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Wnited States Senate January 16,2019 ‘The Honorable Michael Pompeo Secretary of State 2001 C Street NW ‘Washington, DC 20520 Dear Secretary Pompeo: ‘We write with concern regarding your appointment of Dr. J Peter Pham as the State Department's Special Envoy forthe Great Lakes Region of Affica (SEGL) and his concurrent employment at the Atlantic Council, a Washington, DC-based think tank. ‘According to the Atlantic Council, Dr. Pham has retained his position as Vice President for Research and Regional Initiatives and Director of the Africa Center at the Atlantic Council while also serving as Special Envoy. As the Adantic Council's statement notes, Dr. Pham has been deeply engaged on issues related to the Great Lakes and has also hosted government officials and ‘opposition political figures from countries in the region during his tenure atthe think tank, However, the Atlantic Council, which supports Dr. Pham’s work, also accepts contributions from range of donor, including foreign goverment, corporations, and individuals. Funders ofthe Alantic Council have included, among others, the United Arab Emirates, the Abu Dhabi ‘National Oil Company, the Moroccan-funded OCP Foundation, Chevron, and the lobbyist frm ‘Akin Gump Strauss Hauer, which has represented Congolese opposition figure Moise Katumbi.* ‘These contributions from foreign entities create potential ethical conflicts of interest fr Dr. Pham in the execution of his duties as a U.S. offical. To the extent Dr. Pham is conducting official SEGL business through non-U.S. government assets at the Atlantic Council, these ‘actions would also raise federal record retention and cybersecurity concerns, ‘Ahead of the Democratic Republic of Congo's long awaited and chaotic elections on December 23,2018 which were ultimately delayed to December 30, it was alarming that Dr. Pham was not ‘conducting regional diplomacy or leading U.S. policy discussions as SEGL. Instead, he was in Marrakech, Morocco for the Atlantic Dialogues, which were sponsored by the Moroccan ‘government andthe OCP Policy Center, whichis funded by Morocco’s largest mining company. Dr. Pham’s participation in the Atlantic Dialogues at an important moment forthe Great Lakes region rises serious concems regarding how he is prioritizing his concurrent roles, " Adane Coupe Statement onthe Appointment of, Pter Pham as Speci Envoy forthe Great Lakes Retion of Affe (available at tps alantecoueorgnwspresreleseatsi-couei-faerent-o-the sppoltment af peter ghanratepecil-envoy fre preatnkessenon-oF a), 2 Seplember 13,2017 FARA fig by Akin Gump Sires Hauer available tpl fra go does3492- ExtbieAB-201 7091545, ‘The American people deserve to know if their diplomats are serving U.S. inteests—not the interest of foreign governments or corporations. To better understand Dr. Pham’s potential conflicts of interest and how the State Department is addressing these conflicts, we ask that you ‘provide us with the following information: ‘© Under what statutory authority was De. Phar hired? Why did the state Department allow hhim to continue his concurrent employment atthe Atlantic Council while serving as & US. official? ‘¢ Has Dr. Pham filed a financial disclosure statement, completed an ethics agreement, or signed the Trump ethis pledge ns required by Executive Order 13770? Its, please provide copies ofthese documents, ‘+ What ethies guidance has the State Department provided Dr. Pham regarding his need to recuse from certain matters related to his employment atthe Atlantic Councilor resign {rom certain positions outside of government? Has he received any exemption or waivers from these requirements? Iso, please provide copies of any exemptions of waivers. ‘© What thies guidance has the State Department provided Dr. Pham regarding his need to recuse from certain matters related to the Atlantic Council's donors, including foreign governments, corporations, and individuals? ‘+ Has Dr. Pham used non-governmental resources, including the use of an Atlantic Couneil email account, to conduct official U.S. government business? Has Dr, Pham used a Aiplomatic passport for travel related to his work with the Atlantic Council? The Great Lakes region isa crucial and strategic area ofthe Aftican continent and it deserves the attention ofa seasoned diplomat that is dedicated to actively supporting its long term peace and stability. Purthermore, in conducting tigorous oversight of private resources in diplomacy, we believe that pay-to-play practices like those raised by Dr. Pham's concurrent employment have ‘no place in U.S. foreign policy. Thank you for your prompt response Sincerely, Cory A. Booker ‘United States Senator ce: The Honorable Tibor Nagy, Assistant Sceretary, Bureau of Affican Affairs Richard C. Visek, Principal Deputy Legal Adviser and Designated Agency Ethics Officer