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Rules of the Society i

Officers and Committees 1929-30 IX
Annual Meeting 1
Annual Report 7
New Publications 8; Reprints 10 ; Handbills
11 ; Circulation 12; Finance 15; Bible Dic-
tionary 16; Subscriptions and Donations 17 ;
Ohange in the Oonstitution 18.
Accounts 21
Building Fund 21; Oash Account 22'; Contri-
butions from Missionary Societies 24; Ohurch
Offertories and Donations 25; Oontributions
after the close of Accounts 48.
New Publications 54
Reprints 56
Handbills 58
.\ Circulation 60 I

NorthtIndia Christian Tract and Book Society

(Oorrected up to .April 2, 1929.)
Founded 18~8.] Incorporated 1891.]

1. Name.-The Sooiety shall be known and styled

., The North India Christian Tract and Book Society" and
its hea.dquarters shall be at Allahabad.
2. Object. -The main objeot of the Society shall be
to supply religious ·tracts and books in various languages
for sale and free distribution among Christians, Hindus and
Muhammedans and other-s, ohiefly in the United Provinoes
of Agra. and Oudh, Oentral Provinoes, Central India and
3. Scope.-Taking for its model the Religious Traot
Society in London, the Society shall seek to disseminate
the Evangelical Prinoiples of the Reforma.tion, but it sLall
avoid in its own publications suoh denominational doctrines
as are peouliar to any pa.rticula.r Evangelioal Church.
4. Membership.-The Society shall be composed of
Ohristian men and women as follows--
(i) Two representatives appointed by eaoh of the
organisations and societies detailed in Appen-
dix A.
(ii) Ministers and others in the year following that
in whioh they have paid not less than five
rupees eaoh as subscription.
(iii) A person in the year following that in which
he or she has colleoted and r~mitted to the
Sooiety fifty rupees.
(iv) A subscriber of two hundred rupees to be called
a Life Member.
( ii )
5. Office·bearers-The Office-bearers of the sooiety
shall be-
(i) President.
(ii) One or more Vice-Presidents.
(iii) One or more Seoretaries.
(iv) A Treasurer.
The number of such Vice-Presidents and Secretaries
shall be fixed at the Annual Meeting of the General Com-
6. The business of the Society 8hall be conducted by
the Office-bearers, a General Committee, an Exeoutive Oom-
mittee and Sub-Committees duly appointed,
7. Annual Meeting of the Society.-The Annual
Meeting of the Traot Sooiety shall ordinarily be held in
October. At this meeting the report for the year, as
approved by the General Committee, shall be read, and an
abstract oIthe acoounts, duly audited, shall be presented,
and the following eleotions shall be made for the ensuing
year :-
(ii) Office-bearers.
(ii) Fifteen members of the General Committee, of
whom at least one-third shall be laymen.
Twenty-five members shall form a quorum.
8. General Committee. - To direct in general the
working of the Society, and to settle all questions of polioy
there shall be a General Oommittee constituted thus : -
(i) Offioe-bearers eleoted at the Annual Meeting of
the Sooiety.
(ii) Fifteen me.mbers elected (vide rule 7.)
(iii) Two representatives appointed by eaoh of the
Missionary Sooieties mentioned in the Schedule.
(iv) One representative from each congregation that
in the preceding year has oontributed Rs. 25
or more. (The present rule that representatives
( iii )
of Societies on the General Com.mittee do
not reoeive travelling allowa.noe from the North
India Christian Traot and Book Sooiety
shall be applied to representatives of con-
gregations also.)
(v) Life Members.
(vi) Annual contributors of Rs. 25.
(vii) Members of the Exeoutive Committee.
9. Annual Meeting of the General Committee -
frhe Annual Meeting of the General Committee shall
ordinarily to be held in October.
Members may attend in person or by proxies duly
appointed. Every matter to be considered shall be inti-
mated to the Seoretary by the 1st September in the form of
a resolution. The Secretary shall communicate all suoh
resolutions to the members of the G~neral Committee a
month before the meeting.
At this meeting, questions of policy relating to the
Sooiety shall be consider~d and determined or adjourned or
referred to a Speoial Sub-Oommittee for report or final
determination as may be resolved on by the Committee,
and all matters finally determined shall be binding on the
Exeoutive Committee and other Sub·Oommittee.
Nominations made by the Exeoutive Complittee for
the offioes of President, Vice· Presidents,. Secretary or
Seoretaries, Treasurer, m'6mbers of the General Committee
(mde rule 7) shall be oonsidered and forwarded to the
Annual Meeting of the Sooiety for approval, and members
of the Executive Committee shall be eleoted.
Fifteen members shall form a quorum.
10. Executive Committee.-An Exeoutive Com-
mittee shall be appointed to oonduot the business of the
Sooiety in aooordanoe wit!! the polioy laid down from time to
time by the General Oommittee at their Annual Meetirig.
( iv )

The' Executive Committee shall consist of:-

(i)" The Office-bearers.
(ii) Fiv~ ~embers elected ~ by the General Oom-
mittee at its Annual Meeting from among
its members who are residents of stations
other than Allahabad.
(iii) All Ministers who are members of the Sooiety
and resident in Allahabad.
(iv) Not less than ten lay' members who are men-
bers of the -Society and resident in Allahabad.
Such members shall be elected by the General
Committee at its Annual Meeting.

11. Meetings of the Executive Committee.-The

meetings of the Executive Oommittee shall be held at least
once a quarter OJ} a da.te fixed by the President, or in his-
absenoe from Allahabad, by a Vice-President. Seven mem·
be,rs shall form a quorum.
12. Proceedings.-The proceedings of the meetings
of the Executive Oommittee shall be reoorded in a minute
book by the Seoretary, and presented at the next meeting
for oonfirmation.
The prooeedings of the Annual Meeting of the Sooiety
and' of the General Oommittee shall be recorded in the
same book.

13. Duties of Executive Committee. -The duties

of the. Executive Committee shall inolude the following:--
(i) To arrange for acquiring and safely holding
and preserving the pr~perty, moveable or
immoveable~ belonging to the Society.
(ii) To prepare a budget for the ensuing year at
least a month previous ·to the expiry of the
cp.-rr~nt ·ye~J'.
( 'V )

(iii) To keep ~ true and oorreot aooount of all pro-

perty, receipts and disbursements, and other
trs n saoti ons.
(iv) To have the accounts of the Sooiety duly
audited by a oompetent person.
(v) To call S peciaI or Extraordinary Meetings of
the Sooiety or of the General Committee on
requisition as provided in rule 17.
(vi) To oomply with the direotions and to oarry out
the deoisions of the Society or of the General
Committee passed at their Annual Meetings
or at any Special or Extraordinary Meetings.
(vii) To nominate Office-bearers and members of
the General Committee (vide rule 8), and also
members of the Executive Committee (vide
rule 10).
(viii) To fix a suitable date for the holding of the
Annual Meetings of the Society and of the
General Committee. Notice of both meetings
shall ordinarily issue a month before the date.
(ix) To prepare and submit the Annual Report, and
to present the acoounts duly audited, for
approval at the Annual Meetings.
(x To appoint at its first meeting after the Annual
Meeting three Standing Committees, each oon-
sisting of not less then three members, for
English, Hindi and Urdu respec~ively, to
whom all questions regarding the publications
in these languages shall in the first instance
be referred.
(xi) To appoint at its first meeting after the Annual
Meeting a Finance Committee of a.t least five
members for considering the monthly state-
ments of accounts; and, usually all questions
c vi )
relating to finanoe, the Seoretary and Honorary
Treasurer to be ex-offielo members. Four mem-
bers to form a quorum.
(xii) To appoint at its first meeting after the Annual
Meeting a Mass-Movement Committee to ar-
range for the preparation of Ch;istian Litera-
ture for village work, to report on manuscripts
and books which may be reoeived for publi-
oation, and to advise on all matters appertaining
to that branoh of evangelistio work.
14. Property.-All property, moveable 01' immove-
able, belonging to the Sooiety shall vest in the Exeoutive
Any transfer in respeot of suoh property or endorse-
ment of Government seourities or ot'her seourities or any
other negotiable instruments belong~ng tlJ the Sooiety may
be v~lidly effeoted under the signature of the President,
of the Seoretary, and of the Honorary Treasurer for the
time being.
1'he Sooiety may sue or appeal or apply to take any
legs:! step or be sued or appealed or applied against in the
name of the Secretary for the time being.
15. Staff.-The Exeoutive Oommittee shall have power
of appointing', dismissing or otherwise dealing with the mem-
bers of the staff, and the Seoretary shall have suoh powers
in respeot of servants on the establishment. The members
of the staff shall have the right of appeal to the General
16., Ad interim Vacancies.-The Offioe-bearers (Pre-
sident, Vioe- Presidents, 'rreasurer. lLnd Secretary or ~eore­
teries lif honorary)), as well as members of the General
Committee, Exeoutive Oommittee, and Standing Committees
shall hold offioe till the next eleotion, and any ad interim
vaoancies may be filled up by the Executive Committee
to hold good till the next election.
< vii }
17. Special or Extraordinary Meetings.-The
Exeoutive Oommittee shall, upon requisition for the pur-
pos,e made by either 100 members of the Society, or 40
members of the General Oommittee, or 15 members of the
Executive Committee, summon a Special or Extraordinary
Meeting of the General Oommittee or of the Sooiety 8S
may be required. One montu's notice shall be given to
eaoh member of the Sooiety, stating the obj~ot or ob.
jeots of the meeting, and no other business shall be oon-
Quoted at suoh meetings.
General Provisions.
18. The year in the rules will mean, unless other-
wise ordered' by the General or the Executive Committee,
the year beginning with the 1st July and ending with the
30th June
19. The Executive Committee. may frame rules for
oarrying on the business of the Society, and mode of
prooedure in ordinary meetings.
20. 1'he Schedule set out in A ppend~x A may be
altered, amended or added to at the A nnual Meeting of
the General Committee, and the Societies entered therein
shall be entitled to nominate two representatives on paying
an annual contribution of Rs. 50 per annum. The repre·
sentation in one financial year shall be based upon the
oontribution reoeived in the precedi~g finanoial year. Such
Sooieties shall transmit to the Seoretary, at least by the 1st
September of eacb year, the names of their representatives ..
21 The Offioe-bearers and members on the General
and Executive Oommittee shall enter into offioe the day
after the close of the Annual Meeting of the General
22. No action of the Society or the General Commit-
tee or the Exeoutive Oommittee shall be considered invalid
on account of any defect in the number or service of mem-
bers. This rule will not a.ffeot the question of quorum.
t viii )
23. No rules of the Society shall be repealed or
altered, or amended, or added to or substituted instead s
but on the proposal of the Executive Committee, or at the
motion of a member of the General Committee and passed
at the Annual Meeting or at the Special Meeting of the
General Oommittee, oalled for the purpose, and all suoh
changes in the rules shall require a two-third m'Rjority of
the members of the General Committee. Motion for suoh
proposed changes shall be aooompanied by a report on the
matter by the Exeoutive Oo~mittee. N otioe of suoh pro-
posed ohanges should reaoh the office of the Seoretary not
later than the 1st of August.

1. Amerioan Mennonite Mission.
2. Baptist Missionary Society.
3. Bible Churohmen's Missionary Sooiety.
4. Churoh of England Zenana Missionary Society, O. P.
5. Ohuroh Missionary Sooiety, United Provinoes.
6. ditto Oentral Provinces.
7. Disoiples of Christ, India Mission.
8. Evangelioal Synod of North Amerioa.
9. Friends' Foreign Missionary Association.
10. General Conferenoe, Mennonite Mission of North
11. Methodist Episoopal Church, Central Provs. Conference.
12. Do. Luoknow Oonferenoe
13. Do. N. r. Oonferenoe.
14. Do. N. W I. Conferenoe.
15. North India Mission of the Presbyterian Churoh, U.S.A
16. S. P. G. Mission.
i7. United Ohurch of Canada Mission.
is. United Free Ohuroh of Sootland (Rajputana Mission).
19. Wesleyan Methodist Missiona.ry Sooiety.
20. 'Women's Union Missionary Society of America.
North India Christian Tract tJ Book Society
'1Jrc!'si~c!'nt ~mi2.rUu.s :-THE REV. J. J. LUCAS, D. D.



