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Argus Courier
California General Excellence Winner FEBRUARY 8, 2018 ■ PETALUMA360.COM An edition of The Press Democrat

City exploring sales tax hike for cops, fire

City officials call measure a public safety tax, “Petaluma will need to find
a way to manage through this
through the economic down-
turn, noted that staff has been
Petaluma has pursued a
sales tax increase in the past.
acknowledge pension crisis swamping budget crisis,” Brown said. “This is cut by 12 percent in the past 10 In 2016, the city studied a sales
another recession coming. We years and the budget has con- tax dedicated to street repairs,
By MATT BROWN the city has launched polling don’t have the ability to absorb tracted by $4.2 million, despite but polling showed it would not
ARGUS-COURIER STAFF to determine the size of the tax this this time. The city needs a adding 3,000 new residents. reach the two-thirds needed to
Petaluma officials are press- increases and the timing of new revenue source.” “We get a tremendous pass and it never made it on
ing for increases in sales tax the ballot. The new revenue is Brown’s comments came amount done with the resourc- the ballot. A 2014 measure that
and hotel taxes this year, main- needed to offset increasingly Friday during his annual State es we have at our disposal,” he would have raised the sales
ly to pay for public safety and dire budget projections, Brown of the City speech, which this said. “We’ve managed to keep tax by 1 cent for street repairs
ease the city’s pension burden, said. Revised forecasts show the year took a less optimistic tone our head above water. Our received 43 percent support at
City Manager John Brown said. city going into the red in three than in past years. Brown, who budget has been slashed but the poll, far short of the simple
Any new tax measure would years, with a $6 million deficit has been with the city for the we’ve continued to maintain
need approval from voters, and projected in 2022. past decade and led Petaluma services.” See State, A3


Easing pain by helping others extend fire
Cancer survivor starts Petaluma
nonprofit to give to fire victims
chief deal
Trial arrangement to
ARGUS-COURIER STAFF share services expanded

or Jamie Whitelaw, a cancer survi- to at least three years
vor who suffers from chronic pain,
helping others is paramount. By HANNAH BEAUSANG
That’s why when a lethal firestorm ARGUS-COURIER STAFF
ignited in Sonoma County in October, In a move to increase col-
the 32-year-old Cazadro resident and laboration between two key
a friend began to collect and distrib- local fire agencies, Petaluma
ute donations for fire victims and first leaders Monday signed off a
responders. three-year contract to continue
“We went around, did what we needed to share administrative services
to do and by the time I got home that between the Petaluma Fire
night I was in way more pain than I was Department and the Rancho
before I started,” the mother of two said. Adobe Fire Protection District.
“As I was laying in my bed I said ‘I can’t Since last March, Petaluma’s
do this — my body is not going to let Fire Chief Leonard Thomp-
me do this, but what can I do to make a son has acted as the part-time
difference?’ ” leader of Rancho Adobe, which
She created a Facebook page with serves an estimated 25,000 resi-
ongoing updates of needs at evacuation dents in Penngrove, Cotati and
centers, an effort that rapidly grew from Julie Workman loads her car with donations that will be distributed to victims of the Tubbs unincorporated parts of Petalu-
five followers to 700 in the early days of Fire. Her nonprofit is North Bay Donate. ma. The arrangement, prompt-
the fires. ed by the 2016 retirement of the
“I was calling evacuation centers deliver custom care packages, conversa- The group is working to get corporate district’s chief Frank Treanor,
and they were asking ‘Are you the one tion and goodwill to those in need. sponsorship and is still relying on the paved the way for efficiencies in
sending people? We literally are getting “Delivery Angels” who make home community for donations that are stored both departments, Thompson
what we need off the list and the actual drop offs refer clients to local providers, at a donated Petaluma warehouse in an said.
supplies we need within an hour,’” she including Petaluma People Services undisclosed location. “It has made the city of Pet-
said. “That was the whole point.” Center and Redwood Empire Food The effort has been draining for aluma and its neighbors more
Her effort gained momentum and has Bank, she said. Whitelaw, who is in remission from a efficient and effective in the de-
now transitioned into a Petaluma-based “The people that have experienced so battle with uterine and cervical cancer livery of emergency services,”
nonprofit that’s helped more than 400 fam- much in such a short amount of time and suffers from chronic pain from Thompson told the City Council
ilies. Dubbed North Bay Donate, the or- that’s so traumatic really need that scarring left on her internal organs from Monday prior to its unanimous
ganization allows fire victims to complete support,” she said. “Sadly, some people related procedures. approval of the contract.
an intake form to detail needs and then don’t have a support system for different The agreement has allowed
utilizes its network of volunteer drivers to things like that.” See Donate, A3
See Fire, A5

Arf-choo! Flu bug could

bite dogs, local vets worry
While humans experience harsh flu dogs, and can cause fever, coughing, sneezing,
chills and lethargy for man’s best friend.
season, canine companions also suffer The threat of influenza prompted Grant
Garl, who owns west Petaluma’s Fit ‘N’ Furry
By HANNAH BEAUSANG Pet Resort & Training Center to require
ARGUS-COURIER STAFF all dogs attending the facility to get the flu
All it takes is one sneeze, and your pooch vaccine beginning Feb. 28. Until that mandate
could land in the dog house this flu season kicks in, staff are rigorously cleaning facilities
At least that’s what Petaluma kennel owners and pumping in fresh air to eliminate airborne
and vets fear as the highly-contagious canine germs, he said.
flu — largely similar to the virus that’s hitting “Some cases lead to death of puppies and
the humans of Sonoma County — has been senior dogs, like people — babies and seniors
detected in the South Bay. The flu is spread are most vulnerable,” he said. “That’s why we Katie Regalia of Petaluma, center, holds her dog, Jasper, a 2-year-old English
through nasal secretions or by objects or Springer Spaniel, as he gets a dog flu shot at Adobe Animal Hospital from vet-
people who have been in contact with infected See Dog, A5 erinarian Yvonne Stemwedel, right, with help from Sarah Gerard, her assistant.

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Valley Orchards Retirement Community
We ♥ our Residents!
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Transportation • Beauty Salon • Health & Wellness Program • And Much More...
(707) 778-6030
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When people fled wildfires, Scott saved animals

Mark Scott, city’s animal services PETALUMA COMMUNITY AWARDS
officer, puts the ‘pet’ in Petaluma NOMINATIONS CLOSE FRIDAY
Nominations are currently being accepted for the 2018
By MATT BROWN about the animals. Petaluma Community Awards of Excellence, co-sponsored by
ARGUS-COURIER STAFF Scott, a senior animal the Petaluma Area Chamber of Commerce and the Petaluma
Mark Scott was awoken control officer for Peta- Argus-Courier. Nominations are due Friday, Feb. 9.
in the dead of the night luma Animal Services, Award categories include Citizen of the Year; Volunteer of the
Oct. 9. Sonoma County jumped into action, Year; Service to Youth; Service to Seniors; Excellence in Educa-
was on fire. Thousand of preparing a staging area tion; Excellence in Agriculture; and Large and Small Business of
people were fleeing homes. to care for the hundreds of the Year.
Someone had to think pets that evacuees would
Call the chamber at 762-2785 for more information or to
request a nomination form. Forms also are available on the
chamber’s website at
Your hometown newspaper since 1855
Completed nominations may be mailed to PACC, 6 Petaluma
Argus Courier Blvd. N., Suite A2, emailed to, or
faxed to 762-4721.
Volume 161 • No. 28 • 40 Pages • 5 Sections bring to the Lucchesi Com- and for an animal supply
© 2018 Petaluma Argus-Courier
munity Center. Then, as company. “I didn’t think I
Sonoma Media Investments, LLC people fled the worst wild- would fall in love with this
fire in state history, Scott job, but I did. Every day is
February 8, 2018 ran toward the flames. different.”
Over the next two Scott, who lives in Cotati
PUBLISHER: John Burns, weeks, he worked in Santa with his wife and kids, is
Rosa rescuing pets and the service person of the
EDITOR: Matt Brown PHOTOGRAPHER: Crissy Pascual livestock that had been week for the Argus-Couri-
abandoned in the chaos of er. Two of his three kids,
SPORTS EDITOR: John Jackson ADVERTISING MANAGER: Joanne Herrfeldt, the Tubbs fire. ages 14, 15 and 21, go to
NEWS EDITOR: “We worked nonstop,” Petaluma schools, and his
Hannah Beausang OFFICE MANAGER: said Scott, 46. “We slept in wife is a bookkeeper in PETALUMA ANIMAL SERVICES
Kathi Schneider, our cars. You do what you Petaluma. Rounding out
FEATURES EDITOR: David Templeton Petaluma Animal Services Officer Mark Scott rescues Mr. have to do.” the family are Monroe, a
Scott had practice for Lhasa Apso, and Smokey, Slowski, a sulcuta tortoise.
this kind of disaster. Two a Shih Tzu.
years before, he did the Vicki McAffee, who kind of critters he will en- winner will be honored
PUBLISHED: Each issue, your account will same thing during the adopted cats from the Pet- counter each day. Usually at the 2018 Petaluma
Thursday by the Petaluma be charged up to $2.00
Argus-Courier, 719C in the billing period when
Valley fire, saving animals aluma Animal Shelter and it’s dogs and cats, but he Community Awards of
Southpoint Blvd., Petalu- the issue is delivered. This from the massive blaze in follows Scott’s exploits on has also saved a runaway Excellence, co-sponsored
ma, CA 94954. Periodical will adjust the length of Lake County. Facebook, nominated him tortoise, captured a cu- by the Argus-Courier and
postage paid at Petaluma, your subscription. Prices
CA 94953. are subject to change. If When flames aren’t for his dedicated service rious coati and returned the Petaluma Chamber of
POSTMASTER: Send ad- payments are not received threatening large swaths to the community and his a wayward elephant seal Commerce.
by the expiration date of the current
dress changes to: Petaluma Argus-Courier,
P.O. Box 750308, Petaluma, CA 94975. payment period, deliveries and electronic of Northern California, often courageous rescues. to the sea. Last year, the Email a nomination to
MEMBERSHIPS: California Newspaper access will continue and will be billed for Scott’s normal job entails “During the North Bay police department called matt.brown@arguscouri-
up to 60 days or until we are contacted to or write us a letter
Publishers Assn., Newspaper Assn. of
stop delivery.
reuniting Petaluma pet fires, Officer Mark was up him when there was an
America. to tell us why you think
CLASSIFIED ADS: Call 546-7355. owners with their miss- at the fire area saving lives alligator loose in a Petalu-
LEGAL NOTICES: The Petaluma Ar-
gus-Courier is an adjudicated newspaper DISPLAY ADS: Call 526-8551. ing beloved beasts and and rescuing countless ma neighborhood. your nominee should be
of general circulation in accordance with OBITUARIES: Paid obituaries are avail- assisting law enforcement animals,” she wrote in an “That was interesting,” considered for the service
the laws of California and is qualified for able by calling 526-8694.
publication of matters required by law to officers on calls involving email. “He also does so he said. “I’ve never been person award (no phone
ONLINE NEWS: Visit our Website at www.
be published in a newspaper. for stories, archives, news dangerous creatures. Scott much for our community bitten. There have been a calls, please.)
©2018, updates, blogs, forums and video. said his love of animals on a daily basis. He gets few close calls. I’d like to Nominations can cover
Sonoma Media Investments
All Rights Reserved
DELIVERY: Your paper is delivered Thurs-
day morning. If you do not receive it, call
and service to the commu- up at the wee hours of the keep it that way.” all aspects of the service
763-2033 by 9:30 a.m. for next-day delivery nity keeps him motivated. morning and late night Scott is the third of five industry, from cashiers
STREET ADDRESS: Petaluma and clerks to baristas and
Argus-Courier, 719C Southpoint Blvd.,
or come by the office to pick up a copy. “It’s the best job I’ve hours on his days off to nominees for the Service
SPORTS LINE: Call 776-8466 to report Person of the Year award, servers — not business
Petaluma, CA 94954 results. Email results to johnie.jackson@
ever had,” said Scott, who help animals. He’s a pretty
MAILING ADDRESS: Petaluma previously worked for a remarkable person.” which will be selected owners, managers or
Argus-Courier, P.O. Box 750308, Petaluma,
COMMUNITY SECTION: Mail or bring Postal Service contractor Scott never knows what by a poll of readers. The directors.
news releases to the Argus office or email
OFFICE HOURS: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mon-
days-Fridays. Closed on legal holidays.
PHOTO ORDERS: Photographs that
TELEPHONE: 707-762-4541 have appeared in the Argus-Courier
SUBSCRIPTIONS: Call 763-2033.
can be purchased by contacting
chief photographer Crissy Pascual at
“During the fires, Officer Mark was up at the fire area saving lives and rescuing countless
RATES: In county, $62 per year. For
Argus-Courier e-edition, the rate is $3.75
776-8463, or email crissy.pascual@
animals. He also does so much for our community on a daily basis. He gets up at the wee
per month. All print subscriptions include
up to two (2) premium issues delivered
Holly Wick, Mark Albertson, Mary Johnson,
hours of the morning and late night hours on his days off to help animals.”
throughout the year. For each premium Pedro Toledo
—Vicki McAffee, who nominated Mark Scott for a Service Person award

Butter and Egg Days was reported in the 700
block of Elm Drive, where
theme announced John Edward Barella col-
Early applications for lided with a parked vehicle
floats in this year’s Butter while traveling south-
and Egg Days Parade are bound, Petaluma police
due March 9. said in a statement.
The theme of the April After Petaluma Fire De-
28 event is “A Parade is partment rescued Barella
Hatched,” celebrating from the vehicle, his
the 100th anniversary of blood alcohol content was
National Egg Day. Parade measured at .19 percent –
entries will be judged on more than twice the legal
how well they adhere to limit, police said. He was
the theme. transported to Petaluma
For more information on Valley Hospital, treated
Butter and Egg Days and and released, according to
registering for the parade, police.
visit petalumadowntown. Barella is the former
com. owner of North Bay Con-
struction, Inc. and is the
Man wanted in developer behind the con-
troversial quarry planned
stabbing off Roblar Road. He also
Petaluma police are owns once-blighted prop-
seeking a 47-year-old erty on Cedar Grove Park.
homeless man in connec- He was arrested on
tion with a stabbing last suspicion of driving under
Thursday. the influence of alcohol,
Police believe Steven cited and released from
Charles Molina stabbed an the hospital, police said.
unidentified male victim
multiple times in the back Alleged street racer
during an argument in the
Looking for a Home Loan,
open fields south of Hop-
per Street, the Petaluma A Petaluma man alleged
Police Department said in to be a driver in a Jan.

Home Equity Line of Credit, a statement.

The victim walked to
the nearby Mary Isaak
25 street race that left a
14-year-old Casa Grande
High School student

or Construction Loan Center, a homeless shelter badly injured was arrested

run by Petaluma nonprofit Friday.
Committee on the Shelter- Juan Guzman Garcia,
less, to report the incident 23, of Petaluma was taken
to police at 7:07 p.m. He into custody by Petaluma
Whether you’re buying, refinancing or rebuilding, told officers Molina was police after a witness to
upset with him over an the Sonoma Mountain
we have financing options for you. argument with his ex-girl- Highway crash spotted his
friend. black Subaru WRX in a
The victim was trans- parking lot, police said in a
ported by ambulance statement.
to a nearby hospital for During the street race
Call 707.524.3000 or visit treatment of injuries that
were not believed to be
between a Subaru WRX
and BMW 334i, the BMW
life-threatening, police slammed into a Mercury
said. Grand Marquis turning
Anyone with infor- onto Clary Way.
mation about his where- The injured Casa
abouts is asked to call Grande freshman, Christo-
Detective Ryan McGreevy pher Hopkins, was riding
at 778-4372. with his grandparents
and took the brunt of the
Suspected DUI crash impact in the backseat of
the Mercury. He suffered
leads to arrest a broken pelvis and a cut
A 70-year-old Petaluma spleen.
man who ran into a parked A 17-year-old driver
NMLS ID 643948 car and flipped his truck of the BMW, also a Casa
onto its side was arrested student, was arrested at
Friday on suspicion of the scene for street racing
driving under the influ- causing injury. Garcia’s
ence, police said. license was suspended for
The 8:45 p.m. collision a previous DUI.

Donate Continued from A1

“Every time I was like past the initial disaster …
‘I can’t do this anymore, it’s been a really beautiful
my body is killing me, I thing to hear people talk
would have to be in bed about recovery.”
for weeks,’ something A woman who gave her
would happen or someone name as Ash said North
would show up and just Bay Donate helped her and
make it work and I’d push her daughters, ages 1 and
through,” she said. 15, immensely after they
She’s been buoyed by lost their belongings in
her mother and her com- the fire. The trio had been
munity, including Julie staying with friends as
Workman, a 34-year-old Ash navigated a separa-
Humboldt tion process
resident who with her
moved to “It can be emotional, husband,
Petaluma to and the
help coordi- but really connecting home was
nate efforts. with these people destroyed in
Workman, the fires. At
who had is the silver lining least 10 of
recently de- and giving them a her friends
cided to take and relatives
a break from glimmer of hop and lost homes,
her career motivation to keep and the fam-
to focus on ily is now
artistic pur- moving forward. staying with
suits, had ... It’s been a really relatives,
spent about including
22 days vol- beautiful thing to Ash’s father, CRISSY PASCUAL / ARGUS-COURIER STAFF

unteering in hear people talk whose Foun- Julie Workman helps victims of the Tubbs Fire by collecting and distributing donations via her nonprofit, North Bay Donate.
evacuation taingrove
shelters be- about recovery.” house was come over with a few differ- is a labor of love, no matter
fore getting —Julie Workman repaired for ent boxes and it was just so how much pain she’s in.
involved in fire-related heartfelt and really, really “I just think, OK, maybe
North Bay damage. heartwarming.” the universe had a plan
Donate. Ash lost a large amount of About four core volun- for me — maybe that plan
She now functions as income while her place of teers run the operations, was that as sick as I am,
the director of commu- work was shuttered during with about six dedicated I’ve always known that I
nity outreach and a case the fires and the family is drivers, Workman said. needed to help people,” she
manager, a role that puts searching for permanent Workman and Whitelaw said. “I’ve always been that
her in contact with many housing. both envision the North person to give you the last
needy families throughout “The minute Julie Bay Donate project evolv- $5 out of my pocket or the
the county. reached out to me and we ing as needs change over one that my friends call
“It can be emotional, talked, I felt more comfort- the years-long rebuilding when they’re down and
but really connecting with able and it just went from effort. Providing donations out … my end goal really
these people is the silver there ... I felt like I could of vital goods allows those in life is to just help and
lining and giving them open up to her and I felt in crisis to spend limited touch and reach as many
a glimmer of hope and comfortable and safe for the funds on other essentials, people as I can.”
motivation to keep moving first time,” said Ash, who like replacing vehicles lost (Contact Hannah Beaus- Julie Workman took a break from her career to focus on
forward,” she said. “As had been hesitant to seek to fires, Whitelaw said. ang at hannah.beausang@ artistic pursuits and spent about 22 days volunteering in
challenging as it is to get help. “She had a gentleman For Whitelaw, the effort evacuation shelters.

Continued from A1
Brown said the city
has exhausted all of the
we are really going to sup-
port those people, we need
to support those contrac-
pension reform options tual obligations. You don’t
majority needed to pass a available, including asking do that with a bake sale.”
general tax. employees to pay their Brown said that polling
With new state and share into the benefit will help the city decide
county revenue to repair pool and offering newer how much of a sales tax
roads expected this year, employees a lower tier increase to ask voters and
Petaluma can turn its pension plan. He said the whether to place it on the
attention to another press- city’s obligation to the June or November ballot.
ing problem, Brown said, state Public Employee Re- An increase in the city’s
adding back some of the 17 tirement System, or PERS, hotel tax could also be on
public safety positions cut is the reason for the city’s the ballot with the sales
during the recession and current budget crisis. tax, which would likely be
addressing the city’s huge “In the main, it’s the a general purpose tax re-
pension obligation. PERS rates that is driving quiring a simple majority
Mayor David Glass this,” he said. to pass.
said he would support a On Monday, the city “Generating new rev-
general sales tax increase, council voted to take a $6.7 enue is an opportunity
because he said it would be million loan from water to survive through this,
guaranteed to go toward and wastewater fund to maybe get a little cushion
the city’s contractually pay down a portion of the and thrive a bit,” Brown
obligated pensions. He said city’s pension liability. said. “That’s something we
he was against Measure Public safety workers haven’t done in a decade.”
Q, the failed 2014 sales tax make up a large percent- (Contact Matt Brown at
proposal, because he said age of city employees and matt.brown@arguscourier.
it would not have gone carry a bulk of the pension com.) Local artist, Maxfield Bala paints a mural at the Petaluma Police Department in 2017.
toward street repairs but liability. Glass said that,
rather to pay down the in the wake of the October


pension liability. wildfires and the goodwill
“The last time, we expressed toward police

Community Awards
weren’t telling people officers and firefighters, it
where the money was is important to make good 2018 Petaluma
going to go,” he said. “Now on those obligations. Community
of Excellence
we’re being honest with “After Oct. 8, everyone
the public. This is the most was saying support first Awards of Excellence
important issue facing this responders,” he said. “If For complete awards criteria and nomination form visit
About the Awards:
Petaluma is blessed with a great Nominations are due
number of outstanding and caring by Feb. 9, 2018
persons whose many contributions
make this community a better Please list the nominee’s community
place to live, work, and raise a involvement.You may attach additional
family. In anticipation of the pages for more information.
Petaluma Community Awards of
Name of Nominee:___________________
Excellence in March, we invite you
Abraham Solar to help us identify people worthy Business (if applicable): _______________
2017 Petaluma of recognition in the following Address:_____________________________
Citizen of the Year categories: Phone: ______________________________
Category of Nomination: _____________
Citizen of the Year: Excellence in Education: Reason for Nomination: ______________
Awarded to a person who has Awarded to a person whose _____________________________________
exemplified a model of civic contributions have helped improve _____________________________________
responsibility through outstanding and enhance the lives of students in _____________________________________
service and involvement in the Petaluma area schools. _____________________________________
Large Business: _____________________________________
Volunteer of the Year: Awarded to a Petaluma business _____________________________________
Awarded to a person whose with 40 or more employees, _____________________________________
extensive volunteer contributions operating for at least three years, _____________________________________
have helped enhance the which is recognized as a leader in its _____________________________________
community. industry and the community. _____________________________________
Service to Youth: Small Business: _____________________________________
Awarded to a person whose Awarded to a Petaluma business _____________________________________
contributions have helped improve with fewer than 40 employees, _____________________________________
and enhance the lives of young operating for at least three years, _____________________________________
people in Petaluma. which is recognized as a leader in its _____________________________________
industry and the community. _____________________________________
Service to Seniors: Your name: __________________________
Awarded to a person whose Excellence in Agriculture: _____________________________________
contributions have helped improve Awarded to a person who has Your phone: _________________________
and enhance the lives of Petaluma demonstrated an exceptional
commitment to Petaluma _____________________________________
agriculture. Return by February 9 to:
Sponsored by MAIL: Community Awards, c/o Petaluma
Area Chamber of Commerce, 6 Petaluma
Blvd. No., Ste. A2, Petaluma, CA 94952
FAX: (707) 762-4721

If you left the US, where would you go? Why?
Smart & Final donation
(Interviews and photos by Crissy Pascual)

Tanesia Kelly Lisa

Sellman Pounds Johnson

Tanesia Sellman of Kelly Pounds of Lisa Johnson of Pet-

Penngrove, restaura- Petaluma, volunteer at aluma, stay-at-home-
teur of Ivy Moon in The Wise Foundation: mom: “Taiwan — I want
Oakland: “Australia “I would go snowboard- to go to the night food Smart and Final, a grocery store which opened its doors last October in Petaluma’s
because I’ve never been ing in Canada. And I love markets and eat differ- Deer Creek shopping center, held a ribbon cutting celebration Jan. 31 where they
and I want to expose my seeing the Sea-to-Sky ent yummy things and made donations of $2,500 each to the Petaluma Educational Foundation and the
kids to something new Highway because it’s it’s really inexpensive.” Petaluma People’s Services Center. Maureen Highland, executive director of PEF,
and different.” gorgeous.” was on hand to accept the check from store manager John Ezanoff.

POLICE LOG Rosa was cited at the corner of South McDowell

Boulevard and McNeil Avenue on a misdemeanor
Friday, Feb. 2
■ 5:28 p.m.: Juan A. Guzman-Garcia, 23, of Pet-
Sunday, Feb. 4
■ 2:25 a.m.: Leanna L. Halvorsen, 29, of Petalu-
Here are some of the cases the Petaluma police outside warrant.
responded to recently. The Argus-Courier publishes the aluma was arrested at Rielsing Road and Sonoma ma was arrested at 353 Lakeville St. for battery on
names of people arrested for serious crimes such as Thursday, Feb. 1 Mountain Parkway for felony reckless driving and a police officer and violation of probation, both
those involving physical injury, property loss or damage ■ 12:55 a.m.: Daniel P. Garcia III, 35, of misdemeanor reckless driving and engaging in an misdemeanors.
of property, including burglary, battery, vandalism and Petaluma was arrested at 347 Lakeville St. for a illegal speed contest. ■ 10:05 a.m.: David A. Snowden, 61, of Santa
drunken driving. People who are found innocent or who
have charges dropped may contact the Argus-Courier to
misdemeanor violation of probation. Saturday, Feb. 3 Rosa was arrested at Acorn Drive and Sycamore
have follow-up information published. ■ 3:30 a.m.: Edward A. Martiniez, 33, was ■ 3:54 a.m.: Robert G. Rivard, 27, of Greenbrae Drive for felony violation of probation.
Petaluma Police reported the following incidents. arrested at the Main Adult Detention Facility in was arrested on B Street for misdemeanor public Monday, Feb. 5
Santa Rosa for kidnapping, aggravated assault, intoxication. ■ 3:16 a.m.: Michelle M. Williams, 39, of San
Wednesday, Jan. 31 battery and threatening a crime with intent to ■ 1:17 p.m.: Ariana A. Maldonado, 23, of Petalu- Rafael was arrested at 1368 N. McDowell Blvd. for
■ 9:48 a.m.: Abraham M. Santos, 39, of Peta- terrorize, all felonies. ma was cited at 900 Ely Road on a misdemeanor misdemeanor public intoxication.
luma was arrested at 226 Greenbriary Circle, for ■ 2:14 p.m.: Eric D. Vasquez, 29, of Richmond bench warrant.
felony false imprisonment, felony aggravated ■ 1:25 p.m.: A 17-year-old Petaluma juvenile
was arrested at Acadia Drive and Rainier Avenue ■ 9:12 p.m.: Justin E. Podesto, 32, of Petaluma was arrested at 333 Casa Grande Road for felony
assault, and felony violation of probation. for driving with a suspended license and giving was arrested at Gossage and Petaluma Boulevard vandalism.
■ 8:38 p.m.: Daniel Martin, 31, of Petaluma false information to a police officer, both misde- for misdemeanor public intoxication.
was arrested at the corner of Lakeville Street and meanors. ■ 2:15 p.m.: Steve T. Alves, 35, identified as
Wilson Street for driving under the influence of al- ■ 3:21 p.m.: Christopher A. Pohlman, 31, ■ 10:24 p.m.: Richard M. Gonzalez, 22, of San homeless, was arrested at 320 N. McDowell Blvd.
cohol (a misdemeanor) and evading police officers identified as a transient, Frederic L. Dutter, 61, also Francisco was arrested on Hwy. 101 N. near Old for disorderly conduct and loitering, violation
with wanton disregard (a felony). Redwood Highway for driving under the influence of probation, and placing a polutant near state
identified as a transient, were arrested at Ellis of alcohol, a misdemeanor. waters, all misdemeanors.
■ 9:37 p.m.: Matthew N. Bushner, 27, of Street and Washington Street for misdemeanor
Petaluma was arrested at 3100 Lakeville Hwy. for public intoxication. ■ 11:05 p.m.: Keith L. Humphreys, 42, of San ■ 2:58 p.m.: Terry L. Kramer, 54, of Santa Rosa
violation of probation. Francisco was arrested at 23 Petaluma Blvd. N. for was arrested at 301 S. McDowell Blvd. for posses-
■ 5:58 p.m.: John E. Oberg, 71, of Petaluma was misdemeaonor public intoxication. sion of a controlled substance and giving false iden-
■ 10:01 p.m.: Maria D. Ortega, 42, of Santa arrested on Elm Drive for misdemeanor battery. tification to a police officer, both misdemeanors.

