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JnhannanItc Jcsus:
I AM savIngs nf Jcsus In thc Gnsµc! nf Jnhn xI
Chaµtcr 1 - IntrnductInn 1

Chaµtcr 2 - I AM thc I AM 9

Chaµtcr 3 - I AM thc Brcad nf LIfc 19

Chaµtcr 4 - I AM thc LIght nf thc Wnr!d 31

Chaµtcr 5 - I AM thc Dnnr nf thc 5hccµ 47

Chaµtcr 6 - I AM thc Gnnd 5hcµhcrd 55

Chaµtcr 7 - I AM thc rcsurrcctInn and thc LIfc 65
Chaµtcr 8 - I AM thc WAY thc TRUTH and thc LIFE 89

Chaµtcr 9 - I AM thc TRUE VINE 107

DcdIcatcd tn

Mv WIfc

House und weuILI ure InIerILed Irom IuLIers,
buL u prudenL wIIe Is Irom LIe ¡ORD.
(Pro 1¤:1q)

I AM : M. M. NInan

Hov nanv lines have vou leen laIking vilh soneone and have had
lhen sav: Iesus nevei cIained lo le Cod.¨ Oi have had lhen sav Iesus is
ONLY lhe ¨Son of Cod.¨ Nol Cod. WeII Iesus didn´l sav ¨I an Cod¨ foi a
good ieason. You see he didn´l vanl lo le anliguous. I´II expIain vhv I
sav lhis in jusl a lil.

Iesus vas lhe uIlinale naslei al lolh aIIegoiies and neanings lolh pIain
and inpIied, of senlences and sloiies olviousIv sinpIe and vel vilh deep
hidden conpIexilies. ßul vhal is noie, leing Cod he aIso knev vhal
vas lo cone in lhe ages lo le. Thus he pie-enpled nanv nanv heiesies
and faIse concepls lhal peopIe veie going lo have. UnfoilunaleIv nol
nanv peopIe lake lhe line lo ieseaich his savings and lhus lhev gel
enliapped inlo nisconceplions and faIsilies and gel Ied asliav lv faIse
leacheis lhal speak vhal lhev vanl lo heai and nol vhal lhe liulh is.

In Iine vilh lhis, one of lhe nosl poveifuI cIains Iesus evei nade vas
lhe slalenenl ¨ßefoie Aliahan vas I AM.¨ Nov on lhe face of il, il
Iooks Iike a lvpo oi lad giannai.

ßul lo undeisland vhal Iesus is laIking aloul ve have lo go lack a fev
lhousand veais lo lhe line of Moses and lhe ßuining ßush. Renenlei
vhen Cod laIks lo Moses fion lhe ßuining lush. Whal does Cod leII
Moses lo do` LxaclIv. lo go lo Ihaiaoh and sav: Lel nv peopIe go.
ßul Moses gels scaied. He savs (change lo NIV)

Exndus 3:13 . Moses said lo Cod, "Suppose I go lo lhe IsiaeIiles and sav
lo lhen, 'The Cod of voui falheis has senl ne lo vou,' and lhev ask ne,
'Whal is his nane`' Then vhal shaII I leII lhen`"

In olhei voids, Moses asks Cod: Whal is voui nane`
I AM : M. M. NInan

Whal does Cod sav`
Exndus 3:14 Cod said lo Moses, "I an vho I an . This is vhal vou aie lo
sav lo lhe IsiaeIiles: 'I AM has senl ne lo vou.' "
Moses asks Cod: Whal shaII I leII lhen voui nane is` Cod savs: TeII lhen
nv nane is I AM.

Nov I vanl vou lo fasl foivaid lack again lo lhe line of Chiisl. Iesus is
in a ciovd of peopIe and lhev aie aiguing vilh hin.
Iesus savs: Jnhn 8:56 "Youi falhei Aliahan iejoiced lo see Mv dav, and
he sav il and vas gIad." 57 The Ievs lheiefoie said lo Hin, "You aie nol
vel fiflv veais oId, and have You seen Aliahan`" 58 Iesus said lo lhen,
"TiuIv, liuIv, I sav lo vou, lefoie Aliahan vas loin I AM." 59 Theiefoie
lhev picked up slones lo lhiov al Hin: lul Iesus hid HinseIf, and venl
oul of lhe lenpIe.

Nole lhal he didn´l sav lefoie Aliahan vas loin I was. He didn´l sav
lefoie Aliahan vas, I exisled. He said lefoie Aliahan exisled |I an lhe!
I AM. (Theie is a Iol noie heie -lhose hidden conpIexilies- nole hov he
didn´l use lhe phiase I was lhe I AM, lecause lhe I AM is lineIess and
onIv vav lo define lhe evei exisling exliadinensionaI alenpoiaI Cod is
lo use lhe piesenl lense aII lhe line).

ßul vail, vhal vas lhe nane of Cod` Il vas I AM. So ves Iesus nevei said
¨I an god.¨ He said sonelhing nuch noie poveifuI. He naned hinseIf
lhe veiv nane of Cod.

Lel ne expIain vhv lhis is so poveifuI. A vhiIe lack duiing lhe Iiaq
confIicl, Iiesidenl Ceoige W. ßush fIev inlo lhe niddIe of lhe vai in Iiaq
and nel peisonaIIv vilh lhe lioops. OK Iel´s sav lhal jusl lefoie he gol
oul in fionl of lhe soIdieis he vas slanding aiound vailing lo le
inlioduced and soneone vaIked up lo hin and asked: Lxcuse ne vho
aie vou` WeII he couId of said: I an lhe Iiesidenl. ßul lhen he couId have
I AM : M. M. NInan

leen an oId ieliied Iiesidenl, iighl` He couId have aIso leen lhe
Iiesidenl of anolhei counliv iighl` Oi he couId have jusl leen lhe
Iiesidenl of a piivale coipoialion ialhei lhan a counliv, coiiecl` So vou
couId le confused, especiaIIv if he Iooked unfaniIiai oi vou veien´l
expecling hin lo le lheie al lhal poinl. ßul if vou´d asked hin vho he
vas and he said his fuII nane and lilIe, and il vas a nane and lilIe lhal
vou iecognized e.g. ¨I´n Iiesidenl Ceoige WaIkei ßush of lhe USA,¨
vou´d knov innedialeIv lhal he vas cIaining lo le lhe cuiienl Iiesidenl
of lhe USA hinseIf. The onIv cuiienl piesidenl of lhe USA al lhal poinl.
And lheie vouId le no doull vouId lheie` Nov vou nav doull lhal he
ieaIIv vas CW ßush, lul vou couIdn´l have anv doull aloul WHO he
c!aImcd lo le. See lhe diffeience lheie` Il vouIdn´l piove he vas vho he
said he vas, lul ve vouId have no doull exaclIv vho he vas c!aImIng
lo le.

So in lhe sane vav, vhen Iesus cIained lo le Cod, he didn´l jusl sav I an
god. ßecause lhen he couId have leen anv oId god. Oi lhal he vas pail of
Cod, oi lhal he vas ¨godIv,¨ oi lhal he had essence of god oi vhalevei.
ßul he inslead using lhe nane of lhe ONL AND ONLY SUIRLML COD
lhal lhe Ievs knev of, nade il veiv cIeai lhal he vas lhe ¨I AM.¨ The
One and ONLY I AM.

You see in lhose fev voids he said, ¨OK IoIks ienenlei Moses oul
lheie in lhe viIdeiness` Renenlei lhe ßuining ßush` Renenlei lhal
Cod` Renenlei lhe Cod of Aliahan Isaac and Iacol` Renenlei lhe
Cod vho lioughl vou oul of Lgvpl oul of sIaveiv` Renenlei lhe Cod
vho gave vou lhis Iand and deslioved aII voui enenies. Renenlei lhe
Cod vho said il´s punishalIe lv dealh lo cIain lo le Hin` Renenlei lhe
Cod vho ciealed lhe enliie univeise as veII as vou` Renenlei lhe Cod
vho savs He´s lhe ONLY Cod. WeII guess vhal, THAT is lhe COD I AM.
Thal is lhe Cod I an cIaining lo le. No doulls, no queslions, no
confusion. I AM.¨
I AM : M. M. NInan


And vhal did lhe Ievs do` Weie lhev confused` Weie lhev puzzIed` Nol
al aII, lhev aII knev lheii hisloiv. Thev undeislood innedialeIv vhal he
had cIained lo le and lhev liied lo vhal` Thev liied lo slone hin. Whv`
Ioi lIasphenv, cIaining lo le Cod vhen vou aien´l.
Jnhn 8:59 Theiefoie lhev picked up slones lo lhiov al Hin: lul Iesus hid
HinseIf, and venl oul of lhe lenpIe.
So if anvone evei savs: WeII Iesus nevei said he vas Cod, vou can sav,
veII acluaIIv he did one lellei, he nol onIv cIained lo le Cod lul he
expIained exaclIv vhich specific piecise Cod he vas. You see lo le suie
lheie vas no confusion he naned lhe one and onIv Cod lhal He vas.

Lesl anvone sav: veII lhis is IUST one exanpIe. Theie aie nuneious
nuneious siniIai exanpIes of Chiisl cIaining lo le Cod. Ioi exanpIe
vhen he cIained lo le lhe Son of Man - he vas nol saving he vas hunan
oi fiaiI. In acluaI facl he vas cIaining lo le lhe peison in DanieI´s vision
fion DanieI Chaplei 7 veises 13-14 i.e. The AInighlv IoveifuI Cod.. Oi
vhen he cIained lo le alIe lo foigive sin and said onIv Cod can foigive
sin: oi vhen Thonas caIIed hin ¨Mv Loid and Mv Cod¨ and Iesus did
nol iefule hin oi ieluke hin noi did he sav sonelhing Iike: ¨AcluaIIv
Thonas - ve aie ALL gods.¨

These I AM savings of Iesus aie in facl lhe coie of lhe cIains of Iesus.
NcI! Mammcn
5an Jnsc, CA
Junc, 2005
I AM : M. M. NInan


5avIngs nf Jcsus
In thc Gnsµc! nf Jnhn

"I An"

occuis fiflv-foui lines in Iohn's CospeI

Tvenlv-foui of lhese aie noie enphalic,
lv expIicilIv incIuding lhe pionoun "I"

These enphalic iefeiences
Iohn 4:26: 6:2O: 6:35: 6:41: 6:48: 6:51: 7:28: 7:29: 7:33: 7:34:
7:36: 8:12: 8:16: 8:18: 8:23 (lvice): 8:24: 8:28: 8:58: 9:5: 1O:7:
1O:9: 1O:11: 1O:14: 1O:36: 11:25: 12:26: 13:13: 13:19: 13:33: 14:3:
14:6: 14:9: 15:1: 15:5: 16:32: 17:11: 17:14: 17:16: 17:24: 18:5:
18:6: 18:8: 18:37: 19:21

I AM : M. M. NInan


I AM : M. M. NInan


I AM : M. M. NInan



I AM : M. M. NInan


I AM : M. M. NInan


I AM : M. M. NInan


I AM : M. M. NInan


I AM : M. M. NInan



In lhe Iasl davs of his Iife Oui Loid Iesus vas pailicuIaiIv sliained
lecause he knev lhal his davs aie coning lo an end, and lhal he
had veiv IillIe line Iefl vilh his discipIes lo leach and ieveaI lo
lhen lhe gieal nvsleiies of lhe incainalion. The connunicalion of
lhe nvsleiies of heaven is pailicuIaiIv difficuIl lo convev, as lhev
do nol usuaIIv have leiiesliiaI inages. Woids lhal coiiespond lo
lhe concepls aie lolaIIv oi pailiaIIv nissing in hunan concepluaI
voiId. As a iesuIl, lhese nessages aie shiouded in svnloIic
Ianguage vilh lhe hope lhal his discipIes viII le alIe lo giasp ils
significance as lhev nedilaled ovei his voids and leachings. These
gieal svnloIisns aie handed ovei lo us in lhe gospeIs. The
foIIoving sludies aie an allenpl in undeislanding vhal Iesus vas
living lo pul acioss lo lhe hunan nind.
The inpoilance of lhe phiase 'I an lhe´ can le undeislood fion lhe
neie facl lhal oul of lhe lolaI of 218 occasions in lhe ßilIe (using
NIV) neaiIv 2OO of lhese aie decIaialions of Cod vhich slales
expIicilIv ¨I an lhe Loid¨ oi ¨I an lhe Soveieign Loid¨ oi lo such
effecl. In lhe OId Teslanenl, lhe lilIe I AM is consideied hoIv and
I AM : M. M. NInan

unspeakalIe. Il vas lhe nane as given lo Moses in his encounlei
vilh lhe soveieign Cod al lhe luining lush lheophanv. In lhe
Nev Teslanenl ¨I an lhe¨ occuis 25 lines oul of vhich Iesus
iefeis lo il lo hinseIf 9 lines duiing his eailhIv peiiod and 6 lines
in lhe ReveIalions. Thal is oul of 25 occuiiences 16 aie spoken lv
Iesus vhiIe 5 lines il iefeis lo Cod hinseIf as quoled lv Iesus.
LvidenlIv lhe phiase I AM is diieclIv ieIaled lo lhe ieveIalion of
Cod as lhe gieal ¨I AM¨ - Yhvh. A sludv of lhe gospeIs shovs lhal
lheie aie seven lasic svnloIs lhal Iesus used. These aie phiased
vilh lhe inlioducloiv announcenenl, ¨I AM THL...¨ and aie found
in lhe CospeI of Iohn. Thev aie:
1. I am thc brcad nf !Ifc Jn. 6.35-59
2. I am thc !Ight nf thc wnr!d Jn. 8.12, 9.5, 12.35-36
3. I am thc dnnr Jn. 10.7-10
4. I am thc gnnd shcµhcrd Jn. 10.11-18
5. I am thc rcsurrcctInn and thc !Ifc Jn. 11.25
6. I am thc wav, thc truth and thc !Ifc Jn. 14.6
7. I am thc truc vInc Jn. 15.1-11

LvidenlIv, Iesus vas enphasizing lhe facl lhal he vas Yhvh, Cod.
Aflei his Ascension Iesus spoke lo Iohn in his vision vheie he
added lvo olhei ¨I an lhe...¨ picluies, lhese aie:

I AM : M. M. NInan

8. I am thc A!µha and thc Omcga Rcv. 1.8, 1.17-18, 21.6, 22.13
9. I am thc rnnt and thc nffsµrIng nf DavId, thc brIght mnrnIng
star Rcv. 22.16
Apail fion lhese veilaI svnloIs, Iesus aIso insliluled sone visilIe
svnloIs. Tvo of lhen occui in lhe sacianenl of lhe Lasl Suppei
and caiiied ovei inlo lhe inslilulion of lhe ßieaking of lhe ßiead oi
Loid´s Suppei oi Connunion oi Mass as aie usuaIIv iefeiied lo lv
vaiious denoninalions. These aie lhe ßiead and lhe Vine.
We aie aII faniIiai vilh svnloIs lecause lhev peivade aII oui
Iives. Il is a iepiesenlalion of an idea eilhei in visuaI oi audilIe
Sone exanpIes viII exenpIifv lhen lellei. Anong lhe Chiislians,
ve aie faniIiai vilh lhe cioss lhal appeais in nosl chuiches. The
eaiIv chuich used lhe svnloI of fish. Olhei faniIiai Chiislian
svnloIs aie lhe Ianl and lhe open look.

Lach ieIigion has a svnloI, vhich iepiesenls
lhe coie leaching of lhe ieIigion. Thus, ve have
lhe cioss foi Chiislianilv, lhe ciescenl foi IsIan,
lhe Slai of David foi Ievs, lhe sign of On foi
Hindus. These aie visuaI svnloIs. IoIilicaI
pailies, oiganizalions, inslilulions elc. aIso use
I AM : M. M. NInan

visuaI svnloIs, vhiIe visuaI svnloIs aie videIv used: lhe audilIe
svnloIs aie nol nuch popuIai. Hovevei, lhev aie found in aII
vaIks of Iife. Connand vhislIes, siien sounds, lhene songs of
nusic gioups, iadio slalions elc aie exanpIes of lhese. We shaII
see vhv audilIe svnloIs aie Iess popuIai: and lhe ieason is
The viillen void and lhe spoken void aie lhe uIlinale svnloIs
lecause of lheii connunicalive povei. An essav oi a speech
connunicales noie lhan a slalic visuaI oi audilIe svnloI. Thal is
vhv lhe lilIe of 'lhe Woid of Cod¨, 'KaIinul AIIah¨ is given lo
Iesus enphasizing lhe uIlinale and cIeai ieveIalion of Cod lo nan
in Chiisl Iesus.
Whal lhen is a svnloI` A svnloI is sonelhing, vhich
connunicales ideas and concepls of ieaIilies, vhich aie olheivise
difficuIl lo connunicale.
A good svnloI is
lheiefoie a good
expiession of a concepl
and is a neans of
connunicalion. The use
of lhe svnloI gives lhis
effecl lecause of lhe
foIIoving piocess. Iiisl, il
conveils an exisling ieaIilv inlo a concepl, vhich in luin is
conveiled inlo lhe svnloI. The ieceivei, vho peiceives lhe svnloI
lhiough exleinaI slinuIi, in luin ieinleipiels il and lheielv
iecognizes lhe concepl conlained in il. The ieceivei lhus
undeislands lhe oiiginaI concepl.

Symbols are the means of
communication. All carriers of
information use symbols.

I AM : M. M. NInan

SvnloIs aie lheiefoie lhe neans of Ieaining. Wiiling vas one of
lhe fiisl gieal evenls in Ieaining, vheie sounds oi concepls veie
iecoided lv svnloIs. In sone Ianguages, a phonelic svslen is
used vheieas in sone olhei Ianguages a visuaI concepl foin is
We go on invenling noie and noie svnloIs and lellei and lellei
svnloIs lo expiess oui gioving concepls. Language - a gioving
Ianguage - giovs in vocaluIaiv. As lhe need aiises nev voids aie
coined. Ioi exanpIe in sone Ianguages, lheie aie onIv lhiee voids
foi coIois lecause coIois aie cIassified onIv inlo lhiee gioups. In
lhe LngIish Ianguage, ve have seven coIoi nanes and nanv
conlinalion coIoi nanes. In nosl Indian Ianguages, ve have
ninule delaiIs of ieIalionships vilh peopIe indicaled in voids.
UncIe in LngIish can nean falhei´s liolhei oi nolhei´s liolhei,
vheieas in nanv olhei Ianguages ve have dislincl voids foi
lhese. A sludv of lhese voids viII give us lienendous
undeislanding of lhe cuIluie of lhe Iand.
In science, ve have leen coining nev voids. In nalhenalics ve
have lhe connonIv undeislood svnloIs of +, -, x, / , = al lhe
Iovesl IeveI. Then in lhe highei cIasses ve cone acioss svnloIs
foi <, >, lends lo, exponenl, diffeienliaI of, inlegiaI of, LapIace
liansfoin of, sun of elc. Nev svnloIs aie aIvavs deveIoped lo
piesenl nev concepls. Thev heIp in handIing nunleis and
aIgeliaic svnloIs in a faslei and lellei vav. The pIacehoIdei O is
one of lhe giealesl conliilulions of India lo Malhenalics. ßul
nanv of lhe svnloIs used in advanced nalhenalics aie
undeislood onIv lv lhe nalhenalicians.
I AM : M. M. NInan

Thus, a good svnloI heIps in oui undeislanding of lhe concepls
invoIved and aIso in nanipuIaling ideas invoIving lhe concepl. AII
svnloIs aie deveIoped fion lhe exisling svnloIs. The svnloIs gel
lheii neaning onIv in lhe conlexl of
lhe exisling svnloIs. Ioi exanpIe,
lhe inlegiaI sign deveIoped oul of lhe Sun sign vilh an eIongaled
S: diffeienliaI sign vas deveIoped fion lhe lasic Iinil concepl of
incienenlaI signs as ialio of lvo infinilesinaIs. The sane is liue in
popuIai svnloIs. The cioss vas alhoiience liII Iesus, lecause il
vas a svnloI of dealh in a hoiiilIe vav. ßul in Iesus, il found a
nev neaning. A svnloI nav have diffeienl neaning lo diffeienl
peopIe due lo lheii lackgiound. A pig is consideied a cIean aninaI
in lhe vesl and a goal is consideied an uncIean aninaI. ßul in aII
Senilic cuIluies, lhe pig is consideied a fiIlhv aninaI and is
alhoiienl, vhiIe a goal oi Ianl is consideied aInosl sacied. The
svnloIs aie lheiefoie cuIluie sensilive.
Thus if ve vanl lo undeisland lhe neaning of a svnloI ve have lo
go lack inlo lhe conlexl of lhe peison vho gives lhe svnloI. In
oidei lo undeisland lhe svnloIs Iesus used, ve have lo do il fion
vilhin lhe Ievish conlexl of Iesus´ peiiod. We have lo ask lhe
queslion, hov did his heaieis
undeisland il and vhal aie lhe
addilionaI neaning he nighl have
given lo lhe svnloI. In nanv
cases, he had changed lhe neaning
of lhe svnloIs consideialIv as he
did vilh lhe svnloI of cioss lv his
peisonaIilv and his divinilv and
his leachings.
Iesus leing Cod incainale knev nuch noie lhan his heaieis did.
His luiden vas lo Ioad lhe svnloIs vilh as nuch neaning as he

dx ÷ (b
- a
) /3

Thc svmbn!s gct thcIr
mcanIng nn!v In thc cnntcxt

I AM : M. M. NInan

couId so lhal his discipIes couId Ieain in due couise of line as
nuch as possilIe aloul hin as Cod incainale and aloul lhe naluie
of Cod. Thal vas lhe puipose of incainalion. He vas lhe uIlinale
ieveIalion of Cod lo nan. Hence his decIaied svnloIs of ¨I an
lhe...¨ shouId le consideied as lhe desciiplion of Cod as ieveaIed
lo Man in Iesus. Il leIIs us vho Iesus vas, and vhal vas lhe
puipose of lhe incainalion. Il aIso leIIs us aloul lhe naluie of Cod
in a vav no olheis can leII us.
Since lhe lianscendaI and spiiiluaI expeiiences aie lhe nosl
difficuIl ieaIilies lhal can le connunicaled, lhese aie usuaIIv
liansnilled lhiough eIaloiale enacled svnloIs, connonIv knovn
as iiluaIs. RiluaIs aie sacianenlaI, peifoinalive, iepelilive sociaI
svnloIs, vhich lakes an oidinaiv void, aclion, oi svnloI and
gives il a deplh of neaning vhich is exliaoidinaiv. The puipose is
lellei connunicalion and ieaIizalion of lhe expeiience lhal is
levond connunicalion. RiluaIs ieceive lheii neaning onIv in lhe
conlexl and in lhe cuIluie in vhich il is slaled, since each
conponenl svnloI of lhe iiluaI has a neaning in lhal conlexl and
cuIluie onIv. Iusl as a Ianguage is gilleiishes lo one vho do nol
knov lhe Ianguage, iiluaIs viII le onIv a faice oi diana lo lhose
vho do nol enlei inlo lhe neaning of il.
I AM : M. M. NInan

I AM : M. M. NInan


The fiisl of lhe ieveIalion of Cod aflei lhe ieveIalions lo paliiaichs
Aliahan, Isaac and Iacol vas lo Moses in lhe Mounl Sinai al lhe
luining lush lheophanv. Heie Moses expiessIv desiies lo knov
lhe nane of Cod vho is sending hin. The iepIv vas in lvo
specific foins.
The fiisl iesponse vas Lx. 3.14 ¨I an
lhal I an¨, and lhe second iesponse
vas Lx. 3.15 ¨The Loid Cod of voui
falheis¨. Iion lhe nane ¨I an lhal I
an¨ ve gel lhe peisonaI nane of
Cod Yhvh. In oiiginaI, il ieads
Lheveh Ashei Lheveh. The VuIgale
liansIales il as, ¨I an vho I an¨. The
Sepluaginl liansIales il as ¨I an he
vho exisls¨. The Sviiac, Ieisic, and
ChaIdee pieseives lhe oiiginaI veise
as such vilhoul liansIalion. The Aialic paiaphiases il as, ¨The
eleinaI vho passes nol avav¨. The neaning heie can le
inleipieled in nanv diffeienl senses.
Il neans fiisl of aII lhal Cod is a IeisonaI, Independenl SeIf-
exislenl leing. He is vilhoul cause, lul he is a peison - lhe seIf-
conscious leing fion lhe leginning.

"I am that I am"
"I am whn I am"
"I am hc whn cxIsts"
"Thc ctcrna! whn µasscs
nnt awav".
I AM : M. M. NInan

Yahveh is nol a neie povei oi an eleinaI Iav. He is nol a
niigunan - sonelhing vhich does nol
have anv piopeilies. (The leins used heie
aie fion lhe Indian liadilion) A niiguna-
liahnan is nol knovalIe, lecause he
cannol le desciiled (nii=non,
guna=piopeilies ßiahnan = godhead). A
saguna liahnan is Cod vilh piopeilies
(sa= vilh guna=piopeilies). Iiopeilies
aiise onIv vhen lheie is a ieIalion. Theie
has lo le a knovn and a knovei if
piopeilies aie lo exisl. Thus, in ilseIf il
decIaies lhal vilhin lhe unilv of lhe
Codhead is a connunilv of shaiing,
knoving peisons so lhal Cod lecones
a peison vilh chaiaclei. A Cod vilhoul a
chaiaclei and a puipose is unlhinkalIe in
Yahvile liadilions. AII Iife and
consciousness slails fion hin. This is lhe nelaphvsicaI concepl of
ßiahnan oi Iaialiahnan (paia= uIlinale) in Saguna liahnan
aspecl. The Hindu sages desciiles hin as Sal-Chil-Ananda, vhich
liansIaled neans ¨The Tiulh, The Life and lhe ßIiss¨ in lhis slale.
Wilhoul Cod, lheie is neilhei piopeilv foi nallei noi peisonaIilv
foi leings. This is lhe nelaphvsicaI inleipielalion of lhe nane
Lx.3.15 savs, ¨This is nv nane foievei, Yehovah LIohin¨ lhe Loid
Cods. This Cod decIaies, is lhe nane lv vhich WoiId have knovn
hin - lhe Cod vho vas aclive in hisloiv, lhe Cod of lhe falheis. In
lhis conlexl, lhe decIaialion, I an lhal I an nav le inleipieled as ¨
I an lhal acls lhiough hisloiv oi I an vho is knovn lhiough nv

Yahweh is not a
mere power or an
eternal law. God is
a Person.

I AM : M. M. NInan

Cod has no nane, his ieveIalion is found in lhe cosnos and in lhe
hisloiv. Cod ieveaIs hinseIf
lhiough hisloiv in his deaIings
vilh nan. You can knov hin,
lul vou cannol undeisland hin,
sinpIv lecause Cod is infinile
and nan is finile. The
connolalion of lhe void foievei,
is lhal il is liue age aflei age.
Cod is lhe sane vesleidav,
lodav and foievei: lul oui
undeislanding of Cod giovs vilh oui expeiience.
ThIs gIvcs thrcc asµccts nf Gnd.
1. Gnd Is thc nnc whn µrnvIdcs thc charactcr fnr mattcr.
The sulslance of nallei is ciealed lv Cod as an acl of voIilion. Il
vas an ex-nihiIo ciealion - ciealed
fion nolhing. The dislincliveness
of Cod fion lhe naleiiaI voiId -
piakiilhi (piakiil = oiiginaI, in
ciude foin: piakiili= naluie) is
enphasized in Yahveh. Yahveh
is a Iuiusha (=Ieison) vhiIe
Iiakiilhi is non-Iuiusha - vhose
piopeilies aiise lecause of lheii
inlei-ieIalions. These piopeilies
aie lecause of Cod. He inposes
lhese piopeilies. In olhei voids,
Iavs of naluie aie encoded lv
Cod. Science lheiefoie decIaies
lhe najeslv and gIoiv of Cod. He shovs hinseIf lhiough naluie.

"I am that I am"
I am whn Is knnwn thrnugh mv

I AM : M. M. NInan

Theie aie olhei aIleinalives, vhich aie aIso peifeclIv IogicaI. Sone of
lhese possilIe aIleinalives aie:
= Theie is nolhing lul Cod (Iaianalna - Cieal Spiiil). Then aII lhal
ve aie and ve see aie pails of Cod - nol onIv consciousness (Ieevalna
- Living Spiiil) lul aIso non-conscious nallei and non-nallei
(Iiakiili). (Acl 17:28) foi 'In hin ve Iive and nove and have oui
= Il is Cod vho foins lhe conscious-ness. AII nallei and non-
nallei aie ciealed lv lhis Cod.
= Iion lhe coaise hunan vievpoinl, lheie is Cod and lheie is
aIso nallei and non-nallei. Thev aie lhe piinaI duaIs.
Inleiaclions of lhese aie vhal foin lhe evenls and expeiiences. In
effecl ve have aII soils of peinulalions possilIe vilh lhese lasic
exislence of
1) Cod (Iaianalna)
2) Non-Cods (Ieevalna)
3) Mallei in nanv dinensions (Iiakiili).
We can have lhese possiliIilies:
A! (1) seIf exislanl vho cieales (2) and (3):
ß! (1) and (2) lolh seIf exislenl as a unilv of consciousness and
lhis (1,2) unilv cieale (3):
C! (1) and (2) lolh seIf exislenl as sepaiale enlilies and lhis (1) and
(2) cieale sepaialeIv oi joinlIv (3):
D! (1), (2)and (3) coexisling.
Theie aie olhei possiliIilies loo.
So, ve can see lhal lheie aie nanv IogicaI possiliIilies and ve
cannol ieaIIv eslalIish oi iefule lhe exislence of Cod. Hence, ve
I AM : M. M. NInan

onIv have apoIogelics foi vhal ve leIieve. We can juslifv lul nol
piove lhe exislence of Cod.
So in lhe Slalenenl ¨I an lhal I an¨, Cod iefuses lo give an
expIanalion of hinseIf, sinpIv lecause Cod is levond ieason. Oul
of lhis anliguilv aiise lhe vaiious phiIosophicaI and ieIigious
liadilions. In India aII lhese foins aie equaIIv iespecled fion lhe
Advailic (AlsoIule oneness = OnIv god is ieaIilv) and Dvailic
(duaI alsoIules= lolh ßiahnan and Iiakiili aie alsoIules) lo
Sankhva (MaleiiaIislic = onIv nallei is ieaI)
2. 5ccnnd Gnd hImsc!f bcIng uncrcatcd cannnt havc Inhcrcnt
µrnµcrtIcs nr charactcr, un!css Gnd
hImsc!f Is a cnmmunItv. An isoIaled
alsoIule one Cod cannol exisl - hovevei
ve define exislence. Cod inleinaIIv is a
nuIlipIe peisonaIilv. This is vheie lhe
Tiinilaiian aspecl of Cod cones in. This
suljecl aiea is vasl enough lo neiil a
sepaiale liealise.
3. Gnd can bc knnwn bv us nn!v thrnugh hIs actInns.
Cod vas saving lo Moses, lhal vou cannol
undeisland ne as I an. You can knov ne
onIv lhiough nv aclions. You can knov
ne lhiough nv inleiaclion vilh peopIe,
and lhiough nv aclions in hisloiv. You
cone lo ne. You expeiience ne.
Lxpeiience Cod in hisloiv, as Cod vho
acls lhiough hisloiv. Thus lhe ßilIe is a ieveIalion of Cod, lecause
il is lhe hisloiv of a nalion vhich leIIs us hov Cod acls lhiough
peopIe - hov Cod liansfoined lhe Iives of lhose vho connilled
lhenseIves lo hin: hov Cod deaIl vilh peopIe vho iefuse lo

Wc can knnw Gnd nn!v
thrnugh HIs actInns.