President.-REV. OANOS B. H. P. FISHBR.


P .-:/ t
we- reSl,uen s'-l

Representatives of Missionary Societies.


Evangel1.'cal Synod of North
America REV. M. P. DAVIS.

Amer£can MennonUe Mi8SiOrl REV. P. A. FRIESON.


Baptist Mi88ionary Society { REV. P. JOHN.

Bible Ohurchmen' 8 Missionary

Society REV. H. J. GIBSON.

Ohurch oj England Zen r111 a

M£ss£onary Society, Oentral

Ohurch Mi8sionat·y Society,

Oentral Provinces BEV. J. H. ROBINSON.

Disciples' Mis.'jion { REV. rr. N. HILL.
Fr,:end8' Foreign Missionary
Society G. W. MAw, ESQ
General C01~fel'ence Mennonde {REV. P. W. PENNER
Mi.~.~1·on 1 REV. F J. ISAAC.

Methodist Episcopal Church : -

• . REv. E. L. KING.
Central P'·O'l)s. C0l1/e1'ence •• { HEV. O. M. AUNER.
Lucknow COl1fe1Y:nC')

Nort" India Conference REV. M. T. TITUS, D. D.

N West India Conference. l MIss S. C. HOLMAN.
North India Mission of Pres· ,REV. G. B. OGDEN.
byterian Church in US A. tHEV J E. WALLACE.

Um'led Free Church of Scot- f HEV. D. C. WILKIE.

la11d Mission l REV. W J. ORR.

S. P. G. Mission t E. R. FRANK, ESQ.
United Ohm'cll of Canada
Mission MISS H. D. BANKS.

Wesleyan Missionary Socz'ety REV. J. W SWEETMAN.

Women's Union Missiona1'y

Society 0/ America MISS E. MCOUNN.

Representatives oj Churches:
TIle United Ohurcl~ of
Northern India [{EV D. G. COCKS, BANSWAHA.
Life Member Under Rule 4 (iv)



Miss A L. Ernst, M. D. Rev. J. N Mukand.

Miss V Rinman. Rev. P. A. Penner.
Rev. Ahmad Shah, M.B.A.S. Hev. H. Perfect.
E. Ahmad Shah, Eciq., M. L.C. O. Tobit, Esq
Rev. J l~. Chitambar, D. D Hev. Yohan Mas'ih, D. D.
Rev. W Machin Rev. A. G. Atkins.
Rev. S. J Edwin.


Miss ~.
Haines. Rev. Sukh Lall.
Miss A.. Frederick. S. W Bobb. Esq.
Hev. A G. Atkins. Major A. G. Dallimore.
Hev J. R. ChitflmbAr. D. D. J. M. David, Esq.
Rev B. Gardner. S Higginbottom,Esq., D. Phil
Hev. J n. Hudson. W Hindle, Esq.
Rev. E. P.Janvier, Ph.D. Rai Sahib B. P. Mohun.
Rev. D. P. Low. Raj Bahadur A. O. M ukerji.
Rev. J. N. Mukand. N. O. Mukerji, Esq.
Rev ..T. W Prentice. J. J. Simeon, Esq., LL. B.
Rev. A. RaIla Ram. O. D. Thompson, Esq.
Rev. M, E. Wigram. O. Tobit, Esq.
( xi )


Miss A L. Ernst, M. D. Rev. J. N Muknnd.

Miss V Rinman. Rev. P. A. Penner.
Rev. Ahmad Shah, M. B.A.S. Rev. H. Perfect..
E. Ahmad Shah, Esq., M. L.C. O. Tobit, Esq
Rev. J. B.. Ohitambar, D. D Hev. Yohan Maf;ih, D. D.
Hev. W. Machin Rev. A. G. Atkins.
Rev. S. J Edwin.


Miss M. Haines. Rev. 8ukh Lall.

Miss A. Frederick. S. W Bobb. Esq
Hev. A G. Atkins. Major A. G. Dallimore.
Hev J. R. OhitambAr. D. D. J. M. David, Esq.
Rev. B. Gardner. S. Higginbottom,Esq., D. Phil
Hev. J. H,. Hudson. W Hindle, Esq.
Rev. E. P. Janvier, Ph.D. Rai Sahib B. P. MohuD.
Rev. D. p, Low. Rai Bahadur A. C. M ukerji.
Rev. J. N. Mukand. N. C. Mukerji, Esq.
Rev .•T. W Prentice. J. J. Simeon, Esq., LL. B.
Rev. A. RaIla Ram. O. D. Thompson, Esq.
Rev. M. E. Wigram. C. Tobit, Esq.
( xii



N. C. Mukerji, Esq. I S. Higginbottom, Esq., D. Phil.

Rev. Canon B. H. P. Fisber.


H. David, Esq. Rev. J. N. Mukand.

Rev. Yohan Masih, D. D. ! Rev. E. P. Janvier, Ph. D.


Rev. Ahmad Shah. I

Rev. A. RaIla Ram.
Rev. J. R. Chitambar, D. D. Rev. W. Maohin.
Rev. Sukh La.ll.


H. Da.vid,Esq. I Major A. G. Dallimore.

Rev. Canon J. S. O. Banerjee. J. J. Simeon, Esq.
C. D. 'fhompson, Esq.
Hony. Treasurer and Seoretary (ex-offioio) .

Annual )U~~ting.

T HE 81st Annual Meeting of the North India

Christian Tract and Book Society was held at
the Tract Depot, Allahabad, on Wednesday, November
20, 1929, at 5 p. m., with the Rev. Canon B. H. P.
Fisher, President of the Society, in the chair.
After the singing of a hymn, the Rev. J. R.
Chitamber, D. D. read a passage from the Scriptures
and the Right Rev. The Lord Bishop of Lucknow
offered a prayer.
The Secretary presented the Annual Report and
accounts for 1928-29 which were passed, and the
officers and members of the General Committee were
Dr. Sam Higginbottom delivered the following.
I have listened with a good deal of interest to the Secre-
tary's report and noted with interest the encouraging increase
in the last 25 years. Our Secretary is now entering his 25th
year of service and the Society has reason to thank God for
his devotion &ond industry and tact in furthering its interests.
And yet; in spite of the greatly increased circulation and increas-
ed amount of subscriptions, have we reully done in supporting
the Society all we should have done in view of the tremendous
importance to provide a Ohristian literature in the Vernacular
for the part of India for which we are directly responsible?
Another side of the Society's which I greatly appreciate is the
~a.siness with which I can get good books for myself and for
-( 2
my friends. I frequently bring American guests to the Book
Society. Mr. Oharles R. Crane of New York, lately United
State's Minister to China, found books here in the Depot which
helped him very much in his study of the pilgrim centres of
Asia. I hold in my hand two books purchased here: one is
Moffatt's translation of the New Testament, the other is Francis
Thompson's "The Hound of Heaven." I realise that for many
things no translation can ever supplant the King James'
version. The majesty and music and dignity of its prose, the
rythm of its cadences is unsurpassed in the English language.
The chal'm and music constantly re·echo through one's mind
and heart and soul. But very frequently because of the very
familiarity with our favourite passages, we fail to get the
fullest meaning, and so along with the King James' version
I am glad to have such a translation as Plof, Moffatt has given
us. I will just mention two or three instances wherein it has
been a great stimulant to me. One of the best known passages
and one of the most memorised is the 13th chapter of 1st. Cor.
If Dr. Moffatt had done nothing else than translate this chap-
ter for us, he has laid us under great obligation to him. He
tells us that: "love is never glad when others go wrong."
How frequently we are tempted to say to one from whom we
differ "we told you so" and how frequently one points the finger
of scorn and contempt, and someti!!les with rejoicing, at those
who have made a mess of things. If we truly love we are
never glad when others go wrong. Again "Love is always
eager to believe the best." We are very frequently told that
speaking of the virtues of a man or an organisatiOh has little
value as news. But if, by twisting and wresting, we can put a
bad interpretation and a sinister meaning upon. things, men
will pay attention. But if we truly love, in any number of
possible interpretations, we are always eager to believe the
Again in the second chapter of Revelation we are told of
the wonderful record of the church at Ephesus, its work and
its patience. Yet in that (according to King James' version)
it had lost its first love. I have frequently heard this explain-
~d that after the joy aQ.Q. thrUl anQ. unforgettable e~perience
of conversion, of that new and definite relationship to God and
Christ, as we go on in life and have our experiences and dis-
appointments we gradually cool off, the thrill and the glow
disappear, we become humdrum and common-place instead of
being a flame with zeal for the Lord Jesus. Unfortunately,
there is much in the experience of believers to confirm this
interpretation: but Mr. Moffatt gets a little closer to us. After
-all this interpretation of the authorized states things in general
terms. Mr. Moffatt translates "You have given up loving one
another as you did at first." At first, with the thrill and the
glow of the new relationship to God, our hearts expand, we
love everyone of our fellow believers. But as we gained more
experience of them, saw their lives, the things they did, the
things they said, we lost our love for them. Doubts, divisions,
jealously, and hatred came in with the increasing knowledge.
Each one who has been through the experience realises that
something vital has gone out of life. So Dr. Moffatt calls our
attention not to something general but to somethjng very
specific and intimate and personal. Something that getE! me
just where I am and condemns me. One of the most beautiful
things recorded in the New Testament is the first verse of the
13th chapter of the Gospel accOIding to Saint John. It is near
the end of our Lord's earthly ministry. For three years he had
lived with his chosen twelve. Very serious weaknesses and faults
had made themselves evident in their lives. They did not under-
stand Him. They seemed unwilling in many things to follow
Him. He knew that in a few hoars everyone would desert
Him, and some would deny, and one would betray Him with a
kiss, yet knowing all this be loved them, not only in the begin-
ning' when they were not so familiar and so well known, but to
the very .end he loved them.
The other book I hold in my hand is Francis Thompson's
"The Hound of Heaven." Francis Thomps()ll was born in
Preston, and was a student of medicine in Owen's College. Left
all and fled and went to the depths' of degradation and shame;
ragged and unkempt, he came with a manuscript to the publi-
sher. FranciR Thompson, in spite of a good home, splendid educa-
tional opportunitieFl, had dropped through ~ucce8sive stages to

( 4 )
the very depths. In this poem he gives his experience, his
attempts to escape God. He tells us that he attempted to
escape through the passage and efHux of time, that if ever
sufficient time could elapse between him and his sin and way-
wardness, then he could escape the pursuing Ohrist. Again,
he says that he tried to put distance between him and his
sin; here we have an echo of tl: e 139th Psalm. With the
Psalmist he is compelled to confess that God is inescapable.
Agaiu, he tries to escape by finding God in nature. But he has
to confess that "Nature, poor step-dame, cannot slake my
drouth;" In spite of the beauty and glory of nature it is cold
and cruel and impersonal and no sUbstitu'te for the gra(:e of
God. He has had fellowship with men and women and finds
they disappoint him, so he turns to little children sure that
in fellowship with them he will get some s~tisfaction. But
"just as their young eyes grew sudden fair, with dawning
answers there; Their angel plucked them from me by the
hair." He has exhausted every human possibility in time and
space and mankind and nature and yet he finds himself ex-
hausted and broken and stripped. If you will hear with me
I will read the last few lines :-

Now of that long pursuit

Oomes on at hand the bruit;
That Voice is round me like a bursting sea
" And is thy earth so marred,
Shattered in shard on shard?
La, all thingB fly t~ee. for thou fliest Me !
Strange. piteous, futile thing,
Wherefore should any set thee love apart?
Seeing none but I makes much of naught" (He said),
" And human love needs human meriting:
How has thou merited-
Of all manOs clotted clay the dingiest clot?
Alack, thou knowest not
How little worthy of any lava thou art!
Whom wilt thou find to love ignoble thee,
Save Me, save only Me?

