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Chemical Engineering 299: Departmental Seminar

Winter 2019
Samanvaya Srivastava
Boelter Hall 5531-D

Seminar Time and Location (unless otherwise specified):

Fridays, 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM, Boelter Hall 3400

Please read this document very carefully.

The purpose of this course is to expose students to cutting-edge research in chemical engineering, a
discipline that encompasses a wide range of topics highly relevant to today’s manufacturing, energy,
health, and information technology sectors, as well as the study of fundamental science and engineering.

All enrolled students are required to attend all the CBE Departmental Seminars in Winter 2019.

See below for list of seminars. Be sure to sign in at each seminar you attend. The sign-in sheets will be
available only until the seminars begin. Late arrivals will be marked as absent.

If you cannot attend the required CBE seminars for legitimate reasons, you must inform the coordinator
of the justification prior to the seminar and indicate which alternative, relevant seminar on campus you
will attend instead. If you are away due to conference attendance, you may provide a summary of a talk
that you attended at the conference. You will have to submit a written summary of the alternative
seminar to receive credit for attendance. Failure to attend seminars or provide substitute summaries will
result in an Unsatisfactory grade in this course.

Use of laptops, phones, and any other devices is not permitted during the seminars. It is an
inappropriate practice for various reasons: it is disrespectful towards the seminar speakers, it doesn’t let
you focus on and understand the contents of the presentations, it is disruptive and disturbs the audience
around you, and portrays a not-so-ideal image of the department. The motivation behind inviting
speakers from diverse areas of chemical engineering is to provide the graduate students exposure to
cutting-edge research. While it may appear initially that the seminar topic is not directly related to your
research, there usually are connections worth exploring, which will become clear only when you focus on
the seminars. You are also strongly encouraged to ask questions at the end of the seminars.

Date Time Location Speaker Affiliation

01/11/19 10:00 AM BH 3400 Irene Chen UCSB
01/18/19 10:00 AM BH 3400 Jonathan Bachman Stanford University
01/25/19 10:00 AM BH 3400 Jovan Kamcev UC Berkeley
02/01/19 10:00 AM BH 3400 Gul Zerze Princeton University
02/08/19 10:00 AM BH 3400 Alina Rwei Northwestern University
2/15/19 10:00 AM BH 3400 Maria Lukatskaya SLAC
2/22/19 10:00 AM BH 3400 Yuzhang Li Stanford University