Any Event or Occasion Call today to begin planning your next event.

2799 Three Lakes Road, North Charleston, SC 29418 tel 843.554.3466 email: info@pdastage.com www.pdastage.com women at work
Supporting the professional growth and development of business women throughout the Charleston area. Monthly lunch meetings, a website listing and participation in the member-to-member discount program are just some of the benefits of membership. Visit the website for details on meetings and membership. We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting!


Women have a lot of Questions.
Do i need to get on a waiting list for day care? am i on track to retire? where can i get custom necklaces for my bridesmaids?

Every Busy Woman has a lot of Answers.
the free directory of women-recommended businesses & service providers. Find and share your favorites nationwide at everyBusyWoman.com.

the little black book for every busy woman : business & finance : 27


dining & entertaining

Lowcountry women recommenDeD

wildFlour pastry
Wild, out-of-the-box pastries and desserts. Pastry Chef Lauren Mitterer serves up deconstructed yet elegant versions of comfort favorites using local and seasonal ingredients, like double chocolate cookies, sweet & savory scones and the legendary “Sticky Bun Sunday”. Grab a spot in a cozy booth or on the patio of the Cannonborough shop or call ahead to order for pickup. Specialty cakes and desserts available for all occasions.
busy woman tips

73 Spring Street, Charleston, SC 29403 tel 843.327.2621 www.wildflourpastrycharleston.com

Party in a Box
Acme Party Box Company provides stylish, eco-friendly party sets delivered to your door. From kid’s birthdays to grown up dinner parties, party boxes contain everything from invitations to decorations. You’ll also love their party planning checklists and resources. www.acmepartybox.com

cru catering
Eclectic Modern American Cuisine Cru Catering offers full-service, customized catering, including in-house personal chefs, meetings, receptions and private parties. Our experts, with over 20 years experience, can help coordinate pre-planned menus for groups from 2 to 2,000 for every occasion – everything from take-out brunch, lunch and dinners to on-site hors d’oeuvres and multiple-course meals. voted best caterer 2001 – 2010 by Charleston City Paper readers

Chef John Zucker, 1st in Class, Cordon Bleu Graduate 18 Pinckney Street, 2nd floor, Charleston, SC 29401 tel 843.534.CHEF (2433), fax 843.534.2439 www.crucatering.com See our ad page 55 Good Food catering
From the creators of acclaimed restaurants, 39 Rue de Jean, Coast and Virginia’s on King comes Good Food Catering. We offer fine catered cuisine, with restaurant quality style and service. Whether planning an elegant wedding reception or casual office party, Good Food Catering has the perfect food and beverage options to enhance your event experience. We believe you should be a guest at your own event. Put our team to work, relax and enjoy the party!

tel 843.723.7952 email: info@goodfoodcatering.net www.goodfoodcatering.net See our ad page 7

busy woman tips

For events large and small, RSVP to Savory Sushi and Catering Company. Gourmet To-Go & Retail Wine

tel 843.762.3338 email: contactus@savorysushiandcatering.com www.savorysushiandcatering.com See our ad page 54

Nature Walk
After that big holiday meal, take a stroll through the park or woods with the family and take a notebook and crayons to make leaf rubbings. • Place leaf on a sheet of plain, white paper and cover with another sheet of the same type. • Peal the paper wrapping off of the crayons. • Turn the crayon sideways and rub diagonally over the paper, starting at the top left corner and ending in the bottom right. The fun doesn’t stop there: • Cut out your leafs and use them to make a garland for decorating the mantle or dinner table. • Get the kids to identify and label each one

cru café
Enjoy the best in upscale comfort food, indoor and outdoor porch seating, a wine list tailored to the varied menu and rich, satisfying desserts. Open for lunch and dinner. Closed Sunday and Monday.

18 Pinckney Street, Charleston, SC 29401 tel 843.534.2434 www.crucafe.com See our ad page 55 Gaulart and Maliclet French café
Fast and French : Entering our 26th year of friendly service and casual good French food.

98 Broad Street, Charleston, SC 29401 tel 843.577.9797 www.fastandfrench.org savory sushi and catering company
Restaurant critics, neighborhood regulars, and first time visitors always agree: the atmosphere is great, the food is superb, and the service is outstanding. Casual atmosphere • Creative menu • Daily specials Gourmet to Go

Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 11 am to 10 pm 1956-B Maybank Highway, Charleston, SC 29412 tel 843.762.3338 email: hailey@savorysushiandcatering.com www.savorysushiandcatering.com See our ad page 54 tides Folly beach and blu restaurant and bar
Folly Beach’s uber-cool restaurant Blu takes full advantage of its prime real estate by showcasing the amazing oceanfront view from every corner. Nestled within Tides Folly Beach the restaurant and hotel are filled with tourists and locals alike, enjoying a staycation or the well-concocted cocktails and a great sharing menu. Blu stands alone as the place for a gettogether with friends, that romantic dinner or the go-to spot when entertaining out of town guests.

Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner and Sunday Brunch. One Center Street, Folly Beach, SC 29439 tel 843.588.6464 www.tidesfollybeach.com See our ad page 63

the little black book for every busy woman : dining & entertaining : 29

savory sushi and catering company



Lowcountry women recommenDeD

see more @ everybusy woman.com

childcare services

the van buren children’s development academy
We recognize that each child has unique talents, learning styles and personalities. Our highly-qualified teachers and staff are committed to working within each child’s comfort zone to ensure optimal social, emotional and educational results.

2417 Savannah Highway, Charleston, SC 29407 tel 843.556.6003 email: students@vanburenacademy.com www.vanburenacademy.com
busy woman tips clothinG & accessories

The Gift of Giving
Teach your children the value of giving before receiving this holiday season by going through all of the outgrown toys and clothing together and donating the items to a charitable organization that you pick as a family. At each step, help them be mindful that these precious gifts that have been loved by you will delight someone in need this holiday season.

southern belles a children’s clothier
Voted Charleston’s Best Children’s Shop five years in a row! Traditional, yet up-to-date clothing, sizes preemie to girl’s 16 and boy’s 14 Smocked apparel • Vineyard Vines • Zutano • Kissy Kissy • Mulberribush • Plum • Hartstrings • Life Is Good • & More! Gift items: Melissa & Doug (puzzles and toys) • Gund • Bunnies By The Bay • Monogramming • Reese Li Baby Bags Southern Belles Shoes: an extensive selection of children’s shoes for any occasion, including Geox • Tsukihoshi • Footmates • Lelli Kelly • Kid Express • Nina • Jumping Jacks • L’Amour • Angels and more.