( 5
Makes one thing of the Apostle Paul, "the chief of sinners,"
There was a time when I was interested in literature and
history and philosophy but since I have become a farmer grow-
ing cows and cabbages I have little time for this side of life.
r am greatly pleased that I could buy here in Allahabud this
poem. I read it once or twice a week. It is not easy read·
ing. I had to use my large dictionary (purchased from the
Society). r know of no other poem with which to compal'e it,
It goes to the very centre of being and, as few other things
in our literature do, reveals the all-sufficiency of Ohrist, our
Lord and so for this, and because I was able to secure these
two little books in the Society's book -shop here, r am deeply
gratefuL I feel indebted to it. I am firmly resolved to do
more to make it known to those, who like myself, are not
able to keep up with all the latest in literature,
The Ohair man cailed attention to the very
valuable services rendered to the Society by its
Secretary, Rai Bahadur N K. Mukerji, and expressed
the great thankfulness of all who knew him at his
recovery from a recent severe attack of illness.
The meeting closed with the Benediction pro-
nounced by the Chair.

Eighty-First Annual Report

North India Christian Tract & Book SocIety'

1st July 1928 to 30th June 1929.

Founded 1 8'" 8 Incorp~rated 1891

Another landmark in the history of the Society's

wor k has been reached and it is with ~ grateful
heart that the Committee submits this its 8lst
Annual Report. The past year records steady pro.
gress which in some ways has been remarkable.
The devoted band of missionaries who have rallied
to the support of the Society has worked whole-
heartedly and enthusiastically for its welfare, and for
the dissemination of the wholesome literature which
we have put forward. The Society cannot too highly
praise the ready and willing manner in which
our friends have taken up new ideas and carrie.d them
through for the benefit of the Lord's work. The
funds of the Society are still low, which causes a
certain amount of anxiety; nevertheless, the Com-
mittee earnestly thanks all t1}.osewho have helped
during the year either by. gifts of money or by
devoting their time to the preparation of healthy·
The Society'S outlook for future usefulness con-
tinually expands, and only those who -realise the
treme:u.dous intluenge of. c~.ste a,:p.q C"Q.stQIUS of the past
( 8 l
can understand the difficulties that Christians
h~ve to face in presenting the message of the Gospel.
And yet there is an exceedingly cheering and bright
side in .all the phases of the Society's work. That
there is a real and steady -demand throughout our
area for Christian literature will be evident from
the testimonies which are quoted later. Also there
is the encouraging aspect that everywhere the
Gospel is making its power and influence felt in
changing the outlook and ideals of the people, even in
those who have not yet become Christians. On the
other hand, there are some who are determined to
stamp olit all Christian influence and who are
working hard to gain their purpose; but they are
after all the few amongst the many.
The Society needs the prayers, active sympathy,
and support of all those who are interested in its
propaganda, and tenders its heartfelt gratitude to all
who have so loyally helped during the year and, indeed,
without whose assistance it would not be possible for
it to carryon its extensive programme of placing
Ohristian literature, most of which is published at con-
siderable financial loss, in the hands of so many seek-
ers after the truth. The Committee again gratefully
acknowledges the earnest co-operation of one and
I •

all, and rej<?ices in wh'at their support has enabled

it to do.
Thirteen new books, pamphlets and tracts,
making a total of 30,000 copies and 813,000 pages
4av~ been 'publishe<l 4urin-g the' year, The details
( 9
are given in Appendix E. Every year some fresh
boo~s are being added to the list of' the Society's
publications. The list includes two books by that
veteran writer, the late Rev. Dr. W F - Johnson of
the American Presbyterian Mission. Some of his
relatives have by their liberal contributions made
their publication possible by the Society.
The Rev. H. Perfect, Ohurch Missionary So-
ciety, O~ampanagar, Bhagalpur, expresses in the
following words the need for Ohristian literature,
and generously refers to the part which the Tract
Society is playing in this respect :-
" I believe strongly in circulating as much literature as I
can; the book stays and does its silent work when the preach-
er's vuice is no lon~~er heard. It is a rule here that every
preacher when he goes out to work should have with him his
supply of books and endeavour to sell.
"Some of the men here have become so used to this idea of
always having books with them that they never seem to go
out without some on a train journey; if they go away for holi-
day, they have their books with them somewhere or other.
"That some of the books are not read is possible, but I
t-hink there is far less risk of this when books are sold than
when they are given away; the mere fact of having paid some-
thing makes the book of some- value to the purchaser, and I
think oftgn prevents its being destroyed or thrown away, when
if free it might be.
"The work done by books must, to a great extent, be hidden
work, possibly in many cases really unperceived by the man
in whose heart the work is going on, but I am certain that
work is being done; and when India turns to God no small share
in that work will have been the silent ministry of the book.
"On the other side of your work there is the production of
literature for our Ohristian workers. It is not possible to over-
~~timate the im:portance of tbis wo.rk at present wheu the futufQ
( 10 )
of the Church in this land may depend on the quality of the
men we can train now as teachers and leaders. For this we are
to a large extent dependent upon the Tract Society, and ·only
those who have had the training of these workers can really
understand what is owing to the Socie ty for the help it has
given in this work."

Thirty-three of the old books and, tracts have
been reprinted, as shown in Appendi~ F, the total
amounting to 217,000 copies and 6,528,000 pages.
Bhajan Sangrah has reached the 57th edition. Two
editions of Kaliyug Katha had to be issued during
the year, the total number of copies being 40,000.
The following observations made by the Rev.
J. Jardine, Baptist Mission, Palwal, South Punjab,
will be of interest : -
"I am very grateful for the supplies of literature received
from your Society during the past few years. Such literature
must playa very important part in the evangelisation of any
district and I am confident that in the near future there will
be an in-gathering from the seed sown broadcast in our villages
through your little books. Bhajan Sangrah is probably the
'Best Seller' of any books in our district with Kaliyug Katha
as a good second."

An experiment was made with the issue of

some of these old favourities in Urdu, which proved
quite a success, and the Committee now feels justi-
fied in expanding the list.
Miss M. Crossley, Church Missionary Society,
Mandla, Central Provinces, gives the following
incident of how a night-watchman helped in the
Clr<;qlatjo:q of li.ter~t~re ;-
( il )
"Our night-wa.tchman, pan,wala, who was himself a convert
fl'om Hinduism about 17 years ago, has been the one who has
been responsible for the selling of the literature I got from you as
well as Gospels from the Bible Society. He i~ a very zealous volun-
tary colporteur. He calls himself' God's Ooolie' and visits the
big bazaars and melas, and up-to-date this year he has sold 137
Gospels and 371 Bhajans and Tracts supplied by you and has
distributed a great number of the frea tracts you so kindly
supply. I have known him to walk to a village 12 miles away
in order to sell the literature and come back in the evening.
He refuses to receive any remunera.tion beyond his train fare, if
he happens to go down the line. He is an instance of 'the
things of naught' which God can use. He is just a simple
illiterate man, but keen to get others to know the truth.
"I do appreciate very much indeed the work of youI' Society
and marvel sometimes that you can produce literature so well
got up at such a very low price, and that of course is a great
help in selling. I think the one pice and two pice books which
illustrate as well as teach some of our Lord's Parables are won-
derfully cheap."

For over 40 years the Society has ·had the privi-
lege of issuing 12 leaflets every year, conveying the
Gospel Message. In the year under report 305,000
copies, making a total of 1,220,000 pages, were
issued. These are scattered far and wide like seeds;
it is not for us to know how they will be used by God
for His work.


The Committee has yielded to the pressing
demand for the publication, in Urdu, of leaflets simi-
lar to those in Hindi for the benefit of the Urdu
speaking people. In order to meet this need an
;( 12 J
edition of 10,000 copies of the leaflet is printed
Both the Hindi and Urdu leaflets are ,supplied
,at a nominal price of 2 annas per 100 copies, the
actual cost of the Hindi being Rs. 2-4 per 1,000
copies and of the UI;du Rs. 3-4 per 1,000 copies.
The Rev. M. E. Parrish, Free-will Baptist
Mission, Hazaribagh, 'Bihar, gives the following
interesting testimony to the simple manner in which
sound Biblical teaching is presented through the
Society's literature:-
-"We have had great success in the sale and general distri-
bution of the literature which we have ordered from your Society.
The people seem to grasp the literature and like it. There
are perhaps many reasons for this which, or some of which, I
believe to be due to the sound Biblical teaching and the simpli-
city with which it is presented in the literature which i6J pub-
lished by your presq, I have only been in India approximately
three years and have ordered from your press that which was
available and haye found th6re is none bett~r, Further, I wish
to highly recommend your .Society to others who wish for good
literature and 'prompt service in all departments."



The circulation reached a total of 737,871 copies

as against 683,976, and the publications amounted
to 612,000 copies' and 8,811,000 pages, as against
466,000 copies and 7, 720,000 pages in the previous
yea'r. The Committee is grateful to the large
number of missionaries and other workers who make
possible such asatisfaetory -output 'by helping in -the
( 13 )

production and circulation of the Society's li,tera-

ture. It is not possible to employ colporteurs, hence
the Society is entirely dependent on friends to dis-
seminate its books, tracts and handbills to those for
w hom they are in tended.
The increase in publication is most encourag·
ing. Here again th~ Society is indebted to those
auth<;>l"s who in addition to bearing the heavy burdell
of their own missionary duties have found time to
write bOGks for it. Such contributions are a most
valuable asset to the 'Y"or k of the Society. •
Miss D. Beach, American Mission, Suitanpur,
relates how a tubercular patient was impressed hy
the literature published by the Society : -
" Although many books were sold by us in Naini Tal last
year, over 2,000, and this year about 1,180 in Almora, I can give
only one instance of wh~ch I personally know: a T.B. patient
said 'I have read all the Hindi Shastras and other books, etc.,
but I found them all vanity until I read the Gospel telling of
Jesus, the True Saviour, and I believe there is no other way.'
Just before he passed away we again went to see him: at that
time he said 'Last night Jesus appeared to me and He looked
just like He does in your picture rolls'. A few days later he
passed away."
The Rev. J. T. Sidey of the Baptist Mission,
Gaya, adds valuable testimony to the splendid work
which is being carried on in out-of-the-way places
by the distribution and sale of the Society'S tracts:-
"I write to say that it would be very difficult to carryon
colportage work without your valuable tracts. Last year
(ending in Sept.) we sold about 8,000, in 11 months, This call
only be likened to broadcasting. Plac~s must be reached in
this way of which we have no knowledge. And it always is our
14 )
hope, that as men take these books to ·their homes they will
discover the meaning wrapped up in the various stories.
"Our work is largely done at melas. These people come
from distant homes, and in this way the tracts are going forth
in all directions.
"Little children really buy the study books with great
curiosity and go oft' with them, running and laughing.
"Men listen to the recital of the 'Kaljug Katha' and take
it away hidden in a pocket.
"Others lisiten to the Bhajan and then·buy.
"Hope, of course. is pinned on what lies hidden away in all
these books. It is potent truth. Good success to your work"
The Society supplied largequantit.ies of handbills
and other literature f~r sale and distribution at the
Congress Exhibition which was held in Calcutta in
1928. Mr. Watkins R. Roberts, Nortb East India
General Missibn, gives the following account of how
they were used:-
"We circulated about 120,000 Portionettes, Tracts, Gospels,
and New Testaments during the Exhibition, and were greatly
encouraged by the reception given to the message of Salvation
by all classes. We were able to get some portion of the \Vord
into hundreds of Indian homes through the women, who came
in large crowds on the special days allotted for them.
"We met very few Mohammedans, and the major portion of
our literature was circulated among Bengali Hindus (about
80,000). Other languages circulated included Hindi, Urdu,
Gurmukhi, Oriya, Tamil, Talugu, English etc. We came in
contact wit~ a large number of English-speaking visitors who
had been trained at Mission Schools and Oolleges in different
parts of India, and with many who were deeply interested in the
message of the Gospel. The following extracts from a paragraph
entitled 'Some Hard Facts to Face' which appears in the Moody
lfontkly for April may interest you. It is an extract from a
letter by a member of ou~ Mission who passed through Oalcutta.
at the time, alld reads thus :-'On Ohristmas night we visited
( 15 )
the " •. Exhibition, in which our Society shared a stall with the
British and Foreign Bible Society for the distribution of evan-
gelicalliterature. I was struck with the insistent thirst for
knowledge Axhibited by some of the many who pressed around
our stall. Mr. Coleman (our Secretary in America) entered into
couversation with a Mathematical Professor (Hinct.u) who was
full of all the sophistries of modernistic teaching. He was a
clear conversationalist with a carnal mind, trained and keen to
withstand every convincing thrust of the spirit of Truth, and
declared his profound dissatisfaction with the revelation of God
in Jesus Christ. He had no use for either Christianity or the
Hindu faith of his fathers. Neither the way of the Cross nor
the way of tradition had any at1raction for him. Rather
would he m.ake a way for himself along the quaking bog of


