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Mr. Powell American Saint John, Saint 12/12 38

History Mark

American History 2ndt Quarter Exam 0

American History
Second Quarter Exam
S.Y. 2011~2012
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____ 1) What was NOT part of Hamilton’s plan to ___ 4. Which of these statements reflects the
solve the nation’s economic problems? beliefs of John C. Calhoun?
a. paying back all debts plus interest a. A state can nullify any law passed by
b. investing in new factories in the north Congress that is not in the best interests
c. creating a national bank of that state.
d. passing a tariff and many excise taxes b. Nationalism is more important than
___ 2.Which battle of the Civil War is not correctly sectionalism.
matched up with its effects? c. Federal needs and wants should be the
a. Vicksburg – Won control of Mississippi
first priority of the states.
b. Gettysburg – Forced surrender of Lee
d. The federal government should not enact
c. Antietam – Victory allowed emancipation
tariffs for any reason.
____6. Which invention caused sectionalism in
d. Bull Run – First battle of the war the United States?
___ 3. What was the Monroe Doctrine? a. Railroads
a. To move the Indians west of the b. Cotton gin
Mississippi c. Telegraph
b. To expand a system of internal d. McCormick Reapers
improvements to connect the nation ___ 7. Which part of the Compromise of 1850 did
c. To limit European powers from further Harriet Beecher Stowe protest the most?
colonization of America a. Admittance of California into the union as
d. To expand west all the way to the Pacific a free state
b. Stopping the slave trade in Washington
___ 4. Which reformer is NOT matched up
c. A stronger fugitive slave law
a. Nicholas Biddle – Temperance
d. Estabilishment of Utah and New Mexico
b. William Lloyd Garrison – Abolition as new territories
c. Horace Mann – Education ___ 8. The political reconstruction of the south
d. Dorothea Dix – Prison reform ended after
a. The impeachment of President Johnson
b. The Democratic victory in 1884
c. Lincoln’s assassination in 1865
d. The Hayes-Tilden Compromise of 1877

Section 2: TERMS AND NAM E:

______________________: The idea the nation had a God-given right to spread to all of North America.
______________________: Rebellion of poor farmers against Washington over a high tax.
______________________: A series of escape routes for slaves.
______________________: Largest battle fought in North America, ended the chance of Confederacy.
______________________: Mass migration of miners and businesspeople to California in 1849.
______________________: Religious movement that sparked the Age of Reform in the 1820s and 1830s.
______________________: Another term for the age of nationalistic pride following the War of 1812.
______________________: Movement to end slavery.
______________________: New York conference that first called for the rights of women.
______________________: Jefferson’s land purchase that doubled size of the United States.
American History 2ndt Quarter Exam 1
Section 3: Chronological order. Put the following people or events in order: (4 pts)
____________ 1. A) Jackson B) Jefferson C) Monroe D) Lincoln E) Johnson F) Washington
____________ 2. A) Age of Jackson B) Civil War C) Era of Good Feelings D) Reconstruction

Section 4. Compare the migrations with at least 8 facts (8 pts)

Irish Germans

Section 5. Fill in the charts. (10 pts)

Economy based on
Nationalism or
View on internal
View on tariffs
View on slavery

Short Response: Write the name of the state and why its history is important.

1: _________________________________________________


2: _________________________________________________


3: _________________________________________________


Section 6: Essay on separate piece of paper. Write in full sentences at least five paragraphs, with a clear
introductory paragraph with thesis, detailed facts, analysis, comparisons, summaries and conclusion.

vs .

Why are Jackson and Lincoln on the $20 and $5 bill? To what extent do they deserve to be there?
Compare and contrast the 7th and 16th presidents in their elections, their battles, and how they defined the
American president.

American History 2ndt Quarter Exam 1

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