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NEWS First International Student Council elected
Chapel checkers be-
come ushers in up-
dated job description
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SGA provides femi-
nine hygiene prod-
ucts on trial basis
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How to handle the BY BROOKLYN DANCE
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Cross country comes
to a close as track Members of the International Student Council from left to right: Maria Rene Hernandez, Gabriel Navarro, Abigail Urbina, Tom Watson, Gabriela Dias, Chisom Obike, Adabelle Recarte and
faculty sponsor Maria Petty. Photo provided by Peyton Williams.
begins BY MATTHEW PARRIS plan events and other activities for the at Trevecca this year.
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international students. The group was “The goal is to give the students a place
For the first time in university history, formed to allow international students to come together. Even though we have
an International Student Council (ISC) to connect and work together on campus. a lot of international students, they don’t
has elected its members. More than 70 international students all know each other. We want to be able to
CONNECT Seven students from three different from 19 different countries are enrolled
countries will meet once a month to CONTINUED PAGE 3

ASB President wants to change open dorm rules

ing student body president. So, he has officially require a third person to be in the room, all feet
launched a process to have the policies changed. to be on the ground, no blankets can be shared,
@TrevEchoes ASB President Ivan Palomares is proposing He began by preparing a report that compares the blinds must be open and a guest pass must
changes to Trevecca’s open dorm policies. The Trevecca’s policies to other Nazarene universities be up. Guests cannot be in the bedrooms. In the
last time a student proposed legislation was and presented it to student development officials. dorms, the room door must be open. RAs check
more than 10 years ago, according to Rhonda Lil- “We researched our sister schools and what the rooms with guests once an hour.
ienthal, associate dean of students for residential their practices are. We found that we were one of Palomares gathered data from seven of the life. two Nazarene universities that has a three person nine North American Nazarene universities. He
When Palomares attended the Nazarene rule,” Palomares said. excluded Eastern Nazarene College because of
Student Leadership Conference last spring, he Olivet Nazarene University is the only other its small student body and Ambrose Nazarene
TNU Events App began asking other Nazarene Universities what school with a three person rule. At Point Loma University in Canada because of its geographic
their open dorm rules looked like. Nazarene University, rooms are not inspected location.
He soon realized Trevecca’s policies were more unless an RA or a resident needs assistance sees “We are presenting this as a common com-
INSIDE complex than others. For instance, Trevecca the need. Point Loma, Mount Vernon Nazarene plaint from students. There is maybe a lack of
NEWS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 requires a minimum of three people to be in University, Southern Nazarene University and trust in Trevecca students. It seems redundant
a room during times when members of the oppo- Mid America Nazarene University all do not considering the amount of checking we have al-
OPINION . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 site sex can visit each other in the apartments. have a three person minimum rule. At Northwest ready, and putting less work on RA’s is definitely
SPORTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Palomares said he has heard multiple Nazarene University, the three person rule only something we want to do,” Palomares said.
complaints from students about the open dorm applies to freshman and sophomores. Along with a proposal to abolish the three per-
FEATURES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 hours and policies both before and after becom- At Trevecca, apartment open house rules

‘Stinky trees’ serve purpose Coptic Christian students
find home on campus

Several signs point to fall on cam- BY KAYLA WILLIAMSON AND BROOKLYN DANCE
pus--leaves on the ground, a fire in the STAFF WRITER, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF

outdoor fireplace and the terrible smell Trevecca’s Orthodox Coptic Christian
on the sidewalks around Mackey. Ministries is a safe space for more than 50
As fall comes to Nashville, the smell Coptic Christians on campus.
from the “stinky trees” on both sides of A club that much of the student body
Mackey is evident, but what may not doesn’t know about, OCCM is working on
be so obvious is the importance of the making themselves more known on campus.
culprits--the Ginkgo trees which were The Coptic orthodox church was
present on campus long before either founded in 50 AD by the Apostle Mark,
building was created. making it one of the earliest Christian
“The Ginkgo tree is the oldest tree denominations. According to AJC News, the
species in the world,” Jason Adkins, denomination shares many practices and
CONTINUED PAGE 2 Squished Ginkgo berries. Photo provided by Woolum. CONTINUED PAGE 5 Photo provided by OCCM’s Instagram.
2018 | December | TrevEchoes

Trevecca student band ‘Low Sol’ releases first EP
BY isaac owens [Low Sol], but I’m glad that I do.”
“Low Sol” isn’t always on the forefront
Alt­rock band “Low Sol,” a band which of its members’ thoughts, but each of
includes Trevecca students, has been them express genuine optimism for the
treated as a serious endeavor and career future.
move by its members since its founding Word, who hails from just outside of
in Jan. 2018. St. Louis, Missouri, is excited to live in a
“When this band started I thought, city that is as centered around music as
‘It’s just me with a band name,’ but no Nashville is.
it’s become more than that,” said Hunt. “St. Louis has a music scene, but musi-
“I didn’t realize what a band was going cians aren’t treated the same as they are
into it, that it was about all of us com- here,” said Word.
bining our influences and sharing what “It’s just kind of neat, getting to play
we have to give to the music.” for fun in all these different places.”
The band is a passion project of front Word is a recent college graduate, so
man and vocalist, Landon Hunt, a junior he is adjusting to the new environments
at Trevecca. It is also made up by lead and circumstances that come with being
guitarist Zach Anderson, a former stu- out of school. Anderson is in a similar
dent at Belmont University, bassist Erik situation, having been out of college for
Low Sol band members. Provided by Low Sol’s Instagram.