The summary of the Cash Account for the

year appears as Appendix B. In Appendix C is
given a list of the missionary societies represented
on the General Committee, with their contributions.
Appendix A deals with the Building Fund which now
shows a credit balance of Rs. 1,099-12-0. The rent
received from a part of the buildi:lg is being put
aside to meet any large expenditure which may
have to be incurred in carrying out expensive repairs
to the property. It should be remembered that our
buildings are all very old and sooner or later the So-
ciety will be called upon to spend a large amount
on their maintenance.
The Religious Tract Society, London, again
helped us with a grant of £255 in cash and £45 in
publications, which is most gratefully acknowledged.
The interest which the Parent Society takes in the
( 16 )

work ·of its Auxiliary is most gratifying. But for

its help it would not have been possible for us
to arrange for the output of such a large number of
The Committee is glad to be able to report that
steady progress is being maintained in the prepara-
tion of the English basic manuscript. In the absence
of the Rev. J.O. Manry, M A., Ph.D., on furlough, the
Rav. Canon B. H. P Fisher, M.A., President of the
Society, is kindly looking after the work. A good
deal of work has been done and it is hoped that the
Hindi translation will be ayailable in a couple of
In the last Report reference was made to the
opening of a specil~.l fund for the publication of the
Hindi Bible Dictionary. The Committee is glad to
1e able to report that through the kind help of our
old friend, Mrs. J. S. Mackay, Rs. 3,578 have been
received up to the close of the year. Mrs. Mackay
interested some of her friends in Canada in this
project and was able to collect 800 dollars. The in-
terest whieh Mrs. Mackay takes in the Tract Society
is well known. From time to time she has helped
us with large contributions, many of which were
shown as anonymous. The Committee is grateful
for the support which she received from kind
friends and trusts that ·others will COlne forward to
supplement Mrs. Mackay's liberal contributions. We
may remark that the expenses for publishing the
Bible Dictionary will be considerable.
( 17 )
The N ati.onal Christian Council is also greatly
interested in this book. Last year, through its
Indian Literature Fund, it contributed Rs. 500 to·
wards preliminary expenses. This meets the salary
of .a clerk who has been allotted to the Rev. Dr.
Yohan Masih, Editor of' the Hindi version. Dr.
Yohan Masih, in addition to translating the articles
in Hindi, is giving considerable help in the prepar-
ation of original manuscripts.
The National Chr!stian Council again assisted
us with Hs. 480 which enabled us to employ two
helpers for literary work. The Society is thankful
for this help.
During the year under report Rs. 2,281-7-3 was
received from churches and Rs. 1,662-0-0 from in-
dividuals. The Committee wishes to express its
indebtedness to the pastors of the various churches
and to kind friends of' the Society at several stations
for the splendid help rendered by circulating the
Society's appeal for perso~al contributions. But for
their generous co-operation it would not have been
possible for the Society to present such a satis-
factory report under this head.
In sending a contribution of Rs. 15 Miss E. K.
Beach, American Mission, Sultanpur, writes as
follows :-
"This off'ering is especially for the Pictorial Tracts w hic!!. I
have received from time to time. Have once before sent a
small ofiering of Rs. 5. Hope you can supply us with the last
order also, as soon as possible. I feel they are valuable
because they cause sales of books."
18 )
Op.r financial year ends on the 30th June, but.
some contributions were received after that date.
In order that they may be .speedily acknowledged we
have included in Appendix E a list showing all such
contributions. These will naturally appear in the
Cas'h Statement for next year. It is hoped that the
collectors and contributors will accept this pl'O-
visiona~ acknowledgement for the present. We are
thankful to them for their kind help.
The Committee further a~knowledges the contri-
bution of 500 dollars, equivalent to Rs. 1,382-~-O, from
the Rev. and Mrs. F. 'E. Goetsch. This amouut was
received after the close of the year's account. These
good friends still maintain a keen in the work
of the Tract Society, after their departure from
India. Their help now is much greater than what
it was when they were resident in India. It is
hoped that others will, follow their noble example in
this respect.
,The Society's constitution allowed direct repre-
sentation to two representatives of' missionary
societies contributing at least Rs. 50 annually. But
no such arrangement existed in j'espect of the
chuJ.lches, their representative being elected at the
Annual Meeting of the Society. It was felt,
however, by many that the time had come when
it should be 'made possible for churches also
to have 'direct representation as a matter of .}ight.
the ~onstitu.tion. has, therefore" been ,changed
which will now make 'it pos.sible for ,all~hurche·s
( 19
contributing at least Rs. 25 to have a represen-
tative on the General Committee. This and some
other minor changes have been made in the revised
constitution wh:ich is appended to the Report.
We conclude our report with a note of hope ar;;
we began it with one of gratitude. That hope is
that the work which the Holy Spirit is now so un-
mistakably doing in our country may bear rapid
fruit. There is no doubt that thinking India now
looks· upon Jesus Christ as it never did before. One
Hindu gentleman, himself a Brahmin, once confessed
to one of our members that the hope of India
lies in the Gospel of Jesus Christ; and we recan the
nlemorable words of Kishub Chander Sen who once said
'~None but Jesus, none but Jesus, is worthy of wear-
ing this jewel, India, in His crown." But this new
attitude also constitutes a challenge to the Church
in Indi~ to do all it can to present a true picture of
the Master. We are attempting this to the {lxtent
that the Ohurch is helping us, but there is no doubt
that there is a great deal more which needs to be
done. Will the Church respond?

Sum'mar!/ of· Ca.,h AccOll1zt ~t' tile Building !und f1'om l.~t July, 1928 t? 30th June, 1929

ReceiptB. Amount. Expenditure. Amount.

Rs. a. p. Rs. EL. p.

To Opening Balance 100 0 0 By Repayment of loan 200 0 0

" Room Rent 1,200 0 0 Bank Oharges 0 4 0

Olosing Balance 1,099 12 0


Total 1-1,3000-0 Total 1,300 0 0

Examined and found correct. N. K. MUKERJI, O. H. HAZLETT,

BA.HRI, NIG A.M & 00 .. Se'cretary, Hony. Treasurer,
A1tditors N. I. C. Tract and Book Society. N. I. C. Tract and Book Society.
Summar!} 0/ .A.c~·ount .troln ist Jut.fI, 1928 to 30tlt June, 1929.

Receipt.::. Amount. Expenditure. Amount.

Rs. a. p. Rs. a. p.
To· Sales 49,197 10 3 By Opening Balance 8,306 13 9
" Donation and Church Collections 6,072 10 9 Purchase of"St9ck 35,016 8
Special Donation (Bible Dictionary) 1,365 ~
" 0
Contributions, Missionary Societies 2,575
°0 0 " Packing Charges' 2,360 6 0 ~

" "
Publication Charges 8,122 13 0
Grant: Religious Tract Society
" (Cas4 £255) .. 3,376 9 0
" Editorial Charges 1,251 10 0

National Christian Council 1,480 0

Purchase of Paper .. 813 14 6
" 0
" Advertisements 373 13 '9
" Compound 44 12 6
Miscellaneous " Lucknow Railway Bookstall 324 12 6
" 66 6 9
Closing Balance Establishment : Salaries 12,165 9 0
8,889 5 "
Provident Fund 892 13 6
" Postage and Telegrams 578 12 0

" Printing and Stationery 64 13 0

" Travelling Charges 342 10 6

271 0
Audit Fee
Funiture, Fixtures and Fittings 80 7 6
Rates and Taxes 337 4 6

265 5 ~
Insurance of Buildings 201 14 0

Telephone 100 0 0

- Bible Dictionary account

Charges General
Interest on Overdraft

266 13




. i3,067
6 4 73,067 6 4

Examined and found correc1. Honorary Treasure1',
BARRI, NIGAM & C?, Secretary, .
N. I. C. Tract and Book Socwty. N. L C, Tract and Book Society.
Oontribution.Oj l'eceit'ed fi'01n the Mis8ionary Societie.~ represented on the General Oommittee.
Rs. a. p.
L American Evangelical Mission 300 0 0
2. American Mennonite Mission (t'wo year.s) 200 0 0
3. Baptist Missionary Society 50. 0. 0
4. Bible Ohurchmen's Missionary Society 100 0 0
15. Women's Missionary Society of the United Ohurch of Canada aoo 0 0
~. C. E. Z. M. Society, C. P. 50 0 0
7. Church Missionary Society, United Provinces 50 0 0.
8. ditto Central Provinces 50 0 0
9. Disciples of Christ, Indian Mission 300 0 0
10. Friends' Service Oouncil 50 0. 0 ~
11. General Conferexice, Mennonite Mission of North America 200. 0 0
12. M. E. Ohurch, Oen.tral Provinces Conference 150 0 0
13. Do. Lucknow Oonference 75 0 0
14. Do. N. I. Conference 150 0 0.
15. Do. N. W. I. Oonference
16. North India Mission of the Presbyterian Church U. S. A. (part) 300 0 0
17. Rajputana Presbyterian Mission 50 0. 0
18. Regions Beyond Missionary Union
19. S. P. G. Missionary Society 100 0 0
20. Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society 50 0 0
21. Women's Union Missionary Society of America 50 0 0

:2,575 0. 0
Churclt Offertorie.'j and Donation.~ (Amount8 'raised in India).

Stations. Church Individual Total.

Offertory. Contributions.

Rs. a. p. Rs. a. p Rs. a. p.

AGRA :-St. John's Ohurch per Rev. J. U. Ghose 14 3 0
Per Rev. D. A. Olipha.nt :-
Havelock Ohurch
Q, V. H. S. Staff
·. 25 0 0
5 0 0
WN.O. 5 0 0
A. J N.
5 0
Rev. J. G. Ginn 5 0 0
A. Reynolds, Esq. ,. 3 0 0
A.C.L. R.
G.W R.
·. 3
T. B. 2 0 0
G.Y.F. .. 2 0 0
E.WJ. 1 0 0
D. K. Fw ., 1 0 0
A. O. 1 0 0
I. K. Nelson, Esq. 1 0 0
S. Isaac, Esq, .. 1 0 0
- -10 -0 -0 - - - - 81 3 0
ALIGARH :-. M. E. Ohurch per Rev. S. W Olemes ·. 10 '0 0
Ohurch Indi.vidual
Offertory. Oontributions 'l'ot(l.l.

Rs. a. p. Rs. u. p. Ra. a. p.

