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Trevecca votes: Students share experiences
SGA creates class BY brooklyn dance and
forums to inform Bri Wallace was determined to vote in the midterm
elections--even if it meant driving two hours home and
students two hours back in the same day.
Page 4 Wallace, a junior social work major, is from Hart-
selle, Ala., and left campus at 5 a.m. Tuesday morning
to vote.
“I voted because the results of the election directly
affect my friends and neighbors. Many of them are
“The X-Factor” unable to vote, so I felt responsible to be their voice,”
Wallace said.
contestant makes According to the Center for Information and Re-
search on Civic Learning and Engagement, around
Trevecca home 31 percent of people ages 18-29 voted in this election,
which is 10 percentage points higher than the midterm
page 5 election in 2014. CIRCLE said this was the highest voter
turnout in at least 25 years.
COLUMN The United States Election Project estimated that
more than 113 million people voted, representing a 48
Preparing for finals percent turnout rate. This marks the first election in
the U.S. that exceeded 100 million voters.
the healthy way For Trevecca students the 2018 Midterm Election on
Nov. 8 was the first election many students were eligi-
Page 6 ble to vote in.
Gabi Leon, a senior social justice major, waited in
SPORTS line for two hours. But she says the privilege was worth
the wait.
A look at the men’s “People had to wait very long lines just to go vote,
and it just to shows how much people are willing to Student Daisy Brooks after voting. Photo provided by Maria Monteros.
and women’s bas-
ketball seasons $22 million donated to aid in scholarships
Page 7 BY brooklyn dance amount per year is almost certain. who couldn’t before because of financial
EDITOR-IN-CHIEF “[The donors] said, ‘If we were distrib- reasons.
Future Trevecca students will have more uting today, Trevecca would receive a little “We don’t see it as adding more per stu-
CONNECT over $1 million per year,” Boone said. dents with aid, we see it enabling us to say
opportunity for scholarships thanks to the
/TrevEchoesOnline largest donation in the university’s history. Boone noted that the estimates are not an yes to another 25 to 50 students every year.
Trevecca President Dan Boone on Nov. attempt to be vague. The estimates change Within a four-year period of time, you’re
2 announced that a foundation created by daily based on how the stock market is do- looking at helping 100 to 200 students,”
@TrevEchoes Boone said.
longtime donors made a gift equal to $20 ing. The first payment, which is scheduled
million, given once a year in roughly $1 mil- for January 2019, will not be determined To Boone, the donation is one of the
@TrevEchoes lion payments. The first payment begins in until the foundation’s books are calculated highest honors.
2019. on Dec. 31, 2018. “These donors have great confidence in To Boone’s knowledge, it’s the biggest Though the standards of how the money the mission of Trevecca and the great stu-
donation pledged to any of the Nazarene will be distributed are still being written, dents we are trying to form and graduate.
colleges. Boone said the donors indicated their first If you’re old and you think about what “This is a more significant moment in priority is the upkeep of Waggoner Library. your life’s work will mean beyond your
Trevecca’s history than I think a lot of “[That upkeep] is not more than $100,000 life, they’ve basically determined they want
TNU Events App people realize. We start every year at zero in any given year, so you’re only talking their legacy to be giving the world the kind
for fundraising for scholarships. Now, we about a tenth of that going in that direction, of graduates that Trevecca’s giving to the
start at a million and move up from there,” at most,” Boone said. world. For me as a president, that’s one of
INSIDE Boone said. The next priority is scholarships for the highest honors that anyone could give,”
NEWS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Because the donation is coming from a students. Rather than adding to current Boone said. “That they look at our mission
foundation, there are specific guidelines financial packages, which Boone said are and our students, and they say, ‘We believe
OPINION . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 that must be followed. already discounted as high as they can be, in what you’re doing so deeply that we want
SPORTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Though the numbers are only estimates the scholarship money will go towards al- this to be our legacy too.’’’
FEATURES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 at this point, Boone said the $1 million lowing more students to come to Trevecca

ASB vice president resigns: New Campus chaplain leaving, moving
VP appointed by SGA across parking lot to TCC
BY brooklyn dance “But after a minute or two, I knew accept- BY MARIA MONTEROS
EDITOR-IN-CHIEF ing the position was the right thing to do,” AND MATTHEW PARRIS
David Schaffer was appointed by the SGA Schaffer said.
executive council to serve as interim ASB vice Schaffer has set his own goals for the When Shawna Songer Gaines first began as Trev-
president after Luis Ortiz Hernandez stepped position, while continuing some of Ortiz ecca’s university chaplain in the fall of 2016, her main
down on Monday, Oct. 29. Hernandez’ work. goal was to honor the legacy of the previous chap-
After the three-week period, general SGA “My main goal is to do my job require- lains.
will vote on approving Schaffer for the posi- ments the best I can. On top of that I Two years later, as she prepares to transition from
tion permanently. They are scheduled to vote would like to promote self-care among campus chaplain to lead pastor at Trevecca Commu-
on Monday, Nov. 26. SGA, because I know SGA can be stressful. nity Church, many of her peers and students believe
Schaffer, senior environmental justice Most times people feel unheard and under that she has achieved all that and more.
major, ran against Ortiz Hernandez in the appreciated. Also, I want SGA as a whole to Out of about 30 candidates, the TCC church
student body elections last year. be more aware of its environment physically, board voted to appoint Songer Gaines to lead one
When asked if he was interested, Schaffer emotionally and spiritually,” Schaffer said. of the head churches in the southeast region, said
said he was hesitant after not being elected “Luis did a great job streamlining the more University President Dan Boone, who held the same
Photo provided by Trevecca Marketing.
for the position originally. CONTINUED PAGE 4
position for six years.
Homecoming 2018
2018 | November | TrevEchoes


Andy Hutton as Thing 1 leading the cast of Seussical in the Homecoming Parade. Photo provided by Uy Nguyen.

The Lady Trojans up against Covenant College during Homecoming. Photo provided by Uy Nguyen. Senior Deion Johnson squaring up for a free throw. Photo provided by Uy Nguyen.

Georgia Hall’s “Super Golden Girls of Georgia Hall” float theme won first overall in the competition. Photo provided by Nguyen.

Lena Hagi Welch, Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, joining the Georgia Hall float during Homecoming. Photo
Participants preparing for “The Challenge,” an annual race benefiting KidPower. Photo provided by Kayla Williamson.
provided by Trevecca Marketing.
TrevEchoes | November | 2018 |

Students dancing at the Homecoming banquet. Photo provided by Trevecca Marketing.