Mendez, a sophomore at Trevecca, and dez and Hunt] get out of college and fuzz rock band “The Dreaded Laramie,”
nearly two years.
drummer Abraham Word, who gradu- seeing how they want to tackle that part which was one of the three opening
“I recognize that I think I’m definitely
ated from Trevecca with a music degree of their lives.” said Anderson. bands at the EP show at The Well.
within one of the golden ages of my life.
May 2018. Mendez, who hopes to find a career The other two opening bands were
I’m just trying to make the most of that,”
“Low Sol” hosted an EP release show in writing pop songs, has high hopes for the folk duo “Sawyer + Kimes” of Middle
said Anderson.
Nov. 3 at The Well Coffeehouse on Lip- “Low Sol.” Tennessee State University and “Over-
Anderson initially met Hunt through
scomb University’s campus. “I’d love to be with this band as long hill” of Lipscomb University.
work. The two quickly began talking
The four-track, self titled EP marks as I can,” said Mendez. “It’s definitely The show, which was well attended,
about music, and not long after that
the first collection of tracks to be re- something I believe in and something marked an important milestone for the
Hunt asked Anderson to join the band.
leased by the band. It consists of two I support a lot. Every bit of time I can band.
Anderson was at first apprehensive
previously unreleased tracks as well as afford to give it I’d love to.” “Low Sol” has just released its first EP
about joining because he was already
two older ones. The four bandmates share similar record titled “Low Sol.” The EP can be
involved in a variety of projects.
Despite a strong and mutual excite- tastes in music, but they also each bring streamed or purchased on services such
“I wasn’t entirely sure how able to
ment that the quartet has for the band’s their own influences to the mix. Collec- as Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon
commit I was going to be,” said Ander-
future, each member has at various tively, the band agreed that they would Music, Google Play, Tidal and Rhapsody.
points in the year found it difficult to fall into the alt­rock genre; being compa-
Despite Anderson’s initial concerns,
make time for rehearsals and focusing rable to acts like “Hippo Campus” and
Hunt convinced him to get involved.
on the music in general. “Pinegrove.”
“From the get­go [Hunt] was, with the
“I think a lot of times, until just re- Hunt sited a wide range of genres that
words he was saying and the tone of his
cently, it’s kind of been an afterthought,” he has explored throughout his life.
voice, very clear that this was a profes-
said Hunt “It’s not something I was put- Most recently he has found himself div-
sional matter,” said Anderson. “He’s
ting a lot of effort into, and we weren’t ing into the works of singer/songwriters
always been very serious about it, and
really rehearsing at all for a month and a like Sufjan Stevens.
I think sometimes that can be a little
half or so.” “I think he’s one of the best arrangers
intimidating but also that’s very inspir-
Hunt and Mendez are both music ma- out there,” said Hunt.
jors at Trevecca, and therefore, frequent- Mendez draws inspiration from a
No member of “Low Sol” is certain of
ly met with intense work loads. variety of funk/neo­s oul acts and Word
where their paths will take them, but
“As a bass player on campus, here and is influenced by bands in the pop­punk
they all agree that they want to see “Low
in the city, you find a lot of work and a genre. Some of Anderson’s influences
Sol” reach its full potential.
lot of things to do,” said Mendez. “I’m include “Cage the Elephant” and “The
“I’m excited to keep staying the course
pretty busy very often, so it can be a bit Strokes.”
and seeing how things shape up in the
of a strain; making the time for Along with being the lead guitarist Low Sol’s EP cover. Provided by Low Sol’s Instagram.
next year or so, particularly when [Men-
for “Low Sol,” Anderson co­fronts the

Ginkgo trees smell bad, but serve important ecological purpose
CONTINUED FROM COVER urban areas, something Adkins said is a times with falling fruit,” he said.”They we value trees. One of the things that
main priority of the urban farm. continue to fall throughout the day, stands out about Trevecca compared to
Adkins said that in addition to being especially during this time of the year a lot of things around it is that there are
beneficial, the trees are also beautiful. when the fruiting is the heaviest.” a lot of trees,” Toy said. “I do under-
“The leaves are stunning year-round Adkins said the stench only comes stand at times they don’t smell good and
and absolutely stunning in the fall, from the female trees. He believes the are gross on your feet , but it’s unlikely
when they turn to gold and often fall off trees were planted during Homer Adams they’re going away anytime soon”
the tree all at once on a cold, windy day,” presidency, and at the time no one knew Although the smelly outer layer may
he said. the trees would stink. be off putting, the seeds inside are ed-
However, this is where the bulk of the Adkins said another explanation is ible and utilized in many Asian dishes.
smell issue comes from. When the fruit that many plants can change from male The leaves are also collected by many for
falls from the female Ginkgo tree, the to female over time to fit the needs of at home remedies for certain ailments.
rancid smell comes from the outer layer, the environment, so what had started as “They are said to increase blood
The Ginko Berries from the tree by the Library.
director of the Trevecca Urban Farm. which is protecting the seeds inside. a male tree may have evolved into one circulation in the brain, but I’ve never
“It does well in polluted urban envi- This smell only gets worse when currently dropping seeds on the side- heard that from a neuroscientist. Just
ronments where other trees might fail people step on the small fruit, which walks. in case it’s true, we’ve included them in
to thrive. Obviously, if it outlasted the happens frequently as they drop their Trevecca has been a level-two arbore- our MentaliTea, which can be purchased
dinosaurs, it’s figured out how to adapt.” leaves on a busy sidewalk. tum recognized by the Tennessee Urban at the Trevecca Urban Farm stand on
This ability to thrive in urban areas Reece Sorely, environmental services Forestry Council since 2013, meaning Thursdays from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.,” he
makes the Ginkgoes a perfect fit for manager, said Plant Operations gets the campus is a botanical garden with at said.
the city of Nashville, where pollution is complaints about the trees and that least 60 different species of trees. Adkins
increasing and the space for vegetation the staff works to keep the sidewalks noted the Ginkgo tree seed’s health
is lessened with new real estate develop- cleared, but it can be nearly impossible benefits.
ments. to keep up. Matt Toy, director of marketing, knows
The trees play a big role in helping to “I was outside sweeping them off the the trees can be disliked but doesn’t see
combat pollution and food scarcity in sidewalk earlier this week and while do- them being removed.
ing so, I was pelted in the head multiple “We’re an arboretum, so obviously
TrevEchoes | December| 2018 |

