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A. Municipality

The town of Sogod is the 7th municipality of the province of Southern Leyte from the city
of Maasin. It is a second (2nd) class (income) municipality and classified as partially urban and
located at the hearth of Southern Leyte. It has forty five (45) barangays with a total land area of
192.70 sq. km. It has a total population of 44,986 as per 2015 NSO census.

B. Fire Station

Sogod Fire Station was established during the arrival of the first Nissan Tanker
Firetruck in the year 1960 wherein the municipal employee and local police force of the
municipality of Sogod were the one who manned and act as firefighters. The Station and its
office were located beside the municipal building. In 1984 the municipality of Sogod acquired
additional Isuzu Morita Tanker Firetruck from the National Government and at that time eight
(8) personnel/firefighters under the defunct PC/INP operated and manned the two (2) fire
In 2009 the Fire Station under the supervision of SFO2 Luceno Makiling was demolished
since the area was utilized for the PNP and BJMP buildings and the station was transferred to a
temporary shelter situated at back portion of the municipal building.
During the incumbency of INSP KENITH N CASAS in 2012, the station was again
demolished and transferred wherein the backstage of the Sogod Gym was utilized as office.
In 2013, the Fire Station under the supervision of SFO3 Francisco Dajao as Municipal
Fire Marshal was for a third time transferred at Bagares St., Zone IV, this municipality about 60
meters distance away from the municipal building.
From that time on and up to the present the station is still erected in temporary status
since the lot is part and parcel of the Rural Health Unit of Sogod and it is reserved for their
expansion of the Birthing facilities.
Because of the inconsistent and temporary location this office initiated its effort and
requested for a lot donation from the LGU for the construction of a BFP owned building. On July
4, 2016, a DEED of DONATION was signed by Hon. Imelda U. Tan, Municipal Mayor of
Sogod as Donor and SSUPT JOSELITO A QUIBIN of BFP R8 as Donee for 400 sq. meters of
lot situated at Brgy. Zone 3, Sogod, Southern Leyte. The said donation was already submitted to
the Regional Logistics Office on July 5, 2016.

C. Accomplishment

In 2015, the BPLO registered about 849 business establishment and collected
389,595.00 for Fire Code Fees.

D. Pictorial of Donated Lot

Brgy. Zone 3, Sogod, Southern Leyte

Front (Nort-West Side)

Back Portion (South-East Side)