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. oe NO as is the amount the White House wants Congress to pay for a 375km physical barrier on the US-Mexico border; Democrats in the House have refused and the US government is in partial shutdown as cer +1,100km of the 3,200km border already has some kind of wall or fence in place; in other places natural features such as the Rio Grande or private property stand in the way of construction 1% (144,000) is the expected reduction in the number of Mexican workers inthe US asa result of extending the wall $4bn a year is what economists calculate the US will lose in economic output from Mexican migrants if the construction goes ahead lit TTT Gti fit Pitta tat nti ] 4in10 Americans support additional fencing on the border VVUYVUUUV UV UU UYU UU UU UY 54% of Republicans es: support the partial MCT eS a means of getting funding for the wall 800,000 federal workers have been affected by the shutdown, being put on forced leave or going unpaid EE January 12 was the day a *4] on which the shutdown —~_] became the longest in US history, breaking the December 1995 record of 21 days Source: Quartz; National Public Radio; Washington Post; New York Times