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Hugh - Proposal

Hugh is sitting down at Henley Train Station with a pharmacy bag in his hand
as a train arrives at the station. He stands up, goes on to the train and sits
down. Across from him, standing by the Train door, a guy is pushing a person,
Hugh knows to be named Maxwell, who looks as if he is being threatened.
Hugh tries to leave it as he doesn’t know what’s happening until he sees
Maxwell get pushed against the wall. Hugh gets up and pushes the bully off
of Maxwell. The guy pushes Hugh against the opposite wall. The guy starts
shouting at Hugh as if he is asking Hugh questions, due to the fact he is deaf
he can’t hear what is being asked, and because of this is struck in the face
and put to the floor. The guy walks off the train and Maxwell helps Hugh up.
Hugh pushes Maxwell off of him as he is very disoriented and proceeds to sit
down. He pulls a tissue out of his pocket to clean his face as he sits back in his
seat. Hugh’s station, Twyford Station, arrives and he stands up with the bag,
but there is a rip in the bottom of it, and the medicine falls out. As Hugh walks
out, Maxwell sees the medicine box on the floor calls out to Hugh, runs to the
box, picks the box up and runs to the door, but the door closes and the train
starts moving. Hugh walks home, unaware of what had happened. He gets
into his house and runs over to his mother, he sits next to her and goes to
open up the bag, but nothing is in there. He looks broken, but his mother
doesn’t care, she grabs hit face to inspect his bloody and bruised nose. She
pokes it and Hugh winces in pain, stands up and in pure shame, walks out the
room as the mother sits there looking concerned for her sons wellbeing. He
sits in his room and falls back into his bed. The next morning he goes back to
Twyford station to go to get more medicine, when he sees Maxwell waiting
there with a box. Maxwell stands up and runs over to Hugh and hands him
the box. Hugh’s face lights up and he hugs Maxwell and runs off. He sprints
back to his house to give his mother the medicine

Why am I Producing this?

The reason I want to produce this Short Film is because of the meaning. When
tasked the production of a Short Film without the use of dialogue, I got a bit
stuck, I wanted my Short Film to mean something, to visually represent
something. It was then that I came across the idea of a deaf person, a short
film without the use of dialogue could be made a lot more practical by
having a way to escape dialogue. When thinking about this I want to
emphasise the struggles that deaf people deal with, as a society I think we
take a lot of things for granted, and when you don’t have it, it can affect
your life dramatically. This led me on to wanting to create a drama that
would cover the issues and to emotion that comes with the struggles. I
feel that this leaves me with a lot of creative freedom with the direction I
want to take this, understanding my limits and the audience I am creating
this for. Because I am creating this for an older
genre the narrative can contain more mature content which an older
generation could sympathise with. This ties into going out of my comfort zone,
I have never really dived into an Narrative driven film, creating emotion
through acting, camerawork and sound rather than relying on special
effects, will help me expand my knowledge and skill and will also be a good
way to test myself, and my capabilities. I will also create more practical
effects to make my film more visceral to the audience to engage the older
audiences, and to cover some truly emotional scenarios. As I said
before Emotion is something I haven’t really played with in previous
production. I want to go out of my comfort zone with this production and this
is an important thing about these productions, going out of my comfort
zone is something that I have decided to do, that in my mind will benefit my
skill going forward is try new things, that means for this production, rather than
going with my usual root of going with Sci-Fi, I have decided to go with
drama as I stated before, but something else that is new for me and will help
me going forward is not using Special Effects to create fictional things, but
rather to create a realistic story, which plays on emotion, so my editing will be
used to piece to story together to create emotion, rather than create
supernatural beings. This is something that I am not used to, but am excited to
try. To expand my field of skills and strengthening weaker parts of my editing
will be very beneficial for future productions.