Students and faculty gather around J.O. McClurkan’s grave as Steve Hoskins, associate professior of religion, tells the history of Trevecca’s founder. Photo provided by Trevecca Marketing.

Six Trevecca alumni singing at the Town and Country Showcase. Photo provided by Trevecca Marketing.
Students enjoying the Trojan Madness Bonfire. Photo provided by Maddux Redi.

The 2018 Homecoming Court. From left to right: Nick Camillo, Stephany Ordóñez, Kurtis Poole, Jenesis Smith, Jake Beard, Gabby Smith, Lechelle Delaughter, Ryan Gunter, Lindsey Seller, Gabriel Navarro, Carla Arevelo. Photo provided by Trevecca Marketing.
2018 | November | TrevEchoes

Trevecca’s marketing club pre-
Students vote in midterms paring students with new event
CONTINUED FROM COVER “Honestly, after I voted, I felt like I was a big change,” BY alexis garcia sent some of Trevecca’s AMA members to join the
he said. “Being that one person in your whole family STAFF WRITER MTSU team.
get their voice heard in a poll,” she said. “I decided to that can be able to change the way this country is going The American Marketing Association (AMA) The teams were then given a case study from
vote because I felt like it was very important for young or the way it’s going to go is something that feels good.”
adults to get involved with the decision process partak-
club at Trevecca is set to attend a marketing Parthenon Credit Union, and they were tasked with
For some out of state students, voting becomes
ing in our official government, in our local government complicated. Several students said they didn’t get their conference in New Orleans in the spring, and their figuring out how to grow the company’s business
and our state government.” absentee ballots turned in on time, had trouble under- professor wanted them to have to some practice and partner with other companies to expand their
As a student leader of Futuro, she felt the need to standing the process, or didn’t think about it until the first. reach.
represent the community of Trevecca students who ar- deadline was past. Roy Philip, associate professor of marketing and One of the judges was a CEO from Parthenon
en’t eligible voters. Meghan Mapes, senior nursing major, didn’t vote
coordinator of the club, organized for the first time Credit Union.
Senior Arturo Prieto’s is one of those students. in this election because she is not registered. Mapes is
Prieto has DACA status which means he can’t vote, from New York, and showed up to vote in the 2016 elec- on campus in October a competition like the one in Damaris Villlalva, a senior international
but that didn’t stop him from getting involved. tion after registering at a Trevecca voting drive. New Orleans. business major, who was part of the MTSU group,
In a political climate where conversations around When she got to her polling place, the workers told The AMA International Collegiate Conference said that although she was not on the Trevecca team
immigration have been rampant, Prieto said this is the her she needed proof of residence, and her car regis- is for students from all over the country to come she learned something.
time for students to do their research and join the dis- tration could work. When she returned with her car
together to compete to find a resolution for a “Although there was a situation with the groups,
cussion. registration, the workers told her she also needed a
Prieto and other DACA students at Trevecca are Tennessee I.D. problem a real marketing company is facing. it gives us an extra opportunity to think fast and to
involved in the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee “I was devastated. I felt like I wasn’t able to have a Trevecca’s AMA club only participated in one see if we actually learned something and if we can
Rights and Coalition (TIRRC) where they attended voice in an election that meant a lot to me,” Mapes said. competition in 2009. The students placed third apply it. I think it was a great experience that will
voter turnout meetings and encouraged others to vote Mapes did not vote in this election either. from around 50 universities. help us in the future,” she said.
door to door. “Because I’m currently in Tennessee, I didn’t think
“It’s a privilege acquainted to those who are eligi- to re-register in New York,” Mapes said. “Midterm elec- “So I thought. ‘How can I bring the competitive After the competition, students were lead into a
ble,” he said. “I think I have a responsibility. Even if I tions weren’t even on my mind when the deadline to spirit to Trevecca?’ I thought of having a competition question and answer and followed by a talk from
can’t vote, I feel like I’m part of the community.” send in my absentee ballot came.” like they have in New Orleans, but have it among Dr. Ming Wang, a lasik eye surgeon.
One of the student’s Prieto helped is Erik Jimenez, a For Daisy Brooks, a 28-year-old English major, vot- AMA members in middle Tennessee,” said Philip. “I enjoyed hearing Dr. Ming Wang speak about
junior criminal justice and sociology major. ing has been a practice of hers for the past decade. “There are three chapters in Middle Tennessee.
Jimenez cast his first vote ever in the midterm elec- “Voting is your voice. We can talk to each other
differentiation which is the action or process of
Belmont, Middle Tennessee State University differentiating. It basically means what makes your
tion about politics as much as you want, but the only thing
Jimenez is the only person in his family who can (MTSU) and Trevecca. So I thought how about product stand out from all the other products like
that really matters is your vote,” she said.
vote. As a result, he said he didn’t get the help he need- Pew Charitable Trust’s analysis of the 2014 midterm bringing these three universities together for a it,” said Miriam Kirk, a multimedia journalism
ed to understand the process at home. election ranked Tennessee 50th in voter turnout, but competition.” major.
“I really didn’t have an idea about politics or how that doesn’t have to be the case anymore, Brooks said. The event was made possible with the help
to vote,” he said. “Now, all these friends I’ve had, they The event was successful according to Damaris,
Millennials and Gen Xers have a history of low mid- of two sponsors: the Wang Foundation for Sight
talk to me about being the change you get to be in this term turnout according to Pew Research Center. But as and she says others should join the AMA club
country.” Restoration and Trevecca’s School of Graduate and because it will benefit students to meet and network
of April 2018, they make up the majority of adult eligi-
Prieto was able to find Jimenez a place to vote and ble voters at about 59 percent, the study stated. Continuing Studies. with other professionals in the business community.
meet people that could help him understand the polit- “I think it’s typical, when you’re first starting out in On the day of the event, students from Belmont “It is great to be involved in academic clubs no
ical stance of each candidate. life, to assume that things will carry on the way they and MTSU were missing. Five members were
The number of people from his culture involved in matter what it is. It’ll look great on your resume,”
always have. But if you have a stake in politics, as all needed for the competition, and only one showed
the election surprised Jimenez. He said he didn’t know adults do, you have to vote,” she said. said Villalva. “Knowing other business people and
there were places where Hispanic voters could ask help
from MTSU. networking with them opens up new experiences.”
translating. Philip did not want to give up the event, so he

