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Table reorganization on a table

space in Oracle
Definition of Reorganizations
Reorganization in a database context is the recreation or
cleanup of one or several segments.

Prerequisite of Table Reorganization

1.) Tablespace Size :

Firstly check Tablespace size because during this process

oracle use extra space for this process.In order to check the
same please run the below sql command or
use brtool for the same .

select tsu.tablespace_name, ceil(tsu.used_mb) "size

MB",decode(ceil (tsf.free_mb), NULL,0,ceil(tsf.free_mb))
"free MB",decode(100 – ceil(tsf.free_mb/ tsu.used_mb*100), NULL,
100,100 - ceil(tsf.free_mb/tsu.used_mb*100)) "% used"
from (select tablespace_name, sum(bytes)/1024/1024 used_mb
from dba_data_files group by tablespace_name union all

select tablespace_name || ' **TEMP**' ,sum(bytes)/1024/1024

used_mb from dba_temp_files group by tablespace_name) tsu,
(select tablespace_name, sum(bytes)/1024/1024 free_mb from
dba_free_space group by tablespace_name) tsf where
tsu.tablespace_name = tsf.tablespace_name (+) order by 4

If tablespace %USED less than 70 that we can easy

Reorganization tables without any space management. During
this activity check tablespace size regularly.Otherwise we
monitor table space space (Add new datafiles, Autoextened On)

2.) Backup Verification

Please do verify that the full data base back up is in place

including the archive log of the time before the reorg start as
we require that for a restore if some problem occur .
You can check the same /oracle/SID/sapbackup/*.anf file here .

3.) Space Check

Regularly check /oracle/SID/saparch size because during this

activity frequently archive files generated

4.) Check reorg log

Regularly check table reorganization log

/oracle/SID/sapreorg :cat /oracle/SID/sapreorg/*.tbr

Following Step perform for Table

1.) Login to the system with user ora<sid> .

2.) Execute the below command for the reorganization on a

single table space .

Syntax :-
brspace -f tbreorg -s <Tablespace_Name> -t "*" -p 4
Enter -C
Enter C

Now your reorganization process completed

Post Installation Step :

1.) Create new statistics for the reorganized tables:

Syntax of the comand is : brconnect -u / -c -f stats -

t <Tablespace_Name> -f collect -p 4
Now statistics for the reorganized tables completed

Problem Occur During Reorganization:

If Tablespace Full then it will give error

Skip Table (LONG (RAW) column)

Ora-12091 error occur during Reorganization.

follow this step to drop the '#$' materialized views

Check through this query which tables already

generated materialized views.

select master,log_table from dba_snapshot_logs;

Using this we can drop the these materialized views

brspace -f tbreorg -t "*" -a cleanup

After that again reorganize this table.