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Judul Pengarang Tahun Metode Sampel Populasi Alat Ukur Hasil Kesimpulan
1 Pengaruh Pijat Nugraha, 2017 quasi Teknik Pasien Skala Hasil penelitian Terdapat
. Punggung Sari, & eksperimenta consecutive gagal kelelahan menunjukan pengaruh pijat
terhadap Skor Kurniawan l dengan sampling jantung di fungsional rerata skor punggung
Kelelahan rancangan sebanyak RSU dr. assessment for kelelahan pasien terhadap skor
Pasien Gagal one group 30 Slamet chronic illness sebelum kelelahan pada
Jantung pretest and responden Garu therapy diberikan pasien dengan
postest (FACIT) intervensi pijat gagal jantung di
design tanpa punggung RSU dr. Slamet
menggunaka sebesar 24,67 Garut, semakin
n kelompok (SD=7,078) dan sering frekuensi
control setelah pijat punggung
diberikan semakin besar
intervensi pijat penurunan skor
punggung kelelahan
sebesar 15,9
penurunan skor
kelelahan yang
intervensi pijat
dengan nilai
Selain itu,
didapatkan skor
intervensi hari
ketiga secara
bermakna lebih
dibanding skor
kelelahan hari
kedua (p=0,006)
dan hari pertama
2 The Effect of Hasankhani, 2013 Descriptive 60 patients Dialized Piper Fatigue The results This study
. The Slow- Ghaderi, statistics and Patients Scale showed that showed that
Stroke Back Lakdizaji, analysis of there is massage therapy
Massage on & Nahamin variance significantly for 30 days
Fatigue of tests, Repeat different resulted in a
Dialyzed Measures, between the reduction in
Patients Independent different groups fatigue and to
Samples T tested at feel comfort by
Test were baseline and end patients.
used to of study (P
analyze data =003/0), and
and to there was not
communicate observed
results significant
differences the
start up time of
15 days to 15
days of the end
of the study.
The analysis of
showed that
among the
groups at the
end of the study
there was a
difference (0/
3 Effects of Karagozogl 2013 quasi- 40 patients Cancer Spielberger The level of back massage
. Back Massage u & Kahve experimental Patients State-Trait fatigue in the given during
on and cross- Anxiety intervention chemotherapy
Chemotherapy sectional Inventory/STA group decreased affects anxiety
-Related study I statistically and fatigue
Fatigue and significantly on suffered during
Anxiety: the next day the
Supportive after chemotherapy
Care and chemotherapy process and that
Therapeutic (p=.020; effect it significantly
Touch in size = 0.84). At reduces state
Cancer the same time, anxiety and
Nursing the mean acute fatigue.
anxiety scores
of the patients
in the
group decreased
right after the
provided during
(p=.109; effect
size=0.37) and
4 Comparing the Ghezeljeh, 2016 Quasi- 30 Patients Fatigue scale The results Both music and
. Effect of Back Hosein, & experimental hospitalized with showed that in back massage
Massage and Rafii study with patients chronic patients' have an impact
Music on pre-test post- with heart preferring music on reducing
Fatigue with test design chronic failure in and back fatigue;
Chronic Heart with heart failure Doctor massage, the however, back
Failure comparison were Shariati fatigue was massage was
group recruited Hospital significantly more effective
through of Tehran reduced fatigue. than music on
convenienc Universit Back massage decreasing
e sampling y of reduced fatigue fatigue. It is
Medical of patients with recommended
Sciences chronic heart that based on
failure more patients’ and
than music heath care
(p<0.001). In providers’
comparing preference, each
before and after of these
intervention, complementary
mean (SD) methods can be
score of fatigue used, however
in music group back massage is
reduced from preferred to the
66.26 (10.60) to music.
49.56 (11.50),
and in the back
massage group,
it was decreased
from 68.26
(14.10) to 42.03
5 Effects of Nerbass, 2010 Randomized 40 patients 57 CABG Visual Fifty-seven Massage
. Massage Feltrim, into a control surgery Analogue cardiopulmonar therapy is an
Therapy on Souza, group patients Scale (VAS) y artery bypass effective
Sleep Quality Ykeda, & graft surgery technique for
after Filho patients were improving
Coronary enrolled in the patient recovery
Artery Bypass study during the from
Graft Surgery preoperative cardiopulmonar
period, 17 of y artery bypass
whom were graft surgery
excluded due to because it
postoperative reduces fatigue
complications. and improves
The remaining sleep.
40 participants
(male: 67.5%,
age: 61.9 years ¡
8.9 years, body
mass index:
27.2 kg/m2 ¡ 3.7
kg/m2) were
randomized into
control (n = 20)
and massage
therapy (n = 20)
groups. Pain in
the chest,
shoulders, and
back decreased
significantly in
both groups
from Day 1 to
Day 3. The
participants in
the massage
therapy group
had fewer
complaints of
fatigue on Day
1 (p=0.006) and
Day 2 (p=0.028)
in addition, they
reported a more
effective sleep
during all three
days (p=0.019)
when compared
with the
participants in
the control