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9. How does a power test differ from a speed test?

Corrales Extension,3 floor, Que Building, a. Power test has more items while speed test has few
Cagayan de Oro City items.
“The True Leaders of Excellence” b. Power test has time limit while speed test is taken
with ample time.
c. Power test measures accuracy while speed test
ASSESSMENT OF LEARNING measures reliability.
DIRECTIONS: This drill is designed to evaluate and enhance your d. Power test has items arranged in increasing level of
conceptual knowledge in Assessment of Learning. This is difficulty while speed test has items with the same
composed of 200 items. For each item, encircle the letter that level of difficulty
corresponds to your answer. You have 2 hours and 30 minutes to
complete this test. 10. The student of Teacher Y is very noisy. To keep them busy,
they were given any test available in the classroom and then
the results were graded as a way to punish them. Which
1. Mrs. Roan is judging the worth of the project of the students statement best explains if the practice is acceptable or not?
in her Science class based on a set of criteria. What process a. The practice is acceptable because the students
describes what Mrs. Rena is doing? behaved well when they were given test.
a. Testing c. Evaluating b. The practice is not acceptable because it violates the
b. Measuring d. Assessing principle of reliability.
c. The practice is not acceptable because it violates the
2. How does assessment differ from evaluation? principle of validity.
a. Assessment is organizing data while evaluation is d. The practice is acceptable since the test results are
giving meaning to the organized data graded.
b. Assessment is the assignment of numerical value to
a certain characteristic while evaluation is the 11. What must a teacher do to ensure the fairness of an exam in
process of judging such characteristic a criterion-referenced testing?
c. Assessment is possible without a test while a. Make all of the questions true or false.
evaluation requires a test b. Ask each student to contribute one question.
d. Assessment and evaluation are the same. c. Make twenty questions but ask the students to
answer only ten of their choice.
3. Which among the following tests is a direct measure of d. Use the objectives for the units as guide in your test
competence? construction.
a. Personality c. Performance
b. Paper-pencil d. Traditional 12. While she is in the process of teaching, Teacher J finds out if
her students understand what she is teaching. What is
4. In the context on the theory on multiple intelligences, what is Teacher J engaged in?
one weakness of the pen-and-paper test? a. Criterion-referenced evaluation
a. It is not easy to administer b. formative evaluation
b. It puts the non-linguistically intelligent at a c. Summative evaluation
disadvantage d. norm-referenced evaluation
c. It utilizes so much time.
d. It lacks reliability. 13. Teacher G discovered that her pupils are weak in
comprehension. To further determine which particular
5. In rating the students, Ms. Ubina examined a collection of skill(s) her pupils are weak in, which test should Teacher G
varied evidences of her students’ achievement in Science. give?
What mode of assessment did she use? a. Standardized test C. Diagnostic test
a. Portfolio c. Performance-based b. Placement test D. Aptitude test
b. Traditional d. Affective
14. Which is (are) (a) norm-referenced statement?
6. Which of the following is NOT an advantage of the traditional a. Kurt performed better in spelling than 75% of his
assessment? classmates.
a. Scoring is objective b. Kurt was able to spell 80% of the words correctly.
b. Measures behavior that can’t be deceived c. Kurt was able to spell 80% of the words correctly
c. Administration is easy and spelled 35 words out of 50 correctly.
d. Students can take the test on the same time d. Kurt spelled 35 words out of 50 correctly.

7. Which of the following is NOT a limitation of alternative 15. Which is claimed to be the overall advantage of criterion-
forms of assessment? referenced over norm-referenced interpretation?
a. Administration is time-consuming a. An individual’s score is compared with the set
b. Prone to scoring errors mastery level.
c. Prone to Cheating b. An individual’s score is compared with that of
d. Scores tend to be subjective his peers.
c. An individual’s score is compared with the
8. Which of the following is a power test? average scores.
a. Licensure examination c. Aptitude test d. An individual’s score does not need to be
b. Achievement test d. Projective test compared with any measure.
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24. Which of the following should be done to lessen the chance
16. Which DOES NOT demand criterion-referenced test? of guessing in a true-or-false item?
a. personalized system of instruction c. collaborative a. Include an alternative statement that students can choose
learning from
b. outcome-based education d. . mastery learning b. Provide a clue
c. Give trivial statements
17. Which one can help student develop the habit of critical d. Do a modified true-or-false test
a. Blind obedience of authority 25. . Which type of test is most appropriate if a teacher wants to
b. asking convergent questions measure student’s ability to organize thoughts and ideas?
c. asking low level questions a. short answer type of test c. modified alternative
d. willingness to suspend judgment until sufficient evidence is response
presented b. extended response essay d. limited response essay