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Life Tributes
MYERS, Bettyann
DAVIS, Warren Wrieden
INSULL, Mark Andrew

Bettyann Myers Mark Andrew Insull

88, of Petaluma, CA. Born July 11, 1962 – February 4, 2018
February 24, 1929 as Bettyann Dear husband of Anne Marie, daughters, Charlotte and Rachel,
McIntire in Wheeling, WV. beloved father of Charlotte (Luis whom he adored. Also survived
She passed January 21, 2018, Arboleda) and Rachel, devoted by parents-in-law Stan and
peacefully after a long battle son of Pat and David, and loving Mary Jo Henrikson, sister-in-law
with COPD. Daughter of George brother of Clare (Andrew White) Molly Kerr (John), brother-in-
L McIntire and Martha C. and Neil. Native of England law Andy Henrikson (Jacqui)
(McIntire) Miller. Sister Rosemary and resident of Petaluma for and nieces and nephews: Tom,
(McIntire) Nickerson and Martha 26 years. A huge Chelsea FC Katharine, Alice, Hannah,
L McIntire. Married to William supporter, Mark frequently Thomas, and Lucy. Peter Moore,
J Myers passed December 28, returned to England to visit Mark Axtmann, and Guy Harris
2009. They will be united again friends and family. He loved were lifelong friends. Mark was
at Sacramento Valley National hiking, especially in the British a warm and wonderful man,
Cemetery. Mother of William C Den mother pack1 and worked
Lake District and along the coast and his loss has broken all of our
Myers (Bonnie) of Rohnert Park, in retail locally. Bettyann was in
here in California – and was hearts.
CA and Louis D Myers of Rapid Hostess Club, and enjoyed being
an avid cyclist. On weekend Funeral to be held at St. James
City, SD. Grandmother of Dale a volunteer with a great group of
nights, you could always find Catholic Church in Petaluma at
(Jessica) Myers, Christopher young Ladies at Petaluma Valley
him relaxing with a good pint of 11 a.m., Friday, February 9 with
Myers, Willy Myers, Crystal Hospital.
IPA. Mark was a successful sales reception to follow at the church.
Myers, Robbie (Denise) Myers, There will be a celebration of life
executive, but what mattered In lieu of flowers, please donate
and Amanda Myers. Great- held February 10th at 11 a.m.
most to him was his family; to Doctors Without Borders in
grandmother of Skyler, Tasha, at St. John’s Lutheran Church,
his greatest legacy was his Mark’s name.
Lexis, Allen, and Bentley. 455 McNear Ave., Petaluma,
Bettyann worked on various CA. Memorial donations may
westside projects, community be made to St. John’s Church.
pools/recreation /Fire/Medical,
In Loving Memory
George M. Gillmore
July 12, 1924 - February 2, 2008
Lisa Chavez
It is with great sadness that we
Carrie Jean Brandal
mourn the sudden loss of Lisa September 4, 1976 - February 12, 1983
Jean Chavez, who passed on
January 26, 2018 surrounded by
her loving family who never left
her side.
She leaves behind her parents
Bob and Francine Hatfield Together in heaven.
and Bill and Lorraine Smyser. Always in our hearts
Her sister Tina Botai (Keith),
half-sisters Stephanie Jernigan
(Jeff) and Lauren Sanchez. Her
nephew Brennen Maldonado,
niece Shelby Azevedo, great- donation may be made to the
nephew Nikko Maldonado, Marin County Humane Society
loving partner Pete Bursio at 171 Bel Marin Keys Blvd,
and hundreds of friends that Novato CA 94949 in Lisa’s
adored her. memory.
Lisa will always be remembered Her family wishes to express
for her smile and laughter that their sincere appreciation for the
support and consideration to all
Dixie Box Rockefeller
could light up a room. She was
a lifelong resident of Petaluma of those who knew and loved Passed away peacefully at home Rodger, nephews Tyler, Jay and
and a graduate of Casa Grande her. We would also like to thank in the presence of love and care Wes. Dixie had a remarkable
High School. Lisa was a beautiful the many doctors and nurses at after a lengthy illness. The mark and precious circle of friends
spirit. She was giving, kind and Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital, Dixie left on this world was full of with whom she walked her For information on how to submit a Life Tribute:
for their compassion and flowers, laughter and love. Her journey, and they are better for
always willing to help others. This • Visit our submission web page at
wonderful care given to Lisa and floral business “Dixie’s Flowers” knowing and loving her.
passion for helping others led her
her family during this difficult in Sausalito, San Rafael and Memorial will be at the Center
to a career in care giving. If Lisa Petaluma enriched the North for Spiritual Living in Santa Rosa
was not caring for others she was time. Condolences can be made
Bay community with art and on February 24, 2018, at 4 p.m. • Call (707) 526-8694 to talk to our Life
rescuing and rehoming animals. on
beauty for many years. She is Tributes specialist
God must need her to take care predeceased by her parents,
of another furry friend. Adobe Creek Funeral Home We regret that we cannot accept handwritten notices
Byron Davis Box, Jr., and
At this time there will be no Marianne Box. Survivors include or take submissions by phone.
funeral service. A memorial brothers Mervin, Daniel and

Dog Continued from A1 dation. The other prom-

inent strain, H3N2, was
first detected in the U.S. in
want to be out in front of there and social, then yes, March 2015 following an
this. In one way, it makes I think (the vaccine) is outbreak of respiratory
one more hurdle to come something to consider,” issues in the Chicago area.
and bring pets and there’s she said. About 80 percent of dogs
a risk of losing business. Vaccines are adminis- exposed to the illness will
But on the other hand, we tered in two courses sever- develop symptoms, though
don’t want to be informing al weeks apart from each the mortality rate is less
people after the fact that other. It takes seven to 10 than 10 percent, accord-
we should have told people days to take affect after the ing to the foundation’s
there’s a virus going second shot, she said. website. The virus can live
around and now your dog Though vaccines might in the environment for
is terribly sick.” not eliminate the possibil- two days and can exist on
Garl said he’s aware of ity of a canine catching hands and clothing for up
two other Petaluma canine the flu, they can reduce to 24 hours.
boarding facilities requir- the risk of contraction There’s no current evi-
ing the vaccine. and lessen the severity of dence either strain can af-
Meanwhile, local animal symptoms should a dog fect humans, according to
hospitals haven’t seen any fall victim to germs. the foundation’s research.
reported cases in Petaluma Her clinic hasn’t vac- Pet owners who suspect
but vets are asking dog cinated dogs for the flu their dogs might have
owners to find out if the flu before this year, and began come down with a case of
shot is right for their dog. stocking the shots a few the flu should contact their CRISSY PASCUAL / ARGUS-COURIER STAFF
Those most at risk are dogs weeks ago, she said. About animal care provider, said Jasper, a 2-year-old English Springer Spaniel, looks anxious as he gets a dog flu shot at
that spend time at groom- 75 of the initial vaccines Matthew Dekleva, a vet at Adobe Animal Hospital from veterinarian Yvonne Stemwedel.
ing or training facilities were given in the first two Adobe Animal Hospital.
or around other pooches weeks, she said. Tests are available to accu- began to stock the vaccine. whatever precautions – dogs show mild forms of
at dog parks, said Angela Canine influenza H3N8 rately diagnose the flu. “I would tell them if you take a side door or do an the flu, but a cough can
Smith, who owns Petaluma was first detected in 2004 “Call the vet right suspect it’s the flu. It’s con- exam outside.” persist up to 21 days, even
Veterinary Hospital. in a population of Flori- away,” said Dekleva, tagious, so we don’t want Dogs already under the with treatment.
“I think it really boils da’s racing Greyhounds, whose facility has admin- people coming in the front weather can be given med- (Contact Hannah Beaus-
down to the dog’s life- according to the American istered 57 vaccines since door and in the waiting icine to lessen symptoms. ang at hannah.beausang@
style … if the dog is out Veterinary Medical Foun- Jan. 1, when the hospital room … the vet can take The majority of infected

Fire Continued from A1 district’s budget. The board of

directors are in talks about a
potential November 2018 parcel
for combined training oppor- tax ballot measure, though spe-
tunities, sharing of equipment, cifics are still being worked out,
staff and facilities, and has led Karraker said.
to the dropping of jurisdictional “It’s a great idea that we do
boundaries between agencies. this (ballot measure),” Thomp-
Previously, engines first re- son said, adding that he’s not
sponded to calls that correspond- aware of any other funding
ed to their district boundaries, sources available in the near
but now, the closest firefighters future. “We need to go back to
will ship out to the incident, the public to have them realize
regardless of those borders. that if they want quality fire ser-
Officials are also exploring the vices to continue, that they need
possibility of a shared recruit to support that. I think a ballot
academy with Rancho Ado- measure is the best way to go.”
be, Petaluma and potentially Karakker said the district,
Rohnert Park’s Public Safety which will be competing with
Department to standardize train- other agencies hard hit by
ing, Thompson said. October’s fires, stands at risk of
Mayor David Glass praised the losing some or all of its $300,000
cost-saving agreement, which in annual funding from Graton
comes as both the city and the Rancheria casino, an allotment
district face mounting financial doled out by the Sonoma County
challenges. Thompson said Board of Supervisors. It also
exact figures for money saved by lost $63,200 in revenue from a
SCOTT MANCHESTER/ARGUS-COURIER STAFF property tax hit caused by the
the city or projections for future
savings were not available be- Petaluma Fire Chief Leonard Thompson. His services are shared by Rancho Adobe Fire Protection District. October wildfires, Ober said.
cause of the complexities of the Karakker said that if addi-
arrangement. according to city records. going to be with us for the next Adobe, he said. tional dollars don’t start flowing
“The action you took per- City Councilman Chris Alb- three years and to extend a The city department has a to the district’s budget, it may
sonally to take on extra (work) ertson, Petaluma’s former fire really positive arrangement $13.38 million annual budget and prompt service interruptions at
and you succeeded so that we chief, previously expressed con- that’s working very well for us,” employs 48 full-time personnel stations. Those rolling black-
could move forward and achieve cerns about the city receiving a Karraker said. and five battalion chiefs across outs, which also happened
more savings — it’s that kind of fair rate for Thompson’s time. Still, a larger merger of the its three stations, which serve several years ago, could double
innovation that I think is really When the trial contract was departments isn’t likely in the the city’s more than 60,000 the time it takes firefighters to
good in the overall budget,” approved, he said he’d like to see near future, according to city residents. respond to emergencies. Thomp-
Glass said. the district pay more for the cost and board officials. It’s too soon Rancho Adobe employs 17 full- son said that those interrup-
The district will compensate of Thompson’s benefits, which to tell if the shared services time and 22 part-time firefight- tions, if they come at all, would
the city an amount not to exceed are covered in this iteration. agreement will be extended ers, as well as three battalion be about two years out.
$57,419.32 annually for a share of “The fire chief is a very qual- again, Thompson said. chiefs. The district’s $3.8 million “When fire stations close on
Thompson’s salary, benefits and ified and capable administrator “(A merger) is certainly budget is funded largely by prop- a rolling blackout basis, the
other costs. Thompson spends and doing the work isn’t that not something on our radar,” erty taxes. average response times go from
about eight hours at the district difficult for him,” he said. “The Karraker said. “We’re looking The smaller district is faced three minutes to six minutes,”
weekly, depending on the need. compensation is now adequate at efficiencies through shared with significant financial hur- Karakker said. “When you have
The contact allows for an to offset the loss of him not services, but full consolidation dles and is projected to be in the a heart attack and strokes, the
annual review and changes being here.” would be quite a ways down- red as much as $152,000 for this first minutes are critical, not to
and includes provisions for Greg Karakker, a member of stream.” fiscal year, though that figure mention when people’s homes
termination. Staff from the the Ranch Adobe district’s board Combining departments could fluctuate, Ober said. are on fire — it’s that critical
city’s finance department didn’t of directors, touted Thompson’s would be difficult to navigate, Ballot measures to pass parcel response that we’re very afraid
respond to multiple requests for leadership. The panel unani- partly because of significant dif- taxes that have not increased of losing if we don’t solve some
Thompson’s salary and benefits mously approved the three-year ferences in employees’ salaries. since 1993 have twice failed, financial problems.”
schedule, but Thompson said his extension in January, Board Thompson is looking for ways including in 2012, when voters (Contact Hannah Beausang at
current salary is about $183,000. Clerk Jennifer Ober said. to equalize wages and bring on rejected Measure Z, a $60 parcel hannah.beausang@arguscourier.
In 2016, his benefits cost $64,473, “We’re delighted that he’s more full-time staff to Rancho tax that would have padded the com.)

Pain Free!
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pain and headaches from an Auto Accident
1 year earlier.No one else was able to help
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red to earn APY. If balance
bal drops
2 YEAR CD below $10,000, APY will convert to 0.20%. An early withdrawal
thdrawal penalty
penalt equal to six months’ interest on the amount withdrawn may be
imposed for withdrawals before maturity.

Argus Courier

Serving Feinstein
city’s at- from left
risk youth Facing a Democratic
primary, Senator shifts
A new partnership of nonprofits toward liberal base
aims to build a center for young By THOMAS ELIAS
people, and needs our support

.S. Sen. Charles Grassley
of Iowa, long a personal

etaluma has long benefited from friend and colleague of
active nonprofit organizations that California’s longtime Demo-
provide vital community services. cratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein,
When nonprofits work together, the pronounced himself confound-
benefit to the community is multiplied, ed the other day, when Fein-
harnessing synergies that increase mon- stein released previously secret
etary donations and volunteer hours testimony about a controversial
and, ultimately, yield better outcomes dossier on Donald Trump’s
from the services provided. pre-presidential Russian con-
One such partnership of Petaluma nections.
nonprofits has begun work to create an Grassley, the chairman of
east side community center designed to the Senate Judiciary Commit-
help some of the city’s most vulnerable tee, couldn’t understand why
residents: homeless and at-risk young
West Petaluma has established
■ LETTERS TO THE EDITOR ■ Feinstein, the committee’s
senior Democrat, released the
document after years of being
services for young residents, including circumspect about keeping
Mentor Me’s bustling Cavanagh Recre-
ation Center, a hub for educational and Save the trestle and I immediately went to UCSF for all
of my care, knowing full well that the
government secrets.
Here’s some help understand-
recreational activities that improve the EDITOR: The trestle has become caliber of equipment, caliber of physi- ing, Chuck: You and Feinstein
lives of vulnerable children and teens in Petaluma’s most identifiable landmark. cian, and caliber of support of PVH was may have cooperated with each
the community. The Phoenix Theater’s Imagine it gone. not going to help me become victorious other steadily over the past 25
Teen Health Clinic is another strong ser- Those who advocate demolishing over my disease. Dr. Michael Johnson is years, even socializing at times,
vice organization serving young people the trestle are likely unaware that this just one of the reasons why this hospi- but Feinstein never had serious
on the west side of town. would require restoring the 90-degree tal in this town is not able to get things Democratic opposition in her
But services have been lacking for river bank with an ugly “sheet pile” done. re-election efforts until this
young people on the east side. The new retaining wall. The combined cost of As a community, we should all peti- year.
partnership will allow Mentor Me, demolition and subsequent rebuilding tion to get this group of comfy admin- Now she faces a challenge
Petaluma People Services Center and the of the bank would rival, and probably istrators off their chairs and back to from the left, with outgoing
Salvation Army to join forces and expand exceed the cost of saving it, according business. Our surgeons need a consis- state Senate President Kevin de
services for young people on the east side to figures from the Historic Structures tent call schedule, a consistent hospital Leon, a Los Angeles Democrat,
of Highway 101 where the need is greatest. Report. I am reminded of the lyric: “You with good equipment. As far as hiring blasting her continually and
The new center will be based at the better keep her, I think it’s cheaper…” new physicians in varying fields, their demanding she act more like
Salvation Army’s South McDowell As a promenade, the trestle would proper vetting is imperative and needs a doctrinaire leftist or “don’t
Boulevard campus, not far from Casa be the poster child of adaptive rehab to be done before they begin their career come home.”
Grande High School. Dubbed the Tran- and reuse. What we should do is make at our hospital. This is another area That makes life more political
sition Age Youth Service Alliance, the the riverfront approachable by adding that should concern our citizens and be for Feinstein now than it’s been
one-stop shop serving youth ages 16 to 24 another 10,000 square feet of downtown brought to their attention. since she first ran for the Sen-
could be open by April. pedestrian-friendly and event-friendly ate in 1992 against an appointed
At the center, Mentor Me will of- year-round usable space. At the same Kathy Peterson Republican, John Seymour,
fer supportive relationships through time, we would be honoring our unique named in 1990 by then-Gov. Pete
mentoring while providing education Petaluma River history and celebrated Petaluma Wilson to replace himself in the
and criminal justice services with its charm. Senate.
youth advocacy team. Petaluma People
Services Center will handle counseling
Santa Rosa had every reason to create
their landmark City Center from the Development So Feinstein has been shoring
up her left flank, since that
and housing issues and offer referrals
to other services while Salvation Army
ground up. All we must do is to restore
the one we already have.
questions remain may be the only direction from
which she’ll be challenged this
will offer food, shelter and substance Our brick-and-mortar retail stores EDITOR: I supported the North River year. Long a moderate with
abuse services. Information about re- need our help to make Petaluma’s down- Apartments project when it was heard strong support from Califor-
sources and services from Petaluma City town sustainable. They need the strong by the Planning Commission. But I had nia’s business leaders, Fein-
Schools District will also be provided. draw to bring feet on the street. The to weigh the matter carefully before stein’s approach has evolved
The Petaluma Service Alliance, a historic trestle restored as a destination speaking. I would prefer a broader since de Leon announced his
group representing seven local services will bring them here. SMART train rid- demographic target, including afford- challenge last October.
clubs, is heading up the necessary build- ers will park their car in other stations able housing and senior-oriented units. De Leon won’t go away soon,
ing renovation and are working with and come to Petaluma. Hotels, restau- I would want less parking, attracting even if he’s underfinanced so
the Petaluma Chamber of Commerce rants and shops need our investment. residents willing to live a walkable/bike- far and even if he loses badly to
Leadership Class of 2018, which is spear- able downtown lifestyle. And I would Feinstein in the June primary
heading a fundraising campaign. Christopher Stevick like unbundled parking, accommodating election. Under the state’s top
By collaborating with other groups Petaluma pre-driving millennials and post-driving two “jungle primary” system,
that have similar goals, the organiza- seniors. even if de Leon is trounced in
tions are becoming stronger and more
effective in reaching the kids who need Healthcare changes But overriding those concerns for
me was construction of Water Street, a
June, he’ll get another chance
in November just by finishing
help. By working together, they can also EDITOR: After reading the false needed city improvement that seemed second in the primary.
avoid duplicating services, and instead narrative from Dr. Michael Johnson, po- unachievable in these financially That now seems assured,
work to complement one another. diatrist, I am alarmed. His misrepresen- stressed times until the applicant agreed with no significant Republican
Still, achieving this lofty goal will take tation of Dr. Peter Leoni is uncalled for, to build it. having yet entered the race
money and lots of volunteer effort, and and his statements pertaining to his title In last week’s editorial on the Plan- and the March 9 filing deadline
that’s where you come in. and practice are simply untrue fantasy. ning Commission hearing, it was looming. Things might be dif-
You can start by volunteering to help Petaluma Valley Hospital has been on distorted and mean-spirited to castigate ferent had the liberal financier
local service clubs as they remodel the a decline for years. Situations such as a planning commissioner for asking Tom Steyer gotten in, but he
Salvation Army campus. You can also patients calling out for their medications questions about the project and the took himself out in January,
make a donation to help purchase build- to be brought in by family members, due approval process. The insulting and triv- announcing he had bigger fish
ing materials. Alternatively, you could to the fact care is not being provided in- ializing editorial cartoon only worsened to fry — leading an effort to
sign up to become a mentor to work with side the hospital, is just one of the many the offense. impeach Trump.
at-risk kids through Mentor Me Petalu- disasters that occur at our local Petalu- The commissioner wasn’t demanding De Leon’s strongest criticism
ma. ma Valley. The equipment and coverage a trolley; he was asking how the General of Feinstein came after she
Youth gangs and juvenile crime are is dismal, and the support of the local Plan call for a trolley can be reconciled counseled the Democrats’ state
serious problems we see every day in surgeons is horrifying. convention last fall to be more
Petaluma. Why not make a difference in I had a severe breast cancer diagnosis, See Letters, A7 “patient” with Trump. That
preventing such crime by helping young
people before they get into trouble? See Feinstein, A7


Poll: Re-engage with St. Joseph for hospital

11 English St., Petaluma 94952., 778-4345.

David Glass, mayor, 778-4345 majority of respondents to an zone. This hospital needs to belong to
Chris Albertson, 778-4525 online Argus-Courier poll said some entity that can use it as a piece of LAST WEEK’S POLL:
Teresa Barrett, 953-0846 that the Petaluma Health Care their overall corporate puzzle. Sorry, PETALUMA VALLEY HOSPITAL
Dave King, 778-4552 District should reopen negotiations with Healthcare District, but you aren’t doing What should the health care district do with
Mike Healy, 762-8768 St. Joseph Health on a lease agreement much good.” PVH? Here are the results:
Gabe Kearney, 778-4521 for Petaluma Valley Hospital.
Kathy Miller, 778-4524 Deal with SJH 25 41.7%
Here are some comments: ■ “St. Joseph has done a good job. Lets
PETALUMA SCHOOL BOARD: get a new board to run the hospital for the Sell hospital 19 31.7%
200 Douglas St., Petaluma 94952. ■ “It is time to go back to St. Joseph people of Petaluma.” Restart bidding 13 21.6%, 778-4604. and work out the issues. St. Joseph has Paladin deal 3 5.0%
Mike Baddeley, 778-6313 done a great job of running the hospital ■ “They should sell hospital to St.
Sheri Chlebowski, 925-876-5816 for Petaluma and should be encouraged. Joseph and walk away. PHCD has
Frank Lynch, 981-7837 The secrecy that was maintained during blundered these negotiations from the THIS WEEK’S QUESTION
Ellen Webster, 778-4604 negotiations keeps us from knowing the beginning.” ■ Would you vote for a sales tax increase
Phoebe Ellis, 769-8849 disagreements and have fueled rumors.” for public safety? To participate in this
■ “It would be nice to have a Kaiser week’s online poll, go to
PETALUMA HEALTH CARE DISTRICT ■ “Many people depend on St. Joseph Hospital here.”
BOARD: 1425 N. McDowell Blvd. Suite healthcare in Petaluma. Why can’t they ■ To see results of previous online polls and
103, Petaluma 94954,, 285-2143, agree on a plan to keep the hospital ■ “It should go private. Any private read comments, visit pulse-of-petaluma.
Fax: 285-2277. Email: going and keep the good doctors here in run hospital that is established in Petalu-
Elece Hempel this town?” ma should have a community oversight
Becky Monday board.” Pulse of Petaluma poll results reflect senti-
Josephine Thornton ■ “Petaluma taxpayers do not want to ments of persons participating in the online
Fran Adams take on the risk of subsidizing this hos- ■ “Just get it done with St Joseph and poll the previous week.
Joe Stern pital. Management agreements or leases take political posturing out of the mix.”
just put the hospital in a sort of twilight

Letters Continued from A6 unleashed upon the downtown. No

amount of new overpasses or down-
town parking garages will resolve this
became more positive, inclusionary
places for children to succeed.
In your Jan. 25 article, it was as-
Feinstein Continued from A6
with a development proposal to that crisis. We’re simply nearing critical serted that the Petaluma City Schools didn’t sit well with ultra-liberal delegates
makes only passing concessions to the mass in the automobile carrying ca- District has used restorative methods whose strong wish is to get rid of the presi-
trolley. pacity of a historic downtown designed for over a decade. This is not true. Dis- dent.
Furthermore, the commissioner for about a quarter of the current ciplining a student, and bringing in the So Feinstein released testimony harmful
wasn’t asking for additional exactions population. family, to explain the punishment, is to Trump, a perfectly legal move since the
from the developer; he was asking if One partial solution for this predica- the traditional, isolating, exclusionary transcript was not classified. Days later, after
the proposal was the best fit for the city ment in other cramped downtowns has process of scaring all into compliance. Trump’s notorious “s---holes” remark about
and sufficiently consistent with the been the trolley. You need only take a Our community, our children deserve African and Latin-American countries, she
intent of the General Plan. ride on one of San Francisco’s historic better. warned that Trump’s never-denied comments
In doing so, he raised legitimate streetcars from the Ferry Building to The Petaluma City Schools District about not wanting African immigrants, but in-
concerns. The project as proposed the Civic Center or AT&T Park to real- Board needs to explore the transforma- stead wanting “more immigrants from coun-
doesn’t encourage the reduced car ize that this is no mere tourist novelty. tive contribution restorative practices tries like Norway” must be called out for what
dependence called for in the General It’s an everyday means of transporta- can bring to our schools, our kids, and it is: a wish to move this country back genera-
Plan. It doesn’t incorporate the broad- tion for many people. provide the funding necessary for its tions into a homogeneous white society.
er demographic range envisioned in The big “pipe dream” that has preoc- successful implementation. “We all need to stop pretending that there
the General Plan. It doesn’t encourage cupied drivers in this city for the past are no consequences when the most powerful
the active streetlife anticipated in the 50 years has been the Rainier cross- Robert D. McFarland person in the world espouses racist views and
General Plan. town connector. Anyone who seriously Petaluma gives a wink and a nod to the darkest elements
I was aware of these shortfalls, but believes this is going to relieve traffic in our society,” she added.
still chose to support the project be-
cause it would give us a badly-needed
flow into downtown Petaluma doesn’t
understand the nature of the down- Drive-thru pharmacy That was far stronger language than she
used about Trump last summer, when he
street. But that doesn’t make the plan-
ning commissioner wrong for asking
town streetscape. It’s intentionally
designed as a bottleneck for the sake of
needed claimed there were “good people” among
white nationalists and neo-Nazis who rallied
his questions. livability. EDITOR: Last week I went to the in Charlottesville, Virginia, where one count-
The Petaluma Municipal Code Had Petaluma’s historic trolley origi- Petaluma Hospital’s emergency room. er-demonstrator was killed. Of course, de
describes the role of the Planning nally been envisioned as a means of al- At 3 a.m., the doctor gave me a pre- Leon was not yet a candidate then.
Commission as “promoting orderly leviating crosstown driving congestion scription and told me that it would Feinstein, who always tries to keep open
and harmonious development with- and easing downtown parking instead have to be filled at a pharmacy because lines of communication with the other major
in the city.” When a commissioner of a novelty, this little pipe dream may the hospital was not permitted to dis- party, signaled that things had gone too far for
attempts, in good faith, after diligent have become part of the larger Rainier pense outpatient prescriptions. Even her with Trump.
homework, and consistent with rele- connector pipe dream. In which case, though I was still sick from a conta- Things have also gone farther for Feinstein
vant sections of the General Plan, to the trolley line could have extended gious virus, I had to go to a pharmacy in the current campaign than they ever have
execute this task, he doesn’t deserve beyond the Outlet Mall and across the the next morning to get the prescrip- in her previous four re-election bids. She
the kind of treatment he received from Rainier underpass to a terminus near tion filled. I stood in line to submit the may be coming to realize, as her longtime
the editorial. Deer Creek Village with parking. But prescription, then stood in line again colleague in the Senate, former Sen. Barbara
We have enough partisan distortions that would have required some real to pick it up, providing ample opportu- Boxer, said during her 2010 re-election bid,
coming from Washington, D.C. We vision. nity to infect several otherwise healthy that “six years (the standard Senate term) is
don’t need more in Petaluma. people. a long time not to run, so you have to reintro-
John Sheehy I never thought about this until duce yourself to California voters in every
Dave Alden Penngrove confronted with the problem. What- campaign.”
Petaluma ever happened to the proposal to put Feinstein doesn’t want de Leon to be the one
Restorative justice a 24/7 drive-up pharmacy across the introducing her, with constant hints that at 84,
Trolley to reduce works
street from the hospital? Why can’t the
hospital fill a prescription?
she’s too old to be effective, besides not being
liberal enough for California. So as her situa-
traffic I found that some hospitals, Pet-
EDITOR: Mentor Me is a marvelous aluma’s included, can’t dispense
tion becomes more political, so does she.
And anyone who’s ever run against her,
EDITOR: The Argus-Courier makes organization. Taking on a restorative prescriptions because they might put whether for mayor of San Francisco or gover-
a persuasive argument for rehabilitat- justice program for teens who commit- small community pharmacies out of nor or the Senate, knows that when Feinstein
ing the wooden train trestle along the ted minor offenses further enhances business. Petaluma has no community becomes political, she can be a strong politi-
Turning Basin in its editorial of Jan. their contribution. Restorative justice pharmacies. We have CVS, Safeway, cal force. There’s the explanation you might
25 (“Fix the eyesore trestle”), citing the is victim-centered. Teens are mentored Lucky, Raleys and Kaiser (members want, Sen. Grassley.
recent rat menace as an eminent threat for a month. They accept full responsi- only), all multi-million dollar chains. (Email Thomas Elias at
to downtown businesses, along with bility for their actions. I found the following in the news
some practical barriers standing in the A circle of community volunteers, archives in response to the proposed
way of reviving trolley service from the parents, and other victims come Walgreens 24-hour pharmacy:
downtown Petaluma to the Outlet Mall. to a deeper understanding of what “City staff aren’t convinced, and SHARE YOUR OPINION
But perhaps the true failure of happened and who have been impact- have recommended the city council Email letters to the editor of no more than 350
reintroducing rail service in downtown ed. A plan is devised to address the deny the appeal and uphold the plan- words to Longer
Petaluma has been the shortsighted- harm done and restore relationships. It ning commission’s ruling.” pieces — up to 650 words — may be considered
ness of the Argus-Courier and city heals. It is very effective in preventing I wonder if city staff would have felt for publication as a guest commentary.
leaders in characterizing this “pipe further problems. the same way if they needed a pre-
dream” as merely a “novelty” to attract The Santa Rosa City Schools School scription at 3 a.m. A pox on the staff, All letters must include the author’s name,
tourists. Board recognized the heavy loss of at- the planning commission and the city address and phone number. Addresses and phone
The fact is, Petaluma is currency tendance and revenue and the damage council. Politics and healthcare don’t numbers will not be printed. Names will not be
experiencing a parking and crosstown to kids from traditional exclusionary mix. withheld.
traffic crisis that is bound to increase disciplinary methods. Restorative Letters may also be sent to the Argus-Courier, P.O.
exponentially with the high-densi- justice was implemented. Suspensions Michael Burwen Box 750308, Petaluma, 94975.
ty, in-fill building spree about to be dropped dramatically. Its schools Petaluma