ALLAHABAD :-St Peter's Ohurch Muirabad, 'Per A. J.
Eusibius, Esq. •• 21 3 6
United Church of Northern India, Jumna, per
J. J. Paul, Esq. .. 10 0 0
United Ohurch of Northern India, Jumna, per
Rev. A. Rallo. Ram 10 0 0
St. Paul's Church per Rev. Canon J. S. O.
Baneljee 11 14 9
Leper Asylum, Naini, per S. Riggin bottom,
Esq., D. Phil. 75 0 0 ~':>'
Annual. Meeting Collection 63 13 0
Rev. J J. Lucas, D. D. 25 0 0
Lady Mears ~ 10 0 0
Rev. E. P. Janvier, Ph. D. 35 0 0
Mission Press 25 0 0
Rev. W. V K. Treanor 15 0 0
S. Higginbottom, Esq., D. Phil. 15 0 0
F. R. Oollins, Esq. 10 0 0
Rev. H. G. Kribs, Ph. D. 10 0 0
W. B. Haye~, Esq. 10 0 0
Rev. O. H. Hazlett 10 0 0
Mr. and Mrs. W. Hindle 10 0 0
Rai Bahadur N. 1{' Mukerji 10 0 0
Rev. J. C. Manry, Ph. D. 5 0 0
Miss D. Chandra 5 0 0

;:;,,~i :/:~.~;;;;.;, .':\!:is:1ltli~j

D. B. Mackenzie, Esq.
D. N. Forman Esq M D 0 5
R L. Gho se , Esq." . . 0
0 5 0
M: W. McOlay, Esq. Q 0 0
Mlss A. Frederick 5 0 ()
Rev D. PLow 5 0 0
Major A. G. Dallimore 5 0 0
S .. K Rudra, Esq. 5 0 0
MISS M. M. Singh 5 0 0
R~i Sahib B. P. Mohun 5 0
Ml''ls Leetch 0
5 0 \l
S. W. Bobb Esq !) ()
Rai Bahadu~ A ' O'
. Muk e~l
.. 5
D r. B. K. Mukerji 0 0
5 0 0
MI'S. Emerson
5 0 0 ..........
Miss M. Haines 5 0 0
J. E. Jaco?, Esq. 5 0 t.:>
J. M. DaVId, Esq.
J. J. Simeon, Esq.
Rev. Sukh Lall
N. C. Mukerji Esq
0 0
0 0
0 0
E. M. Mowatt; Esq: 3 0 0
B. B. Malvea, Esq. 3 0 0
Rev. Canon J. S. C. Banerjee 3 0 0
P. Olement, Esq. 3 0 0
H. Drummond, Esq. 3 0 0
A. P. Brook, Esq. 3 0 0
W. W. Cutting, Esq. 2
1. J. Paul, Esq. 8 0
2 0 0
2 0 0
Stations. Ohurch Individual Total.
Offertory. Contributions.

Rs. a. p. Re. a. p. Rs. a. p.

Miss E. F. Hine 2 0 0
K. M. Sircar, Esq. 2 0 0
Rev. Oanon B. Cotton 2 0 0
J. 'r. Dass, Esq. 2 0 0
E. R. Frank, Esq. 2 0 0
E. O. Bhutty, Eqq. 2 0 0
• o F Tressler, Esq. 1 0 0
Chirag Din, Esq. .. ----- ------ 1 0 0
517 7 3 -.
ALMORA :-M. E. Ohuroh per Rev. B, S. Paul 15 0 0 00
M. E~ Ohurch pir E. T. FJ'ey, Esq. 27 12 0
---- - - - 42 12 0

ANUPSHAHR :-M. E, Ohurch per Rev. S. W Olemes 3 8 0 3 8 0

AZAMGARH :-Rev. T. O. Carne 10 0 (l 10 0 0

BALAGHAT :-M. E. Ohurch per Rev. Onkar Nath 3 7 0 8 7 0

BALODA BAZAR :-·Evang·elical Ohurch per Rev. M. P.

Davies . 14 8 0 14 8 0

BANKIPUR :-Baptist Hindustani Church per Rev. E. T.

Stuart 13 12 0 13 12 0

BANS\VARA :-United Ohurch of Northern India pet' Miss

Soni Bai 30 () I) 30 0 0
BAREILLY :-;-M. E. Ohurch per E. T. Frey, Esq. 16 0 (r t6 0 0
BAHHALGANJ :-SwedishBaptist Church per Rev. O. R.
Fallquist 5 0 (J 5 0 0
BAR\VANI :-United Ohurch of Northern India per Rev. R. E.
Robert 5 0 0 5 0 0
BEA'VAR :-United Ohurch of Northern India perH. Andrias,
Esq. 4 4 0 4 4 0
BENARES :-,Ve'illeyan. Church per Rev. J. R Hudson 6 13 0 t-.:)
St. Paul's Ohurch, Sigra per A. Adolphus, Esq. 10 0 0 c:o
Per Hev. J. 0 Jackson :-
Pilgrims' Mission
Rev. J. R Hudson
Mrs. V B. Butterrleld
50 0 0
10 0 0
10 0 0
Miss A. W Ilitt f> 0 0
Rev. S. J. Edwin 3 0 0
Rev. ",'. Machin 3 0 0
Rev ..J. O. J~ck8on 3 0 0
Miss S Blicq 2 0 0
Miss I. M. Spencer 2 (J 0
G. W. Jackson, Esq. 2 0 0
P .R ussell, Esq. ,. 2 0 0
MisR A. B. Mouilt 2 0 0
Church Individual Total.
Offertory. Gon tribu tions.

Rs. a. p. Rs. a. p. Rs. a.. p.

Miss A. Nixon 00 .... 2 0 0
P. Ralla Ram, Esq.
C. Caleb, Esq.
·. 2
Miss Willis
·. 1
" Normal School, Sigrll ·. 4 0 0
------ ------ 122 13 0

BETUL :-E. N. M. S. Church per Rev. F. Lindberg .. 10 0 0 10 0 0

BEWAR, MAINPURI:- Home Mission per Rev. Janki Prasad 10 0 0 10 0 0

BHAGALPUR :-C. M. M. L. Church per Rev. A. T. Dean .. 5 0 0

Per Rev. H. Perfect : -
Ohrist Church (English Congregation) 2 3 9
St. Xavier's Ohurch (Hindustani) •• 3 1 0
-'------- ------ 10 4 9
BHARATPUR :--Indian Christian Church per I. V
Erasmus, Esq. .. 10 0 0 10 0 0

BRO}> AL :-Friends' Mission Hindustani Church pM' Miss

S. K. Taylor
Dr. I. P. Johor.Y .... 10 0

------ .._-----
5 0 0

0 0

JUKANlR :-M. E. Ohurchper Rev. A. Luke 10 0 0 10 0 0

BIJNOR :-M. E. Ohurchper E. T. Frey, Esq. 17 0 0 17 0 0

BILASPUR :- Ohristian Mission Ohurch per Rev. F. E. Harner 25 0 0 25 0 0

BIRRA :-Per Rev. J. Theissen :-

Genl. Oonf. M. MiRsion Church 20 0 (l
Mr. and Mrs. J. Theissen 10 0 0
J. A. Asna, Esq. 1 0 0
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen 1 0 0
Mr. and Mrs Ratan Singh 1 4 0
Mr. Ohain Singh
Small Contributions

1 0 0
6 14 .0
41 2 0

BISRAMPUR :-Per Rev. Th. H. Twente-

Rev. J. C Koeing 5 0 0
Rev. Th. H. TweIJ.te 5 0 0
J, Singh, Esq. 1 0 0
Small Oon tri bu t ion s 6 9 3
E.S.N.A. MiRsion Ohurchper Rev. J. Purti 24 5 0
Emmanuel Church per John Singh, Esq. 15 0 0
------ ------ 56 14 3

""-BORDHl :-Swedish Mission' Ohurch pM' Eliazer, Esq. .. 4 9 0 4 9 0

BADA UN :-M. E. Church per E. T. Frey, Esq. ., ~9 () 0 39 0 0

__________________________________________________ ~------------~------~-,.~.-~c~ .. ... ~~~~

Ohurch Individual
Stations. Total.
Offertory. Oontributions.
-------- - - - - - -
Rs. 8. P Rso a. p. TIs. a. p.
BUIJANDSHAHR :-Hindustani Ohurch per Rev. A.J. Harvey 9 0 0
M. E Ohurchper Rev. S. W Clemes 8 0 U
17 0 0

CA WNPORE :- Per ~I iss Dutton (List not received) 50 0 0

U. rrobit, EElq. 5 0 0
65 0 0
CHAMPA :-Pe?' Rev. P. A. Penner-
Miss S. O. Bflnwar, L. M. P.
Mrs. T. J. BanwaT' ·1
Robert Banwar, Esq, 1 0 0
Joseph Banwar, Esq., 1 0 0
Aliah Sidh, Esq. 1 0 0
Miss L. Lehman 5· 0 0
Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Penner 5 0 0
Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Issac 10 0 0
A Friend 1 0 0
Dr. and Mrs. B. R. Bauman 5 0 0
B. L. Stephen, Esq. 1 0 0
Amar Dass, Esq. 1 0 0
-SonEdn, Esq. 1 0 0
Small Contribntions 7 10 6
Bethesda Leper Home 25 0 0

Mission Church per Rev. F. J. Issac 31 0 0
1(13 10 6

CBAMPANAGAR, DHAGALPUl~:-Rev. H. Perfect " 10 0 0 10 Q 0

CHINDWARA:- St. John's Ohurch per Rev. A. Wilson 24 0 0

Mission Ohurch per Miss H. Lindgrew 2'2 0 0
Miss V. Rinman 5 0 0
----_. ------- 51 0 0

DBUNAR :-Settlement Church per R. E. Foster, Esq. 5 0 0 500

DOLGANJ :-Hindu~tani Ohurch per Rev. H. Perfect 2 8 (J 280

DAMRAMA :-Hindustllni Ohurch per Rev. H. Perfect 5 4 3 543

DEBRA DUN :-Morrison Memorial Ohurch per

Rev. B. Nesoitt 49 3 3
Miss Fullerton 42 0 0
- - - - ------ 91 3 3

DELHI :-M. E. Ohurch per Rev. S. W. Olemes 7 0 0

Bishop J. W. Robinson, D. D. 15 0 ()
--------- ------ 22 0 0

DEOGARH '-Hindustani Ohurch per Hev. H. Perfect 753 7 5 3

DHAMTARI :-Per Rev. J. N. Kaufman:-

Dr. and Mr. Troyer 10 0 (I
Rev. J. D. Graber 10 0 0
Rev. and 1\fr~. G. H. Beare 10 () 0
Ohurch Individual
Stations. Total.
Offertory. Contributions.

Ra. a. p. Ra. R. p. Rs. a. p.

Rev. P. A. Friesen 10 0 0
Rev. and Mrs. J. N. Kaufmann 10 0 ()

Miss Ida Hartzler [) O· 0

Mrs. Sarah Lapp 5 0 0
Miss M. Kanagy 6 0 0
Miss M. M. Good 5 0 0
Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Kniss 5 0 0

DHAR :- United Church of Northern India.

----- --~--- 75 0 0

per Rev. F. H. Russell, D. D. :- 0:>

Rev. F. H. Russell, D. D. 25 0 10 ~
0 0 0
Miss O. V. Baxter 5 0 .......
Miss M. E. Martin 5 0
Dr. Miss M. Mackenzie gJ 5 0
Rev. H. E. Deshford 0 5 0
- - - - ------ 65 0 0

DHOND! :-Mission Church per R!:v. P. La.wren~e 15 0 0 15 0 0

ENGLAND :- Rev. O. E. Dobson 13 9 0

Miss E. M. Waller 61 1 0
Rev. F. Halstead per W. H. Ginn, Esq. 6 14 9
- -... _-- ... - ----- 81 8 9

FARRUKBABAD :-Mrs. R. J. McLean 15 0 0 15 0 0

FATEHGARH :-Miss E. Greenwold
Miss A. Janki Nath 500
Barhpur Ohurch 6 8
------ ------- 20 8 o
-FATEHPUR :- United Ohurch of Northern India per
32 0 0 32 0 0
F. IJ. Wesley, Esq ..
0 8 0 080
FOSTERGANJ :-llindustani Ohurch pet' Rev. II. Perfect
5 0 0 5 0 O.
FOSTERPUR :- Ohristian Mission Ohurch per Rev. M.J. Shah

GAYA :-Baptist Engli$h Church per Hev. J. T. Sidey 5 0 0

Baptist Hindustani Ohurch 7 0 0
----~- ------ 12 0 0

GHATULA. :-Mennonite Church per Rev. G. J. Lapp 10 0 0
Rev. G. J. Lapp 15 0 0
------- -------- 25 0 0

200 2 0 0
GADARW ARA :-M. E. Church per Rev. A. R. Judah
500 [) 0 0
GOMOH :-M. E. Church per Rev. J. Lyons

GORAKHPUR :-St. Andrew's Railway Church per 4 0

Honorary Treasurer 19 4 0 19

GWALIOR :-United Ohurch of Northern India per

C. Peters, Esq. 10 0 0
Ohurch Individual
Stations. Total.
Offertory. Oon tribu tion s

Rs. a. p. Rs. a. p Rs. a. p.