18. The process of task analysis ends up in the formulation of:

a. instructional objectives c. enabling objectives 26. Which type of test measures higher order thinking skills?
b. goals of learning d. behavioral objectives a. Enumeration c. Completion
b. Matching d. Analogy
19. I like to develop the synthesizing skills of my students.
Which one should I do? 27. The following are guidelines in writing
a. Ask my students to formulate a generalization from multiple-choice items EXCEPT:
the data shown in the graphs a. Write the options in alphabetical order
b. Direct my students to point out which part of the b. Avoid double negatives
graph is right and which part is wrong c. Use a specific determiner
c. Ask my students to answer the questions beginning d. Scarcely use the options, “none of the above”, and
with “What if...” “all of the above”
d. Tell my students to state the data presented in the
graph. 28. Which of the following should be AVOIDED on writing
essay test?
20. Which objective in the affective domain is in the lowest a. Provide optional questions so that student will have
level? To choices.
a. accumulate examples of authenticit b. Phrase each question so that pupil’s task is clearly
b. support viewpoints against abortion indicated.
c. respond positively to a comment c. Indicate an approximate time limit for each question.
d. formulate criteria for honesty d. Create a model answer to enhance objectivity in
21. Read and analyze the matching type of test given below:
29. With assessment of affective learning in mind, which does
Direction: On the space before each description in Column A, write the letter of the president being
described in Column B. Answers in Column B can be used only once. NOT belong to the group?
Column A Column B
_____1.Known as the “Man of Masses” A. Manuel Quezon a. Cloze test c. Reflective writing
_____2.Considered as the father of the national language .B. Ferdinand Marcos
_____3. The first president of the Philippines C. Corazon Aquino
b. Moral dilemma d. Diary entry
_____4. The first woman President of the Philippines D. Emilio Aguinaldo
_____5. The president of the Philippines who served several terms E. Ramon Magsaysay
30. Which tests determine whether students accept
responsibility for their own behavior or pass on responsibility
Question: What does this test lack? for their own behavior to other people?
a. Premise c. Distracter a. Thematic tests
b. Option d. Response b. Stylistic tests
c. Sentence-completion tests
d. Locus-of-control tests
22. Teacher A constructed a matching type of test. In her
columns of items are a combination of events, people, and 31. Which among the statements below is INCORRECT about
circumstances. Which of the following guidelines in establishing performance standards?
constructing matching type of test did he violate? a. Select and use one reference only
a. List options in an alphabetical order b. Consider student’s ability to learn
b. C. Make list of items heterogeneous c. Use pre-defined levels of performance
c. Make list of items homogeneous d. Combine two references for a better interpretation of
d. Provide three or more options grades
32. Which one holds true to anecdotal records?
23. Here is a test item: ______________ is an a. Combining facts with interpretation
assignment of numbers to particular traits. b. describing behavior in laboratory settings
Question: How will you improve this item? c. Describing behavior in natural settings
a. Give a clue. d. writing objective, descriptive behavior with ease
b. Simplify the statement
c. Place the blank at the end. 33. Which of the following is an effective tool in measuring
d. Put a specific determiner. students’ awareness of values?
a. anecdotal record c. projective techniques
b. likert scales d. moral dilemma
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b. Average d. Difficult
34. Which is one weakness of self-supporting personality
checklists? 43. In her conduct of item analysis, Teacher Cristy found out that
a. Many personality measures have built-in lie scales. a significantly greater number from the upper group of the
b. They lack stability. class got test item #5 correctly. This means that the test item
c. They may not get true information because a. has a negative discriminating power
individuals can hide or disguise feelings. b. is valid
d. They have poor internal consistency. c. is easy
d. has a positive discriminating power
35. The following are the reasons of using performance-based
assessment EXCEPT 44. A test item has difficulty index of 0.89 and a discrimination
a. Specific behaviors or behavioral outcomes are to be index of -0.44. What should the teacher do?
observed a. Make it a bonus item. c. Retain the item.
b. A process is to be assessed b. Reject the item. d. Make it a bonus item and reject it.
c. Possibility of judging the appropriateness of
students’ actions 45. Here are raw scores in a quiz: 97, 95, 85, 83, 77, 75, 50, 10, 5,
d. A process or outcome cannot be directly measured 2, 1. To get a picture of the group performance, which
by paper-and-pen test measure of central tendency is MOST reliable?
e. None a. Mean c. Mode
b. Median d. None. It is best to look at the individual
36. The computed r for scores in Math and Science is 0.92. What scores
does this mean?
a. Math score is positively related to Science score. 46. Given the scores in a test: 86, 70, 83, 90, 85, 78, 79, 81, 86,
b. The higher the Math score, the lower the Science what is the range?
score. a. 12 b. 15 c. 16 d. 20
c. Math score is not in any way related to Science
score. 47. Median is to point as standard deviation is to
d. Science score is slightly related to Math score. a. Area c. distance
b. Volume d. square

