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us precious in God’s sight.

That worth is intrinsic

Desmond Tutu, Contributor to who we are, not dependent on anything
external, extrinsic. Thus there can be no
Archbishop Emeritus of Cape Town superior or inferior race. We are all of equal
worth, born equal in dignity and born free, and
Our Glorious Diversity: Why for this reason deserving of respect whatever
We Should Celebrate our external circumstances. We are created
freely for freedom as those who are decision-
Difference making animals and so as of right entitled to
06/21/2011 09:49 am ET Updated Aug 21, 2011 respect, to be given personal space to be
autonomous. We belong in a world whose very
structure, whose essence, is diversity, almost
bewildering in extent. It is to live in a fool’s
paradise to ignore this basic fact.

We live in a universe marked by diversity as the

law of its being and our being. We are made to
exist in a life that should be marked by
cooperation, interdependence, sharing, caring,
compassion and complementarity. We should
celebrate our diversity; we should exult in our
differences as making not for separation and
As the world’s memory of apartheid receded, Desmond Tutu alienation and hostility but for their glorious
responded to a stream of invitations to speak around the world opposites. The law of our being is to live in
on the practical implications of ubuntu. An excerpt from a speech
to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights in Geneva solidarity, friendship, helpfulness,
in 2001 follows. unselfishness, interdependence and
complementarity as sisters and brothers in one
We inhabit a universe that is characterized by family — the human family, God’s family.
diversity. There is not just one planet or one star; Anything else, as we have experienced, is
there are galaxies of all different sorts, a disaster.
plethora of animal species, different kinds of
plants, and different races and ethnic groups. Racism, xenophobia and unfair discrimination
God shows us, even with a human body, that it have spawned slavery, when human beings
is made up of different organs performing have bought and sold and owned and branded
different functions and that it is precisely that fellow human beings as if they were so many
diversity that makes it an organism. If it were beasts of burden. They have spawned the Ku
only one organ, it would not be a human body. Klux Klan and the lynchings of the segregated
We are constantly being made aware of the South of the United States. They have given
glorious diversity that is written into the structure birth to the Holocaust of Germany and the other
of the universe we inhabit, and we are helped to holocausts of Armenians and in Rwanda; the
see that if it were otherwise, things would go ethnic cleansing in the Balkans and the
awry. How could you have a soccer team if all awfulness of apartheid; and what we have seen
were goalkeepers? How would it be an in Sri Lanka, in Northern Ireland, in the Middle
orchestra if all were French horns? East, in the Sudan, where there has been a
spiral of reprisals leading to counter-reprisals,
For Christians, who believe they are created in and these in turn to other reprisals. Martin
the image of God, it is the Godhead, diversity in Luther King Jr. said, “Where the law of an eye
unity and the three-in-oneness of God, which we for an eye obtains, in the end all will be blind. If
and all creation reflect. It is this imago Dei too we don’t learn to live as brothers, we will die
that invests each single one of us — whatever together as fools.”
our race, gender, education, and social or
economic status — with infinite worth, making
Religion, which should foster sisterhood and closest in meaning to, then make up one (1)
brotherhood, which should encourage sentence
tolerance, respect, compassion, peace,
reconciliation, caring and sharing, has far too Deluge/overabundance, Baffle/confound,
frequently — perversely — done the opposite. Create/generate, Execution/mob justice,
Religion has fueled alienation and conflict and Rejoice/celebrate, Askew/badly, Rational,
has exacerbated intolerance and injustice and Purge/restore, incite/inflame,
oppression. Some of the ghastliest atrocities criticize/demean, indifference,
have happened and are happening in the name
heighten/aggravate, appalling/awful,
of religion. It need not be so if we can learn the
sluggishness, unchecked/uncontrolled,
obvious: that no religion can hope to have a
monopoly on God, on goodness and virtue and latest

Our survival as a species will depend not on WHAT IS IT ABOUT STRUCTURE?

unbridled power lacking moral direction, or on
Choose which phrasal verb is best for the sentence
eliminating those who are different and seeking
only those who think and speak and behave and - During class the teacher called out/called
look like ourselves. That way is stagnation and for an explanation of the student conduct.
ultimately death and disintegration. That is the - You must call in/call at the doctor
way of people in times especially of transition, of immediately.
instability and insecurity, when there is turmoil - Julie called out/called on us yesterday
and social upheaval, poverty and afternoon at my aunt’s.
unemployment. Then people seek refuge in - Grannie cannot longer call up/bring up past
fundamentalisms of all kinds. They look for events.
scapegoats, who are provided by those who are - My bosses’ arrogance brought up/brought
different in appearance, in behavior, in race and about their ruin.
- The publishers are planning to bring
in thought. People become impatient of
in/bring out.
ambivalence. Differences of opinion are not - Saul brought out/brought up an orphan
tolerated and simplistic answers are the vogue, boy as his own.
whereas the reality is that the issues are - The question came up/came out before the
complex. town’s council last week.
- The rope gave in/gave way while Tony was
We need so much to work for coexistence, for crossing the bridge.
tolerance, and to say, “I disagree with you, but I
will defend to the death your right to your
opinion.” It is only when we respect even our
adversaries and see them not as ogres, IS IT SIMPLE OR IS IT STILL
dehumanized, demonized, but as fellow human GOING ON?
beings deserving respect for their personhood
and dignity, that we will conduct a discourse that Think about what fits the best in each sentence:
just might prevent conflict. There is room for simple or continuous. With few words explain where
everyone; there is room for every culture, race, both options are possible.
language and point of view. 1. Martin _____________ in his garage.
Taken from: Work – Works - is working - are working
2. Martin ______________ fixing things.
After reading…practice now. Enjoy – enjoys - is enjoying

1. Match the words underlined in each paragraph of 3. What _______________ for breakfast?
Do we have - are we having - does we have
the text above with one of the following which are
4. I _____________ France this summer.
Visit - am visiting - are visiting

5. I _____________ France every summer.

Visit – visits - am visiting

6. ________________ on any new projects at the

Do you work - Are you working - Is you working

7. _______________ on Sundays?
Do you work - Are you working

8. How often _______________?

Are you working out - Do you work out

9. Susie ________________ here often.

Come – comes - is coming

10. ________________ with us to the movies?

Do you come - Are you coming

11. _____________ what ___________?

Is she knowing, she is doing - Does she know, she does
- Does she know, she is doing

12. How _____________ a washing machine?

Are you starting - do you start - does he starts