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1. Sexuality: a feminist issue? 5

2. Abortion in Sri Lanka in the Context of Women's 10
Human Rights

3. Revisiting the debate on abortion law 21

4. Let Women Decide: some feminist perspectives on the 23
‘Abortion Debate’

5. Medical Paternalism: the price to pay for women’s 28
reproductive autonomy?

6. A Womb of One’s Own: life, abortion and motherhood 33
in Sri Lanka

7. Keeping our focus on the abortion bill 36

8. Why we need to bridge the gap between sex workers’ 40
movements and abortion rights activism

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1. Sexuality:
A Feminist Issue?
Exploring the reasons why many women
fear their own sexuality

The control of female sexuality is a critical element of patriarchy. In
primitive societies, once the connection between reproduction and
the male was discovered, the need to "own" and "control" the woman’s
reproductive capacity as well as the fruits of her womb became an
integral part of male "being."

At times one senses that there was also a fear, sometimes an awe, of
female sexuality and fertility, in many communities, through time. This
is obvious when one looks at a range of traditions, cultural practices,
customs and religious injunctions that address the need to keep women
under male control. The portrayal of woman as the Madonna and as the
whore created a dichotomy which we still see reflected in works of art,
literature, the cinema; the creation of stereotypes of the "good" woman
as opposed to the "bad" woman. The bad woman is usually the one who
is free with her sexuality, and sometimes with her "sexual favors"; she
is "sexy," while the "good" woman is chaste, virginal, and asexual.

In more recent times, the discussion about sexuality has become
focused on alternative sexual practices. In some fora, speaking about
sexuality has become synonymous with speaking about lesbians. Yet, in
actual fact, the concept of sexuality encompasses a wide range of sexual
behaviour and practice that is "alternative" to the dominant mode. It
could include homosexuals, gays and lesbians; but certainly also, from
the point of view of the struggle for sexual self-determination and
sexual autonomy of women, this category could include single women,
widows, celibates. Some of these women have been "prohibited" from
having sex by the state, by religion or by the community-on the basis
that they are too young, too old, married, unmarried, virgins who must


guard their hymen since it is the most valuable object they possess.
Some could be women who have decided not to have sex with men,
and others could be women who have decided not to have sex at all. All
of them are women who defy mainstream sexual codes and patterns
of behaviour and are therefore particularly vulnerable to punishment.
Sexual transgression is a heinous crime in most of our societies today.

I have recently been working on the issue of the reflection of female
sexuality in the Sinhala cinema. I am developing the thesis that in this
cinematic genre, there are only four alternatives open to a woman who
dares to transgress the boundaries of community taboos about sex:
She can go mad, she can commit suicide, she can be killed, or she can
join religious orders. In film after film, I watch endless women going
mad, killing themselves, being killed, or becoming a nun. The penalty
for expressing one’s sexuality is most severe.

What constitutes sexuality ? Sexual practice, certainly. Sexual
preference. Who you have sex with, and how. Sexual desire. Sexual
pleasure. How you derive sexual pleasure and what your sexual
fantasies are. What you dream of when you dream about sex. Who do
you find "sexy," and why.

The tension between pleasure and danger is a powerful one in women’s
lives. The exercise of our sexuality can be pleasurable, a joyous
exploration; it can also be fraught with guilt, repression and sanction.
The negative side of our sexuality is that which victimises us, which
makes us vulnerable to all forms of sexual exploitation and abuse,
such as rape and incest and bondage against our will. This vulnerability
makes us aware, sometimes too aware, of the potential dangers of
exercising our sexuality. The threat of sexual attack is one of the most
powerful tools of control of women in contemporary society.

This element of danger has terrible consequences for us as women.
We grow to fear our own sexuality. We learn to deny our own capacity
for pleasure. Why is the female orgasm so mysterious, and why is it
so elusive for some women? Why does it evade so many women for all
their life? Is it because our bodies have been so well trained and our
minds so well fettered that we simply cannot experience that moment
of climax, of absolute abandonment?
Because our sexual desires are so well hidden and so cleverly masked


by social norms and "acceptable" forms of behaviour, they lie deep in our
psyche, emerging only in our dreams. We fantasise about sex but most
of us would never admit it, not even to ourselves. Because "good" women
don’t do THAT! Oral sex was a taboo subject a century ago. Today it is
quite an accepted part of sexual practice. Anal sex is perhaps still a bit
dicey; after all, sodomy remains on many of our law books as a criminal
offense. Gay and lesbian sex is titillating to the nonhomosexual; the
numbers of so-called straight (heterosexual) people who enjoy gay and
lesbian erotica is revealing in itself. How many of us harbour a desire to
have sex with someone of our own sex, or to have sex in what would be
to us, in our own context, an unorthodox way? Most disturbing to many
of us is sadomasochism in sex. Hurt? Pain? We seem incredulous,
but indeed pain and pleasure are also quite intimately connected
sensations. Bondage, beating, tantalising, using "mild" forms of torture-
are these "allowed" forms of sexual behaviour? And what about that
most thorny question of all? What about pornography? Why has the
production and reproduction of images of sexual behaviour become a
globally marketable commodity? All these are issues related to our own
perception of sexuality.

The other critical area of discussion relating to sexuality is the way in
which certain types of sexual practice and behaviour are privileged over
others, by social and cultural norms that are based on the acceptance
of certain forms of social and economic stratification and hierarchy.
For example, sex within marriage is sanctioned by the law, therefore
by the state, and also by religion and by the community. Sex outside
marriage is still taboo in many societies; the nuclear family remains the
norm as does the belief that sex must of necessity be for procreation.
The idea of sex for pleasure, of sex unrelated to, and independent
from reproduction is still an outrageous one for many communities,
although the development of contraceptives in this century has for the
first time in human history created a space in the human existence for
nonprocreative sex. The premium placed on virginity, the condemnation
of premarital and extramarital sex, as well as the criminalising of
certain forms of sexual practice including homosexuality, all point to
the difficulties experienced by us and by our societies in accepting and
appreciating the variety of human sexualities that are around us and
are an integral part of those we live with and love.
Within the women’s movement, the issue of sexuality has been a
difficult area of discussion. Feminists who were ready to challenge


many stereotypes and to defy the norms of monogamous marriage and
the nuclear family, were, at least right up to the early 1980s, reluctant
to take on issues of sexuality as a part of our own agenda. Part of it
was, perhaps, self-interest. By the mid-1980s, we had achieved a certain
degree of acceptance and recognition that we didn’t want to endanger by
raising troublesome and controversial issues. We wanted some space in
which to enjoy the fruits of our labour. We feared the backlash from the
conservative and right-wing groups who viewed unfettered sexuality as
an aberration, as flying in the face of God. We didn’t want to be called
lesbians. We wanted to enter the mainstream as legitimate actors in
the male world. In our desire to break the glass ceiling, we forgot many
of our sisters-the one who were as oppressed by class differences, by
racism, or by compulsory heterosexuality as they were by patriarchy.
Our theoretical and conceptual understanding of patriarchy extended
to an understanding of the ways in which it interacted with other axes
of power such as capitalism and various ideologies of racial or ethnic
supremacy. However, it didn’t really include any deep understanding
of differences within and among women. Our belief in sisterhood and
solidarity proved to be very deceptive.

Our inability to really evolve feminist ways of dealing with difference,
whether it was between women and men, or between women and
women during this period of our history has created certain divisions
among us that are very visible and problematic even today.

In 1984, Carol Vance asked a series of questions:
• are male and female sexual natures essentially different or the
product of specific historical and cultural conditions?
• has women’s sexuality been muted by repression, or is it wholly
different from men’s?
• does the source of sexual danger to women lie in an intrinsically
aggressive or violent male nature, or in the patriarchal conditions
that socialise male sexuality to aggression and female sexuality to
compliance and submission ?
• how can male sexual violence be reduced or eliminated ?
• how does the procreative possibility of sex enter into women’s
experience of sexuality?

should feminism be promoting maximum or minimum differentiation
in the sexual sphere, and what shape should either vision take?


These questions remain valid even today, fifteen years after. In fact,
in a world in which we face the AIDS epidemic, the development of
movements for gay and lesbian rights, the visibility of homosexuals
in many modern societies, whether with sanction or without it, many
of our assumptions about sexuality and sexual practice are being
challenged in a very fundamental way. We are being pushed to consider
the issue of difference within the feminist movements worldwide, and
to deal with it. Our right to sexual autonomy has been recognised and
hotly debated in international fora such as the Fourth World Conference
on Women.

Today, we live in a world where it is accepted that there are various forms
of family; it is accepted that women and men have reproductive and
sexual RIGHTS to engage in sex free from discrimination, coercion and
violence; it is accepted that many diverse forms of sexual practice can
coexist harmoniously if there is tolerance and respect for the inherent
dignity of the human person.

It is in this spirit that the feminist movement must continue with its
dialogue on sexuality, building bridges with lesbians and other women
who live lives of sexual nonconformity and are marginalised and
ostracised because of their courageous choices.
SEXUALITY: "A technicolour spectrum of biology, experience, psychology, behaviour, so-
ciety, ideation. The spectrum starts with the more social, shades imperceptibly into the
psychological and lastly becomes biological; gender role, sexual activity, sensuality, sex-
ual orientation, fantasy, pleasure, desire, gender identity, reproduction. (Muriel Dimen
1981, 66) Source: Amazons, Bluestockings and Crones: A Feminist Dictionary, 1992.

LESBIANISM: is a woman’s choice to give women primacy in her life-emotionally, person-
ally, politically. (Rita Mae Brown 1976, 90) Source: Amazons, Bluestockings and Crones: A
Feminist Dictionary, 1992.
HETEROSEXUALITY: A sexual feeling for a person (or persons) of the opposite sex, a feeling
experienced and enjoyed by some women and some men. Source: Amazons, Bluestock-
ings and Crones: A Feminist Dictionary, 1992; sexual feeling or behavior directed toward
a person or persons of the opposite sex. Source: Random House Unabridged Dictionary,

HOMOSEXUALITY: A sexual feeling for a person (or persons) of the same sex, a feeling
experienced and enjoyed by some women and some men. Source: Amazons, Bluestock-
ings and Crone: A Feminist Dictionary, 1992s; sexual desire or behavior directed toward a
person or persons of one’s own sex. Source:Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 1996.

This article originally appeared in Women in Action (1:1999)


2. Abortion in Sri Lanka in
the Context of Women's
human rights

This paper analyses, from the perspective of women’s human rights,
an unsuccessful attempt to amend the abortion law in the Penal Code
of Sri Lanka in 1995. The Parliamentary debate brought to the surface a
number of contentious issues relating to women’s right to control their
sexuality and reproductive capacities, in which women were variously
assumed to be promiscuous and conniving, or vulnerable and needing
protection. Some members of parliament resorted to arguments based
on cultural, religious or traditional differences regarding the origin and
sanctity of life, to justify their opposition to abortion and support other
discriminatory practices in relation to women. Others spoke in favour of
gender equality and the need to address abortion as a public health and
social issue, but few addressed the human rights aspects of this issue.
The coming together of conservative religious and political opinions
against women’s right to control their sexuality and reproduction
in this debate, is of grave concern. This paper argues that a human
rights framework, with its emphasis on equality and universality, is
appropriate for conceptualising and working for women’s right to

Under the Penal Code of 1883, abortion in Sri Lanka is a criminal
offence except when performed to save the life of the woman.
Women's groups in Sri Lanka have been campaigning for a number of
reforms in existing laws on abortion, rape and divorce for more than
a decade. In 1991, the government began the process of drafting a
Women's Charter, largely based on the Convention on the Elimination
of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW). This process
involved consultations with a wide range of women's organisations,
who succeeded in having included in the section on health a reference
to women's right to control their reproductive function. The Charter

was presented to Parliament in March 1993, and was approved with
little debate. However, as late as March 1997, the Charter remained a
commitment on paper only.