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Petaluma Argus-Courier FEBRUARY 8, 2018 n  SECTION B

Sports Plus
Kolts are champs
Kenilworth eighth-graders share a championship. B4

Sports and help mix

A major sports memorabilia show for fire recovery. B3

T-Girls capture SCL crown

JJ Says Petaluma remains unbeaten in league play with gritty win at Analy
John Jackson

Riot in
Basketball games between
longtime rivals Petaluma and
Analy generally have an extra

Philly, fun flair. Neither of the teams from

neighboring communities
accepts losing to one anoth-

at PHS
er much in Sonoma County
League play, and the competi-
tion is fierce.
The game on Saturday

his is a Petaluma news- afternoon won by Petaluma’s
paper — actually a T-Girls, 47-43, in the Tigers’
multi-media news source home gym was no different, and
with print, online and digital it had an extra edge because
products. We are concerned it was the last scheduled SCL
with local issues and events and meeting between the two prior
that certainly extends to sports, to the break-up of the league
where we cover local prep and next year.
youth events, with occasional This time around, the T-Girls
adult activities tossed in for were looking to clinch the
spice. undisputed title for the first
That being said, I can’t resist time since the 2012-2013 season
tossing in my nickel’s worth of when coach Doug Johnson and
opinion on the Super Bowl. Ac- his club were in the midst of an-
tually, a strongly held opinion other outstanding season. The
on the aftermath of the Super Saturday afternoon contest was
Bowl. an accommodation to Petaluma
I had no pony in the race, because of a scheduled crab
although I leaned a bit toward feed fundraiser at the home of
the Eagles simply because they the Trojans later that evening.
were the underdogs and and The T-Girls could not pull
never won a Super Bowl. away, and they led only 20-18 at
What I most wanted was a halftime after blowing a com-
good and entertaining game. I fortable lead. It looked like the
got my wish. It wasn’t quite up same frustration that made win-
to the excitement standard of ning so difficult in the sunken
last year’s classic, but it was Tiger gym was surfacing again.
close. This year’s event was It was clear that the no-pres-
pretty darn exciting and, from sured Tigers were enjoying their
what little I know about pro upset status as well.
football, well played. At stake was a rare unchal-
At the end, I was happy the lenged championship in the
Eagles won. I wasn’t active- SCL with the lightly regarded
ly rooting for them, but it is T-Girls continuing to fend off
always satisfying to see an four evenly matched contend-
underdog prevail and you have ers this season with one tight
to love the Nick Foles story. escape after another. The 18-5
That small glow of satis- PHOTOS BY SUMNER FOWLER / FOR THE ARGUS-COURIER record of the T-Girls is a good
faction dissipated Monday Jaden Krist (44) and Courtney Temple (21) battle for a rebound in Petaluma’s victory over Sonoma. one, but they only rate a 13th
morning when the images of Wins over Analy and Sonoma gave the T-Girls the Sonoma County League championship. position in the North Coast Sec-
the destruction in Philadelphia tion playoff rankings because of
flooded out from every televi- strength of schedule.
sion news outlet. Petaluma opened the second
What happened in the City half with an out-of-bounds pos-
of brotherly stupidity was not session, and the T-Girls might
a celebration, it was a lawless have come up with the play of
riot. Videos showed Phila- the afternoon when they chose
delphians of all ethnic back- to run a simple mid-court out
grounds destroying property, of bounds play to center Jaden
battering vehicles and gener- Krist in the middle of the floor.
ally behaving like pitbulls on A streaking Nichole Costa took
caffeine. advantage of a screen and op-
The Eagles deserve a Super portune player placement, and
Bowl championship. The City made a complete curl toward the
of Philadelphia does not. basket. Krist, a softball short-
Now that I’ve disposed of that stop, unloaded an on-target pass
rant about fans behaving badly, to Costa, who caught the ball
let me move on with praise for at its peak near the hoop and
fans behaving admirably. dropped it in for the T-Girls, who
I’m referring specifically to immediately grabbed a more
the Petaluma High School bas- comfortable four-point advan-
ketball rooting section. These tage at 22-18 before the Tigers
young people are awesome. and their fans could react.
They show up for all the Tro- The four-point difference
jan home games — and some between the two teams held up
of those on the road as well. It for the entire second half, and
doesn’t matter if it is a Friday Petaluma escaped the menacing
night or mid-week game, the pit with a 47-43 win to clinch the
rooters are on hand and in good regular season title in the SCL.
They are spirited, knowledge- Petaluma’s Jaden Krist battles two Sonoma players for possession during T-Girls’ win Tuesday night. See T-Girls, B5
able and fun-loving. It is true
that occasionally there will be a
few comments and cheers that
border on poor taste, particu-
larly when directed at certain
contracted employees wearing
striped shirts. But those are
generally pretty mild.
Rotary offers a challenge for bike riders
It is exciting to go to a Trojan
basketball game. The darkened Petaluma Sunrise Foundation’s The rides will start and end at Penngrove
gym for the introduction of Park.
the players is a nice touch, as annual Backroad Challenge set for Waiting for the riders at the finish is a
is the announcer who informs May 19 on Sonoma County roads festival that includes a chicken barbecue,
without trying to be Bill King cold beer from local artisan craft brewers
(boy does that date me). By JOHN JACKSON and live music.
Basketball is back at Peta- ARGUS-COURIER SPORTS EDITOR This is the eighth annual Backroad
luma High School, and that Bicycle enthusiasts and those who just Challenge and it has grown into one of the
means more than just what like a great ride are already gearing up county’s largest road rides. The first event
happens on the court. and signing up for the Petaluma Sunrise attracted 850 riders and, at its peak, drew
Philadelphia can have its ri- Foundation’s annual Backroad Challenge 1,300 participants. Whitlock expects around
ots, Petaluma will have its fun. coming up on May 19. 1,000 riders this spring.
(Contact John Jackson at The Challenge consists of three rides, “Riders come from all over,” he said.
johnie.jackson@arguscourier. one of 36.52 miles, one of 65.74 miles and “We get a lot of local riders, but we also get
com) one of 99.54 miles. All are along scenic many from out of the area. Last year we
Sonoma County roads, and all include had a rider from Chicago.”
at least a portion of challenging uphill For out-of-town participants, bicycles will
stretches. Each ride will have fully staffed be offered for rent.
rest stops and be supported by mobile sup- While the Rotary Club of Petaluma Sun-
port vehicles and crews. rise is spearheading the Backroad Chal-
The event is administered by the Rotary lenge, it receives support from several oth-
Club of Petaluma Sunrise, with proceeds er community groups, including the Marin
going to community groups helping to run Sunrise Rotary Club, Mentor Me Petaluma,
the event and humanitarian projects, both Girls On The Run, Liberty School, Penn-
locally and internationally, of the Petaluma grove Elementary School, Penngrove 4H
Sunrise Rotary Club. Club, Petaluma Peoples Services, Petaluma
Event chairman Bob Whitlock of the High School Band, Old Adobe Developmen-
Petaluma Sunrise Rotary Club stresses that tal Services, the Salvation Army and the
the event is not a race. “We have three very, Penngrove Social Firemen.
Student rooters s are whooping very challenging courses,” he explained. Registration can be made at backroad- Rotary District 5130 Governor Bob Rogers rode
it up and having fun at Petaluma “You can test yourself against the course or in last year’s Backroad Challenge sponsored by
High basketball games. just enjoy the ride.” See Bike, B6 the Petaluma Sunrise Foundation.

Trojans battle, fall to Vikings in non-league game

Montgomery, in hunt for NBL championship,
visits Petaluma, walks away with 53-34 victory
By JOHN JACKSON first half.
ARGUS-COURIER STAFF Montgomery countered
The Petaluma High School O’Neill’s charge by popping
boys basketball team used an ag- four treys in the opening period,
gressive zone defense to slow but and, despite a second-quarter
not stop Montgomery’s high-fly- slump, still led at the half, 30-22.
ing Vikings in a rare Saturday Montgomery scored just seven
matinee game. The final 53-34 points in a reserve-played sec-
margin of Montgomery’s win ond stanza.
belied the entertainment value Petaluma continued to hustle
of the non-league encounter on defense, but poor shooting
played in the Petaluma gym. on the Trojan end quickly let
Montgomery, locked in a tight the game spiral out of control
three-way race with Cardinal in the second half.
Newman and Windsor for the Multi-talented Evan Poulsen
North Bay League champion- and his 6-foot, 5-inch teammate
ship, is now 19-5 on the season. Riley O’Neill took over the
Petaluma, with the loss, drops game for the Vikings in the
to 12-11. The Trojans are 6-4 in third quarter. Poulsen dropped
league heading into the final in a pair of 3’s, drove for two
week of the regular season. Pet- more points and passed inside
aluma was scheduled to play at where Riley O’Neill put in a
home against Analy on Wednes- pair of triples, and by the end of
day (game results not available the period, Montgomery had a
at press time) and finish at 47-28 lead.
Healdsburg on Friday night. The final period was played
Saturday’s encounter was a primarily for exercise, although
high-intensity affair marked by Petaluma did get to celebrate a
exceptional but contrasting de- 3-point hit by Zack Clark.
fense from both sides. Petaluma The Trojans got scoring from
played a quickly shifting zone, seven players, but only Brendan
while Montgomery countered O’Neill reached double digits,
with a pugnatious man-to-man with Jack Anderson and Devin
defensive strategy. Gottschall adding five points
The difference was that Mont- each.
gomery was able to find soft Poulsen led Montgomery with
spots in the Trojans’ zone and, 17 points, with Riley O’Neill and
at other times, pop over the top Harvey Rouleau adding eight
for 3-point hits. When the Tro- apiece.
jans managed to get to the hoop
through the swarming Vikings, SCL fall at Sonoma
they couldn’t put the ball in the The loss was the second of
basket. the week for the Trojans, who
After staying in the game hurtingly lost a 60-40 decision in
through the first half, the a Sonoma County League game
Trojans scored just six points played at Sonoma.
in each of the third and fourth Trailing, 31-17, early in the
periods. Twelve points a half third quarter, Petaluma went on
won’t win many games. a 14-2 run to pull to within 32-31
Petaluma’s Brendan O’Neill with just over three minutes left
added a hot-shooting hand to in the quarter.
his normal frantic playing style But before those three min-
early on, helping his side to utes had blinked away, Sonoma
make the contest competitive scored 15 unanswered points
through the first two quarters. and took control of the game.
O’Neill hit Petaluma’s first Jack Boydell led the charge
basket of the game — a 3-point- with 10 points during the surge
er, and went on to score 10 of and finished with 25 for the
his team-high 14 points in the game. Petaluma’s Justin Wolbert drives to the basket during the Trojans’ non-league game against Montgomery.

Ukiah disappoints Lady Gauchos on Senior Night

Visiting Wildcats down Casa Grande, ers. Cain had her only field
goal together with six free
56-46, stay in hunt for second in NBL throws in the final stanza
when Casa Grande made
By GEORGE HAIRE The Gauchos wound up its last run.
FOR THE ARGUS-COURIER converting on only 5-of-21 Merwin and Cain
Ukiah remained in the from behind the arc. Six of finished with nine points
hunt for second place in their shots from distance each for the Lady Gau-
the North Bay League did not draw iron. chos, who fell to 14-10 over-
girls’ basketball race with Ukiah has one of its all and 6-6 in the North
a well-constructed 56-46 better teams in recent Bay League.
win over home-standing seasons, but its back- Dedrickson had one of
Casa Grande on Senior court players were forced her better outings for the
Night in the Lady Gaucho into making enough Gauchos with a pair of
Gym. The Wildcats led for ball-handling errors to 3-point shots, and she hus-
nearly the entire ballgame make things interesting. tled for seven rebounds.
against the pressing Gau- Simone Adams knocked in The junior forward aggres-
chos and clinched third 11 points and attacked the sively followed Gaucho
place in the NBL with press with a hard dribble shots into the painted area
their second win over Casa drive that led to lay-up with two-hand rips off the
this season. shots ahead of the Casa glass. Katherine Silveira
Five senior players were defenders. chipped in for the Gauchos
honored by the Gauchos Gaucho coach Dan Sack with seven points.
in front of a large Friday helped to orchestrate each Ukiah improved to
crowd, and Casa delivered Lady Gaucho ball pos- 15-9 overall with its third
an emotional defensive session from the sideline, straight win. The Wildcats
performance, forcing 17 but he became frustrated end the regular season
turnovers by alternating with the Lady Gauchos’ with a contest against
full- and half-court press- inability to recognize early Windsor.
ing defenses. Casa Grande shot opportunities against Ukiah, Montgomery,
had several opportunities the Wildcat defense. Cardinal Newman and
to battle for the lead, but “We are not spotting Casa have the inside track
the Lady Gauchos could openings early enough,” for spots in the annual
not match their own inten- he told his team. NBL post-season tourna-
sity level on the offensive As the game settled in, ment.
end of the floor. Ukiah led Casa point guard Trinity The Casa Grande junior
18-13 at halftime. Merwin began to break varsity club was over-
While the contest was away from her defender whelmed by Ukiah, 50-22,
close most of the way, the and connect on driving in the preliminary game.
Lady Gauchos could not shots to keep her club
cobble together consecu- close enough to catch the Win over Santa Rosa
tive shots to get even. A Lady Wildcats. Earlier in the week,
3-point shot at the top of “Trinity had more Casa Grande rallied in the
the key by Samantha Ded- opportunities, but settled fourth quarter to defeat
rickson pulled Casa within early for jump shots. She Sana Rosa, 31-25.
40-36 in the final stanza, is quick enough to create Cas trailed, 21-17 after
but that was a close as the shots for herself,” noted three quarters, but held
Gauchos got. Sack. Santa Rosa to just four
Normally, Casa Grande The Lady Gauchos’ lead- points in the final period to
relies on long-range ing scorer, Mia Cain, was pull out the win.
Casa Grande’s Mia Cain shoots over Ukiah defender Valentina Evans in a NorthBay League accuracy, but that part of bottled in in the paint by Cain led the Lady Gau-
game won by Ukiah. the attack was missing. switching Wildcat defend- chos with 12 points.

Casa boys riding two-game win streak SV tops Roseland Collegiate

ARGUS-COURIER STAFF Ian Cerruti continued his Casa beat the Wildcats in ARGUS-COURIER STAFF Alex Ditizio and Sully Henry
As its season heads to a con- late-season scoring surge, lead- high-scoring fashion for the St. Vincent’s consistent girls led the win on the Roseland
clusion, the Casa Grande High ing the Gauchos with 17 points second time. basketball team is in a happy Court with nine points apiece.
School boys basketball team has built on three hits from behind Casa built a 37-26 halftime routine as its season heads to a Julia Murphy and Lauren
a winning streak working. the arc. lead and put the game away conclusion. Vollert paced the home-court
Casa’s Gauchos won two Josh Jovick added 13 points with a 20-point third quarter. In their last three games, the win with eight points apiece.
games last week, defeating San- and Dom McHale and Noah Casa is now 8-16 on the season Lady Mustangs have beaten St. Vincent is now 9-9 on the
ta Rosa, 67-53, and Ukiah, 72-54. Bailey scored 11 each. Bailey and 4-8 in North Bay League Tomales, 41-39, and Roseland season and 8-4 in North Central
Playing at home, Casa Grande was an instigator for the Gau- play, with a final home game Collegiate Prep, 42-24, and 41-20. League II play with home games
jumped out to an 18-9 first-quar- chos with 12 assists and also against Rancho Cotate on St. Vincent played Roseland against Upper Lake on Thurs-
ter lead against Santa Rosa and had 12 rebounds in recording a Wednesday and a season-ending Collegiate Prep back-to-back, day and Rincon Valley Chris-
never trailed, avenging an earli- triple-double. contest at Cardinal Newman on first in Santa Rosa, and then on tian on Saturday on this week’s
er overtime loss to the Panthers. In Ukiah later in the week, Friday. the St. Vincent court. agenda.

Big show to benefit fire recovery Trojan wrestlers

Longtime Press Democrat columnist
Bob Padecky inspired to help others
dominate Analy
Petaluma cruises past decision, 12-0.
By JOHN JACKSON The columnist refuses
ARGUS-COURIER SPORTS EDITOR to label the event a fund- Tigers; Gauchos drop Tough Casa loss

ob Padecky has raiser for fire “victims,” close one to Newman At Cardinal Newman,
seen some things in preferring to stress that Casa Grande lost a tough
his time. The retired the funds will be used to ARGUS-COURIER STAFF 36-31 North Bay League
Santa Rosa Press Demo- help them with their ef- The Petaluma High decision to Cardinal New-
crat sports columnist has forts to rebuild their lives. School wrestling team man.
covered 22 Super Bowls, He is also adamant continued its rampage Victor Medina at 122
19 World Series, four about making it a Sonoma through the Sonoma pounds was a pin winner
Olympic Games and “way County event. County League, dominat- for the Gauchos.
too many Barry Bonds’ He knows that, given the ing Analy, 70-12, in a dual Collin Hillard at 115
games.” exclusive nature of many match. pounds won a major
Nothing has affected of the items donated by Cindy Diaz at 108 pounds decision.
him like the December world-famous athletes, he and Citalle Calderon at 126 Dominic Green at 134
night he drove into the might bring in more money pounds were pin winners pounds, Caleb Wood at
Coffey Park neighborhood by conducting an online for the Trojans. 162 pounds, and Connor
and saw firsthand the auction, but wants to keep Lukas Bettencourt at Gloster at 197 pounds all
wasteland created by the it as local as possible. 134 pounds won by a major won by decision.
October fires. “I want this to be a
“I had seen pictures, but positive event for Sonoma
it was nothing like what County,” he explains. PETALUMA 70, ANALY 12
I saw and felt as I drove “Symbolically, it means 108: Cindy Diaz (Pet) pin Melita Millwed (Analy)
by burned-out cars and a lot to me. Rather than 115: Nick Trave (Pet) win by FF
sat under the lights and sell a Joe Montana-au-
120: Logan Bailey (Analy) pin Joe Grob (Pet)
looked at the devastation. tographed football to
I knew I had to do some- someone out of the area, I 126: Citlalle Calderon (Pet) pin Carlos Mendoza (Analy)
thing,” he says. would rather have some- 134: Lukas Bettencourt (Pet) maj. dec, 12-0 Jimmy Carreras
That “something” grew one take it home.” Among special items to be auctioned off to aid fire relief is
into a memorabilia party Even the band is Peta- an autographed Mickey Mantle career statistics sheet.
with dinner with a live luma-based. Well-known 140: Connor Pedersen (Pet) won by FF
band, a raffle along with in the area for its unique thought, ‘I have to help handwritten diagram 145: Liam O’Niell (Pet) won by FF
silent and live auctions, “Americana” sound, the these people,’ ” he says. of the route he ran that 154: Mario Zarco (Pet) won by FF
with all proceeds going to Dirty Red Barn released The list of items Pa- produced the famous “The
fire relief efforts. its debut album last year. decky has rounded up for Catch,” his pass reception 162: Jack Santos (Pet) won by FF
Just added this week Among others, the group both the live and silent that launched the Team 172: Derrick Pomi (Pet) won by FF
to an already impressive has opened for Pablo auctions are enough to of the ’80s. Autographed 182: Chris Olvera (Pet) won by FF
event list was former San Cruise. stock a sports museum pictures of Dwight Clark
Francisco Giants’ pitcher The fundraiser is the and quicken the heart rate and Joe Montana will be 197: Fernando Rodriguz (Pet) won by FF
Noah Lowry, who will be second Padecky has of the most avid memora- mounted along with two 222: Daniel DeCarli (Pet) won by FF
guest speaker. hosted. Three years ago, bilia collector. tickets from that 1981 NFC 285: Alex Perriera (Analy) pin Chase Jacquez (Pet)
The event, dubbed: he put together a similar Some items include: Championship Game
“More Than a Game: An event for the Leukemia & * Two tickets to a * A signed jersey from
Auction and Sports Mem- Lymphoma Society. Warriors game, including Scooby Wright, the former CARDINAL NEWMAN 36, CASA GRANDE 31
orabilia for Fire Relief,” He says he had forgot- limousine service to and Cardinal Newman football 108: Jake Bolek (CG) won by FF
will be held March 12 ten just how much work from the game provided star who went on to play
from 6-9 p.m. at Brewster’s was involved. He acknowl- by Sonoma Sterling Lim- with the Arizona Cardi- 115: Collin Hilliard (CG) maj. dec. Owen Levinson
Beer Garden Restaurant edges there have been ousines nals in the NFL 122: Victor Medina (CG) pin Manny Garcia
at 229 Water St. North. glitches along the way, but * Several Washington * A hockey stick auto- 128: Austin Lodin (CN) pin Elias Drohan
Entry cost of $20 in- he has persevered. Nationals items, including graphed by the San Jose
cludes a buffet prepared “My wife says I put my baseball, a cap and hood- Sharks 134: Dominic Green (CG) dec. Eric Scrivanich
by Brewster’s, music by life on hold,” he says. “I ies autographed by Dusty * Two tickets to a Giants 140: Jacob Apodaca (CN) pin Ethan Fallen Berg
the Dirty Red Barn Band, have my phone stapled to Baker game 147: Harry Bruno (CN) dec. Aaron Krypinsky
a live and silent auction my chest.” *Basketballs auto- Every dollar spent to
and a raffle for an ar- For him, every phone graphed by Steph Curry buy a once-in-a-lifetime 154: Nick Scrivanich (CN) dec. Sean Lopez
ray of autographed and call, every detail, every and Klay Thompson memento will help some- 162: Caleb Wood (CG) dec. Jaxon Apodaca
other memorabilia from hour invested is worth the * Two footballs auto- one build a new life.
172: Casey Frazier (CN) won by FF
world-class sports stars, effort. graphed by Joe Montana Tickets are available at
past and present. Brew- “The fires are out, * A 3-foot by 5-foot 184: Ethan Kollenborn (CN) pin Justin Naugle
ster’s is not only donating but the people who lost framed display of a seat fire-relief-fundraiser- 197: Connor Gloster (CG) dec. Miles Wycoff
the facility, but all ticket so much face years and from Candlestick Park music-food-drinks-sports-
222: Nick Wycoff (CN) pin Josmer Altamirano
proceeds go toward the years of recovery. It is not signed by ex-49er Dwight memorabilia-auction-
recovery efforts. over yet for them. I just Clark with Dwight’s tickets-42547343249 287: Jack Farris (CG) won by FF

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Kenilworth Kolts win final game to earn a title

Eighth-graders hold off Herbert Slater championship season
didn’t just happen.
tendorf. “We always ran.”
The coaches noted that
to clinch share of North Valley crown “They played well while every player con-
together,” said Guttendorf. tributed, leadership came
By JOHN JACKSON the first time around the “Most of them have been from Joe Brown, Cain and
ARGUS-COURIER SPORTS EDITOR league schedule by two playing on the same team silent leader Bailey.
It all came down to the points as eighth-graders. since they were in CYO. With Bailey, Cain, Joe
last quarter of the season, The Kolts ended up They also play hard every Brown and Brice Cox, the
but Kenilworth Junior meeting Herbert Slater in game.” Kolts had enough depth
High School’s talented the final game of the sea- “The biggest thing is at the guard positions to
eighth-grade boys basket- son and found themselves that they competed,” keep up their up-tempo
ball team completed an al- in a battle that was every added Finkbohner. “They pace for an entire game.
most dream season with a bit as thrilling as the first competed not only in Led by Colin Patchet
share of the North Valley game, but fortunately for games, but against one and Brandon Allred, the
League championship. Kenilworth with a differ- another in practice.” front-line players were not
The Kolts had to share ent outcome. “They are very skilled, overly big, but they were
the title with nemesis The game was tied at but they are also one of tough and knowledgeable.
Herbert Slater from Santa 31-31 at the end of the Brice Cox (4) sets a screen for teammate Caden Cramer most competitive teams Contributing to the
Rosa, but that was a minor first half, but at the end of (10). Teamwork and playing together made the Kenilworth I have ever coached,” front court were Anto-
annoyance considering the third quarter things eighth-graders league champions. agreed Guttendorf. “I nio Bernardini, Justin
that the Kolts beat Slater looked bleak for Ke- couldn’t have asked any- Charter, Mikey Cavallero,
in the final game of the nilworth. The Kolts scored in the fourth period. Tory of the championship. thing more from them.” Mason Cox, Sam Basich,
season to earn their right just four points in the Cain hit four free throws Kenilworth connected From the first quarter Caden Cramer, Antho-
to be called champions. third stanza and trailed, and Logan Bailey canned on six 3-point shots in the of the first game to the ex- ny Osorio and Shane
The win was especially 43-35, with only one quar- a big 3-pointer to help game from four different citing final quarter of the Runyeon.
satisfying considering ter left in their season. Kenilworth score 15 in the shooters. last game, the Kolts played One other thing about
Kenilworth had lost to the Kenilworth met the period, and then hold on According to coaches full speed. the Kolt eighth-graders.
Santa Rosa team twice challenge, holding Herbert to complete an exceptional Chris Guttendorf and “We never walked the “They were a lot of fun,”
as seventh-graders and Slater to only four points season and clinch a share Spencer Finkbohner, the ball up court,” said Gut- said Finkbohner.

Stompers lose
Hiring Managers: manager to Twins
Find Top Candidates. Team praises 2-time
Pacific Association
ball with the Elizabethton

Fill Open Positions.

Miyoshi’s record-setting
coach of year Miyoshi 2017 season was just one
of his career milestones
ARGUS-COURIER STAFF in Sonoma. He reached
The Sonoma Stompers his 100th managerial win
announced this week that in July, after taking the
former manager Takashi helm midway through
Miyoshi is headed to affili- the 2015 season. When he
ated ball. Miyoshi, who led took over as manager, he
the Stompers to a Pacific became one of the first
Association all-time best Japanese-born managers
52-26 record last season, in professional baseball.
will spend 2018 coaching “I’m trying to get better,
in the Minnesota Twins just like the players. I’m
organization. trying to prepare every
“I’m officially with the day that I can. I’m not a
Minnesota Twins orga- great manger yet, but I’m
nization now, but I will just trying to be,” Miyoshi
always have a special place said after clinching the
in my heart for the Stomp- first-half title last season.
ers. I wish them the best Miyoshi also earned
of luck and will always be consecutive Manager of
rooting for the Stompers the Year recognitions
wherever I am,” Miyoshi in 2016 and 2017 for his
said. leadership. He said he was
The Tokyo native will proud to spend every day
join the Elizabethton working toward a cham-
Twins, Minnesota’s pionship in the Stompers
rookie-ball affiliate in the uniform.
Appalachian League in “Sonoma is the best city
Tennessee. During his I have ever been to, and
Stompers tenure, “Yoshi” where I’ve met the best
led his team to three first- people I’ve ever known.
A dynamic setting for employers to meet and assess local half titles and two champi- It’s a beautiful city and I
onship games, taking the now consider it my second
trophy home in 2016. hometown,” Miyoshi said.
candidates. Put your business in front of the area’s best recruits. “Yoshi has had an
enormous impact on the
Miyoshi was featured
in the New York Times
Sonoma Stompers and the bestseller “The Only Rule
Pacific Association. His is it Has to Work,” of

advancement to affiliated which the Stompers were
baseball is exactly what the subject. He was also
this league is all about,” manager of the Stompers
said Stompers General during many of the team’s
Manager Brett Creamer. history-making moments,
“His professionalism including Stacy Piagno’s
and attitude is second to seven-inning, one run

March 22
none. Sonoma wishes him start in 2017, which earned
nothing but the best as he the Stompers a spot in the
continues to pursue his Baseball Hall of Fame for
dreams in affiliated base- the third year in a row.


