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Berean Baptist Church | Hiram, GA
Lead Pastor: Pastor Jerry Slate, Jr | Email:

Centinela Baptist Church | Lawndale, CA
Lead Pastor: Pastor Larry Smith | Email:
Christ Reformed Baptist Church | Vista, CA
Lead Pastor: Pastor Jason Walter | Email:

Christ Reformed Baptist Church | New Berlin, WI
Lead Pastor: Bill Halliburton, Elder | Email:

Community Baptist Church | Fargo, ND
Lead Pastor: Pastor Douglas VanderMeulen | Email:

Cornerstone Fellowship Church | Newburgh, IN
Lead Pastor: Pastor John Divito | Email: johndivito@cornerstone-

Covenant Community Church | Newark, OH
Lead Pastor: Pastor Josh Tinkham | Email:

Covenant Reformed Baptist Church | Longview, TX
Lead Pastor: Pastor Dave Randall | Email:
Emmanuel Baptist Church | Jesup, GA
Lead Pastor: Pastor Thomas Waters | Email:

Emmanuel Reformed Baptist Church | Georgetown, TX
Lead Pastor: Bob Curley & Steve Garrick | Email:

Emmaus Reformed Baptist Church | Hemet, CA
Lead Pastor: Pastor Joe Anady | Email:

Faith Community Baptist Church | Fort Worth, TX
Lead Pastor: Pastor Jason Montgomery | Email:

First Baptist Church | Clinton, LA
Lead Pastor: Pastor Tom Hicks; Pastor Fred Malone | Email:

Grace Baptist Church | Jackson, MS
Lead Pastor: Pastor Thomas Winn | Email:
Grace Baptist Church | Carlisle, PA
Lead Pastor: Pastor John Miller | Email:

Grace Baptist Church | Van, TX
Lead Pastor: Pastor Cliff Cooper | Email:

Grace Covenant Baptist Church | Willis, TX
Lead Pastor: Pastor David Dykstra | Email:

Grace Covenant Church | Gilbert, AZ
Lead Pastor: Pastor John Giarrizzo | Email:

Grace Covenant Church | Olmstead Township, OH
Lead Pastor: Pastor Fred Pugh | Email:

Grace Family Baptist Church | Conroe, TX
Lead Pastor: Pastor David Shiflet | Email:

Grace Fellowship Church | Lincoln, DE
Lead Pastor: Pastor Jim Dundas | Email:
Grace Reformed Baptist Church | East Haven, CT
Lead Pastor: Pastor Mark Raines | Email:

Grace Reformed Baptist Church | Rockford, IL
Lead Pastor: Pastor Dale Smith | Email:

Grace Reformed Baptist Church
sourceid=grbcclaytoncounty | Elkader, IA
Lead Pastor: Elder Reece Klink | Email:

Grace Reformed Baptist Church | Brunswick, ME
Lead Pastor: Pastor Micah Renihan | Email:

Grace Reformed Baptist Church | Palmdale , CA
Lead Pastor: Pastor Rich Barcellos | Email:

Grace Reformed Baptist Church | Owensboro, KY
Lead Pastor: Pastor Sam Waldron | Email:

Heritage Baptist Church | Shreveport, LA
Lead Pastor: Pastor Earl Blackburn | Email:
Heritage Baptist Church | Auburn, MA
Lead Pastor: Pastor Mike Renihan | Email:

Heritage Baptist Church | Mansfield, TX
Lead Pastor: Pastor Larry Vincent | Email:

Hope Reformed Baptist Church
Matteson, IL
Lead Pastor: Pastor John Yoder | Email:

Hope Reformed Baptist Church | Medford, NY
Lead Pastor: Pastor Rich Jensen | Email:

Jefferson Valley Baptist Church | Whitehall, MT
Lead Pastor: Pastor Brian Onstead | Email:

Oak Grove Baptist Church
Angier, NC
Lead Pastor: Dr. Rick Jefferds | Email:

Pilgrims Reformed Baptist Church | Valley City, ND
Lead Pastor: Pastor Mark Hogan | Email:
Port Cities Reformed Baptist Church | Lewiston, ID
Lead Pastor: Pastor Michael Kelly | Email:

Providence Baptist Church
Ball, LA
Lead Pastor: Pastor William Avants | Email:

Providence Reformed Baptist Church | University Place, WA
Lead Pastor: Pastor Tom Lyon | Email:

Providence Reformed Baptist Church | Remlap, AL
Lead Pastor: Pastor Kurt Smith | Email:

Redeemer Baptist Church | Macon, GA
Lead Pastor: Pastor Eric Freel | Email:

Redeemer Reformed Baptist Church | San Bernardino, CA
Lead Pastor: Jeffrey Massey | Email:

Reformed Baptist Church of Kansas City | Lenexa, KS
Lead Pastor: Pastor Martin Nish | Email:
Reibers Reformed Baptist Church | Shermans Dale, PA
Lead Pastor: Elder Charles Fitzpatrick | Email:

Santa Teresa Baptist Church | Santa Teresa, NM
Lead Pastor: Pastor Dave Hendrickx | Email:

Sovereign Grace Baptist Church | Ontario, CA
Lead Pastor: Pastor Steve Marquedant | Email:

Sycamore Reformed Baptist Church | East Moline, IL
Lead Pastor: Pastor Chuck Rennie | Email:

Trinity Baptist Church | Baton Rouge, LA
Lead Pastor: Pastor Dale Crawford | Email:

Trinity Reformed Baptist Church | La Mirada, CA
Lead Pastor: Pastor Sam Renihan | Email:

Trinity Reformed Baptist Church | Jackson, GA
Lead Pastor: Pastor Brandon Smith | Email:
Trinity Reformed Baptist Church | Kirkland, WA
Lead Pastor: Pastors Don Lindblad & Stefan Lindblad | Email:

Tucson Reformed Baptist Church | Tucson, AZ
Lead Pastor: Pastor Rob Cosby | Email:

Waco Family Baptist Church | Waco, TX
Lead Pastor: Pastor Todd Gill | Email:

West Suffolk Baptist Church | Suffolk, VA
Lead Pastor: Pastor Ben Scofield | Email:

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