Per Rev. W. L. Allison :-
United Ohurch of Northern India 19 14 (I
Miss E. H. May 25 0 0
Miss Hill 1 0 0
Rev. W. L. Allison 5 2 0
Miss E. H. May 25 0 0
------- ------- 86 0 0
H ARDA :-Christian Mission New Ohurch per Martin
Luther, Esq. 33 0 0 33 0 0
HARDOI :-M. E. Ohurch pM' E. T. Frey, Esq.

HATHRAS :-0. M. S. Ohurch per Rev. P. S. Mark


9 8
8 0

0 9
9 8


0 -
HOSHANGABAD :-Mission Church per M. Robert, Esq. 7 0 0 7 0 0

INVORE :- Per .Rev.J. T. Taylor, D. D. :-

Rev. Yohan Masih, D. D. 5 0 0
T. P. N. Paul, Esq. 1- 0 0
l\f. L. Watson, Esq. 1 0 0
R. T. Wesley, Esq. 0 8 0
T. MattbewFl, Esq. 1 0 0
Dr. Miss E. McMaster, M. D. 5 0 0
Miss D. Hillhrd 3 0 0
B. B. Singh, Esq. 1 0 0

N. B. Ohatterji, Esq. 1 0 0
Rev. J. W Richards Netram 2 0 0
Miss J. Duncan 5 0 0
1. J. Oornelius, Esq. 3 0 0
Rev. W M. H. Mitchell 3 0 0
-Peter, Esq. 1 0 0
Miss L. Hobertson 5 0 0
Miss H. D. Banks 5 0 0
Rev. J. T. Tayl:r, D. D. 5 0 0
United Ohurch of Northern India per
T. Mathews, Esq. 20 0 0

INDUS OONFERENOE : -Methodist Ohurch per Rev.

------- - - - - - 67 8 0
G. n Thompson ~ 37 4 0 37 4 0
ITARSI : - Per G. W Maw, Esq. :- co
G W Maw, Esq. 'f
Miss E. A. Bevan 2 0
Mrs. E. M Butler 2
J. Franklin, Esq. 1 0
S. Jacob, Esq. 1 0 0
D. M. Dar, Esq. 1 0 0
N. G Polson, Esq. 1 0 0
Mardan Singh, Esq. 0 0
Small Oontributions 2 4 0
JAGDALPUR :-M. E. Ohurchper O. Ariel, Esq.
------ .. - - . 16 4 0
12 0 0
Mission Ohurch per Mrs. A. H. Holland 16 (l 0
------ -- _-- -- ... 28 0 0
Ohurch Individual
Stations Total.
Offertory. Oontributions.

Rs. a. p Rs. a. p. Re. R. p.

JAIPUR :- United Ohurch of Northern India per
Rev. A.. R.,Low. i • 5 0 0 5 0 0

lAMALPUR :-Per Rev. H. Dyche : - ·

. 5 0 0
Rev. H. Dyche
Misses Bews
··.. 2
Mrs Shortt ·. 1 0 0
Miss M. Bion
Mrs. Fairly

Hindustani Ohurch per Rev. H. Perfect., 7 2 6
0 -
------ ------
JANJGIR :-Per Rev. P W Penner : -
Genl. Oonf. Mennonite Mission Ohurch
Rev. and Mrs. P. W. Penner
SO 0 0
10 0 0
18 2 6
Miss M. R. Burkhalter
Rov. and Mrs. W F. Unruh
.. 6

Miss N. A. Penner 5 0 0
Girls' School Teachers I • 4 0 0
Miss Jane Abraham • I
2 0 0
Rev. M. R. Asna 1 0 0
J o'hn 'Valters, Esq.
-Suleman, Esq.
..·. 1
J.J Kumar Asna, Esq. .. 1 0 0
B. D. A sna, Esq. .. 1 0
R. K, J. Asna Es q ... J J 1 0

Lakhan Farmer, Esq. 1 0 0

Yantra Ram, Esq. 1 0 0
Khoyan Math, Esg. 100
Miss Hobertson 100
Small Oontributions 6 4 0
------ w_--___ 78 12 0
JHANSI :-Per Dr. Miss A. L. Ernst:-
Punnu Lall 1\1 ohallah Sunday School
per Miss B. M. Lawton f) 0 0
O. E. Society of W U. M. S. 10 0 0
United Ohurch of Northern India 10 0 0
Wesleyan Ohulch per Rev. R. H. Spence 25 4 0
Ohurch of England per Rev. A. H. Broughton 29 10 0
l~ev. l' N. Bill 5 0 0
Rev. W H. Bezlep 5 0 0 ~
Rev. H. R. :Ferger ~
5 0 ()
Mr. and Mrs. A. Bawtin 10 0 0
Miss A L. Watling 10 0 0
Miss L. A. Simpson 5 0 0
Miss F. I. Stringer 10 0 0
Miss B. O. Sample 5 0 0
Miss 1. M. Fish 5 0 ()
Rev. J. Cheshire 10 0 ()
Dr. Miss A. L. Ernst 15 0 0
Dr. Miss A. Anderson 5 0 0
Dr. Miss E. H. Thurr~tt 10 0 0
Dr. Miss Cameron 5 0 0
Miss M. R. Gideon 3 0 0
Mrs. Brownie 5 0 0
Church Individual
Offertory. Total.
Con tribu tions.

Rs. a. p. Rs. a. p. Rs. a. p.

Mr~. H. Hee fl 0 (I
Mrs. H. A. Abbott 10 0 0
Mrs. B D. Richworth 10 0 0
H. 'Villiamson, Ef!q., 1. O. S. 10 0 0
H. C. Bllrlow, Esq., 1. 0 S. 10 0 0
W. Roth well, Esq 10 0 0
E. B. Cooke, Esq 5 0 0
H. J. Collister, Esq., I. O. S 5 0 0
A. MacKay, Esq. 10 0 0
eSec also under Sipri .Bazar) fA
------ ---.-- 267 14 0 0

JUBBAIJPUR :-PtW Rev. W B. Alexander :--

. Miss A. M. Levi 10 0 0
E. O. K. 1 0 0
J. Lucas, Esq. 1 0 0
Miss S. Levi 5 0 0
Rev. W B. Alexander 3 0 0
Rev. A. G. Atkins 5 0 0
M. E. Ohurch per Rev. A. G. Atkins 18 8 0
Disciples of Ohrist Ohurch per
Rev. D. Rioch 10 0 0
Do. per D. Jaokson, Esq. 34 0 0 87 8 0

KAOHW A :-- B. O. M. S. Ohurch per Dr. B. Phillip 5 0 0 5 0 0

KAIMGANJ :-United Church of Northern India per

M.i~s H. Lockrow 6 0 0 6 0 0

KATJUR :-M. E. Ohurch per Rev. K. S. Dass 1 4 () 4 0

KHANDWA :-M. E. Ohurch per Rev. S. Phillip 8 0 () 8 0 0

KHARIAR: ._. E.S.N.A. Oongregation per Rev. H. A. Feiraband 5 0 0 5 0 0

KORBA :-Mission Ohurch per Rev. J. R. Duerkson 10 0 0 10 0 0

KOTMI :-Ohrietian Mission Church per Rev. W. G. Menzies 12 0 0 12 0 0

KULPAHAR :-Disciples Mission Ohurch per

Miss A. B. Oowdrey 35 0 (} 35 0 0 ~
LUOKNOW:-Per J. H. Clay, Esq. :-
Rev. O. D. Forgrin 2 0 0
Rev. F. 0 Aldrich, D. D. 3 0 0
Mrs. R. H. O. Thoburn, 3 (I 0
Rev. J. N. Mukand 3 0 0
Rev. T. O. Badley 3 () 0
Rev. J. W. Pickett 2 0 0
Miss E. Eno 2 0 0
Miss G. O. Davis 2 0 0
Miss L. Wheat 2 {) 0
Rev. J. R. Ohitambar, D. D. 2 0 0
J. H. Olay, Esq. 2 0 0
Rev. find Mrs. B. R. Franklin 1 0 {)
Church Individual
Stations. Total.
Offertory. Contributions.

Rs. a. p. Rs. a. p', Re. a. p.

M. E. Church lEnglish) 40 0 0
Miss M. Whitaker 10 0 0
Rev. J. R. Chitambar, D. D. 5 0 0
Rev. J. N. Mukand 5 0 0
~. Ahmad Shah, Esq., M. L. C. (2 years.) to 0 0
- -185- - - ------- 97 0 0
LUCKNOW CONFERENCE:-M.E. Ohurchper Rev. M.C. Singh 0 o·
Ditto Ditto per Rev. O. M. Auner 85 0 0
MAHASAMUND :-Mission Church per Rev. Wm. Baur
10 0 0
------ 270 0 0
10 0 0
MAHADEI :- St. Andrew's Church per Rev. G. Patterson 10 0 10 0 0
MAINPURI :-Rev. J. B. Lawrence, D. D, oI 30 0 0 30 0 0
MAUNATH BHANJ AN :- Australasian Mission Church per
Rev. fr. U. Carne 5 0 0 5 0 0
MA.U-RANIPUR:- United Church of Northern India per
Rev. W. H. Hezlep 3 4 0 8 4 0
MEERUT :-M. E. Church pe?' Rev. S. W. Clemes 16 4 0
Mrs. E. Thomas 10 0 0

MHOW:- United Ohurch of NQrthern India per Miss

--'--- ------ 26 4 0
C. Oamllbell 12 6 0 12 6 0

MIRZAPUR :-B. C. M. S. Ohul'chper S. R. Burgoyne, Esq ... 6 9 0

St. John's Church per Rev. B. K. Mukherji 3 0 0
- - _ _ Al-.J. . . . . _

----- 9 9 0

MOUNT ABU :-Church of God per Rev. C. M. Kelly 10 0 0 10 0 0

MORADABAD :- M. E. Ohurch per E. T. Frey, Esq 35 0 0 35 0 0

MUNGELI :-Per RAv. M. J. Shah :-
Christian Mission Ohurch 10 0 0
Rev. Phillip Sydney 1 0 0
Rev. J E. Moody 5 0 0
Rev. M. J. Shah 2 () 0
Miss J. V. Flemming 2 0 0
Mn J. E. Springer 2 0 0 ~
Dr. T. C. Ronald 5 0 0
Rev. D. ~ ichol 1 0 0
P D. Hira Lall, Esq. 1 0 0
Small Con tribu tions 1 8 0
Christian Mission Ohuroh per P.D. Hira
Lall, Esq. 23 0 0
------ ---- 53 8 0
MUSSOORIE :-Kellogg Sunday School per Miss M. Campbell 19 3 0
Rev J. Fraser Campbell, D.D. 20 0 0

MUTTRA -Central M. E. Ohurch per Rev. D. M. Malhotra ..

31 8 0
------ 39 3 0

M. E. 'Church per Rev. S. W. Olemes 7 0 0

G. Gabriel, Esq.
------ \ --~----
5 0 0
34 8 0
Ohurch Indiviilual
StatiClns. Offertory. Oontributiom:. Total.

Rs. a. p. Rs. a. p. Rs. a. p.