FEB. 8 Healdsburg at Petaluma, 7 p.m.
Boys basketball FEB. 10

4 – 7 p.m.
Upper Lake at St. Vincent, 8 p.m. Boys basketball
Girls basketball Rincon Valley Christian at
Petaluma at Piner, 7:30 p.m. St. Vincent, 7:30 p.m.
Upper Lake at St. Vincent, Girls basketball

Double Tree by Hilton

6:30 p.m. Rincon Valley Christian at
Cardinal Newman at Casa St. Vincent, 1 p.m.
Grande, 7:30 p.m.
FEB. 13
Boys soccer
Petaluma at Healdsburg, 7 p.m. Boys basketball

Sonoma Wine Country

Roseland University Prep at
FEB. 9 St. Vincent, 8 p.m.
Boys basketball Girls basketball
Roseland Collegiate Prep at Roseland University Prep at
Tomales, 7 p.m. St. Vincent, 6:30 p.m.
Casa Grande at Cardinal New-
man, 7:30 p.m. FEB. 15
Petaluma at Healdsburg, Boys basketball
Reserve your spot 7:30 p.m.
Boys soccer
Tomales at Upper Lake 8 p.m.
Credo at St.Vincent, 8 p.m.
Girls basketball
Contact Sandy Morales at 707-526-8553
Casa Grande at Santa Rosa,
6 p.m. Tomales at Upper Lake,
Girls soccer 6:30 p.m.
Girls basketball
Santa Rosa at Casa Grande,
6 p.m. Credo at St. Vincent, 6:30 p.m. Costa Rica

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Volcanoes, Beaches, Rainforests
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Fully Guided Tours Since 1952


T-Girls Continued from B1 other players of note for Petalu-

ma. Costa had one of her more
complete games. She finished
drilled in 12 points in a little over
a quarter of play to keep Analy
in the rear view mirror.
left on the schedule. The league
champion will be matched with
the fourth-place finisher in the
varsity game.

Nearing perfection
An out-of-bounds play that was with 14 points and a fist-full of Arikat has become no secret opening round. The outcome Petaluma took another step
so simple yet effective took much key rebounds. in the late season; she leads has nothing to do with the final toward a perfect SCL season
of the resolve from the Tigers, Krist, who shoots the ball only the T-Girls with double-figure league standings, but NCS Tuesday night, defeating Sono-
and gave Petaluma momentum if there are no other available scoring in limited minutes. The playoff selection committee ma Valley, 25-18.
that it maintained the rest of options, still managed to make energetic sophomore averages members will sometimes take The T-Girls’ smothering
the way. Four points amount to her presence known with some 10.3 points per game. note. Sonoma Valley would face defense held Sonoma to just nine
a two-possession game, and the excellent defensive help that Almost overlooked for the dangerous Healdsburg (16-8) points in each half. Petaluma
Tigers never recovered. clogged up the middle for the T-Girls was a 4-minute stint by in one playoff, with Analy and didn’t exactly burn the nets, but
“It wasn’t something that we Tigers. Four steals and two diminutive Paris Buchanan. Bu- Petaluma playing in the other if did manage to wrap up its 11th
emphasized much at halftime,” blocked shots did not go with- chanan came in briefly to light it everything shakes out like the straight league win with eight
explained T-Girls coach Jon out notice. Krist additionally up with a shot from the key and current league standings. points in the fourth quarter.
Ratshin. “I told the girls to take a finished with six points. a much-needed 3-pointer before Isabel Houseman had nine Arikat led the T-Girls with 10
look at it to get a little defensive Ratshin also has become com- Analy could adjust. points for Analy in the Petaluma points, while Krist scored seven
separation. The execution got us fortable bringing in his super-sub Analy, now 6-4 and 12-12 contest. She also had 16 points in and pulled down 11 rebounds.
a quick basket, and we needed Sheriene Arikat at about the overall, could be laying in the the first-round game also won by Costa had seven blocked shots.
it. Costa has the option of using 4-minute mark of the first quar- weeds for one last crack at the the Trojans in the final minutes Only a game at Piner on
a screen, and we have used the ter. Arikat never appears to dis- Trojans in the SCL post-season on their home floor earlier. Thursday night stands between
play several times this season.” appoint, and she came in firing tournament, but the brackets Analy won a close 35-31 deci- the T-Girls and a perfect league
Needless to say, there were again. The aggressive sophomore have yet to be posted with games sion in the preliminary junior season.


APN: 137-150-051-000 TS No: CA08001561-15-5 TO No: 10-6-147189-07 NOTICE BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT TS No. CA-14-619423-JP Order No.: 12-0034502-02 YOU ARE IN DEFAULT
OF TRUSTEE’S SALE (The above statement is made pursuant to CA Civil Code FILE NO. 2018-00247 FILE NO. 2018-00209 UNDER A DEED OF TRUST DATED 11/27/2006. UNLESS YOU TAKE ACTION
Section 2923.3(d)(1). The Summary will be provided to Trustor(s) and/or vested The following person (persons) is (are) The following person (persons) is (are) TO PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY, IT MAY BE SOLD AT A PUBLIC SALE.
owner(s) only, pursuant to CA Civil Code Section 2923.3(d)(2).) YOU ARE IN doing business as: doing business as: IF YOU NEED AN EXPLANATION OF THE NATURE OF THE PROCEEDING
DEFAULT UNDER A DEED OF TRUST DATED September 25, 2004. UNLESS YOU Club Pilates located at 289 North 1) Practical Possibilities, Inc., 2) AGAINST YOU, YOU SHOULD CONTACT A LAWYER. A public auction sale to
TAKE ACTION TO PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY, IT MAY BE SOLD AT A PUBLIC McDowell Blvd Petaluma, CA 94954; Highness Gardens located at 350 E the highest bidder for cash, cashier’s check drawn on a state or national bank,
SALE. IF YOU NEED AN EXPLANATION OF THE NATURE OF THE PROCEEDINGS Mailing Address 921 Alturas Way Mill Todd Road, Unit 1 & 5 santa Rosa, check drawn by state or federal credit union, or a check drawn by a state or
AGAINST YOU, YOU SHOULD CONTACT A LAWYER. On February 28, 2018 Valley, CA 94941 Sonoma County, CA 95407; Mailing Address 1390 N federal savings and loan association, or savings association, or savings bank
at 10:00 AM, in the Plaza at Fremont Park located at, 860 Fifth Street, Santa is hereby registered by the follow- McDowell Blvd, #G111 Petaluma, specified in Section 5102 to the Financial Code and authorized to do business in
Rosa, CA 95401, MTC Financial Inc. dba Trustee Corps, as the duly Appointed ing owner(s): Body and Breathe CA 94954 Sonoma County, is hereby this state, will be held by duly appointed trustee. The sale will be made, but with-
Trustee, under and pursuant to the power of sale contained in that certain Deed Corporation 921 Alturas Way Mill Valley, registered by the following owner(s): out covenant or warranty, expressed or implied, regarding title, possession, or
of Trust recorded on October 7, 2004 as Instrument No. 2004153515, of official CA 94941 Practical Possibilities, a California non- encumbrances, to pay the remaining principal sum of the note(s) secured by the
records in the Office of the Recorder of Sonoma County, California, executed This business is conducted by: A CA profit mutual benefit corporation 1390 Deed of Trust, with interest and late charges thereon, as provided in the note(s),
by KATHLEEN GIANANDREA, MICHEAL V. GIANANDREA AND KATHLEEN Corporation N McDowell Blvd, #G111 Petaluma, advances, under the terms of the Deed of Trust, interest thereon, fees, charges
GIANANDREA, HUSBAND AND WIFE AS JOINT TENANTS, as Trustor(s), in favor of The registrant commenced to trans- CA 94954 and expenses of the Trustee for the total amount (at the time of the initial publica-
MORTGAGE ELECTRONIC REGISTRATION SYSTEMS, INC. as nominee for FULL act business under the fictitious name This business is conducted by: A CA – tion of the Notice of Sale) reasonably estimated to be set forth below. The amount
SPECTRUM LENDING, INC. as Beneficiary, WILL SELL AT PUBLIC AUCTION TO or names above on N/A. C3463421 Corporation may be greater on the day of sale. BENEFICIARY MAY ELECT TO BID LESS
THE HIGHEST BIDDER, in lawful money of the United States, all payable at the I declare that all information in this The registrant commenced to trans- THAN THE TOTAL AMOUNT DUE. Trustor(s): GARY FREITAS, A MARRIED
time of sale, that certain property situated in said County, California describing statement is true and correct. Signed: act business under the fictitious name MAN AS HIS SOLE AND SEPARATE PROPERTY Recorded: 11/30/2006 as
the land therein as: LOT 51, IN THE CITY OF PETALUMA, COUNTY OF SONOMA, Lois F. Campton, President (Body and or names above on 03/23/2012. Instrument No. 2006148757 of Official Records in the office of the Recorder
STATE OF CALIFORNIA, AS SHOWN AND DESIGNATED ON THE SUBDIVISION Breathe Corp) I declare that all information in this of SONOMA County, California; Date of Sale: 2/16/2018 at 10:00 AM Place of
MAP OF CAPRI CREEK, FILED JULY 3, 1986, IN THE OFFICE OF THE COUNTY This statement was filed with the statement is true and correct. Signed: Sale: In the Plaza at Fremont Park located at 860 Fifth Street, Santa Rosa,
RECORDER, IN BOOK 386 OF MAPS, AT PAGES 17 AND 18, SONOMA COUNTY County Clerk of SONOMA COUNTY on Steven E. Matson / CEO CA Amount of unpaid balance and other charges: $1,334,718.33 The purported
RECORDS. The property heretofore described is being sold “as is”. The street 01/19/2018 This statement was filed with the property address is: 2 BENTLEY CT, PETALUMA, CA 94952 Assessor’s Parcel
address and other common designation, if any, of the real property described I hereby certify that this copy is a County Clerk of SONOMA COUNTY on No.: 020-140-025-000 NOTICE TO POTENTIAL BIDDERS: If you are consid-
above is purported to be: 701 MARIA DRIVE, PETALUMA, CA 94954-6813 The correct copy of the original statement 01/17/2018 ering bidding on this property lien, you should understand that there are risks
undersigned Trustee disclaims any liability for any incorrectness of the street on file in my office. I hereby certify that this copy is a involved in bidding at a trustee auction. You will be bidding on a lien, not on the
address and other common designation, if any, shown herein. Said sale will be WILLIAM F. ROUSSEAU correct copy of the original statement property itself. Placing the highest bid at a trustee auction does not automatically
made without covenant or warranty, express or implied, regarding title, posses- Sonoma County Clerk on file in my office. entitle you to free and clear ownership of the property. You should also be aware
sion, or encumbrances, to pay the remaining principal sum of the Note(s) secured By /s/ Julie Garfia WILLIAM F. ROUSSEAU that the lien being auctioned off may be a junior lien. If you are the highest bid-
by said Deed of Trust, with interest thereon, as provided in said Note(s), advances Deputy Clerk Sonoma County Clerk der at the auction, you are or may be responsible for paying off all liens senior
if any, under the terms of the Deed of Trust, estimated fees, charges and expenses SEAL By /s/ Darrell Light to the lien being auctioned off, before you can receive clear title to the property.
of the Trustee and of the trusts created by said Deed of Trust. The total amount Deputy Clerk You are encouraged to investigate the existence, priority, and size of outstanding
of the unpaid balance of the obligations secured by the property to be sold and 2798584 - Pub. Feb 8, 15, 22, Mar 1, SEAL liens that may exist on this property by contacting the county recorder’s office
reasonable estimated costs, expenses and advances at the time of the initial pub- 2018 4ti. or a title insurance company, either of which may charge you a fee for this infor-
lication of this Notice of Trustee’s Sale is estimated to be $140,011.97 (Estimated). 2798921 - Pub. Feb 8, 15, 22, Mar 1, mation. If you consult either of these resources, you should be aware that the
FICTITIOUS 2018 4ti.
However, prepayment premiums, accrued interest and advances will increase this BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT same lender may hold more than one mortgage or deed of trust on the property.
figure prior to sale. Beneficiary’s bid at said sale may include all or part of said FILE NO. 2017-03364 FICTITIOUS NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNER: The sale date shown on this notice of sale
amount. In addition to cash, the Trustee will accept a cashier’s check drawn on a BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT may be postponed one or more times by the mortgagee, beneficiary, trustee, or
state or national bank, a check drawn by a state or federal credit union or a check The following person (persons) is (are) a court, pursuant to Section 2924g of the California Civil Code. The law requires
doing business as: FILE NO. 2018-00156
drawn by a state or federal savings and loan association, savings association or that information about trustee sale postponements be made available to you and
savings bank specified in Section 5102 of the California Financial Code and autho- Namaste Liquor and Deli located at The following person (persons) is (are) to the public, as a courtesy to those not present at the sale. If you wish to learn
rized to do business in California, or other such funds as may be acceptable to the 3590 Petaluma Blvd North Petaluma, doing business as: whether your sale date has been postponed, and, if applicable, the rescheduled
Trustee. In the event tender other than cash is accepted, the Trustee may withhold CA 94952 Sonoma County, is hereby 1) North Bay Electrical Services, 2) time and date for the sale of this property, you may call 916-939-0772 for
the issuance of the Trustee’s Deed Upon Sale until funds become available to the registered by the following owner(s): North Bay Builders located at 1275 information regarding the trustee’s sale or visit this Internet Web site http://
payee or endorsee as a matter of right. The property offered for sale excludes Nirmal Kumar Gauchan 804 Parent way Eucalyptus Ave. Petaluma, CA 94952;, using the file number assigned to this foreclosure by
all funds held on account by the property receiver, if applicable. If the Trustee is Petaluma, CA 94954 Mailing Address P.O. BOX J771 the Trustee: CA-14-619423-JP. Information about postponements that are very
unable to convey title for any reason, the successful bidder’s sole and exclusive This business is conducted by: An Petaluma, CA 94955 Sonoma County, short in duration or that occur close in time to the scheduled sale may not imme-
remedy shall be the return of monies paid to the Trustee and the successful bidder Individual is hereby registered by the follow- diately be reflected in the telephone information or on the Internet Web site. The
shall have no further recourse. Notice to Potential Bidders If you are considering The registrant commenced to trans- ing owner(s): Willy Begeiball 1275 best way to verify postponement information is to attend the scheduled sale. The
bidding on this property lien, you should understand that there are risks involved act business under the fictitious name Eucalyptus Ave. Petaluma, CA 94952 undersigned Trustee disclaims any liability for any incorrectness of the property
in bidding at a Trustee auction. You will be bidding on a lien, not on the property or names above on N/A. This business is conducted by: An address or other common designation, if any, shown herein. If no street address
itself. Placing the highest bid at a Trustee auction does not automatically entitle I declare that all information in this Individual or other common designation is shown, directions to the location of the property
you to free and clear ownership of the property. You should also be aware that statement is true and correct. Signed: The registrant commenced to trans- may be obtained by sending a written request to the beneficiary within 10 days of
the lien being auctioned off may be a junior lien. If you are the highest bidder at Nirmal Kumar Gauchan act business under the fictitious name the date of first publication of this Notice of Sale. If the sale is set aside for any
the auction, you are or may be responsible for paying off all liens senior to the This statement was filed with the or names above on N/A. reason, including if the Trustee is unable to convey title, the Purchaser at the sale
lien being auctioned off, before you can receive clear title to the property. You are County Clerk of SONOMA COUNTY on I declare that all information in this shall be entitled only to a return of the monies paid to the Trustee. This shall be
encouraged to investigate the existence, priority, and size of outstanding liens 10/20/2017 statement is true and correct. Signed: the Purchaser’s sole and exclusive remedy. The purchaser shall have no further
that may exist on this property by contacting the county recorder’s office or a title I hereby certify that this copy is a Willy Begeiball, owner recourse against the Trustor, the Trustee, the Beneficiary, the Beneficiary’s Agent,
insurance company, either of which may charge you a fee for this information. If correct copy of the original statement This statement was filed with the or the Beneficiary’s Attorney. If you have previously been discharged through
you consult either of these resources, you should be aware that the same Lender on file in my office. County Clerk of SONOMA COUNTY on bankruptcy, you may have been released of personal liability for this loan in which
may hold more than one mortgage or Deed of Trust on the property. Notice to WILLIAM F. ROUSSEAU 01/11/2018 case this letter is intended to exercise the note holders right’s against the real
Property Owner The sale date shown on this Notice of Sale may be postponed Sonoma County Clerk I hereby certify that this copy is a property only. Date: Quality Loan Service Corporation 411 Ivy Street San
one or more times by the Mortgagee, Beneficiary, Trustee, or a court, pursuant By /s/ Darrell Light correct copy of the original statement Diego, CA 92101 619-645-7711 For NON SALE information only Sale Line:
to Section 2924g of the California Civil Code. The law requires that information Deputy Clerk on file in my office. 916-939-0772 Or Login to: Reinstatement
about Trustee Sale postponements be made available to you and to the public, as SEAL WILLIAM F. ROUSSEAU Line: (866) 645-7711 Ext 5318 Quality Loan Service Corp. TS No.: CA-14-
a courtesy to those not present at the sale. If you wish to learn whether your sale Sonoma County Clerk 619423-JP IDSPub #0136176 1/25/2018 2/1/2018 2/8/2018
2798109 - Pub. Feb 1, 8, 15, 22, By /s/ Julie Garfia
date has been postponed, and, if applicable, the rescheduled time and date for 2018 4ti.
the sale of this property, you may call In Source Logic at 702-659-7766 for infor- Deputy Clerk 2797427 – Pub Jan 25, Feb 1, 8, 2018 3ti.
mation regarding the Trustee’s Sale or visit the Internet Web site address listed ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR SEAL
below for information regarding the sale of this property, using the file number CHANGE OF NAME 2797306 - Pub. Jan 25, Feb 1, 8, 15, SONOMA COUNTY HISTORY
assigned to this case, CA08001561-15-5. Information about postponements that
are very short in duration or that occur close in time to the scheduled sale may not
In 1900

In 1943
immediately be reflected in the telephone information or on the Internet Web site. COUNTY OF SONOMA FICTITIOUS
The best way to verify postponement information is to attend the scheduled sale. 3055 Cleveland Ave. BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT
Date: January 19, 2018 MTC Financial Inc. dba Trustee Corps TS No. CA08001561-
15-5 17100 Gillette Ave Irvine, CA 92614 Phone: 949-252-8300 TDD: 866-660-4288
Santa Rosa, CA 95403 FILE NO. 2018-00159 Sonoma County, with 69 A new Santa Rosa Army
Case No. 091112 The following person (persons) is (are)
Myron Ravelo, Authorized Signatory SALE INFORMATION CAN BE OBTAINED
ON LINE AT FOR AUTOMATED SALES INFORMATION Petition of: ANGELI MICHELLE doing business as: wineries, led the state in air field north of Santa
RAMOS ACOSTA for change of name 1) PNI LLC, 2) PNI Sensor LLC located
PLEASE CALL: In Source Logic AT 702-659-7766 Trustee Corps may be acting
TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS at 2331 Circadian Way Santa Rosa, wine production. Rosa opened in January
as a debt collector attempting to collect a debt. Any information obtained may CA 95407 Sonoma County, is hereby
be used for that purpose.ISL Number 37150, Pub Dates: 02/08/2018, 02/15/2018,
02/22/2018, ARGUS COURIER (PETALUMA) ACOSTA filed a petition with this court
registered by the following owner(s):
Protonex LLC 2331 Circadian Way
Sonoma County’s popu- as a training base for P-38
2798693 – Pub Feb 8, 15, 22, 2018 3ti.
for a decree changing names as fol-
Santa Rosa, CA 95407
This business is conducted by: A CA
lation was 38,480; San- and other pilots; a naval
Limited Liability Company
The registrant commenced to trans-
ta Rosa’s was 6,673; base opened in June in
FILE NO. 2018-00016
FILE NO. 2017-04049
THE COURT ORDERS that all per- act business under the fictitious name
or names above on N/A.
Petaluma’s was 3,871; southwest Santa Rosa.
sons interested in this matter appear
The following person (persons) is (are) The following person (persons) is (are) before this court at the hearing indi- I declare that all information in this
statement is true and correct. Signed:
Healdsburg’s was 1,869; The U.S. Navy set up an
doing business as: doing business as: cated below to show cause, if any, why
TKR CONSTRUCTION located at Marigold Apothecary located at 121 this petition for change of name should
Eric Walters, VP Finances
This statement was filed with the
Sonoma’s was 652. auxiliary air station in Co-
3206 COBBLESTONE DRIVE SANTA Washington St Petaluma, CA 94952; not be granted. Any person object-
ROSA, CA 95404 Sonoma County, is Mailing Address 34 San Carlos Dr. ing to the name changes described
County Clerk of SONOMA COUNTY on
01/11/2018 County school enrollment tati for aircraft carrier land-
hereby registered by the following
owner(s): THOMAS KARL ROTH 3206
Petaluma, CA 94952 Sonoma County,
is hereby registered by the following
above must file a written objection that
includes the reasons for the objection
I hereby certify that this copy is a
correct copy of the original statement was 9,800, including 7,500 ing practice. Other troops
COBBLESTONE DRIVE SANTA ROSA, owner(s): Alanna Sullivan 34 San Carlos at least two court days before the mat- on file in my office.
WILLIAM F. ROUSSEAU in public facilities. Petaluma were assigned around the
CA 95404 Dr. Petaluma, CA 94952 ter is scheduled to be heard and must
This business is conducted by: An This business is conducted by: An appear at the hearing to show cause Sonoma County Clerk
and Santa Rosa had sepa- city and the county.
Individual Individual why the petition should not be granted. By /s/ Alma Roman
The registrant commenced to trans- The registrant commenced to trans- If no written objection is timely filed, Deputy Clerk
SEAL rate high school buildings; Moviemaker Alfred Hitch-
act business under the fictitious name act business under the fictitious name the court may grant the petition with-
or names above on N/A. or names above on 03/01/2015. out a hearing. 2798529 - Pub. Feb 1, 8, 15, 22, There were 73 districts, cock shot “Shadow of a
2018 4ti.
I declare that all information in this
statement is true and correct. Signed:
I declare that all information in this
statement is true and correct. Signed:
MAR 08 2018 at 10:30 a.m. in Dept 22, compared to 5 in 1851. Doubt” in Santa Rosa,
THOMAS KARL ROTH, OWNER Alanna Sullivan - Owner located at 3055 Cleveland Ave. Santa SONOMA COUNTY HISTORY featuring local girl Edna
This statement was filed with the This statement was filed with the Rosa, CA 95403. Walter Nagle, later a ma-
May Wonacott as the “kid
In 1859
County Clerk of SONOMA COUNTY on County Clerk of SONOMA COUNTY on A copy of this Order to Show Cause
01/02/2018 12/22/2017 shall be published at least once each jor leaguer, helped orga-
I hereby certify that this copy is a I hereby certify that this copy is a week for four successive weeks prior sister.” Other movies made
nize the Central California
correct copy of the original statement correct copy of the original statement to the date set for hearing on the
Serious conflict was avoid- in Sonoma County in-
on file in my office. on file in my office. petition in the following newspaper Baseball League. cluded “Happy Land” (the
Sonoma County Clerk
Sonoma County Clerk
of general circulation, printed in this
county: Petaluma Argus Courier.
ed when Sonoma support-
By /s/ Darrell Light By /s/ Darrell Light Dated: DEC 27 2017 ers of squatters faced off Pastor John Cassin (1847- first movie for young Nata-
Deputy Clerk Deputy Clerk BRADFORD J. DEMEO 1932) oversaw the build- lie Wood), “The Fighting
SEAL SEAL Judge of the Superior Court against Bodega group led
ing of historic St. Rose Sullivans,” “The Farmer’s
2796674 - Pub. Jan 18, 25, Feb 1, 8, 2796920 - Pub. Jan 18, 25, Feb 1, 8, 2797305 – Pub. Jan 25, Feb 1, 8, 15, by landowner Tyler Cur-
2018 4ti. 2018 4ti. 2018 4ti. Catholic Church. The facil- Daughter” and “All My
tis in so-called “Bodega
War.” Curtis, married to the quarries, withstood the More than 30 polio cases
In 1857 In 1886 In 1907 widow of Stephen Smith, 1906 earthquake. were reported in the county.
Hungarian nobleman Count A.P. (Boss) Overton, Northwestern Pacific moved to San Francisco.
Frank J. Pool operated a The California Youth Au-
Agoston Haraszthy brought formerly a Petaluma Railroad was created as
Washoe House opened store and helped estab- thority acquired property
cuttings of European vari- constable, county district a partnership between
Southern Pacific and
north of Petaluma as a lish the first Exchange and built Los Guilicos, a
etal grape vines to Sonoma, attorney and judge, be-
Santa Fe; it excelled in stage stop offering food Bank Branch in Windsor school for delinquent girls
creating wine industry. came Santa Rosa’s mayor. that operated for almost
handling freight traffic. SP and lodging. in 1925.
Barney Hoen credited with Santa Rosa constructed 30 years. A four-day riot
being Santa Rosa’s first its sewer system. became the sole owner in Ella Barrett was Healds- Wohler Ranch and other
1929. hop kilns processed crops was put down in March
winemaker. Frances McCaughey burg’s first woman doctor. 1953.
Martin became the first Eighty-four cars entered that were grown at 10 or
Sonoma Democrat printed J.B. and Kate Warfield Petaluma fire trucks were
female school superinten- an endurance race from more hop ranches.
first issue in Santa Rosa. planted their first grapes called out to break up a
dent in the county; Minnie San Francisco to Lakeport; A 1900 Oldsmobile
First religious camp meet- in Glen Ellen. post-football game riot
Coulter was the second in 27 actually took part and appeared in Windsor,
ing took place at Kelsey after a Santa Rosa-Peta-
1898. 23 finished. Santa Rosa opened first operated by Jack Arata.
Gardens near Sonoma. luma football game in the
Santa Rosa bought a pow- Sonoma passed an anti- public school; Court Petaluma Creek was noted fall.
Santa Rosa boasted erful steam engine for fire liquor ordinance despite House School opened in as the third busiest water-
horse racing track; cov- The first braceros came
volunteers. protests from liquor- 1866. way in the state.
ered grandstand added in from Mexico as part of
Healdsburg’s first city hall related businesses. A January report in the
1880. Jockey Club formed Cornerstone laid for two- the temporary farm labor
was built for $12,500; It Norm Maroni was born; he Petaluma Argus news-
in 1860. story brick schoolhouse at force.
was demolished in 1960. later became Mr. Baseball
Harmon Heald laid out 5th and B streets in Peta- paper indicated that a Luisa Vallejo Emparan,
Healdsburg public high of Santa Rosa as a player
Healdsburg Plaza on a luma. Sonoma County man de- last of Mariano Vallejo’s
school opened, graduat- and manager of the Santa
town map. Population 300. veloped an airship 3 years 16 children, died July
ing eight girls and one boy Rosa Rosebuds’ semi-pro First lumber mill opened before the Wright Brothers’ 30th at age 87.
Vallejo sold Petaluma ado- in 1891. team. near Occidental, others famed 1903 flight. Buyers of war bonds in
be and surrounding land. John Hallberg and his son added shortly thereafter.
Tiny, colorful El Carmelo A dance hall was built at Santa Rosa and Petaluma
William Thomas Ross Oscar used innovative
church served the Italian- James Kleiser recognized Mirabel Park; the arena earmarked funds to buy
grew fruit and hops on techniques to build an
Swiss communities near as founder of Cloverdale. hosted Benny Goodman military aircraft.
one of the first farms near apple-growing empire in Cloverdale.
Forestville. west Sonoma County. and other big bands in

Copyright © 2010 Copyright © 2010 Copyright © 2010 Copyright © 2010 Copyright © 2010 Copyright © 2010
Sonoma County Historical Society Sonoma County Historical Society Sonoma County Historical Society Sonoma County Historical Society Sonoma County Historical Society Sonoma County Historical Society
P.O. Box 1373, Santa Rosa, CA 95402 P.O. Box 1373, Santa Rosa, CA 95402 P.O. Box 1373, Santa Rosa, CA 95402 P.O. Box 1373, Santa Rosa, CA 95402 P.O. Box 1373, Santa Rosa, CA 95402 P.O. Box 1373, Santa Rosa, CA 95402

Schools &Youth
SRJC starts
new solar
source in
Celebrating a world view
The Santa Rosa Junior College
Board of Trustees will ceremoni-
ously flip the “on” switch to pow-
er the newly installed 1.3-mega-
watt high-efficiency SunPower
Helix Carport system on the
Petaluma campus on Tuesday.
This is the first of many sustain-
ability projects for SRJC funded
by the Measure H bond.
The event, to be held at the
new solar power installation in
parking lot No. 4 on the SRJC
Petaluma campus, will begin at
2 p.m. It will feature remarks
by SRJC President Dr. Frank
Chong and Board of Trustees
President Maggie Fishman.
In addition to the Petaluma
photovoltaic installation, there
are plans this summer to install
a carport system over the
George Bech Hall and Emeritus Six Girl Scout troops came together to entertain COTS families with songs, games, cookies and Valentine’s cards.
Hall parking lots and a ga-
rage-top carport system on the
Don Zumwalt Parking Pavilion, Petaluma elementary schools participate in Global School Play Day
on the Santa Rosa campus.