280 W. Coleman Boulevard, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464 (Northcutt Plaza Specialty Shops) tel 843.881.1741 www.southernbellesonline.com
pet services

barkley’s pet sitting service tel 843.327.8121 www.barkleyspetsitting.com

gather the family and watch a wonder of nature appear before your eyes. Put some clay in the bottom of a glass jar and put a little water in the bottom of the jar. Secure two parallel popsicle stick “anchors” in the clay. Catch a garden spider and put it in the jar; she’ll quickly spin her web before your eyes! – CaSeY o’dell, o’dell landscaping llC

betty buzz: Holiday eye Spy

As you head over the river and through the woods this holiday season, see how many items you can spy along the way! Look high and low, and don’t forget to look at signs and billboards. Keep playing until you spy all of the items!







hot dog

For sale sign



palM tree


the little black book for every busy woman : family : 31


fashion & accessories
consiGnMent & vintaGe

Lowcountry women recommenDeD

consigning women - west ashley consigning women & Men - Mt pleasant
Recycle • Reuse • RESALE Dressing smart women since 1989 and opening a NEW store in Mt Pleasant in November 2010 to serve women and men East of the Cooper. Carrying all dress sizes and styles from petite to plus, casual to cocktail. Remember, if they are not becoming to you, they should be coming to us!

busy woman tips

7th Annual Shopping With Friends December 3 & 4
A weekend of guilt-free shopping for a great cause: Lowcountry AIDS Services. From an opening night cocktail kickoff to a fabulous brunch and live-auction to mini-manicures, you’ll be pampered and philanthropic. Over 150 Red Ribbon Retailers will donate 10% of every dollar you spend. 843.747.2273 www.aids-services.com

21 Magnolia Road, Avondale, Charleston, SC, 29407 tel 843.556.1871 www.consignwomen.com Crickentree Village, 1055 Johnnie Dodds, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464 tel 843.216.9993 www.consigningwomenandmen.com south carolina thrift & resale store
“Where Thrift Shopping Never Looked So Good” Visit our 10,000 sq ft Store for Daily Arrivals. A Portion of the Proceeds Help Support The Center For Women in Charleston.

Open Monday – Saturday, 9 am - 6 pm and Sundays 12 - 5 pm 1670 Highway 17 N, Mount Pleasant, SC 29466 tel 843.971.0552 email: scthriftstore@comcast.net www.scthriftandresale.com See our ad page 11
iMaGe consultants

southern protocol
Our style experts can help you revamp your look – even just by shopping in your own closet. Imagine several “new” outfits, all for less than a new designer ensemble! Our packages range from closet organization to personal shopping to social occasion styling and everything in between. Learn how to choose, save, and splurge on the right things. Image Consulting Services • Etiquette Classes • Cotillions • Wedding & Social Planning Take a peek at our fabulous blog, featuring a gallery portfolio, upcoming Pink Carpet Events & chic fashion, entertainment, and behavior tips!

tel 843.763.7780 email: contact@southernprotocol.com www.southernprotocol.com See our ad inside front cover

Lowcountry women recommenDeD

hair & skin care


bath & body products

carolina eye candy
Specializing in Xtreme Lash™ Eyelash Extensions that enhance the natural beauty in women of all ages, eliminating the need for mascara. Serving Charleston & Summerville!

tel 843.864.6996 www.lashesandmassage.com See our ad page 13 & 51 powder puffs to brushes
Charleston’s premier beauty boutique and lash bar! Airbrush Makeup & Tanning, Makeup Lessons, Custom Scent Bar, Makeup & Gifts.
busy woman tips

217 Lucas St, Suite H, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464 tel 843.737.3790 email: jacey@powderpuffstobrushes.com www.powderpuffstobrushes.com See our ad page 9 stella nova salon spa & esthetique esthetique & Make-up studio
Make-Up Lessons & Applications. Wide Selection of fragrances, make-up, bath & body, men’s grooming & skincare from around the world.

Bold Color for the Season
A new season means a new color palette and as your wardrobe colors change, bring new colors to your face as well! • Lips: try delicious shades from the runway like berry, burgundy and tangerine • Cheeks: a flawless complexion is always in style; dust on some sparkly pink blush for a nipin-the-air, flushed look; warm up pale skin with bronzer or shimmering powder • Eyes: keep your neutral shadows for blending and go bold with shades of purple, green or even pink; use shadow to line the eyes for a smokey look

tel 843.722.9797 or 800.577.NOVA email: customercare@stella-nova.com www.stella-nova.com See our ad back cover
day spas

spa at charleston place
Step into the award-winning Spa at Charleston Place, a full service European style spa where every age is celebrated with a program of renewal to alleviate your body from outside interferences - stress, pollution, sun exposure, life’s little over indulgences - with forward thinking skincare, detoxifying treatments, therapeutic massage and exercise. Deeper benefits go beyond the skin’s surface to maintain total health and wellbeing. Spa services are available by appointment. “Like us” on Facebook at The Spa at Charleston Place or Follow us on Twitter at CharlestonPLSpa.

Located on the 4th floor of the Charleston Place Hotel. Parking validated for duration of spa visit. tel 843.937.8522 www.CharlestonPlaceSpa.com See our ad page 11 CONTINUED...

the little black book for every busy woman : hair & skin care : 34

busy woman tips

DAY SPAS CONTINUED... stella nova spa salon & esthetique
Stella Nova has the most sought-after & accommodating day spa staff in Charleston. Massages. Facials. Natural Nails. Body Treatments.

The Right Shampoo for Your Do
What shampoo works best for you? • Curly: Because curly hair is often dry, creamy, moisturizing shampoos work best. Look for shea butter, coconut and macadamia nut oil on the ingredient list. • Fine, oily or limp locks: Stick with clear shampoos and stay away from creamy ones. Look for a brand labeled for frequent washing. • Processed hair: Because chemicals can leave your ends dry and your roots oily, you want a shampoo that cleanses while moisturizing ends. • Dry, damaged tresses: Avoid clear shampoos and choose the creamy ones with a mild detergent and a rich conditioner. These smooth, detangle and diffuse static.

Downtown: (Spa) 843.723.0909, (Salon) 843.853.6161, (Store) 843.722.9797; Mt. Pleasant: 843.884.3838; Summerville: 843.875.7525; West Ashley: 843.766.6233 email: customercare@stella-nova.com www.stella-nova.com See our ad back cover
hair reMoval

sweet 185 body sugaring studio
Charleston’s Premier Studio for gentle, natural & environmentally friendly hair removal. Offering services from brows to brazillians. Sugar adheres to the hair and dead skin cells only meaning an appointment at Sweet 185 leaves you not only hair free but exfoliated as well!

476 King Street, King Street, Charleston, SC 29403 tel 843.329.3500 www.sweetbodysugaring.com See our ad page 13
hair salons

katz hair studio
Design • Color • Kindness Cut, Color & Waxing Coppola Keratin Smoothing System for 100% no frizz for 5 months!

1939 D Maybank Hwy, James Island, SC 29412 tel 843.406.1119 stella nova spa salon & esthetique
Voted Best Salon by City Paper for 8 years. Since 1991.