37. Which of the following types of test is generally considered as 48. Here is a score distribution: 98, 93, 93, 93, 90, 88, 87, 85,
the most reliable? 85, 85, 70, 51, 34, 34, 34, 20, 18, 15, 12, 9, 8, 6, 3, 1.
a. Alternate Response c. Multiple Choice Which is a characteristic of the score distribution?
b. Essay d. Short Answer a. Bi-modal c. Skewed to the right
b. Tri-modal D. No discernible pattern
38. Which of the following is the best contrast of construct and
criterion-related validity? 49. If the mean, median, and mode of a given distribution is 20,
a. Construct validity refers to how a test is constructed 22, 24 respectively, the graph is most likely
while criterion-related refers to the standards considered a. Positively skewed c. symmetric
in constructing a test b. Negatively skewed d. rectangular
b. Construct validity puts emphasis on the psychological
traits of the students and its possible manifestations while 50. Most examinees obtained scores below the mean. A graphic
criterion-related indicates the relationship of the students representation of the score distribution will be
score to an external criterion a. Negatively skewed c. leptokurtic
c. Construct validity is used for psychological tests while b. Normal curve d. positively skewed
criterion-related is used for achievement test
d. Construct validity is a mere abstraction while criterion- 51. The score distribution follows a normal curve. What does
related evidence of validity is tangible. this mean?
a. Most of the scores are on the -2SD
39. What type of validity is ensured when one constructs a table b. Most of the scores are on the +2SD
of specification? c. The scores coincide with the mean
a. Construct c. Face d. Most of the scores pile up between -1SD and +1SD
b. Content d. Criterion-related
40. Generally, a test containing more items is more reliable than 52. Mae’s score is within -1 to 1 SD. To which of the following
those having fewer items. groups does she belong?
a. True c. Slightly true a. Below average c. Needs improvement
b. False d. It depends upon the test b. Average d. Above average
53. Below shows Mark’s score in his test in Math and Filipino
41. You found out that the difficulty index of item no. 3 is 0.26 Mark’s Score Mean of all SD of all the
and the discrimination index is 0.14. What should be done to the scores scores
the test item? Math 75 60 5
a. Reject c. Revise Filipino 90 80 4
b. Retain d. Make it a bonus item
Question: Which of the following statements best describes
42. How do you classify a test item if its difficulty index is 0.14? Mark’s performance in the two tests as compared to the rest
a. Easy c. Very Easy of the students?
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a. He performs better in Math than in Filipino a. unit c. diagnostic
b. He performs better in Filipino than in Math b. achievement d. summative
c. He has been very consistent in getting high scores
d. He got the highest score in the test 63. In any kind of education endeavor, these three
interdependent processes are involved
54. A mathematics test was given to all Grade V pupils to a. evaluation, application, learning
determine the contestants for the Math Quiz Bee. Which b. teaching, learning, evaluation of results
statistical measure should be used to identify the top 15? c. testing, recording, reteaching
a. Percentage score c. Quartile score d. application, valuation, recall
b. Mean-percentage score d. Percentile Score
64. It is a chart prepared to determine the goals, the content and
55. Which type of statistics gives information about the sample the number of items to be included in the test
being studied. a. test chart
a. inferential and co relational c. inferential b. test book
b. descriptive d. co relational c. table of specifications
d. skewed chart
56. Robert’s raw score in the Mathematics class is 45 which is
equal to the 96 percentile. What does this mean? 65. The entire processes involved in conducting any scientific
a. 96% of Robert’s classmates got a score higher than 45. study include these sequential steps,
b. 96% of Robert’s classmates got a score lower than 45. a. know the problem, gather and analyze needed data, then
c. Robert’s score is less than 45% of his classmates. make conclusion
d. Robert’s score is higher than 96% of his classmates b. analyze, gather and collect data
c. gather data, analyze the problem, then conclude
57. Given the median of a set of scores is 85, which of the d. give description, make a calculated guess, then conclude
following is FALSE?
a. 50% of the scores fall on or below 85. 66. Mr. Pascual, being a conscientious teacher initially, feels that
b. 50% of the scores is at least 85. many of his student dislike him, hence, they failed his course.
c. 50% of the scores is 85. To verify his hunch, he will conduct what study?
d. 50% of the scores is utmost 85. a. descriptive study of student behavior
b. historical study
58. A student complains to you about his failing grade. When c. achievement test
you recomputed, you found out that you committed an error d. Self-analysis
in his grade computation. Your decision is not to accept the
erroneous computation before the student and so leave the 67. Desiring to find out which among the schools she supervises
failing grade as is for fear that you may lose credibility. Is this achieve or underachieve the yearly target goals, Dr. Mendez
morally right? will use what measure
a. No, the reason for not accepting the error before the a. Measure of Dispersion
student is flimsy. b. Measure of Central tendency
b. No, the end does not justify the means. c. Measure of Popularity
c. Yes, the end justifies the means. d. Measure of Locality
d. Yes, as a teacher you must maintain your credibility.
68. A test of intelligence based on the actual measurement of
59. Which process enhances the comparability of grades? what the individual can actually do of a certain task under
a. Determining the level of difficulty of the test. time pressure.
b. Constructing departmentalized examinations for a. Performance test c. Skill test
each subject. b. Aptitude Test d. None of these
c. Using table of specifications.
d. Giving more high-level questions. 69. A test given to determine specific aspect of achievement
made on certain skills to provide the needed remedial help to
60. For grades to be made valid indicators the learner.
a. adopting letter grades such as A, B, C, and D a. daily test c. diagnostic test
b. defining the course objectives as intended learning b. achievement test d. none of the above
c. explaining the meaning of marks or grades 70. A child’s emotional behavior and problems can be measured
d. giving objective type of test by:
a. direct observations c. behavior checklist
61. The test results revealed that a great majority of the student b. psychological test d. behavior scales
failed. What is the best action that an effective teacher e. all of the above
should take to insure that learning will take place?
a. reteach the items that are heavily missed 71. Intelligence tests that can used with children who have
b. analyze the difficulty, them test again language difficulties include:
c. give more difficult test a. the Draw-A-Man test
d. scold the pupils b. the Letter International Performance Scale
c. raven’s progressive Matrices Test
62. When the aim is to determine where the strengths and d. All of the above
weaknesses of the students lie before teaching of a new
lesson is done, what test is given?
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72. The law requires school personnel to make a child’s school d. the mode for the group.
records available to his or her parents. Parents have the right e. all of the above
a. help plan their child’s instructional program 79. A teacher planning to use a criterion-reference measurement
b. see their child’s school records presumably would begin with:
c. receive an interpretation of any data recorded about a. a set of specific objectives for pupils achievement
their child b. varying norms of students of different abilities
d. all of the above c. modular scheduling
d. a variety of leaning experiences to determine student
73. Ken obtained a percentile rank of 30 on a mathematics test. abilities
Ken’s parents will learn that :
a. Ken is a top student in the above class 80. Standardized test for measuring pupil achievement have
b. Ken got 30% of the test items correct many advantages over teacher-made test. Which of the
c. Ken obtained a score higher than 30% of the students in following is NOT an advantage of standard tests?
the class a. Students are tested under matching conditions
d. Ken got 70% of the items correct b. Such test have high reliability
c. Such test have high variability
74. Which o the following is a characteristic of criterion- d. The norms are based on nationwide testing
referenced teaching strategies? e. Such tests are most costly than teacher-made test.
a. Desire behaviors are specified- for example,” Given 10
sentences containing errors in noun-verb agreement, the 81. A non-participating classroom observer can provide valuable
student will be able t correct them with 100% accuracy.” information to a teacher because:
b. Adequate instruction is given to enable students to a. the observer is probably less subjective than the teacher
perform the behaviors that are specified. b. the observer can spend full time recording observations
c. Using measures such as tests or specified performance, c. the observer can focus on certain behaviors and
the teacher makes an analysis of whether objectives are systematically code them for a report
being met d. all of the above are true
d. All of the above
82. Research on individual learning differences indicates the
75. Research shows that students who follow the cognitive need for:
learning approach manifest all of the following characteristics a. the traditional “lockstep” approach to classroom
EXCEPT: instruction
a. a global orientation toward the discovery of new b. maximizing off-task behaviors
question and solutions c. plenty of free time for each pupil
b. an analytic mind-set toward new problems d. the use of the aptitude-treatment-interaction model
c. an impulsive habit in drawing conclusions
d. a reflective manner when examining data 83. Students with low achievement levels prefer a classroom
learning environment that is:
76. Content that at least 90% of students could reach “mastery a. innovation-oriented c. well-structured
level” can be achieved if appropriate teaching techniques b. task-oriented d. competition-oriented
were used. Which of the following would NOT be appropriate
advice for a teacher who wants to help underachievers to 84. For a grade placement, which of the following tests would be
succeed? best to administer to a 10-year-old Puerto Rican boy who
a. Provide more time for slower students to complete a does not speak English?
task a. The Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale
b. Break the curriculum into small steps, teaching b. The test of General Ability
incrementally c. The Otis-Lennon Mental Ability Test
c. Determine grades through competitive examinations, d. The Arthur Point Scale of Performance Test
giving constant feedback to comparative performance.
d. Pursue a comprehensive list of performance objectives 85. A teacher gave two forms of a standardized test to a class of
third graders. She found that the amount of fluctuation
between class scores on both forms was as slight as reported
77. Critics of behavior-referenced instruction find that it limits in the test publisher’s:
students in all of the following areas EXCEPT in : a. item analysis c. standard error
a. the range of behavioral objectives associated with such b. standard deviation d. history reliability
instruction. 86. Which one of the following factor is NOT a significant
b. The expectations for performance held out to gifted advantage of a standardized test over day-to-day teacher
students made test?
c. Opportunities for student decision-making a. The standardized test is cost-effective.
d. The accuracy of evaluations possible with such b. The standardized test is more valid.
instruction c. The standardized test is more reliable.
d. The standardized test is based on national norms.
78. When a teacher reports the outcome of norm-referenced
objective tests, he or she includes: 87. Interest inventories are valuable for counseling secondary
a. the performance of all students in the class school student because the are given;
b. the objectives that were to be measured a. In percentiles.
c. the items missed by each student b. In the form of a career advice.
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c. In the form of a psychological profile. a. interest c. attitude
d. In stanine scores. b. goal d. none of these

