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1) What are the main features of ARM architecture?

2) Draw and explain the ARM family core architecture.
3) Compare ARM7, ARM9 and ARM11 series processors stating features and applications.
4) Explain the term “Banked Register” in ARM.
5) What is the significance of special purpose registers R13, R14 and R15.
6) Explain ARM7 Programmers model.
7) Explain terms: CPSR register and Processor modes.
8) What is the function of barrel shifter in ARM data flow model?
9) Explain the term ARM7TDMI.
10) Explain the three stage pipelining implemented in ARM processor.
11) State and explain different operating modes of ARM7 and write function of each operating
mode of ARM7.
12) Explain the five stage pipelining implemented in ARM9 Processor.
13) Explain the different exceptions in ARM processors.
14) Draw and explain the structure of program status registers.

1) Draw and explain block diagram and architecture of LPC2148.
2) Draw and explain memory map of LPC2148.
3) What is the need of pin connect block in LPC2148. Explain the role of PINSELX resistors.
4) Explain the features of timers of LPC2148.
5) Explain the different addressing modes of the arm processor.
6) Explain with neat diagram the relation between CCLK and PCLK with the help of VPB /
APB divider. Configuration of VPB divider to achieve PCLK = 30 MHz for Fosc = 12 MHz
7) Explain the instruction BIC of arm processor.
8) Draw and explain “Thumb programmer’s model”.
9) What are the features / properties of thumb instructions?
10) Write an assembly program of HEX TO ASCII conversion for ARM processor.
11) Write an assembly program to divide a 32-bit number by an 8-bit number.
12) Explain the following instructions with example:
i) SWP R0, R1 ii) MUL R1, R2, R3 iii) LDR R2, [R3]
iv) UMULL R0, R1, R2, R3 v) ANDS R0, R1, R2 vi) BLNEXT

1) What are the advantages of C programming?
2) What are the key features of LPC2148?
3) What are the features of 10 bit ADC?
4) Write an embedded C Program for on-chip ADC of LPC2148.
5) Explain interfacing of 16x2 LCD with LPC2148.write an Embedded C code to display string
"Hello PCCoE" on its second line.
6) Explain interfacing of relay with LPC 2148. write an Embedded C code to control relay.
7) Write a short note on on-chip DAC in LPC2148.
8) And explain interfacing diagram of I2C eeprom to LPC2148.
9) Explain the interfacing diagram of SD card with LPC2148.
10) Write a short note on SD card interfacing using SPI.
11) List features of UART0 and compare it with UART1.
12) Write an Embedded C code to toggle LEDs using hardware delay.
13) Explain SPI protocol with suitable diagram.
14) Explain interfacing of DC motor with the microcontroller.
15) Explain interfacing of GLCD with LPC2148.
16) Explain GSM interfacing with LPC2148
17) Explain GPS interfacing with LPC2148