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“WSA SERVICE SHEET No. 515 Detober, 1959 Model D7 DISMANTLING AND REASSEMBLY OF HUBS AND BRAKES. tle! with Lal] jourial bearings which slo not require adjustinent ‘The beariny wscmbly and this show'd fast uatit the anachiae is iu need of a major Both wheels sire are packed with grease durify Front Wheel Removal With the machine an its cemtie stand place a bn or sinall woosten Lrestle wnulerneatte the erank= ease so that the front wheel is clent of the yremid. ake cable by removing the wnt (A) and the serew (18) Fig. D29 mith {C) an the raver plite amd reneve the ond eaps (D) by a oh cap) and as the hist bolt is removed sttpport the wheel to avoid The wheel sill now be bree, at the brake Disconnect he deum end Shickew the tory serewing (he four bolts (v0 ino danage to the serew threads on the boll or the sereweed sackets Vig. 29. Front Wheel Removal Front Hub Dismantling Unscrew the koge nat (i) Fig, Dat on the spindle, ‘This will be ising a short length of tubing, such asa bos spanner, over the brak itateal if the brake is applied by Take off the cover phate complete with the brake shoes, eam au (alert pit SERVICE SHEET No. 515 (contd.) ” now exposed has a left-hand thread and | can be removed by nnscrewing in ot | clockwise dircerion with a peg spanner, Part Ke. G1 9814 | \ Drive out the righthand or brake 2 \, hy striking, the lelt-hewd - side of the spindle with a mallet or | eo bewing retainer (G) whicl is I neither of these és aun be dlriven out SN Vif a piece of inst te eich ol i copper available the bearing with an ordinary ham hard wood is placed ag: the spindle to protect it To remove the left laud siehe best= ~ A ig prise ont the civelip (HI) sud, using, eo fhy f i suitable pices of tube, chive ont te . G pearing and dust cover fren (he righ hand side, ‘ ) 4 Fitting New Bearings i Place the bearing sqmarely in posi tion on the right hand side anil drive in Fig ising a piece of Cubing on the onter ring of the beating. When it is resting on the abutinent face iat the hub, serew in the luckeing usi (left-tind thread). spaumier soe! furning anti clockwis Insert the spindle, serewerl end first frant Ube left and side, and Gap nt gently home so thei the bearing finer ring is sealed aygiinst the shonlder or the spindle: Place the left hand being aver the spindle aud drive it into he housing anlit the dust cap just rs the eirclip groove, saul repkace the chest cap saul vircip, Brake Shoes Refare replacing the eoy aun spindle is quite five in the plate snake sure that Chie fae hnings ae We for brethee ase und Chat over plate. Replacement shoes may be obtained (Ineeugh the meine ol yaur Dealer tron the H.S.A. Bxchange Replacement Servier, and ean be fitted hy springing: the oll ones eff tla faleruur and esi spi then springing the new ones on in like umauner. Mes BS.A. SERVICE SHEL No, 815 (contd.) Replacing the Wheel Make sine thet the cover phite wut (14) Fg. D80 is scourely tightened, cage the torgie arn boll af the cover plate in the elip on the right-hand fork leg aul repkuce Ue fork ond clips. Before finally tighteningg the etip bolts paid the wlect towards the right band furk ley. Kept the brake cable adjuster, elevis pie and split pin and check over (he bolls for tightness. Rear Wheel Removal With Mie inact on the ground ander the ron of the chain and wind 1) leaving it nver the gerbes sprocket ean its stand, disconnect the rear chain at the spring link, phie a sheet of paper chain all the rear sprocket on to the paper but Take off the brake rod adjusting mt (A) Fig. DSL and remove the torque arm bolt (13). Diss comncet (ie speedometer cthie by anscrewing Uke anion nut at the end of the cable, The inner cable san then be ited ot of the gearbos drive, Unsere the spindic aus (C} Big, Dat and pull the wheel out of the fork ene froeiag the brake rot from the swivel pia on the lever. Tit the left hand side and iemove the wheel fone the righthand side, at the sume: time nachine aver slightly towards the Rear Wheel Dismantling Unscrew Ue large nuts (A) Mig. Da2 on the spindle, loeking (us spindle in the sane way as described tar the front wheel, | Ree urave the brake cover phate cont ete with shoes amd the the speedomotr drive gearbox trom, the right-hand side, (Note the distance pivwe and driving dogs) Nest mnserew (us be tainer (2) which has a right hand (ned stud i therefore removed by using peg spammer in san anti clockwise dirvetion, Drive the spindle Hough the hearing on the brake side so driving out the viggdit-Ieundd Destiny, Fig. D3t akesiile bearing ca now be driven out frum the opposite side using adrift against the Iecuringg,