The Lord Gods

I AM : M. M. NInan

accepl Cod. Il is lhe hisloiv, vhich leIIs us hov god acls lhiough a
connunilv and a nalion - his nelhods of deaIing vilh sin,
chaslisenenl and iesloialion. Il is lhe hisloiv of lhe voiId, vheie
Cod acls lhiough hisloiv and deaIs vilh nalions and hov he Ieads
hisloiv lo cuIninalion accoiding lo his puiposes. In aII lhese, ve
see lhe unveiIing of his chaiaclei and ieveaIs Cod. Thal is vhv il is
lhe Woid of Cod.
In lhis sense, hisloiv of eveiv nalion is lhe hisloiv of Cod's
ieveIalion - onIv lhal in secuIai
hisloiv, ve do nol viev il as such, and
Cod is veiIed lv nan´s inleipielalion.
The hisloiic sliuggIe of lhe peopIe of
eveiv nalion foi Iileialion and
oppiession, lheii sliuggIe lo find
fuIfiIInenl of Iife and puipose aie pail
of Cod's ieveIalion. This unfoIding
sliII conlinues. This unveiIing of Cod conlinues in lhe hisloiv of
lhe eailh, hisloiv of lhe nalions, counliies, liiles, faniIies and
individuaIs. This is piolalIv lhe onIv vav lo knov Cod - in oui
Iives. Cod is knovn lhiough oui expeiience al aII dinensions -
sociaI, cuIluiaI, hisloiicaI, sensuaI, inleIIecluaI and nenlaI, in lodv,
nind and spiiil.
In a socielv lhal is seIf-cenleied, vheie nan is consideied as an
individuaI, ve cannol undeisland oi conpiehend lhe concepl of
lhe oiganisn of nanv in one. The aigunenl of IsIan againsl lhe
liinilv is lhal Cod cannol le nanv in one lecause lheie viII le
confIicl in peisonaIilies. If lhal occuis lheie viII le a doninanl
peisonaIilv vho viII lecone lhe Cod of lhe gods. This is acluaIIv
vhal is depicled in lhe pagan gods. The Hindu liinilv is aIvavs

History of every nation
or person is

I AM : M. M. NInan

fighling againsl each olhei and Naiada is invoIved in lhe inilialion
of confIicl, deveIopnenl of ciisis and lhe finaI iesoIulion. This
happens aIvavs lecause each of lhese gods have an inleiesl of lheii
ovn vhich cannol le ieconciIed vilh lhe inleiesl of olheis. This
viII lhen give us a deveIoping and gioving Cod. Hindu Cod even
in ils Iaialiahna aspecl is consideied as an evoIving Cod. Il
vouId nake line levond Iaiaßiahnan and a goaI, vhich is
oulside of Cod and independenl. This in facl nuIIifies lhe concepl
of Cod ilseIf. Is lheie sonelhing oulside of god, levond god,
exisling independenl of Cod, noiaI, spiiiluaI oi naleiiaI` So, ve
can see lhal an evoIving god is a conliadiclion. This is lhe faIIen
naluie, vhich is aIso seen in nankind.
ßul in a Codhead, vhich is
liuIv divine, lhe Tiinilv acls
as unison. Theie is no
confIicl of inleiesl lelveen
lhe peisons vilhin lhe Tiinilv
in line and hisloiv. Thev
aIvavs have lhe sane inleiesl
and suppoil each olhei.
Thev aII have lhe sane piolIen and conliilule conpIenenlaiiIv lo
soIve lhe piolIen. This can happen onIv if lhe piolIen is exleinaI
lo lhe Codhead ilseIf. The piolIens aie ieIaled lo lhe ciealion and
exisl onIv in line, space, and olhei dinensions.
Nolice hov Iesus iefeis lo lhe ieIalionship vilhin lhe Tiinilv.
]cnn 5.19 ]csus gatc |ncn |nis ansucr. '| |c|| ucu |nc |ru|n. |nc Scn can
dc nc|ning ou ninsc|f. nc can dc cn|u una| nc sccs nis |a|ncr dcing.
occausc una|ctcr |nc |a|ncr dccs |nc Scn a|sc dccs.
]cnn 10.30 | and |nc |a|ncr arc cnc.
]cnn 14.11 8c|ictc nc uncn | sau |na| | an in |nc |a|ncr and |nc

Sh'ma Yisrael
Adonai Elohavnu Adonai Echad

Hear Oh Israel.
Lord your Gods is One Lord

I AM : M. M. NInan

|a|ncr is in nc. cr a| |cas| oc|ictc cn |nc ctidcncc cf |nc nirac|cs
]cnn 14.26 8u| |nc Ccunsc|cr. |nc Hc|u Spiri|. uncn |nc |a|ncr ui||
scnd in nu nanc. ui|| |cacn ucu a||
|nings and ui|| rcnind ucu cf
ctcru|ning | natc said |c ucu.
]cnn 15.26 'lncn |nc Ccunsc|cr
ccncs. uncn | ui|| scnd |c ucu frcn |nc
|a|ncr. |nc Spiri| cf |ru|n unc gccs cu|
frcn |nc |a|ncr. nc ui|| |cs|ifu aocu|
Adan is a nane foi Mankind - nol
of a peison. Lve vas ceilainIv in
hin vhon Cod Ialei sepaialed oul
and she vas lhe nolhei of aII nen. So lhe ciealion vas pIuiaI -
nanv in one. The faII of nan vas piolalIv lhis consciousness lhal
I an sepaiale I an nol He. When Cain iuns off, ve neel olheis.
As lhe inage of Cod, Adan vas supposed lo le nanv peisons in
one Mankind. ßul lhis inage vas shalleied lv lhe choice lhal Lve
and Adan nade lv enphasizing lheii sepaialeness as againsl lheii
unilv. The innediale effecl of lhis faII vas lhe feeIing of isoIalion
and nakedness, vhich caused Adan and Lve lo hide. In lhe
phiIosophv of Di. Kiishnanuilhv he
has liied lo enphasize lhis oiiginaI
concepl. Ioi hin nankind is
acluaIIv shaiing lhe sane univeisaI
consciousness lhal ve caII Man.
The sepaialeness is onIv a Mava
inposed lv lhe viIIfuI ignoiance of
nan. As Iong as nan iefuses lo

God is a unisonic
resonant community of

Thc scµaratcncss Is nn!v a
Mava Imµnscd bv thc wI!!fu!
Ignnrancc nf man. As !nng as
man rcfuscs tn acccµt, thIs
nncncss, thc samsara wI!!
cngu!f hIm tn Ignnrancc and
wc wI!! rcmaIn In a fa!!cn

I AM : M. M. NInan

accepl, lhis oneness lhe sansaia viII enguIf hin lo ignoiance and
ve ollain a faIIen voiId.
In Sound, ve have lhe phenonena of Resonance and leals. When
aII lhe sound vaves aie in unison, lhev pioduce lhe lienendous
povei of unisonic iesonance capalIe of doing anvlhing. ßul vhen
lhev aie in dissonance, lhev pioduce leals lhal appeai as vaxing
and vaning. The eneigv has leen dissipaled, disliiluled, and
Iiniled. Sone peopIe lhink lhal Yah is piolalIv a vhoIe
connunilv of peisons in unison foining as one Iiving leing. ßul
ve ceilainIv have lhiee peisonaIilies in one Codhead. To go
anvlhing levond lhis poinl cannol le suppoiled lv lilIicaI
In lhe piehisloiv, lheie vas an aninaI, vhich vas seipenline in
naluie, vhich had lhiee cenleis of Consciousness oi liains. This
aninaI is nov exlincl. Did il die oul lecause of inleinaI confIicls` Il
is caIIed Dinosauis. We have no piolIen in accepling lhis facl.
Hovevei, oui connonsense nolions of space and line Iinil us
fion undeislanding lhis unilv in lhe hunan connunilies and
cosnic leings. These viII desliov lhenseIves vhen lhese
consciousness confIicls each olhei and puII lhe leing in diffeienl
diieclions. And il is liue even of Cod. This in essence is lhe
leaching of lhe Nev Age and Hinduisn vheie Man is nolhing lul
lhe faIIen Cod, lecause of lhe inleinaI confIicls. To lhen saIvalion
Iies in iesoIving lhis confIicl.
Cod doesn'l have a nane. ßul lhev can pul on one - oi pul on
nanv. He puls on a nane lhal expIains lheii chaiaclei al lhal
line. Cod lhe Ialhei, Cod lhe Son and Cod lhe HoIv Spiiil aie
nanes lhal chaiacleiize lhe aclivilies of lhese peisons. Thev have
dislincl funclions vilhin lhe Codhead and have dislincl
peisonaIilies. Thev aie one in essence and one is unilv. This unilv
I AM : M. M. NInan

goes fai levond lhe essence inlo lheii aclivilies and puiposes. If
ve expIain Codhead as a faniIv oiganisn, oi as a connunilv oI
oiganisn ( lhis viII le a
lellei appioxinalion. ßul lhen oui faIIen naluie viII lend lo
associale confIicls vilhin lhe faniIv and socielv and lhe liue unilv
of godhead vouId le nissed. When IauI desciiles chuich as a
liide of Chiisl, he had lhis unilv in nind.
|pn 4.-6 Tncrc is cnc ocdu and cnc Spiri|-- jus| as ucu ucrc ca||cd |c
cnc ncpc uncn ucu ucrc ca||cd-- cnc |crd. cnc fai|n. cnc oap|isn. cnc
Gcd and |a|ncr cf a||. unc is ctcr a|| and |nrcugn a|| and in a||.
ConfIicl is lhe iesuIl of sone iiievocalIe Iav of Iogic oi slale
levond lhe hunan nind. Since lheie is nolhing levond Cod, lheie
can le no confIicl vilhin Codhead.

I AM : M. M. NInan



Iohn Chaplei 6 is a discouise on lhe picluie of Iesus as lhe liead.
This is a veiv exhauslive liealnenl on lhe svnloIisn vheie he
diavs lhe neaning of lhe svnloIisns lo ils uIlinale Iinils. Iohn 6:
27-59. Iesus slails his discouise in lhe conlexl of lhe feeding of
lhe five lhousand. He lhen pioceeds lo poinl oul lhal even lhough
lhe liead he piovided vas phvsicaI liead, peopIe oughl lo le
Iooking lovaids hin foi lhe ieaI food. The ieaI food is lhal
suslains Iife - lhe food lhal enduies lo eleinaI Iife. The liead is
caIIed lhe slaff of Iife oi lhe food lhal suslains Iife and heIps il
giov. (LzekieI 4:16: 5:16: 14:13) Lven lhough Iesus iefeis lo
liead, lhe svnloIisn is foi lolh food and diink. ¨I an lhe liead of
Iife: he vho cones lo ne shaII nol hungei, and he vho leIieves in
ne shaII nevei lhiisl.¨ (In.6.35)
I AM : M. M. NInan

Heie Iesus is piesenling hinseIf
as lhe suslainei of Iife and nol as
lhe givei of Iife. In lhe ßilIe lhe
Iife givei is lhe Spiiil of Cod.
So, in defining hinseIf as lhe
liead, he inpIies his funclion in
lhe Tiinilv. Iood doesn´l give
Iife lo lhe lodv: il onIv nainlains il lo le a heaIlhv lodv so lhal il
nav funclion peifeclIv. The lodv - and I iefei lo lhe phvsicaI lodv
- cannol funclion noinaIIv unIess a nan has Iesus vilhin hin.
Wilhoul Iesus, lhe lodv decavs and dealh viII cone. This is sinpIv
lecause vilhoul lhe povei of lhe iisen Iesus il is inpossilIe lo Iive
a iighleous Iife heie and nov. Oui aliIilv lo Iive a noinaI heaIlhv
Iife is dependenl on Iesus in oui Iife. As Ianes poinls oul, ´Tncn
dcsirc uncn i| nas ccnccitcd gitcs oir|n |c sin. and sin uncn i| is fu||u
grcun orings dca|n.¨ (]a. 1.15) Iesus is nov laIking aloul dealh. Il is
connonIv loId lhal dealh is lo le undeislood as spiiiluaI dealh oi
sepaialion fion Cod. Such an undeislanding has cone fion lhe
veslein inleipielalion. ßul in lhe Senilic and Asialic lhoughl, lhis
dislinclion does nol aiise. Life is lolh spiiiluaI and naleiiaI and
dealh is sane in lolh cases. In lolh cases, il is a spIilling oi
desliuclion of nan. Dealh is lhe iesuIl of sin. Il is nol anlecedenl
lo sin, lul consequence of sin. So, if dealh is lo le conqueied, sin
nusl le defealed. Sin can le defealed onIv lhiough Iesus. The
uIlinale saIvalion of nankind Iies in Iesus, lhe liead of Iife.
To undeisland vhal Iesus neanl lv lhe ¨ßiead of Iife¨ ve need lo
Iook inlo lhe OId Teslanenl concepl of liead. The svnloIic
iepiesenlalion of liead in lhe OId Teslanenl aiises in lhe conlexl
of lhe Shev liead, oi lhe liead of Iiesence.

Thc brcad Is thc staff nf !Ifc nr thc
fnnd that sustaIns !Ifc and hc!µs It

I AM : M. M. NInan

This is iefeiied in sunnaiv in Hel.9.2 and in delaiI in Lev.24.5-9
and Lx.25.3O. In lhe hoIies oi in lhe couil of lhe AssenlIv vheie
lhe IsiaeI galheied logelhei foi voiship on lhe iighl hand side vas
a goIden lalIe on vhich veie pIaced lveIve liead pieces. CoIden
lalIe iepiesenls lhe heavenIv alodes vheie lhe unIeavened liead
is pIaced. UnIeavened liead iepiesenls lhe sinIess lodv. Thus,
Iesus piesenls hinseIf as lhe
ßiead lhal cane dovn fion
heaven. He is saving lhal He is
Cod incainale and sinIess. Theie
veie lveIve Ioaves of liead - one
foi each liile - and veie kepl in lvo iovs iepiesenling lhe Ievs
and lhe CenliIes, iepiesenling lhe vhoIe nankind. Iesus cane
dovn foi lhe vhoIe nankind and foi eveiv liile in lhe leIievei´s
congiegalion. The piiesls veie lo eal il eveiv veek in a hoIv pIace
and lhe liead veie lo le ieneved.
Iesus is caIIed lhe Woid of Cod oi lhe Living Woid of Cod. The
Sciipluie is lhe Wiillen Woid of Cod. ßolh aie aIike. ßolh aie
liead - food and diink foi lhe lodv and spiiil.
The enphasis heie is lhal foi
heaIlhv Iiving one shouId le
conlinuousIv feeding on lhe Woid
of Cod in lhe Iighl of lhe HoIv
Spiiil, lo le ´crca|cd in Cnris| ]csus
fcr gccd ucr|s.¨ (|pn.2.10). ´ou ocing
cf |nc sanc nind. nating |nc sanc |ctc.
ocing in fu|| acccrd and cf cnc nind¨
(Pni||.2. 2) as Iesus. Then ve viII le
Iike Iesus.

Fnr hca!thv !IvIng nnc shnu!d
bc cnntInunus!v fccdIng nn
thc Wnrd nf Gnd - Jcsus and
thc BIb!c

I AM : M. M. NInan

The liead on lhe shev lalIe vas lo le coveied and inleispeised
vilh incense and necessaiiIv ealen on lhe Sallalh dav lv lhe
Leviles and ieneved eveiv veek. The cIeai indicalion is lhal lhe
feeding on lhe Woid nusl le acconpanied lv piaise and voiship
and piavei (incense) and a congiegalionaI feeding of void nusl
lake pIace eveiv veek. The sludv of lhe Woid of Cod nusl le nev
eveiv veek. This is lhe lasis of Sundav seivices in lhe piesenl dav
The nexl inpoilanl svnloIisn of liead cones on lhe dav of
Ienlecosl. The delaiIs of lhe Ienlecosl is given in Lx. 34:21-22 :Lev.
23.16-17. Ienlecosl look pIace on lhe 5Olh dav aflei lhe vaving of
lhe fiisl sheave of haivesl (vhich iepiesenls lhe iesuiieclion of
Iesus). Thal dav Ieavened liead is pIaced on lhe shev liead lalIe
inslead of lhe usuaI unIeavened liead, and lhal onIv lvo of lhen.
Il svnloIizes nankind as a vhoIe - lolh lhe Ievs and lhe genliIes
vho aie sinfuI - lhe Ieaven svnloIizing sin. Thus, liead in geneiaI
svnloIizes Iife. Ienlecosl is lhe ceIelialion of lhe Iav giving al
nounl Sinai. Moses lioughl dovn lhe lalIels of Iav on lhal dav.
On lhal dav 3OOO aposlale IsiaeIiles vho voishipped lhe goIden
caIf died. The Sinai lic covenanl vas lhe nev leginning foi lhe
voiId, vhen peopIe aII ovei lhe voiId veie lo Iive lv lhe Iav and
lake lhe consequence of lhe sin lhal vas connilled. Hovevei, il
vas a Iav lased on neicv. In lhe piesence of lhe hoIiness of Cod,
aII sin liings dealh. ßul in lhe Sinailic covenanl, nol aII Iav
lieaking is punishalIe lv dealh, lecause of lhe piesence of lhe
IiieslIv inleicession and lhe saciificiaI alonenenl luiIl in lhe Iav.
In lhis sense, lhe Ieavened liead svnloIized lhe nev iedeened Iife
of nankind.
I AM : M. M. NInan

In lhe Iand of Canaan lhe lhiid dav aflei lhe Iassovei, lhe fiisl dav
of lhe veek, vas lhe ceIelialion of lhe haivesl, vhen lhe fiisl fiuils
of lhe haivesls aie lioughl lo lhe lenpIe as a vave offeiing. The
fiisl sheaves of lhe vheal veie vaved in fionl of lhe hoIv of
hoIies. Il iepiesenls nev Iife and lhe pionise of a fuII haivesl in
due couise. The piesenlalion of lhe lvo Ieavened Ioaves lheiefoie
svnloIized nan´s hope and pionise of iedenplion lhiough Iesus.
On lhal dav Iesus ioses again as a fiisl fiuil fion lhe dead, and
piesenled lefoie Cod, as vave offeiing vilh lhe hope and pionise
of iesuiieclion fion lhe dead foi aII leIieveis. This is lhe nev
leginning of lhe nev ciealion nan.
This is exaclIv vhal is pionised in Iesus. Aflei lhe 5Olh dav of
iesuiieclion, on lhe dav of Ienlecosl HoIv Spiiil cane upon lolh
lhe Ievs and genliIes and lhe chuich, lhe leginning of lhe Nev
Connunilv of Man vas loin.
3.3 MANNA A5 BREAD JN. 6.48-58
1]cnn 6.48-51 | an |nc orcad cf |ifc. Ycur fcrcfa|ncrs a|c |nc nanna in
|nc dcscr|. uc| |ncu dicd. 8u| ncrc is |nc orcad |na| ccncs dcun frcn
ncatcn. unicn a nan nau ca| and nc| dic. | an |nc |iting orcad |na| canc
dcun frcn ncatcn. |f anucnc ca|s cf |nis orcad. nc ui|| |itc fcrctcr. Tnis
orcad is nu f|csn. unicn | ui|| gitc fcr |nc |ifc cf |nc ucr|d.'
In lhis passage, Iesus conpaies hinseIf vilh nanna and
dislinguishes hinseIf as lhal Iiving liead vhich cane dovn fion
heaven. The ieasoning is sinpIe, as lhe nanna gave Iife lo lhe
slaiving Ievs in lhe viIdeiness: Iesus gives food lo lhe spiiiluaIIv
slaived. The nanna couId nol piovide Iife, lecause il vas nol
spiiiluaI. Il is lhe spiiil lhal gives Iife: lhe naleiiaI is of no use foi
I AM : M. M. NInan

]cnn 6.52-58 Tncn |nc ]cus ocgan |c arguc snarp|u ancng |ncnsc|tcs.
'Hcu can |nis nan gitc us nis f|csn |c ca|?' ]csus said |c |ncn. '| |c||
ucu |nc |ru|n. un|css ucu ca| |nc f|csn cf |nc Scn cf Man and drin| nis
o|ccd. ucu natc nc |ifc in ucu. lncctcr ca|s nu f|csn and drin|s nu
o|ccd nas c|crna| |ifc. and | ui|| raisc nin up a| |nc |as| dau. |cr nu f|csn
is rca| fccd and nu o|ccd is rca| drin|. lncctcr ca|s nu f|csn and drin|s
nu o|ccd rcnains in nc. and | in nin. ]us| as |nc |iting |a|ncr scn| nc
and | |itc occausc cf |nc |a|ncr. sc |nc cnc unc fccds cn nc ui|| |itc
occausc cf nc. Tnis is |nc orcad |na| canc dcun frcn ncatcn. Ycur
fcrcfa|ncrs a|c nanna and dicd. ou| nc unc fccds cn |nis orcad ui|| |itc
Theie is Nev Teslanenl inpIicalion aIso lo lhis. Nev leslanenl
eia diffeis fion lhe oId in lhal il aliogales Iav and eslalIishes Iove
in lhal pIace. The diffeience is a change in peispeclive. One ieIies
on Iav and dulv vhiIe lhe Iallei ieIies on a deepei peisonaI
ieIalionship. ßolh aie connunilv cenleied. The OId connunilv
vas lhe Ievish nalion and lhe in lhe nev il is lhe Chuich. The facl
lhal lhe nev couId enconpass aII nalions is lecause of lhis change
in peispeclive, vhich lianscends nalionaI loundaiies and lIood
ieIalions. The nanna vas in acluaI conlexl lhe linding foice
vilhin lhe IsiaeI duiing lheii viIdeiness peiiod. In lhe sane vav,
Iesus is lhe linding foice vilhin lhe chuich duiing lhe viIdeiness
peiiod of lhe Chuich. The oId veie cuIluie lased and lhe nev is
supiacuIluiaI. As lhe liead is conveiled inlo fIesh in naluie, Iesus
conveils inlo lhe fIesh of lhe Chuich and of lhe leIievei
individuaIIv and coIIecliveIv. Iesus lhus lecones lhe chuich, lhe
lodv of Chiisl.
1 Ccr 12.27 Ncu ucu arc |nc ocdu cf Cnris|. and cacn cnc cf ucu is a par|
cf i|.
I AM : M. M. NInan


Man vas ciealed oul of lhe dusl and so is
vheal foined oul of lhe dusl. Though lhev
aie foined oul of lhe dusl, lheie is a Iol of
diffeience lelveen lhe dusl, lhe soiI and
lhe nineiaIs and lhe oiganic noIecuIes lhal
foin lhe vheal sulslance and nan. ßolh
have Iife in lhen.
Thal is
vhv vheal
is a food foi nan. The vheal lodv
is liansfoined inlo lhe hunan
lodv oiganisn lv assiniIalion. In
lhe sane vav lhe Iesus, lhe void
of Cod lecones Iife lo lhe leIievei
vhen assiniIaled and foined pail
of his daiIv Iiving. The piocess of
conveision of vheal inlo lodv
foIIovs lhe foIIoving piocess.
vheal - ingeslion- digeslion -
assiniIalion - lodv.
Il is lhe sane vilh lhe leIievei.
ßeIievei ingesls lhe void of Cod
and accepls Iesus Chiisl as
peisonaI Savioi. This liansfoins hin lolaIIv and Iesus lecones

I AM : M. M. NInan

pail of his Iife. The noie he ingesls noie Iike Iesus he lecones.
Lach leIievei lhen lecones lhe vheal, vhich pioduces lhe lodv of
Chiisl vilhin lhe chuich.
A giain of vheal ienains as il is if Iefl aIone. ßul if il faIIs dovn
and dies, il viII vieId nuch fiuil. Olhei giains aie foined, lhus
incieasing lhe lodv. Heiein Iies lhe nessage of Cioss and
iesuiieclion of Chiisl. Theie is no iesuiieclion foi lhe faIIen nan
unIess he dies and iesuiiecled in nevness of Iife. Il iegeneiales
]cnn 12.24 | |c|| ucu |nc |ru|n. un|css a |crnc| cf unca| fa||s |c |nc
grcund and dics. i| rcnains cn|u a
sing|c sccd. 8u| if i| dics. i|
prcduccs nanu sccds.
The piocess of liead naking
invoIves diffeienl sleps. Iiisl il is
giound lo fIoui and lhen nixed
vilh oiI and lhen kneaded fuIIv
and is kepl a vhiIe lo foin
inleinaI changes of lond. Then il is pul in lhe oven al high
lenpeialuies lo pioduce lhe liead. In lhe sane vav in lhe
foinalion of lhe individuaI leIievei, he is piocessed. He is giound
lhiough lhe suffeiing.
1 Pc| 4.12-13 Dcar fricnds. dc nc| oc surpriscd a| |nc painfu| |ria| ucu
arc suffcring. as |ncugn scnc|ning s|rangc ucrc nappcning |c ucu. 8u|
rcjcicc |na| ucu par|icipa|c in |nc suffcrings cf Cnris|. sc |na| ucu nau oc
ctcrjcucd uncn nis g|cru is rctca|cd.

It Is ncccssarv that thc
IndIvIdua! sc!f bc grnund Intn
fInc µnwdcr and bc annIntcd
wIth thc Hn!v 5µIrIt, whIch
µrnduccs thc cnhcsIvc fnrcc
wIthIn thc Church. Thcn It Is
bakcd Intn nnc bndv - Thc
Bndv nf ChrIst

I AM : M. M. NInan

Iesus aIso, as nan, venl lhiough lhe suffeiing, and in lhal piocess
vas nade peifecl in hunan naluie and lecane a High Iiiesl foi aII
Hco 5.8-10 A||ncugn nc uas a scn. nc |carncd cocdicncc frcn una| nc
suffcrcd and. cncc nadc pcrfcc|. nc occanc |nc scurcc cf c|crna| sa|ta|icn
fcr a|| unc cocu nin and uas dcsigna|cd ou Gcd |c oc nign prics| in |nc
crdcr cf Mc|cnizcdc|.
1 Pc| 2.21 Tc |nis ucu ucrc ca||cd. occausc Cnris| suffcrcd fcr ucu.
|cating ucu an cxanp|c. |na| ucu sncu|d fc||cu in nis s|cps.
Il is necessaiv lhal lhe seIfishness of
individuaI le giound inlo fine
povdei and le anoinled vilh lhe HoIv
Spiiil, vhich pioduces lhe cohesive foice
vilhin lhe Chuich. Thus in line lhe
individuaI Iooses lheii sepaiale chaiaclei
and foins lhe chuich. ßul lo le of use lo
olheis as food lhe chuich ilseIf viII have lo go lhiough lhe hol
Oven. This nakes lhe chuich fiin and edilIe. The chuich
denoninalionaIisn and ils seIfishness viII have lo le luined.
Unilv cones onIv lhiough suffeiing. Ieiseculed chuiches aIvavs
ienained uniled. Lven lodav, lhe onIv counliv in lhe voiId vheie
aII denoninalions fion lhe IenlecoslaIs lo CalhoIics foin a uniled
counciI is lhe Sudan Chiislian counciI foi lhe sinpIe ieason lhal il
is a peiseculed chuich. Aflei aII, lhe puipose of lhe liead is lo le
ealen lv olheis. If lhe chuich is lo le a iedenplive povei and le
a iejuvenaling foice, il has lo give ilseIf up. Mosl chuiches foigel
lhis. The faIIacv oflen peipelualed is lhal saIvalion of lhe
individuaI is lhe uIlinale puipose of lhe gospeI. Il is onIv lhe
leginning. Il is lhen lhoughl lhal chuich is lhe uIlinale puipose.
Il is lhe lodv of Chiisl foi a funclion. This funclion is lhe
I AM : M. M. NInan

iedenplion of vhoIe nankind. Mankind (nol individuaIs) is lhe
uIlinale puipose of incainalion. Moie lhan lhal, il is lhe
iedenplion of lhe vhoIe ciealion fion lhe londage of decav.
Rcn 8.18 - 21 | ccnsidcr |na| cur prcscn| suffcrings arc nc| ucr|n
ccnparing ui|n |nc g|cru |na| ui|| oc rctca|cd in us. Tnc crca|icn uai|s
in cagcr cxpcc|a|icn fcr |nc scns cf Gcd |c oc rctca|cd. |cr |nc crca|icn
uas suojcc|cd |c frus|ra|icn. nc| ou i|s cun cncicc. ou| ou |nc ui|| cf |nc
cnc unc suojcc|cd i|. in ncpc |na| |nc crca|icn i|sc|f ui|| oc |iocra|cd
frcn i|s ocndagc |c dccau and orcugn| in|c |nc g|cricus frccdcn cf |nc
cni|drcn cf Gcd.
We aie caIIed inlo lhis piieslhood as Iesus hinseIf.
1 Pc| 2.9 8u| ucu arc a cncscn pccp|c. a rcua| prics|nccd. a nc|u na|icn. a
pccp|c oc|cnging |c Gcd. |na| ucu nau dcc|arc |nc praiscs cf nin unc
ca||cd ucu cu| cf dar|ncss in|c nis ucndcrfu| |ign|.
Leavened oi unIeavened (sinfuI as ve aie), kneaded, nade inlo
Ioaves, cakes oi vafeis il is disliiluled lo eveiv cilv aII ovei lhe
voiId. ßaked in an oven oi heailh oi coaIs - il is edilIe onIv vhen
laked - nade cohesive, and as lound coheienl chuich in oneness is
ealen. Il lhen gives slienglh and Iife lo lhose vho caie lo eal lhe
liead. So is Iesus. So is lhe Chuich lodav. ßefoie il is ealen, il has
lo le lioken lo pieces oi cul inlo sIice.
]cnn 6.54-58 lncctcr ca|s nu f|csn and drin|s nu o|ccd nas c|crna| |ifc.
and | ui|| raisc nin up a| |nc |as| dau. |cr nu f|csn is rca| fccd and nu
o|ccd is rca| drin|. lncctcr ca|s nu f|csn and drin|s nu o|ccd rcnains
in nc. and | in nin. ]us| as |nc |iting |a|ncr scn| nc and | |itc occausc
cf |nc |a|ncr. sc |nc cnc unc fccds cn nc ui|| |itc occausc cf nc. Tnis is
|nc orcad |na| canc dcun frcn ncatcn. Ycur fcrcfa|ncrs a|c nanna and
dicd. ou| nc unc fccds cn |nis orcad ui|| |itc fcrctcr.'
I AM : M. M. NInan

3.43 JE5U5 A5 THE WORD
]cnn 1.1-2 |n |nc ocginning uas |nc lcrd. and |nc lcrd uas ui|n Gcd.
and |nc lcrd uas Gcd. Hc uas ui|n Gcd in |nc ocginning.
]cnn 1.14 Tnc lcrd occanc f|csn and nadc nis duc||ing ancng us. lc
natc sccn nis g|cru. |nc g|cru cf |nc Onc and On|u. unc canc frcn |nc
|a|ncr. fu|| cf gracc and |ru|n.
If Iesus is lhe Woid and he is aIso lhe liead fion heaven, Iife can
le suslained onIv if ve acluaIIv feed on il. As lhe liead can give
Iife onIv if il is ingesled and lhen digesled and infused lhiough lhe
lIood slieans, lhe Iife of lhe leIievei and of lhe Chuich can le
ieaIized onIv if ve conlinuousIv ingesl, digesl and infuse lhe void
of Cod. IndividuaIIv ve feed on lhe void of Cod and Iive in il. As
a chuich, ve feed on il and Iive on il.
This figuie of liead is diieclIv liansIaled inlo lhe connunion of
sainls lhiough lhe lieaking of liead. Ancienl Iiluigies lv eaiIv
falheis acluaIIv decIaie vhal I have slaled in lhe eaiIiei poilions in
cIeai leins.
LiluigicaI decIaialions incIude lhe foIIoving:
- vheal is lioughl logelhei fion vaiious pIaces, so aIso he
viII galhei logelhei his peopIe fion aII nalions liiles and
geogiaphicaI aieas.
- In lhe connunion ve ienenlei aII lhose vho Ialoied in il,
fion lhe piepaialion of lhe fieId, lhe soving, caiing and haivesling
and lhen voiked lhiough lhe piocess of liead naking.
I AM : M. M. NInan

- The vhoIe connunilv of leIieveis fion lhe leginning of lhe
age liII nov is piesenl al lhe connunion lalIe.
Il enphasizes lhal ve aie pail of eveivone vho evei Iived and
died fion lhe leginning of ciealion. Lveiv liealh conlains one
noIecuIe of aii lhal vas liealhed lv Adan and noie of Iesus.
Lveivone evei Iived and is Iiving is pail of nv liealh. Thev aie
changing us. We aie changing lhe voiId. I an nv liolhei´s
keepei and I an fuIIv iesponsilIe foi eveiv good and lad lhing
lhal happens lodav
Again ve aie a pail of eveiv ciealion, eveiv eIenenl of univeise.
This oneness of hunanilv, oneness of univeise is iegained in
Resuiiecled Iesus.
|pn 2.15-17 ou aoc|isning in nis f|csn |nc |au ui|n i|s ccnnandncn|s
and rcgu|a|icns. His purpcsc uas |c crca|c in ninsc|f cnc ncu nan cu| cf
|nc |uc. |nus na|ing pcacc. and in |nis cnc ocdu |c rcccnci|c oc|n cf
|ncn |c Gcd |nrcugn |nc crcss. ou unicn nc pu| |c dca|n |ncir ncs|i|i|u.
Hc canc and prcacncd pcacc |c ucu unc ucrc far auau and pcacc |c |ncsc
unc ucrc ncar.