CEDAW make it incumbent on the government to bring national law
in line with the principles set out in these instruments. As part of
this commitment, and in consultation with the Ministry for Women's
Affairs, the Ministry of Justice drafted a bill to amend relevant sections
of the Penal Code. A number of representatives of women's NGOs were
also involved in the initial discussions, but the bill as presented in
Parliament apparently did not reflect the views expressed in these

In September 1995, the Sri Lankan Minister of Justice, Professor GL
Peiris, moved the second reading of a bill to amend the Penal Code
in Parliament. This bill proposed the introduction of marital rape
and sexual harassment (including verbal harassment) as criminal
offences; expanded the penalties for rape; and brought incest, which
had previously been treated as an offence under the marriage laws,
under the Penal Code.

Although the original draft of this bill had contained a section relating to
the relaxation of restrictions on the medical termination of pregnancy,
in introducing the Bill the Minister stated that he had decided to delete
this section in its entirety. This move, he said, had been prompted by the
realisation that this was a very controversial matter. However, in spite
of this attempt to pre-empt any discussion on the issue of abortion,
many MPs did address it during the course of the Parliamentary debate,
although the amendment itself had been withdrawn.

The potential changes they were reacting to would have allowed
abortion in cases when conception takes place as a result of an act
of rape or incest, or in cases of fetal abnormality. Despite how limited
these changes would have been in terms of who was eligible for a legal
abortion, stringent safeguards to 'prevent misuse' of the law were also
included. For example, it was proposed that a certificate authorising
an abortion be issued only by a medical practitioner with postgraduate
qualifications in gynaecology and obstetrics, and that the abortion
itself be carried out by a different medical practitioner. The proposal
would also have required the abortion to be carried out in a government


hospital or registered nursing home.

The Parliamentary debate on abortion
The debate that took place in Parliament around the proposed
amendments to the Penal Code was a critical one. In Sri Lanka, legislative
enactment is the only available method of modifying the Penal Code.
The debate took place over two days, and lasted six hours. There were
no specific party positions on the issues being debated. Instead,
throughout the debate, MPs presented their own personal opinions,
coloured, of course, by their general attitudes towards women. These
attitudes ranged from seeing women as promiscuous, to conniving or

The debate reflected some of the most common perceptions and
misperceptions with regard to abortion and women's right to control
their bodies and their lives. One view was that women have a natural
tendency to be promiscuous and would 'run wild' given the opportunity,
a view that has been repeated time and again in abortion debates
around the world. John Amaratunga of the United National Party (UNP)
said, for example, that allowing any form of abortion would 'open the
floodgates' and that 'a mere certification from a medical officer which
entitles a person to resort to such an action would be made use of to
continue (it) in a bigger scale'.

Ms. Pulendran (UNP), said that the Hindu religion forbade the taking
of life, but her intervention focused mainly on male bias in society. For
example, she spoke of son preference and the problems created by tests
which revealed the sex of a fetus, and of male decision-making power
within the family. Liberalisation of abortion, in her view, would also
cause conflicts between men and women and weaken the institution
of the family, and was hence not desirable. She also said that relaxing
the controls on abortion would lead to promiscuity, especially among
the young.

Some of the Members conjured up images of women as conniving, sly
and deceitful. An example of this was Tyronne Fernando (UNP), who also
opposed the amendments. When questioned by Minister Peiris why
abortion should be denied to a woman who has been raped, his reply
was that any woman can get into the witness box in court and say she
has been raped. 'We know very well that half these stories are made up'.


Mr. Fernando also asked for the Evidence Ordinance to be amended,
so as to require allegations of sexual harassment to be supported by
corroborative testimony. Otherwise, he feared that women could use the
law to embarrass men and bring false charges against them. Another
UNP member, Mahinda Samarasinghe, argued for making some form
of medical evidence necessary as corroboration in cases of rape, to
prevent false accusations from being made (by women) in order to
victimise someone, or take revenge.

Even those who spoke in favour of the amendments tended to take
a paternalistic tone, portraying the amendments as meant to help
women who were weak and vulnerable, especially poor women. In
introducing the Bill, for instance, the Minister of Justice clearly stated
that the amendments being moved were proposed in order to protect
"'vulnerable" interests - namely women and children. He also spoke of
the need to respect 'the wishes, personality and self-esteem of women,
in the conditions of modern society'. The words 'protection', 'vulnerable'
and 'weak' recurred throughout the debate in references to women.

In his intervention, MP de Mel (UNP) also focused on women as a
weaker section of society and therefore in need of protection. He
spoke in favour of abortion, citing the large number of illegal and
unsafe abortions performed in Sri Lanka each year, and said that in
his opinion the legislation did not go far enough. Chamal Rajapakse,
of the People's Alliance, commented on the problems faced by poor
women with unwanted pregnancies and said that the laws regulating
abortion should be reviewed. MP Weerakoon, Lanka Sama Samaja Party
(LSSP) was also in favour of liberalising the abortion law. He pointed out
that poor women could not afford to wait - and risk death - while the
amendments were postponed.

Little support for abortion as a woman's right
There were a few voices in favour of abortion as important for women's
equality, but none claiming it as an unequivocal right. MP Tiruchelvam
(Tamil United Liberation Front) in his intervention referred to ‘new
and profound changes in contemporary mores and values relating
to gender equality, which must be reflected in the law'. He spoke of
four developments with regard to women's equality: a growing global
consciousness of the phenomenon of violence against women, the
growing sensitivity to reproductive rights, concern with the health


risks to which women are subjected due to unsafe abortions, and
discrimination on the basis of sexual preference. Speaking on the issue
of abortion, he mentioned the class biases of the present situation, in
which it is poor women who suffer the consequences of unsafe abortion,
and he urged a more humane and realistic regulatory framework.

Former Minister of Health and Women's Affairs, Renuka Herath (UNP), was
the only other woman MP who spoke on abortion. In her comments she
referred extensively to the Women's Charter, which was brought before
Parliament during her time. Overall, she sup-ported the amendments
to liberalise abortion, quoting a UN publication on the global abortion
situation. However, she noted that care should be taken to ensure that
such measures would not promote rape in society. In addition, she
defined the time limit during which abortion should be permitted as
'before the fetus was transformed from a collection of cells into a child'.
Ms Herath also supported stronger punitive measures against those
who commit violence against women, advocated sex education in
schools and measures to increase awareness that contraception was
essential if the problem of unwanted pregnancy was to be addressed.

Explicit mention of abortion as a human right of women was made by
only one Member, Mr. Perera (Sri Lanka Muslim Congress), who spoke
in favour of the proposed reforms and quoted Hillary Clinton that: 'The
rights that women are fighting for are none other than the rights that
are enjoyed by other human beings.' In his closing remarks, Mr. Perera
said that women's rights were taken for granted in rural areas and that
people in those areas would be receptive to the changes that had been

Anti-abortion views and respect for cultural difference
Many Parliamentarians also resorted to arguments based on cultural,
religious or traditional differences regarding the origin and sanctity
of life, to justify their opposition to abortion and support for other
discriminatory practices in relation to women. The Minister of Justice
himself, in his introduction of the amendments, spoke of the different
systems of personal law prevailing in the country and in particular, he
referred to the susceptibilities of the Muslim community. He observed

'It is difficult to conceive of absolute norms or principles which cut


across cultural distinctions. It sometimes becomes necessary to
recognise different standards and values applicable to different
sections of the community. That is a part and parcel of life in Sri
Lanka.... It is not possible to emulate uncritically legal development in
other countries. We have to take into account the cultural realities in
our own countries.... '

MP Azwer (UNP) invoked the Qur’an and the Bible in his opening
statement, and went on to affirm that: 'Life begins at conception. That
is God's work. We have no business to interfere.' In arguing against
abortion, Mr Azwer pointed out that many young men had died due to
violence and that there was a male-female imbalance in present day
Sri Lankan society. Any means used to restrict population growth, in
his view, would be negative. In passing, he also justified poly-gamy as
an Islamic response to any imbalance in the male-female population
ratios at particular points in history. He appealed to the House, and to
members of all religions, to remember that:

‘We have a culture. We have something called a decent upbringing.
When something like this happens in our villages we call them indecent
women, indecent girls. You must not give protection to that indecency.
That is against our traditions and our culture. All our religions are
opposed to this.'

Among other comments made by Mr Azwer were: 'What is rape in some
societies is not so in others.' With reference to rape in marriage, he said:
'The primary objective of marriage is procreation.'

John Amaratunga (UNP), said he was speaking as a representative
of the Catholic community, which constituted seven per cent of the
country's population. His contention was that any attempt to legalise
abortion 'will be strongly opposed by all sections of society' and would
affect 'the fundamentals of social life and cultural life of the people of
this country'. His argument was based on 'a belief in the sacredness
of life'. He said that 'not only Christians but also Buddhists, Muslims,
Hindus and all who believed in the supremacy of life' would oppose
such a proposal. Seconding Mr. Amaratunga's views, Tyronne Fernando
(IJNP) spoke of 'unborn children alive and kicking in sider the mother’s
womb’. Calling those who supported liberalising abortion legislation as
'Frankenstein monsters' he said that 'liberalising abortion legislation in


Sri Lanka would pave the way for euthanasia'. He argued that if abortion
is permitted, then suicide would have to be permitted too. According to
Ms. Pulendran (UNP), abortion was forbidden by the Hindu religion as

Minister CV Gooneratne (Sri Lanka Freedom Party), who pleaded for
viewing abortion as a social issue, nevertheless spoke of the need
to make changes in the law 'within the ambit of our culture...'. He
reassured the House that '...I am not for a moment suggesting to hurt
the susceptibilities of any particular religion or community.... We should
look at it as a social issue.'

Backing down in the face of pressure
The Sri Lankan government maintains a tenuous hold on power, with
the support of coalition partners from the minority religious and ethnic
communities. Consequently, there were clear political imperatives
which led the Minister of Justice to withdraw his proposal to amend
the law on abortion even before it came up on the floor. Even so, the
debate continued on abortion for a second day, along with proposals
to amend the law on marriage and divorce. In the course of the debate,
Minister Peiris commented that abortion reflected some 'intractable'
moral problems, and noted that the area of contention was 'between
those traditions that regard all life as being sacrosanct and those
voices that believed in the independence and autonomy of women and
of women's right to determine their own future.' The controversy had
made it clear to him that the matter required more attention. In spite of
a personal commitment to liberal principles of equality and justice, in
withdrawing the amendment, he said: 'We have tried to accommodate
different points of view, different religious convictions and different
cultural and moral traditions.' In the end, no one was willing to challenge
legal norms and values based on religious belief.

The coming together of conservative religious and political opinions
against women's right to control their sexuality and reproduction, as
reflected in this debate, is of grave concern for women in Sri Lanka. The
Muslim lobby, for example, were able to obtain many concessions from
the Minister in the course of the debate. It was agreed for example, to
maintain the existing age of marriage and consent for Muslim women
at 12 years of age. In addition, marital rape was not accepted as a
criminal offense except when a couple are judicially separated.