Downtown: (Spa) 843.723.0909, (Salon) 843.853.6161, (Store) 843.722.9797; Mt. Pleasant: 843.884.3838; Summerville: 843.875.7525; West Ashley: 843.766.6233 email: customercare@stella-nova.com www.stella-nova.com See our ad back cover

betty buzz: Makeup Bag MuStS
❍ moisturizer with spf 15+ ❍ foundation ❍ concealer ❍ blush/bronzer ❍ powder: pressed or loose ❍ mascara ❍ eye Liner ❍ eye shadow: neutral & accent colors ❍ Lipstick ❍ moisturizing Lip balm ❍ brushes: powder, blush, eye shadow & liner ❍ tweezers ❍ extras: rice paper for blotting; eye drops; refreshing spray; makeup remover pads

Makeup shelf life know when it’s time to toss. • Mascara: 3 – 6 months • Concealer: 8 – 12 months • Eye/lip pencils, lipstick: 2 years

• Foundation, powder, blush, eye shadow: 6 – 8 months • Nail polish: 12 months

oil-based foundation will last longer than water-based, and powder blushes last up to two years longer than cream blushes.

the little black book for every busy woman : hair & skin care : 35


health & wellness

Lowcountry women recommenDeD


liFeworks chiropractic Justin Fisher, dc 4 Windermere Boulevard, South Windermere Shopping Center, Charleston, SC 29407 tel 843.573.LIFE (5433) email: info@lifeworkschiropractic.com www.imchiro.com/~lifework
coachinG, counselinG & psychotherapy busy woman tips


This organization collects shoes from companies, groups and individuals and “changes the world one pair at a time” by distributing them to those in need in the US and abroad. Visit their website to find out where to ship your “gently worn” shoes, including the Village Northwest Warehouse location staffed by over 180 adults with disabilities. www.soles4souls.org

crystal-barkley corporation originators of life\work planning
Solid strategy for real results — and real satisfaction in life!

tel 843.727.7990 email: crystalbarkley@careerlife.com www.careerlife.com See our ad page 23

center for women
Individual counseling and support groups for women. Fees based on sliding scale. Call for appointment or more information.

129 Cannon Street, Charleston, SC 29403 tel 843.763.7333 www.c4women.org See our ad page 25

Every Busy Woman Buzz
Want the latest buzz?
Sign up for your eNewsletter today. ✓ Steals & Deals ✓ Must-attend Events ✓ Everything Hot & Happening!
our family has fondue on Christmas eve. The kids love it and it also gives us a break from turkey. - CaMeroN MaTHIS CHaMBerlaIN


F Teeth Bleaching ree

Come in for a checkup & cleaning, & get a free membership in our “Brightening for Life” program, including custom, form-fit, bleaching trays and a free tube of bleach every time time you come in for your checkup & cleaning appointments.

F Smile Test Drive ree

Let us show you what the smile of your dreams looks like with our smile makeover photo simulation!

924 Tall Pine Road, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464 www.DrJimSexton.com

Dr. Jim Sexton & Dr. Jared Slovan
general, implant & cosmetic dentistry

the little black book for every busy woman : health & wellness : 37

the little black book for every busy woman : health & wellness : 38

busy woman tips


dr. James h. sexton, Jr. & dr. Jared l. slovan General implant cosmetic dentistry
85% of people consider a person’s smile important when meeting for the first time, and 50% of people say it is the FIRST thing they notice! What is your smile saying about you? Call today for your FREE Smile Makeover photo simulation and let us help you make a GREAT first impression!

Breast Cancer Awareness
Who gets breast cancer? Anyone can get breast cancer. Did you know… • the older a woman is, the more likely she is to get breast cancer • white women are more likely to get breast cancer than women of other racial or ethnic groups • African American women are more likely to die from breast cancer than white women Am I at risk for breast cancer? All women are at risk for breast cancer. Known risks include: • having a family history of breast cancer • starting menopause after 55 • never having children • most women who get breast cancer have no known risk factors What is my best defense? The best way to find breast cancer in its earliest stages is to routinely check your breasts for signs of the disease. • Breast Self-Exam (BSE) All women should perform a monthly BSE by age 20 a few days after your period ends. For step-by-step instructions: www.komen.org/bse or call 1.800.IM.AWARE to request a free BSE card. • Clinical Breast Exam (CBE) - Women ages 20 - 39 at least every 3 years and every year starting at age 40. • Mammograms - All women 40+ should have a mammogram every year. www.komen.org

924 Tall Pine Road, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464 tel 843.884.0701 www.DrJimSexton.com See our ad page 37

coastal carolina Gastroenterology & hepatology dr. rya kaplan
Providing comprehensive, compassionate care and treatment of disorders of the digestive tract, colon cancer, hepatitis and cirrhosis as well as advanced training in endoscopic ultrasound. Conveniently located and affiliated with Trident Medical Center and Summerville Medical Center.

Charleston: 9221 University Boulevard, Suite 102, Charleston, SC 29413 tel 843.576.0700 See our ad page 37
health orGanizations

the american heart association
Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women, but it can largely be prevented. Join the Go Red Movement to receive a free red dress pin and life-saving information. Take the Heart CheckUp for a free, personalized risk assessment today.

tel 1.888.MY.HEART www.goredforwomen.org lowcountry affiliate of susan G. komen for the cure®
The Susan G. Komen for the Cure promise: to save lives and end breast cancer by empowering people, ensuring quality care for all and energizing science to find the cures. Race for the Cure is Saturday, October 16, 2010

For breast health information please call tel 843.556.8011 or Race for the Cure® office 843.556.3343 or visit us at www.komenlowcountry.org See our ad page 41

obstetrics & GynecoloGy

busy woman tips

lowcountry women’s specialists
We combine experience with state of the art technology to give you confidence in your health care decisions. Come to us for preventive care and pap smears. For prenatal care, ultrasounds, and delivery. For medical and surgical management of gynecologic problems, including menstrual and urinary tract disorders. For osteoporosis screening and mammogram referrals. For family planning and infertility counseling. For our diagnostic and surgical skills, including DaVinci robotic laparoscopic surgery. From teenagers to those in their post-menopausal years, we’ve devoted our entire practice to women’s health. We offer all the care you need for all your life!
Dr. Christopher R. Accetta; Dr. Ronnie M. Givens; Dr. Jennifer J. Heinemann; Dr. Christine L. Hunter; Dr. Michael W. Prystowsky; Dr. William M. Reeves; Dr. Heather S. Schwartzberg; Tonya Bridges, CNM; Bridget Kenny, CNM; Carrie ReVille, CNM

The Right Questions to Ask
Did you ask more questions about your cell phone plan than you did during your last medical appointment? Improve the care you and your loved one’s receive by becoming an active participant. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality’s “Questions Are the Answer” tool gives you a list of questions to ask and a tool to create your own, customized list. www.ahrq.gov/ questionsaretheanswer

North Charleston: 9291 Medical Plaza Drive Summerville: 77 Springview Lane tel 843.797.3664 www.lcwomensspecialists.com See our ad page 41
oculoplastic surGery

Galin J. Spicer, M.D.
Cosmetic & Reconstructive Oculofacial Surgeon


Galin J. spicer, M.d., llc charleston eyeworx
Cosmetic & Reconstructive Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon Certified by the American Society Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Dr. Spicer specializes exclusively in the rejuvenation and restoration of the eyelid and surrounding facial areas through a variety of cosmetic treatments and procedures. • Cosmetic Eye Lift Surgery • Benign Lesion Removal • Chemical Peels • Botox® Cosmetic • Dysport™ • Dermal Fillers • Laser Resurfacing Call now for your personal consultation. Visit us in our newest location at 137 Gateway Drive in Ladson!