MU.ZAFFARNAG-AR :-M. E. Ohurch per Rev. S. W. Olemes 4 0 U 400
NAINI TAL :-St. John's (Indian) Ohurch per O. Jacob, Esq. 000 10 0 0
N ASIRABAD :-U. F. O. l\I. Ohurch (English) Service per
Rev. J. W. Drummond 500
Asilapura Oongregation per Rev. Hanifullah 310
8 1 0
NEEMUOH :-United Ohurch of Northern India pe?' D.T. Birkett, Esq. 20 0 0 20 0 0
NEW ZEALAND :-Rev. A W. McMillan 13 4 0 13 4 0

NIMPANI :-Ohristian Oongregation per Rev. F. O. Molander 7 c 0 7 0 0

PERSONPURA :-United Ohurch of Nothern India per Kastur Ohend,
Esq. 18 9 u 18 9 0
PATNA :-Per Rov. E. T. Stuart:-
Dr. Stillwell 10 0 0
• MiEs G. W. Emmery 300
Rev. E. ']\ Stuart' 3 0 (\
____ I 16 0 0

PAURI :-M. E. Ohurch per E. T. Frey, Esq. 19 0 0 19 0 0

PENDRIDIH :-Ohristian Mission Ohurch pe?' Rev. D. Nichol 10 0 0
Ohrisban Mission Ohurch per Rev. M. J. Shah 10 0 0
20 0 0

PHALERA :--M. E. Ohurch pel' nev. Ohuttel'bhuj 5 0 ()

ME. Ohurch pet· Rev. Nand Lall 1 0 0
PITHORAGARH :-M. E. Ohurch per'E il. Frey, Esq. -------
22 0
----- f)
6 0
22 0
RAIPUR :-American Evangelical Mission per B. Barela, Esq., 0 () 0
Per Rev. J. Gass, D. D. :-
St. Paul's Ohurch 15 0 ()
St. Paul's Sundav School 5 0 0
Rev. J. Gass, D. D.
Miss H. Schaeffer 8 0 0
S. Waterston, Esq. 8 0 0
P. Davis, Esq. 5 0 0
Miss D. S. Hiechers 4 0 0
Miss L. A. Kies 5 () 0

Miss M. Gadt 2 0 0
G. Ohobbs Esq. 3 0 0
E. Tamboy, Esq. 1 0 0 ~
Rev. Th. O. Seybold 4 0 0 ~

X 8 0 0
Theological Mukti Dan 5 0 0
2 0 0
RAIGARH :-Mission Ohurch pe,' Rev. Y. Prakash -------
5 0 0
------- 80 0 0
5 0 0
RAMPUR :-M. E. Ohuroh per E. T. Frey, Esq.
7 0 0 7 0 0
RANIKHET :-St. Peter's Garrison Ohurch per Rev. F. L. Bridges 50 0 0 50 0 0
RASALPURA :-Mission Ohurch per O. V Noah, Esq. 8 0 0 8 0 0
BATH :-Disciples' Mission Ohurch per Rev. W. B. Alexander 11 0 0 11 0 0
ROORKEE :-M. E. 'Ohurch per Rev. S. W. Olemes 611 0 611 0
Ohurch Individual
Stations. Offertory. Total.

Rs~ a. p. Rs. a. p. Re. a. p.

RUTLAM :-Pe?' Rev. F. J. Anderson and Miss Rozibai:-
Rev. F. J. Anderson 20 0 0
Dr. and Mrs. 0. M. Scott 10 0 0
Dr. and Mrs. W. F. Russell 10 0 0
Miss M. T. Stewart 5 0 0
Miss E. M. McLeod 5 0 0
Samuel Abraham, Esq. 2 0 0
N. Paul, Esq. 2 0 0
Malji Bhai. Esq. 2 0 0
B. n. Solomon, Esq. 3 0 0
R. Adams, Esq. 2 0 0
S. 'Williams, Esq. 2 0 0 .,po.
H. M. Roberts, Esq. 2 0 0 0)

Ram Lall, Esq. 1 0

1\f. Yaqub Masih, Esq.
Miss Pani Bai
Bhagla I3hai, Esq. I 0 0
K. Walter, Esq. 1 0 0
D. Williams; Esq. 1 0 0
Sri Prashad, Esq. 1 0 0
-N&:'\\ala, Esq. 1 0 0
First Church 6 7 0
SAHARANPUR :-Pe1' Bev J. L. Dodds :-
------ ------- 79 7 0
Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Pederson 10 0 0
Rev. and Mr". J. W. Bowman 5 0 0
Mrs J. E. Mai,tin 3 0 0
Mr. and Mr~. W. Head 10 0 0
P. McKelvey, Esq. 2 0 0

Mr. and Mrs. Liddle

O. E. Ooapman ,Esq.
Rev. J. L. Dodds
2 0
5 00 01
SAKTI :-.\.. E. M. Ohurch per Rev. E. W. Menzel
------- 42 0 0
20 0 0 20 0 0
SAUGOR :-Rev. H. Welch 20 0 0 20 0 0
SEHORE -Mission Ohurch pe?' D. Oleophas, Esq :- 520
D. Oleophas, Bsq. o 0
SHANTIPUR :-Leper Oongregation per Rev. J. D. Graber- 620
39 8 0 39 8 0
SIPRI BAZAR, JHANSI :-Pe1' Rev. F. Lankester:-
S. P. G. Mission Ohurch 2 7 0
Miss B. M. Lawton 5 0 0
H. O. Baines, Esq. 2 0 0
J.O W. 2 0 0
Hev. F. Lankester 1 0 0
M. Gideon, Esq. 1 0 0
E. Gideon, Esq. 1 0 0
J. H. Gabriel, Bsq. 1 (I 0
P. R Lyall, Esq. 1 0 0
SITAPUR :-Pe?' Rev. E. M. Moffatt- - - - - - ----- 16 7 0
Rov. and Mrs E. M. Moffatt 5 0 0
Mrs. E. S. Jones 3 0
M. A. II. 0
3 () 0
Mrs. L. Joseph 0 4
Mrs. G. Massey 0
1 0 0
M. E. Ohurch per E. T. Frey, Esq. 9 8 0
SONBPAT :-M. E. Ohurch pe?' Rev. S. 'V. Olemes 7 4 0
------- 21 12
7 4
UDAIPUR :-United Ohurch of Northern India per Rev. J. W. ROb, inson) 10 0 0 10 0 0
Total ..
2.281 7 3
1,662 0 6
3,943 7 9
List of contributions received after the close of the year's account.
(These will appem" in next year's cash a6count.)

Ohurch Individulll Total.

Offertory. Oontributions.

Rs. a. p. Rs. a p. Ra. a. p.

AGRA. :-Per A. Solomon, Esq. 1 0 0
Per Rev. B. S. Sydney 6 12 0 ..-
AJMER :-Per J. W. LaVerne, Esq. 10 12 0 00

ALIGARH :-Per Rev. S. Gillespie 611 0

Per S. 1. Pelton, Esq. 6 0 0,
Per Rev. Ohiddammi Lall 611 0

ALLAHABAD :-Jumna Ohurch, per J. J. Paul, Esq. 10 I) 0

Naini Leper Asylum, per D. B. Mackenzie, Esq. 100 0 0
S. M. Shah, Esq. ~ 0 0
M. H. Bonifacius, Esq. 1 0 0
W. James, Esq. 1 0 0
A. E. James, Esq 1 0 0
J. O. James, Esq. 1 0 0
C. VY. Pratt, E5q. 1 0 0

Katra Ohurch, pe,' R. IJ. Ghose, Esq. 17 5
Methodist Ohurch, per Rev. B. Gardner. 7 4
E. J. Eusibius, Esq. 1 \1 C

W'. Fiel<lbrave, Esq.

Miss Downes
H. David. Esq.



ALMORA :-Personal Oontributions, per N. Jordon, Esq. 20 0 0

AMERIOA:-Rev. and Mrs. Goetsch 1,382 8 0

ASHAPURA :-Mission Ohurch, pet' Rev. Hidayat Ullah 2 7 0

AZAMGARH:-Aus ralian Mission, per Rev. A. H. Blackett 8 0 0

BAIHAR :-Mission Ohurch, pe,- Rev. Nand IJaU 0 0

RAITALPUR :-Evangelical Church, pet' M. M. Paul, Esq. 10 0 0

BANSWARf\. :-U. O. O. Mission Oongregation, per Miss Soni Bai 25 0 0 w::.

BEN ARES :-St· Paul's OhuL'ch, per H. Adolphus. Esq. 10 0 0
Wesleyan Meth. Oh'll;Tch per Rev. J. R. Hudson 21 0 0

BETUL :-Mission Ohurch, pe?' Rev. F. O. Molander 7 0 0

BHARATPUR :-Mission Church, per J. V Erasmus, E~q. 4 8 0

BILASPUR :-Ohristian Ohurch, per Rev. F.E. Harner 20 0 0

BIRRA :-Personal Oontributions, per Rev. P. J. Wines 38 0 0

BORDHAI :-Mission Ohurch, per" , Munji, Esq, 9 6

BRINDABAN : - M. E. Ohurch, pet' Miss M. E. Towrnsaint 6 8

BULANDSHAHR :-0. M. S. Ohurch, pet' Rev. A. J. Harvey 12 0 :I

Ohurch Individual Total.
Stations. Offertory, 'Contributions.
-~- ------
Re. a. p. Rs. Il. l-" Rs. a. p.
OAWNPORE :-Miss M. Duss 2 0 0
Personal Contributions, per Rev. Ahmad Shah 33 0 0

CHICROLI :-Swcdish Mission Church, per D. P. Swarup. Esq. (j () 0

OHHINDWARA :-St. John's Church, per Rev. A. Wilson 14 8 (I

OHUNAR :-Settlement Church, per R. E. Fostor, Esq. 5 0 ()

DALTONGUNJ :-Personal Contributions, per Miss A. L. Piggott 26 0 0 ..-....

DAMOH :-Disciples Church'!i;r Rev. F. E. J;ivengood 31 12 0 Q

DEHRA DUN :-A, p, Mission Church, per A. G. Singh, Esq. 13 0 0

ETA WAH :-Mission Church, per Rev. M. S. Pinkerton {) 0 0

FATEHGARH :-Barhpur Church. per P. Paul, Esq. 10 12 0

FAfEHPUR :-Personal Contributions, pel' Miss McOunn 73 0 0

GHAZIPUR :-Wesleyan Mission Church, per A. F. John, Esq. 7 0 0
GIRIDIH :•.;Mission Church, per Miss J, Brown 4 0 0
GWALIOR :-Presbyterian Church, per Rev. W. L. Allison 5 () 0
HARDA :-New Church, pet' Rev, Martin ~ther 14 0 ()

HATPIPIJIA :-United Ohurch of N.L, per Miss A. G. Glendenning 45 4 0

HATRRAS :-C. M. S. Ohurch, pet' Rev. P.S. Mark 10 (I 0


HOSHANGABAD :-Personal Contributions, R. D. Priestman, Esq.

(for publication) 40 0 0
ITARSI :-Frienus' Mission, pet' J. Franklin. Esq. 10 0 0

JAMALPUR :-Mission Church, per Rev. R. Mason 11 0 0

JANJGIR :-G. C. M. ¥. Church, pet' Rev. P. W. Penner 5 0 0

JEOTIPURA :-Missiou Ohureh, per Kanhai Tudu, E~q. 40 12 0

,JODHPUR :-Mission Ohurch, pet' Pundit Hal' Dayal 5 5 0

JUllBULPORE :-M. E. Mission Church, per Rev. Puran Dass 5 0 0

KACHRAUD :-vV. C. C. Mission Church, jJr.r A. G. Padhiyar, Esq. 5 6 0

KALYSOR :-M. E. Church, per Rev. W. S. Dass, 2 0

KASGUNJ :-Personal Contributions. per Rev. R. T. Meeker 14 0 (I

KATNI :-0. M. S. Ohurch, per Deaconess J. Bardsley 10 5 0

KHAGAUL :-Union Church, pet· R. M. Moses, Esq. 2 0 0

KHARUA :-Personal Contributions, pet· Dr. h T. Daniel 36 4 0

KOTAH :--Mission Church, JJe~' Dr. J. S. Panna 2 6 0

Stations. Church Indi;'iduaL
Offertory. Contributions. 'Total.

Rs. a. p. Rs. a. p. Rs. a. p.