Abortion remains a criminal offence
In withdrawing the amendment to liberalise abortion, the Minister
of Justice expressed his personal commitment to decriminalising
abortion. In his view:

'Decriminalisation of abortion is a feature of evolving legal systems
in many parts of the world and I do not see any reason why Sri Lanka
should be out of step with that general development.'

Hence, he promised to introduce health legislation to address the issue
of abortion. This has not yet materialised. Since this sole Parliamentary
debate in 1995, abortion has continued to be a criminal offence in
Sri Lanka. In 1996, there were several cases in which women who had
obtained an abortion for themselves, as well as women who had helped
others to obtain an abortion, were prosecuted by the police. For example,
several people have been arrested for conducting abortions, including
two doctors in Kandy in February 1996 and one person in Gampaha in
December 1996. In September of 1996, UG Malkanthi of Kandy District
was sentenced to three months in prison (but given a suspended
sentence), and fined Rs 1000 for an attempted abortion. On the other
hand, in January 1997, the President of Sri Lanka set up a Special Task
Force on Health; women's groups are now investigating the possibility
of lobbying for abortion reform through this Task Force.

Biology and identity: abortion as a key area of women's rights
The discussion around the amendments to the Penal Code in Sri Lanka
brought to the surface a number of contentious matters relating to
women and their autonomy. Women's right to decide when and if they
have sexual relations with their spouse (in terms of the concept of
marital rape) and their right to control their reproductive capacities (in
terms of abortion) as well as their right to be recognised as individuals
and as members of a particular community, were all at issue in the
debates both inside and outside Parliament. These issues are relevant
not only to Sri Lankan women, but are manifest worldwide.

Abortion has always been an area of controversy in terms of the rights
discourse, especially when it has been posed as a conflict between
women's right to choose and the right to life of the fetus. Within most
legal frameworks, abortion is not conceived in terms of woman’s right
to self-determination. Instead, in many countries, including Sri Lanka,


it is viewed as a crime against the state. In the USA, where the women's
movement has fought many battles over issues around access to
abortion, arguments have often been based on the right to privacy. Thus,
in the USA women have been granted access to abortion as a privilege
accorded to each one of them as individuals, as the right to exercise
decision-making in private rather than the public and acknowledged
right of women to control their lives.

Looking at abortion in this way, as Catherine Mackinnon has pointed
out: '...has shielded the place of battery, marital rape and women's
exploited domestic labour. It has preserved the central institutions
whereby women are deprived of identity, autonomy, control and self-

The anomaly of applying different legal standards to public and private
life has been a part of South Asian existence since the colonial period,
when uniformity was ensured in terms of civil and criminal law, land
tenure, evidence and revenue. However, the colonial state refused to
intervene in matters relating to the family and to domestic disputes,
reinforcing the division between the public and private spheres. Today,
governments are technically bound by international human rights
laws and standards, which define equality as non- discrimination on
the basis of gender, among other factors, but in fact national laws,
like those of Sri Lanka, do not reflect the equality principle as regards
family relations.

Thus, in the public sphere, in the areas of political participation,
education and employment, minimum standards of equality are
prescribed and when these are not realised, can be challenged in the
courts. At the same time, with regard to other areas of life which require
litigation, including in the criminal law, no distinction is made on
the basis of religion or which ethnic community a person belongs to.
Murder is murder, regardless of creed.

The situation is still quite different from this, however, in the so-called
private sphere, with regard to matters pertaining to marriage, divorce,
maintenance, guardianship, custody, adoption and inheritance. The
legal norms that prevail from community to community, as Sara
Hossain points out, 'relegate the private sphere of home and the family
to an arena beyond Justice, regulated by a variable set of norms.' Thus,


as evidenced in the debate in Sri Lanka, religious and customary laws
may be invoked to impinge on women's rights and responsibilities
during marriage and its dissolution, and the right to abortion is rejected
out of hand.

In this context, finding the means in law to take women into account
in a way that acknowledges women's role as social and biological
reproducers of society, and respects women's bodily integrity and sexual
autonomy - and yet does not confine women because of their bodies -
remains a fundamental challenge to activism in this arena. The issue
is further complicated by the framework of religious and traditional (or
customary) norms and practices which endow patriarchal institutions
and social formations, in particular the family, with the ideological and
moral rationale for controlling and regulating women's sexuality and
for subordinating women at home, at work and in society at large.

Conceptualising abortion as a human right of women
The focus on women's sexual and reproductive rights is a development
in contemporary women's activism that has brought two major areas
of debate on women's human rights together. On the one hand, there is
a call to examine women's right to control their sexual and reproductive
functions, which challenges existing assumptions about the division
of the world into public and private spheres, with the private sphere
continuing to be viewed as the arena into which the state and law-
making cannot enter.

On the other hand, there are issues of identity, culture and minority
rights from a perspective of universality and the need to evolve
acceptable common standards for human behaviour. Here, the focus
is on the dynamic between universality and cultural specificity; on the
one hand, human rights activists argue against the use of ‘culture',
‘tradition' and 'custom' to justify blatant discrimination against women.
On the other hand, they also stand firmly for the rights of all minority
ethnic, religious and other communities to express their identities with
dignity and respect.

The linking of women's health issues to a human rights framework has
challenged many existing assumptions on issues such as abortion and
provided invaluable tools for challenging two forms of discrimination
at once. Within the framework of this debate, as the discussions in Sri


Lanka have illustrated, abortion continues to be a highly controversial
and contentious issue. It demands that a subject which has for
centuries been considered entirely private, immoral and shameful is
brought into public view and that public funds are spent to ensure that
women can have access to safe, inexpensive abortion procedures. It also
demands that respect for women as human beings overrides respect
for women as members of particular religious and cultural groups or
ethnic communities. The central dilemma is to encompass women's
unique ability to become pregnant within a framework in which women
are entitled to be treated as full and equal human beings. Centuries of
unequal treatment on the basis of our capacity to reproduce need to be
overcome as women stake this claim.

An earlier version of this paper was presented to the Fifth National
Convention on Women's Studies organised by the Centre for Women's
Research (CENWOR), Sri Lanka, March 1996.

i Hansard Sri Lanka, 19 and 20 September 1995.
ii Mackinnon CM, 1989. Towards a Feminist Theory of the State. Harvard University Press,
Cambridge (USA).
iii Hossain S, 1994. Equality in the home: women's rights and personal laws in South Asia.
Human Rights and Women. R Cook (ed). University of Pennsylvania Press, Philadelphia.


3. Revisiting the debate on
abortion law

In August this year, Sri Lanka’s Cabinet approved a draft Bill allowing
abortion under two circumstances — when the foetus is diagnosed with
a lethal congenital malformation or when the pregnancy is caused by

Seen by many as a potentially significant reform to the country’s
existing law, which permits abortion only to save a woman’s life, the
move sparked a spontaneous debate. Views were divided mostly along
the lines of religion, public and maternal health, and women’s sexual
and reproductive rights — in that order of visibility and prominence.
This is not the first time the country is trying to liberalise its existing
law under the Penal Code of 1883. While earlier efforts to broaden
the Colonial-era legislation failed, they triggered key debates around
abortion in Sri Lanka.

Referring to a parliamentary debate in the 1990s, Sri Lankan human
rights activist and scholar Sunila Abeysekera wrote in her paper titled
‘Abortion in Sri Lanka in the context of women’s human rights’ in 1997:
"The coming together of conservative religious and political opinions
against women’s right to control their sexuality and reproduction, as
reflected in this debate, is of grave concern for women in Sri Lanka."

The terms of the debate have barely shifted in the 20 years since,
going by Human Rights Commission Chairperson Deepika Udagama’s
recent observation that public policy on health matters should not be
allowed to be dictated by religious lobbyists. "The Commission respects
the religious views and freedom of speech of everybody, but these are
issues that ought not to be decided on the basis of religious beliefs,"
she said, according to a report in the State-run Daily News.
Days after the Cabinet decision, the Catholic Bishops Conference of Sri

Lanka voiced its opposition. Their counterparts among Buddhist and
Muslim organisations joined the chorus. As opposition grew louder,
doctors from the Health Ministry briefed a group of religious leaders
representing different faiths. The photograph of the meeting, which
appeared in newspapers, was heavily criticised on social media by
those who found a room full of men discussing the issue ironic. Not
surprisingly, the proposed Bill was put on hold.

Broader questions
However, the debate has raised some broader questions for those on
either side of it to consider. One pertains to the question of "choice" in
maternal and public health. What does choice mean when access to
safe abortions is limited to those who can afford them? Health Ministry
officials note that 658 illegal abortions are performed in the country
every day. Sri Lanka has the lowest maternal mortality ratio — the
number of maternal deaths per 100,000 live births in a given period —
in the region. It was 32 in 2013. At the same time, 10% to 12% of maternal
deaths in Sri Lanka are reportedly due to unsafe abortion. Experts in
the field of community medicine note that while maternity services
are available for free in the public health sector, the legal implications
of abortion virtually prevent government hospitals from offering the
service. The private sector, however, offers it stealthily, public health
practitioners observe.

Another question is to do with how the woman, her health and her
choice figure in these debates? "Finding the means in law to take
women into account in a way that acknowledges women’s role as social
and biological reproducers of society, and respects women’s bodily
integrity and sexual autonomy — and yet does not confine women
because of their bodies — remains a fundamental challenge to activism
in this arena," Ms. Abeyesekera wrote in 1997. It still does.


4. Let Women Decide: Some
Feminist Perspectives on the
‘Abortion Debate’

At this moment in Sri Lanka, ‘the abortion debate’ has sprung up once
again; with the cabinet purportedly attempting to pass a bill which
would legalize abortions for women under two circumstances[1] – if the
woman is a victim of rape or if the foetus is detected to have ‘Lethal
Congenital Malformation’. The Sri Lankan Penal Code of 1883 (yes,
that’s right, that’s the year our criminal law is from: 1883) criminalizes
all attempts to abort a foetus, including assisting in an abortion –
other than when a physician performs an abortion to save the life of the
woman – which would of course have to be duly proven.

Sections 303-306 of the Penal Code of Sri Lanka detail this law, and
even goes so far as to say, ‘It is not essential to this offence that the
offender should know that the act is likely to cause death.’

This Penal Code – that part of our colonial inheritance – has seen
the rare amendment, but never in these sections. The ‘abortion
debate’ has risen and fallen multiple times over the last few decades,
most significantly in 1997 when there was a push similar to this for
amendment. There have been objections and blocks right along, often
arising from religious institutions. Just some weeks ago our ‘religious
leaders’ said, almost unanimously it would seem, ‘No’.[2]

Many positions on abortion have been re-established via media reports;
several opinion pieces have emerged (I speak only of the English) –
particularly interesting to me are the ones coming from those seemingly
pro-choice, all of which attempt to unpack the moral and philosophical
layers of the discourse around abortion and abortion law. Several of


these pieces provide traditional Liberal modes of analysis such as
offering up ‘better sex education’ or greater access to information
around sex and contraception, and greater access to contraceptives as
solutions to the ‘problem’ that is abortion.

None of the articles, of this recent spate, as far as I can tell, in the
mainstream press or otherwise, have addressed what I believe is the
elephant in the room: the patriarchal history of the criminalization
of abortion universally, as a method by which the institutions of
patriarchal power (the state, the church etc) asserted their control
over women’s bodies, sexualities, and sexual lives. Fundamentally, it
was a method to limit women’s autonomy and to trap women in these
systems – to enforce a reality in which women are reproductive vessels
who belong not to themselves but to their husbands, their families,
communities and finally, to the state.