I AM : M. M. NInan


]cnn 8.12 lncn ]csus spc|c again |c |nc pccp|c. nc said. '| an |nc |ign|
cf |nc ucr|d. lncctcr fc||cus nc ui|| nctcr ua|| in dar|ncss. ou| ui||
natc |nc |ign| cf |ifc.'

Lighl is sonelhing speciaI in lhe IhvsicaI voiId. In lhe oIden davs
il vas lhoughl lhal Iighl liaveI vilh infinile veIocilv. Theiefoie, il
vas an apl svnloI foi lhe onnipiesence of Cod. The void inpIies
lhal Cod is eveivvheie al aII lines. Nov ve knov lhal Iighl
liaveIs vilh finile speed in space as a gioup vave lhough il nav
have anv speed in phase vave. A puie fiequencv Iighl
vave vilhoul leginning oi end can have anv speed. Hovevei,
vhen il lecones a conposile vave, lhe gioup veIocilv lecones
I AM : M. M. NInan

finile. Sliange lecause lhal is vhal ve have leen discussing as lhe
ieIalion lelveen Niiguna-ßiahnan and Saguna ßiahnan. Lighl
lecones a IhvsicaI ieaIilv onIv in gioup. Again, vilh lhe ieIalivilv
ve have a sliange silualion. The veIocilv of Iighl is lhe naxinun
speed anv naleiiaI pailicIe can have. As lhe speed of a lodv
inciease, ils nass incieases and il ieduces ils vidlh in lhe diieclion
of nolion. If lhe pailicIe ieaches lhe speed of Iighl, (vhich is
3OOOOOOOO n/s) ils lhickness lecones zeio and nass lecones
infinileIv Iaige. If lhe speed can inciease levond lhe speed of Iighl,
lhe dinension of exislence of lhe nallei is changed. Mass lecones
negalive. Ihvsicisl caIIs such pailicIes as Tachvons. Hovevei,
expeiinenls couId nol delecl
anv phvsicaI pailicIe vilh such
piopeilies. We enlei inlo a
diffeienl dinension aII
logelhei. Lighl is lhe onIv
ieaIilv lhal exisls in aII lhese dinensions. If ve can liaveI on lhe
vings of Iighl lhen line viII cease. Theie viII le no change foi us.
Whal a good definilion and an exceIIenl svnloI foi lhe
Unchanging and LveiIasling, Onnipiesenl, and Onniscienl Cod.
Ioi Cod, line does nol have anv neaning. Man as naleiiaI
leing exisls in line. Lighl Ieison is nol in line.
Lighl is nol a peison. If ve add peisonaIilv lo lhe Lighl, ve gel
lhe desciiplion of Cod.

UnchangIng, Evcr!astIng,
OmnIµrcscnt, and
OmnIscIcnt Gnd.

I AM : M. M. NInan


Lveivlodv knovs of lhe
fanous nass eneigv ieIalion.
L = n c

Lneigv and nass aie ieIaled
lhiough lhe veIocilv of Iighl.
Il is lhe essence of nallei and

Ac|s 17.28 '|cr in nin uc |itc and nctc and natc cur ocing.'
The linding foice vilhin lhe alon is eIeclionagnelic inleiaclion
and Lighl (Iholon) is lhe naleiiaIizalion of lhis linding eneigv. Il
is Iighl lhal hoIds logelhei lhe alons. Iesus is lhe ciealoi of lhe
Univeise and il is he lhal hoIds lhe univeise logelhei. The
innanence of Cod is depicled in lhis picluie.
]cnn 1.3 Tnrcugn nin a|| |nings ucrc nadc. ui|ncu| nin nc|ning uas
nadc |na| nas occn nadc.
Cc| 1.17 Hc is ocfcrc a|| |nings. and in nin a|| |nings nc|d |cgc|ncr.
Hco 1.3 Tnc Scn is |nc radiancc cf Gcd's g|cru and |nc cxac|
rcprcscn|a|icn cf nis ocing. sus|aining a|| |nings ou nis pcucrfu| ucrd.
Iusl as Iighl hoIds logelhei nallei, Iove hoIds logelhei aII Iife.
When Iove is ienoved and seIfishness cones in, il lecones eviI
and lhis desliovs nan.
]cnn 1.1 -9 |n |nc ocginning uas |nc lcrd. and |nc lcrd uas ui|n
Gcd. and |nc lcrd uas Gcd. Hc uas ui|n Gcd in |nc ocginning.
Tnrcugn nin a|| |nings ucrc nadc. ui|ncu| nin nc|ning uas nadc |na|
nas occn nadc. |n nin uas |ifc. and |na| |ifc uas |nc |ign| cf ncn. Tnc
|ign| snincs in |nc dar|ncss. ou| |nc dar|ncss nas nc| undcrs|ccd i|.

Acts 17:28 '|or ln hlm ue |lte
and mote and hate our belng.'

I AM : M. M. NInan

Tncrc canc a nan unc uas scn| frcn Gcd. nis nanc uas ]cnn. Hc canc
as a ui|ncss |c |cs|ifu ccnccrning |na| |ign|. sc |na| |nrcugn nin a|| ncn
nign| oc|ictc Hc ninsc|f uas nc| |nc |ign|. nc canc cn|u as a ui|ncss |c
|nc |ign|. Tnc |ruc |ign| |na| gitcs |ign| |c ctcru nan uas ccning in|c
|nc ucr|d.
Heie Iighl is pul in conjunclion vilh
Iife. Lighl is lhe eneigv lhal linds
logelhei lhal liings foilh Iife. If lhe
diiecled aclivilv of linding is nol
lheie, alons aie nol foined, alons do
nol foin noIecuIes, noIecuIes do nol
foin oiganisns and lheie viII le no
Iife. Ciealion cannol lake pIace vilhoul Iesus. As il vas liue in lhe
leginning, so is il liue in lhe nev ciealion of Nev Man.
Anolhei uniqueness of Iighl pailicIe, vhich is caIIed Iholon is lhal,
il has no opposile. Theie aie no anlipholons. Theie is no anliIighl.
¨I an Cod, lheie is none leside ne.¨ Theie is no olhei Cod.
1]cnn 1.5 Tnis is |nc ncssagc uc
natc ncard frcn nin and dcc|arc |c
ucu. Gcd is |ign|. in nin |ncrc is nc
dar|ncss a| a||.
Heie lhe conpaiison is lo
enphasize lhe facl lhal lheie is no daikness in Cod

Just as !Ight hn!ds tngcthcr
mattcr, !nvc hn!ds tngcthcr
a!! !Ifc.

There is no antiphoton.
~I am God. there is none
beside me.¨

I AM : M. M. NInan

Daikness - is nol ieaI. Daikness is lhe alsence of Iighl. Daikness is
nol lhe opposile of Iighl. Il is nol a ieaI enlilv. LviI is nol a ieaIilv
-- il is onIv a noiaI ieaIilv. Il is Iack of goodness. Cod did nol
cieale eviI -- indeed lv naluie, he
cannol. Then hov cone il is
lheie` LviI is lhe nisuse of
ouiseIves, of lhings given lo us,
nisuse of oui piiviIeges elc.
Salan is nol a negalive Cod. Cod
does nol fighl vilh Salan. Salan
is an eviI leing -- a peison vho is
eviI. Salan is a ciealuie of Cod vho venl againsl Cod and is lhe
Ieadei of lhe disoledienl. Mosl of us have lhe nislaken nolion lhal
Cod has lo fighl Salan lo defeal hin. Cod does nol have lo. Cod
vanls us lo defeal Salan lecause lhe eviI is in us. We have lo
oveicone il foi ouiseIves.
Rcn 16.20 Tnc Gcd cf pcacc ui|| sccn crusn Sa|an undcr ucur fcc|. Tnc
gracc cf cur |crd ]csus oc ui|n ucu.
]ancs 1.13-14 lncn |cnp|cd. nc cnc sncu|d sau. 'Gcd is |cnp|ing nc.'
|cr Gcd cannc| oc |cnp|cd ou cti|. ncr dccs nc |cnp| anucnc. ou| cacn
cnc is |cnp|cd uncn. ou nis cun cti| dcsirc. nc is draggcd auau and
Hov do ve defeal Salan` Hov do ve liing Iighl in daik pIace`
You cannol ienove il lv hand. You have lo liing Iighl inlo lhal
aiea. ßiing Cod inlo aII lhe aieas of Iife so lhal eviI is oveicone.
Salan is defealed vhen lhe Mafia Ieadei Salan cannol gel his vav.

EvI! Is nnt a rca!Itv -- It Is
nn!v a mnra! rca!Itv. It Is
!ack nf gnndncss.

I AM : M. M. NInan

Theie is hovevei anolhei
sliiking siniIaiilv lelveen
Cod´s dinensionaI piopeilv and
lhe Iholon´s dinensionaI
piopeilv of spin. The spin of lhe
Iholon (We ieaIIv do nol knov
vhal lhis neans.) is 1 and il is a
ßoson. This neans lhal foi
soneone oulside of il Iooking al
lhe pholon il can have anv of lhe foIIoving spin slales: +1, O oi -1
vilh iefeience lo his ovn svslen of iefeience. This is a Tiinilaiian
conpaiison. Hovevei foi a massless particle. we cannot go to a rest
Irame. For a spin 1 particle there should be three possible values.
along the direction oI motion. away Irom it and zero. But Photons have
spin 1. yet they only show two possible spin values ¹1 and -1 along
the direction oI travel. The gauge invariance Iorces the other state
inaccessible Ior observation. The Zero spin state cannot be observed
directly. In a photon we start with a vector Iield. which actually has 4
degrees oI Ireedom. but gauge invariance Iorces 2 oI these degrees oI
Ireedom to be unphysical. Thus the two persons that interact with
physical beings in the Godhead are Son and the Holy Spirit. Father
and the Godhead aspect oI Nirguna Brahman are not viable to
interaction directly.
The facl lhal il is a ßoson neans lhal ve cannol ieaIIv dislinguish
lelveen one pholon fion anolhei. Thev aie idenlicaI in chaiaclei,
naluie and indislinguishalIe. I nav le slielching lhe svnloIisn
loo fai. ßul one cannol ovei Iook lhis sliiking facl.

I AM : M. M. NInan

Lighl is lhe onIv nassIess pailicIe lhal ve knov. Indeed, il cannol
slop noving lecause of lhis. IailicIes lhal liaveI vilh speeds Iess
lhan Iighl foin lhe naleiiaI voiId. IailicIes lhal liaveI vilh
speeds giealei lhan Iighl cannol exisl in lhis naleiiaI voiId. Thev
exisl (al Ieasl lheoielicaIIv) in lheii voiId of negalive nass and
lheii ovn Iavs. Thev liaveI lackvaids in line, if line has anv
nanv lheie. ßul Iighl exisls in lolh lhese voiIds.
ßul ve shouId le caiefuI nol lo equale Iighl vilh Cod. Cod is nol
Iighl -- lhe phvsicaI enlilv. Il is a good svnloI of Cod. Cod is
levond Iighl. Lighl vas ciealed lv Cod.
Gcn 1.3 And Gcd said. '|c| |ncrc oc |ign|.' and |ncrc uas |ign|.
Dar|ncss dcs|rcus us occausc uc dc nc| |ncu uncrc uc arc and uncrc uc
arc gcing -- |nc ucr|s cf dar|ncss
IhvsicaI Iighl is a ciealion of
Cod. Cod is levond anv of his
ciealions. One cannol undeisland
Cod. Man is incapalIe of
undeislanding Cod. This is
expiessed in svnloIic leins as
foIIovs. Cod is nol knovalIe.
2Cnr. 6.1 Tncn Sc|cncn said. 'Tnc |ORD nas said |na| nc ucu|d
duc|| in a dar| c|cud.
1Kgs. 7.12 Tncn Sc|cncn said. 'Tnc |ORD nas said |na| nc ucu|d

Gnd Is nnt !Ight -- thc µhvsIca!
It Is a gnnd svmbn! nf Gnd

I AM : M. M. NInan

duc|| in a dar| c|cud.
2San. 22.10 Hc par|cd |nc ncatcns
and canc dcun. dar| c|cuds ucrc
undcr nis fcc|.
Ps. 18.11 Hc nadc dar|ncss nis
cctcring. nis cancpu arcund nin--
|nc dar| rain c|cuds cf |nc s|u.
Ps. 97.2 C|cuds and |nic| dar|ncss
surrcund nin. rign|ccusncss and
jus|icc arc |nc fcunda|icn cf nis |nrcnc.
Lighl nakes us see lhings cIeaiIv so lhal ve nav le alIe lo vaIk
vilhoul faIIing. Il gives us knovIedge. Il is one of lhe neans
of peiceplion. Il is lhe najoi neans of connunicalion.
2Ccr. 4.6 |cr Gcd. unc said. '|c| |ign| sninc cu| cf dar|ncss.' nadc
nis |ign| sninc in cur ncar|s |c gitc us |nc |ign| cf |nc |ncu|cdgc cf |nc
g|cru cf Gcd in |nc facc cf Cnris|.
Lasei leans aie veII knovn lodav. Thev aie Iighl leans vilh
Iiniled fiequencv iange and have Iaige anpIiludes. These can le
used lo cul nallei veiv fineIv and aie used in culling dianonds
and used in suigeiv as a nicio knife and aIso used lo cIean
suifaces fion diil. Hovevei if nisused il can desliov.
4.3 Iesus as Lighl: lhal vhich shovs lhe liue naluie.

]cnn 9.5 lni|c | an in |nc ucr|d. | an |nc |ign| cf |nc ucr|d.'
Hcrc ]csus is rcfcrring |c |nc fac| |na| nc canc in|c |nc ucr|d |c sncu ncu
sinfu| nan|ind is and |c sncu |nc uau. Tnis is ncu nc cxp|ains |nis in
]cnn 3

LIght makcs us scc thIngs:

I AM : M. M. NInan

]cnn 3.19-21 Tnis is |nc tcrdic|. |ign| nas ccnc in|c |nc ucr|d. ou| ncn
|ctcd dar|ncss ins|cad cf |ign| occausc |ncir dccds ucrc cti|. |tcrucnc
unc dccs cti| na|cs |nc |ign|. and ui|| nc| ccnc in|c |nc |ign| fcr fcar |na|
nis dccds ui|| oc cxpcscd. 8u| uncctcr |itcs ou |nc |ru|n ccncs in|c |nc
|ign|. sc |na| i| nau oc sccn p|ain|u |na| una| nc nas dcnc nas occn dcnc
|nrcugn Gcd.'
Tnis is una| ]csus did uni|c nc uas cn |nc car|n. lncn ]csus |cf| |nc
ucr|d nc did scnd anc|ncr ccunsc|cr unc dccs |nc sanc |ning.
]cnn 16.7-11 8u| | |c|| ucu |nc |ru|n. || is fcr ucur gccd |na| | an gcing
auau. Un|css | gc auau. |nc Ccunsc|cr ui|| nc| ccnc |c ucu. ou| if | gc. |
ui|| scnd nin |c ucu. lncn nc ccncs. nc ui|| ccntic| |nc ucr|d cf gui||
in rcgard |c sin and rign|ccusncss and judgncn|. in rcgard |c sin.
occausc ncn dc nc| oc|ictc in nc. in rcgard |c rign|ccusncss. occausc |
an gcing |c |nc |a|ncr. uncrc ucu can scc nc nc |cngcr. and in rcgard |c
judgncn|. occausc |nc princc cf |nis ucr|d ncu s|ands ccndcnncd.
AII Iife depends on Iighl fion lhe sun (vilh lhe possilIe excepls of
a fev oiganisns neai deep sea venls). Iholosvnlhelic oiganisns
aie al lhe lollon of lhe food chain and piovide lhe chenicaI
eneigv lhal lhe iesl use. Thev aIso piovide lhe oxvgen needed foi
Civen hov inpoilanl Iighl is lo
Iife, il is no vondei lhal lheie aie
nanv lvpes of inleiaclions
lelveen Iighl and Iiving
oiganisns. ßioadIv speaking,
lhese inleiaclions can le divided
inlo lhiee funclionaI gioups:

Life depends on Light

I AM : M. M. NInan

1. VisuaIizalion and SpaliaI oiienlalion. IIanls and niciooiganisns
use Iighl lo oiienl lhenseIves spaliaIIv and lo guide lheii
novenenls oi giovlh. Highei aninaIs aie capalIe of using Iighl lo
inage lheii suiioundings. Naluie has deveIoped sensilive
pholoieceplois, such as lhe ihodopsin in voui eve, vhich can
conveil Iighl eneigv inlo a chenicaI signaI.
Wilhoul Iesus, ve lecone disoiienled, incapalIe knoving lhe
diieclion of oui novenenl. We lecone iandon and lIind.
2. TenpoiaI oiienlalion. Mosl aninaIs and pIanls (incIuding
peopIe) aIso use Iighl lo sel lheii inleinaI cIocks. Iion lhe vav lhal
lhe Iighl changes vilh line, oiganisns can nol onIv leII vhelhei il
is nighl oi dav lul aIso vhal line of veai il is. Ioi exanpIe, nanv
pIanls use lhis lo deleinine vhen lo fIovei. Again, sensilive
lioIogicaI pholoieceplois aie used foi lhis puipose.
Tine and exislence ilseIf viII have neaning onIv in Iesus
3. Conveision of Iighl eneigv lo chenicaI eneigv. The doninanl
lioIogicaI piocess, vhich conveils Iighl eneigv inlo chenicaI
eneigv, is pholosvnlhesis In addilion, lheie aie olhei Iighl-
poveied piocesses in naluie. Ioi exanpIe, lhe enzvne DNA
pholoIvase uses Iighl eneigv lo povei lhe chenisliv iequiied foi
lhe iepaii of UV-danaged DNA.
Iesus is lhe slienglh and eneigv givei of Iife.
The liue naluie of Iesus is sonehov connecled vilh Iighl as is seen
in lhe foIIoving lheophanies.

I AM : M. M. NInan

Ma||. 17.2 Tncrc nc uas |ransfigurcd ocfcrc |ncn. His facc sncnc |i|c |nc
sun. and nis c|c|ncs occanc as uni|c as |nc |ign|.
2Ccr. 4.6 |cr Gcd. unc said. '|c| |ign| sninc cu| cf dar|ncss.' nadc nis
|ign| sninc in cur ncar|s |c gitc us |nc |ign| cf |nc |ncu|cdgc cf |nc g|cru
cf Gcd in |nc facc cf Cnris|.
2Pc|. 1.19 And uc natc |nc ucrd cf |nc prcpnc|s nadc ncrc ccr|ain. and
ucu ui|| dc uc|| |c pau a||cn|icn |c i|. as |c a |ign| snining in a dar|
p|acc. un|i| |nc dau dauns and |nc ncrning s|ar riscs in ucur ncar|s.
|sa. 9.2 Tnc pccp|c ua||ing in dar|ncss natc sccn a grca| |ign|. cn |ncsc
|iting in |nc |and cf |nc snadcu cf dca|n a |ign| nas dauncd.
||.1.79 ´Tc gitc |ign| |c |ncn |na| si| in dar|ncss in |nc snadcu cf dca|n.
|c guidc cur fcc| in|c |nc dau cf pcacc.¨ Ccnncc|icn ui|n oir|n cf ]csus
Iuipose of Iighl is lo nake us see -- lo see lhe defecls, pilfaIIs,
nislakes, lo see us as ve aie, lo see olheis as lhev aie and lhe
voiId cIeaiIv. ßul Iighl does nol in ilseIf condenn us- ve
condenn ouiseIves. Manv peopIe do niss lhis poinl. Cod is nol a
kiIIei. He is giacious, conpassionale and fuII of neicv. Il lhis
aspecl lhal is ieveaIed in Iesus.
]cnn 3.19 - 21 Tnis is |nc tcrdic|. |ign| nas ccnc in|c |nc ucr|d. ou|
ncn |ctcd dar|ncss ins|cad cf |ign| occausc |ncir dccds ucrc cti|.
I AM : M. M. NInan

|tcrucnc unc dccs cti| na|cs |nc |ign|. and ui|| nc| ccnc in|c |nc |ign|
fcr fcar |na| nis dccds ui|| oc cxpcscd. 8u| uncctcr |itcs ou |nc |ru|n
ccncs in|c |nc |ign|. sc |na| i| nau oc sccn p|ain|u |na| una| nc nas dcnc
nas occn dcnc |nrcugn Gcd.'
Ac|s 26.18 |c cpcn |ncir cucs and |urn |ncn frcn dar|ncss |c |ign|. and
frcn |nc pcucr cf Sa|an |c Gcd. sc |na| |ncu nau rcccitc fcrgitcncss cf
sins and a p|acc ancng |ncsc unc arc sanc|ificd ou fai|n in nc.'
The puipose of his incainalion is lo iedeen nankind fion lhe
povei of Salan--lo shov lhe palh, lhe vav oul
]cnn 8.12 lncn ]csus spc|c again |c |nc pccp|c. nc said. '| an |nc |ign|
cf |nc ucr|d. lncctcr fc||cus nc ui|| nctcr ua|| in dar|ncss. ou| ui||
natc |nc |ign| cf |ifc.'
]cnn 12.35-36 Tncn ]csus |c|d |ncn. 'Ycu arc gcing |c natc |nc |ign|
jus| a |i|||c uni|c |cngcr. la|| uni|c ucu natc |nc |ign|. ocfcrc dar|ncss
ctcr|a|cs ucu. Tnc nan unc ua||s in |nc dar| dccs nc| |ncu uncrc nc is
gcing. Pu| ucur |rus| in |nc |ign| uni|c ucu natc i|. sc |na| ucu nau
occcnc scns cf |ign|.' lncn nc nad finisncd spca|ing. ]csus |cf| and nid
ninsc|f frcn |ncn.
Iesus goes on lo sav lhal lhose vho leIieve and foIIov hin aie lhe
Iighl of lhis voiId. He vas lhe Iighl vhiIe he vas on lhe eailh.
When Iesus Iefl lhe eailh, he has anoinled his eIecl lo le lhe Iighl of
lhis voiId
Iesus is lhe souice of Iighl -- vou aie lhe Iighl lv iefIeclion
Ma||. 5.14 -16 'Ycu arc |nc |ign| cf |nc ucr|d. A ci|u cn a ni|| cannc| oc
niddcn. Nci|ncr dc pccp|c |ign| a |anp and pu| i| undcr a ocu|. |ns|cad
|ncu pu| i| cn i|s s|and. and i| gitcs |ign| |c ctcrucnc in |nc ncusc. |n |nc
I AM : M. M. NInan

sanc uau. |c| ucur |ign| sninc ocfcrc ncn. |na| |ncu nau scc ucur gccd
dccds and praisc ucur |a|ncr in ncatcn.
1Pc|. 2.9 8u| ucu arc a cncscn pccp|c. a rcua| prics|nccd. a nc|u na|icn.
a pccp|c oc|cnging |c Gcd. |na| ucu nau dcc|arc |nc praiscs cf nin unc
ca||cd ucu cu| cf dar|ncss in|c nis ucndcrfu| |ign|.
Theie aie lvo lvpes of iefIeclion:
1. Scalleiing: Heie Iighl faIIs on lhe oljecl and oljecl scalleis il in
aII diieclions. We see oljecls lv lheii scalleied Iighl. We can see
lhe papei lecause il scalleis lhe Iighl.
2. SpecuIai iefIeclions. Heie lhe Iighl faIIing on il is iefIecled in an
oideiIv fashion. Il is nol nixed one inlo lhe olhei. We do nol see
lhe iefIecling oljecl, lul ve see lhe Iighl souice. This is vhal a
niiioi does.
You can lecone a niiioi so lhal
Iesus can le seen in vou. When
vou piojecl vouiseIf il ceases lo
le a niiioi, vou aie scalleiing
lhe Iighl. When vou lecone
lhe oljecl seen lhiough voui
ninisliv peopIe viII iaieIv see Iesus lhiough vou. The noie
oideiIv vou iefIecl Iesus in voui Iife: olheis viII le alIe lo see Iesus
noie cIeaiIv. The Iess Iighl vou scallei, lhe noie vou aie fiIIed
vilh lhe void and liansfoined inlo lhe inage of Iesus, lhe noie of
Iesus viII le seen lv olheis. Tiansfoinalion fion an opaque,
iough suiface lo lhe snoolh, poIished niiioi is acconpIished lv
aliding in lhe void of Cod and Iiving in lhe Spiiil.

You can become a mirror. so
that 1esus can be seen in you.

I AM : M. M. NInan

If vou aie lIind, Iighl does nol voik foi vou. Those vho aie
spiiiluaIIv lIind can nevei see lhe leaulv of Iesus. In facl, lhev aie
so seIf-cenleied lhal lhev cannol see olheis al aII.
|u|c 11.34 Ycur cuc is |nc |anp cf ucur ocdu. lncn ucur cucs arc gccd.
ucur unc|c ocdu a|sc is fu|| cf |ign|. 8u| uncn |ncu arc oad. ucur ocdu
a|sc is fu|| cf dar|ncss.
Spiri|ua| disccrning
1Ccr. 1.18 -20 |cr |nc ncssagc cf |nc crcss is fcc|isnncss |c |ncsc unc arc
pcrisning. ou| |c us unc arc ocing satcd i| is |nc pcucr cf Gcd. |cr i| is
uri||cn. '| ui|| dcs|rcu |nc uisdcn cf |nc uisc. |nc in|c||igcncc cf |nc
in|c||igcn| | ui|| frus|ra|c.' lncrc is |nc uisc nan? lncrc is |nc
scnc|ar? lncrc is |nc pni|cscpncr cf |nis agc? Has nc| Gcd nadc fcc|isn
|nc uisdcn cf |nc ucr|d?

I have used oui nodein undeislanding of Lighl lo inleipiel lhe
neaning of ¨I an lhe Iighl of lhe voiId¨. These inleipielalions aie
feasilIe piovided ve agiee lhal Iesus leing Cod he knev aloul
I AM : M. M. NInan

lhese facls and inlended lo le undeislood in line. Al Ieasl in sone
cases of paialIes he did cIeaiIv slale lhal. This can le seen in
Mallhev 13 Kingdon IaialIes vheie Iesus savs:
Ma| 13.35 Sc uas fu|fi||cd una| uas spc|cn |nrcugn |nc prcpnc|. '| ui||
cpcn nu ncu|n in parao|cs. | ui|| u||cr |nings niddcn sincc |nc crca|icn
cf |nc ucr|d.'
Was he in lhis pIace speaking lhe vondeifuI lhings hidden since
lhe ciealion of lhe voiId`
Ma| 13.52 Hc said |c |ncn. 'Tncrcfcrc ctcru |cacncr cf |nc |au unc nas
occn ins|ruc|cd aocu| |nc |ingdcn cf ncatcn is |i|c |nc cuncr cf a ncusc
unc orings cu| cf nis s|crcrccn ncu |rcasurcs as uc|| as c|d.'
Aie ve piiviIeged lo liing oul lhese hidden liulhs in lhis Iasl age`
ßul il is quile possilIe lhal lhis is nol lhe case foi eveiv paialIe.
IaialIes and siniIes aie used in leaching lo expIain a concepl.
These siniIes shouId nol le piessed loo fai lhe exlend of aIIegoiv.
This viII le dangeious, as ve viII le inposing nev neanings nol
neanl in lhe silualion. This is pailicuIaiIv liue of lhe didaclic
paialIes. Mosl paialIes aie cuIluie sensilive and conlexl sensilive
and viII vieId veiv disaslious iesuIls if inleipieled oul of lhe
cuIluiaI and hisloiicaI conlexl.
Did Iesus ieaIIv nean lhese vhen he said lhese lhings lo his
discipIes al lhal line` Did he inlend us lo ieinleipiel il lhe vav ve
do nov` I Ieave il lo lhe ieadei. ßul lhev aie ceilainIv inleiesling
and encouiaging lo lhe leIievei.

