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Rubric for Financial Analysis and Ratio Analysis

Criteria Excellent 4 pts Good 3 pts Fair 2 pts Needs Improvement Total
Adding graphs and Meeting the Work is here but it 1 pts Marks
images beyond requirements but is either inaccurate Too much is missing or
requirements that nothing beyond or poorly presented inaccurate
enhance the that enhances
presentation presentation
Content - Content is - Content is - Content is not - Content is
(40%) comprehensive & mainly accurate. comprehensive and incomplete.<
Balance accurate. - Major points are is inaccurate at - Major points are not
Sheets, - Major ratios and stated. times clear.
Income financial statements are - - Most major points - Many responses are
Statements presented clearly. Recommendation are addressed. missing for company
Liquidity, - Recommendation is is adaquate for - Recommendation Recommendation is not
Solvency, excellent for company, company, Why?, is not based on one based on ratio
Profitability Why?,ratio analysis some ratio or two ratios and evidence
etc analysis not the majority of
ratio evidence
Presentation -Presentation was neat - Presentation - Most of the - Presentation mode
(20%) & organized. was presented in information contains some correct
Balance - Relevant pictures & a neat & contained correct information on the
Sheets, information included: organized information structure & function of
Income comprehensive manner. - Material lacks content.
Statements, material. - Material had information about - Relevant information
Financial - Layout of presentation most of the the topic. not included.
Ratios enhanced the correct - Layout was -Layout lacks color or
effectiveness of the information & adequate. animations.
presentation. Individual good layout. - Student not dressed
Sheets for everything - Presentation professionally.
- Material is neat and demonstrates
highlights significant understanding of
data the topic.
Recommenda - Recommendation is - Paper follows - Paper follows - Paper lacks many
tion (20%) based on accurate designated most guidelines. elements of correct
Recommendat analysis of all relevant guidelines. - Format is missing formatting.
ion is made to data - Format is good. one or more - No recommendation
buy or not. - The case for the - requirements - Recommendation
recommendation is Recommendation - Recommendation does not reference any
stated clearly and is stated clearly is not stated clearly of the data
reasonably. but not supported or reasonably
- Format enhances by the appropriate - Recommendation
readability of paper. data. is not supported by
the data
Grammar - Rules of grammar, - Rules of - Paper contains - Paper contains
and spelling usage, and punctuation grammar, usage, few grammatical, numerous grammatical,
(20%) are followed; spelling is and punctuation punctuation and punctuation, and
correct. are followed with spelling errors. spelling errors.
- Language is clear and minor errors. - Language lacks - Language uses
precise; sentences Spelling is clarity. conversational tone.
display consistently correct.
strong structure.