New vice president appointed to SGA my own terms by the administration, but it nominee elected to fill the vacancy shall take
CONTINUED FROM COVER technical, financial size of things. I would like
was an immediate dismissal from the stu- office immediately to serve the term. During
to continue and follow his model.”
dent government.” the second semester, the SGA shall have the
Despite jumping into the position over half
During his tenure as vice president Ortiz power to fill any vacancies in SGA, with the
way into the first semester, Schaffer still feels
Hernandez said he worked to increase the exception of the ASB President which must
transparency of the student government, es- go to a special election of the ASB.”
“I feel prepared for this position. I am a
pecially related to the organization’s finances. Matt Spraker, associate dean of students
hardworking individual who is centered on
He also thanked the administration and for community life and SGA sponsor, said the
serving people the best way I can,” Schaffer
members of the SGA executive council for executive council voted against the special
said. “Being VP means I have a responsibility
their “respect and encouragement through- election because the ending of the three-week
to SGA and the student body. I want to serve
out the process.” interim period falls around Thanksgiving
them the best I can through this position. So,
The ASB Constitution calls for a special Break.
to me, giving Trevecca my all isn’t a choice.
election by the student body if an officer posi- Spraker said based on past experience
Ortiz Hernandez said Trevecca administra-
tion is vacated, unless it’s the second semester that voter turnout is low by that point in the
tion asked him to step down after he failed to
of the school year, but the executive council semester.
comply with university policies.
voted against the special election because of “[The executive council] made a special
“The main factor was my non-compli-
the timing. exception to go with a second semester ap-
ance with university policies. I took a wrong
Article V Section 10 part D of the ASB Con- pointing procedure, but having general SGA
decision that did not put me or anyone else
stitution states: “In the event of a vacancy in represent the student body and voting, so
in danger, but it was against Trevecca’s rules.
an office of the SGA, the members of the SGA it’s not just like executives or appointment, it
I am fully aware of my mistake and take full
shall have the power of interim appointment would be all the class councils will represent
responsibility on my actions,” Ortiz Hernan-
until a special election shall be held (within their class and vote,” Spraker said.
dez said. “I was encouraged to step-down on
David Schaffer, new ASB Vice President. three weeks after the vacancy occurs). The

SGA class forums created to inform students
BY HANNAH BUTLER what kind of questions the freshman class left for interpretation and for years has “We’re not just planning events any-
STAFF WRITER will ask. been very vague as to what they do, said more, we’re trying to get out there, trying
SGA is implementing class forums, a “ I think it’s a great idea to let every- Ivan Palomares, ASB president. to make sure we do things for you guys
place where the student body can ask body know, and give them an idea of what “It came from the need for the represen- that aren’t just events. Trying to do legisla-
questions or voice concerns. we have been doing so that they can see tatives to have a more defined role in SGA. tive things. Put the government back into
The sessions, which will be divided up that we are actually doing stuff and not It’s now part of our constitution. It’s part student government,” said Palomares.
by classes, will allow space for students to just hanging out on meeting days,” said of the tasks that the representatives do. I This first round of forums is considered
ask their two class representatives about Gregory. think it’s a great idea, just because trans- a trial run. Follows up will be scheduled
topics and issues they care about and get a The forums came out of SGA’s leader- parency one, and two, we can reach out in in the future depending on how the first
better idea of what SGA is doing. ship goals to more clearly define the roles a new way to make sure you guys know we one goes.
Taylor Gregory, freshman class repre- of class representatives and make sure are here for you,” said Palomares. The first forum was held on Nov. 12
sentative, said she has a good relationship students have opportunities to engage Palomares said his goal for the forums is For more information or questions
with her co representative, Carter O’Ne- with the students they elected to represent for the students to participate on campus email Ivan Palomares at IAPalomeresgon-
al, and they will work well together as them. and understand that SGA’s role is bigger
leaders. She said she is excited to start the The role of the representative has been than just planning events.
event, and is looking forward to hearing
NEWS TrevEchoes | November | 2018 |

Campus chaplain transitions into new role
CONTINUED FROM COVER ering leaving his position to focus on teaching. Boone said overseeing an entire college campus time.
“Watching people like Shawna made me know has helped prepare Songer Gaines to be the person Green, dean of the school of theology and Chris-
“I’m deeply proud of Shawna Gaines. I think she that I could step out of it. It made me come to appre- that hundreds of pastors will look to for peer leader- tian ministry, will be the interim chaplain alongside
has been a great gift to Trevecca. Our students and ciate that I could hand over something I love and care ship. faculty members Tim Gaines, Mike Jackson, Mary
community love her. And while this is a loss for us, it for to the Shawna Gaines’s of the world,” Green said. “There’s a sense in which the experience that Schmitt and Kathy Mowry— all of which are or-
actually ends up being also a gain for us because we To the pleasant surprise to both Green and Songer comes from trying to provide spiritual care for that dained pastors.
have, right here in the campus church, a person who Gaines, the president’s office reached out to her as a many people. It prepares you for other kinds of Green considers this an opportunity for students
knows us very well,” he said. replacement. roles,” he said. to witness professors carry out their ordination out-
Songer Gaines replaces Dwight M. Gunter II who “It was not something I sought out, because Tim Jake Beard, student body chaplain, said he sus- side of a classroom.
in April was elected to become the superintendent of had been chaplain so long that I couldn’t even imag- pects that many on campus don’t fully realize all The most important part of being chaplain is
the MidSouth District Church of the Nazarene, ac- ine Trevecca without Tim Green as the chaplain,” Songer Gaines has done for the community. to recognize the importance of the role itself, said
cording to NCN News. said Songer Gaines. “I got a call from President Dan “She has really incorporated different types of Green.
When the district superintendent first asked Boone one Tuesday afternoon when I was home in worship, different types of sermons, community con- “The university chaplain does counseling but is
Songer Gaines, she initially declined to let her name my pajamas taking care of my kiddos, and it was the versation topics that maybe Trevecca hasn’t seen be- more than a counselor, does preaching but is more
go forward. She said she didn’t want to leave her po- surprise of a lifetime to be invited to step into this fore,” he said. “She’s really broadening the spectrum than a preacher, does leading but is more than a
sition as university chaplain too soon. role.” of what chapel can be.” leader. The university chaplain is a key member
“The work of university chaplain has been one After Green’s 25 year run, Songer Gaines felt like Chapel leaders will retain the same theme, sched- of the [campus] community in the very shaping of
of the great joys of my life. The role of the chaplain she had big shoes to fill as chaplain. He made sure to ule and speakers that Songer Gaines prepared for identity— not only of individuals but the Christian
I think really is to tend to the whole Christian com- tell her that being a university chaplain was special the school year. Each faculty member will take turns university itself,” he said.
munity of the campus because when our Christian work, that chapel was a special time, and she must do overseeing chapel services for a certain amount of
community is strong every other aspect of campus everything she could to take care of it.
life is strong,” she said. She quickly learned just how unique of a position
Songer Gaines and her husband, Tim Gaines, it was.
first came to Trevecca in 2015, when Tim Gaines was Her first semester, when some students had or-
offered a position as assistant professor of religion. ganized a controversial prayer walk around campus
Before that, they were co-pastors at Bakersfield First that discomforted some students on campus. This
Church of the Nazarene, in Bakersfield, CA, for al- was when Songer Gaines realized there would be
most four years. Despite their reluctance to leave, certain challenges to being a spiritual leader for a
and the school making it clear that there was no po- spiritually diverse campus. That same semester, the
sition for Songer Gaines, she pushed for the move, campus became divided again over the results of the
she said. 2016 election.
For a year she applied for positions at different “That was also a moment where I realized that
churches across Nashville, with no success. During university chaplaincy was going to be different than
that time she also became involved with campus life a local congregation. Pastoral ministry in the midst
through her husband. She came to events, welcomed of that division and exhaustion was something really
students to their home, moderated a panel and spoke different from local church ministry,” she said. “In a
with her husband during spiritual deepening week. local congregation, someone might have voted differ-
Unbeknownst to them, Tim Green, the campus ently than you, but you don’t have to see them again
chaplain for almost 25 years at the time, was consid- until next Sunday.” Gaines as Grand Marshall in the homecoming parade. Provided by Trevecca Marketing.