Only one article in English that I have read so far attempts to frame the
‘abortion debate’ as a women’s rights issue at all.[3]

It seems strange – and yet revealing – to me that even in 2017, when we
talk about abortion law, a large part of the conversation is dedicated
to handwringing debates on the morality or immorality of abortion
itself, while wholly excluding a more critical and analytical look at the
historical, cultural and political circumstances which gave us abortion
law to begin with and which continue to fuel abortion law even now.

None of these articles as far as I can tell, attempt to set this discussion
against the wider context of the historic arc of a range of other laws
which all sought to control decisions related to women’s sexuality
and reproductive choices – laws around the dissemination of, or
dissemination of information on, various kinds of contraception; laws
around women’s ability to autonomously choose delivery methods, like
caesareans – some of which are even in practice today[4] . If they did,
it would be hard to ignore that abortion laws were not introduced in a
vacuum, and are not upheld even today solely out of concern for the life
of the foetus.

These laws have historically been tools of control and often arose
almost directly as a response to various surges in movements for
women’s liberation.


When we do not address these things, we do not address the reality: that
the criminalization of abortion has proven to be a crisis for women’s
rights, women’s autonomy and women’s health everywhere. We do not
address the larger context within which, in Sri Lanka, we are fighting
for amendments to abortion law at this moment: a global shift to the
far-right, with things such as the ‘Global Gag Rule’ imposed by Trump[5]
putting the lives of scores of women in the Global South at risk.

It’s useful to note that, in keeping with tradition, Trump’s gross
declaration came days after the historic Women’s March of 21st January
2017 brought around 5 million people on to the streets across the world.

It is important to do this groundwork and interrogate our histories and
contexts to really understand what it is we want now. What are we fighting
for, when we call for amendments to this harsh law? As feminists, many
of us consider the amendments themselves deeply problematic – an
inadequate measure at best to win women some manoeuvring space
in dire circumstances. The amendments themselves do not centre the
autonomy of the woman and her ability to make decisions about her
own body, her sexuality and her health.

Instead, the proposed amendments could reinforce the idea that
women should first be victims of terrible circumstances before she can
be afforded her full human rights – in this case, she should either be
proven a victim of rape (and/or incest, statutory rape etc.), or have a
foetus so tragically malformed that it may not have chance for survival.
This ‘victim’ is a ‘poor, innocent’ woman, a victim of crime or a victim
of tragedy.

The other ‘ideal’ candidate for legal abortion – this framing given even by
many who are sincerely pro-choice – is, of course, ‘the married woman’.
The Good Married Woman, Already a Mother. She seeks abortions
because she is already the loving mother of three children and she and
her legally wedded husband have arrived at the decision together that
it would be complicated for them to have a fourth child.
Dinesha Samararatne writes, "Research on abortion in Sri Lanka
suggests that most abortion seekers are married"[6] and many of us
in the pro-choice wing are quick to use these findings to bolster our
arguments, because The State likes to hear that it is married women


who are seeking this service, not young, unmarried strumpets. In
principle, however, we must stand by every woman’s right to abortion
– even the strumpet’s! – whether she is married, unmarried, a victim of
rape or someone simply struggling with the problem of an unwanted
pregnancy acquired out of a consensual, pleasurable encounter.

We are well aware of the widely held attitudes and beliefs about
women who seek abortions which prevail within government. In an
essay documenting the 1997 process which sought to bring similar
amendments to this section of the Penal Code, S. Abeysekera wrote of
the parliamentary debate on this issue, "…throughout the debate, the
MPs presented their own personal opinions, coloured, of course, by their
general attitudes towards women. These attitudes ranged from seeing
women as promiscuous, to conniving or vulnerable." Unfortunately, not
much has changed today.

The medicalization of abortion as a strictly ‘health’ issue is another
conflict we have to navigate; previous proposals for amendment, and
this one as well, have all been framed medically and spearheaded
by those in the medical profession; women’s rights and women’s
autonomy are not at the helm of this framing but it is at least concerned
about the risks involved in subjecting women to illegal and unregulated
abortions. Socio-economic arguments are also made in this way, to say
that it is often women from low-income social groups who are most
vulnerable to unsafe abortions, as a result of criminalization.

However, while none of these formulations are ideal for many of us,
sometimes they’re all we’ve got. We have to be realistic and we have
to be strategic. So how do we proceed, especially those of us who are
women’s rights activists and advocates?

In her landmark essay ‘Sexuality: A Feminist Issue?’[7], Abeysekera wrote,
"The control of female sexuality is a critical element of patriarchy." This
is what we must pay attention to, when we create and shape discourses
around the legitimacy of decriminalizing abortion.
What is important at this juncture is to be able to push the conversations
about amendments to the law forward, in the way that they are being
proposed now, but to also always be able to bring the conversation back
to what is easily invisiblized: patriarchal systems of control, which
determine the pushes and pulls; we have to be able to centre women’s


autonomy in the debate. We have to be able to articulate seemingly
contradictory things together – while pushing for amendments to
lighten existing abortion law, we must – and will – continue to articulate
our desire for full decriminalization.

Furthermore, what is interesting for us to ponder is the default
heteronormative framing of our campaigns and advocacy around
‘reproductive justice’. I think it is our responsibility to consistently link
‘the abortion debate’ to a larger discourse around women’s sexualities
and the historic, patriarchal crusade to control women’s sexualities
– whether women are ‘reproductive’ or not. The language around
‘reproductive rights’ often excludes queer women who may not choose
to bear children, and even heterosexual women who may not wish to
bear children, who are already done bearing children, who cannot bear
children etc.

We must always find the space to assert our right to sexuality, and bodily
and sexual autonomy, parallel to the assertions of our reproductive
rights. We must, at this time, continue to broaden and deepen
discourses around ‘sexuality’ itself, expanding our understanding of it
in a critical and inclusive way. Therefore, the ‘abortion debate’ even in
the present day, to me, remains deeply linked to what seem like very
traditional feminist concerns: the full autonomy of women – to which
sexual and reproductive autonomy is key – and finally, the full liberation
of all people from patriarchy.

[3]That elusive right to control your life and body – Abortion: Prabodini Munasinghe
(Daily FT, 2017)
[6] The Abortion Debate: Mismatched and Misplaced?: Dinesha Samararatne
(Groundviews, 2017)
[7] Sexuality: A Feminist Issue?: Sunila Abeysekera (Women in Action, 1999)


5. Medical Paternalism: The
Price to Pay for Women’s
Reproductive Autonomy?

Abortion reform is currently a topic du jour in Sri Lanka, with dynamic
discussions on why reforms are needed, feminist perspectives on the
ongoing debate, as well as the view that "public policy on health ought
to be made on the basis of strong medical and secular grounds and not
on religious beliefs".

While this final point made by the Chair of the Human Rights Council of
Sri Lanka is pertinent, it is imperative we recall that while abortion is a
public health concern, it is first and foremost a woman’s reproductive
right, and that the choice to have an abortion forms an integral part of
a woman’s reproductive autonomy, i.e. whether and when to continue
a pregnancy. This calls for a serious public debate on whether the
medicalization of abortion through the proposed abortion law reform,
the key proponents of which are doctors and the Ministry of Health, is
a price worth paying.

Proposed reform
Currently, abortion is criminalized in Sri Lanka with one exception; to
save the life of the woman. The proposed reform, if passed, will allow
abortions in two instances: in the case of a foetus with lethal congenital
malformation, and when a woman becomes pregnant as a result of
rape. Both exceptions are at the recommendation of consultant doctors
in state hospitals and in the case of rape there is involvement of law
enforcement too.

Breaking barriers
An argument in favour of the proposed reform would be to relax the law


in order to make safe and legal abortion accessible for more women
who need them in the context of the two added exceptions. Another
argument seems to be that such a reform would take away restrictions
imposed by the state and enable women to access safe and legal
abortion, albeit in very limited circumstances.

While these make the reforms sound promising, a closer look reveals
that they are deeply problematic, both in principle and in practice.

Interrogating choice
The key concern with the proposed reform is that it is not centered
around a woman’s choice. Instead of giving a woman the power and
the choice to make a decision asserting her reproductive autonomy
(whether and when to become pregnant and whether and when to
continue a pregnancy), the proposed reform hands this decision over
to medical professionals (and not just any medical professionals but
to consultant doctors).

Medical assistance may be needed for detection in the case of a foetus
with lethal congenital malformation or to detect any other issues with
a pregnancy as well as to consult for advice. Apart from that, there is
no reason why the final decision, whether to terminate a pregnancy,
should be made by a doctor (or in other words, medicalized), regardless
of what the reason for an abortion is. While the doctors who are backing
this reform insist that "it will be up to the mother", in the same breath
they state that it will be up to the decision of a woman only upon the
recommendation of two consultant doctors from state hospitals. This
shows that the proposed reform is rooted in medical paternalism.

Medical paternalism
Medical paternalism is not a new concept or experience for women.
Research shows that medical practitioners often discount the views
and opinions of women and other marginalized groups. Research also
reveals a gender bias in the medical treatment of women, especially in
the treatment of pain. While this situation might be changing for the
better, it is clear in this particular instant that instead of challenging
patriarchal attitudes that disregard women’s right to make decisions
about their bodies, this proposed abortion reform leaves the decision
in the hands of doctors who presumably know better than women do,
what to do about their bodies. The absence of any women at a recent


briefing on the abortion reforms by doctors to religious leaders is just a
foreshadowing of what is to come.

The personal beliefs and biases of medical doctors are another form
of medical paternalism and unjustified at that. The backlash to the
proposed reforms included not just statements by the Catholic Bishops
Conference of Sri Lanka but also the circulation of a statement by the
Catholic Doctors’ Guild of Sri Lanka that "vehemently opposes abortion
for any reason other than to save the life of the mother". Should a
woman choose to seek recommendations from consultant doctors
for terminating a pregnancy as envisaged by the proposed reform,
she’d also have to seek out doctors who would not allow unjustified
paternalism to affect their decision-making.

Setting worrisome precedents
The proposed reform, if passed, will set several precedents that will
impede the progress of women’s human rights. Firstly, it will establish
that the decision to have an abortion, and potentially the decision for
other medical procedures, as a decision that has to be made (or not
made) for women.

Another is that "the proposed amendments could reinforce the idea that
women should first be victims of terrible circumstances before she can
be afforded her full human rights". Yet another worrisome precedent
that could be an outcome of the proposed reform is that imposing
restrictions and requirements such as a time limit, recommendation
from consultant doctors and police reports would pave the way for
further restrictions, as it has in other parts of the world.

Are these reforms working elsewhere?
The proposed abortion reform in Sri Lanka is not a brand new proposal.
It has been proposed and implemented in other parts of the world,
leading to unsatisfactory results. In India, the Medical Termination of
Pregnancy (MTP) Act permits abortion up to 12 weeks after consultation
with one doctor and between 12 to 20 weeks, with the medical opinion
of at least two doctors (exceptions to the time limit being a threat to
the woman or the foetus by continuing the pregnancy but only with
court approval). These requirements have resulted in an extra burden
on women and girls seeking abortions and have led to court rulings on
individual cases. When combined with the stigma attached to rape and


related lack of reporting of rape, the reforms "might work as a stop-gap
arrangement, but is obviously not a feasible solution to the problem in
the long term."