I AM : M. M. NInan

I AM : M. M. NInan


IOHN 1O:7- 16

Iesus used a Iol of svnloIs fion lhe nonadic liadilions of lhe Ievs.
These liadilions veie ingiained in lhe Ievs lhiough lhe ßilIe.
Hone in aII cuIluies svnloIizes a pIace of safelv. Coing in and
cIosing lhe dooi lehind gives lhe nenleis of lhe househoId
secuiilv. The oulside voiId vilh ils hale and conpelilion iages
vilh vioIence and ciueIlv. Al lhe end of lhis nad iace, one gel lack
hone and cIoses lhe dooi. You aie suiiounded lv Iove, pioleclion,
and caie.
I AM : M. M. NInan

TiadilionaI Aial iuIe is lhal one is levond lhe Iav levond lhe
dooi. You can do anvlhing inside voui house. The Iav can vail foi
vou oulside lhe dooi. This is depicled leaulifuIIv sone of lhe OId
Teslanenl svnloIisns
When Iesus spoke lo lhe Ievs aloul lhe dooi, lhe fiisl picluie lhal
cane lo lheii nind vas piolalIv lhe dooi of lhe Iassovei nighl.
|xc 12.22-23 Ta|c a ouncn cf nusscp. dip i| in|c |nc o|ccd in |nc oasin
and pu| scnc cf |nc o|ccd cn |nc |cp and cn oc|n sidcs cf |nc dccrfranc.
Nc| cnc cf ucu sna|| gc cu| |nc dccr cf nis
ncusc un|i| ncrning. lncn |nc |ORD
gccs |nrcugn |nc |and |c s|ri|c dcun |nc
|gup|ians. nc ui|| scc |nc o|ccd cn |nc |cp
and sidcs cf |nc dccrfranc and ui|| pass
ctcr |na| dccruau. and nc ui|| nc| pcrni|
|nc dcs|rcucr |c cn|cr ucur ncuscs and
s|ri|c ucu dcun.
A dooi lhal is naiked vilh lIood,
pioviding a lIood coveiing.
If vou aie faniIiai vilh lhe Iassovei
liadilions and lhe liadilions of lhe
MiddIe Laslein nalions one can see lhe
siniIaiilv veiv easiIv. Theie aie lvo doois lo lhe easlein hones.
One dooi is lhe dooi Ieading lo lhe innei ioons of lhe house and
lhe olhei dooi is lhe dooi lhal Ieads inlo lhe conpound. The Ianl
is saciificed (kiIIed) jusl oulside of lhe gale and is hung on lhe
vooden lean of lhe oulei gale. In lhe saciifice of lhe Iassovei
Ianl, lhev veie insliucled lo dip a lunch of hvssop and pul lIood
I AM : M. M. NInan

on lop and on eilhei side of lhe posl. The lIeeding of lhe Ianp viII
naik lhe lollon of lhe dooi foining a cioss. The Ianl as il is
leing kiIIed is lhe exacl picluie of Iesus on lhe cioss. Il is lhis lIood
lhal coveis lhe sinneis. AII fiisl loin of lhe Lgvpl veie lo die. ßul
lhe lIood coveiing piolecls lhose vho aie vilhin lhe gale vilh
lIood naik. The desliovei viII nol enlei lhe gale and sliike vou
Anolhei neaning of lhe dooi lhal vas lioughl lo lhe nenoiv of
lhe heaiei vas lhal of lhe dooi of lhe cilv gales. AII ancienl cilies
veie vaIIed aII iound lo piolecl il fion invadeis. These veie huge
loveiing vaIIs seveiaI feel high so lhal no nan can cIinl on il. The
cilv gales veie Iaige nassive vooden sliucluies. These veie lhe
pioleclion of lhe dveIIeis inside lhe cilv. Iesus is sinpIv inpIving
lhal I an lhe dooi lhal keeps enenies oulside and keeps vou aIive.
The nosl vuIneialIe poinl of lhe cilv is lhe gale. If lhal is safe, il is
easv lo guaid lhe cilv.

This concepl is fuilhei slienglhened lv lhe eslalIishnenl of lhe
cilies of iefuge.
I AM : M. M. NInan

Nun 35.11 sc|cc| scnc |cuns |c oc ucur ci|ics cf rcfugc. |c unicn a
pcrscn unc nas |i||cd scnccnc accidcn|a||u nau f|cc. Nun 35.12 Tncu
ui|| oc p|accs cf rcfugc frcn |nc atcngcr. sc |na| a pcrscn accuscd cf
nurdcr nau nc| dic ocfcrc nc s|ands |ria| ocfcrc |nc asscno|u.
Nun 35.15 Tncsc six |cuns ui|| oc a p|acc cf rcfugc fcr |srac|i|cs. a|icns
and anu c|ncr pccp|c |iting ancng |ncn. sc |na| anucnc unc nas |i||cd
anc|ncr accidcn|a||u can f|cc |ncrc.
Nun 35.26-28 ''8u| if |nc accuscd ctcr gccs cu|sidc |nc |ini|s cf |nc ci|u
cf rcfugc |c unicn nc nas f|cd and |nc atcngcr cf o|ccd finds nin cu|sidc
|nc ci|u. |nc atcngcr cf o|ccd nau |i|| |nc accuscd ui|ncu| ocing gui||u cf
nurdcr. Tnc accuscd nus| s|au in nis ci|u cf rcfugc un|i| |nc dca|n cf |nc
nign prics|. cn|u af|cr |nc dca|n cf |nc nign prics| nau nc rc|urn |c nis
cun prcpcr|u.
The dooi of lhe cilv of iefuge keeps lhe avengei avav. Iesus is lhal
dooi. He is aIso lhe High Iiiesl vho viII nevei die. As Iong as ve
aie vilhin lhe cilv iuIed lv Iesus ve aie safe.
The inageiv in lhe dooi of lhe sheep is diieclIv laken fion lhe
nonadic Iife slvIe. Nonads lend lheii sheep and nove fion pIace
lo pIace seeking suppIies of valei and giass. These sheep do nol
have a sheepfoId lhal is peinanenl. Thev nove inlo aieas infesled
lv viId aninaIs lhal piev on lhe sheep. In lhe nighl, lhe shepheids
nake a foId vilh lhoin lush in ciicIe ovei a vaid vide, lhoinv and
inpenelialIe even lv lhe viIdesl and agiIe of aII aninaIs. Theie
viII le a snaII opening lhiough vhich lhe sheep is heided inlo lhe
KiaaI. This lhen is lhe onIv dooi lhiough vhich lhe sheep nav
enlei inlo lhe sheepfoId and inlo safelv. Then lhe shepheid Iighls a
pvie of lhoin and vood in fionl of lhis opening and he viII hinseIf
I AM : M. M. NInan

Iie dovn as lhe dooi. Iesus vas sinpIv desciiling lhal lheie is onIv
one vav lo heaven and lhal Iies lhiough his lodv. Those vho enlei
lhiough hin viII find peace

The sane picluie can le seen in lhe viIdeiness sancluaiv. The
sancluaiv vas fuIIv coidoned off vilh cuilains vilh onIv one
enliance. Al lhe enliance is lhe aIlai of saciifice. A peison nav
enlei inlo lhe house of lhe Loid onIv aflei saciifice. This dooi is
Hco 10.19-20 Tncrcfcrc. orc|ncrs. sincc uc natc ccnfidcncc |c cn|cr |nc
Mcs| Hc|u P|acc ou |nc o|ccd cf ]csus. ou a ncu and |iting uau cpcncd
fcr us |nrcugn |nc cur|ain. |na| is. nis ocdu.

As lhe sheep cone in lo lhe foId lhe shepheid viII counl lhen vilh
his iod and in lhe noining, he viII counl lhen as lhev go oul.
I AM : M. M. NInan

None shouId le found nissing. No viId aninaI can enlei inside
unIess lhe shepheid hinseIf is kiIIed fiisl.
Iesus said
]cnn 14.6 '| an |nc uau and |nc |ru|n and |nc |ifc. Nc cnc ccncs |c |nc
|a|ncr cxccp| |nrcugn nc.
Those vho enlei in lhiough Iesus lhe gale aie safe.
Rcn 8.1-2 Tncrcfcrc. |ncrc is ncu nc ccndcnna|icn fcr |ncsc unc arc in
Cnris| ]csus. occausc |nrcugn Cnris| ]csus |nc |au cf |nc Spiri| cf |ifc sc|
nc frcc frcn |nc |au cf sin and dca|n.
ßul oulside lhis dooi, lheie is dangei.
Gcn 4.6-7 Tncn |nc |ORD said |c Cain. 'lnu arc ucu angru? lnu is
ucur facc dcuncas|? |f ucu dc una| is rign|. ui|| ucu nc| oc acccp|cd?
8u| if ucu dc nc| dc una| is rign|. sin is crcucning a| ucur dccr. i| dcsircs
|c natc ucu. ou| ucu nus| nas|cr i|.'
Safelv Iies inside lhis dooi.
To lhe sellIed IsiaeI hovevei lhe dooi neanl sonelhing noie lhan
|xc 21.5-6 '8u| if |nc scrtan| dcc|arcs. '| |ctc nu nas|cr and nu uifc
and cni|drcn and dc nc| uan| |c gc frcc.' |ncn nis nas|cr nus| |a|c nin
ocfcrc |nc judgcs. Hc sna|| |a|c nin |c |nc dccr cr |nc dccrpcs| and picrcc
nis car ui|n an au|. Tncn nc ui|| oc nis scrtan| fcr |ifc.
I AM : M. M. NInan

This is connecled vilh lhe sevenlh veai, lhe veai of juliIee vhen
eveiv peison vho soId hinseIf lo sIaveiv lecause of his dell viII
go lack lo his ovn. Hovevei, if duiing lhe peiiod, he has endeaied
hinseIf lo lhe faniIv and lecones pail of lhe faniIv, he can
lecone a nenlei of lhe faniIv. This ceienonv invoIved pieicing
lhe eais vilh an avI lo lhe dooiposl. He lecones a sIave in lhe
faniIv foievei.
The inageiv of Iesus as lhe dooi is lhal vou aie oulside lhe faniIv
of Cod vheie lheie is pain, suffeiing, and dealh lhal svav aII lhe
line. David once said
Psa 84.10 8c||cr is cnc dau in ucur ccur|s |nan a |ncusand c|scuncrc. |
ucu|d ra|ncr oc a dccr|ccpcr in |nc ncusc cf nu Gcd |nan duc|| in |nc
|cn|s cf |nc uic|cd.
Il is lellei lo le a seivanl of lhe Loid aII oui Iives lhan is a fiee
peison inlo lhis decaving voiId. ßul lhen lhe dooi is lhe vav in lo
lecone pail of lhis Kingdon of Cod.
Lailhians aie quaianlined lecause of deadIv sin. Theie is anolhei
voiId oulside of lhis voiId -- lhe Kingdon of Heaven vheie lheie
is no sin, vheie lheie is no
decav, pain, suffeiing oi dealh.
Theie lhe Iavs of Ihvsics aie
diffeienl. Theie eveivlhing
giovs fion oidei lo giealei
oidei, gIoiv lo gIoiv. We
cannol gel inlo lhe cilv of
heaven lecause ve aie lound
lo lhis naleiiaI dinension. We have leen living lo gel oul of lhis

The only door beyond this
decaying physical world into the
undecaying physical world is

I AM : M. M. NInan

voiId aII lhe line. In lhe eaiIiei davs, gieal nanv saiIois liied lo
find lhe end of lhe eailh. Thev expecled a cIiff fion vheie lhev
couId junp inlo anolhei voiId. ßul lheie veie no edge foi lhe
eailh. Lailh's suiface has no edge, lecause il is cIosed in lhe lhiid
dinension. A spheie does nol have anv edge. We have heaid lhe
gieal sloiv of lhe Russian aslionauls Iasl cenlauiv lhal liied lo find
Cod in lhe space. Thev veie living lo gel oul of lhis voiId. Thev
venl inlo lhe lhiid dinension. Theie aie no doois. The onIv dooi
levond lhis voiId is lhe dooi lhal is Iesus.
]cnn 10.7-9 Tncrcfcrc ]csus said again. '| |c|| ucu |nc |ru|n. | an |nc ga|c
fcr |nc snccp A|| unc ctcr canc ocfcrc nc ucrc |nictcs and rcoocrs. ou|
|nc snccp did nc| |is|cn |c |ncn. | an |nc ga|c. uncctcr cn|crs |nrcugn nc
ui|| oc satcd. Hc ui|| ccnc in and gc cu|. and find pas|urc.
]cnn 14.6 Nc cnc ccncs |c |nc |a|ncr cxccp| |nrcugn nc.
I AM : M. M. NInan


IOHN 1O.11-18

This is in facl a conlinualion of lhe pasloiaI svnloIisn of lhe dooi
of lhe sheep. The dooi of lhe sheep is lhe shepheid. Il is lhe
shepheid vho Iies dovn in fionl of lhe onIv one dooi. In so doing
he is Iaving dovn his Iife foi lhe sheep. No viId aninaI can enlei
oi even cone neai lhe canp unIess lhe shepheid is fiisl kiIIed. This
vas a connon expeiience of eveiv shepheid of lhe line.
Il vas naluiaI foi lhe nonads lo lhink of Cod as lheii shepheid -
lhe Cieal Shepheid
So, Iacol vhen he lIessed Ioseph Iooks uplo Cod as his shepheid.
I AM : M. M. NInan

Gcn 48.15 Tncn nc o|csscd ]cscpn and said. 'Mau |nc Gcd ocfcrc uncn
nu fa|ncrs Aoranan and |saac ua||cd. |nc Gcd unc nas occn nu sncpncrd
a|| nu |ifc |c |nis dau.
So, in lhe IsaIn of Asaph lhe Choiinaslei, he addiesses Cod as lhe
Cieal Shepheid vho sils enlhioned.
Psa 80.1-3 Hcar us. O Sncpncrd cf |srac|. ucu unc |cad ]cscpn |i|c a f|cc|.
ucu unc si| cn|nrcncd oc|uccn |nc cncruoin. sninc fcr|n ocfcrc |pnrain.
8cnjanin and Manasscn. Aua|cn ucur nign|. ccnc and satc us. Rcs|crc
us. O Gcd. na|c ucur facc sninc upcn us. |na| uc nau oc satcd.
When lhe shepheids go fion pIace lo pIace, lhe head of lhe
househoId, lhe Ialhei Ialiiaich usuaIIv slavs al one cenliaI pIace
vheie lheie is valei aII lhe line and liacks lhe jouinev of lhe
chiIdien, guide lhen, senl piovisions and heIp as needed. This is
lhe picluie ve have in Iacol´s faniIv. Il vas easv foi lhe Ievs lo
visuaIize Cod as lhe Ialhei Shepheid vho sils enlhioned anong
lhe cheiulin. This is iefIecled in lhe Heliev aulhoi´s picluie:
Hco. 13.20-21 Mau |nc Gcd cf pcacc. unc |nrcugn |nc o|ccd cf |nc
c|crna| cctcnan| orcugn| oac| frcn |nc dcad cur |crd ]csus. |na| grca|
Sncpncrd cf |nc snccp. cuuip ucu ui|n ctcru|ning gccd fcr dcing nis ui||.
and nau nc ucr| in us una| is p|casing |c nin. |nrcugn ]csus Cnris|. |c
uncn oc g|cru fcr ctcr and ctcr. Ancn
Cod is lhe one vho suppIies aII oui needs vhiIe ve vho aie
Ialoiing in lhe fieId iequiies.
When Iesus asciiled hinseIf as lhe Shepheid, he vas cIaining aIso
lhe iool of David´s ancesliv.
I AM : M. M. NInan

Psa 78.70-72 Hc cncsc Datid nis scrtan| and |cc| nin frcn |nc snccp
frcn |cnding |nc snccp nc orcugn| nin |c oc |nc sncpncrd cf nis pccp|c
]acco. cf |srac| nis inncri|ancc. And Datid sncpncrdcd |ncn ui|n
in|cgri|u cf ncar|. ui|n s|i||fu| nands nc |cd |ncn.
Much noie lhan lhal lheie is a diiecl iefeience lo lhe oidinalion of
Nun 27.15 -17 Mcscs said |c |nc |ORD. 'Mau |nc |ORD. |nc Gcd
cf |nc spiri|s cf a|| nan|ind. appcin| a nan ctcr |nis ccnnuni|u |c gc cu|
and ccnc in ocfcrc |ncn. cnc unc ui|| |cad |ncn oul and liing lhen in,
so lhe Loid's peopIe viII nol le Iike sheep vilhoul a shepheid."
Nun 27.18 Sc |nc |ORD said |c Mcscs. 'Ta|c ]csnua scn cf Nun. a nan
in uncn is |nc spiri|. and |au ucur nand cn nin¨.
The Heliev nane of Iesus vas sane as Ioshua - Yeshiva. As
Ioshua vas oidained lo Iead lhe peopIe fion lhe viIdeiness inlo
Canaan, so Cod has oidained Iesus lo Iead nankind fion lhe
viIdeiness of lhis Iife lo lhe Kingdon of Heaven.
These aie sone of lhe sullIe lones lhal ieveileialed in lhe ninds
and spiiils of lhose vho heaid Iesus´ cIain "I an lhe Cood
ßul lhen Iesus expIained lhal he is nol jusl lhe Cieal Shepheid
Ialiiaich vho sils in confoil al hone vilh aII lhe seivanls and
ponp and spIendoi, lul aIso one vho cane dovn lo lhe eailh, in
lhe fieId lo seaich, lo caie and lend lhe voung and lhe oId.
I AM : M. M. NInan

David vas a shepheid and he knev exaclIv vhal il neanl lo le a
good shepheid. Read vhal he savs aloul hinseIf.
1 San 17.34 -35 8u| Datid said |c Sau|. 'Ycur scrtan| nas occn |ccping
nis fa|ncr's snccp. lncn a |icn cr a ocar canc and carricd cff a snccp frcn
|nc f|cc|. | ucn| af|cr i|. s|ruc| i| and rcscucd |nc snccp frcn i|s ncu|n.
lncn i| |urncd cn nc. | scizcd i| ou i|s nair. s|ruc| i| and |i||cd i|.

So, Iesus expIains hinseIf:
]cnn 10.11-13 '| an |nc gccd sncpncrd. Tnc gccd sncpncrd |aus dcun nis
|ifc fcr |nc snccp. Tnc nircd nand is nc| |nc sncpncrd unc cuns |nc snccp.
Sc uncn nc sccs |nc uc|f ccning. nc aoandcns |nc snccp and runs auau.
Tncn |nc uc|f a||ac|s |nc f|cc| and sca||crs i|. Tnc nan runs auau
occausc nc is a nircd nand and carcs nc|ning fcr |nc snccp.
|sa 40.11 Hc |cnds nis f|cc| |i|c a sncpncrd. Hc ga|ncrs |nc |anos in nis
arns and carrics |ncn c|csc |c nis ncar|. nc gcn||u |cads |ncsc |na| natc
In conliasl ve have lhe chaiacleiislics of a lad shepheid vho is a
hiieIing is desciiled foi us in LzekieI:
|zc| 34.2-4 'Scn cf nan. prcpncsu agains| |nc sncpncrds cf |srac|.
prcpncsu and sau |c |ncn. 'Tnis is una| |nc Sctcrcign |ORD saus. lcc
|c |nc sncpncrds cf |srac| unc cn|u |a|c carc cf |ncnsc|tcs! Sncu|d nc|
sncpncrds |a|c carc cf |nc f|cc|? Ycu ca| |nc curds. c|c|nc ucursc|tcs ui|n
|nc ucc| and s|augn|cr |nc cncicc anina|s. ou| ucu dc nc| |a|c carc cf |nc
f|cc|. Ycu natc nc| s|rcng|ncncd |nc uca| cr nca|cd |nc sic| cr ocund up
|nc injurcd. Ycu natc nc| orcugn| oac| |nc s|raus cr scarcncd fcr |nc |cs|.
Ycu natc ru|cd |ncn narsn|u and oru|a||u.
This is iepealed again in Zechaiiah:
I AM : M. M. NInan

Zcc 11.16 |cr | an gcing |c raisc up a sncpncrd ctcr |nc |and unc ui||
nc| carc fcr |nc |cs|. cr scc| |nc ucung. cr nca| |nc injurcd. cr fccd |nc
nca||nu. ou| ui|| ca| |nc nca| cf |nc cncicc snccp. |caring cff |ncir nccfs.
Nolice lhe chaiacleiislics
He viII nol caie foi lhe sliaved oi seaich foi lhe Iosl
He viII nol seek lhe voung
He viII nol slienglhen lhe veak oi heaI lhe sick oi injuied
He viII nol feed lhe heaIlhv inslead
He eals lhe neal of lhe choice sheep, leaiing off lheii hoofs.
One chaiacleiislic of aII shepheid liiles (lhis appIies aIso lo
covheid liiles aIso) is lhal lhev viII nol eal lhe neal of lhe sheep.
This nav sound queei. Il is a laloo anong aII shepheiding liiles lo
kiII a sheep foi neal, even vhen lhev aie dving of hungei. OnIv an
unelhicaI shepheid viII kiII lo eal. The onIv line lhev noinaIIv
have neal foi food is vhen lheie is a saciifice. Then lhe neal is lo
le shaied anong aII lhe nenleis of lhe liile. Thev nav eal lhe
neal of a sheep vho is dving oi vho cannol vaIk and lheiefoie
foIIov lhe pasluie as lhe gioup nove fion pIace lo pIace. If an
aninaI faIIs dovn vhiIe in liansil and il is nol a Ianl, lhe
shepheids nav eal ils fIesh inslead of Ieaving lhe aninaI lehind
and viId aninaIs pieving on il. Thal is vhv lhe lad shepheid leais
off lhe hoof of lhe sheep - so lhal lhe sheep nav faII dovn and il
nav lecone an excuse.
So, vhen Iesus said I an lhe good shepheid he neanl aII lhese:
He viII caie foi lhe sliaved oi seaich foi lhe Iosl
He viII seek lhe voung
He viII slienglhen lhe veak oi heaI lhe sick oi injuied
He viII feed lhe heaIlhv
I AM : M. M. NInan

Oui Loid in lhe sloiv of lhe Iosl sheep leaulifuIIv painls lhe
picluie of lhe good shepheid. H caies foi lhe Iosl. Il does nol
nallei vhelhei lhe Ioosing vas lhe nislake of lhe sheep oi of anv
lodv eIse. The good shepheid goes aflei il. One of lhe najoi
diffeiences lelveen olhei ieIigions and Chiislianilv is lhal gods of
aII olhei ieIigions vanls nen lo seek aflei Cod. Iesus gives us a
lolaIIv diffeienl picluie of Cod. Man cannol ieaIIv seek Cod noi
can he find Cod of his ovn. This is sinpIv lecause he is dead
spiiiluaIIv and cannol spiiiluaIIv discein. Man does nol even knov
lhal he is Iosl and caughl up in a lush. Man is dead spiiiluaIIv and
dead cannol gel up and iun aflei lhe shepheid. So, ve have lhe
picluie of a Cod vho cones dovn in seaich of nan.
Man cannol, of his ovn undeisland Cod. Hov can a finile leing
conpiehend lhe infinile` The onIv vav nan is alIe lo knov Cod is
vhen Cod ieveaIs hinseIf lo Man. Cod leing infinile is alIe lo
ieveaI hinseIf lo nan. This he did lhiough Iesus.
Ma| 18.12-14 'lna| dc ucu |nin|? |f a nan cuns a nundrcd snccp. and
cnc cf |ncn uandcrs auau. ui|| nc nc| |catc |nc ninc|u-ninc cn |nc ni||s
and gc |c |cc| fcr |nc cnc |na| uandcrcd cff? And if nc finds i|. | |c|| ucu
|nc |ru|n. nc is nappicr aocu| |na| cnc snccp |nan aocu| |nc ninc|u-ninc
|na| did nc| uandcr cff. |n |nc sanc uau ucur |a|ncr in ncatcn is nc|
ui||ing |na| anu cf |ncsc |i|||c cncs sncu|d oc |cs|.
]cnn 10.2-5 Tnc nan unc cn|crs ou |nc ga|c is |nc sncpncrd cf nis snccp.
Tnc ua|cnnan cpcns |nc ga|c fcr nin. and |nc snccp |is|cn |c nis tcicc. Hc
ca||s nis cun snccp ou nanc and |cads |ncn cu|. lncn nc nas orcugn| cu|
I AM : M. M. NInan

a|| nis cun. nc gccs cn ancad cf |ncn. and nis snccp fc||cu nin occausc
|ncu |ncu nis tcicc. 8u| |ncu ui|| nctcr fc||cu a s|rangcr. in fac|. |ncu
ui|| run auau frcn nin occausc |ncu dc nc| rcccgnizc a s|rangcr's tcicc.'

In acluaI piaclice, lhis indeed is lhe case. The shepheid knovs each
one of his sheep in peison. He can caII lhen lv nane. As he Ieads
lhe gioup, lhev foIIov lhe caII of lhe shepheid. Thev dislinguish
lhe caII of lhe shepheid fion olhei.
Do vou knov voui shepheid`
]cnn 10.8 A|| unc ctcr canc ocfcrc nc ucrc |nictcs and rcoocrs. ou| |nc
snccp did nc| |is|cn |c |ncn.
Theie have leen nessiahs lefoie Iesus. Theie have leen nessiahs
aflei Iesus. Lven lodav, lheie aie nanv vho cIain lo le Cod. This
is vhal Iesus enphasizes. Iesus is lhe Shepheid. Those vho cane
lefoie hin and lheie vho cIained aflei hin and sliII cIaining
godhead aie lhieves and iolleis. The pioof is lhe uIlinale
saciifice. Thev have nol Iaid dovn lheii Iives foi lhe sheep. Indeed,
lhev cannol. Thev sinpIv feed on lhe neal of lhe choice sheep.
]cnn 10.10 Tnc |nicf ccncs cn|u |c s|ca| and |i|| and dcs|rcu. | natc ccnc
|na| |ncu nau natc |ifc. and natc i| |c |nc fu||.
I AM : M. M. NInan

In his high piieslIv piavei jusl lefoie he vas Iaving dovn his Iife
foi nanv, he decIaied lhe univeisaIilv of his sheepfoId. UnliI lhen
nessiah vas lhe King of lhe Ievs onIv. Nov Iesus decIaies lhal his
nesiaship is fai levond lhe naiiov nalionaIislic loundaiies lhal
veie sel lv lhe Ievs. The caII of lhe Ievs vas foi lhe iedenplion of
nankind. So, he decIaies lo lhe puzzIed discipIes:
]cnn 10.16 | natc c|ncr snccp |na| arc nc| cf |nis snccp pcn. | nus| oring
|ncn a|sc. Tncu |cc ui|| |is|cn |c nu tcicc. and |ncrc sna|| oc cnc f|cc|
and cnc sncpncrd.
|pn 2.15-18 His purpcsc uas |c crca|c in ninsc|f cnc ncu nan cu| cf |nc
|uc. |nus na|ing pcacc. and in |nis cnc ocdu |c rcccnci|c oc|n cf |ncn |c
Gcd |nrcugn |nc crcss. ou unicn nc pu| |c dca|n |ncir ncs|i|i|u. Hc canc
and prcacncd pcacc |c ucu unc ucrc far auau and pcacc |c |ncsc unc ucrc
ncar. |cr |nrcugn nin uc oc|n natc acccss |c |nc |a|ncr ou cnc Spiri|.
ßul lhis vas ieaIized painfuIIv lhiough lhe caIIing of a nev
AposlIe - SauI luined IauI.
|pn 3.2-7 Surc|u ucu natc ncard aocu| |nc adninis|ra|icn cf Gcd's gracc
|na| uas gitcn |c nc fcr ucu. |na| is. |nc nus|cru nadc |ncun |c nc ou
rctc|a|icn. as | natc a|rcadu uri||cn oricf|u. |n rcading |nis. |ncn. ucu
ui|| oc ao|c |c undcrs|and nu insign| in|c |nc nus|cru cf Cnris|. unicn
uas nc| nadc |ncun |c ncn in c|ncr gcncra|icns as i| nas ncu occn
rctca|cd ou |nc Spiri| |c Gcd's nc|u apcs||cs and prcpnc|s. Tnis nus|cru
is |na| |nrcugn |nc gcspc| |nc Gcn|i|cs arc ncirs |cgc|ncr ui|n |srac|.
ncnocrs |cgc|ncr cf cnc ocdu. and snarcrs |cgc|ncr in |nc prcnisc in
Cnris| ]csus. | occanc a scrtan| cf |nis gcspc| ou |nc gif| cf Gcd's gracc
gitcn nc |nrcugn |nc ucr|ing cf nis pcucr.
I AM : M. M. NInan

6.5 5ONG OF THE 5HEEP P5. 23
Psa 23.1-4 Tnc |ORD is nu sncpncrd. | sna|| nc| oc in uan| Hc na|cs
nc |ic dcun in grccn pas|urcs. nc |cads nc ocsidc uuic| ua|crs. nc rcs|crcs
nu scu|. Hc guidcs nc in pa|ns cf rign|ccusncss fcr nis nanc's sa|c. |tcn
|ncugn | ua|| |nrcugn |nc ta||cu cf |nc snadcu cf dca|n. | ui|| fcar nc
cti|. fcr ucu arc ui|n nc. ucur rcd and ucur s|aff. |ncu ccnfcr| nc.
Tc |nc c|dcrs ancng ucu. | appca| as a fc||cu c|dcr. a ui|ncss cf Cnris|'s
suffcrings and cnc unc a|sc ui|| snarc in |nc g|cru |c oc rctca|cd.
8c sncpncrds cf Gcd's f|cc| |na| is undcr ucur carc. scrting as ctcrsccrs--
nc| occausc ucu nus|. ou| occausc ucu arc ui||ing. as Gcd uan|s ucu |c
oc. nc| grccdu fcr ncncu. ou| cagcr |c scrtc. nc| |crding i| ctcr |ncsc
cn|rus|cd |c ucu. ou| ocing cxanp|cs |c |nc f|cc|. And uncn |nc Cnicf
Sncpncrd appcars. ucu ui|| rcccitc |nc crcun cf g|cru |na| ui|| nctcr fadc
auau. 1 Pc|. 5.1-4
I AM : M. M. NInan


I AM : M. M. NInan


]cnn 11.24 Mar|na ansucrcd. '| |ncu nc ui|| risc again in |nc
rcsurrcc|icn a| |nc |as| dau.'
]cnn 11.25 ]csus said |c ncr. '| an |nc rcsurrcc|icn and |nc |ifc. Hc unc
oc|ictcs in nc ui|| |itc. ctcn |ncugn nc dics.
]cnn 11.26 and uncctcr |itcs and oc|ictcs in nc ui|| nctcr dic. Dc ucu
oc|ictc |nis?'
The conlexl is lhe occasion of lhe dealh of Lazaius. Iesus hinseIf
ciied vhen he vas faced vilh lhe dealh of one his cIose associales.
He vas louched lv lhe giuesoneness of lhe facl of dealh. If il vas
nol a seiious lhing, lheie vas no ieason foi Iesus lo civ. He couId
have expIained lo Maiv lhal il is onIv a passing lodv. Lel il iol.
Lazaius is sliII lheie, lhough vou cannol see hin nov. No. Thal is
nol vhal Iesus said. He venl on lo do sonelhing lo iesloie
Lazaius. LvidenlIv, lhis vas nol lhe iesuiieclion, since iesuiieclion
cannol lake pIace unliI lhe povei of iesuiieclion is ieIeased lv
Iesus´ iesuiieclion. Lazaius died again decIaiing lhal lhe povei of
dealh is sliII piesenl. Resuiieclion is nol acconpIished vel. ßul ve
do Iook foivaid lo il.
The OId Teslanenl in lheii eaiIiei pail does nol specificaIIv
nenlion anvlhing aloul iesuiieclion. ßul aIIusions lo il nav le
I AM : M. M. NInan

found scalleied aII ovei, so lhal ve nav assune lhal il vas lacilIv
Ioi exanpIe:
Gcn 22.5 Aoranan said |c nis scrtan|s. 'S|au ncrc ui|n |nc dcn|cu uni|c
| and |nc ocu gc ctcr |ncrc. lc ui|| ucrsnip and |ncn uc ui|| ccnc oac|
|c ucu.'
Aulhoi of Heliev expIains lhis slalenenl as Aliahan´s failh in
Cod´s aliIilv lo liing lack dead.
Hco 11.19 Aoranan rcascncd |na| Gcd ccu|d raisc |nc dcad. and
figura|itc|u spca|ing. nc did rcccitc |saac oac| frcn dca|n.
IsaInisl decIaies lhis concepl of iesuiieclion:
Psa 49.15 8u| Gcd ui|| rcdccn nu |ifc frcn |nc gratc. nc ui|| surc|u |a|c
nc |c ninsc|f.
Isaiah piophesied aloul lhe iesuiieclion of lhe dead al lhe end
line lefoie lhe dav of lhe Loid, lhe judgnenl dav.
|sa 26.19 8u| ucur dcad ui|| |itc. |ncir ocdics ui|| risc. Ycu unc duc|| in
|nc dus|. ua|c up and sncu| fcr jcu. Ycur dcu is |i|c |nc dcu cf |nc
ncrning. |nc car|n ui|| gitc oir|n |c ncr dcad.
The Iallei veises go on lo lhe desciiplion of lhe Iudgnenl dav
indicaling a line fiane foi iesuiieclion.
Anolhei cIeai iefeience lo lhe iesuiieclion al lhe end is given in
I AM : M. M. NInan