88. Which of the following is useful for a teacher involved in a 99. In psychological measurement, a score of 50 is generally
“mastery learning” program? considered as
a. Summative testing over several units. a. 49.9 – 50.9 c. 49.25 – 50.75
b. Formative testing during instruction. b. 49 – 51 d. 49.5 – 50.5
c. Diagnostic testing.
d. Smaller classes and individualized instruction. 100. What is the best measure of typical performance to use
e. All of the above. when there are extreme measures?
a. mean c. mode
89. when constructing a teacher-made test, it is most important b. median d. standard deviation
for the teacher to:
a. develop one-fourth of the question at the level of 101. What measure of central tendency is affected by extreme
challenge appropriate for the testee. measures?
b. ask question based on both factual and conceptual a. mean c. mode
learnings b. median d. standard deviation
c. ask students to express their point of view
d. stress the objectives used during the lesson. 102. If the mean is larger than the median, the mode is :
a. below the mean c. below the median
90. When teaching concepts at the elementary grade level, it is b. above the mean d. above the median
most helpful to provide pupils with
a. examples and non-examples of the concept 103. When plotting the frequency polygon, which part of the
b. a cluster of concepts at one time score class do we use?
c. a definition of the concepts a. lower limit c. midpoint
d. disjunctive concepts b. higher limit d. entire class interval