In 2012, Rwanda introduced similar reforms to relax the abortion law.
It has been reported that "after Rwanda modified its abortion law and
included burdensome barriers to access, little has changed on the
ground; legal abortions remain inaccessible for most women and girls."
It is also reported that few women, especially those in rural areas, are
able to procure the required approvals to qualify for abortion under the
current law. This has led to repeated calls to reform and further relax
the abortion law in Rwanda.

With clear evidence that such reforms are not in the interest of the
women who need abortions, one wonders why Sri Lanka is not instead
taking up the examples of countries such as Nepal and Ethiopia
who have liberalized abortion law to a large extent . These countries
are showing that abortion law reform alone is insufficient, and that
real change can come about only with a comprehensive strategy that
protects women’s rights including the introduction and implementation
of Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) for young people in and
out of school as well as availability of quality sexual and reproductive
health services, including contraception, that are provided non-
judgmentally to anyone who wants them.

Who are these reforms for?
Let’s return to the argument made by proponents of the proposed
reforms, that they would make safe and legal abortion accessible for
more women who need them, i.e women who have been raped and those
with pregnancies with foetal malformation. While it is true that relaxing
the law would give access to more women in these cases, statistics and
research show that these are not the main reasons why women need
abortions in Sri Lanka.

It is estimated over 700 abortions happen in Sri Lanka each day. A
majority of them are performed on married women (94% by some
estimates) and are performed illegally and often unsafely. Their
main reasons for deciding to terminate pregnancies are economic
instability and not wanting more children. While women from higher
income households often have access and money to terminate their


pregnancies in safe (but illegal) ways, women from middle and lower
income households end up going to "backdoor abortionists", often
resulting in death or lifelong disabilities. Decriminalizing abortion
would mean the women who want to abort unwanted pregnancies, for
whatever reason(s), can access them legally, safely and in an affordable
and non-stigmatized way.

Nothing about us without us
This critique shows that the proposed abortion law reforms in Sri
Lanka are the perfect example of what happens when laws, policies,
regulations or any decisions (however well-intentioned they may be)
are proposed or passed without putting the people most affected at the
center of that process. The reforms not only ignore statistics, stories,
and reasons for women who want abortions in Sri Lanka but they are
also not cognizant of the challenges women face in trying to reach the
requirements of the reforms, whether it is reporting rape when many
incidents of sexual violence against women go unreported for various
reasons or gaining access to two consultant doctors when even one
may not be accessible for some women.

Therefore any attempt at reforming the country’s laws for the benefit
of women must be done in consultation with women themselves,
including women’s rights and sexual and reproductive rights activists.
While medicalization might remove certain restrictions that impede
women’s access to safe and legal abortion services, the long-term
adverse effect on women’s reproductive autonomy and rights as
articulated by this critique do not seem like a worthy tradeoff for women
in Sri Lanka. Regardless of whether these reforms are passed or not, we
must continue to call for full decriminalization of abortion which is the
only way women can gain full control of our bodies, sexuality, and lives.


6. A womb of one’s own:
Life, abortion and motherhood
in Sri Lanka

From well-intentioned comments about our weight and skin colour,
to the insidious experience of being followed as we walk on the street,
women are wearily aware that their bodies are public property. The pro-
posed change to the abortion law does little to address this, but at the
very least it offers some relief to the victims of rape – the ultimate vio-
lence that occupies the dark end of a spectrum of suggestions, unsolic-
ited remarks, straying hands and force.

Whether they acknowledge the patriarchy or not, opponents of abortion
ultimately seek to maintain a status quo that limits women’s bodily
autonomy and coerces them into permanent motherhood or life-threat-
ening illegal procedures. While people who are against abortion do not
need to have one, it is strange that they feel entitled to make this deci-
sion on behalf of every fertile woman in Sri Lanka, ignorant of context
and untouched by the consequences of their actions.

It is possible to lobby to make Sri Lanka a better place for unwed moth-
ers, to improve the quality of life of disabled people and demand that
resources be allocated to improve existing systems of social care for
children, but in doing so, you have to still accept that this debate hap-
pens in the gritty, unpleasant, cash-strapped version of Sri Lanka, not
the utopian version we sell in our civics books.

Opponents of abortion might believe that life is sacred, and must be
protected at all costs and to legalize abortion would violate the inalien-
able right to life. The consensus on when life begins is a murky area for
scientists and ethicists alike, perhaps because defining the character-
istics of life is a complicated endeavour. Whether it is at conception or

on the basis of possessing a consciousness, spine, capacity for pain, or
heartbeat, there is no clear or arbitrary basis by which we define when
life starts.

But let’s just assume that life begins at conception. Are we forced to
acknowledge that the foetus has the same moral standing as a human
female in society? Why should the state apparatus prioritize a bundle
of cells at the expense of the physical wellbeing, mental health, dreams
and aspirations of an established member of society?

The pro-life stance posits that the right to life of a foetus outweighs the
choice of the adult. But this choice severely impacts the quality of life
of that individual for the rest of their life. We recognize that mere exis-
tence is not living, and human beings should have the right to a quality
of life, which is why we try to combat poverty and envision a world with-
out traffic. We even support efforts to curtail potential lives on the basis
that quality is more important than quantity. When contraception and
family planning is promoted, it is done so on the principle that more
children is not always a good thing. We concede that children should
not be born into families that are unable and unwilling to support them.

The right to life is considered so inalienable, because life is sacred. Who
decides what is sacred and why, is a question which does not usually
have a secular answer. Furthermore, it is clear from the abundant death
and destruction around us, that not all permutations of life gain the
sacred stamp of approval. In many countries it is legal for terminally
ill patients to end their own lives, as tangible quality of life is more im-
portant than an abstract sacred concept of life. Moreover, an individual
can sign orders instructing doctors not to resuscitate him, underlining
the fact that people can choose in some way or form, to reject life. In
Sri Lanka, we accept and even glorify, the ending of lives in war and in
self-defense, where self-interest overrules sanctity. In instances where
people are on life support or in a coma, some states afford their next
of kin the choice to terminate care. These examples are not meant to
trivialize life or suggest that murder is a desirable hobby, but rather to
emphasize the fact that the blanket claim "life is sacred," is simplistic
and cruelly insulting to the individuals who have had to make these
difficult choices. It is not a zero sum game. These decisions are not
easy, but they are facilitated by state structures, thus entrusting those
who know the most about their situation, to make a decision suited


to them. It acknowledges the messy reality of life and trusts people to
weigh costs and benefits and make complex moral decisions in a grey
and confusing world.

The more interesting question though, is not if we are permitted to end
life, but if we are obliged to save one.

Consider an onlooker who chances upon a man drowning in a river. He
is not legally bound to jump in and save the drowning man, even if he is
an excellent swimmer and the only person in sight; essentially the best
and only candidate for the job. He may do so, based on his own moral
code and values, but we do not dictate that he must suffer risks or even
exert himself, to save the life of another. Scaling up this logic, the state
does not require that we become compulsory organ donors upon our
death, even if this would save multiple lives, at zero cost to our own for
obvious reasons. States cannot compel us to be superheroes, because
they realize these instances are so context dependent. Women are the
only exemption. The same onlooker has no obligation to stop a woman
getting raped, but once she is raped and pregnant, she is expected to
sustain the life of a foetus, despite the risks and effects of pregnancy.
Women are expected to bear the ordeal of pregnancy and the pain of
childbirth, and put their dreams on hold, so that they can sustain an-
other human.

They are forced to do so, because motherhood and pregnancy are still
extolled as things that all women, deep down in their shrewish hearts,
should want. We think that abortion is unacceptable because we do not
entertain the notion that women’s reasons for avoiding motherhood
are valid. It is worth considering that those who support abortion do
not abhor motherhood. Rather, they consider it a life-changing decision
that is too important to be left to whims of fate. Right now, motherhood
hovers over every fertile woman in Sri Lanka, and we can do nothing but
place our trust in the reliability of condoms and the goodness of men.


7. Keeping our focus on the
abortion bill
20 OCTOBER 2017

I am not a theologian nor a reproductive health expert. I am merely a lay
woman, a member of the Catholic church in Sri Lanka, responding to
recent articles published by members of my own religious community
regarding the bill to expand safe abortion provisions. This article is
written for the sake of balanced perspective and healthy, constructive
debate within our community. We must take a step back and look at
exactly whose lives we are protecting with our attitudes towards this

Currently, it is legal in Sri Lanka to terminate a pregnancy if a mother’s
life is at risk. The proposed bill extends safe abortion in two very
narrow, specific cases: (1) where the foetus has a lethal congenital
malformation and (2) where the mother is a victim of rape. These are
extremely limited cases. We need to focus our attention on these cases
instead of falling prey to slippery slope arguments that make broad-
sweeping claims about women’s reproductive health.

We are all aware that the Catholic church’s official position on abortion
is against it. Recently, due to the on-going debate on the proposed
bill, representatives of the Catholic church have come forward with
articles on the abortion issue. However, the members and leaders of
the church who are writing about it in public are not responding to
the issue at hand, that is, the extension of abortion provisions in two
limited cases. Instead, they have turned this debate into empty rhetoric
by lashing out at the reproductive rights of women whole-scale. In
doing so, they exemplify a knee-jerk reaction that – embarrassingly
for many members of the Catholic faith – depict the Catholic church
as reactionary and misogynist. There is no constructive debate on this


issue. Worse still, even though Catholics represent barely 6% of Sri
Lanka’s total population, the church has managed to put a massive
spanner in the progress of a bill that will affect all 22 million of us.

In an article widely circulated amongst the Catholic community, the
Catholic Doctors’ Guild claims that ‘the trauma of sexual assault is likely
to inhibit ovulation’. This is a false and dangerous myth. The Guild quotes
a rate of 0.1% but it provides no citation of medical studies or references
to support this claim. On the other hand, a widely-quoted publication in
the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology in 1996 showed that
32,101 pregnancies occurred annually through rape. This study shows
that pregnancy can vary up to 30% depending on proximity to date of
ovulation, averaging at 5% overall. This higher statistic is supported
by Rev. Fr. Icatlo in an article published in The Messenger on the 10th
September 2017 where he cites a 1982 study carried out on over 400
women. In this study, the rape-related pregnancy rate stands at just
over 6% overall. The Catholic community deserves information, facts,
and truth from the Guild rather than uncited statistics that perpetuate
false myths.

In another article entitled ‘How should we consider abortion?’ published
September 7th 2017 in The Island, Fr. Augustine Fernando of Badulla
Diocese completely evades talking about the narrow propositions
of the bill (i.e. safe pregnancy termination for rape victims and of
malformed foetuses) and instead fills 2000 words of an article with
vitriol against the whole idea that a woman should be able to choose
what she does with her body. Well, rape victims certainly did not have
the luxury of choosing what happened to their bodies at the hands
of their perpetrators. Fr. Fernando also does not bother responding
to the issue of rape and abnormal foetuses and instead continues
to talk about ‘immoral deviant sexual behaviour’ and ‘wanton sexual
escapades’ and how abortion is prevalent now because ‘pregnancy
has become "an inconvenience" to particular women’. Needless to say,
the wantonness, immorality and inconvenience he speaks of are not
related at all to the wanton, immoral, inconvenient, heinous act of rape.
He merely connects abortion to promiscuity, which is certainly not the
focus of the bill at hand.

Let us understand something fundamental: whether or not Sri Lanka
legalizes abortion, abortions will happen. The only difference legalization


makes is whether women have access to SAFE abortion or not. That is,
legalization will determine whether women can go to a hospital and
seek a medical intervention overseen by medical professionals that
will ensure her safe recovery. If it remains illegal, women will continue
seeking unsafe abortions which often leave them sterile, cause
irreversible medical complications, and in the worst cases, can lead to
death through excessive bleeding.