International Student Council formed to connect students
CONTINUED FROM COVER international students. said. “Having international students in a intended to help international and
“There are not a lot of international community gives them an opportunity to American students come to a better
connect them and also break them out of
students, compared to the rest of the learn about different cultures that they understanding of each other’s cultures.
their current groups and network them,”
American population in the school,” said wouldn’t have been able to see. That’s “I want them to feel part of how
said Maria Petty, Trevecca’s international
Chisom Obike, freshman international why I don’t get mad at people asking students grow as human beings at
student advisor.
student from Nigeria and president strange questions. I take it as my duty to Trevecca, and I think they can shape it,”
Petty devised the idea of an educate them.”
of ISC. “Feeling overlooked can be said Thomas. “Trevecca is better because
international student council with
something that international students ISC is not just to help the international they’re here. Your life is better because
Broderick Thomas, Trevecca’s director
feel, especially when you are dealing students feel heard and have a place they’re here.”
of community engagement and
with being away from your home, getting where they can be themselves, it is also
reconciliation, because they wanted to
homesick, feeling like you have no
give international students a safe place to
identity because you’ve been dragged
discuss and deal with topics concerning
into this new setting.”
Obike has encountered many of
When the idea was introduced to the “The goal is to give the students a place to come
the same obstacles that international
international students, it was met with
students face: homesickness, culture
enthusiasm. Around 20 international together. Even though we have a lot of international
shock (especially in regards to food),
students campaigned for the seven spots
being unable to drive, feeling as if
on the council by getting signatures from students, they don’t all know each other. We want to
she must “assimilate” to make people
other international students. The seven
comfortable and encountering
students with the most votes became the be able to connect them and also break them out of
misconceptions about her culture. She
first members of Trevecca’s ISC.
has been asked if she has houses, phones
The council’s first major project or even pet tigers in Nigeria. However, to their current groups and network them,”
was hosting events during Trevecca’s her, this only demonstrates the need for
International Education Week, which international students on campus, and
included a trivia night, an iconography for them to have a place where they can
class and a Bollywood movie night. be understood. -Maria Petty, international student advisor
They are also in charge of organizing “A lot of Americans don’t get the chance
the international student orientation for to frequent outside of the country,” she
the fall of 2019, to help guide students
through the specific problems facing

Clarence Kelly: First male Trojan Idol winner in five years
BY Maria Monteros “Having had experienced Trojan Idol
from the inside is helping me want to
When the balloons dropped last Friday create it to be the best that it can be on
night, Clarence Kelly became Trevecca’s the outside like in all the little details
first male Trojan Idol winner in five because I know how big of an impact it
years. had on my experience,” she said.
Kelly, sophomore music business The Trojan Idol winner received a $300
major, beat freshman Elisa Vividor by check from Trevecca, which he will use to
six votes after singing “Ya Ya Ya” by pay his chapel fines, he joked.
You Won’t during Trevecca’s version of
“All joking aside, I simply plan to
American Idol.
continue doing what I’ve been doing and
Trojan Idol is a campus-wide singing try to take advantage of any opportunities
competition held every year where that come my way,” he said.
audience members vote on who gets
Performing on stage felt different
to advance to the next stages of the
without an instrument in his hands,
competition and ultimately the winner.
Kelly said.
A panel of judges selected 10
After his performances, the judges—
contestants out of 48 students from the
Joe Kirk, DeMetri Moon-Nance and Alex
auditions held last month.
Kaptain— made critiques on his stage
On Wednesday, Nov. 28, the Trojan presence and how he positioned his
Idol attendees voted five of those 10 to hands.
continue onto night two. Those five were
“It was tons of fun, granted I’ve had a
narrowed down to two, and ultimately
little bit of experience with performing,”
Kelly won.
he said. “While I wasn’t extremely
“I’m completely stoked to have won uncomfortable, I was anxious. Hence
Trojan Idol. Going into the auditions, why I was clutching the mic stand every
I had absolutely no expectations. I did time I sang.”
not expect to become a finalist, and I
Some of the compliments Kelly
certainly didn’t expect to be the winner,”
received from the judges was his unique
he said.
song choices.
Until the rehearsals for the final night,
All the songs he chose hold a special
Kelly didn’t consider the possibility of
meaning in his life, said Kelly.
winning. He joined Trojan Idol strictly to
make friends, he said. Mental health and the desire to be
loved are the underlying themes of the
After spending his freshman year at
songs, which Kelly says are issues that
Trevecca in 2014, Kelly left to pursue a
aren’t always talked about.
career in music ministry at a congregation
with more than 5,000 people for three Kelly feels grateful for the house band
years. and the student life team for the amount
of work they put into the event.
“Coming back was a bit like starting Photo provided by Trevecca Marketing.

over as most people that I knew from The house band performed about 40 just because it’s extremely difficult but is working on something new, be it music
before have already graduated. I felt that songs during the event which includes equally as awesome,” he said. or visual arts; and whenever I get them
Trojan Idol was a good opportunity to three songs each contestant, the judges’ For Kelly, it’s back to making original done, I put them out,” he said.
make some new friends and kind of make performance and the songs in between music and working on an audio-visual To listen to Kelly’s original music,
myself known in a sense,” he said. voting period, said Blake Winchester, project now that Trojan Idol is over, but search for Clarence Kelly on Spotify and
junior marketing major and band lead. the experience had been a positive one, Itunes.
Having been a contestant herself,
Morrison understands how Trojan Idol “I would describe it as one of the most he said.
can help contestants meet new people. challenging and rewarding experiences “The thing is that I’m almost always
2018 | December | TrevEchoes