FINAL DEADLINE: Friday 25th January 2019
Planning Deadline: Friday 14th December 2018
Edited Production Deadline: Friday 18th January 2019
Pitch: the week of 21st January 2019

Target Audience
The selected Target Audience age for both my Short film and Music Video is
25-40 year old's. We had the choice between 5-12 year old's or 25-40 year
old's. I felt that choosing a younger audience age range would limit my
opportunities, and to help myself and improve, I need to understand an older
and more mature audience going into the future. Also I want to work on a
mature project as it is a different field than I usually work in. A 25-40 year old
Audience is also a broader age range so to captivate that range would be
more tasking as older people usually have a bigger range in personality and
preference, rather than a 5-12 year old who have been raised to enjoy a
certain type of video and entertainment. Overall creating a project for my
selected age range will help benefit me for future production and will be
better for evolving my skill and knowledge.
What Audience want to see?
When researching my Target Audience, I wanted to know what it was they
wanted to see from my Short Film, this would help me further understand
what to improve to create a more effective Short Film. The main point that
was brought up, is people wanted to have reasoning for the medicine, to see
why the Mum was sick, and the illness she had. To answer these concerned I
have added a close up of the medicine box that he drops, and on this box
you will see what medicine has been prescribed and what illness it would suit.
This inclusion of the medicine box is also a subliminal nod to the socio-
economic class of Emergent Service Workers, in whom is a demographic I
want to appeal to. This leads onto the next part, which talks about the task,
and why he is doing it. For all we know, the father is out of the picture
working. This means that Hugh is tasked with taking care of his sick mother, in
which he has to get medicine for. The story itself is doesn’t follow the story of
the mother, rather the pure hearted nature of the boy, Hugh. By helping
someone else, he didn’t realise that the medicine was missing, and follows
Todorov’s narrative theory of creating an obstacle. The last main point, is
talking about the attacker, and what happens to him. Sadly in the time
constraints I have, and the flow of the story, I can’t include a satisfying event
that brings comeuppance, so I think that the moral victory of him getting the
medicine back is something that will show that the bully got no sort of victory
from that situation. Also the bully was there to create an obstacle, rather than
be a core character that the audience need to understand, what I think
makes him more threatening, as we don’t understand or know his reasoning.

What am I creating from research?

I have adapted my story, not necessarily narrative wise, but visually. I wanted
to include more to do with who I am trying to appeal to. This mostly links to
the socio-economic classes as that is the common classes that would
engage in my short film, and fit the most into my target audience. I have also
tweaked character types and minor plot points to engage with people’s
behaviour and motivations. This will hopefully engage my audience and
cause my Short Film to appeal to them further. Adapting my Short Film to
suit with my Target Audience research will help me create an effective
production that can suit my niche and create something my audience want
to see.

Where the Production will be aired

My production will be Published on YouTube and Facebook, by doing this I
will engage my target audience on their most used social media sites, whilst
also being a valid place to put the videos, I will also try some sort of
advertisements through Facebook and YouTube.
Short Film Shooting Script
Script: Description of visuals:

 It will open with a shot of Hugh  Very Long Shot from the right side
sitting down on a seat at a train of him, Person walks past camera to
station transition to a closer positioned shot,
being a Long Shot
 Another person walks past as he
 Hugh will look up as the train gets starts to look up as it transitions to the
to the station medium shot, and as he gets up, the
camera tracks his movement, but
stays at a low angle
 Low angle long shot from inside the
train pointing down the isle
 Hugh takes a seat and keeps his  Low angle medium over the
head down shoulder pointing at the friend, focus
 He sees a person he knows pull between Hugh’s emotion and
getting threatened in the corner of fight.
the train, but Hugh shrugs it off until he
sees his friend get pushed, so he gets
up to short it out  It carries on following the same
 It tracks Hugh as he gets up, shot over the shoulder as he goes
leaving his bag and pushes the bully towards the bully
off of his friend, against the wall
 He gets pushed back against the  The one shot continues, but moves
wall and is grabbed and screamed at from over-the-shoulder to a 50/50 shot
by the bully, and due to Hugh being
deaf he can’t respond
 The bully pulls him off the wall and  The camera is still stationary at a
strikes him across the face medium shot as they turn towards the
camera to execute the strike
 High angle close up of him looking
 Hugh looks up, bleeding and up at the bully
disoriented as he looks up at the
bully with blood having been struck
 The bully then proceeds to walk off  Due to being struck, from his
of the train perspective everything is blurry
 In the same shot Maxwell, the  Over the shoulder tracking shot of
friend comes to offer a helping hand Hugh
and picks him up
 He pushes Maxwell to the side as  This shot carries on to a 50/50 shot
he goes to sit down again  Close up of the bag as he picks it
 Grabs the bag from the floor to up, to capture the rip
grab tissues and the bag rips  Close up of him wiping his face
 He wipes his nose of some blood to and capturing his emotion
get back to his senses  Low angle long shot of Hugh
 He gets to his station and when he walking off as the medicine falls out
gets up and walks off, the medicine in
his bag falls out on the floor
 We are shown the pills on the floor  Close up on the pills to show what
 Maxwell notices the pills on the he has dropped
floor as Hugh leaves  Close up of Maxwell’s realisation
 Hugh gets up runs to pick the seeing the pills
medicine up, and then goes to the  Long shot of Maxwell, tracking him
door of the train as he goes towards the train door
 He goes up to the door, but it is  Close up of the train door, seeing
closed and the train is set to leave Maxwell at the door
 We see Hugh walking off not
knowing what has happened as the  Close up tracking shot of Hugh, as
train behind him leaves the train leaves we see Maxwell
 We see a tracking shot of Hugh looking out
walking as it transitions to his front  Medium shot of Hugh as he walks,
door and the pillar transitions the walk to
 He enters his house and runs down the front door
the hall  Panning Long shot of him running
 Hugh runs in and kneels by his across the hall
mother reaching in the bag to pull out  Low angle medium shot of Hugh,
the medicine but there is no medicine, seeing his mother’s feet, camera will
he looks up at his mother, broken but pan to the mother in respected
she doesn’t mind, she strokes his moment, but will zoom into a close up
cheek, seeing the he has been hurt, on Hugh’s face
she pokes it and he winces in pain. He
stands up, turns around and walks out
 His mother looks at him concerned
as he leaves the room
 He is sitting at the train station  Close up of the mother as it fades
waiting of a train to go back and get into black leading to the next scene
more medicine, Hugh stands up to  Mirroring shot of the first shot in the
walk to the train film, VLS from right side
 As he is approaching, a hand
grabs his shoulder
 Close up of Hugh’s shoulder
 Hugh springs around looking at
Maxwell, but when he sees him, he
calms down  Over the shoulder of Maxwell,
 Maxwell gifts Hugh his missing looking at Hugh
medicine, to save him the journey
 Hugh hugs Maxwell  Close up of hand holding
 Hugh runs home
 Over the shoulder of Maxwell
looking at Hugh
 He enters his house and runs down  Medium shot of Hugh transitioning
the hall through the pillar to the front door
 He jumps onto the couch, gives his  Panning Long shot of him running
mum the medicine, and hugs her across the hall
 Medium close up of them as it
fades to black, and the credits roll
Location Recce’s
Henley-on-Thames Train Station

Type of room/area:
Train Station

Location Address:

Sat Nav details (Post code):


Nearest Train Station:


Nearest Bus stop:

Hart Street (Stop A)

Lighting Information: Solutions:

The main source of light is the natural light Use a light bounce to manipulate light if
needed, film during the day so that I can
emphasise on the natural light

Sound Information: Solutions:

The sound will be filled with train noises and In my film, to portray deafness, I am muting
people and covering all sound as if everything is
muffled, meaning no

Power Information: Solutions:

There are no sources of power at the station, To survive this, bringing extra batteries would
but occasionally there are plug sockets in the help the need for power reserves
trains themselves

Hazards: Solutions:
It is a train station so hazards consist of Be careful of other people and stay clear of the
incoming trains, surrounding people also trying edge of the platform
to get on the train
My House

Type of room/area:

Location Address:

Sat Nav details (Post code):


Nearest Train Station:


Nearest Bus stop:


Lighting Information: Solutions:

Due to the windows there is a lot of natural Use a mix of lights and Natural light when
light through the windows needed

Sound Information: Solutions:

There should be no noise in the house unless It’s a music video so I won’t use sound anyways
people are doing anything

Power Information: Solutions:

This is my house and there are plenty of power n/a
sockets to use, so there will be no problem with
battery usage

Hazards: Solutions:
Christmas decorations in the house, or other Be careful and aware of your surroundings
tripping hazards
Crew List

Person Role Dates Needed

Jordan Streete Director, Hugh 21st December
12th January

Owen Feetham Cameraman, Bully 21st December

Fin Gaunt Cameraman 21st December

Will Collins Cameraman, Friend 21st December

12th January

Gitta Streete Mother 12th January

Related Interests