Dan 12.13 'As fcr ucu. gc ucur uau |i|| |nc cnd. Ycu ui|| rcs|. and |ncn
a| |nc cnd cf |nc daus ucu ui|| risc |c rcccitc ucur a||c||cd inncri|ancc.'
ßul Iol nade lhe giealesl decIaialion of failh in iesuiieclion:
]co 19.25-27 | |ncu |na| nu Rcdccncr |itcs. and |na| in |nc cnd nc ui||
s|and upcn |nc car|n. And af|cr nu s|in nas occn dcs|rcucd. uc| in nu
f|csn | ui|| scc Gcd. | nusc|f ui|| scc nin ui|n nu cun cucs--|. and nc|
anc|ncr. Hcu nu ncar| ucarns ui|nin nc!
Il vas hovevei cIeaiIv laughl in lhe ApocivphaI looks of lhe OId
Teslanenl especiaIIv in lhe ßook of Wisdon 3:1 and 4:15 and aIso
in lhe II Maccalees 7:14,23,and 29)
The docliine of iesuiieclion vas leIieved lv lhe connon Iev and
lhis can le infeiied fion lhe iefeience in lhe CospeI.
Anong lhe devoul Ievs, lheie veie lvo gioups of peopIe
Sadducees and lhe Ihaiisees. Ihaiisees fiinIv leIieved in lhe
iesuiieclion of nan in fIesh - i.e., lhe lodiIv iesuiieclion. Hovevei,
Sadducees did nol leIieve in lhal. Thev veie lhe ialionaIisls--
IileiaI lheoIogians of lhe line. Anong lhen veie vaiving shades
of leachings -- slailing fion lhe puie naleiiaIislic inleipielalion of
annihiIalion of nan vilh dealh lo lhe iesuiieclion of lhe spiiil of
nan. This lhev achieved lv cIevei heineneulics. Sadducees did nol
give nuch aulhoiilv lo lhe piophels anv vav. In a IileiaI
inleipielalion of lhe lexl, sciipluie lhal aIIudes lo iesuiieclion
couId le Iaid off eilhei as poelic ulleiances oi inaginalion of a
pious nan oi vishfuI lhinking and oi as conlexluaIIv unlenalIe.
Hovevei, eveiv Iev ieileiales lhe concepl in his noining and
evening piaveis lhal iepeals such leins as "fion age lo age¨, " In
ages lo cone" and "voiId vilhoul end.¨ Ihaiisees on lhe olhei
I AM : M. M. NInan

hand leIieved lhal even lhe deniaI of lhe docliine of iesuiieclion of
lhe dead vouId liing eleinaI dannalion.
So, lhe Sadducees iaised lhe queslion lefoie Iesus. The piolIen
piesenled vas lvpicaI of lhe Saduccean appioach. Il vas noie a
iidicuIe lhan inquiiv.
Ma| 22.23-31 Tna| sanc dau |nc Sadducccs. unc sau |ncrc is nc
rcsurrcc|icn. canc |c nin ui|n a uucs|icn.
'Tcacncr.' |ncu said. 'Mcscs |c|d us |na| if a nan dics ui|ncu| nating
cni|drcn. nis orc|ncr nus| narru |nc uidcu and natc cni|drcn fcr nin.
Ncu |ncrc ucrc sctcn orc|ncrs ancng us. Tnc firs| cnc narricd and dicd.
and sincc nc nad nc cni|drcn. nc |cf| nis uifc |c nis orc|ncr. Tnc sanc
|ning nappcncd |c |nc scccnd and |nird orc|ncr. rign| cn dcun |c |nc
sctcn|n. |ina||u. |nc ucnan dicd. Ncu |ncn. a| |nc rcsurrcc|icn. uncsc
uifc ui|| snc oc cf |nc sctcn. sincc a|| cf |ncn ucrc narricd |c ncr?'
]csus rcp|icd. 'Ycu arc in crrcr occausc ucu dc nc| |ncu |nc Scrip|urcs
cr |nc pcucr cf Gcd. A| |nc rcsurrcc|icn pccp|c ui|| nci|ncr narru ncr oc
gitcn in narriagc. |ncu ui|| oc |i|c |nc angc|s in ncatcn. 8u| aocu| |nc
rcsurrcc|icn cf |nc dcad--natc ucu nc| rcad una| Gcd said |c ucu. '| an
|nc Gcd cf Aoranan. |nc Gcd cf |saac. and |nc Gcd cf ]acco' ? Hc is nc|
|nc Gcd cf |nc dcad ou| cf |nc |iting.'
|u|c 20.34-36 ]csus rcp|icd. 'Tnc pccp|c cf |nis agc narru and arc gitcn
in narriagc. 8u| |ncsc unc arc ccnsidcrcd ucr|nu cf |a|ing par| in |na|
agc and in |nc rcsurrcc|icn frcn |nc dcad ui|| nci|ncr narru ncr oc gitcn
in narriagc. and |ncu can nc |cngcr dic. fcr |ncu arc |i|c |nc angc|s. Tncu
arc Gcd's cni|drcn. sincc |ncu arc cni|drcn cf |nc rcsurrcc|icn.
RepIv of Iesus vas cIeveiei lhan lheii queslion. He poinls oui lo
lheii ignoiance of lhe olhei voiId. Il vas lheii inaliIilv lo iise
alove lhe faIIen naluie lhal nade lhen incapalIe of seeing lhe
giealei liulh. Malhev´s veision enphasizes lhe innoilaIilv of lhe
I AM : M. M. NInan

souI. Aliahan, Isaac and Iacol aie nol dead. Thev aie sliII Iiving.
Luke´s veision poinls oul lo lhe lodiIv iesuiieclion lhal is lo cone
in a Ialei line. Yes nan viII le iesuiiecled in lodv. ßul lhe
ieIalionships lelveen nan and vonan and nan and nan aie
diffeienl, lecause lhev aie lhe chiIdien of iesuiieclion. Thev aie
Iike angeIs lecause lhev do nol iepioduce anv noie. Theiefoie, lhe
queslion of naiiiage does nol aiise.
IauI vas a Ihaiisee and he cIained il lo lhe end. So lheie is no
queslion of inleipieling anv of his slalenenls iegaiding
iesuiieclion olhei lhan lodiIv iesuiieclion. In facl, al Ieasl in one
occasion he used his phaiisaic failh in iesuiieclion lo vin ovei lhe
Ihaiisee gioup againsl lhe Sadducees in his liiaI.
Ac|s 23.6-8 Tncn Pau|. |ncuing |na| scnc cf |ncn ucrc Sadducccs and
|nc c|ncrs Pnarisccs. ca||cd cu| in |nc Sanncdrin. 'Mu orc|ncrs. | an a
Pnariscc. |nc scn cf a Pnariscc. | s|and cn |ria| occausc cf nu ncpc in |nc
rcsurrcc|icn cf |nc dcad.' lncn nc said |nis. a dispu|c orc|c cu| oc|uccn
|nc Pnarisccs and |nc Sadducccs. and |nc asscno|u uas ditidcd. (Tnc
Sadducccs sau |na| |ncrc is nc rcsurrcc|icn. and |na| |ncrc arc nci|ncr
angc|s ncr spiri|s. ou| |nc Pnarisccs ac|ncu|cdgc |ncn a||.)
Then IauI unequivocaIIv slales lhal he has lhe sane hope as lhal of
lhe Ihaiisees.
Ac|s 24.15 and | natc |nc sanc ncpc in Gcd as |ncsc ncn. |na| |ncrc ui||
oc a rcsurrcc|icn cf oc|n |nc rign|ccus and |nc uic|cd.
Anv allenpl lo disloil IauI´s leachings lo nean anvlhing olhei
lhan lodiIv iesuiieclion vouId le a disloilion of hisloiicaI ieaIilv.

I AM : M. M. NInan

The Cieek void foi iesuiieclion is 'anaslasis vhich vhen
liansIaled neans lo nake lo sland oi iise up. The evidenl neaning
is lo ieveil lack oi liing lack lo lhe oiiginaI foin.
In lhe iecenl veais ialionaIisls have cone up vilh lhe
inleipielalion lhal "iaised fion lhe dealh does nol nean acluaI
lodiIv iesuiieclion." The queslion is ceilainIv ciilicaI and lhe
AposlIes acluaIIv giappIed vilh lhose queslions. This nodein
allenpl is lased on lhiee lendencies.
Iiisl, il is lased on skeplicisn iegaiding lodiIv iesuiieclion. Hov
can a lodv lhal is decaved le foined again inlo lhe sane oiiginaI
foin` We see dealh aiound. We luiv oui dead. Sone aie luined
oi even ealen lv aninaIs, liids and fishes. Hov aie ve lo expecl a
iefoinalion of lhese lodies lack lo hunan foin`
The vhoIe univeise ve knov is in a fIux. The exleinaI voiId of
nallei consisls of nallei in incessanl nolion. We knov lhal lodv
changes vilh line. The ceIIs die and aie iepIaced conslanlIv.
Living oiganisns giov in size, vhiIe lhev ielain lhe essenliaI foin.
ßul each individuaI has his oi hei unique foin. Whal foin each
individuaI has is deleinined lv lvo faclois. The fiisl facloi decides
lhe species foin and lhe second is unique lo each individuaI. If
noIecuIes aie conslanlIv changing, lodv is conslanlIv changing. Il
is said lhal oui lodv is conpIeleIv changed eveiv lhiee veais.
AInosl aII oui noIecuIes aie iepIaced lv anolhei siniIai one al lhe
iighl pIace. Aflei 6O veais aflei 2O such cvcIes of change, ve sliII
I AM : M. M. NInan

have oui eves, eais, noses, and vilaI oigans in lhe sane ieIalive
pIace. Theie aie changes in size and sIighl vaiialions in shape. I
have deveIoped a luIging aldonen, vhiIe nv alhIelic fiiend has
veiv sliong nuscIes.
Whal nakes lhis conslancv of foin vilh vaiialions` LvidenlIv oui
lodv is piogianned sonevheie so lhal ceIIs aie pioduced in
exaclIv sane vav as and vhen iequiied and pIaced in lhe iighl
pIace. Such dala is nol lodv lul il pioduces lhe lodv. Il is a code.
The lodv can le iegeneialed oi ieciealed fion lhe code. The code
changes lo sone exlenl fion peison lo peison and is acluaIIv
deleinined lv lhe peison. Il is decided lv lhe Iife slvIe and
lhoughl pallein and slale of a peison in his inleiaclion vilh lhe
naleiiaI voiId and lhe spiiiluaI voiId. This is unique lo eveiv
peison in lhal sense. The lodv code lheiefoie is in lhe souI. ßodv is
essenliaIIv ieIalionaI and posilionaI nallei. LvidenlIv oui lodv is
piogianned sonevheie so lhal ceIIs aie pioduced in exaclIv sane
vav as and vhen iequiied and pIaced in lhe iighl pIace. Such dala
is nol lodv lul il pioduces lhe lodv. Il is a code. Il is pail of his
peisonaIilv genelicaIIv slailed and deveIoped lv lhe uniqueness of
peison. Lven if lhe lodv is lolaIIv deslioved, lhe souI viII le alIe
lo iecieale lhe lodv. This expIains lhe Chiislian concepl of
'Gcd ui|| oring ui|n nin |ncsc unc natc fa||cn as|ccp........And |nc dcad
in Cnris| ui|| risc firs|. |ncn uc unc arc a|itc. unc arc |cf| sna|| oc caugn|
up |cgc|ncr ui|n |ncn in |nc c|cuds' (2 Tncss. 13-18)
Ihaiisees expIained lhis in a nvlhicaI foin in lhe foIIoving vav.
Theie is a snaII lone in lhe spine lhal is indesliuclilIe, and fion
lhis lhe vhoIe nan can le ieconsliucled. This nav seen
iidicuIous. ßul ve knov lodav lhal lhe enliie lodv can le
I AM : M. M. NInan

ieconsliucled fion one ceII fion a dead lodv. AII infoinalion
necessaiv aie encoded in eveiv hunan ceII.
Second, il is lhe infIuence of lhe Nev Age, vhich is nolhing lul lhe
nodein veision of Hinduisn. Theie aie seveiaI vaiialions in lhis
gioup. ßasicaIIv, lhev considei
lhal nan is nol his lodv. Man is
lhe peison oi lhe peisonaIilv oi
souI (Alna) lhal ieside in lhe
lodv. ßodv is onIv a gainenl.
The souI nav lheiefoie change
lheii oulei gainenl and lake
anolhei foin. In facl, lhe foin
of lhe lodv is seIecled
accoiding lo lhe slale of lhe
souI. Thev lheiefoie considei nan a spiiil leing. AII olhei oulei
foins aie enleIIishnenls lhal lhe souI liings on due lo his
ignoiance of his ieaI slale, vhich is lhe idenlilv vilh Codhead.
This is conliaiv lo lhe lasic Chiislian undeislanding of vhal nan
is. Man vas ciealed as a iesuIl of and consequenl lo lhe ciealion of
lhe lodv. Hunan foin is fundanenlaI lo nan. Ieison is ßodv, souI
and spiiil. OnIv vhen aII lhe lhiee aie joined logelhei he is nan.
Anv one pail kepl apail is nol nan. You nav keep lhe dead lodv
pieseived foi veais. ßul lhal is nol nan. You nav have lhe souI
kepl sepaiale in ils ovn dinension, lul lhal is nol nan.

Man Is a TrInItv: Bndv, 5nu! and
5µIrIt. On!v whcn a!! thc thrcc
arc jnIncd tngcthcr hc Is Man.
Man cannnt cxIst aµart frnm a!!
thcsc thrcc µarts, cvcn If cach
µart can cxIst scµaratc!v.

I AM : M. M. NInan

Thiid, il is lased on lhe nisundeislanding of lhe naluie of Mallei
as undeislood lv lhe sciipluie. Mallei is nol consideied eviI in
Chiislian lhoughl. Iai fion il. Il
is consideied good.
Aflei lhe ciealion of nallei and
aII lhings, Cod Iooked al lhen
and said, "Thev aie good". 'And
Gcd sau |na| i| uas gccd.'
ßul nallei is nov undei londage
of decav.
Gcn 3.17-19 Tc Adan nc said.
'8ccausc ucu |is|cncd |c ucur uifc and a|c frcn |nc |rcc aocu| unicn |
ccnnandcd ucu. 'Ycu nus| nc| ca| cf i|.' 'Curscd is |nc grcund occausc
cf ucu. |nrcugn painfu| |ci| ucu ui|| ca| cf i| a|| |nc daus cf ucur |ifc ||
ui|| prcducc |ncrns and |nis||cs fcr ucu. and ucu ui|| ca| |nc p|an|s cf |nc
fic|d. 8u |nc suca| cf ucur orcu ucu ui|| ca| ucur fccd un|i| ucu rc|urn |c
|nc grcund. sincc frcn i| ucu ucrc |a|cn. fcr dus| ucu arc and |c dus| ucu
ui|| rc|urn.'
The diiecl and enphalic leaching of lhe lilIe is lhal eailh and aII
nallei is kepl in londage of decav and dealh lecause of lhe sin of
The conlenlion lhal lhe ßilIicaI concepl of lhe iesuiieclion invoIves
a spiiiluaI iising of nan oul of sin-dealh, |i.e. sepaialion fion Cod
caused lv sin!: a iesloialion of nan lo lhe piesence of Cod

Gnd µ!accd thc Human bndv
- hcncc thc matcrIa! rca!m -
undcr thc bnndagc nf dccav
and dcath, bccausc nf 5In.
Hc has subjcctcd It wIth a
hnµc that Hc wI!! rcdccm
thcm, snmc dav.

I AM : M. M. NInan

ßul ve need lo go a slep fuilhei. Sin has aIienaled nan fion Cod.
Il is lhis aIienalion lhal evenluaIIv Ieads lo dealh.
In Cenesis 2:15-17 Cod loId nan conceining lhe fiuil of lhe liee of
lhe knovIedge of good and eviI "in lhe dav vou eal lheieof vou viII
suieIv die." Man and vonan ale of lhe fiuil: did lhev die lhal dav`
AnazingIv, nosl peopIe viII sav "No!" lecause Adan and Lve did
nol die phvsicaIIv aflei lhev ale lhe foilidden fiuil. ßul lhis is nol
lhe vhoIe sloiv.
The Aigunenl usuaIIv piesenled is: " If Adan and Lve did nol die
lhe dav lhev ale, lhen Salan loId lhe liulh and Cod Iied! Cod said
vou vouId die in lhe dav vou eal, Salan said vou viII nol suieIv
die, Cenesis 3:1ff. Who loId lhe liulh lo Adan and Lve` UnIess one
can find Adan and Lve phvsicaIIv dead in Cenesis 2-3 lhen lhe
dealh lhev died vas spiiiluaI and nol phvsicaI!" This nav sound
sinpIe Iogic. ßul is il`
Ioi one lhing, "on lhal dav " does nol even inpIv a 24-houi dav.
Lven lodav Aialic void "Yon" is used lo denole a line span. Lven
in LngIish Ianguage connon use, il inpIies a peiiod onIv. Il
sinpIv neans lecause of lhe disoledience, dealh viII cone on vou.
OnIv a IegaIislic heineneulics viII peinil a 24-houi dav peiiod.
LIsevheie Ielei nakes lhis concepl cIeai.
2 Pc| 3.8 8u| dc nc| fcrgc| |nis cnc |ning. dcar fricnds. li|n |nc |crd a
dau is |i|c a |ncusand ucars. and a |ncusand ucars arc |i|c a dau.
Ielei vas laIking aloul lhe second coning of oui Loid.
Hov Iong did Adan Iive`
Gcn 5.5 A||cgc|ncr. Adan |itcd 930 ucars. and |ncn nc dicd.
I AM : M. M. NInan

Did Adan die in lhal dav` In facl, dealh cane lhe inslanl Adan
disoleved. Decav and dealh slailed vilh disoledience. The facl
lhal Adan and Lve veie diiven oul of lhe Caiden of Lden and
veie kepl fion enleiing il vas onIv lhe gieal neicv of Cod.
A sinfuI peison vilh a decaving lodv viII le Iiving in dealh if
dissoIulion did nol cone and ieIease nan fion lhis lodv.
'Hc nus| nc| oc a||cucd |c rcacn cu| nis nand and |a|c a|sc frcn |nc |rcc
cf |ifc and ca|. and |itc fcrctcr.'
Gcn 3.23-24 Sc |nc |ORD Gcd oanisncd nin frcn |nc Gardcn cf |dcn |c
ucr| |nc grcund frcn unicn nc nad occn |a|cn.' Af|cr nc drctc |nc nan
cu|. nc p|accd cn |nc cas| sidc cf |nc Gardcn cf |dcn cncruoin and a
f|aning sucrd f|asning oac| and fcr|n |c guard |nc uau |c |nc |rcc cf |ifc.
Theie is an inleiesling sloiv of a silualion vhen lhe god of dealh
venl on sliike in Hindu nvlhoIogv. IeopIe veie gelling oId and
feelIe. ßul dealh vouId nol cone.
To Iive in decav even undei
iegeneialion lhal conlinues lo
decav viII le a Iife of pain,
suffeiing and niseiv. The
silualion is one lhal ve face even
lodav. We couId pioIong lhe Iife lo
a gieal exlenl vilh nedicines. ßul does lhal heIp in aIIevialion of
suffeiing` Il liings lack lo nenoiv lhe science ficlion lhal I have
iead vheie an eIixii of innoilaIilv vas discoveied. LIixii of
innoilaIilv is nol a soIulion lo lhe dissoIving decaving voiId. Il
viII onIv aggiavale lhe silualion. Was il neicv oi punishnenl lhal
Cod diove Adan and Lve oul of Lden`

Gnd In hIs mcrcv µrnvIdcd
dcath fnr Man.

I AM : M. M. NInan

Lven aflei lhe disoledience, ve see Cod seeking Adan. Il vas Cod
vho piovided lhe gainenl of skin foi Adan and Lve. Cod even
laIked lo Cain and gives hin counseI. Cod vas nol sepaialed fion
nan. Adan vas sliII Cod´s son. ßul he has suljecled hinseIf lo
dealh lv sinning. Cod unIike a spoiIing falhei iefused lo condone
lhe sin and Iive vilh il. Adan has lo lake lhe consequence of his
ovn aclion. Adan ciealed his ovn enviionnenl. We aII luiId oui
ovn lodies lhe vav ve eal, acl and lehave. We lake lhe
consequence of oui ovn aclions in oui lodies as veII as in oui
spiiil and souI.
Dealh lheiefoie in lhe lilIicaI sense is lhe piocess of decav Ieading
lo lhe dissoIulion of lodv fion souI and spiiil. This is lhe
consequence of disoledience and sin. Hence, ve have lhe enphalic
Rcn 6.23 |cr |nc uagcs cf sin is dca|n.
Sepaialion and asseilion of independence fion Cod is nol dealh in
ilseIf, il is lhe cause of dealh lhal finaIIv liings lo lhe end a noiaI
dealh, a spiiiluaI dealh and finaIIv lodiIv dealh.Wages aie paid al
lhe end of lhe seivice peiiod nol lefoie. This dealh is in lhe lolaI
nan - lodv, souI and spiiil.
Ianes sunnaiizes lhis in lhe nosl leaulifuI vav lhus:
]ancs 1.14-15 ou| cacn cnc is |cnp|cd uncn. ou nis cun cti| dcsirc. nc is
draggcd auau and cn|iccd. Tncn. af|cr dcsirc nas ccnccitcd. i| gitcs oir|n
|c sin. and sin. uncn i| is fu||-grcun. gitcs oir|n |c dca|n.
So aIso, IauI ieileiales lhus:
I AM : M. M. NInan

Rcn 7.5 |cr uncn uc ucrc ccn|rc||cd ou |nc sinfu| na|urc. |nc sinfu|
passicns arcuscd ou |nc |au ucrc a| ucr| in cur ocdics. sc |na| uc ocrc
frui| fcr dca|n.
Rcn 7.24 lna| a urc|cncd nan | an! lnc ui|| rcscuc nc frcn |nis ocdu
cf dca|n?
(LvidenlIv IauI iefeis lo lhe dealh in lhe lodv and nol of spiiil)
1 Ccr 15.56 Tnc s|ing cf dca|n is sin. and |nc pcucr cf sin is |nc |au.
Fu!! Imµ!IcatInn nf rcsurrcctInn
Il is lhis vhoIesone nanhood lhal Iesus iegained lhiough his cioss
and iesuiieclion.
In Iesus ve nol onIv have lhe iesuiieclion and iedenplion of oui
lodies, he aIso ollained lhe iedenplion of lhe Iav of decav and
dealh on lhe naleiiaI voiId.
Lel ne nake lhis poinl cIeai.
Rcn 8.19-25 Tnc crca|icn uai|s in cagcr cxpcc|a|icn fcr |nc scns cf Gcd
|c oc rctca|cd. |cr |nc crca|icn uas suojcc|cd |c frus|ra|icn. nc| ou i|s
cun cncicc. ou| ou |nc ui|| cf |nc cnc unc suojcc|cd i|. in ncpc |na| |nc
crca|icn i|sc|f ui|| oc |iocra|cd frcn i|s ocndagc |c dccau and orcugn| in|c
|nc g|cricus frccdcn cf |nc cni|drcn cf Gcd. lc |ncu |na| |nc unc|c
crca|icn nas occn grcaning as in |nc pains cf cni|doir|n rign| up |c |nc
prcscn| |inc. Nc| cn|u sc. ou| uc cursc|tcs. unc natc |nc firs|frui|s cf
|nc Spiri|. grcan inuard|u as uc uai| cagcr|u fcr cur adcp|icn as scns. |nc
rcdcnp|icn cf cur ocdics. |cr in |nis ncpc uc ucrc satcd. 8u| ncpc |na| is
sccn is nc ncpc a| a||. lnc ncpcs fcr una| nc a|rcadu nas? 8u| if uc ncpc
fcr una| uc dc nc| uc| natc. uc uai| fcr i| pa|icn||u.
I AM : M. M. NInan

The appeaiance of lhe sons of Cod - i.e. lhe iedeened peopIe vilh
iedeened lodies is a
pieiequisile lo lhe naleiiaI
voiId lo le Iileialed fion lhe
Iav of decav. See lhal lhese
lvo aie diieclIv ieIaled.
ßecause of lhe sin of nan, lhe
univeise vheie ve Iive in is
suljecled lo decav and
dissoIulion. The ieveise
aclion viII lake pIace vhen nankind is iedeened.
Whal is lhis lodv lhal IauI laIks aloul`
Whal is lhis Iav lhal IauI laIks aloul`
He is laIking aloul lhe lodies lhal ve nov posses since ve aie
eageiIv vailing foi lhe iedenplion of lhis lodv. The conlexl is lhe
ciealion - naleiiaI, phvsicaI nallei, lhe coipoieaI fIesh and lIood.
Ciealion ilseIf viII le Iileialed fion ils londage lo decav
One fundanenlaI Iav of Ihvsics, vhich is nol a piioii, lul is
enpiiicaI and is nol found vioIaled, is lhe second Iav of
lheinodvnanics. This Iav in sinpIe Iavnan leins is lhal
eveivlhing goes fion oidei lo disoidei. We can luiId a highIv
oideied svslen - a cai, a nachine, a conpulei anvlhing - lul in
line il viII decav and nolhing olhei lhan an inleIIigenl leing can
iesloie oidei fion lhis disoidei. Thal is a univeisaI Iav lodav. In
scienlific leins, lhe novenenl fion oidei lo disoidei is caIIed
inciease in Lnliopv. Deciease in enliopv neans il goes fion oidei
lo giealei oidei. If enliopv ienains sane, no oidei is ciealed noi
anv disoidei is ciealed in anv change. In lhal case, changes can

Jcsus wI!! nnc dav rcdccm,
nnt nn!v mankInd, but a!sn
thc whn!c crcatInn frnm thc
bnndagc nf dccav.

I AM : M. M. NInan

onIv le effecled lv lhe inleivenlion of inleIIigence. In lhe cuiienl
univeise vheie ve Iive enliopv is aIvavs incieasing. ßul il need
nol le so. Theie is no ieason vhv il shouId nol have leen lhe olhei
vav iound. The voiId couId have gone fion oidei lo giealei oidei
lv ilseIf vilhoul lhe inleivenlion of an inleIIigenl agencv. Il nusl
have leen lhal vav lefoie lhe faII of Adan. Oi al Ieasl lhe enliopv
vouId have ienained conslanl vhen Adan enleied lhe scene and
Adan had lhe aliIilv lo choose lhe Iav of his univeise. He favoied
lhe inciease in enliopv liinging in dissipalion of eneigv and decav
and dealh. Il is lhis ieveision lhal IauI iefeis lo as "ciealion vas
suljecled lo fiuslialion¨: "lhal lhe ciealion ilseIf viII le Iileialed
fion ils londage lo decav"
Nolice again lhal IauI speaks of iedenplion of oui lodies as lhe
sign of leconing sons of Cod lv adoplion.
When Iesus said, "I an lhe iesuiieclion and lhe Iife" he vas laIking
aloul lhe iesuiieclion of nan as a vhoIesone leing. Inslead of
"dealh ieigning in oui lodies" i.e. on lhe nallei as il does lodav,
Iesus liings Iife lo lhe noilaI lodies.
Rcn 6.9-10 |cr uc |ncu |na| sincc Cnris| uas raiscd frcn |nc dcad. nc
cannc| dic again. dca|n nc |cngcr nas nas|cru ctcr nin Tnc dca|n nc
dicd. nc dicd |c sin cncc fcr a||. ou| |nc |ifc nc |itcs. nc |itcs |c Gcd.
Did Iesus liing Iife` We do nol see il. As il vas vilh dealh, so il is
vilh Iife. The iesuiieclion povei is ieIeased and il slailed al lhe
lonl of Iesus. Accoiding lo noinaI Iav of decav, Iesus´ lodv
vouId have leen decaved. ßul il did nol. Whal happened in lhal
lonl vas lhe giealesl vioIalion of lhe second Iav of
lheinodvnanics - lhe Iav of oidei lo disoidei. Inslead, il venl
fion a decaving lodv inlo a non-decaving inpeiishalIe lodv.
Theie vas a ieveisaI of lhe invioIalIe Iav of enliopv in lhe lonl of
I AM : M. M. NInan

IeiusaIen 2OOO veais ago. Il is lhis iesuiieclion povei lhal Iesus
offeis lo eveiv leIievei. A leIievei is nol iesuiiecled innedialeIv.
ßul lhe foice of decav is alaled. ßul foi lhe ieaIizalion of lhis inlo
ieaIilv - ve have lo vail foi il. Resuiieclion is nol an acconpIished
facl foi nan vel. Il is an offei. Il slails lhe ninule one puls his failh
in Iesus Chiisl.
1 Ccr 15.22 |cr as in Adan a|| dic. sc in Cnris| a|| ui|| oc nadc a|itc.
The sane choice lhal Adan had is sliII vilh nan. WiII vou choose
]cnn 11.25-26 ]csus said |c ncr. '| an |nc rcsurrcc|icn and |nc |ifc. Hc
unc oc|ictcs in nc ui|| |itc. ctcn |ncugn nc dics. and uncctcr |itcs and
oc|ictcs in nc ui|| nctcr dic. Dc ucu oc|ictc |nis?'
We aie sliII availing lhis ieaIizalion, even lhough ve have lhe
HoIv Spiiil vilhin us.
Don´l le Ied asliav lv lhose vho piofess lhal lhe iesuiieclion has
laken pIace. IauI has cIeaiIv vained us againsl such faIse leacheis.
2 Tin 2.15-18 Dc ucur ocs| |c prcscn| ucursc|f |c Gcd as cnc apprctcd. a
ucr|nan unc dccs nc| nccd |c oc asnancd and unc ccrrcc||u nand|cs |nc
ucrd cf |ru|n.
Atcid gcd|css cna||cr. occausc |ncsc unc indu|gc in i| ui|| occcnc ncrc
and ncrc ungcd|u. Tncir |cacning ui|| sprcad |i|c gangrcnc. Ancng |ncn
arc Huncnacus and Pni|c|us. unc natc uandcrcd auau frcn |nc |ru|n.
Tncu sau |na| |nc rcsurrcc|icn nas a|rcadu |a|cn p|acc. and |ncu dcs|rcu
|nc fai|n cf scnc.
I AM : M. M. NInan

We vail foi lhis even lodav.
Rcn 8.23-25 Nc| cn|u sc. ou| uc cursc|tcs. unc natc |nc firs|frui|s cf
|nc Spiri|. grcan inuard|u as uc uai| cagcr|u fcr cur adcp|icn as scns. |nc
rcdcnp|icn cf cur ocdics. |cr in |nis ncpc uc ucrc satcd. 8u| ncpc |na|
is sccn is nc ncpc a| a||. lnc ncpcs fcr una| nc a|rcadu nas? 8u| if uc
ncpc fcr una| uc dc nc| uc| natc. uc uai| fcr i| pa|icn||u.
Theie aie lodav a Iaige nunlei of ieaIised eschaloIogisls. These
aie essenliaIIv peopIe vho have leen Ied asliav lv lhe
inleipielalions of lines and peiiods. Thev veie living lo piedicl
lhe coning of Chiisl and lhev faiIed eveiv line. If Chiisl did nol
cone vhen lhev piedicled il vhal aie lhev lo do. Reinleipiel lhe
coning of Chiisl lo fil lheii lining. So, lhev decIaied lhal Iesus has
cone. ßul vheie is he` The ansvei is "You can´l see hin. He has
cone in lhe spiiil. He viII nol cone in peison. Resuiieclion has
leen achieved. Resuiieclion is nol lodiIv iesuiieclion lul spiiil."
Thev ieinleipiel sciipluie lo fil lheii faiIuies.
UIlinaleIv lhe iesuiieclion is lo le ieIaled and undeislood in leins
of lhe iesuiieclion of Iesus. Iesus vas lhe Nev Adan. He is lhe
fiisl fiuil of iesuiieclion.
The fiisl evidence of iesuiieclion vas lhe enplv lonl.
He is Risen
Ma| 27.63-64 'Sir.' |ncu said. 'uc rcncnocr |na| uni|c nc uas s|i||
a|itc |na| dcccitcr said. 'Af|cr |nrcc daus | ui|| risc again.' Sc gitc |nc
crdcr fcr |nc |cno |c oc nadc sccurc un|i| |nc |nird dau.
I AM : M. M. NInan

The piiesls and lhe Ihaiisees undeislood lhe iesuiieclion as lodiIv
iesuiieclion as lhev secuied lhe lonl.
Ac|s 1.3-4 Af|cr nis suffcring. nc sncucd ninsc|f |c |ncsc ncn and gatc
nanu ccntincing prccfs |na| nc uas a|itc. Hc appcarcd |c |ncn ctcr a
pcricd cf fcr|u daus and spc|c aocu| |nc |ingdcn cf Gcd.
On cnc cccasicn. uni|c nc uas ca|ing ui|n |ncn.....
ßasic lhiusl of AposloIic leaching vas lased on lhe lodiIv
iesuiieclion. Olheivise, lhev veie lasing lheii appeaI on
haIIucinalion. Oi if Iesus look up lhe lodv and shoved il lo lhen
lo piove his iesuiieclion, Iesus vas Iving lo lhen, end juslifving
lhe neans, sonelhing vhich Iesus vehenenlIv oljecled lo. Was
Iesus fooIing his discipIes: vhen he shoved his hands: oi vhen he
ascended inlo heaven lefoie his discipIes` Whal is lhe significance
of lhe enplv lonl and lhe vinding cIolhes Iefl lehind`
]cnn 20.20 Af|cr nc said |nis. nc sncucd |ncn nis nands and sidc. Tnc
discip|cs ucrc ctcrjcucd uncn |ncu sau |nc |crd.
He shoved lhen his hands and his sides
]cnn 20.24-27 Ncu Tncnas (ca||cd Didunus). cnc cf |nc Tuc|tc. uas
nc| ui|n |nc discip|cs uncn ]csus canc. Sc |nc c|ncr discip|cs |c|d nin.
'lc natc sccn |nc |crd!' 8u| nc said |c |ncn. 'Un|css | scc |nc nai|
nar|s in nis nands and pu| nu fingcr uncrc |nc nai|s ucrc. and pu| nu
nand in|c nis sidc. | ui|| nc| oc|ictc i|.' A ucc| |a|cr nis discip|cs ucrc in
|nc ncusc again. and Tncnas uas ui|n |ncn. Tncugn |nc dccrs ucrc
|cc|cd. ]csus canc and s|ccd ancng |ncn and said. 'Pcacc oc ui|n ucu!'
Tncn nc said |c Tncnas. 'Pu| ucur fingcr ncrc. scc nu nands. Rcacn cu|
ucur nand and pu| i| in|c nu sidc. S|cp dcuo|ing and oc|ictc.'