The Church’s ideology against abortion is based primarily on the
commandment ‘Thou shalt not kill’. Even through my rudimentary
understanding of Catholic dogma, I find that our stance against this
current bill is in contradiction with itself. In Sri Lanka, the Police
Department showed that in 2015, 80% of all rape victims were girls
under the age of 16. About 700 illegal abortions are performed every
day and in 2006, 2008, and 2010, it was the second leading cause of
maternal death, according to research by the Family Health Bureau
(FHB). It is not abortion itself that causes these deaths but rather the
unsafe conditions of operation and the lack of critical aftercare. The
FHB continues to note that ‘considering the…data, its legal status does
not prevent women from seeking abortions but does prevent women
from seeking immediate medical assistance when complications
occur’. Even in 2015, the FHB finds that ‘maternal death due to septic
abortion is the third highest cause for maternal death, at 13%.’ A
common argument in these anti-abortion articles is that abortion is
‘killing an innocent child’ for something he/she did not do. This is true
but in a different sense: unsafe abortions are indeed killing innocent
girls and women for something they did not choose to have done to
their bodies. If Catholics are truly committed to protecting life then we
need to address the actual, current violence and death that hundreds
of girls and women are facing. In reality, the current proposed bill will
actually save, not end, hundreds of lives.

The articles I have read written by Catholics on the current abortion
issue are written by men. It is true that our church has the problem
of letting celibate men have total control of sexual and reproductive
rights of its community. However, that is our problem to deal with. It is
unwarranted that Catholic men promote a view – which is dangerously
misleading and outright false at times – that will affect millions of
citizens that they will never see or have to support. As a professional, I
have worked with children’s homes, pregnant victims of sexual abuse,


and families with severely disabled offspring. Some of these people
were indeed supported by church outfits, largely by nuns and sisters.
However, never in all the years that I worked with those communities
did I see or hear of any of these male writers who are now suddenly so
impassioned about the sacredness of family. I appeal to them and to
all those who argue against abortion to substantiate your commitment
to ‘life’ by extending assistance to the existent homes that take care of
products of unwanted pregnancies. Do this instead of trying to turn the
tide against a progressive bill that will actually save, not end, hundreds
of lives.


8. Why We Need To Bridge The
Gap Between Sex Workers’
Movements And Abortion
Rights Activism


In an interview a few years back, Canadian feminist and pro-choice
activist Joyce Arthur drew a convincing parallel between the movement
for women’s right to access safe and legal abortion and sex workers’
movements for their rights and decriminalisation of sex work. Both
movements, at their core, are about women having control over their
own bodies, sexuality, and choices, unclipped and free from interference
by the State. 1 The comparison isn’t perfect, as Ms. Arthur cautioned, but
it is well worth exploring the complex, dynamic relationship shared by
these movements, especially when situated within the framework of
reproductive justice.

Ensuring bodily autonomy for all people, regardless of any "stipulations
and caveats"2 is the cornerstone of the reproductive justice framework.
Reproductive justice offers a critical paradigm shift from approaching
and thinking about abortion and reproductive health merely in terms
of "choice" to locating these issues within the broader context of "well-
being and health of women, families and communities" while also taking
into account "issues of population control, bodily self-determination,
immigrants’ rights, economic and environmental justice, sovereignty,
and militarism and criminal injustices that limit individual human
rights because of group or community oppressions". This intersectional
framework and movement enables a space for marginalised identities
and groups to fight collectively against reproductive oppression,
defined as "control and exploitation of women, girls, and individuals


through their bodies, sexuality, labour, and reproduction."3

The framework of reproductive justice, therefore, serves as an excellent
avenue to bring together the issue of abortion and sex work, in order
to explore the commonalities and intersections between these fields
of advocacy, which are geared towards challenging patriarchal norms
around (women’s) sexuality(/ies). Abortion and sex work also share the
distinction of being topics on which even feminist activists sometimes
find it difficult to remain non-judgmental, confronting feminists with
the question: to what lengths are we really willing to go to respect and
enable women’s choices and bodily autonomy? Though reproductive
justice encompasses all genders of sex workers, for the purpose of this
essay we’ll be focusing on female sex workers (FSWs) and abortion.
Similar barriers could be experienced by individuals with different
gender identities and gender expressions as well.

Barriers to sex workers’ reproductive freedom – including means and
access to prevent pregnancy, options to terminate pregnancy, and
the choice and resources to raise children – haven’t been thoroughly
explored because SRHR (Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights)
has been applied in a limited fashion to sex workers. It is telling that
the majority of studies concerning FSWs in the Global South address
their sexual health but narrowly, focusing on prevention and treatment
of HIV/AIDS. This assumption elides the fact that FSWs are not
responsible for the majority of the transmission of HIV, and are hence
wrongly characterised as vectors of disease to the extent that both Rs
in SRHR are often overlooked.4 Most outreach to sex workers does not
seriously consider their sexual autonomy or reproductive lives, part of
an implicit marginalising of FSWs even among activists, leading them
to classify FSWs as a separate category at arm’s length from "other"

Interesting things happen when we examine how FSWs approach
obtaining abortions. In many ways, FSWs in India, Brazil, Uganda, and
other locales where abortion is stigmatised and frequently difficult
to access, face the same barriers as abortion-seekers who are not
involved in sex work. Both face a possible breach of confidentiality or
judgmental attitude of medical providers (to the point of sometimes
refusing abortion or contraception services). Because of this, many
abortion-seekers end up availing private medical care, which is costlier


and thus harder for many to access.

Furthermore, for many women the ‘basket of choices’ isn’t realistically
available when it comes to contraception, meaning a lack of access
to resources that help them exercise their bodily integrity and sexual
autonomy in choosing when and if they want to become pregnant. There
is also a clear need for dual methods of contraception – not condoms
alone, which are only "medium effective" at preventing pregnancy.5
Like adolescents and unmarried women, FSWs are typically excluded
from so-called "family planning" initiatives. As Swati Ghosh notes in
her study of sex workers in Kolkata, their consistent exclusion from
contraceptive services leads many to believe modern contraceptive
methods don’t apply to them as these are designed for married
people within normative families.6 All of these groups face barriers
to non-stigmatised, affordable contraceptive care given underlying
assumptions that they either don’t have control over their own bodies
or shouldn’t be using them for sex of their own volition – whether for
income or for personal pleasure.

Another common barrier among abortion seekers has more to do with
exercising their reproductive freedom to decide on their own terms
when and with whom to have children. The stigma and risk associated
with having an abortion is still less than going through with an
unplanned pregnancy, especially if it happens outside of marriage. The
social barrier is such that even when a woman might otherwise want to
continue a pregnancy, she feels abortion is her only option – that is, if
she can access one.

These barriers to accessing safe and legal abortion are sometimes
intensified for FSWs because of their marginalised position in
society. However, research indicates that because of the relatively
high frequency of unplanned pregnancies FSWs face, they may differ
from other abortion seekers with regard to their own attitudes toward
termination of pregnancy, and how information, resources, and
support related to abortion circulate within sex worker communities.
Sex workers in Uganda report that because of the nature of their work,
abortion information is readily available within their communities, in
which women are an active support network for each other with regard
to unplanned pregnancies and other issues.7In Kolkata, Ghosh asserts
that having an abortion is such a common occurrence among FSWs


that it doesn’t carry the same "inhibition" as it does for women in a
"family setting".8

At the same time, it would be a mistake to assume that there’s a
homogeneous narrative around FSWs’ lived experiences of abortion.
In Laos for instance – where both sex work and abortion are illegal –
a more complicated ethical stance of FSWs emerges, challenging
the idea that sex workers lack an ethical and/or emotional response
to abortion and are merely annoyed by it as a work-related hazard.
Though many interviewees had experienced abortion before or after
entering sex work, about 70% thought that abortion should remain
illegal in Laos, should not be culturally accepted, and that women who
terminated pregnancies were immoral.[9] Yet, 70% also strongly agreed
that abortion is the best option they have when facing unintended
pregnancy. Instead of positioning FSWs as a separate category, the
authors of this study show that, of course, sex workers’ sense of morality
is affected by broader social mores, even as they might intentionally
or implicitly subvert norms by participating in a marginalised form of

This is a fascinating finding: in the majority of literature on FSWs
accessing abortion, their narratives are reduced to numbers. 70% of
Laotian sex workers seem to have a deep conflict about the morality of
abortion, but we have none of their statements telling how they really
feel and what challenges they faced in going ahead with termination. In
spite of the emphasis on storytelling in the abortion rights movement,
and the imperative for intersectional inclusivity on which reproductive
justice hinges, there is a troubling lack of dialogue with FSWs regarding
their experiences of abortion. As their experiences encapsulate (on one
hand, the multiple marginalisation of being abortion seekers involved
in sex work, and on the other the cultivation of communities where
women openly support each other and share resources about abortion
and other services) abortion rights activists stand to learn a lot from
how FSWs understand, address, and access abortion. In the Indian
context, moreover, given that our movement to expand safe abortion
access and secure abortion as a right for all women is still emerging and
growing, we can learn a lot from the strategies surrounding organising
and movement building that sex workers’ movements have developed
and advanced over the last two decades.


Despite histories of rifts in feminist movements over both abortion
rights and sex workers’ rights, it is our belief that reproductive justice
can help suture these rifts, because it aims to make ‘choice’ realistic for
everyone by addressing comprehensive intersecting inequalities. But
these efforts will work only if we apply the principles of reproductive
justice consistently and with healthy doses of self-critique. For abortion
rights activists, this means reaching out to sex workers to share their
experiences (of abortion, and otherwise) instead of assuming it’s
enough to implicitly include them in the category of ‘other marginalised
groups’. Only then can we ensure a mutual enabling of ownership and
space for diverse identities, stories and experiences around abortion
within the reproductive rights movement, and inch a step closer
towards our mutual goal of ending reproductive oppression for all.