“The X-Factor” contestant makes Trevecca home
back, she says being on the “The X-Factor” was To her, that was 10 times better than being she is doing has a purpose musically that she
not the best thing to ever happen to her. on “The X-Factor”. can hands-on do,” Hosny said. “She can see
“With X-Factor, I got a taste of the world. Thompson enrolled in NPWI because she the results now, and she’s fighting for it, which
For a moment that’s going to be awesome, but wants to lead worship and produce Christian is awesome.”
I learned quickly that was not what I wanted. music in the future. She also serves on the Thompson hopes that adjusting the
I remember last summer getting down on children’s worship team on Sundays at The curriculum for her and creating this system
my hands and knees and asking God what it Belonging Co. Church once a month. will help another person later on at Trevecca.
looked like to surrender everything to him,” Thompson’s band for NPWI includes Mya Hosny knew who Thompson was from her
Thompson said. Hodges, a freshman. time on “The X-Factor.” It’s easy to have a big
A week after that, Thompson received a call Hodges and Thompson have talked about ego being on a television show like that, but
for an internship at a church in Jacksonville, Thompson’s past in the music business, and Thompson doesn’t, said Hosny.
Florida. By the next Monday, she had how she felt a call from God to lead worship Hosny oversees the band challenges that
purchased the plane ticket to live there for a rather than making music for the business happen on campus for NPWI students.
year on her own. Moving away was new, but aspect. “What stands out about her voice is that it’s
there was an additional adjustment from life definitely powerful. But it’s a power through
“She has an audience of one, and she knows
without her mom. humility. I think if you can mix those together,
that now. She also has this freedom too. It’s
Thompson has a condition called peaceful, free and pure,” Hodges said. the powerful voice that God gives you with the
arthrogryposis multiplex congenita. It causes humility that you’re really serving his purpose,
In her classes, Thompson is learning piano
her hands to be bent in a fixed position. that’s fantastic,” Hosny said.
on her MIDI, a keyboard that allows her to
Thompson said that she is humbled by it, Thompson gets recognized when she goes
play easier by having the keys closer together.
finding herself in a lot of situations where she out, and even on campus.
“She doesn’t let earthly circumstances
needs to ask for help.
define her,” Healey said. “She lets God define “We knew she had the difference, but our
Rather than seeing it as a disability, biggest thing was knowing she was coming
Thompson on “The X-Factor” in 2013. her.”
BY Naomi Overby
Thompson sees it as just a difference, and from the X-Factor, and our concern as RA’s
For her music classes, there are things that
STAFF WRITER prefers to call it such. was making sure that people weren’t thinking
have been altered to allow Thompson to learn
Rion Thompson was 13-years-old when “People put abilities above other abilities of her differently because she’s verified on
in a way that best fits her. As an alternative
she stepped onto “The X-Factor” stage, and when really all abilities are used in different Instagram,” Brianna Salyer, Thompson’s RA
to the proper fingering for scales on piano,
millions of Americans watched on their ways,” Thompson said. “I’m a good singer, but said.
Thompson is assessed by playing and singing
television screens at home to see her sing. I can’t open up a water bottle.”
the notes to reinforce her aural skills. Thompson thinks it’s weird that people still
After being mentored by Demi Lovato, she Thompson said that one of her most recognize her six years after the show, but she
Rather than playing each note with one
placed 5th overall on the television music memorable performances was the first time saw the experience as a time of perseverance
finger, Thompson was rolling her hand across
competition show created by British producer she led worship at her internship. Watching and is thankful for the lessons she learned
the keys to play several notes fluidly, going
Simon Cowell. people come to the front to pray at the altar, there.
beyond what she needed to do, Mark Hosny,
Today the 18-year-old freshman is studying coming before God as she was singing was “The music isn’t everything,” Thompson
NPWI director said.
to be a worship leader in the National Praise significant in knowing that she was called to said. “You have to have spirit behind what you
“One thing I’ve tried to model in our
and Worship Institute at Trevecca. As she looks worship and Christian music, she said. do.”
curriculum for helping her is that everything
2018 | November | TrevEchoes with the stresses finals is a good guide to
Tip 4. Keep a schedule. Block out time
how we can deal with stress throughout
EDITORIAL & OPINION for study and for the release that relax-
life. So this is not a time for extraordi-
ation provides. Alternating times of work
nary effort. It is a time to establish a nor-
From the Counsel- mal routine and make it the best one pos-
with times of relaxation has been shown
to increase productivity of the work pe-
sible. Here are five tips to reduce stress
ing Center: dealing and improve performance.
riods and improve the retention of both
knowledge and skills. So kick back some.
Tip 1. Google how to deal with stress
But then get back to work. Balance is ev-
with stress as the during finals, and the first recommen-
dation will almost always be get enough
And, of course, study. Nothing reduc-
semester ends sleep, whatever that is for you. Go to
bed at a set time and get up at a set time.
es stress more than anticipating an event
and being prepared for it. But I don’t
What happens when you don’t sleep? 20
have to tell you that it’s probably smart to
genes that are governed by sleep patterns
study for finals. You are studying already.
release their chemicals at the wrong time
Because you are smart and are getting
and stifle both mental and physical func-
smarter every day at Trevecca!
tions. A Stanford University study com-
And if you are really stressed out, Trev-
pared college varsity basketball players
ecca’s Counseling Center can help.
who had adequate sleep to those that ids are also contained in peanut butter, Now go ace those finals and start fol-
didn’t. It found that those with adequate bread, yogurt, spinach, eggs and even lowing those healthy routines. You will
sleep were significantly sharper shooters. pizza. Yeah, pizza! Didn’t you always be- probably need them again to deal with
Another recent study found that those lieve that pizza improved your brain? the stresses of your time off when finals
who lack sleep have lower grades. Sleep Tip 3. Exercise is also important if you are done. I mean, Christmas can be pret-
improves memory and performance. But want to fight stress, particularly aerobic ty stressful too.
it also relieves stress and anxiety. So it is exercises. It does not matter whether it
a great part of preparation for those fi- is jogging, swimming, cycling, walking,
nals. But also a great healthy habit that or even dancing. These all have been
will make you better at everything and shown to reduce anxiety and depression.
BY AMY SEWELL SHELTON keep you from stressing out. How? Exercise increases the circulation
COUNSELING CENTER GRADUATE INTERN Tip 2. Another recommendation is to of blood to the brain and also releases
Finals. The student’s judgment day eat regularly and to make healthy food endorphins and serotonin that improve
that comes at the end of each semester. choices. Ok, caffeine and sugar will give your mood, reduce stress and anxiety,
You feel nervous and stressed, because you a quick energy boost and perk you heighten energy level, and sharpen mem-
no one likes to be judged. And you might up. But they have absolutely no effect on ory. And exercise improves sleep. See
suspect that finals are not just about how performance or on mental health. Stud- “Tip 1” if you haven’t had enough sleep
much you have retained from everything ies have shown that those who eat reg- and might have forgotten.
you’ve heard or read over the last four ularly and primarily eat healthy foods
months. Finals make you feel like you are are less like to fail a test than those who
being judged on other things, like who either eat irregularly or eat unhealthy
we are. Are you a good student or a bad foods. And they get better scores. Food is
student, a good person or a bad person? a performance enhancing drug when it
It just seems so judgmental. comes to academics.
The truth is that you can’t press reset But there’s more. Foods with omega-3
on how you behaved over the weeks lead- fatty acids are super foods for fighting
ing up to that finals judgment. You can stress and depression, regulating mood
always do better next semester. If you and controlling impulsivity. And they im-
pass your finals, that is. (Am I stressing prove performance. Why? Because ome-
you out yet?) ga-3 fatty acids help maintain normal
Here’s the (good) thing. How you be- brain function by preserving the health
have as you face the test will help you of cell membranes and facilitating com-
brave the test. Even better in will build munication between brain cells. And I’m
your character in ways that can outlast not just talking fish here, although fish
the pain of the final. The way we deal has omegas aplenty. Omega-3 fatty ac-

