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vnaroe IRCTGs e-Ticketing Service A @ Electronic Reservation Slip eh (Personal User) 1. You can travel on e-ticket sent on SMS or take a Virlual Reservation Message (VRM) along with any one ofthe prescribed ID in orginal, Please do not print the ERS unless extremely necessary, This Ticket wil be valid with an TD proof in orginal. Please carry original identity proof. If found traveling without orginal ID proof, passenger wil be treated as without icket and charged as per extent Railway Rules. 2. Only confirmed RAC/Partialy confirmed E-cket is vald for travel Fully Waisted E-ticket is invalid fr travel fi remains fly waitisted after preparation of chart andthe refund ofthe booking amount shall be credited tothe ‘account used for payment for booking ofthe ticket. Traveling on a fully wailisted e-ticket is legal 3. Valid IDs to be presented during train oumey by one ofthe passenger booked on an e-ticket: Voter Identity Card / Passport/ PAN Card ! Driving License / Photo ID card issued by Central! State Govt / Public Sector Undertakings of State / Central Goverment (District Administrations , Municipal bodies and Panchayat ‘Adminsrations which are having serial number / Student deny Card with photograph Issued by recognized ‘Schoal or Colege for their students / Natonalized Bank Passbook with photograph (Credit Cards issued by Banks With laminated photograph/Unigue Identification Card "Aaghaa’”, m-Aadhaar, e-Aadnaar. [Passenger snowing the ‘Aadnaar/Driving Licence from the "Issued Document” section by logging into his her DigiLocker account ‘considered as vais proof of identity. (Documents uploaded by the user 1 the document in “Uploaded Document” Section wil not be considered as a vali proof of identity) 4. Service Accounting Code (SAC) 996411: Local land transport services of passengers by allways for distance upto 150 KMs Service Accounting Code (SAC) 995416: Sightseeing transportation services by ralways for Tourist Ticket Service Accounting Code (SAC) 996421: Long distance transport services of passengers through rail network by Railways for distance beyond 150 KMs 5. General rues! Information for e-ticket passenger have tobe studied by the customer for cancellation & refund, ra TE pe a ga, Pe WT OTE a Ta [pan Rete anise Chae in ofGETe Par — Paper sos an sasee Travel Insurance Premium {nel of GST) ft 1.95 pecs one and ribaty i paee otal Fare (al inctusive) 350795 [Rupees tes thousand tee hundred one and ney Sx pasa Inclusive of GST - 168,79 Only 1 Service Charges or eicket respective of numberof passengers onthe ticket PASSENGER DETAIL sino] Name [Age | Sox | concession | FaptatOn | ooking Statue Curent Sa 7 [Warr despasad — [eu Wate —[sncran EREBIETMIDDIE [REETEOMIBDIE = fosnae So [rama | SRT MFIBUEZUSPET EMBURAUSPE [her do prasad — [st — [Wale [GNF BAESSID= LONER | chFaanISDD= LOVER [sun so eta MFIEUEATSIDE UPPER ——[GNFTEASIDE UPPER Indian Raibways GST Details Tavole Number : PSI8632320666611 Address Indian Rallways New Del Supplier Information Recipient information cost sesmuesr [rest] |, SE] astm [GST] Name Address Rat] Amour] Rate] Amount] Rate] Amount] Tex raa21 (50 |rs679 [156.79 oasazs (o7AAAGMO2B9C 121 This ticket is booked on Railways Act, 1989. Place of Supply: TATANAGAR JN(TATA) Stale CodeName of Supple: Jharkhand ket Printing Time: 17-Dec-2018 2140.07 HRS ‘Are you aware that 43% of your fae is borne by the common etizens ofthe county? Print ERS Without Advertisements [X] personal user ID. Its sale/purchase is an offence u/s 143 of the IMPORTANT : 1. For details, ules and terms & conditions of E-Ticketing services, please visit 2. Now Time Table wil be effective wef 15.08.2018, Departure time and Actival Time printed on this ERS and VRM sent through mall ‘are liable fo change. Please Check correct departure, atval from Rallway Station Enquiry, Dial 139 or SMS RAIL to 139. 18. vnaroe 3. There are amendments in certain provision of Refund Rules. Refer Amended Refund Rules we, 12-Nov-2015 (details available on |wwwirce-ca in under heading General Information ~> Rules & Policies) 4. The accommodation booked isnot transferable and is vali only ifthe ORIGINAL ID card prescribed is presented during the journey. ‘The SMS/VRMIERS along with valid id card of any one the passenger booked on e-ticket proof in original would be verified by TTE with the name and PNR on the chart Ife Passenger fail to producediasplay SMSIVRM/ERS due to any eventvaliy(loss, damaged mabilelaptop et.) but has the prescrived orginal proof of identi a penalty of Rs.60- per ticket as applicable to such cases will be levied. The ticket checking staff on board/of board wil ve excess fare ticket