[1] Smith, Charlie. Why Feminist Joyce Arthur Supports Sex Workers’ Rights. The Georgia
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fl%dakaia( ia;%Sjd§ YíofldaIh, 1992˜

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^Ígd fï n%jqka 1976, 90& uq,dY%h( weufidakaia í¨‍iafgdalska.aia wekaâ fl%dakaia(
ia;%Sjd§ YíofldaIh, 1992

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YíofldaIh, 1992¦ úreoaO ,sx.hlg wh;a mqoa.,hl= fyda mqoa.,hska flfrys
we;sjk , ye.Sï fyda p¾hd;aul wdl¾IKh’ uq,dY%h( /kavï yjqia
wixlaIsma; YíofldaIh, 1996

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YíofldaIh, 1992¦ iudk ,sx.hlg wh;a mqoa.,hl= fyda mqoa.,hska flfrys
we;sjk , wdYdj fyda p¾hd;aul wdl¾YKh’ uq,dY%h( /kavï yjqia
wixlaIsma; YíofldaIh 1996

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flakaøh (CENWOR) úiska ixúOdkh lrk ,o ldka;d wOHhk ms<sn| miajk
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1997 jif¾§ Y%S ,xld udkj ysñlï l%shdldßkS iy Ydia;%Or iqks,d
wfífialr zia;%Skaf.a udkj ysñlï ikao¾Nh ;=< Y%S ,xldfõ .íidjZ
^'Abortion in Sri Lanka in the context of women’s human rights& kñka jQ
ish f,aLkfha§ fufia ,shhs —fï újdofha§ úoyd oelajqKq mßÈ ia;%Skaf.a
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Y%S ,xldfõ h’ tkï, hïlsis ld,hla ;=< isÿjk ore Wm;a 100,000l§ isÿjk
ud;D urK .Kk 2013 jif¾§ 32 l’' ta w;rjdrfhau, wkdrlaIs; .íidjka
fya;=fjka Y%S ,xldj ;=< 10] isg 12] olajd jQ ud;D urK m%;sY;hla jd¾;d
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mk; hgf;a ^Tõ¡ ,xldfõ oKav kS;s ix.%yh mkjkq ,enqfõ o 1883 § h&
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Ôú;h fírd.ekSu i|yd .íidjla lsÍu yereKq úg l<, .íid lsÍug Woõ
lsÍu o we;=<;aj ta i|yd .kq ,nk ish¨‍ W;aidyhka idmrdë jrola fyj;a
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olajkqfha —fuu l%shdj u.ska urKh isÿjk nj oekisàu fuu jro i|yd
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ish m%uqL;r f,aLkhla jQ - Sexuality: A Feminist Issue@˜ ^,;ajh ia;%Sjd§
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fia fmfkk ia;%Sjd§ .eg¿j, ,;ajh iy m%ckk whs;sh ms<sn| iajhx
;SrK .ekSfï whs;sh m%Odk ldrKh jk iy wjidkfha ish¨‍ ñksiqka mqreI
uQ,sl;ajfhka mQ¾K úuqla;sh ,eîu iu. .eUqre f,i wE£ we;s fohla f,i h'



counts ^lreKq folla hgf;a l<,h .íid lsÍug wjir §u i|yd mk;a flgqïm;‍&

^.íidj ms<sn| ffjoHjreka úiska wd.ñl kdhlhskag Æyqçka úia;r lsÍu&

That elusive right to control your life and body – Abortion: Prabodini Munasinghe (Daily
%E2%80%93-Abortion/14-64064 ^Tnf.a Ôú;h iy YÍrh md,kh lsÍu i|yd w,a,d.;
fkdyels whs;sh - .íidj( m%fndaêkS uqKisxy&

caesarean-111220 ^isfiaßhka i|yd ldka;djkaf.a m%iQ; whe§ï&

blow-for-womens-rights/ ^ldka;djkaf.a whs;Ska i|yd g%ïmaf.a f.da,Sh .e.a kshuh&

The Abortion Debate: Mismatched and Misplaced?: Dinesha Samararatne
(Groundviews, 2017)
mismatched-and-misplaced/ ^.%jqkaâ úõia 2017&

Sexuality: A Feminist Issue?: Sunila Abeysekera (Women in Action, 1999) ^l%shdldÍ ldka;djla" 1999&


5¡ ffjoHuh mS;DuQ,slNdjh hkq
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ms<sn| ia;%Sjd§ oDIaáfldaKhka fukau —fi!LH ms<sn| uyck m%;sm;a;sh m%n,
ffjoHuh yd ksrd.ñl mokula u; ñi wd.ñl úYajdihka u; mokï fkdúh
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úiska kej; fufkys l< hq;af;a, .íidj uyck fi!LH .eg¿jla jk w;r, th
ia;%shf.a m<uq iy m%Odk;u m%ckk whs;sjdislu jk fyhsks' ;jo .íidjla
isÿlr .ekSu i|yd whs;sh m%ckkh ms<sn| ;SrKh lsÍfï ia;%sh i;= whs;sfhys
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tfia kï ta l=uk wjia:dfõ§ o hkakhs' ffjoHjreka iy fi!LH wud;HdxYh
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l<,h nrm;< udrl ckau úlD;s;d iys; jQ úg iy ia;%shla ¥IKhl
m%;sM,hla jYfhka .eí.;a úg hk wjia:d fofla§ h' fuu jHd;sf¾L fol
isÿl< hq;af;a rcfha frday,aj, úfYaI{ ffjoHjrekaf.a ks¾foaYh u; jk
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.íidjg m%fõY ùug yels mßÈ kS;sh ,sys,a ùuhs' ;j;a ;¾lhla f,i fmkS
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rdcHh úiska mkjd we;s iSudlrKhka bj;a lr wdrlaIs; iy kS;Hdkql+,
.íidj i|yd yelshdj ,nd§uhs'

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n,k l, fmkS hkafka tajd uQ,Od¾ñl jYfhka fukau Ndú;h w;ska o .eUqre
f,i m%YakldÍ nj h'

f;dard.ekSu m%Yak lsÍu

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ms<sn| iajhx ;SrK .ekSfï whs;sh wjOdrKh lsÍfï§ ;SrKhla .ekSug
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;sfío hkak y÷kd .ekSug fukau Wmfoia ,nd.ekSug o ffjoH iydh wjYH
úh yelsh' fï yereKq úg .íidjla i|yd fya;=j l=ulao hkak fkdi,lñka
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lf;da,sl ffjoHjrekaf.a ixioh úiska —vehemently opposes abortion for any
reason other than to save the life of the mother˜‍ ^ujf.a Ôú;h wdrlaId lsÍu
yer wka lsisÿ fya;=jla u; .íidj isÿlsÍug ;rfha úreoaO jk nj&g l<
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wi;=gqodhl m%;sM,j,g u. újr lrñks bkaÈhdfõ .¾NkSNdjh ffjoHjuh
jYfhka wjika lsÍfï mk; ^Medical Termination of Pregnancy 'MTP' Act&
u.ska l<,hg i;s 12 la olajd ld,h ;=< tla ffjoHjrfhl=f.a Wmfoia u;
.íidj isÿlsÍug o, wvqu .Kfka ffjoHjreka fofofkl=f.a Wmfoia u;

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wêlrKfha wkque;sh u; muKla ld,iSudj fkd;ld th isÿlsÍug wjir fohs'
fulS wjYH;d úiska .íidj isÿlr .ekSug wjYH ia;%Ska iy .eyeKq <uqka yg
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th .eg¿jg §¾>ld,Sk jYfhka idOkSh ms<s;=rla fkdfõ'˜

.íid kS;sh ,sys,a lsÍu ms‚i 2012 jif¾§ rejkavdj o fï yd iudk
m%;sixialrK y÷kajd ÿkafkah’ tys§ jd¾;d jQfha —rejkavdj úiska .íid kS;sh
kùlrKh lr, m%fõYùug oeßh fkdyels ;rfï ndOl thg tla lsÍfuka
wk;=rej ìï uÜgfuka fjkia lï isÿjQfha b;d w,amhls' ldka;djka iy
.eyeKq <uqkaf.ka w;s nyq;rhlg kS;Hdkql+, .íidj fj; ;jÿrg;a m%fõY
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ldka;djka iaj,am fofkla muKla kj kS;sh hgf;a .íidjg iqÿiqlï ,eîu
i|yd wjYH l%shdmámdáh iïmQ¾K l< njhs' fuu.ska rejkavdfõ .íid kS;sh
m%;sixialrKh iy ;jÿrg;a th ,sys,a lrk f,ig b,a,Sï kej; kej;;a
.,d tkakg mgka .;af;ah'

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meyeÈ,s idlaIs ;sìh§, .íid kS;sh úYd, m%udKhlg ,snr,a l< fkamd,h
iy b;sfhdamshdj jeks rgj,a Y%S ,xldj úiska WodyrKhg .kafka ke;af;a
ukao hk m%Yakh hful=g we;súh yelsh’ fuu rgj,a fmkajd fokafka .íid
kS;s m%;sixialrKh muKla fï .eg¿j úi£ug m%udKj;a fkdjk njhs' ;jo
ienE fjki we;sjkafka mdi, ;=< yd mdif,ka msg; ;reK fldgia fj;
mq¿,a , wOHdmkhla ^Comprehensive Sexuality Education 'CSE'& y÷kajd
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mq¿,a l%fudamdhlska muKla njhs' tfiau úksYaphkaf.ka f;drj wjYH ´kEu
wfhl=g Wm;a md,kh we;=¿ , yd m%ckk fi!LH fiajdjka .=Kd;aul
jYfhka ,nd.; yels ùu o tys fldgila jk njhs'

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yefruq' Tjqkag wkqj wdrlaIs; yd kS;Hdkql+, .íidjka wjYH lrk jeä
ldka;djka msßilg ^Wod( ¥IKhg ,lajQ ldka;djka iy l<,fha udrl ckau
úlD;s;d ;sfnk ldka;djka& fhdað; m%;sixialrKh fj; m%fõY úh yels fõ'
.íid kS;sh ,sys,a lsÍu u.ska fujeks ldka;djkag ta fj; m%fõY ùfï yelshdj
jeä lrk nj i;Hhls' kuq;a ta w;rjdrfhau˜ ixLHdf,aLk iy m¾fhaIK

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we;eï jd¾;djlg wkqj 94] blaujhs' tfiau tajd isÿlr .kqfha kS;s úfrdaë
f,i iy ksrka;rfhkau wkdrlaIs;j h' .¾NkSNdjh wjika lr .ekSu i|yd
Tjqkag n,mdk m%Odk fya;= jkafka wd¾Ól wia:djr;ajh iy jeämqr orejka
wjYH fkdùuhs' by< wdodhula iys; ldka;djkag ish .¾NkSNdjh wjika lr
.ekSug ^kS;s úfrdaë f,i jqj;a& m%fõYh iy uqo,a ;sfí' kuq;a uOHu mdka;sl
iy wvq wdodhï,dNS ia;%Ska yg fuh isÿlr.ekSug isÿjkafka zf.dv fjolïZ
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wYlakql;d we;s fõ' .íidj idmrdë fkdjk ;;ajhg m;a lsÍfï w¾:h
hïlsis fya;=jla fyda fya;= ksid ;ukaf.a wkjYH .¾NkS nj wjika lsÍug
wjYH ia;%shg ta i|yd kS;Hdkql+, f,i oeßh yels mßÈ iy .¾yd;aul fkdjk
wdldrhlg th isÿlr .ekSug yelshdj ,nd§uhs'

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;SrKhla .kakd úg tajd fld;rï wruqKq iy.; jqj;a‍ tajd fhdackd lsÍu fyda
iïu; lr .ekSu isÿjkafka thska jeämqru n,mEug m;ajk wh tu l%shdoduh
;=< flakaø.; fkdlrñka jk njhs' fun÷ m%;sixialrK úiska Y%S ,xldfõ
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fkdi,ld yßkq ,nhs' WodyrKhla jYfhka ia;%Skag tfrys , m%pKav;ajh
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ffjoHjrfhla fj; hd.; fkdyels ia;%shlg úfYaI{ ffjoHjreka fofofkl=
fj; m%fõY úh yelso jeks ldrKd fuys§ uq¿ukskau fkdi,ld yer ;sfí'

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.kq ,nk ´kEu W;aidyhla isÿl< hq;af;a ia;%S whs;sjdislï l%shdOrhka iy
, yd m%ckk whs;sjdislï l%shdOrhka we;=<;aj ia;%Skaf.a woyia úuiSu
u.sks' .íidj ffjoHlrKh ùu u.ska ia;%shg wdrlaIs; yd kS;Hdkql+, .íidj
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m%;sixialrK iïu; jqj;a ke;;a wm úiska fkdkj;ajdu .íidfõ idmrdë
nj bj;a lrk f,ig b,a,d isáh hq;=h' ia;%shg ;u YÍrh˜‍ ,;ajh iy
Ôú;h ms<sn| mQ¾K md,khla ,nd.; yelafla túg mu‚'