Specializing in the Restoration and Rejuvenation of the eyelid and surrounding facial areas.

2097 Henry Tecklenburg Drive Suite 204 Charleston, SC 29414 tel 843.763.7741 www.CharlestonEyeworx.com
buy 2 kits of latisse® for only $200; botox® at $10.50/unit (min 40 units) offers expire 1/31/2011

Give the gift of time with any of our own Skin Rejuvenation products - receive 10% off! Also don’t forget about our Botox® Special at $10.50/unit (minimum of 40 units)* Now offering Latisse®! Buy two kits for only $200*
*All offers expire 1/31/11

2097 Henry Tecklenburg Drive Suite 204, Charleston, SC 29414


(843) 763-7741

the little black book for every busy woman : health & wellness : 39

the little black book for every busy woman : health & wellness : 40


the loft pilates center
Offering private, semi-private, and small group Pilates instruction on equipment and mat work. Come see our new location.

For more information: www.pilatesloft.com 7 Radcliffe Street, Charleston, SC 29403 tel 843.568.0499 email: pilatesloft@hotmail.com www.pilatesloft.com praXis balanced body studio

1233 Ben Sawyer Boulevard, Suite 100, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464 tel 843.881.6933, fax 843.881.6933 email: praxispilates@earthlink.net www.praxispilates.com
plastic surGeons

anne l. edwards, Md, pc
Certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery Plastic Surgery from a Woman’s Point of View. Breast Surgery • Reconstructive, Enhancement, & Reduction Facial Cosmetic Surgery • Skin Care & Facial Peels • Botox Spider Veins • Permanent Makeup • Restylane • Skin Cancer Radiesse • Body Contouring & Liposuction

2097 Henry Tecklenburg Drive, Suite 322 West, Charleston, SC 29414 tel 843.769.6608
senior services

sandpiper retirement community A Premier Senior Living Community
Situated in the heart of Mount Pleasant, minutes from the beach and historic downtown Charleston, we’ve served the Lowcountry for over 25 years. We are a continuum of care community offering Independent Living, Assisted Living, Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing. We have a variety of individualized programs: social, recreational, cultural and spiritual activities including day trips, events, gardening, and other life enrichment activities. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you and assist you in making the right choice for retirement living. Schedule a tour and enjoy a free lunch in our Village Dining Room.

tel 800.732.6761 www.PremierSeniorLiving.com See our ad page 43

the little black book for every busy woman : health & wellness : 41

the little black book for every busy woman : health & wellness : 42

busy woman tips


coastal carolina surgical specialists dr. Jennifer h. Fiorini
Whether your case is routine or complex, you can be sure that you will receive knowledgeable and compassionate care. From breast reconstruction surgery to surgical oncology to the comprehensive management of trauma or injury, you’ll receive the best of care. Conveniently located and affiliated with Trident Medical Center and Summerville Medical Center.

Fight Back this Flu Season
• Get your yearly flu shot. • Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly with soap and water. • Carry a pack of tissues in your purse and always sneeze into a tissue. • Keep your hands away from your nose, eyes and mouth. • Stay home if you are feeling sick. • Avoid contact as much as possible with people who are sick.

Charleston: 9221 University Boulevard, Suite 102, Charleston, SC 29413 tel 843.576.0700 www.ccsurgicalspecialists.com
well beinG

sweet 185
Offering optimum, long-term beauty and wellness enhancing results with an unwavering commitment to using treatments based on time honored principles of nature. All Natural Hair Removal in our Premiere Sugaring Studio • Holistic Massage Therapy • Oxygen Bar • Natural, Organic Skin Care Products & Beauty Treatments • Gift Items & More

476 King Street, Charleston, SC 29403 email: christina@sweetbodysugaring.com www.sweetbodysugaring.com See our ad page 13 the turning leaf
A collective for well being offering a variety of means to a healthy lifestyle for all ages. The Turning Leaf promotes the body, mind & spirit and does so through inspiration, motivation & education. The elements of this holistic & unique center include: Personal Training • Yoga • Pilates • Wellness Coaching Massage Therapy • Outdoor Adventure One of the studio’s most dynamic priorities is getting outside. The benefits of fresh air, the environment & natural resources play a vital role in every facet of The Turning Leaf & set it apart from other studios.

815 Savannah Highway, Charleston, SC 29407 tel 843.225.7148 email: harriott@theturningleaf.org www.theturningleaf.org

the little black book for every busy woman : health & wellness : 43


home & garden

Lowcountry women recommenDeD

concierGe services

yudu personal concierge services
We give you your precious time back so you can focus on the priorities in life! Concierge services for individuals and corporations who need tasks completed quickly and effectively. 1) register for a yudu list at www.yudulist.com and purchase your block of time 2) submit your errands 3) relax! Services include: Pick up groceries • Feed & walk pets • Deliver coffee or lunch • Make reservations • Research providers • Deliver contracts • Pick up dry cleaning • No task is too small or large!

busy woman tips

tel 843.972.4008 email: contact@yudulist.com www.yudulist.com

Track Your Energy
GreenQuest is a web-based personal energy dashboard that allows you to track and analyze the energy use for your home or business. From tracking water and energy costs to comparing your usage to similar properties, the service is free and will help make you more aware of your consumption, encourage low impact living and save money on utility bills. www.mygreenquest.com


artizom Frame Gallery
Artizom is a custom picture frame gallery conveniently located in the heart of downtown Charleston at 334 East Bay Street. Locally owned and operated for nearly 10 years, the husband and wife team are both native Charlestonians who graduated from the fine art department at the College of Charleston. They offer museum quality, conservation framing for fine art, photographs, prints, posters, mirrors, textiles and collectibles as well as replace broken picture frame glass.