With these new systems and lobal Play Day is coming to town.
the 77-kilowatt SunPower sys- Global School Play Day is happen-
tem that has been operating on ing this month at several elemen-
top of Frank P. Doyle Library tary sites. Locally, McDowell Elementa-
since 2007, SRJC expects to see ry, Penngrove Elementary, Valley Vista
significant energy and financial Elementary and McKinley Elementary
savings. are all embracing the opportunity to
“We believe strongly in participate on different dates featuring
sustainability, one of the core a variety of activities. This global event
values described in SRJC’s stra- was inspired by Dr. Peter Gray’s re-
tegic plan,” said Chong. “The search around play and the importance
new system, combining solar of free play for children’s social and
energy and battery storage, emotional development. “We are excited
will cut our energy costs even to bring the Global School Play Day
further, which benefits the col- to our students,” shares Valley Vista
lege, as well as Sonoma County principal Catina Haugen. At McDowell
taxpayers.” Elementary, principal Lauri Anderson
SRJC Petaluma Vice President says, “It’s great to see how much creativ-
Dr. Jane Saldaña-Talley added, ity, compassion, communication, and
“We are pleased to participate critical thinking is already on display ev-
in the college’s energy savings ery day at McDowell. Our students have
initiative, and could not be been putting their best into beautiful art
more proud of the advocacy and docent lessons, STEM challenges in the
contribution by our faculty, staff classroom, and the McDowell Spelling
and students towards a sustain- Bee. Our school winners, Ashie Tiro and
able future. We look forward to Jhonattan Pat Ruano, will represent Mc-
throwing the switch for energy Dowell well at the regional competition
savings, and appreciate the lead- on the same day we are honoring Global
ership of our local board repre- Play Day on Campus.”
sentative, Maggie Fishman, and —
other members of the governing In January, McDowell Elementary
board in their support of these welcomed Kaiser Permanente to campus
important programs.” to present “The Best Me” assembly to McDowell STEM students show off one of their creations made for Global Play day.
students. Before and after the assembly,
the students thought about how to be at the Bay Area.” She said she grabbed a completed stamp books, created their
their best by having healthy habits. They phone book, asking “Do you even know own 100 day hats, and participated in

SRJC made promises to eat well, drink water, what that is?” She read aloud from the
exercise regularly, and limit screen time, emergency information pages about
supporting the program’s message. what to do in an earthquake. Jennings
counting 100 food items as part of the
day’s academic centers curriculum.
Cinnabar School also hosted guests

celebrates — also shared how hard she had to work to from SMART train at a school-wide
Sonoma Mountain and Carpe Diem get into the business, including working assembly, teaching students about safety
High School students continue to be a 50-hour a week, unpaid internship just around trains and tracks. They brought

good stewards of their environment to get her foot in the door. She encour- a video for the student body to watch
according to principal Greg Stevenson. aged students to take those internships and spent time sharing facts about the
Students and teachers from both high in spite of the lack of pay because they trains and other interesting things about

schools recently went on an outdoor can be the ticket they need to break into the Smart Train operation. The Cinna-
education hike at Bodega Head. After the business. After answering students’ bar campus is less than a mile from the
completing the approximately four- questions, Jennings then switched roles tracks so the presentation was relevant
mile hike, the students and asked the young to the students. The presentation is
ARGUS-COURIER STAFF turned their efforts to a journalists her own free to schools as a community service
Santa Rosa Junior College beach cleanup of Camp- questions. “What makes program.
has a series of events scheduled bell Cove. The students you nervous about being —
to celebrate Women’s History. and staff donned gloves on camera? What other Spreading the love this week are
Events will be held from Feb. 20 and carried plastic bags jobs are you learning some very caring local students who
through March 29. to clean this stretch of besides anchoring? Do have spent time making valentine’s for
Among the events sched- beach just inside the you rotate through the members of the local community. Casa
uled by the college’s Women’s entrance of Bodega different jobs?” she Grande High’s Interact Club is working
History Month Committee are Harbor. Good works do asked. Students en- on bringing some sweet messages to
an art exhibit featuring six
international female artists,
not go unnoticed — one
local hiker and fisher-
The Chalkboard thusiastically replied,
“Yes.” She told them it
the clients of Petaluma People Services
through their group’s project this week.
two theater performances, a man took time to thank Maureen Highland was great that they were Six Girl Scout troops came together with
film screening, a spoken word the young environmen- learning the wide vari- lots of songs, games, and cookie decorat-
and open mic performance, talists for a job well done! ety of broadcast roles because interns ing to make over 60 Valentine’s cards for
as well as insightful lectures — and new anchors at Channel 7 have to COTS families. Great leadership skills
and discussions. Three special Kenilworth Junior High students from be able to do all the jobs now, not just from the older troop members helped
lectures celebrate women’s role Isaac Raya and Laura Bradley’s KTV the anchoring. She told them that their bring big smiles to all those who contrib-
in SRJC’s 100-year history. Broadcast Media classes stayed after range of skills throughout the studio uted to the day’s activity report parents
Events include: school recently to learn more about would make a big difference if they want who helped coordinate the gathering.
• A talk by Molly Murphy broadcast journalism from veteran to pursue broadcast work. “Soon after Local school students, including those
MacGregor, Founder of Wom- ABC7 news anchor Cheryl Jennings. our Facetime with Ms. Jennings ended, from McNear, Live Oak, Springhill Mon-
en’s History Month and former Jennings gave the students a Facetime she tweeted out pictures and shared it tessori, St. Vincent De Paul, Crossroads
SRJC Instructor tour of her Channel 7 studios, and on Instagram for all her followers to Community Day School, McKinley and
• A lecture by acclaimed local then KTV students did the same for learn about KJHS. She is a great role Petaluma Junior High all took the time
historian and journalist Gaye her. During question-and-answer time, model, not just for young journalists, to cut, color, paste and decorate val-
LeBaron Jennings was surprised when a student but also as a successful professional who entines for the volunteers at Alphabet
• A talk by SRJC Director asked how it felt to be the first on-air continues to mentor and give back to her Soup Stores. It is wonderful to know so
of Institutional Research KC anchor after the Loma Prieta earth- community,” reported Bradley. many students are using their artistic
Greaney, highlighting the histo- quake. “You did your homework. That — talents to make this Valentine’s Day a
ry of women at SRJC was way before any of you were born,” Meadow Elementary, St. Vincent special one for those who have done so
• SRJC Theater Department’s Jennings said. She gave the students de Paul Elementary and Cinnabar much in our community.
production of Welcome Home, advice about how to help the community School all hosted their own “100 Days of (Maureen Highland is a Petaluma
Jenny Sutter when reporting a disaster as it was hap- School” celebrations. Cinnabar students mother and executive director for the Pet-
• Talking With, a theater pening. “I had to forget everything else in Ms. Amy and Ms. Sheila’s kindergar- aluma Educational Foundation. She can
performance benefiting the and just focus on getting information to ten classes hand made paper chains, be reached at
Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer
• The Farthest Shore, an art
exhibit that brings together
six women artists from USA,
Canada and Ukraine.
Most of the activities during
Bike Continued from B1 are providing dictionaries for Petaluma
third-graders, providing support for Pet-
aluma teachers through its Lend A Hand
food drives, and working on the restoration
project at Walnut Park and more.
International projects include support-
the month-long event series are For more information, Program, supporting the Outdoor Living ing a clean water project in the Dominican
free. All are open to the public email or call Experience at Casa Grande High School, Republic, participating in the Rotary Ex-
and will take place on both (707) 540-3243. the Boys and Girls Clubs of Southern change Student program, supporting the
SRJC’s Santa Rosa and Petalu- The Rotary Club of Petaluma Sunrise Sonoma County and Marin, the Petaluma Rotary International Peace Study Project,
ma campuses. Parking permits is one of Petaluma’s most active service High School Jazz Band and Girls on the helping with the Rotary International Polio
are required, cost $4 and are clubs. Run, plus helping with the Butter and Egg Plus Campaign and supporting the Roto-
available on campus lots. Among its many community activities Days Parade, the Kool Kids Camp and Cots plast program.
Petaluma Argus-Courier FEBRUARY 8, 2018 n  SECTION C

Rev. Shawn Amos breaks it down at Mystic
Los Angeles bluesman returns to Petaluma with new CD. C3

Looking Back: ED Jack Stein had big ideas

Notorious embezzlement case started with promise. C5

Highlighting Black History

Curator Faith Ross celebrates 40 years of Museum exhibits and events

Charlie Poore of Sonoma was first

in line as Petaluma’s new Dunkin’
Donuts staged an early morning
Grand Opening.

Dunkin’ Donuts’ Grand

Opening draws pre-dawn
fans: Charlie Poore, of Sono-
ma, was the first in line last
Tuesday morning, Feb. 6,
as Petaluma’s new Dunkin’
Donuts franchise (in the Deer
Creek Village shopping center)
officially marked its grand
opening at 5:00 a.m. “I wasn’t
sure how early to get here,” said
Poore, who works at Friedman’s
Home Improvement in Sonoma.
“I got here about 45 minutes
before opening.” Why so early?
He’d heard that Dunkin’ Donuts
was giving a $250 gift card to
whomever was first in line. He PHOTO BY CRISSY PASCUAL
was right. Faith Ross, curator of the annual Black History Month exhibit at the Petaluma Historical Library and Museum.
Not only was Poore the first,
he was there early enough to By DAVID TEMPLETON black musicians, and on women fighting
lend a hand to staff setting up ARGUS-COURIER STAFF for civil rights. This year, with the theme BLACK HISTORY MONTH

banners, archways of balloons ables covered in stacks of old “Reflections,” we’re looking back at what Reflections: Black History Exhibit – Runs
and other Grand Opening newspapers stand near one anoth- has happened over the years. That’s look- Thursday, Feb. 8 through Sunday, Feb. 25,
furnishings. By 5:00, he’d been er at the center of the Petaluma ing back to 1978, when we started doing at the Petaluma Historical Library and
joined by a handful of others. Historical Library. Here and there are these exhibits and events, with everything Museum. Hours: Thursday-Saturday 10
But Poore was the big winner. large wooden display stands, about half between then and now, but also looking a.m.-4 p.m.; Sunday noon-3 p.m. Petaluma
After being greeted by fran- of them now displaying clippings, photos, back the 1800s, and the first back people Museum is at 20 Fourth St.
chise co-owner Yogi Trivedi, framed declarations, and more. to make Petaluma their home.” Children’s Story Time: Saturday, Feb.
who awarded Poore with his gift At the center of it all is Faith Ross, cura- Ross says that every year, after a 10, 10 a.m. “Henry’s Freedom Box,” by
card, the Sonoman celebrated tor and organizer of the Museum’s annual theme is selected, material begins to be Ellen Levine and Kadir Nelson. In this true
in the most logical possible Black History Month Exhibition, which collected. Some of that material, like story from the days of the Underground
way: by sitting down to eat a Ross and a team of volunteers are hard at the clippings and newspapers now being Railroad, a boy named Henry’s grows
donut. “I love Dunkin’ Donuts, work ahead of this Thursday’s opening assembled on the tables, is kept in boxes, up under the yoke of Southern slavery,
but usually I have to go to Las day, February 8. The exhibit, titled “Reflec- while other items, found through search- and eventually decides to mail himself to
Vegas to get them,” he said. tions,” is one of many events being held es on the internet, go directly onto Ross’s freedom in the North inside a wooden box.
“Until Sonoma gets one of these around town to mark Black History Month thumb-drive. Petaluma Museum, 20 Fourth St. This event
stores, I guess I’ll be visiting in Petaluma, which kicked off last Friday “By the beginning of the year, I end up is free. Parents must be present.
Petaluma more.” With a laugh, with a jazz concert in the museum. with whole a lot of things on my thumb 40th Annual Black History Program:
he added, “I mean, I have to “This year is a kind of special, because drive,” she laughs. Saturday, Feb. 24 at 5:30 p.m. An enter-
spend my $250 somewhere.” it’s our 40th year doing these events,” The current exhibit includes a display taining evening of community celebration,
says Ross, founder of Petaluma Blacks focusing on President Obama, and an- with a presentation of music and dancing,
for Community Development (PBCD), other taking a look at the life of Michael and a look at the last 40 years of Black
formed to support a sense of community Jackson. One display examines the History Month in Petaluma, in the form
and to present events honoring African impact of 9-11. of a video by Lee Cummings. Petaluma
American history. PBCD has been the “Some of the exhibit is national events, Veterans Building, 1094 Petaluma Blvd.
driving force behind the annual Black like 9-11,” Ross acknowledges. “And a lot This event is free.
History events since forming in 1978. “We of it is local events, things that happened
have different themes every year,” ex- here in Petaluma, things that affected the Annual Gospel Hour: Sunday, Feb. 25,
plains Ross. “Last year we did an exhibit 4 p.m. Petaluma Christian Church, 1160
on black athletes. We’ve done exhibits on See History, C5 Schuman Lane. Free.


Leave a love note on the Valen-

London’s death a Sonoma County mystery
tine tree, outside of Heebe Jeebe

inside the LanMart Building. ne-hundred-two years ago, in the
dawning of Nov. 22, 1916, famed
Love Notes for Valentine’s American novelist Jack London
Day: Continuing a Petaluma was found unconscious on the floor of his
tradition, visitors to down- home in Sonoma County’s Glen Ellen.
town’s LanMart building, when Later that day, several conflicting medical
entering from Kentucky St., are reports were announced as to the cause of
being greeted by a Valentine’s his death, and then were strangely contra-
Day tree, and an invitation to dicted.
write heart-shaped love notes to Jack London had
hang them on. Those wish- been a frequent visi-
ing to express their romantic tor to Petaluma, rid-
thoughts have already placed a ing here often, both
few dozen such love notes. Just on horseback and by
another sweet, eccentric exam- buggy. Much of the
ple of how Petaluma rolls. feed for the animals
on his Glen Ellen
Peace Crane Project ranch came from Mc-
announces youth poster Near’s Mill on ‘B’ and
contest: The Petaluma-based Skip Main Street, and he
Peace Crane Project — an orga- Sommer purchased his baby
nization dedicated to a message chicks there as well.
of ridding the world of nuclear London usually carried bells attached to
weapons — is asking Middle his saddle and to his harness to announce
School and High School stu- his arrival here in town. Hearing those,
dents to create original posters children would scamper to the street to
bearing messages of nuclear catch the candy he happily tossed them.
disarmament and non-prolif- In fact, Jack London often reminisced
eration. Cash prizes ranging about the Petaluma Valley, calling it “the
from $75-$150 for grades 6-8 grassy feet of the Sonoma Mountains and
and $100-$200 for grades 9-12. home.” It was, he said, his “favorite view in Jack London, author and fan of Petaluma, died on Nov. 22 in 1916.
Artwork must be original, all the world.”
according to the contest rules, Jack London always lived life to the world to ponder. publicly lecturing about birth control.
and all 2D media are eligible, fullest. Thus, his famous quote, “I would At that time, the world of 1916, the On the subject of London’s death, our
including painting, sketching, rather my spark should burn out in a automobile was still outnumbered by the Petaluma Argus editor D.W. Ravenscroft
etc. Students from Sonoma brilliant blaze, than it should be stifled by horse and wagon, World War I had begun mourned the author eloquently, writing,
County, Napa County, and dry-rot.” Thus, he had set his own stage for in Europe, Woodrow Wilson had just been “American literature suffers the greatest
Marin County are invited to the strange circumstances of his death in re-elected, Mexican Bandito Pancho Villa loss which it could possibly suffer.” And,
participate, and all entries will 1916, at the young age of 40. had actually invaded the United States — Ravenscroft’s wife, the president of the
be judged by a jury of local art- Had it been illness, a suicide, or an acci- only to be driven back by General George Petaluma Woman’s Club, organized a lec-
ists, who will base their awards dent? Pershing — and in Brooklyn, New York, ture series that same week, entitled, “The
Or, perhaps something more sinister? women’s advocate Margaret Sanger had
See Buzz, C6 Those questions hung in the air for the been arrested on “obscenity charges,” for See Sommer, C6


From mime to librarian, PRESCHOOL FAIR

Looking for a good school for your
preschool-age kids? The Petaluma Moth-

Cochran can’t be boxed in

ers Club presents its annual Preschool
Fair, where 15 to 20 local preschools will
be on hand to discuss school programs.
The free event takes place Thursday,
A passion for books, learning, Feb 8, at the Petaluma Community Cen-
ter, at Lucchesi Park, 320 N. McDowell
and all manner of ‘facts’ has led Blvd. 6-8 p.m. PetalumaMothersClub.
Petaluma man to ideal career org.

By GIL MANSERGH PETALUMA HOLIDAY TREASURE The Petaluma Mother’s Club holds its Pre-
HUNT: VALENTINE’S DAY EDITION school Fair on Thursday evening.

oe “The Librarian” Cochrane’s career In celebration of Valentine’s Day,
path shifted abruptly when he was lit- the Petaluma Holiday Treasure Hunt
erally picked off the street to become offers a love-themed treasure including
a professional mime. A College of the a box of chocolates, a dozen roses, and
Redwoods wildlife management student a cash prize (who doesn’t love cash?).
at the time, he happened to walk past the It all begins on Friday, Feb. 9, at 7 p.m.,
Blue Lake Odd Fellows Hall where Carlo when the first photographic clue will be
Mazzone-Clementi was holding auditions posted on the Petaluma Holiday Trea-
for his school of mime and theater. Dis- sure Hunt Facebook page. The photo
mayed at what people showed him during will show a detail of a larger shot of the
auditions, Carlo loudly announced, “I treasure’s location. Every day after, a
can grab someone off the street to do a slightly larger crop will be posted, grad- “Unleashed,” a romantic comedy about a
better job.” ually revealing the hiding place. The single woman’s pet dog and cat magically
So he went outside, stopped Joe Co- finder, after posting a photo of them- becoming human, screens Valentine’s Day
chrane, and dragged him inside and up to selves having discovered the mystery at SRJC Petaluma.
the stage. (that’s a must to claim the prize), will
“I guess I did OK,” says Joe, who imme- Joe Cochrane, Petaluma Librarian receive instructions on which downtown
diately earned a spot in Mazzone-Clem- business to go to, to pick up the rest of
ent’s prestigious Dell’Arte International mits, “I was really hired for my passion the treasure. Good luck, Petaluma, and
School of Physical Theater. What he managing people, especially the older Happy Valentine’s Day!
learned from the experience still comes workers.”
in handy as a librarian, he tells us. “I use Except for the commute to Napa, it UNLEASHED’ SCREENS IN SPECIAL
my physical theater skills every day. My was an ideal match. But Joe’s wife, kids, VALENTINE’S DAY EVENT
job title is Petaluma Branch Manager, home, and volunteer work are all in SRJC Petaluma’s weekly mov-
but since my job is to face the public Petaluma, so when the Petaluma Branch ie-and-lecture event, presented by the Two weekends of Petaluma Library book
and be a visible part of the community, Manager retired in 2014, Joe stepped up. Petaluma Film Alliance, will welcome sales begin this weekend.
I introduce myself as the Community “I arrived just as a number of new special guest director Finn Taylor
Librarian to individuals and groups.” things began,” he recalls. “Connie (“Sleeping with Fishes”; “Cherish”;
Mime and Librarian are not the only Williams and Nathan Libecap from Pet- “The Darwin Awards”) for a pre-show
slightly-out-of-the-ordinary vocations Joe aluma City Schools worked with Peta- conversation and Q&A before screening
has held. To pay for college, he worked luma librarians Kate Keaton and Diana his award-winning romantic come-
as a field manager for a daffodil farm, a Spalding to launch the LumaCon fandom dy “Unleashed.” It’s about a choosy,
delivery driver for a commercial nursery, festival for teens and tweens. Forming a upwardly mobile, single San Francisco
and a driver for Sierra Springs bottled teen advisory group, and working with woman (Kate Micucci), and the fantasti-
water. Eventually earning his undergrad- local artists, comic book stores, volunteer cal cosmic event that turns her pet dog
uate degree in Urban/Bio Geography, Joe groups, and local schools, we hoped that and cat into humans — basically her
went on to earn an MA in Library and 500 people would attend. Imagine our two “perfect men.” $6. SRJC Petaluma
Information Science, starting his first surprise when almost 1500 people passed campus, 680 Sonoma Mountain Park-
library job in 1993. through during the day.” way. 6 p.m. pre-show. 7 p.m. screening.
Joe worked for 18 years with the North That first LumaCon was held in an
Bay Cooperative Library System, a exhibition hall at the Fairgrounds. The Feb. 9 crab-feed a benefit for the Petaluma
program matching rural libraries with next year, the event moved to the Petalu- LIBRARY BOOK SALE Women’s Club.
wealthier system resources throughout ma Community Center, and last month, The Petaluma Regional Library pres-
the six North Bay counties. attendance was twice that number. Joe ents its spring book sales. The kids go PETALUMA WOMEN’S CLUB’S
“Labelled ‘the fact man’ by others, I and other representatives of local librar- first, with children’s books on sale Fri- ‘BEST LITTLE CRAB-FEED”
quickly became the Q&A center, an- ies were on hand to give out information day, Feb. 9, 10 a.m.-5 p.m., and Saturday There will be mountains of cracked
swering hard science and automobile about all the things that a modern library (half-price day), Feb. 10, 10 a.m.-3 p.m. crab, rivers of libation, and the legend-
questions for the reference librarians,” can offer the community. General book sale days are Wednesday ary “Better Than Sex” cake for desert,
Joe says. “Over time, computer networks “I like to think of the Petaluma Branch Feb. 14, 4-8 p.m., Thursday and Friday, all in support of Petaluma’s beloved
expanded, and the need for the renamed Library as a continually growing tree,” Feb. 15-16, 10 a.m.-5 p.m., and Satur- Women’s Club and its efforts to restore
North Net Library System diminished. Joe summarizes, “spreading in differ- day, Feb. 17, 10 a.m.-1:50 p.m., followed and refurbish the iconic building. Fri-
My final job as Circuit Rider Librarian ent directions, while its local roots stay immediately by the big bag sale, from day, Feb. 9, 6:30 p.m. $50, www.petaluma-
was phased out in 2012.” stronger than ever.” 2-4 p.m., in which you can fill up a paper
Head-hunted by Napa County to be (Contact Gil Mansergh at gilmanser- or canvass carrier for a mere $2 per bag.
their reference coordinator, Joe ad- 100 Fairgrounds Drive. See Out, C3



Deliver Newspapers
earn up to $2500* a month


Sharon Dwiggins
27 years Petaluma Argus-Courier carrier Prepare to be amazed and inspired as these powerhouse
• Work only a few hours a day ladies hit the stage for a dynamic performance highlighting
• Supplement income the tales and talents of their stellar Broadway experiences.
• Long-term opportunity

MARCH 17-18
• Can sub-out
Find out how to get started, go to
MARIN CENTER 415-473-6800

MARCH 24-25
Newspaper carriers are independent contractors.

*Amount earned is dependent on several factors

including the number of papers and negotiated fees. LUTHER BURBANK CENTER FOR THE ARTS

Get Tickets Now Ladies of


Stepping Out
Cinema Toast
■■ BLUES ON STAGE ■ Gil Mansergh


In David Lindsay-Abaire’s
“Good People,” Kate (Liz Gil lists locally screening films that
Rogers-Beckley) is con- were nominated last week for
cerned for her marriage. Academy Awards.

Humor, T
his time of year, film stu-
dios often hold over and
even re-release movies

heartbreak that have earned Oscar nom-

inations. Here’s an annotated
alphabetical listing of those ap-

in ‘Good
pearing on screens in Sonoma
County, with the asterisk (*) in-
dicating Oscar nods, including

performances. The Academy
Awards will take place Sunday,
March 4, beginning at 5:30 p.m.
Rev. Shawn Amos plays the Mystic on Friday, Feb. 16, the day his new CD of ‘freedom songs’ is released
This means you have a little
Cinnabar play reveals less than a month to get caught

The Rev. Shawn Amos loves us

up before awards night.
lives of bingo-playing
Boston ‘Southies’
In an impoverished South Bluesman sings of hope, joy and freedom at the Mystic
Boston neighborhood, living
paycheck to paycheck, Marga- By DAVID TEMPLETON
ret loses her job, prompting a ARGUS-COURIER STAFF REV. SHAWN AMOS IN CONCERT

furious quest to find employ- e need more messages of positivi- When: Friday, February 16, 8:30 p.m. CALL ME BY YOUR NAME: Gil says
ment. This is the set-up of ty, but we also shouldn’t be afraid Where: The Mystic Theatre, 21 N. Petaluma Blvd. of this critically-acclaimed coming-of-
David Lindsay-Abaire’s “Good to give a little dose of tough love Cost: $15 per person age story, “It artfully evokes the steamy
People,” which opened a three here and there, too,” preaches the Rev. Shawn undercurrents that pluck all five senses.”
weekend run last Friday at Amos, calling up from Los Angeles to talk Information: To learn more or to purchase tickets He gave it four pieces of toast.
Petaluma’s Cinnabar Theater. In about his music, his new songs, and his ev- visit To check out what the
Reverend Shawn Amos is doing, and where else he’s
the play, Margaret’s unfiltered er-deepening view of the world we live in. An
playing, go to his website at
‘Call Me By Your Name’*
commentary is often harsh and accomplished musician and producer, Amos James Ivory’s* screenplay
sometime duplicitous, formed — who added the “Rev.” part of his name a few and Luca Guadagnino’s direc-
by a reality where it is normal to years ago, when he began to inject more blues A frequent band-on-tour visitor to these tion artfully evoke the steamy
claw and struggle through life. music into his repertoire — will be bringing parts, Amos last visited Petaluma in spring of undercurrents that pluck all
In one powerful speech, his band to Petaluma on Friday, Feb. 16, as 2017, dropping into the Big Easy for two back- five senses in this coming-of-
Margaret (Sarah McKereghan) part of a national tour to promote his latest to-back nights. This time, he’ll be performing age tale of bisexuality starring
rants against the accusation CD, “The Rev. Shawn Amos Breaks It Down.” at the Mystic Theatre, where he plans to mix Timothee Chalamet.*
that her choices caused the pov- “I’m a big fan of Petaluma and Sonoma up songs from his past albums, including the
erty she is trapped in, passion- County,” notes Amos, whose father was popular “The Rev. Shawn Amos Loves You,” ‘Darkest Hour’*
ately listing the chain reaction “Famous Amos,” the cookie company founder with songs from the new one, which blends Gary Oldman* gives an
caused by having no capital to and pop cultural icon. The younger Amos, in fresh interpretations of older songs with Oscar-worthy performance
draw on, leading to an endless addition to being a sought-after producer, is brand new tunes Amos has labeled “21st Cen- playing Winston Churchill in
cycle of poverty — unless exte- the host of the YouTube series “Kitchen Table the harrowing weeks leading
Blues.” See Amos, C7
See People, C7 See Toast, C6

Out Continued from C2

All proceeds from this benefit sup-
port improvements to Penngrove Park
and the Penngrove Clubhouse, which is
where the event is held. Saturday, Feb.
10, 5:45 p.m. (Dinner at 7 p.m.). $50 per
person. 385 Woodward St. Penngrove.
Tickets available at JavAmore Cafe, 10101
Main Street, Penngrove. For information
call (707) 794-1516.


