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Conguess of the United States ‘Blashington, DE 20510 anuaty 17,2019 President Donald J. Trump ‘The White House ‘Washington, DC 20500 Dear President Trump: ‘We write to express our deep concem regarding the harmful impacts the current government shutdown i having ‘on the ability of American to afford ther homes. This paral shutdown isundermining both the sho-trm operations tnd longterm viability of our affordable housing programs that serve ove four million Americans, the majonty of whom are seniors and peopl wit disabilities living on fixed income. For the sake of the families whose homes are st take, we urge you to end the shutdown and protect the American people. ‘An immediate result ofthe shutdown is thatthe Deparment of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has been ‘orced to seramble to find funds to renew federal contacts for 650 project based rental assistance properties, housing tens ‘of thousands of low-income renters, that have expired since the goverameat shutdown began, Additional contracts will ‘expire later in January and February, should the shutdown continue, a HUD does not have funding to renew contracts ‘while the governments shut own, HUD proposes tht private owners us ther individual funding reserves, where Available, to cover shortfalls. The longer the shutdown continues, the more untenable this guidance becomes, Additionally, the shutdown wil delay public housing auhortes fom receiving funding to help address pressing capital needs, such as fixing boilers and repairing leaking roo. Funding is also dwindling for grants that support developmental projects and programs in local communities that depend on such funding to serve low-income families. Finally, the lapse in federal funding is curbing economic growth as more Americans are unable to purchase homes due to the Federal Housing Authority's (FHA) delay in processing leans. ‘The American people should not be sed a leverage, oF beheld hostage, to fulfill apolitical agenda The longer this shutdown extends, the more harm will be done o seniors, families with children, people with disabilities, and other ‘Americans wio rely on these programs. We urge you to end this shutdown and prove immediate relief to Americans being impacted by his funding crisis. In these times of uncertainty and terion, we mist continue to prioritize the ‘American people, We owe itt the people we serve to choose their best inerest over pois. Mb © More CA NESEY ‘MARK R. WARNER Member of United States Senstor Sincerely, Cy Ga ‘CHRISTOPHER A. COONS “United Sass Senator ‘PATRICK LEAHY ‘United States Senstor DIANNE FEINSTEIN ‘Unite States Senator ‘BERNARD SANDERS — United States Senator MARTIN HEINRICH United States Senator Bee A ‘SHAHEEN ‘United States Senator mane RORO Ue Stas Senor MARIA CANTWELL. United States Senator MICHAEL’T DENNET United States Senator ‘chikls YAN FOLtl United States Senator e Clemens ia Z United States Se /ELIZADETIT WARREN nator United States Senator BENJAMIN L. CARDIN ‘United Sas Senator ‘DEF we “United States Sensor TACKY ROSEN United States Senator Vaan United States Senator