I AM : M. M. NInan

We nolice lhal lhe iesuiiecled lodv vas noie lhan lhe naluiaI
lodv vilh vhich he died.
Iiisl Iesus couId nevei die. This lodv is nol a decaving lodv. Il is
innoilaI, inpeiishalIe. When ve sav a lodv is inpeiishalIe, il
sinpIv neans lhal lhe oidei in il couId nevei lecone noie
disoidei. Il couId giov fion oidei lo oidei. Indeed, il is lhis lhal
Iesus gives lo eveiv leIievei lhiough lhe aliding of His Spiiil
vilhin us.
2 Ccr 3.18 And uc. unc ui|n
untci|cd faccs a|| rcf|cc| |nc
|crd's g|cru. arc ocing
|ransfcrncd in|c nis |i|cncss
ui|n ctcr-incrcasing g|cru.
unicn ccncs frcn |nc |crd. unc
is |nc Spiri|.
BcIng transfnrmcd Intn hIs
Iesus´ lodv aflei iesuiieclion vas nol oidinaiv lhiee-dinensionaI
lodv. He couId enlei lhe cIosed ioons and appeai and disappeai.
Yel, lhe lodv vas naleiiaI and ieaI. This ve knov is possilIe onIv
vhen lhe lodv exisls in nuIlidinensionaI. Sciipluie uses lhe lein
spiiiluaI dinension. The iesuiiecled lodv exisls nol onIv in
naleiiaI dinension lul aIso in lhe spiiiluaI dinension. This
liansfoinalion is vhal IauI desciiles.
1 Ccr 15.35-50 8u| scnccnc nau as|. 'Hcu arc |nc dcad raiscd? li|n
una| |ind cf ocdu ui|| |ncu ccnc?' Hcu fcc|isn! lna| ucu scu dccs nc|

Thc rcsurrcctcd bndv Is nnt
nn!v frcc frnm dccav and
dcath, but a!sn cxIsts In suµcr
dImcnsInns bcvnnd thc
matcrIa! dImcnsInn.

I AM : M. M. NInan

ccnc |c |ifc un|css i| dics. lncn ucu scu. ucu dc nc| p|an| |nc ocdu |na|
ui|| oc. ou| jus| a sccd. pcrnaps cf unca| cr cf scnc|ning c|sc. 8u| Gcd
gitcs i| a ocdu as nc nas dc|crnincd. and |c cacn |ind cf sccd nc gitcs i|s
cun ocdu. A|| f|csn is nc| |nc sanc. Mcn natc cnc |ind cf f|csn. anina|s
natc anc|ncr. oirds anc|ncr and fisn anc|ncr. Tncrc arc a|sc ncatcn|u
ocdics and |ncrc arc car|n|u ocdics. ou| |nc sp|cndcr cf |nc ncatcn|u ocdics
is cnc |ind. and |nc sp|cndcr cf |nc car|n|u ocdics is anc|ncr. Tnc sun nas
cnc |ind cf sp|cndcr. |nc nccn anc|ncr and |nc s|ars anc|ncr. and s|ar
diffcrs frcn s|ar in sp|cndcr.
Sc ui|| i| oc ui|n |nc rcsurrcc|icn cf |nc dcad. Tnc ocdu |na| is scun is
pcrisnao|c. i| is raiscd inpcrisnao|c. i| is scun in disncncr. i| is raiscd in
g|cru. i| is scun in uca|ncss. i| is raiscd in pcucr. i| is scun a na|ura|
ocdu. i| is raiscd a spiri|ua| ocdu. |f |ncrc is a na|ura| ocdu. |ncrc is a|sc a
spiri|ua| ocdu. Sc i| is uri||cn. 'Tnc firs| nan Adan occanc a |iting
ocing' . |nc |as| Adan. a |ifc-giting spiri|. Tnc spiri|ua| did nc| ccnc
firs|. ou| |nc na|ura|. and af|cr |na| |nc spiri|ua|. Tnc firs| nan uas cf |nc
dus| cf |nc car|n. |nc scccnd nan frcn ncatcn. As uas |nc car|n|u nan.
sc arc |ncsc unc arc cf |nc car|n. and as is |nc nan frcn ncatcn. sc a|sc
arc |ncsc unc arc cf ncatcn. And jus| as uc natc ocrnc |nc |i|cncss cf |nc
car|n|u nan. sc sna|| uc ocar |nc |i|cncss cf |nc nan frcn ncatcn. |
dcc|arc |c ucu. orc|ncrs. |na| f|csn and o|ccd cannc| inncri| |nc |ingdcn
cf Gcd. ncr dccs |nc pcrisnao|c inncri| |nc inpcrisnao|c.
This liansfoinalion happens as a liansIalion, in a lvinkIing of an
1 Ccr 15.51-57 |is|cn. | |c|| ucu a nus|cru. lc ui|| nc| a|| s|ccp. ou| uc
ui|| a|| oc cnangcd-- in a f|asn. in |nc |uin||ing cf an cuc. a| |nc |as|
|runpc|. |cr |nc |runpc| ui|| scund. |nc dcad ui|| oc raiscd inpcrisnao|c.
and uc ui|| oc cnangcd. |cr |nc pcrisnao|c nus| c|c|nc i|sc|f ui|n |nc
inpcrisnao|c. and |nc ncr|a| ui|n inncr|a|i|u. lncn |nc pcrisnao|c nas
occn c|c|ncd ui|n |nc inpcrisnao|c. and |nc ncr|a| ui|n inncr|a|i|u. |ncn
I AM : M. M. NInan

|nc sauing |na| is uri||cn ui|| ccnc |ruc. 'Dca|n nas occn sua||cucd up
in tic|cru.' 'lncrc. O dca|n. is ucur tic|cru? lncrc. O dca|n. is ucur
s|ing?' Tnc s|ing cf dca|n is sin. and |nc pcucr cf sin is |nc |au. 8u|
|nan|s oc |c Gcd! Hc gitcs us |nc tic|cru |nrcugn cur |crd ]csus Cnris|.
The Tiunpel viII sound
Iesus vas lhe fiisl fiuil. Whal he is is vhal ve viII le. LleinaI Iife
(lhe Iife giving spiiil vilhin us) is aIieadv vilhin us. ßul ils voik
viII le conpIeled on his appeaiance.
Theie aie seveiaI iesuiieclions, as IauI nakes cIeai:
1 Ccr 15.23 8u| cacn in nis cun |urn. Cnris|. |nc firs|frui|s. |ncn. uncn
nc ccncs. |ncsc unc oc|cng |c nin.
The iesuiieclion evidenlIv occui onIv vhen Iesus cone. Then il
viII le lhe luin of aII lhose
vho leIong lo hin.
ReveIalions indicales lhal lhe
unleIieveis aie iaised fion lhe
dealh onIv aflei anolhei 1OOO
Rct 20.5 (Tnc rcs| cf |nc dcad did
nc| ccnc |c |ifc un|i| |nc |ncusand
ucars ucrc cndcd.) Tnis is |nc firs|
Theie is no confusion heie.

Thc rcdcmµtInn dncs nnt
nccur In nnc stcµ. It Is In
Each In Its turn.

I AM : M. M. NInan

• Iiisl Chiisl.
• Then lhose OId Teslanenl Sainls.
• Then lhe ßeIieveis vho died lefoie.
• Then lhe ßeIieveis, vho aie aIive.
• Then aII lhe dead jusl and lhe unjusl.
• Then cones lhe iesuiieclion of lhe naleiiaI voiId as ve
have seen eaiIiei. The vhoIe univeise lound in decav viII
le Iileialed fion lhal londage. This is lhe finaI evenl.
1 Ccr 15.26 Tnc |as| cncnu |c oc dcs|rcucd is dca|n.
Dealh has leen oveicone.
Rct 20.5 (Tnc rcs| cf |nc dcad did nc| ccnc |c |ifc un|i| |nc |ncusand
ucars ucrc cndcd.) Tnis is |nc firs| rcsurrcc|icn.
Then aflei a lhousand veais, lhe iesl of lhe dead cane lo Iife. These
aie nol lhe leIieveis. Then
Rct 20.13 Tnc sca gatc up |nc dcad |na| ucrc in i|. and dca|n and Hadcs
gatc up |nc dcad |na| ucrc in |ncn. and cacn pcrscn uas judgcd
acccrding |c una| nc nad dcnc.
Heie a gioup of iighleous nen is added lo lhe Iisl of Iife as ve see
in Mallhev.
Ma| 25.31-36 'lncn |nc Scn cf Man ccncs in nis g|cru. and a|| |nc
angc|s ui|n nin. nc ui|| si| cn nis |nrcnc in ncatcn|u g|cru.' A|| |nc
na|icns ui|| oc ga|ncrcd ocfcrc nin. and nc ui|| scpara|c |nc pccp|c cnc
frcn anc|ncr as a sncpncrd scpara|cs |nc snccp frcn |nc gca|s. Hc ui||
pu| |nc snccp cn nis rign| and |nc gca|s cn nis |cf|. 'Tncn |nc King ui||
sau |c |ncsc cn nis rign|. 'Ccnc. ucu unc arc o|csscd ou nu |a|ncr. |a|c
I AM : M. M. NInan

ucur inncri|ancc. |nc |ingdcn prcparcd fcr ucu sincc |nc crca|icn cf |nc
ucr|d. |cr | uas nungru and ucu gatc nc scnc|ning |c ca|. | uas |nirs|u
and ucu gatc nc scnc|ning |c drin|. | uas a s|rangcr and ucu inti|cd nc
in. | nccdcd c|c|ncs and ucu c|c|ncd nc. | uas sic| and ucu |cc|cd af|cr
nc. | uas in priscn and ucu canc |c tisi| nc.'
Ma| 25.41 'Tncn nc ui|| sau |c |ncsc cn nis |cf|. 'Dcpar| frcn nc. ucu
unc arc curscd. in|c |nc c|crna| firc prcparcd fcr |nc dcti| and nis angc|s.
Thev veie nol asked lhe queslion vhelhei lhev leIieved in Iesus oi
nol. These iighleous inheiiled lhe eailh, vhiIe lhe iedeened
enleied inlo lheii iesl aIieadv. The inpIicalion is lhal lhev veie
evenluaIIv added inlo lhe iedeened lhiough ceilainIv lhe lIood of
When Cod counls iniquilv, can anvone sland` Ioi lhe uIlinale
iedenplion of lhe naleiiaI univeise lo happen aII eviI nusl le
ienoved fion lhis univeise. As Iong as eviI nen aie lheie in lhis
univeise lhis cannol le achieved. Hence, lhe soIulion pioposed in
lhe ßilIe is lo ienove lhen inlo anolhei univeise - Hades. Il is
acioss lhe lollonIess pil - lhe lIackhoIe. Il opens up inlo anolhei
univeise fiIIed vilh lhe concenlialed eviI nen fion lhis voiId.
Thev sliII have Iife, vilh a decaving lodv. Thev have viIIed il
lhenseIves. This is lhe second dealh.
Rct 20.6 8|csscd and nc|u arc |ncsc unc natc par| in |nc firs|
rcsurrcc|icn. Tnc scccnd dca|n nas nc pcucr ctcr |ncn. ou| |ncu ui|| oc
prics|s cf Gcd and cf Cnris| and ui|| rcign ui|n nin fcr a |ncusand ucars.
Rct 20.14-15 Tncn dca|n and Hadcs ucrc |nrcun in|c |nc |a|c cf firc.
Tnc |a|c cf firc is |nc scccnd dca|n. |f anucnc's nanc uas nc| fcund
uri||cn in |nc occ| cf |ifc. nc uas |nrcun in|c |nc |a|c cf firc.
I AM : M. M. NInan

Has Cod gol a pIan foi lheii saIvalion` ßilIe nevei discIoses lhal.
As fai as ve knov il is anolhei voiId of pain and suffeiing voise
lhan ve have nov.ßul lhe Iife in ils fuIIness is given onIv lo lhe
iedeened lhiough lhe lIood of Iesus. Thal is vhv Iesus add lhe
void "and Life" He lhal has lhe Son has Iife. Il is assuied lo eveiv
one lhal leIieves.
]cnn 11.25-26 ]csus said |c ncr. '| an |nc rcsurrcc|icn and |nc |ifc. Hc
unc oc|ictcs in nc ui|| |itc. ctcn |ncugn nc dics. and uncctcr |itcs and
oc|ictcs in nc ui|| nctcr dic. Dc ucu oc|ictc |nis?'

I AM : M. M. NInan


]cnn 14.1-6 'Dc nc| |c| ucur ncar|s oc |rcuo|cd. Trus| in Gcd . |rus| a|sc
in nc. |n nu |a|ncr's ncusc arc nanu rccns. if i| ucrc nc| sc. | ucu|d
natc |c|d ucu. | an gcing |ncrc |c prcparc a p|acc fcr ucu. And if | gc and
prcparc a p|acc fcr ucu. | ui|| ccnc oac| and |a|c ucu |c oc ui|n nc |na|
ucu a|sc nau oc uncrc | an. Ycu |ncu |nc uau |c |nc p|acc uncrc | an
gcing.' Tncnas said |c nin. '|crd. uc dcn'| |ncu uncrc ucu arc gcing.
sc ncu can uc |ncu |nc uau?' ]csus ansucrcd. '| an |nc uau and |nc
|ru|n and |nc |ifc. Nc cnc ccncs |c |nc |a|ncr cxccp| |nrcugn nc.
The conlexl of lhe slalenenl gives us vhal Iesus is laIking aloul.
Iesus decIaies lhal he is going lo piepaie a pIace foi his foIIoveis
so lhal he viII le alIe lo lake lhen lo hin. AliuplIv Iesus slales
lhal lhe discipIes knev lhe vav lo lhe pIace vheie he vas going.
Wheie is lhis pIace` Hov aie ve lo gel lheie` LvidenlIv, ve can gel
lheie onIv if ve knov vheie ve aie going. Iesus vas nol asking a
queslion. He vas nol asking, "Do vou knov lhe vav`¨ He slales
lhal lhev knev aIieadv lhe vav. ßul Thonas vas nol quile suie.
IiolalIv he vas lhe peison vho daied lo nake lheii doulls vocaI.
He savs lhal lhev did nol knov even vheie he vas going.
I AM : M. M. NInan

The veise In 14: 6 gives a diiecl ansvei.
1. Iesus is lhe vav
2. Iesus is lhe onIv vav.
3. The pIace is lhe piesence of Cod -- lo lhe Ialhei.
Man vas sepaialed fion foi Cod and lanished fion lhe piesence
of Cod due lo his sin. Iesus lheiefoie decIaies lhal lhe
ieconciIialion and iedenplion aie achieved lhiough hin and
lhiough no one eIse. This Iesus enphasizes lv lhe adjeclives THL
vav, THL liulh, THL Iife.
Rcn 5.11 Nc| cn|u is |nis sc. ou| uc a|sc rcjcicc in Gcd |nrcugn cur |crd
]csus Cnris|. |nrcugn uncn uc natc ncu rcccitcd rcccnci|ia|icn.
2 Ccr 5.18-19 A|| |nis is frcn Gcd. unc rcccnci|cd us |c ninsc|f |nrcugn
Cnris| and gatc us |nc ninis|ru cf rcccnci|ia|icn. |na| Gcd uas
rcccnci|ing |nc ucr|d |c ninsc|f in Cnris|. nc| ccun|ing ncn's sins
agains| |ncn. And nc nas ccnni||cd |c us |nc ncssagc cf rcccnci|ia|icn
Cc| 1.19-22 |cr Gcd uas p|cascd |c natc a|| nis fu||ncss duc|| in nin.
and |nrcugn nin |c rcccnci|c |c ninsc|f a|| |nings. unc|ncr |nings cn
car|n cr |nings in ncatcn. ou na|ing pcacc |nrcugn nis o|ccd. sncd cn |nc
crcss. Oncc ucu ucrc a|icna|cd frcn Gcd and ucrc cncnics in ucur
ninds occausc cf ucur cti| ocnaticr. 8u| ncu nc nas rcccnci|cd ucu ou
Cnris|'s pnusica| ocdu |nrcugn dca|n |c prcscn| ucu nc|u in nis sign|.
ui|ncu| o|cnisn and frcc frcn accusa|icn
The Indian void foi lhis is Muklhi lhal indicales a ieIease fion
londage. In Hinduisn, lhis londage is lhe londage of cvcIe of
incainalions. ßilIe does nol leach ieincainalion, unIess ve considei
I AM : M. M. NInan

lhe iesuiieclion as ieincainalion. Then iesuiieclion is lhe sane
foin, sane peison, vilh lhe fuII conscience of lhe pasl Iife in lolaI
conliasl lo lhe incainalion concepl of Hinduisn and Nev Age. ßul
lolh agiee lhal oui ain is lo le vilh Cod, in lhe conlinuous
piesence of Cod. Advailisls on lhe olhei hand sliive lo le one vilh
god, lecause lo lhen nan in essence is Cod. Chiislian concepl is
Dvailisl lhal nan is in sulslance diffeienl fion Cod and is onIv an
inage. The pIace vheie ve aie going has lo le a naleiiaI voiId. Al
Ieasl lheie has lo le a naleiiaI dinension lo lhal exislence. Hunan
lodv is naleiiaI, lhough lhe iesuiiecled lodv has noie lhan
naleiiaI dinension as lhe piopeilies of Iesus´ iesuiiecled lodv
indicale. In lhis passage, Iesus does nol iefei lo Heaven. He onIv
iefeis lo il as a pIace. If ve aie going lo have a lodv, (liansfoined
and gIoiified vilh spiiiluaI dinensions as veII) lhis pIace has lo le
naleiiaI as veII as spiiiluaI. Il is lhis lhal IauI iefeis (foi Iack of
olhei leininoIogv) as lhe spiiiluaI lodv.
1 Ccr 15.44-49 i| is scun a na|ura| ocdu. i| is raiscd a spiri|ua| ocdu. |f
|ncrc is a na|ura| ocdu. |ncrc is a|sc a spiri|ua| ocdu. Sc i| is uri||cn.
'Tnc firs| nan Adan occanc a |iting ocing' . |nc |as| Adan. a |ifc-giting
spiri|. Tnc spiri|ua| did nc| ccnc firs|. ou| |nc na|ura|. and af|cr |na| |nc
spiri|ua|. Tnc firs| nan uas cf |nc dus| cf |nc car|n. |nc scccnd nan frcn
ncatcn. As uas |nc car|n|u nan. sc arc |ncsc unc arc cf |nc car|n. and as
is |nc nan frcn ncatcn. And jus| as uc natc ocrnc |nc |i|cncss cf |nc
car|n|u nan. sc sna|| uc ocar |nc |i|cncss cf |nc nan frcn ncatcn.
ßul lhen lhal is nol lhe onIv aigunenl lo suppoil lhis conjecluie.
Iesus said he vas going lo lhe Ialhei lo piepaie foi pIace foi us.
Wheie did he go`
Mar| 16.19 Af|cr |nc |crd ]csus nad spc|cn |c |ncn. nc uas |a|cn up in|c
ncatcn and nc sa| a| |nc rign| nand cf Gcd.
|u|c 24.51 lni|c nc uas o|cssing |ncn. nc |cf| |ncn and uas |a|cn up
I AM : M. M. NInan

in|c ncatcn.
Ac|s 1.9-11 Af|cr nc said |nis. nc uas |a|cn up ocfcrc |ncir tcru cucs. and
a c|cud nid nin frcn |ncir sign|. Tncu ucrc |cc|ing in|cn||u up in|c |nc
s|u as nc uas gcing. uncn suddcn|u |uc ncn drcsscd in uni|c s|ccd
ocsidc |ncn. 'Mcn cf Ga|i|cc.' |ncu said. 'unu dc ucu s|and ncrc |cc|ing
in|c |nc s|u? Tnis sanc ]csus. unc nas occn |a|cn frcn ucu in|c ncatcn.
ui|| ccnc oac| in |nc sanc uau ucu natc sccn nin gc in|c ncatcn.'
Hov did Iesus go` He venl up lefoie lheii veiv ovn eves unliI a
cIoud cane and coveied hin. The ascension of Iesus vas a lodiIv
ascension and he venl inlo lhe oulei space. UnIess Iesus vas ieaIIv
fooIing his discipIes inlo leIieving vhal lhev sav, Iesus venl lo an
oulei naleiiaI space. CeilainIv, he had olhei dinensions. ßul his
lodv vas IocaIized and he venl up. So, if ve accepl lhe sloiv (as
aII Chiislians do) ve have no olhei oplion lo leIieve lhal lhis pIace
(vheie he venl lo piepaie a pIace foi vou and ne) is al Ieasl
pailiaIIv naleiiaI so lhal lhe liansIaled inpeiishalIe lodv of nine
viII le alIe lo Iive. Il is lhis vav lhal Iesus vas saving lo le Hin. Il
is onIv lhiough hin loo.
In lhis eia of scienlific ficlion, lhe onIv conpaiison is one of space
vaip. I an gIad lhal lhe Russian aslionauls knev lhal. Thev liied
lo Iocale lhis pIace in lheii saleIIiles. ßul lhen il is Iike vaIking
Noilh lo find lhe edge of lhe eailh. Il is Iike lhe nan in lhe novies
'Cods aie Ciazv´ living lo see lhe end of lhe voiId. No one can gel
lheie lv oidinaiv neans. The pIace vheie vou sland is lhe edge of
lhe voiId. ßul vou can ieaIize il onIv vhen vou have lhe
peispeclive of lhe lhiee dinensions. You aie lound lv lhe
dinension of voui exislence. The vav is Iesus. This pIace is a
diffeienl dinension, diffeienl univeise and lhe onIv gale is Iesus.
The discipIes sav hin go. We viII le laken lheie lv Iesus hinseIf.
The vav lheiefoie is lhe failh lhal ve have in Iesus.
I AM : M. M. NInan

To gel lo lhis nev pIace ve need lo le liansfoined and liansIaled.
This povei can le ollained lhiough Iesus´ piecious lIood aIone
and vilh lhe iesuiieclion povei lhal is in Iesus.
1 Ccr 15.51-53 |is|cn. | |c|| ucu a nus|cru. lc ui|| nc| a|| s|ccp. ou| uc
ui|| a|| oc cnangcd-- in a f|asn. in |nc |uin||ing cf an cuc. a| |nc |as|
|runpc|. |cr |nc |runpc| ui|| scund. |nc dcad ui|| oc raiscd inpcrisnao|c.
and uc ui|| oc cnangcd. |cr |nc pcrisnao|c nus| c|c|nc i|sc|f ui|n |nc
inpcrisnao|c. and |nc ncr|a| ui|n inncr|a|i|u.
LaiIv Chiislians veie knovn as lhe foIIoveis of lhe vav:
Ac|s 9.1-2 Mcanuni|c. Sau| uas s|i|| orca|ning cu| nurdcrcus |nrca|s
agains| |nc |crd's discip|cs. Hc ucn| |c |nc nign prics| and as|cd nin fcr
|c||crs |c |nc sunagcgucs in Danascus. sc |na| if nc fcund anu |ncrc unc
oc|cngcd |c |nc lau. unc|ncr ncn cr ucncn. nc nign| |a|c |ncn as
priscncrs |c ]crusa|cn.
Ac|s 19.23-24 Aocu| |na| |inc |ncrc arcsc a grca| dis|uroancc aocu| |nc
lau. | pcrsccu|cd |nc fc||cucrs cf |nis lau |c |ncir dca|n. arrcs|ing oc|n
ncn and ucncn and |nrcuing |ncn in|c priscn.
IauI Ialei defines lhe vav in his defense speech lefoie Coveinoi
Ac|s 24.14-15 Hcuctcr. | adni| |na| | ucrsnip |nc Gcd cf cur fa|ncrs as
a fc||cucr cf |nc lau. unicn |ncu ca|| a scc|. | oc|ictc ctcru|ning |na|
agrccs ui|n |nc |au and |na| is uri||cn in |nc Prcpnc|s. and | natc |nc
sanc ncpc in Gcd as |ncsc ncn. |na| |ncrc ui|| oc a rcsurrcc|icn cf oc|n
|nc rign|ccus and |nc uic|cd.
This is piolalIv lhe lesl definilion of lhe Wav ve have:
I AM : M. M. NInan

This has lhiee pails cIeaiIv oulIined:
1. We voiship lhe Cod of oui Ialheis., i.e., Yvh is lhe Cod. Il
defined vho Cod is.
2. We leIieve in eveivlhing lhal is Iaid dovn lv lhe sciipluie. In
nodein leininoIogv il lhe decIaialion of SoIa Sciipluia: Sciipluie
aIone is lhe lasis of docliine and leaching. Sciipluie vas defined
lv Iesus duiing his ninisliv
Luke 24:44 He said lo lhen, 'Tnis is una| | |c|d ucu uni|c | uas s|i||
ui|n ucu. |tcru|ning nus| oc fu|fi||cd |na| is uri||cn aocu| nc in |nc
|au cf Mcscs. |nc Prcpnc|s and |nc Psa|ns.'
So lhe sciipluie is lhe look ve nov caII ßilIe vilh lhe Lav of
Moses, lhe Iiophels and lhe IsaIns.
Iesus consideied lhe IsaIns as conlaining Iiophecv.
3. We have lhe gieal hope of lodiIv iesuiieclion of lolh lhe jusl
and lhe unjusl. Thal vas lhe failh of lhe Ihaiisees. This vas vhal
IauI poinled oul vhen he said "jusl as lhese peopIe" neaning lhe
Ihaiisees. Sadducees did nol leIieve in iesuiieclion.
The Wav is lhe vav of iedenplion of oui decaving lodies (foi lhe
juslified) lhiough failh in Iesus Chiisl.
Cod defined lhe dav in Cen 18.
Gcn 18.19 |cr | natc cncscn nin. sc |na| nc ui|| dircc| nis cni|drcn and
nis ncuscnc|d af|cr nin |c |ccp |nc uau cf |nc |ORD ou dcing una| is
I AM : M. M. NInan

rign| and jus|. sc |na| |nc |ORD ui|| oring aocu| fcr Aoranan una| nc
nas prcniscd nin.'
Wav of lhe Loid is doing vhal is iighl and jusl. Then is
iighleousness is lhe vav lo heaven` Yes indeed.
Then lhe queslion is, vhal is iighleousness. ßilIe defines il cIeaiIv:
|zc| 18.5-9 'Suppcsc |ncrc is a rign|ccus nan unc dccs una| is jus| and
rign|. Hc dccs nc| ca| a| |nc ncun|ain snrincs cr |cc| |c |nc idc|s cf |nc
ncusc cf |srac|. Hc dccs nc| dcfi|c nis ncignocr's uifc cr |ic ui|n a ucnan
during ncr pcricd. Hc dccs nc| cpprcss anucnc. ou| rc|urns una| nc |cc|
in p|cdgc fcr a |can. Hc dccs nc| ccnni| rcoocru ou| gitcs nis fccd |c |nc
nungru and prctidcs c|c|ning fcr |nc na|cd. Hc dccs nc| |cnd a| usuru
cr |a|c cxccssitc in|crcs|. Hc ui|nnc|ds nis nand frcn dcing urcng and
judgcs fair|u oc|uccn nan and nan. Hc fc||cus nu dccrccs and fai|nfu||u
|ccps nu |aus. Tna| nan is rign|ccus. nc ui|| surc|u |itc. dcc|arcs |nc
Sctcrcign |ORD.
LzekieI gives 1O lesls foi iighleous nan in lhe alove passage. IauI
in his epislIe lo Coiinlhians iefeis lo 9 lesls:
1 Ccr 6.9-10 Dc ucu nc| |ncu |na| |nc uic|cd ui|| nc| inncri| |nc
|ingdcn cf Gcd? Dc nc| oc dcccitcd. Nci|ncr |nc scxua||u inncra| ncr
idc|a|crs ncr adu||crcrs ncr na|c prcs|i|u|cs ncr ncncscxua| cffcndcrs
ncr |nictcs ncr |nc grccdu ncr drun|ards ncr s|andcrcrs ncr suind|crs
ui|| inncri| |nc |ingdcn cf Gcd.
This is lhe vav of lhe voik. Kaina Maiga.
This is a vav. ßul lhe piolIen is:
I AM : M. M. NInan

Rcn 3.10-19 As i| is uri||cn. 'Tncrc is nc cnc rign|ccus. nc| ctcn cnc.
|ncrc is nc cnc unc undcrs|ands. nc cnc unc scc|s Gcd. A|| natc |urncd
auau. |ncu natc |cgc|ncr occcnc ucr|n|css. |ncrc is nc cnc unc dccs gccd.
nc| ctcn cnc.' 'Tncir |nrca|s arc cpcn gratcs. |ncir |cngucs prac|icc
dccci|.' 'Tnc pciscn cf tipcrs is cn |ncir |ips.' 'Tncir ncu|ns arc fu|| cf
cursing and oi||crncss.' 'Tncir fcc| arc suif| |c sncd o|ccd. ruin and
niscru nar| |ncir uaus. and |nc uau cf pcacc |ncu dc nc| |ncu.'
'Tncrc is nc fcar cf Gcd ocfcrc |ncir cucs.' Ncu uc |ncu |na| una|ctcr
|nc |au saus. i| saus |c |ncsc unc arc undcr |nc |au. sc |na| ctcru ncu|n
nau oc si|cnccd and |nc unc|c ucr|d nc|d acccun|ao|c |c Gcd.
The slandaids of Cod aie so high lhal hunan endeavoi cannol
even appioach lhal peifeclion. Though il is a vav, il is an
inpossilIe vav. No one can ieach Cod lhiough lhal vav.
Rcn 3.20 Tncrcfcrc nc cnc ui|| oc dcc|arcd rign|ccus in nis sign| ou
coscrting |nc |au. ra|ncr. |nrcugn |nc |au uc occcnc ccnscicus cf sin.
Then Hov did Iesus piovide lhe vav`
Rcn 3.21-25 8u| ncu a rign|ccusncss frcn Gcd. apar| frcn |au. nas occn
nadc |ncun. |c unicn |nc |au and |nc Prcpnc|s |cs|ifu. Tnis
rign|ccusncss frcn Gcd ccncs |nrcugn fai|n in ]csus Cnris| |c a|| unc
oc|ictc. Tncrc is nc diffcrcncc. fcr a|| natc sinncd and fa|| sncr| cf |nc
g|cru cf Gcd. and arc jus|ificd frcc|u ou nis gracc |nrcugn |nc rcdcnp|icn
|na| canc ou Cnris| ]csus. Gcd prcscn|cd nin as a sacrificc cf a|cncncn|.
|nrcugn fai|n in nis o|ccd. Hc did |nis |c dcncns|ra|c nis jus|icc. occausc
in nis fcrocarancc nc nad |cf| |nc sins ccnni||cd ocfcrcnand unpunisncd--
Rcn 3.26 nc did i| |c dcncns|ra|c nis jus|icc a| |nc prcscn| |inc. sc as |c
oc jus| and |nc cnc unc jus|ifics |ncsc unc natc fai|n in ]csus.