Letter to the Editor: Chapel
credit story one-sided (or are too scared to) read or study, it be- EDITORIAL STAFF
Dear Brooklyn, comes a much bigger burden. I had made
a sarcastic post online, entered comment
I am writing this letter to express my dis- discussions on Facebook and had talked Brooklyn Dance
appointment with the article “Want your
to many people about this issue and wish
chapel credit? Put away your electronic that more students like myself, and other Sports Editor Social life Editor
device” on the previous TrevEchoes news- friends who share my opinion were ap- Maddux Reid Ashley Williams
paper. It was informative and it clearly ex- proached to share our voice. I would love
pressed the expectations for chapel, how- to share why I do not agree with required
ever, I felt that it was very one-sided and chapels and do not think that they should Assistant Editor & online editor Design & photo editor
surface-level. It had one student’s perspec- be viewed as an “academic environment” as Maria monteros Morgan woolum
tive on the issue and the rest was the voice stated by Speaker. I would also like to hear
of Matt Spraker. the voice of students who disagree with my
The article mentioned that the two rea- view and have a different perspective - I
sons students spoke out against chapel would like to hear from students, period.
credit revocation were that they were un- Please make sure that writers continue Photographer Online media Manager
aware of the expectations and that they do to investigate this issue and portray a more Uy Nguyen Ethan campbell
not like change. I feel that only reporting accurate picture of how students feel. I
on these two reasons is either poor inves- frankly was very happy at how many peo-
tigation or lack of in-depth attention this ple spoke out about this because it was a STAFF WRITERS
issue warrants. The article simply does not rare time that students came together, ex-
explain why this issue blew up so much.
Hannah butler Naomi Overby
pressed themselves and stood up for what
It does not address the fact that the actu- they believe in. I was sad to see how little of
al reason many students spoke out against this was shared in the newspaper. Alexis Garcia Matthew Parris
this change is because they do not agree
with the amount of chapel credits required Mariana da Silva David Hancock Kallie Sohm
in the first place. Now that students cannot Senior
Miriam kirk Audrey Yawn
CORRECTION: An article that appeared in the October issue of the TrevEchoes called “Campus adjusts to
more online textbooks” contained three errors. The bookstore manager’s name is Katie Miller. Students received
an email about the possibility of online textbooks on July 18. Around 30 students paid extra money to receive TrevEchoes is published by and for the students of Trevecca Nazarene University. The views expressed in Trev-
printed copies of electronic textbooks, they did not opt out of the books in tuition program. The TrevEchoes staff Echoes are those of the individual contributors and do not necessarily reflect the views of Trevecca. Contrib-
utors may be edited for grammar, spelling, content, or space consideration. Our office is located in Jernigan.
regrets the errors.
SPORTS TrevEchoes | November | 2018 |