91. A junior high school principal wants to evaluate the science 104. A distribution with the greatest frequency at and around the
program. What is the first he should take? middle and a few high and low scores is:
a. Analyze pupil achievement scores a. platykurtic c. leptokurtic
b. Look at national norms for achievement in the sciences b. mesokurtic d. skewed
c. Confer with parents
d. Review and, if necessary, revise objectives for the 105. One should interpret the percentile rank of a given score in
program the terms of percentage of:
a. number of correct responses
92. A personal feeling, either positive or negative towards an b. number of items in the test
object, a person or an institution. c. number of cases in the distribution
a. attitude c. opinion d. number of wrong response
b. aptitude d. none of these
106. The least reliable measure o dispersion is the:
93. Known as one’s preparedness for learn in a certain task a. range b. Quartile deviation c. Mode d. SD
brought about by the influences of heredity and
environment. 107. What test includes items which measure variety of mental
a. Characteristics c. Interest operations combined into a single sequence from which only
b. Aptitude d. None of these a single score is taken?
a. objective test c. percentile
94. The process of identifying educational goals and the extent to b. omnibus d. none of the above
which these objectives have been realized or met.
a. Examination c. Planning 108. What is measure of an individual’s intelligence which
b. Evaluation d. None of these considers both his scores in an intelligence test and his
chronological age?
95. The degree to which the test scores in a class spread. a. Intelligence quotient
a. Discrimination c. Dispersion b. Inventory
b. Interval d. None of these c. Individual test of intelligence
d. Mental age
96. The item in a multiple-choice type of test which serves as a
“joker” 109. What diagram is used to determine the social interactions
a. Obstractor c. Error among individuals in a group?
b. Distractor d. none of these a. scatter diagram c. norm
97. A type of scores arrangement in a class which includes all b. sociogram d. parallelogram
possible score values from highest to lowest with the list of
learners “names include. 110. What test is made after certain norms have been
a. Frequency table c. Grade norms established?
b. Frequency distribution d. None of these a. standardized test c. norm
b. speed test d. none of these
98. A special liking or inclination for a particular type of 111. What type of scores is obtained when a highly reliable
undertaking. measuring instrument is used?
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a. T-score c. Z-score a. Leptokurtic
b. True score d. N-score b. Negatively skewed
c. Platykurtic skewed
112. The kind of statistics that is used to describe a big number o d. Positively skewed
data on hand. These data usually include numerals, decimals, 124. The range is an expression of:
fraction and percentages. a. central tendency c. concentration
a. descriptive statistics b. correlation d. variability
b. inferential statistics
c. survey statistics 125. The root-mean-square deviation is generally known as:
d. simple statistics a. Average deviation c. Quartile deviation
b. Range d. Standard deviation
113. A test where the results are obtained from a large group. The
evaluation is based on certain norm or standard set, hence, 126. In this series of scores; 5,7,10,4,5 ; the mean is:
the norm becomes the basis of the test evaluation. a. 5.2 b. 6.1 c. 6.2 d. 6.4
a. criterion-reference test c. summative test
b. norm-reference test d. formative test 127. Synonymous to median, this term refers to the common
average of a set of sores.
114. The test results in this type of test are compared with an a. arithmetic c. class interval
absolute standard. They indicate whether or not a student b. score d. none of these
needs more or less help on certain skills.
a. criterion-reference test 128. A system of grouping closely-related score values into a single
b. norm-reference test category which is often used in tallying scores for a class.
c. formative test a. Criterion c. Converted scores
d. summative test b. Class interval d. None of these