Chapel checkers get expanded responsibilities
BY AUDREY YAWN Student workers in chapel is not a personal.” “The fact that they’re trying to make an
STAFF WRITER new concept, they previously focused on Students have expressed some concerns undistracted chapel environment is valid
As university officials work to enforce scanning cards and assisting with those who about fellow students being in charge of but not possible unless they reduce chapel
chapel policies regarding electronics use and forgot their I.D. With the implementation monitoring chapel behavior. credits,” said de Silva. “People feel very
other behavior, the student chapel checkers of the Spotter app which tracks attendance burdened with chapel credits right now.”
“They’re basically pitting students against
are now called chapel ushers. via smart phones, they have been given
students at this point,” said Mariana da Silva, Since the announcement that students can
additional tasks to help keep the focus on
They have a new job description which a senior. lose chapel credit for being on electronics or
chapel and the speakers, said Matt Spraker,
includes maintaining a respectful atmosphere Chapel ushers won’t collect names of not following other policies, chapel ushers
associate dean of students for community
by monitoring students’ electronic usage, students not following the rules unless a said they have not had any major problems
reminding them of the rules and directing student repeatedly doesn’t comply. with these new tasks.
students to seats. “The big part is how can they help
“To my knowledge, we don’t take names,” “Overall I haven’t sensed any negativity,”
students,” said Spraker. “[They] answer
said Johnson. said Johnson. “We really are just here to help.”
questions with apps and anything else. We
also want them to help maintain a respectful Spraker said students won’t have the Spraker also agreed that there hasn’t been
and worshipful environment. If someone is authority to revoke chapel credit. much backlash, and said he’s received positive
being disruptive then we ask them to remind “I had Hannah [Polston] standing with me feedback from other students who have had
students of chapel rules.” [during the first chapel revocation incident] problems paying attention in chapel.
In September, student development so I’m sure people were worried,” said The problem still remaining for some
officials announced that they were going Spraker. “Names will still be taken down if students is the feeling of being forced to
to be working towards enforcing the rules students [continuously] abuse the rules and participate in chapel no matter what. da
of chapel that are outlined in the student Cheryl Jackson helps [with monitoring].” Silva thinks that this will negatively impact
handbook. They originally started with Spraker emphasized that chapel credits students.
revoking student chapel credits if the will not be revoked if a student is just asked “[Chapel] is shaping the mentality of
students had been seen breaking rules such to put electronics once, the changes apply to students saying “I’m forced to go or else I pay
as being on electronics or sleeping in chapel, repeat offenders. a fee,”’ said de Silva. “They have no incentive
but reinstated credits a few days later with To ensure that the workers monitor to attend church after college.”
the expectation that students would follow students fairly, administration has offered no For now, no new policies have been written,
the handbook policies. extra monetary compensations to students but Spraker is working on revising policies to
The added job requirements of chapel who are working as chapel checkers. make what is appropriate for chapel more
ushers was initiated shortly after. “There’s no extra incentive and we were clear.
Jacinda Johnson, a sophomore chapel never offered a lot [for the position,]” said
usher, said she wants to make sure that Johnson. “It’s still $3.50 per chapel.”
everyone is paying attention to speakers. The updated jobs of chapel ushers has not
“[We] make sure that people aren’t being answered some of the problems students see
disrespectful by being on their phones with chapel.
Information provided by Matt Spraker. or laptops,” said Johnson. “It’s nothing

SGA member works to make feminine hygiene products available on campus
BY ASHLEY WILLIAMS various sizes. Baskets are placed in bathrooms “It was really well received by the deans,”
of the Waggoner Library, Jernigan student said Bryan.
Kennedy Bryan can recall several times center, Bud Robinson, Boone, Mackey and all Dykes saw the proposal as Bryan investing
when she has been in a bathroom stall three of the girl’s dorms: Tennessee, Georgia in the Trevecca experience.
on campus without the feminine hygiene and Johnson Halls.
products she needed. She knows other “It was interesting that she saw this gap on
The trial program will run for a month campus and area where feminine products
students have found themselves in the same
and Bryan will track how many supplies were were only sold in the bookstore. I appreciate
replenished and the cost. She will report when students observe campus,” said Dykes.
She noticed that there were no dispensers back to the deans and they will work on a
on the walls of the female bathrooms and Bryan said she has noticed positive
permanent plan then.
while the Trevecca bookstore sells single panty reactions.
“It is a problem that no one is talking about
liners and single small tampons for 50 cents “I have seen a couple of Instagram posts [of
and I want to talk about it,” said Bryan.
each, that’s not much help if a student finds the baskets] on girl’s stories saying, ‘Oh! This is
herself unprepared in a bathroom on campus. So far, the project has cost $120. so nice, thank you,’ ” said Bryan. “Faculty has
Photo provided by Williams.
“That is kind of bad if someone has an “We haven’t used all the products I bought been very receptive too. A couple of the female
yet, so it has been really cost efficient this far I staff have come up to me with excitement “My hopes are that this will be a permanent
emergency or if something is going on,” said thing. If we can help one girl I would hope that
Bryan, SGA’s creative assistant. think,” Bryan said. about the project.”
it would be taken seriously and it continues
So, after researching what’s available at The bookstore, the only place on campus The funds for the month-long trial came to be something that we pay attention to,”
other universities, Bryan developed an idea to that sells feminine hygiene products, is open from SGA and will become a permanent fixed said Bryan. “We have never done this before,
have emergency baskets of products, paid for from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays. cost if this project is approved. it’s a new playing field that we are just trying
by SGA, in the women’s restrooms. She wrote Bryan first contacted Matthew Spraker, “They are being used, and to me, that is a to figure out. I am really open to hearing
a proposal that she shared at a general student associate dean of students for community good sign,” said Bryan. “I am very excited to anything from anyone who has something to
government meeting and many council life, who referred Bryan to Jessica Dykes, see how the rest of the month plays out.” say about it.”
members were receptive for the idea of having associate vice president and dean of student On Monday, November 26, Bryan informed Dykes said she always appreciates students
a trial period of SGA providing baskets of development. SGA that every basket in the main buildings speaking up for student needs.
products around campus. Bryan had a formal meeting with Dykes, were empty and that she planned on restocking “I am always really proud of students when
Three weeks later, baskets were distributed. Spraker and Ronda Lilienthal, associate dean them the next day. they look on campus and see of areas of needs
The baskets contained pads and tampons of of students for residential life. Bryan hopes her efforts make a difference. and try to create solutions,” said Dykes.