I AM : M. M. NInan

In Hinduisn, lhe ßhagaval Ceelha, gives lhiee lasic vavs lo
saIvalion - lhiee vavs of Iileialion. Thev aie fiisl Kaina naiga -
lhe vav of lhe voik. Do good and le nade peifecl. Since vou
cannol do lhal in one Iife, vou inpiove voui voik, incainalion
aflei incainalion unliI vou aie nade peifecl - unliI vou aie alIe lo
do voui dulies vilhoul iegaid lo ils consequences. In lhis piocess,
eviI voik Ieads vou lo Iovei IeveIs of consciousness and good
voiks Ieads lo highei IeveIs of consciousness. If vou aie al lhe
highei IeveI of consciousness vou aie ieloin in lhe heavens and lhe
pIeasuies of lhe heavens Ieads vou lo inneised in lhe senses and
Ioose lhe vav. In lhe Iovei IeveIs of consciousness vou aie caughl
up in lhe sliuggIes of exislence lhal vou Ioose lhe concepl of
godhead ilseIf and vou sink deepei, deepei inlo ignoiance, and
eviI. The gods aie lo le incainaled lo le a nan lo achieve saIvalion.
SaIvalion is found onIv in hunan exislence. I have desciiled lhis
leaching onIv lo shov lhe vicious ciicIe kaina voga pioduces. If al
aII lheie is a vav oul, il is nov and il is lodav.
Hel 4:7 Theiefoie Cod again sel a ceilain dav, caIIing il Todav,
vhen a Iong line Ialei he spoke lhiough David, as vas said lefoie:
"Todav, if vou heai his voice, do nol haiden voui heails."
The second vav designaled is lhe Inana Maiga - lhe vav of
enIighlennenl - lhe vav of KnovIedge. LvidenlIv, knovIedge can
shov lhe vav. ßul il cannol lake vou lheie. Lveiv Yogi knovs lhal
he is Cod, lul he has nol allained. LvidenlIv, knovIedge in ilseIf is
nol seIf-ieaIizalion. You have lo ieaIize vhal vou knov. We do nol
knov hov. OnIv a Maslei can shov lhal. Who is lhis naslei vho
has oveicone dealh` Who has lhe povei lo give Life` Who is lhe
liue Maslei`
I AM : M. M. NInan

The Thiid vav is ßhaklhi Maiga - lhe vav of failh. ßhaklhi aIone
viII nol Iileiale unIess Inana and Kaina concoid.
Rcn 10.2-3 |cr | can |cs|ifu aocu| |ncn |na| |ncu arc zca|cus fcr Gcd.
ou| |ncir zca| is nc| oascd cn |ncu|cdgc. Sincc |ncu did nc| |ncu |nc
rign|ccusncss |na| ccncs frcn Gcd and scugn| |c cs|ao|isn |ncir cun.
|ncu did nc| suoni| |c Gcd's rign|ccusncss.
The Chiislian oidei is Inana - ßhaklhi- Kaina.
KnovIedge (jnana) shouId Iead lo Iailh (ßhaklhi) and lhis viII
pioduce iighleous deeds (Kaina).
Rcn 10.17 Ccnscuucn||u. fai|n ccncs frcn ncaring |nc ncssagc. and |nc
ncssagc is ncard |nrcugn |nc ucrd cf Cnris|.
|pn 2.8-10 |cr i| is ou gracc ucu natc occn satcd. |nrcugn fai|n--and |nis
nc| frcn ucursc|tcs. i| is |nc gif| cf Gcd-- nc| ou ucr|s. sc |na| nc cnc
can ocas|. |cr uc arc Gcd's ucr|nansnip. crca|cd in Cnris| ]csus |c dc
gccd ucr|s. unicn Gcd prcparcd in adtancc fcr us |c dc.
Lach one in ilseIf does nol pioduce Muklhi.
Hov did Iesus achieve lhis`
The noinaI Iav of Kaina is lhal lhe iesuIls of lhe kaina of one
peison aie lo le loin lv lhal peison. If one does good, he ieceives
lhe good ievaid and if one does lad he ieceives lhe lad ievaid.
This is in essence coiiecl.
|zc| 18.20 Tnc scu| unc sins is |nc cnc unc ui|| dic. Tnc scn ui|| nc|
snarc |nc gui|| cf |nc fa|ncr. ncr ui|| |nc fa|ncr snarc |nc gui|| cf |nc scn.
I AM : M. M. NInan

Tnc rign|ccusncss cf |nc rign|ccus nan ui|| oc crcdi|cd |c nin. and |nc
uic|cdncss cf |nc uic|cd ui|| oc cnargcd agains| nin.
Rct 20.12 And | sau |nc dcad. grca| and sna||. s|anding ocfcrc |nc
|nrcnc. and occ|s ucrc cpcncd. Anc|ncr occ| uas cpcncd. unicn is |nc
occ| cf |ifc. Tnc dcad ucrc judgcd acccrding |c una| |ncu nad dcnc as
rcccrdcd in |nc occ|s.
ßul lheie is a Iav highei lhan lhal vheiein lhe eviI lhal one nan
does affecls olheis, so aIso lhe good lhal one nan does viII affecl
olheis. We aII knov lhal. We aII expeiience lhal eveiv dav in oui
Iife. LviI nen cieale havoc in socielv and lhe connunilv as a vhoIe
suffeis lecause of lheii eviI Iife. SiniIaiIv lhe connunilv as a
vhoIe gains fion lhe good deed of lhose unseIfish gieal nen.
These gieal nen aie alIe lo aIIeviale lhe suffeiing due lo lheii
kaina lv lheii iighleous deeds. This is vheie lhe saciifice and
sulslilulion cones in. Iesus look oui Kaina upon hinseIf.
|sa 53.4-6 Surc|u nc |cc| up cur infirni|ics and carricd cur scrrcus. uc|
uc ccnsidcrcd nin s|ric|cn ou Gcd. sni||cn ou nin. and aff|ic|cd. 8u| nc
uas picrccd fcr cur |ransgrcssicns. nc uas crusncd fcr cur iniuui|ics. |nc
punisnncn| |na| orcugn| us pcacc uas upcn nin. and ou nis ucunds uc
arc nca|cd. lc a||. |i|c snccp. natc gcnc as|rau. cacn cf us nas |urncd |c
nis cun uau. and |nc |ORD nas |aid cn nin |nc iniuui|u cf us a||.
OnIv Iesus couId lake avav lhe kaina of eveiv peison lecause he
look lhe eviI kaina and ils consequences upon hinseIf. Theie had
leen nanv godnen in lhis voiId. ßul none couId lake lhe kaina of
olheis fuIIv upon lhenseIves. OnIv Iesus couId pionise lhal. This
is vhal lhe ßilIe iefeis lo as inpuled iighleousness.
Rcn 4.5 Hcuctcr. |c |nc nan unc dccs nc| ucr| ou| |rus|s Gcd unc
jus|ifics |nc uic|cd. nis fai|n is crcdi|cd as rign|ccusncss.
I AM : M. M. NInan

If vou have evei leen in lhe deseil oi in lhe savannah, vou cannol
go vilhoul a guide. Theie aie no Iandnaiks lheie. Lveivvheie
Iooks lhe sane. Diieclions cannol le naiked. OnIv a guide viII le
alIe lo lake vou lhiough lhese unchailed leiiiloiies. The guide is
lhe vav. You have nol passed lhis vav lefoie. ßul one vho has
leen heie Iong enough knovs lhe vav. Whal lellei vav lo go
lhiough lhe unceilain Iife of ouis lhan lo liusl il in lhe hands of
one vho knovs lhe fuluie`
Ga| 3.11 C|car|u nc cnc is jus|ificd ocfcrc Gcd ou |nc |au. occausc. 'Tnc
rign|ccus ui|| |itc ou fai|n.'
Rcn 1.17 |cr in |nc gcspc| a rign|ccusncss frcn Gcd is rctca|cd. a
rign|ccusncss |na| is ou fai|n frcn firs| |c |as|. jus| as i| is uri||cn. 'Tnc
rign|ccus ui|| |itc ou fai|n.'
You have nol ciossed lhe laiiiei of dealh. No one has evei cone
lack fion lhe dead lo shov lhe vav ovei - excepl lhe one vho vas
iesuiiecled fion lhe dead - Iesus Chiisl. WaIk lv failh. Iul voui
hand in his hand. He knovs lhe vav.
]cnn 14.19 8cfcrc |cng. |nc ucr|d ui|| nc| scc nc anuncrc. ou| ucu ui||
scc nc. 8ccausc | |itc. ucu a|sc ui|| |itc.
Rct 1.18 | an |nc |iting Onc. | uas dcad. and ocnc|d | an a|itc fcr ctcr
and ctcr! And | nc|d |nc |cus cf dca|n and Hadcs. ||
The void Tiulh in ilseIf does nol nake sense lecause il is an
alsliacl quaIilv. The queslion lo le asked is: Tiulh aloul vhal`
I AM : M. M. NInan

LvidenlIv, vhen Iesus said I an lhe Tiulh he inpIied sonelhing,
vhich eveivone knev.
The queslion 'Whal is Tiulh´ vas asked lv IiIol lo Iesus and he
expIained il lo hin.
]cnn 18.36 ]csus said. 'Mu |ingdcn is nc| cf |nis ucr|d. |f i| ucrc. nu
scrtan|s ucu|d fign| |c prctcn| nu arrcs| ou |nc ]cus. 8u| ncu nu
|ingdcn is frcn anc|ncr p|acc.'
]cnn 18.37 'Ycu arc a |ing. |ncn!' said Pi|a|c. ]csus ansucrcd. 'Ycu arc
rign| in sauing | an a |ing. |n fac|. fcr |nis rcascn | uas ocrn. and fcr
|nis | canc in|c |nc ucr|d. |c |cs|ifu |c |nc |ru|n. |tcrucnc cn |nc sidc cf
|ru|n |is|cns |c nc.'
]cnn 18.38 'lna| is |ru|n?' Pi|a|c as|cd. li|n |nis nc ucn| cu| again |c
|nc ]cus and said. '| find nc oasis fcr a cnargc agains| nin.
IiIol heie vas giappIing vilh lvo queslions al lhe sane line. One
vas lhe queslion of Soveieignlv. Aie You lhe King of lhe Ievs` ßul
Iesus goes levond lhal queslion, vhiIe lhe ansvei lo lhal queslion
is ves, lhe soveieignlv of Iesus is levond lhal. Il is liue lhal lv
IegaI descenl fion David, lhe Kingdon of Iudah leIongs lo Iesus.
ßul Iesus poinls oul lhal His Kingdon is nol of lhis voiId. Il viII
le a pooi King lo le lhe king of a decaving univeise. IiIol gol lhe
poinl iighl on lhe naiI´s head. He vas a Ronan SchoIai and knev
his phiIosophv veII. Tiulh, Viilue and ßeaulv aie lhe alsoIules of
lhe univeise. Ancienl Indian IhiIosophv puls il as Salhvan, Sivan,
Sundaian. He vas aIso avaie of lhe nanv sloiies in lhe Ronan
nvlhoIogv aloul lhe chiIdien loin lo Cod. Il vas nol difficuIl foi
IiIol lo connecl lhe issues and ieaIize lhal Iesus vas indeed
cIaining lo le nol lhe son loin lo a god, lul an incainalion of Cod
hinseIf. This vas piolalIv nev lo hin. ßul Iesus expIained lo hin
lhal He is indeed a King, lul nol of lhis voiId.
I AM : M. M. NInan

'|cr |nis rcascn natc | ccnc in|c |nis ucr|d. fcr |nis rcascn | uas ocrn'.
The cIeai expIanalion is lhal he vas loin lv accidenl. He decided
lo le incainaled foi a specific puipose. H exisled lefoie his liilh.
]cnn 8.58 '| |c|| ucu |nc |ru|n.' ]csus ansucrcd. 'ocfcrc Aoranan uas
ocrn. | an!'
He is lhe AIpha and lhe Onega.
Rct 22.13 | an |nc A|pna and |nc Oncga. |nc |irs| and |nc |as|. |nc
8cginning and |nc |nd.
Whal vas lhis ieason` "To leslifv lo lhis liulh." To lhe liulh lhal
lheie is a voiId levond lhis voiId vheie lheie is no pain oi
suffeiing oi decav oi dealh. He cane lo decIaie lhal liulh and lhal
He is lhe King of lhis inpeiishalIe 'spiiiluaI´ voiId. And lhal He
vas lhe vav lo lhis pIace. Heie is lhe ieIevance lo Iesus´ slalenenl:
'I an lhe Wav, lhe Tiulh´
IiIale undeislood in lhe liue Socialic and IIalonic liadilion lhal
Tiulh is lhe AlsoIule. Heie is Iesus vho cIains lhal he vas lhis
AlsoIule. Lveivlhing is le conpaied and vilh hin. He is lhe
uIlinale slandaid vilh vhich lhe voiId nav judge anv aclion.
WoiId has nevei seen anvlhing Iike lhis lefoie. Co inlo eveiv
cuIluie and ieIigion, Iesus is lhe uIlinale, pai exceIIence. AII
godnen of India cIain lhal lhev veie once Iesus. IsIan announces
lhe lolaI puiilv of lhe Woid of AIIah vho is Iesus. Whv lecause
voiId has no olhei giealei slandaid lo go lv.
We need lo Iook al lhe Iasl void Life in lhe conlexl of lhe olhei
lvo, The Wav, The Tiulh. Whal is Iife` Il cannol le defined lv
I AM : M. M. NInan

sinpIe nechanicaI neans. UIlinaleIv il is sonelhing lhal ve
cannol quanlifv noi neasuie. In lhe alsoIule sense, il is sinpIv
consciousness. Il is piofoundIv and sinpIv pul as "I lhink,
lheiefoie I an". Il is essence of exislence foi lhe seIf. Life is a
peisonaIilv. Cod is a peison lecause he exisls and knovs lhal he
exisls. AII olhei ciealuies on eailh aie ciealed Iife foins. ßilIe
leaches lhal nan is ciealed in lhe inage of Cod. I have deaIl vilh
lhis aspecl eaiIiei. Life as ve knov of is dependenl on nallei.
Lveiv Iife leing ve knov has a foin. Hunan foin is one foin. ßul
each Iife foin has ils ovn foin. AninaIs have lheii foin, liids
have anolhei, fish has anolhei and lheie aie a Iaige nunlei of Iife
foins on lhe eailh. Vegelalion´s have Iife. We cannol knov lhe
nind of olhei foins unIess ve can connunicale vilh lhen. So,
vhen ve laIk aloul Iife, ve aie acluaIIv laIking aloul Iife as ve
knov - naleiiaI foin, vilh nind. On lhe eailh, lhev aie lased on
Hvdiocailons. So, vhen lhe NASA decided lo check vhelhei Iife
exisls on olhei pIanels lhev nade an effoil lo check foi
hvdiocailons. This is a soil of hunan. We have no ieason lo
assune lhal Iife can ieIv onIv on hvdiocailons.
If lheie aie Iife foins in anolhei dinension, lheii foins viII le of
lhal dinension. Ioi Iack of olhei desciiplive void, lhe ßilIe uses
lhe void spiiiluaI lodv. LvidenlIv, spiiil and lodv aie nuluaIIv
excIusive. So, lhe void spiiiluaI lodv sonehov gives us lhe
concepl of exlia-dinensionaI naleiiaI lodv. Ievish desciiplion of
angeIs veie lhal lhev veie nade vilh fiie. See lhe desciiplion
given lv IauI:
1 Ccr 15.38-41 8u| Gcd gitcs i| a ocdu as nc nas dc|crnincd. and |c cacn
|ind cf sccd nc gitcs i|s cun ocdu. A|| f|csn is nc| |nc sanc. Mcn natc
cnc |ind cf f|csn. anina|s natc anc|ncr. oirds anc|ncr and fisn anc|ncr.
Tncrc arc a|sc ncatcn|u ocdics and |ncrc arc car|n|u ocdics. ou| |nc
sp|cndcr cf |nc ncatcn|u ocdics is cnc |ind. and |nc sp|cndcr cf |nc car|n|u
I AM : M. M. NInan

ocdics is anc|ncr. Tnc sun nas cnc |ind cf sp|cndcr. |nc nccn anc|ncr
and |nc s|ars anc|ncr. and s|ar diffcrs frcn s|ar in sp|cndcr.
When Iesus cIained lhal he is Life, he piolalIv neanl seveiaI
]cnn 1.3 Tnrcugn nin a|| |nings ucrc nadc. ui|ncu| nin nc|ning uas
nadc |na| nas occn nadc.
Cc| 1.16-17 |cr ou nin a|| |nings ucrc crca|cd. |nings in ncatcn and cn
car|n. tisio|c and intisio|c. unc|ncr |nrcncs cr pcucrs cr ru|crs cr
au|ncri|ics. a|| |nings ucrc crca|cd ou nin and fcr nin. Hc is ocfcrc a||
|nings. and in nin a|| |nings nc|d |cgc|ncr.
2. When Cod ciealed he ciealed vilh his void. The void lecane
fIesh. Ciealion vas lhe evenl vhen void lecane fIesh. Thus
Cc| 1.17 Hc is ocfcrc a|| |nings. and in nin a|| |nings nc|d |cgc|ncr.
He is Iove and il is Iove lhal hoIds lhings logelhei. When divisive
foices pioduced lv lhe Iife foins desliovs lhis cohesiveness, il
Iesus vho liings lhen lack and give lhen nev Iife, lhiough a nev
liilh. Ioi lhis puipose
]cnn 1.14 Tnc lcrd occanc f|csn and nadc nis duc||ing ancng us.
Ioi lhis ieason again he lecane "Lanl lhal vas sIain fion lhe
ciealion of lhe voiId."

I AM : M. M. NInan

As Iesus gave Iife lo aII ciealed Iife foins, he aIso gives nev Iife.
OnIv he can do lhal. Life has leen naiied lv seIfishness and Iack
of Iove. Iesus gives nev Iife.
2 Ccr 5.17 Tncrcfcrc. if anucnc is in Cnris|. nc is a ncu crca|icn. |nc c|d
nas gcnc. |nc ncu nas ccnc!
This nev Iife is lhe alundanl Iife. Il is nol Iike lhe Iife ve knov of
vheie il is aIvavs niseiv. Il is Iife vilhoul anlilhesis, vheie ve
giov fion gIoiv lo gIoiv. Iion Iovei Iife foins, ve giov inlo
highei exislences. Il is lhis indesciilalIe Iife lhal Iesus cIains.
1 Ccr 2.9 Hcuctcr. as i| is uri||cn. 'Nc cuc nas sccn. nc car nas ncard.
nc nind nas ccnccitcd una| Gcd nas prcparcd fcr |ncsc unc |ctc nin'--
Rct 21.5-6 Hc unc uas sca|cd cn |nc |nrcnc said. '| an na|ing
ctcru|ning ncu!' Tncn nc said. 'lri|c |nis dcun. fcr |ncsc ucrds arc
|rus|ucr|nu and |ruc.'
Hc said |c nc. '|| is dcnc. | an |nc A|pna and |nc Oncga. |nc 8cginning
and |nc |nd.

I AM : M. M. NInan

I AM : M. M. NInan


]cnn 15.1-8 '| an |nc |ruc tinc. and nu |a|ncr is |nc gardcncr. Hc cu|s
cff ctcru orancn in nc |na| ocars nc frui|. uni|c ctcru orancn |na| dccs
ocar frui| nc pruncs sc |na| i| ui|| oc ctcn ncrc frui|fu|. Ycu arc a|rcadu
c|can occausc cf |nc ucrd | natc spc|cn |c ucu. Rcnain in nc. and | ui||
rcnain in ucu. Nc orancn can ocar frui| ou i|sc|f. i| nus| rcnain in |nc
tinc. Nci|ncr can ucu ocar frui| un|css ucu rcnain in nc. '| an |nc
tinc. ucu arc |nc orancncs. |f a nan rcnains in nc and | in nin. nc ui||
ocar nucn frui|. apar| frcn nc ucu can dc nc|ning. 6 |f anucnc dccs nc|
rcnain in nc. nc is |i|c a orancn |na| is |nrcun auau and ui|ncrs. sucn
orancncs arc pic|cd up. |nrcun in|c |nc firc and ourncd. |f ucu rcnain
in nc and nu ucrds rcnain in ucu. as| una|ctcr ucu uisn. and i| ui|| oc
gitcn ucu. ]cnn Tnis is |c nu |a|ncr's g|cru. |na| ucu ocar nucn frui|.
sncuing ucursc|tcs |c oc nu discip|cs.
The fiisl nenlion of Vine (vilis vinifeia) is found in Cen 9
Cen 9:2O-21 Noah, a nan of lhe soiI, pioceeded lo pIanl a vinevaid.
When he diank sone of ils vine, he lecane diunk and Iav
uncoveied inside his lenl.
This is a iepIicalion of vhal Cod did in lhe Caiden of Lden.
Gcn 2.15 Tnc |ORD Gcd |cc| |nc nan and pu| nin in |nc Gardcn cf
|dcn |c ucr| i| and |a|c carc cf i|.
I AM : M. M. NInan

ßul lecause of sin, Caiden of Lden vas gone, and vhen eviI
lecane so ianpanl, Cod decided lo pul an end lo his ciealion
caIIed Man. ßul nan vas given anolhei chance and lhe piogeniloi
of lhis species of nan vas Noah. In accoidance vilh vhal Cod has
connanded, Noah pIanled a vinevaid. Noah iepiesenled lhe nev
Man. CiviIizalions spiang up Iuxuiianl giovlh of vine vas
pioduced and lhe iesuIl nade hin diunk. This is cIeaiIv a picluie
of nankind. Iion lhen on, eveiv civiIizalion poiliaved lhe vine as
ils gIoiious svnloI. LaiIv nonunenls of Lgvpl aie fiIIed vilh lhe
diavings of vine and vine. Ioseph slailed his gIoiious caieei as lhe
Iiine Minislei of Lgvpl vilh lhe vine and lhe cup fiIIed vilh Wine
as a slail:
Gcn 40.9-11 Sc |nc cnicf cupocarcr |c|d ]cscpn nis drcan. Hc said |c nin.
'|n nu drcan | sau a tinc in frcn| cf nc. and cn |nc tinc ucrc |nrcc
orancncs. As sccn as i| ouddcd. i| o|csscncd. and i|s c|us|crs ripcncd in|c
grapcs. Pnaracn's cup uas in nu nand. and | |cc| |nc grapcs. suucczcd
|ncn in|c Pnaracn's cup and pu| |nc cup in nis nand.'
In lhe Ronan Lnpiie vine vas lhe cenlei of lheii Iife. Ciovns
nade of vines veie lhe vicloi´s ciovns in lhe coIiseun. Caesai´s
ciovn vas nade of vine. Hisloiv leai vilness lhal lhe faII of
Ronan enpiie cane as iesuIl of ils addiclion lo lhe lhis god of
Wine. So vas lhe faII of ßalvIon and Assviia lefoie lhen.
Vines of IaIesline veie of pailicuIai of inleiesl. When Moses senl
in his spies lhev lioughl lack lhe pioof of ils feiliIilv and
alundance lv caiiving lack a lunch of giapes. This vas lhe Iand
Cod vanled his chosen peopIe lo occupv and enjov.
Nun 13.23 -24 lncn |ncu rcacncd |nc Va||cu cf |sncc|. |ncu cu| cff a
orancn ocaring a sing|c c|us|cr cf grapcs. Tuc cf |ncn carricd i| cn a pc|c
oc|uccn |ncn. a|cng ui|n scnc pcncgrana|cs and figs. Tna| p|acc uas
I AM : M. M. NInan

ca||cd |nc Va||cu cf |sncc| occausc cf |nc c|us|cr cf grapcs |nc |srac|i|cs
cu| cff |ncrc.
Olhei pIaces in IaIesline veie fanous foi ils speciaI Iuxuiianl
vines such as of Silnah, Heshlon and LIeaIeh (Isa 16:8,9,1O: Iei
48:32) and of Lngedi. (So 1:14) Lven lodav, IaIeslinian vines aie
piolalIv lhe lesl in lhe voiId.
The picluie is cIeai fion lhe alove. Isaiah pIaces il squaieIv lhus:
|sa 5.1-5 | ui|| sing fcr |nc cnc | |ctc a scng aocu| nis tincuard. Mu |ctcd
cnc nad a tincuard cn a fcr|i|c ni||sidc. Hc dug i| up and c|carcd i| cf
s|cncs and p|an|cd i| ui|n |nc cnciccs| tincs. Hc oui|| a ua|cn|cucr in i|
and cu| cu| a uincprcss as uc||. Tncn nc |cc|cd fcr a crcp cf gccd grapcs.
ou| i| uic|dcd cn|u oad frui|.
Man vas ciealed in lhe inage of Cod. He vas asked lo keep lhe
eailh, and popuIale il. ßul in so doing, Man vandeied avav, foigol
his puipose, and pioduced eviI inslead of good. Vine iepiesenls
Life especiaIIv Man.
When Adan faiIed, a nev chance vas given in Noah. Noah aIso
gol diunk fion lhe nevfound piospeiilv. Vine is lhe svnloI of
Hunan Life. Il is a svnloI of alundanl Iife, lhe Iuxuiianl giovlh
of lhe vine lhal spieads on. Season aflei season lhe vine ienains
leaiing nev Ieaves and nev fiuil. Ceneialions aflei geneialion Iife
go on. Life vas lo le a Iife in lhe vinevaids. ßul lhen lhe eiioi of
Noah vas iepealed lhiough lhe nalions. Thev gol diunk vilh lhe
alundance and Iel lhenseIves naked.
So, Cod seIecled one pailicuIai peison in Aliahan. Theie aiose
I AM : M. M. NInan