115. This evaluation device includes an analysis of all the scores in 129. A statistical index which represents the relationship between
a given distribution. It is commonly used to estimate the test two varying measures which occurs within a class.
validity. a. cross-validation c. ceiling
a. statistics c. standard deviation b. correlation coefficient d. none of these
b. variables d. quartile deviation
130. The difference between the highest and lowest score in a
116. The information shown by these data, includes the highest, given set of scores.
middle, and lowest scores, even the missing scores in a a. Quartile c. Profile
tabulated data presentation. b. Range d. None of these
a. frequency data c. concluded data
b. gathered data d. surveyed data 131. Scores tendency to group at one end and spread out at the
opposite end of a given distribution of scores.
117. The measure of variability not influenced by extreme scores is a. Skewness c. unreability
the: b. Unevenness d. none of these
a. Quartile b. Range c. MD d. Sd
132. When a test succeeds in determining accurately the
118. The interquartile range is a measurement of: particular attribute of a person who is tested, it is said to be
a. probability c. central tendency a. reliable c. variable
b. variability d. correlation b. valid d. none of these

119. The measure of scores density around the median is the 133. The standard used to interpret test scores
a. range c. quartile deviation a. norm c. mode
b. mean deviation d. standard deviation b. percentile d. none of these

120. The greatest weakness of the range as a measure of 134. An index of a person’s intelligence in relation to other of his
variability it its own age group
a. intricate computation c. extreme in stability a. intelligence quotient c. personality
b. ease of computation d. difficulty of interpretation b. grade norm d. none of these

121. The largest measure of variability from the central tendency 135. Test on reading readiness examples of a group of tests.
distribution is: a. prognostic test c. vocabulary test
a. average deviation c. range b. cognitive test d. none of these
b. quartile deviation d. standard deviation
136. A rational treatment of raw scores arranged in numerical
122. Which of the following cannot illustrate two distribution is: order or grouped in intervals to get information about how
a. Cumulative frequency curve an individual of a group compares with the total population.
b. Cumulative percentage curve a. norm c. equalization of scores
c. Histogram b. frequency distribution d. none of these
d. Scattergram
137. Test norms are based on:
123. A distribution characterized by many high scores and a few a. the actual performance of a representative group of
very low scores is: students
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b. the predetermined levels o standards of performance b. group items belonging to the same type together
c. he performance of a selected group of students c. provide specific directions on how the test is to be taken
d. the anticipator performance of a group of students d. make very difficult test items

138. A test with a difficulty index of 0.85 is considered: 149. To promote better student learning, which of these should
a. high, therefore difficult be practical in testing?
b. low, therefore easy a. check the papers long after the test has been given
c. high, therefore easy b. check and return corrected papers to the student as soon
d. low, therefore difficult as possible to appraise them of their performances
c. pile test papers in the stockroom
139. A clear example of a future-oriented test is the : d. use to get even with the students
a. Philippine Achievement Test
b. Otislennon Mental Ability 150. In scoring essay test, which of the following is NOT a good
c. Personality Test practice?
d. National College Entrance a. decide what qualities are to be considered in scoring the
140. Which of the types of ability is not generally measured by b. write comments and correct errors on the answers
intelligence tests? c. rearrange the papers after checking one questions
a. Quantitative c. Verbal before starting to check the next
b. Reasoning d. Social d. accept all answers written by the taker

141. The Rorschach Test and Thematic Association Test are oath 151. Which type of objective test is best or evaluating mastery of
referred to as ______ tests. facts and information?
a. projective c. sociometric a. multiple-choice c. completion type
b. psychometric d. analytic b. true-false d. essay

142. Which of the following is considered the most important 152. In making test items of objective type, which of the following
criterion of a test should be observed?
a. reliability c. usability a. no clues to the correct response should be given
b. scorability d. validity intentionally
b. each test item should be related to the previous item
143. Attitudes towards communism or socialism are best c. the vocabulary level of the test should present some
measured with: form of difficulty
a. sociometry d. test items should include also the irrelevant part of the
b. questionnaires & interviews lesson
c. checklist & multiple choice
d. forced triads 153. Which of the following is NOT a good characteristic of an
evaluative technique?
144. Two classes are given the same arithmetic test and the mean a. has clear goals
for both classes is 57. The standard deviation for class A is b. utilizes various forms of testing
5.1, while that of Class is 10.3. On the basis of the above c. consider the nature of the learners
data, we may conclude that with respect to arithmetic d. has ambiguous presentation
a. Class A is more heterogeneous than Class B 154. Which o the following is NOT an objective type of teacher-
b. The teaching of arithmetic is more effective in Class A. made test?
c. Class B is more heterogeneous than Class A a. matching type c. completion type
d. There is no sufficient data for making a comparison. b. multiple-response d. essay test