Hours: Monday – Friday, 10 am - 6 pm; Saturday, 11 am - 5 pm Ansonborough Shopping Ctr, 334 East Bay St, Charleston, SC 29401 tel 843.723.3726 www.artizom.com

a closet that helps you get dressed quickly is one that: 1. Is regularly edited 2. Stays organized. 3. Contains a versatile wardrobe you actually want to wear. - lee HeYWard, The Charleston Style Concierge

betty buzz: Holiday decorating tipS

Deck the halls au naturale with these pointers from Melinda Armstrong Wrenn at Sweet Olive in Mt Pleasant.
use plants: instead of cut flowers, use small tropicals and ferns in arrangements with poinsettias or orchids. try poinsettias in shades other than red – like pink, white and speckled reds. Force Bulbs: bring beautiful color and scents in doors with forced bulbs. paper whites are especially lovely. (see page 17 for a forcing bulb how to) go to the garden: greenery is readily available in many gardens including magnolia, holly, nandina, ferns, pine branches and ivy. trim the tree: whether you use an ever green or another kind of tree, you can use natural ornaments to decorate your christmas tree. try pinecones, sweet gum balls, baby’s breath, dried hydrangeas and seashells.

the little black book for every busy woman : home & garden : 46

FurnishinG & accessories

south carolina thrift & resale store
“Where Thrift Shopping Never Looked So Good” Visit our 10,000 square foot Store for Daily Arrivals of Donated and Consigned Home Furnishings & Household Items. Looking to consign your household items? A portion of the proceeds help support the Center for Women.

Open Monday – Saturday, 9 am – 6 pm and Sundays noon – 5 pm 1670 Highway 17 N, Mount Pleasant, SC 29466 tel 843.971.0552 email: scthriftstore@comcast.net www.scthriftandresale.com See our ad page 11
GardeninG & landscapinG

o’dell landscaping
A family-owned, landscaping company that understands the Low Country’s unique micro-climate and the art of fine gardening. Garden Maintenance • Decorative Masonry Irrigation • Garden Renovation & Design We look forward to creating a timeless, personalized landscape for you and your family.

tel 843.556.7333 email: odelllandscaping@comcast.net www.odelllandscaping.com
GiFt shops

oil & vinegar - towne centre
We’re a locally owned and operated shop offering a wide selection of gourmet Mediterranean foods and culinary gifts. We have over 40 oils and vinegars available on tap, in addition to delicious appetizers, pastas, risottos, sauces, dried herbs and spices and unique kitchen utensils. You can sample all of our oils & vinegars and taste from our 5 tasting tables. If you’re going to a bridal shower or dinner party we’ll help you find the perfect gift.

Hours: Monday-Saturday 10 am - 9 pm and Sunday Noon - 6 pm. Mt Pleasant Towne Centre, Between Atlanta Bread and the Movie Theater, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464 tel 843.881.2208 mountpleasant.oilandvinegarusa.com

busy woman tips

Opening November 2010 Unique gifts at affordable prices in a store designed for today’s busy lifestyle. Gifts for men, women, babies, children, hostess and house-warming, arranged for easy shopping. Hand-crafted, carefully selected, quality gifts made by local and Southeastern artisans. Created using eco-friendly natural materials that are Made in the USA, recycled, up-cycled, or repurposed. Knowledgeable staff who know the products and artists. Free gift wrap included plus gift tags and art greeting cards are also available.

Hanukkah Danglers
Decorate your home for the Festival of Light with these “danglers”. • Gather cupcake liners and wooden dreidels. • Using a hot glue gun or super glue, attach a small, silver fly tying bead or blue pony bead to the top of the dreidel so that the hole of the bead can have the string pass through it; let dry. • Decorate liners and dreidels using paint and glitter in shades of blue and silver; let dry. • Cut varying lengths of white string, then poke a hole in the center of each liner and position on the string by tying knots to secure their location. • Finish off by running the end of the string through the bead on the dreidel; trim excess string and let the dreidel dangle at the bottom of the line. • Hang from chandelier or ceiling in different lengths and enjoy!

The Shoppes at Seaside Farms, 1956 Long Grove Road, Suite 5, Mount Pleasant, SC 29464 tel 843.851.2527 www.puregiftsmtp.com See our ad page 19
For savings, see page 4

sweet olive Garden, Gift & home
Unique gifts and home and garden accents including the Original Charleston Bedswing. Our offerings include home decor items, beautiful pots, fountains, bird houses and feeders, terrariums, outdoor/ indoor rugs, statuary, orchids and tropicals and more. Sprucing up your home for the holidays? We can plant your pots, hanging baskets, and window boxes for you.

264 N Shelmore Boulevard in I’on, Mount Pleasant, SC 29464 tel 843.216.2821 email: melinda@sweetolivegarden.com www.sweetolivegarden.com See our ad page 9
interior desiGners

Ginger brewton interiors
Full service, high-end residential and commercial interior design Chic, Comfortable, Sophisticated Named one of the 20 designers to watch (2010) in the US by House Beautiful magazine.

76 Spring Street, Charleston, SC 29403 tel 843.270.7491 email: info@gingerbrewtoninteriors.com www.gingerbrewtoninteriors.com
pest control

barrier pest services
We offer lifetime termite bonds, guaranteed pest control services, moisture services, and Cl-100 reports.

7335 Cross County Road, North Charleston, SC 29419 tel 843.225.8250 email: trip@barrierpestservices.com www.barrierpestservices.com

the little black book for every busy woman : home & garden : 47

pure Gifts


travel & transportation
autoMotive parts & services

kevin’s north area transmission & automotive
While transmissions are our specialty, our services include EVERYTHING from the tip of the front bumper to the rear bumper to include the exhaust system. We have you covered. We will provide you with a Complete Diagnostic before we begin working on your vehicle. All fleets are welcomed. Broke down? Not to worry; we have towing and it’s free with all major jobs. You won’t find better pricing nor customer service in the Low country. If you do, just ask for “Kevin, and he will make it right”. We repair cars but your trust is our business!
busy woman tips

Car Check Up
Check your list before hitting the road this holiday season. • Tires – balance, inflation, rotation, spare and jack • Liquids – oil, coolant, transmission, etc. • Lights – replace any burned out bulbs • Visibility – replace wiper blades, check for damage to windows • Safety Kit – flares, water, first aid kit, blanket, etc.