KULPAHAR :-Disciples of Christ Ohurch, per Miss N. Nicholson 30 0 0
LAHORE :-Personal Contributions, per Mrs. Singha 10 0 0

LALITPUR :-Mission Church per S. Mark, Esq. 14 13 0

Personal Contributions 10 3 0
LUCKNOW :-Personal Contributions, pet· H. Herbert Olay, Esq. 18 0 0
MAU NATH BAHNJAN : -·Mission Church, per Rev. A. James 6 6 0
MAINPURI :-Mission Ohurch, per Rev. W. T. Mitchell
MEERUT :-Personal Oontributions, per Mrs. N. K. Mukerji
Ditto pet· Mrs. E. Thomas
30 4
5 0
10 0

g I -
MUSSOORIE :-Personal Oontributions, per Mrs. Pollen 20 12 0
Kellogg Memorial Ohurch, per Rev. A. E. Parker 121 9 0
MUTTRA :-M. E. Mission Church, per S. Eo Ram Lall, Esq. 19 0 0
M. E Ohurch, per Rev. H. E. Scholberg 35 0 0
N ASlRABAD :-G. B. School. per Mrs. S. Gore 20 0 0
Mission Ohurch, per Rev. J. Martin 12 0 0
NEEMUOH :-Mission Ohurch, per Rev. O. F. Grant 41 0 0
ORA.l :-ll. O. Mission Ohurch, per.. ilangi, Esq. 15 14 0

., •
Q .-

PANAGAR :-Holy Trinity Church, per Dr. A. Torpie 5 0 0

PATNA :-Baptist Mission Church, per Rev P. John 7 6 0

Personal Oontributions 2 0 0

PHALERA :-M. E. Ohurch,per Rev. F. J. Gordan 5 0 0

PIPLODA :-Ohrist Ohurch in the Jungle, per Rev S. Ram 5 4 0

PITHORAGARH :-M. E. Ohurch, per Miss R Singh 12 10 0

RAIGARH :-Mission Ohurch, per Rev. Y. Parkash 5 0 0

RAJN ANDGAON:-Missionary Bands in India, per N.O.Brennman,Esq. 15 0 0

RANOHI :-Pel'sonal Contributions, per S. K. Roy, Esq. 25 0 0

SAUGOR :-B. O. M. S. Ohurch, per Rev. A. Jakob3son 9 0 0

SIHAWA :-Mission Ohurch, per Rev M. O. Vogt 15 0 0

SEONI MALW A :-Mission Ohurch, per . .. Ibrahlm, Esq. 4 0 0

SIKOHABAD- :-Mission Ch'..lrch, per Rev Dilawar Masih 10 0 u

SIW AN SARAN :-Mission Ohurches, per Rev. A. L. Banks 64 0 0

SOHAGPUR :-Ohristian Ohurch. per Mrs. S. H. James 6 0 0

SULTANPUR :-Personal Oontributions, per Miss E. K. Beach 15 0 0

2.871 12 3
List of New Publica.tions

Serjal( No of 'fotal No.

Title. Pages. cor-ies. of pages.

Verse Omissions from the Revised Urdu New Testament by Rev. J. W
Bowman, 1 nnna 12 1,000 12,000



2 Kalen< 1929 by Rev. J. H. Wilkie, 4 annas 12 400 4,800

3 Kaliyug Katha (The Iialjug) tranated· by the Rev. Sukh Lall, 3 pies 24 3,OOt) 72,000

·4 Tariq-i-:Tf;l.llm-i-Din (How to Teach Religion) by Rev. D. A. McGavran,

translated by Rev. J. O. Manry, Ph, D. 6, 8 and 12 annas .. 96 1,000 96,()OO

• H1NDr.
5 Ek J)akU IC. Britlmt (A Brigand's Story) by Miss Carmichael, translated
by the Rev. J. W. Richards Netl'am, 1 anna, 3 pies .,
I 62 3,OOe 186,000

e" 'to

• . .. ~

:j Kalon(lar 1929 by Roy, J. H. Wilkie, 4 ann as 12 600 7,2l)O

Mai!]. Darshan .AJJhilashi H UTI by Roy. F. Lindberg, 3 pies 8 5,000 4(),orjo

8 Pathsbala ki Drisbtant Mala, Bhag Pahia (Instl'ucti vo Parables, Part I)

by the Rey. W. F. Johnson, D. D., 3 annas 78 1,000 is,OOO

9 PathshaH, ki Drishtant Mala, Bhag Dusra (Instructive Parables Part II)

by the Rev. W. l!'. Johnson, D. D., 2 annas 79 1,000 70,000

10 Prabhu YisV Masih aur Nablo!]. ki Maut Merr Kya Antal' Hai? (How The
Death of Ohrist Differs from the Death of Prophets, Patriots and
Martyrs) 'by Rev. J. J. Lucas, D. D., 3 pies 21 5,OO(} 120,O()()

11 Sab Prakar Ki Tambaku (Tobacco) by Rev. G. BOgden Re. 1 per 100 4 2,000 81000
12 SacheM Kahaniyarr (True Stories) by Rev. J. H. Lawrence, 1). D., 3 pies " 20 2,000 40,000 Ol

13 Yis* ~IasihKalln Hai? (Who Is Jesus of Nazareth r) by Rev. J. J. Lucas,

D. D., 3 pies •• :)2 1'1,000 160,O(JO

463 30,OO() 813,000

List of Rellrints.

Serial No. o:f \ No. of Total No.

number. 'Title. copies of pages.

1 Avtliron. Ki Katba (Incarnation) 3 pies, 7th edition ..
.. 23 10,000 230,000
Bhajan Sangrah (Popular Hindi Hymns) 57th edition, 3 pies
Bhatka Hull. Memna (A Stray Lamb) 8th edition, 3 pies ..
.. 20
4 Bhartya Unnati Ke Badbak aur Un ke DUf Kame ka Upae by the Rev.
Yunas Sinha, 3 pies, 4th edition. .. .- 24 3,000 72,00)
5 Das Guna Das (Ten Times Ten) 2 annas for 25, 9th edition .. 22 3,000 66,000
Dharam Mela (The Gospel at the ~'air) 6 pies, 8th edition
G~r6 Gyan (First Oatechism) 21st edition, 3 pies ..
• A • .. 53
8 Hmdu Mat aur Masiht Mat (Hinduism and Ohristianity) by the Rev.
Edwin Greaves, 2nd edition, 2 annas.
Kaliyug Katha (The Kaljug) 26th edition, 3 pies
K~liyug Katha (The Kaljug) 27th edition, 3 pies .
.. ..

.. ..
I 228,000
KlSan Ka Drishant (Story of a Oultivator) 18th edition, 3 pies .. 31 10,0011 310,000
Kabir Gyan (The WIsdom of Kabir), 13th edition, 6 pies .. 35 5,000 175,000
13 Mukti Ka Marg (Way of Salvation) 11th edition, 3 pies _ _. I 24 5,000 120.000
14 Manb~~vni Kahaniyan. (Interesting Stories) by Mrs. J. S. MacKay, 2nd
15 edltlOn, 6 annas. .. .. .. 148 1,000 148,000
16 Mumukhsh Britant (The Indian Pilgrim) 6th edition, 8 annas .. 272 2,000 544,000
17 Masihi Bhajan (Qhristian Hymns) 7th edition. 6 pies .. .. 24 10,000 240,000
I8 Manlagan llhajan (Favourite Hindi Hymns) 27th edition. 3 pies 21 20.000 420,000

1 anna 6 pies. .. .. ..
Prabhu YishV ki Katha (The :::ltory of the Lord Jesus), 5th edition,
.. 80 3,000 240,000


Riti Darpan (Mirror Oustom) 8th edition, 3 pies .. -
Sachcha Maiktt by Hev. J. H. Lawrence, D. D., 2nd edition, 3 pies
21 Stuti Prakash, l:3th edition, 1 ans. 3 pies 71 3,000 213,000
22 Satya !Catha, 4th edition, 2 annas 86 3,000 258,000
23 Satguru Khoj, 28th edition, a pies 24 10,000 ~,!O,OOO

24 Shadi IJaH Ki Katha (Story of Shadi Lall) 10th edition, 3 pies 21 5,000 105,000
25 Taran Ka Sachcha Upae (The Way of Salvation) 5th edition, 3 pies 23 5,000 115,000
'26 Zamindar Ka Drish~ant) Story of Zamilldar, 9th edition, 3 pies 23 5,000 115,000
27 Zamindar !Ca Drish~ant (Story of Zamindar) 10th edition.::3 pies 23 5,000 115,000


28 Ek Andhi Larki Ki Kabani (Story of A Blind Girl) 2nd edition, 3 pies 32 3,000 96,000
29 }t~k Andhi Larki Ki Kahani (Story of A Blind Girl) 3rd edition, 3 pies 32 5,000 160,000
30 J ai Singh (The Hory of J ai Singh) 2nd edition, :3 pIes 30 3,000 90,000
31 Majroua-i-Gazliyat (Selected Urdu Hymns) 11th edition, 3 pies 23 10,000 230,000· Ot
32 Manlagan Bhajan (Favourite Urdu Hymns) 12th edition, 3 pies 32 5,000 160,000
33 Rab-i·Najat (l'he Way of Salvation) 2nd edition, 3 pies 24 3,000 72,000

Total .. 2,17,000 6,528,oao

List of Hand bills.

Serial No. of Pages Total No.

number. 'ritle. copies. per copy. of pages.

------- ---------1---------
517 Main leis Marg per chahin (reprint) 25,000 4 too,OOO

518 Ekta aur Unati aur Dharam by Rev. A. G. Atkins 25,000 4 100,000 CJ1
519 .lagat ka Prakash by Rev. A. G. Atkins 25,000 4 100,000

520 Sachcha BaliMtu by B. Ed win 25,000 4 100,000

621 Sanoar ki Mitrata fshwar ki Shatruta Rai (reprint) 25,000 4 100,000

522 Bare A~nand ka Samachar by the Rev. F. R. Rmsell, D. D. 30,000 4 120000

523 Sanatan Xp Kahan Bitaenge ? by Rev. Moti Lall 25,000 4 100,000

·524 Manushyon ke Prasbanon ke Liye fshwar ka Uttar by Rev. Moti Lall 25,000 4 100,000

525 Sachmuch Masih Mare Huon Men se Ji Utha Hai? by N. K. Mukerji .25,000 4 100,000

526 Kya Maran1u1-r Manushya Anadi Anant Parmeshwar ko Jan Sakta Rai
Athwa Nahin ? by Rev. E. T. Dean .- I 25,000 4 100,000

., ,#. : 7 " $ 'CEtt"~
'" ~

527 NabLka Bilap aur Agambanf. 1y the Rev. E. P. Janvier, Ph. D. 25,000 4 100,000
528 Parmatma Parkash, Satya Kriya by the Rev. E. P. Janvier, Ph. D. 25,000 4 100,000
------ ------ -----
305,000 48 1,220,000 •
Special. Barl ~hushi 1(1 ~habar by the Rev. F. R. Russell, D. D. 10,000 4 40,000
Taiyar Ho Jao by Rev. W. M. McKelvy 10,000 4 40,000
Filwaqat Masih Murdon Men Se Ji Utha Rai by N. K. Mukerji 10;000 4 40,000
2 Kya Fani Insan Azali 0 Abadi ~huda Ko Jan Sakta Rai yo. Nahin? by
Rev. E. T. Dean -
10,000 4 40,000 ..-.;.
3 Nabl Ka Afsos aur Pesh-Rhabari by the Rev. E. P. Janvier, Ph. D. 10,000 4 40,000 CJ1
4 <:0:.
Mazhar-i-Khudo. by the Rev. E. P. Janvier, Ph. D. 10,000 4 40,000

. -- --- - - ---- ------

Total 60,000 24: 2-W.<'00
39002 106386130

Circulation, 1928-29.

No. of

Books and Tracts published by N. I. T. S 218,594

Leaflets and Handbills 816,125

Illustrated Scripture Portionettes (Milton Stewart) 172,780

Books and Tracts of other publishers 15,151

Publications, R. T. Society 2,114

Publications of other foreign publishers 16,844

Publications, C. L. Society, Madras 1,263


PublicatioDS, 1928-29.

No of No. of
Copies. Pages.
New Pu bHcations 30,000 813,000

Reprints 217,000 6,528,000

Handbills 365,000 1,470,000

612,000 8,811.000

The Miuion Pren. AUahabad.