145. In the following distribution: 1,3,3,3,5; we can say that: 155. Which of the following is NOT a criterion in determining the
a. the mean is greater than the median effectiveness of a test?
b. the median is greater than the mode a. validity c. reliability
c. the mode is greater than the mode b. cost of test d. items based on factor analysis
d. the median, median and the mode have the same value
156. Which of the following is NOT a purpose of evaluation?
146. The distribution given in the previous item is: a. provide educational guidance
a. skewed to the left c. skewed to the right b. appraise the total school program
b. normal d. leptokurtic c. provide insight for the individual differences
d. none of these
147. Which of the following is an important duty of a teacher?
a. evaluating pupil’s progress 157. The ratio of “exceptional” children in general population is
b. soliciting contributions about.
c. safekeeping of the properties of the school a. 1:8 b.1:20 c.1:4 d. 1:10
d. going on a vacation
158. A test given to get a representative sampling of the general
148. Which of the following is NOT to be considered in preparing area of accomplishment made on certain field of learning
items for objectives tests? taught and learned.
a. make each test items comprehensible a. survey test c. aptitude test
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b. diagnostic d. none of the above b. Mode d. All of the above

159. A distribution in which the scores are cluster at either end 170. The following are descriptions of a negatively skewed
and shows a curve which is: distribution EXCEPT
a. normal c. skewed a. Most scores are high.
bimodal d. mesokurtic b. The mean pertains to a low score.
c. The tail extends to the left.
160. A distribution that is step with a narrow range is called: d. Most of the scores congregate on the left side.
a. kurtosis c. mesokurtic
b. leptokurtic d. platykutic 171. Teacher A found out that the mean, median, and mode of the
scores of the students in a Math test is 40, 45, and 48,
respectively. It can be inferred that the distribution is
161. What should be the source of teacher performance in terms ____________.
of professional growth? a. Positively skewed c. Negatively skewed
a. self-evaluation c. students’ evaluation b. Symmetric d. Platykurtic
b. supervisory evaluation d. peer evaluation
172. Mr. Gonzales computed the median of the scores of his
162. In instructional planning, which among these three: unit students in the long test in Math. What measure of
plan, course plan, lesson plan is (are) most specific? dispersion is apt to be used?
_________ plans. a. Standard deviation c. Range
a. course c. Resources b. Inter quartile range d. External Range
b. Unit d. Lesson 173. Your score is 2 standard deviations above the mean. This
means that your T-Score is
163. Below is a multiple choice type of test item. a. 40 c. 50
“Some test items _______. b. 60 d. 70
A. are too difficult C. are poorly constructed
B. are objective. D. have multiple possible answers 174. Which should Ms. Magsalay consider when writing a
multiple-choice item?
a. The stem has irrelevant material.
What makes the test item poor?
b. The stem presents an unknown problem.
a. The options are not grammatically connected to the
stem. c. The alternatives are arranged in random.
b. The stem fails to present a problem. d. The stem and alternatives are on the same page.
c. There are grammatical clues.
d. The options are not parallel. 175. Refer to the following question:

164. What can be said of a student who obtained 80 out of 100

items in a Grammar objective test? A test is valid when __________________________.
a. it measures what it purports to measure
a. He performed better than 20% of his classmates. b. it covers a broad scope of subject matter
b. He answered 80 items in the test correctly. c. reliability of scores
c. His rating is 80. d. easy to administer
d. He answered 80% of the test items correctly.

165. If the scores of your test follow a negatively skewed score Question: How can you improve this test item?
distribution, what should you do? a. Make the length of the options uniform.
Find out why___________. b. Pack the question in the stem.
a. your items were easy c. Make the options parallel.
b. most of the scores are high
d. Construct the options in such a way that the
c. most of the scores are low
d. some pupils scored high grammar of the sentence remains correct.

166. Which of the following evaluation purposes is mainly used to 176. What type of test is this: Knee is to leg as elbow is to ____.
determine problems and difficulties? a. Hand b. Fingers c. Arm d. Wrist
a. Formative c. Diagnostic a. Analogy c. Short Answer Type
b. Summative d. Placement b. Rearrangement type d. Problem Type

