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School: Grade Level: VI

GRADES 1 to 12
Teacher: Credit to the author of this file Learning Area: EPP-HE
Teaching Dates and
Time: JUNE 26-30, 2017 (WEEK 4) Quarter: 1ST QUARTER


A. Content standards Demonstrates an understanding of skills in sewing household linens
B. Performance
Standards Sews household linens using appropriate tools and materials in applying basic principles in sewing
C. Learning 2.4 drafts pattern for household linens
Competencies 2.4.1 steps in drafting pattern
2.4.2 safety precautions
2.5 sews creative and marketable household linens as means to augment family income
2.5.1 assesses the finished products as to the quality (using rubrics)
2.6 markets finished household linens in varied/creative ways
2.6.1 packages product for sale creativity/artistically: prepares creative package and uses materials using local resources, packages products artistically, and labels
packaged product
2.6.2 computes costs, sales and gains with pride
2.6.3 uses technology in advertising products
2.6.4 monitors and keeps record of production and sales

Write the LC Code for each TLE6HE-0d-8, TLE6HE-0d-9

II. CONTENT Sewing of household linens
A. References
1. Teacher’s Guide
2. Learner’s Materials
3. Textbook
4. Additional Materials
From LR
B. Other Learning
A. Review/Presenting New Review: Identifying Review: How to sew and sell Review: How to make and sell Review: Labeling and designing Review: Making an
Lesson supplies/materials and tools pillowcases table runners of a product advertisement for a certain
needed for the project product
B. Establishing a purpose Using a power point Play a video presentation of Show a video of different Play a video of different TV Present a business financial
of the lesson presentation, show the different household linens packaging and designs of commercials. record and income.
learners the different shapes, such as: household linens. Explain to the learners that
colors and designs of 1. Table Napkin Ask the learners what makes engaging in a business armed
pillowcases. 2. Table Cloth each attractive? with a financial plan is
Ask the learners what kind of 3. Table Runner needed/essential/ necessary. To
pillowcases they have at home. 4. Bed Sheet monitor the status of your
5. Towel market gain.

Let the learners negotiate

what particular household
linen from the list they want
to sew.
Guide and encourage the
negotiations to a Table
C. Presenting of the new Today, we will learn on how to Show a video that shows how Present a sample picture of Let each group present the Present a table with this
lesson make pillowcases. to sew a table runner. Table Runner label design and product label formulated content.
You can also provide pictures packaging through pictures or yesterday. PRODUCT CURTAIN
Present a video that shows or slide show of different slide show presentation. S
how to make pillowcases. creative designs of table
runners. CAPITAL 1,100.00
Show the class the pattern on Present the pattern in sewing
how to make pillowcases. table runners. NO OF 8 pairs
PRICE/ 250/pair
SALES 2,000.00


D. Discussing new concept Ask the pupils if they know Let the learners apply or make Guide the learners to a Explain to the learners that to Inform the learners about the
and practicing new skills #1 someone or have seen the pattern of a table runner. realization that creativeness in maximize marketing, parts and contents of the chart.
somebody who is selling designing and packaging takes a advertisement is needed. Capital- is the total value of
pillowcases. vital role in promoting the Original File Submitted and expenses in making your
Make the learners realize that product. Formatted by DepEd Club product
making pillowcases can be a Member - visit Sales- is the total value of the
source of income. for more items sold.
Profit- is the value of money
after deducting the capital from
the total sales.
E. Discussing new concepts Enumerate the different Inform the learners that in Group the learners. Discuss the different forms of Instruct learners to group
and practicing #2 concerns in making pillowcases making and selling table Instruct the learners to make a advertisement and the medium themselves and make a financial
and in selling them such as: runners there are things to be draft on their design for table to advertise their products. report of their product
1. Materials needed considered such as: runner packaging and label. 1. Magazine yesterday.
2. Cost of Capital 1. Materials Remind them that creativeness 2. Newspaper
3. Designs needed catches buyers’ attention. 3. TV Commercial Give each group enough time to
work with each other in making
4. Marketing Strategy 2. Cost of Capital 4. Facebook their financial report.
5. Target Consumer 3. Designs
4. Marketing
5. Target Consumer

Elaborate each.
F. Developing mastery Let the learners make Allow the learners to apply the Give learners ample time to Let the learners plan on how to Group Presentation
pillowcases’ pattern. pattern of sewing table apply their designs. promote their product through Assign one from each group to
runners by letting them do the The learners will do the task by social media/using the internet present/report their output.
actual sewing. group.
Remind them of the safety
precautions in handling
materials and while sewing.

G. Finding practical Remind the pupils of the safety Actual sewing activity with the Each group will present their Let each of the groups present After reporting, ask each group
application of concepts precautions in handling teacher’s supervision formulated design for a product the advertisement. the following questions.
and skills in daily living materials and in sewing. label. Encourage each group to 1. How did you come up
Actual sewing of pillow cases advertise the products in social with the amount, for
sites. your capital?
2. Do you think the price
of your product is
3. What makes your
product saleable?
4. Have you gained profit?

H. Making generalizations What skills do you need in What skills do you need in How does the design of labels How do advertisements help Let each group share the
making pillowcases and in making table runners and in help the product become reach the target consumer of experiences in the given activity.
gaining extra income out of it? gaining extra income out of it? saleable? your product?

I. Evaluation Rate pupils’ output using Rate pupils’ output using Rate their presentation using Rate their presentation using Direction: Put a check (/) if you
rubrics. rubrics. rubrics. rubrics. agree and X if you do not.
___1. Creativity in making a
label is important in promoting
a product.
___2. Quality is not important in
a product.
___3. The advertisement must
also be creative.
___4. Planning is important in a
____5. In selling a product, it is
necessary to know the target


A. No. of learners who earned 80%

of the formative assessment

B. No. of learners who required

additional activities to remediation

C. Did the remedial lessons work?

No. Of learners who have caught
up with the lesson

D. No. of learners who continue to

require remediation

E. Which of my teaching strategies

worked well? Why did these work?

F. What difficulties did I encounter

which my principal or supervisor
can help me solve?

G. What innovation of local and

material did use/discover which I
wish to share with other teachers