The Back House Gallery at Heebe
Jeebe General Store presents ‘Foiled,” a
community-wide art show focusing on
the subject of love and lust, with an addi-
tional emphasis on the use of aluminum

Hwy. 101 widening:

foil. Show opens Saturday, Feb. 10, with a
reception unfolding from 7-9 p.m. Heebee
Jeebee General Store, 46 Kentucky St.


Let’s finish the job
Hermann Sons Petaluma Lodge #26 Sueann Bettison Sher leads a presentation
throws its annual Karneval Mardi Gras on making mosaics from broken pieces State Highway 101 between Petaluma and Novato is
Costume Ball, Saturday, Feb. 10, at at the Petaluma Garden Club meeting on
Monday, Feb. 12. plagued by incessant traffic jams and needs to be widened
Hermann Sons Hall, 860 Western Ave.
Dance music will be provided by the and upgraded to freeway standards. Come hear from our
Steve Balich Band. Admission includes tival. Dinner will be served by Preferred elected officials who will discuss proposed solutions to
the party, light snacks and desserts, Sonoma Caterers, and the price includes completing this important transportation project.
and coffee. A no host bar will be serving party favors and more. Tuesday, Feb 13,
appropriately festive libations. Doors at Lagunitas Brewing Company, 1280 N.
open at 6, dancing at 7 p.m. $25. Purchase McDowell Blvd. $25 for adults, $15 for What: Exploring solutions to completing the
tickets at 21-and-under, free for 12-and-under. Highway 101 widening project
PIECES OF STUFF With 500 available seats, this annu- Where: Petaluma Veterans Memorial Building,
al event — taking place Friday, Feb. 1094 Petaluma Blvd. South, Petaluma
‘Contemporary Aesthetic with an Old 23, 6 p.m. — is most likely the largest
World Charm — Beautiful Mosaics.’ crab-feeds of the season. All proceeds Who: Senator Bill Dodd
That’s the lengthy but evocative title of benefit the Rotary Club’s community
Senator Mike McGuire
the Petaluma Garden Club’s February and international project fund. $65 per
meeting, to be held on Monday, Feb. 12. person. Petaluma Veterans Hall, 1094 S. Supervisor David Rabbitt
Sueanne Bettison Sher, founder of Cocci Petaluma Blvd. Reserve tickets at Peta-
District 4 Director, Caltrans
& Idee Custom Art, with display some of
her work, and demonstrate how she uses Bijan Sartipi
carefully cut pieces of china to create CRAB-FEED FOR ITALIAN CATHOLIC Metropolitan Transportation
beautiful new art pieces. Snacks and cof- FEDERATION OF PETALUMA Commission Chairman Jake Mackenzie
fee will be provided. The meeting will be All you can eat crab and side dishes to
held at the Veteran’s Memorial Building, match will be on the menu on Saturday, Suzanne Smith, Executive Director,
1094 Petaluma Blvd. S. Registration at Feb. 24, at St James Church. 6:15 p.m. Sonoma County Transportation Authority
9:30 a.m. $45.00 gets you a seat at the table, but
attendees must purchase tickets in ad- Dianne Steinhauser, Executive Director,
ANOTHER MARDI GRAS vance. Proceeds go toward scholarships Transportation Authority of Marin
PARTY, AT LAGUNITAS and charities in and around Petaluma.
Elsewhere in town, the King Street To reserve a space, call Louise Vicino at
Giants! (formerly known as the Dixie (707) 769-7389. Paul Gullixson, Editorial Director, The Press Democrat
Giants) will bring their own good times John Burns, Publisher, Petaluma Argus-Courier
at the Louisiana-themed Mardi Gras
fundraiser for the Petaluma Music Fes-
Special thanks to Supervisor David Rabbitt for co-hosting this event with

Find more local entertainment

events at

Your Weekend

Peace of G play the Aqus Cafe on Thursday night.

THURSDAY perience on the road, and

deeply authentic, early
PEACE OF G 70s, San Francisco sound.
Gerard Serafini, sing- First set 8:30 p.m. No cover.
er-songwriter and founder Twin Oaks Roadhouse,
of Peace of G, infuses his 5745 Old Redwood Hwy.
band’s songs with clever
lyrics, innovative instru- SATURDAY
mentations, and rich musi-
cality. Together, the band BAD BOY EDDY
members – with Michael Seriously over-the-top,
Noel, Michael Lipuma, and and dangerously adrenal-
King Daddy - employ tight ized, this hair-raising rock
harmonies, a jam-band band from Antioch comes
style, and a blend of roots to town on a high-octane
rock and whatever else wave of hard-playing,
they come up with. 7 p.m. glam-coated, gloriously
No cover. The Aqus Café, sleazy glee. The Phoenix
198 H St. Theater, 201 Washington
St. $10. 8 p.m. ThePhoe-
FRIDAY Bad Boy Eddy play the Phoenix on Saturday.

PRIDE & JOY ALABAMA MIKE & tesy of Cinnabar Theater,

Everyone knows them. COYOTE SLIM 3333 N. Petaluma Blvd.
Everyone loves them. The unstoppably en- Show-times 8 p.m. Fridays
They are big, loud, loads tertaining Chicago-style and Saturdays, 2 p.m.
of fun, and are widely bluesman from San Lean- Sundays. Tickets $20-$55.
acclaimed as one of the dro brings this blues-de-
Bay Area’s most rambunc- fining act to The Big Easy,
tious and crowd-pleasing where Coyote Slim will SUNDAY
party bands of all time. open. 7:30 p.m. $10 cover.
The Mystic Theatre, 21 N. FOXES IN THE
Petaluma Blvd. 8:30 p.m. HENHOUSE
$18 in advance, $23 at the ‘GOOD PEOPLE’
door. A feisty woman from The popular local
South Boston loses her all-female quartet play
LOOSE WITH THE job, is in dire straits, but folksy crowd-pleasers with
TRUTH has a plan to pay the rent: a style that is as charming
This San Francis- it involves begging an and fun as it is impressive-
co-based jam band evokes ex-lover for a job, bingo, ly skillful and endlessly
memories of The Grate- and perhaps a touch of entertaining. The Red
ful Dead and the Wall of blackmail. Sort of. David Brick, 101 2nd St. No cover.
Sound era, combined with Lindsay-Abaire’s play gets 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. RedBrick-
the players’ years-long ex- a local production cour-

Loose With the Truth play Twin Oaks Roadhouse on Friday night.

Pride and Joy play The Mystic on Friday night Foxes in the Henhouse perform at Red Brick on Sunday afternoon


Upcoming Workshops
Space is limited. Sign-up online. All classes are 10:00 a.m. – Noon
Attendees will receive a discount coupon for related supplies!
Soil Health - Feb. 10th

Nut Trees
Berry Bushes

Awesome Selection! Affordable pricing!

From $16.50

3244 Gravenstein Hwy North Sebastopol (near Graton)

Mon-Sat 7:30–5:00, Sun 9:00–5:00
707.823.9125 


In 2003, producer Stein had big plans for Petaluma

What happened became an embezzle- FIFTEEN YEARS AGO
ment scandal that still haunts victims (Excerpt from profile by Chris Samson, appearing on Wednes-
day, Feb. 5, 2003)
By DAVID TEMPLETON Jack Stein has represented such artists as Diana Ross, Bill Cosby
ARGUS-COURIER STAFF and the Temptations, was a close friend of Dudley Moore, was

n the spring of 2003, married to Susan Anton, and was nominated for an Emmy for
Hollywood promoter a prime-time TV show he produced. Now living in Petaluma,
Jack Stein, then a he has written a book about turning 50, and plans to produce
resident of Petaluma for Broadway musicals in the area.
just over two years, gave What are some of the rewards and challenges of
a lengthy interview to the representing professional entertainers?
Argus-Courier’s Chris
Samson (see excerpt in “I don’t do much personal management anymore. I’m doing
sidebar). The profile was more concert and theater production. I produced a Sinbad
full of Stein’s autobi- concert last may at the Marin Civic Center, and a Bob Newhart
ographical descriptions of concert in Indianapolis. I plan to do a couple of Broadway
his show business success- musical theater productions this summer in Sonoma County. I
es, with room for his own never had the desire to direct, but I love putting together an act,
plans for the future, which or a show, artistically. My real forte is production. I’m the person
included producing lavish Jack Stein in 2003. who puts all the pieces together. I love the responsibility … and
musicals in the area. the credit.”
At the time, no one could With the money gone, the Your goals?
know that in just over a organization had no choice “I have to learn to listen more.”
year, Stein would become but to shutter the show.
notorious, charged with Not long after, Stein was Stein also plans to start his own theater company, and produce
embezzlement of funds arrested and charged with Broadway musicals in Sonoma County. His first planned produc-
intended to pay for a embezzlement, though The Polly Klaas Performing Arts Center remains unopened. tion will be “West Side Story.”
production of “West Side at the time he insisted The building needs a number of improvements. Your personal philosophy?
Story,” itself a benefit he’d only taken $6,300, “Believe in yourself. If you believe in yourself — really believe
for the renovation of the and always intended to who went on to become ar- it being shut down so in yourself — you can do anything. There is always a way, you
then-recently-created Polly pay it back. In July of tistic director of Spreckels close to our opening, after just have to keep looking for it. If you are talking to someone
Klaas Performing Arts 2006, he was sentenced to Performing Arts Center all the work we’d done who says ‘No,’ you’re talking to the wrong person.”
Center, which Klein was eight months in jail, four in Rohnert Park, and on it, was horrible. What
then executive director of. months of which he ended now lives in Oro Valley, Jack Stein did really was
The planned facility would up serving. He also agreed Arizona. “It’s funny,” he eye-opening to me, and it Book”). Titled “Merry- she passed away. We are
be housed in the iconic red to pay back $24,000. The reflects. “In my life I’ve changed me. I’d say I lost GoRound,” the show has currently talking with
building at the corner of Board of the Polly Klaas seen assassinations, and my innocence, a bit. I have been talked up over the another actress.”
English and Western, and Performing Arts Center I’ve seen space shuttles been a little more wary years as various artists Asked if he had any-
would be run by Petaluma’s — which, as a result of explode on live TV. We’ve and guarded and distrust- became attached to it, with thing to add to the record
Cinnabar Theater. the embezzlement, never seen the Trade Center ful of people ever since.” Stein telling Los Angles in regard to “West Side
The production of “West did see the building open destroyed before our eyes. Now retired, Abravaya is newspapers that the show Story,” and his time in
Side Story” — to be directed to the public — claimed All of those things affected at work on a play set at the would open on Broadway, Petaluma, Klein had no
by Gene Abravaya, and at the time, according to us. But nothing affects us beginning of the Civil War. with Florence Henderson response, sticking instead
scheduled to open in May newspaper reports, that as much as something that As for Stein, he long (of “The Brady Bunch”) in to the subject of “Merry-
2004 at the Evert Person its total losses due to the happens directly to us.” ago relocated to the Los the cast. Henderson died GoRound,” and his hopes
Theater, on the SSU Cam- crisis were in the neigh- Abravaya adds that Angeles area, where he in December 2016. to see the show open on
pus — was abruptly shut borhood of $80,000. after 15 years, the disap- continues to work in show The project, says Stein Broadway this year.
down just days before open- And that particular pointment still sometimes business as a producer — reached through his “We are looking to be up
ing, when it was discovered production of “West Side returns. of his own projects. In Facebook page — is still in New York in late fall,”
that nearly $30,000 was Story” never did open. “I’d always wanted to be 2012, he announced that going to happen. he says, “with rehearsals
missing from the non-prof- “I remember being a part of that show, ‘West he would be producing a “Yes, MerryGoRound beginning in July/August.”
it’s coffers. That money was extremely disappointed Side Story,’ and was so musical by Richard and is very much alive,” he (Contact David at david.
to pay for rent, artist fees, and outraged by what he excited to be directing it,” Robert Sherman (“Mary says. “We had set Florence templeton@argus-courier.
licensing rights, and more. had done,” says Abravaya, he allows. “To experience Poppins,” “The Jungle Henderson, but sadly, com)

Continued from C1
black community. Though
9-11 affected everybody,
black people and white
people, people here and
everywhere.” Here are some of the stories and columns we’re
Over the years, the working on for next week’s Community section,
annual exhibit has become Thursday, Feb 15, 2018.
a must-see event for many
Petalumans, Ross says. FOILED: Heebe Jeebe’s Back House Gallery
“We have regulars presents a romantic new exhibition of works by
who come every year local artists, many incorporating aluminum foil.
to see what’s new,” she
says. “And a number of THE LONELY, THE LONESOME, AND LEE
teachers in town require ANN WOMACK: Writer Greg Cahill gives a heads-
their students to come, or up on singer-songwriter and country superstar Lee
give them extra credit to Ann Womack, who’ll be appearing at the Mystic on
come to the exhibit. And February 23.
sometimes teachers will
encourage students to THE WHOLE TRUTH: The full text of this
come to the jazz concert month’s award-winning true story from Dave
we always have, and have BLACK HISTORY MONTH: This display describes the development and growth of Petaluma’s Pokorny’s monthly West Side Stories competi-
them write an essay about African-American population beginning in the 1850s. tion.
the concert.”
Ross adds that for 2018, TOOLIN’ AROUND TOWN: Harlan Osborne
one of the elements she’s talks with Dave Minner, owner of the gone-but-not-
most excited about is a “We have regulars who come every year to see what’s new. And a forgotten Camera Corner.
video that will screened on number of teachers in town require their students to come, or give
Saturday, Feb. 24, during YOUR WEEKEND: A round-up of events, musi-
the annual celebration them extra credit to come to the exhibit. And sometimes teachers cal and otherwise, taking place February 15-18 in
to be held at the Veter- will encourage students to come to the jazz concert we always Petaluma.
an’s Hall. In addition to
dance performances by have, and have them write an essay about the concert. ” (Some or all of these anticipated stories are subject
local elementary schools, —Faith Ross, curator, Black History Month exhibit to change)
Petaluma filmmaker Lee
Cummings will present a
documentary chronicling started,” she explains. “It’s like, how they were treated things that have happened
the last 40 years of Black got interviews from six when they first arrived, here in town, and a lot of
History Month celebra- members of the organi- and how they made a our activities over the last
tions in Petaluma. zations, telling stories of home here. Interwoven 40 years. I’m looking for-
“It tells the history of when they first came to into those interviews will ward to sharing that with
this group, and why it Petaluma, and what it was be pictures from different the community.”

A hopeful, heartfelt
and humorous play
etaluma Farm Bracelet”©
“th e P about the haves,
the have-nots and
the luck of the
Look great for your date! South Boston Irish
Before After
that separates them.

Special Wear the Charm of Petaluma History
Handcrafted only here in Petaluma
buy one area, receive
50% off second area
3835 Cypress Drive, Suite 102
Petaluma, CA 94954 • 707-765-2425
w w w. P e t a l u m a A e s t h e t i c s . c o m
5 Western Ave., Petaluma |
Expires Feb 28th

Buzz Continued from C1

on creativity, theme, composition, and
technique. The deadline for submissions
is June 15. Information can be found
at, and questions
can be directed to PeaceCraneProject@

Mike’s Bikes officially a sponsor of

Back Road Challenge: Sponsored by
the Petaluma Sunrise Foundation — a The Sonoma County Backroad Callenge is
project of the Rotary Club of Petaluma returning this May to Sonoma County.
Sunrise — the annual Sonoma County
Back Road Challenge will once-again
take place, this May 19, with highly
scenic routes of varying difficulty and
distance. This year, Mike’s Bikes, of Pet-
aluma, will be an official sponsor, adding
their years of service to the North Bay
cycling community to an event that has
become one of Sonoma County’s most
popular cycling experiences. For infor-
mation visit

Elks, PSA give the green to light

up Walnut Park’s greenery: Last fall,
the Petaluma Service Alliance and the
Elks Lodge #901 held a series of fund-
raising events to assist Petaluma’s St.
Joseph Health Hospice Services in relo-
cating its annual Light Up a Life event to
Jack London’s Death Certificate. the much more spacious Walnut Park.
The organizations presented Hospice

Sommer Continued from C1 ing plain symptoms of

poisoning.” But she made
no mention in her book of
wiht a check for over $6,000. “With the
help of these two organizations,” says
Meghan Langhals of St. Joseph’s, “we
Life and Works of Jack blamed solely on uremic a disagreement between were able to purchase the lights we
London.” The Raven- poisoning.” Stone made any of the doctors, nor needed, and get them hung for our 32nd
scrofts had known London no mention of London’s any mention of possible annual Light Up a Life.” The tree light-
personally. London’s most personal M.D., Dr. Porter, suicide. ing and Remembrance Celebration took
important books, “The Sea or of his physician friend, Four days after London’s place Friday, Dec. 1, 2017. From left, Maureen Frances of Petaluma
Wolf,” “White Fang” and Dr. Sheils, who were also death, our Petaluma Argus (Got a BUZZ item to suggest? Write to Service Alliance, Chris Falley of St. Joseph
“The Call of the Wild,” present that day. was still mourning. David at david.templeton@arguscourier. Health Hospice Services and John Leary of
had enamored readers Biographer Andrew Sin- “Jack London had many com) Petaluma Elks Lodge #901.
throughout the world, and clair was far more blunt. friends here,” an article
Petaluma was no excep- “Jack had injected stated, “and used to visit
tion to that. himself with an overdose quite often,” adding that
The controversy regard-
ing Jack London’s cause of
death was initiated by the
of drugs,” Sinclair wrote,
noting that Dr. Thompson
had been angry that his
London would often end
his day in Petaluma with
“a visit to a local pub.”
Continued from C3
three physicians who had own diagnosis of London Ironically, the week after
been urgently called to his “deliberately commit- London’s death, Petaluma up to WWII’s evacuation
ranch that morning, where ting suicide” had been Police Chief Flohr — in an at Dunkirk.
London had been found in overturned by two other effort to curtail communi-
a coma. London biogra- physicians, who staunchly ty drunkenness — ordered ‘Lady Bird’* THE DARKEST HOUR: Winston THE POST: Gil Mansergh gives
pher Russ Kingman later claimed the death was all music in Petaluma’s Greta Gerwig** writes Churchill, who’s been getting this Spielberg-directed drama
wrote, “A partially empty from uremia. It was never saloons to be banned. and directs using her own a lot of screen time in movies four pieces of toast, calling it
bottle of morphine was determined how much I surmise that Jack Lon- experiences growing up in and television shows of late, is “Great filmmaking right up there
found,” adding that the morphine London had don wouldn’t have liked Sacramento, with Saoirse now played by Gary Oldman in a with ‘All the President’s Men.’ ”
first physician to see him taken, but Sinclair wrote, that order, at all. Ronan* astounding as the performance Gil says should win
— a Dr. Thompson — had “His large injection before Whether Jack London high school senior, and the actor an Oscar nomination.
declared cause of death dawn seems to have been deliberately committed Laurie Metcalf exception-
as morphine poisoning. an impulse intended to be suicide or simply suffered al as the mother.
But later that day, Lon- terminal.” an accidental overdose
don’s personal physician, In a 1939 biography of — or that someone else ‘Phantom Thread’*
Dr. Porter, changed that her father, Joan London had been involved — will Paul Thomas An-
diagnosis to acute uremia, later said that London had always be debated, because derson* directs Dan-
stating that London had indeed taken a lethal dose, of the great deal of confu- iel Day-Lewis* as the
been treating himself for but questioned assump- sion in the early reporting fastidiously self-centered LADYBIRD: Gil gives this com- THREE BILLBOARDS OUT-
what the doctor called tions that it was suicide. of the incident. Pills vs. individual who designs ing-of-age story four pieces of SIDE EBBING, MISSOURI:
“terrible suffering caused “Who could say whether injections, the timing of dresses for rich clients toast, calling it “a winner!” The writer-director who brought
by inoperative kidneys.” it had been with suicidal the death, the stomach he calls “The Royals” us “In Bruges” returns with this
It was certainly no se- intention or merely an pumping, and doctors (and some them actually drama about justice and retribu-
cret that Jack London had overdose in the midst of overriding other doctor’s are), and recruits a plain, tion in smalltown America.
been a heavy drinker. agony,” she wrote. She diagnoses, were indeed working-class girl (Lesley
Jack London biographer went on to state that on strange contradictions. Manville*) to be the As for the others,
Irving Stone eventually the morning after her We do know, however, centerpiece model for his Jordan Peel’s “Get Out”*
wrote that London had father’s Nov. 22 death, she that Charmian London latest collection. starring Daniel Kaluuya
been found unconscious had received a letter from fervently did not want the and Christopher Nolan’s
on the floor by his Japa- her father, dated Nov. 21, world to hear a suicide or ‘The Post’* PHANTOM THREAD: Oscar- “Dunkirk”* are also Best
nese servant, and that the inviting her to lunch with murder determination of Steven Spielberg directs winning actor Daniel Day Lewis Picture nominees, but
servant had also found, in him at the end of that very her husband’s demise. this docudrama about gives what he insists will be his are not currently in local
Stone’s words, “Two emp- week. She then questioned Jack London’s ashes are the Pentagon Papers and last on-screen performance. theaters.
ty vials of morphine sul- whether her father would buried on a mossy knoll- freedom of the press,
fate and atropine sulfate, have committed suicide top in Sonoma County, with Meryl Streeep* as neighbor (Richard Jen-
plus a pad of paper with prior to that luncheon he next to Charmian’s grave. newspaper heiress Kay kins*) and her coworker
a calculation of a lethal had just set up with his His legend lives on here, Graham, who, with her (Octavia Spencer*). This
amount of dosage.” daughter. as it does across the globe. title and prestige, fre- film garnered 13 Oscar
Stone pointed out In her own autobiogra- Today, the actual cause of quently finds herself “the nominations.
that Jack London’s wife, phy, Charmian London his death is of far lesser only woman in the room.”
Charmian, had firmly described the events of importance than the liter- Watch with delight when ‘Three Billboards WINCHESTER: This one will
stated that it would be, that morning like this. ary production of his short the decision to “run” ex- Outside of Ebbing, definitely NOT be nominated
once again, quoting “Jack, unconscious, was but incredible life. cerpts from the top secret for any Oscars in 2019, despite
Stone, “very important doubled down sideways on ‘Good Ol’ Jack,’ as he documents comes down to
Missouri’* the appearance by Oscar winner
that the death should be the bedroom floor, show- was often called, may a “yes or no choice” that The billboards in the Helen Mirren.
just be watching over his only Graham can make. title are used by a dis-
beloved Sonoma County traught mother (Frances
laughing, or relaxing in ‘The Shape of Water’* McDormand*) who is Winchester (R)
the corner of some local Guillermo del Toro** P-O’d that the local police Starring: Helen Mir-
bar, silently laughing over writes and directs an chief (Woody Harrelson*) ren, Jason Clarke, Sarah
the ongoing debate regard- adult fairy tale about a has done nothing to solve Snook, Angus Sampson,
ing his death. woman (Sally Hawkins*) her daughter’s rape, Finn Scicluna-O’Prey
I certainly hope so. who falls in love with (and murder and incineration. Directed by: Michael
(Historian Skip Sommer then makes love to) an Turns out the Chief is so and Peter Spierig
is an honorary life member amphibian who looks like obsessed with his impend- Let’s say you had
of Heritage Homes and the Creature From the ing death from cancer, he’s a great story about a
the Petaluma Historical Black Lagoon, and then let his bigoted, mamma’s woman haunted by the
Museum. Contact him at helps him escape captivity boy protégé (Sam Rock- countless deaths caused with the help of her gay well*) take over the case. by her late husband’s
Winchester repeating ri-
fles, and how she comes to
believe that the only way

Nominate Your
to stay alive is to tirelessly
keep building additions to
her San Jose house. Then

Friends & Neighbors.

let’s say the house, with
its stairways and doors
to nowhere, exists today
as a museum. Then, you
cast Triple Crown (Oscar,
Emmy and Tony) winner
2018 Petaluma Community Dame Helen Mirren as
Sarah Winchester. What
would you do? In all
Awards of Excellence probability it would be
the exact opposite of the
choices made by the film-
makers of Winchester.
Find the nomination form This film was not released
to critics, but I did get to
watch what the studios
on page A3 of today’s paper. call an “extended pre-
view.” Based on that, it’s
clear that while the film
may not steal the “worst

Deadline is Feb. 9. ever” label from Tommy

Wiseau’s “The Room” or
Ed Wood’s “Plan 9 from
Outer Space,” it’s a close
Sponsored by (NOTE: To view trailers
of the above-mentioned
films, check out Cinema
Toast at
Comments? E-mail gil-

Amos Continued from C3 light, is to remind ourselves of our com-

monality, and our humanity, and why we
are better off being united as opposed to
tury Freedom Songs. poking our fingers in each other’s eyes
“The new CD isn’t a departure so much all the time.”
as it’s a continuation of the journey I am That conviction, he explains, is part
on,” Amos explains. “But certainly, it of the motivation for the new album’s
is more ‘of the time,’ more reflective of “Freedom Suite,” a trio of songs inspired
the things that are going on in the world, by those early musicians who used music
than what I’ve written and recorded as a call for justice and equality in the
before. What I’ve done in the past has fifties and sixties.
been more like celebrations of bygone “We were touring in the South last
eras, or perhaps internal conversations, year,” he says, “and we were listening
more than what the new CD has, which to a lot of those old ‘freedom songs,’
are songs that so ob- songs by the Staples
viously want to say “We live in a world where there Singers, and songs
something about by Bob Dylan, and
where we are at. In is so much ugliness that can be even stuff from the
that sense, I suppose captured and broadcast around 70s, songs by Cur-
it is a little bit of tiss Mayfield and
new turf for me.” the world so easily. We see so Marvin Gaye. Those
In addition to much stuff, good and bad, more were songs born out
original songs like of protest, but they
the hauntingly than we’ve ever seen before. were never angry.
acapella “Uncle We see all of these dramatic It was music that
Tom’s Prayer,” the always called out to
effective, emotion- images, people carrying tiki our higher angels.”
ally soaring “Does torches or whatever, but I still Those songs
My Life Matter?” were very much in
and the powerful believe that there are more Amos’ mind as he
“2017” – a catchy, good-hearted people out there began writing the
funk-tinged anthem new album. With so
with the rhyth- than not.” much division and
mically insistent —The Rev. Shawn Amos blame so prominent
refrain, “We have to on social media The Rev. Shawn Amos
open up our hearts and beyond, Amos
and brains” – the knows that there want to bring us down. Dancing and having been happy and hopeful for a few
frequently danceable album also includes are many who might question whether a singing gives us comfort, and gives us hours, then I consider it a privilege and
a rich and soulful, organ-driven, swaying- simple song about love and unity can do hope, and charges us up to go back out an honor to have been part of that.”
in-the-pews take on Nick Lowe’s iconic anything real to affect change. and keep going. If people walk into my (Contact David at david.templeton@
“What’s So Funny About Peace, Love and “That’s a fair question,” he allows. shows feeling beat up, and they leave
Understanding?” and a slinky and sultry, “We live in a world where there is so
unexpectedly powerful cover of David much ugliness that can be captured and
Bowie’s “Jean Genie,” the lyrics of which broadcast around the world so easily. We
— “he loves to be loved, yes he loves to be see so much stuff, good and bad, more

loved” — have taken on an errie, decided- than we’ve ever seen before. We see all of
ly Trump-esque veneer. these dramatic images, people carrying
The album’s first release was the single tiki torches or whatever, but I still believe
“(We’ve Got To) Come Together,” a big, that there are more good-hearted people
brassy, joyous call for unity and love in out there than not. We can ultimately get
difficult times. past the fear we feel from those ugly im-

“That is the message,” Amos says. ages, and just fight for change. That’s all
“I don’t think anything is gained by we can do, right? Keep up the movement
negativity. There’s enough of that being toward change. That’s what my music is
thrown around by folks who are in loftier all about, avoiding cynicism and embrac-
positions than me. There’s a line in that ing the positive.”
song that quotes Martin Luther King Jr. To that end, Amos says, there is nothing
It says, ‘I’m sticking with love, because frivolous in giving people something to