Swing dance club in full swing on Saturdays at Trevecca
BY Lindsay Augustine on-campus socializing. so they have a chance to learn their pieces. to join and learn alongside fellow students.
STAFF WRITER The lessons begin on Saturdays at 8 After they get it down, they line up with “I love meeting new people and being
The bunny hop, the dip and the pretzel p.m. in TSAC. Students spend the first 30 guys on one side and girls on the other. able to share something that I love when
are a few of the dance moves Trevecca minutes learning the steps while Vosburgh, Together, they begin to practice what they them,” said Adams.
students can lean at weekly swing dancing Taylor and Adams circulate around the just learned. Social swing is a transition
While some students enjoy the social
lessons on campus. pavilion to assist those who are having period where it changes from teaching to
aspect, others are grateful to have an
TNU Swing, a group in the process of trouble getting familiar with the steps. nimble dancing.
opportunity to dance.
applying to be an official student club, Students do not need to bring a partner Students can attend in comfy clothes and
“I am so happy to find a dance related
hosts weekly swing dancing lessons and to TNU swing. shoes unless they would prefer to dress up.
program here. I have missed it so much,”
dances. Those who attend every week enjoy swing
There are plenty of moves to choose from said first timer Eres Kittii, a sophmore.
Andrew Vosburgh, Andrew Taylor and dancing as well as getting to socialize.
such as: the sweetheart, the bunny hop, the To try out swing dancing, show up at
Kristen Adams, co-founders of TNU Swing, dip, the pretzel or the titanic. “I love swing dancing. It’s the highlight
8 p.m. on Saturday in TSAC.
wanted to bring swing dancing to Trevecca of my week,” said Katherine Carter, a
During basic footwork, the guys and
as a coping mechanism for stress at the end freshman.
girls separate into gender specific groups,
of each week along with creating a place for Those with no experience are welcome
TrevEchoes | December| 2018 |

OCCM members find community in eachother
CONTINUED FROM COVER used to depict stories and to explain them,”
beliefs with the Eastern Orthodox Church Soliman said.
and the Roman Catholic Church. Soliman explained that the faith was
Though the Trevecca Factbook states started by the Apostle Mark.
that only three students self reported as “The Coptic church itself was started by
Orthodox in 2017-2018, more than 50 student Saint Mark the Apostle. When he traveled to
members of OCCM meet every Friday at 10 Egypt, he actually met a shoemaker because
a.m. for a Bible study with a priest. his shoe broke. While he was fixing his shoe,
The club has been on campus for two he got hurt and had a cut in his nail while
years. he was sewing his hand back together. [Saint
“Our mission is to preach about Mark] preached to him about Jesus, and
Orthodoxy on campus because a lot of right after that he became the first Bishop
people don’t know that Orthodoxy still of Jesus and that’s how Orthodoxy came
exists,” said Mariam Soliman, president of about,” Soliman said.
the club. “We want to get students together Father Theodore Ghaly, priest of Coptic
to praise and worship together.” American Orthodox Church, opened the
On Thursday, Nov. 15 during workshop by explaining what iconography is
International Education Week the club and its importance to the orthodox church.
hosted an Iconography event open to all He divided iconography into three
students to better inform them on the categories: to teach theology, to draw us near
meaning and purpose of icons. to saints and to call us to prayer and the
To Mariam Ibraheem, a member of heavenly.
the committee, Orthodox Coptic Christian Father Theodore explained that icons,
Ministries is about generosity and love. though historic, have not always been loved OCCM members celebrating Thanksgiving. Photo provided by OCCM’s Instagram.
“When you belong to something, it within the church. At the ending of the workshop, logos on the wall.
helps you,” said Ibraheem. “It helps me Laura Hohman, assistant professor participants recited a completion prayer. A typical meeting, which is held
because I belong to something.” of history and club sponsor, shared a Soliman’s job as president is to Fridays at 10 a.m. in Boone 104 to 106,
Ibraheem’s favorite event from this presentation the history and art history of communicate with other presidents of includes prayers from the Book of Hours,
semester by Orthodox Coptic Christian early Christian Icons. chapters at nearby universities. a speaker chosen by the committee, group
Ministries is the Iconography workshop. Before students began painting, they When it comes to creating events, announcements and food.
On Thursday, Nov. 15 during reviewed rules for the icon painter and then Orthodox Coptic Christian Ministries tries Next semester, students can look
International Education Week, the club recited a prayer for preparation. to keep a balance of service, religion and forward to learning about boundaries, true
hosted the workshop open to all students The next hour was filled with quiet fun. fasting and practicing Christianity in a
to better inform them on the meaning and conversations and focused painters. All chapters have Thanksgiving dinner modern world.
purpose of icons. Graduate student Dennis Sparks hopes together and have a camping retreat at the “I know that it is an ancient faith,” said
Soliman, junior nursing major said his classmates understand how universal the end of each year. Soliman. “But we have a lot of rituals and
Orthodox faith, particularly their icons, faith is. “It’s not just religion,” said Soliman, traditions. I want others to experience that
come with a lot of stereotypes. “All of the Apostles went somewhere in “OCCM is more like a community. We’re a as well.”
“What the misconception is, as the world. Saint Andrew went to Turkey and family.” Fady Henen is also on the committee.
addressed [at the Iconography workshop,] is became the first Patriarch of Constantinople, During the summer, all chapters She hopes student will give OCCM a try.
that icons are usually seen as idols that are Saint Thomas went to India, Barnabus the volunteered at Wright Middle school, just “I encourage people to come to at least
made in the Orthodox church. However, if Apostle went to Cypress, John became a three miles from Trevecca’s campus. one meeting,” said Henen. “We spread what
you attend an Orthodox church, you will see Bishop in Ephesus, Saint Peter– before he we know in different forms.”
They encouraged students to think
they’re all around the church. The icons are became the first pope of Rome– was the first
about college by having them paint college
Patriarch of Antioch,” Sparks said.