for the same. 5. Exticket cancellations are permitted through wivn.irtc.coin by the user. 6, PNR having fully waisted status will be dropped and the names ofthe passengers on such tickets will nat appear on the char. They ‘are nat allowed fo boars the train, However the names of PARTIALLY wailistediconfirmed and RAC ticket passenger will appear in the chat 7. Obtain certificate from the TTE /Conductorn case of (a) PARTIALLY waisted e-ticket when LESS NO. OF PASSENGERS travel, (0)A.C-FAILURE, (c)TRAVEL IN LOWER CLASS. This original corificate must be sont to GGM (IT) IRCTC, Intomot Ticketing Conte, IRCA Building State Entry Road, New Delhi-110055 after ling TOR online within prescribed lime for claiming refund. 8, Incase of Partial confrmediRACIWait sted ticket, TOR should be filed online within prescribed time in case NO PASSENGER is. traveling for processing of refund as per Railway refund rules 9. While TOR refund requests ae filed & registered on IRCTC website www, they are processed by Zonal Railways as per Railway Refund Rules,(otall avaiable on under heading Important information->-Refund Cancallation Rules, 410. Confirmed ticket can be cancelled upto thirty minutes before scheduled departure ofthe train. However, no refund shall be granted ‘on cancellation of confirmed ticket after four hours before the scheduled departure of tain ‘1. RACipartaly confirmed Ticket can be cancelled upto thity minutes bofore scheduled departure ofthe tran. However, refund willbe ‘granted as per provisions of extant Raway Refund Rule. 412. In case, on a party e-ticket ora family e-ticket issued for travel of more than one passenger, some passengers have confirmed reservation and alhers are on RAC 0° walting Ist, full refund of fare , lass clerkage, shall be admissible Tor confirmed passengers also Subject tothe conditon that the tekst shall be cancelled online or online TOR shall be fled for al the passengers upto thiry minutes before the scheduled departure ofthe tain. 18. For Suvidha Train, We-, 20-Jan-2018, refund rule will be applicable as per General refund rule. 14. In case of Train Cancelation onits entre run, ful refund will be granted automatically by the System. However, if the train is. cancelled paraly on is run, passengers are required to file TDR within T2hts from schedule departure of the tain from the passenger's boarding station. 415, Passengers are advised not to cary iflammableldangerouslexplosivaarticles as part of ther luggage and also to desist from smoking in the trains 16. Contact us on: -24*7 Hrs Customer Support at 0755-8610861 or Mall To: 17. Variety of meals available in more than 1800 trains. For delivery of meal of your choice on your seat log on to \wivcecatering rtc.coin or call 1323 Toll Free. For any suggestionsicomplaints related to Catering services, contact Toll Free No. 1800- 111-324 (07.00 ns to 22.00 brs) 48, FOR MEDICAL EMERGENCYIFIRST AID, CONTACT TICKET CHECKING STAFFIGUARD OR DIAL 198,(ALL India Passenger Heipline No. 138) 49. PNR and train arivaideparture enquity no. 138 20. To report unsavoury situation during journey, Please dal railway security helpline no. 182 21. Althe Terms and conditions specified will be applicable in case of opting Travel Insurance faclly. Please Refer Travel Insurance's ‘Terms & Condiions avaliable on Home page of website 122, Never purchase e-ticke from unauthorized agents or persons using ther personal IDs fr commercial purposes. Such tickets are lable to be cancelled and forteted without any retund of money, under section (143) ofthe Indian Railway Act 1989. List of authorized agents are available on E-Tieket Agent Locator Dear Passengers Know Your Entitlement lIndicative Standard Menu Mail Express ticket fare) (Catering charges are not included in [Tea (With tea bag)/Coffee (150ml) Rs. 10/- |Rail Neer/Packaged drinking water (Chilled) (a). 1 litre bottle/1000m1 Rs. 15/- |(b). 500ml, Bottle Rs. 10/- \Janta meal or Economy meal or Janta Khana Rs. 20/- \Standard Breakfast |Veg. Breakfast - Bread Butter and Cutlet -02 Veg. Cutlet (100 gm) + 02 Bread lslice+10gms Butter chiplet + Tomato sauce Rs. 30/- Veg. Breakfast - Idli and Vada -04 no Idli (200 gm) + 04 no Urad Vada (120gm) + Rs. 30/- [S0gms Chutney INon-Veg. Breakfast - Omelette of 02 Eggs + 02 Bread slice + 10gms Butter chiplet Rs 35 mato sauce |Standard Casserole meals - Lunch/Dinner 28 vnaroe lelass |Vegetarian - Rice (150 gm) + Parantha (02 nos.)/ Chapati (04nos.) + Rs. 50/= |Dal/Sambhar(150gms) + Mix Veg.(100gms) + Pickle Sachet + 250 ml PDW glas: Non. Vegetarian - Rice (150 gm) + Parantha (nos.)/Chapati (04nos.) + [Dal/Sambhar(150gms) + Egg curry (02 nos of eggs) * Pickle Sachet +250 ml PDW Rs. 55/- 33