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;ukaf.a YÍr hkq uyck foam, hehs tmd fjk ;rug oekqj;ah' fhdað;
.íid kS;sfhka fï ldrKh wduka;%Kh lsÍug .kafka iq¿ W;aidyhla jqj;a"
wvqu ;rfï th úiska - whq;= fhdackd" whq;= m%ldY" jer§fuka fuka isref¾
jÈk oE;a iy nf,ka lrk oE we;=¿j m%pKav;ajh kï j¾Kdj,sfha wjidk
wkaOldr fl<jr jk - ia;%S ¥IKfha úkaÈ;hkag lsishï iykhla ,ndfohs'

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i|yd n, lrk" mj;sk ;;ajh kv;a;= lsÍughs' .íidjg úreoaO fjk whg
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ldka;djka fjkqfjka tfia lsÍug ;ukag ysñlula we;s neõ Tjqka lshd isáho"
we;a;gu ikao¾Nh ;=< isÿjkafka l=ulao hkak iïnkaOfhka fkdi,lk
Tjqyq" ;ukaf.a l%shdj, m%;sM,hka .ek o wixfõ§ fj;s'

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lsÍu l< yelsh' tfia lsÍfï § wod< újdoh isÿjkafka ÿIalr" wm%ikak" ñ,
uqo,a wju Y%S ,dxlSh ixialrKh ;=< nj;a" wfma m%cdmd,k fmd;aj, i|yka
ufkdal,amsl ixialrKh ;=< fkdjk nj;a Tn ms<s.; hq;=h'

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l=uk foa isÿ jqj;a wdrlaId l< hq;= nj;a" .íidj kS;s .; lsÍfuka Ôú;hg
we;s Wÿrd.; fkdyels whs;sh lv fjk nj;ah' ljod Ôú;h mgka .kafka
o hkak iïnkaOfhka úoHd{hka w;r fukau wdpdrO¾ufõ§ka w;r o fmdÿ
tlÕ;djhla ke;s w;r" Ôú;h iïnkaO ,laIK w¾:ksrEmKh ixlS¾K
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;efkka o" fld÷ weg fmf<ka o" fõokdj oekSfï Odß;djfhka o" ke;akï yo
.eiafuka o hkak iïnkaOfhka meyeÈ,s fyda w;a;fkdau;sl mokula ke;'


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wdia:dkhla we;s njg ms<s .ekSug wmg n,lrkafkao@ iudcfha ia:dms;
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we;s whs;sh jeäysáhl=f.a f;dard .ekSfï whs;shg jvd jeo.;a njhs' kuq;a
fï f;dard .ekSu mqoa.,hl=f.a bÈß Ôú;fha .=Kd;aulNdjhg ;on, fia
n,mEï lrhs' wms y÷kd .kakd wdldrhg yqfola meje;au hkq Ôú;h fkdfõ'
ukqIHhkag .=Kd;aul Ôú;hlg whs;shla we;' wms oßø;djh mrdch lsÍug
W;aidy lrkafka" ud¾. ;onoh ke;s f,dalhla .ek olskafka fï ksidh' wms
we;eïúg we;súh yels Ôú; k;r lr oeófï W;aidyhkag o iydh fokafka"
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Wm;a md,kh m%j¾Okh lrk úg" th mokï fjk m%;sm;a;sh jkafka jeä
orejka m%udKh hkq iEu úgu fyd| fohla fkdjk njhs' wms ms<s .kafka
orejkag wjYH iydh ,nd Èh fkdyels fyda" ,nd§ug wleue;s mjq,aj,g
orejka bmÈh hq;= ke;s njhs'

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tlla fjk neúks' l=ula mQckSh jkafka oehs" thg fya;=j l=ulaoehs ljqreka
úiska ;SrKh lrkafka o hkakg idudkHfhka ksrd.ñl ms<s;=rla we;af;a ke;'
;jÿrg;a" wm jgd ksrka;rfhka isÿjk urK yd úkdYfhka meyeÈ,s jkafka"
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;on, f,i frda.S jQ mqoa.,hkag ;ukaf.a Ôú; wjidk lsÍug kS;Hdkql+, f,i
wjir we;' ula ksid o h;a" Ôú;fha m%;HlaI .=Kd;aulNdjh Ôú;h iïnkaO
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kej; m%dKj;a lsÍu fkdlrk f,i b,a,ñka ,smsf,aLk w;aika l< yels w;r"
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lsÍu ñksiqkag f;dard .; yels njhs' Y%S ,xldfõ wms iajleue;a; úiska Ôú;h
.ek we;s W;=ï jákdlu wìnjd hk wjia:djka- hqoaOh iy iajhxwdrlaIdj
i|yd Ôú; wjika lsÍu ms<s.kakd w;r" we;eï úg W;al¾Ihg o kxjuq'
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isákd wh iïnkaOfhka" Tjqkaf.a lsÜgqu {d;shdf.a f;dard .ekSu u; /
ljrKh wjidk lsÍug we;eï rdcHhka lghq;= i,ihs' fï WodyrK ;=<ska
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lsisfia;au woyia fkdfõ' kuq;a fuhska wjOdrKh lsÍug n,dfmdfrd;a;=
jQfha —Ôú;h mQckSh tllah˜ hkak ir, wdldrfhka iy fï wudre ;SrKhka
.ekSug isÿ jQ mqoa.,hkag lDDr f,i wmydi lsÍug fhdod .ekSu iqÿiq fkdjk
njhs' th w.h Y=kH jk l%Svdjla fkdfõ' fufia Tjqka .kakd ;SrK f,fyis

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fuhska Tjqkaf.a ;;ajh .ek jeäfhkau okakd Tjqyq ;ukag .e,fmk jvd;au
.e,fmk ;SrKhla .ks;s' th úiska wjq,a ù we;s Ôjk h:d¾:hla ;sfnk
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iodpdrd;aul ;SrKhka fyd| krl ñY% jQ" jHdl+, jQ f,dalhla ;=< .ekSug
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hkak fkdj" Ôú;hla wdrlaId lsÍug wmg hq;=lula ;sfnkjdo hkakhs'

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mek .sf,k ñksid fírd .kakg kS;Hdkql+, ne£ula ke;' Tyq tfia lrkafka
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l< úg" wm wfma urKfhka miq wksjd¾hfhkau wjhj oka fokakka ùu"
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tlu ldrKh jkafka ldka;djkah' tu mfil isák ;eke;a;dgu" ldka;djla
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;j;a tla wÕ,la fyda .uka lsÍu wmg iy;sl l< yelafla túg mu‚'

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kPSw;gj;jp vd;gjhf r%fj;jpy; Muk;gpj;J cstpaiy ClWj;J
caphpaypy; KbtilfpwJ. (KNuy;; ilkd; 1981> 66) %yk;: Amazons,
Bluestockings and Crones: A Feminist Dictionary,

ny];gpadp];k;: (ngz; Xhpdr; Nrh;f;if): jd;Dila tho;f;ifapy; czh;T
hPjpahf> jdpg;gl;l hPjpahf> murpay; hPjpahf ngz;fSf;F Kjd;ik
toq;f Ntz;Lk; vd;gJ xU ngz;Zila njhpT. (hPl;lh Nk gpuTz;
1976> 90) %yk;: Amazons, Bluestockings and Crones: A
Feminist Dictionary, 1992.

vjph;g;ghypdr; Nrh;f;if: vjph;g;ghiyr; Nrh;;e;j xU egUf;fhd (my;yJ
gyUf;fhd) ghypay; czh;T: rpy ngz;fshYk;> rpy Mz;fshYk;
czug;gl;l> mDgtpf;fg;gl;l czh;T. %yk;:

Xhpdr; Nrh;f;if: jdJ ghiyr; Nrh;e;j xU egUf;fhd (my;yJ gyUf;fhd)
ghypay; czh;T: rpy ngz;fshYk;> rpy Mz;fshYk; czug;gl;l>
mDgtpf;fg;gl;l czh;T. %yk;:,e;j Mf;fkhdJ Kjd; Kjyhf tpkd;
,d; vf;]d; (Women in Action) vd;gjpy; ntspahdJ (1:1999)


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fUf;fiyg;G njhlh;ghd rl;lj;ij 1995k; Mz;L jpUj;j Kad;W
Njhy;tpAw;w Kaw;rpia ngz;fsJ kdpj chpikfs; fz;Nzhl;lj;jpypUe;J
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ngz;fsJ ghypay; kw;Wk; ,dtpUj;jpf;fhd jifikfisf; fl;Lg;gLj;Jk;
tifapy; ngz;fsJ chpikfs; njhlh;gpy; gy rh;r;irf;Fhpa tplaq;fis
Kw;nfhzh;e;Js;sJ. ,jd;NghJ ngz;fs; elj;ij nfl;lth;fs;>
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Ntz;bath;fs; vd;w ntt;NtW mDkhdq;fs; ntspg;gLj;jg;gl;Ls;sd. rpy
ghuhSkd;w cWg;gpdh;fs;; caphpd; Njhw;wk;> Gdpjk; gw;wpAk;> fUf;fiyg;G
njhlh;ghf jkJ fUj;ij epahag;gLj;jTk;> ngz;fs; njhlh;ghd Vida
ghugl;rkhd tof;fq;fis Mjhpf;fTk;> fyhrhu> rka kw;Wk; ghuk;ghpaq;fs;
kPjhd tpj;jpahrq;fspd; mbg;gilapy; tpthjj;ij Kd;itj;Js;sdh;.
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kw;Wk; r%fg; gpur;rpid vd;w Nehf;fpy; NgrpAs;sdh;. Mapd; kpfr; rpyNu
,g;gpur;rpidapd; kdpj chpik Nehf;fpidg; gw;wpf; fijj;Js;sdh;.
,e;j tpthjj;jpy; ngz;fsJ ghypay; kw;Wk; ,dtpUj;jpapidf;
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fUj;Jf;fSk;> murpay; fUj;Jf;fSk; xd;wpizfpd;wikahdJ ngUk;
fhpridf;Fhpanjhd;whFk;. ,e;j Mf;fk;> rkj;Jtk; kw;Wk; vt;tplj;Jf;Fk;
nghUj;jkhd jd;ik gw;wp mOj;jk; nfhLf;Fk; kdpj chpikfs; rl;lfj;Js;
fUf;fiyg;Gf;fhd ngz;fsJ chpikfs; gw;wp fUj;jhf;fk; nra;jYk;>
nraw;glYk; nghUj;jkhdJ vd thjpLfpd;wJ.

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fhg;ghw;Wtjw;fhf md;wp fUf;fiyg;Gr; nra;jyhdJ ,yq;ifapd;


jz;lidf;Fhpa xU Fw;wkhFk;. xU jrhg;jj;jpw;Fk; Nkyhf> ,yq;ifapy;
ngz;fs; FOf;fs; eilKiwapYs;s fUf;fiyg;G> ghypay; ty;YwT>
tpthfuj;J njhlh;ghd vj;jidNah rl;lq;fspy; jpUj;jj;ij Ntz;b
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[3]That elusive right to control your life and body – Abortion: Prabodini Munasinghe (Daily FT,
[6] The Abortion Debate: Mismatched and Misplaced?: Dinesha Samararatne (Groundviews, 2017)
[7] Sexuality: A Feminist Issue?: Sunila Abeysekera (Women in Action, 1999)


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