With Us
hate is too big a burden to bear.’ I believe dance to, even in times of trouble and loss.
that. I think the way to move forward, “Joy is joy, man,” he says. “We need
to create change, to move us all into the joy. We need relief from the things that

People Continued from C3 GOOD PEOPLE

What: A comedy-drama by
rior opportunities break fortably situated in his award-winning playwright Baptist Christian sCienCe
through. Chestnut Hill estate when David Lindsay-Abaire.
Playwright Lind- Margaret arrives to shake Petaluma Valley Baptist Church First Church of Christ,
Where: Cinnabar Theater,
say-Abaire’s detailed up his paradise with un- 3333 Petaluma Blvd. N. (707) 763-2277 Scientist Petaluma
portraits of “Southies” welcome demands. Their When: ‘Good People’ runs
are not the gangsters or passive-aggressive postur- Everyone Welcome!
weekends through Feb. 18. 580 Sonoma Mtn. Pkway, Petaluma
criminals we often see in ing leads to an awkward Show times 8 p.m. on Fridays 522 B St., Petaluma (707) 762-4105
dramas about Boston. In invitation to his home, and Saturdays, and 2 p.m. on Services:
“Good People,” they are, through Margaret’s skill-
Services and Childcare:
Sundays. (Nursery Care Provided)
indeed, good, ordinary ful maneuvering and “lace Sun. 10 am & Wed. 7:30 pm
people — stamping bingo curtain Irish” accusations Admission: Tickets are $28
general ($35 at the door); Sun. – 9:00 am & 11:00 am Reading Room - 21 Sixth Street
cards while gossiping, or guilting him into coop-
gathering in the kitchen erating. Wayne Hovey’s $25 senior ($30 at the door); Bible based Sunday school for students up
$20 under 30 and mili-tary Sr. Pastor: Bob Merwin
for coffee and a laugh. clever set design of sliding to the age of 20.
The acting ensemble, panels transitions between ($25 at the door); $15 youth
under dialect coach Kate disparate locations, from under 18 ($20 at the door);
$55 VIP (includes reserved
Brickley (also a member a mud splattered brick Sovereign Grace
of the cast), recreates the alley to Mike’s minimalist seating, a glass of wine and
choice of dessert).
signature accent with few chic living room, where Community Church St. John's Episcopal Church
slips and natural ease. Kate (Liz Rogers-Beckley) Information: For tickets
Director Michael wel-comes the unexpected and information call (707) Church Office: (707) 778-1296 40 5th St., Petaluma
Fontaine has clearly intruder with openhearted 763-8920 (Tuesday-Friday 10 Sunday Eucharist
studied the structure of sincerity. a.m.-3 p.m.) or visit Cin-na- 1310 Commerce St. Suite B
the play, giving meticulous Comedic exchanges 8 AM Rite I and 10 AM Rite II
Sunday Worship Service – 10:00 am
instruction re-garding occur through everyday Sunday School at the 10 AM Service
shifting intentions of the situations, such as Mike’s @Valley Orchards: 2100 E.Washington St Julian’s Way Study Group at 9:40 AM Sundays
characters. In one scene, disparaging remarks in on the joke. Margaret’s
Margaret clasps her purse, about a cheese platter insistence that she is not Wed. Bible Study – 7:00 pm (@ office) Tuesday Centering Prayer 5 PM
shoulders slumped protec- resembling a “wedge of racist, while constantly Wednesday Centering Prayer 9:30 AM
moldy basement,” and demonstrating otherwise,
Biblical Counseling Ctr of Sonoma Cty.
tively when she enters the Wednesday Eucharist & Healing 12:15PM
action, based on false pre- Dottie’s horror when is chilling in the current Pastor: Kevin Kirby
tenses, and drops the bag Stevie (Caleb Noal) refuses political climate. Taize Service 7 PM First Friday Monthly
to sit confidently as power to purchase a gaudy rabbit “Good People” is an (707) 762-8872
shifts toward her side. decoration for his apart- astute observation of class
Exemplary actors Liz ment. The flowing humor identity in the United
Jahren (Jean) and Kate stutters to a halt with a States, with an exemplary
Brickley (Dottie) form
Margaret’s bulwark of
recurring theme of casual
racism, called out by other
ensemble drawing out
touches of humor, heart- CatholiC lUtheran
friends. Slouching her characters in a lackadaisi- ache and well-intentioned Elim Lutheran Church
way through vulgar quips, cal manner, as if they are deceit. St. James Church Sunday Worship: 8:30am & 10:30am
Jean encourages a series
of terrible ideas for finding (707) 762-4256, 504 Baker Street (office), Petaluma elim@
a job, in-sisting that Mar-
garet ask for employment
from an ex-boyfriend who
Bob’s BASEBALL Tours 125 Sonoma Mtn. Pkway
(707) 762-4081/
See MLB games at Wrigley Field, Pastor: Rev. Michael Culligan
has not seen her in years.
Dottie, pragmatic and Fenway Park & Yankee Stadium Schedule of Masses: Sat. 5:00 pm - St. John Lutheran Church
fiercely protective of her on one of our tours! 455 McNear Ave. Petaluma
hobby crafting googly eyed Sun. 7:00 am, 9:00 am, 11:00 am,
styrofoam rabbits, insists Experience a guided tour of New York City 707-762-4466
that Mar-garet needs to or have free time at Niagara Falls.
5:00 pm - Weekday Masses: 9 am 6 Lenten Services each Wed. at 7pm
find a way to pay her rent. starting Feb. 14
Costume designer Ellen Coach bus trip. Quality hotels and game tickets.
Howes enjoys a nod to the Palm Sunday March 25 and
character’s idiosyncra-
For a free brochure, call: 507.217.1326. If no answer,
please clearly/slowly leave your name/address St. Vincent De Paul Church Easter Sunday April 1 at 10am
sies, giving Dottie a pastel (707) 762-4278
sweater covered in embroi-
dered Easter eggs.
Margaret’s desperation Help
Help 35 Liberty St., Petaluma MethoDist
to find employment is Bring Missing
Bring Missing Pastor: Rev. William J. Donahue Petaluma
fueled by a desire to pro- CHildren
CHildren HoMe
HoMe Schedule of Masses: United Methodist Church
vide for her developmen-
tally dis-abled daughter.
By donating
donating Worship Service & Sunday School
your Weekdays – M-Sat, 8:00 am
Partnering with Alchemia yourCar,truCK,
VeHiCle at 10:30 am
Gallery on Kentucky Boat or rV Saturday – 5:00 pm Worship in Fijian Service at 1:00 pm
Street, the Cinnabar lobby Donating is easy and
Donating is easythe
you will receive and 410 D Street (at 5th)
features lively, expressive
you will receive the Sundays – 7:30, 9:00, 10:30 am
paintings that support cre- maximum tax deduction.
maximum tax deduction.
Rev. Eric Dale
ativity of individuals with En Español, Sabado – 7:30 pm & 707-762-9785
disabilities such as autism
Learn more
Learn more at at
and cerebral palsy. In
Domingo – 12:00 pm
her day job, cast member
Jahren works with clients
to share experiences and
stories, giving them a voice To advertise in this directory, please contact:
in society through the arts.
Having successfully
escaped the poverty of
Mary Jane Dean at 521-5342 or
his childhood, Mike (Nick
Sholley) — the former
donate your
donate your vehicle
boyfriend — is now com- 1-800-753-0442
Petaluma Argus-Courier FEBRUARY 8, 2018 n  SECTION D

Food & Drink


Tip of My Tongue
Houston Porter

Aw shucks,
get ready
for oyster
etaluma Sunrise Rotary’s
past fall Oyster Fests have
sold out so quickly that
they have decided to add anoth-
er one this spring. As with past
Oyster Fests, this event is spon-
sored and hosted by Bodega
Oyster Company, 12830 Valley
Ford Road.
This event will help raise
funds for micro grants for
teachers, 5th Tuesday food
distribution for local families in
need and most importantly, the
Rotary Fire Relief Fund, which
has already awarded tens of
thousands of dollars to families
effect by last year’s fires. This HOUSTON PORTER / FOR THE ARGUS-COURIER
one is set for Saturday, April 7,
from noon to 2 p.m. The Drawing Board in Petaluma has a new, retooled menu.

Back to the drawing board

Along with fresh BBQ and
raw oysters, straight out of
Tomales Bay, the Petaluma
Sunrise Rotarians always have
something additionally deli-
cious up their sleeves, and in
this case it will be a linguine
with red clam sauce, along with
local garlic bread, Caesar salad One year in, the Drawing Board keeps healty menu fresh, interesting
and desserts. Hen House brews
and local wines are included By HOUSTON PORTER many misses as hits, but each unfamil-
with admission, as is live music. FOR THE ARGUS-COURIER THE DRAWING BOARD iar dish we tried seemed to be better

Tickets are $75 per person at fter parting ways with her found- Address: 190 Kentucky St. than the last. We started with the Black ing chef, Drawing Board owner Phone: 774-6689 Garlic Ghee and Bread, which is basical-
Rosie Wiggins literally went back Website: ly the best clarified butter you have ever
Beer Week to the drawing board to reshape her had. This is topped with fermented black
S.F. Beer Week kicks off with menu and rejuvenate her staff. Howev- garlic, which is all the rave right now.
a grand gala in San Francisco er, the core values which led her to the ing Board. The accompanying warm sourdough,
on Friday, Feb. 9, followed by concept for the Drawing Board are ever “We have an actual drawing board in from Revolution Bakery, makes this
a week of great beer related present, which is how this barely year- the kitchen,” continues Rosie. “There anything but your standard bread and
events throughout the Bay old restaurant can take on an ageless are no egos in our kitchen or behind the butter starter.
Area. Doing their part, TAPS feel, as if it has always been a part of bar. If someone comes up with a good As we have come to expect from the
will hold the release party for Petaluma’s downtown culture. idea, the whole team is supportive.” Drawing Board, everything was excel-
the 2017 Sonoma County Home- It was serendipity that Chef Kevin Everything works, providing guests a lent, but we returned the following night
brewers Competition winner, Katsolis came onto the scene exactly vibrant, relaxing atmosphere. for two dishes in particular because they
Cody Kay, and his deliciously when the Drawing Board needed him, We were fortunate enough to recently were truly spectacular. The firefighter
well-balanced Dorstlager Helles and with precisely the attitude and try most of the menu, which included in my crew proclaimed the meatballs to
Lager. chops required to keep its young, yet many new items, as well as old favorites. be the best he has ever had. Served over
I had the chance to try this hard won reputation intact. “I never say never, but there are long-stewed tomatoes and covered in
beer while judging last fall’s “He prepared a faro and mussel dish certain items that will always be on the dandelion gremolata, we could not resist
competition, and although that blew me away,” says Rosie of Kat- menu,” says Rosie about items such as ordering a second batch.
his was not in my category, I solis’s interview. A former chef at The the Carrot Lox, which even as a vegan Then came the coup de grâce. I am
absolutely loved it. I was also Bywater in Los Gatos, run by Michelin dish, is one we order every visit. Anoth- not a huge fan of veggies, but Rosie’s
impressed with the judges for starred chef, David Kinch, Katsolis has er crowd favorite is the Chickpea Fries, Roasted Rainbow Florets mixed with
awarding a non-IPA as the trained under the best. with serrano crema, which along with fish sauce, mint, cilantro and togarashi
winner, again showing that From menu changes to drink specials, many other menu items, is gluten free.
beer drinkers’ palettes often everything is collaborative at the Draw- Often a menu modification presents as See Board, D3
yearn for one of the plethora of
other styles. The official release
is on Saturday, Feb. 10 at 2 p.m.
and goes as long as there is still

In February, local food events abound

Helles in the keg.
Jamison’s Roaring Donkey
will also participate in S.F.
Beer Week with another beer
civil war. This time it’s Sono- By DIANE PETERSON located at 5007 Fulton Road. To make an Santa Rosa Veterans Memorial Building.
ma County vs. S.F., with half a THE PRESS DEMOCRAT appointment, call 707-576-3810. The event will feature traditional lion
dozen taps of each for guests to February is a festive month, and sever- Love in the air: Notre Vue Winery in dancing, a parade with a 250-foot dragon
taste and vote on. al events around the county will sure to Windsor will provide a “Love” inspired, and traditional Chinese food.
please local foodies. four-course dinner prepared by Chef Tickets are $25 adults, $10 kids, available
Keller Valentine Austin Perkins at 6 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 10, at Asia Mart, 2481 Guerneville Road, Santa
Keller Estate has extended SONOMA COUNTY at the winery. Rosa. The veterans building is located at
the 20 percent discount normal- Flights and bites: Both La Crema’s The menu includes Dungeness Crab 1351 Maple Ave.
ly reserved for Petaluma GAP Healdsburg Tasting Lounge and Estate at Cakes, Wild Mushroom Arancini, Ahi An Olive Odyssey: Enjoy all kinds of
members to anyone who would Saralee’s Vineyard will offer a free flight Tuna Crudo, Wood-Fired Duroc Pork olive activities from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Satur-
like to enjoy their Valentine’s of four single vineyard wines, including Tenderloin, Wood-Fired Lamb Sirloin and day and Sunday, Feb. 10 and 11, during the
Day Jazz and Dancing Soiree, a taste of the new Willamette Valley Brut Butterscotch Pot de Creme. annual Olive Odyssey at Jacuzzi Family
featuring the Dorian Mode Jazz Rosé, on Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14. The tast- The cost is $115 per person, including Vineyards in Sonoma.
Quartet. Held at Keller Estate ing normally costs $30. wine pairings. 11010 Estate Lane. notrev- With olive expert Don Landis as your
on Saturday, Feb. 17, from 3-6 In addition, the Kendall-Jackson Wine guide, you can learn how to cure olives,
p.m., this is a great excuse to Estate and Gardens in Santa Rosa will Chinese New Year: Usher in the Year cook with olives, get a tour of an olive mill,
visit the winery for some great offer a special chocolate and wine pairing of the Dog with the Redwood Empire Chi- taste olive oil and enjoy olive-inspired art
for $25 on Saturday, Feb. 10, as well as on nese Association during the annual Lunar
See Porter, D2 Valentine’s Day. The estate and gardens is New Year celebration at 5 p.m. Feb. 18 at the See Events, D3

cabinets & More


50% LESS THAN THE BIG BOX STORES Petaluma’s Peruvian • Lunch – Dinner
QUARTZ AND GRANITE COUNTER TOPS 11:30am - 5:00pm Tues - Fri
Celebrating 85 Years of Service

We Take You Seriously!



J 2017


500 Petaluma Blvd. S • Petaluma • 707.981.7359 707.329.0477 •


Puzzle by MYles Mellor

ACROSS 52. Nobel Peace Prize city 13. Golfer’s bagful

1. Get rough 54. Atlantic fish 21. Porch in South Africa
5. Head 56. Secretly worked against 22. Cry in cartoons
10. Makeup, e.g. 62. Pond organism 25. Of the sense of smell
14. Modeled 63. Elite military unit 26. Serviceable
15. Dress cut 64. Middle of March 27. Electrical pioneer Nikola
16. D’Artagnan’s weapon of 66. Weaken 29. Often-missed humor
choice 67. “From the Earth to the 31. In base 8
17. Drudge Moon” writer 32. Asian weight units
18. Old time rewards 68. Cheer starter 33. In an uncanny way
19. Emerald Isle 69. Bean used to make miso 35. Pick, with “for”
20. Offense of defrauding 70. Corrects the text 37. Bonanza find
23. Perched on 71. List abbr. 40. Told the news
24. Whiskies 41. Suggestions
25. Expenditure DOWN 42. Changeable
28. Lubricate 1. Welsh valley 47. Beethoven’s “Moonlight
30. Site of an environmental 2. Horse foot ___”
treaty 48. Body shop fig.
3. Operatic song
34. Record player 50. Not on the level
4. It’s caused by a niacin
36. ___ de Janeiro deficiency 53. Split
38. Heel 5. Small part 55. Shows up
39. Embezzled funds 6. Syrian city 56. Grating cries
43. Down 7. Embarkation location 57. Assortment
44. Jack’s inferior 8. Lower of two on the face 58. Nasty
45. Ultimate object 9. Cantankerous 59. “Frasier” actress Gilpin
46. Quit 10. Minuscule 60. Cut and paste
49. Myanmar monetary unit 11. Cast-of-thousands film 61. Hindu god
51. Buddy-buddy 12. Sun-cracked 65. Gal of song

Porter Continued from D1 for those of us with no self-control. Along

with clearing out space in your freezer,
I highly recommend visiting Mariposa’s
“Gator” Thompson, of Gator’s Rustic
Burgers, a very successful local food
truck ( This
farmers market and now offer sit-down
and take-out. And their menu is afford-
able enough that ordering it for delivery
music, views and of course, wine. Facebook page so you can plan your will be a great way to preview Chef Ga- through Road Butler still keeps it less
Tickets are $55 per person and include purchase ahead of time. Located at 431 tor’s Cajun cuisine, in anticipation of the expensive than most meals out. Their
two glasses of wine. Enter PGAP2018 Payran St., the sale is Feb. 9, from 4:30 to opening of his first Petaluma restaurant. menu includes chicken and rib plates,
at checkout to receive your 20 percent 8 p.m. and Feb. 10, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. burritos and tacos.
discount. Big restaurant changes Want to try What a Chicken for your-
Barber Cellars ■ Chef Gator is opening a brick-and- self ? They will officially introduce them-
Mariposa Ice Creamery Sale Barber Cellar’s next wine release and mortar restaurant, and although his selves to Petaluma with a grand opening
It’s been a couple months since Mar- food pairing party is on Friday, Feb. burger menu is good enough to carry free chicken and rib buffet on Sunday,
iposa Ice Creamery’s last warehouse 23, from 6 to 8 p.m. The wines on this a shop on its own, he will also intro- Feb. 11, from 1 to 4 p.m.
sale, which is the only way you can get evening will be their 2017 pinot gris Rou- duce Petaluma to the same down home ■ Luma has closed, to be replaced by
their incredible ice cream until Penn- gissant and 2017 rose of syrah, named cooking that made his prior Bay Area a new restaurant rumored to be called
grove Market opens their doors. All their Kitten with a Whip. Tickets are available restaurants so popular. The name says it Pearl. My understanding was that it
flavors are great, but they always seem at, and include two all — Gator’s Rustic Burger & His Creole will offer American style breakfasts and
to have something new on hand, and this glasses of wine and a walkabout buffet Friends. lunches, but have not yet received confir-
time it appears to be a raspberry swirl dinner. The two featured wines will also Along with burgers, he will also serve mation.
lemon ice cream. Fruit flavored ice cream be available for purchase at a 10 percent classic dishes and desserts from Gator’s ■ The impending restaurant at the
is not normally my first choice, but discount (15 percent for wine club mem- native New Orleans. He plans on being Apple Box’s old location is back under
Mariposa’s lemon is one of my favorites, bers.) open within the month. Gator is taking construction after being red tagged for a
so I’m really looking forward to this new I tend to lean towards sweet reds, but over SlamBurger’s location, next to Sugo while by the city. I met the owner on Fri-
variation. have been hording the final bottles of the Trattoria. So yes, SlamBurger has closed. day night, while he was putting in a few
I recently tried the only new flavor to last run of Rougissant, which was last We wish owner Maurice all the best. hours of painting, and learned that he
me, their mint chip, and it was dynamite. available two or three years ago. If this ■ I don’t want to, but must announce has quite a bit of restaurant experience,
The chips are so crispy and the mint is new iteration is even half as good as the that beloved Yanni’s Sausages of Penn- including owning and operating over
just minty enough, without tasting like last, I’m likely to stock up on this one too. grove will be closing their doors at the a half-dozen San Francisco and Oak-
toothpaste. This is also the first bottling that Barber end of this month. This news actually land eateries. He tells me the menu will
Mariposa knows what they are doing. can proudly label as coming from the puts a lump in my throat, but at the same include robust breakfasts and lunches, as
And their ice cream bars are made with newly recognized “Petaluma Gap” AVA. time we wish Francesca and Johnny well as a touch of Middle Eastern food.
the very same ice cream as their pints As luck would have it, Barber’s wine all the best as they concentrate on their Plans are to be open within the month.
and quarts, only they make for a much pairing will feature the cuisine of Cajun retail sausage business. ■ Jenny Low’s of Theater District
more manageable serving size, especially cook and Petaluma transplant Chef Glen At least we’ll still be able to get their is in its final days. Rumor has it the
sausages at all our favorite local grocery replacement will be a Pho restaurant.
stores. Do not wait until the last minute Pho is a style of Vietnamese noodle soup
to get your last, or possibly your first and is delicious, affordable, and filling.
Yanni’s sandwich, because whether you We’ve been waiting for years for a Pho
are tasting it for the first time, or have restaurant to open in Petaluma, so this is
visited regularly, you will want to hit exciting news, because when done well,
them up a couple more times before they it’s fantastic. For a funny, and accurate,
close shop. portrayal of someone discovering the
Taking over Yanni’s space, Tom wonders of Pho for the first time, check
Adams, an actor and former owner of out the YouTube video, “Kevin Can’t Wait

Feed 3-4 peOPle foR

the Palm Springs Hotel, will reopen the First Time Pho.”
small restaurant with a similar concept ■ Lemongrass Thai will venture to the

only $2ar5Y!’s
to Yanni’s, but with his own twist. He West Side when they take over the spot
will continue to feature Yanni’s sausages, currently occupied by Thai restaurant
and being of Greek descent, we can look Tup Tim. If Tup Tim sounds unfamiliar,
forward to great Mediterranean flavors. that’s because they only opened about a
■ What a Chicken tried to open qui- year ago, in the spot formerly occupied
etly, but as anyone who has tasted their by Thai Isaan, at the corner of Petaluma

Share Th E m
chicken would say, “What a chicken!” Boulevard North and Washington Street.
They are located in the former location ■ Dunkin’ Donuts is finally open
of the Teriyaki Bowl, kitty-corner from and serving up your favorite east coast
Whole Foods and are open Wednesday donuts and coffee in the Friedman’s
through Sunday. Owners Griselda and Brothers’ shopping center.
Cesar have been offering up the best (Contact Houston Porter at houston@
smoked chickens for years at the Tuesday


Large Two Traditional Topping Piz February 17th & 18th

& Large Mary’s or Caesar Salad Sat & Sun
Pasta with Pesto, Classic Meat or 9 to 5
Marinara Sauce & Large Mary’s Life Tributes are paid an-
nouncements published as
submitted. The newspaper
or Caesar Salad. Comes with provides proofreading
services to ensure the Life
Tribute contains copy as
Three Giant Meatballs! submitted. Proofs will be
provided when the Life
Tribute is submitted early

Why WAit unTIl vaLEntine’s enough that proofs to can

daY? be exchanged. For more

information and to place a
share ThE love TOday! 6
Life Tribute, email lifetrib-

Sonoma Humane Society

PetalumA wesT PetalumA east
(Next to Friedman’s)
359 East Washington St.
423 N. McDowell Blvd.
(707) 778-7200
(707) 765 -1959

Available Pasta: Spaghetti, Rigatoni, Penne & Fettuccine. Offer valid until 3/13/18.

Board Continued from D1 Events

Continued from D1
puffed rice, left me speech-
less. and yummy food.
I have so much faith in The event is free, with
what Rosie is doing that food, wine and art for
I order meatless dishes sale. 24724 Arnold Drive.
at the Drawing Board
without hesitation. If all Ranch to Table: A
vegetarian dishes tasted special Ranch to Table
as good as their Black Winemaker dinner
Garlic Ghee and Bread, featuring Balletto Vine-
Carrot Lox, Mushroom yards and ribeye from
Bisque Winter Soup, and local ranchers will take
Roasted Rainbow Florets, place at 5:30 p.m. Feb. 17
I might seriously consider at the Wild Oak Saddle
partaking in “meatless Club in Santa Rosa.
Mondays,” so long as they The event, hosted by
are always held at the Landon McPherson of
Drawing Board. Black garlic Ghee and bread at Drawing Board in Petaluma. the local travel company
For meat lovers, the Harvest Card, features
Drawing Board knows ever changing moods. grass-fed beef from
their way around Korean In regard to the ever Grounded Grassfed of
spiced chicken skewers, changing seasons, the Petaluma, which manag-
beef sliders, and brisket Drawing Board has plans es eight ranches in Sono-
tacos. And their Apple- for an ultra farm fresh ma and Marin Counties
wood smoked bacon and weekly prix fix dining and raises more than 600
free-range organic grilled option shortly. “Local head of beef cattle.
chicken are the perfect seasonal offerings change Info: GetHarvestCard.
add-ons for the Benny of weekly, not quarterly,” com. Tickets: $149. 550
the Day, Breakfast Sand- says Rosie. If you want to White Oak Drive.
wich, Buckwheat Pan- taste the season, this will Mardi Gras party:
cakes and Brunch Tacos, be the way to do it. Laissez les bons temps
offered on the weekends. Rosie jokes that even rouler! The Petaluma
The Drawing Board has when people mistakenly Music Festival will hold
several specials that are call the restaurant “TBD,” its 5th annual Mardi Gras
quickly gaining recogni- that actually is not that The Drawing Board in Petaluma has a new, retooled menu. Party at 5:30 p.m. Tues-
tion among downtown Cocktails at Drawing Board. far from the truth. When day, Feb. 13 at the Laguni-
foodies. The first is their it comes to hyper seasonal tas Beer Sanctuary.
weekend brunch, avail- the right position, which fare, everything is either The menu includes
able with a bottomless gives them the room and “to be determined” or chicken étouffée, jam-
mimosa. Another is “Wine encouragement to explore currently on “the draw- balaya, mac’n’cheese,
Sunday,” with half-off all their passions. Whether ing board,” so always in cornbread, salad and
wine by the glass from 4 it is the general manager a state of flux. This lends pralines. Dance music
p.m. until close. A third is Anne Choe, bar manager itself well to the Drawing will be provided by the
“TDB’s Happiest Hours,” Jenn Moonbrick, or Chef Board’s new menu, which King Street Giants.
which run from 4 to 6 p.m., Kevin Katsolis, they have is simplified and easier to Tickets: $25 adults, $15
plus the last kitchen hour each taken a level of own- understand than in the teens 13-20; free for kids
of each night, Tuesday ership that is rare to see past. Instead of a stale 12-under. All proceeds
through Sunday. in a restaurant these days. menu that goes on and on, benefit the music pro-
Rosie credits the Draw- This helps explain the Rosie and her staff have grams in the Petaluma
ing Board’s growing suc- consistently great service, recreated one which offers area public schools.
cess to her staff. Although, even when the menus are a plethora of options as petalumamusicfestival.
it is her masterful job of anything but constant, try- items come in and out of org or at the door. 1280 N.
finding the right people for ing to catch the seasons’ season. Chicory salad at the Drawing Board in Petaluma. McDowell Boulevard.