4412 Spruill Avenue, North Charleston, SC 29405 tel 843.744.1130 7647 Dorchester Road, North Charleston, SC 29485 tel 843.552.2666 email: KevinsTransmissions@msn.com fan: Facebook.com/LowcountryAutoInfo follow: twitter.com/SCAutoInfo www.KevinsNorthAreaTransmission.com See our ad page 5
oil change up to 5qts for $14.95

speedee oil change & tune-up
We provide a full range of automotive maintenance services and repairs to help keep your vehicle running smoothly. With fully trained mechanics and quality assured parts we strive to keep your vehicle on the road longer, at the lowest cost possible. With great service comes confident driving! Oil Change • Tune-Up • A/C Service • Brakes • Full Service Mechanical • Filters & Fluids • 30-60-90,000 Mile Service

924 Savannah Hwy, Charleston SC 29407 tel 843.769.6800 www.speedeeoil.com
ladies day! come in on wednesdays and receive $4 off your oil change!
liMousine & car service

shuttle hogs
A 12-passenger van providing reliable transportation service throughout the Charleston area for all of your special event needs. Available for private service including airport pickups, wedding parties, sporting events and concerts. Please call for special event pricing. Rest your hooves in the Shuttle Hog and let us get you to your event safely!

tel 843.424.1323 email: shuttlehogs@gmail.com http://www.facebook.com/shuttlehogs



Here comes the bride and with her – lots of things on the to do list! Whether you are a bride, a mother of the bride or a supportive friend, The Bride Guide lists only vendors who have been recommended by busy, Lowcountry women. Exclusive content, including a Wedding Workbook, is available at EveryBusyWoman.com. Be sure to sign up for the Busy Bride Buzz eNewsletter to stay up to date as the big day approaches.



the little black book for every busy woman : name of section : 49

the little black book for every busy woman : name of section : 50 the bride guide

busy woman tips


charleston place 205 Meeting Street, Charleston, SC 29401 tel 843.722.4900 www.charlestonplace.com

Personalized Wedding Cake Toppers
Top off your cake with lookalikes of you and your sweetie. A set of 2 wedding dolls is customized using a photo you send via email complete with facial expressions, clothes and any detail you would like. For just $45 plus shipping, these one-of-a-kind pieces are sure to be cherished keepsakes and would look great framed in a shadow box in the home you make together. http://www.etsy.com/shop/samyii

ashley bakery 1662 Savannah Highway, Charleston, SC 29407 tel 843.763.4125 www.ashleybakery.com wedding cakes by Jim smeal tel 843.795.6114 www.weddingcakesbyjimsmeal.com
bartendinG services

iceboX bar services
Outstanding, high quality event bar services offering fresh, innovative and exciting beverage ideas. Professional & Friendly • Fully Insured Standard & Tailored Bar Packages Our dedicated team will ensure every element of the service we offer exceeds your expectations.

tel 843.437.6720 email: info@iceboxbar.com www.iceboxbar.com

carolina eye candy
Specializing in Xtreme Lash™ Eyelash Extensions that enhance the natural beauty in women of all ages, eliminating the need for mascara. You will wake up in the morning looking as beautiful as you did when you went to sleep and never have to worry about running mascara. There are different lash styles to choose from, so please visit the website for more information! Serving Summerville and surrounding areas!

tel 843.864.6996 www.lashesandmassage.com CONTINUED...

the little black book for every busy woman : name of section : 51 the bride guide

the little black book for every busy woman : name of section : 52 the bride guide

busy woman tips

BEAUTY CONTINUED... powder puffs to brushes
Charleston’s premier beauty boutique and lash bar! Providing semi-permanent Lash Extensions, 100% Mink Lashes, Airbrush Makeup and Tanning, Donna Bella Hair Extensions, Facials, Waxing, Hairstyling, Nail Services, Makeup Lessons, Custom Scent Bar, Makeup and Gifts. Offering in store and on location services.

Toss the Rice
While the tradition is to throw rice at the newly united couple to symbolize prosperity and fertility, consider putting your own spin on a timeless tradition by providing your guests with these alternatives: Day Wedding - bubbles - bird seed - flower petals Evening Wedding - sparklers - glow sticks - candles

217 Lucas St, Suite H, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464 tel 843.737.3790 email: jacey@powderpuffstobrushes.com www.powderpuffstobrushes.com See our ad page 9 the spa at charleston place Located on the 4th Floor of Charleston Place Hotel, in the heart of downtown Charleston. 205 Meeting Street, Charleston, SC 29401 tel 843.937.8522 www.charlestonplace.com See our ad page 11 stella nova salon spa esthetique & Make-up studio
Stella Nova is the bridal expert, let us prepare you for the aisle. Bridal Gifts, Bridal Suite. Outcall Hair & Make-Up.

292 King Street, Charleston, SC 29401 tel (Spa) 843.723.0909, (Salon) 843.577.2500, (Store) 843.722.9797 or 800.577.NOVA www.stella-nova.com See our ad back cover sweet 185 body sugaring studio & organic boutique
The only sweet spot in Charleston providing the most accommodating, unique and upscale venue for your bridal soiree. Customized Bridal & Bachelorette Events • Full Menu of Sugaring and Holistic Skin and Body Therapies • Oxygen in our Zero Gravity Chairs • Private Event Space • Complimentary Parking • Bridal Party Gift Baskets • Catering Call and speak with our studio’s event concierge to plan your sweet day!

NEW LOCATION: 476 King Street, King Street, Charleston, SC 29403 tel 843.329.3500 www.sweetbodysugaring.com See our ad page 13

bridal reGistry

busy woman tips

Your Table • Your Party • Your Life

1956 Maybank Highway, The Terrace Plaza, James Island, SC 29412 tel 843.795.5995 www.settingsllc.com
bridal showers & parties

Often Overlooked Wedding To Do’s
Tips for Vendors: Make sure that your vendor’s cash tips are in envelopes with their name on it, and that a trusted-someone is going to distribute them for you. Throw Away Garter: If you want to keep your garter, be sure to have a “throw away” one to toss into the crowd of bachelors. The Getaway: Along with where you are going and how you are getting there, don’t forget to pack properly and have your luggage in the car along with a basket of the food served at your wedding you probably didn’t get enough of. Have transportation arranged for your return home as well, as you will not have a car. The Clean Up: If you’re not at a full-service site or working with vendors, who is going to take out the trash, un-decorate and clean up after you? Make sure someone is available to meet the vendors who are coming to pack up the rentals and that the time has been pre-scheduled. Keeping Up With the Special Items: Many brides use heirloom cake toppers, cake knives, toasting flutes, etc. Be sure to assign a friend or family member to make sure those items get home with you and not packed up by a vendor.

cru cafe
Located in the of heart of historic, downtown Charleston in a classic 18th century Charleston single-style home, Cru Café offers the perfect setting for a rehearsal dinner, bridal luncheon or bridal shower. Guests can enjoy indoor and outdoor porch seating, gourmet comfort food, a wine list tailored to the varied menu and rich, satisfying desserts.

18 Pinckney Street, Charleston, SC 29401 tel 843.534.2434 email: info@crucafe.com www. crucafe.com See our ad page 55 sweet 185 body sugaring studio & organic boutique
customized bridal & bachelorette events

476 King Street, King Street, Charleston, SC 29403 tel 843.329.3500 www.sweetbodysugaring.com See our ad page 13

cru catering
Eclectic Modern American Cuisine More than just a catering service, we present a team of event specialists and culinary experts who will assist you in creating the ultimate experience - from hors d’oeuvres to specialty beverages and multiple course menus for 2 to 2,000 people. Voted Best Caterer 2001 – 2010 by Charleston City Paper readers Voted the Best of Weddings 2010 Pick by The Knot

1784 Harmon Street, Charleston, SC 29405 tel 843.534.2433 email: info@crucatering.com www.crucatering.com See our ad page 55 CONTINUED...

the little black book for every busy woman : name of section :: 53 the bride guide 53

the little black book for every busy woman : name of section : 54 the bride guide

busy woman tips

CATERING CONTINUED... Granville’s catering
Full-service catering for all your special event needs.