Open dorm policy revisions proposed by ASB President a strong decision. On the other hand, I don’t want “We want to consider those, I have no problem
CONTINUED FROM COVER we do this and then I don’t hear back from this.
son open dorm rule, Palomares said they hope to take longer than we need to,” Lilienthal said. Everyone’s busy. I get it,” Lilienthal said. with that.”
to make open hours more consistent, reduce the If the residence life committee approves the Lilienthal thinks in this case, the best students Dykes agreed that it is important for students
amount of RA checks and eliminate the open proposal, it will move onto the social life commit- to propose changes to open dorm policies are to be engaged on the level of university policy.
blind rule. tee, which consists of Dykes as chair, Lilienthal, the seniors, who have experienced four years of “It’s exciting to see what legislation SGA brings
Palomares gave his proposal to Jessica Dykes, several faculty and administrators, three SGA open dorms, but they are also the ones focused about,” Dykes said.
associate vice president and dean of student representatives based on their positions and one on the next step and are more concerned about Palomares is hopeful for change, but said he
development, and Lilienthal. or two students at large. graduating. will be thankful with any changes made.
Dykes said she knew the proposal was coming, If the social life committee approves, the pro- Going forward, both Lilienthal and Dykes en- “I think in the end we will take what we can
because she and Palomares meet weekly. posal will head to the president’s cabinet. Lilien- courage students to take initative like Palomares get, but priority will be on the three-person rule,”
“Ivan and I talk on a regular basis. We meet thal said that if the president’s cabinet approves, did. Palomares said. “I think that we are putting into
each week and talk about different types of the proposal will be put into place immediately. “I do think its great, there are probably perspective that college students are adults and
legislation that student government is working It does not need to wait for a new semester or many areas students could come forward and them having the ability to make their own deci-
on,” Dykes said. “I knew that he was preparing a school year. go through process and recommend possible sions is not necessarily a bad thing.”
proposal for taking a look at the guidelines and Both Lilienthal and Dykes acknowledged that changes. I think that’s healthy,” Lilienthal said.
exploring what it means and what other places this proposal will affect many areas of student
do.” life.
Lilienthal said she has heard discussion about “We have to look at the student experience ho-
the potential proposal for awhile. She added that listically. We look at it from the total lens of what
she does think there is room for improvement would enhance the student experience, how
in the open dorm policies, which she voiced to we live into our community values and also any
Palomares. impact decisions would make on our community
According to Lilienthal the next step, if this partners, our staff, employees and students. We
proposal follows the same one as the student-led have to have multiple conversations about any-
proposal 10 years ago, is to create a residence thing like this type of policy,” Dykes said.
life committee of six to eight members that will Lilienthal is mindful of how this would affect
weigh in on the legislation. the RA’s responsibilities.
“I’ve started pulling some people that would “Any changes that are made, we have to think
represent residential life, RAs, RDs, RHA, to about how does that fit in with what the RAS
meet together and look at the proposal and have to do, and their job descriptions, and what
evaluate it, where we can go with it or what we we need in res life to make sure we’re not missing
might add to the discussion,” Lilienthal said. anything,” Lilienthal said.
“[It’s important] to get a well rounded-perspec- To Lilienthal’s knowledge, this is the first
tive from campus, these are campus policies not proposal to change any student policy in 10 years.
student development policies.” She hears often from students who are interested
The proposal is on pause until that commit- in changing a rule, and once she tells them the
tee is created and then discussed the proposal. formal process she never hears from them again.
Lilienthal said the process will be pushed next “People have the opportunity to, and you give
semester with finals around the corner. them the steps they need, but I don’t remember
“I don’t want to rush through this and not have anyone other than possible saying hey how could Information provided by Palomares.
From the counseling center: Holiday
2018 | December | TrevEchoes
the house can be hard. telling our friends these same thoughts. gossip, video games, work, the list goes
Waves of grief often come around Vulnerability is the bravest thing a per- on. I would love to challenge all of us to
the holidays from family and friends that son can do, in that same breath, it is ter- acknowledge our disconnections within
have passed on from this world, feuds, or rifying and we try to avoid it at all costs. ourselves and pursue community with
just the phase of life when the traditions God created us for connection. When we one another, instead of filling the void in
that you have always enjoyed growing avoid the vulnerability, avoid connecting other ways. That might look different for
up slowly stop happening. There are so with God and those in our lives, we live all of us. A good start is taking a chance,
many different reasons that the holidays in disconnection. When disconnection is be vulnerable! Let someone know that
can become more “humbug” than “God present, we try and fill that void. Every- you care, you are hurting, or that you will
bless you everyone.” I share my story of one has a go to filler: food, pornography, miss them this holiday.
I remember as a child always being the holidays not because I love talking
so excited for Christmas, as I grow older, about myself, but to create a conversa-
the excitement has dwindled. During my tion about bridging the disconnection
years of college, I always loved getting a that can happen around the holidays.
break from school and being able to see Some of you might hate going home and
my family. Each year I would go home for the friends you have made here at col-
the holidays, something was just missing. lege feel more like family than your birth
I really missed having the community I family ever has. For some, the grief of
formed during college with me while family members lost is so strong that it
I was home. Seeing friends from high can be hard to talk about it with others.
school was great, I looked forward to In a culture of social media and “always
that. Every year that passed a little more being connected” we have become one of
distance formed between those friends the most disconnected generations. We
and me. We each lived a lot of life in a spend more time on our phones look-
year, and we were not great about staying ing at how great everyone else’s lives are
in contact expect for when we were all in instead of being with the people in the
town for the holidays. Then being with room. We hide in our phones and post our
family is great for me, but at the same deep emotional thoughts on our blogs for
time going from living in college back to others to read instead of sitting down and

