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Extreme Sports – Glossary

adrenaline noun [uncount] parachute noun [count]
a chemical produced by your adrenal glands that a large piece of cloth joined to heavy strings, used by
makes your heart beat faster and gives you more someone jumping out of a plane
energy when you are frightened, excited, or angry
peak noun [count]
attached adjective the top of a mountain
joined or fixed to something snow-covered peaks
To take advantage of this offer please complete the
attached forms. prize noun [count]
a reward that you get for being successful in a sport,
battle noun [count] competition, or game
a situation in which different people or groups
compete with each other in order to achieve rock noun [count]
something or get an advantage a large piece of stone that rises up from the ground
a boardroom battle the Rock of Gibraltar

challenge noun [count/uncount] scared adjective

something that needs a lot of skill, energy, and frightened, or worried
determination to deal with or achieve
I was bored with my job and felt I needed a new scenery noun [uncount]
challenge. natural things such as trees, hills, and lakes that you
can see in a particular place
concentrate verb Switzerland has some spectacular scenery.
to give all your attention to the thing you are doing
Stop talking and concentrate on your work. skydiving noun [uncount]
the sport of jumping out of a plane and falling for as
exhilaration noun [uncount] long as possible before opening your parachute
the feeling of being extremely happy, excited, and
full of energy snowboarding noun [uncount]
the activity or sport of riding a snowboard
hooked adjective
if you are hooked on something, you find it so solo adjective
attractive or interesting that you want to do it as done by one person alone, without any help
much as possible his first solo flight

ignore verb surfing noun [uncount]

to not consider something, or to not let it influence a sport in which people ride over waves on
you surfboards
We had ignored the fact that it was getting darker.
talent noun [count/uncount]
into preposition a natural ability for being good at a particular activity
interested in a subject or activity She had an obvious talent for music.
Suddenly she’s into yoga and things like that.
thrill noun [count]
living noun [singular] a sudden feeling of being very excited and pleased
money that you earn to live on the thrill of visiting a new city
She makes a living as a music teacher.
wave noun [count]
magical adjective a line of water that rises up on the surface of a sea,
full of a mysterious quality that is enjoyable or lake, or river
It was a truly magical evening. worth adjective
used for saying that there is a good enough reason for
mate noun [count] doing something, because it is important, enjoyable,
a friend useful etc
He’s over there, talking to his mates. The book is definitely worth reading.
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