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Ahmad Arib Alfarisy

Curriculum Vitae

M: +62 898 4950771


Educational Qualification

 Mercu Buana University, major in Information Technology

Contact Address:
 University, GPA 3.8 in 2013
 Senior High, School From SMAN 2 Kota Bengkulu,
Haji Juhri street Meruya Selatan, West Indonesia, With 93% marks in 2010
Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia  Junior High School with 95 % from SMPN 4 Bengkulu City
Indonesia in 2008


 Vice Leader of student council for the year 2006/2007 at

My Strengths: SMPN 4 Bengkulu
 Member of student council for the year 2008/ 2009 at SMAN
 Self Confidence 2 Bengkulu
 Positive Approach  Leader of student council for the year 2009/ 2010 at SMAN 2
 Adaptable to changes Bengkulu
 Ability to learn new  Leader of Information Technology students year 2011
Technologies  Volunteer for student against Drugs and HIV- AIDS at
 Good Team player Bengkulu City
 Good Leader  Leader of programmer club at SMAN 2 Bengkulu year
 Ability to speech in Front of 2009/2010
public  Prime minister of Debaters society at SMAN 2 Bengkulu Year
 Ability to write research paper 2009/2010
 Counselor of student council for the year 2010/2011 at SMAN
2 Bengkulu
 Active member of science club (Senior High School)
 Active member of writers forum (Senior High School)
 Active member of Internet Marketing Indonesia Community
(Asianbrain, by Anne Ahira, in Collage)
 Active member of English Club Mercu Buana
 ASUS Campus Organization Member
 XL Future Leaders Program Member
 Lecturer Assistant of Faculty Computer Science
 Google Students Ambassador for South East Asia 2013
 Selected Participant for Inter-cultural Learning and
Friendships Program by ASEAN Youth Friendship Network
(AYFN) at Bangkok, Thailand, 2013

 Finalist of Science Writing Paper at Diponegoro University

 Participant of ALSA English Debate Competition at University
of Indonesia (2008)
 Delegation for Bengkulu province in National School debating
Championship (2009)
 Delegation for Indonesia in JENESYS to Japan (2010)
 First Winner of Writing Competition Business Law
Competition held by University of Indonesia (2010)
 Participant for Computer sector in OSN (2010)
 Participant for OPSI (Olimpiade Penelitian Siswa Indonesia)
 Second Winner of Writing Paper Competition held by STEI
Tazkia Bogor (2011)
 Full scholarship 4 years in Information Technology at
Mercubuana University (2011)
 First winner of Debate Competition held by Mercu Buana
University (2012)
 XL Future Leaders National Participant (2012)
 4th Winner of Writing Competition about Difabel held by (2012)
 Winner of Telkomstore Andoid Competition (2013)
 Book writer, published nationally with the title “S1 Gratisan
Dalam dan Luar Negeri”, nonfiction book about how to get
undergraduate scholarship


Name : Ahmad Arib Alfarisy

Father’s name : Al Marwan

Mother’s name : Saleha

Date of birth : 17 June 1993

Age : 19 (Male)

Languages Known : English, Indonesia

Nationality : Indonesian

Hobbies : browsing, reading books, writing, public speaking


Writing, since 1st grade of elementary school, my mom always buy magazines for me to read, I really love
reading. And I continue to writing when I am in 5th grade of elementary school, that time I win writing short
fiction competition held by Bobo Magazines for National Scale. Since that, I keep writing both fiction and
nonfiction theme, and publish lot’s of writing by myself. I get several award for writing, and now I am
focusing on writing several book to publish and get distributed in Gramedia National book store.

Public Speaking and Debating, my mentor for debate say, it’s useless being smart person but you can’t
speak your idea effectively to public. And I know it’s really true, so that’s why since junior high school, I
am learning hard to have good public speaking and debating to speak my idea. And yes it’s really help
me get much achievement, even could make me going to Japan.

English Communication Skill, since I am doing debate in English myself, this learning process force me
to use English for communication purpose. I listen to my friend and my mentor in English, and response
to them using English too. And now I am have a really good skill of using English for communication skill.

Leadership and Management, I love to lead and manage everything around my life. I feel that I am the
one that have control to everything in my life, so I need to do something and manage my time in order to
reach my goal. I know how to manage people, communicate with them, and order them to do something
in a good way of giving order. And every job I have done always give best results because I am thinking
and manage everything needed to run the job well. Then I always working together with my people,
choosing the right person for the right task, and have good emotional management.


 Currently I am working as lecturer assistant in my Faculty of Computer Science at Mercu Buana

 Now I am active in XL Future Leaders Program, exclusive leaderships training program to teach
us about Effective Communication, Thinking, and Management, all class teach in English
language. To be selected in this program must eliminate 5.356 students from around Indonesia,
only 120 outstanding leaders selected each year.
 Active at StudentsXCEOs organization, exclusive students organization for future business
leaders in Jakarta city, central of Indonesia. We learn from CEO, meet them at CEO office, and
be their students, to prepare us to be CEO in the future.
 I am contributor for website, website to spread the information about justice for
Disability people. Also at International Startup Magazine. And write at
my personal website
 I am an active writer, I have a book published and win some national competition for writing.
 Involve in community for international students exchange program.
 TOEIC Test Supervisor for ITC-Indonesia, under ETS (Educational Testing Service) Internationa