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satisfying every HMi need from every perspective
iX is an innovative HMI solution that is easy-to-use, comprehensive and flexible. iX provides optimal, future-proof control with the right look and feel at all levels of design and operation. From your standard HMI needs to advanced and customized solutions, iX shapes itself to fit everyone, meeting and satisfying every challenge and ensuring that you enjoy state-of-the art HMI today, tomorrow and the day after that.

streamlined HMi simplicity iX features Windows standard components to provide HMI in a format that’s familiar. modern and objectoriented programming language for writing applications.Net control and import it into the software or acquire any third party components you need and utilize them in the applications of your choice. Enjoy quick and easy storage.Capability with true openness iX provides the openness to create and operate applications with the same access to functionality as if you’d programmed it yourself. supports the sQL standard for data storage. PDF files can be accessed directly via the HMI operator panel. your HMI application can access and be accessed via the web. oPC communications standard to fit all operative systems. You can use pre-defined script or choose your own.net framework. benefit from Microsoft’s . iX utilizes Microsoft’s simple. iX offers infinite creative possibilities for customization and the freedom to create your own objects. retrieval and management of data. with each change standardized and inserted throughout the system and iX facilitates easy debugging with Microsoft’s CRL Debugger. The script module affords easy changes to scripts. appealing and easy-to-learn and use for the operator. Feel at home with Windows standard components. You can choose between employing the drivers included in the package or adding your own or third party drivers via a connection to an external OPC server. This component-based platform is easy to update. iX provides an open platform solution that is compatible with all major automation systems. You can create your own . providing the applications you require exactly the way you want them. iX forms itself to your needs. . With iX. simplified script for applications. Windows Media Player allows service material to be accessed easily while expanding the visual potential of instructional documents. In addition.

fuel levels or alarms. motor status. you can program lists of alarm receivers.g. Screen templates. Ribbons lets you locate the right commands in one easily recognizable place. You have the options of defining an authorized user or restricting access to a specified group. Recipes can be imported. design and development of user-interfaces and with graphics that offer a clear image. With rotating objects enhancing design-time. time and place in a process. You can run tests on your application using actual data from your own system. The time-saving online simulator lets you test your application right away in design-time. exported and defined with quick and easy recipe definitions making it simple to organize your applications. solid HMi functionality iX provides all the HMI functions needed to enable your applications. This Microsoft standard provides enhanced usability that means no need to navigate multiple levels of text menus or toolbars. you can either design your own objects to fit your graphic profile or take in from outside. facilitating recalls and/or rationalizing of your production processes . ribbons lets you consolidate functions and commands. Define recipe parameters. Multiple screens offer an operational panorama. strong password and security features. WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) enables excellent control. comparable to layer handling in graphics or construction programs. Essential for smooth operations. e. .Net Framework. alarm management. iX provides multiple screens to provide you with as large a working surface as possible.a blueprint for the future iX guarantees easy-to-use. WPf furnishes you with vector-based graphics. screen templates help you create projects. Part of the . The Audit-Trail function identifies user.the modern way to design applications. future-proof solutions that shape themselves exactly to the look and feel you want . save old alarm histories and receive pop-ups with detailed information regarding applications. styles advances your corporate image. allow you to separate or consolidate project details while you work in multiple background screens. with no need to interrupt your application. valuable process tracking. providing you with password-protected applications. online testing of applications. however close you zoom in.ideal for Food & Beverage and Pharmaceutical industries. It’s easy to customize the look of your application using our predefined styles.

The version is currently supplied with iX Runtime preinstalled in Beijer Electronics’ industrial PCs.com CHina www. Sweden Telephone +46 40 35 86 00 Fax +46 40 93 23 01 info@beijerelectronics. 115-230 VAC.o. www. XP Pro Multi. If you’d like more information about the iX HMI solution. they set machines. please feel free to visit our website at: www. Development.beijerelectronics. 1 GB RAM. the Baltics.beijerelectronics. This product from the Premium Plus segment affords solutions for challenging applications. Beijer Electronics is presently offering iX in the combined hardware and software system. XP Pro Multi.00 Recommended PC requirements: 2 GHz.C. Beijer Electronics HMI Products has close relationships with OEMs. iX runtime 250 iX runtime 2000 iX runtime 4000 250 tags runtime license for PC 2000 tags runtime license for PC 4000 tags runtime license for PC Recommended PC requirements. HMI System and Runtime. iX Developer is your configuration tool for HMI applications. ePC iX t150 ePC iX t170 ePC iX t190 15" TFT. 1. 1.3 GHz. 1 GB RAM ensuring that the future is open for continuing innovation. 1 GB RAM.us . providing complex machine control and process visualization with outstanding reliability and high performance. iX Developer 1.hitechsite.3 GHz. providing all the openness. including iX Runtime 17" TFT. Beijer Electronics plans to increase the availability of the system to provide solutions in an expanding range of possibilities. Used with simple intuition. 1 GB RAM.com www.3 GHz. including iX Runtime 19" TFT. 1. industrial data communications and automation with subsidiaries in Scandinavia.cn gerMany www. XP Pro Multi.BREN517 © 2004-2008 Beijer Electronics. France. including iX Runtime runtime. Germany. USA.3 GHz. The information at hand is provided as available at the time of printing. The iX Developer operates in the latest Windows environment with Ribbon menus and vector-based WPF graphics to afford the user a truly innovative experience. 115-230 VAC. which is active within HMI. information and ideas in motion. subsiDiaries sWeDen beijer electronics Products ab Box 426 201 24 Malmö.lauer-hmi. UK. A leading supplier of cutting edge HMI solutions. and Beijer Electronics reserves the right to change any information without updating this publication. 1280 x 1024 HMi system.com usa www. 115-230 VAC. You can run your HMI applications on the PC of your choice with iX Runtime. offering solutions for every HMi need The iX solution from Beijer Electronics is available in three modules – Development.beijerelectronics. 40 GB automotive HDD.com taiWan r. 2 GB RAM.beijerelectronics. Beijer Electronics does not assume any responsibility for any errors or omissions in this publication. design and functionality you need. 40 GB automotive HDD. or as software only. 1. 40 GB automotive HDD. brand-label partners and distribution partners worldwide and is part of Beijer Electronics Group.com HeaD offiCe HMI solutions from Beijer Electronics connect people with the processes they control. Taiwan and China.

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