Men’s soccer season ends after a yellow card violation
STAFF WRITER won a conference game all season. an honest mistake. I was obviously not trying to get It was hard to see Leavy so devastated when he
Trevecca Men’s Soccer ended the 2018 season Oct. The NCAA requires that a player sit out of the next around the rules,” said Leavy. apologized to the team before the Kentucky Wesleyan
23 with a 1-2 loss to Kentucky Wesleyan. game after receiving five yellow card penalties. Leavy However, the NCAA was required to discipline game said Reinhard.
Just days before, the Trojans had been fourth in the said he thought O’Connell’s number of yellow cards the team for the violation. The NCAA stated in this Reinhard also said he and other team leaders
Great-Midwest Athletic Conference. was five after the team’s win over Malone Oct. 6. season’s set of rule revisions for soccer that periods of tried to foster a normal, pregame atmosphere after
A yellow card violation regarding junior, Leavy had O’Connell serve his suspension during suspension will be doubled for the head coach when Leavy had to leave the team an hour before the game;
midfielder Shane O’Connell stripped the team of the team’s trip to Lake Erie College the next week. a player, assistant coach or other bench personnel but when Kentucky Wesleyan got the lead, it got
three points; moving them to seventh in conference But Leavy had miscounted. O’Connell only had participates in a game while suspended. tough not having him on the sideline. Reinhard and
standings before the loss. four yellow cards; he therefore did not need to be O’Cononell’s violation caused him to be O’Connell both said that the team was shocked to
“I was gutted over it, and I can’t imagine how it felt suspended yet. suspended for the next two possible games, Leavy lose to Kentucky Wesleyan.
for them [the team’s nine seniors] to go out like that,” O’Connell played the next two games: a 0-3 loss to be suspended for the next four games, and three “The guys were brilliant about it. They’ve been
said O’Connell. to Cedarville University and a 2-0 win over Ohio points to be taken from the team’s record. very gracious to me,” said Leavy.
Midseason, the Trojans had legitimate hopes of Dominican University. Conference officials did not “Shane getting suspended was, in my opinion, The Trojans closed the 2018-2019 season 8-7-
hosting during the G-MAC Championship Series. catch the error until the following Monday morning, really unfair. He didn’t deserve that because he was 1 overall and 7-7 in conference play. Leavy’s and
The team’s chances of achieving that lessened when Oct. 22. trying to follow the rule,” said senior Nico Reinhard. O’Connell’s suspensions will carry over into the
a clerical error stripped the team of three points and O’Connell received his actual fifth yellow card Defensive starter, David Brooks, was also fall 2019 season. Fortunately for the Trojans, the
suspended both O’Connell and head coach, Danny during the Cedarville game. Meaning by NCAA rules, suspended for the Kentucky Wesleyan game. He had suspensions will be served before conference play
Leavy. The costly error placed the Trojans in seventh O’Connell should have been suspended for the game acquired five yellow cards. begins.
place in the G-MAC going into the match against the against Ohio Dominican. But no one on the team was Neither O’Connell or Reinhard said they thought “We had so many ups and so many downs. We
Kentucky Wesleyan Panthers. aware. So, he played. that the suspensions were the reason for the loss actually had a really good season, and would have
“Our conference was just so tight this year that “I miscalculated [O’Connell’s yellow cards] …The against Kentucky Wesleyan. been hosting the final if something like that [losing
three points had a huge ramification,” said Leavy. conference, they [G-MAC officials] were great about the points] hadn’t happened… I think it was the best
“It was probably the biggest motivator we had all
Prior to the match, the Kentucky Wesleyan had not it. They weren’t trying to discipline us… it was just team that I’ve ever been a part of,” said O’Connell.
season to win a game,” said O’Connell.

