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“BGA SERVICE SHEET No. 516 MODEL D7 FRONT FORKS AND STEERING HEAD Remove the front whvel and anudguieel as described i - amt the top cyp(A) Fig. 8S and mere Ue nen ho the top spring sevoll Place a suilable cath (he fork end, take out the drain plug (B) and slacken the pinch bolt {C) in the buttom fork yoke. To release the main tube from the taper in the top yoke pull the lower sliding member out Uo its hillest extent, onscreve sud Like eat he lop nut amd serew in Servier Tool No. 61 3350. Give the end of the tool a sharp ice and dds the leg lowe Unough die bottom yoke. blow with a ha Repeat for the other | it on the flats of the fork end, Toul Nu. 61 3633, Place cael beg in turn in a view, grippin amd nnserew the oil seal holder with Service The main tube can now be skrawn awpwarels from the sliding member complete with {ie two bearing bushes, leaving the restrictor rod and spring, ill attached to the lower member. These need not be distierbed unless they are lo be replaced. Replacing Bushes press fil on to the main tnbe and the rephcement chamfered holes in fine with the holes in the lube. ‘The lower bush is manst be fitted with (hh Fo remove the old bush, prise open the joint in Whe bush with a thin chisel or serewelriver and then fap the bash off, lis re The upper bust is a pnsh AL in the lower sliding: memty and the 0p ail seal holder. tained in place by a wash No difficulty will be experienced in rephe the top bush, Reassembly After fitting the new lower bush, slide the upper bysh over the main tube with the flange uppermost, and apply a light coating of oil, Pass the tube ‘over the spring and restrictor rod and slide into the lower member, Holding the assembly in the view hy the fork ends, place the large washer in position aver the flange on (he top bush and serew on the ai] seal holder with Serview Tool No. 6L 3633. ‘Take the assembly out of the viee and pass it up Unengh the bottom New, 1988) ice: Sheet No, 515. Fig, D838, Front Mork Section B.S.A. SERVICE SHEET No. 516 (contd.) Jork yoke, place the top washer in position Uien screw on Che karge top mut and secure over (he: stud of the spring, scroll The § ip. not can now be Jilted together with the top cup. Repeat the operation for the other ug. Sinally veplice he mudguard aud front whee Steering Head Po acljust the steering hea be ings place a weight ov the suldle so that the front wheel is eles of the ground when the machine is « (hie pinch bolt D4 and adjust the mat (13) nntil the forks move freely from side to side without evidence of pty i Ue besuiay Take great care not to over tighten the 1 as this is liable to i the bearings in the ra © When theadjustuent iscorteet tighten the pinch bolt (A} securely an re eheek the adjstin« Dismanue the Steering Head Af fiw only attention Fuquived is examination or rephiement of the bead bear there iS no eu to dismantle the forks sompletely, bul the light- inggeables to the heallaanp will Lave to be broken at Fig. Did. Ht sluck obtained ty move the forks away ftom the frame, Moaiel D2. Brows Barks and steoninyy wd Aemore the top caps from the forks, mnserew the £1 tubes. Slacken the pinch bolt (4) Fig. D34 and take off Ue aut (19). ing Uhe handlebar clips, place a pi handlebar from the clips and lay it on (he cloth. il gaul Une kurge nuts holding the main Undo the four bolts hat ee af cloth on the (ink, remove the ‘Take ofl (he lop yoke cover, support the forks underneat and remove the top yoke by striking alternately each side iinderneath (he handlebar clips. After the top yoke huts been removed, the ster ud forks e frame but a suitable tray or container should be held underneath tise column te which will be rel he drawn out of the atch the ball bessrings B.8.A. SERVICE SIIEET No. 516 (contd.) The cups, cones and balls shonld be clewt and free from indentatigus or pitting. The top and bottom cups are identical, Parl No, 65: 4465, the bottom conc or crown race ix Part No. 40 5027, ane the top cone is Part No. 65 5319, J uew cups are fitted care must be taken to see that they are seater well down and square with the housing, Reassembl Apply a coating of grease to the steering head cups and insert 24 balls, $/16 in. dia. in each eup. Slide the column up through the steering head tube, being careful not to displace the balls, place the top cone in position, then the top yoke, and serew on the nut (1) Fig. B34, Replace the lop yoke cover, the g in. nuts and the large nuts and washers and the handlebar, adjusting the steering head as previously described, Ki ally recouple: the headlamp wiring and check the lighting, RS.A. MOYOR CYCLES LID, Service Department, Waverley Works, Birminghau, 10