Sponsored Content

Sheryl Garrett, M.D., joins NCMA’s Petaluma Cardiology Poppy Bank Hires Christy J. Lester, Vice President and Business Robert A. Horning, MAI, Partner, Ward Levy Appraisal Group, Inc.
Development Officer of Small Business Lending has been conferred the MAI designation from the Appraisal Institute
Sheryl Garrett, M.D., has joined NCMA’s Petaluma Cardiology,
an elite team of cardiologist who practice the most current, innovative January 26, 2018, SANTA ROSA, CA – Poppy Bank announces The Appraisal Institute confers MAI designated membership
treatments in cardiovascular medicine. the hire of Christy J. Lester, Vice President and Business Development on commercial and general real estate appraisal professionals
Dr. Garrett grew up in a farming community in New Mexico Officer of Small Business Lending. Poppy Bank’s Small Business Lending demonstrating the highest standards of education, expertise and ethics.
where she enjoyed riding horses and hiking in the Pecos wilderness. Division provides a variety of small business lending products on a The MAI designation has long been recognized by courts of law,
She later moved to California to attend Stanford University, majoring in nationwide basis, including SBA 7a, 504 and USDA B&I programs. government agencies, financial institutions and investors as a mark of
electrical engineering and history. Following graduation she worked as “Christy is a great addition to our team and brings with her a excellence in the field of real estate valuation and analysis. Mr. Horning
an electrical engineer doing hardware design for an avionics company. wealth of knowledge in commercial financing specifically within the SBA has over 20 years’ experience appraising properties in the North Bay
In 1987 Dr. Garrett attended Georgetown University to pursue a and USDA B&I arena,” says Wayne Wirth, Senior Vice President and and has worked on many notable projects.
medical degree specializing in cardiology research. She then returned Director of Small Business Lending at Poppy Bank. The MAI designation is received upon the successful completion
to Stanford University, California for a residency in internal medicine. Ms. Lester joins Poppy Bank’s Small Business Lending Division with of a rigorous curriculum, which includes a comprehensive exam, a
This was followed by a fellowship in cardiology at Mt. Sinai School of more than twenty-three years of experience in SBA lending. Her ability written demonstration appraisal report and attaining 4,500 hours of
Medicine in New York City. Dr. Garrett went on to spend 18 years at a to manage and evaluate transactions as well as successfully oversee the qualifying experience requirements. MAIs are recognized experts in
busy tertiary cardiac hospital in San Francisco. loan process will benefit Poppy Bank’s clients, which include commercial appraising properties of all kinds. Currently, about 8,000 real estate
Given her rural roots Dr. Garrett has always wanted to work in a brokers, bankers, referral partners and business owners. appraisal professionals hold the MAI designation, with another 3,400
farming community and is delighted to now join the NCMA cardiology “I am excited to join a team of experienced small business lenders practitioners seeking it. Ward Levy Appraisal Group, Inc. has been
practice in Petaluma. She believes in treating the whole person and who have extensive experience and know how to get the job done for providing appraisal and consulting services in the North Bay for
looks forward to partnering with patients for their cardiac health. our customers. I am looking forward to growing the lending platform to decades and currently has four appraisers on staff that hold the MAI
In her spare time Dr. Garrett loves the outdoors and enjoys biking, a national basis,” states Ms. Lester. designation. More information can be found at
hiking and swimming with her husband, two children and two golden Throughout her SBA career, Christy Lester has consistently been
retrievers. Ever a tech nerd she enjoys doing robotics with her kids. a lead producer working for several top ten national SBA lenders.
She is also working on a program that will bring coding classes to She has been recognized as an influential member of the SBA
Native American children. For an appointment with Dr. Garrett lending community, speaking on SBA lending panels and educational
call (707) 778-8421. presentations to referral partners. Most recently, she served as Senior
Vice President of SBA Business Development for Celtic Bank. Ms. Lester
and her team can be reached at (951) 303-9990 or clester@poppy.
bank. For more information, visit
Poppy Bank, formerly known as “First Community Bank”, is
headquartered in Santa Rosa, California, with assets exceeding $1.6
Billion. Poppy Bank was organized by nine prominent business leaders
in 2004. Since opening our first branch in January 2005, Poppy Bank
has grown to ten branches across the San Francisco Bay Area with
another scheduled to open in Menlo Park this year. The Bank is governed
by a dedicated Board of Directors formed entirely by accomplished
business leaders and our highly experienced Executive Officers. Our
commitment to providing the best products and services at a fair price
has propelled our success and garnered national recognition of our
performance. We exist to meet the needs of our customers and to make
a positive difference in the communities we serve.
Endocrinology Services and NCMA Diabetes Center

Northern California Medical Associates (NCMA) Endocrinology

Services and NCMA Diabetes Center has moved their offices to 1701
Aqdus Siddiqui has joined the team at 4th Street, Suite 100, Santa Rosa. This move provides more space to
Gilleran Energy Management in Santa Rosa. allow for expansion, while streamlining patient care.
Aqdus brings his expertise in Building Energy Modeling and Endocrinology services will continue caring for patients with
Analysis, Title 24, and Utility Incentive Program development. He thyroid, calcium, pituitary and adrenal disorders as well as osteoporosis.
has collaborated with industry leaders and won Living City Design Further expansion of our diabetes care team will allow our physicians
Competition and Lafarge invention awards. Aqdus has contributed to to work closely alongside our diabetes nurse specialists, educators
the development of California 2019 Energy Code and has worked on and dietitians to help patients better manage their type 1 or type 2
numerous research projects for PG&E and other utility companies. We diabetes or other chronic conditions such as high blood pressure and
are pleased to have Aqdus join our team and community! high cholesterol.

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- Underground utilities Experienced with gas and
(Cotati/Santa Rosa and diesel industrial equipment.
ANNOUNCEMENTS EMPLOYMENT OFFERS surrounding areas) Laborers Salary commensurate with
needed for underground tele- experience. Send resume to
COMMUNITY JEWELRY STUDIO phone/utility contractor for the PO Box 200 Redwood Valley, CA
Classes and studio space. Rolling Cotati and surrounding areas. 95470 or call 707-485-8072
mills, kilns, soldering, benches, Clean CDL a must. Full benefits Rincon Valley Union
hydraulic press, etc. Chimera Arts and 401K plan. Wages DOE. School District
(707) 827-3020 Call (916) 383-9000.
PARTS COUNTER HELP Applications are being ac-
Please apply at cepted for the following
Martin's Truck Repair temporary positions:
Delivery Driver And 10611 Old Redwood Hwy RANCH MANAGER
Warehouse Assistant Windsor, CA 95492 Benziger Family Winery/TWG
Maintenance II
Local Geyserville Ag Retailer (707) 473-0806 is seeking a Full time Ranch
Manager to help with our $18.09 - $19.99/hour.
seeks a Seasonal Delivery
Driver and Warehouse assis- facility/ranch operations.
Must be familiar with Winery Up to 8 hrs per day, M – F.
Aquarium and tant. Position may become
Full Time. Responsible for Product Support compliance, government regu- Experience with plumbing
Pond Technician Specialist lations, and OSHA standards. and electrical preferred.
deliveries including light duty, Applications being accepted
Looking for someone to grow heavy duty, flat bed or tanker. Great technical aptitude, strong
with our company in a career AccountMate Software problem solving skills, and on Ed-Join,
Delivery of packaged or bulk and packets are available at
working for a great locally fertilizer, chemicals or other Corporation in Petaluma, CA love to work with their hands.
Plumbing, mechanical, carpen- 1000 Yulupa Ave, Santa Rosa.
** MOVING ** owned business. We have a FT
position Mon-Fri 9am-6pm, no
company commodity to clients.
Responsible for prepping loads
seeks Product Support
Specialist. Provide product, try, and electrical skills. If in-
terested in joining our family at
Questions regarding these
positions can be addressed
weekends, Duties include clean- for delivery. Will consider the technical & implementation
ing aquariums and ponds, test- support on AccountMate our unique, biodynamic winery, by e-mailing questions to
right applicant with a Class C
ing water, minor installations but a Valid Class A License with product lines to domestic and review the full job description
and repair, assist in major international AccountMate and apply directly at All positions open until filled.
Hazmat, Doubles, Triples and EOE
repairs and installations as Tanker Endorsements is Solution Providers & End-users.
needed. Must have clean DMV, desired. Must maintain Federal Send resume to Attn: Tommy
ability to lift 50lbs. and willing DOT Hazmat requirements, Tan, 1445 Technology Lane,
to work outside in all weather DOT Medical Certification and Ste. A5, Petaluma, CA 94954. TRANSIT MANAGER
conditions. Salary $17.50-
$22/hr. Apply in person
Endorsements. Ability to lift a
minimum of 50 lbs. Competitive
Must include job code PSS67977
in your response. EOE. Garage sale tip: Lake Transit Authority is
recruiting for a Transit Manager.
1648 Piner Rd, Santa Rosa, CA benefit package, salary. Make sure all your items are clean Please apply by February 16, 2018.
Please send resume to and in good condition. Organize The job description is posted on your items so they are easy to see Lake Transit Authority’s website
AMERICAN STORAGE For full consideration, please and group similar items together.
707-528-3200 submit your resume no later
than February 16th, 2018

DELIVERY DRIVER Public Defender Investigator

Local Sonoma Ag Retailer seeks
a full-time Delivery Driver. Re- Senior Program Specialist
sponsible for deliveries includ-
ing light duty, heavy duty, flat Social Worker III/IV A-D
bed or tanker. Delivery of pack- (Includes Immediate Openings
aged or bulk fertilizer, chemi- for Temporary Extra-Help Work)
BUILDING INSPECTOR cals or other company com-
City of Sonoma ($6,191 to $7,525 modity to clients. Valid Class A Social Worker Supervisor I
License with Hazmat, Doubles,
per month) Inspects residential,
Triples and Tanker The County is accepting applications
commercial, and industrial Social Worker Supervisor II A-C
We are mostly retired men who buildings at various stages of Endorsements, but will consider for these exciting employment opportunities:
construction, alteration and the right applicant with a For a complete list of current
meet at the Hwy 12 Scottish Rite
building on the third Friday of repair, and assists in the review Class C and the ability to obtain job openings and to apply: Park Aide – Extra-Help
a Class A License and endorse-
each month. Our lunch speakers of building plans and specifica-
ments 12 months from hire $14.52 - $17.65/hour
often have insights on local tions. Applicants must be ICC ernment/human-resources Apply Now
certified in an Inspector or date. Must maintain Federal EOE
Plans Examiner category or DOT Hazmat requirements,
alternatively registered with DOT Medical Certification and Social Service Worker III – Extra-Help
If you would enjoy a second
the State of CA as a Licensed Endorsements. Ability to lift a
youth, camaraderie, and our
Architect or Registered Civil or minimum of 50 lbs. Competitive $28.12 - $34.19/hour
various recreational
activities come and join us at Structural Engineer. Application benefit package, salary. Apply by 2/13/18
deadline: 5:00 p.m. February 20, Please send resume to
the Santa Rosa SIRS Branch17
2018. City application and
supplemental questionnaire For full consideration, please Water Agency Maintenance Worker I/II
required and available at submit your resume no later Extra-Help
707 280-4120 City of Sonoma, No. 1 The Plaza, than February 16th, 2018. $19.14 - $28.93/hour
Sonoma, CA 95476, by calling Apply by 2/26/18
707-938-3681 or from the
City’s website at: Energy Markets Analyst
TRAVEL & TOURISM Santa Rosa, CA. BA/BS in Bus, Water Agency Resource Programs Technician I
Econ, Eng’ring Sci, Math or rltd
+ 3 yrs exp. Sonoma Clean Extra-Help
Power Authority, $22.23 - $27.03/hour Ukiah Natural Foods Co-op Apply Now
is now hiring for a full-time
Wellness/Health and Beauty
Aids Manager. Pay DOE and To view position details, benefits, & apply online,
Place includes a great benefits
Classified ads package. Apply by 2/21 at
or call HR, 707-565-2331. EOE
online 24/7
or 749C S State St, Ukiah.
Cable Installers at
Immediate openings for Cable
Installers – No experience
PACIFIC LIMOUSINE Necessary. We will Train.
SFO, Wine Tours, Special Events. $5000 bonus with experience,
EST. 1990. Mention this ad for 20% $2500 with no experience.
of fare to be donated to Humane Must have clean driver license.
Society of Sonoma County! Call 707-317-3558 to apply.
LIC #TCP6332P (707) 792-1500

Part-Time Production Worker Positions Brake into a New Career with MGM Brakes!
MGM Brakes, a division of Indian Head Industries, Inc. is the leading
ASSISTANT Need extra income? The Press Democrat, a divi- supplier of spring brake actuators and service chambers for domestic
For small rest home in
Sebastopol. Mature, exp. refs,
sion of Sonoma Media Investments, LLC, is seek- and global truck, trailer, bus and specialty vehicles for the commercial
vehicle industry. We are currently seeking highly enthusiastic indi-
background check Valid/clean ing part-time Production Workers to join our viduals for Assembly/Production Workers located in Cloverdale, CA.
CDL req'rd. 707-396-6735 Packaging and Distribution Department. The op-
timal candidate will be team oriented and must POSITION SUMMARY:
have the ability to work in a fast paced environ- The Assembly/Production Worker is responsible for several different
Sonoma County ment, be able to work a flexible schedule, includ- positions which may rotate to perform a variety of assembly job func-
Movie Trivia: tions on the production line. Some of the job responsibility compo-
ing evening, weekend and holiday shifts. nents for each position include performing all jobs in a safe manner
Q: What 2008 movie about the
wine industry was filmed at and completing logs and charts as required by specified work instruc-
multiple wineries around Napa Experience/Qualifications: tions. An Assembly/Production Worker must be able to work well
within an assembly line environment.
and Sonoma, and featured locals • Must have basic reading, writing and math
as extras in some of the scenes?
A: Bottle Shock skills QUALIFICATIONS:
• Must be able to follow and understand oral • High School Diploma or General Education Degree (GED) required
English instructions and communicate orally in • Ability to follow established work instructions and / or procedures
• Ability to use gages where required
All real estate advertising English • Ability to read and understand quality specifications
• Must be able to do extensive lifting up to 50 lbs. • Must be able to identify parts by part number
is subject to the Federal • Demonstrates ability to work and interact ef- • Understands and completes shop papers as required
• Basic computer skills
Housing Act of 1968 which fectively with supervisors, co-workers and • Basic mathematical skills
management. • Repetitive lifting up to 30 lbs. is required, maximum 50 lbs. of force
makes it illegal to advertise • Effective oral and written communication skills
“any preference, limitation or The Press Democrat is committed to a drug and Submit your resume today for immediate consideration.
alcohol free workplace. Any job offer is condi- Positions will remain open until filled.
discrimination based on race, tional upon satisfactorily completing a back-
color, religion, sex, handicap, ground investigation and pre-employment drug TO APPLY:
testing. Visit or
familial status, or national us/employment/ and email your resume and salary requirements to Indian Head Industries/MGM Brakes is an equal
origin, or an intention to make such a preference, limitation To be considered please call Brian Libby at (707) employment opportunity employer and will recruit, hire, train, and
521- 5386 or submit a cover letter and resume to: promote persons in all job titles, without regard to race, color, religion,
or discrimination.” and state the title of the sex, national origin, age, physical or mental disability, or status as a
special disabled veteran or other protected veteran. IHI/MGM Brakes
We will not knowingly accept any ads for real estate that is position you are applying for in the subject line. will consider all qualified and interested applicants for career oppor-
tunities. If you need assistance with accessing our website, please
in violation of the law. All persons are hereby informed that contact our HR Department at 704.547.7411 or 1.800.527.1534.

all dwellings advertised herein are available on an Equal NO PHONE CALLS, THIRD PARTY RECRUITERS OR STAFFING FIRMS
The Press Democrat is an Equal Opportunity Employer IHI/MGM BRAKES is an EEO/Affirmative Action Employer
Opportunity Basis. EEO/AA/m/f/vets/disabled


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desirable audience on every device on every occasion.
Call 707.526.8587
Sources: Scarborough Research, 2017 R2; internal audience analysis and estimates

Available Mon, Wed, Fri 8-4
Calico Hardwood, Inc
3580 Westwind Blvd, S.R.
OAK FIREWOOD for sale, 2 yrs dry,
cut to 16", Split to regular sizes.
Call between 9am-7pm, 7 days a
week. $375 per cord. (707) 483-1387
Join the Pittie Party! Visit our website for VW DUNE Buggy Frame
$200/OBO (707) 762-2537
ambassador for the breed?
Oso is a beautiful boy who
arrived at our shelter in need
links to the adoptable
pets available at the
TWIN BD SET. Head board, foot- Cute, tame, fixed We offer classes specifically
of some care. He's such a love!
6 animal shelters
He likes playing with toys,
board, box spring & mattress, &
bed-side 3 drawer cabinet. Almost
Meet the Bunny Event for Bully Breed dogs (Pit Bulls, going for walks and would in Sonoma County. AUTO / TRUCK WANTED
new. Pretty wood. $250.00 Sat., Feb. 10, ❤ 1-5 pm Boxers, Am Staffs, Rotties, love to continue positive
Mastiffs, etc.) that address socialization experiences.
Rug 9ft. x 9ft. Cream color. $200.00
Call 707-935-9017 Bring your Bunny
specific issues such as He LOVES playing fetch and
challenging body language then dropping his ball in his
MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE for a free nail trim and eye contact. Have fun while water bowl - he has such a fun
teaching your dog loose leash & adorable personality! Oso is
walking, polite greetings, sit learning about the basics while
Memorial Park. Last one in the RP Animal Shelter and down, as well as the life-
saving skills: come when called,
here with us and would like
Garden of Devotion. $3,200.
Call 541-404-6994 301 J Rogers Lane wait and leave it. For dogs
4 months and older. For dates,
to live with a family who'll
continue his training. He'd like
to live with children ages 13 and
Commercial Towable Wood Wed-Sun Call for hours 584-1582 times and registration info, older. He likes other dogs and
Smoker, excl. business opp., both please visit: has an energetic play style - he
hot & cold smoking, wood burning may do best with another calm
tandem axle, $7,500 OBO ublic-training dog-savvy dog. CASH for CAR$
(707) 762-2537
Sonoma County Animal Svcs. Help us help the animals, and TRUCK$
MACHINERY & TOOLS 1247 Century Ct. Send donations to PO Box 2001, Hassle Free, Problems
(off Airport Blvd) Rohnert Park, Ca 94927 OK! Doug➥ 484-0523
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
5345 Hwy 12 West, SR. (707) 565-7100
Open Tu-Th 12-6, Visit all our adoptable animals AUTOMOBILES
Fr-Sa 10-7, Su 10-5 at /542-0882 CHRYSLER PT CRUISER 2002
Locally Founded-Locally Funded Very clean interior. New timing
chain, water pump about 3,000
LOG SPLITTER mi ago. 80% left on tires. Title
Several to choose from, clear, all paperwork, runs great.
$1000-$2500 707 762-2537 $2500 OBO Call 707-228-6600


Human potential
Storybook Labradoodles of
Petaluma Announces New Liter
SIAMESE KITTENS! CHEVROLETS, 1957 three available
As a 3 y/o American Staffy mix, I
see the potential for fun in the
of Multi-Gen ALAA Registered
Chocolate, Fleece Non-Shedding
707-874-2455 2016 ROCKWOOD WINDJAMMER
Model 3029 W. RV. Price Reduced! Bel Aire hardtop $12k, (two) 210
Sedans $8k & $6k ,
Coat Puppies Now Available Best solution after valley fire!
most unexpected places. Take 8 x 35ft to tow bar, 3 slide-outs, 2 rolling project cars,
CA$H TODAY humans for instance, I mean,
leather recliners & fold-out sofa, 4 lots of related parts (707) 762-2537
they’re everywhere right? $2,500 (707) 338-0170
FOR COMIC BOOKS But each one holds such vast
chair dinette, fireplace, 48in TV,
sink, pantry, refrigerator, freezer, 3
Hi, I am looking for all kinds of potential! This one? I bet she burner gas stove oven, microwave,
Comics. Batman, Flash, X-Men, knows all the great hiking MAX queen Serta bed, 2nd TV, walk-in
Superman and many more. spots! And that guy? He’d closet, garden shower, linen
I love all different Comics. I can give a world class back rub. closet, A/C, 2 awnings. Plus extras!
meet today, Thank You. Please But I especially see it in YOU! $28,000 Cash. Call 707-928-9817
call Sean (707) 393-0293 $500 You look like you could toss
my ball for days and you like to
snuggle. You might have older MOTORHOMES CHEVROLET Corvette 1984
350 4 speed, $2,000/or best offer
kids and an older mellow dog
who’d be a cool counterpoint 2013 Keystone Montana 707 762-2537
for my gregarious goofiness. TOBY A366426 3750FL 5th Wheel
Ooh, and you’ve even got a Keystone Montana Hickory
high-fenced yard. Visit me at Edition: perfect condition,
HSSC and let’s explore some continuously maintained incl.
Sonoma County
of that potential! roof,2 new batteries. Bedroom Movie Trivia:
To the max! in rear, living room upstairs in Q: Sonoma Plaza was used to film
Are you ready to maximize the front. Large bathroom with W/D. scenes from what 2001 comedy
amount of fun and love in your 2 A/Cs w/ext warranty till 2022. starring a contestant from the
life? Me too! At 10 y/o, I’m just Lic/Reg paid thru 03/2018. reality show “Survivor”?
as playful as a kitten. Not only $36,000: Location Healdsburg, A: The Animal, co-starred Colleen
do I love being right where the CA. Phone 415-341-7685 Haskell, who was on the first
5345 Hwy 12 West, SR. season of Survivor.
CA$H TODAY FOR VIDEO GAMES Open Tu-Th 12-6, action is, I usually am the
Hi,I am a serious collector Fr-Sa 10-7, Su 10-5 action! A constant stream of
looking for Nintendo, Boxes, /542-0882 interactive cat toys? I want it!
Magazines, Signs, Systems, Locally Founded-Locally Funded Lots of attention, gentle petting Toby is just about as sweet as
SEGA, PlayStation more.. and sweet talk? I demand it! they come. He's absolutely
I can meet today, Thank You I can’t wait to find a loving adorable, super fun and
Please call (707) 393-0293 family - maybe with other wonderfully affectionate. Toby
cats, dogs and nice kids? As is truly a staff and volunteer
a diabetic fellow, I need to be favorite! He's learning about
kept indoors so that I’m nearby all things positive and good
when it’s time for my insulin while here with us and has such
shot. Not to minimize my a darling personality! He warms
condition, but caring for me up nicely for attention and
is easy once you learn how. enjoys the company of other
True love and a forever home? dogs. He would like to live with
Let’s take it to the Max! children ages 10 and older with
proper introduction. Come on
over and meet Toby today ~
he'd sure make a wonderful
companion and new


best friend!

Call Us First- We Pay More $$

for your Vinyl! 45's, LP's, Jazz-
AND PET SITTER Open Tu-Th 12-6,
Fr-Sa 10-7, Su 10-5
Sonoma County Animal Svcs.
1247 Century Ct.
(off Airport Blvd)
Rock- Pop- Metal Personal /542-0882 Santa Rosa, CA 95403
collector, will travel. Locally Founded-Locally Funded (707) 565-7100
Darla, 707-836-4366 Visit all our adoptable animals
Auto buying tip:
FARMER’S FORUM Before buying a used vehicle,
LICENSED & INSURED check the California Department
ON SITE STORAGE CONTAINERS New Clients receive 25% off. of Motor Vehicles (DMV) online
DELIVERED or email site at for information on smog Check out
requirements, to search the the real estate blog at
Vacation care: $25/day storm-damage vehicle database realestate.blogs.
and check previous smog reports.
Private walks for your dog
only or group walks available


20' and 40' in stock
Rental or Purchase THEY SUPPORT


Non-profit organizations receive on
Each dollar you spend at independent
average 250% more support from
businesses returns three times more
smaller business owners than they do
money to our local economy than one
from large businesses.
GERMAN SHEPHERD spent at a chain (almost 50 times more
Steel, watertight, good doors Solid Black GSD Puppies, 3
Males Avail, Born Sep-21, Excel-
than buying from an online mega-
We deliver!
STORAGE PLUS...$3100 lent Pedigree & Temperament,
The competition...$3500 AKC registered. retailer) — a benefit we all can bank on. $2,000
Satisfaction guaranteed (707) 694-2692

707-975-3000 Sonoma County

Movie Trivia:
Q: Sonoma Plaza was used to film
scenes from what 2001 comedy
Garage sale tip: starring a contestant from the
reality show “Survivor”? Source: Sustainable Connections ( Source: American Independent Business Alliance (
Have lots of change on hand. A: The Animal, co-starred Colleen
Most people come right from the Haskell, who was on the first
ATM and don't have small change. season of Survivor. LOCAL BUSINESS LOCAL MATTERS LOCAL BUSINESS LOCAL MATTERS

Why drive?
Great cars are right here


Find It
Service Solutions Help is just a phone call away.

We Will Beat
1 Call Hauls All! 569-8761
(707) 823-2210
Blow out sales on redwood 707 591-1629 Private Full Body In Call
fencing & chain link fencing
installed. Call for details
CARPENTRY-ALL PHASES Save $$$. Lic.# 841560
25 years exp. ★ 707-481-1865 Trimming, Shaping,
Remodeling, repairs, sheet rock Lot Clearing, Tree Removal.
patching, decks, dry rot. 30+ yrs. or 415-887-8374
All About Trees. Lic# 919955
exp. Free est.. Unlic. 874-3926



Garage cleanup, high weeds,
HANDYMAN SERVICES demolition, masonry repair.
Free estimates Unlic'd.
9550 Main Street, Ste B
cell 707-591-1101or 707-824-9049
Yard Maintenance, Irrigation,
Landscape Design, Planting,
Pavers, Etc. License# 907659 - PAINTING / WALLPAPERING
Free Estimate. (707) 303-5362
Office (707) 544-3286
Stamped Concrete, French Drain,
Foundations, Demolition, etc.
Lic.# 859374 Call 707 623-0828

I do just about everything. Dry

rot, fire damage, electrical,
plumbing, carpentry. 43 yrs. TOTAL YARD CLEAN UP
exp. Excl. ref. Lic# 1018081 Landscaping, gardening,
irrigation, poison oak removal,
Martin, Cell (786) 290 4363
tree trimming, Free estimate. Best Prices! Fast Service!
Office (707) 865-5157 License# 757112
Ray's Landscaping 707-975-1267
707 529-3008 PLUMBING
All Aspects of Tree Service &
License # 715840 Landscape Management
15% Senior Discount
Free Estimates, Insured
ELECTRICAL Ben (707) 975-5882

A HANDYMAN ➥ No Job Too Small

Repairs, Installs, carpentry, $20 &Up Haul, Mow, Trees
match texture, painting, plumbing, Large, Small, Prune, Trim, Shrubs, M.O.D. PLUMBING
fence & deck repairs, gutters, Gutters, Clearing, Fire Control Etc. Residential/Commercial
drains, etc. (707) 703-3363 Total Cleanup! Greg 526-3381 ELEGANT MANTELS Remodels, New Construction.
EMBELLISH YOUR FIREPLACE Over 30 years experience. Email
Wood fireplace mantels
Custom built & Installation
Call/Text Eric (707) 734-3959 Lic. #613550 Call (707) 242-3377

Additions, Remodels & Service MASSAGE THERAPISTS ROOFING

Attic, Bath & Ceiling Fans FERNANDEZ TREE SERVICE
Carbon & Smoke Detectors
Code Conformance
Interior & Exterior Lighting
Outlet & Switch Installs
Panel Upgrades/Replacements
15% Off for New Customers*
*Some exclusions apply Home services & repairs. Replac-
ACCEPT ALL CREDIT CARDS ing faulty outlets to fixing leaky
Lic. #978117 toilet $35 per hr. unlic. 888-2013
37 YEARS -SINCE 1978
RON RAFFO ROOFING Tree pruning, shaping or
All real estate MOONFLOWER Repair Specials $150 & Up removal, shrubs & limbs, stump
grinding & removal, cleanup
advertising is
subject to the
MASSAGE Gutter inspection & cleaning.
Free Estimates, Insured • 338-4448
& maintenance. Free Estimates
½ hour $5 off 1 hour $10 off
Federal Housing Lic# 700311 & C27 C-8 With this ad Sonoma County
Act of 1968 which 3020 S. Rosa Ave, #G Movie Trivia:
Q: Sonoma Plaza was used to film
makes it illegal to advertise “any LANDSCAPE 707-528-7049 scenes from what 2001 comedy
starring a contestant from the
preference, limitation or discrimina- GARDENING / ROTOTILLING reality show “Survivor”?
Auto buying tip: A: The Animal, co-starred Colleen
tion based on race, color, religion, JJ HAULING Do a VIN check Haskell, who was on the first
sex, handicap, familial status, or DUMPS/RECYCLE/GARBAGE when purchasing used autos
707 623-2734 20yrs. Experience season of Survivor.
to verify title and history
national origin, or an intention to Landscape/debris FREE ESTIMATES
Auto buying tip: Sonoma County
make such a preference, limitation or Auto buying tip: Movie Trivia: 707 623-3438 Lic# 973424
Before buying a used vehicle, Before buying a used vehicle,
discrimination.” check the California Department Q: Sonoma Plaza was used to film
check the California Department scenes from what 2001 comedy
We will not knowingly accept any of Motor Vehicles (DMV) online of Motor Vehicles (DMV) online
ads for real estate that is in violation site at for
information on smog
site at for
information on smog
starring a contestant from the
reality show “Survivor”? Auto selling tip:
A: The Animal, co-starred Colleen Collect all documentation
of the law. All persons are hereby requirements, to search the requirements, to search the including the pink slip,
storm-damage vehicle database Haskell, who was on the first
informed that all dwellings advertised storm-damage vehicle database season of Survivor. registration, owners manual and
and check previous smog reports. and check previous smog reports. maintenance records in a folder
herein are available on an Equal Ins'rd, Refs. avail. Roses and Fruit Need to sell your Helicopter? Green tip: for potential buyers to review.
Search CLASSIFIED ADS Use The Press Democrat Donate your unsold items Make sure you have a DMV bill of
Opportunity Basis. online at PRESSDEMOCRAT.COM Tree pruning, Gutters. Brand New
Fence Install/Repair. (707) 236-4092 Classifieds! to a local nonprofit sale form on hand.

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