Women’s basketball season Men’s basketball season preview
ing everybody can do everything for us. That means we’ll
get to play a lot of guys who can space the floor and shoot
The Trevecca men’s basketball team has spent its threes.”
preseason focused on building a new culture with a new Senior Deion Johnson said it will be everyone’s job to
coach and has now kicked off the new season with a ros- score.
ter of younger players.
“We shouldn’t see our size as a disadvantage, because
“We have some really talented older players, who at the end of the day, we both have to play on each end of
are actually red shirting this year, like Nick Anyang, the court, and whoever wants it more will win,” he said.
Medhi El Mardi and Michael Thompson, because their
Thompson said it would be nice to have some size on
academics are going to be really important for them in
the team, but ultimately they’d still play the same style.
future where they could graduate early and potentially
“We’d still use the same style of offense and defense,
receive a masters,” said Head Coach Omar Mance.
everyone is still expected to box out their man, everyone
Mance was named Trevecca’s ninth men’s basketball
still has to communicate and every one is still expected
coach after Sam Harris ended his 25-year tenure in the
to give 110 percent when on the court,” he said. “The only
spring of 2018. Last year the Trojans finished the season
thing that really changes is some guys may be a little un-
with a 6-22 over all record and a 5-15 conference record.
dersized occasionally. The coaching staff will continue to
The Trojans are ranked 10 in the conference per the 2018-
have us properly prepared for those situations and as a
19 Great Midwest preseason coaches poll.
unit we are ready for the challenge of being smaller.”
BY MADDUX REID Photo provided by Nguyen. The team this year will be counting on underclass-
Mance is just as eager to talk about the culture he’s
SPORTS EDITOR everyone knows their role. They are focusing on men and some transfers.
strong work ethic and leadership from the up- trying to build.
The Trevecca women’s basketball team is off a “We have a lot of young guys, transfers and returners
big start on the year. per-classmen. “Just purely as a basketball coach, you want to come
who will be playing like Deion Johnson, Reed Smith,
“Because most of us have had Coach Hibdon in and create a new culture. So, for the first couple of
They defeated NCAA Division I Middle Ten- Evan Ragsdale and Austin Wills,” said Mance. “Those
nessee State University 88-71 in their first exhibi- for at least one season, we know the expectations months our goal has been to build our culture in Christ,”
guys have been great leaders for us early on, but like I
tion game and then defeated Covenant College he has for us along with the ones we have for our- he said. “After building ourselves up spiritually, then we
selves. We are so much more well-rounded this said, everything is brand new for us.”
by 46 points during the homecoming exhibition do a ton of things to build our reputation on campus and
game. season, which makes it so that any game, there Some on the team see the transition to a younger connect with our community.”
could be a different ‘go-to’ player,” said Hackett. team as beneficial.
The team was ranked No. 8 among the 14 The players are also excited about the change.
G-MAC teams in the preseason coach’s poll, Although the Trojans’ season ended before the “I think playing with a young group is great. It gives
tournament last year, their wins against top teams “The culture has definitely changed from last year to
presented by Under Armour, but Chad Hibdon, us an opportunity to come together and learn how to be
in the conference like Hillsdale and Findlay prove this year. We are doing more as a family that doesn’t have
head women’s basketball coach, has high hopes successful as a group. None of us are seasoned because
they have the ability to compete with the top of anything to do with basketball, but it brings us closer.
for the Trojans to advance to the conference tour- of the new coaching staff. We’re all sharing the chance to
nament this year after finishing last year with an the conference. Hibdon said those victories were Outside of school, we have just been hanging out and
a good measuring stick for them, but in order to learn from the ground up as a unit, instead of a bunch of
8-14 in the conference. getting to know one another on a deeper level which
perform better this year, they have to keep that old guys yelling at young guys to figure it out,” said Mi-
wasn’t really emphasized in the past,” said Johnson.
As Hibdon kicks off his third year as head high intensity every game of the season, no mat- chael Thompson, a junior on the team. “We’re going to
coach for the Lady Trojans, he says he is confi- These are the things players are most likely to re-
ter the opponent. have some bumps and bruises this year but if we contin-
dent in the goals and expectations the team set member, he said.
ue to grow and love each other every single day I have no
for the season. “We want to have the best season and we do
doubt we will have success as a team.” “We have done a lot in the community to show that
Hibdon said Callie Hackett, senior point that by winning every single day. We have to make
we are more than just a basketball team. When basket-
guard, is a vital returning asset for the team. sure we are locked in every practice, every film, The team will have to adjust their style of play.
ball comes to an end, we still have a family we can rely
Hacket was the leading scorer for the Trojans last every individual, every weight lift, every game, “This year we’ll just play smaller, space the floor,” said
on,” said Johnson. “We will be able took like back at our
year, averaging 16 points per game, as well as al- because those things are preparing us to be our Mance. “I think the trend of basketball from Villanova,
time here at Trevecca and say ‘Yeah I played basketball,
most 38 minutes of play per game, according to great,” Hale said. who won the national championship last year, to the
Hibdon, who described her as a catalyst for the but I also built relationships that would last a life time.’ “
The Trojans play a tough schedule, with mul- Golden State Warriors is positionless basketball, mean-
Trojan offense and defense.
tiple ranked opponents in the first part of the sea-
“What Callie needs to do is produce like she son, followed by an intense conference schedule.
did last year, improve on efficiency, and do that
same production without us having to rely on her “We try to continue to challenge ourselves
to produce so much. We hope she has that same throughout the season. We don’t have the oppor-
production with a reduced number of minutes on tunity to rest during our conference schedule, so
her as a starting point guard,” said Hibdon. we want to be challenged every night and know
Adi Hale, junior red shirt, will be bringing her we have to bring that high level of competition
energy from the bench to the court. every day,” said Hibdon.
Last year, Hale’s season was cut short because “If we want to make the post-season, we have
of an injury. After her sophomore year, Hale was to start strong and finish stronger,” Hibdon said.
named in the top five 3-point shooters in the na- “We are looking for playing our best basketball at
tion for Division II. Having her scoring added to tournament time and making a deep post season
the team’s arsenal this year will pose a threat to
the rest of the conference, said Hibdon.
A senior-heavy team this year, Hackett said Photo provided by Nguyen.
2018 | November | TrevEchoes

Three students will spend next semester at “The Happiest Place on Earth”

Isabella Green applied 10 times to the Disney College Program.
Rachel Wilkes applied five semesters in a row.
Holly McConnell applied just for practice and was accepted.
All three Trevecca students learned this semester that they will be living
their dream as they work at the Happiest Place on Earth next semester.
The Disney College Program is a semester-long paid internship at Walt
Disney World or Disneyland where students work at the theme parks or
resorts. Students can choose to take college-level coursework and live in
company-sponsored housing with other students from around the world.
There are around 10,000 internships granted every semester. Some jobs
are in operations, entertainment, lodging, retail, recreation, food and bev-
Alums with similar jobs said they loved the position because they were al- Green, McConnell and Wilkes all posing in their Disney ears.
ways helping out guests for directions, or any possible questions, she said. ly get accepted on her first try. McConnell doubted that she would get ac-
Wilkes was accepted into the custodial position, Green was accepted
Green, a junior at Trevecca, had a spontaneous interview process while cepted, she waited to tell her parents until she passed her phone interview.
into merchandise and McConnell will be a lifeguard.
with her parents sitting in a booth at Chili’s. “I heard about the Disney College Program a few years ago, I knew it
The program offers students a chance to gain on the job work experi-
Green had one week of anticipation until she got her acceptance letter would not hurt to apply,” said McConnell. “I did not think I would be able
ence and the opportunity to meet and live with people from all over the
while doing some retail therapy at Forever 21. She immediately hustled her to get in my first time, let alone have the opportunity to go with my compli-
country and potentially the world. Depending on their role, interns will
way to the Disney store at Opry Mills to treat herself for getting accepted to cated academic schedule”
receive an hourly rate of pay. Students can also choose to take credited class
the college program. When McConnell got the acceptance email she was so dazed that her
courses or attend seminars throughout their stay.
“I was in the dressing room and I saw that my phone had an email that boyfriend had to read it to her in order to comprehend the acceptance.
Wilkes has known about the Disney College Program since seventh
had ‘Congratulations.’ I just started bawling in the dressing room and no “At that point, while I was still crying, I knew that I wanted to try to make
grade and was waiting until she was able to apply. She has been to Disney-
one knew what was going on,” said Green. this happen. My disbelief that I would be able to get in was no longer stop-
land once and Disney World seven times. She’s kept the goal in the back of
Green will be working in the merchandise department. This job and the ping me from going,” said McConnell.
her mind as she’s studied and worked during college.
training will allow her to jump around the four different parks in Disney McConnell will need to pass the swim test to secure her post as a life-
“I was never intentionally doing anything but I did always have it in the
World. guard. Her location has not been set yet but she is very excited to partici-
back of my brain, [thinking,] ‘I wonder if this will help me?’” said Wilkes.
Green, a physics major, sees this opportunity to have the foot in the door pate anywhere they place her.
The application process includes completing one semester of college,
to becoming an Imagineer intern. An Imagineer invents new concepts or Wilkes, Green and McConnell all have countdown apps on their phone
turning in a resume and filling out a questionnaire. Once approved, a
technology to improve the Walt Disney theme parks. that counts down the days until they leave.
30-minute web interview is held. The final stage is a phone interview, fol-
“One reason why I decided to do the college program is that it’s your “in” “I am unbelievably excited. I know my friends and family have to be
lowed by either an acceptance or rejection email.
to Disney. Most employees, unless they have good connections, started in sick of me talking about it. It also has been very difficult to focus on my
Three weeks after Wilkes’ phone interview she was sitting in the Bud
the college program. If I want to be an Imagineer for Disney I need to start school work because I just want to talk to my new friends and plan out my
Robinson building when she received her acceptance email.
here,” said Green. new Disney apartment,” said McConnell.
“I literally started sobbing,” said Wilkes.
While working 60 hours per week, Green plans on taking online classes
Wilkes will be working a custodian position. Her job description in-
through Trevecca just to stay on top of academics.
cludes sweeping and general cleaning, emptying trash cans and picking up
McConnell, a junior at Trevecca, had a different experience when ap-
debris. At first, she was discouraged about her position. She reached out to
plying for the program.
alumni of the program with questions through a Disney College Program
McConnell applied just for practice and had the huge surprise to actual-
Facebook page, which made her excited to start at Disney next semester.