Farewell, Trevecca: December
grads have some parting advice

people, so be intentional with others,
EDITORS and fully get to know them.
As this semester comes to an end
When you feel like you have 100 EDITORIAL STAFF
tasks to complete, remember to have a Editor-In-Chief
we can finally just breath. Ready? Deep
genuine relationship with your profes- Brooklyn Dance
breath in and out. You finally made it.
sors and advisor because they are truly
Whether it may be finally finishing your
invested in you and who you will become
first semester of college, being halfway Sports Editor social life Editor
(@ Professor Werking-Weedman).
there or having one semester left. You Maddux Reid Ashley williams
The time files each semester, so
can do it.
do not wish the days away. You’ll wish
We both somehow pushed through
you had those late night food runs with
the difficult moments each semester and Assistant Editor & online manager design & photo editor
friends or the stressful laughs back in
made it to the point of graduation and we Maria monteros morgan woolum
the library. The moments you are making
know you can do it too.
now will be ones that last you for years to
The way that we got through these
come and you do not want to wish them
years was by finding people who sup-
ported us in the difficult times. What you Photographer Online media Manager
So, don’t stress too much because
need to find are people who will be your
you have the rest of your life to actually Uy Nguyen Ethan campbell
chapel buddy who will save you a seat
adult. Use these four years of your life to
each week, or will meet you in the caf for
try new things, stay up too late, hang out
dinner each night. STAFF WRITERS
with your roommate until 3 a.m. and just
But, also find someone who will be
be present with the people around you. Hannah butler Naomi Overby
your major classes buddy. Someone who
To sum all this up, make sure you are
becomes the person you count on to keep
present in college. Build a community Alexis Garcia Matthew Parris
you up to date on assignments. Someone
around yourself. Find “your people” in
who will have your back and support
your major classes. Try new things and david Hancock Kallie Sohm
you. Someone who will clap when you
be adventurous. Be present in your time
are giving that big presentation in class,
here and do not wish the days away, but miriam kirk Audrey Yawn
even though nobody else did (@ morgan)
instead make the most of them. You’ll
There is so much importance in
thank us in the long run.
building a community around yourself
and be a community to others. There TrevEchoes is published by and for the students of Trevecca Nazarene University. The views expressed in Trev-
Echoes are those of the individual contributors and do not necessarily reflect the views of Trevecca. Contrib-
are so many opportunities to get to know utors may be edited for grammar, spelling, content, or space consideration. Our office is located in Jernigan.
SPORTS TrevEchoes | December| 2018 |

Cross country season ends; runners prepare for track
high school. Selby said not running the women at As the cross country season comes to a close, more balanced scores.
STAFF WRITER regionals was the smart thing to do considering their runners have little time to rest before the indoor “We have a lot of good potential [this season], so
Trevecca’s cross country season ended Saturday, low number of runners and some injuries. track season begins. I’m excited to see how that goes,” said Burdge.
Nov. 17 at the NCAA Midwest Regional. Injuries played an unfortunate role for both cross To prepare for the season, Selby is taking the
The Trojans finished 26 out of 32 teams. The men country teams this season. team to compete in New York from Jan. 9-13. Selby
finished the snowy 10,000 meter course with a team- David Huezo was unable to finish the race at has made this trip with only a select few of Trevecca’s
time of 2:56.54 and a score of 738. regionals because he was fighting a injury. Emma track athletes in the past, but this year all 28 athletes
“I felt like the men did a good job. It was probably Colley and Gabe Forbes came into the semester with will be attending.
the toughest conditions they’ve ever run in- it was injuries. Collyn Brenner was diagnosed with a stress The team will train and run against top
snowing, and it was a really tough course for 10K. fracture at the close of the season, and Austin Woods competition at two meets in the country’s oldest
We wanted to do better than we did last year and had taken a red-shirt this season to recover from a indoor track facility, The Amory.
we did,” said Austin Selby, cross country and track stress fracture.
Multi-event athlete and senior, Sydney Burdge
coach. “Maybe it was not listening to the trainers or to said the team is most happy about having a practice
Senior Anthony Reeves was the first Trojan to coach as well as we should have been,” said Woods, facility this year at John Overton High School. In
cross the finish line in 94 place out of 217 competitors. “All it takes is one dumb run or mistake. You go too the past, the track team has had trouble finding a
The women’s team did not compete. fast one day and it can ruin your entire season.” consistent place to train and started to be locked out
The women’s team started the season with only Weather conditions were also a hindrance to the of the facility at the end of last year.
five runners. Their team then dropped to four 2018 cross country season. Selby said that until Oct. Selby said he is very excited about the track team’s
after freshman Emma Colley was diagnosed with 20, the Trojans did not compete in a race where the numbers this year. With a larger team, it will be
a stress fracture, a result of her last track season in heat index was lower than 85 degrees. easier to spread athletes out among events and get
Photo provided by Trevecca Athletics.

Men’s basketball player red shirts season to pay for sister’s education
BY MADDUX REID same place as her brother again. Mehdi and Khaoula
SPORTS EDITOR both lived in Spain separately, spending time apart
When Trevecca Men’s Basketball player Mehdi El from each other for three years.
Mardi found out his sister had a chance to follow him
“I know he knows’s what’s best for me. It’s one of the
from Spain to Trevecca to get an education, he decided
best decisions I could have made to come here, and my
right then to do whatever it took to make sure she could
mother is sleeping much better at night knowing I’m
be there.
back together with my brother,” said Khaoula Mardi.
He got a job at Bridgestone Arena and took a job
Mehdi said his decision this year was bigger than
in the Trevecca Information Technology Department
just his basketball career or the results of this season. It
working about 20 hours a week to help pay her tuition.
was about his future and his sister’s future.
He’s enrolled in 19 hours of classes as a Business major.
“If anyone asks why I wanted to bring my sister here,
So, in August when the 6’8 post player went to meet Photo provided by Trevecca Athletics. “Coach Mance is a coach that was willing to put it’s because I really feel like I’m at home here. I have
with Head Coach Omar Mance about how to balance basketball season, but I knew I needed to take this players’ development above his own personal record,” had a great experience here, so I wanted her to have
work with school and basketball, he left with a solution opportunity he was giving me for my future,” said said Elliot. that too,” he said.
he didn’t expect, but is thankful for. Mardi. “I want to play, but I need to work.”
Elliot said the phrase that best describes Mardi is,
According to Mardi, Mance gave him two options. Mardi came to Trevecca during the spring of 2017. “of course,” because of his willingness to serve others
First, to play basketball this season, attend classes, During his first season in 2017-18 he played in 28 games and do whatever needs to be done for those around
work a lot of hours and have little time for himself or for the Trojans, with a team high of 190 rebounds, him.
his sister. Second, to take this year off of basketball, ninth in the Great Midwest Athletic Conference.
Mardi is still as involved as he can be with the team,
finish his undergraduate degree, giving him two more His sister, Kaoula El Mardi, moved from Spain to including coming to every practice he can, standing on
years of playing eligibility so he would be able to get his Nashville this year in order to begin her sophomore the sidelines at games and participating in other team
master’s degree as well. year at Trevecca. activities.
Though fully academically eligible and physically Mark Elliot, athletic director, said Mance’s “I’m husting when I need to hustle. I get there early
healthy for the 2018-19 basketball season, he took a red- understanding of “Christian, scholar, athlete” was to talk to my teammates. It would be easy for me take it
shirt year in order to work and pay for his sister to be what made this opportunity become a reality for easy because I’m red-shirting this year, but I still want
at Trevecca. Mardi. to work hard. I’m red-shirting because I want to take
According to Mardi, the decision to red-shirt was Mance had to look past the immediate season of full advantage of the opportunity that was put in front
difficult. losing a top post player and focus on the student- of me.”
“I had worked all summer to prepare for the athletes future, he said. Mardi’s sister, Khaoula, has enjoyed being in the Photo provided by Reid.