Chef Trae Wilson, tel 843.224.5873 or 843.577.0486 Catering Manager Jane Murphy, tel 843.330.8971 www.granvillescafeandcatering.com lowcountry eats

What to Take Dress Shopping
Shoes you’ll be wearing day of or shoes with a similar heel-height Any item – jewelry, veil, etc you know you want to wear Undergarments, including bustier for strapless gowns Inspiring pictures of dresses you like and have clipped out of magazines A camera and notebook to write down thoughts and specs Your mom, sister or a trusted friend

Delicious Southern Cuisine made with Fresh and Local Ingredients As a full service caterer, Lowcountry Eats provides you with services for all types of functions including; weddings, corporate and social occasions, offering the utmost attention to detail for your event. Not only do we provide you with a service but create an experience. Let us cater your next event to enjoy the best of what the Lowcountry Eats!

2872 Azalea Drive, Building 1, Charleston, SC 29405 tel 843.747.1100 email: info@lowcountryeats.com www.lowcountryeats.com savory sushi and catering
We know that every event is unique and we work with you to create a menu for your special day that fits your individual needs. View our sample menus online for some of our specialties including Canapes, Carving Stations, Phyllo Pastry Cup Bites and of course, Sushi.

1956-B Maybank Highway, Charleston, SC 29412 tel 843.762.3338 email: hailey@savorysushiandcatering.com www.savorysushiandcatering.com
children’s wear

southern belles
Exquisite and Unique Children’s Attire & Gifts for Weddings and Special Occasions

280 W. Coleman Boulevard, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464 (Northcutt Plaza Specialty Shops) tel 843.881.1741 www.southernbellesonline.com See our ad page 31

the little black book for every busy woman : name of section : 55 the bride guide

the little black book for every busy woman : name of section : 56 the bride guide

busy woman tips

Floral desiGn

lotus Flower
The day you get married is not an ordinary day. Why celebrate with ordinary flowers? No pre-set package deals forcing you to fit a standard. You tell us what you want, and together we plan for your wedding flowers. Call us to set up an appointment with one of our designers and visit our online gallery to start exploring ideas. Visit us in our new location.

Unveiling the Veil
Mantilla: Tulle with lace at its hem; draped over the entire head Blusher: A short veil that covers the bride’s face; usually does not extend past a bride’s chin Flyaway: Stiff, short veil Ballerina: Straight, tulle veil that does not extend past the ankle Cathedral: Very full veil; its length can be measured in feet Elbow: Full, tulle veil that extends to the elbows How to pick? Consider your height, your dress, how you want to style your hair and any jewelry that you want to wear on your big day.

32 Laurens Street, Charleston, SC 29401 tel 843.534.2837 email: info@lotusflowercharleston.com www.lotusflowercharleston.com
invitations & stationery

cluucards custom Magnetic cards
Shower Invitations • Save the Dates Custom Design Services Available

tel 703.655.8883 www.cluucards.com
Mention The Little Black Book to receive a 10% discount

it Fitz Jewelry by nikki Fitzgerald wood
We specialize in customized jewelry for the bride, mother of the bride/groom and the bridal party that captures the essence of your special day, creating a timeless, one-of-a-kind keepsake. Visit the online gallery and contact Nikki for a design consultation.

tel 843.343.3242 email: nikki@itfitzjewelry.com www.itfitzjewelry.com
liGhtinG & sound

production design associates
PDA is a national leader in providing lighting, audio, video, staging, sets and trained technicians for events. Our designers assist each bride and planner early in the planning process, incorporating theme and color choices and making every event unique and unforgettable. PDA is experienced in all venues in Charleston. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to quality and customer service. PDA has appeared in major publications, including Weddings Unveiled, Grace Ormond’s Wedding Style and Romantic Destinations.

2799 Three Lakes Road, North Charleston, SC 29418 tel 843.554.3466 email: info@pdastage.com www.pdastage.com See our ad page 59

the little black book for every busy woman : name of section : 57 the bride guide

the little black book for every busy woman : name of section : 58 the bride guide

busy woman tips


erin sage photography
Modern, Fresh, Honest, Vibrant The love of a mother and child...the excitement shared between a couple- the sweetness of those few moments after a husband and wife says I do and walks back down the aisle to begin their forever and always. Erin Sage realizes the potential of not just telling a story with words but taking people there with pictures. Offering fine art wedding photography along with engagement sessions, portraits, and newborn sessions. Freeze time and capture those moments so that you can always remember.

Wedding Day Itinerary
Visualizing each step of your wedding day will help make sure you’ve got everything covered. Close your eyes and picture yourself: Waking Up: - where have you slept the night before? - what are you going to wear? - do you have your written itinerary? - who is with you and what are they doing with/for you? - are you taking deep breaths, trying to relax, being pampered? Getting Where You Need to Be: - are appointments confirmed? - how are you getting there? - do you have enough time in between each appointment/ activity? Settting the Stage: - who has your vendor’s numbers and are making sure they are on top of things? - is someone checking in on the preparations? - is someone checking on friends/family to make sure they are where they need to be? Getting Ready: - at the site or somewhere else? - do you have everything? - if you forget something, who is going to be your runner? - who is telling you when it’s “go time”? The Time Has Come: - only one question counts now and the answer is “I Do”!

tel 803.465.1602 email: info@erinsagephotography.com www.erinsagephotography.com See our ad page 57 taylor stewart photography
Taylor Stewart offers candid, documentary-style wedding photography and innovative portraiture.

3226 E-5 Maybank Highway, Suite E-5, Johns Island, SC 29455 tel 843.557.1468 www.taylorstewartphotography.com
weddinG apparel

belle couture bridal
We take pride in offering every bride personal attention and a relaxing experience. Come see why we are the “must shop” destination for bridal gowns in Charleston, SC…it’s not just about the gown, it’s the whole experience!

100 Church Street, Charleston, SC 29401 tel 843.881.3449 email: sarah@bellecouturebridal.com www.BelleCoutureBridal.com Fabulous Frocks
A luxe bridal consignment boutique for those savvy Charleston brides and debutantes! Need to find a new home for your beloved gown or on a tight budget with no time to order a gown...we are here to help!