For item no. 167- 169: These are the scores of Bryan in his math
quizzes: 10, 20, 22, 18, 17, 45. 177. Mr. Perez constructed a completion type of test that aims to
167. What is the arithmetic average of the scores of Bryan? find out if the pupils can identify monocots. Which of the
a. 16 b. 20 c. 21 d. 22. following items constructed should he consider?
168. The test scores can be classified as __________ type of data a. Monocots are ____________________________.
a. nominal c. ordinal b. ___________________________ are plants with one
b. Interval d. ratio cotyledon.
c. Plants with one cotyledon are called
169. What measure of central tendency is best to use to represent
the scores of Bryan? __________________.
a. Mean c. Median
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d. Plants with _________________ are called c. Examine the items if they are consistent with the lesson
___________. objectives.
d. Administer the test twice to the same group of students.
178. Which of the following form of assessment refers to the
meaningful collection of students work over a period of time 187. A teacher wants to teach her students the skill in crocheting.
a. Traditional c. Affective Her check-up quiz was a pen-and-paper test on the steps of
b. Performance-based d. Portfolio crocheting. What do you think is lacking for it to be
considered a good test?
179. What is the best type of rubric? a. Scorability c. reliability
a. Analytic b. objectivity d. validity
b. It depends upon the type of learners
c. Holistic 188. A test item has a difficulty index of 0.81 and discrimination
d. It depends upon the purpose of the teacher
index of 0.13. What should the test constructor do?
180. Which is NOT true of an analytic rubric? a. Retain the item c. Revise the item.
a. It is time consuming to use. b. Make it a bonus item. D. Reject the item.
b. It is easier to construct than holistic rubric.
c. It gives one’s level of performance per criterion. 189. The index of difficulty of a particular test is 0.10. What does
d. It allows one to pinpoint the strengths and this mean? My students ___________
weaknesses of one’s work. a. gained mastery over the item
b. performed very well against expectation
181. Which kind of rubrics is BEST to use in rating a one-paragraph c. found that the test item was either easy nor difficult
response to an essay question? d. find the test item difficult
a. Analytic c. either holistic or analytic
190. Mr. Ray found out that many of his students got very low
b. Holistic d. neither holistic nor analytic
scores in the test. What measure of central tendency should
182. John often misbehaves in class. Consequently, his teacher be used to describe their average performance in the
gave him an undeserved low score to the project that he subject?
submitted. What bias is shown in the situation? a. Mean c. Mode
a. Contamination effect c. rater drift b. Median d. Interquartile range
b. Severity error d. contrast effect
191. Standard deviation: Variability, Mean: __________.
a. Discrimination c. Level of difficulty
183. Which error do teachers commit when they tend to overrate
b. Correlation d. Central tendency
the achievement of students identified by aptitude tests as
gifted because they expect achievement and giftedness to go 192. Mr. Kevin computed the mean for representing the typical
together? score of the class. What is the most appropriate measure of
a. Generosity error c. Severity Error dispersion to use?
b. Central Tendency error d. logical Error a. Quartile deviation c. Percentile
b. Standard deviation d. Range
184. When a significantly greater number from the lower group
gets a test item correctly, this implies that the test item is
193. About how many of the case fall between -2SD and +2SD in
a. very valid c. not highly reliable
the normal curve?
b. not very valid d. highly reliable a. 68.26% c. 95.44%
b. 99.72% d. 99.85%
185. Ms. Daaca developed an Achievement Test in Reading for
grade three pupils. Before she finalized the test, she 194. Most students who took the examination got scores above
requested her head to determine if the test items were the mean. What is the graphical representation of the score
constructed based on the behavior domain to be measured. distribution?
What characteristic of a test did she establish? a. Positively skewed c. Bell-curve
a. Validity c. Reliability b. Negatively skewed d. Rectangular
b. Scorability d. Administrability
195. The mean and the mode of a given distribution is 80 and 85
respectively. What could be the most possible value of the
186. Mrs. Samonte wants to test the reliability of her achievement
test in English. Which of the following activities will help her
a. 78 c. 83
achieve her purpose?
b. 86 d. 88
a. Give the test to her students and then compare the result
with another test taken by the same students.
196. John Marco obtained a score of 85 in Mathematics multiple
b. Show the test to experts to check whether the items have
choice test. What does this mean?
accurate answers. a. He has a rating of 85.
b. He answered 85 items in the test correctly.
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c. He answered 85% of the test item correctly
d. His performance is 15% better than the group

197. Study this group of test which was administered with the
following results, then answer the question:
Subject Mean SD Rudy’s
Trigonometry 80 7.5 95
Chemistry 49 3.0 60
Filipino 95 12.0 90
In which subject(s) did Rudy perform best in relation to the
performance of the group?
a. Chemistry c. Filipino
b. Trigonometry d. Trigonometry and Filipino

198. The percentile rank of a given score is the percent of cases of

a distribution
a. Below and above a given score
b. above the given score
c. Below the given score
d. within the given score

199. What is an advantage of point system of grading?

a. It does away with establishing clear distinctions
among students
b. It is precise
c. It is qualitative
d. It emphasizes learning not objectivity in scoring.

200. Is it wise to practice to orient our students and parents on

our grading system?
a. No, this will court a lot of complaints later.
b. Yes, but orientation must be only for our immediate
customers, the students.
c. Yes, so that from the very start, students and their
parents know how grades are derived.
d. No, grades and how they are derived are highly

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