Women’s soccer coach continues to build successful program
conference with a record of 12-2-2 and compiled an 2006 SEC championship. She then played semi-
BY TREVOR MARBUT with her players, saying the biggest thing that she
CONTRIBUTOR overall record of 13-4-2. professional soccer for four years with the Charlotte
has learned as a head coach is “the importance of
“There are so many things that I love about the Lady Eagles. After her playing days were over she
knowing every player, and knowing what each of
game of soccer. I love teaching it and actually seeing joined the coaching staff at Lipscomb University
them needs.”
athletes understand and get better,” said Fenix. and served as the associate head coach for the past
Fenix led the Trojans on an impressive run in the
five years.
Fenix has taken the program to new levels, G-MAC conference tournament, making it to the
establishing it as one of the best teams in the G-MAC “It has been a great experience playing for Coach
semi-finals before bowing out.
conference this year. Fenix. She has a lot of knowledge of the game that
They are now waiting to see if their season will
has left a positive impact on our team. Coach Fenix
A big part of her success has been the culture and continue by receiving an NCAA tournament bid.
and I mutually respect each other on and off the
philosophy that she has brought to the program.
field, which has been a major contributor to this
The program is built on three values; excellence,
season being great,” said Makena Schlosser, leading
grace and humility, she said.
goal scorer.
“It’s been awesome playing for her. She
Fenix stressed that she wants to be a
challenges us on the field as she’s a competitive
transformational coach to her players.
coach and loves winning but what’s amazing is how
Photo provided by Trevecca Athletics.
well she challenges us off the field. She wants us to “I want this to be a place where players are
Setting the record for the most conference (6) growing and thriving, so when they leave here they
grow as women and Christians as well as players,”
and overall (8) wins for a first-year coach in Trevecca don’t just have a couple championships, but also
said senior Lidiya Ogorodnik.
Women’s Soccer history wasn’t enough for Head when they look back on their four years can they
Coach Kelsey Fenix. Prior to beginning her head coaching career
say that they’ve grown as a person, and they can say
at Trevecca, Kelsey Fenix played soccer for the
In her second season, Fenix led the team to a they’ve grown spiritually,” she said.
University of Kentucky, leading them to the
successful season as they finished second in the She also realizes the importance of relating well
Photo provided by Trevecca Athletics.
2018 | December | TrevEchoes

Fall finals schedule

Tips for making it through finals, from the
tutoring center
allows you to return to it later,” said Gray.
Prioritize your giant to-do list
It’s the most wonderful and stressful time of the year.
The rush between Thanksgiving and Christmas on
college campuses is full of final projects, papers and final
Time management and organization are extremely im-
portant for effective studying habits. A good idea would be READY for
to set aside selective times for each subject, knowing which
exam prep. ones might need more time than others.
Donna Gray, director of academic services, said study- “Start early, get a tutor, and make sure you study well
ing for finals can be on tough on student, but she has some and know when your tests are. Don’t neglect the classes
tips and ideas to help. you’re doing well in, but definitely spend more time think-
ing about what classes you need help in,” said Gray.
Plug Into A Study Group The tutoring center has tutors available over the next
Study groups are a great way to focus and understand
the material. Try to not always study with friends, but to
couple of weeks. To make an appointment, stop by the Tu- Sun. Dec. 9 4-6pm
toring Center, located in the top floor of Bud Robinson. or
study with the students who might know the material bet- email Gray at Mon. Dec. 10 in Waggoner
ter and can contribute their ideas and help. Self Care
“To be able to understand different points of views Getting enough sleep, eating right, and taking breaks
Tues. Dec. 11 LIBRARY
from different people and seeing how they got the answer is better than trying to pulling all nighters and only eating
and how they see stuff really helps me understand it,” said junk food.
Abigail Buck, sophomore. “Me and my group were not do- Cramming is never the answer, and pulling an
ing very well, and after working together, grades started all-nighter will just elevate the nerves. According to Princ-
rising.” eton Review, nine to ten hours of sleep is what is needed
There are several different areas that groups can work for a fully functioning mind. So, put the books down, and
together, whether it’s in a library study room, the Bud Rob- go to bed.
inson building, or in an open classroom.
Manage Test Anxiety
Also, make sure to fuel up. Eat a nutritious meal and
drink lots of water before an exam. That way, the brain has
Test anxiety is a combination of fear of failure, lack energy and will sustain system energy throughout the test.
of preparation, or bad past test experiences.
“One of the best test tips, when having test anxiety is
Studying for long periods of time will tire you out, so
make sure to take a few breaks in between.
when you get the test, take a minute on the back of the
test and do what is called a ‘memory dump’. This is to just
write down a word or phrase you are trying to hang onto
and remember, and it just kind of clears your mind, and

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