47 ½ Spring Street, Charleston, SC 29403 tel 843.754.1855 email: FabulousFrocksofCharleston@gmail.com www.FabulousFrocksofCharleston.com Maddison row
Bridal Chic

171 Spring Street, Charleston, SC 29403 tel 843.720.7979 email: info@maddisonrow.com www.maddisonrow.com

the little black book for every busy woman : name of section : 59 the bride guide

the little black book for every busy woman : name of section : 60 the bride guide

busy woman tips

weddinG event venues

charleston harbor tours carolina belle
Make your wedding a truly special occasion aboard the Carolina Belle – one of Charleston’s most unique event locations. Whether you’re planning a rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony or wedding reception, delight your guests with exceptional service, delicious food and the ever-changing views of Charleston’s picturesque harbor as you cruise on the Carolina Belle.

Before the Ceremony Photographer’s Shoot Sheet
❍ Bride having her hair styled and make up applied ❍ Bridesmaids helping the bride get dressed ❍ Bride’s mom helping with a detail like adjusting the veil or zipping the dress ❍ Close ups of the Bride’s bouquet ❍ Still shots of the Bride’s gown, shoes, something borrowed… ❍ Bride with attendants ❍ Bride with the flower girl ❍ Bride with her parents and siblings ❍ Groom getting ready with his father and groomsmen ❍ Groom with his parents and siblings ❍ Groom with the best man ❍ Groom with the ring bearer ❍ Groomsmen putting on boutonnieres or ties

10 Wharfside Street, Charleston, SC 29401 tel 843.722.1112 or 843.568.TOUR email: sales@charlestonharbortours.com www.charlestonharbortours.com drayton hall
A timeless setting on the Ashley River for unforgettable weddings.

3380 Ashley River Road, Charleston, SC 29414 tel 843.769.2600 www.draytonhall.org lowcountry park venues
Launch a lifetime of memories at one of our picturesque event venues, among the Charleston area’s most popular wedding locales. From historic charm to sweeping views, the Lowcountry Park Venues are storybook southern settings. cooper river room Mt. Pleasant Memorial Waterfront Park Stunning panorama. Founders hall Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site Airy sustainability. legare waring house Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site Traditional grace.

tel 843.852.2965 www.LowcountryParkVenues.com lowndes Grove
Nestled on 14 stunning acres on the Ashley River, Lowndes Grove is an unrivaled Lowcountry setting for truly unique weddings.

266 St. Margaret Street, Charleston, SC 29403 tel 843.853.1810 email: info@patpropevents.com www.lowndesgrove.com CONTINUED...

the little black book for every busy woman : name of section : 61 the bride guide

the little black book for every busy woman : name of section : 62 the bride guide

busy woman tips

Thinking of a casual ceremony on the beach or an elegant, black-tie gathering? With the beach right outside our doors and over 4,000 square feet of flexible event space we have the ideal location. Our professional staff will guide you effortlessly through the process of planning your special day. Located nine short miles from historic downtown Charleston, Folly Beach offers spectacular sunrises and seaside ambiance. To learn more about planning a wedding at the beach, send us an email, give us a call or schedule a tour to see the hotel in person.

Bridal Checklist
12 MONTHS BEFORE ❍ Wedding Consultant ❍ Set a budget ❍ Select a theme, colors, etc. ❍ Ceremony date, time and site ❍ Officiant ❍ Reserve the reception site ❍ Attendants ❍ Caterer ❍ Photographer/Videographer ❍ Florist ❍ Music - ceremony and reception ❍ Wedding dress, headpiece and accessories ❍ Begin compiling guest list ❍ Be sure to sign contracts! 9 MONTHS BEFORE ❍ Premarital counseling ❍ Register for china, gifts, etc. ❍ Plan the honeymoon! ❍ Save the date cards 6 MONTHS BEFORE ❍ Order bridesmaid’s dresses and flower girl’s dress ❍ Current visas and passports? ❍ Discuss rehearsal dinner with groom 4 MONTHS BEFORE ❍ Invitations, programs and stationery ❍ Order formal wear for groom and attendants ❍ Mother’s dresses ordered ❍ Gift bags for out of town guests ❍ Book hair and makeup ❍ Wedding & groom’s cake Continued...

One Center Street, Folly Beach, SC 29439 tel 843.588.6464 email: Kelly Killeen, Catering Manager kkilleen@tidesfollybeach.com www.tidesfollybeach.com willow cove

Nestled in the Francis Marion Forest, featuring a large main lawn, beautiful flowers and foliage, 2 ponds and a century old live oak as a glorious centerpiece.

4620 Causey Pond Road, Awendaw, SC 29429 tel 843.568.4183 www.willowcoveevents.com
weddinG planners

distinctive events
wedding coordination, design and consulting

115 Calhoun Street, Charleston, SC 29401 tel 843.723.1355 email: shasha@distinctive-events.com www.distinctive-events.com
weddinG rentals

all occasions the party & event division of aaa rentals 3555 Meeting Street Road, North Charleston, 29405 tel 843.554.6334, fax 843.744.3701 email: partyinsc@aol.com www.alloccasionsparty.com CONTINUED...

the little black book for every busy woman : name of section : 63 the bride guide

the little black book for every busy woman : name of section : 64 the bride guide

busy woman tips

WEDDING RENTALS CONTINUED... distinctive events
Creating your distinctive vision through infinitely creative design. Our designers find the best possible resources, pulling from our extensive inventory of state-of-the-art design materials, as well as utilizing local vendors that we trust. Floral and foliage designers, lighting, draping and event specialists work together with our planning and logistics team to perfectly plan and produce your dream wedding design. We listen, hear your ideas, share in your dreams, and help you create the day you will remember for a lifetime!

Bridal Checklist Continued...
2 MONTHS BEFORE ❍ Final fitting ❍ Finalize ceremony details: procession, seating chart, etc. ❍ Prepare to send out invites ❍ Gifts for bridal party ❍ Shoes, stockings, garter and purse ❍ Cake knife ❍ Champagne glasses for toast ❍ Guest registration book ❍ Wedding rings ❍ Plan bridesmaid’s luncheon or party ❍ Select who will be in charge of what: handing out programs, etc. ❍ Plan your getaway - car, carriage, etc. 6 - 8 WEEKS BEFORE ❍ Mail invitations ❍ Send announcement to newspaper 2 WEEKS BEFORE ❍ Marriage license ❍ Put all necessities in one bag 1 WEEK BEFORE ❍ Check in with all service providers ❍ Inform attendants and family where to be and when 1 - 2 DAYS BEFORE ❍ Pack Emergency Kit ❍ Make sure to have your marriage license ❍ Final details ❍ Get plenty of sleep! ❍ Have fun!

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guide for every busy bride: EMERGENCY KIT CHECKLIST

Be prepared for anything on your big day. Pack a bag with these essentials and have one of your bridesmaids be in charge of keeping you ceremony and picture perfect!
❍ ❍ ❍ ❍ ❍ ❍ ❍ ❍ ❍ ❍ ❍ Scissors Needle and thread Visine - to take red out of eyes or blemishes Preparation H - for undereye bags Makeup and lipstick Aspirin/pain reliever Lotion/moisturizer Band-Aids Kleenex or handkerchief Mirror Bobby pins or other hair accessories