Psa 80.8 Ycu orcugn| a tinc cu| cf |gup|. ucu drctc cu| |nc na|icns and
p|an|cd i|
|zc| 17.5-7 ''Hc |cc| scnc cf |nc sccd cf ucur |and and pu| i| in fcr|i|c
sci|. Hc p|an|cd i| |i|c a ui||cu ou aoundan| ua|cr. and i| sprcu|cd and
occanc a |cu. sprcading tinc. ||s orancncs |urncd |cuard nin. ou| i|s
rcc|s rcnaincd undcr i|. Sc i| occanc a tinc and prcduccd orancncs and
pu| cu| |cafu ocugns. Tnc tincuard cf |nc |ORD A|nign|u is |nc ncusc cf
|srac|. and |nc ncn cf ]udan arc |nc gardcn cf nis dc|ign|. And nc |cc|cd
fcr jus|icc. ou| sau o|ccdsncd. fcr rign|ccusncss. ou| ncard crics cf
Psa 80.9-14 Ycu c|carcd |nc grcund fcr i|. and i| |cc| rcc| and fi||cd |nc
|and. Tnc ncun|ains ucrc cctcrcd ui|n i|s snadc. |nc nign|u ccdars ui|n
i|s orancncs. || scn| cu| i|s ocugns |c |nc Sca. i|s sncc|s as far as |nc
Ritcr. lnu natc ucu orc|cn dcun i|s ua||s sc |na| a|| unc pass ou pic|
i|s grapcs? 8cars frcn |nc fcrcs| ratagc i| and |nc crca|urcs cf |nc fic|d
fccd cn i|.
Whal a ieaIislic picluie of IsiaeI.
This is nol an isoIaled picluie. Cod liied lo iepIanl lhe vine inlo
seveiaI nalions.
Ancs 9.7 'Arc nc| ucu |srac|i|cs |nc sanc |c nc as |nc Cusni|cs?'
dcc|arcs |nc |ORD. 'Did | nc| oring |srac| up frcn |gup|. |nc Pni|is|incs
frcn Capn|cr and |nc Arancans frcn Kir?
He liied vilh Cushiles (Modein Soulh Sudanese), IhiIislines, and
Aianeans (Sviians) and piolalIv nanv olheis lefoie coning lo
IsiaeI. AII civiIizalions in spile of lheii ieveIalions venl asliav.
Inslead of lhe piovidei, lhev voishipped lhe piovided and venl
aflei ßacchus, lhe gods of vine, feiliIilv, and piospeiilv.
I AM : M. M. NInan

|sa 5.5-6 Ncu | ui|| |c|| ucu una| | an gcing |c dc |c nu tincuard. | ui||
|a|c auau i|s ncdgc. and i| ui|| oc dcs|rcucd. | ui|| orca| dcun i|s ua||.
and i| ui|| oc |ranp|cd. | ui|| na|c i| a uas|c|and. nci|ncr pruncd ncr
cu||ita|cd. and oricrs and |ncrns ui|| grcu |ncrc. | ui|| ccnnand |nc
c|cuds nc| |c rain cn i|.'
CiviIizalions veie deslioved lecause lhev did nol pioduce lhe
iighl fiuil.
Ma| 21.33-41 '|is|cn |c anc|ncr parao|c. Tncrc uas a |andcuncr unc
p|an|cd a tincuard. Hc pu| a ua|| arcund i|. dug a uincprcss in i| and
oui|| a ua|cn|cucr. Tncn nc rcn|cd |nc tincuard |c scnc farncrs and
ucn| auau cn a jcurncu. lncn |nc nartcs| |inc apprcacncd. nc scn| nis
scrtan|s |c |nc |cnan|s |c cc||cc| nis frui|. 'Tnc |cnan|s scizcd nis
scrtan|s. |ncu oca| cnc. |i||cd anc|ncr. and s|cncd a |nird. Tncn nc scn|
c|ncr scrtan|s |c |ncn. ncrc |nan |nc firs| |inc. and |nc |cnan|s |rca|cd
|ncn |nc sanc uau. |as| cf a||. nc scn| nis scn |c |ncn. 'Tncu ui|| rcspcc|
nu scn.' nc said. '8u| uncn |nc |cnan|s sau |nc scn. |ncu said |c cacn
c|ncr. 'Tnis is |nc ncir. Ccnc. |c|'s |i|| nin and |a|c nis inncri|ancc.' Sc
|ncu |cc| nin and |nrcu nin cu| cf |nc tincuard and |i||cd nin.
'Tncrcfcrc. uncn |nc cuncr cf |nc tincuard ccncs. una| ui|| nc dc |c
|ncsc |cnan|s?' 'Hc ui|| oring |ncsc urc|cncs |c a urc|cncd cnd.' |ncu
rcp|icd. 'and nc ui|| rcn| |nc tincuard |c c|ncr |cnan|s. unc ui|| gitc nin
nis snarc cf |nc crcp a| nartcs| |inc.'
WhiIe lhe ßilIe condenns inloxicalion, alslaining fion vine vas a
svnloI of nouining. Wine vas consideied lo le given lo nan lo
cheei hin up. In lhe Aivan cuIluie vine 'lhe aniil´ is lhe diink of
lhe gods - lhe eIecl of Cod. Chiislianilv has aIvavs heId lhal sland
lecause: Iesus hinseIf vas caIIed a vinelillei. The fiisl of his
niiacIes vas lhe conveision of valei inlo vine. This is vhal lhe
I AM : M. M. NInan

vine does. Vine lakes valei fion lhe eailh and conveils il inlo juice
in lhe fiuil of lhe vine. In lhe naiiiage of Canaa lhis is vhal
]cnn 2.7-11 |c |nc scrtan|s. '|i|| |nc jars ui|n ua|cr'. sc |ncu fi||cd |ncn
|c |nc orin. Tncn nc |c|d |ncn. 'Ncu drau scnc cu| and |a|c i| |c |nc
nas|cr cf |nc oanuuc|.' Tncu did sc. and |nc nas|cr cf |nc oanuuc| |as|cd
|nc ua|cr |na| nad occn |urncd in|c uinc. Hc did nc| rca|izc uncrc i| nad
ccnc frcn. |ncugn |nc scrtan|s unc nad draun |nc ua|cr |ncu. Tncn nc
ca||cd |nc oridcgrccn asidc and said. '|tcrucnc orings cu| |nc cncicc
uinc firs| and |ncn |nc cncapcr uinc af|cr |nc gucs|s natc nad |cc nucn |c
drin|. ou| ucu natc satcd |nc ocs| |i|| ncu.' Tnis. |nc firs| cf nis
niracu|cus signs. ]csus pcrfcrncd a| Cana in Ga|i|cc. Hc |nus rctca|cd
nis g|cru. and nis discip|cs pu| |ncir fai|n in nin.
Iesus decIaied his gIoiv lv conveiling valei inlo lhe lesl vine
lecause he is lhe liue vine.
So vhen Iesus said, "I an lhe liue vine", he vas piocIaining lhal
liue Manhood is found in hin and in hin aIone. When aII of Cod´s
effoil lo iedeen nankind lo ils Manhood faiIed, Iesus lecane nan
lhal he nav iedeen il lo vhal il shouId le. Chiislianizalion is in
lhis sense nolhing lul hunanizalion. Making nan as he is expecled
lv Cod lo le. Adan vas Son of Cod, nov lhe Son of Cod lecane
Son of Man - lhe Messiah, lhe Redeenei. He is lhe iedeenei of
nankind nol of a pailicuIai gioup.
One of lhe najoi eiiois of lhe eIecl vas lhal each gioup leIieved
lhal lhev veie lhe onIv eIecl of Cod. So IsiaeI leIieved lhal lhev
veie lhe chiIdien of Cod and nissed lheii iesponsiliIilies. Cod did
seIecl a vine so lhal he couId iedeen aII nankind. Thal Ied lo
Zionisn. Aivans lhoughl lhev veie lhe gods. Thal Ied lo Nazisn.
Connunisls lhoughl lhev veie lhe peopIe vho vouId ushei in lhe
I AM : M. M. NInan

Kingdon of Man. Whal ness lhev nade! Il is in lhis conlexl lhal
ve have lo see lhe decIaialion of Iesus.
2 Ccr 5.17 Tncrcfcrc. if anucnc is in Cnris|. nc is a ncu crca|icn. |nc c|d
nas gcnc. |nc ncu nas ccnc!
Oul of lhis liue vine giovs lhe nev ciealion nan and ils nucIeus is
lhe Chuich. He loId his discipIes "vou aie lhe lianches." Then he
connanded lhen:
Ma| 28.19-20 Tncrcfcrc gc and na|c discip|cs cf a|| na|icns. oap|izing
|ncn in |nc nanc cf |nc |a|ncr and cf |nc Scn and cf |nc Hc|u Spiri|. and
|cacning |ncn |c cocu ctcru|ning | natc ccnnandcd ucu. And surc|u |
an ui|n ucu a|uaus. |c |nc tcru cnd cf |nc agc.'
No vondei Iesus seIecled lhe Cup of vine as his svnloI of nev
covenanl. Il iepiesenls lhe nev nan. If vine lioughl decav, dealh
and desliuclion lefoie, lhe nev vine liings Iife and fiuilfuIness.

WhiIe vine iepiesenls nankind, lhe nev liue vine is slailing vilh
chuich. In lhal sense, il aIso iepiesenls Chuich - as a foielasle of
lhe Kingdon. A vine has seveiaI lianches. In facl, each lianch has
seveiaI sul lianches and il goes on. Thal is hov a pIanl giovs.
Thal is hov a pIanl shouId giov. Whv shouId a pIanl liing oul Iol
I AM : M. M. NInan

of lianches` Whv nol jusl one slen` The ieason is sinpIe: each Ieaf
vanls lo gel lhe sunshine. Lach Ieaf vanls lo pioduce ils
gieenness. Ioi lhis puipose, il has lo decIaie sone sense of
fieedon and independence. ßul lhe enliie Ieaf and lianches foins
one vine. And lhe vine spieads on lhe giound. This is lhe picluie
of lhe chuich vilh aII ils denoninalions and spieading acioss lhe
voiId. Thev aII logelhei alide on lhe iool, vhich is Iesus Chiisl.
Don´l civ foi unilv. Theie is onIv one unilv - lhal unilv is lhe
cenliaIilv of Iesus. Chuich is lhe lodv of Chiisl and is lound
logelhei in Chiisl. Theie nav le shades of iedness on lhe giape
Ieaf. Thev aie nol copies of each olhei. The coiiugalions on lhe Ieaf
edges and lhe piojeclions aie aII diffeienl. Theii veins aie aII
diffeienlIv voven. Hov vondeifuI` Such is lhe Chuich.
Chuich has ils nenleis. As each lianch caiiies olhei lianches and
lhev in luin caiiies olheis and aIso Ieaves, each individuaI nenlei
iepiesenls lhe lianch and lhe Ieaf. Lach faniIv is a lianch and
each nenlei in luin is a polenliaI lianch. Il aIso iepiesenls lhe
vide voiId vilh eveiv hunan leing as pail of lhe gieal vine. The
vhoIe nankind is one huge vine. Al lhe iool of lhis nankind is
Iesus. As he vas lhe souice of Iife in lhe leginning, he is aIso lhe
souice of nev Iife in lhe nev leginning.
ßul cul lhe lianch fion lhe slen, il Iooses ils conlacl vilh lhe iool
and lhev vilhei and die undei lhe sane sun vhich olheivise
piovided nouiishnenl. WoiId expeiiences aie liansfoined inlo
nouiishnenl lo lhe leIievei as Iong as lhev Iive on lhe lianch.
Oulside of il, lhese expeiiences liing desliuclion.
]cnn 15.6 |f anucnc dccs nc| rcnain in nc. nc is |i|c a orancn |na| is
|nrcun auau and ui|ncrs. sucn orancncs arc pic|cd up. |nrcun in|c |nc
firc and ourncd.
I AM : M. M. NInan

Alide in ne, Iesus savs. Olheivise, vou aie vasled.
]cnn 15.5 '| an |nc tinc. ucu arc |nc orancncs. |f a nan rcnains in nc
and | in nin. nc ui|| ocar nucn frui|. apar| frcn nc ucu can dc nc|ning
]cnn 6.53 ]csus said |c |ncn. '| |c|| ucu |nc |ru|n. un|css ucu ca| |nc f|csn
cf |nc Scn cf Man and drin| nis o|ccd. ucu natc nc |ifc in ucu.
]cnn 6.56-57 lncctcr ca|s nu f|csn and drin|s nu o|ccd rcnains in nc.
and | in nin. ]us| as |nc |iting |a|ncr scn| nc and | |itc occausc cf |nc
|a|ncr. sc |nc cnc unc fccds cn nc ui|| |itc occausc cf nc.
Whal does lhe lianch do` Thev cannol do anvlhing of ils ovn.
Thev sinpIv alide on lhe vine.
Whal pioduce lhe fiuil` The sap pioduces naluiilv and lhal
pioduces lhe fiuil. Then il is feiliIized lv lhe poIIen, lhal is
disliiluled lv lhe vind (HoIv spiiil) and lhe conlinalion of lhe
Woid and lhe Spiiil pioduces lhe fiuil. The lianch sinpIv caiiies
il. The Iiuil of lhe Spiiil fIouiishes in conliasl lo cIinale, vheie
lheie is halied il pioduces Iove: vheie lheie is soiiov, il pioduces
jov, vheie lheie is quaiieI, peace.
Mv connand is lhis: Love each olhei as I have Ioved vou.
]cnn 15.13 Grca|cr |ctc nas nc cnc |nan |nis. |na| nc |au dcun nis |ifc fcr
nis orc|ncr.
Whv` ßecause aII nankind is one oiganisn.
Love one anolhei vas lhe OId connand. Nov Iesus adds lhe
phiase, 'as I have Ioved vou´ He has Iefl us an exanpIe. He has
given us lhe povei.
I AM : M. M. NInan

AII civiIizalions aie luiIl on seIfishness. Il is lhe coinei slone of
eveiv civiIizalion of oId and aIso of lodav. IndividuaIisn is lhe kev
lo capilaIisn. ßul Iesus offeis a diffeienl soIulion. He decIaies lhal
aII nankind is one oiganisn. Whal ve need is a land nev pIanl
capalIe of assiniIaling lhe olheis as ils pail. Ciafled inlo lhe liue
vine aII nankind have a chance lo Iife.
]cnn 15.7-10 |f ucu rcnain in nc and nu ucrds rcnain in ucu. as|
una|ctcr ucu uisn. and i| ui|| oc gitcn ucu. Tnis is |c nu |a|ncr's g|cru.
|na| ucu ocar nucn frui|. sncuing ucursc|tcs |c oc nu discip|cs
Hov does lhe vine leai fiuil` The lianches do nol pioduce fiuil. Il
is lhe vhoIe pIanl lhal pioduces fiuil. Il is sap lhal is lioughl up
lv lhe iool lhal pioduces lhe fiuil. Thev iun conliaiv lo lhe Iav of
giavilv. Thev iun upvaid and il suppIies lhe necessaiv nuliienls
foi lhe luiIding of fiuils. Iiuils do nol cone oveinighl. ßv aliding
conlinuousIv, il iesuIls in pioducing lhe fiuil. You cannol foice lo
pioduce lhe fiuil. "As lhe Ialhei has Ioved ne, so have I Ioved vou.
Nov ienain in nv Iove. If vou olev nv connands, vou viII
ienain in nv Iove, jusl as I have oleved nv Ialhei's connands
and ienain in his Iove.
And Iove is lhe uIlinale fiuil.
Ga| 5.22 8u| |nc frui| cf |nc Spiri| is |ctc. jcu. pcacc. pa|icncc. |indncss.
gccdncss. fai|nfu|ncss gcn||cncss and sc|f-ccn|rc|.
The pioof of lhis aliding is lhal ve ieceive vhalevei ve ask foi.
Mosl peopIe seen lo lv pass lhis lesl. In lhe hisloiv of lhe chuich
piaveis veie ansveied vhen lhe chuich piaved vilh oneness of
nind. Oneness of nind cones onIv lhiough Iove. LvidenlIv, lhe
I AM : M. M. NInan

pioof of oui Iove and oneness of nind is ieveaIed lhiough
ansveied piaveis. This pionise is uncondilionaI - vhalevei vou
Ma| 3.8-10 Prcducc frui| in |ccping ui|n rcpcn|ancc. And dc nc| |nin|
ucu can sau |c ucursc|tcs. 'lc natc Aoranan as cur fa|ncr.' | |c|| ucu
|na| cu| cf |ncsc s|cncs Gcd can raisc up cni|drcn fcr Aoranan. Tnc ax is
a|rcadu a| |nc rcc| cf |nc |rccs. and ctcru |rcc |na| dccs nc| prcducc gccd
frui| ui|| oc cu| dcun and |nrcun in|c |nc firc.
Ma| 7.16-20 8u |ncir frui| ucu ui|| rcccgnizc |ncn. Dc pccp|c pic| grapcs
frcn |ncrn ousncs. cr figs frcn |nis||cs? |i|cuisc ctcru gccd |rcc ocars
gccd frui|. ou| a oad |rcc ocars oad frui|. A gccd |rcc cannc| ocar oad
frui|. and a oad |rcc cannc| ocar gccd frui|. |tcru |rcc |na| dccs nc| ocar
gccd frui| is cu| dcun and |nrcun in|c |nc firc. Tnus. ou |ncir frui| ucu
ui|| rcccgnizc |ncn.
Thiough lhe hisloiv, Cod has leen doing lhis. WiII He do lhe sane
vilh lhe lianches of lhe chuich loo` WiII lhe chuich aIso gel diunk
vilh lhe vine Iike aII lhe olhei nalions` Nol if lhe Loid Iesus is
aIIoved lo le piesenl. Thal is vhal Iesus expIains in his paialIe of
lhe Vine heie. He culs off eveiv lianch in ne lhal leais no fiuil.
The Heliev viilei expIains il:
Hco 3.13- 8u| cnccuragc cnc anc|ncr dai|u. as |cng as i| is ca||cd Tcdau.
sc |na| ncnc cf ucu nau oc nardcncd ou sin's dccci|fu|ncss. lc natc ccnc
|c snarc in Cnris| if uc nc|d firn|u |i|| |nc cnd |nc ccnfidcncc uc nad a|
firs|. As nas jus| occn said. 'Tcdau. if ucu ncar nis tcicc. dc nc| nardcn
ucur ncar|s as ucu did in |nc rcoc||icn.' lnc ucrc |ncu unc ncard and
rcoc||cd? lcrc |ncu nc| a|| |ncsc Mcscs |cd cu| cf |gup|? And ui|n uncn
I AM : M. M. NInan

uas nc angru fcr fcr|u ucars? las i| nc| ui|n |ncsc unc sinncd. uncsc
ocdics fc|| in |nc dcscr|? And |c uncn did Gcd sucar |na| |ncu ucu|d
nctcr cn|cr nis rcs| if nc| |c |ncsc unc discocucd? Sc uc scc |na| |ncu
ucrc nc| ao|c |c cn|cr. occausc cf |ncir unoc|icf.
Tncrcfcrc. sincc |nc prcnisc cf cn|cring nis rcs| s|i|| s|ands. |c| us oc
carcfu| |na| ncnc cf ucu oc fcund |c natc fa||cn sncr| cf i|. |cr uc a|sc
natc nad |nc gcspc| prcacncd |c us. jus| as |ncu did. ou| |nc ncssagc |ncu
ncard uas cf nc ta|uc |c |ncn. occausc |ncsc unc ncard did nc| ccnoinc i|
ui|n fai|n. Ncu uc unc natc oc|ictcd cn|cr |na| rcs|. jus| as Gcd nas
said. 'Sc | dcc|arcd cn ca|n in nu angcr. 'Tncu sna|| nctcr cn|cr nu
rcs|.'' And uc| nis ucr| nas occn finisncd sincc |nc crca|icn cf |nc ucr|d.
Hco 4.6 || s|i|| rcnains |na| scnc ui|| cn|cr |na| rcs|. and |ncsc unc
fcrncr|u nad |nc gcspc| prcacncd |c |ncn did nc| gc in. occausc cf |ncir
Hco 4.11 |c| us. |ncrcfcrc. na|c ctcru cffcr| |c cn|cr |na| rcs|. sc |na| nc
cnc ui|| fa|| ou fc||cuing |ncir cxanp|c cf discocdicncc.
]cnn 15.2 Hc cu|s cff ctcru orancn in nc |na| ocars nc frui|. uni|c ctcru
orancn |na| dccs ocar frui| nc pruncs sc |na| i| ui|| oc ctcn ncrc frui|fu|.
1 Pc| 1.6-7 |n |nis ucu grca||u rcjcicc. |ncugn ncu fcr a |i|||c uni|c ucu
nau natc nad |c suffcr gricf in a|| |inds cf |ria|s. Tncsc natc ccnc sc |na|
ucur fai|n--cf grca|cr ucr|n |nan gc|d. unicn pcrisncs ctcn |ncugn rcfincd
ou firc--nau oc prctcd gcnuinc and nau rcsu|| in praisc. g|cru and ncncr
uncn ]csus Cnris| is rctca|cd.
I AM : M. M. NInan

]cnn 15.16 Ycu did nc| cnccsc nc. ou| | cncsc ucu and appcin|cd ucu |c
gc and ocar frui|--frui| |na| ui|| |as|. Tncn |nc |a|ncr ui|| gitc ucu
una|ctcr ucu as| in nu nanc.
Nolice lhal Cod vanls eveiv nan lo piospei. ßul il is onIv vhen
one alide in Hin viII ve le nade vhoIe as a nankind.
Theie aie nanv olhei insighls possilIe fion lhis anaIogv and nosl
connenlaiies give exceIIenl sludies in lhis iegaid. Heie is an
oulIine, vhich I have galheied.

VIncvard Church, Thc Wnr!d
IiuilfuI lianches Sainls in lhe chuich, lhe iighleous
unfiuilfuI lianches
noninaI Chiislians vho Iive a
defealed Iife, uniighleous
I AM : M. M. NInan

Iiuning lv Cod
Cod puiifving his peopIe lv
affIiclions - consequence of sin
To dveII undei lhe vine and liee
is an enlIen of doneslic
happiness and peace,
Micah 4:4 Lveiv nan viII sil
undei his ovn vine and undei his
ovn fig liee, and no one viII
nake lhen afiaid, foi lhe LORD
AInighlv has spoken.
Ron 8:1 Theiefoie, lheie is nov no
condennalion foi lhose vho aie in
Chiisl Iesus,
Ron 8:2 lecause lhiough Chiisl
Iesus lhe Iav of lhe Spiiil of Iife sel
ne fiee fion lhe Iav of sin and
Iesus piovides lhis pioleclion lv his
lIood. Theie is safelv in laking
iefuge in Hin
vinevaids aie suiiounded lv a
vaII oi hedge in oidei lo keep oul
lhe viId loais, Is 8O:13:
One of lhe dulv of lhe chuich as an
inslilulion is lo keep lhe nenleis
fion lhe assauIl of lIasphenv and
heiesv fion oulside lhe chuich.
IackaIs and foxes. Nu 22:24: Ne
4:3: So 2:15: Lze 13:4,5: Ml 21:33:
InleinaI squallIes` Il is lhe IillIe
foxes lhal spoiIs lhe vine.
Ils iich cIusleis lhe giaces of lhe chuich SoIonon 7:8
Ils quick giovlh
lhe giovlh of sainls in giace Hosea
The slones caiefuIIv galheied oul
of lhe vinevaid Isaiah 5:2
InleinaI veeding piocess vilhin lhe
Collages aie luiIl foi lhe keepeis
inside lhe vinevaid Isaiah 1:8

IIaces of heIp vilhin lhe chuich
Iiovided vilh lhe appaialus foi
naking vine Isaiah 5:2 Mallhev

nake piovision foi lhe infiIIing of
lhe HoIv Spiiil
I AM : M. M. NInan

UnfiuilfuI lhe vicked Hosea 1O:1
WoilhIessness of ils vood
The vood of, fil onIv foi luining
Lzek 15:2-3 "Son of nan, hov is
lhe vood of a vine lellei lhan
lhal of a lianch on anv of lhe
liees in lhe foiesl` Is vood evei
laken fion il lo nake anvlhing
usefuI` Do lhev nake pegs fion
il lo hang lhings on`
UnfiuilfuI Iife is a vasled Iife.
Nol lo le pIanled vilh diffeienl
kinds of seed Deuleiononv 22:9
Lach chuich shouId have ils ovn
lheoIogv. Do nol liv lo nix lhen.
The fiuil of nev vine shouId nol
le ealen lv lhe ovneis liII lhe
fiflh veai Levilicus 19:25
The fiuil of nev vine shouId nol
lo le ealen foi lhiee veais
Levilicus 19:23
The fiuil of nev vine is lo le hoIv
lo lhe Loid in lhe fouilh veai
Levilicus 19:24
This piolalIv iefeis lo lhe naluiing
peiiod of nev Chiislians. Thev nav
nol le expecled lo leach. Iusl as lhe
vine needs line lo naluie and liing
fiuil, eveiv Chiislian needs lo
naluie lefoie lhev liing foilh fiuil.
Sliangeis enleiing lhe vinevaid
aie aIIoved lo eal lhe fiuil of vine
fieeIv, lul lhev nav nol caiiv anv
avav fion lhe vinevaid.
Deuleiononv 23:24
IeopIe nav cone inlo lhe chuich lo
feed lhenseIves. ßul lhev nav nol
lake anv food oulside oi anv
nenlei oul of lhe chuich. No
chuich shouId lake in anolhei
peison fion a diffeienl chuich, noi
pionpl lo do so.
I AM : M. M. NInan


The vinlage, is a season of geneiaI feslivilv, legan in Seplenlei.
The lovns veie deseiled as aII lhe connunilv Iefl lheii hones and
lhe peopIe Iived anong lhe vinevaids in lhe Iodges and lenls. The
giapes veie galheied vilh shouls of jov lv lhe "giape galheieis,"
(Iei 25:3O) and pul inlo laskels. Thev veie lhen caiiied on lheii
head and shouIdeis, oi sIung upon a voke, lo lhe vinepiess.
Winepiess vas a pIace of dancing and neiiinenl vheie aII lhe
connunilv look pail. Young look lheii liides al lhal line. Il is
haivesl line and look pIace eveiv veai. Six veais lhev haivesled
lheii fiuils. Al lhe end of lhe sixlh veai vas lhe liggesl haivesl of
aII. Theie vouId le doulIe haivesl
Rct 14.18 S|i|| anc|ncr angc|. unc nad cnargc cf |nc firc. canc frcn |nc
a||ar and ca||cd in a |cud tcicc |c nin unc nad |nc snarp sic||c. 'Ta|c
ucur snarp sic||c and ga|ncr |nc c|us|crs cf grapcs frcn |nc car|n's tinc.
occausc i|s grapcs arc ripc.'
This is lhe gieal iapluie, vhen Chiisl lakes his liide hone in
ponp and spIendoi, in jov and neiiinenl.
1 Ccr 15.51-52 |is|cn. | |c|| ucu a nus|cru. lc ui|| nc| a|| s|ccp. ou| uc
ui|| a|| oc cnangcd-- in a f|asn. in |nc |uin||ing cf an cuc. a| |nc |as|
|runpc|. |cr |nc |runpc| ui|| scund. |nc dcad ui|| oc raiscd inpcrisnao|c.
and uc ui|| oc cnangcd.
Rct 19.7-8 |c| us rcjcicc and oc g|ad and gitc nin g|cru! |cr |nc ucdding
cf |nc |ano nas ccnc. and nis oridc nas nadc ncrsc|f rcadu. |inc |incn.
orign| and c|can. uas gitcn ncr |c ucar.' (|inc |incn s|ands fcr |nc
rign|ccus ac|s cf |nc sain|s.)
I AM : M. M. NInan

Rct 21.2-4 | sau |nc Hc|u Ci|u. |nc ncu ]crusa|cn. ccning dcun cu| cf
ncatcn frcn Gcd. prcparcd as a oridc ocau|ifu||u drcsscd fcr ncr nusoand.
And | ncard a |cud tcicc frcn |nc |nrcnc sauing. 'Ncu |nc duc||ing cf
Gcd is ui|n ncn. and nc ui|| |itc ui|n |ncn. Tncu ui|| oc nis pccp|c. and
Gcd ninsc|f ui|| oc ui|n |ncn and oc |ncir Gcd. Hc ui|| uipc ctcru |car
frcn |ncir cucs. Tncrc ui|| oc nc ncrc dca|n cr ncurning cr cruing cr
pain. fcr |nc c|d crdcr cf |nings nas passcd auau.'
Then cones lhe sevenlh veai - lhe sallalicaI veai vhen no Iand is
liIIed noi pIanled.
|ct 25.2-6 'Spca| |c |nc |srac|i|cs and sau |c |ncn. 'lncn ucu cn|cr |nc
|and | an gcing |c gitc ucu. |nc |and i|sc|f nus| coscrtc a Saooa|n |c |nc
|ORD. .3 |cr six ucars scu ucur fic|ds. and fcr six ucars prunc ucur
tincuards and ga|ncr |ncir crcps. 8u| in |nc sctcn|n ucar |nc |and is |c
natc a Saooa|n cf rcs|. a Saooa|n |c |nc |ORD. Dc nc| scu ucur fic|ds cr
prunc ucur tincuards. Dc nc| rcap una| grcus cf i|sc|f cr nartcs| |nc
grapcs cf ucur un|cndcd tincs. Tnc |and is |c natc a ucar cf rcs|.
lna|ctcr |nc |and uic|ds during |nc Saooa|n ucar ui|| oc fccd fcr ucu--fcr
ucursc|f. ucur nanscrtan| and naidscrtan|. and |nc nircd ucr|cr and
|cnpcraru rcsidcn| unc |itc ancng ucu. Ccnsccra|c |nc fif|ic|n ucar and
prcc|ain |iocr|u |nrcugncu| |nc |and |c a|| i|s innaoi|an|s. || sna|| oc a
juoi|cc fcr ucu. cacn cnc cf ucu is |c rc|urn |c nis fani|u prcpcr|u and
cacn |c nis cun c|an.
|ct 25.11-14 Tnc fif|ic|n ucar sna|| oc a juoi|cc fcr ucu. dc nc| scu and dc
nc| rcap una| grcus cf i|sc|f cr nartcs| |nc un|cndcd tincs. |cr i| is a
juoi|cc and is |c oc nc|u fcr ucu. ca| cn|u una| is |a|cn dircc||u frcn |nc
fic|ds. ''|n |nis Ycar cf ]uoi|cc ctcrucnc is |c rc|urn |c nis cun prcpcr|u.
''|f ucu sc|| |and |c cnc cf ucur ccun|runcn cr ouu anu frcn nin.
This is lhe peiiod vhen lhe chuich is laken avav. Theie aie no
Ialoieis on lhe eailh. ßul lheie viII a haivesl. The sponlaneous
I AM : M. M. NInan

haivesl viII le haivesled as lhev aie. Thus shaII lhe eIecl ieluin
unlo lheii oiiginaI eslale inlo fuII hunanilv.
Then lhe son of nan viII appeai foi aII lhe nalions vilh his liide,
lhe chuich. Isaiah desciiles lhis second coning lhus:
|sa 63.1-3 lnc is |nis ccning frcn |dcn. frcn 8czran. ui|n nis
garncn|s s|aincd crinscn? lnc is |nis. rcocd in sp|cndcr. s|riding
fcruard in |nc grca|ncss cf nis s|rcng|n? '|| is |. spca|ing in
rign|ccusncss. nign|u |c satc.' lnu arc ucur garncn|s rcd. |i|c |ncsc cf
cnc |rcading |nc uincprcss? '| natc |rcddcn |nc uincprcss a|cnc. frcn |nc
na|icns nc cnc uas ui|n nc. | |ranp|cd |ncn in nu angcr and |rcd |ncn
dcun in nu ura|n. |ncir o|ccd spa||crcd nu garncn|s. and | s|aincd a||
nu c|c|ning.
|sa 63.4 |cr |nc dau cf tcngcancc uas in nu ncar|. and |nc ucar cf nu
rcdcnp|icn nas ccnc.
The dav of lhe vengeance has cone. The gieal vhile lhione is nov
When Iesus opened his ninisliv, his nanifeslo slaled:
|u|c 4.18-9 'Tnc Spiri| cf |nc |crd is cn nc. occausc nc nas ancin|cd nc
|c prcacn gccd ncus |c |nc pccr. Hc nas scn| nc |c prcc|ain frccdcn fcr
|nc priscncrs and rccctcru cf sign| fcr |nc o|ind. |c rc|casc |nc cpprcsscd.
|c prcc|ain |nc ucar cf |nc |crd's fatcr.'
In his second coning lhe ienaining poilion of Isaiah´s piophecv
viII le fuIfiIIed adding
|sa 61.1-2 Tnc Spiri| cf |nc Sctcrcign |ORD is cn nc. occausc |nc
|ORD nas ancin|cd nc |c prcacn gccd ncus |c |nc pccr. Hc nas scn| nc
I AM : M. M. NInan

|c oind up |nc orc|cnncar|cd. |c prcc|ain frccdcn fcr |nc cap|itcs and
rc|casc frcn dar|ncss fcr |nc priscncrs. |c prcc|ain |nc ucar cf |nc |crd's
fatcr and |nc dau cf tcngcancc cf cur Gcd. |c ccnfcr| a|| unc ncurn.
This Isaiah conpaies vilh lhe lieading of lhe vinepiess.
WiII vou le confoiled oi viII vou le lhe laigel of lhe vengeance of
oui Cod`