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oes REPRESENTING: CHARLOTTE COLLIER GLADES HENDRY LEE Ldc’n Bf thw Qe nov 3 November 25, 2013 Chief Don Hunter Marco Island Police Department 51 Bald Eagle Drive Marco Island, FL 34145 Stephen B. Russell ‘State Attorey SENSITIVE OFFICE OF THE STATE ATTORNEY ‘Twentieth Judicial Circuit of Florida 3315 E. Torniami Trail Suite 602 Noples, FL 34112 Telephone (239) 252-8470 FAX (239) 252-8357 wwusad ¢jis20.079 Copies: 45 57 M29 o/ 27Nv'3 a IN RE: OFFICER TIGE THOMPSON, MARCO ISLAND POLICE DEPARTMENT Dear Chief Hunt |!am vrritin to follow up on concerns previously expressed to your agency regarding Officer Tige Thompson. In the spring of 2011, it was reported to this office that Officer Thompson gave allegedly inconsistent and potentially untruthful testimony at a DMV hearing in the matter of the State of Florida v. Lorrie Vernot, Clerk's Case Number 10-4252CT/MIPD case 101041.1. Officer Thompson's testimony in that case was essential to @ successful prosecution. Upon learning of this information, the SAO reported these allegations to your agency. Assistant State Attorney Dave Scuderi, Lead Investigator Diane Gamble, and | met with former Chief of Police Thomas E. Carr to discuss this incident. As a result we ‘were not satisfied that we could prove the case and all charges were nolle prossed. We were assured during this meeting that the Marco Island Police Department would investigate this allegation. My office never heard back from the MIPD as to what action, if any, was taken against Officer Thompson. If an internal investigation was conducted and completed then the SAO requests a copy of it, with the exception of any statement given by Officer Thompson, This incident, coupled with his dismissal from the CCSO, causes the State Attorney's Office to conclude ‘that we can no longer utilize Officer Thompson as a witness for the prosecution of criminal cases