Trial # 1

Observations Water holds 15 pennies, without spilling.


Ice floats on water.


Paper clip floats due to the surface tension

Answers Water can hold the amount of 15 pennies without spilling because of its adhesion characteristic to the side of the jar. Adhesion means water molecules being attracted to materials due to water¶s structure. When a larger surface area is put in water, the water will rise and spill over because the displacement of the marble is greater than the adhesive bonds. The special property of water in this trial is that water is less dense when freeze. Usually, when other liquid are froze into a solid, they will contract and become denser. However, with water, it expands, because of the hydrogen bonds that spread out and form a crystal structure. The crystal structure takes up more space, thus making it less dense. Water freeze at the top of the lake and if water froze at the bottom, organisms at the bottom will freeze to death. Once the top freezes, all organisms in the pond will die. The property of water which makes the paper clip floats is surface tension. Surface tension is the cohesion/attraction of water molecules at the surface of water. The paper clip floats because the water molecules which are attracted to each other will form a chain of beads where the paper clip

Water will move higher up in a narrow straw because the contact between the liquid and the tube is proportional to diameter of the tube. Therefore. 6 Water dissolves the salt while oil The property which gives does not. In this case. the water this ability is that it is a good solvent. adhesion is the attraction of water molecules to other materials while cohesion is the attraction of water molecules at the surface. the water molecules are attracted to the straw molecules. An example of which surface tension can support life is that some animals such as water striders insects use water to escape from predators or hunt for preys. . much heat is needed to break these bonds to change water from liquid to gas. 4 Smaller diameter straw had more The property of water in upward thrust of water while this trial is the capillary larger diameter did not.could just lay upon. This property is different from trial 1 because this situation applies the concept of cohesion while trial 1 applies adhesion. Capillary action is when water molecules are attracted to other material molecules. As mentioned before. Therefore. action. any polar substance like sugar and salt will dissolve in water. the water moves up the straw. Trial 5: Since hydrogen bonds hold the water molecules tightly together.

This characteristic is shown through capillary action where water rises up in a tube through attraction of water molecules to the tube molecules.Water has the ability to stick to other surfaces/materials. the property of adhesion is very important in the development of the human body. surface tension is formed at the surface of the water. Water¶s ability to dissolve and carry materials can contribute to the spread of pollutants that can be harmful to wildlife. When a liver is developing.a. This property impact cells when developing into an organ. Define the properties of water listed at the top of the page and provide one example of an impact that each property has on living systems (cell or organism). y Dissolve numerous substances by surrounding charged particles and keeping them apartWater is a great solvent which means that it can dissolve many things such as sugar and salt. y Stick to surfaces. Surface tension allows animals such as water insects to survive by escaping from predators in the land and hunting for preys in the water. This allow for some materials and animals such as paper clip and water insects to float/walk on water. Therefore. This can impact living system because aquatic animals require warmth especially when they live up north near the Arctic or the south near Antarctica.Water also has the ability to retain large amount of heat because of its strength in hydrogen bonds. cells stick together to create this organ. y Stick to other water molecules. Water acting as a good solvent could have negative impacts on life. a phenomenon known as adhesion. those aquatic animals will not freeze to death. y Absorb large amounts of heat before changing temperature or boiling.Water have the ability to stick to other water molecules known as cohesion. Since water have a high heat capacity. As a result. .

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