Tutoring Center available to aid in finals preparation
BY KAYLA WILLIAMSON There are about 50 tutors in all different areas, and that number is a signif- reviews as well.
STAFF WRITER icant rise compared to the last few years. Each subject has open hours, and this year they’ve added afternoon hours
For one senior, the tutoring center has been a necessary step throughout Even though tutoring is mainly offered for general education classes, to accommodate commuters.
her college career. some tutors are willing to offer help within their major. If possible, it’s best to request a tutor and negotiate times, because priority
Dalisa White, an interpersonal communication major, began using the Writing tutors are usually housed within the Bud Robinson building, will always go to students with appointments.
tutoring center her freshman year. while other subjects are held within the buildings that hold their classes. Students can request a tutor by filling out the yellow forms beside the
“I was in special education in school, so we didn’t do a lot of writing,” said Julia O’Malley, a biology major, received tutoring during the spring se- printer on the top floor of the Bud Robinson building. When it’s complete,
White. “When I came to college, I didn’t know how to write an essay, but the mester of her freshman year for calculus and chemistry. She now tutors stu- they can return them to Gray if she is available, or they can also send her an
tutors were able to teach me how.” dents in the Greathouse building for general chemistry. email at
She now uses the tutoring center every time she has to write an essay. O’Malley also encourages students to get help before finals begin. “Using the tutoring center has been a great experience,” said White. “It’s
The tutoring center is open all semester but tends to get busier during “Study gradually, and don’t try to cram it all in one night,” said O’Malley. really good and helpful.”
finals. “That way if you do need help from a tutor, you can get help before finals
Donna Gray, associate director of academic services, encourages students week not during finals week.”
to get academic help early on instead of waiting until finals. During finals, almost everyone is busy. Since all tutors are students, they
“There has always been a stigma attached to it,” said Gray. “It’s like you’re will be studying for their exams as well.
not doing well if you have to get help.” During particularly busy times, students may not hear back from a tutor.
But tutors who help other students also use the tutoring center. “It could be that I’m still trying to find someone, or sometimes emails just
“While they have to meet certain qualifications,” said Gray. “We all have get lost,” said Gray. “If that happens, I don’t mind if students send a polite
our strengths and we all have our weaknesses. I always encourage tutors to email asking about where we are in the process.”
use the program, because there should be no stigma around it. It’s just a good Among tutoring, offering test prep and study skills, the tutoring center
study habit.” also offers workshops throughout the semester.
Tutors are encouraged to go beyond helping with homework. Overall un- Their first workshop of this semester was teaching students how to avoid
derstanding is typically the goal. plagiarism.
If students don’t need help with a specific subject, tutors can teach them Before finals begin, they will also hold subject reviews for different cours-
how to accurately prep for tests and give them study skills according to their es. It won’t be for every subject, but the ones that are requested the most.
learning style or preference. The tutoring center will usually publicize if there will be a subject review
Students can request a tutor for one-on-one help, but they can also sched- on posters around campus.
ule tutoring for groups. Sometimes tutors will go into classrooms and give information about the

Squirrel Cage, a Trevecca version of ‘Shark Tank,’ to start on campus
BY KAYLA WILLIAMSON to participate in the competition. Modeled after Shark Tank, the event will Phase one will begin after each group has submitted their ideas. The
STAFF WRITER allow students to develop new products or ideas and prevent them to a panel ideas will then be sorted through, and the top four teams will compete in
Students will soon have the opportunity to present their creative business of judges. the final round.
ideas for a chance to win money. “All students can enter,” said Diehl. “This is a way of getting students en- When the final four teams are selected, each group will be assigned a
Trevecca will be hosting its first Squirrel Cage during the spring semester. gaged in coming up with sustainable ways to interact with the local commu- coach from the faculty or from a list of entrepreneurs affiliated with Trev-
The event will loosely follow the hit show Shark Tank on ABC. nity.” ecca.
Dean Diehl, instructor of music business and students Luis Ortiz Her- Business can be a redemptive presence in a community and Trevecca “You get your idea to a certain point, and your coach helps you get it
nandez and Chuck Layne are organizing the event. should be more active in creating business opportunities that meet the needs ready to be presented,” said Diehl. “We want the presentations to include
“I think we all have, as college students, thought about starting our own of the local area, organizers said. video, graphics, and things that present the various information.”
business or having entrepreneurship experience,” said Ortiz Hernandez. If students have an idea they would like to share, they should form a The final event is planned to be held in April and will occur live.
“This competition can help you and accurately coach you through the entire group of around four people. Organizers are hoping to present cash prizes to students who place in
process.” The description for the kind of business organizers are looking for will be the final round.
Diehl and Ortiz Hernandez are trying to get as many students as possible released before or after Thanksgiving break. Students will receive a template Email Diehl at for questions or more information.
so that each business model is formatted the same.